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Apr 14

WHAT’S BEHIND THE MASK, ASR! (By Eljessica) (Thanked: 49 times)

Hey Guys. My re-take for Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam – New Story, inspire from the Chain Reaction written by MISS MJ with a new light, a new perspective. The concept of the story similar to The Chain Reaction but yet different, most characters are from IPPKND. Read to find out more about WHAT’S BEHIND THE MASK, ASR! Hope you enjoy. Please, leave your comments below. Thanks.


I will like to especially thank, Ushanaaz gor encouraging me to write again. Thank you, Ushanaaz, for believing in when I lost my hope to write again, thank you for standing with me during my tribunal. Thank you being my inspiration. This Story is for you hope you like it. Thanks.




Khushi Kumari Gupta, homeless and jobless, Shyam’s ex-girlfriend, with whom she recently separated due to his antagonistic nature along with his possessiveness.


Finding a well-lighted park, Khushi decided to spend the night there. Unfortunately, witnessing a crime committed by Akash and Aman, Khushi was brought before ASR to decide her fate.


Akash: ASR, here she is.


Seeing Khushi, Arnav was lost in the depth of those hazel orbited doe-eyes, which is trying its best to camouflage the fear of the unknown yet failing miserably in front of Arnav’s keen eyes which are so brilliantly reading those eyes like a clear mirror. And for the first time, the arrogant Arnav Singh Raizada, the leader of Delhi Gang- The Golden Eagle, The great ASR, is lost in the anonymous; he is experiencing an alien feeling for this particular young lady in front of him. A feeling so indescribable yet so right, so complex yet so pleasant, so mysterious yet so familiar. Well! The case with Khushi is no less, who was also lost in the most alluring chocolate-brown eyes that's accelerating her heartbeat, bewildered by this new mysterious feeling she experimenting Khushi immediately broke their eyes contact bringing Arnav back from La-La Land.


Arnav: Well! Well! Who do we have here?


Khushi: Nobody important.


Arnav: So, Miss Noboby. Here, I’m trying to decide whether to kill you or not! And you are busy showing me attitude.


Khushi: What! Who are you decide about my life? Only DM can decide, what's going to happen so please, don’t try to be God.


Hearing everyone gasps it have clear to Khushi that no one talk to ASR like that and definitely not using this tone in fact nobody talks back to ASR.


Arnav (maintain his ASR face): Hmm… More Attitudes, Interesting! Should we have some fun or just kill you…


Before realizing, on hearing his word, developing a mind of its own my hand draw back slapping loudly him in the face enraging all those present in the room who was now shouting at me. And I did my best to mask my fear.


Arnav: Shut up, everyone. Feisty little thing, aren’t you?


Khushi: I’m not afraid of you.


Arnav: Actually, you should. Aman, take her to my Penthouse, now. And give me her phone.


Khushi: No, please. I’m sorry.


Akash: What are you going to do with her?


Arnav: Not decided yet.



Text Message From ASR To Aman:



Arnav: (text message): Show her in the Guess Bedroom. I will be home soon. And guard the door until I get back.




Aman: Let me show you your room. Now, start walking.


Khushi (thinking): Oh, wow! What a lovely room.


Aman: What’s your name?


Khushi: None of your business!


Aman: Well! Things will be a lot easier if you just cooperated as I can assure you that ASR won’t hesitate to kill you if he has to.


Khushi: I’m Khushi Kumari Gupta.


Aman: Now, that wasn’t so hard, was it? This is your room settle in; the bathroom is over there. Please, no escaping stun, anyway there is way out penthouse without a key card.


Khushi (thinking): Who will try to escape from this amazing room after being homeless and jobless, just hope they don’t kill me. A shower and sleep is all I need right now.




One Hour Later:




Arnav: So, what her name?


Aman: Khushi Kumari Gupta. Aged 24 and was renting one bedroom house in Laxmi Nagar. No family, no close relative and no friends. Parents died in a car crash when she was 18. Now, jobless and homeless as fail to pay her rent. Abusive ex-boyfriend called Shyam Manohar Jha but ended on bad terms.


Arnav: Did you find out anything about this Shyam Jha?


Aman: A small criminal bully


Arnav: Ok, find out as much as you can about him and her. Where is she now?


Aman: Sleeping.


Arnav: Ok, you can go. I will see you tomorrow.


Arnav (thinking): Let me check her. Damn! She is wearing my shirt. Why do I have this unknown feeling each time I see her. Could I really kill her? I better go check on Anjali and Dhruv?


Arnav: Anji. How is my little princess?


Anji: Good, Bhai.


Arnav: Where is Dhruv?


Anji: Don’t know, Bhai, he went saying he’ll be back soon but he still not here.


Arnav: What has he done to his room? Look at the state of this room! Why has not HP Kaka, Hari Prakash Kaka, cleaned his room?


