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May 20

Chapter Seven : Anger or Blush (By Arshiangel10) (Thanked: 78 times)

Subhadra enters the hall and looks at them angrily. She never likes Khushi. According to her the middle class girls will trap the rich boys and makes them separate from their parents. She is afraid that Khushi will also snatch Arnav likes them.

"Is this the time for coming to work". Subhadra said angrily. Khushi began to tremble in fear watching her angry face.

Arnav just rolled his eyes. "She was with me dadi. Do you have any problem". He asked sarcastically.

"Chote . Is this the way to talk to elders. Don’t know how much magic this girl done to you". She eyes Khushi with disgust.

Khushi looked down on the floor as her eyes brimmed with tears.

"Please stop dadi. Khushi has nothing to do with my words. Why don’t you just leave her alone. What crime she has done to you that you are behaving this way with her". Arnav said frustrated.

Dadi looked at him tongue tied. She can’t believe that Arnav speak this way to her because of that girl. Before she retort Arnav left from there dragging Khushi along with him.

Aditya watched the entire conversation. He comes near dadi.

"You are right dadi. Bhai is totally smitten by this girl we need to do something". He said looking at subhadra.

Subhadra nodes her head. A cunning smile appeared in aditya’s face. "You don’t worry dadi. I will look after this matter".Dadi looks at him confused.

Khushi enters the kitchen and started washing the dishes.Her hands were shaking even now. She don’t know why dadi is hating her this much. She haven’t done any wrong anyone. Because of her thoughts she didn’t realize that Arnav is now standing beside her.

"Khushi ".Arnav called touching her shoulder.

She jumped in fear. And looks at him startled. Seeing it was Arnav her heart starts to calm down.arnav looks at her amused. "Why are you reacting this way Khushi".

"Nothing you scared the hell out of me".She said flaring her nose.

"But Khushi I feel that you are scared of me". Arnav said with a lopsided smirk. He loves to tease her.

"What. Why would I be". She retorted back angrily.

"I have seen your cheeks turn red many times while talking to me. I thought that it was because of fear. If it is not fear then what was that Khushi". He asked with innocent expression.

Khushi looked at him open mouth. How can she says that that is because of her shyness. She looked here and there unable to answer him. Arnav bites inside his cheek to control the laugh.he is enjoying her nervousness.

"Then what Khushi". He asked once again.

"Wo...wo..because of ..because of anger". She said in a single breath.

"Anger? Why are you angry with me Khushi. I haven’t done any wrong to you till now". He asked mischievously coming close to her.

Khushi steps back until her back touches the kitchen slap. "Wo..I..I..".

"I what Khushi" . Arnav said coming closer to her. Khushi is hell nervous because of their closeness and she can feel her hands tremble and she is breathing heavily.

Arnav smiled seeing his effect on her and raise his hand to touch her cheeks. Khushi closed her eyes seeing that. But before he touch her Swetha's voice interrupt them." Khushi Bitiya"..she calls while walking towards kitchen.

"Jii aunty coming."..Khushi yelled back and runs out of the kitchen pushing Arnav away.

Arnav chuckled seeing her retreating figure.

May 24

Chapter Eight: Bhabhi!!! (By Arshiangel10) (Thanked: 73 times)

Arnav was busy reading his files in his cabin. Aman knocked the door. "Sir Akash sir comes to meet you". Arnav’s face lit up with a huge smile .He follws aman to the corridor and suddenly engulfed in a tight hug. 

"I missed you buddy". Akash squealed in happiness.

 Arnav hugged him back. "But I didn’t missed you at all Akash"

 "Bhai". Akash whined and stepped away from him pouted. Arnav laughed at his expression later Akash too join him in the laugh.

Both of them sat in the cabin catching up.

"Bhai Aditya too comes with dadi isn’t it". Akash asked with worry.

"Haa Akash. I’m really worried about that. I can’t stay with Khushi all the time. What if he tries to misbehave with her". Arnav said all tensed about the safety of Khushi.

"Ohh so you are worried about bhabhi right. Don’t worry I will be there with her when you are not around". Akash said teasingly.

Arnav looked at him open mouth. Akash smiled seeing his expression." What?  In future she will be my bhabhi right. I know everything bhai". Akash winks at him.

Arnav shook his head. "It’s impossible to talk to you Akash".

Akash laughs at the flushed face of Arnav.

Aditya stood at the doorstep of Anjali’s room. I need to convince her. He said mentally and change his expression into a sad one.

"May I come in di ". He knocked the door.

"Arrey Adi come inside". Anjali smiled at him. But her smile dropped soon seeing his gloomy face. "What happend Adi". She asked worriedly.

Aditya walked inside dejectedly. "What to do di in this house servants held power rather than the owners".

Anjali didn’t get what he is saying. But somehow she feels that it is about Khushi. "what are you sating Adi" . She asked him confusedly.

Adi said acting hurt. "Khushi refused to serve me tea di. And you know how much bhai shouted on dadi for scolding Khushi. Poor dadi she feels insulted and cried a lot". Aditya said faking tears.

Anjali’s blood boiled in anger. "You can go to your room adi. Khushi will be there within ten minutes".

Aditya gives her an innocent look and goes to his room with a cunning smile.

Anjali storms towards the kitchen and yelled for Khushi. Khushi who was washing the dishes got startled. She looked at her fearfully.

"Why didn’t you serve tea to Adi. If Arnav and Maa supports you that doesn’t mean you can disobey our orders". Anjali shouted at her.

Khushi shivered and said" Nahin maam wo main.."

