Captive In The Dark

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May 26

Captive In The Dark... Part 10 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 47 times)

“Khushi” Natasha said to Khushi who was busy lost in her own thoughts.

“Hmm” She replied

“Let’s share your boyfriend, that man is so perfect I’m jealous of you” Natasha giggled.

“I know right, I mean he has everything, he’s the perfect boyfriend he always does stuff to make me happy, he’s like one of those fairytale movies boyfriend” Khushi smiled.

“I wish I’d found him earlier then I would be making you jealous like you’re making me jealous right now, I don’t know why guys run away from me, I’m super-hot too, but no one ever approaches me.”

“Don’t worry my dearest sister, one day you’ll also find your prince charming and then maybe then you wouldn’t feel jealous of me”

“Talking about me?” Abhay asked as he walked in.

“No, we were talking about boys generally, Natasha wants us both to share you” Khushi giggled.

“I don’t mind, it’s double fun for me” Abhay winked.

“Shut up, she was just joking and I’m not sharing you with anyone, you’re mine only do you get that?” Khushi asked.

“Yes my love, I’m yours only, I know Natasha finds me hot but sorry dear, I’m already booked” Abhay said as he got hold of Khushi.

“You both are so mean, here I am dying single and you are romancing in front of me to make me jealous, I hate you both” Natasha said as she threw a pillow at them and walked away.

Khushi kissed Abhay on the cheeks lightly and then blushed while Abhay looked at him in surprise.

“Wow, what was this for?” he asked

“For being the best boyfriend ever… I feel so lucky to have you in my life”

“I’m luckier to have you.” Abhay said as he kissed he back on the cheeks and she blushed more.


“Khushi” She heard a voice that brought her out of the memories.

“Dad!” Khushi stood up and hugged her father tightly as she broke down into tears.

“What happened Khushi, why are you crying? Are you okay?” He asked worriedly.

“I’m okay… it’s just that the memories weren’t letting me be in peace, all this days I was fine, I thought I had moved on from the past but I guess I was wrong” she broke the hug and looked at her father.

“I know what happened was terrible, but I know that my daughter is strong, you’ll make through it.”

“Can I ask you something?” Khushi asked as she sat down on the sofa again.

“Yes sure.”

“Don’t you miss Natasha, I mean I know I have problems with her and I don’t even wish to see her face, but you’re a father and she did wrong to me, not to you so don’t you ever feel like visiting her or talking to her or anything?”

“As far as I know Khushi I have only one daughter and that’s you, I don’t know anyone called Natasha” Ravi said in a stern voice.

“Is it because of me that you hate her?”

“No, it’s because of what she did, I taught you both the same things in life but instead of following it she did some of the worse things for which I can never forgive her and why are we even talking about her, let’s not spoil our moods, come on I’ll take you out for dinner today.”

“Oh so finally Mr. Ravi Maheshwari got time out of his busy schedule to take his daughter out for dinner”

“Really? Who’s been the busy one? You’re always working till late in the office, you even forgot you have an old father waiting for you at home”

“Oh really, let me have a look… you don’t look old at all, you look like you’re in your early thirties yet” Khushi smiled.

“Enough with the buttering, let’s go now”


Arnav paced around his room angrily not being able to believe that Khushi could actually think that way about him, since he started working with her, he had always thought she was a genuine person, no matter how much her employees hated her.

He punched the wall angrily just the same moment when Natasha walked in, she rushed towards him and got hold of his hand.

“Oh my, who’s making my dearest husband so angry?” Natasha asked in a flirty voice.

“Get off me, I don’t need your fake concern” Arnav shouted angrily as he pushed her away.

“Don’t you dare talk to me in that tone again, I’m here trying to talk to you and you are showing me your anger? Keep it to yourself Arnav because if I get angry, things would go pretty bad”

“Yes, do that, blackmail me because that’s what you always do don’t you? I’ll stop paying Kiran’s hospital bills and she’ll die without treatment.

You know I’ve never seen a woman like you in my entire life, how can you stoop so low? How can you get married to me forcefully even after knowing how much I love Kiran? How can you be so damn heartless Natasha?” Arnav shouted at the top of his voice.

“We’ll that’s me” She said proudly.

Arnav looked at her feeling disgusted, she was proud of all the terrible things she had done? No matter Khushi hated her so much, no one in the entire universe would like this woman.


Arnav was almost finishing up with his work when his phone rang suddenly, he stopped doing whatever he was doing and rushed to the hall where his phone was placed.

Seeing Khushi’s name flashing on the screen, he felt so angry he dint even want to receive the call but thinking it might be work related he had no other choice.

“Yes ma’am”

“Arnav, I’m outside your house, can you come outside the gate for a few minutes only?”

“What? I mean what are you doing here at this hour?”

“Can we do the question and answer session later? Come out you’ll get all your answers.”

“Okay, I’ll be there in a minute” he rushed outside in a hurry, he was glad that Natasha had slept early today or this would have brought lots of problems.

When he reached outside the gate, Khushi was standing leaning on the car, she saw him and straightened up.

“Why did you call me here?” Arnav asked

“To apologize for my behavior earlier today, I am really sorry Arnav I know I can’t take back the words I spoke but trust me I really dint mean them, I was just angry and I said whatever that came in my mind, please forgive me.”

Arnav looked at her with both surprise and shock on his face, he hadn’t ever thought that Khushi would apologize to him, from what he had heard from everyone in the office, Khushi never like being told she was wrong or accepting the fact that she was wrong, and here she was doing the exact opposite of what he had heard about her.

“Look I know you’re hurt and you were right, I dint know anything about you so I dint have the right to judge you, if you don’t want to forgive me I’ll understand, it’s okay, I said terrible things anyway and I don’t deserve forgiveness for it”

“It’s okay Ma’am, we all make mistakes, you realized it, that’s enough for me.”

“Really? Thank you so much” Khushi said as she jumped on him happily and hugged him, she broke the hug immediately but the awkwardness was already created.

“I’ll see you in the office tomorrow” she smiled.

“Sure” Arnav said.

Arnav headed back inside the house while Khushi got back into the car and looked at her father happily.

“Thank you dad, for advising me on what to do, you’ll always be the best dad” Khushi said as she hugged him happily.

“You see, I told you it wasn’t hard to asked for forgiveness”

“I know and now I feel so good, I feel light” Khushi smiled.

May 31

Captive In The Dark... Part 11 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 40 times)

Arnav woke up when he felt a hand on his chest, he looked beside and found Natasha smiling widely at him.

“Get off me!” Arnav said as he pushed her hand off his chest and stood up.

“Now you’re up to spoiling my early morning moods, how many times do I have to tell you this Arnav? I am your wife and I am allowed to touch you wherever I want and however I want.” Natasha said angrily.

“No you aren’t my wife, you’re just a deal I’ve signed in order to save my girlfriend’s life.”

“Which girlfriend are you talking about? That coward who tried to kill herself for God knows what reason! Wait, do you even think she’s going to be with you after she learns that you’re married to me? Leave the marriage aside, do you think she would accept you back in her life after learning that despite being in love with her you’ve already slept with me!” Natasha smirked.

“Yes she will because she’s not like you, all that matters is our love and I promise the moment she wakes up will be the last day you’ll see me here in your house.”

“Doesn’t matter, because I don’t think she’s ever going to wake up”

Arnav looked at her angrily, his blood was boiling with anger, he wanted to get hold of her neck and pin her to the wall angrily and tell her that one day Kiran was going to wake up but then he dint want to lose his temper so badly.

He tightened his fists and punched the wall angrily as he walked out of the room, he dint know how long he was going to manage to live here with this woman.

