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May 17

IPKKND - ARNAV’S KHUSHI - HIS PEFECT MATCH (By Eljessica) (Thanked: 101 times)




Hello Members of MYeDuniaya, I’m here with a new story! Hope you enjoy. It’s a short story of Arnav and Khushi my take from Payal’s Mehendi Scene where Arnav went for a meeting without informing anyone making both Khushi and Anjali along with the family worried for him.


As in the show Akash and NK came down to the hall, dressed in Saree where the Mehendi cerebration was happening. Being caught by Nani, Akash covers up saying he needed to give a message whereas Nk put the blame on his Nanav, stating that it was his Nanav’s idea. This angered Nani as she had warned them not to come downstairs, as this ceremony is strictly restricted to male hence asked Nk to call Arnav.


On the other hand, this shock Khushi,  who without realizing said Arnav’s name out loud when the Mehendi Lady was asking which Initial she want part of the design hence hearing Khushi take Arnav’s name the Mehendi lady end up writing “A” for ARNAV in Khushi’s hand. While Khushi was having a mental self-debate with her DM, not to sent Arnav downstairs as her Dhak Dhak will start again.



After looking for Arnav everywhere, NK came to inform Nani that Arnav is nowhere to be found. Hearing this Anjali became worried; HP informed her that Arnav Bhaiya might be outside making Khushi happy as nowadays she is very confused with her feeling - having difficulty to understand her heartbeat increases within Arnav’s close proximity. However, Anjali is worried for her Chotey as he normally does not go anywhere without informing anyone especially when there is celebration in the house, moreover he is not attending her call which is very unlike her Chotey, unless he is in trouble.



Anjali quickly goes to attend the door as someone ring the doorbell, only to find Smita, the Mehendi Specialist who came especially to put the Bride Mehendi. Khushi was busy pulling her Jiji’s legs in Akash Jiju name making her red like tomato. While, Anjali was busy to make yet another phone call to Arnav, and gets more worried when his number is still unreachable. With this new revelation, everyone became concerned, Bua suggested to text Arnav to which Anjali replied that she already send three messages of which none have been replied. She frets that Chotey has never done anything like this before. Finally, Anjali leaves to call Aman on Nani’s suggestion with Khushi following behind, without anyone notice.



Khush i approaches Anjali who is asking Aman if Arnav is in the office. Seeing Anjali’s face it was clear to Khushi that Aman doesn’t know where ASR, which intensifies Khushi’s worry after Anjali confirms that he’s not in the office.



Hearing the front door opens, Khushi’s eyes eagerly move towards it, only to be disappointed by HP approaching. Anjali leaves being called by Nani, while a pacing stayed in the living room busy thinking aloud.



Khushi (thinking):  What is wrong with this Laad Governor? He wasn’t answering his phone before, and now his phone won’t even connect. He’s not in the office either, where is he?


In the Hall a pacing Khushi  is struggling with a decision of whether to call Arnav, or not?


Thinking loudly, angrily pointing out that Anjaliji’s calls isn’t connecting, there’s no guarantee that hers will connect, and even if she does get through, what will she say?  “What the!”


Ø  But, I need to know where he is, she confesses to herself.


Ø  But, Why? Why do I need to know?


Ø  What’s happened, NOW? When, I was the one who told him to leave, didn’t I?


Ø  Yeah, I did told him to ‘Leave, I don’t want to see your face.’ But I didn’t mean that he should disappear.


Ø  Hey DM, please don’t ever make my words true.


Ø  Where have you gone, Arnavji? Just … come back soon. I’m very worried.


Ø  Why am I getting so worried, he’s not answering his phone?


Ø  Hey DM, I just want him to be okay. That’s all.



Khushi calls him again, and this time it connects but goes straight to voicemail being so worried she forgets to end the call as she continue her self-talks to herself stressing about what she would say if she could reach him eventually decides that she needs to apologies:



Jo kuch bhi humne kaha, humara vo matlab nahi tha, ki aap kahi chale jaye. Hum yeh bhi nahi chahte ki aap apni shakal hume na dekhai. Sach mein … aap bas vaapas aajaye. Hum dil se maafi mangte hai.


[I didn’t mean what I said earlier, that you should disappear somewhere. I don’t even want you to never show me your face. Truly … just come back. I apologies from the heart.]


Khushi smiles  as she realises that this is exactly what she needs to say to him, and starts to dial Arnav’s number, when the door bell ring, which is answered by HP. Everyone immediately gather in the hall hoping its Arnav, as they are all worried for him.


Seeing Arnav entering the front door without thinking Khushi  run to him and hug him overwhelmingly knowing he is safe and sound. Despite being shock by Khushi’s surprising welcome developing a brain of its own his hands immediately responded embracing Khushi in bone-crashing hug.  Both Arnav and Khushi was lost in their own world while all the family members and relatives present in the hall were stunned by this new development with all the mouth open in a BIG O shape. 




******** TO BE CONTINUED SOON ******* 









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May 18

IPKKND - ARNAV’S KHUSHI - HIS PERFECT MATCH - PART 2 (By Eljessica) (Thanked: 97 times)






Seeing Arnav entering the front door without thinking Khushi run to him and hug him overwhelmingly knowing he is safe and sound. Despite being shock by Khushi’s surprising welcome developing a brain of its own his hands immediately responded embracing Khushi in bone-crashing hug. Both Arnav and Khushi was lost in their own world while all the family members and relatives present in the hall were stunned by this new development with all the mouth open in a BIG O shape.



Remembering Arnav disappearance Khushi’s overpowered anger forced her to break the hug and started shouting at Arnav: You! Where were you? 



Being confused by her outburst Arnav quirks an eyebrow  smiling while Khushi’s wrath was skyrocketing.



Khushi:  Why are you looking at me like that? And why are you just silently standing there? Why didn’t you tell anyone where you are going, when you went out? Do you know how many times I tried to call you? Do you even know…



Arnav interrupts (still smiling):  Why? Why does it matter to you wherever I go?


Khushi: Farak padta hai! Hum kitne pareshaan the! [It matters! I was so worried!]


Arnav: Mere liye? [For me?]


Khushi: Haan aap ke liye! [Yes, for you!]


Arnav: Oh really? 


Khushi: Yes, Really. What do you think of yourself Mr. Raizada, you can’t just disappear like that without informing anyone. Do you how worried we were?


Arnav:  So you were worried for me.


Khushi: Of course, I was.


Arnav:  Why?



Realising what she’s just burst out Khushi steps backwards grasping how close she is to him while Arnav start taking forward steps with each backward steps taken by Khushi, he was feeling an unrelenting overjoy contentment a peaceful sensation of belonging and his heart skip a beat hearing that she has finally admitted farak padta hai, that’s it matters to her if something happen to him and she was worried for him.



Arnav’s smile widens as Khushi backtracks saying Anjaliji and the family member were worried. Arnav was very well aware that Khushi was very worried for him as he had already heard all his voicemail including the one that was recorded during Khushi’s self talk.



Enjoying khushi’s discomfort and the different emotions playing on her face Arnav decided to pull her legs a bit more, smiling he softly point out, be careful Khushi what you are saying else I will think that you care for me.



