Devi Maiyyas Wish

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chapter 41 (By Mimima1) (Thanked: 46 times)

Chapter 41

Seeing his family laugh heartily gave him a satisfaction beyond description. ASR saw how his di was enjoying to her fullest arranging all the post wedding games held at RM. However there was something missing.. or was it someone..

"Akash, you better search for the ring fast otherwise you know what my state is bitwa Mama told Akash among angry glares of Mami and peels of laughter from NK, Nani and Anjali while Akash was trying to search for the ring frantically. However, Payal quietly held her hand up with the ring smiling. 

"Oh we need to hab (have)  best of three then, hello hai. My sons should bin (win) shouted Mami not liking her son loosing in er well almost all the games. 

"That's cheating shouted ASR surprising everyone. "Well if she has won, then done.. I think they are all tired, we should all retire.. ASR tried to distract. 

"Yes di, lets finish all this, I am too tired.. opined Akash too, but soon turned red with embarrassment when he heard roaring laughter. Obviously he had not realised what was to come after all this..


"Amma, where are all the gift packs. Jiji will be here soon, I have loads to talk to her. Let us get everything ready before she comes... " Khushi shouted getting ready to spend the next 2 days with her sister and then both would go their own way, Payal going on her honeymoon and Khushi leaving to Lucknow.. 

Not very happy to part with his wife, Akash dropped Payal at Gupta house reluctantly. The family had hardly relaxed over the last few weeks because of the wedding preparations. However, today with no worries or tension all sat together like old times and enjoyed the day. Even took time to visit the temple. After all without their Devi Maiyyas blessings, nothing was possible.

The scene was different at RM. Somebody was restless and eagerly waiting at RM. "Di, what time is Payal coming? was the question frequently asked. No no it was not Akash, but ASR.. 

"Chote, I think it is better you go to office instead of eating my head. This is the 4th time I am telling you. I told you in the evening. By the way, why do you want to know? Akash has gone to pick up Payal, so they will be here soon..

"Di, it was you all who told me to take a few days of before and after wedding. Ok, I am going to office then,. Saying so he went off, while Anjali kept saying, "Arrey baba, I was only making fun, sorry.."

He had only opened the door, when Akash walked in with Payal and Khushi. 

"Bhai, are you going somewhere? 

"Er, No Akash, Was everything ok Payal he asked looking at Payal

Payal nodded. Both Payal and Akash walked in leaving behind Khushi who was fidgeting with the pallu (loose end of the saree ) of her saree. She was indeed wearing the same red saree he had chosen. Mesmerised, he stood, watching her until she shyly said "Ji namaste folding her arms.

"Hi he whispered, when NK came rushing to the door, "Khushi ji... you have come, you have made my day.. come in, we can have loads of fun. I have been waiting for you since morning. By the way, you know, you are looking so beautiful in this saree...

"This monkey has to interfere!!! glared ASR and walked away..

Family dinner was a grand affair with Khushi, NK and a new member of the family. Anjali had suggested watching a movie then all sat discussing the wedding, guests, basically anything their mind came across. Arnav kept watching Khushi, couldn't  take his eyes off. 

"Khushi ji, you know don't you I will, be coming to Lucknow and you will have to show me all the best places to see and eat " NK spoke casually. 

"Yes Nanne ji, anytime, just give me a call, I will see my class timings and we can go. Khushi gladly agreed, 

"Oh sure Khushi ji, it wont be anytime before 2 weeks, because I will be in Rajasthan for nearly 10 days, then I am back in Delhi, then I am planning to come to Lucknow NK would have probably given his itinerary if Nani had not asked, "So Khushi bitiya, what are the immediate plans?

Khushi politely replied, "Nani ji, When Babuji and Kushal went to Lucknow to invite for the wedding they have also booked a house for rent. So Amma, Babu ji and Buaji all are coming along with us to help me first few days. We still have some stuff in our old house, all those things will be sorted. But, they will be back before Payal comes back. Khushi pouted at Payal Because Payal jiji was cross when she heard we were all going to Lucknow without her 

Finally Anjali asked, "Payal ji, Khushi ji, your sarees is really beautiful. Perfect colour for both of you. Where did you buy, and Khushi ji those accessories are perfect for it.."

Payal answered "Anjali ji, Arnav ji sent them across before the wedding. Haan ( Yes ) Khushi, where did you buy the accessories?

Thinking of all possible way to not mention they came along with the saree, Khushi gave a sigh thinking "How clever, when she heard "Di, what are the plans for tomorrow by the way, Akash what time is your flight? What time shall I ask Mohan (driver) to come? 

"Even Arnav ji does not want to reveal probably, she thought. "But why? What is the meaning of all this. On one hand he is calling me all names telling me all these mean nothing to him, and on the other he be doing all this? Has he no clue how anyone can mistake these actions? It is best to get away from all this..  just two more days, Devi Maiyya when will I see all of them again Her chain of thoughts were broken when Anjali loudly said,

"Khushi ji, where are you lost? Are you ok? We were discussing about tomorrows plans. Shall we go to that temple near the airport.. aaa, which one is that, she hesitated thinking really hard, 

"Di is it Lotus temple? NK asked, 

"Yes that's it, we can visit after dropping them, then we can go out and have dinner, girls night out!! What say.. Khushi ji" Anjali suggested...

"Di Thats not fair. Why have you dropped me, what shall I do at home? " pouted NK, 

"Haan Anjali bitiya, what shall we all do, you asked Chote also to take leave Mami chimed

Soon enough, as was the trend of RM, all joined in, making it a family day out. ASR only too happy thanked Mami in his head as he did not want that NK to go along with Khushi!!! Now, he could keep an eye on that NK monkey...

Akash gave an even bigger sigh, "Thank God they did not ask me to cancel my honeymoon and go with them... You never  know with my eccentric family anything is possible.. thinking so, he stood up  saying, "I think I need to do some last minute packing...

Day out in Delhi, after dropping the newly weds at the airport, was an memorable experience for the whole family. Khushi tried her best to forget about the one person whose eyes followed her all the time and enjoyed her time with Anjali. She did not want to make any assumptions. Probably all this meant nothing for some!!!

Anjali made Khushi feel at home. After speaking late into night, obviously discussing important matters...  

Standing at the door with his arms crossed across his chest, Arnav watched the three ladies chatting gloriously. Khushi in her old night kurta looking radiant, Anjali in her night dress without her exotic sarees and jewellery. Nani as usual in her simple yet elegant saree. Three most important ladies in his life. That something or someone missing earlier was now complete. Arnav felt the missing piece in the puzzle was now complete. How well she blended into the family. The scene in front of him was etched in his heart for a long time to come..

His chain of thoughts were broken when Anjali spoke, "Chote, you here, have you not gone to bed yet? He saw khushi fidgeting on the bed, probably feeling conscious in her night kurta. She looked beautiful and ever so homely in it, with her hair tied in a loose bun, almost ready to go to bed..

"You are all still awake... what is so important, it is nearly midnight.. Arnav came into his Nani's room.

Anjali asked, "Chote, you know Khushiji is going tomorrow, so we were all casually chatting,.. You also join in Chote. Why were you awake..  

"Di I was looking into a deal,.. I was going to the kitchen to get a and he looked at Khushi "coffee he said...

Nani spoke, "Chote, at this time?

"Nani, I have not been to office, need to look into some issues

"Arnav ji, let me get you... Khushi eagerly got up, Nani and Anjali exchanged looks of "I knew it

Nani was in a fix. She had high hopes of getting Khushi bitiya also into her household, but her grandson was not taking things any further. And he was letting her go as well. So she tried,

 "Anjali bitiya, do you think I should talk to Shashi? Arnav's ears popped up, while Anjali questioned with a blank expression, "about what Nani?

"Remember I was telling you, I want Khushi bitiya in our household? If we let her go, soon her family will fix her wedding. Or what if she starts liking someone in Lucknow? No No I don't want that to happen. hence if I tell them now to tell us when she is ready, then we take the matter further. NK and Khushi get along very well. What do you think?

"Nani you are a genius. I think that is a wise suggestion. I would love to have her as my Bhabhi.. NK and Khushi ji

"What nonsense, It looks like you two don't have anything, you should go to sleep, always Khushi's marriage, why don't you all leave her alone... And that too with NK.. yeah right.. he spoke irritated.

