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Apr 22

ARSHI WORLD OF PASSION (By Arshisarun13) (Thanked: 12 times)


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Apr 22

ARSHI WORLD OF PASSION (By Arshisarun13) (Thanked: 23 times)

I am new here and I am big fan of 


I am writing my first story, hope you all like it

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Apr 22

Aashiq Banaya Apne (By Arshisarun13) (Thanked: 40 times)

Arnav Singh Raizada heading back to home after his hectic meeting in his office.the road is lonely thankfully for him as he is late today,he knew nani will be worried for him.nani is the only one for him now as his parents were died in car accident when he only was 10 and now he have only nani as his everything and he doesn't want to worried her at this age. His thought come to halt as his phone rang and he pick up the call,

Arnav : ya nani I am on the way, you don't worry I will be home in 10 mins.

Nani : how many times I have to tell you,office se jaldi nikla karo but you will not change your office time. She become she care for him a lot and she worried for him.

Arnav : nani please, don't start now. I am reaching there soon. Bye. without letting her speak he cut the call as this will take more time.

He start the car and speeding on the road when suddenly from nowhere a girl come running to his car and he applied the sudden break. He came out from car to look out that girl and he found her fainted on ground, he not able to see her face as her long hair was covering her face.

he pick her up in his arms and place her in his car as her head fall back on the seat her face came to visble to his eyes and He could not take his eyes off her,even though she is looking pale and ill but still there is something about her that ...

he pick her up in his arms and place her in his car as her head fall back on the seat her face came to visble to his eyes and He could not take his eyes off her,even though she is looking pale and ill but still there is something about her that making him pull towards can someone look so innocent in this selfish world? What she is doing on this late night in lonely road? So many question come to his mind but there is no answers as only she can tell only when she come to conscious.

This thought make him realize as he should try to wake her up but only then he saw that she was shivering badly. He quikly removed his jacket and made her wear it. by doing that his hand touch her soft skin. He felt his heart flutter at this connection. This was not only attraction as he felt protective towards her. He confused by his thought as he met her only now and how this thoughts come to his mind. He brushed his thought away and look at her face, she whispering something like run Khushi run, save yourself ' as he reach to her lips to hear out clear that's when her breath fell on his face and he felt something inside his thought distracted by her chattering teeth as cool breez is freezing her more and is he quickly closed the windows. he drives the car to his home and and the same time pressing her hands in his so she will fill warm. In no time they reach home.

Arnav Singh Raizada rashly parked the car and quikly come to her side to take her in his arms.the sound of the car parking loud enough to make his nani aware of his presense. She quikly rushed to opned the door only to find her chote is standing at door carried the girl in his arm.

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Aashiq Banaya Apne
Apr 24

Aashiq Banaya Apne (By Arshisarun13) (Thanked: 34 times)

Nani is surprise as he date many of his girlfriends but he never brought them here. And not only that also she look different from this typed of girls. She was shivering badly now and nani worriedly asked him,

Nani : chote who is she? And what happen to her? Without telling her any reply, he hurriedly come inside and rushed to his room ,While Saying

Arnav : nani call the dr right now. arnav placed her slowly in his bed. Pull blanket on her.and turn off the ac, closed the windows. he sit besides her and tried to warm her hands. That's when nani came with dr and started checking.

Arnav : she is fine na? what happen to her? Why she fainted? There is so much concern in his voice and worriness in his face that not got unnoticed from his nani who standing right beside him silently watching the scene. It is the first time she have seen him this worried and concern for someone other than his nani as after his parents death she is only one who he care for othervise for outside world he rude as ASR but this girl have something in her that's what she have to find out.

Dr : there is no need to scare Mr Raizada as she have not eated from two days because of that she fainted and weather is not good outside that's why she caught fever and shivering. I will wright description of medicine you gave her after dinner, she need food in her dr took her leave , nani asked hp to dinner and medicine.arnav was sitting besides her and cheking her temperature.

