Arshi SS : Flawsome

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May 22

Arshi SS : Flawsome (By Jossy) (Thanked: 7 times)

Arshi SS : Flawsome

Banner Credit : Megha Miglani

May 22

Chapter 1 (By Jossy) (Thanked: 104 times)


Arnav is getting ready to go with his father Arvind. after a lot of argument with his father he finally agreed to see the girl his father chose for him, when his father just use the emotional card

Arnav agrees on one condition....that his father should also come with him....not his father's close friend Madhav. Reluctantly Arvind agrees to that. Arvind assured him that the girl and her family is nice...and he will like them and they went to see the girl

In the girl's house...

They were very happy to see Arnav, but shocked when they saw Arvind. Arnav noticed the shocked expression in their faces.

“Is that your father, Arnav?” Mehta asked Arnav pointing at Arvind.

“ u have any problem??...and call me ASR....” Arnav said rudely

“No...we don't have any problem”

Arnav saw the ladies trying to control their laugh. Finally Mehta called his daughter Sheetal...

Mehta introduced both of them. Sheetal couldn’t control her laughter seeing Arvind and started laughing. Arvind was embarrassed.

“We are not interested in this alliance” Arnav announced angrily.

Arvind tried to convince Arnav

“Papa...I don't want to hear anything now.... I’m going.... Please come with me”

soon they left from there.

In the car,

“Is that the nice girl and her family u told me???”

“ is not a new thing...y can't u understand that”

“You know that I will only marry a girl who will respect u as who you are....not as the father of ASR.... Papa….Am I asking too much?”

Arvind know that he can't argue with his son regarding this matter

Sometimes he feel sad that he was born this way...because of that Arnav had to bear a lot of teasing and embarrassment.

Because of which Arnav got into fights when he was a teenagers when someone mocks him regarding Arvind. It took a great effort to restrain Arnav from going into fights.

Arnav saw his father going back to past memories.

So to cheer him up Arnav said....

“Aman told me that there is a new restaurant opened near to that street....they have an amazing menu.....I'm hungry...and I think we should go there...”

“I don't want anything” Arvind said 

“OK.... U just sit there with me.... I will have those delicious food....You know they have varieties of lassies”

Arnav started describing about the food

“You are doing this intentionally, aren’t it? I’m not going to fall for that…I don't want anything”

“Good for me...I will have everything for myself” said Arnav to his father.

“I won't let u have everything for yourself...I will also eat....and will beat u in lassi challenge…Last time u cheated....” Arvind said finally losing his facade 

“Yeah...u r jealous that I beat u in that....”

“I let u win.... You know parents want their kids to win”

“Same goes here...children also want their parents to win...that why I let u win in chess last week...”

They keep on arguing and  joking around. Soon they reached the restaurant which is crowded.

 Arnav entered with his father and was about to take a seat

And they heard a voice....

"Please don't sit there"

They turned see a girl walking towards them…


You will know more about Arshi and Arvind in the next chapter which will be updated on coming thursday.

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May 22

Chapter 2 - Meeting (By Jossy) (Thanked: 44 times)

Chapter 2 - Meeting

Arnav entered with his father and was about to take a seat

And they heard a voice....

"Please don't sit there"

They turned see a girl walking towards them…

"Sir, please come with me... There is an apt space for you...please follow me..."

“But we are fine here”

"I know sir...still I insist ...If u don't like that space...u can come back here"

“Arnav, let's follow her and see what is it”

They followed her and reached an place...built with bamboos... With greenery and all

"Sir, we have this separate area so that u won't feel any uneasiness..." She said looking at Arvind

That’s when they noticed the seating arrangements. People like Arvind can manage their own. Its built in a way so that they can comfortably sit without any help.

“This is so thoughtful.... I haven’t seen anything like this in a restaurant” Arvind said walking towards his seat.

They both sat down and placed their order

“I loved this place... you know in other restaurants I felt like I was standing on a mountain when I was in the chair. I know that you were with me but I wished I could manage myself. Now see this…I can touch the floor....I can sit and stand on myself here....” Arvind said with so much of excitement.

Arnav smiled seeing his father going on and on about the seating arrangement

“ is wonderful.... It’s like being in our house” Arnav agreed

The girl comes there with their order.

“Beta, who is the owner of this restaurant”

"What happened sir...are you having some inconvenience??"

“No…no...I just want to appreciate the thing they have done for people like me... It’s wonderful”

"Thank you sir...."

“What is your name beta?”


“Khushi...? are you the owner?” Arnav asked her as he heard someone talking about the restaurant.

“Yes” Khushi replied with a polite smile

“Please don't mind you have any relatives who are like me? I mean how u got this idea?”

“No sir...I don't have...I always wanted to venture into this day I heard a dwarf person complaining about the seating arrangements in a restaurants. Also saw how uncomfortable they were when people keep on checking them out. That’s why I created this space... So that u can have food without any unwanted attention”

Both of them were impressed with her answer

Khushi left from there and Arnav keep looking at her. Arvind noticed it and started singing....

“Ho gaya hai tujhko tho pyaar sajna...”

Arnav heard this ... "Papa..."

“What??? Can't I sing a song? A random song?”

Arvind continued his song... “Pyaar hua...ikkrar hua...”

“Sometimes I wonder who is the father between us?”

“Yeah.... you always behave like an old  grumpy man....take a chill pill Arnav....and be like your super cool father”

“You are watching too much of films now a days.... What was that take a chill pill....”

“See this is why you are like a grumpy old man....’

And they finished their food while chatting. Arnav paid their bill

“Hope u had a nice time” Khushi said to Arvind and Arnav

“It was wonderful... Beta....I'm Arvind and this is my son Arnav....I think we will meet you soon as your restaurant is my favorite now.....And you are his favorite too....I mean your restaurant is his favorite too”

In the car

“What was that "you are his favorite too?" Arnav mimicked his father.

“That’s was a slip of tongue....why are you holding on to that....”

 “No...I'm not holding on to that…

 They were silent for the rest of the journey

They reached Shantivan....It is a big one storied mansion....Arnav and Arvind stayed there with  two servants

 Arnav lead Arvind to his room, then went to his room

 He was working on his laptop when Arvind came there

“Do u want anything papa?”

“I want to talk to you...only if you are free....”

“What is it papa?”

Arvind sat on the mattress, there is no cot…only mattress laid on the floor. The entire house is made in a way so that Arvind can easily access things.

