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DOOMED TO DIE THE MOTHER OF MY SON (By Raani82) (Thanked: 33 times)



MUMBAI - 2018

Apart from the outside forces inflicting physical damages on her son, here was this man who was working magic on her son and on her.  Maybe he could be trusted...maybe he couldn't. Though Payal hadn't found anything incriminating against him and so far he has done nothing but only help and defend them still she wasn't convinced that she could trust him completely. Not yet.

"This is all going way too fast...I need time to think...I don't want you to change him into some ....kind of"she said adamantly .

"Amma....please...." Anish was desperate.

"Shhhhh ....this is not how we live Anish... we are ordinary people living a normal life..we do not fight and wield guns because we are not survivalists..."she said.

"Maybe you should be ...."said Arnav seriously. Kushi felt her blood turning cold in fear.  "This..."he pointed to the ugly words on the wall, "won't end is going to continue and probably become worse later.."he said.

"Hey Devi mayya..."she began to curl her locks in her finger. "How do you know?"

"Because I was also a kid once and I knew kids like Karan ..."he said his teeth grinding. Lips thinning, eyes narrowing in anger and looking distant as if in past. "All I'm saying is Anish should learn to defend himself."

"Fair enough....but no guns..."

"Oh ma...."Anish protested.

"Get inside.. Go wash yourself ...I'll prepare something for us to is almost lunch time."she said, "You haven't eaten anything since morning."

"Amma...? What is wrong if I learn to...?"

"I said go inside..."

And before he could open his mouth to protest she said  sternly, "NOW!" 

The anxiety about Toughy, the worries about Anish being assaulted, the fear of his nightmares, then her neighbour's sudden arrival and all the new frightening emotions that gripped  inside her when ever he is near was way too much for her to bear. Her patience was running thin. 

Anish, looked at her for a second, for once didn't argue with her, but put his head down and climbed up the steps and went inside,  disgruntled with himself, with all the people around him and with the world on the whole.

She turned and looked at Arnav who was silently witnessing the altercation between the mother and son.

"You know are scaring me..."she told him irritated. 

"You should be scared."he said.

"Because of Karan or because of something else?"she asked, words tumbling one after the other. A cool breeze began to blow and she felt it touch her and she closed her eyes as a welcome relief.

Arnav sat down next to her and turned towards her. He starred at her long and hard as if weighing what he knew about her. Kushi caught her breath. His face was so close to her she could see the streaks on his brown eyes. For a moment she thought he was going to kiss her."God! Why is he sitting so close?" She wanted to move away from him, but she sat frozen, her chest heaving as she sat starring at him as his breath caressed her face.

"I'm just telling you to be careful Kushi. You can't be going around town believing everything will turn out fine....and be just like you wanted it to be.... World is not so simple as you believe it to be..."he said.

"I know...."

"Then give your boy a chance....cut the palloo and let him loose...let him learn to defend himself from any danger."he said softly. She swallowed hard. Unspoken words hung between them and the air around them was pulsating with restless energy. She finally managed to get up and move away from him.

"I ...I have to go prepare lunch...would you ..I mean you can...that is..hey devi mayya...."she pushed the locks away from her face, "All I want to say is....would you...that to have lunch with us...that is if you do not have any other engagement..."

He looked at her as if contemplating what to respond to her invitation. Then he nodded curtly and said "Why not? I would love to." Turning away from the ugly paintings on the wall.

"Why not? A dozen reasons you idiot..."his mind scolded him. But he ignored his irritating inner voice. His son has been through a lot, and all he wanted was to make sure he is okay, and moreover the more he knew about Kushi and her deal with Saxena all those years ago the better...right?"he convinced himself. "Wrong!" The inner voice growled.

Till now Arnav was only treading on still water going nowhere. Time was running out and he had to make a decision as what he was going to do. He had few options.

He could tell Kushi the truth , warn her about the Malliks, admit to her that he is Anish's father. But if he did tell her that...she was never going to trust him again.

In the scheme of things that shouldn't matter at all, but the truth of the matter was it did matter. Like hell! It mattered a lot.

Karan Mehta's house was worse than he had expected. Arnav thought that Rat****'s place was a palace compared to the old dilapidated tiled house of the Mehtas. A scrawny cat jumped from the compound wall and ran off seeing him. The walls hadn't seen paint for centuries. Old torn wired chairs were just thrown outside. An old bulb was hanging from the tiled roof of his narrow porch throwing a dim light. The neighboring houses were so close that the TVs were screaming in different pitches in different households. Except for one dim light inside, the house was pitch dark. Arnav  felt sad for the boy for a moment. A mother who had left him, a drunkard father who was taking out his frustration on him, pathetic surroundings, which had all the similarities to Kusum Singh Raizada's sordid old apartment building in Mumbai. 