Anji: Bhai, you know Champ, nah. He doesn’t allow anyone in his room so how can HP Kaka clean it. And Bhai don’t disturb HP Kaka, he was not feeling well earlier and is sleeping,now.


Arnav (worried): What! What happen to him? Why haven’t you called me earlier? Have you call Doctor Uncle?


Anji (smiling at his elder Brother concern, of whom everyone is so scared of by just hearing his name and here he is so worried for his housekeeper): Offo! Bhai! Kaka was having headache but he didn’t let me call Doctor Uncle when I was going to.


Arnav: Okay, let me check where Dhruv is, first then I will check Kaka. Next time you call me.


Anji: Ok, Bhai.




Phone Conversation:



Arnav (Phone): What the! Dhruv! Where are you? Get home right now. You know it’s not safe for you to go out alone at night. Don’t make me come looking for you.




Arnav (worried): That boy will be the death of me. Okay, Princess, go to sleep now. You have early lectures tomorrow. And there is someone that I want you to meet in the morning.


Anji (excited): Who Bhai? Is she your girlfriend?


Arnav (smiling at his little sister craziness): No, she is not my girlfriend. Wait, a minutes! How do you know it’s a she and not a he?


Anji (laughing): Seriously, Bhai. Knowing you, it’s not rocket science. (Animatingly, demonstrating with her finger) Because, firstly, if your guest was a guy you will not have introduce me to him, let alone bringing him to stay in our guest bedroom. Secondly, (LOL) I saw Aman showing her the guest room earlier.


Arnav: WHAT THAT! Ok, enough of your dramas, now go to sleep will talk in the morning. Good night.


Anji: Ok, Bhai. Good Night. See you in the morning. But, Bhai…


Arnav: Don’t start, again, Princess. I will answer that question in the morning.


Anji: Pinky Promise.


Arnav: Yeah, Pinky Promise. Happy!


Anji: Yes. Good Night.



After Sometime:




Dhruv: I’m sorry, Bhai. It was my friend’s Birthday Party.


Arnav (concern): Champ! I’ve always allow both you and Anji to go anywhere anytime, you both also have the freedom to do whatever you want, I have never try to control your life but have always support you both in your decision as long as you know your limits and I’m proud of you both. And all I ever ask is to be inform about your whereabouts for your security. Why did not inform your Bodyguard before going out? I was so worried for you. (Sad) What losing Mum and Dad, Princess and you are my only family, my raison d'etre, my badies, so pleased take care.


Dhruv (sad): I’m sorry, Bhai. It won't happen again. Promise, Bhai!


Arnav: And you better keep that promised, else I have no choice than sending you to aboard to complete your Bachelor Degree. Ok, go to bed now, else you will be late for your lecture as usual. Good Night, Champ.


Dhruv (hugging Arnav): Good Night, Bhai. Love you.

Arnav (smiling, hugging Dhruv back): Love you too, Champ. Now, go to bed. Good Night.



******** TO BE CONTINUED SOON ******* 







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Apr 15

WHAT’S BEHIND THE MASK, ASR! - PART 2 (By Eljessica) (Thanked: 43 times)








The Next Morning:




Khushi (thinking): Wow! Khushi, what a lovely morning, it’s been so long since I had such a beauty sleep. This bed is so comfortable.


Khushi was just having her usual self-talk, when she heard a knock on the door.


Arnav: May I come in.


Khushi: Yes, please.


Arnav: Good Morning. Did you have a good sleep?


Khushi: Yeah. Sorry, I just woke up.


Arnav: That’s ok. Here, some clothes for you, I’m keeping them in your wardrobe. Breakfast will be ready soon so you got sometime to freshen up.


Khushi: Thank you. Sorry, I had to borrow this shirt last night after shower.


Arnav: No worries. It’s mine, so it’s ok.


Arnav (thinking): Oh my God. She is looking so adorable in my shirt. What’s wrong with you, Arnav, you don’t do relationship remember. You have other priorities.




At The Dining Table:




Anji: Morning, HP Kaka, how are feeling, now?


HP Kaka: Morning Betiya, I’m feeling much better now.


Anji: Kaka, please take care of yourself. Bhai, was so worried about you yesterday and upset because I didn’t call Doctor Uncle.


Hp Kaka: Why did you tell him, Betiya [daughter]? You know how he is; he will be so worried now. He will take care of everyone except himself and won’t let anyone take care of him. (sadly) My Arnav Baba [Son] is lost somewhere from that day. I wish Bade Sahib aur Malkin [Sir and Madame] were here, our Arnav Baba would have been happier. Arnav Baba has gone through so much already, I wish he get his happiness soon; someone to look after him.


Anji: Yes, Kaka. Bhai need his Happiness, he need someone to take care for him. But, you know him nah, (Anjali exclaim dramatically) he always keeps girls at an arm distant, he is always with Aman which always make me doubtful of their closeness sometimes, trust me, Kaka it’s so weird, Bhai, wake up with Aman’s call and he go to bed after taking with his Pyari [Lovely] Aman. Poor Bhabhi! 