Arnav sat opposite to Arvind

 “I'm sorry that I took u to that Mehta's house. I did that for u.... What if something happens to me tomorrow, then u will be left alone.... That’s why I want u to marry, so that there will be someone to love you and take care of you. Arnav you can’t expect every girl to accept me. If she loves u...that’s enough for me....”

“But that’s not enough for me....I want that girl to love and respect you too...not because you are my father... but you as a person… if a girl can’t accept you, how can she accept me who happens to be your son? Such a girl will be only after my money. Do u want that to happen... ?” Arnav asked Arvind

Arnav added “If a girl loves me she will accept everything related to me.....”

“Ok, I won't compel you in this matter from now....” Arvind said placing his small hand on Arnav’s hand.

“Arnav I want to ask you something”

“Do u feel anything for Khushi.... I mean I got a glance of myself in your eyes when u look at her....That’s the same way I looked at your mother

“I can't deny that I don't feel anything....I mean when she first talked with us I was annoyed. But after knowing about her view I felt something. I mean she doesn’t have any reason to arrange that space...but still she did that for other's sake. I mean....”

“OK...I got that. Do you want to get to know her?”

“I…yes…no…I mean…” Arnav stammered

“What is it? Is it about her complexion…that she is dark” Arvind asked him

“what the?? No…I don’t care about her complexion at all. Papa how can you think that I will give damn about the skin colour…”

“I know that you don’t care about the colour and all…then what is it?”

“I want to know about her more...but not as the ASR....but just as Arnav, the son of Arvind who worked as a joker in an amu****t park.”

Arvind smiled tearfully remembering about their past life.

“But Arnav what if she don't want to be with u then...”

“Then it is her loss to miss a handsome guy like me and a loving father like u....”

“Loving father I agrees that....but who is that handsome guy?”

Arvind acted like he is thinking deeply.

“OK....handsome and  loving father like you....

“Always give courtesy to your genes son....”

“Yeah...I know are telling this same thing for the past 29 yrs.”

“Still u forget are turning into an old man Arnav”

“Papa... I have sharp memory....”

“I know about your memory well....” Arvind said and started mimicking

“Papa...did u see my socks? papa where is my blue file? Papa this...papa that....”

“You too do that....Arnav did u see my specs? Arnav... Where is my stool....?”

“My little Arnav.... I'm trying to make you feel better.... So that you won't feel you are the only one having memory problem....that’s why I tries to act like that”

“You know I can't defeat u in this argument....and I am not little…”

“You are always my little boy. Ok, I’m going, you do your work....and one more thing... Go on and explore to know if this  Khushi leads your Khushi”

Saying this Arvind hugged Arnav and walked out

On reaching the door step

“Arnav did u see my specs???”

Arnav laughed at him and walked to the door step...kneel and put the specs correctly which was on his head.

“Come on let’s take you to bed papa.” Saying this Arnav lifted Arvind in his arms.

“You are getting heavier and heavier papa… If you continue to gain weight like this, I won’t be able to lift you like this in future” Arnav teased Arvind.

“I am not getting heavier; you are getting weaker…. See, I told you that you are turning into an old man Arnav…do something Arnav…oh my god, I son is turning into an old man…what all I have to see…”

Arnav smiled at his dramebaaz father and rolled his eyes.

They reached Arvind’s room. Arnav made Arvind lie on the mattress.

“go and sleep Arnav…good night.” Arvind said

“Good night papa” Arnav said placing a kiss on Arvind’s forehead and vice versa.


Do let me know about your thoughts. Yes, Arvind is dwarf and Khushi is brown skinned.

May 22

Character Sketch (By Jossy) (Thanked: 27 times)

Character Sketch 

Arnav Singh Raizada

Owner of AR Designs. Arrogant and rude in business but in real he is a good mannered man. His father is his everything. 29 years old.

Arvind Singh Raizada

Father of Arnav and husband of Ratna Singh Raizada. Arnav is the apple of his eyes. Dwarf, 2 feet and 5 inches in height. he used to work as a joker in an amu****t park.

Ratna Singh Raizada

Arnav's mother. She died when he was 3 year old.

Khushi Kumari Gupta

Owner of the resturant 'Salt and Pepper' . Completed her hotel managemet course and started her business. Brown skinned girl. 25 years old.

Shashi Gupta

Khushi's father who supports his daughter very much. He is a teacher.

Garima Gupta

Mother of Khushi. Works in a bank. Modern but traditional too.

Khushal Gupta

Popularly known as Khush...Cheerful guy who is studying engineering. Loves his family a lot 

Nandini Verma

Khushi's maternal grandma. A sweet lady who adores her family.

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Dont like khushi being dark skinned
Dont mind khushi being dark skinned
May 22

Important Note (By Jossy) (Thanked: 23 times)

Dont post your email id here....

i will personally send you the link when such parts will come...

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May 24

Chapter 3 - The Unofficial Date (By Jossy) (Thanked: 64 times)

I must say that I am kinda shocked with the poll result. I felt that racism does exist in our society. I dont know why people cant accept a brown coloured Khushi.

Regarding Khushi...she is a brown girl...body type resembles Sonakshi Sinha

this is her skin tone

Chapter 3 

The Unofficial Date

Two days after at night, Arnav is driving back home after work

He reached near Khushi's restaurant and saw her standing there trying to start her scooty. Arnav parked his car and moved towards her.

“Hello...Ms Khushi...seems like your scooty is not cooperating with u....”

“Ohhh…you…hmm…Mr...sorry I forgot your name...”


“Yes, Mr. Arnav…it is…”

“Let me check it”

Saying this Arnav tried to start it and checked her scooty...and told the real problem with the scooty

“I don't mind dropping u home...please allow me to drop you home”

“No thats OK...I can manage....”

“If we were in some other place I would have let u go alone...but in India is too dangerous to let a girl be alone at this time”

Khushi is in a dilemma

“I understand your one thing, call your parents and tell them that I'm dropping can even message them the number of my car, so that even if I kidnap you they can save you”

Khushi laughed hearing him...

“OK I will come with u...”

They entered the car....

“Inform your parents that I'm dropping you home. I'm serious about that...”

Khushi called her parents and told that her friend is dropping her.

“So how is your father doing?”

“He is fine…and looking forward to dine in your restaurant.” 

“That’s so sweet of him.”

“I heard that you started your restaurant ‘Salt and Pepper’ six months back. How is it going?”