It was showdown time, thought Arnav and stopped his jeep and walked towards the house. He saw old tires, car batteries and rusted car parts strewn all over the front of the house. Long dried grass were grown around the steps that led up to his house. Arnav wanted to face this man ever since his son beat up Anish to pulp. Now or never, as he never trusted the police to take up the matter, he wasn't going to let matters just cool off. 

He rapped the knuckles hard on the door and waited for few minutes for the door to open. It was opened as expected by a huge man, over six feet and hundred and fifty kilos, with a dirty pant and vest on him. He was Karan Mehta's father all right, he recognized from the person he had seen at the mittai shop. But now he got a better look at the old man in a close up. His face had many scars and a nose that was crooked, probably broken during one of his drunken brawls, a huge belly that would put sumo wrestlers to shame. He smelt of cheap booze and was chewing tobacco, clumped to one side of his mouth, "Yeah! What is it?"Mehta asked.

"You are Karan's father?" Asked Arnav getting straight to the point, thinking no use of wasting time in preambles, as the man didn't look amiable.

"Who are you? Why are you asking?"he asked , fat arms crossing his chest.

"I am, Arnav Singh Raizada..." Arnav was about to extend his hand but thought the better of it. 

The huge man starred at him and spit a stream of tobacco juice on the over grown weeds, not taking his small mean eyes away from Arnav, "So you are the bas.tard who threw my son's keys away into a field full of dung?"

"Yes..that's me..."said Arnav not even reacting to the name he called, wondering if he even knew how close he was to the truth. And it didn't really matter. This was his son's battle and he was going to savour fighting it.

"What do you want?"he growled.

"I want you to tell your son not to pick on other boys and beat them...especially Anish Gupta...."

"Oh that piece of one sick kid...a retard....should be kept in an asylum... He is not worth bothering about..."Mehta waved his hand as if swattng away a fly.

"Just ask Karan to keep his hands to himself..."

"Or what?"

"He would have to answer  to me next time..."said Arnav gritting his teeth and giving his cruel smile that had worried men many a times.

"What is it to you... What did you say your name was? Haan..Raizada? That's none of your business." Mehta asked.

"Anish is a friend of mine..."Arnav said.

" hnnn.."grunted the man, "you want me to believe that"he guffawed, "you just want to get your hands between his mother's thighs...or her ass....just like most of the men in this town...but many of them say she is not worth it you know....if I were you I wouldn't waste my time on her..." Arnav ground his teeth, his lips thinned in anger, every muscle in his body tensed, fists clenched wanting to throw the first punch on his puckered face. Instead, he gave one mean cruel look as cold as ice and said, "If I were you I would be worried sick that a cold mean bast.ard...might be after my boy next time he makes trouble..." He spit on the weeds and looked at him. "All Mrs. Gupta wants is her son to be left alone...."

"Well then she shouldn't be  pampering a freak...God! He is really crazy... A no good who says he has premonitions and visions...and hears voices and freaks everyone out....and the worst part is he hasn't got the sense to shut his mouth...he keeps bothering Karan at school." Mehta said angrily.

"Oh...but that's not what I've heard..."said Arnav.

Mehta grinned showing off his tobacco stained teeth, "Then he is one lying son of a b.itch..."

"What's keeping you Jaan...."came a voice from inside, 

"I'm coming..."

"you know I don't have the who!e day..."

"I said I'm coming... In a minute..." Mehta said then turned to Arnav, "You have anything else to say.."

"I came here to warn you Mehta...tell your son to keep away from them"replied Arnav. 

"I wouldn't wait for the police to come next time , I would not just stop the fight and play hide and seek with the keys, but haul him straight to the police station myself and let the SP handle him. Probably call the media even and tell how this boy goes around town beating up younger kids just like his father who gets drunk and beats up his son...probably an institution or two would come up to take away your son ..."

"You...f****ing bast.ard get out of my land."the man screamed.

"Just make sure that Karan keeps away from Anish , his mother and his damned dog...I'm not joking Mehta...if your boy troubles anyone...anyone...then he would have to face me..."

The ugly mammoth's face became red, he spit the tobacco again and snarled at Arnav, "What is it to piece of ..." Then he climbed two steps down and glared a Arnav, his breath stinking of tobacco and liquor. " I get've got the hots for that boy's mother..and you want to protect her son and play a hero in front of are wasting your time ....she is one hard to get woman who keeps to herself...better men than you have tried Raizada....she never allows any man near her," he smiled showing his tobacco stained teeth, "in fact there is a bet going around the men....for five hundred rupees...for the one who...f***s her first.."

