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Jun 20

Chapter 17 : His good girl (By Arshiangel10) (Thanked: 75 times)

Swetha walked into the living room to see Abhi deeply engrossed in a phone call. So she waits for him to finish. After some time Abhi cuts the call sighing.

"What happend Abhiji". Swetha asked seeing him worried.

"Amar called me. he is worried about Adi. Adi is not picking up the call from two days. Do you know where is he staying".He asked swetha

 Swetha looked at him perplexed. " Wo..Arnav knows. I will ask him to find out. Did you tell Amarji about chote’s marriage."

Abhi sighed. " Haan I told him. He seems to be upset for not informing him. But anyway he accept Khushi bitiya and also assure me to convince maa."

Swetha looks at him with a worried expression. "I’m worried about maa. She hates Khushi bitiya. How will she react when she gets to know about chote’s marriage with Khushi bitiya." She said.

Abhi placed his hand on her shoulder to console her. "Everything will be fine Swetha. Maa will definitely accepts Khushi bitiya even though it will be late." He said assuring her.

Swetha sighed.

Arshi’s room

Khushi is talking to her best friend Priya who kept complaining about not inviting her for marriage. After a long time she kept the call and smiled at Arnav sheepishly returning his phone. Arnav shakes his head chuckling.

 "Khushi be ready we are going out." He said looking at his watch.

"Where Arnavji." Khushi asked confused.

"Don’t you want to see your babuji". Arnav asked with a smile.

"Really are taking me to babuji. I will be ready in 10 minutes". She squealed in happiness and rushed to the washroom like a butterfly. Arnav smiled wholeheartedly seeing her happiness. He wants to witness the same happiness in her face forever. Shaking his head he walks out of the room.

Arnav parked his car in front of the hospital and led Khushi towards the private ward of the hospital.

"Arnavji how is babuji now". She asked the question for the nth time.

Arnav sighed. " Khushi you will get your answers once you reach there".

Khushi pouted and followed him.

As soon as Arnav opens the door of Sashi’s room Khushi rushed inside.

She hugs Sashi tightly. "How are you babuji". She asked while caressing his head. Sashi smiled at him making Khushi’s worries flew out of the window. It’s been years that her father smiled. Now after watching his smile Khushi knows that he is more than fine. She turns and looks at Arnav with gratitude filled eyes. To which Arnav shakes his head as a no.

He walks near the father daughter duo and hold Sashi’s hand. "Don’t worry babuji. Khushi will be happy from now on. I will protect her till my last breath". He said without any doubt.

Sashi’s eyes welled with happy tears. He nods his head positively. Khushi also has tears in her eyes watching the scene.

After spending almost half of the day near her father finally Arnav and Khushi walks out of the hospital. Through out the journey Khushi kept looking at Arnav. She is very touched with the care of him for her father. He ensures the best treatment for him.

 She comes back to present as Arnav stops the car. She looked outside confused. They are in front of a mobile shop. She looked at Arnav confused. " Why are we here Arnavji."

Arnav took a long breath smiling inwardly at her innocence. “Come with me”. He said holding her hand and led her to the shop.

Arnav asked the salesman. " Show me the iphone6". Khushi looked at him confused. Arnav pay the bill and place the phone in her hand. " It’s yours khushi."

Khushi gasped. " Arnavji it’s very costly. How can I use it.”

Arnav frowned. " Why can’t you khushi. you are my wife and all my wealth belongs to you also."

Khushi sighed. " But Arnavji."..Arnav cuts her in middle. "No if’s and buts. It’s yours from now." Arnav said sternly.

Khushi nodded defeated. She knows that Arnav will never accept her reasons.

"That’s my good girl." Arnav pinched her cheek making her blush. 

Both of them walks out of the showroom. but Khushi's mind is still in their little moment in the showroom. She feels that blood gushed to her cheeks when he pinch her cheek. Unknowingly her face turns crimson red at the memory. She shakes her head and quickly follows Arnav.

As soon as they walked inside the mansion they sees a worried Swetha. "what happend maa." Arnav rushed to her. 

Swetha sighed in relief seeing Arnav." chote Amar Bhai called. he is worried about Adi. do you know where is he." she asked immediately.

Arnav clench his fist hearing his name while Khushi gulped and looks down. Arnav calms himself. "Don't worry maa. I will look after him". He said and walks towards his room tagging Khushi along with him.

Jun 28

Chapter 18 : Final Warning!! (By Arshiangel10) (Thanked: 94 times)

Abhi sat on the bed tensed. He didn’t know what will he answer to Amar. Worry lines are clear on his forehead. He rubs his forehead for getting some peace.

Arnav knocked the door." Dad I need to talk to you". He asked

"Haa chote. Even I’m waiting for you. didn’t your Maa talked about Aditya". He asked anxiously.

Arnav sighed." I need to talk about the same dad." Making Abhi frown.

Arnav sat beside him on the bed. He took a deep breath before continuing." Dad Aditya is under my custody".