Nani : chote, now you will tell me who is this girl? How you met her ? as I know you have not this typed of girlfried she said while looking at her form.

Arnav : ofcourse she is not my girlfriend. I don't know anything about her . she met me on road. As I were coming home from nowhere she come against my car and fainted. So I thought to bought her home as this late night not right to leave the girl alone.

Nani : you did right thing there outside this world is not good for lonely girl and she look fragile poor child not eaten anything. You call me when she will wake up then we have to give her food. And you freshen up hp will give your coffee.saying this she walk out from his room.

arnav sat there admiring her and tuck her hair behind ear to take clear view of her face.

Arnav : nani said it right, she look so innocent and fragile. He walk to washroom to take a shower and clear his inner felling whis is newly came there for this girl who he don't know yet anything about her.

When he come out in towel he saw that she was waking up she is murmuring some thing in her sleep he forget about his condition and hurriedly come to her side but not able to herad what she is saying she look worried for something he come close to her face for hearing but she hug him tight wrapping her arms around him that's when he realize about his condition he is only wearing towel and her soft body pressing his upper bare body he was feeling something.her hug becoming tight He is shocked to the core he not able to understand what have to do and what not water was dripping from his hair and body because of that hug her dress too becoming wet that's when he realise she have fever and wet is not good for her he tried to come back from this hug because of that she slowly opened her eyes and stared in his choclatey brown eyes and for the first time arnav singh raizada seen her innocent eyes and lost in them. They were so innocent and worriness in them he don't know why but again he felt protective towards her and thought to take her worriness from her eyes. She too looking deep into his eyes they both lost in looking into each other eyes suddenly a waterdrop fom his wet hair drop on her face and that's when they come back from there eyelock.

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Aashiq Banaya Apne
Apr 26

Aashiq Banaya Apne (By Arshisarun13) (Thanked: 38 times)

arnav khushi come back from there eyelock and khushi start to get up from bed but coudnt as she is weak her body fell on bed and arnav hurriedly took step towards her and help her to get up in that process once again there body crashed together and current passed through their body arnav ignore this and help her to sit up khushi immediatly lower her eyes as he is nake arnav realise that he should change into clothes

arnav : i will come in minutes you sit here only

arnav went into bathroom taking cloths from wardrobe meanwhile khushi started scaning the surrounding she has totly forget about herself and how she reach here she totly engross in looking around room how manly look this room everything look neatly place and everything loook quite standard she never seen like this until now she was so much engross in admiring the room she miss to notice pair of eyes are admiring her who have come out from bathroom after changing into comfortable tee shirt and pant and now examining her how her rose petals like pink lips let gasp like she never seen such as things in her life how her doe like eyes move to one after another thing like admiration and moving to one after another her eyes stop on him and she felt breathless the way he is looking at her and how handsome he looks in this causal clothes even in shirtless she blush at this thought she felt embarsed at thinking something like that for him even he is standing infront only as he easily could have cought her blushing and her thought confirmed when he smirk at her thet both totly forgot that ther strangers to each other they are exchanging look with eachother like they known eachother since ages arnav is the first one who come to reality and he ask the quesion which is nagging him since he found her fainted in his

arnav : what were you doing there at this time of night khushi

khushi is shock as how did he know her name arnav understand her shock state so he clear her confusion

arnav : you were murmuring something like ' run khushi ' so i got to know your name is khushi

hearing about that khushi remember about two days back incident and in no time she recall what happen in two days and what was she doing on that road in this night she started shivering arnav notice her shivering but he have to ask her now only so he could help her so arnav again started not realizing her state of mind

arnav : so tell me khushi what are you doing there lonely road on this late night you know dangerous it is to a girl like you

there is concern in his voice and she easily notice it and more tears come out from her eyes as until now no one show concern to her and it is first time someone showing concernto her as if he care for her and that someone is only met hernow she kept staring at his eyes like craving for love arnav didnt understand what make her cry did he ask her wrong question so what he will ask her as in that lonely road in late night girl like her didnt have to come she is so innocent to roam around in night and his heart immediatly felt concern for her he dont know why he only met her now and until now he never show any concern to any girl like her

