Captive In The Dark

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Jul 4

Captive In The Dark... Part 30 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 45 times)

Arnav sat next to Kiran, it had been three days since she woke up and after all her checkups, Zara decided to discharge her now that she was perfectly alright.

There was nothing else that could have made Arnav happier, in the past three days he got back his house on rent, he shifted all his belongings ready to leave Natasha’s hell for good, but was that really going to happen?

“Are you excited, we are going home finally?” Arnav asked Kiran.

“Of course I am, I can’t wait for us to be back together.” She said excitedly.

“And then when we get home, you are going to tell me everything right? About why you did this?” Arnav asked as he looked her into the eyes. She nodded positively looking a bit worried and scared but she knew, one time she had to tell Arnav the truth and it was better if he knew.

“Great, so I’ll go finish all the formalities with Zara then take you home okay?” he smiled at her and then rushed outside, he couldn’t wait to take her home and finally get answers to all his questions.

He walked inside Zara’s cabin but she wasn’t there, so he settled down there as he waited for her to come. He pulled out his phone from his pocket and swiped through the contacts, he stopped at khushi’s contact and stared at it for a moment before pressing the call button.

She received the call on the fifth ring, just when he was about to disconnect it.

“Arnav, hey.” Khushi said excitedly.

“Hey, I called to check up on you, how are you feeling now? I am so sorry I haven’t been able to visit you, I’ve just been busy here with Kiran.” He said.

“It’s okay Arnav, I understand, she’s important.” Khushi said.

“You are also important for me Khushi, as much as she is, I’m taking her home today and after that I’ll come to see you right away, you’ll be at home right?”

“I dint mean it that way, don’t take me wrongly… I was just… anyway yeah I’ll be home on my bed because the doctor suggested complete bed rest, it’s boring.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll get you some pizza and a movie to watch, maybe you wouldn’t get bored then.” He smiled.

“That will be great, so I’ll see you… there’s someone here.” She said and disconnected the call the next moment which left him confused, wondering who could it be visiting Khushi? She had no friends apart from him, and the way she disconnected the call, it made him feel like she was hiding something.


“Abhay!” Khushi said in shock as Abhay walked into her room and settled down on the bed next to her, he looked at her worriedly.

“How are you feeling now?” he asked as he got hold of her hand and pressed it between both his hands.

“I am fine but why did you risk coming here? What if someone saw you?” Khushi asked worriedly.

“Hiding from Natasha isn’t important, you are… I heard about your accident and I wanted to make sure you were fine, I tried to visit you many times at the hospital but I couldn’t, so today when I got a chance I came here…”

“I am fine Abhay, you don’t have to be worried about me.”

“I have to, because I still care about you Khushi, there was a time I loved you and maybe I still do.” Abhay said.

“Don’t say that Abhay, it just makes me uncomfortable, you fell out of love with me and fell in love with Kiran if I have to remind you that.” Khushi said as she pulled out her hand from his hold.

“But you were always my first love Khushi, and no matter how many times I move on and fall in love with someone else, the feelings I had for you would never die, I was just hoping that maybe you could forgive me for all the terrible things I did to you and consider us getting back together once again.” Abhay said nervously.

“I don’t think that’s possible Abhay.” Khushi said as she turned away from him.

All the feelings she ever had for him were now dead, her heart now belonged to Arnav and only him and even if it dint, she dint think she could ever have the courage to forgive Abhay for what he had done to her.

“Why?” He asked sadly.

“Because I’ll never be able to forgive you for what you did to me and besides I don’t love you anymore, I feel nothing towards you anymore.” Khushi said sadly.

“Then whom do you love Khushi?”

“Someone that would never be able to love me back.” Khushi said sadly, tears forming up in her eyes as she thought about Arnav.

“And here I thought we were friends.” She heard Arnav’s voice.

She looked towards the door and saw Arnav standing there with his arms folded, she wasn’t expecting him to be here so soon, she had just talked to him like ten minutes ago and he was already here.

“Arnav! I thought you were taking Kiran home first.” Khushi looked at him in surprise.

“And I thought we were friends so I was supposed to know when my friend fell in love again, why dint you tell me Khushi? Who is he? Why did you say that he’ll not be able to love you back, he must be stupid if he doesn’t love you, you are such a gem.” Arnav said as he walked towards her.

“It’s a long story Arnav, I don’t want to talk about it.”

“Fine, then let’s talk about him.” Arnav said as he looked at Abhay, he knew he was the one, he had seen his pictures, it was strange that Khushi had found him and she never told him about it.

“You’ve been hiding so much from me lately haven’t you?” He raised an eyebrow at her.

She shifted on the bed uncomfortably as she looked at him, she dint know if Abhay wanted her to tell him the truth or not.

“I found him just recently and then everything between you and Kiran, I just dint want to disturb you, all that you need to know for now is that he’s been a victim just like us.”

“I guess I’ll leave you both alone, I’ll see you some other time Khushi.” Abhay said as he stood up awkwardly, Khushi nodded at him with a smile as he walked closer to her and pulled her into a hug.

Arnav clenched his fists tight as he looked away, he dint know why but suddenly he dint like seeing anyone this close to Khushi, he was feeling angry, like he could punch Abhay right away.

“I see the way you look at him Khushi, I know he’s the one.” Abhay whispered into her ears, he broke the hug and looked at her with a smile, Khushi looked at him in shock, was it that easy to know that she was in love with him? if it was, why couldn’t he see it?

He put a finger on his lips gesturing to her that he won’t say anything, he then turned around and walked away.

“So you dint answer my question, how come you are here so soon?” Khushi asked.

“The way you disconnected the call, it just dint feel right, so I came here right away, I wanted to make sure you were okay, for a moment I thought it must be Natasha so I was just worried.”

Khushi nodded as she looked at him with a smile, it was beautiful the way he was worried about her, it just felt good. He sat beside her as he got hold of her hand and stared at her, he seemed to be uncomfortable, it was as if there was something disturbing him.

“Are you okay Arnav?” Khushi asked.

He looked at her, still looking confused, there was a lot going on in his mind, he couldn’t stop thinking about what Khushi had said, that she was in love with someone else, he kept on wondering who it could be, he dint know why, but he dint like the idea of her feeling something for someone else, it was making him uncomfortable.

He nodded as he pulled her closer and wrapped her in his arms, and when he did he felt at peace, like everything was finally going to be okay.

He broke the hug and then cupped her face as he looked her into the eyes, she smiled at him and it felt like her smile could brighten up his world, she was extremely beautiful even when she was sick and he couldn’t take his eyes off her.

Khushi kept on staring at him nervously, he kept on moving closer and closer to her with every passing second, the proximity between them was making her feel nervous and scared, it was making her feel guilty knowing what was about to happen, because she knew it was wrong, she wasn’t the one who did this to other girls, she wasn’t like Natasha but him being so close to her was making her lose all the control she ever had.

He brushed his thumb on her lips slightly, shutting his eyes, all that kept on going on his mind was the moment when he saw Abhay hugging her, and the burn he felt inside his heart, if there was anything that could sooth it, it was this.

He brushed his lips lightly with hers, she parted her lips slowly allowing him to kiss her and the next moment, his lips were working the magic, it was all a beautiful kind of sensation, he kissed her slowly in the start but the suddenly, he pushed her back and pressed her to the pillow, kissing her like he was never going to kiss her again.

He kept on seeing the image of Abhay hugging Khushi and it made him feel so angry he dint even understand why, he closed all the distance between them and kissed her like there was no tomorrow, her lips tasted like coffee, they were so intoxicating he wanted for this moment to never end.

Jul 6

Captive In The Dark... Part 31 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 40 times)

“Arnav!” Khushi’s voice brought him back from the world he was lost in, he still hand both his hands cupping her face while he stared at her looking like he was completely out of place.

“I’m sorry.” Arnav said as he pulled off his hands and looked at her nervously, he saw Khushi looking at him in confusion wondering what was wrong with him, how was he going to explain this to her? he dint even know how to explain it to himself.

Everything seemed so different today, firstly he dint like Abhay being here, he dint like seeing him even touching her and now he had imagined kissing her, he even imagined what her lips tasted like, why was all this happening to him suddenly?

“I think I should go… Kiran, she must be waiting for me.” He stood up suddenly looking so nervous. Khushi just nodded to what he said and the next moment he rushed out of the room, he stopped outside and punched his fist on the wall, he wasn’t able to understand why everything was changing so much all over a sudden.

Khushi kept on staring at the door he had closed behind when he left and all she could think was why he looked so nervous suddenly, it wouldn’t have been because of the hug, he had hugged her many times, but there was something definitely.