Dhruv (entering the dining room):  Oh! Hello! Where Poor Bhabhi? Whose Bhabhi? Mine and Yours! Not Possible! Not Happening! Bhai, Never! Nice Dream! But, sorry to say, NEVER! However, I can always give you a Bhabhi, though.


Anji (shriek unbelievably):  OMG! Kaka pinch me, did the sun rise from the west today. I can’t believe my eye, is this Champ, our Dhruv, rise and shine sunshine all ready to go for UNI, How! That too without Bhai's shout shake our Penthouse! I must be dreaming.


Dhruv: Oi! Nautanki! [Drama Queen] Kitna bolti ho, tak ti nahi, jab dekho pak pak kalti ho [You talk too much, all the time Pak! Pak! don't you ever get tired of talking.]


Anji: Looking who is taking, Mr. None-Talkative. But, seriously Dhruv! How did get up so early that too after coming home late. Yeah! Where were you last night? You said you would be back soon and was no-show up until Bhai call you. On top of that, you not only didn’t inform Bhai before going but also didn’t took any bodyguard, how can you be so careless, Dhruv.  Do you have any idea how worried Bhai would have been if I told him earlier? And what about me, Kaka was not well and you were not home.


Dhruv: Kaka, are you ok?


HP: Yes, Beta. Anjali Betiya, gave medication and I had a good sleep.


Dhruv: Sorry, Anji, it was Abhi’s Birthday and I lost track time. It won’t happen again.


Anji: Hope you don’t do that again. Anyways, what did Bhai told you? He must have shout at you.


Dhruv (laughing): LOL! You kidding me, right! Bhai! And Shouting! At us! Never! But jokes apart, no, he didn’t shout just talk. He was a little emotional, I’m sure he was missing Mum and Dad thanks to my stupidity.


Anji: Wow! That must have been a very good talk with such a positive outcome. I’m impressed! First, you wake up early without anyone’s help. Now, you are accepting your mistake and that you are stupid. Great!


Dhruv: Yeah, I just realize how much Bhai has sacrificed for us. We always have each other to share our problems and to talk with along with Bhai and Kaka, but Bhai can never share his feeling with anyone. I just wish he would have someone to share his feeling with.


Anji: Yeah, Me too.


Dhruv: But, where is Bhai? I haven’t seen him since this morning, that’s strange because normally by this time he would have been to my room more or less ten times already trying to wake me. And usually by now he will be waiting for us while reading his newspaper.


Anji: That’s right. Where is Bhai? And where is his guest that he wanted us to meet.



Dhruv: Wait! What! Bhai has a guest staying with us in our Penthouse! From when! And how do you know?



Anji: Because I saw Aman brought her last night before you and Bhai came back home. And Bhai said he will introduce her to us in the morning.


Dhruv (shock): So you are saying that we have a guest living with us in the guest bedroom from last night. She is a girl who Bhai will introduce to us this morning. Unbelievable! And Bhai is missing since morning. Wow! 

Anji: Yeah, I was shock too and try to ask him but he said will talk in the morning as he was already worried for you.



Phone Conversation:


Arnav (phone): Yes, Aman, okay. See you in sometimes.



Hearing his conversation with Aman, both Anjali and Kaka start laugh leaving a confused Dhruv and Arnav. 


Arnav: What the. What’s wrong?


Kaka (laughing): This morning Anjali Betiya was saying that Arnav Baba and Aman Beta talk like they are a couple.



After hearing this Arnav’s expression epic and Dhruv joined Anji and Kaka’s laughing club with Arnav finally giving in seeing his happy family. That’s when Khushi entered the Dining room surprise, seeing this perfect family in front with a bonus sight of a laughing Arnav. She always wanted a family like this one, full of fun. 



Khushi (thinking; confusing): This man is so confusing, last night he was the worst person that I have ever met. He was deciding whether to kill me or not. And this morning he is a different person altogether, so polite, such a gentleman and now he is laughing like no tomorrow. The perfect man that only one would want to marry. Marriage! What wrong with you, Khushi, you are dreaming to man who was going to kill and still will if he has to. What’s wrong with you.




******** TO BE CONTINUED SOON ******* 







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Apr 17

WHAT’S BEHIND THE MASK, ASR! - PART 3 (By Eljessica) (Thanked: 38 times)





Khushi (thinking; confusing): This man is so confusing, last night he was the worst person that I have ever met. He was deciding whether to kill me or not. And this morning he is a different person altogether, so polite, such a gentleman and now he is laughing like no tomorrow. The perfect man that only one would want to marry. Wait a minutes did I just said Marriage! What wrong with you, Khushi, you are dreaming about a man who was going to kill you and still will if he has to, you better keep that in mind. What’s wrong with you?