All he hoped was for Kiran to wake up and be fine, and then he wouldn’t have to do this, he wouldn’t have to live with Natasha, things would go back to the way they were.

After finishing all the housework, Arnav headed to the hospital directly, he wanted to see Kiran before he left for work, Natasha had spoilt his moods anyway and he knew he wouldn’t feel better until he saw Kiran.

He found Dr. Zoya outside Kiran’s room, she was busy discussing something with a nurse, Arnav walked towards her and as soon as she saw him, she dismissed the nurse and turned to look at him.

“Is there any improvement doctor?” Arnav asked hopefully.

“No Arnav, nothing yet… her condition is still the same… now I seem to be losing hope, look I don’t want to lie to you about anything or give you false hope, it’s been almost an year, she hasn’t woken up, she hasn’t shown any signs of improvements.

She’s in coma and she might even take forever to wake up or she might not wake up, I’ve been trying my best but her body is not responding to any treatments.”

“Please don’t say that, I know she would wake up, she has to.. she can’t just leave me like that.” Arnav said with moist eyes.

“We’re trying Arnav, and we’ll keep on trying as long as you want us to but the rest is upon God, anyway you can go see her, I have to see another patient”

Arnav nodded positively as Zoya walked away, he looked at the door of Kiran’s room and stared at it for a moment, today, for the first time in a whole year, he was afraid to open the door and walk in, he was afraid to face the reality that she might never wake up.

He closed his eyes and tried to convince himself that everything was going to be fine, he just had to be strong enough.

He pushed the door open and took a step in and then stopped.

His eyes were stuck on the lady who was sited right in front of him, looking at him with as much surprise as he had in his eyes too.

“Khushi!” He said in surprise.

“Arnav I…” Khushi said as she stood up and looked at him, it looked like she was scared of him, was she scared thinking how he was going to react on finding her here or was she scared about something else?

Arnav walked towards her and stood face to face with her, he was waiting for an explanation from her but she just stared back at him.

“I know I shouldn’t be here, I am sorry I would leave” she turned to walk away when he got hold of her hand and stopped her.

“I dint say anything Khushi, I’m just curious as to why you’re here”

“Remember when you brought me here, I learned about Kiran then, and then all that happened between us yesterday, I am really sorry Arnav, I had no right to judge you, I was stupid, I was angry and I just said whatever came in my mind.

Today when I woke up in the morning, I just felt like I should come here and see her, although she doesn’t know me and I don’t know her too, I just felt like there was something similar between us.”

“What’s that?”

“I wish I could tell you, anyway I dint know you were coming here, I would have come later, I don’t want to disturb you, you can stay here, I’ll leave.”

“No one ever comes to visit her apart from me” Arnav said as he let go off Khushi’s hand. He sat on the bed next to Kiran and held her hand in his, a tear dropped out of his eye and Khushi looked at him worriedly.

She had no one apart from me Khushi, I was her everything just like she is my everything… I am glad today someone else visited her, I am glad you visited her despite having no relation with her.

It’s been an year since she’s been admitted here, I make sure I visit her everyday at least, and for the past year all I’ve been hoping is that she would wake up, but she doesn’t.

The doctors are losing hope and so am I, I’m trying to be strong but she’s making me weak, I can’t lose her Khushi I can’t”

“Hey…” Khushi sat next to him and cupped his face, she looked him into the eyes.

“Don’t lose hope Arnav, I’m sure one day she would wake up, if not for herself then for you and for your love, she had to wake up.”

“I hope so, I really hope she wakes up, it hurts seeing her like this, only I know what I’ve been through all this days” Arnav said.

He hugged Khushi tightly and broke down, Khushi hugged him back feeling terrible for him, today Arnav was at the same place where she once had been, no one could have understood his state better than her, just that their situations were different, but the story was the same.

“I promise, just like you I’ll also visit her daily, and pray for her to be okay” Khushi said.

Arnav broke the hug and looked at Khushi with a smile on his face he wiped off his tears and then looked at Kiran.

“I am sorry, I don’t usually cry like this, but when it comes to her, I am really weak.”

“Tears don’t define weakness Arnav, you’re the strongest man I know because not everyone can love like you” Khushi said.

“How can you say that?”

“Just some past experience, anyway I’ll leave you with her, I need to get to work, you can take your time.” Khushi smiled as she stood up.

“Thank you for being here” Arnav said

She nodded positively and walked outside the room, she shut the door behind and lent on the wall, tears started rolling down her eyes, she dint know why today she felt all this pain, maybe it was for Arnav, maybe it was because she remembered Abhay, or maybe because their lives had almost similar stories with the same devil, Natasha!

Jun 1

Captive In The Dark... Part 12 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 37 times)

Khushi walked inside the mansion, there was some soft music playing, she headed towards the place where the sound was coming from and stopped at the garden area.

In front of her she saw Natasha and Abhay dancing to the music with his hand on her waist, they were so close to each other it made her feel uncomfortable seeing her own boyfriend dancing so closely with her sister.

“Abhay!” She said trying to sound normal.

“Khushi! I’ve been waiting for you” Abhay said as he left Natasha and walked towards Khushi, Natasha stood there looking miffed.

“Can we have a talk in my room?” She asked

Abhay nodded, she headed towards her room as Abhay followed her behind, Khushi shut the door after Abhay entered in.

“What happened Khushi? Why do you look so serious?”

“What was happening down there Abhay?”

“We were dancing, I mean I came to see you and I met Natasha in the garden area she was dancing to the music and she asked me to join I couldn’t refuse.”

“I don’t have a problem with you dancing with her Abhay, it’s about the proximity between you both, you were so close to each other, it was like there wasn’t even an inch of space between you two and the way you were holding her waist… yes she’s my sister but I can’t see you being that close to anyone, that right is only for me”

“I am so sorry Khushi, I dint know it would hurt you, I promise I’ll keep this in mind next time, you know I love you so much, I can’t even think of anyone else apart from you, I would never cheat on you”

“I know you wouldn’t cheat on me Abhay, it’s just that the closeness between you both made me a little bit insecure.”

“At least that way I got to see my girlfriend jealous” he got hold of her hand and pulled her closer as he hugged her.


“Ma’am” Arnav shook Khushi vigorously.

She stood up and suddenly, she felt water falling on her from nowhere, she looked at Arnav and then at the ceiling where the water was coming from, in just a moment she was completely drenched, she looked at Arnav in shock as he got hold of her hand and started pulling her outside.

“What happened?”

“I think the office caught fire somewhere, the fire alarm has been on for so long, you dint come out of your cabin so I came to get you”

“I dint even realize it”

“It’s okay, I’m with you, nothing would happen to you, let’s just get out first.” Arnav pulled her out of the office where all the other employees had gathered.

They all stood there discussing what might have gone wrong while Khushi was still in shock, how could it be possible that she dint even hear the fire alarm? Maybe she was too much lost into the thoughts of her past.

Almost ten minutes later, two security guards walked out of the building and informed everyone that it was safe to go back inside, the fire alarm had been triggered by the smoke that was coming out of the kitchen, there was nothing serious.

Everyone headed back inside the office one by one leaving Arnav and Khushi behind, Khushi hadn’t even moved an inch since she came out, she was standing in the same place looking lost and shivering from cold as all her clothes were drenched.

“I think you should go home and change” Arnav said.

“But I sent the driver somewhere, I had some urgent documents to be delivered and no one was free so…”

“It’s okay, I can drop you home if you don’t mind”

“No, I’ll take a taxi, its fine you don’t have to bother.”