arnav heard her sobs and he look towards her only find her sobbing and shivering badly in fear as she remember what happen with her in this two days her face become red now due to continueing sobbing she look so vulnelable arnav condnt help but felt pain in his heart he shoud not have to ask her now as she is shivering badly and docter already said to him she is weak for not eating two days so he should first make her eat something and take her reast and here he is asking her something that make her condition more worst arnav move to her and she immediately throw herself in his arms and clutch him tightly arnav to wrap his arm proactively around her as if telling her he is here to protect here as she cried badly and

arnav console her to calm down as already she is weak and crying continuously is not right for her health arnav console her to calm down as already she is weak and crying continuously is not right for her health

arnav : shhh khushi calm down I am here you don't need to fear but khushi can't able stop her crying in his warm arms her emotions become high finding someone who is care for her and protecting her all outside bad world due to continuous crying khushi fainted in arnav's arms

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Aashiq Banaya Apne
Apr 29

Aashiq Banaya Apne (By Arshisarun13) (Thanked: 42 times)

arnav felt her all weight on him he pull back from hug only to find khushi fainted in his arms he made her sleep on his bed and pull blanket over her covering her properly as she is shivering contineusly docter have told him to give her medicine so it will reduce her fever but he not got the time the only time he got he wasted it asking her questions he should give her food and and medicine only that time he tried to wake up her but she is not responding her body temperature has increase but she is shivering badly and weather has turned now more worst it ia not right for her condition call docter and tell him about khushi's condition docter : i cant come there mr raizada as weather become more bad now and all road become blocked you have to wipe her body with wet cloth then her body temperature will be became normal

arnav felt shiver at thought of changing her clothes and wiping her body how can he do that to her and that to in her unconcious state what will she thought about him that he take advantage of her illness no he cant do that to innocent girlnani is not home now as she left to her friends house as some immergency come up and weather good then only now this road have to block now he cant understand anything how to do it if nani were here then nani have do it he asked hesitantly to docter

arnav : is there not any other option docter you know what i mean

docter : look mr raizada i understand that but it my duty to cure people and as a docter i will said only that option she will be fine till tomorrow morning

arnav : what if we put wet cloth on her forehead even it will be reduce her fever na he ask this as he know that treatment which nani uesed to have when he caught fever

docter : but if you put wet cloth on her forehead it will slow treatment and what you say she is not doing fine in this condition only this option left you have to do it that to make her alright and i will come to check her tomorrow saying that she keep the phone and arnav could only sign in worriness for khushi

Arnav thought to put wet cloth on her forehead so that her fever will reduce and he will not have to try this second option he hurrily get cloth and water in bowl and started to place on her forehead she shiver at contact of wet cloth on her body arnav did that to her for half an hour but still her condition is same he felt helpless as he cant able to help her

May 2

Aashiq Banaya Apne (By Arshisarun13) (Thanked: 30 times)

Arnav Singh Raizada is first time nervous for this girl who have met only hours back and she made this new feeling alive inside him he slowly made his way towards Khushi with wet towel in his hand he don't know if he able to do it or not yes he have date many of his girlfriends but Khushi is different although he only met her in hours back but from her innocent face anyone can guess it Arnav sat on her side of bed and with hesitant hands remove blancket of her and held her sholders pull her on him and her soft body press against his hard one he gulped down his feeling he have to do it fast he closed his eyes and remove her dress and now she is only in her innerwear he took the wet towel which he brought with him and with closed eyes he started to wipe her body although he wiping her body with towel but this towel didn't help much his hand touch her bare body he felt current passed his body feeling her soft body under his rough hands when his hand passed by her bossoms he felt something inside him he immediately took his hand from there and wipe it otherside feeling her soft bare body under his hands it making him hard to control only because of his closed eyes otherwise he don't know what have happen after wiping her he made her wear her clothes and cover her with blanket she seems to fine now as her body temperature become normal he sighn in relief he have to take cold shower now again for this girl once