Anjali cuts her." I don’t want to hear anything. Arnav and maa is not in the house. So don’t bother to give fake excuses. I want you to give him tea within 10 minutes".

"But maam" Khushi started telling again.

Anjali got angry. "I don’t want to hear anything. Do as I say". She yelled once again. Khushi walks towards the stove in trembling steps.


Khushi knocked the door of Aditya fearfully.

"Arrey why are you standing there come inside". Aditya said to her with a wicked smile. Khushi steps inside with slow steps. Her hands and legs were shaking.

 "Place the tea on the table there". Aditya said pointing the table. Khushi nodded feebly and quickly placed the tea there.

When she turns she collided with aditya’s chest. She gasped in horror and immediately steps back. She looked at the locked door and her insides churned with fear.

"Why are you afraid of me". Aditya gives her a crooked smile and tries to touch her cheek.

Khushi immediately steps back and her eyes filled with tears. She starts praying for Arnav to come soon.


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May 27

Chapter Nine (By Arshiangel10) (Thanked: 83 times)

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He hold her hand." Hey why are you scared". He said mocking.

Khushi began to struggle." Leave me ...". She cried feeling helpless." Leave me please...." She tried to free from his grip.He hold her hand so tightly that it's paining like hell.

"What is this Khushi. When Arnav hold your hand you was happy. But when I am holding the same why are you struggling". He said acting like crying.And laughs at her futile attempts to free herself.

She don’t know what to do." I will tell Arnavji". She said as her last ray of hope.

"Oh my GOD....I’m scared please save me..". Aditya mocked her and started laughing. No one can save you from me Khushi.

He pulled her towards him forcefully and started misbehaving with her. Khushi began to shout feeling miserable. He tore her sleeves and she screamed even more. She start to hit him using her fists. But Aditya seems unaffected by all this.

"Scream as much as you want Khushi you cant escape from now". He tries to hug her. Khushi tries to push him using all her strength. Suddenly the there is a loud bang on the door. Seeing his distraction Khushi pushed him with all her strength. Aditya groans and heads to open the door.


Arnav was feeling uneasy while in the office. He is feeling like Khushi is in some "kind of trouble. He dialed the number of home but no one picked the call. This increased his worry. He quickly dialed for Aman. "Aman cancel my next appointment I will be back after 2 hours". He said and left his cabin in a hurry.

Aditya open the door frustrated to find a furious Anjali. Anjali was literally shocked to find the scene in front of her. Khushi was crying miserably and her sleeves were torn. She was crying looking at the floor trying to cover her with duppatta. She gives a deathly glare to Aditya." Khushi you can go now". She said calmly. Khushi walks towards the door with shaking steps. Once she steps out of it she runs to the terrace. She can’t hold the pain anymore.

Once Khushi goes out Anjali slaps Aditya tightly." What the hell was that Adi. How could you stoop so low". She yelled at him.

Aditya’s cheek turn red because of the slap. He looked at Anjali angrily. "Don’t you hate her Di. Then why are you reacting this way". He shouted back.

Anjali looked at him with disgust." Yes I hate her. But that doesn’t mean I should support you. You were trying to force her dammit". She yelled at him once again.

"I don’t want you to repeat the same Adi. If Chote knows this I don’t know what he will do with you. If you ever repeat this you will see my worst side Adi". Anjali warned him once again and left the room.

Aditya bangs his fist in the wall. He was frustrated with the turn of events. Now it’s clear that Anjali won’t help him ever again. He runs his hand through the hairs to control his rage.

Arnav rushed to the kitchen to see Khushi as soon as he enters the house. But she is not there. Where is she. He mumbled looking around. May be in my room. He rushed to his room only to get disappointed seeing it empty." Khushi.".he called out loud. No answer. Now that's worried him more. Suddenly his heart felt an urge to go to the terrace. He quickly runs to it taking two steps at a time. 

There she stand at the edge of the terrace looking at the sky. He let out the breath that he was holding don't know how long.

Khushi is unaware about Arnav's arrival. she is totally shaken by today's events. She can't imagine what would be happen to her if Anjali didn't come at the right time. She is just fed up of her life. Now she needs an escape from all her problems.

"Why didn't you take me with you maa"....she looked at the sky with teary eyes. 

"Khushii" Arnav whispered.

She turns and looks at him with painful eyes, which skipped his heartbeat. 

He took fast steps towards her and touched her cheek concernedly .

"Khushi...what happend....why are you crying....".

She launched herself in his arms and cried harder. 

"Khushi.....sshh.....please stop look at me please...".She raised her head and looks at him.

He wipes her tears with his thumb.That's when he realised her torn sleeves and nailmarks on her skin.He fist his palm and gritted his teeth.

"WHO" He asked in a shaky breath. She cried harder remembering everything.He hugged her tightly 

"sshh....don't cry baby.......MAIN HOON NAA......I will protect you.......please stop crying jaan...."He rubbed her back to sooth her....

May 29

Chapter Ten : Teaching a lesson to Aditya (By Arshiangel10) (Thanked: 92 times)

After some time khushi’s crying subsided. She realized their position and slowly withdraws from the hug.

Arnav cupped her face. Khushi looked at him with teary eyes. His heart pained seeing the painful face of his love. He wiped her tears gently. " Who did this Khushi". He asked once again. He will kill him for doing this to his Khushi.

Khushi looked down crying. Arnav lifts her chin." Don’t even try to hide this Khushi". He said determinedly.

"Aditya sir". Khushi whispered looking down. She is afraid of Arnav’s reaction.