Abhi’s eyes got wide and he jumped from the seat. "What are you saying chote".

"Dad woh.......Aditya ne..".Arnav stammered. He is afraid about his father’s reaction. He didn’t know how his father takes the news and how much this will be affect his health.

"I need a clear answer Arnav. Why did you do this". Abhi’s voice is stern and angry.

Arnav cleared his throat." Dad Aditya is after Khushi. that’s why......I...".he was cut by abhi.

"Do you even know about what you are saying chote. I know that you don’t like Aditya close to Khushi bitiya but this.....".Abhi shouted at him.

Arnav closed his eyes. "That’s the truth dad.  if you have any doubt you can ask Khushi. the day Aditya left from here, he tried himself on Khushi. that’s why he left". He opened his eyes and looked at the vulnerable form of his father.

Abhi stumbled in his steps making Arnav panic." Dad.."....He rushed to hold him. Arnav makes him sit on the bed and makes him drink water.

"Dad...are you okay.".Arnav asked worriedly.

"I’m fine chote. But how can I say this to Amar bhai. He just suffered a heart attack. He will be broken. I can’t risk his health". Abhi cried hugging Arnav.

Arnav’s eyes too turn moist. "That’s I didn’t mentioned about it earlier dad. I know how much amar uncle means to you".

Abhi looked at him suddenly worried." But chote Amar said he needs to meet Adi tomorrow itself. Otherwise he is filing a complaint".

Arnav sighed defeated." Don’t worry dad. I will free him tomorrow".

Abhi nodded. "I need to meet him before that chote. How dare he misbehave with Khushi bitiya". He said angrily." But soon his expression changed to concern. Chote what if he torture khushi bitiya".

Arnav smiled slightly holding his hand. "I will be there for Khushi dad. i won’t let him torture my Khushi once again".

Abhi just hugged him tightly feeling proud of his son.


Next morning

Arnav opened his sleepy eyes to the most beautiful sight in the world. Khushi is drying her hair. Her long wet hair enhance her natural beauty. In a trance he walked near her and hugged her suddenly from behind making her gasp out loud. She started to squirm in his hands.

" scared me.....leave me......maa ji will be waiting for me." she whispered feeling shy about their closeness.

Arnav didn’t hear anything. He rubbed his chin on her neck." Hmmmmmm."

Suddenly they were disturbed by a knock. Khushi pushed him suddenly and rushed to open the door.

Swetha stands there with a smile." Khushi bitiya some of our neighbours comes to meet you. come". She said.

Khushi nodded her head and followed swetha leaving arnav frustrated with the interruption.

At the breakfast table

Arnav is still in the grumpy mood. Moreover he didn’t get the chance to talk with Khushi. Swetha looked at his grumpy face and teased him." Kya hua chote. Are you upset about the morning".

Arnav and Khushi looked at her startled. While Abhi asked confused. "What about the morning."

Before Swetha speak Arnav intervenes suddenly." Nothing dad. just confused about the deal."

Abhi nodded him while Swetha suppressed her grin seeing a blushing Khushi and embarrassed Arnav.



Arnav walks in abhi’s cabin. "Dad I need to talk with you. i’m releasing aditya by today evening".

Abhi nodded." I need to meet him before that chote". He demanded sternly.

Arnav hesitated "Are you sure dad". but seeing the look on Abhi’s face he knows that his father is serious. He agreed and asks Abhi to come with him.

Arnav led abhi to their farmhouse.

Abhi walked near Aditya who is tied in a chair.

Aditya looked at abhi with hope." Chachaji see. Arnav is torturing me. please save me. I haven’t done any mistake". He pleaded him

Abhi looked at him angrily. "Shut up Adi. He is freeing you now just because of Amar bhai. How could you do this Adi. Have you ever thought about the respect of your father at least about his health. Bhai loves you very much. We can’t hurt him now. that’s the only reason to set you free. But don’t you dare to cross your paths with my bahu. Understand". He said in a warning tone

Aditya sighed defeated. He knows that now he is losing the battle. If his father knows this he won’t survive. He can never let that happen. So he just nodes his head. he needs a perfect time to strike. Till then he will be silent.


Arnav can’t concentrate on anything. Whenever he looks a file Khushi’s face comes in his mind. He closed his eyes in frustration. Dammit. What’s happening to me. i need to control myself. He muttered and concentrated on his work.

Suddenly his phone ringed with Khushi’s name. He lifts the call immediately. "Haa khushi.."

From the other side he heard the worried voice of Swetha. "Chote can you come to RK road".

Arnav gets worried." What happend mom. Is there any problem".

Swetha said." Nothing to worry Chote.  You just come here".

Arnav grabbed the keys and rushed to there. He knows that RK nagar road is a deserted one.

Only the visitors of the nearby temple goes there. That was also very less.

As he reached there he got panicked seeing the Khushi sat near their car with her elbow bleeding and Swetha is scolding the driver.

Arnav runs towards them." Kya hua Khushi". He cupped her cheek.