Arnav glance at her and made his way to bathroom he come out after shower and only thing he saw then was her cute pout she sleeping soundly with her pout he felt like kissing her pout he is shock with his own felling he never felt this for his girlfriesdns who have he dated until now then why Khushi she have something that magic which made him pull towerds her

Arnav brushed away his thoughts and made his way in recicline he have to tell Kyushu what he did while for reduce her body temperature although he knew he have closed his eyes while doing this he only do it for her health but will she understand that what if she denied believing that why her believing on him matter to him this new felling rising inside him which he don't know but he only know that he have to save her whom she was running for until now he have understood she is scare of someone and he will protect her from any evil in that thought when sleep took over him he didn't know two souls sleeping soundly in one room unware of the fact that in coming days they will share the same bed and united forever

May 7

Aashiq Banaya Apne (By Arshisarun13) (Thanked: 43 times)

Khushi blink her eyes open as the sun rays peeping through the certain . she held her head in hands she felt light headed something is different in her body she felt it as if someone have touch her bare body shiver ran down in her spine at this thought , she dont know why but it felt right as if someone have did right thing to make her fine .she is confused with her own thoghts she glance at her surroundings her eyes fell on Arnav who have sleep peacefully on recicline this made her realize she is in his house in his room and in his bed sleeping peacefully and here Arnav is in his own house in his own room sleeping in uncomfartable position she thought to wake up him and tell him to sleep on bed but it will broke his sleep she went to freshunp come back with same clothes which is become dirty while continesly running thats when she remember all happen with her she immediatly felt scare

It's enough now she cant put Arnav's life in danger with her who help her and gave her shade for live. she will go now yes this only right solution the thought of going away from arnav made her hear pain her eyes brimmed with tears and she knew this new felling brewing inside her . Khushi glance at Arnav . she remember last night incident how she almost going tale him about her problems ,how she broke down in his arms , how Arnav protectivelly held her in his arms and console her save her from all evil . she felt so proctetive in his arms how she wish to live there forever but it cant happen already he did enough for her she have to leave now

Khushi come towards Arnav with tears in her eyes . she want to see him before going capture his face in her heart forever . until now she undurstood why she felt this feeling towards him but she is unsure . it is not confirm till now . Khushi let her eyes lingered on Arnav's face . his eyes which is look at her in concern and with some unknown intensity she felt shiver is closed now and his lips which gave her long kiss on her forehead yes she felt while sleeping his lips lingering on her forehead for more than longer she gaze his handsome face with loving eyes his hair slightly come on forehead give him more handsome look she cares his face with her hands she move his hair back from his forehead it is so smooth like she thought while imaging herself ran her hands in his smooth hairs . This movement from her make Arnav move in sleep she is so lost didn't realize it . She even forget about her earlier made decision

Khushi immediatly come back to sense and stand up to go she only took two steps ahead only to felt pull on her duppata Khushi glance back only to find her dupatta held by Arnav who have wake up now and staring at her painfully and accusingly she gulp her feelings why he is giving her this look maybe he is upset with her for living his house without telling him as he felling concern towards her last night also and she felt happy but why he is felling concern towards her

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Aashiq Banaya Apne
May 11

Aashiq Banaya Apne (By Arshisarun13) (Thanked: 38 times)

Arnav stand up from recicline and stare at Khushi painfully. The thought of Khushi leaving his house, that to without informing him is pain his heart. Until now he have understood little about this feeling but not confirm till now

Arnav : Where are you thought you are going Khushi ?