"Not us Chote, but everybody else is, we know how her buaji is keen, then when a good alliance comes by, the girls parents somehow manage to convince the girl, and Khushi bitiya is that kind who would close her eyes and agree to marry to whoever her Babuji asks her. And what is wrong with her and NK? You see, with Payal's marriage finished, the next thing we will soon here is Khushi bitiyas marriage fixed. You wont understand this.. Go and do your work. By the way, if you also had a wife, you would not be working like this. Nani chided..

"Nani, marriage is not the solution for everything.. hissed Arnav, anger beginning to rise..

"Chote it is for the rest of the world, not you.. Ok ok baba, go now, Nani and I will discuss, why should it matter to you she turned towards Nani to discuss this matter further. "Good night Chote she said aloud seeing him storm out.  Knowing her brothers anger Anjali interrupted not wanting to have an argument in the middle of the night. 

When Khushi returned with coffee, Anjali and Nani were preparing to retire "Oh, I thought he was here, I will give him the coffee and . " she saw they were tired and said, "Anyway, Good night Nani ji, Anjali ji Khushi went off to the lions den to hand him the coffee.

His bile rose imagining Khushi getting married to NK. All work and sleep forgotten, he was pacing in his room when she arrived with his coffee. When the coffee was safe on the table, he held both her shoulders and asked, "Are you interested in this marriage? When the matter is of Khushi all his logic and reasoning flew away. He had no clue she was unaware of all the conversation that has been taking place behind her back.

Oh oh.. what is the meaning of this? What was happening? Holding her by her shoulders and asking about marriage? What marriage, whose marriage. For a moment she literally thought of touching his forehead to make sure he was not having any convulsions. Blinking away her confusion, she spoke 

"You know Arnav ji, my buaji calls me sanka devi, and it is late midnight. You wanted coffee. You must be sleepy, and I am too. Please can I go? I feel I am hearing nonsense..

Realising what he was doing, and what he had asked, he let her go. She left him and turned to go with a "Good night Arnav ji, then turning back near the door, she said, 

"From now on you don't have to worry, Once I am gone, there will be nobody to bother you and you wont get irritated. Sorry for being a pest until now, you take good care of your health Arnav ji. and she ran to her room, she knew if she stood to say a proper good bye, her eyes would give away...

Arnav stood mortified hearing her. "this can't be the end? How can you go Khushi? he thought. While whispering "Khushi...

"Hey Devi Maiyya, was I really hearing things or was he really talking of marriage? What has got on to him? Am I interested in this marriage? Which, whose marriage? Thank God I am going tomorrow.. I am fed up of marriage. Why can't they understand I don't want to get married. and quietly, she whispered, "I can't get married.. My heart is not in it.. Devi Maiyya give me courage and show the right way, I don't want to cause anybody any trouble, no not my Babuji, or amma or even buaji.

Finally the day did arrive, the Raizada's had personally gone to drop Khushi and say their good byes. Hugging Anjali with tears, Khushi spoke, "Anjali ji thank you so much for everything. Please look after yourself. Sorry  because of me you had to go through all the troubles..

Holding her shoulders, Anjali spoke firmly, "Khushi ji, it has nothing to do with you, get that out of your head. Now don't you see I am so happy, honestly I have never been this happy before. I need to thank you for coming into our lives, or should I say falling like an angel into our lives .. and she looked at Arnav who turned away to hide his emotions.

The Mehtas too arrived with Kushal's stuff, to say their good byes. Priti chided, "Khushi, what about all your boyfriends.. to get a gasp from Buaji, Garima, Nani and Anjali...

"Oh.. Khushi said making a sad pout, "I broke up with all of them!! But you can see they will be here any moment, to give me flowers and of course my kisses 

And sure enough there came her little boyfriends with a bunch of flowers and giving her loads of kisses..

In spite of all the cheerfulness she displayed, all knew Khushi was feeling sad to go..

Arnav stood aside. Watching. Khushi couldn't help stealing sad glances at him. He did not want her to go, but how can he stop her. What has he got to offer, to make her stop. He had to think of a way to get her back.. How...

As the cars moved away, Arnav thought his life was going away.. he felt an unbearable pain,.. he was immediately taken back in time when his di had mentioned, "You will know chote, you will, one day, you will feel your breath will stop when you see her go..

He felt a distinct, awful pain when you love someone more than they love you, he had never experienced this pain. What if his Nani's words became true.. Would he be able to survive?? 

Khushi felt a lump in her throat.. She thought she would die. If only he knew how I felt, "Devi maiyya.. please help me...


When will they meet? Under what circumstances..

Will he be able to express his feelings??

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chapter 42 (By Mimima1) (Thanked: 66 times)

Here is the next chapter, hope you all enjoy reading. Please comment!!

Now almost everyone had started to get bored.. Buaji as usual was chatting all the way. But the journey to Lucknow was unusually quiet for Khushi, who pretending to sleep through it and far away from all the talks.. 

Buaji remarked, "aey sanka devi, you must be happy, you are getting back to your old life now!! Hey re nandkis****, hope everything will be alright now, with Kushal also there I hope there won't be any problems 

Thinking of the conversation he had had with ASR, Kushal reassured them, " Buaji you don't worry, everything has been taken care of


"No, you can't do that, I don't want any security for her This was the probably the 100th time Kushal was refusing the offer. Getting frustrated with his insistent behaviour, "ASR I told you I am there to look after her..

Something in him was not letting him go. ASR spoke again but more politely, "Kushal, I am sorry for what I have done. But it is the matter of Khushi, and my previous actions have caused great havoc in her life. Please let me do this, well may be at least in the beginning few weeks, then we can see how things go..

Finally Kushal gave up "OK then, but I am really not so keen on somebody following her all the time

"Kushal neither am I too keen for it, so let's see if everything is safe, then we can see.. By the way these are top security people I am employing.. ASR tried to reassure, 

"Give me their details. Let me take talk to them and before Kushal could continue, ASR inturrupted "Kushal please, let me do this. Please "

After agreeing to have security guards to ensure Khushi's safety in Lucknow, ASR spoke "Kushal thanks for agreeing, because I would have still gone ahead and done it. You don't know her " Arnavs mind was far away now in a reverie,  "she is a walking menace. Either she is walking into trouble or she is already in some trouble. But she is very innocent, very innocent ..and c  

Realising he was about to say cute, he shook his head, saying,   "I would have probably done it even without asking, but that would mean intruding into her privacy which is why I wanted to keep you in the loop. Honestly, just for a few weeks, then we can take them off

"You cheek, you pleaded, apologised, and now you are saying this!! But you know she will not agree if she comes to know about it... Kushal remarked..

"You bet, and especially if I were to tell her.., she ASR replied.. thinking of all the times she had said, "I can do it, I don't need your help...

Suddenly, ASR remarked, "Your sister is quiet feisty Kushal. Honestly, she has given me a tough time   Only after the words had come out did he realise what he was speaking.. Wonder what came over me!! He thought 

Flashback End

Unaware of her niece closing her eyes, Buaji kept talking. However streams of tears flowing down his sisters eyes while she was asleep did not go unnoticed raising his concerns, "Was there something that was bothering my little choti, does she not want to leave Delhi?.. He tried to connect the dots...

His thoughts went back to ASR.. He recalled ASR's constant visits  while Khushi was in London. Never in his life had Kushal seen this soft, polite ASR. Apologising and pleading for Khushi's safety. Is this really ASR, he thought. Is there anything more to it? But again he is guilty of his actions, hence the concern.. But then what about all the remarks he made of Khushi??

Khushi pretended to be asleep. Images of Arnav standing aside, with his arms crossed across his chest and watching her say bye to all her friends kept running in her head. She could still hear his husky whisper "Khushi, take care...  please when she had said "namaste to him. His voice was soft, almost fragile, as if it would break any minute, just like her heart. Perhaps her heart was already broken..

She shut her eyes so that she could see him atleast in her imagination. Nobody could take that away from her, not even her Arnav ji. But soon, the pain in her chest was too unbearable and tears flowed even without her knowledge. 