“As a toddler in this business, it’s been good till now. What about you Mr. Arnav? What are you doing?”

“I work in a company.”

“Which one?”

“AR Designs”

“Ohh, that’s so great. I have heard about it…that they employs differently abled people too, that’s a good thing. Then your boss ASR…also heard that he has a reputation of being rude and arrogant”

“Yeah, he does have” Arnav said

AR Designs is a fastest growing company. Popular among people related to fashion and glamour but not to the public.

On reaching home

“It was nice talking to you Ms.Khushi....can we be friends?”

“Sure, why not? But one condition....”


“You have to call me Khushi, not Ms Khushi”

“Ok, Khushi”

“So Friends...” Khushi asked him holding her hand out.

“Friends” Arnav replied giving the shake hand.

Arnav started the car and called her.

“Khushi… mean bye...”

Khushi laughed.... and gave him, her card....

“You will find my number in the card... Friends don't hesitate to talk.... Good night Arnav... Convey my regard to your father.... Hope that I will see u both soon...thanks for the ride”

“Good night… Khushi....”

Arnav stayed there till she entered the house. He smiled looking at the card.

Arnav reached Shantivan.... Aravind noticed the smile plastered on his face and had a wild guess about the reason behind that smile.

“How was your meeting with Khushi?”

“It was wonderful” Arnav realized what he said

“I mean my meeting with the  client was wonderful” he tried to cover up his slip of tongue.

“Now a days u don't tell me anything... you started restaurant business and didn't even care to tell me about it. I'm your father Arnav"

“Who told you this rubbish thing?”

“Then how can Khushi be your client if you are not into restaurant business” Arvind asked with  a smirk. Arnav understood that his father caught his lie.

“OK....I accidentally met Khushi. On my way, I found her and her scooty was not working. So I dropped her home.

“Accidentally????? Why would you take that route when we have a short cut?” Arvind asked raising his eyebrow.

“I highly doubt that you were a lawyer in your previous birth..... you are throwing questions at me after another”

“And I doubt that you were the one I was against when I was a lawyer...” Arvind replied. Arnav know that he can’t argue with his father.

“ were the one who told me to explore what I I went there.”

“Omg....I thought you will take it slowly as you sucks at romance.... But u kept my legacy intact, I was like this with your mom. You got my best genes.... “

“Papa.... She agreed to be my friend and she asked about you....”

“She is a sweet girl.... I really hope that she is not like you?”

“What do you mean by that?”

“Your nose...?”

“What?? My nose???”

“A bundle of anger stay there always” Arvind said pinching the tip of Arnav’s nose.

At Khushi's home

Khushi is in her room. Thinking about Arnav and his dad. She liked the father-son duo. She doesn’t know why she trusted Arnav today, even accepted his friend request. All she know was that Arnav is different from the man she seen in her life.

Arnav and Arvind visited her cafe a couple of time.

Arshi do message each other. Wishes good morning and everything, asking about how their day went. They had small WhatsApp chats. Arvind and Khushi to became friends

So one day Arnav asked her out on Sunday as both of them are free.... For seeing a movie which she mentioned in their casual chat. Arnav was not into movies but still planned it so that he can spent time with her

On Sunday,

“You know I would have come with you....but I can understand that it is a date. How lucky u are....during our time it was hard to go out with your mom when we were in the college”

“It is not a date papa....I mean I don't ask her like that. It is like two friends going for an outing”

“But for you, it is like a date at least and why are you in your office costume?”

“For watching the movie” Arvind started laughing hearing his reply while Arnav stood there watching him

“I can't are going in this costume... Don't you want her to like you.”

“What if I wear this or not”

“I want you to change this....or else I will also come with you and sit in between you two”

“Papa... you can't do that....”

“I will do that if you don't change this attire”

“OK.... I will change”

“Take me to your wardrobe Arnav” Arvind demanded.

Arnav lifted Arvind and showed him his wardrobe

“Wear this.”

“OK...I will wear this...happy now?”

“Very much. Arnav treat her well.... don’t you dare attend calls of that Aman...he calls you 24 x 7.”

“OK...I won't get into office talks with Aman. Can I go now?

“OK.... Arnav I'm serious... Treat her well...I know that you will....”

“Don't worry about that....I will treat her office matters in between…Promise”

Arnav reached the theatre....

“You look different.... I mean I have never see you in casuals.... Its good”

“You are also looks nice...I mean beautiful...” Arnav said making Khushi blush.

“Hmm can we move to our seat” Arnav asked her


Khushi started blabbering about films and songs, her favorite actors etc. He was clue less when she mentioned about some actors. She asked about his favorite and he replied some old film actors name and some Hollywood actors name.

“You like old films???”

“Hmmm...yeah... I mean I don't get time to watch new know”

“Your boss makes you works hard...isn't it?

“Yeah...I think he does...” Arnav said with a smile

“Hope that he pays you well for that...”

“He does…”

“Some businessman just prey on young talent without rewarding them...glad to know that your boss is not like that”

“Hey, how is your father? I thought uncle will also come with you”

“He is fine and was not in a mood to join us.”

The film started

Throughout the film Arnav was watching Khushi…how her expressions changed according to each scene. The tear she had when she witnesses the lead pair getting separated…the beautiful full blown smile she had when they got united.

After the movie finishes....

“So what should we do now?

“There is a park near to this street...maybe we can go there”

“But I want to have something.”

“OK...let's eat first....come”

“Hmm do you mind if we go somewhere have food....”

“No. I don’t mind it”

“Then come with me..” Khushi took his hand, walked outside.

They reached near a small pani puri stall...

“You want to have pani puri....?”

“Yes...don't you like it??”

“I like and papa used visit the pani puri stall near to our home when I was small. Sometimes we will challenge each other. You know pani puri eating competition.” Arnav smiled remembering about those days.

“and who used to win?” Khushi asked

“It  was papa, he can't have food after a limit because of his body. So I used to let him win”

“It is wonderful to see the smile on their face when we do things like that....”

“Seems like you too did that....”

“With my nani....”

“Arnav, let's have a pani puri challenge.”

“OK...sure.... But what will be the reward...???”

“You want reward???”

“I'm a businessman and I do want returns ....”


“I mean...I work for a businessman and always in middle of discussion about deals and all”

“In that case I'm also a businesswoman”

“OK...those who fail have to do what the winner ask them to do”

“OK agreed”

“Let's start”

In middle of their pani puri competition.

