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May 24

Aashiq Banaya Apne (By Arshisarun13) (Thanked: 31 times)

Arnav place his lips on her and Khushi just stoped breathing. everything stop around them . they forget everything around them and lost in that moment .Arnav in heaven now felling her soft lips on his rough one and Khushi too like it his lips on her . it is the first time someone kiss her it is her first kiss . Arnav just lost in that moment he pull her hard to his body while pulling her face close to his he started roaming his hands on her dress and started kissing her . he suck and lick her lips and Khushi closed her eyes felling bliss and started to moaning in his mouth . taking that oppurtunity he enter her mouth and sucking her toung . she is so sweet like honey . while Khushi dont know what to do so she just allow him to do whatever he want . she just pull Arnav more to her body while roaming her hands on his smooth hair . they both so lost felling each other lips there silent love speaking through the kiss

Mobile rang in the room and they both come back to reality . they both are shock felling there lips pressing to each other . Arnav remove his lips slowly from her Khushi felt disappointed felling loss of his touch on her lips . they both so embarssed of the situation . Arnav is little tense about Khushi what will she think that he took advantage of her emotional state . while Khushi just looking down blushig like tomato her cheeks are by now become tomato red . it is her first kiss and she is so happy to share it with Arnav . she is still felling his lips on her sucking and liking her lips . it made her shiver Arnav see this and he thought she is scare from him now . he cursed himself for losing his control like that . she is so scare about that night incident and he too add on it . he should protect her from them and here he is the one only taking advantage of her .

his thinking process come to halt of his mobile ring he took his mobile . Aman was calling him . he moved to poolside to talk to him . after about 5 minutes talking to him

Arnav come inside only to find room is empty . he is worried about Khushi when he heard washroom sound he understood she must be went in washroom . in next minutes Khushi come out of bathroom . she immediatly lower her eyes shyly . she is feeling so embarrassed for facing Arnav . so she is avoiding looking at him while arnav thought she is angry to him for kissing her

Arnav : 'Khushi there is some important meeting come up so i am going to office' he said this looking at her reaction while she just nodded her head looking down

Arnav : 'if you need anything call HP' he was going say 'call him 'but he avoid it thinking she may be angry on him . he just move out of room to go to office

Khushi stand there looking at the door where Arnav leave a minute back . she kept standing there blushing herself thinking about there first kiss . she is still feeling his lips on her . she is already missing him she go to washroom and change in new dress which arnav gave her . she thought to watch tv for sometime as She is getting bore now sitting like that doing nothing . she is changing channels on tv and there some kissing scene is playing and she immediatly change the chanel remember there kiss her heart beat raised the way he kiss her come to her mind and her cheeks heat up

She is blushing the way he held her tight to his body while kissing her and she too helding on him tightly to close to her body and there hands roaming on each other body . his on her waist while her on his hair desire pool in her body thinking this . for the first time she is felling like this and she is nervous for this new felling . she change the chanel and play some cartoon she smile to herself as her favourites cartoon playing on tv screen and she got engross on watching her favorite cartoon after so long

Arnav closed his eyes while resting on his chair . after his hecting metting of 2 hours he is back now in his cabin his thought immediatly went to Khushi what must be she is doing now ?he open his eyes

He have to ask her about dinner and medicine . he about to diel her but stop in midway . 'how can he call her after his kiss to Khushi without her permission what must be she is thinking about there kiss' he thinking something dial landline

Arnav : hp did Khushi have dinner

HP : no saab she dont she not come down

Arnav : 'what ? and you are telling me now , dont have to tell me before' he kept the phone in anger while HP keep standing there thinking what suddenly happen to his saab

Arnav is hell worried now Khushi has not step out of room till now . what must have happen that Khushi have not come out of room . he have to go now immediatly . he almost ran out of his cabin to parking and sitting inside car he started driving in full speed to his home .'what if that man come to search for her 'what if they reach there before him 'he started thinking all possible way to what must have happen . in an minutes arnav reach his mansion and hurriedly ran to his room . he open the door and stepped inside .the sight infront of him took his breath away