(Guys, namaste can be said even while saying bye)

Scene in Delhi was not very pleasant either. Late midnight, Anjali was seen pacing up and down her room making frantic calls to her brother only to receive an answering machine.. With Aman being away on a business trip to Mumbai, she was in a fix. Probably her 100th call to her brother when she decided she would tell her mama to look for Arnav. 

Just then she got the much awaited call "Di, sorry, I could not take your call. I was stuck in the office, I will come home now..

Her blood boiled, anger  rose within her and she blasted, "What is the meaning of this? Do you know how many times I have tried. What do you mean stuck? Where is your phone? It kept ringing and redirecting to answering machine. What are you doing?

"Di sorry sorry, I dozed off and did not hear

"Dozed off? Anjali asked surprised... Sudden realisation hit her. "Wait a minute, have you taken your medicine?

"Di, I will come home and talk.. ASR tried to change the topic, but being his sister, she knew now what had happened.

"Chote, stay where you are, don't you dare drive. I know you were probably lying unconscious in the office. I will send Mohan

The more he had tried to push her thoughts away from his head, she kept coming constantly. How she fell into his arms, so loving, tender, yet so feisty and wild, a feeling he had never experienced. Smile rose on his face thinking of her smile, laugh. His face sunk seeing her sad face while leaving, all come in front of his eyes as if she was real. Medicines forgotten, work forgotten and food forgotten, he had drifted off to sleep, but woke up every now and then in a delirious state. He had no strength to go home. With Khushi having stayed at RM the last two days it was even more unbearable to return to his house.

Sensing something was amiss, Khushi had called Anjali on the pretext of asking if Payal had called. "Yes Khushi ji, Payal had called, both fine and having a good time. She said she could not reach you. 

However Khushi insisted "Anjali ji is everybody else alright?

"Yes yes everybody else is fine Khushi, we are already missing you Anjali had replied 

Khushi was acting like a fish out of water, restless and hypersensitive. She knew something was a problem with Arnav. On the pretext of letting Anjali know they reached, she had called again. 

"Yes Anjali ji, there was no problem, we have reached safely. The network should be fine now, let 

Payal jiji know as well. By the way Anjali ji, are you all ok, everybody else..

Feeling odd at her question, but none the less, Anjali had replied, "Yes Khushi ji... "


Visits and dinners ruled both house hold the next few days. Payal and Akash's return got back some Khushi (happiness) to the house which Khushi had taken along with her. Even though ASR took great care to make her feel at home, Payal thought he had become more angry and more grumpy if that was even possible... Tradition being to invite the newly weds by close relatives and friends, Payal gelled well into the new family. They glowed in their new found happiness. Mami was often seen removing evil eyes from her son and daughter-in-law,... 

Mami did wonder what was all the fuss about before marriage!! Hello hai bai bai...

It was a similar situation for the Gupta's too. The Mehtas side of relatives wanted to see Khushi and of course old friends of Gupta's wanted to see Kushal. The visits were minimised to very few with Khushi falling ill with fever frequently. Buaji and Garima wondered "This is no new place for her? Why  is she falling ill so frequently.. I know, She is not eating too well, see you have become a stick" they complained to hear Shashi and Kushal chuckling. 

How the week passed in a jiffy and they were already bidding good byes to Shashi, Garima and Buaji.. but of course, only after taking a promise from Buaji she would come and stay for a few weeks with them.. Shashi spoke in a concerned voice, "Bitiya, you seem to have lost some weight and not eating properly.. if your fever had not settled down, we would have taken you back to Delhi with us

Arnav had turned into ASR mode. More ruthless and more irritated which didn't go unnoticed by Aman, Anjali, Nani. What could they do.. It is him who needs to take a decision.. all knew the cause of his irritation. But  they did not want to push him.. They felt this separation was needed for him to know Khushi is not always available at his service. She too has a life.  

And she did. Though Khushi had tried her best to move on in her life, pain was unbearable still, too raw yet. She wished she could at least hear him when she called Payal, but no luck.. Probably it was for the better she thought.. But with each passing day, turning to weeks, she felt she must be happy and bubbly like the old Khushi... Chal Khushi, lets get the fresh Lucknowi air into your system... she told herself.. With college and course work, she did get busy.. and forget .. And true to her name, she became happy for the sake of others... but, only to remember every night and dream about the chocolate brown eyes... Could she ever move on... 

Family dinners were a grand affair with mami ordering her bahu (daughter-in-law) to make a variety of dishes and true to Khushi's words Payal was an excellent cook.

One day, they were all taken by surprise when Arnav remarked though quite dreamily, "You know Payal, Khushi was right. She said we would get the best food ". This man who hardly spoke nowadays was recalling Khushi's words and indirectly praising Payal. Feeling uncomfortable, Payal replied, "Arnav ji, I learnt this off from Khushi itself, nobody can beat her in certain dishes

"Yeah  right, like jelebis Anjali interrupted and asked  "By the way how is her college. How is she..? I must give her a thrashing. She never calls us. She only speaks to you!! "

This was exactly what the great ASR wanted to know and hence he had taken her name. One month and not a single information about her. He was dying to know about her.. It was as if she had disappeared from his life. Anjali and Nani did not mention anything about her, Why should they? Payal didn't think it was necessary to tell him and he did not have the courage to call her in spite of dialling her number everyday, but never pressing the call button. 

Even Kushal never spoke about her when the issue of removing the securing guards was discussed. It was a relief Khushi was safe without any issues. But he wanted to know about her. Whom could he ask..

His ears were alert, listening to Payal "She is ok Anjali ji. Amma was saying somehow Lucknow is not suiting her. She keeps falling ill frequently. Getting busy day by day.

"Why, she has lived there all her life, why should it not suit her chimed Mami. 

"Don't know Maaji, that's why Babuji is worried. Buaji says she has stopped eating like how she used to before and she will fly away one day. You know how Buaji is, she would always complain about Khushi eating for 3 people and still being a  stick!! she laughed and continued

"Babuji has told her they will seriously start looking for an alliance after her birthday and she has finally agreed now. Only few days for her birthday, I hope she also settles soon.. "

Unknowingly, Arnav dropped his spoon making a loud noise.  He apologised seeing them all staring at him. He wanted to leave and go, but did not want to miss anything more important. Taking a glass of water, waited for the conversation to continue.

"Khushi bitiya agreed for marriage? Nani asked but her mind was away. 

"Haan Naani ji. She only agreed because Babuji told her. But she has told she will complete her course before any wedding if at all. She does not want to leave it half way and Babuji agreed too. Payal replied politely to Nani.

"Why what happened to Babuji? " Anjali asked concerned.

"Nothing to worry, but he has had high blood pressure since a very long time and previously had some heart problems as well. Payal replied 

"When is her Birthday? May be a visit to Lucknow is due for us. What say Nani? Payal ji don't tell her anything. Lets think about it. Payal ji, Akash you can also have a good time in Lucknow.. Anjali was all excited by now, then she gave a hopeless look at Arnav 

"Chote, don't worry, I will not force you, I know you will not be interested in all this stuff. We will be gone only a few days. You stay back. As it is you are hardly home now a days, always in the office.

Little did she know, he was not able to concentrate at home or in office. Little did she know her brother hardly slept...  Little did she know he was dying to go with them, perhaps more than them. 

Mami was sooper excited. "Anjali bitiya, it has been such a long time, I also want to come too. Last time you did not take me..  

The sudden turn of events was a surprise to Payal. She needed some time for the idea to settle and to give it a thought. It was  indeed a good idea to visit Lucknow and surprise Khushi on her birthday.. Khushi would love it.

It was while all were sat still discussing, the land line phone rang. Let me see it, said Arnav. 

"Hello is all he said, and he knew. He could sense her. Khushi heard him for the first time after what seemed like eons..

 She stood up, she held the phone with both hands to make sure she heard right.

  She could feel the lump in her throat but she managed a 

 "A a Arnav ji...

  her voice was hoarse and brittle, as if she was going to cry any moment. 

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Chapter 43 (By Mimima1) (Thanked: 57 times)

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"Hello is all he said, and he knew. He could sense her. Khushi heard him for the first time after what seemed like eons.. She stood up, she held the phone with both hands to make sure she heard right.  She could feel the lump in her throat but she managed a  "A a Arnav ji...  her voice was hoarse and brittle, as if she was going to cry any moment. 

Time stood still...