Arnav's fury was reaching it's apex and he rolled on his toes controlling himself from beating the living daylights out of that man. "Don't get worked up about that b.itch you cannot have and one retard son of her's. Leave the boys alone don't interfere in their problems..."

"No way..." Roared Arnav. Mehta poked one fat finger on Arnav's chest and said, "My son fights his own battles and gives one right back when there is trouble...only a little harder...for that's the way he was taught...unlike that tiny little cry baby Gupta boy...a get out of here... "He climbed back the steps.

"Just so we understand each other Mehta....don't tell me later I didn't warn you..."

"Jaaan...what are you doing?"she stopped short seeing Arnav. She smiled, "'ve got company...." A woman with long hair around her once pretty face, with heavy make up and just with a cloth around her body stood leaning on the door inside.

"Go inside...I'm coming..."said Mehta turning angrily towards her.

"A friend of yours?

"I said to go inside....No he is not my friend and he is leaving...." 

The woman smiled and pouted looking at Arnav, "Too bad...I thought I can double my income here..."she stood starring at Arnav, "Are you interested honey?"

"Go back into the house you..."he snarled at the woman,"And you Raizada... Get the hell out here before I kill you..."the man said as he slammed the door shut on Arnav's face. Arnav turned and slowly walked away. 

Nov 13

DOOMED TO DIE THE MOTHER OF MY SON (By Raani82) (Thanked: 38 times)



PILANI - 2018

He felt the cold sharp metal on his shoulder blade. A gun. He stiffened. He understood what that cold metal can do to him. "He is thinking of killing me" The man's thoughts were clearly transmitted trough the cold metal to him.

"Just kill the boy and do away with this..." 

"That's where you are wrong..." His voice was cool and calm, "kill me now....and you will never be done with will pay for this for rest of your life..."Anish said.

"How do you ....? stop messing with my head...just shut up..."the man muttered angrily, still pressing the metal by his side, still thinking of pressing the trigger still thinking of ending it all.

He had run....till his lungs began to burn. His breath came out in short gasps, as sweat had poured, down his back mixing with the strong drizzle that was threatening to grow into a heavy rain.  The pathway venders were hurriedly packing up their wares and rushing away. He had joined the crowd which was running for cover. He entered a shop and went in and stood behind the row of shirts and dresses hanging from the stands. He peered through the glass windows and looked outside. He felt a strong hand clutch his shoulder. "It is beginning to cannot go anywhere without a rain coat."

He saw the reflection of the man, his face in shadows because of the hood covering his face standing behind him like a shadow. He was holding a rain coat for him, but Anish could also feel the hand under the man's coat holding a long metal that was poking into his side. 

"Take it..."the man said, "you cannot run around here without the rain will catch a cold and fall sick..."the man's voice oozed with paternal concern and care, performing for the passing people around him. He wanted to turn around and look at the man, but the metal was still there under the plastic wrapped under his arm, that can kill him any time, freezing the tears that were forming in his eyes and ready to fall any time. No running from a gun , no escape ....prison again.

Anish saw one or two women look at them and move away. They couldn't feel the panic , the desperation he was conveying to them. 

He was so close to escaping from him....yet he was in the man's grip, with a gun at the back, in a trap again.

"Kill him now...."the man's thoughts seeped through the palm of the man on his shoulder. "Kill him now and collect the money..." 

"'t kill me"Anish tried to duck and get away from his grip, only to roll down and fall flat on his face on the floor of his room. "Ouch!!!" He opened his eyes. His room. "Damn!!!"he sat up, still feeling the trembling in his body, the thumping of his heart, the sweat on his face and the sheer terror of the dream. For the first time he had the glimpse of the motives of the man in his dreams. For the first time he had a long dream about the pursuer, though he was not sure if it was the right thing. After all the end sucked. Damn!!! A man with a gun to his back , thinking about killing him...for money? What was all that about? Ransom money? Why would anyone kidnap him for ransom money when his mother was struggling sometimes to even pay his school fees, let alone scramble this amount of money to pay off . He went and stood near the window seeing the moon outside, it's light through the creepers dancing in the breeze . He looked up at the inky blue skies as dark as his nightmares. Who was the man? His killer...his pursuer? Which place was that? Fully decorated with lights and music coming from loud speakers , crowds everywhere, people crowded around eateries on the pavements. A place with wide shiny roads, somewhere far faraway from Pilani. The location itself instilled an icy fear in him. The slight breeze swept the branches of the trees to one side and that is when he spotted it. A truck standing on the road. "Karan again? Were they back to cause more damages?" Anish's heart skipped a beat, but gave a huge sigh of relief when he realised it was a jeep. ASR's jeep. What was he doing there? Parking the vehicle in such a position? As if on guard duty? Was he guarding his house? He smiled. If ASR was trying  to help him fend off Karan Mehta, he didn't mind, he could use his help. But even big and strong guy like ASR had his limitations. No one...NO ONE can save him from his nightmares.