Standing very close to Khushi, Arnav softly whisper, Khushi, were you worried for me?



On the other hand being doubtful of her feeling, unsure about her voice Khushi hesitantly move her head left right, indicating “NO.” 



Arnav (smirking):  So you were not worried for me. It doesn’t matter whether I live or die…



On hearing the word DIE, Khushi feel like her heart will stop heart and was having trouble to breath, which increase her temper immediately.



Khushi (angrily pushed Arnav away): What did you say, Mr. Raizada? What do think of yourself? Did you just say DIE? How dare you say that word? 



Seeing Khushi’s face red with Anger, Arnav try to speak only to be stop by Khushi who shake her head left right saying “NO” with none stopping tears coming out of her eyes lifting her hand up, showing him her palm telling him to stop taking when Arnav saw the letter “A” in the middle among her mehendi design. 



Finding her voice, Khushi continue shouting at Arnav, “Yes. Mr. Raizada. Don’t you dare say that WORD AGAIN BECAUSE YOUR LIFE IS VERY PRECIOUS TO ME, YOU ARE VERY PRECIOUS TO ME AND YOUR LIFE IS MINE, UNDERSTAND.”



After this outburst, Khushi rushed towards Arnav embracing him in a bone-crushing hug as if her life depends on it. Though, Arnav was shock by the turning point of this event, he simply hug Khushi tightly comforting her.



Arnav (wiping her tears): Shush, Khushi, I’m here, nah. Now, stop crying I don’t like your tears. Please Jaan, stop crying. I hate these tears in your eyes.



On hearing Arnav addressing her as Jaan, Khushi’s face changes to a dark-red shade, which didn’t go unnoticed by Arnav who decide to pull her leg in order to lighten her mood.



Arnav: Khushi, I didn’t know that my Lioness can be shy.



Hearing this comment Khushi smiles looking down with her face turning beetroot red.



Arnav (enjoying):  Khushi, you forget to apologies to me.



A confused Khushi, look at Arnav trying to understand what he meant.



Arnav (smirking):  Now, don’t be so confuse, don’t you remember what you said this morning. Tell me, Khushi, why did you said all that?



Khushi:   I’m sorry Arnavji, I shouldn’t have said all that but… but… 



Arnav: But…



Khushi: But I didn’t know why I was having acidity whenever you are near…



Arnav (shock): What the! Acidity!



Watching these cute lovebirds everyone present in the hall were now enjoying their lovely conversation and none of them did not have the heart to disturb them. 



Khushi:  Haan (Yes), Arnavji, my heart beat increases when you are around that why I want you to stay far from me.



Arnav (Laughing freely):   Oh, my cute Khushi! Really, Khushi! Acidity!



Taking Khushi’s hand pulling her towards him placing her hand near his heart looking affectionately in her eyes Arnav whisper, “Khushi when we are near to each other both our hearts beat increase because they beat for each other, they beat together as one.”


Khushi was amazed by Arnav’s explanation and realized how much she loves this man, that why her heartbeats increase when he is close. That why she was so worried when he was nowhere to be found. But does that means Arnavji loves me too, the moment this realization seek into her mind Khushi immediately look into Arnav’s eyes in order to confirm her conclusion.



Seeing different emotions playing on Khushi’s face, with her eyes eventually meeting his, Arnav understand Khushi’s doubt hence he immediately decide to clear her doubt, it’s high time to move towards his happiness (Khushi). After realizing his love for this crazy cute woman, he understood that he can’t live without his Khushi, he need his Khushi in his life as his life will never be the same.




******** TO BE CONTINUED SOON ******* 










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May 22

IPKKND - ARNAV’S KHUSHI - HIS PERFECT MATCH - PART 3 (By Eljessica) (Thanked: 86 times)








Seeing different emotions playing on Khushi’s face, with her eyes eventually meeting his, Arnav understand Khushi’s doubt hence he immediately decide to clear her doubt, it’s high time to move towards his happiness (Khushi). After realizing his love for this crazy cute woman, he understood that he can’t live without his Khushi, he need his Khushi in his life as his life will never be the same.







Arnav (kneeing down in front of Khushi still holding her hand): Khushi, as you know I’m not very good with words, I have an anger issue and terrible temper. (smiling slightly) Anyway, who will know that better than you after all you are the only one who experiences it all. (Looking straight into Khushi’s eyes) And now you will be the only one to experience my LOVE as my Better half.







Khushi, I think I Love you from the very moment you fallen into my hands because you always stir new feelings in me, feeling that were alien to me. Khushi, you always disturb the wall of stone that I have carefully build around my heart, you always bring out the Arnav behind the mask of the GREAT ASR. And that was the reason why I was always angry because you force me to do things that I never done before, pushing me to hurt you as I didn’t want you to come near me but I fail miserably to the point that I have no control of my heart any more which now beat only for you.


Khushi, you are my perfect match- always ready for a fight with me, always challenging me even commanding me at times never agree with me yet you stolen my heart.  (smiling) What you done to me, Khushi. I can’t fight anymore. I LOVE YOU, MISS KHUSHI KUMARI GUPTA, I’ve always love you and Lavanya was never my Girlfriend, she was my friend and she was a girl.


Nah! Nah! Before you start correcting me let me explain. Lavanya is the daughter of my MENTOR, MR. PREM KASHAP whom I respect very much as he helped me a lot when I was studying at Harvard University and Lavanya was my classmate, we started AR Fashion together along with Aman Mathur who is my Best Friend. Yes, Khushi (seeing Shocking Look) Lavanya and Aman were my friends from my Uni days, we studied together and started AR Fashion together that why I’m more close to them and trust them more that my other employees.


Lavanya had a crush on me for a long time that I was always aware of but never said anything to her because I respected her father a lot and she was my friend. Moreover, she never crossed her limit and always respected my feeling hence I respected her feelings. She came to India with me to help me with AR Fashion instead of taking care of her Dad’s business so I always feel that she is my responsible as long as she is in India that the only reason why most of the time I control my anger when it comes to her. Seeing my friendly relationship with Lavanya everyone believed that she is my girlfriend even media tags her as my girlfriend. In fact everyone believe she my girlfriend including Di and Akash.


I never ever wanted any relationship, love was never part of my future plan and marriage was out of question therefore I never mind whenever my name was link up to Lavanya nor was she, may be because she always hope to be my girlfriend. Everything was going smoothly in my life until you came like a wind messing with my peaceful life. You were the one who told Nani that Lavanya was my girlfriend.


Therefore, Nani was not happy with Lavanya thinking she is wrong to be my girlfriend. Being frustrated trying to explain the situation to Nani, in my anger I told her that Lavanya will live-in with me, in different rooms of course. Lavanya was happy as she was closer to me. This decision made Nani more angry so Di decide to bring, the reason of my trouble, you of all people, to train, my “girlfriend” who was only my friend but a girl, to be the good traditional Daughter-in-law of my house.