Khushi smiled at him. "Nothing Arnavji. I just fell down". She said.

Swetha scolded Khushi." You know Chote. Our car breakdown here. And I suggested to wait for you or some mechanic. But she said that the temple is near and we can walk, until then our car will be fixed. She didn’t want to disturb you. but as soon as we walked her sandal gets stuck with her saree and she fell down spraining her ankle. I’m not able to hold her as I’m little before her."

Arnav looked both of them sternly. From his face they knows that he is angry. He silently lifts khushi and walked to the car followed by swetha.



Jul 4

Chapter 19 : Breathless!!! (By Arshiangel10) (Thanked: 109 times)

Arnav makes Khushi sit on the front seat comfortably. All this while he didn’t even looked at her face. Khushi is all nervous about his reaction. She continued to look at his face hoping some reaction. But his expressionless face scared her more. He fastened the seat belt for her and comes to his seat.

Khushi looked at Swetha through the mirror feared. Swetha is equally clueless seeing Arnav’s reaction. But on seeing the firm expression on his face Swetha knows that he is controlling his rage. So she kept quiet, she don’t want to create a scene because of the famous anger of her son.

As they reached home Arnav once again lift Khushi in his arms and silently went to their room. Swetha sighed at his retreating figure. She just prayed that he won’t blast on Khushi. she can’t interfere between them as her chote never liked anyone interfere in his private matter. If she tried to support Khushi then the outcome will be worst. So she just stayed silent and enters the kitchen.

Arnav gently placed Khushi on the bed. He started to walk towards the washroom but Khushi held his hand. "Arnavji..main.".She started talking looking down.

Arnav clench his fist. "Don’t Khushi. Leave me alone now." He said sternly.

Khushi nodded her head in a no. "I’m sorry Arnavji". She whispered.

That’s it. Arnav couldn’t control his anger any more. He grabbed her shoulder harshly." Sorry. Do you even have any idea about the situation Khushi. at first both of you decided to goes to the deserted temple without informing me. on which guarantee you guys tried to walk towards the temple. There is no one around. Anything would have happend. Do you understand". He shouted at her.

Khushi nodded her head looking down. Arnav continued his scolding. "And you who told you to wear saree when you are not comfortable in it. Knowing about how clumsy you are. Still you......".He sighed.

He cupped her cheek." Khushi please don’t wear saree when you are not with me. If I’m with you I will never let you fall. But in my absence I can’t guarantee you that. for my sake. Till you are not fully comfortable with it don’t wear it. OK." He said calmly.

Khushi looked at the man infront of her with all the love. His care and love for her always left her speechless. Sometimes she even wonders that ‘is she worth his love’. She nodded her head promising him.

Arnav kissed her forehead lovely. He sat beside her and then lifts her feet and held it on his lap. Khushi feels shy and she tried to resist." Arnavji...what are you doing it will be fine after some time". But seeing the glare of him she kept quiet.

He caress her feet and then held it tight." It will pain a little." He whispered. Khushi nodded her head and closed her eyes tightly. Arnav twisted her angle making her scream and held his collar feeling pain. Arnav immediately hugged her. "’s ok jaan. It’s ok". He rubbed her back.

Khushi calmed down and tried to move her feet. She smiled broadly at him feeling no pain on her feet. Arnav feels his heart swelled in happiness seeing her smile.

He walked near the wardrobe and opens it. He sees that most of her dresses were saree, which was gifted by mom. Sighing he picked a salwar suit and handed it to her.

"We are going out. Be ready in 30 mins". He said seriously and walks out of the room without giving her any chance to protest.


Arnav held her hand in his and walked inside the mall. Through out the way Khushi is asking him about their plan. But he didn’t respond. But on seeing the mall Khushi understood his intentions.

Suddenly he feels Khushi’s grip on his hand tighten and she halt on her steps. He turned towards her confused and sees her looking at the escalator fearfully.

Arnav holds her cheek. "What happend Khushi. come". He said.

Khushi nodded her head negatively. " there any other way please..I’m scared of it.".

Arnav sighed. "No khushi. you don’t worry. I’m with you naa. I won’t let you fall". He said looking into her eyes promising.

"But Arnavji...".Khushi tried once again. " me.". Arnav cuts her in middle and led her towards the escalator. He can sense Khushi shivering.

 He pressed her hands. "Khushi relax. Now follow my instructions". He asked her to put her leg on the escalator matching with his. Khushi do as he say. The escalator starts moving." Just remind one thing Khushi, never touch the line. Ok". He said. As soon as they step out of it.

Khushi is still hugging him. Arnav shakes her little." Khushi, it’s over. Or do you want to hug me like this, I don’t have any problem". He teased her.

Khushi left him immediately and looked at him open mouthed seeing his wink. She feels something stir in her stomach. Seeing his face. Blood rushed to her cheek making it slightly turning to pink. Arnav chuckled at his shying angel. He kissed her forehead unable to control himself and enters the shop side hugging her.