Nobody spoke a word. ...

Cherishing the fact they were at each others end.. 

They could hear each other hearts beating loud. Moments passed and the next thing he heard was a thud and the line went dead.. "KHUSHI he shouted, and sat with a thump on the sofa with the phone forgotten on the floor. With palms covering his face, fear gripped over him.

What has happened to her? The agony was a torture and at that moment he thought, I should not have let her go at all, that girl cannot look after herself.. I did a mistake.. I did a mistake.. I just hope she is ok.. 

Unknown to the fact the whole family was stood gaping at him thinking.. "What is going on, why on earth did he shout Khushi he quickly dialled Kushal's number.. 

"Kushal Where is Khushi? what happened to Khushi? Is she ok? Arnav fired questions one after the other even before Kushal could say hello,..

"Woh woh woh... chill ASR, what's happening? Kushal replied coolly 

Arnav replied in a stern voice gritting his teeth, "Kushal where is Khushi?

"Well she must be downstairs.. we just finished dinner, she wanted to do some of her course work and I came up to my room, I wanted to see the last episode of top gear series (famous car show). She must be down, I will go and check,.. just a min Kushal got out of his bed, annoyed at being disturbed while  watching his favourite series.

However what he saw took the breath out of him, "ASR will call you back and quickly cut the line.

"Arnav ji what happened? What happened to Khushi? " Payal was quite concerned by now.. 

"Its all my fault.. She cannot take care. Arnav kept blabbering

"Chote calm down, what happened? What are you talking? Who called? Anjali asked concerned.

"Di it was Khushi, I don't know what happened, but something has happened to Khushi. " checking his time again, "Now this Kushal, he is not answering or calling, I asked him to check on her, but he said he will call later and hung up. I am sure something is wrong. Arnav again started to get agitated. He kept checking his phone. "Payal get your phone, answer as soon as Kushal calls

The wait was traumatic. Each passing moment he felt he was loosing his life.  all sat around on the sofa waiting for the call. ASR had never thought he would be worried for someone like this. It was not even his Di, Nani or any family member.. Now, it was  his second visit to all Khushi's Devi maiyyas temples in his head, begging her to keep Khushi well. I hope she is fine, I hope she is fine, his mind kept chanting the same lines over and over... 

After about half an hour, finally, Kushal called. Immediately picking the  call "How is Khushi? ASR asked

"Nothing to worry ASR, she is fine now. She is in the hospital. Thanks for calling me.

"Kushal what happened to her? 

"Not sure exactly what happened, but when I saw her she was lying in a pool of blood near her head. I think she has fainted and hit the corner of the coffee table and there was a bit of blood, I got very concerned and got her to the nearest doc here. They said she is fine, nothing of concern. Was she talking to you? Kushal explained.

"Is she conscious? ASR 

"No she is still asleep. Thanks for calling.  Kushal knew not to probe,.. 

Relieved, he gave a long sigh.. "Ok, thanks Kushal, Payal wants to talk to you handing over the phone to Payal, he sat down. 

Anjali was next to him holding his hand reassuring. "Chote, can you explain what happened?

"Di Khushi called here, but even before we spoke, I heard a thud and the next thing the phone went dead. So I called Kushal. He had no idea and was watching tv when I told him. So when he went to check, he saw her lying on the floor with blood. "

All gasped listening to him. "Khushi, blood.. how is she now Nani repeated

"Nani Kushal took her to the hospital, docs have told she is alright he thinks she must have fainted and hit the table while falling..

Standing up and going towards his room, "Di, I have some work, I need to go and strode off the steps, taking two a time, as if nothing had happened while texting Kushal "Please keep me updated and called his most efficient employee...

Now, this was no rocket science for Kushal, "k he replied.. and wondered "All the visits,  all the concern , security guards was not for nothing.. he said looking at Khushi who was slowly waking..

Looking surprised at her surroundings,  Khushi asked, "Baba where are we? holding her bandaged head confused, she asked "I was talking and she went quiet thinking.

Tears rolled down her eyes as she thought, Since Payal had told her Nani was complaining she called RM to speak to Nani. For the first time after she had left Delhi she was hearing his voice. How she had yearned to hear that voice. 

But when she heard him unexpectedly after so many days, she felt her heart burst out with all the love that was buried deep within. She felt her heart beat again. She could feel the warmth and safety hearing him, she knew she loved this man, but to this extent, even she couldn't imagine. Not able to withstand the sudden rush of emotions along with her recent bouts of illness, she fainted and as rightly guessed hit the corner of the table. 

Realising she was talking to Kushal and crying, she turned her head away pretending to be asleep while thinking, "Hey Devi maiyya, why him of all the people in the world? Why did I have to love him, who probably hates me, does not think an iota of goodness in me? Thinks I have just been lucky to be his relative.. When I am trying hard to be away from him, not talk to him why do you make us meet? I was happy, trying to take things as they come. Why why, Can I ever move on Devi maiyya?

"Khushi she turned looking puzzled hearing Kushal's serious tone 

"ASR called, He was going to continue, when she said, "Baba,  I am too tired, I want to sleep, it hurts...

Little did she want to say it hurts to hear about him, it hurts to talk about him, which will only make her heart bleed more... it hurts terribly..

Feeling tired by all the crying and thinking, along with the effect of medicines, Khushi dozed off until late morning, when she felt "Dhak dhak.. dhak dhak.. Clutching her heart tight, eyes still closed, "Arnav ji she said aloud, catching Kushal's attention who was sat checking his messages on his phone... 

She soon woke up hearing Kushal's phone ringing the next day morning. "Babuji, I am fine, nothing to worry about. I don't know how it happened. "

"Khushi bitiya, we are worried about your health, why don't you come here for a few days?

"No no Babuji, I will not come there, please, please, I will look after myself from now on.. promise, I am fine, the doc said we could leave yesterday itself.. I can even go to college tomorrow.. Khushi spoke too soon. How can she go back to being close to him making it more difficult for her?

"You will not go anywhere for at least 2 days. Told Babuji sternly

No sooner had she hung up after speaking to Buaji and Amma, the phone rang again, this time from Payal. 

"Jiji, I am fine.. nothing to worry" which was soon snatched by Anjali, Nani and even Akash..

"Khushi ji, look after yourself, we are all worried" Akash told his sister-in-law

Kushal realised his sister has got a long list of well wishers  along with a tough man who does not leave any chance to know about her whereabouts.. 

"Khushi, shall we finish our breakfast and leave?" 


"Nani where has chote gone, he did not even go for his jog today.. Don't tell me he has already gone to office?" Anjali spoke well almost complaining.

"Anjali bitiya, Chote has gone out for a meeting for few days, it was late when he came last night to talk, but you were sleeping..." Nani spoke..

"What? When, where?" Anjali was all questions... 

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chapter 44 (By Mimima1) (Thanked: 44 times)

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"I want a heavy breakfast today, then we will go home.. Lets go to a nice restaurant before we go Khushi insisted, but was cut off by Kushal, "You are not going to any of your restaurants. They are not good for you now,.. oily food. You need something healthy. Lets eat from the hospital canteen, which is far better, then I will make proper food for you at home

Khushi pouted, but no one listened...

Kushal spoke softly, "chutki, get well soon, when your bandage is gone, I will take you to the best one. Look at your bandage, the wound is still raw. What will everyone say, your brother is not looking after you. You know I got so scared when I saw you. I was surprised when ASR called and started firing questions one by one... if he hadn't called, you would have been there till morning, or woken up when you gained conscious.. Did he say anything? Why did you faint?

Overcome with emotions, Khushi just nodded negatively, cause she knew if she opened her mouth, she might break down..


It was the half an hour wait before Kushal called that had taken the life out of him, not knowing what was happening with Khushi. He felt like a stranded fish gasping out for breath. Anything could have happened. Arnav knew something had happened to her but what? In distress all bad thoughts clouded his mind. As his normal behaviour, he wanted to run away, go on a drive, but situation being he did not want to leave home, in case the call came home or to Payal.

Payal and Akash expressed their shock by looking at Nani and Anjali blankly. The wise lady only gestured to have patience and they can talk..

He recalled, "You are not writing your own destiny, but Devi maiyya is holding your hands and writing, and the day when you realise it, I may not be there 

"Khushi he whispered, he felt a lump in his throat unable to breathe. What if something serious has happened..