Khushi was busy stuffing pani puris in her mouth. Arnav was about to put a puri in his mouth and saw a horrified Aman looking at him. Aman can’t believe that the angry ASR is having pani puri standing near to the road side.

“Arnav, why are you not having pani puris?” Khushi asked him but didn’t get any reply. She saw him looking at a man.

“Do you know him Arnav?” Khushi asked placing her hand on his shoulder.

“He works in AR.”

“Ohh, he is your colleague.” Khushi waved at him.

Aman started moving towards them.

“Hello…A…” Aman was about to address him as ASR, but arnav stopped him.

“Hello Aman…This is my..err.. friend Khushi…and Khushi, he is Aman.”

“Its nice meeting you Mr. Aman.” Khushi said forwarding her hand for a shake.

“Same here ma’am.” Aman said.

“…Khushi is fine…after all you guys are colleagues,”

“Khushi, Aman works under me…I mean I am his superior. Do you have water with you?” Arnav asked Khushi to divert her.

“Yeah, it is in my bag…wait.” Saying this she searched for the bottle.

At this time Arnav whispered to Aman…

“Aman, don’t reveal that I am ASR or the owner of AR Designs.”

“Ok, ASR…I mean Sir.”

“Here is your water Arnav.” Khuhsi gave the bottle to arnav

“You know Amanji, Arnav was telling me that your boss is making him work hard. Do you also feel like that.? Khushi asked Aman. Arnav who was drinking the water choked hearing the question.

“No..Ma’a…I mean Khushiji no…it’s just normal work…it’s good. I should leave you both now. Bye A...Arnav Sir and Khushiji” saying this Aman ran from there.

“He is weird…Is he like this?” Khushi asked Arnav.

“No…yes..I mean no…Khushi we should continue our pani puri challenge.”

“Ohh yeah..ok let’s start them.

They re-started their challenge.

The competition started and finally Khushi was the winner

“I won”

“OK...congrats, but next time I will win...that’s sure”

“We will see that Arnav.”

“I'm full.... I look like a pregnant lady with this big tummy...” Khushi sulked

“No you are not”

“But I feel like one”

“Trust me... You look fine...come let's take a walk ...”

They started walking

“Hey Arnav, do u mind If I ask u something?”

“ think so...”

“No...leave that.”

“No what you want to know?”

“Hmm...tell me only if you are comfortable...I have never see your mother...where is she?”

Arnav was silent for a few seconds

“I was 3 yrs. old when she passed away in an accident”

“I'm sorry Arnav...I shouldn't have....”

“It’s OK.... I was small, I only have  few memories of her…like she making me sleep...feeding food....”

“Do u miss her?”

“I miss her but I miss her a lot when I see my papa alone. I don't know how to explain it....”

“Don't be”

To change the topic she asked,

“Hey.... Do you know cooking?”

“Yeah....I do cook....”

“I mean not just making coffee...u know the real cooking...roti...aloo puri and all...”

“I exactly meant cooking roti and aloo puri and all”

“Wow... U know only a few boys would know all these things... I must say that the girl you are going to marry will be a lucky one.” Khushi said getting all excited

Arnav looked at her and smiled...

“Khushi y did you choose this field? Your parents have secure jobs, so they expect you to be in some 9 to 5 kind of office job. Were they against you when you told them that you want to move into this industry, into business?”

“It’s a long story.”

“I think I have the time to hear your long story.”

Khushi laughed at his reply and continued.

“Ok. I started cooking stuffs when I was 4 or 5....I used to ask my mom and nani to teach me cooking and I used to do what they told me. Later I started reading cook books, watching cookery shows. I was passionate about cooking. It is like creating an art. When I was in my teenage, my parents understood that cooking is something which I like. So when I told them that I want to do hotel management they stood with my decision.”

“But the real problem came when I told them about my dream to start my restaurant. I mean nobody in my family have ventured into business. So there is nobody to guide me. They were took me a lot of time to make them understand. Finally, one by one they all agreed. Papa and Amma gave me their portion of land to pledge for my loan…that’s how Khushi’s ‘Salt & Pepper’ came into existence.” She finished her talk with a big smile.


“You are so courageous... Girls won't venture into business like this....and you being from a non-business background is a big thing too” Arnav said feeling immense respect towards her.

“More than parents had the courage to risk their property and keep their trust on me.... If it was some other parents, they would have married off the girls with that money”

“So they are not going to marry u off soon....”

“You want them to marry me off?” Khushi asked amusingly.


“What??? You don't want me to get married ever”

“I mean ...not now”

Khushi started laughing

“I was just joking.... Yeah...they have given me 3 yrs. for myself. After that they will start looking for a groom....”

“Whose idea is that?”

“Mine.... You know why this 3 yrs. time...?”

“So that you can concentrate on your restaurant.”

 “ that I can expand it and pay off the loans and all.... also there is a hidden agenda which I can’t reveal now.”

“OK...any hint about that hidden agenda?”

“Hmmm....if it happens... I will tell you.”


That’s when Khushi saw something near to the park.

“Arnav, come with me.” Saying this she dragged him to the man who was selling earrings.

“I love earrings very much.” Khushi started to check out the earrings.

She was in a dilemma to select one.

“I think this will be good on you.” Arnav selected a pair of earring for her.

“this is beautiful Arnav. You indeed have good selection.”

Khushi wore the earrings.

“How is it arnav?”

“Beautiful. I mean its looks good on you.”

“OK we will take this.” Khushi said to the vendor.

She was about to pay for it, but arnav paid before her.

“Arnav, you didn’t have to pay for it. Ok I will give you the money.”

“If I am not your friend, give me back the money.”

Khushi shook her head

“Ok, let’s move from here.”

They entered the park

“Do u come here often?”

“ is my first time...”

“Aww...mine too....same pinch....” 

Saying this she pinched him lightly

“You believe in all these???”

“It is fun.... You should also do that.”

“OK” Saying this he was about to pinch her...

“ can't pinch me now...see I'm touching black color.”

Arnav looked at her like she had grown horns.

“Ohh ohh Arnav...see if we same pinch someone then we have to touch black colour, so that the other person won't pinches you....”

“Then you can’t pinch me hands were on my technically I was touching black then.”

“ have to touch some other things...other than your dress or accessories.”

“OK.... So I can't touch my own dress ....”

“You can't....”

“I will keep that in my mind for future reference”.