Well! (Smiling) As all this was not enough trouble for me, Miss Khushi Kumari Gupta, you decided to bring more trouble in life, teaching Lavanya the importance of marriage, giving her hope to be my wife, and which made me more angry with you as you are always so stubborn to be believe what you want to believe without trying to understand other point of view. No matter how hard I try to explain you never failed to surprise me as you always end up doing the complete opposite of what I said and expected. And that make me love you more for your selfless nature who always thinking of other first because yourself. Khushi, you are kind, fun loving, funny, wise, mischievous, crazy but cute and I love you just the way are and you don’t need to change yourself for anyone not even for me.


However, Khushi, sometimes it is important to try to understand others point of view because people are not born to be bad but most of the times circumstances forced them to be bad and it is the same in my case, moreover my anger is not very helpful in this situation either in fact when I’m angry I don’t think straight which make situations worst. Remember what happened on Diwali due to my anger I proposed Lavanya for marriage and to make matter worst you also went and get engaged to some Shyam. Luckily your engagement broke up and Lavanya realized that I love you that why she left before our engagement.


Khushi: What? Lavanya left because she know that you love me... Hey DM, she left because of me!!!


Arnav: Khushi, Lavanya realize that I love because I understand my feeling for you. And Khushi, I want you to remember and understand this, it is good to be selfless but to certain degree to a moderate level because this world is not was good it can be very cruel and I’m not saying that you have to be bad but you need to understand where you need to be hard and you need to learn to say no sometimes. At times we can’t be selfless due to circumstance as in the case of Lavanya. Let’s assume I married Lavanya but love you do think I could have given her the happiness that she deserve, may be I would have try to keep her happy because its my duty not my happiness.


However, in your case, Khushi, you are my happiness and I will happily do every possible in order to make happy because I love you. Now, it will be great if you answer me quickly as my knees have started to hurt so Khushi will take the challenge to marry this Laad Governor (smirking).


Khushi (smiling, holding Arnav’s hand): Of course, I will accept your challenge, Laad Governor after all Khushi Kumari Gupta never back off from any challenge.


Arnav (smiling, hugging Khushi):  So, Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada is always ready for challenge.


Khushi:   Yeah, especially challenge from my Laad Governor. And it will be Khushi Arnav Singh Raizada but first we need to inform our elders ask their permission and blessing.


Arnav: OK, let’s inform them then. However, where you name is concerned I chose, you, Khushi Kumari Gupta as my wife and after our marriage you will still be yourself as I told you before, I never want you to be someone else. The only thing that will be new is my life linked with yours hence my name attached to yours therefore you could be Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada- The woman I chose and the woman I married but it’s your decision.


Khushi is finding it hard to believe this ultra-romantic man in front of her is the same man that she always through is heartless who she named as the raakshas , Shaitaan, Laad Governor and what’s not… But this man stand in front of her turn out to be her Prince out the **** whom she previously thought him to be.


On the other hand, everyone witnessing their conversation was impressed by the understanding and affection shared by Arnav and Khushi for each other clearly demonstrating their love. Khushi’s family: Bua, Mum and Dad along with Payal were happy that Khushi has finally her happiness and this man in front of them is perfect for her who really cares for her and love her a lot. 


Similarly, Anjali, Nani, Akash and Mama were happy for Arnav who have finally find he better half, someone to spent the rent of his life with, it’s finally their dream of seeing their Chotey married coming true. While Mami and Nk was a little sad, Mami  for having another Middle Class Bahu and NK  for losing his love interest however he is  happy for his brother and friend for finding their true love.



******** TO BE CONTINUED SOON ******* 










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May 24

IPKKND - ARNAV’S KHUSHI - HIS PERFECT MATCH - PART 4 (By Eljessica) (Thanked: 92 times)








Returning back from their La-La-Land, Arnav and Khushi realized that they were not alone and by their expression it was clear that they have witness everything hence taking advantage of this golden opportunity Arnav decide to take immediate action while Khushi turn beetroot red as reality started to seek in.


Arnav: Excellent, as you have all witness everything I would like to marry Khushi on the same day as Akash and Payal with all the tradition.


Akash (pinching himself):  Unbelievable!


Anjali (happily with tears):  Finally my Chotey is going to get married.


Nani: But Chotey, Akash wedding ceremony have already started and we also have to ask for permission from Khushi Betiya parents and Bua before deciding to marry her.


Arnav: Yes, Nani, for the wedding ceremony only Sangeet and Mehendi has been done so far and where Sangeet is concerned both Khushi and I have participate therefore that can be our Sangeet. And about Mehendi holding Khushi’s hand up showing his initial “A” on her hand (smiling)  it’s also done. For permission and blessing from Uncle, Aunty and Buaji, that’s easy fix too.


Holding Khushi’s hand, Arnav approaches where Khushi family were standing: Uncle, Aunty and Buaji, Khushi and I have started on the wrong foot before but since then we have come a long way I really love Khushi and want to spent the rest of my life by her side. [Kneel in front of Shashi] Uncle, I promised you that I will do my best to keep Khushi happy and fulfilled all her needs. Seeing the sincerity and the love in this humble man for his youngest daughter, Shashi shook his head saying yes. Smiling and nodding, Arnav started to get up when he felt a grip on his hand and he felt Shashi’s hand on his head so Arnav bend to received his blessing. Arnav could hear some gasps in the background.


Arnav (emotionally): Thank you, Uncle, I’ll keep Khushi happy, I promised.


Khushi, standing beside Arnav, was touched by his action promising herself to keep this man who is going to be husband soon, happy cherishing their love throughout their life. How wrong she was to understand this man before, now she is thinking about the past most of the time she was the reason behind his anger however being a gentleman he never cross his limit unlike Shyam who manhandle her in Sangeet time. Yes, Arnav has manhandled me in the past too but only when he could not control his anger.


Khushi (thinking): I need to tell Arnavji everything about Shyam, I can’t hide this from him anymore. Arnavji mean a lot to me I can’t lose him now after all he need to know the truth.


Garima (smiling):  I’ve always like Arnav Bitwaa, I think he can only control Khushi and have no objections with their wedding I just hope Khushi won’t drive him mad with her craziness.


Khushi: Amma!!!


Buaji:  Kya Amma!! Hai Nandkishor!! Here I thought these two hate each other so much that they will kill each other but evidently the story is different. Yeah, I worried for our Arnav Bitwaa, don’t know what this Sanka Devi will do!! Good Luck, Bitwaa, sachlo abhi bhi wapt hai [think well, still have sometime.]


Khushi: What the!


Anjali: Actually, Buaji we are worried about Khushiji, see she is already turning into Mrs. ASR…


Arnav (laughing): Really, Di!! So you are all alright with our marriage on the same day as Akash and Payal. Akash! Payal! Is there any problem?


Akash and Payal (together): We have no problem, in fact we are happy for our brother and sister.


Nani: Chotey! I always wanted Khushi Bitiya as my daughter-in-law, now I’m very happy that my dream will come true and I think my daughter will be happy with your choice. Anjali Bitiya can you please bring Akshara’s (Arnav’s Mum) bangles and her letter that she left for her Chotey’s wife.