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Jun 13

Aashiq Banaya Apne (By Arshisarun13) (Thanked: 47 times)

khushi is sitting there watching cartoon on tv and laughing heartily arnav's breath took away seeing her smiling so freely like free bird for the first time he seeing her smiling and she look angel , a pure angel smiling she sitting like kid watching cartoon khushi is so engross watching her faverite cartoon and laghing herself that she didnt notice arnav have come arnav moved infront of her blocking her view only then she saw him she smile at him,

khushi is sitting there watching cartoon on tv and laughing heartily arnav's breath took away seeing her smiling so freely like free bird for the first time he seeing her smiling and she look like an angel , a pure angel smiling she sitting like kid watching her favourite cartoon

arnav : hi...

khushi : hi... said khushi smiling to him and then peep sidely to watch tv as he is blocking her view

khushi : arnavji... move aside na...let me watch... arnav is amused to see her eager to watch her cartoon and she is not giving him attention he move aside and again khushi engross in watching arnav loose his tie he move to cupboard to take his clothes he heard her laugher its sound music to his ear he is so happy that she forget her sorrow and started laughing freely

khushi : Arnavji come na... watch with me...this is awsome. Arnav :"i will come Khushi...after freshen up... after changing in casual clothes he joined khushi to bed she immediatly move closed to him and started explaing him about her favourite cartoon arnav first nervous sitting close to her thinking about his kiss but seems like she have forget everything after watching her favourite cartoon he decided to forget and get engross in her chatting

after an hour khushi is sleeping on bed and arnav is working on laptop sitting in reciline giving her glances in betweeen he felt relief seeing her smiling face and even during at dinner she talking to him freely. in short time they have became friends now beacause of her silly cartoon though she asked about his earliel arrival from office he only tell her he got finished metting of today and thought to come early he avoid telling her real reason because she will got scare if he mention about it and after dinner she have medicine because of medicine effect she is sleeping peacefully .his phone beeped beside him he kept it silent as khushi is sleeping . arnav pick up his phoone and move to poolside

arnav : ya aman

arnav : yes postpone it for tomorow and send me tommorrow's schedule also

arnav : did you ckeck on information i mention it you in morning

arnav : it is important aman , more important than any business deal '

arnav : i want it by tommorow morning in my cabin thats it he keep up the phone he closed his eyes and flashes of khushi shivering with scare and crying in his arms come to him he opend his eys determind to wash away her fear and sadness arnav move inside to see khushi and sat beside her on bed

arnav : i want it by tommorow morning in my cabin thats it he keep up the phone he closed his eyes and flashes of khushi shivering with scare and crying in his arms come to him he opend his eys determind to wash away her fear and sadness arnav mo... he remove her hair from her forehead to get clear view of her innocent face she look like an angel her smile still on her face he have promise himself get her this smile back always on her face

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Jun 17

Aashiq Banaya Apne (By Arshisarun13) (Thanked: 27 times)

Arnav decided to take Khushi out so that her mind will be fresh .he move from bed and make a call to make an arrengment . khushi wake up at evening she felt fresh now . she scanned around to see arnav he is not here . she move downstairs to find arnav and find him in living room on call . seeing khushi arnav kept the phone and move to khushi

Arnav : you wake up.. how you are felling now. ..he said moving towards her

Khushi : I am felling fine now arnavji.. khushi smiled brightly at him . she had totaly forget her pain now , arnav can see it

Arnav : ok.. get ready we are going out for dinner.. hearing this khushi felt happy to going out with arnav and that to alone she blush at that thought . khushi nodded her head smiling happily and went upstairs to get ready . she is excited to go out with arnav

Khushi enter in room and then she hit her forehead as she realize in her excitement she forget that she have not any new clothes . arnav only give her this dress which is she wearing now . she sit on bed thinking what to do when her gaze fell on bed side table . there is packet place on table . she pickup the packet on packet there is small chit she read it

'for you khushi wear this and dont hestitate to wear it it my first gift to you as friendship '

she blush hard she had never friend in her life her all friends is only girl so it is first time her friendship is with man and that man is her arnavji she blush at this thought she open the packet and found beautiful red Saree inside it and there is matching jwelery with it she hesisted to take ofcourse she wanted it because it is first gift from arnav to her it is might be costly how can she take it she decided to wear it he will fell bad if she denied and she dindt wanted to upset him he gave only happiness to her and still giving it and she too wanted to make him happy make him fell special

she hurriedly went inside washroom to get ready she come out wearing red saree she like it a lot and specialy because of it is arnav's choice he had gifted her she admired herself in mirror smiling to herself her blouse is sleeveless and so revealing she is so shy to face arnav like this it is first time that she is wearing like this revealing blouse and she hardly wear saree in her life so she find hard while wearing saree she forget how to wear it but she manage it but her pallu is not placing right on her shoulder it is continuously sliding from her shoulder