They spend some quality time there and left from there.


Do comment and let me know what you think about the story.

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Thanks and Teaser (By Jossy) (Thanked: 38 times)

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A very small teaser...

Arnav smiled at her her and hugged her while saying thank you. He don't know how lucky he is to have her in his life. He encased her in his arms, buried his face in the hollow of her neck.

Khushi got startled when he hugged her spontaneously, she felt his breathe on her neck. Hesitantly she placed her hand on his back hugging him.

They don't know how much time they  stayed in each others arm.

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Chapter 4 - Past (By Jossy) (Thanked: 66 times)

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Chapter 4


Next week

In between these days, Arshi did talk to each other through phone. Arnav was busy in making arrangements for Ratna's death anniversary.

A day before the anniversary.

Arnav reached Arvind's room and found him standing near his bed holding an album. He was flipping the pages and caring the face of Ratna


“Come here Arnav”

Arnav sat near his father

“Did you checked every the arrangements?”

“Yes...everything fine…You want to talk papa?” Arnav asked seeing the distress on his father’s face. Arvind was silent for a moment then continued.

“I don't know beta....when I saw these pictures I’m feeling so emotional, which didn't happen till now....I did get emotional but today it is bit more...I don't know why? Arnav, I tried hard to fill the gap of a mother’s role in your life. I don’t know how much successful I’m in that.”

Arnav took his father’s hand in his.

“Papa, you are the best father one could ever get. You not only filled the gap of my mother, but you filled the gap of a friend and a brother. If I’m ASR today, it is only because of you, your undying trust in me. Don’t belittle yourself in front of me. The place for my father in my heart is very high. I don’t believe in god, but I believe in you.” Arnav said hugging his father while tears formed in his eyes.

He remembered about those days when arvind used to get him ready for school, stayed late nights when he used to study for exams, prepared his favorite dishes even after being tired from work, the embarrassment and sadness when he won’t be able to do thing which every father does for their child. He know that he was everything to the man he held in his arms.

“You know Arnav, I am the luckiest father in this world to have a son like you…My Little Arnav.” Arvind said placing a kiss on his forehead.

“And I’m the luckiest son to have you as my father.”

Arvind sat next to him and talked.

“Beta, I never told you about me and your mother....and you never asked about us...why?

“I knew how much you loved her and misses her...I don't want to make you sad”

“Today I want to tell you this…about me and Ratna. I think this is the right time.”

Arnav nodded his head.

“From all these talks we had must have understood that I and your maa had a love marriage. I and ratna were neighbors. I was a single child, was born 10 yrs. after my parents’ marriage. Ratna had an elder sister and an elder brother. She was from a rich family. I used to play with her when she used to visit her Nani's house which was near to our house in Lucknow. After tenth, I and Ratna was send to a college. I was cheerful boy who mingled with everyone, even though some of them were mean.”

“Ratna and I were friends. I secretly liked her. I don't know how and when she fell in love with me. When we were in our second year, on my birthday she told me that she loves me. I was on ninth cloud, but I don’t want to ruin her life. I don’t have anything to offer her and I knew that her parents won’t agree to this. I want to put her out of misery and for that I mocked her love and rejected her. She didn’t come to college for a week after that incident. When she came to college, she ignored me completely. I was sad...but happy. It is for her own benefit. Then I came to know that the playboy in our college was interested in Ratna. I wanted to protect her. So I went to warn her about it and she started arguing with me. In that heated moment I blunted out my feelings to her. I tried hard to make her understand that this relationship wouldn’t work, but she was stubborn and adamant. That is one big thing u got from her....stubbornness and anger.”

Arvind smile at Arnav while touching his cheek.

“Then, what happened papa?”

“I finally accepted her love. Her love was the only thing I wanted in my life. We kept our relationship very secret. We would write letter to each other in our own secret language. We went out after classes are over.”

“Papa you were so romantic.” Arnav said with a smiling.

“So how did you exchange the letters?” Arnav asked.

“Same way as every lovers do, library. But we would keep letters in the bottom that I can access it and my size did helped us a lot....I would hide behind some table or desk when someone comes when we used to stay in college after the classes.”

Arnav's eyes popped out hearing all these.

“Everything was going smoothly. In between all these, Ratna's bro and sis got married. When we finished our studies, I started searching for a job and got one in Delhi. I moved here with my father. My mom already died when we were in studying. We used to write letters to each other through one of my close friend.”

“One day I got a letter from Ratna saying that her parents were thinking about her marriage. So I went to her home with my father and asked her hand for marriage. They were surprised, they never thought that a man like me ever approach them with such a proposal. I asked them to give us time, so that we can have a bright future. They didn't believe me when I told them that we are in love. So they asked Ratna, she told them the truth that she wants to marry me. They refused to accept our relationship and restricted us from meeting.”

“She was under house arrest and her parents fixed her marriage. I was feeling helpless. One day, I got a letter from her saying that she don't want this marriage and if this marriage happen she would commit suicide. I went to see her at night, my friend helped me to climb the walls to reach her room. We planned to elope a day before her wedding.”

“I was guilty....I don't want her to do this. I don't want us to get eloped and marry.... That is not what she deserves. We decided to meet at the temple and go to Kolkata till everything gets under control.”

“On that day in the temple....we just had a small marriage ceremony. My of my friend...Ratna's sister and her daughter were there”

“So maa's sister supported you....?”

“Yeah...your badimaa ...she knew me and she don't have any problem with me. She heard our conversion that day and confronted Ratna. She understood us, her daughter Anjali...she was a cutie pie....we only got a little time to interact. Then we moved to Kolkata. I got a small job there.”

“We were happy in our world, but the guilty of elopement consumed me. Ratna had to work up on that a lot. Finally everything was under control and we moved to Delhi after a few months. Then u were born ....we were very happy. You don't knew that feeling I had when I held u for the first time. You were sooo small..fragile... cute....I don't know how to make you understand that....may be in future when u have your own child you will understand”

“I constantly feared about your growth, but your mother was not at all concerned by it....I know that I can't do anything with my condition...but I don't want you to go through what I had been. Ratna was like ..... Even if you turn out to be a dwarf.... U have me as a role be a good man..that’s what your maa used say all the time.”

“Sometimes I feel that your mother was some angel send by god for me. I made u take all the test to ensure that u won't be like me.”

“So I have a badimaa and mamaji...”