The door opened slightly and she hoped it was going to him, but she was disappointed plus shocked seeing Natasha standing in front of her.

“Who the hell let you in?” Khushi asked angrily.

“Relax Khushi, it’s just me, your sister, I’m not a thief that you’re shouting at me like that.” Natasha smirked as she walked closer to her.

“Well that’s what you are, you stole Abhay from me dint you?”

“You’re still angry about that Khushi? Really, is that all? Or you’re angry because I’m married to Arnav?”

“What logic does that even have?”

“Simple, I stole Abhay from you so now you’re stealing Arnav from me, isn’t that some sort of an interesting revenge game? But hey, how will you steal him from Kiran?” She pretended to think about it very deeply while Khushi just kept on staring at her.

“I don’t have to steal him from anyone Natasha, he belongs to Kiran, he always will, the last thing I want to be is like you.”

“Good because I wouldn’t like you to be like me at all.” She made a puppy face and then suddenly jumped closer to her as she looked her into the eyes.

“Arnav is mine, he’ll always be mine, neither you nor will Kiran be able to snatch him from me, and believe me when I say this, anyone who tried to come in between, we’ll have to die!” She looked angry, and her eyes had turned Red.

She kept on staring at Khushi for a while and then suddenly moved backwards pretending the past five minutes hadn’t just happened.

“Get well soon sister.” She smiled and turned around to walk away when it clicked Khushi’s mind, indirectly she had admitted to have had something to do with Kiran’s alleged suicide.

“Wait, so you are the reason as to why Kiran was in coma?” Khushi asked looking at her in surprise, obviously it had to be, how could she even think otherwise.

“You see Khushi, Arnav is the man I can do anything for, even if it means killing someone.” Natasha smirked as she walked away giving Khushi the answers to all her questions, Natasha definitely had something to do with all of it.

“Though my plan went a bit wrong, she dint die… but don’t you think it’s a good thing now that she dint die, she’s at least keeping you away from Arnav because I wouldn’t want to kill my own sister would I?” She peeped back inside and smirked at Khushi and then turned around to leave.

All this was like a maze around Natasha, she was controlling everyone and everything, Kiran was okay but Khushi feared she would definitely do something to separate her and Arnav, she just mentioned it right now that no one could take Arnav away from her which meant she definitely had a plan.

There was no way she was going to let Natasha win this time, she had been doing lots of terrible things, it was high time she got punished for her deeds now, and when it was a question about Arnav’s happiness she was ready to do anything to make sure Natasha dint harm Kiran, because she was Arnav’s happiness and she had to be safe for Arnav to be okay.


“Everything is still the same.” Kiran said as she walked inside the house and looked at each and every corner, it was just like it had been when she used to live here.

“I can’t believe you let no one take this house on rent.” She smiled as she turned to look at Arnav.

“It was the only thing of yours I had after you decided to leave me for God knows what reason, how could I let it go.” Arnav said, he still couldn’t understand why she had done what she did, and he wanted to ask her, he needed answers but then he was scared, he dint want to hurt her in any way.

“I never decided to leave you Arnav, why would I do that when I love you so much?” Kiran asked as she cupped his face and looked him into the eyes.

“Then why did you do it? Why did you try to commit suicide?”

“I dint, it was never a suicide… sit down I’ll explain everything to you so that you know that I was always going to be here with you, there was no way I would leave, how would I just commit suicide and leave you when I had stood up to Natasha so strongly refusing to leave you for her?”

“Then how did it happen? Was it an accident?”

“No… I really don’t know how it happened Arnav, I just remember coming back from work that day, I went to take a shower and while I was in the shower, I heard the door open, I thought it must be you so I dint pay much attention but then suddenly someone came in and I thought you were just messing up with me, but the next moment, I felt something hard being hit on my head and I fell down unconscious, after that I don’t remember anything.”

“You dint see the person who tried to hit you? Why didn’t you tell me about it before? And if someone hit you on the head why were the cuts on your wrist?” Arnav asked in confusion.

“No Arnav, I dint see the person, I was facing the opposite side and I promise I dint cut my wrist, why would I do that? Maybe whoever hit me did it to make it look like a suicide.” Kiran said.

“And I never even tried to look into the matter just thinking it was a suicide, if I had tried I would have known it wasn’t, I knew you wouldn’t just leave me like that… Oh my god! Whoever did this to you, I’ll make sure I find that person.” Arnav said clenching his fists angrily.

“I think it might be Natasha but I cant be sure, because that same day at the office, we had a really bad argument regarding you. She was trying to make me break up with you, at first she offered me some huge amount of money and then when I refused she started threatening me but I paid no heed to her.” Kiran said.

“Of course it has to be her, who else would have a motive of trying to kill you?” Arnav said angrily.

“Even if she was the one, how are we going to prove it?”

“I don’t know but I’ll make sure I find a way, she’s ruined so many lives Khushi, she has to be punished.” Arnav said angrily.

“My name is Kiran Arnav, not Khushi.” Kiran said as she looked at him in surprise, even amidst such a serious conversation, how could he mistake the names? Was it because she had been in coma for too long and maybe the only person who had been around him much was Khushi or was there another reason?

She dint know why but she had this feeling that Arnav wasn’t hers anymore, it was strange and confusing but she dint want to believe it yet, because he was still here with her, telling her how much he still loved her.

“I am sorry, she’s messed up with so many lives including Khushi’s and Khushi and I had been working on some stuff regarding her lately so I guess the name just slipped out.” Arnav said.

“It’s okay, I know it happen.” She smiled as she got hold of his hand and pulled him into a tight hug, he hugged her back but everything about the hug felt so different, it wasn’t the usual kind of a hug he always gave her, this one was different and although she dint know how to explain how different it was, she knew that it was different.

Jul 7

Captive In The Dark... Part 32 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 46 times)

“Khushi!” Arnav looked at her in surprise, she was standing at the door of his house with a bouquet of flowers in her hand.

“I came to visit Kiran.” She smiled as Arnav walked aside to let her walk in.

“You dint have to do this, she’s fine now.” Arnav said.

He sat down on the sofa and she followed just when Kiran walked out of the room, Khushi handed her the flowers with a huge smile on her face.

“Get well soon.” She smiled at her.

“Thank you, I must say Arnav is lucky to be working with you, you take good care of your employees and people connected to them.” Kiran said.

“Well that’s my duty, anyway I just came to see if you both were fine, I guess I’ll leave now. Arnav if you need anything you know you can always ask me.” She smiled at him.

“You’re already leaving? At least have tea with us before you leave.” Kiran said.

“Yeah, you can’t just leave like that, you both should sit and chat, I’ll make the tea.” Arnav said as he stood up and started walking towards the kitchen when Khushi called him out from behind.

“Yeah I know, I’ll make it without milk.” He smiled and then walked inside the kitchen while Khushi and Kiran were left behind talking to each other.

“Looks like you both know each other so well.” Kiran asked.

“Yeah, I had no friend and then he came into my life and I dint just find an employee, I found a friend in him… he’s such a good person, I must say you are lucky to have him in your life, he loves you a lot.”

“I know, he always has, just that Natasha came in between and spoilt everything.”

“Don’t worry about her now, the best thing is that you both are together now, nothing else matter right.”

They kept on chatting for a while, talking about everything that happened at the time when she was in coma and all, they both were talking to each other so freely like they were actually friends.

Arnav walked out of the kitchen with a tray in his hand, he placed it on the table and then handed everyone their cup, there was silence for a while as everyone concentrated on drinking tea apart from Arnav, his concentration was on Khushi and like usual he wouldn’t just stop staring at her.

“I guess I’ll leave now.” Khushi stood up after she was done drinking the tea, both Kiran and Arnav nodded in agreement.

“I’ll come with you outside.” Arnav said as he put down his cup in a hurry and rushed behind Khushi, he walked with her until where her car was parked.

“So, I’ll see you at work.” Khushi smiled at him.

“Sure, I’ll be there soon and once again thank you for everything, I’m just so glad I met you.” He smiled.

“Me too.” Khushi smiled back as she kept on staring at him while he stared back at her.


“You both look like you’re really close, like best friends.” Kiran said after Arnav was back inside the house.

“Yeah, she’s such an amazing person you know, I mean after everything that happened to you and then me getting married to Natasha, I had almost given up on life, I mean I dint expect anything good to ever happen but then I joined her company and I don’t really know how it happened but we just became friends and everything was okay.”

“That’s it?”