Arnav has already change in guestroom and waiting for Khushi downstairs he standing there for long he decided to check on her on why she is taking so long if she needed anything thinking this he move upstairs to his room door is open and he stepped inside only to halt in track the sight infront of him made his his desire alive again

Khushi is standing infront of mirror but her milky back is clearly visible to his eyes he couldn't help but gaze at her bare back hungrily . he look her front from mirror and move his eyes on her . he don't have an idea othervise he would have gave her other colour Saree and now seeing her in his favorite colour Saree he almost lost his control . there is no jwelery and no makeup , she look like an pure angel his angel only his . khushi fell his gaze on her she look on mirror and then she saw him looking at her intensely arnav to look at her eyes and they have eyelock they both lost in each other

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Aashiq Banaya Apne
Jun 24

Aashiq Banaya Apne (By Arshisarun13) (Thanked: 30 times)

Khushi is so lost in his eyes that she didnt realise that her pallu slide on floor and Arnav lost its control now seeing her like this from mirror . she is only in her blouse giving him clear view to her cleavage . her sleeveless blouse is so revealing; he don't know that her milky skin is revealing in that blouse othervise he would not give her this type of blouse. now he will not let evil eyes fell on her in that saree. He would not allow her go outside in that saree and she too seem uncomfortable wearing that type of blouse; so he decided this type of sarees on her only allow to infront of him and her saree is transeparaent so her milky skin clearly visible to his eyes and her blouse making him hard to control his desires.

Arnav moved towards Khushi in that eyelock only and he reach her he held her arm from one hand and his other hand slide on her belly pressing on there feeling her soft skin under his rough hands , feeling his rough hand on her waist khushi felt something inside her stomach. She just put her hand on his tightly to feel him more and Arnav pull her hard to his chest and there body pressed together intimately. Khushi breath hard at this contant .

They can feel each other body. Arnav bend down and place his lips on her bare back Khushi felt shiver ran down her spine the moment he touch her so intimately. He started placing soft kisses there .Khushi moan in pleasure felling his lips on her skin hearing her moan Arnav become more wild and started to suck and lick on her skin while Khushi just held on Arnav's hand tightly to control her feelings which is she is felling for the first time she moan his name

'aah ...arnavji ...'

Arnav remove her blouse knot which is disturbing him to access her full bare back her blouse slide on shoulder loosely. She not wearing any bra inside so her blouse hanging on her shoulders . The moment her full bare back reveal to his hungry eyes he just dug his head on her back and started sucking her skin hungrily and her skin has become red now due to his assult on her soft skin. He move his hand from her belly to her bossoms and he clutch her bossom in his hand and they both felt current passed through there body. Arnav pressed her bossom to feel her softness they are like soft spung. He wanted to see them to taste them.

He is about to turned her to see that's when his mobile rang. Both come back to reality and they are shock to see there condition

Both are so embarrassed to face each other. her skin is red now due to his kisses. she is unable to meet his eyes in shyness and arnav just walk away from there after giving glance at her red skin

He is so nervous thinking about Khushi. What must be she thinking now. he almost broke all barriear between them and that too he dont know that Khushi was enjoying that moment like him or she is forced too He cant accept the fact that she is forced in that. No that is not possible she too was enjoying the moment with him like he did.

Here khushi too was thinking the same what arnav must be thinking about her that she become so shameless started moaning his name .She blushed hard as this incident still fresh in her mind. She is still standing in that position only thinking about there first intimate moment.

Arnav is on phone call checking his emails he thought to divert his mind from Khushi even then there first intimate moment still playing in his mind

He is unsure if Khushi will come with him for dinner or not and even after what happen between them first kiss and then this if khushi will still stay with him. Arnav is thinking about Khushi thats when he heard her scream from upstaires

'Arnavji ...'

'Khushi ..'Arnav whispered to himself worried and ran upstairs to see her

Please do tell me it is OK to write like this mature scenes a little ?

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