“You know your badimaa and Anjali have seen you as a baby. You were 3 months old then. We were in some park...when they found us... Anjali was over the moon when she took you in arms....She was telling me that she was your di...I wish if she was here with us, to see who you have become.”

“Papa, why didn't you express your feeling of missing maa till now...?

“Because I have you... When I look into your eyes...I can see my Ratna smiling at me. Even though she left me...she left you for me....”

Arnav wiped Arvind’s tears

“I'm sure that maa will be watching over she would want me to let her beloved husband sleep

Go to sleep papa....”

“Let me sleep with your Mother's beloved son today”

Saying this, Arvind lifted his arms and Arnav followed his dad’s wish.

“You know I'm the luckiest father.”

“ are”

“Who will get such a chance to get lifted by their son.... In your childhood I used to lift you are lifting me’ Arnav smiled at him and entered the room

They both slept peacefully thinking of some good memories related to Ratna.

Next day,

They had the pooja, visited orphanage and distributed food and other things to them.

Arnav saw Arvind sitting in the lawn with a box....

Arnav sat next to him

“Is that the letters?


Arnav saw the inscriptions and don't understand anything.

“this is some serious secret language. where did this box comes from?”

“It was with me in my room....I never let u see this...

“Ohh…what about this newspaper cutting?”

Saying this Arnav took that and started reading

As he read that his eyes filled with tears

“maa...she died while saving me??? You never…”

“Both of you were coming to give me my lunch, but the bus got into an accident ....she shielded you so that nothing would happens to you. Her head got hit badly. Later I got a call from the hospital. You were with a nurse while Ratna was in ICU. For two days she her conditions was not well, but on the third day her condition got stable. I thought god heard my prayer, at evening her condition got worse....and then....” arvind couldn’t complete his sentence.

After a few minutes of silence....Arvind said

“Don't feel that you are responsible for what she did. If I were at that situation I would do that same. You were a baby and for parents their children mean everything. For them they would risk their life....Don't feel responsible for all these...that will hurt my Ratna's soul...Even though I miss her physically... I knew that she is with us.... It’s just we can't see her.”

To divert the topic arnav said.

“You know when I saw this box I though it is maa's ornaments box. Where is it? I don't find that in your locker.”

Arvind tried to avoid eye contact with him.

“I gave that for cleaning.”

Arnav was not fully satisfied with the answer....but act like he did

“Come now....lets have our lunch....” Arnav said

“I don't want anything.”

“OK....I too don't want anything”

Arvind didn’t say anything... Sat there silently

“maa....I know that you are here...look at your husband he don't care about me a bit...I'm hungry and he is sitting here like this.... Bechara beta.... No one to feed....Who will feed this poor child?”

“Sometimes u do drama than me…” Arvind said pullin his son’s cheek.

“Genes papa...genes”

“Come now....have this”

“You ignored I'm not in a mood to have food by myself.”

“OK then don't have any food....I'm going to eat.”

“What kind of father are you? I told that I won't have it you have to feed me....”

Saying this he opened his mouth and Arvind started feeding him and Arnav to feed him.

After that Arvind went to his room...

Arnav drove to Khushi’s restaurant which was about to close.

Arnav reached the restaurant, waited for Khushi.

Khushi emerged out of the kitchen with something in her hand.

“Arnav you here at this time...the restaurant is closed.”

“Can't I come here to meet my friend?”

“Yeah....surely you can....can you wait for a minute.....I will join you back soon.”


Arnav sat there waiting for Khushi.

After a few minutes Khushi came there with two coffee mugs.

“Someone told me that the restaurant is closed.”

“Yeah it is closed... But you know perksof being the owner’s friend.”

Arnav smiled and started having the coffee...

“What is it Arnav?”


“You are not the Arnav I know? What happened? If you don't want to share its OK...I will…”

“It’s my mother’s death anniversary today”

"Ohh.... I'm sorry I didn’t uncle is doing?”

“He is not OK... He misses maa a lot.... He never showed it to me. Am I a failure as a son?”

“ are not....I have never seen a son father relationship more beautiful than yours. When you both are together it’s like a happiness know I like you both coming to my restaurant...both of you spread positive energy everywhere.”

“Coming to your father missing your maa.... One will miss the person they loves a’s bound to happen. Above all these your father have you in his you there is a part of your mother... I'm sure when your father look at you he would feel like his wife is still there. If u feel like a failure you are letting your father down and uncle don't deserve that.”

“No parents will want their children to know about their misery. May be uncle didn’t get a chance to mourn about your mother....because he has you to take care off. Support him and be his strength and dare you say that you are a failure. If u do that I will crush your nose and make soup out of it....”

Arnav smiled at her warning and hugged her while saying thank you. He doesn’t know how lucky he is to have her in his life. He encased her in his arms, buried his face in the hollow of her neck. Khushi got startled when he hugged her spontaneously, she felt his breathe on her neck. Hesitantly she placed her hand on his back hugging him.They don't know how much time they stayed in each other’s arm. They were interrupted by the loud noise of her mobile.

Khushi was attending the call

What was I doing by hugging her like can I hug her like that…but it felt soothing...

“hmmm...Arnav.....I have to go now...”

“Yeah...I should also go...”

“Take care of yourself and uncle.”

“I will and you too....thank you Khushi for being there for me”

“I will”

Saying this Khushi got into her Scooty. Arnav followed her till she reaches her home.

Khushi in her room

What was that? Why did I hugged him like that? Why it felt different? Why I felt that it was more than a hug between friends.

Khushi looked at the mirror and smiled. Soon she noticed something.

She looked at her body which was not at all a zero size. She lifted her top and saw the not so flat tummy with stretch marks. She looked at her face, the drown complexion she had.

Khushi smiled at herself and her silly thought....

Me and my crazy mind....he would never get attracted to a girl like me....he can have any girl he wanted…

Khushi smiled at herself with a sad face. 

Days passed

Without Khushi's knowledge she was falling in love with him. Her face lit up whenever Arnav message her or call her. Every day she kept looking for him to appear in her restaurant and felt disappointed when he didn’t. Nani did noticed this glow on her face at particular time.

One day Arnav was talking to Khushi about Arvind’s birthday. Usually they will have a Pooja at home ....distribute food and things to needy people....Spend the day together

Khushi find that so boring and asked him to meet her.

“Arnav....let's give a surprise to uncle.”

“I like that idea....but where?”

Arnav can't have Khushi at his home as she don’t know that he is ASR.