One thing he was sure of now. He was not prepared to lose her. The thought too made his heart go heavy.

Kushal's call was in deed a great big relief saying nothing was of concern. A chill ran down his spine, imagining Khushi lying on the floor with blood. How can his Khushi, yes his Khushi be in pain..? The trouble was he couldn't even bully Kushal to call him, like he did to you know who, he had no right, Gosh, he had no right to even know how Khushi is, let alone claim her as his. Eventually he asked, what is he waiting for? And for how long would he deny himself.  Even if it is Lucknow he has to go to get her, so be it. Isn't that where everything began.. He couldn't wait to see her..  

Reaching Lucknow in his private chopper, early hours in the morning, Arnav waited till it was reasonable time to make calls and talk. Poor Aman had a tough time arranging for travel and stay in Lucknow at that time of the day.. Though part of Sheesh Mahal was still left for their residence, Aman had to make sure it was all spic and span before his boss reached. 

Once home, Khushi was not allowed to move about, though she felt perfectly well to do all her stuff. Kushal would have kept a vigil on her if not for the urgent call from office, which he had plainly refused, but having overheard the call Khushi insisted him to go to office, as she was ok to look after herself. 

"Khushi do you need anything from the stores??

"Aaah yeah I want one kilo of jilebis will do..

"You know you will not get that. Ok, take care, I will be quick. Back soon. Stay down in your make shift bed on the sofa, all the food is ready, don't do anything, you need to sleep, eat if you are hungry!!!

Tired of hearing, Khushi closed her ears... "oooh... I have heard these 100 times now.. I am not a little girl baba. After all I only fainted, I have fainted so many times before. lying on the sofa, as she closed her eyes, her mind went back to a tattered house falling from all the sides, bulbs flickering and burning out, heavy rains with lightening, the last thing in her mind was her fainting into his warm arms looking at the  chocolate brown eyes... unknowingly clutching the lapels of his shirt.. safe and secure at last.. with the bell ringing.. The bell ringing!!

Immediately she woke up thinking.. "huh, what a dream when the bell rang again, she staggered half sleepily to the door. Opening, she stood. 

Wiped her eyes and opened her eyes wide open. 

Shook her head and wiped her eyes again

 "Is this also apart of my dream she thought..

Relieved at seeing his love after a long time, Arnav stood watching her every move. Drinking in her sight, amused by her actions a smile automatically rose on his face. How he had longed to see her, to be close to her, to hold her..

Thinking it is still a dream, giving him a pleasant smile, holding her head, she closed her eyes, but immediately opened when she was scooped off the ground and heard a loud "Khushi careful, you will fall and hurt again. 

Khushi woke up startled. This time, she was properly awake,. "Arnav ji put me down, I will not fall, I thought I was sleeping and dreaming.. Khushi spoke finally..

Arnav remarked putting her gently down "Oh.. You closed your eyes, held your head, I thought you were going to faint again. 

After showing him an empty sofa, she too sat down to compose herself. 

After a few seconds of uncomfortably fidgeting, she asked, "water.. Arnav nodded.

Khushi started clearing her sofa and trying to avoid his eyes saying, "Sorry for all the mess. Kushal has gone out, but he will be back soon. Shall I make.. she turned around but came face to face with Arnav who stood right behind her 


This was the moment she dreaded. Fidgeting with her dupatta, stammering "A A Arnav ji,

Both stood staring at each other, floating in a world of their own.  As if being drugged, she lost all her senses by his closeness. Without a blink, she filled in his presence. Their heart beats raised, so happy and contended were they at seeing each other, a smile adorned both their faces.

Seeing her hurt, Arnav's arm raised on its own accord to touch the bandage on her forehead. Realising their position, Khushi moved back thinking. "This man has no right to come and do all this. Why did you send him here Devi Maiyya. Ok, I will be very civil, please send him away soon..  

Arnav fisted seeing her move behind and angrily spoke. "What the.. Khushi, look what you have made of you?. Why did you have to come here. You are not able to look after yourself. Have you seen yourself in the mirror? Have you eaten anything at all? Why Khushi why? Do you know how I felt when I heard you on the phone and the loud noise. I could not sit peacefully not knowing what was happening here. Do you know how it feels Khushi?

Khushi sat down holding her head "Arnav ji, please. Why are you talking all this? You are my jiji's Jeth. I have been told a million times not to be rude to you by my family. Don't talk like this, you don't know what all this can lead to..

There was nothing to stop him today,.. "You don't understand Khushi. One month, Khushi One month I did not speak to you, or see you and when I hear you, something like this happens. Do you know how scared I was, I was, " he held her face gently, moved close, and whispered "Khushi I thought I lost you, I really thought something happened and I

By now, she was quite angry, taking his hands off her face, she shouted, "What do you mean Arnav ji, scared, why? Why does it matter to you? Yes, anything could have happened, and what is the big issue in that? What does it matter if I am dead or alive,

"Khushi Arnav shouted, but she was on a roll now. Putting her hand forward to stop him talking, she continued

I am just some chit of a girl who happened to be your relative only by luck. Have you not clearly told me that I don't  mean anything to you, me and my middle class attitude, you are sick of it? Still, you buy gifts, you give special care to me, and then you tell me very clearly, they mean nothing to you, nothing to you. When I try to not bother you and move on, still you don't leave me. why Arnav ji, why? Why did you come? What do you want?

Again coming close to her, he whispered, "Khushi, how can you move on? Do you not feel anything? Do you think you are doing right? 

"Arnav ji, I cannot understand your high class thinking. You can bully your Nani and everyone into doing what you want, but I have certain rules and norms I need to follow. I cannot disrespect my Babuji's love and care and I don't want to hurt him in any manner or form.. I don't want to put him in any shame.. " she whispered, "even if I have to sacrifice anything for it.. 

"So, will you marry anyone your Babuji chooses, anyone, Khushi, anyone? finally Arnav spoke,

Khushi replied sadly, "Yes anyone he says, it does not matter to me now

Arnav spoke angrily, "What do you mean now?

Turning her face away to hide her tears, "You wont understand Arnav ji, Please leave me, leave me to myself and my problems.., it will all be alright one day, few years from now, you won't even remember there was a girl called Khushi,... it does not matter Arnav ji..

"So it does not matter if he calls you names?


"So it does not matter if he locks you up?


"So it does not matter if he is rude to you?

"No, no

"So it does not matter if he insults you?

Khushi was crying now, but still replied, "no, it does not, it does not,..

"So it does not matter if he throws you from first floor? If he is a raakshas (demon) even if he is a laad governor!!

Not hearing anymore now,.. she kept repeating "No it does not, it does not, it does not,..  

Realising she has not heard him quietly, Arnav stood silent looking at her intently..

Coming back to her senses, her mind slowly realised his words, she looked up with eyes wide, shocked.. 

Making his way to her, not taking his eyes off hers, as their hearts had started to beat in unison.. "Dhak dhak.. both whispered at once, 

Khushi.. "Arnav ji..

When the door bell rang..

"What the..."

The conversation will have to wait, until they have seen who is at the door??



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chapter 45 (By Mimima1) (Thanked: 63 times)

Chapter 45

Making his way to her, not taking his eyes off hers, as their hearts had started to beat in unison.. "Dhak dhak.. both whispered at once, 

Khushi.. "Arnav ji..

When the door bell rang..

Asking him to take a seat, she moved to the door to open thinking Kushal baba has been really quick. However, she was surprised to find the nearby store boy Krishna with a bag of fruits. 

"Khushi didi, Kushal baba called and asked us to deliver this to you. Seeing the bandage, he exclaimed rather loudly, "Didi, what happened, did you fall? When did you fall? Where did you fall? Are you alright?

Breathing a sigh of relief, Arnav sat down and for the first time took notice his surroundings. In his rush to look at his love, he had not bothered to notice anything.. A modest house with all the amenities needed, he could see the large kitchen with attached dining hall. He could easily guess the handicraft works done by Khushi and Payal hung on the walls. The constant smile fixed on his face from the last few minutes grew listening to Khushi's conversation...