He asked this while looking streght in her eyes Khushi look down while replying to him

Khushi : I was going to leave your house

She replied while teares once again brimmed her eyes

Arnav : That I know Khushi but where ? In your home, If you have home to live then happily go but if not then I will not let you go anywhere, it is not safe for you there outside

Khushi is shocked as how can he understood her this much, until now no one able to understood her this much as if she have any persone to understand her to show concern towards her like the person infront of her showing towards her, who have totally stranger to her, who have met her only hours back and she even don't know his name while he know her name too by his look she knew he have not any bad intention toward her while asking her to stay her he genieuly felt concern towards her if have have any bad intension then until now he would have taken advantage from her situation. Arnav shook her shoulder not having any answers from her

Arnav : you have not eaten anything Khushi and docter gave medicine too, I did not get the time for this and because of that your condition is worst last night, you don't know what I go through while looking at your condition is that only when I wipe your...

He stoped in middle realizing what he gonna tell her, its not like that he gonaa hide it from her but not now. it is not right time to tell her this and shock her more. First he have to make her eat something and then medicine too and only then he will tale her and its upon her to decide whether to believe him and stay her or not believing leave his home that thought made his heart pain

Khushi only observing his expression. The way he care for her for not eating anything, asking her eat and take medicine and what he is talking about her condition and what he did to make her better. realization drawn to her that in morning she felt something in her body so her guess is right. what he might did is not concerning her but made her shiver in aticipation

Arnav Khushi keep glancing in each others eyes in many thoughts. One with fear of she must be misunderstood him and other in anticipation what must have he did to her

Arnav and Khushi come back from there lost state as Khushi asked him with little shivering

Khushi : what you did to me

the way she asked him made him gulp hard his desire which is rising inside him hearing her innocent question and without any delay tell her everything ready to bear the consequence

Arnav : I am so sorry Khushi. I know how dignity means to you girls but I promise Khushi I close my eyes while doing this and there is not other option for saving your life Khushi. I also tried another way but your fever not reducing, its only increasing because of bad weather but trust me Khushi I didn't see anything. I am sorry Khushi if you want punish me or slap me but stay here only its not safe for you stepping outside

It is the first time Arnav Singh Raizada is reqesting. Not requesting but littely begging her to stay there and half of this for her safety and half for him as he want to spend time with her forever

Khushi is so overhelmed with emotions the way he explaining her like she means a lot to him and he want her to believe her she know anyone have misunderstood the situation and hate the person but what reason she would hate him yes she know that he might had change her dress in her unconscious and he did it with closed eyes and that to only to save her if he not did what he did then she might have died by now or anyone have take advantage of her unconscious state but no he did not

She know he must be thinking she must have misunderstood him but one look in his eyes and it make it clear to her that everything he said is true his choclaty brown eyes is like ocen she fell to drawn into it his face clearly told her he said everything geniously she just overpower in emotions hug him tightly to her body

Arnav is shock to the core here she should angry on him and hate him but here she is hugging him tightly like he did something right and she is thanking him which is indeed true arnav give up his thought and hugged her back tightly there is no gap between there body

Khushi is feeling secure in his strong arms and Arnav in heaven feeling her soft body pressing his hard one her soft body fitting perfectly in his hard body they were lost in that moment there moment broke because of ring of his mobile they both realize what they are doing Khushi broke the hug shyly arnav is disappointed beacause of phone calls in wrong time he want stay in her arms forever khushi too feeling the same khushi is embarssed she stood there looking down arnav attend his call ,

Arnav : yes nani

Arnav : you too take care of yourself he hang up the call after talking to his about 5 minutes Arnav hung up the call and look at Khushi who is looking down embarrassing of the situation

Arnav : Khushi did you forgive me

he asked her nervously hoping to yes

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Aashiq Banaya Apne
May 14

Aashiq Banaya Apne (By Arshisarun13) (Thanked: 74 times)

Arnav : Khushi did you forgive me, he asked her nervously hoping to yes

Khushi : there is no need to forgive as what you did only to save me even I have to thank you for saving my life...

she is unsure about his name

Khushi : I don't know even your name. full one day passed and even you know my name

Arnav : my name is Arnav. Arnav Singh Raizada. his name has some power like him that's made her shiver

Khushi : Thank you Arnavji for what you did for me until now. Thank you so much

The way she utter his name sound it beautiful it is different from what others call him. 'Arnavji' sounds nice from her beautiful mouth

Arnav : SO you will stay here until I will solve your problems. Is that clear the way he asked her in powerful aura like she belong to him only, that made her heart flutter. She know if she not agreed then he will make her agreed and she too wanted to stay with him and if possible then forever. She nodded slowly Arnav singn in relief that finally Khushi agreed to stay with him, she will safe here in his house

Door knock of his room and hp come there with khushi's breakfast in arnav 's instructions.