“You’re not bothering me Khushi and after all that you did for me and for Kiran today, at least I can do this much for you, come on, I’ll take you home”

Arnav pulled out his coat and covered Khushi with it as they both headed to the parking lot.


Arnav parked the car outside the huge Maheshwari mansion, he was left in awe for a moment, the mansion was so huge, it was twice as big as Natasha’s mansion.

“Won’t you come inside?” Khushi asked as she stepped out of the car.

“No I’m fine, I just came to drop you, I’ll head back to work now”

“It’s okay Arnav, you can come inside, I won’t scold you for skipping work, besides I need to go back to the office too so come inside, have a cup of coffee while I change then we can go back together” Khushi smiled.

“Are you sure ma’am?”

“Of course I’m sure and don’t be scared, no one’s home at this time” She giggled.

Arnav smiled as he stared at her continuously, he stepped out of the car and continued staring at her.

“What are you staring at?” Khushi asked as she looked away from him and headed towards the entrance.

“Since I started working with you, I’ve never seen you this cheerful” Arnav said.

“I wasn’t this cheerful since the incident occurred but then since you came, I don’t know what you did but I’m not the same to you as I am to everyone else”

“Which incident?” Arnav asked curiously.

“I don’t want to talk about it right now, anyway you sit here, I’ll send someone with your coffee” Khushi pointed towards the sofa.

Arnav nodded positively as he walked towards the sofa and settled down, Khushi dialed some number on landline and said something and then headed upstairs while Arnav sat down there staring at the beautiful mansion.

It was so huge more than a thousand people could fit in here comfortably, he wondered how long it took someone to go from one room to the other.

“Excuse me sir, what will you have, tea or coffee?” A servant asked.

“Coffee is fine, get me a cup of black coffee with one spoon sugar only” Arnav smiled.

“Sure sir” he smiled and then walked away.

Arnav continued staring at the mansion when suddenly he heard Khushi screaming, without thinking of anything else, he rushed towards the direction he had seen her going to.

Her screams continued getting louder and louder as he followed the sound in a hurry and finally ended up in Khushi’s room.

He opened the door and rushed inside just to find her jumping on the bed screaming like crazy.

“Khushi! What happened?” Arnav asked and he jumped on the bed too and looked at her worriedly.

She got hold of him and hugged him tightly as she closed her eyes in fear.

“There was a big ****roach down there, I’ve never seen any ****roach in this house all this years I don’t know where it came from today suddenly, I’m so scared of ****roaches Arnav” She hugged him tighter.

“You were screaming this loud just because you saw a ****roach?” Arnav asked in surprise.

“Yeah, just because you aren’t scared of it doesn’t mean I am not allowed to be scared”

“No, it’s just funny, the image you have out there, do you have an idea how many people out there fear even the name Khushi Maheshwari and here you’re scared of a tiny ****roach.” Arnav laughed.

“Stop laughing at me!” Khushi broke the hug and pushed Arnav, he got hold of her hand for support and the both of them ended up falling together on the bed, Arnav fell down first while Khushi fell on top of her.

They both stopped laughing and stared into each other’s eyes, the surrounding suddenly becoming so silent.

Jun 5

Captive In The Dark... Part 13 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 32 times)

Her hair fell onto on her face, Arnav pushed them behind and tucked them behind her ears still staring at her, today he realized how beautiful she was, her hazel eyes, her pink glossy lips and her silky tresses, everything about her was so perfect.

He tried to brush off the thoughts from his mind but he couldn’t, the way she was staring back at him made him wonder what she might be thinking of.

“Khushi…” Ravi walked inside the room and then stopped suddenly at the sight.

Arnav stood up quickly followed by Khushi while Ravi smiled at them.

“I’m sorry I dint know I was disturbing some romance, Khushi you never told me you had a boyfriend” He giggled.

“Come on dad, you know he’s not my boyfriend, we just fell and you entered in at the wrong moment, anyway how comes you are home around this time?”

“Nothing, I had no much work to do so I thought I’ll come home and rest, the servants told me you were also back home so I came to ask you if you were okay.”

“Yeah, I’m okay, it’s just the fire alarm in the office, it got me all drenched and I had sent the driver somewhere so Arnav brought me home to change.” Khushi smiled as she looked at Arnav.

“Oh so you are the one, Natasha’s husband” Ravi said as his expressions became serious, he looked like Arnav like suddenly he had started disliking him.

“Dad come on.”

“Not to be mean or something but what did you see in that woman worthy enough to get married to her? I know she’s my daughter but that’s half the reason why I’m actually surprised.”

Arnav stared at him awkwardly, only if he could tell him that he was married to her because she was paying the hospital bills for his girlfriend.

“Dad stop it, it’s his personal matter and we don’t have to interfere, come Arnav, we’ll leave for work” Khushi got hold of his hand while Arnav looked at her in shock.

He felt some sort of protectiveness from her, it was like she was caring for him.

“Okay don’t be angry, I’m sorry you know how it is Khushi… anyway come we’ll have lunch together and then you can go back to work.”

“I don’t want to eat.”

“Yes, have you looked at yourself? You’ve lost so much of weight since…. Well let’s not go there, you aren’t leaving without eating, no excuses, now come on” Ravi said as he walked away leaving Arnav and Khushi behind.

“I am sorry Arnav, it’s just that dad hates her more than I do, so when it comes to her, he becomes so bitter.”

“I can understand” Arnav said knowing in his mind how much he himself hated Natasha.


“Abhay! Why are you behaving so strange suddenly?” Khushi asked worriedly

“I’m not behaving strange, I’m normal Khushi”

“Yes, you’ve been ignoring me for over two weeks now, before you used to come home daily to see me, you haven’t done that either and now that I’m here to see you, you’re behaving as if you are scared of me, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing is wrong, I’ve just been busy that’s it.”

“Really? I don’t remember the last time you ignored me like this no matter how busy you were, look I know there’s something and if you don’t want to talk about it its okay, I’ll not force you but whenever you feel like, you can talk to me.”

“I am sorry Khushi… I don’t know how to explain… actually…”

“Look who’s here, what a pleasant surprise Abhay!” Natasha smiled as she walked towards Khushi and sat next to her.

“What are you doing here Natasha?” Khushi asked.

“Nothing, I was just here with friends, I saw you so thought I’d come and say hi to Abhay, he’s not been home lately, are you avoiding us?” Natasha asked.

“Nothing of such sort” Abhay said as he looked at Natasha angrily.

“Why do you seem to be angry on me?” Natasha asked pouting.

“I’m not angry and Khushi and I were in the middle of an important conversation before you interrupted us, now if you don’t mind can you leave? I need to talk to her” Abhay said.

“That was rude.” Natasha said as she walked away.

“What’s wrong Abhay? Why are you so angry?” Khushi asked.

“Don’t be so nice to me Khushi, I don’t deserve it” Abhay stood up and walked away leaving her all alone in the café.


“Khushi! Look I told you this girl doesn’t eat at all, she’s always lost in her own world whenever she comes here to eat” Ravi said.

“Is everything okay?” Arnav asked as he looked at Khushi worriedly.

Khushi wiped the tear that rolled down her eye and stood up as she rushed outside the mansion, no matter how much she tried to get rid of the past, she really couldn’t.

Everything she did always ended up reminding her of him.

“Why was she crying?” Arnav looked at Ravi worriedly.

“I am unable to decide the reason Arnav, all I know is that I’ve seen my daughter like this always, she’s so strong in front of the world but when she’s back home, she’s the most vulnerable person.” Ravi said sadly.

Arnav stood up and rushed behind Khushi wondering what had happened to her suddenly.

He found her standing in a corner outside the mansion, she had her back facing him, he walked towards her and got hold of her hand.