Hearing someone calling her name, Khushi return from her La-La Land only to find herself being the center of attention with three pairs of confused eyes observing her keenly as if she came from another planet while one particular pair of eyes was communicating with hers clearly indicating its approval after checking her top to bottom, when she heard the voice calling her name again increasing her heartbeat.


Arnav: Khushi, come have a seat, breakfast is ready.


Khushi: Good Morning.


Anji, Dhruv and Kaka: Good Morning.


Arnav: Khushi, meet my family: my little Sister, Anjali, my little Brother, Dhruv and HP Kaka, he look after the house and us, so if need anything can ask him.


HP: Yes, Khushi Bitiya, if you need anything ask me.


Dhruv: Hey Khushi, nice to meet you. (Smiling, observing his elder Brother admiring a girl for the first time) Welcome to our family.


Anji (excited): Welcome to my team, Khush, I’m so excited to finally have someone with whom I can talk and go shopping with.


Dhruv (laughing): Hey Nautanki! You of all people do not have anyone to talk to, Hahaha!11 Seriously! That’s the joke of the year! Because even if we put you in an empty room without anybody you will eventually ended up talking to the wall.


Anji: Hahaha! Very funny! Anyways Khush! Nice dress, where did you bought it.


On hearing about the dress Arnav chocked on his black coffee.


Anji (concern): Bhai! Are you ok?


Arnav: Hmm…


Anji: What… Hmm… Bhai! You still haven’t learned how to drink! Grow up, Bhai! I don’t understand how you can be a leader of gang and the COE of AR Design. 


Arnav: What the!


Anji (laughing along with the others including Khushi): See what I mean, Bhai, you’re already proving my point you still haven’t learned how to complete your sentences. You should have known by now what comes after “What the.”


Arnav: What! 


Anji (laughing): Never mind, Bhai. I understand Senior citizen takes time so don’t worry take your time.


Hearing Anji statement everyone were laughing their head off while Arnav was lost in this specific lady sitting in front of him laughing like no tomorrow, like her name she does carry an influential happiness along with her. On the hand, Khushi hasn’t realized when she was part of this amazing family.


Anji: Yeah, Khush, where did you buy your dress? It fit you perfectly like it was custom-made for you.


Khushi (hesitantly): Actually, your Brother brought some clothes for me this morning and this is one of them.


Dhruv (shock): What! Bhai bought some clothes for you this morning including this dress! Unbelievable! 


Khushi (nodding): Yes. He brought them this morning and arranged them in my wardrobe.


Kaka (shock): Arnav Baba brought clothes for you and also arrange them in your wardrobe. Ho nahi sakta! [Impossible!] 


Khushi (confused): Who is Arnav Baba?


Anji: I think there has been an alien invasion in our house last night: firstly Dhruv wake up early this morning, secondly Bhai came late for breakfast, thirdly Bhai brought a girl for the first time in our house that too to stay as guest, fourthly Bhai went shopping and arrange the clothes in wardrobe for Khushi and now Khushi is asking who is Arnav. I’m seriously telling you that the alien has replace Bhai with a replica and Khushi is one of the aliens. 


Hearing Anji, everyone was shockingly looking at her as if she has grown horns on her head with their mouths opening and closing like a fish. 


Dhruv (laughing): LOL! Where do you get these ideas, alien invasion, seriously! 


Arnav (laughing): I think you are the one who have been abducted by alien because first you made me guy, then complained that I need to grow up later told me that I’m a senior citizen and now you even had me abducted by alien and replace with an replica. 


Anji: Well! What should I say now, Bhai, its all your fault.


Arnav: Ok, can you please explain how is it my fault, Miss Genius.


Anji: In fact its very simple, Bhai, because you never as in Capital letters ‘NEVER’ do shopping, moreover tidying your wardrobe is like the eighth wonder of the world let alone someone else and how come your girlfriend does not know your name. 


Arnav (smiling): My Girlfriend! Who Khushi? I know that you’ve been working so hard to know who Khushi is since last night. Nice conclusion through however sorry to disappoint you, Princess because Khushi is not my girlfriend. In fact we hardly know each other. Actually, Khushi witness Aman and Akash killing someone last night therefore I told Aman to bring her to stay in our guest bedroom. Since Khushi didn’t have any clothes I went to AR Design this morning and got her clothes, as they were already in hangers I just hang them in the wardrobe no biggy. Now, Miss Judge what’s your verdict.


Anji (serious): Are sure you want to hear my verdict?


Dhruv: Bhai, if I was you, I’ll never take this chance. Trust me, Bhai don’t take the risk.


Arnav: It’s ok, Champ, I will take my chance. Yes, Princess, what’s your verdict?


Anji: Frankly speaking, Bhai, after analyzing the whole situation I came to the conclusion that you like Khushi.


Arnav: No way. I just met her and hardly talk with her.