Khushi looked at the shop in awe. All the dresses were unique and classy. She knows that they will be very costly, but she don’t want to object him. She knows that it will make him angry. So she silently stood beside him admiring the clothes.

Arnav instructed the sales girl. "Bring our latest collection of salwars, kurthis and jeans of her size". He pointed to Khushi.

Khushi whispered to him." Arnavji.. is this your shop. You asked her our designs." 

"Haa Khushi. it is one of the boutiques run by AR Designs". He said smiling. Khushi looked around the shop and admire their collections. The sales girl comes with a bundle of clothes. Arnav checked each of them personally. He don’t want Khushi to feel uncomfortable. He packed all that and started to walk out. Suddenly his eyes caught the Lehenga in front of him. It was designed by him for their previous fashion week.

The Lehenga is in golden colour and it adorned with the stones all over it in particular pattern. The red duppatta makes it complete. Suddenly he feels an urge to see Khushi in that. he ordered to take it out and then handed it to Khushi.

"Try this Khushi." He said huskily making her shiver. She just nodes her head and enters the trial room.

It’s already 15 minutes. Arnav feels restless. As soon as he was about to knock the door it opened from the other side taking his breath away. He looked at her without blinking his eyes.

Jul 12

Chapter 20 : Romance and Care (By Arshiangel10) (Thanked: 106 times)


The dress suits her perfectly as f it is made for her. she raised her lashes and looked at Arnav. She can see admiration and love in his eyes which makes her nervous. Khushi is extremely shy seeing the intense gaze of Arnav. She fidget with the duppatta to cover her waist properly.

Arnav looked at her top to bottom. She looks divine in this dress. His feet started moving towards her without his knowledge. Her heartbeats increased seeing his approach. She can feel her breaths getting heavy. Arnav stood in front of her.

"Khushi....".He called her huskily. Khushi feels something in her stomach. "Hmm.....". She managed to whisper.

Arnav cupped her cheeks. " You look deadly gorgeous Khushi.".he cupped and touched her forehead with his. Khushi feels that blood rushed through her cheeks. She is blushing like anything and closed her eyes when his forehead touches her.

Arnav get way and looked at her face, which is in a deep shade of red. He smirked seeing his blushing girl. He decides to tease her a bit. His hands travel the length of her hands making her shiver. Her breathing become heavy. Finally his hands touch either side of her bare waist, Khushi quickly hug him unable to bear this. Arnav chuckled and hugs her back.

"Go and change". He said withdrawing the hug. Khushi nodes her head and before he turns Arnav quickly kissed her cheek soundly. Her eyes turn wide and she feels the heat rise to her cheeks. She quickly runs to trial room to catch her breath making Arnav laugh.

Arnav took Khushi to the nearest cafe. He knows that she is tired from shopping. He ordered her favorite Italian delight ice cream with red velvet pastry. Khushi feels extremely happy seeing her favorites and started attacking. Arnav looked at her amused seeing her expressions while ravishing her favorite desert.

After some time Arnav cleared his throat. "Khushi I need to tell you something". He said.

Khushi looked at him confused but seeing his serious expression she knows that the matter is something serious. "What is it Arnavji". She asked worriedly.

Arnav holds her hand in his. "Khushi i released aditya from my custody. Now he is free". Khushi looked at him wide eyed. She feels an unknown terror runs through her veins by the mention of him. Arnav immediately calmed her down.

 "You don’t need to worry about him jaan. I won’t let him near you. you are my life and i will protect you till my last breath". He said determinedly looking her eyes. Khushi was also lost in his eyes which showed immense love and protectiveness for her.

She replied back." I trust you arnavji......".And smiled at him.



At night

Arnav wakesup from his sleep sensing constant movement beside him. He turns the otherside to see khushi holding her stomach and lying like a ball. He immedietly turns the lights on a sees that her face reflects immense pain.

"Kya hua khushi..".  He touched her cheeks and checked her temperature.

"Nothing Arnavji.......I’m fine". She whispered. But he very well knows the pain in her voice.

Arnav gently pulled her up hugged her close. "What is it Khushi....".he asked cupping her cheek with a worried expression.

Khushi stammered..".Wo.....I...."..suddenly she holds her stomach as one more wave of pain passed through it.

Arnav gets extremely worried. But suddenly it clicked his mind. "Khushi are you on your cycles". He asked.

Her face turns red with embarra****t. She just managed to nod her head.

Arnav sighed and kissed her forehead. "Just a minute". He whispered and hurried down the bed while Khushi once again crumbled like a ball.

Arnav quickly returns with a hot bag. "Khushi this will reduce your pain". He whispered.

He makes her head rest on his chest and held the bag on her stomach. His other hand caressed her back lulling her to sleep.

Khushi smiled feeling her pain reducing and closed her eyes. Arnav kissed her forehead the slept hugging her close to him.

Khushi feels something heavy on her stomach. She frowned her brows and opened her eyes. As she opens her eyes she sees that Arnav’s face is really close to her. everything about yesterday night comes back to her memory. She looked down and sees that Arnav still holds the bag on her stomach.