“Khushi, what’s wrong?”

She turned around and hugged him as she continued crying, this time it wasn’t just a teardrop, she was actually crying terribly and he knew that whatever the reason behind this, it might have been so painful.

He held her tight in his arms and let her cry her pain out, he dint want to stop her because he knew that was just going to suffocate her more.

“I don’t know what’s wrong or what happened, but and I know that you are strong and you’ll get through it.” Arnav said.

Khushi broke the hug suddenly and looked at Arnav in shock, for a moment she had even forgotten that Arnav was her employee and her so called sister’s husband, she had no right to be this close to him.

“Stay away from me Arnav” She said as she wiped off her tears.

“Khushi, what happened?”

“I don’t want to do anything wrong, so please stay away from me, go back to work, I’m not coming” she said as she headed back inside the mansion leaving Arnav confused.

Jun 6

Captive In The Dark... Part 14 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 40 times)

Arnav was yet standing outside the mansion not knowing whether to leave or not, although Khushi had been clear about her decision, he felt like he should stay.

Ravi walked outside the mansion and found Arnav there, he looked at him with a smile, he placed a hand on his shoulder and looked him into the eyes.

“You look confused” He said.

“At times it’s difficult to understand her, I was just trying to make her feel better but she got angry on me instead, why is she like this?” Arnav asked

“As far as I know my daughter Arnav, she reacted this way because she doesn’t want to do someone else what had happened to her, if you’d have met her before you wouldn’t have believed this was the same Khushi.

A lot has changed in the past few years Arnav and honestly speaking I thought that it would never get back to normal but now I feel like there’s a ray of hope, my daughter is going back to her normal self and somewhere I feel it’s because of you.”

“And what is that? What happened? What makes her like this?”

“I think she will give you the best answer, why don’t you go inside and try to talk to her?”

“But she just told me to leave! What if she gets angry on me again?”

“At times, people don’t mean what they say Arnav and as far as I know her she obviously dint mean for you to leave, anyway the rest is upon you, I’ll leave you to decide” Ravi smiled and headed back inside the mansion.


Arnav knocked at the door of Khushi’s room, there was silence for a while until she spoke up.

“Come in”

Arnav pushed the door and walked inside, she looked at him but dint say a word, he walked towards her hesitantly and settled down opposite her on the couch.

They both stared at each other for what seemed like forever but neither of them spoke a word, Khushi was full of her pains while Arnav was confused on how to start.

“What’s wrong Khushi?” Arnav finally asked.

She stared at him silently without saying anything, maybe she dint want to talk to him and he was here just trying to force her.

He stood up to leave when she spoke up suddenly.

“You know when I learnt about Kiran in the hospital, I felt hatred towards you Arnav, I hated you for leaving her and getting married to Natasha and somewhere I thought she was in that state because of you…

But then I realized that you loved her so much and I started asking myself questions, why were you married to Natasha if you loved Kiran? There might be a reason, I dint want to know the reason Arnav but then you made me question my past.

You made me wonder if Abhay also had a reason. Although I knew he dint, how could he have a reason for what he did to me, I still couldn’t hate him.”

“Abhay?” Arnav raised his eyebrow in curiosity.

“He was my boyfriend, we both used to love each other like crazy and then one day…”

“What happened Khushi?”


“I’m so excited dad, this is going to be so beautiful” Khushi said happily as she hugged her father.

“I can’t tell you how happy I am to know that you’ll soon get married, although it sounds a bit strange to me that you’re going to propose to him today instead of him proposing you”

“We live in a different century dad, it’s not a must that the boy should propose, the girl can also do it, I’ll be breaking all the norms you see.”

“As long as you are happy, nothing else matters.”

“I can’t wait for tonight, I’m sure he will be so surprised, I’ve even bought a ring for him, all I’m waiting for is to see his expressions, I’m sure he’s going to be happier than me”

“Okay, let’s leave now, you had to some shopping right, I’ll drop you to the mall and then the driver will pick you up”

“Okay, I’ll just change and come”


“Did he reject your proposal?” Arnav asked curiously.

“No, I dint even propose to him… everything got messed up… I thought I was the one going to surprise him, I was crazy doing so much just to make him happy not knowing that I was the one to get a surprise when I got home after shopping.”

“What was the surprise? Maybe instead of you proposing him he had already planned to propose you”

Khushi smiled at Arnav, only if what he said was true.


“When did Abhay come?” Khushi asked the watchman when she saw his car parked outside.

“He’s been here since long, he asked about you and I told him you had left so he said he’s wait inside” The watchman said.

“Okay” Khushi smiled as she rushed inside happily to see him.

She checked the hall and the kitchen but he was nowhere to be seen, so she rushed to her room knowing that whenever she dint find him in the hall, he was always waiting for her in her room.

She remembered she had even left the ring she bought for him on her dressing table, she just hoped he hadn’t seen it.

She quickly rushed towards her room and just when she was about to push the door open and walk in, she heard some strange sounds.

They were sounds of someone moaning, she stood outside wondering what was happening inside when she heard a girl’s voice, she was screaming but it wasn’t the kind of scream that asked for help, nor was it the painful kind of scream, it was the scream of pleasure.

Khushi felt like her heart would stop beating, she pushed the door open slightly and walked a step inside, the sight in front of her wasn’t just shocking, it was heartbreaking.

There were two completely naked people in front of her, two of the people she loved and trusted the most, two people she thought would always be with her, they were the same people who right now were cheating on her, that too in her bedroom, on her damn bed!

“Abhay!” Khushi said in shock, tears started streaming down her eyes as Abhay suddenly turned around and saw Khushi standing there, he looked at Natasha and quickly jumped out of the bed, he picked up his clothes and wore them while Natasha dint even move, she sat on the bed looking at Khushi like everything was normal.

“When did you come Khushi? I was…”

“I don’t need any explanation Abhay! Just get out of my room right away!” Khushi shouted angrily.

“But Khushi… listen to me.”

“I said get out of my room right now! If you want to continue whatever that was happening between you both you can go do it in her room, just leave my room and me alone!” Khushi shouted angrily.

She pushed Abhay out of her room and then headed towards her bed where Natasha was yet sited.

“Come on Khushi, it’s not a big deal stop reacting like a kid when I’m your younger sister, we were just having fun, in the end, he would still get married to you” Natasha said.

Khushi picked up her clothes and handed them to her as she pushed her out of the room too.

“Well congratulations to you, you can have him all, get married to him I don’t care” She cried.

“Khushi it’s not like you think, I love you Khushi, please let me explain.”

“No Abhay, if you really loved me them before even thinking about my own sister in such a way, you would have cursed yourself a hundred times, and what you did to me today cannot be justified.

I am the stupid one here, I was making plans of proposing you for marriage and look what I found? My boyfriend with my sister on my own bed.

Just go to hell!”

She walked towards the dressing table picked up the ring box and threw it on his face, she shut the door and locked herself inside.

Jun 8

Captive In The Dark... Part 15 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 39 times)

The only reason why Arnav was shocked about the whole story Khushi told him, it was because she did it to her own sister.

Arnav had known Natasha for so long now, and he knew she could do something like this but never in his dreams had he thought that she could do it to her own sister, that too to someone like Khushi who could never think of doing anything wrong to her.

“I am so sorry Khushi, honestly that was expected from her” Arnav said.

“She is my sister Arnav, how could she think of doing that to me? How could Abhay do that to me? And you know despite all that I feel like a fool that I still love him so much, I still think about it and wonder why he chose to hurt me like that”

“Dint you ever ask him? Dint you feel like you needed answers?”