"Why Krishna, only fruits. Did he not ask to deliver jilebis. Khushi was speaking rather crossly to the young boy who replied apologetically "Didi, baba specifically told me not to take any such thing. You get well soon didi, I will bring it for you myself. Pukka (promise)

Khushi sent him away with a smile, but soon turned grave thinking of the person sitting inside the house. Her mind again went on a roller coaster ride. She stood for a few minutes, watching the boy go beyond her view, but her mind was as blank as can be. Slowly, her mind then started playing all the dialogues that just took place before they were interrupted.


"Nani at least now tell me where Chote has gone Anjali was pleading her Nani. 

Giving a look at Payal who was clearing the table after breakfast, Nani remarked, "There's no point in hinding now is there? getting a stare from Payal and Anjali.

Anjali guessing what might be the cause, was happy, but Payal was puzzled into thinking, "What is happening?

"Chote has gone to see Khushi bitiya she opened the topic to get a pleasant smile from Anjali and a shocked and confused gasp from Payal and exclaimed loudly "Khushi?


Nani continued, "After he told us what he spoke with Kushal, I was upset seeing him go away so cool without any concern, but Chote's dimaag (brain)  is always thinking 2 miles ahead. He was already on the call to Aman trying to book his chopper and arrange for things to sort out at Lucknow, while cancelling all his meetings here.

Both Payal and Anjali raised their eyebrows in surprise, but none the less said nothing and wanted to know more, Nani again continued.. "It was nearly midnight when he came to the room...

Flashback start

"Nani you are still not asleep, the lights are on? Di slept? Arnav asked while going to the kitchen to take a glass of water..

"She just slept, I could not get to sleep, so I woke up. I am a bit worried for Khushi bitiya she said rather tauntingly..

"Don't worry Nani, Kushal just sent a msg saying there is no problem, it is just a little cut, it did not need any stitches or anything major, they will send her home tomorrow. Arnav assured her.

"Poor Kushal, he has to do everything for her. May be her Buaji may go there to look after her Nani spoke to which Arnav interrupted, "Nani I was going to call you in the morning to tell you, but now that you are awake, I will tell you, I will be leaving in about an hour.. "

Concerned Nani asked  "Why, what happened? Where are you going?

"I am going to Lucknow to see Khushi Though he has planned to do things secretly, feeling there is no point now, he told her. 

Though Nani was happy in her heart, she did not show it. "What do you mean going to see Khushi bitiya? How can you go, and why should you go?

"Nani , have you not seen how that girl is. I know her very well. She has not been keeping well ever since she left Delhi, and now this. Thank God nothing serious happened. She cannot look after herself.. Arnav tried to justify...

"Chote, I agree to what you are saying, but why are you going? She has got her brother and her family, they will look after. You are a young bachelor and when it is the matter of a girl honour, you have to be very careful. Her family will not at all like if you barge into their lives showing extra concern without any proper relation Nani tried to reason him hoping he would get the point. 

Arnav got up saying "I need to start now Nani. When he had got to the door, he turned around,  seeing Nani cross with him, he spoke, "Nani if that is what they ask, then so be it  and walked away before the smile broke on his Nani's face.

Sitting in his room, these were exactly the thoughts that had run through his mind before calling Aman. There was no way to get his Khushi. This was the only route and he was prepared to do anything for her. 

Flashback end 

Anjali was over the moon listening to her Nani, but Payal was shocked. She literally sat without a word, but with her mouth wide open.. gaining giggles from Nani and Anjali..

Composing herself, Payal spoke, "I will not leave that Khushi ki bachi.. " 

But nani spoke, "Poor girl, what has she done, it is my rude grandson who has been indifferent. Thank you Devi maiyya for putting some sense into his head at least now.. 

"Nani when should we go to their house ... Opps, could anyone stop Anjali now???


Soon after Krishna left, Khushi had made up her mind to act nonchalant and turned around to find her heart beat go faster looking at his smile. Wasn't it this smile that had always made her heart skip a beat. Her face broke into a smile as a natural instinct. He looked contended. The first thought that came to her mind 

"Laad governor 

But what had it all resulted in. Just heart break and nothing else for her. He would cause havoc in her life once more and move on as though nothing had happened. This time she did not trespass, but he. The audacity to come and question her how she could move on? Blame her, call her names at the drop of a hat and now what kind of question was that ? "would you marry anyone your Babuji selected? 

She was determined though, not to be taken for a ride again and again, she put on her most sociable hat .

"Arnav ji, it was nice of you to have come. How is jiji? Hope she has adjusted at Raizada mansion. Let me check where Kushal baba is. He promised he would be here soon. She spoke as she picked her mobile to call her brother. 

Arnav immediately came over to her, sat right next to her, held her arm to stop her from calling anyone and said "Khushi please can we talk? 

Khushi raised her eyebrows with the thought, "ooo please, Laad governor know when and how to talk to people..

"Sure, sure Arnav ji. By the way, jiji never told me your were going to come here. Did you have any fashion show here in Lucknow? Khushi tried to change the topic, while slowly sliding away to the next seat. But he soon got her back to square one..

"No Khushi, I came here to see you Arnav told her point blank, again coming close to her.

Trying to move away, Khushi spoke "Arnav ji, how is Nani ji's health? And Anjali ji? How is she? How is the Mumbai project going on? I must speak to her, it has been a long time.. she must be upset with me"

Arnav moved next to her, cornering her to the edge of the sofa, while still maintaining a respectable distance, he said, "Khushi, please forgive me.. 

Realising he will not let her go without talking, she started "Arnav ji, why are you apologising? It does not give a man like you any honour to be apologising to a chit of a girl like me. Please don't. If you are sorry for what has been said before, then you have already apologised and there is nothing more to it now. Why, well, we are both leading our own lives now, see I told you I will not bother you like a pest. I am happy, you are happy"

Arnav interrupted her, "No Khushi, tell me are you really happy? I am not happy. I have been horrible without you. First I couldn't bear to think of you going . I wanted to stop you, but how could I stop you? On what relation could I ask you not to go? You know my stand on marriage. I have never seen a proper successful marriage. Our parents, now Di's. There is too much evil in this society. 

I thought I will be able to cope like I have always. I tried putting my mind at work to forget you, but still your thoughts never left me. I was always proud that I could forget anything when I am at work, but I could not concentrate knowing you are not there. I have not slept properly since you left, because you don't leave me in my sleep too. You going away has made me realise how important you are in my life. And when I heard your voice yesterday, it was bliss, heaven Khushi. But before we could exchange any words, you know what happened. Khushi, you took the life out of me, literally, I could not breathe. And the fact that I had no way of knowing what was happening was even worse

Khushi listened every word with attention wondering when has Arnav ji spoken so much!! Still she did not want to give up. "You don't have to sacrifice your views and opinions for others sake, like you say, you write your own destiny. Also don't think all marriages are a failure. It is unfortunate your parents and Di's marriage didn't work and you have seen so many unhappy marriages. But there are an equal number of happy marriages as well. Also society is not all that evil. You only choose to see the bad. There is good happening as well, but we take it for granted. "

When Arnav showed no reaction, Khushi continued, "Arnav ji, this is just a passing attraction for you. Just leave all this and get back to your normal life. Slowly you will forget I ever existed. You don't need to feel sorry for anything now.  All the things you have said, are very much true. I know I have been a pest ever since I have come in to your life, always irritating you with my middle class ideologies and attitude. We both are worlds apart. To top all this, jiji and Akash ji fell in love and got married, making you think we somehow trapped a rich man, I am extremely sorry for that. Honestly, I have not tried to come close to you or tried to trap you.  You have never trusted me before and neither will you in future. That's why all those harsh words. When it comes to your family, if anything wrong happens, you would soon come to the conclusion that it has got to do with me. Probably I will never be able to gain your trust, but, why should it matter now, isn't it? giving him a fake smile she turned away.