"How dare he". Arnav gritted his teeth and started to goes towards Aditya’s room. But Khushi hold his hand.

"Arnavji please. Don’t fight with him for me. He is your brother. I don’t want to be a reason for fight in this family". She said pleading.

Arnav looked at her shockingly. ""How could you Khushi. Sorry to disappoint you but I won’t stay quiet". He said gritting his teeth. And before Khushi could protest he stormed to Aditya’s room.

"ADITYAAA ".The loud roar of Arnav echoed the room. Aditya who was lying in the bed suddenly stood to face Arnav who looks like a raging volcano.

Before he could open his mouth a strong punch land on his face. His mouth started bleeding with the effect of the punch. He once again tried to speak. This time Arnav grabbed his collar. "How dare you. Tumhari himmat kaise hui uske saath misbehave karna ki". He slapped him once again. Aditya falls on the ground.

Arnav picked him up by his shirt and said in a dangerous tone. "I don’t want to see you in the house again. It will be better if you leave by your own by making excuses. Because I won’t think twice to throw you out".

Aditya looked at him shocked. "Why the hell that mere maid get these priority". He yelled at Arnav.

"Because I love her". Arnav shouted equally. Aditya wides his eyes in shock. "For me she is important. It will be better if you don’t cross your path with her". Arnav warned him and throw him back to the ground and get up.

"I’m giving you 2 hrs to leave this house. Before mom and dad arrives you should be left".

"What will you do if I don’t". Aditya scowled back.

Arnav gives him a mocking smile. " Did you forget you secrets Aditya". Aditya looked at him stunned. Arnav continued " I have evidences about all your nasty activities. It will be better for you if you obey my words. Otherwise your truth will be revealed in front of all". Saying this Arnav walked out of the room leaving a fuming Aditya behind.

 Aditya clenched his fist." You will regret this Arnav. And Khushi your countdown starts now. you will know who Aditya is". He cursed under his breath.

Khushi was still standing in the terrace. she is afraid of Arnav's reaction. She knows that how much uncle and aunty will be broken if they learn this. She don't want to hurt them. They are the people who loved her when her own family hates her. She  was deeply engrossed in her thoughts that she didn't realize Arnav's presence behind her.

Arnav looked at the lost form of Khushi. His heart pained to see her like that. He hold her hand. 

Khushi who was lost in her thoughts immediately jerked back. She relaxed realizing it was Arnav.

Arnav cursed Aditya even more. He gently hold her hand. "You need to get changed Khushi". He said slowly.

That's when Khushi remembered that her sleeves were torn but she doesn't have any spare clothes. She nervously looked down and tried to cover herself in a shall.

Arnav understand her situation." You don't need to worry about that Khushi. Come with me". He drags Khushi to his room. 

Once he enters the room. He immediately went to the shelf and took out a new packet. 

"Here change to this". He gives the dark blue saree to Khushi. He had designed that for her as a gift when he proposes her but. He sighed and gesture Khushi to take the saree.

Khushi took the saree reluctantly because she don't have any other option and walked towards the washroom to get changed.

Jun 2

Chapter Eleven: Trouble!!! (By Arshiangel10) (Thanked: 65 times)

Arnav was waiting for Khushi eagerly. It’s been more than fifteen minutes she is in the washroom. He is afraid about her. He knows that whatever she experienced today will be very difficult for her. For Khushi her dignity is the most valuable thing. He cursed Aditya one more time. That's when he heard the sound of the door open. He turned towards the door.

"Are you ok khu....."..His breath got stucked in the sight in front of him. The blue saree looks perfectly on her. It enhance the beauty of her. The silver border of the saree sparkled in the light. She looked like an angel.

 Khushi is unaware about the thoughts in Arnav’s mind. She looked at him confused seeing his lost state. She checked her saree thinking there was something on it that’s why he is lost. She again looks him. This time she called him. "Arnavji.."

Arnav got startled." Haa Khushi bolo". He said calming himself.

"What happend Arnavji why are you lost". She asked confusedly.

Arnav don’t know what to reply. How can he say he was lost in her. "Nothing Khushi. Just some random things". he said.

Khushi is not satisfied with his answer. But she let it go. She is really tired about today’s turn of events. All she need is to get some sleep. She badly needs that." Arnavji can I go home..".She asked hesitantly.

Arnav immediately reached beside her." What happend Khushi are you feeling unwell". He asked holding her hand while his other hand checked her temperature.

"Nothing Arnavji wo I need some sleep. So that I can forget everything". Khushi replied him looking down with her eyes brimmed with tears.

"’s OK don’t cry..sshh.". Arnav wiped her tears. "Come I will drop you".

Before Khushi could protest he said." No more arguments Khushi. Come with me". Khushi just nodes her head and followed him.

Swetha comes back after visiting her friend. When she steps down the car she sees Aditya’s car zoomed out of the mansion. Where is he going now. she wondered.

 "Anjali.......". She called walking inside the mansion. "Haa maa". Anjali quickly comes out of the room. "What happend to Adi. Where did he go". Anjali looked at her maa dumb folded. She don’t know what to answer. Finally she decided to tell the truth. "Maa woh adi misbehaved with Khushi". Swetha’s eyes turns wide in shock. Anjali continued "So chote might be asked him to get out".

Swetha sat down on the sofa dejected. "If Abhi knows this he will be shattered. He sees Adi’s father as his god. Is Khushi bitiya ok now. where is she". Swetha looked around for Khushi. She knows how much this incidents would have affected Khushi.