Wind was blowing stronger, sweeping off the fallen leaves and dust above a man's height. Arnav had parked the jeep at the end of his drive, having a clear view of Kushi's house. He had drawn the canvas over his jeep, and settled in for the night watch. He had slept in worse places in his life and had gone without sleep for nights together, grabbing a few winks during day time. This was nothing new to him. Whoever was terrorising Anish and Kushi were going to get caught red handed. He would see to it.

The lights in Anish's room was off. He could still see the lights in Kushi's room, and wondered what she was still doing so late in the night. What was her routine? Would she be listening to music? Watching TV  before going to bed? His mind began to wander thinking what she would wear for bed and better still how she would look without any dress. How her eyes would look at him without suspicion. He tried very hard to think of anything else but her, but he failed as his mind's eye began to see her. Her flowing hair on the pillow, half of it covering her shoulders and ample b.reasts. Her soft skin and long legs..God! How he ached to touch her, to kiss her, run his hands over her. Muttering under his breath, he scowled in that dark night. He shifted uncomfortably, his pants suddenly going tight. Hell! This was getting him no where. He has to think nothing of her except as an obstacle. But then why was he sitting there, in that dusty road, guarding her and her son, if she was an obstacle? Face it Arnav! His damn inner voice began talking. She was beginning to get to you. She was beginning to occupy your thoughts every waking moment of the day and nights in your sleep. Whether you admit or not you are beginning to like her. You want her. He took out a flask from the passenger seat and began to sip the whisky. It was going to be a long night.

"What's with you Mr.Raizada?" She asked, stepping over the puddles of water and  standing outside his window, with hands on her hips, starring at him. The night was still, after a brief shower that night. The sky was clear with million stars splashed over the dark sky. He was parked outside his gates , almost in front of her gates. He rolled down the window looked at her and gave one of his slow lop sided smile, that made her heart go thumping every time. "Is there any rule against parking on the road, and sitting here?"he asked.

"Not that I know of, but it looks a little crazy."she said, feeling foolish. After all this guy was in his car parked on his property.

"But I know you have been out here every night for the past week. Why?" She asked curious and anxious.

She had seen his jeep parked at the end of his drive almost in front of her house after that night their dog was drugged. But didn't think much about it, but wondered why he had parked it there as if guarding his place or her place. When she saw it night after night she became concerned and it began to rattle her. 

She knew Anish had started visiting him everyday after school and she couldn't do anything to stop her son from making a trip across the fence through the trees to the old Rat****'s place. He said Arnav had taught him some boxing moves and showed him how to throw some punches. He even taught him some wrestling moves, had taught him to saddle a horse. He was teaching him how to ride. He had showed him how to change tyres and change oil in his jeep. He would be back home before Kushi arrived. Clean and ready for some snacks and tea when she came back home. Sometimes he would be, playing with his dog, listening to music, sometimes doing his home work even. He started talking again like old times while sitting at the dining table doing home work while she was preparing dinner. Most of the time his conversation was about Arnav. ASR. this, ASR that. All his fear about a strange and foreboding man seems to have been forgotten. She tried to convince herself that it was all like it should be and that the biggest concern about her son's safety was not about a criminal father or an army man, hell bent on finding his son. No...her immediate worry was about saving her son from Karan Mehta's fists. So she allowed her son to develop a friendship with Arnav, who was hell bent on explaining to her that he was not a killer, the neighbour who fixed her tyre, who saved her son's life, who came to police station to  write an FIR against a police man's son. 

Arnav looked up and down the road and said, "I'm being a little cautious.... That's all...just making sure Karan got the message..."

"So you've appointed yourself as our personal security guard?"

"I have trouble sleeping any ways..."he said.

"Look I appreciate  your concern....what you are doing for us...but we can take care of ourselves..." 

He silenced her with one of his looks that clearly indicated that she was a fool. She shivered and rubbed her arms, remembering the cruel paintings on the wall, how her dog was shaved off and painted with hate words and Anish's bruised and battered body.

"Well I do agree we've had some trouble..."

"I want to put an end to it..."

"So do I ..."she said.