“No I dint ask him, I never even wanted to see his face, after I found them in my bedroom I hated him so much I thought he would stop mattering to me but…”

“But what? What happened Khushi? Dint Abhay try to ask for forgiveness?”

“That was the worst part you see, he never tried, a few months later I got the news of him and Natasha getting married and it broke my heart, I mean how could he get married to her? Dint he love me? Had he never loved me?

That’s when I realized no matter how much I tried to hate him even though he had cheated on me with my own sister, I still loved him”

“Natasha and Abhay got married?” Arnav asked in shock.

“Where do you think she got the property from? Why do you think she’s called Natasha Oberoi and not Natasha Maheshwari?”

“What the hell! How can she get married to me when she’s married to Abhay, is she insane or what?” Arnav stood up in shock.

“Because legally it’s right”

“No Khushi, how is it right to marry someone else when your husband is alive and you aren’t divorced, or did they get divorced?”

“He passed away in a car accident two years back. It happened after a few months of their marriage” Khushi said sadly.

“And until today you have no answer as to why he did that to you?”

“I have my answer Arnav and it’s because he never loved me, if he did he wouldn’t have got married to Natasha, if sleeping with her was a mistake he would have tried to ask me for forgiveness but he dint instead he got married to her.”

“I am so sorry Khushi, I know Natasha is a terrible person.”

“It’s okay Arnav, you don’t have to be sorry for anything.”

“So why haven’t you got married? Don’t you want someone in your life? Someone you can love and be happy with?”

 “I don’t think I have the strength to trust anyone and fall in love once again, I don’t want to get cheated on once again, at least after what he did to be I came out stronger, I conquered the fashion industry and everyone fears me, but if something like that happens again, I won’t be able to handle it.”

“Not everyone would turn out like Abhay”

“But Natasha will always be there to ruin my life Arnav, wouldn’t she? You know after dad threw her out of the house, she thought I was going to sit in my room and cry but I dint instead I stood up strong so she stared spreading out fake rumors about me in the industry.

I’m sure you must have heard some of them, she’s been doing that since long but I don’t let it affect me, as long as I am doing what’s right.”

“I have heard of the rumors, but I believe in what I see not what people say” Arnav said.

“Anyway that’s all, you wanted to know, I told you whatever it was” Khushi sighed.

“Can I ask for something? That’s if you don’t mind.”

“Sure, anything” Khushi smiled.

“I don’t care if everyone hates you or fears you, I’ve known you well and I know you aren’t the person you show to the world, I like you for who you are, being the strong woman and I would like to have a friend like you, that’s if you can trust me” Arnav smiled.

“So are you indirectly asking me if we can be friends?” Khushi smirked.

“I am directly asking, can we be friend Miss. Khushi Maheshwari, that’s if you’re okay with the fact that I’m the husband to the woman who ruined your life and made it miserable” Arnav giggled.

“Sure, we can be” Khushi smiled.

“So as a friend I want to do something, please don’t take me wrong for it okay?”

“What’s that?” Khushi asked curiously.

Arnav walked towards her and got hold of her shoulders making her stand up, he smiled at her and pulled her into a tight hug.

“I can’t imagine the pain you’ve gone through but I know there’s a lot and I know you’ve been keeping it inside yourself, I’m glad you trusted me enough to tell me about it and now that we are friends I want you to know that I am here for you always.

If you ever have any problem, any complaints, anything stupid or not you have the right to call me even at midnight and whine like a baby about it and I promise I wouldn’t mind.

I hope this will make you feel better and I promise I actually meant every word I said, trust me Khushi, with time everything will get better, you also will.”

He held her in his arms for a while and then broke the hug as he looked at her, she was on the verge of crying.

“Now this isn’t fair, I was trying to make you smile and I ended up making you cry” Arnav said pouting.

“No, it’s just that I’ve never had a friend, I never had an idea what a friendship hug felt like or having a friend felt like, today it just feels good.”

“Now you have me and I promise we will be friends forever.” Arnav smiled.

“So now that we are friend, can I also ask you a question?”

“Sure ask me anything”

“What happened to Kiran? Why is she in the hospital in that state?”

“Honestly Khushi you’re asking me the question whose answer I don’t know… I remember I was at work that day…”

Before Arnav could continue, his phone rang suddenly, he pulled it out of the pocket and stared at the screen.

“I have to take this one, it’s urgent” Arnav said.

Khushi nodded as he walked towards the window and received the call.

“Tell me Zara, what happened?” Arnav asked.

“You need to come to the hospital right away, Kiran’s condition is very critical, I’m worried things are going wrong” Zara said in a haste.

“I’ll be there right away” Arnav disconnected the call and looked at Khushi worriedly.

“I need to go Khushi… Zara called…Kiran… she’s critical” Arnav said in a low voice, Khushi could notice how worried he was and how much he was trying not to cry, she could see how much her loved her and she hoped whatever it was, it was going to be okay soon, she dint want him to lose Kiran.

“I’ll come with you” Khushi said.

“No, it’s okay I’ll go alone.”

“We are friends remember Arnav and friends are supposed to support each to each other in difficult times now let’s not waste time and get going.”

Arnav nodded positively as he rushed outside followed by Khushi.

Jun 9

Captive In The Dark... Part 16 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 43 times)

Arnav was sited next to Kiran, holding her hand in his as he looked at her worriedly, Khushi stood behind him with her hand on his shoulder.

After they arrived at the hospital, Zara informed them that Kiran’s condition had been critical but they managed to deal with it and now she was fine, she had even started responding a bit and if things kept on working this way, she would soon be out of coma.

Arnav was so happy to hear that but at the same time he was sad knowing he wasn’t completely well yet and he wasn’t going to feel at peace until she woke up.

“She still looks beautiful, even after being in coma for so long, doesn’t she?” Arnav asked as he looked at Khushi.

“She will always be beautiful.” Khushi smiled.

“You know Khushi, Kiran and I have known each other since childhood and as we grew up, we fell in love, I couldn’t think of my life without her, she used to take care of me, always keep me happy, she did everything for me and today I feel so helpless that I can’t do a thing for her.

I don’t know where I went wrong, whenever I saw her she was always happy and I dint realize she was hiding something from me, I mean if she was so happy why would she attempt suicide? Maybe there was something bothering her and she dint tell me… and somewhere I don’t want to believe that she could attempt suicide, she was so full of life, but then I can’t forget when I found her on the bathroom floor.” Arnav said as he got lost into thoughts.


“Kiran, where are you? Look what I’ve got for you.” Arnav walked inside the house as he looked for her.

He headed to the kitchen then to the bedroom but she was nowhere, obviously she dint go out because the house wasn’t locked, so where was she?

“Kiran! Stop playing games please, look I’ve really got something for you and if you keep on playing games with me, I’ll get angry and go away.” Arnav said.

Loving and fighting, accusing denying… I can’t imagine a world with you gone…

The joy and the chaos, the demons we’re made of, I’d be so lost if you left me alone…

He sat on the sofa hoping she would come out but she dint, he decided to wait for a while thinking maybe she might have gone out for a while and she’ll be back soon but he waited for so long without any signs of her.

He was now starting to get worried, he rushed back to her room and to the kitchen again calling out her name but to no response until he heard the sound of the shower, he walked towards the bathroom and knocked at the door.

“Kiran, are you in there?” He asked.

After a couple of tries and without her response he pushed the door open and walked in just to find her lying on the floor, her wrist was cut and her blood was all over the floor.

“Kiran!” Arnav rushed towards her worriedly as he tried to wake her up.

“Kiran please wake up, you can’t leave me like this, you can’t do this to me, wake up for heaven sake” Arnav shook her.