"She left with chote". For the first time Anjali said about her without any disgust. Swetha too noticed it. "I’m afraid about Abhi. How will he react to it".

"We are not telling dad maa". Said Arnav who just comes back. "If dad knows this now his health will be affected. Aditya too won’t tell this to anyone. He himself called dad and informed he wants to stay with his friend. You don’t need to worry maa". Arnav said assuring. Swetha sighed." How is Khushi chote". She asked worriedly.

"She is OK now maa. She was frightened but now she is OK". He informed Swetha and walked out. He needs to attend a meeting now.

One week later

Gupta house

From morning there was a huge hustle bustle in the house. A new proposal arrived for Payal. The guy informed that he sees Sashi Gupta’s daughter in front of college and wish to marry her. Garima and Madhu feels out of the world. The boy is a government employee and belongs to a rich family.

The groom’s family arrived.

Madhu welcomed them." Arreyy...come inside...".After exchanging pleasantries all of them sat down. Payal comes with the tea blushing. She feels really happy because the boy is very handsome. She served the tea ans stands in a corner looking down shyly.

"Bitwa if you want to talk to our Payalia you both can go to that room". Buaji said.

"Jii aunty. But first i need to see the girl". He said sipping the tea.

Buaji and Garima looked each other confusedly." About whom are you talking bitwa". They asked.

"About the girl I saw in college". He said shrugging his shoulders.

Realization dawned upon them that he is referring Khushi.. "Sorry beta we are not marrying her off right now. you guys can leave". Buaji folds her hands and stood up.

They left disappointed. Payal rushed to her room frustrated." Because of her our Payalia’s one more proposal got rejected. She is a big threat to our bitiya. So I decided to conduct her marriage". Buaji said angrily.

"Jiji what are you saying". Garima become shocked.

 "Don’t worry Garima. We will find aisi groom that she will suffer lifelong".

Unaware of them aditya listens everything. From the past one week he is collecting information about Khushi. Now he knows how much garima and madhu hates Khushi.

"Hmmmmm now my job becomes easy. Wait and watch Khushi". He said with a wicked smile and knocked the door.

Both Garima and Madhu looked at the door startled. They forgot that the door is open.

"Relax. I know about everything. I want to marry Khushi. And will makes each of your dream comes true. I will makes her life a living hell". He said with a crooked grin.

Jun 4

Chapter Twelve: Marriage!!!!! (By Arshiangel10) (Thanked: 82 times)

"Who are you". Buaji asked suspiciously. He chuckled. " I’m Aditya Raizada and because of that Khushi I was thrown out of my house. I need my revenge on her at any cost".

Garima and madhu looks each other blankly. Aditya noticed their expression." Don’t worry. You don’t have to do it for free. I will give you whatever you want and in return I just needs Khushi".

Garima started to speak. "We need some ti..".Only to get interrupted by Madhu." We are OK with this babua. When do you want to conduct marriage".

Aditya ‘s grinned by happiness. Finally his plan to teach her a lesson is going to successful." By tomorrow afternoon". He replied firmly.

Garima and madhu stood shocked. They didn’t expect this.                 

"But beta.". Madhu started. But Adi stopped her showing his hand. "You guys don’t need to worry about anything. Just bring her to the temple. I will look after the rest of the matters. And one more thing don’t tell her my name. Because she will try to escape from me. So I will reveal myself in front of her after only marriage".

They nodes their head.

Later in the evening.

Khushi enters her home. she was really tired today. Moreover she didn’t see Arnav for the past four days because of his busy schedule. She is missing him. But she is confused about her feelings. She never felt like that before. After their hug during aditya’s fiasco she feels weird in the presence of him. Her heartbeats were rising , she first thought that it was because of embarra****t but now she knows that there is much more to it. Eventhough she couldn’t pointout what it is. She shake her head clearing the thoughts and enters the mansion.

She sees buaji and garima waiting for her. She found it unusual but didn’t dare to ask the reason.

"Wait Khushi". Madhu stopped Khushi.

Khushi looked at her questioningly. She asked with little fear. "What happend buaji".

"We fixed your marriage. You will get married tomorrow". Madhu explained in a dangerous tone.

Khushi feels that the ground slipped beneath her feet. It took her few minutes to digest the words of buaji. "Buaji what are you saying....".she asked while tears start to flow from her eyes.

"Do you want to know". Madhu held her arm harshly." Then listen because of you today my Payalia’s one more proposal got rejected. So we decided to conduct your marriage first".

"B..but buaji how could you. I don’t even knows the groom". She said crying.

"You knows when you get married". Madhu said bitterly.

Khushi holds her hand infront of garima." Amma atleast you listen to me. I will do whatever you want but please don’t do this maa". She pleaded.

Garima glared at her." Have you forgot your promise to your father that you will obey whatever I says".

"Amma please amma I can’t maa". Khushi began to cry bitterly.

"Tumhe tumhari babuji ki kasam Khushi. It’s his wish. If you want to see him alive you better obey my words". Garima said cunningly as she knows how much Khushi loves her father.

Khushi feels devastated now. she can’t hurt her father. Yet she pleaded one more time." Please maa pl.."..stopped by as tinging pain on her cheek raise her head sobbing to find Madhu.

"I ‘m locking her in the room. You will step out of this house only for your marriage." Madhu locked Khushi in the room showing deaf ear to her pleadings.

Next day.


Khushi is sitting like a dead person. In the morning she once again refused but only gets slaps in return. Garima start to threaten in the name of Shashi that if she refuses to marry she will see her father dead by tomorrow. 