She smiled feeling his care. She can see immense love in his each and every action. And she can’t deny that she too feels something for him. Even if she can’t define if it is love, she can never neglect that she is attracted to him. She gently comes out of his hold without disturbing his sleep and rushed to washroom.

Arnav opened his eyes missing the warmth of her. he looked around to find her drying her hair. She smiled at him and wished. "Good morning Arnavji...".

Arnav smiled at her but then his face changed to worry. "Are you OK Khushi. do you feel any pain".

Khushi blushed deep and said in a low voice." No I’m fine. I only feel pain in the first night of it".

Arnav nodded understanding. "But that doesn’t mean that you are fine. You should take rest today understand". He said with a stern voice.

"But Arnavji.....I’m perfectly fine". She tried once again.

But Arnav never let her finish her words. "No means no. If you continue to request then I won’t let you step out of the room". He said in a no nonsense tone and stormed to the washroom passing her.

Khushi looked at his retreating figure open mouthed. Then a faint smile appeared on her face seeing his care.

Aug 31

Chapter 21: In Love with Him........ (By Arshiangel10) (Thanked: 56 times)

hiii guys I started to write my stories after a month. The flood was really terrifying so I was not able to update. my family members was ill because of the climate and flood. thank you for all you supports, especially @Londoner, @Noordina, @Isabellaalln2018 and @Sania Rameez. Thank you so much for your prayers guyzz.

Khushi looked at her reflection in the mirror wiping her hairs. It’s been two months that they got married. Many things got changed in these two months. Now she too feels for Arnav, but still she hesitate to says it loud. She knows that he loves her more than anything and sometimes he embarrass the hell out of her because of his public display of love.

A tinge of blush spread to her cheeks thinking about him. When it comes to her, he never think about his image nor his fame. She still remembers his care and concern when she gets injured.



It was one month ago.

Arnav was working in his cabin. Suddenly his phone ringed with Khushi’s name.'' Haa khushi''. He pickup the phone smiling.

But from the other side he heard the worried sound of Pooja. Khushi’s best friend.'' Arnavji can you come to city hospital. Khushi’s feet got injured.''

Arnav left to the hospital immediately. He needs to see his Khushi immediately. Even though Pooja informed that there is nothing serious he needs to ensure it by himself.

He rushed towards the causality. Khushi was lying on the bed. Her brows frowned indicating that she is in pain. Pooja stood up seeing him and walks out of the room giving them space. Arnav walked near Khushi. he caressed her forehead which makes her to open her eyes.

She smiled at him slowly seeing his worried face. ''I’m fine Arnavji''. she assured.

Arnav sat beside her holding her hand. ''what happend in college.'' He asked

Khushi stuttered ''Woh the glass slipped from my hand and falls on my feet''. She said looking down.

Arnav frowned. ''But you have your shoes naa. Then how''.

''Woh I just removed my shoes then..''.Khushi said quickly closing her eyes. She is afraid of his wrath.

Arnav sighed hardly. ''What can I do with you khushi''. He mumbled.

He walked out of the room immediately making Khushi open her eyes. She knows that he went to meet the doctor.

Doctor suggested a complete bed rest for one week making Khushi pout and Arnav glare at her. after doctor left he silently picked her in his arms.

In the whole journey he didn’t say a word and whenever khushi opens her mouth his glare shuts her up.

The whole family was really worried seeing her feet. Swetha helps her to change her dress. But the fact which upset her was the silence of Arnav. It was during night when he finally comes to their room with her food.

He didn’t even looked at her while sitting beside her and extending one morsel. Khushi holds his hand with teary eyes. ''Are you angry on me Arnavji..''.She asked slowly.

Arnav give her a long look. ''What will I do then khushi. why can’t you be careful. How can you behave this much careless''.

''I’m sorry Arnavji. I never thought that the glass will fall on my foot. I’m sorry Arnavji...please talk to me.''. Tears starts to roll down from her eyes.

Arnav wipes her tears and hugs her tightly.''.sshh...I’m not angry now. but please take care of your self..............for me..''.He added later.

Khushi smiled in his embrace and hugs him back.

End of flashback


Khushi blushed remembering the events. He didn’t let her stand on her feet for the whole week. He carried her in his arms wherever she wants to go. She feels really shy because of him and the teasing looks of the family.

Suddenly her eyes brimmed with tears remembering his care. She smiled through her tears. No one other than him loved her to this extend. He was with her when her own family hates her. she too started to feel for him.

His care and affection makes her heart crave more for it. A shiver runs to her spine thinking about his romantic nature. Even Without her confession his each action is now making her heartbeat rise. She don’t know what will be her poor heart’s condition when they actually starts a love life. her face urn crimson red thinking about it.

Arnav walks into the room and see his wife standing in front of the mirror and lost in thoughts. Khushi he called her and walked near her.

Khushi comes out of her dreamland and looked at him shockingly. ''What happend khushi.''.He cupped her cheek.