The breakfast is silent affair. Khushi is gulping her food hurriedly as she not eaten anything for days. she is too foody so she everytime is hungry. While Arnav just admiring her forgetting about his food. Khushi look at him admiring her and she look down shyly, her cheeks turn tomato red. Arnav smirk seeing his effect on her. There was curry's drop on her lips side. Arnav sign her that and she started to wipe it but not able to do so Arnav moved forward to wipe he wipe it pressing his finger on her soft lips the moment his rough finger touch on her soft lips. Desire pool in there body, Arnav just looking at her lips which trembling cause of his touch, while Khushi shiver at his touch. It is first time someone touch her like that. He pull away his hand immediately, he have to control his desires to kiss her soft petal pink lips and Khushi is breathing heavily, she just look down shyly. They had breakfast silently trying to avoid the desire which is only increasing.

The remaining breakfast went silently as they hardly talk after there intimate hug and his fingers on her lips. Only there eye talking is enough for there understanding. Once breakfast is done Arnav made her eat madicine which she took obediently because arnav one look is enough for her agreed for something and his dominate on her she like it once food and medicine is done arnav think this time is right ti know about her life and she have to tell him then he solved her all problems

Arnav : khushi you are ready to tell me arnav asked her carefully because he not wanted to forced her at this weak point as she got so scare previous time and avoid for telling him but he is here to make her understand he moved to her held her hands in his assuring her khushi once scare of mentioning about last night but she got courage once arnav assure her the time has come where she will got ride of evil and share her happy life with arnav

Arnav led Khushi to bed and they both sat there without wasting the moment khushi started

Khushi : I am orphan from childhood and live in orphanage while saying this tears ran down her eyes arnav painly look at her he know the pain of orphan as his parents also died in accident

Khushi : when i asked mother of orphanage she said when i was one month only then someone keep me in there gate arnav gulp his pain he have nani to take care of him when he left alone in this world and here she is all alone from birth only and she even didn't spent little time with them like him and live in orphanage he didn't thought about it arnav just place his arms around her and pull her in protective hug she is crying badly in his arms while remembering her parents

Arnav : Shhh Khushi calm down I understand your pain khushi he said while continuesly rubbing his hand over her dreess

Arnav : you don't have to tell me about your past if you have to cry in pain while remembering your parents . khushi is so touch with his words .he so well understand her she look at him arnav wipe her eyes

Both lost into each other eyes khushi started in that position only

Khushi : everything was right until one week back there some 40 years lady come with his son for asking my hand khushi shivered in his arms while remembering that incident and arnav tight his arms around her protectively telling her he is with her and she continew

Khushi : she said her son find me in orphanage garden and like me and come to asked for my handthey are so bad Arnavji her son not look like young but her mothers age he is so old looking and he always look lustfully to other girls also I tell to mother this but she not hear me out she is only telling good of him and she is hurry to marry me as she did not have enough money shelter to me I understood that and decided to go from there but mother not let me go she have gave her word to this women and why not because they gave hug amount of money to mother so when I try to go from orphanage she lock me in room until marriage marriage fixed second day only because I try to run away I got so scare and that night one of my friend somehow open door and I silently run away from there but then they got my news and come after me to find me I was running fastly and that's when yours car come infront and you save me Khushi complete in one breath and start to cry once again

Khushi : thank to you arnavji that you save me arnav just stare at her in tears in his eys hearing about her story how much she bear but not anymore he will not let anything happen to her he will protect her from all evilness and gave happiness to her with that he just place his lips on her

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