The groom is sitting near her. His face is covered. From the time they reached the temple he is sitting in the same position. Garima assumed him to be Aditya as no one else was present there. She made Khushi sit there forcefully.

Khushi refused to look at him. According to her, this marriage will be the death of her soul.she just follow the instructions absentmindedly. When pandit ask them to hold hands Garima put her hand in his.

Khushi feels that her heart beat goes wild. She quickly turns to look at the person. His face were covered but she knows who it is.She can recognize his touch. Through the veil she is able to see a little bit of the caramel orbs. 

Tears of relief start to flow from her eyes. She now knows that she is safe. Her savior arrives to save her. It was very difficult for her to take. She can’t believe that finally she is married to her ARNAVJII

Jun 7

Chapter 13 : She is Mine!! (By Arshiangel10) (Thanked: 97 times)

Khushi prayed to the almighty for sending her Arnavji to save her. Now she don’t need to be afraid of anything. Garima and Madhu is happily fulfilling the rituals. They were happy that finally Khushi‘s life will be hell. Pandit announced them as married couples.

Garima looked at the tear stained face of Khushi. She feels a satisfaction sees her suffering. She badly needs  to see the reaction of Khushi when she realises that she is married to Aditya.

She whispered in the groom’s ear." Beta shall we remove this veil from your face and shows her your true identity. I want to see more pain in her face".

Suddenly one man comes from behind and said they need to sign the papers. Garima sighed. Now she needs to wait a little more to see her suffering. 

As soon as they signed the papers Garima approach him once again. "Now remove that beta. All the formalities got completed".He nodes his head and started to remove it.

All this while Khushi was busy in her own thoughts. Just few minutes ago she thought that this will be the end of her life. But it turned out as her new reason to live. Hearing the noise of Garima she looked at them.

 Garima dragged Khushi in front of the groom. "From today on wards he will be your husband Khushi. It’s your promise on your father. You should never walkout of this marriage whatever the reasons be and you should obey his every words. From now on wards he will take decisions about your life not me". Garima said with a wicked smile.

"Exactly Mrs. Gupta". A commanding voice comes from behind.                                 

Garima and Madhu turn to find Arnav standing there. They realised that Khushi is indeed married to Arnav.

"What the hell is this." Garima yelled. "Where is Aditya".

Arnav gives her a dry laugh." So you don’t understand right Mrs. Gupa. Khushi is my wife now". He said with determination.

"No ......never....I won’t approve this marriage". Garima shouted.

"Oopps so sorry Mrs. Gupta but you are late. Just few seconds ago you made her promise on her dad". Arnav said mocking her.

"Khushi....."..Garima tries to hold her. But Arnav comes in between." Khushi you don’t know what will I do to your father comes with me now". Garima starts to threaten her.

Tears began to welled up in Khushi’s eyes. She was fighting with her inner thoughts. That’s when she sees Arnav smirking at her. Now she is sure about that he is up to something.

Arnav began to speak in a no nonsense tune. "What do you think Mrs. Gupta we will leave babuji with you....."..he laughs at her...".never. he is with us now. from now on wards he will be my responsibility".

He paused for a while then added. "And one more thing. She is mine now. Don't you dare to cross your paths with her. Or else your state will get even worse".

Garima gritted her teeth feeling helpless. Arnav took Khushi’s hand in his who was shocked with the turn of events.and led her to the car. Leaving a fuming Garima and Madhu behind.

In the car

Arnav is driving the car while Khushi stared at him blankly. She is quite confused that if it is a dream or real. Arnav can sense her silence and continues stare.

He said to her calmly. "Khushi I knows that you are really confused with the turn of events. I will explain everything to you after we reaches home. yo....".Sudden ring of his phone disturbed him.

He shakes his head attending the phone. "Yaa dad. We are on the way..........don’t worry...

....ya everything went successfully.........ok dad. See you later." He chuckled at the curiosity of his father. All these while khushi was looking at him anxiously.  She is really confused and panics  thinking about his family. She didn’t knows that if they accept her or not. Most importantly she is afraid of the reaction of dadi. She was deeply engrossed in her thoughts that she didn’t realise they reached Raizada mansion.

Arnav help Khushi to step out of the car. He holds her hand securely by squeezing it a bit. Making her aware that he will be there for her.

Khushi follows him taking a long breath to calm herself. When they opens the door she was shocked to see Swetha standing there with arathy and Abhishek and Akash stood each side of Swetha welcoming her with a warm smile.

Jun 12

Chapter 14 : The Plan!!! (By Arshiangel10) (Thanked: 89 times)

Khushi is shocked seeing them. She never thought that they will welcome her as her Bahu. So this means they were aware of Arnavji’s plan. Her mind is flooded with questions. As she is deeply engrossed in her thoughts she didn’t realize that they are waiting for her.

Swetha looked at her confused. "Khushi bitiya why are you standing there". Khushi gets startled and comes out of her thoughts hearing Swetha’s voice.

She looked at Arnav." Chote do you need a special invitation. Both of you come here". Swetha teased them.

Arnav with a flushed face hold Khushi’s hand and led her. Swetha happily does their arathy." Chote now you needs to lift Bahu as per our Raizada tradition". Abhi said to them.

Khushi looked at him wide eyed. She can see Arnav nodes his head and bends to pick her. Suddenly she feels as she is flying in air. Arnav’s hands on her bare waist were sending shivers on her spine. She clutched his collar tightly. Both of them looked into each others eyes and silently wished for the time to stop. All they need is to live in this moment forever. Arnav starts walking without breaking the eye lock.