You locked yourself in the bathroom, lying on the floor when I break through…

I pull you in to feel your heartbeat, can you hear me screaming please don’t leave me…

Hold on I still want you… come back I still need you…Let me take you hand I’ll make it right…

I swear to love you all my life… hold on I still need you…

He pulled out his phone and quickly called for an ambulance, he carried her in his arms as he rushed downstairs hoping to take her to the hospital as soon as possible.

He had never felt this broken or this hurt before, he could see the girl he loved lying half dead in his arms and there was nothing he could do, his heart broke into pieces just by the mere thought of losing her.

Flashback Ends…

“How can someone go into coma because of a wrist slit only? Do you think she would do that Arnav?”

“No I can’t but then I don’t know, when I found her she was on the floor and the bathtub was full of water and blood too, when I told Zara about this, she said there was head injury and that caused the coma, she might have fallen of the tub or something, or maybe there was a reason why this happened, but I don’t want to know what happened, I want to know why it happened, and all I want is for her to wake up so that she can tell me why she chose to leave me, what was more important than me?” Arnav said sadly.

“It’s okay Arnav, please relax, she’s going to be fine soon” Khushi assured him.

“I hope so” Arnav said as he stood up to face her.

“Shall we go back? I’ll drop you back home, you can take an off for the rest of today” Khushi said.

“Yeah, I’ll just go and talk to Zara, wait for me in the car.”

Khushi nodded positively as she walked away while Arnav headed to Zara’s office.


“Why do I have a feeling that this wasn’t suicide?” Khushi asked herself while she waited in the car for Arnav.

She thought about what Arnav had told her about Kiran and how she was always happy, why would such a person try to commit suicide, she had someone like Arnav in her life who loved her so much then why would she even choose to die? This dint make sense at all.

No one could ever go in coma because of cutting their wrist, even if she fell of the tub and got her head injured, it wouldn’t have been so severe to cause coma, there was something fishy here.

“Shall we go?” Arnav asked as he sat beside Khushi.

“Sure” Khushi smiled as she instructed the driver.

The driver parked the car outside the gate, Arnav stepped out followed by Khushi, they both stood there silently smiling at each other.

“Don’t worry about Kiran, I’m sure she will wake up soon okay?” Khushi said.

“I hope so” Arnav nodded.

Khushi moved closer to him awkwardly and hugged him, for a moment Arnav was a bit surprised and dint react but then he hugged her back.

“I just want you to know I’m always here for you, as a friend okay?” Khushi said as she broke the hug.

“I’ll see you” Arnav smiled as he waved a goodbye to her and headed inside.


“Wow! Look who’s finally home!” Natasha said when Arnav walked in.

Arnav just ignored her as he headed to the kitchen to get himself a glass of water where Natasha followed him.

“What?” Arnav asked her as he found her staring at him like he had committed a murder.

“If you try to double cross me, it wouldn’t take me even a minute before I ruin your entire life, I hope you remember that” Natasha said.

“What the hell do you want from me now?”

“I saw you with Khushi outside the mansion, how dare you allow her to even touch you?”

“She’s my friend Natasha, she just hugged me, stop making a big deal out of it, and I believe she’s not like you, so if you think she’s planning some sort of revenge against you by trying to trap me then wake up, I love Kiran and when she wakes up, I’ll leave you anyway.” Arnav said angrily.

“Oh so she told you her sad story?”

“That’s none of your business, just get lost, I’m in no moods to talk to you” Arnav headed towards the staircase.

“It’s not so easy to get rid of me, you’ll definitely pay for hugging her, you are allowed to touch me and only me, see you in bedroom in a minute dear husband, be ready to please your wife” Natasha winked at him.

He glared at her angrily for a moment and stamped his feet as he headed upstairs, Natasha burst out laughing while she followed him.

Jun 12

Captive In The Dark... Part 17 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 45 times)

“Good morning my love” Natasha said to Arnav as she pecked on his cheeks.

“What’s so good about the morning?” Arnav asked as he stood up and walked away from her rubbing his cheek with his hand.

“You! You were so good in bed last night” She winked at him.

“You know you are one disgusting woman Natasha, I wish I had never met you” Arnav said as he headed inside the bathroom, he undressed and switched on the shower, he stood underneath and got hold of his neck with both his hands from the back.

He closed his eyes as he drifted back to the old happy days of his life.


Arnav headed to Kiran’s house directly after the interview, he was so happy he couldn’t explain, it was after long that he had actually found a job. He had spent over six months hunting for a job but finally his prayers were heard.

He waited outside after ringing the doorbell, a few seconds later, Kiran opened the door, he got hold of her hand and pulled her into a hug happily.

“I got the job, thank you so much for doing this for me” Arnav said happily.

“I dint do anything, I just talked to my boss but I’m sure you got the job based on your qualifications” She smiled as she broke the hug.

“Yeah but it’s strange, I mean I was in the middle of the interview and then suddenly the man who was taking my interview hired me even without me finishing it, he hadn’t even checked my qualifications yet.” Arnav said.

“Oh God Arnav! Stop overthinking things, just be glad that you got the job. I’ll get something sweet for you, sit here” Kiran said as she headed to the kitchen while Arnav sat there lost in thoughts.


“Arnav, ma’am is calling you in her cabin, you dint meet her yesterday when you came for the interview right? So she wants to talk to you.” Kiran said to Arnav.

“Yeah, I’ll just go” Arnav stood up quickly.

“All the best” Kiran said as she pecked on his cheeks and he headed to his boss’s cabin.

He knocked at the door and then walked inside, she was sited with the back of her chair facing him, he stood a few feet away from her.

“Excuse me ma’am” He said.

She turned her chair around and looked at him, suddenly a smile curved up on her face as she stared at him from top to bottom, it was quite awkward but he tried to act normal.

“Arnav, have a seat please” She said in a sweet voice.

Arnav pulled out a chair as he sat down and stared at her nervously, she couldn’t stop smiling and she was continuously staring at him with some weird sort of expressions on her face, it had already started making him uncomfortable.

“I am Natasha, your boss ofcourse, from today onwards you’ll be working under me.” She smirked as she continued explaining everything to Arnav while he sat there silently listening to her.


Arnav walked out of the shower, his bottom covered in towel, he headed towards the cupboard to get his clothes when Natasha hugged him from behind.

“I can’t tell you how hot you look when you’re straight out of the shower.” She said in a seductive voice.

“Get off me, I need to get ready and go to the office.” Arnav said as he pushed her away, he got his clothes and walked away from her.

“I’m also getting late for work otherwise you’d have paid for this right now, but that’s not a problem, you’ll get your punishment tonight, I have something very exciting and kinky planned for you.” She winked at him and headed inside the bathroom.

Did this woman ever think about anything else or was it that she was always lusting around men every now and then?

Arnav brushed off the thoughts as he quickly got ready and headed to the kitchen to prepare breakfast.


He pushed the door slowly as he walked inside the room, she was still lying on her bed without making any movements, he walked towards her and settled down beside her, he got hold of her hand and brushed his thumb on her hand as he stared at her with teary eyes.

“How long will you keep punishing me like this Kiran? It’s becoming so difficult now, please wake up for once, wake up for me… I love you so much” Arnav cried.

Khushi walked in and stopped at the door, Arnav hadn’t even noticed her, he was so lost into staring at Kiran. She looked at him and remember Abhay and wondered what her life would have been like right now if he hadn’t cheated on her.

Tere bin o saajna dil sau sau baar tadpe…

Teriyaan judaaiyaan vich hun taa…

Jiyaangi main taan mar mar ke…

Khushi turned around as she wiped her tears away and inhaled a deep breath as she rushed outside in a hurry, she got inside her car and headed to the office directly.