"You want to come and sit inside..."he moved and unlocked the passenger door. She came around and sat inside wondering if she ever had some brains and thinking power left in her, as their gaze fell on the flash of head lights of a car on the main road. She stiffened, and relaxed only when the car passed away without stopping, 

Arnav turned to her and asked, "Comfortable?"

"Yeah..."what was she doing there...for God's sake....? One part of her mind was screaming aloud inside her for dancing with the devil, taking a horrendous risk of being alone with him, the other part....the traitorous female part of her soul, that was seduced to being alone with him in the dark watching the empty dusty road in the middle of the night.  Another set of flash lights drenched their jeep with lights as it slowed down. Kushi stiffened as Arnav bent down to pick up something. The car passed them. Arnav relaxed. "God you making me jump at shadows..." She said irritated. 

"What have you got there?"she asked looking down,suspicious.

"A weapon....deadly and dangerous..."

"What? " She froze in fear, as he took out a car wrench from under his seat. She laughed  as he put it back. "Don't tell me you've got a gun in your glove compartment."

"No I won't..."he smiled. She felt his eyes on her. Her flawless soft skin on her face, her cheeks, her throbbing pulse on her throat.

She turned away. 

"How long are you going to keep up this vigil...or guard duty...or whatever you call it?"

"As long as it takes to convince me that nobody is ever going to trouble Anish again..."Arnav said with conviction.

"It is going to take a long while ...."

"I have time..."

She looked away and after few seconds of silence she turned back to looks at him.

"I don't know what I'm doing here..."she said softly.

"Don't you?" He asked quietly. Her eyes widened in surprise. "You want to know me better..."

"Excuse me?"

"Anish has been coming to my you want to know how it is going?"

"May be..."

He nodded, "You wanted to know what makes me tick, what I am doing sitting here guarding the people I hardly are worried that Anish is being friendly with me...and spending more time with me than he is with you and that makes you nervous....and you are more nervous sitting here in the dark with me.... Terribly nervous..."he lifted his hand and softly brushed the throbbing pulse at the base of her neck, to prove his point. She shuddered as his fingers brushed her skin. The air inside the jeep suddenly grew thick and she couldn't breathe except feel his closeness. 

"I...I just don't know how to take all this sudden interest you have in our one of his recent premonitions ..."she paused, her fingers nervously twisting her hair lock.


"Anish sees a man ... he has no idea who he is...searching for him...."

"What else has he said about this man and his dream?"he asked. She didn't know how much she could trust him.

"That's all there is to it...I don't know..."she said.

"You think I'm that guy?"Arnav asked.

She didn't answer, just remained silent. She could feel his change of mood and anger in his voice.

"You think there is some other guy after him?"

"I don't know..."she said.

"You are scared?"

"Yes I'm scared..."she said turning her head away. 

Arnav moved, he put his arm around her shoulders , turned her face towards him, his fingers slowly, brushing away the locks of hair from her face. "Don't be..." He said. "I'm here...."

"I know but..."

She looked at him nervously, "Trust me Kushi....I would not let anything happen to Anish..."

She looked at his eyes, as if searching for truth in his eyes. Something inside her broke. A dam that held back her emotions. She felt the rock hard fort she had built brick by brick to stay clear headed, to keep a distance, to keep herself away from any kind of relationship, slowly peal. Arnav Singh Raizada had found a way to make the cement on the wall around her heart to crack. 

"I'm telling you now.... I'm on your side Kushi....I would not let anything happen to Anish....or you..."

She felt a crack in his voice, an emotional catch as he said that. She swallowed hard, unable to control the new feelings spreading inside her. "Hey devi mayya...!"

His eyes wandered over her face and rested on her lips. She began to quiver in excitement her heart ready to jump out of her chest any second. 

"Kushi...oh God! Kushi..."he whispered as he bent low, pausing to watch her eyes just before whispering, "I want to kiss you.."his breath fanned her cheeks, "please...." He sounded desperate as he gathered her close. She didn't.. Couldn't protest, she let him lower his face as she sat mesmerised, frozen in the moment. Her hands wanting to  slowly move towards him accidentally rested on the door lock and it clicked, the sound breaking the magical moment she blinked as he straightened, ""he turned away. 

"I guess I can't do anything about it,  if you want to stay awake and play guard for us...I think I better go...."she said nervously, opening the door with her shaking fingers.

His strong fingers wrapped around her wrist as he leaned towards the passenger door, "Kushi....I'm ....I'm is not like I wanted to take advantage is not like...hell!... I can do better than this..."he scolded himself which made her smile.

"You can come anytime to my check what Anish is doing...or learning there..."

"I'll remember that."she said jumping out and running to her house unmindful of the puddles of water splashing on her dress.

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