"Chote you can stop now". Swetha teased him. Arnav makes Khushi stands on the floor awkwardly. He looked at Swetha. "Mom before other rituals I needs to talk to Khushi. she is really confused and shocked with the turn of events".

Swetha nodes her head affirmatively." Of course you can Chote. Go beta".

Arnav thanked his mother and leds Khushi to the nearby room. He makes her sits on the bed and holds her hand in his. "Khushi I knows that you are looking for answers and there are many doubts in your mind regarding our marriage. Khushi actually..". Arnav starts to say what happend.


After Aditya lefts rm. Arnav knows that Aditya will surely tries to  take revenge from Khushi. so he asked Aman to keep an eye about the doings of Aditya. His doubts got confirmed when Aman informed him that Aditya is roaming around Khushi’s house. He knows exactly what is he trying to do. But he never let that happen. He quickly planned for making his Khushi safe and the only option is to marry Khushi.

Next day

Abhi is deeply engrossed in reading files while Swetha is folding the clothes. Arnav knocks the door.

"Dad I want to talk to you both". He said. From the expression of Arnav they understood it as something serious." Haa beta. Come.". Abhi said closing his file.

Arnav walked in and sat at the end of bed." Dad I love Khushi and wish to marry her". He said looking straight into their eyes. Abhi and Swetha were shocked.

 Even though she knows that her Chote loves Khushi. she didn’t expect that he wish to marry soon." But Chote.".Swetha started but Arnav cuts her in middle.

"I know Maa. You both were shocked by my sudden confession. But I’m sorry dad. I love her so much and didn’t want to lose her. If I didn’t confess my love now I may lose her forever".

"What are you saying beta". Abhi asked comes out of the shock. "Dad khushi’s family is not what you think about. Her stepmom and buaji tortures her a lot". Arnav explains their cruel behavior and their blackmail in the name of Sashi.

 "So I can’t express my love directly dad because she won’t accept that fearing her step mom. So I want you guys to ask her hand for the marriage." He stopped and looked at them with hopeful eyes.

Abhi and Awetha looked at the hopeful eyes of their son, which shines with the immense love for Khushi." As your dadi is leaving by tomorrow. we will goes to Khushi bitiya’s house after two days. Is that OK with you". Swetha asked cupping his chin.

Arnav squealed in happiness." Thank you mom and dad you guys are the best". He hugged them tightly while they chuckled seeing the enthusiasm of their son.

After 2 days

Arnav was busy reading the files in his cabin. But his mind is thinking about Khushi. tomorrow morning they are going to ask Khushi’s hand for marriage. But he also knows that Garima will never accept the marriage in first hand. His mind wandered around the thoughts to convince Garima. Suddenly Aman barged inside the cabin.

"What the hell Aman. Can’t you knoc......"..his words stop in middle hearing Aman.

"ASR. Khushi Gupta is getting married tomorrow". Aman said gaping for air.

Arnav felt that his breath got stuck in his throat. He can’t lose Khushi. sweat buds began to form in his forehead.

"What are you saying Aman". Arnav asked praying silently in his mind for Khushi.

"Sir. Aditya sir approached Mrs. Gupta offering money and both of them conspire against Ms. Khushi gupta. They decided to conduct their marriage at tomorrow morning in the nearby temple". Aman explained to him.

Arnav clench his fist feeling immense rage towards Aditya. But he never let him succeed in his plan. Aman listen to me carefully Arnav explained his plan to him." Don’t make any mistakes and do as I say. Understand". Arnav asked gritting his teeth to calm him down. Aman nods his head and left the cabin.

Arnav sighed taking a long breath. You will pay for this Aditya. You definitely will. He returned to his home to explain his plan to his parents. But he never mentioned about Aditya because of his dad. He just says that Khushi is getting forcefully married tomorrow and he needs to save her.

 Swetha and Abhi were shocked as they want to conduct the marriage of their son according to the rituals. But they gave up their wish considering the emergency of the situation and gives their consent.

Next day

Arnav enters the temple with Aman. He can sees that Adi is already arrived and waiting for Khushi. Adi looked at Arnav shocked. He never expected Arnav here.

Arnav smirked at him." Shocked are we?". He said sarcastically. Adi stood there numb as not knowing what to say.

Arnav continued. "You played well Aditya but you forgot that you are messing with Arnav Singh Raizada. So i should remember you the consequences for messing with ASR right". Aditya’s mind crowded in fear. He knows that Arnav is fully aware about the crimes he committed and his affairs.

 "So Aditya I will give you 5 minutes to exit from here with Aman because within five minutes police will arrive here to arrest you for cheating my company and all your details will be sent to your father as an email. Be ready to beg in streets Aditya". Arnav smirked.

Aditya looked at Arnav with rage. He knows that he lost the battle. If his father knows about him then he will be in streets and he knows what ASR is capable of." I will come back Arnav. And you will pay for this." He threaten him.

 Arnav gives him a sarcastic expression." In your dreams Aditya. You can never beat ASR it will be benefit for you if you obey my words. Otherwise be ready to witness your own end. He said while gritting his teeth. Now you can leave with Aman". He added and turns to Aman." Aman keep him with you till the marriage ends. I didn’t trust him at all".

Aman nodes his head and called the bodyguards to took away Aditya.

End of flashback

After that I quickly changed my dress and sat with the Pandit. Rest you know Khushi. Arnav finished his story and looked at Khushi. her face is drenched with tears.