She immediately hugs him before he notice her blushing face.'' Nothing Arnavji...just thinking about some random things''. She whispered on his chest.

Arnav sighed in relief and hugs her close to his heart. He kissed her hair and patted her back.

Khushi closed her eyes feeling content. ''I love you Arnavji...''.She said in her mind.

Sep 5

Chapter 22 : Her Confession (By Arshiangel10) (Thanked: 89 times)

Next Day

Swetha looks at a happy Khushi running here and there. She was busy talking to someone on her phone.

"Haan..Pooja..I need that cake. After receiving the cake you come here directly, we need to do the remaining decorations OK". She said in a single breath and sat on the sofa exhausted.

Swetha walked near her. "what happend beta. You seems really tired". She said caressing Khushi’s head.

Khushi smiled at her. "woh..Maa tomorrow is Arnavji’s birthday so i just thought to surprise him".

Swetha looked at her confused. "But his birthday is tomorrow right. We usually celebrate at tomorrow night haina. Then why are you panicking".

Khushi looked down at her fingers. She is feeling extremely shy. "Woh..maa..I..I thought to give him a surprise at midnight". She said stammering.

Swetha laughed at her expression. "Arrey why are you scared. I will be angry on you, if you doesn’t plan any surprise for him". She joked. Khushi suddenly hugged her feeling emotional.

"I always craved for a mother’s love maa. And now devi mayya fulfilled my wish by sending you to my life". she said with moist eyes. Swetha caressed her back consoling her.

Anjali looked at the scene. Now a days she too feels some soft corner for Khushi. the happy face of her brother when he is with Khushi gives her answers to her questions. And now she can say that Khushi is not doing any drama, she really care for them. But she never voiced about her changed decision.

Even though she changed her opinion about Khushi that doesn’t mean that she gets friendly with her. there is a long way for that. right now she don’t have any grudges with Khushi and she is happy with the progress. But she needs time to accept Khushi as a friend or as a sister in her life.


Arnav comes in the night tired. He feels exhausted with the continuous meetings. After dinner he left to his room with a quick gud night to every one followed by Khushi.

"What happend Arnavji". khushi asked concerned.

Arnav sighed. "Nothing khushi. just tired of the meetings". He laid on the bed.

Khushi went to sat near him, suddenly Arnav put his head on her lap and closed his eyes. For some moments Khushi got shocked, then she smiled and caressed his head. he falls asleep.

Khushi looked at his sleeping face. She sat there admiring him. After some time she make him lay down comfortably on the bed and went to the poolside.

Arnav feels someone caressing his cheek. He opened his sleepy eyes to see a smiling khushi infront of him. "Kya hai khushi". he asked.

"Arnavji can you come with me". she cupped his cheek.

Arnav frowned his brows and looked at the time, it’s getting 12 now. He looked at her. "At this time where are we going Khushi". he asked confused.

"Please Arnavji.".She pleaded. Arnav sighed and gets up. She led him to the poolside. Arnav got shocked seeing it. The entire poolside was decorated with lights and flowers.

His favourite chocolate cake was there in a beautifully decorated bench.

"Happy birthday Arnavji.".Khushi screamed from behind. Arnav turns and hug her tightly smiling to himself. "Thank you so much Khushi. I’m really surprised".

Come cut the cake. Khushi drags him and make him cut the cake. After feeding each other Khushi asked him. "Arnavji can you close your eyes".

" more surprise...I’m impressed." He said and closed his eyes. Khushi took a deep breath and closed her eyes tightly. "I love you Arnavji.".she kissed his cheek.

Arnav opened his eyes wide. He stood there with open mouth, while Khushi feels her heart will explode in tension. She took a deep breath and slowly opened her eyes to see a shocked Arnav. "Arnavji..woh..main.".she stammered. 

Hearing her voice Arnav comes out of his dreamland. "You really loves me?". He asked confused. Khushi managed to node her head while she turn red with shyness.

Suddenly Arnav lifts her and twirls her around, making her shriek..his face lit up with a broad smle. He makes her stand on her feet and hugs her tightly. "This is the best birthday gift i have ever got khushi. I love you jaan..".He said.

Khushi is blushing furiously. Arnav withdraws from the hug and looked at her. she looks like a red apple. Her eye lashes were downcast and her lips were trembling. Her breath is uneven. And she looks enchanting. Arnav felt an urge to kiss her.

 He slowly bent his head and looked into her eyes seeking permission. In return she just closed her eyes. Arnav placed his lips on her. Khushi feels like an electric current passed through her body and her knees getting weak. For support she clutched Arnav’s collar tightly.

Knowing she is inexperienced Arnav took the lead of the kiss. He kissed her till she feels short for breath. He slowly stopped the kiss and hugs her close to his heart. Khushi hides her face in his chest as she feels shy to face him. 

Arnav chuckled understanding her intentions and he tightens his hold on her. "I love you jaan". He whispered once again with a satisfactory smile and dropped a kiss on her forehead. Both of them stood there in each others embrace thanking the almighty for this day in their life.