She dint even know why she came here, she just woke up and knew that Arnav must be here so she also decided to come here without any reason. What was happening to her? Why was she suddenly behaving so strange? She dint have to do this, she dint have to come here every day like he did, he came here for Kiran, because he loved her but she had no one here so why was she even coming here?

“Good morning” Arnav greeted Khushi with a smile as he walked inside her cabin.

“You’re ten minutes late, I know you have personal problems but I’ll be glad if you kept them away from work, we have to attend a meeting, get everything you need and join me in the car.” Khushi said as she stood up and walked out of her cabin without even looking at Arnav.

Arnav stood there still for a while wondering what had gone wrong again, everything had been so good the day before, they were even friends and now today she was behaving like a stranger again, it was actually difficult to understand her despite knowing everything about her now.

He headed to his cabin, got whatever he wanted and then joined Khushi in the car, the driver drove off while he sat next to her staring at her in confusion but she dint even turn to look at him for once.

“Khushi!” Arnav called her out when she stepped out of the car.

She stopped where she was without turning to look at him.

“What’s wrong? Did I do something wrong again? Why are you behaving like this? I thought we were friends?” Arnav asked.

“We are friends Arnav, but we are at work and here you are just my employee, so get over everything going on in your mind and let’s go inside, we’re already late for the meeting.” Khushi said as she headed inside.

Khushi settled down at one of the tables as Arnav joined her.

“Would you like something to drink?” She asked

“No, I’m good, where are the clients?” Arnav asked.

“Looks like they’re also late, thank God I just saved my being punctual image from getting spoilt.” She giggled.

“I am sorry, I promise I won’t be late next time” Arnav said.

“It’s okay Arnav, I understand… at times I just forget that the equation between us has changed and then I end up treating you badly, anyway I think I’ll get myself some coffee.” Khushi smiled as she turned around to call the waiter but then she saw something that shook her up.

She stood up in shock while Arnav looked at her in confusion, he looked towards the place where she was looking but he could see nothing.

“Khushi!” Arnav said, but she dint move, she was stuck in one place like a statue.

“Khushi, what happened?” Arnav asked once again.

She pointed towards where she was staring and opened her mouth to speak but it was as if she had lost words.

“Abhay!” She finally said in what sounded like a whisper.

Jun 13

Captive In The Dark... Part 18 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 37 times)

Arnav looked towards the direction she was pointing at but he could see no one, he turned towards her and held her by the shoulders.

“There’s no one there Khushi.” He said looking her into the eyes.

“He walked away, I saw him passing by, he must be outside, I’ll go and see” She said as she rushed outside in a hurry while Arnav followed her behind wondering how it was possible that Abhay was alive, she herself had told him that he had passed away.

She looked around the whole place, she even checked the parking lot but she couldn’t find him anywhere, she stopped next to her car panting.

“I don’t know where he went but I promise I saw him, please believe me Arnav.” Khushi said when Arnav joined her.

“But Khushi, you told me that he was dead, how would you see him here then?”

“I said he was dead but neither of us saw his dead body, I just heard about it, what if it was a lie and he wasn’t actually dead?”

“Why would someone pretend to be dead? It doesn’t make sense.”

“I don’t know but my eyes can’t be mistaken, I am very sure I saw him Arnav, he’s the man I’ve always loved, I wouldn’t be mistaken in recognizing him. He was here, I saw him and I am very sure it wasn’t a ghost or something, neither was it someone else that I would have mistaken for him, it was him, believe me.”

“Okay, I think I believe you because anything that’s related to Natasha can’t be predicted, you can never know what that woman has in her mind.” Arnav said.

“So what do we do now?”

“Do you want to find him? I mean are you sure you want to waste your time looking for the man who cheated on you? I don’t think that’s a good idea.”

“No Arnav, I don’t want to find the man who cheated on me, I want to find the man who pretended to be dead for God knows what reason, I want to know why him and Natasha aren’t together even when there are married and think of it this way, if we found him, you can get free from Natasha, that’s if you wish because him n Natasha were married and they weren’t divorced so your marriage with her would be illegal.”

“You are right, if Abhay is actually alive, we have to find him, but how do we start?”

“I know how, anyway let’s get back to the meeting, we’ll discuss about finding Abhay later.” Khushi said as she walked away while Arnav followed her.


“I hope you noted down everything we discussed.” Natasha asked as she looked at Arnav who was sited beside her in the car.

“Yes ma’am everything.” Arnav said confidently.

“That’s good, if you keep working well and impress me, you might get promoted and your salary would also be increased.” She smiled as she placed her hand on his.

Arnav looked at her awkwardly as he pulled his hand away, he just dint feel right about whatever that was happening.

It had just been a week since he had joined and his boss was already behaving strange with him and talking about promotion, there had to be something fishy for sure.

“Follow me to my cabin.” Natasha ordered as she stepped out of the car and headed inside the office, Arnav nodded as he followed her.

She settled down on the chair when Arnav’s phone vibrated, he pulled it out of his pocket and checked the message he had received, it was from Kiran.

“Saw you walk inside boss’s cabin, I was waiting for you but looks like it’s going to take long so I thought I’ll text you, come home for dinner, I have a surprise for you”

“Sure, I’ll be there by 8.” Arnav smiled as he texted her back and then turned to look at Natasha who was busy putting her make up stuff in her bag, he picked her bag and stood up and she looked at him.

“Join me for dinner okay, I have something work related to discuss with you” She said.

“Today ma’am? Actually… umm…”

“Is there a problem Arnav? Looks like you don’t want to work when I had just started thinking that you were working well.”

“No ma’am it’s not that, I’ll join you” Arnav said as he looked at his watch, it was 7 o’clock yet, maybe he would manage to leave early and go to Kiran’s place on time.

“Okay then, get your things, I’m waiting for you in the car.” Natasha smiled as she walked away.

A while later, Arnav headed to the parking lot with his bag and got inside Natasha’s car.

“Sorry, I was just finishing up some work, but where’s the driver?” Arnav asked.

“He’s gone to bring some stuff of mine, he would be on his way back.” Natasha smiled as she stroke her hair with her hands and kept on staring at Arnav.

“Anyway ma’am I just wanted to thank you for the job, that reminds me while I was in the office right now I got a call from a company saying they wanted to collaborate with us…”

“Arnav… let’s not talk about work, I’ve been working the whole day, I’m tired now” Natasha said in a seductive kind of voice.

“It’s okay ma’am I understand” Arnav smiled.

Natasha smiled back at him as she started stroking her leg pulling up her dress a bit higher.

“And this high heels I tell you, I get tired in walking them the whole day” She took them off while her eyes were yet on Arnav.

Arnav looked around wondering why the driver wasn’t back yet, he dint know why but everything about this was making him feel so uncomfortable.

“Ma’am you wanted to talk to me something work related?” Arnav asked.

“Arnav, you are so innocent… this is work related too” Natasha said as she moved closer to him, Arnav tried to move back but there was no space, she was almost sitting on his laps.

“Why do you think you got this job Arnav? Because I thought you would work well? I have hundreds of people wanting to work in my company but I chose you, do you know why… because you are so hot… I like you Arnav.”

She got hold of his shirt while she started unbuttoning it and Arnav kept on trying to resist her.

“You know how luck you are Arnav, I can take you from nowhere to somewhere, you only have to do as I say”

She moved closer to his face, her lips closer to his as she tried to kiss him but Arnav turned his face away from her.

“Ma’am I have to go somewhere, I’ll see you at work tomorrow.” Arnav said.

“Oh Arnav, come on don’t resist me… I know you want me too.”