“What do you mean by that’s it? You want to know more about her? Well there’s pretty much but I’m not sure if she’ll be okay with anyone else knowing it but maybe I can tell you one thing, maybe it was because we both fought the same Devil Natasha that’s why we could understand each other, there was some sort of a click or something, you know that thing you can’t explain?” Arnav said looking lost in thoughts as if he had already gone to the flashback and was remembering how he had met Khushi.

“The only thing you can’t explain is Love Arnav.” Kiran sat down looking a bit sad.

“What are you trying to say Kiran?” Arnav walked towards her, he settled down next to her and got hold of her hand in his.

“I don’t know Arnav, I just have this sort of feeling that me being away from you for so long changed a lot between us.”

“A lot like what?”

“Like love, since I woke up I’ve felt how much you were worried for me and how much you cared for me and despite it all I couldn’t feel the one most important thing, I couldn’t feel your love for me.” She looked serious and sad, her eyes were moist, she had floating tears and it looked like she was trying her best not to cry.

“Are you trying to tell me that you feel like I don’t love you?” Arnav looked at her in shock.

“That’s what I’m exactly trying to say.” She nodded positively.

Arnav stood up angrily and started pacing around the room, he would look at her and then at the ceiling and at the wall trying to understand why she would say so.

“Don’t get angry Arnav, I’m just telling you what I feel so first listen to me calmly.”

“Listen to you trying to prove that I don’t love you? Wait or do you think I don’t love you because I got married to Natasha? So now maybe you think I love her or something? Just so you know, I hate her, I hate that woman more than anything.”

“I’m not saying that Arnav, I’m just trying to explain something so would you listen to me first?” Kiran shouted back at him angrily.

“Fine, explain!” Arnav said as he settled down in front of her and looked at her.

“Since I’ve woken up, I’ve noticed this and I’m sure somewhere you also know that you care and worry for Khushi as much as you do for me and that’s fine, I mean I would also worry that much for a friend of mine and that’s not what makes me think this way.

It’s just the way you look at her, you should have looked at yourself when she was here Arnav, I mean you dint say much but you looked hyper, you wouldn’t stop staring at her and then when you went outside with her you both had some sort of chemistry between you.

Look I am not saying this in a bad way but I feel like maybe when I wasn’t with you, you stopped loving me because you started having feeling for her, maybe you also know that but you haven’t accepted it yourself.

There’s nothing wrong in falling in love again and trust me I wouldn’t blame you for it because I know you dint cheat on me it’s something that just happened which you had no control over.”

“I don’t know, I don’t think I feel anything like love for Khushi.”

“But you aren’t also sure if you don’t feel something like love for her, I am sure you know the answer to it Arnav and all you do is believe yourself, close your eyes and think about it, I’m sure you will get an answer and please don’t worry about me, I won’t ever do anything to hurt you and if you really do love her I promise I’ll walk away without complaining.” She smiled at him as a tear escaped her eye.

“Why are you doing this?” Arnav asked

“Because I want you to be happy and if you no more love me, you’ll not be happy with me Arnav because as for me, I still love you as much as I always had and seeing you happy is the only important thing for me, now come on close your eyes and think about how you feel for Khushi.”

Arnav stared at her for a moment and then closed his eyes, he wasn’t sure what he was expecting, yes he always knew he was attracted towards Khushi, there was also a time when they both almost kissed but that could just been an infatuation right?

He remembered the time when he found Abhay in her room and right now when Kiran had told him all this, he couldn’t deny the fact that maybe he was jealous.

He kept on thinking in his mind about everything and all he could see were images of Khushi, when they first met, when they became friends, he tried to think about something random something that might take his mind of Khushi but nothing seemed to be working enough, it was like his mind was trapped in one place and that was Khushi!

He opened his eyes immediately and placed his hand on his heart, his heartbeat was so fast at the mere thought of her, and that simple thought of her brought a smile on his face, it wasn’t really about all the things he had done with her or whatever he thought about, it was just this feeling inside him which confirmed it all for him.

“I Love Her.” He whispered to himself and then looked at Kiran who was trying her best to smile but listening to his answer, obviously broke her heart.

Jul 10

Captive In The Dark... Part 33 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 42 times)

Kiran rushed towards him and pulled him into a tight hug immediately, Arnav was still in shock, he had just admitted to himself that he was in love with Khushi, and as much as it felt good, he couldn’t really be happy about it.

“I am so sorry Kiran, I don’t know how this happened, I never wanted to hurt you, I have always loved you and only you.” Arnav said as he broke the hug and cupped her face, tears were rolling down her cheeks so he wiped them off with his thumb.

She turned away from him and wiped her tears off, she tried to be as strong as she couldn’t be and then turned back at him managing to fake a smile.

“You don’t have to be sorry about anything Arnav, there’s nothing wrong about falling in love with someone.” She said as she got hold of his hand and looked him into the eyes.

“There is, especially when you have someone else in your life.”

“Look at the brighter side of it, it’s that you dint cheat on me, even when I was in coma, you kept on loving me and I think that’s why I am not angry about this, yes I am hurt but I don’t feel about it because I know you dint do this intentionally, it just happened.”

“What am I supposed to do now?” Arnav said as he fell down on his knees and stared at the floor beneath him.

Kiran knelt down in front of him and looked at him, she had never seen someone who had just realized he was in love being so broken, she knew how much it must be hurting him knowing that he was in love with someone else but maybe that was fate.

“Go tell her how you feel about her Arnav, that’s the best thing to do.” Kiran said.

“What about you? What about us Kiran?” Arnav lifted his head up and looked at her, his eyes had turned completely red.

“We’ll take it like destiny had it that we be in love but not together, and maybe someday in future, just like you fell in love with someone else, so will I, I know I’m your first love and you’re mine but first love is not always the only love, people do fall in love again and maybe at times it’s deeper than the first love and that has to be okay too.” She smiled genuinely.

Arnav nodded as he stood up, he inhaled a few deep breaths and helped Kiran up, they both stood in front of each other staring at each other wondering how life had brought them here.

“You know I won’t leave if you tell me to stay.” Arnav held her hand and looked at her sadly.

“I know Arnav, and that’s why I’m telling you to leave, because I have loved you for so long, I know how selfless you are and you would always think about me, but today I want you to think about yourself so go, I’ll always be glad that I fell in love with you but maybe destiny always had it that you and Khushi be together.”

“So should I really tell her? What I feel about her?”

“You should, without wasting any more time, tell her about it like immediately.” She nodded.

Arnav pulled her into a hug once again thanking her for doing all this for him, he wouldn’t have maybe ever realized his feeling for Khushi if she wouldn’t ask him about it and maybe even if he did, he wouldn’t have left her if she dint ask him to.

“Go now!” Kiran pushed him away, he looked at her for a moment before turning around and walking away, he rushed out of the house in a hurry and jumped on his bike ready to go confess his love to Khushi.

“Just out of curiosity, when I wanted Arnav you never let me have him, and here you’re letting Arnav go confess his love to Khushi, why so biased Kiran?” Natasha asked as she walked inside the house.

“What are you doing here? Were you eavesdropping our conversation?” Kiran asked as she looked at Natasha angrily.

“That wasn’t the answer to my question.” Natasha said.

“You need the answer? You have it yourself Natasha, don’t you see it? I never left Arnav for you because we both loved each other, and right now I let him go because he loves Khushi, there’s a difference, you tried to snatch him, Khushi never tried that.” Natasha said.

“And you think I’m so stupid that I’ll let Khushi have him? Oh my dear, Arnav has always been and will always be mine, no one can take him away from me no matter what.”

“Trust me on this Natasha, you might have been able to take him away from me, but from Khushi, I don’t think so.”

“You really don’t know me well do you? Arnav is mine and he will always be mine only!” Natasha barked angrily as she stormed out of the house.


Arnav stopped at a flower shop and looked around excitedly, he was going to confess his love to Khushi and he dint even know how to do it, he had never don’t it before, even with Kiran, she was the one who had confessed her feelings first so he was pretty nervous.

He looked at a bouquet of fresh white lilies, they looked so pretty he was sure Khushi was going to love them, he bought a bouquet and headed to the office directly.

He parked his bike outside and rushed inside in a hurry, he wasn’t even sure what he was going to say to her or how exactly he wanted to say but that dint matter, he knew he would manage something.

He knocked at the door of Khushi’s cabin and then walked inside, she was busy working when she lifted her head up and saw him, she smiled at him as he stood in front of her feeling extremely nervous.

“Can you come with me for a while?” Arnav asked.

“Where to? Is everything okay? Is Kiran okay?” She asked as she stood up worriedly.