Oct 12

Chapter 23 : Enjoying the love!!!! (By Arshiangel10) (Thanked: 77 times)

Next day

Sun rays falls into his face making him frown. He opened his eyes slowly and see khushi who lying beside him with a pout. He chuckled and put his hand before her eyes. khushi’s face relaxed.

Suddenly his mind comes up with a naughty idea. He withdraws his hand making her pout again because of the  irritating sun rays. Controlling his laugh he starts playing like that. but he couldn’t hold it more as khushi opened her eyes irritated with his play.

She looked at him accusingly making him laugh." Why are you angry jaan..".he pinched her cheek and teased.

Khushi removed his hand from her cheek and turned away angrily. Arnav hugged her from behind making her shy.

"Oh...just before you looked like an angry cat......but now you look like my blushing kitten.....hmmm....not bad.".he teased her nuzzling his nose on her neck.

"Arnavji..."..she whined and quickly withdraws from his hold and rushed into the washroom making him amused. 


Swetha looked at her lovely son descending the stairs. Arnav took her blessings.

"Happy birthday beta.". Swetha kissed his forehead.

"It was indeed my best birthday maa". He said eyeing to khushi’s lips. Khushi looked at him wide eyed while her face turned crimson.

Swetha followed his look and finds khushi. she understand that it has something to do with khushi. so she decided to tease them a bit.

"But why chote". She asked faking innocent. Arnav understood his mother’s drama and he decided to play along. "Because khushi had given me the most valuable gift I had ever got until now". he said with a smirk.

Khushi gasped hearing his reply. She knows that both mom and son was teasing her." I’m feeling really thirsty". She rushed to the kitchen making both of them laugh.

Abhi walked into the living room just then. After Arnav took his blessings he hugged him tightly. "Happy birthday my boy. May you get valuable gift from others also" he winked.

Arnav smiled embarrassingly. Khushi comes there. "Thank god you are here papa. Here both mother and son is making fun of me". she complained like a child making them giggle.

"Arrey let me see. Who is mocking my bitiya." He caressed her hair.

Khushi smiled at him and turned to Arnav with full attitude. Arnav just smirked at her.

Abhi turned to Arnav. "Chote don’t forget about the party".

Arnav rolled his eyes. "dad you know that i hate such parties. I’m not a child to do the party and celebrate birthday."

"But you can never escape from this chote.  Anjali already invited her friends. If you cancel it now you need to hear a lot from her."

Arnav sighed. It’s impossible to argue them .

At night

Arnav walked into his room dragging khushi along with him." Arnavji......what are you doing i need to check the arrangements once again. ......."

"Sshhhhh...".he closed her mouth. Khushi looked into his eyes and got lost. Seeing her lost state Arnav walked to the bed and comeback with a packet.

"I was been waiting for you since the past one hour khushi". he place the gift on her hand. "will you please wear it for tonight".

Khushi nodded her head blushing and runs to washroom. She opened the packet to see a beautiful red saree embroidered by stone. Smiled and hugs the saree close to her heart." I love you Arnavji". she whispered.

Arnav walked inside the room to call khushi. but he feels his breath stuck on his throat seeing the vision in front of him. Khushi is brushing her hair in front of the mirror. the red saree fitted her body perfectly and it add a glow to her creamy skin. He feel that she is the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. 

He walked near her in a trance. Khushi looked at the mirror to see him coming towards her. she too was lost on him. Arnav stood just beside her. his breath was fanning on her neck making her shiver.

He gently hold her shoulder and kissed her neck. Khushi closed her eyes feeling the sensation. His hands travelled to her bare waist. As he started drawing patterns on her navel khushi gasped feeling her trembling form. She immediately turned around and hugged him tightly unable to bear it.

Arnav comes out of his trance. He too hugged her back with a smile." Come jaan......let’s go downstairs. Everyone is waiting for us". khushi smiled at his understanding and both of them comes downstairs for the party. 

The party was on full swing. Everyone congratulated Arnav for both his birthday and marriage. Khushi looked around the hall with a smile. She liked this party very much. Everyone is really enjoying their selves. Arnav always dragged her with him wherever he goes. She giggled at his desperate form to spend some quality time with her.

Suddenly his expression changed seeing Amar coming with Aditya. Aditya have a crooked grin on his face. He clench his first and hold khushi’s hand tightly. Khushi too followed his look and got shocked seeing aditya. But she calmed herself knowing that she has her Arnavji beside her.

Amar comes to Arnav and hugs him tightly. Happy birthday beta. Arnav and Khushi forced a smile. He blessed Khushi also. Stay happy beta.

Aditya comes near Arnav.."..I wish that you guys will have a lot of memories today...".he said smiling. Arnav nodes his head seeing amar smiling at aditya’s words.  He don’t want to create a scene.

Aditya moves away not before giving a long stare to khushi and she inched closer to Arnav.

Aditya gulped a drink. He pressed the glass tightly seeing a smiling Arnav and blushing khushi. "Smile as much as you want khushi. this will be your last birthday with him...."...he breaks the glass as his hand starts bleeding and he looked at them with envy.