“Ma’am please, I really have to go, I’ll see you at work tomorrow yeah.” Arnav said as he quickly stepped out of the car and rushed away.


“Arnav! Where are you lost?” Khushi asked. Since they got back inside the car, he seemed lost.

“Nothing, I was just remembering the times when my life started becoming hell, you aren’t the only one who hates Natasha, I hate her too.” Arnav said angrily.

“What happened? What did she do to you?”

“She’s done lots of terrible things I can’t even explain, that woman is a shame on the name of women.” Arnav said angrily.

“It’s okay, relax.” Khushi said.

Arnav punched the seat angrily while Khushi looked at him in surprise, the only time she had seen him this angry was when she had told him some nonsense, she knew there was something big and deep behind his marriage with Natasha and as much as she wanted to know what it was, right now she wanted to calm him down.

“Arnav, look at me, please calm down.” Khushi said as she got hold of his hand and stopped him from punching the seat angrily but he would just stop.

“Arnav listen to me, trust me with time everything is going to be okay, for now please calm down, look I am here for you as a friend and I would always help you with everything, please calm down.” Khushi said as she pulled him into a hug trying to calm him down.

Jun 14

Captive In The Dark... Part 19 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 31 times)

“What happened Arnav? Why are you so angry? What did she to do you?” Khushi asked Arnav.

“Something almost the same she did to you.” Arnav said as he looked at Khushi and started explaining everything to her.


It had been over an hour since Arnav arrived at the office, he had been waiting for Natasha to arrive because he wanted to talk to her about all that happened the previous night.

As soon as he saw her walking inside, he stood up from his place and headed towards her.

“Good morning ma’am, There’s something I wanted to talk to you about.” Arnav said.

“Okay, come to my cabin then” Natasha said as she walked to her cabin while Arnav followed her.

She settled down on her chair as she looked at Arnav who was standing in front of her nervously.

“So tell me Arnav, what is it that you want to talk to me about.”

“Actually ma’am I wanted to talk about whatever you said last night, I mean I am flattered you like me, but whatever you said you wanted to do with me yesterday, I can’t do it, and you said I got the job because of that reason but I would appreciate if you would actually promote me after seeing my hard work and dedication not because…”

“Are you sure Arnav? I hope then you won’t regret it later”

“Yes ma’am I’m a hundred percent sure”

“Well could I know the reason? I mean I am hot and ****y, it’s easier for men to get tempted then why not you? What’s the reason?”

“It’s because I have a girlfriend and I love her a lot, and I would never think of cheating on her”

Natasha looked at him with a smile as she stood up and walked towards him, she stood so close to him making him feel uncomfortable again.

“You know Arnav, I dint know you were in a relationship, I wouldn’t ask for anything of such sort from you again, you can go and carry on with your work” She smiled.

“Really ma’am? Thank you so much” Arnav said happily as he walked out of Natasha’s cabin.


“Ma’am, we’ve arrived at the office.” The driver said interrupting the conversation between Arnav and Khushi.

“Okay.” Khushi said to the driver as she looked at Arnav, he smiled at her and they got out of the car and walked together inside the office.

“So what happened after that? Did she actually let you be? I doubt that because that woman, once she sets an eye on something she wouldn’t give up until she gets it.” Khushi said.

“Actually…” Arnav started to speak but he was interrupted by Aman who came rushing towards them.

“Ma’am you had a meeting half an hour ago, the clients have been waiting for you.” Aman said.

“Oh ****, I completely forgot about it, why dint you call me?” Khushi said as she headed to her cabin in a hurry.

“I did try ma’am but your phone wasn’t reachable.”

“Okay, send them to my cabin in a minute.” Khushi said as she looked at Arnav.

“We’ll talk later okay? Just be okay and don’t overthink anything.” Khushi smiled at him as she headed inside her cabin.

Aman sent the clients inside Khushi’s cabin and then followed Arnav to his cabin.

“What’s up? I saw some smiles getting exchanged. What did you do to her Arnav? She isn’t the Khushi I know, she’s someone completely different. I mean ask anyone in the office, and everyone will tell you the same thing, she’s rude and arrogant but with you she’s someone completely different.” Aman said.

“It’s because we share the same pain, maybe I understand her better.”

“But why is she like this with you specifically? I have never seen her being this good to anyone, I mean you saw how she talked to me right, it was with serious expressions and to point but with you it was completely opposite. I hope it’s not because she likes you.”

“We are friends Aman, that’s it.”

“She’s never been friends with anyone, why you only? I mean I’ve never seen her giving anything else importance apart from work, but today despite knowing she was late for the meeting, she still had the time to talk to you and tell you whatever she said which wasn’t even work related, and she smiled at you!”

“Aman, stop making it like a big deal, it’s just that some things happened that brought us close and we’re friends and that’s why she’s different with me.”

“Okay fine, but just so you know, I actually feel like she has something for you.”

“That’s no possible.” Arnav said.

Aman looked at him strangely and headed out of the cabin while Arnav sat there lost in thoughts, there wasn’t anything between him and Khushi apart from friendship for sure, she loved Abhay and he loved Kiran and that was it.

He turned to look at Khushi’s cabin, she was sited in her place busy discussing something with the clients while Arnav kept on staring at her, she looked so serious and so engrossed in the meeting, she looked like the Khushi Aman was talking about, the Khushi whom he met when he first joined the job, but then around him she was completely different.

He kept on staring at her, although he had tried to ignore Aman’s word, they were stuck in his mind and he kept on wondering why she was actually different with him.

Maybe it was because she knew about Kiran, and maybe because he knew about Abhay, and both of them had the same devil in their lives, Natasha!

He brushed off the thoughts and decided to concentrate on his work, Aman had messed up with his mind for no reason, he tried to look away from her but the he couldn’t convince himself, he just wanted to sit there and stare at her, no matter what she was doing, she always looked so beautiful.

Khushi turned to look at him suddenly and their eyes met, she smiled at him and he smiled back and took his eyes off her and looked at his laptop, what was happening to him?

Why was he staring at her like that? Why did a simple smile from her make him feel so happy? It was strange.


A knock at the door of his cabin disturbed him, he looked at the door when Khushi walked in.

“Are you busy? I wanted to discuss something with you.” Khushi said.

“Not really, just five minutes I’ll finish typing today’s minutes and then we can talk.”

“Okay then, I’ll wait.” She walked inside and settled down on the chair opposite him while he kept on doing his work without looking at her.

She picked up a pen from the table and started playing with it while she stared at Arnav continuously, she couldn’t stop thanking God for bringing him into her life, she had no friends and no one to share her problems with but since Arnav came, she felt light as she could share all her problems with him.

He was the only person she could trust, the one who she knew would never break her trust no matter what.

“Done.” He said as he looked at Khushi who was lost in thoughts.

“Khushi” he called her out.

“Yeah, you’re done? I wanted to talk to you about Abhay actually, I want us to start finding him, you are the only person I can trust Arnav, I hope you’ll help me.”

“Of course I’ll help you Khushi, what are friends for? So tell me, how do we start?”

“You live with Natasha in the same house, I want you to start by keeping an eye on her, whatever she does wherever she goes, if you have to miss work you can but follow her, I am sure she is the only one who can lead us to Abhay.”

“Okay I will do that, I had also tried to do some research on her online, let me show you what I found.” Arnav said as he picked his laptop and walked towards Khushi, he placed it in front of her and bent down as he pointed on the screen.

Khushi looked at him feeling nervous, he was so close to her and she couldn’t understand why she was feeling nervous suddenly, he turned to look at her and found her staring at him while he stared back at her, getting lost into her eyes.

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