Anji: Yes way, Bhai. And it does take lot of time to like someone, it just happen. Some people even fall in love at first sight. Let me ask you some questions and you can decide for yourself. How many guests have you ever brought home? Your never let any of the gang members meet us except Akash Bhai, NK Bhai, Aman and Lavanya in fact you just said you hardly know each other. And Khushi’s dress is your own design, which has never been displayed in any fashion show and was never on sale despite being one of your masterpieces. I won’t say any more because you understand your feeling better.


Arnav (shock): So you know that the dress was my design. How?



While Khushi was lost in her own world, trying to analyze her feeling after hearing Anji’s explanation. She was also trying to understand her Arnav, who is he? Why is he so confusing?



Dhruv: Bhai, Princess and I, know all your designs, because we are the one who usually send them for production as we know how much you like designing clothes but never send for production but we did not want our Bhai’s hard work to stay incomplete we wanted your work to be recognized as Arnav Singh Raizada’s Design. We are also very well aware that some designs are very to your heart which is in a separate folder in your office Mac, which we send to production but with strict order these are never to be displayed in any show nor available for sale in fact they are classified as Arnav Singh Raizada’s Masterpiece and this dress is one of those categories.


Arnav: What the! How is it possible that I’m not aware of this and how was approved without my permission and signature?


Dhruv: Well! Bhai! Let me remind you that I’ve been working in AR Design for the last three years as a part-time Junior Designer simultaneously with my Bachelor Degree in Fashion Design hence it’s not difficult to create a new clothing line ARD (Arnav, Anjali and Dhruv) by Arnav Singh Raizada.


Anji: And for the legal side of the ARD Clothing Line, I’m here nah, your part-time Junior Legal adviser for the last three years while doing my LLB. And who in AR Design can go against ASR (Anji, dramatically point out pulling the imaginary collar of her Lacy Spaghetti Black Top) and DSR, after all Dhruv and me 30% shareholders of AR Design each which make us 60% Shareholder together hence if we both sign a contract together its enough to be approved. And Aman helps us and being your Managing Director everything was approved without any trouble. Are we in trouble, Bhai?


Arnav (smiling at his cute Sister and Brother, who went through so much trouble to create a new clothing line for his design in order to make his dream true): Of course not, you could have just told me and I would have approved it why so much trouble. Anyways it’s good you are taking your responsibility in AR Design. I’m proud of you both and Thank you for your thought, nice gift, I love it.


Anjali and Dhruv: We love you, Bhai.


Arnav: Me too! You two are my life. I’m happy when you are happy. Aren’t you two getting late for lectures?


Anji and Dhruv: Oh, Yeah. Bye, Bhai, Bye Khushi and Bye Kaka.


Arnav, Khushi and Kaka: Bye.




******** TO BE CONTINUED SOON ******* 







Apr 20

WHAT’S BEHIND THE MASK, ASR! - PART 4 (By Eljessica) (Thanked: 24 times)









Arnav: Khushi, we need to talk. Please come with me to my office.


Khushi (tense): Okay. What do you want to talk about?


Arnav: We are going to discuss about what you witness yesterday and what do you intent to with that information so come with me to my office.


Khushi (having her usual self-talk while eating her nails): Khushi ki bachchi, ab to tum gae kaam se, DM raksha karna [Khushi, my child, now you are gone, he is going to kill you that’s why he want you to come to his office with him, protect me DM.] 


Arnav (thinking): What’s wrong with this girl why is she so weird - taking to herself when I told her to follow me to my office. I have not decided what I’m going to do with her yet. Maybe I should appoint her as my PA in AR Design for now this way I’ll be able to keep an eye on her at all time. Why is she so nervously eating her nails, does she real think I’m going to kill her. Crazy woman! But cute and adorable!



In order to get Khushi’s attention, Arnav called her name only to find her continue with her self-talk with DM explaining why she should be given another chance to stay alive.



Arnav (thinking): Arnav, tum kahaan phassgaye, yaar. [Arnav, where are you trap, Man.] This girl will make you crazy one day just like her. But, why do I have this strange feeling whenever she is around. Was Anji right, do I really have feeling for her. No, that’s impossible; maybe I just like her because she is so different from other girl I ever met, so innocent and adorable.


Arnav: Khushi! (Louder) Khushi!


Khushi: Hah..


Arnav: Welcome back to the world, Miss Gupta, now would you please follow me to my office. Right now!


Khushi (mumbling): What am I going to do with this Laad Governor, always commanding. Khushi, you better follow him before he decides to kill you right here.




In Arnav’s Office:




Arnav (closing the door behind them): Yeah, Khushi what are you going to do about what you saw yesterday if I let you go.


Khushi: Nothing…


Arnav (laughing at Khushi’s answer in his mind while maintaining his usual ASR look): So if I let you go, you are not going to do anything then it’s better I killed you now itself, isn’t it as you will die eventually.


Khushi: Huh!!


Arnav: You just said you will do nothing if I let you go that means if I drop you somewhere you are not going to do any actions you are not going to move, eat, talk and even go to the toilet so why don’t I end your misery by killing right now and you don’t need to torture yourself.