Anjali (in a few time walking towards Arnav, putting her palm lovingly on his cheek):  Chotey, you have no idea how happy you made me today I’ve been waiting for this day for a long time Ma would have been so proud I wished she was here but never mind I’m sure she is watching from wherever she is and I can guaranteed you she is so happy with your choice, there is no one more worthy of these bangles than Khushiji. Wiping her tears, giving Arnav the bangles and  letter, Chotey now its your duty to take care of her and make sure she is happy.


Arnav (holding Khushi’s hand): Khushi, I did not have a chance to buy your engagement ring but Ma's bangles sliding them in Khushi’s dainty hands.


Looking at her mother-in-law’s bangles in her hands touching them as they are the most precious thing in the world which she know met a lot to Arnav, Nani and Anjali. She looks up to Arnav and whispers thank you, they are beautiful, I love them.


Arnav (emotionally): Khushi, this... this is for you too.


Khushi looked at him and then at the sheet of paper he was holding out to her. She slowly took it from him, unfolded it and started reading.


Tears filled her eyes, silently making their way down her golden cheeks.


Arnav (emotionally): Sssh, Khushi, don't cry...don't cry, Khushi.


Khushi (wrapping her arms around him, hugging him to her with all her might): I promise...to put up with... your anger...and to return your love a hundredfold.


Arnav (hugging Khushi): And I promise that I will never hurt you, neither with my words nor my actions. Mum did not write that in her letter but I know she meant it.


Khushi tightened her hold on him and leaned up to kiss him on his cheek, whispering I Love you, Arnav.


Arnav (Hearing Khushi calling him, ARNAV, shock was an understatement): Jaan, what did you call me?


A Beetroot red Khushi (lowly whisper): I Love You!!


Arnav: I Love You too, Sweetheart. What did you say after I Love You…


Khushi (that’s when Khushi realized that she called Arnav by his name without any “ji”): Ar…Ar…


Arnav: Yeah, Khushi, what was that…


Khushi (hesitantly): Ar…Nav…


Arnav (huskily whispering near Khushi’s ear): Khushi, please say it again, Jaan…


Khushi (gaining some courage): Arnav!! I Love You, Arnav…


Arnav (happily, hugging Khushi passionately):  I Love You, Khushi, please call me Arnav from now onward no need to put that uncool “ji” after all you are going to be my better-half in order half of me and there is nothing that I can do my Khushi can’t do, if I can call you Khushi so you can call me Arnav too. (whispering in Khushi’s ear) And Khushi frankly speaking I like the way you say my name, trust my name has never sound so rhythmic before.


NK:  Oh Hello, Love Birds, there is still some time before your Shaheed Chand!!! You need to get married first.


Khushi: What!!


Arnav: He means Honeymoon!!!


Khushi: Ohhh… Nanheji it’s Shahad not Shaheed… What???


Arnav (smiling, while other start laughing): Khushi, are you okay.


Khushi: Yeah! I’m fine.


Anjali (hugging Khushi):  Welcome to the family Khushi-ji or should I say Khushi-Bhabhi?


Khushi: Actually, Anjali-ji please call me Khushi.


Anjali: Ok, I’ll call you Khushi if you call me Di.


Khushi (happily, hugging Anjali): Ok Di.


Payal also join in, hugging her little sister and congratulating Arnav.


Payal (to Arnav): Congratulations, Jijaji.


Arnav (smiling): “Jhet” or “Jija,” maybe we should just stick to names or you can also call me Bhai same as Akash.


Payal (happily): Really, can I call you Bhai!


Arnav (happily): Of courses, you can Payal (smiling) as long as Khushi don’t decide to call me Bhai.

Khushi: Aww!! Why will I call you, Bhai???


Arnav: I don’t know because you are Sanka Devi…


Nani: Enough you two come talk blessings from everyone, then you can resume your fight later.


Both Arnav and Khushi touched Nani’s feet together. Then they went to Mama and Mami.


Mama: I’m happy for you both, Bless you. Akshara would have love you, Khushi Bitiya, you are exactly what my sister hoped for in her daughter-in-law


Mami looking at Arnav’s eyes showing immense love for Khushi, waken her mother’s heart as she love both Arnav and Anjali as her own child she always love equal to Akash and their happiness matters a lot to her. She can see her Arnav Bitwaa happy after so long, her Arnav Bitwaa who never believe in love today his entire being is growing with love thanks to Khushi Bitiya. Making her decision to accept both Khushi and Payal as her daughter-in-law wholeheartedly for her Sons’ happiness she finally give her blessing to them.


Mami (smiling):  Arnav Bitwaa, I’m happy for you my son, always be happy and keep smilewa. And Khushi Bitiya Hello Hi to our familiya, keep my Bitwa happiwa. Wait I have sometime for you. (Coming back from her with two Jewelry box, handing a Jewelry set to Khushi) This is my Blessing for you Khushi Bitiya as my elder Bahu, Welcomewa to the Familiya.


Khushi (hugging Mami): Thank you, Mamiji.


Mami (emotionally, hugging Khushi back):  Your Welcomewa!!! Now enoughwa Crying!! Crying!! My Makeupwa!! Hello Hi Bye Bye!!


Mami (walking towards Payal): That’s have you Payal Bitiya (handing Payal a Jewelry set) Welcomewa to the Familiwa, be happy.


Payal (taking blessing from Mami): Thank you, Sashuma.


Mami: It’s ok.


Mama: Mamo, did the sun came out the opposite direction today.


Mami:  You quietwa…


Nani was proud of her daughter-in-law, she might be lazy and talk without thinking but she has a good heart and everyone (Akash, Anjali, Arnav and NK) the same. Now, she has also accepted Khushi and Payal.


Buaji (smiling): Welcome to the Family, Arnav-Babua as they bowed to talk her blessing.


Arnav: Buaji. I promised to make sure that Khushi’s every dream and desire are fulfilled.


Buaji (smiling, nodding in agreement because turning toward Khushi):  Well! Titaliya, you have certainly pick an remarkable man for yourself.


Khushi  blushed as they turned to her parents and touched their feet together.


Khushi’s Amma:  Welcome to our Family Arnav-Bitwaa, be happy.


Arnav: Aunty can I please take Khushi for shopping we need to buy our rings.


Garima: Ok Bitwaa.


Nani: Yes, Chotey. You both go for Shopping, we need to make some necessary arrangements for your marriage too.




******** TO BE CONTINUED SOON ******* 










May 27

IPKKND - ARNAV’S KHUSHI - HIS PERFECT MATCH - PART 5 (By Eljessica) (Thanked: 83 times)






Nani: Yes, Chotey. You both go for Shopping, we need to make some necessary arrangements for your marriage too.


Arnav: Nani, if you want I’m going to arrange for the wedding planner they are going to look after everything about the wedding from Decoration to Catering. And for the wedding outfits I’ll get my designing teams here first thing in the morning they will get everyone outfits ready for the all the Functions. I will also get Aman to organize a grand invitation for everyone including media and business associates.


Nani: Chotey, did you say media!!


Arnav: Yes, Nani we need to invite media because its my Wedding. I don’t want the world to know me as one of the most eligible Bachelor when I’m happily married to the love of my life and I want the world to know Khushi as my life partner.