I changed my decision to end the story. I just want to write more about them. So I feel like to continue the story. 

Nov 10

Chapter 24: Broken Soul (By Arshiangel10) (Thanked: 67 times)

6 months later

Swetha stands before the idol and folded her hands. "You know me better than anyone. Then why did you do this to us. My children didn’t do any wrong to any one. first you take my Arnav from me. now you are trying to take khushi also. Why..."she cried falling on her knees.

"Swetha..".abhi exclaimed and rushed to her. he hugs her tightly. Swetha breakdown on his shoulder. "Kyun abhiji...what wrong we did." She wailed.

Abhi rubbed her back consoling her where his own tears running down.

Finally abhi gets a grip on himself." Swetha please don’t cry. You know about khushi naa. She didn’t cope up with the news yet. She still believes that our chote is living somewhere. Please don’t cry. May be she is saying right". He tried to calm her down. Finally it worked as swetha calmed down.

She wiped her tears." Khushi refused to eat even now. last week she collapsed and it was really hard to save her. doctors said that..if she continue like this...we...we......may lo..loss her also." Her voice cracked.

Abhi sushed her. "sshhh..nothing like that will happen. Come let’s try once again". He helped her to stand and both of walked to khushi with food.

They knocked and opened the door. Their eyes turn moist looking at the figure of khushi. she becomes so thin that even her bones were started to show. There were dark circles under her eyes. she is getting paler day by day.

"Beta" abhi called her. khushi turned towards them and looked at them with her lifeless eyes.

"Beta please eat something". Khushi shakes her head in denial. There was no expression in her face scaring them.

Abhi walked near her and makes her sit on the recliner. He caressed her cheeks gently. "Do you want to hurt Arnav beta". He asked. Khushi looked at him blankly unable to understand anything.

Abhi sighed. "Beta you believes that your Arnav will come back right." Khushi nodded her head slowly. "look at yourself beta. What will he think when he see you like that. beta he will be worried and blames himself. You should eat something beta. If not for you, just for him. Hmm.".he tried to make her understand.

After few minutes she nodded her head slowly. swetha was all this while trying hard to control her tears. Abhi sighed in relief while swetha starts to feed her slowly.

After finishing the meal swetha kissed her forehead and walks out unable to control herself followed by abhi.

Khushi slowly walked near the door and closed it. Then she looked at her reflection on the mirror. She looks like a zombie. She touched her mangalsutra as tears flows from her eyes.

"Where are you Arnavji.....please come back..."she whispered brokenly. She looked at his photo with accusing eyes. "how much I requested you to stay back. Please don’t go there. But no you don’t care.....what about our dreams.......your promises can you go just like that...."she shouted at his pic and wailed loudly.

Aditya who just passed there heared her screams and cries. "Tsk..tsk..Arnav Singh Raizada may your soul rest in peace". He smirked.

At evening

Khushi was just laying on swetha’s lap staring the ceiling. Abhi just entered then with a rigid expression.

"We need to go police station they got some clue about Arnav’s case." He said.

Khushi become stiffen all of a sudden. Swetha controlled her tears. Come beta.

Khushi shakes her head as no. "I won’t come. That’s not my Arnavji. he is alive." She said hiding her face in swetha’s lap. "But beta..".

"Please maa.".tears starts to fall from her eyes. swetha eyed abhi to not to force her. he sighed and left.

Swetha kissed khushi’s forehead. "Take care beta.we will return soon. I’m sure that they are calling us to give good news". She tried to console herself rather than khushi. before walking out of the room.

As they left khushi too walked down their stairs. As she neared the mandir she became stiff and looked at her DM statue with accusing eyes. everything is suffocating here without Arnav.

Suddenly she heard someone laughing beside her. she tilted her head to see Aditya. Her whole body churns with hatred and disgust.

Aditya laughed once again and said." So you are still mourning over his death. So sad....look at your self looks more like a dead body now. even I don’t want you like this" he said creepily.

Khushi tightened her fist angrily hearing him. Now she is not afraid of him. After losing Arnav she doesn’t care about anything.

"Easy tigress.".he said eyeing her tightened fist." SHUT UP "Khushi yelled for the first time after six months.

"My Arnavji is alive and he will comeback for sure. And that day will be the end of yours".she screamed.

Aditya chuckled." What a joke khushi. ok let me tell you one was me who killed your Arnav..".he said with smirk.

Khushi’s eyes widen in shock. "".she whispered.

"Yes khushi.....he is no more..".he shouted.

Khushi feels the ground beneath her crumbled." No.".she shaked her head frantically not accepting the news. She needs to gets out of here. she needs to see maa...she need some hope from them. She runs to the main door and opened it running outside.

As she stepped outside she feels dizzy and and about to fall. Suddenly one pair of familiar arms prevent her from falling."Arnavji.".she whispered before losing her consciousness and aditya looked at the scene wide eyed.

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