Khushi: What!


Arnav: Do you have language disorder?


Khushi: What! No!


Arnav: Then, why are you answering using one word?


Khushi: It’s just that you are so confusing you are a gang leader, I witness two of your gang members killing someone, you order them to bring me to you to decide whether to kill or not, I even slap you. But, you, what did you? You…


Arnav: What wrong with your speaking ability, Khushi? Anyways, do you really want me to kill you? Serious!


Khushi: No, of course not! But, why! Why…


Arnav: Don’t worry! I won’t kill you, Khushi. (Seeing her shock face) Don’t be so shock, Khushi, anyways you won’t understand. And I told Aman to bring me to my house to stay with your family, as you are homeless because you lost your job.


Khushi: How do you know so much about me!


Arnav: Here’s your file, with all your life history.


Khushi: How did you get my file?


Arnav: I have my ways. Never mind, I have an offer for you if you want to consider its up to you.


Khushi: Okay. What do you want me to do?


Arnav: I have a job proposal for you, that of my PA in AR Design.


Khushi: Why? Do you want me to work as your PA, I don’t even have any work experience or Degree, then why me.


Arnav: Because, I think everyone deserve a second chance in life. Unfortunately, sometimes things happen in life upon which we don’t have control on changing the course of our life, failing our entire future plan for our life. However, only a few have the opportunity for second chances. And I believe in you so please take this second chance I will be there to train and help you in this new journey. AR Design is sponsoring you to an online course in Business Administration, that was your dream right and to start you own Business.


Khushi: How would you know that?


Arnav: From your Diary.


Khushi: My Diary! Oh, my phone.


Arnav: Yes. I’m sorry, for reading your Diary.


Khushi: Who are you, ASR or Arnav? I’m confused.


Arnav: ASR and Arnav are two different people all together. ASR is for the world and Arnav is for family members and close friends.


Khushi: Why do you do, I mean killed people. Why did they… they killed that man.


Arnav: Sometimes be bad to overcome bad, because some bad people can never change. And that man deserved to die.


Khushi: Nobody deserved to die.


Arnav: Khushi you don’t know what you’re talking about. He was the leader of a gang. The Grey Shark!


Khushi: Aren’t you a gang leader too?


Arnav: Yes, but we don’t kill innocent people.


Khushi: Do the Grey Shark kill innocent people?


Arnav: Yes. And they tried to kill Dhruv.


Khushi: Where are your parents?


Arnav: They’re dead.


Khushi: I’m so sorry. How did they die?


Arnav: It’s ok and it’s not important how they die. Look! Khushi, I really don’t want to hurt you but I can’t let you put my people at risk.


Khushi: Are you going to kill me?


Arnav (smiling): That depends on what you choose.


Khushi: I will take the opportunity. Thank you for this second chance.


Arnav: Your welcome. But Good luck, being my PA is not an easy task.


Khushi (smiling): Don’t worry I like a challenge.


Arnav: Ok. We’ll see, all in good time. You can start from tomorrow if you want.


Khushi: Ok. Thanks, that will be good.



******** TO BE CONTINUED SOON ******* 







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Apr 21

WHAT’S BEHIND THE MASK, ASR! - PART 5 (By Eljessica) (Thanked: 26 times)









Hours Later, In The Kitchen:




Khushi: HP Kaka, I’m going to cook today, you just need to show where are all the ingredients. No cooking for you, its your rest day.


HP Kaka: Ok Beta. But I will cut the vegetable for you.


Khushi: Ok. Kaka, what is everyone favorite Indian Dish.


HP: Arnav like Allo Sabzi, Anjali like Gobi Ka Paratha and Dhruv like Butter Chicken.


Khushi: Ok, done. What’s your favorite dish?


HP: Palak Paneer.


Khushi: Done.


HP: What’s your favorite, Beta?


Khushi (excited): Jalebi!


HP: That’s Anjali’s and Dhruv’s Favorite sweet dish too.


Khushi: And Arnav?


HP: Almond Kheer.


Khushi: Ok, I will make Jalebi and Almond Kheer.


HP: Ok, let’s start.




Hours Later:




Anji (walking in the kitchen): Kaka, I’m back home. I didn’t go to AR today. Woah! Smell good in here. Khush, you are cooking?


Kaka: Yes, today Khushi Beta is cooking.


Anji: Wow! Khushi you know how to cook.


Khushi: Yeah, I started to cook after Mum and Dad passed away. So you don’t know how to cook.


Anji: Oh, sorry, I didn’t know your parents are no more.


Khushi: It’s okay. It’s been sometime now and time is the best healer.


Anji: Yeah, I guess. It’s so true.


Khushi: I’m sorry for your lost too.


Anji: That ok. As you just said time is a great healer. But how do you know that my parents are no more.


Khushi: Arnav told me.


Anji and Kaka (together): What! Arnav said that. Bhai, said that to you. Impossible.