Nani: Ok, then Chotey if that the case I think its wiser you can the professional to do all the necessary arrangement while we are going to talk to the Pandit (priest) and do the necessary arrangements for the ceremonies.


Arnav: Ok, Nani. I will contact Aman and get that sort as soon as possible. (holding Khushi’s hand) Let’s go Khushi.


On their way Arnav calls Aman and instructs him to make the necessary arrangements for his Wedding – organizing one of the best Wedding Planner to start organizing his wedding along with Akash’s in all Splendor in two weeks times, the designing team was also organized to start working on everyone outfits from the very next morning, Aman also had the responsibility to send invitation to all Business Acquaintances including the media and also to organized a press conference for the following Evening. Aman assures him that everything will be organized perfectly before ending the call.


Feeling Khushi’s sneaky glances smiling Arnav asked, “Khushi, are you okay, Jaan.”


Khushi (hesitantly): Arnavji, don’t you think that two weeks is too soon, aren’t you rushing our marriage a little. We can wait and get married after a few weeks after Jiji and Akashji marriage.


Arnav:  Khushi, it’s ARNAV!!!


Khushi:  Huh!!


Arnav: ARNAV… You need to call me Arnav!!


Khushi:  Ok!! Arnav!!! Arnav!!! Happy now!!!


Arnav (stopping the car in front of a garden, smiling):  Yes, very happy. Now, come with me, I need to show you something before we go shopping and I will answer you question.


Khushi (excited):  Wow! It’s beautiful and peaceful here!


Arnav (emotional, remembering his times with his mum):  It’s my secret garden where I come when I’m upset and miss Mum. This garden were plant by Mum, Di and me, she love gardening that why I do too as she used to teach us about gardening when we were little. This is a very special place to me that make me feel close to Mum even Di does know about this place, I bring you here as I want us to receive Mum blessing before we move in our new life and I want to tell you something important.


Arnav (Serious, making Khushi sit on a white wooden bench) Khushi, we are going to get married soon, I never thought that I will ever get married in my life until you change everything above all you changed me. Now, that I’m ready to get married to you, i want to give you all the happiness and right that you deserve and for that you need to know everything about me, my past and present, as it is important to understand each other, we need to share everything so that no one come in between us and most important we need to trust each other.


Khushi (worried):  Arnav, there is something I wanted to tell for sometimes but can’t bring myself to say it as it can ruin someone life but it is important for you to know before we step forward in our new life.


Arnav (immediately holding Khushi’s hand): Khushi, I know about Shyam.


Khushi (shock):  You do???


Arnav: Yes. Actually, on Sangeet night I was on the phone in my room next to the guestroom when I heard some noise outside and I was shock to see Shyam manhandling you, I came to help you but Shyam ran away seeing me coming but you were too scared to notice. I tried to talk to you but you were too upset to talk to me so to make sure you are alright came to dance with you when your partner was unreachable. Being confused by what I witnessed I told Aman to hire a private detective to find everything about Shyam because I knew if I ask you it will hurt you more and if you wanted to tell you would have it before. On the day of Mehendi I was busy closing Shyam Manohar Jha chapter once and for all. Khushi trust me when I say he will never come back in your life and Di’s life. He will have to go through me to get to you and I won’t anything happen to you.


Seeing tears running down Khushi’s face wiping them, Arnav continues: Shush!!! Khushi!! He’s in jail now where belong for life and I did make sure that all partners in crime join him too.


Khushi (shocked): Jail.


Arnav: Yes, Khushi, the private investor found he’s been married twice before Di and killed both of his wives making the incident look like accidents after transferring their property in his name, he even tried to killed Di some days before by putting wire in the swimming pool luckily Mama saw it on the right and we thought it was an incident but it was planned according our CCTV records. He also fails the brakes of Di’s car luckily she was safe and sound. Then there was your case your neighbors’ identified him after your paying guess and ex-fiancée.


Khushi:  But, what about Di, Arnav, she loves and trust him a lot.


Arnav: Don’t worry, Di will be fine. It will be hard at first but with time she be fine. Time is a great healer. Trust me, Khushi, Di will be better off without him. And Khushi, no one other than your family need to know that he was your ex-fiancée because it will complicate matter.


Khushi: So, what are you planning to tell Di when she will look for him.


Arnav: Khushi, all we need to do is to break the trust that Di have on him, first I have make necessary arrangement to plant the seeds of doubt in Di’s mind. I have already arranged pictures of his and his ex-wives to be posted to Di personally but one step at a time. Anyway his phone is with a female detective that know her job well. He has also sign a false document which say that I have transferred my whole property in his name with plan for kidnapping me that will make Di believe that he never love her but money. And I have already make him sign divorce paper that will be sent to Di after we returned from our Honeymoon. Don’t worry, Khushi, it’s all set and about Di, she has all of us, she will be fine.


Khushi: Yes, we will take care of Di together, you are right she is better off without him.  But, I did not know that my Laad Governor is so filmy.


Arnav: Oh hello, it’s not being filmy it’s been realistic. And look who is taking the Drama Queen herself.


Khushi:  What!! I’m Drama Queen.


Arnav:  Of course, you are, remember how you made Payal confess her love for Akash.


Khushi: Of course, I remember.  So, my better half has started to walk in my shoe already.


Arnav:  I guess after all we are getting married in two weeks times. Khushi, do you really think that our marriage is too soon because for me if I can marry you right now I would have done it as I don’t want to live without you any more.


Khushi: No, actually I want to marry you as soon as possible too but was worried about Di and didn’t know how to tell about Shyam.


Arnav: That’s great, so you are ready to be Mrs. Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada.


Khushi:  Yes, I can’t wait. 


Arnav: Khushi, thank you for coming into my life, today thanks to you I came to know about Shyam truth else I don’t know what would have happened by the time I would have came to know if I did witness him that night. If only I had done a background check on him before Di would have been much safer, today I failed Di.


Khushi: No, you didn’t fail Di, never ever think like that, you always want her happiness. You are the best Brother anyone can ever have in fact Di is very lucky to have you as her Brother but that Shyam is very cunning he get everyone to believe in him with his sweet-talk and fake caring nature. Now, enough about him let’s go shopping.


Arnav: I think you are right, let’s go.





After Sometime:



Stopping in front of one of the most exclusive designer jewellery showroom in Delhi, Arnav (holding Khushi’s hand): Let’s go, Jaan, the manager is waiting for us.


Khushi : Oh, but why?


Arnav (smiling):  Because he want to play Basketball with me.


Khushi:  What!!


Arnav: Khushi, it's a jewellery showroom so the manager is obviously waiting for us to show us jewellery, right?


Khushi: Yeah! I know that but why is the Manager himself is waiting for us not his employees. And Arnav, this place looks like a very expensive place, you know Chandni Chawk has same jewellery with cheaper prices. It’s necessary to spend a lot of money on Jewelry, you know!