“Calm down, everything is fine, just come with me, I promise it won’t take long and then you can get back to work.”

She nodded positively as Arnav smiled at her and they both headed out of the office, Arnav settled down on his bike while Khushi kept on staring at him.

“Come on now sit.”

“Can’t we go wherever we are going to in my car? The driver will take us, actually I’ve never sat on a bike so I’m a bit scared.” She said nervously.

“Don’t worry, trust me I’ll not let anything happen to you, just sit on it and hold me tight, everything will be fine.” He smiled at her, she nodded and jumped on the bike although she looked a bit nervous but she was glad she was dressed in a trouser so she was able to sit comfortable on the bike.

She wrapped her arms around him nervously as he drove off while she sat behind him wondering where he was taking her suddenly.

After a few minutes, he parked the bike outside Maheshwari mansion as Khushi looked at him in confusion, they both stepped down from the bike and then he got hold of her hand and pulled her inside with him.

“Why are we at my house Arnav? I mean why did you bring me here?” She asked him.

“Because this was the place where maybe you lost everything and this is the place where I want you to gain everything if that’s going to be possible.” He smiled at her.

Although Khushi dint understand what he really meant by that, she just kept on following him, he took her to her room and them remembered something suddenly.

“I forgot something in my bike, stay here I’ll get it in a moment.” He rushed out of the room in a hurry while Khushi sat down on her bed wondering what he was up to.

She waited for like a minute until she saw him walking back hiding something behind his back, she stood up and looked at him, waiting for him to explain about all this.

“This are for you.” He smiled as he handed her the bouquet of white lilies, she took them from him and stared at them lovingly.

“Thank you, this are so beautiful, but why are you giving me flowers suddenly, what’s going on Arnav?” Khushi asked.

“You know when I first joined your company, I really couldn’t understand why your staff was so scared of you or why everyone disliked you because I never did then later on I realized you were different with them and different with me and although at that time I dint know why, maybe I know it now…

There was something between us that just clicked naturally, because you were right whenever you told me you knew you were beautiful so I should stop staring at you and despite that I couldn’t stop staring at you, there was something about you that always kept my eyes hooked on you.

You know before you came into my life, I hated it a lot, everything was so terrible and then since you came it all started changing one by one, even Kiran finally woke up, you make me feel like you’re good luck to me and I want to keep you with me for forever if it’s possible.

Khushi, just like your name, you’re also beautiful, I don’t know how to say a lot of poetic things and I don’t know how you expect it to be so I’ll just say it in simple words.

Miss. Khushi Maheshwari, I…”

Khushi had been staring at him, listening to him keenly and smiling at whatever he was saying and just when he was about to finish his sentence, her phone rang in between, she looked at the screen and saw her dad’s name flashing on it.

“I am so sorry, I have to take this, let me get done with this then I promise no more phone calls will disturb.” She smiled at Arnav who nodded positively.

She received the call and then went completely silent for a moment as Arnav kept on staring at her, the phone slid down from her hands and fell on the floor, she looked shocked like something terrible had happened.

Jul 11

Captive In The Dark... Part 34 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 48 times)

Arnav rushed towards her as he got hold of her and looked at her, she seemed terrified, she was shivering badly.

“What’s wrong Khushi?” He asked looking at her worriedly.

“Dad… Arnav Dad has met with an accident, they’ve taken him to the hospital, I have to go right away… the doctor called me and said that he’ll have to be operated and I have to pay first, the too in cash, please do me a favor, I’ll sing a cheque for you can you please go and withdraw money from bank and then meet me at the hospital?”  Khushi asked.

“Sure anything, sign the cheque I’ll go there and you should hurry too.” Arnav said nervously, Khushi rushed to her cupboard and got a cheque book from the drawer, she wrote a cheque and signed it as she left in a hurry while Arnav headed to the bank.

Wasn’t it surprising how many turns life took in a moment? Just right now he was about to confess his feelings to Khushi and her dad met with an accident, life was pretty unpredictable wasn’t it?

When he arrived at the bank, there was huge line and he wasn’t patient at all, he wanted to get done with this as soon as he could so that he could go to the hospital and be with Khushi, she needed him right now.

It took him almost half an hour in the line until he was served, he quickly got the cash and rushed to the hospital where her dad was admitted.

“Can you tell me which room Mr. Ravi Maheshwari is in?” Arnav asked at the reception.

“Just a moment.” She said as she scrolled through her records on the computer for a minute and then looked at Arnav.

“I am sorry but we don’t have any patient with that name admitted here.”

“Are you sure? He was brought here like an hour back, he met with an accident.” Arnav said.

“We haven’t admitted any accident patient today, you must have had the wrong information sir.”

“Are you really sure about this?”

“Yes sir, a hundred percent sure.” The receptionist said leaving Arnav surprised, Khushi had mentioned this hospital to him, there was no way he could mistake it.

He pulled out his phone from the pocket and dialed Khushi number, he walked outside the hospital, the phone still pressed close to his ears, it was ringing but she wasn’t receiving it.

“Come on Khushi, pick up the call damn it!” Arnav said as he dialed her number again, this time it got disconnected half way. He tried to dial it again but it was switched off.

He was worried now, firstly the news about her father’s accident and then when he arrived at the hospital, her father wasn’t admitted here and now her phone was switched off, what the hell was going on?

He kept on standing outside the hospital trying to call her but he couldn’t reach her, he dint know what to do or where to find her, he dint even know if she was okay but everything seemed really fishy, and he was starting to get worried about her hoping she was okay.


Arnav walked inside the house when Kiran rushed to him, he looked really tired and stressed, he sat down on the sofa while she sat opposite him.

“What happened Arnav? Did you tell Khushi about how you felt for her? How did she react?” Kiran asked, he lifted his head up and looked at her blankly, not having anything to say.

“What happened Arnav? Why do you look so stressed and tired? Did Khushi say something? Doesn’t she feel the same for you?” She moved closer to him, got hold of his hand and pressed it between both her hands.

“She said nothing because I wasn’t able to confess to her.” Arnav replied.

“Why? You got nervous or something? I know it happens, but there’s always a next time.” Kiran tried to cheer him up.

“I’m not sure if there’s going to be a next time.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean I can’t find her! She was with me at her house and then just when I was about to tell her that I love her, she received a call, she was told that her dad had met with an accident and was admitted in some hospital, she had to pay cash so she signed a cheque for me so that I could go withdraw cash and then meet her at the hospital.

When I went to the hospital I found out that her father was never admitted there, I tried to call her but she wouldn’t receive my calls and then her phone was switched off suddenly.

I went to the office and back to her house, I looked for her at so many hospitals but I just couldn’t find her, I am so scared Kiran, I don’t know where she’s gone or if she’s okay or not, she just disappeared like that.” Arnav explained.

He was literally so worried, it could be seen on his face plus he was defeated, he dint know where to find her.

“Did you try to look for her dad and maybe talk to him?” Kiran asked.

“I don’t have his number, plus I don’t know where I can find him, I don’t even know if he’s okay or not? Or if the accident was real or maybe someone just lied.”

“You said you checked the hospital and couldn’t find them so might be that it was a lie, I suggest you go back to her house and see if her dad is there, it’s pretty late if he’s okay I’m sure he must be home, just give it a try.” Kiran suggested.

“I think I’ll go and check once again.” Arnav said as he stood up.

“I’ll come with you.” Kiran said as she followed him, they both got on his bike and drove to the Maheshwari mansion hoping and praying they were going to find Khushi and her dad, both being safe.

Arnav jumped out of the bike and rushed inside the mansion in a hurry, he stopped in the hall and took a deep breath of relief when he saw Ravi sited on the sofa watching TV, he was alright, which meant that the call was a prank.

“Arnav! What are you doing here at this time?” Ravi asked when he saw him standing in the hall.

“I was looking for Khushi, is she here?” Arnav asked hoping and praying that she was home and safe, he would be so thankful if she was okay.

“Khushi? I don’t think she’s home, at times she usually works late in the office, is it something urgent? Or I can tell her to call you when she comes home.” Ravi stood up as he started walking towards Arnav who looked terrified.

“Are you okay?” Arnav asked Ravi.

“Yeah, I am completely fine, what would happen to me?” Ravi looked at him on confusion.

“I don’t know, but I was with Khushi here when she got a call and she was told that you had met with an accident.” Arnav explained the whole story to Ravi who looked shocked, he had no idea about this, plus he hadn’t met with any accident, why would anyone lie about it?

“I’ve been looking for her since then and I just can’t find her anywhere, I am so worried, I don’t know where she is or how she’s doing, please find her.” Arnav begged.