Khushi: He told me this morning when I asked where is your parents.


Anji: What! You asked him where is our parents and Bhai just told you they die. He didn’t scream at you.


Khushi: No, he calmly told me they die.


Anji: Wow! Who are you? Girl! You are like Petruchio from William Shakespeare’s Taming of the Shrew.


Khushi: Why? What happen?


Anji: Khush, Bhai never speak about Ma and Pa’s death ever, not even to Dhruv and me. In fact, we were in Boarding School in Canada; we still don’t know what happen and how it happened. We never been able to ask Bhai, because of his bad temper whenever we asked him even Kaka don’t know what happen as he went to visit his sick mother. All we know they were killed along with Aman’s parents. It was in the news. Bhai, only brought us to India for the cremation ceremony and we were send right away we don’t have any details until now.


Khushi: What your parents were killed. And Aman’s too.


Anji: Yes, our parents and Aman’s parents were Business Partners they were the Founders of AR Design, then Aman sold all his shares to Bhai which he divide among us, and Aman stay with as Managing Director and they been looking after AR Design. However, after our parents’ death we lost our Bhai and Aman also, they are not the same.


Khushi: What do you mean? By “They are not the same.”


Anji: What I mean is that they are same as they were when our parents were alive. In fact I still can’t believe how did they form this gang “The Golden Eagle,” because neither Bhai nor Aman is that kind of person who will kill people for money, did just don’t make sense. There must be more to the story, a bigger picture that we can’t see.


Khushi: Why?


Anji: Because both Bhai and Aman attended Rashtriya Indian Military School in Dehradun from the aged of 12 to 18, when our parents died, they were wanted to join the Indian Army. After our parents’ death, they were not in touch with anyone for years. Yeah, they do come to visit us from time to time. And they just return some years back when Dhruv and I, finished our schooling in Canada. That when we found out about their gang, The Golden Eagle, we don’t know much about it through. All we know they are very dangerous, but they are still the same for us.


Khushi: Oh.


Anji: Never mind! What did Bhai told you?


Khushi: He told me, I can stay her and his PA job position is available if I want to take it.


Anji (thinking): Wow, Bhai. I know you like Khushi. You confirm my theory by making her your PA. Way to go, Bhai! Since when does ASR need a PA when he has his Pyaari Aman? Anyways, it’s going to fun.


Anji: So what did you say?


Khushi: Of course, I said, “Yes!” after all I always wanted to be a Businesswoman this is my opportunity to step forward. It will be good experience.


Anji (thinking): Ok, that’s interesting. I think the fire in burn on both ends. It gonna be fun, I have to buy some popcorn.


Anji: Yeah, that’s great. We will work together in the office; can ask me anything if you are not sure. But now you need to teach me how to cook?


Khushi: That’s my pleasure. I already cook the food, now sweet cooking time. We are now going to cook Almond Kheer.


Anji: Bhai! Favorite sweet dish>


Anji (thinking): Now, please don’t tell me, Bhai, told you, else I’m gonna faint. 


Khushi: Yeah, Arnav’s Favorite. I have ask Kaka everyone’s favorite.


Anji (thinking): Oh, Kaka, that’s ok, I can deal with that. Fainting cancelled! 




******** TO BE CONTINUED SOON ******* 








Apr 22

WHAT’S BEHIND THE MASK, ASR! - PART 6 (By Eljessica) (Thanked: 31 times)









Later, In The Evening, Dinner Time:




Dhruv: Wow, Kaka! My favorite Butter Chicken. It’s so yummy. I must say your cooking skill has increase dramatically today.


Anji: Well, that’s because Kaka didn’t cook today.


Dhruv (shock): What! Did you cook today? No, that’s impossible that can’t be you.


Anji: Why, not!


Dhruv:  Why!! Seriously!! Don’t you remember last time when you try to cook cake and Aman’s favorite Chicken Briyani for Aman’s Birthday?


Arnav: Really, you try to cook for Aman’s Birthday. Okay.


Dhruv: Don’t worry, Bhai. Like I said Princess try to cook but it didn’t happen…


Arnav: Why! What happen!


Dhruv: No, Bhai, you must ask what didn’t happen??


Arnav:  What the!!


Dhruv: No, it’s not, what the!! Bhai! It’s what didn’t happen?


Arnav: Ok, Champ, what did not happen?


Dhruv: Bhai, actually Princess forget to check the scale setting which was on 150 grams instead of 0 hence all her ingredients measurements was wrong needless to say that all the food was uneatable as her timing was not right either and the kitchen were worst than a war zone which me and Kaka end up cleaning.


Arnav (laughing at Dhruv’s dramatic explanation): Ok. But I think Princess must have learned now.


Dhruv: But, I don’t think so, Bhai.


Arnav: Why?