"No Khushi don't say that. " Arnav pleaded her not to speak so,

Before she could talk, he grabbed her in an urgency and cried, "No Khushi, it was never meant to be like that. It wasn't because of lack of trust, but it was because of my insecurity when your were around. Lack of trust in myself. You were too good to be true. From the day I saw you, you attracted me more than I liked. And I hated you for that. How I tried my best to put you down in all possible ways, challenging, ridiculing, insulting,  but each time you bounced back with more vigour and energy stripping me of my sanity further more. Even though I tried to hate you, I was still proud of you. Sorry Khushi, sorry for all that. You were right in calling me a raakshas. I myself cant believe how I could do all that.. You invoked feelings that I never knew existed, so again I tried to hated you. No Khushi, not a passing attraction like you think, now I will not deny to you, me, or anybody, yes I have strong feelings for you, whatever you call it, I don't know

Trying to dissuade him, "Arnav ji,. Ok ok ok, I will accept you apologies again, though I have now forgotten those things. Let us just carry on with our lives. Nobody will bother you. I told you I will not bother and see I have kept my promise.. why are you taking all these issues now

Getting irritated by her constant refusal, holding her shoulders, coming close to her, "I don't want you to not bother me, I want you to challenge me, I want you to shout at me.. Because when you do that, I feel you have a right to shout at me. I feel the warmth in knowing you, only you have that right, I feel loved when you do that. Because I love you dammit (Phew there you go, said it!!!)

"Arnav ji Khushi whispered. Both sat looking into each others eyes.

However no sleep, travel, no food, no medicines and the great relief of having got over all his feeling today, were taking their toll on his sugar levels, his eyes started to show signs of tiredness, though it was a surprise he had managed up until now. Slowly with a smile, he closed his eyes, tired. Immediately remembering something, "Also Khushi, I have not had coffee since you left... 

Khushi exclaimed "What the..

Overcome with concern, she shouted, "Arnav ji, you need sweet.. please wait, I will get something.. 

Khushi quickly went to kitchen, Arnav half awake, smiled hearing her grumble, "Hey Devi Maiyya, With me around will there be any sweet left in the house!! Remembering her brother had kept some chocolates that she not very fond of, soon went to fetch them.

Arnav was nearly asleep due to exhaustion and sugar levels and had started to hallucinate, "Khushi sweet, medicine,  laad governor.."

Khushi hurried with the chocolate. "Arnav ji, you are no less, see what you have made of yourself.. have this now " and she was feeding the chocolate..

That was how Kushal found them when he came opening the door quietly not to disturb Khushi, in case she were sleeping...

Sleeping!!! Really??  all her sleeps have gone, for now and probably future!!!

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chapter 46 (By Mimima1) (Thanked: 32 times)

Chapter 46

Khushi hurried with the chocolate. "Arnav ji, you are no less, see what you have made of yourself.. have this now " and she was feeding the chocolate..

That was how Kushal found them when he came opening the door quietly not to disturb Khushi, in case she were sleeping...

Probably a sight that will stay long in Kushal's memory to tell  their grandchildren... The great ASR at his sisters mercy and she lovingly feeding the great ASR.

"Khushi what happened? Kushal questioned with all concerns, putting aside his laptop, and other groceries he got.

"Laad governor, Look what he has done to himself. He has not slept, not eaten and no medicines, so his sugar is low.. to top all this, there was no sweet at home!! I took your chocy." Khushi replied with equal concern, 

Analysing the situation, Kushal fetched some soup from the kitchen, "Khushi, Give this to him now if you have finished the chocolate. He needs some energy. Any idea where his medicines are? " 

Fetching his coat, Khushi said "I will check his coat pocket, he normally keeps them in here.

Quick to recover (Obvious credit going to the one who fed!!), ASR was all back to his normal self, though both Khushi and Arnav a bit embarrassed with Kushal having witnessed all the unnecessary events. Khushi was further conscious of her extra concern when all was happening.

"Hey ASR, OK.. Kushal asked casually. With Payal having informed him about ASR's untimely travel arrangements, Kushal was expecting him, but half expecting this early. 

Nodding an ok, looking at Khushi, "I think I should make a move now. 

"You are not going anywhere. Are you planning on driving like this? No way, you stay put there, otherwise.. Khushi nearly shouted, with kushal gaping "Didn't know my sister could talk like this, daring ASR, and ASR obliged, seriously.."

"I think you should rest for a while before you can drive. Khushi show him the guest room.. Kushal told his sister but only to be refused by Arnav. When Kushal insisted, Arnav agreed to stay for some time, eat and go. 

With Kushal around, there was no alone time for the couple. When lunch was finished and in the two minute time they were given by the kind brother having to go for natures call, Arnav quickly moved to Khushi and asked.. "Khushi I asked you something... you never answered? 

Intoxicated by his scent and his closeness, Khushi stammered, "Aaa aa Arnav ji,  question? 

Coming more close, he whispered, "Khushi what if your Babuji chose a laad governor? she immediately looked at him. His eyes were twinkling expecting a quick approval, along with a hint of mischief. He added "Khushi, Nani and Di are waiting for my call. Before she could answer, her brother was kind enough to rescue her from any situation.

They quickly moved afar with Arnav exclaiming "what the...  " and Khushi turning away to cover her giggles. Picking up his coat Arnav said, "Think I should be gone now. Thanks Kushal,." 

Again there was no luck for the couple, since Kushal went to see him off at the door. However no sooner had he closed the door, Khushi received a text, "Call me later. Kushal heard his sister mutter something of the sort of laad governor looking at her phone with a gentle smile, when he closed the door and came in. 

Nothing was asked and nothing said between the brother and sister. Khushi was in deed tired after oh what a day!!' Day of confessions, day of apologising sincerely, day of proposing too.. of a sort... Tired she was, but sleep was nowhere near her, with all the events repeatedly running in her head. Falling from the ramp into the arms of a stranger, but having mixed feelings, safe and warm eyes, yet scared of his rude actions, how they shared an eye lock probably for the first time when she wore the sari for the photo shoot, saving her from the oncoming car in heavy rain, fainting into his arms at the guest house, working for him, his special attention to her during Payal's wedding and finally their separation, and now all culminating into  confession and literally leaving him unconscious!!

The conversation with his sister was quite reserved when Arnav spoke to Anjali later in the evening. After general enquiries about his medicine, food, etc. There was a marked silence filled with anticipation which was felt on both ends. However, Nani was probably more casual about it, who knew all good will happen in good time.

It was a surprise Arnav waited patiently for her to call. The much awaited call did arrive  in the evening when Kushal dropped Khushi at their nearby temple. The nap had made her good. She had loads to tell her Devi maiyya. How often she had cried at this place, because of the very same person. How she had missed him. And finally how she had consented to the families pressure of getting married. Now she was expected to give him an answer. 

Again she felt the intoxicating feeling knocking her senses off when she heard his husky whisper, "Khushi

 "Arnav ji " She had spoken to him before, but with the light of confession, it was different speaking to him now.

"Khushi, where are you? Are you with Kushal? Arnav wanted to know, to put her at ease.

"Arnav ji, he dropped me off at the temple, he will come in sometime to pick me again."

"Khushi, shall I come there now? too eager to see her again.

"No Arnav ji, he may come soon, Just called because you asked me to call?

 "Khushi, tum teek ho? (Are you OK?) 

(His famous words in the show!!) 

"Ji Arnav could imagine Khushi going all shy answering him. Arnav knew he could not discus on the phone, 

"Khushi what are you doing tomorrow?  Would you be able to come out with me? "

"I don't know, Kushal might have taken his day off, or working from home, I cant leave him if he is at home for me? Khushi voiced her hesitation.

"Ok, I will check, don't worry, take care Khushi. and  he cut the call. Arnav could easily sense her apprehension and shyness. 


"Bitiya, what is this I hear? What is happening? worried Shashi was talking to Payal, who had called in at the Gupta House to keep them a**** of the latest developments.

"Babuji, honestly, I have not known anything till now. I don't know, but Dadiji (Remember Payal calls Nani as Dadi) was saying she has always known those two shared strong feelings. Payal had told them all that Nani ji had told her.

"Haan I remember a few occasions when I was not comfortable with his extra attention towards Khushi, now I understand Babuji recalled the incidents when he had felt Arnav was flirting with Khushi. 

Buaji also wanted to be heard, "Array, hasn't he always treated titaliya differently, right from the beginning? How much she had to go through because of him? Do you remember Payaliya, she used to call him raakshas. When did this change? I spoke to Kushal, he says she too is equally concerned about him? Hai re nand kis****, what kind of love is this? " 

"Buaji her raakshas has become her raaj kumar now. laughed Payal..