Ravi picked up his phone from the table and dialed Khushi’s number but like Arnav had said, it was switched off and now he was also starting to get worried.

“She might be in the office, I think we should check there once.” Ravi suggested.

“I did but I dint find her but we can try again, this time if we don’t find her it’s better we go to the police, I don’t know what might have happened to her.” Arnav said.

Ravi nodded his head in agreement as they rushed outside and got into his car as the three of them headed to the office, as soon as they arrived, they all headed inside the office and checked each and every corner of it hoping to find Khushi but she was nowhere.

“I really have a bad feeling about this, why can’t we find her?” Arnav shouted angrily, it was the limits of his patience now, he wanted to find her at any cost and be sure that she was safe but there was nothing, no clues no nothing, how was he even going to find her?

“Do you think Natasha might have done this?” Kiran asked as both Arnav and Ravi turned to look at her in surprise.

“Why would you say that?” Ravi asked.

“Because she came home, she heard our conversation Arnav and she knew you were going to tell Khushi about your feelings, and she told me she would never let anyone take you away from her, and as far as I see we all have the same devil in our lives, Natasha! I am so sure she’s the one behind this.” Kiran said.

“I swear I’m going to kill her!” Arnav said as he stormed out of the office angrily, if Natasha actually had something to do with Khushi’s disappearance, he wasn’t going to spare her.

Jul 13

Captive In The Dark... Part 35 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 50 times)

“Do It!” Natasha barked at Khushi who stared back at her angrily, she threw a phone at her and walked a bit further where a chair was place, she sat on it like a boss and stared at Khushi.

“Oh dear sister, we’ve already lost our mother, are you willing to lose dad too? You know if I can snatch Abhay from you, my own sister I can even harm our own father, so do as I say or the fake accident would turn into a real one pretty soon.”

“So this is what he would get in return? For bringing you up, for taking care of you? For being your father?” Khushi asked bitterly.

“Nothing has ever been more important to me than Arnav, I love him Khushi even more than you do, why do you I think I did all this? I tried to kill Kiran, forced him to marry me? Because no one else apart from me can have him. Not you, not Kiran, not anyone else, so do as I say or be ready to lose daddy dear.” She smirked.

Khushi picked up the phone with trembling hands, she knew Natasha very well, the girl who never cared about her own sister would never care about her father either, and if she dint do what she wanted her to do, she was scared she might actually harm her father and she couldn’t risk that.

“Say what I told you to, if you give them even one percent of hint on where you are or anything, then be ready to face the worse side of me.” Natasha said as Khushi dialed her dad’s number.

He received it on the second ring itself and the way he mentioned is name explained the whole situation to her, she knew he might have been worried for her as soon as he found out that she had disappeared.

“Dad.” Khushi called out his name painfully, only if she could tell him to come here and save her from her own sister.

“Khushi! How are you? And where the hell have you been? We’ve been looking for you for hours, I’ve been so worried, Arnav has been so worried, tell me where you are I’ll come to get you right away.”

“Calm down dad, I’m fine and I’m out of town, I am sorry it all happened in a hurry I dint get time to inform you or anyone else.” Khushi said.

“Stop lying to me Khushi, Arnav told me all about the accident, tell me the truth, where are you?” Ravi asked angrily.

“I am not lying dad, I really am out of the town, and the phone call was just a prank, I realized that and then I suddenly got a call from some business clients and I had to meet them urgently so I had to leave immediately and then my phone also died, I charged it when I checked into the hotel and called you, trust me I am okay.” Khushi tried her best to convince him.

“Are you sure Khushi? You know if there’s anything you can always tell me.”

“I am fine dad, believe me.”

“Okay, here talk to Arnav also, he’s been worried about you like nothing.” Ravi said as he handed the phone to Arnav.

They all were standing in Natasha’s house looking for Natasha so that they could question her about Khushi’s disappearance when they received Khushi’s call.

He held the phone close to his ears, having his eyes shut as he waited for her to speak, to say something, he had been so worried and so terrified for her, never in his life had he thought that he could be this worried for someone.

Kiran was right, he was so much in love with Khushi, he felt so scared losing her, tears welled up in his eyes when he pinned the phone close to his ears.

“Arnav.” Khushi whispered.

He opened his eyes a bit wider, feeling so glad and relaxed that he finally got to hear her voice, he couldn’t describe the feeling, it just felt good knowing she was fine. Her voice was like a therapy to his hurt soul, just the way she called out his name, it calmed him down entirely.

The tears that had formed up in his eyes dropped down slowly and he couldn’t even decide if they were tears of happiness or sadness, he was happy to talk to her but he was also so worried for her.

“Arnav, I’m fine, I’m really okay, please don’t be worried about me.” Khushi said.

Arnav nodded without saying a word as if Khushi was actually going to see him nodding, his grip on the phone became tighter as tears rolled down his eyes once again, he dint care if tears were a sign of weakness or if a man wasn’t supposed to cry because right now he was just glad to hear her voice.

Rabba Ve…. Rabba ve…

“Arnav, are you crying?” Khushi asked as she opened her eyes wide.

She held the phone close to her ears in surprise not being able to believe this, why would he cry? It wasn’t that he loved her or something and neither was she mistaken, his silence, the sounds, the feelings, everything made her believe that he was crying.

“Arnav please don’t cry, I am really okay.” Khushi said.

Kyun Khwabon pe tere saaye hai, Dil kyun hai tanha mera…

Kyun khamoshi hai zubaan meri, Ashqon se kehpaun na…

Arnav nodded once again which was just silence for Khushi, she wondered what to do, she dint even know if she was going to make it alive out of this place, she dint know if she was ever going to see him again or anything.

Kyun dard hai itna… tere ishq mein… rabba ve… rabba ve…

She shut her eyes and inhaled a deep breath, maybe this was the last time she was hearing his voice, maybe she was never going to hear it again, maybe she was never going to see him again, maybe this was the last chance she had to tell him all she ever wanted to tell him.

She dint want to die without telling him how she had felt for him, or how much she loved him, she at least wanted him to know that she loved him.

“Arnav I…” She tried to speak but then stopped herself, wondering was it the right thing to do? Maybe yes, it wasn’t that’s he was snatching him from Kiran, she was just telling him about her feelings.

“Arnav… I love you.” She said it in a whisper making sure Natasha wouldn’t hear it.

Arnav opened his eyes wide in surprise, yes he did love her and that’s what he had tried to tell her a before she disappeared but he never knew that she loved him too.

Natasha walked towards Khushi and snatched the phone from her hand as she disconnected the call and stared at Khushi angrily, while on the other side Arnav dint know what to do, she had confessed her feelings to him so suddenly leaving him all surprised.

“What happened Arnav?” Ravi asked as he handed him the phone back, Arnav still looked totally shocked.

“She said she loved me, and I don’t know if to be happy or worried.” Arnav said as he looked at Ravi who also looked at him with the same confusion on his face.

Ravi had always known that Khushi loved Arnav, but she never told him about it because she knew he was with Kiran and she dint want to ruin anything, so why would she say this to him so suddenly?

“Did you tell her you loved her Arnav?” Ravi asked.

“No, I brought her here before the fake call about your accident, I wanted to confess my feelings to her but I never got the chance, she doesn’t know how I feel for her yet.” Arnav said.

“Oh My God!” Ravi said.

“Are you thinking what I am thinking?” Arnav asked.

“She never wanted to tell you that she loved you Arnav, she never wanted to be another Natasha, yes she loved you but she promised herself to just be friends with you because you loved Kiran, and if she doesn’t know you love her yet and she confessed her feelings, it only means that she’s in danger, maybe she wanted you to know it just in case anything happened to her.” Ravi explained.

“Why would she call us and lie to us that she was okay then?”

“Maybe she was forced to, you know Natasha so well Arnav, you know how easy it’s for her to manipulate people to do what she wants.” Ravi said.

“If she’s playing a game, I’ll play the same game with her, I’ll make sure I bring Khushi back safe and sound and that’s only when I’ll tell her how much I love her, because if I can’t keep her safe, I don’t think I have the right to love her.” Arnav said as he clenched his fists angrily.

Jul 14

Captive In The Dark... Part 36 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 53 times)

Next day.

Arnav walked inside the mansion and settled down on the sofa, Natasha hadn’t arrived home yet so he sat there watching the TV as he waited for her, he had everything planned in his mind and he knew what he had to do to get Khushi back.

He waited for more than half an hour until she finally arrived home, she walked towards him as soon as she saw him.

“To what do I owe this pleasure?” Natasha smirked.