“ this restaurant....”

“What...? No Khushi... I don't want you to do that....”

“You can't refuse me.”

‘I can”

“Do u remembers our pani puri challenge... I won and I'm asking you this have to do let me do this.”

“You can't blackmail Khushi...”

“It is not blackmail.... It is about the challenge... I'm collecting my reward... I'm a businesswoman and this is bound to happen.”

Arnav smirked hearing her saying this.

“Bossy, are we? OK...but I will send a helper here....I don't want you to strain....”

“So how many people will be here....”

“Me...Papa...Ravi and Santhosh uncle...that’s it.”

“OK....we will arrange everything, but I will be making the cake for uncle.....”

“Ok… looking forward to the birthday celebration.”

They discussed about the things and left.


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Chapter 4 - Birthday (By Jossy) (Thanked: 49 times)

@Noordina  - Yeah, her insecurities does have reasons. about stretch marks, yeah it happens when we gain weight. 

@sasi - about stretch marks, it happens when we gain weight in our body.  It is not related to pregnancy in this story (till now). about Khushi's parents, read this chapter.

@Dilliamma - glad that you could connect it to daily life. i was bored of reading white coloured, slim, perfect featured khushi all the time. who doesn't like a change!!!!

@Londoner - Yeah, everybody have insecurities. but in our contemporary society colour do plays a big factor when it comes to love or marriage. 

Thanks to all those people who commented. 

those who messaged me for address, i will message you back when the chapters are up.

Chapter 5 - Birthday

Finally it is Arvind’s birthday. Arnav wished his father and conducted a pooja as per his father’s wish. They distributed food and items to needy people....

Arnav took his dad for an outing, let him drive the car with Arnav managing the brake and accelerator.

At evening,

“Khushi beta didn’t wish me....”

“She didn’t know that today is your birthday.”

“She know that....”


“She saw my whatsapp status... remember the selfie we took when we cut the cake together. Khushi saw that....but didn’t reply.”

“She must be busy Papa.”

Arvind likes Khushi a lot and when she didn’t wish him it makes him sad.

“Yeah she must be busy....” arvind said in a low voice

“She told me that she will be out of town for couple of days”

“I thought maybe we would visit her restaurant....if she is not there...there is no need to go there.”

It is around 8 pm.

“Arnav why are we here....?”

“Khushi called me and asked me to pick up something.”


“Come Papa”

“Why is it so dark here?”

Suddenly the light came along with a loud happy birthday. Arvind was surprised... He didn’t expect this. Khushi came forward and kneel down.

“Happy birthday uncle.” Saying this she hugged him

“Thank u beta”

“Arnav told me that you will be out of...” Arvind saw Arshi looking at each other and smiling

“So you both planned this together.”

Khushi nodded her head.

Ravi and Santhosh too wished him

“Let's cut the cake.” Khushi said with excitement and lead them to the table. A beautiful cake was there which says ‘Happy Birthday to the Perfect Father’.  the theme of the cake was world. There is a miniature open car in which there are 2 figures which present Arnav and Arvind. Arvind smiled seeing the cake.

instead of 60 it is 55 years. imagine a miniature of car instead of that elephant.

“I’m not perfect beta....and this cake is beautiful.”

“ are perfect to us....that all matters. I’m glad that you liked the cake.”

“Khushi, I must say I didn’t expect such an brilliant cake. Thanks a lot Khushi.” Arnav said stunned with the cake.  In between his talk he mentioned Khushi how he fulfilled his wish of taking Arvind for a tour. It was 3 years back when he is finally settled in his life. He took Arvind to places his dad wish to go.

“Don’t thank me Arnav…we are err friends.”

Arvind cut the cake and fed Arnav and then fed Khushi followed by his friends.

“Now here is my favorite part.” saying this Khushi took them to another table.

The whole area was decorated with fairy lights and flowers.

“Birthday special dinner.” Khushi said uncovering the dishes.

Arvind was blown away by it as he found his favorite dish....

“ don't serve all these here?”

“It”s a special day and special people gets special treatment....Uncle, it is the perks of being the owner’s friend.”

All his favorite Lucknowi food items were there

“Prakash Ki Kulfi and tokri chaat....where did u get this??? I mean I don't know we get this here?”

tokri chaat

Prakash Ki Kulfi

“I made this...don't know how it came out....”

“I and Ratna used to have these lots.”

They had the food and in beteenwn Ravi got a call from home.

“Arnav beta ...I have to go now....Maya and her children came home and I have to reach there soon...” Ravi told Arnav

“Its OK can go....”

“I will also go with Ravi...I don't want you to take the strain of taking me home....” Santhosh told them.

They gave their gift to Arvind and left from there.

After having their food, Khushi told Arvind.

“I hope you like this uncle.” She gave him a gift

“Can I open it?”


It is a photo frame with lot of pictures of Arnav and Arvind.

“It is beautiful beta.” Both Arnav and Arvind said

“So that’s why you asked for some pictures?” Arvind asked her


“I too got a gift, Papa, something which you won't forget.” Arnav gave his gift and Arvind opened it.

Tears started to form in his eyes as he saw Arnav’s gift.

“How???” Arvind ask him.

“I had a doubt when you said that you gave it for cleaning....I went to the jewellery and asked ....they told me that you didn’t give any jewelry for cleaning. Then I searched your room. I got a faded receipt. I asked Ravi uncle and he told me the told that you pawned it. He didn’t know why you did that, but I know the reason. Why did you do that papa....u shouldn't have pawned it for my studies.”

“I don't want u to loss an opportunity to study at Harvard.....I know u got the scholarship, but for some other expense related to your journey I had to do that... you and your future is everything to me. If your mother is here...she would have wanted that. She would have done the same.”

Arnav was about to say something but Khushi placed her hand on his hand. Arnav looked at her and she shook her head

“It’s OK papa....What you did was a big thing for keep this with you forever...”

“No....I'm waiting for the right person so that I can hand over it.”

“What??? How can u do that???”


“You are going to get marry again?”

Both Khushi and Arvind looked at each other and started laughing.

“Ohh god, why did you gave me such a tube light son. Arnav I meant your wife.”

Saying this both Khushi and Arvind started laughing again

“How would I know that? I'm not experienced. I mean I didn’t see anything like that.”

“OK...I will give this to my future daughter in law. Then you should give this to your kids. Give this to your daughter and to your DIL, then to their daughter and DIL. After that their daughter and DIL

“OK...stop …I got it....” Arnav said rolling his eyes at Arvind which made both Arvind and Khushi to laughter.