Arnav (understanding Khushi’s point): Khushi, you are going to be Mrs. Arnav Singh Raizada, my wife and as my wife unfortunately there are certain expectation that come along as pack and parcel of marrying one of the most Eligible Bachelor and being in the Business circle and the fashion world they expect my wife to wear designer clothes and Jewelry it’s not like you need any of of these things because for you are beautiful in everything you wear and your inner surplus any beauty that very few will understand. Khushi, I work very hard and I can afford the best for you so why not, there is no questions cheap and expensive or rich and poor, since from now on whatever is mine is yours, therefore be a good girl and let's go in...


Entering the showroom, they were personally welcome by the Manager himself who took them to a private showroom where all exclusive are displayed. An array of Diamond engagement rings were brought out for Khushi to choose when a particular ring capture her eyes. It was a delicate platinum ring with a star-shaped 5 carat rare diamond on the Centre of a 18 carat golden heart framed by a delicate platinum branch wrapping itself around the finger on both sides, decorated with red flowers made with Rubies and green leaves made with emeralds.


Looking at where Khushi was looking, Arnav felt that the ring was perfect- just made for them. He took out the ring and placed it on Khushi's ring finger. It was a perfect fit as if it was custom-made for Khushi's finger.


Manager: Perfect choice, this star-shaped diamond is one of the rarest diamond in the world.


Arnav: Khushi, do you like the ring?


Khushi (with teary eyes):  Yes, Arnavji. It reminds me of you.


Arnav (surprised): How?


Khushi: Many tend to believe that you have cold-hearted like this diamond but only few get to know the warm of your heart which is very rare like this diamond and from my point of view you are so caring, you shower your love and care on your plants which then grow beautiful flowers.


Arnav (with teary eyes): Actually this ring reminded me of you.


Khushi (surprised): How?


Arnav: Khushi, your heart that is perfect and pure as this diamond from which happiness and love flow like these flowery branches. And this ring also have a star as Blessing from our parents.


Khushi (smiling):  So this is the perfect ring then both of us. I love it.


Arnav: I love it too. (holding Khushi’s giving a kiss where he placed the ring)


Khushi blushed. 


Arnav (turning to the Manager): We will take the ring. Is the other thing ready too?


The Manager nodded happily and leaves into the back room.


Khushi (surprised): Arnav, what else are we buying?


Arnav (smiling): You will see I hope you like it, I personal made them design it for you.


The Manager comes back with a red velvet box and opens them in front of Khushi.


Seeing it Khushi's eyes widen with joy. 


Arnav looks at the Mangalsutra (wedding necklace) he specifically got made with combination of gold and platinum along with rare diamond.


Khushi (happily, with teary eyes). It’s perfect. I love it. (Touching the Mangalsutra respectfully)


Arnav: It’s perfect for you. I love it too.


Khushi looks at Arnav with love in her eyes. While the Manager packs the Mangalsutra as well. Informing the Manager to send the bill to Aman to be paid Arnav and Khushi leave the shop for Shantivan.



******** TO BE CONTINUED SOON ******* 











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IPKKND - ARNAV’S KHUSHI - HIS PERFECT MATCH - PART 6 (By Eljessica) (Thanked: 67 times)






Back To Shantivan:



Everyone was sitting in the living room when Khushi and Arnav walk in.


Nani: Good, you are back. How was your shopping, Bitiya?



Khushi shyly walks to Nani and shows her ring. Seeing the delicate beauty and uniqueness of her ring, everyone gasp. Khushi also show them the Mangalsutra that Arnav have design exclusively for her, which everyone adore. Khushi handed it to Nani, asking her to keep it safe for her until the wedding.



Nani was touched by Khushi’s trust and felt so honored by her gesture, she was proud of her grandson for choosing her as his life-partner, her Chotey deserve to be happy after all this struggles from his tender age. It’s time for him to have someone to take care of him and ease his pain, and there is no one better than Khushi for her Chotey.


Even Anjali was happy her Chotey for choosing Khushi as his better half.


Arnav: Nani, Aman has already informed media so tomorrow night, a press conference has been organized to introduce Khushi to the world as my future wife followed by a party, security have already been arranged. The designers team from AR will be here first thing the morning along with the jewelers so that everyone can select their outfit and jewelry for the event. Aunty, Buaji and Uncle don’t worry, I’ve already arrange someone to bring all the Outfits and Jewelry at home tomorrow for all of you. I’ve also arrange a Nurse to look after Uncle until the wedding.


Garima: But, Bitwaa, why are you taking so much troubles.


Arnav: Seriously, Aunty, you call me Son then the next minutes you tell me why I’m taking all this trouble. From now onwards I’m your son right, so you are not going to stop this son from doing his duty, ok.


Garima (emotionally): Ok, Bitwaa. I won’t come in front of your duties from now onwards. I’m happy to have a son like you, my Khushi is very lucky to have you.


Buaji: I’m lucky to have Son like you too, Babua.




Ring!! Ring!!




Arnav:  Sorry, I need to take his call, it’s important.








ASR: Aman, I want the tightest security possible. No one should be allowed in without an invitation.


Aman: Don’t worry, ASR. I got the best Security Company.




The Next Morning, Shantivan:



Preparation were going in full swing, Shantivan was being decorated for the upcoming event by the Event Management company in India that are also contacted to organized the wedding of the most Eligible Bachelor in India, ASR. The designers from AR were also busy arranging outstanding outfits for everyone with matching accessories so was the case in Gupta’s house.









On arrival the press starts asking Arnav questions about the sudden engagement and wedding to which he silent them with his Famous ASR Glare. Once the hall was quiet, Arnav declare, “My Fiancée will be here shortly to whom you will have the opportunity to ask questions but with ultimate respect, no unrealistic questions please and if any of you try to make her uncomfortable in anyway this Press Conference will be over right away, am I clear?”


Soon after Khushi make her Grand Entrée accompanied by Anjali and Payal, despite facing the media for the first time Khushi was carrying herself with such an ease as if she been doing this for a longtime. Khushi’s Outfit was exclusively design by Arnav himself and along with her accessories. Needless to say it was red with black Dhoti Saree [Pant Saree] with golden borders, which was fitting Khushi’s silhouettes to perfection enhancing her beauty to next level.





Seeing her Arnav immediately walks up to her entangling his hand with her in order to make a great entry along side his lady, his Khushi. Whispering in Khushi’s making sure that she is alright for this challenge to which Khushi reply, “KKG never back out of any challenge after all she is Laad Governess,” which made Arnav laughing out loud near giving some of the audience heart attack as A LAUGHING ASR is more or less the eighth wonder of the world.


This lovely couple before them already awed the reporters, their love was so apparent that even a blind person would have felt their love. They never expected to see ASR like this; his entire being was glowing with love for this particular woman, such a divine love that capture everyone attention.



Reporter 1: So, Miss…


Khushi (smiling, speaking in English shocking all the Raizada family including Arnav): Khushi Kumari Gupta… soon to be Singh Raizada..


Reporter 1: Nice to meet you…


Khushi (smiling): Same here… Feel free to ask me any questions and please address me as Khushi, it’s fine by me.