“I came to invite you for my wedding, you know I thought it wouldn’t be fair if my own wife wasn’t invited to my wedding with someone else would it be?” Arnav smirked at her as Natasha looked at him in surprised.

“And who’s the girl?” She raised an eyebrow.

“Kiran ofcourse, I mean I’ve waited for her to wake up all this long and got married to you for her sake so that you could pay her hospital bills and all and now that she’s completely fine and we are back together I thought why not get married right?”

“And she’s okay with that?”

“Why wouldn’t she be? Oh, I guess you mean because I love Khushi, well I figured, it wasn’t really love with Khushi, it was just an infatuation, Kiran was always the girl I loved and I know Khushi is still in love with Abhay and I don’t want things to mess up, so to make it sweet and simple, I figured it would be better if Kiran and I got married and made things easier, so here I’m giving you the first invitation, make sure you come and see us getting married.” Arnav smiled at her.

Natasha looked at the card to make sure he wasn’t lying, she had heard the conversation between him and Kiran, she knew Arnav loved Khushi then why would he suddenly decide to get married to Kiran?

She went through the card realizing that it was true, they were getting married in a week’s time, and although she yet dint want to believe it, she had to, maybe Arnav was right, him and Kiran had been together for so long, it had been so difficult for her to separate them until she had to try and kill Kiran so obviously Arnav wouldn’t fall for Khushi just like that. Maybe it really was an infatuation.

“Oh wow, how clever of you Arnav, you’ll get married to Kiran when I’m still your wife and you think the law would allow that? All I need is to get the police.” Kiran smirked

“And I thought you were clever.” Arnav laughed at her.

“What do you mean?” She raised an eyebrow at him.

“Remember our wedding Natasha? We got married ritually, I never signed any official papers stating that I was married to you, so who do you think is going to believe that we are married without any documents.

You might be a clever person but you made a mistake here, now all the best, come and watch me and Kiran getting married, I hope to see you there.” Arnav winked at her and then laughed as he walked away while Natasha stamped her feet on the floor angrily.

“You’re mine Arnav only mine, neither Kiran can have you nor Khushi, nor anyone else in the whole damn world!” Natasha shouted angrily.

Arnav stopped at the door and turned around as he looked at her with a smirk.

“Oh yeah? Watch me get married to Kiran in front of you Natasha.” Arnav challenged her as he walked away angrily, seriously this girl was now acting like a psycho.


“Are you sure it’s going to work?” Ravi asked as they walked inside the mansion.

“I think so, Natasha doesn’t want Arnav to be with anyone but her, I think she’s obsessed with him and she would do anything to keep this marriage from happening, all we have to do is behave like it’s real and it’s actually going to happen, if she believes it, I’m sure she’ll let Khushi go knowing she isn’t going to get Arnav.” Kiran said.

“Thank you so much, you’ve literally risked your life for my daughter.” Ravi thanked her.

“Don’t thank me sir, I’m just doing this so that we all can get rid of Natasha for once and for all, she has ruined so many lives, she deserves punishment and we will make sure she gets it.”  Kiran said

“But till then we’ll have to keep you safe, she might try to harm you.” Arnav said.

“I know her Arnav, she will definitely try to harm me, that’s why I called the police and asked for protection and for the time being, I will make sure not to step out of the house until she lets Khushi come back, once Khushi is back, we’ll see how to deal with her.”  Kiran said.

“Okay but please everyone stay safe, uncle we’ll get going home, let’s hope our plan works.” Arnav said as he bid Ravi a goodbye and then headed home with Kiran.

He just hoped that Natasha was actually going to believe all this and let Khushi go and meanwhile he had to keep an eye on her, just in case she visited wherever she had kept Khushi then it would be easier for him to find her.

When they arrived home, they met the policemen outside, they were there for the protection already and Arnav felt a bit relaxed, he knew he was putting Kiran’s life in danger because Natasha couldn’t really be trusted she could do anything, but he had no other option, this was the only possible way to find Khushi.

Kiran unlocked the door as they both walked in and settled down on the sofa, Arnav looked really tensed and worried.

“You okay?” She asked.

“I will be, once I find Khushi, I don’t know where she is or how she is, I am just worried for her.”

“Don’t worry, we’ll find her soon.” Kiran smiled at him.

“Thank you for doing this for me Kiran.”

“You’re welcome and now come on get to bed, you need to rest, it’s been a tiring day today, we have a lot to do to make Natasha believe that we are actually getting married right?” She smiled at him.

“Right, I’ll go to sleep, goodnight.” Arnav smiled as he headed to his room while Kiran stayed in the hall longer trying to figure things out.


Khushi was asleep when she heard the sound of heels, she opened her eyes and found Natasha standing in front of her.

“What now?” Khushi asked her angrily.

“I thought I should give you the good news, the love of your life is getting married my dear sister.” Natasha smirked.

“That’s good, he should, he deserved happiness for once at least.” Khushi smiled back.

“How can you do it? Love him yet be happy that he’s getting married to someone else.” Natasha kicked on the wall angrily.

“Because unlike you I’m not obsessed, I’m in love.” Khushi smirked.

“Yes I am obsessed and if you think I’ll let him and Kiran get married then you are wrong Khushi, Arnav was mine he will always be mine, neither you nor Kiran would ever be able to take him away from me.” Natasha said angrily.

“All the best with trying your cheap tricks, let’s see if it works.” Khushi giggled.

“It will, and I will laugh at you when I stop the wedding, wait and watch what Natasha Oberoi can do to get what she wants.” She walked away while Khushi was left behind feeling sad, she knew this was going to happen one day but she dint know it would happen so soon.

As much as it hurt her, she was glad that Arnav was finally going to be happy with Kiran, that was if Natasha wasn’t going to do something terrible like she had just said.

“Even though I’ll not be there for your wedding, I hope you get your happily ever after Arnav, because you are such an amazing person and you deserve happiness for once, I wish I was there then maybe I could be able to stop Natasha from doing whatever she had planned for.” Khushi said to herself sadly, only if there was a way to escape from here.

Jul 17

Captive In The Dark... Part 37 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 39 times)

Arnav was sited in his room lost in thoughts when Kiran walked in, she sat beside him but it seemed like he was too lost to even notice it, of course he was worried for Khushi, everyone around was and knowing Natasha so well and how evil she was, no one could ever predict what she was up to.

Yeh dil tanha kyun rahein… kyun hum tukdo mein jiye…

Kyun rooh meri yeh sahein… me adhoora jee raha hoon…

Har dum yeh kehraha hoon… mujhe teri zaroorat hai…

“What happened?” Kiran asked, he turned to look at her wondering when she came, he was so lost in his own world he dint even realize it.

“Just now, you look disturbed, is it about Khushi or something else?”

“I know I shouldn’t be telling you this but you are the only one I can tell, since everything happened, I mean I had to get married to Natasha and you were in coma and everything, my whole world seemed dark and all I ever wondered was that if I’ll ever be able to come out of that darkness.

Every moment of my life was like a torture, the way Natasha treated me like her slave, made me do things I dint want to, forced me in fact, I was almost giving up on life but I only kept on going because I had hope, of you waking up.

And then Aman told me about the job in Khushi’s company and I decided to join it, and suddenly without any reason, my world lightened up, I dint even know how she managed to make me feel happy without even doing anything.

It was like something just happened, I can’t even explain but she brought me out of the darkness and somehow I brought her out of her darkness and we became friends.” He smiled remembering all the moments he had spent with her.

Andheron se tha, mera rishta bada… tune ujaalon se hi waqif kiya…

Ab lauta main hoon, in andheron me phir, toh paaya hai khudko baigaana yahan…

Tanhayi bhi mujhse khafa hogayi… banjarron ne bhi thukra diya…

Main adhoora jee raha hoon, khud par hi ek saza hoon… mujhe teri zaroorat hai…

“Although you are the one who made me realize that I was in love with her, I guess my heart knew that from before, she made me happy, she made me feel alive and I don’t know how but her company was all I needed to be okay…

But now she’s not here and I don’t know where she is or how I’ll find her or if I’ll even find her, and I feel like I am going back to that darkness she brought me out of… everything feels so out of place, I feel so out of place…

I am just so worried and so scared that there are chances where I might lose her, just like I was worried when you were in coma, and it feels terrible Kiran.

I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to take that pain again, not at least after knowing that she also loves me, I can’t tell you how much I wish to find her and hold her tight in my arms and tell her that I love her so much.”

“I know Arnav and I understand what you’re going through Arnav, and I really don’t know what to tell you so that I can help you but just know this, believe in yourself and your love, you’ll surely find a way to save her and everything would be alright.