Jun 14

Chapter 15 : You are my priority (By Arshiangel10) (Thanked: 77 times)

Arnav looked at Khushi’s face. Tears were flowing like river from her eyes. He wiped her tears and nodded as no." You don’t worry Khushi. I will be there for you. these tears seems ugly in your face. He smiled at her and said I have said earlier naa my Khushi looks good when she is smiling"". Making Khushi smile too with her tears.

Khushi quickly hugged him feeling overwhelmed. She can’t believe that Arnav loved her to this extend. She feels like this is the biggest happiness of her life. She knows that no one can loves her better than Arnav. He is just like her guardian angel who protect her from every problem and showers her with immense love. She closed her eyes thanking the almighty for sending him in her life.

Swetha knocked the door." Chote...shall we continue the rituals".

Khushi comes to her senses hearing her voice. She withdraws from the hug awkwardly and looked down shying. Arnav chuckled at her expression." Come Khushi." He holds her hand gently. Khushi nodes her head and accompany him.

In the hall

Swetha explains a the ritual to them. "Chote , Khushi bitiya this vessel contains a ring. You both need to find the ring at the same time. Those who gets the ring will have upper hand in the marriage and can easily rule the other". Swetha said in a teasing tone.

Khushi looked at Arnav’s face to see him winking at her. She gulped and looked down. The game starts both of them were trying to find the ring. Suddenly Khushi feels something stuck her fingers. She realize that it’s the ring. She quickly opens Arnav’s palm and place the ring in his. Without giving him time to react she lifts his hand from the water." Arnavji got the ring....!!". She exclaimed looking at everyone.

All these while Arnav was looking at her spell bounded. He can’t believe what’s happening. He thought that he won’t find the ring and let Khushi wins the game. But everything happend in reverse. Swetha looked at the ring in Arnav’s palm disappointed." I thought that my bahu will win. Koi bath nahi bitiya. This ring won’t define the power of woman. I’m sure that you will rule my stubborn son and makes some sense in his head".

Arnav whined" Maa.....".Everyone laughed at his pouting face.

When everyone’s attention shifted towards the next arrangements

 Arnav quickly asked her."Why did you do that Khushi".

"Do what Arnavji". She said confused.

"Khushi you got the ring then why did you put that in my hand". Arnav asked

This time Khushi looked at him straight into his eyes." I don’t want to dominate you Arnavji. You are the reason behind every happiness in my life. After marriage also I want you to finalize the decisions because I perfectly knows that whatever you will do is for my happiness and safety". Her eyes brimmed with immense trust and gratitude for him.

Arnav looked at her forgetting his surroundings. He was shocked when Khushi openly shared her feelings for him. Both of them was totally unaware of their surroundings and continued to express their feelings through the eyes. They falls out of their dreamland when Swetha holds Khushi’s hand to led her to the bedroom.

At night

Arnav was pacing in the living room. His mother didn’t let him enter their bedroom.

As he was reaching the end of his patience. Swetha comes descending the stairs. Arnav rushed near her." How much time you will take maa". He said in a complaining tone.

Swetha rolled her eyes. "There is no one to help me Chote. You know that naa. Anjali didn’t participate in the marriage because she hates Khushi. and your father......"..Swetha is going on with the list of her complaints. 

Arnav kissed her teeth mumbling a quick "good night" and rushed to the stairs. 

On reaching at the top he shouted at raj." Best of luck dad. grab some cotton for the safety of your ears. OK". He said winking at them and runs to his room. Making the eyes of the others grown wide.

Khushi is sitting in the decorated bed waiting for Arnav. She is really afraid now.

 she knows that Arnav loves her. But she is very confused about her own feelings. She knows that Arnav is special to her heart and she feels something for them. But she is not sure that if it is love. She wants to start their marriage life after clearing her confusion. But she is afraid about Arnav’s reaction. She don’t knows whether he will accept her decision or not. She can never say no to him.

 She was deeply engrossed in her thoughts so that she fails to see Arnav standing in front of her with an amused expression.

He sats near her." Khushi.. ".He holds her hand. Khushi jerked open from her thoughts and looked at him wide eyes. Arnav bits inside his cheek to stop his smile. From her reaction he very well knows that what are the thoughts that running in her tiny head. he decided to tease her a bit.

He rub his finger over her palm. "Khushi......".  He whispered huskily.

Khushi suddenly looked down feeling nervous." H...ha...han Arnavji.....".she stammered.

Arnav chuckled inwardly seeing her nervous form. But he perfectly masked his expression." Khushi you know naa today is our suhagraat". He asked in a whisper coming close to her face.

Khushi closed her eyes tightly."".She said in a shaky breath. She was praying silently in her mind.

Arnav looked at her facial expression. Seeing her scared form he decided to stop his teasing. He kissed her forehead lovingly and step back.

Khushi opens her eyes feeling her lips on her screen. She looked at Arnav confusedly who is now smiling at her.

 Arnav cupped her cheek." You don’t need to worry Khushi. I know that this marriage is really a shock for you and you need time to adjust with it’s reality. We will step into our next phase of marriage only after your consent. It will happen only when ever you are fully ready OK". He said in an assuring tone.

 Khushi is looking at him open mouthed.

Arnav laughed at her expression." What Khushi...don’t tell me that you thought I will force you.".He said with a grin.

Khushi smiled at him sheepishly and nodded a no.

Arnav kissed her forehead." Now go and change your clothes". He said while placing a new pair of  salwar in her hand.

Khushi gives him a wide smile and rushed to the washroom.