Reporter 1: So, Miss Khushi, why are you two marrying so sudden and soon…


Khushi (smiling): Arnav and I love each other and our family is happy with our relationship so we decide to marry as soon as possible hence we are getting marry on the same day as Akash and Payal. Two marriage in one day, cost effective you see, what the use of being a Good Businessman when you can’t apply it on your daily life. May be many of you are not aware but Payal is my Elder Sister. (Laughing, looking at Arnav) Well!! If Arnav can have his way he will marry right now, after all he is ASR! Hope that answered your questions.


Reporter 1 (laughing): Thanks, Khushi Ma’am. It’s fun talking to you.


Khushi: Oh, the pleasure is all mine.


Reporter 2: Are you the same girl that fall in ASR’s arm last why walking on the rump?


Khushi: Yeah, I’m the very same.


Reporter 2: So, are a Model?


Khushi: No, I’m not a Model, I was just at the wrong place at the wrong time, I was there to meet someone but they mistake to one of the Model and send to walk on the ramp. Being in the spot light suddenly I lost my balance only to fall on his arm.


Reporter 2: Oh, so was it love at first sight.


Khushi (smiling): No. It was war at first sight.


Reporter 2 (laughing): War at first sight, what do you mean?


Khushi (smiling): After that event Arnav and I end up fighting with each. We keep on meeting each other from time to time later and each meeting end up by a fight. We gradually started understanding each other and eventually fall in love.


Reporter 2: So, what do you do, Khushi Ma’am?


Khushi: Nothing much at the moment. But, I like teaching in fact I’ve been teaching ASR how to laugh. See, he is laughing.


Reporter 2: Wow!! It’s great to see a laughing ASR. Nice to meet you Khushi Ma’am.


Khushi: It’s my pleasure.


Reporter 3: Khushi Ma’am, you are so down to earth person how did you fall in love with ASR, who is so well known for his Anger.


Khushi: Well!! Love just happen. If you know magnetic force, then you must understand that opposite attracts, it’s kind of same when it comes to my relationship with Arnav despite our differences we compliment each other most importantly we understand each other. Frankly speaking if ASR has Anger issue so do I, which Arnav is well aware of.


Reporter 3: Is that true, ASR?


ASR (smiling): Actually, she can be worst that me sometimes, where anger is concerned.


Khushi: Really!! You think I’m worst than you in anger department.


ASR: Yeah, any doubt!! Jaan, you are already red with anger always ready to fight with me.


Reporter 4: Woah!! You are so cute together. Can you share a funny incident?


Arnav (laughing):  Well!! Wherever Khushi is there will always be a something funny going on somewhere. One funny incident, once Khushi came to tell me an important message when I notice flour on her forehead I think she was cooking something so I was showing her to clean it but forgetting that there was flour in hand she end up spreading floor on her whole face. And might you when you try to tell her something she doesn’t listen silencing you with her talk. Another one will be Khushi getting herself entangle with light bulb. How?? It’s still a mystery, then she got herself trap in between lighted Diwali lamps. That’s another unsolved mystery too.


Khushi:  Aww!! How can you relate all the funny incident to me.


Arnav (laughing):  Well!! Sweetheart, you must be happy they all related to you not to another woman.


Khushi: Seriously, Jaan, you know what I mean… How about the time when I changed your ringing tone to Jalebi Bai removing it from silent mode and calling during your important meeting. Then when I put Mango Juice in your shoes which later worn wetting everywhere.


Arnav: HiHiHi!! Very funny…


Reporter 4: You guys are hilarious!! We are very happy meeting you two!! Wish you a very Happy Married Life.


Khushi: Thank you for your time.


Arnav: Thank you very much for coming. You are all invited for our Wedding two days time and please stay back a party have been organized of all of you.









After the Press Conference, Arnav and Khushi went to the poolside next to their future room for some privacy.


Khushi: How do I look?


Arnav: Do you want me to tell you the truth?


Khushi: Yes, of course. Might you, Arnav, you have no choice but tell me the truth from now onwards which also apply to me remember our promised.


Arnav: Of course, Jaan, I remember. And looking absolutely stunning, I’m trying hard to control myself here as I only want to take our relationship next level after marriage. Even design this outfit for you, I had no idea that you will enhance its beauty so much.


Khushi (shocked):  So you design this outfit for me. Unbelievable!! I thought you bought it I had no idea you design it. Wow!!


Arnav: Of course, I design it exclusively for you including all your outfits for all the functions for our wedding. Do you like it.


Khushi (hugging Arnav):  I love it, it’s so beautiful and comfortable. I didn’t know my Laad Governor is so talented.


Arnav: Well!! There are a lot of thing you don’t know about me, in fact there is lots of thing we don’t know about each other like I had no idea that you can speak English so fluently and you did great in the Press Conference.


Khushi: Well, I was studying in English medium school so it’s obvious I will be fluent in both writing and speaking along with reading and listening and I was doing Bachelor in Business Management and Marketing before moving to Delhi from Lucknow. It’s only that I choose to speak Hindi as I think it’s a nice language. Arnav, don’t worry we have our whole life to learn about each other.


Arnav: I’m sorry, Khushi. I had to leave your hometown because of my stupidity only if I hadn’t release that footage to the press. Your life would have been better, you would have complete your degree and Payal would have been settle in her life.


Khushi: Arnav, do you really think that it will have been better if you didn’t release those footage, today we wouldn’t have been here together discuss about our future similarly Jiji and Jijaji would have been together happily getting married in two weeks time along with us. Please don’t blame yourself, because we couldn’t ponder on the ‘WHAT IF’ and the ‘IF NOT’. I’m happy to have you as my life-partner.


Arnav: I guess you are right, Jaan. Khushi, if you want after marriage you can still continue your studies and you are free to do anything you want.


Khushi: Arnav, I think I will continue my Bachelor Degree online and I will like to work with you if you don’t mind.


Arnav: Actually, that a great idea. I will love to work together, but there is a little condition.


Khushi: What that?


Arnav (smirking): Just that I want you wear Western Outfits sometimes.


Khushi:  Oh, but how can I?


Arnav: Why not, you are free to wear anything Khushi as long as it’s discreet. Now, don’t tell you never wear western before as you did in Sangeet else I will never have asked you. And Khushi, getting married should never be as we always portray it in our culture as if it is the end of a girl life, creating a new woman that need to make all the adjustments to accommodate to their husband lifestyle, while marriage should have been just a step forward in their married life adapting new roles, without having to change their lifestyle and dressing style. Khushi, in marriage both partner need to make adjustments not just the wife and we are equal.


Khushi:  Woah! I never knew that you were knew that you were an expert in Marriage. I must say I’m impressed.


Arnav: Khushi, it’s not that I’m an expert. It’s just that you mean a lot to me and your happiness is my responsibility.


Khushi: I love you, Arnav.  I’m so lucky to have you.


Arnav:  I’m the lucky one. Oh, yeah, before I forgot tomorrow we are meeting an interior designer to redesign our room according to your taste.


Khushi: But, the room is okay as it is, why make changes?


Arnav: This room is no longer mine, it’s ours, it was ok when I was single but not any more, now it’s belong to you and much as it was mine, in fact everything I own is yours. You are similar rights on everything that belong to me.