Please don’t lose hope, not when we are this close to finding her, so come on, let’s go outside and prepare for our fake wedding and maybe Natasha would finally let Khushi go.”

“You are right, I wouldn’t fall weak, because wherever she is, I’ll make sure I find her and tell her how much I love her.” Arnav said as he stood up confidently.

“Now that’s like the brave Arnav I know, the one who doesn’t stop fighting.” Kiran smiled at him.


Natasha was sited in the hall with more than ten men standing in front of her, she had been explaining something to them and they all had been nodding like her puppets.

“Has everyone understood?” She asked when she was done explaining.

“Yes ma’am.” All the men replied at once nodding their heads like they were in training of some military school.

“If anything goes wrong, remember you all will be dead, I want the plan executed perfectly and by then end of it I should have what I need, if not you don’t get paid.” Natasha said as all of them nodded once again.

“The marriage will happen the day after tomorrow, make sure you plan is well worked and everyone knows what they have to do, any mistake and you’ll all be dead, take me very seriously because this time, I am really pissed and you all surely don’t want to see the worse side of me.” Natasha barked like an angry dog.

“Don’t worry ma’am, we won’t give you a chance to complain, we’ll do everything as planned and we’re sure you’ll get what you want.” One of them said.

“Good, now get going and remember to do what I said, I don’t care if anyone gets hurt or even killed but if Arnav even gets a scratch then you would face the worst side of me, treat him like you would treat a new born baby, carefully.”

“We’ll take care of that.”

“Fine, now leave!”

All the men marched away in a line as Natasha smirked, she had the perfect plan and she was sure this wedding wasn’t going to happen.

“When I say you’re mine Arnav, I mean it, no one else can have you, not Kiran, not Khushi.” She said as she stood up and headed to her room.

She picked up her phone and dialed some number on it as she pinned the phone next to her ears waiting for the other person to receive the call.

“Hello.” A voice came from the other side.

“You promised me you’ll do anything to get freedom dint you? Now is the time, are you ready?” She asked.

There was quite a long silence and she stood there patiently waiting for the answer which she knew already.

“Yes.” The voice came, she smirked proudly.

“Great then, come home tonight after ten we’ll talk.” She disconnected the call and then started laughing out like a crazy woman suddenly.


“Don’t you think we should get police protection?” Kiran asked.

Arnav, Ravi and Kiran had gathered in the Maheshwari mansion discussing details about their plans.

“We definitely should, I’m sure Natasha wouldn’t think even once before harming anyone and it’s high time now that she gets punished for all the terrible things she’d done to everyone.” Ravi said.

“Yes and from now onwards we have to be really careful, you wouldn’t be seen with us anywhere or else Natasha will understand that this is all our plan.” Arnav said to Ravi.

“I know I’ll just stay at home or try to keep an eye on her if I can, make sure not to mention anything about our plan from now onwards, I’m sure she’s planning something and if in any case she gets a hint of whatever that we are planning, I’m afraid she would harm Khushi.” Ravi said.

“Don’t worry, I won’t let that happen, anyway we’ll get going we have to make preparations for the wedding.” Arnav said as he stood up.

“I’ll go to the police station meanwhile and ask for protection.” Kiran said as she walked away leaving Arnav and Ravi behind.

“Please don’t worry about Khushi, I’ll make sure I bring her back safe to you.” Arnav said.

“I know Arnav, and I trust you…. but it’s just that I don’t trust Natasha, you don’t know to what extent she can go.” Ravi said worriedly.

“I’ve lived with her uncle, who will know her better than me? Just be calm and do as I say and we’ll soon bring Khushi back and that too safely, please just trust me on this, I promise I won’t let her get hurt.” Arnav smiled as he hugged him.

“I know Arnav, but I am a father and I’ll be worried until I see her with my own eyes and make sure she’s safe.” Ravi said.

“She will be, I’ll bring her here myself.” Arnav broke the hug and looked at him confidently, he then walked away ready to face the devil of his life and to bring his lady love back like a prince charming.

Jul 18

Captive In The Dark... Part 38 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 55 times)

Kiran stood in front of Arnav dressed in a beautiful bridal attire, according to their plan they thought that as soon as Natasha learned that Arnav was getting married to Kiran, she would let Khushi go but it seemed like she dint believe them enough yet so to make it look more real they were actually going to fake a wedding.

“You look gorgeous.” Arnav smiled at her as he adjusted his clothes.

“You too.” Kiran smiled at him.

“Do you think she would let Khushi go? What if she doesn’t? What if she finds out that all this was fake from the beginning? I am s nervous.” Arnav said worriedly.

“Relax, I’m sure we’ll find a way to do this, we’ll find Khushi and we’ll make sure she’s okay, trust me.” Kiran smiled at him trying to make him feel better.

“Anyway I’ll go outside and check the arrangements, it had to look like a real wedding, I’m sure even though Natasha is silent, she must have something planned.”

“Of course, I just hope it’s not something terrible, anyway I’ll get ready and be there in a while, let’s do this.” She said confidently.

Arnav nodded as he took in a deep breath and headed outside, he wasn’t sure anymore if this was going to work or not, he wasn’t sure if he was going to find Khushi but it was the only way he had, and he was ready to do anything if it was going to lead him to her.

He stood outside looking at the decoration wondering if his fake wedding looked like this, how his real one was going to be like. He was excited at the mere thought of it, him and Khushi getting married, him getting rid of Natasha for forever and their happily ever after, it all sounded like a dream which he wasn’t sure will ever get fulfilled.

Someone tapped on his shoulder and he turned around to find a man standing there, he had never seen him or met him before.

“Are you Arnav Raizada?” He asked.

“Yes I am, but who are you? I don’t think we’ve ever met before, do I know you?” Arnav asked as he looked at him in confusion.

“No we haven’t, but I’m sure after today you won’t forget my face.” He smirked as Arnav kept on staring at him in confusion wondering what he meant by that, and by that time, another man came from behind and placed a handkerchief on his nose.

Arnav tried to fight them but it was only for a while until he became unconscious, the men then carried him and put him in the car making sure no one had seen them.

They got inside the car and one of them called someone on the phone.

“Yes.” A voice came from the other side.

“We got him, where do we take him now?” The man asked.

“I’ll text you the address and make sure he doesn’t wake up before you reach the place, and take good care of him just like you were told got it?”

“Yes sir!” And with that he disconnected the call and turned to look at the back seat where Arnav was lying unconscious yet.


Khushi was lying on the floor in a pool of her own tears, according to the card Natasha showed her, today was Arnav’s wedding day.

He was getting married to the girl he always loved, the love of his life and no matter how much she tried to be happy for him, there was some kind of pain inside her heart, obviously it did hurt her knowing that from today onwards, he was going to belong to Kiran completely.

Not that she was ever going to have a chance with him, but still, it hurt, knowing she was losing him, this time for forever.

She heard a thud and sat up immediately looking around wondering where the sound came from, there was no way Natasha was here, she must be trying her cheap trick to stop the wedding, so who else could it be?

She stood up and looked around but couldn’t see anyone and then she heard another sound, this time it came from behind her, but all that was there behind her was a plain wall with one window at the top.

“Hello, is anyone there?” She asked but there was no reply.

She tried to jump up so she could reach towards the window but she wasn’t tall enough, she looked around but she couldn’t find anything like a stood or something on which she could climb and see what was going on.

Everything went silent like before once again, but she was left curious, she wanted to know what was on the other side, what if there was someone who could help her out of here?

She looked around and thought of every possible way that could help her look through the window but she couldn’t find anything.

She gave up and sat down leaning against the wall, and once again she was lost in her own thoughts about Arnav, wondering how happy he must be today and how handsome he would be looking in his bride groom attire.

“I wish you a very happy married life Arnav.” Khushi tried to smile as she wiped off the tears from her face and tried to be genuinely happy for him.

Another sound came from the other side but this time it was different, it was the sound of someone moaning in pain, did it mean there was someone else trapped just like her on the other side of the wall.

She placed her hand on the wall and closed her eyes inhaling a deep breath.

“Hello, is anyone there?” She asked hoping for an answer and this time, it came, from the most unexpected person.

“Khushi!” The voice was full of shock and surprise.

“Arnav!” Khushi replied in shock.

How the hell was it possible that he was here? Wasn’t it his wedding day today? Wasn’t he supposed to be out there getting married to Kiran? How did he end up here then?

Of course, it must be Natasha, she always lives up to what she says, she said she’ll not let the wedding happen and so she kidnapped the groom, seriously when was this woman ever going to give up?