Jun 16

Chapter 16: Her Prince Charming!! (By Arshiangel10) (Thanked: 91 times)

Khushi closed her eyes tightly to escape from the disturbing sun rays. For the first time after the death of her mother she sleep without any night mare. So she didn’t want to wake up at all. But the sun seems to have other plan. Pouting she opened her eyes.

At first she was panicked to see a new bedroom. But when she feels a hand hugging her waist realization dawned upon her. she smiled remembering yesterday night. How Arnav consoled her. she looked at the other side to see her husband sleeping peacefully.

For the first time she started to admire his face. He is the man every girl wished for their life. She knows that all her friends drooled over him. But what makes her admire him was his care. He is the one who stood for her in all her hard times. She smiled at him lovingly.

As she looked at him. She sees that his hair is falling into his forehead and he feels irritated. She suddenly move the hair. And she lost in his soft hair. Unknowingly her fingers starts caressing his head. suddenly Arnav holds her hand. she widened her eyes in shock.

Arnav pulled her near him." What happend Mrs. Raizada . admiring your husband. Hmmm ....not bad". He winked at her.

Khushi blushed deeply feeling embarrassed. She starts to wriggle to comes out of his hold. Looking everywhere but him. Arnav chuckled at her shying form. He quickly kissed her forehead. You looks like a red apple now. he whispered in her ear.

Khushi palmed her face with the other hand unable to face him. Arnav released his hold seeing her actions. And she quickly runs into bathroom making him laugh out loud.

Arnav comes to his room after jogging. As soon as he opened the door the sight before him makes him stop in his tracks. Khushi is applying kajal in front of the mirror. Her long hair reached till her back. He starts to walk towards her as in a trance. Khushi didn’t realize his presence yet.

It’s when she reached for the vermilion box suddenly a hand grabbed it from her. she turns back startled to find Arnav smiling at her. she looked at the vermilion box in his hand and gets his intention. She blushed looking down. Arnav took a pinch of Sindoor and extends his hand towards her. her breaths become heavy and she closed her eyes when his fingers touched her partition. Arnav carefully applied vermilion and kissed her forehead.

Both of them looked at each other forgetting the surroundings.

A knock on the door disturbed them. Khushi looked here and there embarrassed while Arnav went to open the door scowling.

Swetha smiled at him." Good morning Chote. She looked behind Arnav. Khushi Bitiya it’s time for pooja now. and you need to prepare something sweet after that. come".

Khushi nodded." jii ". And followed Swetha leaving a sulking Arnav behind.

As the pooja got over Swetha leads Khushi to the kitchen.

As she was explaining Khushi to be comfortable in kitchen Anjali comes there. She just rolled her eyes at them.

"Mom why are you explaining that to her. it’s not her first time here. Did you forget that she worked as our maid". Anjali said mockingly making Khushi to look down gulping her tears.

"Anjaliii.." . A loud voice roared there. She gets frightened to see her father there.

"Papa main". Anjali began to explain. But Abhi showed his palm stopping her." she is your bhabhi now. you need to respect her. say sorry to her". Abhi said in a no nonsense tone.

Anjali starts to protest. "But papa...". Abhi cuts her in middle angrily." Say sorry now Anjali".

Anjali mumbled a quick sorry and runs to her room fuming.

Abhi comes near Khushi. he lifts her chin and wiped her tears." You are my daughter. You don’t need to afraid about anything. If anyone bully you from now on just come to papa OK".

Khushi nodded at him feeling overwhelmed." You can even complain about Arnav". He said teasingly makes Khushi giggle.

At the Dining Table

All of them were busy filling their plates except Anjali. Khushi looked at their face anxiously. She didn’t touch the food and waiting for their reaction. But none of them said anything. Suddenly Arnav spoke "Khushi your food is getting cold. Eat quickly."

Khushi looked at them disappointed and starts her food absentmindedly.

Khushi is arranging the flowers. But her mind was in the incident at dining table. She feels worried because of their reaction. They didn’t acknowledge her. Even Arnav too didn’t said anything.

Swetha giggled seeing her lost reaction. She pat her shoulder." Khushi bitiya.."

Khushi quickly turns back." Jiii"

Swetha placed a box in her hand. "It’s the most expensive bangle of mine for the most delicious food I have ever tasted". She said with a warm smile.

Khushi’s face lit up with a bright smile. She extends the bangle back to Swetha. "Woh.. I really don’t need this expensive gift. Just need your blessings".

Suddenly Abhi joins them ."Arrey aise kaise. It’s the gift from your in laws as accepting you as our bahu. So from now on wards you will call us like mom and dad like Arnav and Anjali. Understand".

Khushi nodded her head." ji uncle.". Seeing his glare." Ji...papa". she Smiled reluctantly.

Swetha hugged her. "Go to your room. Your Arnavji is waiting impatiently for you". Khushi blushed and runs to their room quickly to avoid any other teasings.

Arnav is impatiently waiting in the room. He rushed to her as soon as khushi enters the room.

"Khushi were where you. come." He makes her sit on the bed. He takes a ring from his pocket.She looked at him confused. 

"Khushi this is my first gift for you. I brought this ring to propose you long ago. But couldn’t do that. any way now I want to put it in your finger". He said cupping her cheek.

Khushi quickly nodded at him while a thin layer of tear formed at the corner of her eyes because of happiness. He slid the ring in her finger and kissed it. Khushi looked at him not blinking her eyes. She realise that if there is any prince charming exist in this world, then it’s her Arnavji. And it won’t be difficult to fall in love with him.

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