Dhruv: Because, the next time she try to make Maggi Noodle she forgot to switched on the stove which she only released after waiting for 15 minutes, can you believe Bhai, 15 minutes when Maggi usual take 2 minutes to cook. Then, I don’t understand how she manages to burn it; it’s still a mystery. But, luckily I had order pizza as a contingency plan like any good businessman.


Anji: Yeah! Like any businessman, Right. Contingency plan, but only where food is concerned. But, don’t worry I didn’t cook today.


Arnav: Yeah. Because Khushi cook today, is it?


Anji: How do you know, Bhai?


Arnav: Because, she loves cooking. She cooks when she is very happy and stress. But, when she is happy like experimenting with food but when she is stressed she only cook Jalebi.


Anji (thinking):  Wow, Bhai! You even know her likes and dislikes. Interesting, Very Interesting!


Khushi (shocked): What! How do you know!


Arnav (smirking): Khushi, I know everything about you. Everything you wrote.


Anji (confused): Wrote! Where?


Khushi: In my mobile’s diary, I keep a journal of my everyday activity, all my future plan, all my thoughts and my past; basically everything.


Anji (thinking): Wow, Bhai! Diary!! How many more new faces of yours we are going to see, I wonder, anyways, time will tell. Well, that’s getting more and more interesting.


Dhruv: But, how come your phone is with Bhai.


Khushi: Because, he took it.


Dhruv: But, don’t you have any password protection on your phone?


Khushi: Of course, it had password but seems like you Bhai have access despite the password.


Arnav: Well, I’m ASR. I have experts that can break any password.


Khushi: Yeah. Whatever! I need my phone back.


Arnav: Here, this is your new phone with a new number. All our numbers are saved with protective encrypted coding, as we never provide our number to anyone. And our listed numbers are never our personal number just encrypted coded number. So, (smirking) sweetheart that you’re new Iphone X, hope you like it. And yeah, all your journals records and apps are saved in this new phone except you’re old contact number as you don’t need them.

Dhruv and Anji (thinking, smiling at each other):  Did, Bhai, just tease a girl in front of us.

Khushi: Who are to decide, what I need and don’t. How can you say I don’t need my old contacts!


Arnav: Because you are not going to meet anyone of them, never going to be in touch with any of them again.


Khushi: Why?


Arnav: Why! Really! Khushi! How many contacts did you in phone anyway?


Khushi: Well, not much. But…


Arnav: Well! Let me tell you. You only have like six phone numbers in your old phone of which, 1. Was of your ex-landlord, 2. Was of your ex-landlord’s wife, 3. Was of your ex-employer, 4. Was of your ex-work manager, 5. Was of your Dumbo ex-boyfriend and 6. Was of your one ex-colleague. Hence, you don’t need them, end of story.


Khushi: But! Still!


Arnav: Not again, Khushi. I said you are never going to contact them again so you are not and that final.


Khushi: But, why? Arnav!


Arnav (thinking): Wow! My name sounded so good when she says it.


Arnav: Because you can’t go back to your old life.


Khushi: Why?


Arnav: Because, I told you so.


Khushi (angry): You told me. When! You!! Laad Governor!!  You didn’t tell me but order me. And who are you to order me. You can’t order me understand, Laad Governor!! Who do you think you are!


Arnav: ASR!!


Khushi: What!!


Arnav: I’m ASR, Khushi. So you do what I say. And watch your tone when you speak to me.


Khushi: If you are ASR, what should I do? Be your puppet. Well, it’s not happening. If you are ASR then I’m KKG.


Arnav: And what’s KKG?


Khushi: OMG! What, you don’t know what KKG?


Arnav: No.


Khushi (dramatically): Well! I’m KKG! Khushi Kumari Gupta.



While, Tom and Jenny, Arnav and Khushi, were arguing Dhruv, Anji and Kaka were shock by their arguments, as they never saw anyone going again Arnav before. In fact everyone always silently follow his order with any disagreements.


Anji (thinking):  That’s great, Anji, what a pair. That’s even more exciting. What a match, yaar, made of each other. 


Arnav: So, KKG, what's the sweet dish?

Khushi: Huh!!

Arnav: The Sweet Dish, Khushi! Dessert! What did you think, Khushi?

Khushi (blushing): Nothing!

Arnav (laughing): Really! Nothing! Again.

Remembering the morning conversation, both started laughing like no tomorrow leaving three confused audiences.

Khushi: Arnav. It's Almond Kheer for you.

Arnav: Huh...

Khushi: Almond Kheer, Arnav.

Arnav: Oh, so you made my favourite Almond Kheer.

Khushi: Yeah. And Jalebi for everyone else.

Arnav: Can i have some Jalebi too.

Khushi: Of course.

Arnav: Nice food, Khushi. Thank you.

Khushi: Your welcome.

Kaka, Anjali and Dhruv (thinking):  What just happen! Didn't they just argued with each other! Then tease each other. Now, ASR is complimenting someone.


******** TO BE CONTINUED SOON ******* 








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