Khushi: Thank you, Arnav. Can we go to the party now, please.


Arnav: Let’s go, Sweetheart.




******** TO BE CONTINUED SOON ******* 










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IPKKND - ARNAV’S KHUSHI - HIS PERFECT MATCH - PART 7 (By Eljessica) (Thanked: 68 times)








Back The Party:




Everyone was enjoying, the party was in Full Swing. They had both Western and Indian Cuisine. When Khushi and Arnav got back to the party, the DJ starts playing the music and invites the brand new couple, Arnav and Khushi along with Akash and Payal, to have the first dance and the song "Kisi Se Pyar Ho Jaye Song" from Kaabil Movie as per Arnav's instruction.

As the song started playing Arnav starts dancing with Khushi looking into her eyes. Being so lost in the music and in each other, they only come back to their senses as the last melody slowly drifts away along with the sound of clapping. Soon, the night came to an end with Arnav dropping Khushi and her family home also asking their permission to take Khushi out the next morning to meet the interior designer as he want their room to be ready before their marriage.





The Next Morning:




Arnav: Khushi, please meet Miss Disha, the interior designer who is going to renovate our room. Disha, please meet my fiancée, Khushi.


Disha (smiling, shaking her Khushi’s hand): It's a pleasure to meet you Ma’am.


Khushi: Nice to meet you too, Disha. Please, call me Khushi.


Arnav: Khushi, Miss Disha worked for me previously and did a fantastic job; I'm sure she will do a fabulous job with our room makeover too.


Disha: I will do my best. Here, there is some designs that I have shortlisted according to ASR description of your preferences and I also have some additional questions about your liking, Khushi Ma’am.


Khushi: Wow! This designs are really lovely, I really like this one, I think they apt and fit both our preferences perfectly.


Disha: Oh My God, Khushi Ma’am! That’s exactly what ASR liked and he said the same thing.


Arnav: Like I said before, Khushi will like it.


Khushi and Disha spent the next hour going through different styles, colors schemes and concepts. Disha had many ideas. After an hour Disha was satisfied having gather enough information from Khushi.


Arnav: Miss Disha!! As I told you before, I would like to have some of our pictures enlarged and placed in our room.


Khushi looked at the pictures handed by Disha, which had been blown and framed with a beautiful mahogany border, fondly remembering all the wonderful memories associated to it.


Disha: These pictures are lovely. I will also need some additional pictures.


Arnav: Yeah, I will send you some of our Wedding Pictures.


Disha: Oh!! Yeah!! Congratulations to both of you!! So, when is the big Day.


Arnav and Khushi (together):   Thank you. The big day is in two weeks times.


Disha: That’s great. That’s ample of time to renovate your Bedroom, the Ensuite Bathroom with the walking-wardrobe along with the swimming pool area and garden. ASR, do you also the Guestroom and study to be connected to your rooms from both end.


Arnav: Yeah, that’s right, for the Nur… I means the adjacent room need to be neutral color like those design you showed me anyways will make necessary change on the right time.


Disha: That’s fine, ASR. Yeah, tomorrow I will send my worker to take some measurements of the room and I will email you some finalized designs from which you can choose the one you like the best.


Arnav: That will be great. Thanks. We’ll leave to it now.


Khushi: Thank you, Disha. See you later.


Disha: See ya!!




 In The SUV:




Arnav: Khushi, we are going to have lunch before dropping you home. Before you say anything, let me tell you I’ve already took permission from Aunty and Buaji. I’ve already book our table in an Indian Restaurant as I know you prefer Indian Cuisine.


Khushi (thinking how did she get so lucky for having this loving man as her future who never fails to surprise her with his caring gestures): Thank you, Arnav.


Arnav: Khushi, you don’t need to thank me for everything, Jaan. It’s your right and it’s my responsibility to care for you. I know you going to do the same for me after our marriage, I know your selfless nature, Khushi, you will fulfill all your responsibility as a wife and daughter-in-law, would like me to thank you for everything. (Seeing Khushi nodding ‘NO’) Well, that’s what I though too.




By then, they arrived informed the restaurant, handing the Parking Security Officer his key to park his SUV, Arnav and Khushi made their way inside holding each other hands.



ASR (to the receptionist): Arnav Singh Raizada.


Seeing ASR, the Head Waiter, personally came to welcome ASR and his future wife. Welcome Sir and Ma’am, your table is ready as requested.


Right in the center of a very private cozy gazebo was a nicely decorated table with candle and flowers. There was some musicians playing a soft romantic music in the background with violins creating a magical environment. The food was already served on ASR arrival after being informed by the reception, almost all the dishes were of Khushi Favorite. Reaching the table, Arnav gently pulled Khushi's chair for her. After serving each other, both started eating and making little conservation now and then.


Arnav: Khushi, Do you like the food?

Khushi:  I love it, it’s really nice. But, next time we will go another restaurant as I would like to try another cuisine other than Indian Cuisine.


Arnav: Ok, Jaan, as you wish. Khushi, do you love the makeover project if you want any changes please let me know, anything ways Disha will email all final design and we can design.


Khushi: Arnav, what other room were you and Disha taking about, I only saw the designs for our Bedroom, the Ensuite Bathroom and Walking-Wardrobe, the study and our private poolside area and garden.


Arnav (smiles):  Khushi!! That’s a surprise for our further project… I will show you later…


Khushi: Oh, don’t tell me it’s what I think it is???


Arnav (smirking):  Jaan!! How will I know that what you are thinking???


Khushi:  Ar…nav… You know what… I mean… Our children room…


Arnav: Yeah, it is… Wait…  What did you say… Children???  How many children do you want, Khushi???


Khushi (excited):  Two children… I’m not particular about gender, but would like a Boy and a Girl…


Arnav: Khushi!! Only Two…   I was thinking at least six Children…. What’s say???


Khushi (imagining dealing with six little ASR):  What!!! No way, one little Laad Governor is enough… 


Arnav (smiling): Ok, two Children for now,  but will see…


Khushi: But, Arnav, you don’t like Children, if I remember, someone telling me why people make children, now what happen.


Arnav (smiling):  Now, I’m changed, my perspective is changed. You have changed me, Khushi. You make me want everything that never though I will ever want, but now I want a family, the symbol of our love- our children- a part of both of us, with you. Obviously, not right away as I want us to enjoy our married life first, then whenever you would like we will be able to start our family and whenever it will happen we will ready for our blessing.


Khushi (with happy tears): I guess you are right, Arnav.


Arnav (emotional): Khushi, please don’t crying now. You know that I hate your tears.


Khushi: Don’t worry, Arnav. It’s happy tears.


When they finished their food, the waiter came with two glass and a bottle of non-alcoholic Champagne after collecting the dirty dishes with him.


After their lovely lunch Arnav went to drop Khushi home. Arriving home before exiting the car Khushi gave Arnav a lovely on his cheek leaving a pleasantly shocked Arnav. 


Khushi (smiling, seeing Arnav reaction):  BYE!! Baby!! Love you!!


While, Arnav  was still shocked and speechless.




******** TO BE CONTINUED SOON *******  










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