Arvind started describing about the ornaments. When he brought it at what occasion etc.

“This necklace will suite you beta.”

“But this is for your dil, isn’t it?”

“I mean something like this will suite you, isn't Arnav?”


finally the party got wrapped up. Arnav and Arvind have to drop Khushi home.

Before entering the car,

“It was one of the memorable birthday I have celebrated in my life.... Thanks a lot...I'm glad to have you both in my life.” Arvind said to both of them.

“I'm sleepy...I will sit in the back seat” Saying this Arvind entered the back seat....

“Khushi beta you sit in the front with Arnav.’

Arnav drived slowly as Arvind was sleep in the back seat.

After a few minutes

“Thanks a lot Khushi. It was the best party I have ever had.”

“There is nothing to thank me Arnav. I like doing thing for you and your uncle.”

They talked and listened to the music

On reaching Gupta house,

“I loved the party. I feel sooo happy to be with you both. I wish if I could be a part of your happiness like this. Good night Arnav. Take care of uncle.”

Saying this she towards her home, before entering her home she turn back and looked at Arnav. She gave him a wide smile and went inside.

“She went home now, so start the car Arnav.”

“When did you wake up?”

“When did I fell asleep to wake up? I was acting so that both of you can some privacy.”

“You are the master of love Papa.”

“Thank u for the compliment. Did you understand anything from what she told you?”


“I feel pity for Khushi bitiya....why are you still a dumbo.....At least learn something from my love story.”

“I don’t get you Papa.”

“You are such a waste Arnav....”

“Papa, she is the first girl I’m ever shown interest in my’s all new to me. What you want to tell me?”

“Do you love Khushi beta?”

“I think so....”

“You think so...? What kind of answer is that.”

“I don't know if I love her now...I have feeling for her. If she is with me everything feels good.”

“OK I got that...park the car somewhere”

Arnav parked the car.

“Close your eyes....”


“Close it. Arnav...”

Arnav did what his father told him to do.

“Who does come to your mind when I say love....”


“Can you imagine your life without that person?”


“What if that person goes away from you, can you tolerate that?”


“Can you imagine any other person in that person’s place?”


“If your answer to last 3 questions are no, then you are in love with that person.” Arvind completed and waited for Arnav to open his eyes. He saw a wide smile on his son’s face.

“Papa, I’m in love with Khushi.” Arnav said hugging Arvind

“Do you know what the good news is???”


“Khushi too want to be a part of our family. She is in love with you. Don’t lose her beta, she is a gem.”

“I know papa. What about me being ASR?

“Confess your love....wait for her reaction... After that you can reveal being ASR doesn't have anything to do...she loved  the Arnav who is the son of a daily wager” Arvind advised him to which Arnav smiled

“Omg....I have so much to dooo…Shagun...Sangeet....Haldi”

“Papa...I didn’t proposed her....even if she agree what about her parents?”

“I'm sure that Khushi's family like with them...then propose her, that is good.”

“What if her parents don't agree?”

“I don't think that they will disagree...even if they don't ....that’s OK...we will try...we will try till we succeed...You and Khushi belongs with each other.”

“You are awesome papa.”

“Yeah I know, tell me something new.”

“You are my hero and my inspiration.... my love guru.”

Arvind hugged Arnav.

“Let’s go home Arnav.”

“Birthday boy gets to drive today.”


Saving this Arnav held Arvind in his lap while he managed the brake and accelerator.


After a few days

Arnav is in some meeting with his legal team. Arvind came there to see him and was sitting in Arnav's cabin. After a few minutes, Arvind moved towards the canteen.

On their way Arvind heard someone calling him


And he turned to find a lady walking towards him. he was shocked and whispered.

“Anjali bitiya???”

Anjali kneel down... “’t you recognize me?”

“Anjali bitiya you here???”

“My husband works here. We lost your address when we moved to Mumbai...papa didn’t allow us to search for u...”

“Papa....” Arnav called him. That’s when Arnav noticed a woman kneeling down in front of his father.

“Anjali...that’s is Arnav...your brother...”

Arnav stood beside Arvind.

“Beta...she is your di....Anjali....”

Anjali rose up and touched his cheek

“Arnav...” Saying this she hugged him and cried.

Arnav was overwhelmed too. He doesn’t know what to do....He slightly patted her head.

“Anjali....what are you doing?” Said a man

“I'm sorry for her behavior sir” Saying this Shyam pulled away Anjali

“Shyam...I told you about my other brother,isn’t it? massi's son?...this is him...Arnav...and my mausaji.” Anjali said pointing Arnav and Arvind, then turned towards them.

“This is my husband shyam”

“Shyam, why did you call him sir? Is he your boss?”

“Yes....he is our boss....ASR”

Arnav saw that everyone is looking at them.

“All of you get back to you works now.” He said loudly.

“Hmmm...we should move to my cabin.’ Arnav suggested.

Along with Anjali, Arvind and Shyam, Arnav went to him cabin and talked.

Anjali's first hubby was a fraud....Shyam is her second hubby. They got married 3 weeks back. Her father is no more. Anjali have a younger brother Akash with whom their mother Renjini lives. They came to know that Ratna’s parents are alive and live with their son Manohar in Lucknow.

Shyam was surprised to know that Arnav is his BIL.

Anjali asked them about Ratna and she was devastated to know about Ratna.

During their usual chat Arnav told Khushi about his new found extended family. Khushi was happy for him. Khushi invited Arnav and arvind for nani's birthday.

Arvind and Khush hit off instantly. They were like long lost best friends.

Shashi and Garima were welcoming; they tried their best to make them comfortable. Nani did noticed the love shining in Arshi’s eyes. After that days nani did hinted Khushi about being in love and all. Nani praised about Arnav sometimes and observe Khushi’s reaction to it. There is a dreamy look in Khushi’s eyes whenever she mention about Arnav, which soon turns into sadness.


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May 27

New Character Sketch (By Jossy) (Thanked: 23 times)

Introducing Some New Characters

Harindra Prakash Mallik

Devayani Mallik

Manohar Mallik

Manorama Mallik

Renjini Singhania

Anjali Jha

Shyam Mahendra Jha

Akash Singhania 

Payal Rastogi

Nandkis**** Mallik

Lavanya Kashyap

Prasad Kashyap

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What the!!!!