The door in front of her opened and she sat there pretending to be normal, Natasha walked inside smirking as usual at her victory, a man followed her behind with a chair which he placed in front of Khushi where Natasha sat.

“I’m here to give you one good news and one bad news, which one should I start with first?” She smirked.

“Whatever you say will always be terrible, I’m done with expecting something good from you Natasha, I know it will never happen.” Khushi said bitterly.

“I’ll say it anyway, so let’s start with the good news, Arnav isn’t getting married to Kiran, now tell me how peaceful it feels to listen to that, doesn’t it just make your heart calm down?”

“You must have done something terrible as usual.”

“Of course I did, but anyway I’m done with the good news, now time for the bad news, although he’s not getting married to Natasha, you don’t have to be excited my love, because Arnav belongs only t me and you don’t stand a chance, he’ll be mine, only mine.” She said as she stood up from the chair and headed towards the door.

“Stop living in darkness Natasha, when the light comes out, you’ll be blinded.” Khushi shouted angrily from behind her, seriously when was this woman going to give up?

“For your kind information dearest sister, right now, you’re the one who’s been captivated in the dark.” She smirked and walked away locking the door as usual, but she forgot taking back the chair with her and finally it was a chance for Khushi to see Arnav.

She rushed towards the chair, picked it up and placed it next to the window, she climbed on it and called out Arnav’s name.

“Arnav! Are you there?” She asked lightly.

“Yes Khushi, I’m here.” His voice sounded happy, like he was happy to know she was okay and maybe alive!

Jul 20

Captive In The Dark... Part 39 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 54 times)

Arnav stood up from where he was sitting and peep through the window as Khushi looked at him with a bright smile.

“Are you okay? I knew Natasha would definitely do something to stop your wedding, that stupid woman got you kidnapped!” Khushi said angrily.

“It’s okay, I wasn’t getting married in real, it was a plan to find you and I am glad it worked, we all were so worried about you Khushi.” Arnav said worriedly.

“I know, but there was nothing I could do to get out of this place, I thought Natasha was going to kill me just the same way she had tried to kill Kiran.” Khushi said sadly.

“What?” Arnav asked as he looked at her in shock, yes he knew that there was someone who had attacked Kiran but he dint know it was Natasha, he knew she was terrible but he never thought that she could go up to the extent of killing someone just for her own selfish reasons.

“You dint know? I thought Kiran must have told you.”

“She dint know it herself, she was hit from behind, she never saw the face of the person who did it, seriously I am mad right now, that woman deserves to get punished for all the terrible things she’s done, she tried to snatch Kiran from me once, now I won’t let her take you from me.” Arnav said as he looked at her worriedly.

“Don’t worry, now that you’re here we’ll surely figure something out, we’ll escape from here and make sure she gets punished.” Khushi said.

“But how are we going to escape from this place?” Khushi asked as she looked around, there was only one door which was locked plus there were men outside guarding it, it was almost impossible to escape.

“I’ll think of a way, don’t worry, I’m here and everything is going to be okay.” Arnav smiled.

“I hope so.” Khushi said worriedly just then she heard the sound of the door opening once again, she quickly stepped down and returned the chair where it was as she settled down in her usual place.

The door opened and someone walked in, there was bright sunlight falling through the window so she couldn’t see the face of the person.

“How does it feel Khushi, being held captive in the dark?” A voice came.

“Abhay!” Khushi said in shock as she tried to get a clear view of the person, as he came nearer she could finally notice him, it was Abhay!

“Surprised to see me here? You must be because I am also surprised I ended up here.” Abhay said.

“You’re with Natasha? You’ve been with her this whole time!” Khushi said angrily.

Even after everything that had happened between them, when he came back Khushi trusted him but he proved her wrong once again making her realize that she should never have trusted him.

“No I wasn’t with her before but I had to be with her now, and that’s why I am here to talk to you… please don’t take me wrongly Khushi, I did all I had to so that I could earn my freedom.

I’ve been hiding from her, from the world for so long, I just wanted to live a normal life, and when I got a call from Natasha telling me she was ready to give that to me, I couldn’t deny it.

I don’t even know how she found out that I was alive but anyway now she’s set me free, and I just came to say goodbye to you.” Abhay said.

“What did you do?” Khushi asked as she looked at him angrily, she wanted to punch him on the face for always being so selfish.

“I’m sure you’ll find out soon, I just hope when you do, you’ll not hate me for it.”

“I’ll always hate you Abhay, you were always so selfish and I was blind I couldn’t realize it, you always chose yourself before everything else, I made a mistake of forgiving you once, I won’t repeat the same mistake again.” Khushi shouted at him angrily.

“I know, maybe I am too selfish, but it will always be worth it.”

“Was cheating on me with my own sister worth it too? I don’t think so, because if it could have been, you wouldn’t have had to make this deal with her today to earn your freedom.” Khushi said bitterly.

“People make mistakes Khushi, don’t act like you’ve never made one.”

“Yes people do make mistakes but they don’t repeat the same mistakes, just get lost before I do something terrible.” Khushi said angrily, Abhay looked at her for a moment and then turned around to walk away when she picked up the chair and hit it on his head breaking it into pieces.

Abhay turned around as he looked at her in shock while blood dripped out of his head.

“Tit for tat Abhay.” Khushi smirked at him just when he fell down on the floor unconscious.

She quickly rushed towards the door and peeped outside, she saw the two guards standing outside so she headed back inside and told Arnav to do anything to distract them, if she escaped from here, it would be easier to help Arnav out and maybe they both would get out of this place as soon as possible.

Arnav started screaming from his room as Khushi stood at the edge of the exit waiting for the guards to rush towards him so that she could escape, they stood there for a moment staring at the guards who were looking at each other in confusion and then they both rushed towards the other side, Khushi quickly rushed out of the room and followed the guards making sure they dint notice her.

One of them opened the door of the room Arnav was locked in, Arnav hadn’t stopped screaming yet and it was making Khushi laugh, he wasn’t acting, he was over acting.

She picked up a piece of wood and tiptoed behind them, one of them opened the door and headed inside to check on Arnav while the other one stood outside, Khushi came from behind them as she hit the other one with the wood, he screamed and the other guard rushed outside to check what was happening.

He was shocked to see Khushi there when he remembered they had left her room unguarded, before he could react, Arnav came from behind and got hold of him as he started hitting him.

“Hurry up, we need to get out of this place before the other guards are back.” Khushi told Arnav.

“Which other guards?” Arnav asked in confusion.

“They are usually many, I think the others have gone somewhere, they’ll be back anytime please hurry.” Khushi said as Arnav punched the guard twice as he fell on the floor while he quickly got hold of Khushi’s hand and rushed out of there.

“Natasha’s game will finally be over!” Arnav said as they both continued running.

It was more than an hour, they kept on running from one place to the other but they couldn’t find any way out, it looked like they were in between a jungle and there was no escape.

“I can’t run anymore.” Khushi said as she stopped running, she stood there panting while Arnav looked at her worriedly.

“Are you okay?” he asked.

“Yes, but we’ve been running for so long, I’m tired we can’t find a way out, where the hell did she bring us?” Khushi asked.

“No wonder she dint have a pack of guards outside there, she knew even if we escape, we won’t be able to get out of the jungle.” Arnav said as he looked around hoping he would find a way out but all he could see were trees and more tress, nothing else.

“Come hold my hand, we’ll look around if we can find a place to rest or hide.” Arnav said as he gave his hand to Khushi, she got hold of it and followed him as they both walked around the jungle.

After a walk of about ten minutes, they found a hut, Arnav rushed inside hoping to find someone who would show them the way out but there was no one, it was all empty.

“It’s empty, there’s no one… come you can rest inside here.” Arnav told Khushi.

Khushi walked inside the hut and settled down in front of Arnav, they both sat there feeling a bit relaxed as they stared at each other.

“How did you know I was kidnapped by Natasha?” Khushi asked.

“Remember when you called your dad and then talked to me, and after whatever you told me we all figured it out.” Arnav said.

“Oh.” Khushi said as she looked everywhere else but not at him, she remembered she had told him she loved him and now everything was awkward, she never wanted for him to know it but the situation was that kind she had no other option.

Arnav smiled as he noticed how awkward she was feeling, obviously it wasn’t awkward for him because he loved her and now he even knew she loved him but Khushi dint know that Arnav loved him too, she was still thinking that he was yet in love with Kiran.

He stood up from his place and walked towards her as he settled down next to her and looked at her with a smile, he got hold of her hand and looked her into the eyes making her more nervous and awkward than she was.

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