Garima finally remarked, "Payaliya, until we get a formal rista from your house we cannot come to any conclusion, so don't make any assumptions. I am only worried about my gudiya (doll)

Agreeing to his wife, Babuji remarked, "Yes we will see.

"Array, Anjali ji and Dadiji are just waiting for his one phone call to make a visit, you should be ready any moment. You never know with Arnav ji, he can tell them to come here at 12 midnight if he decides!! Payal told about the situation at Raizada mansion and continued

"By the way, Amma, we were all planning to go there for her Birthday. Don't tell her, let us give her a big surprise. Why don't you all come as well. Haan amma, after a long time we can all celebrate.. especially with Kushal.."

"This is a very good idea, aye Garima, what do you say? Buaji asked Garima. What could she say, she only nodded towards her husband..

"I will speak to Kedar about the sweet orders and then we will plan Babuji agreed.


Khushi lay awake for a long time thinking of all possible ways of talking to him. How to tell him what she wanted, it wasn't much, but did she have the courage to say it? It was a day she would always remember.  It was easy for the men. And being ASR he always did whatever he wanted, with or without consent. But she? She was happy he wanted her to consent before the elders could take over, but was she allowed to give consent without her Babuji's blessings? Would it mean disrespecting them? Even though she knew she loved him, and she wanted to tell him, it was hard for a girl to become vulnerable, especially with her upbringing.

Same was the case on the other end. After laying his heart bare in front of her, it definitely was feeling a lot different speaking to her.  A sense of belonging, oneness and most of all, being loved in a way that could not be described in words.  He had known the love of his ma, his Di, his Nani, Mama, Mami and all the family members, but what he felt with her was out of this world. It was a love that made them stand on equal grounds, nobody was above or below anybody level. His heart sank, thinking of how he had often taunted her with her status and money.

Dinner at Sheesh Mahal the following day was a grand affair for Kushal and Khushi. Arnav had got all the best dishes made according to Khushi's taste. The roof top was delightfully lighted giving a romantic ambiance(Kushal obviously felt like a third wheel chaperoning his sister).

 For Khushi, though painful to think of certain events in this place, it still had finally resulted in all good things happening, well most of it except for the  slime part!! Because she was detained, Payal's marriage broke and Payal was so happily settled now. And this is where she met her Raakshas, opps sorry who turned into a Raj kumar. It was here where it had all begun. 

Being wise as he is, Kushal felt Arnav wanted a few minutes alone with his sister. Taking his phone he told them, "Khushi, would you mind if I pick you in half an hour to an hour. I have some phone calls to make and some errands to run across, I will be back soon to which Arnav agreed gladly. "I could drop her Kushal, you carry on..

No sooner had he gone, Arnav grabbed Khushi's hand and again asked, "Khushi tum teek ho ? (Are you OK) 

"Arnav ji, why do you keep asking this question all the time? Yeah, I am fine. Really. Showing her head, 

"See I told you, the wound was nothing, the big bandage has became small now", she was once again her bubbly self, but immediately her eyes drooped in shyness looking at Arnav's  intense gaze, with such passion filled eyes. He just couldn't get enough of her. How much he had missed her.

"I did not mean that!! I meant are you Ok ok?? Arnav whispered.

Though Khushi guessed, she looked confused and nodded shyly. "Arnav ji, this place is beautiful. Anjali ji did not do justice to its beauty when she told me. It's just wonderful. Thanks for calling.

Still holding her hand, he stood up saying, "Come Khushi, I will show you around

Khushi saw in amazement the rest of the house, which were recently refurbished when Anjali had visited a few times after the takeover. All this time, Arnav held her hand and Khushi too did not have the courage to take it away, after all she was enjoying too. 

Sitting in the terrace on a swing, still holding her hand, both were engrossed in enjoying the quiet solitude of the night as their parents watched them from above the sky... Khushi dreaded he might ask her the question again, but Arnav, though keen to know her reply, wanted to relish the current moment and did not want to put her in any awkward condition. He had rightly guessed her hesitation and apprehension in confessing or giving him any sort of reply. Being a good business man had taught him when to strike.

When Kushal came to pick her, Arnav asked, "Khushi, do you want to come with me for a drive tomorrow? Khushi looked at  Kushal, who just shrugged his shoulder saying it's your decision. It was agreed Arnav would pick her late morning. 


The drive to his farm was a pleasant break from the hustle and bustle of the city. Though they were sad he would be leaving to Delhi soon after, they made the best of their time.

Khushi had never imagined Arnav would be so gentle and polite with her. Even though she had seen his behaviour with the family was most gentlemanly, with her it was as if he treated like a Goddess. All the ill doings were forgotten, they were in bliss. Arnav was in deed surprised how little Khushi spoke. Arnav did not want to be too elaborate, but took her to their farm which was located in the outskirts of Lucknow. Surprised that they had a farm, Khushi did enjoy nature at its best. 

While dropping her back, he could wait no longer and asked her, "Khushi,,

Even before he could continue, Khushi spoke while opening the door to get down, "Arnav ji, I will listen to whatever my Babu ji says

Meaning that he can proceed to talk to her  Babuji, Arnav gave her a heart felt smile. Looking at him reverse the car slowly, she went near his window, and said "I will also tell him he has to be a laad governor and ran inside.

"What the

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chapter 47 (By Mimima1) (Thanked: 50 times)

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Chapter 47

Opening the door to her brother, Anjali was surprised to see an all cheerful and happy Arnav. "Chote, I did not expect you to come this soon, all ok

"Di, all fine, something's just come up in the office and I have to go. By the way, get ready Di and ask the others as well, we need to go to Gupta house Arnav told her, while getting ready to go to office. 

"Chote you have just come, sit down, we can't all simply go unannounced. Relax, and let us talk. I will call them and tell, Anjali spoke trying to calm him, but he was already out of the door, shouting, "Di, I have already told them to expect us. So get ready, I will finish my meeting and be back soon.

Anjali blinked her eyes, "What was happening?, He came, gave orders, and gone?? Yet cheerfully she marched to Nani's room to convey his orders. Nani commented, "This boy is just unpredictable


Shashi's reply was in deed shocking to Arnav, "Devyani ji, we all know how things have been with Khushi, so I cannot give you my consent straight away

Sitting at Gupta house, Devyani came straight to the point. While Garima and Buaji were happy with the proposal, Shashi's reply did leave them bewildered as well. 

Shashi spoke clearing their doubts, "I cannot say yes until I have spoken to her 

Arnav, never to shy away, not now with matters concerning Khushi, immediately spoke, "Why Khushi said she would simply listen to her Babuji, then what's the problem? gaining giggles from the rest of the family. 

Nani consoled her grandson, "Chote, have some patience. Let him speak to her first, before she could continue, Arnav told, "Ok, ok, let me call her..

Anjali just put her hand on her head, "Oh oh Chote, this impatient?

Arnav replied, "Well Di, you were the one who was forcing me, and now you are saying this?

Shashi was rather amused with his restlessness and agreed to speak to her. 

Surprised it was Arnav, Khushi casually conversed, "Arnav ji, all ok? Did your meeting go well?

Not bothered to talk anything useless, Arnav coming straight to the point, "Khushi, your Babuji wants to speak to you

Before she could ask "Why? What? he had already handed over the phone.

Taking the phone to his room, Shashi spoke at length to his little daughter (ooo no more little now). Knowing ASR, he wanted to make sure his daughter was not being forced into this.  However, his conversation with Kushal was enough to convince him it was not the case. Kushal moved out of Khushi's hearing to speak to him. The long conversation that followed between Kushal and Shashi did leave Khushi and Arnav at surprise with the thought "What is there to speak so much about?

Shashi was very impressed with the overly concern he had shown to Khushi with regards to her security in Lucknow, and was surprised about his visits in London. 

The rest of the family watched Arnav's show with delighted shock. How could this boy who was even refusing to get married be so eager now? All gave a sigh of relief when Shashi returned.  

Addressing Nani, he spoke, "Devyani ji, I am happy to accept you proposal immediately all faces turned to Arnav who had just loudly sighed. However, not bothered with their stares, he looked intently at Shashi to continue.

"She has agreed for the proposal. I have spoken to Kushal as well, he is also very happy with this. Shashi paused to see everyone. Continuing he remarked, "When I had previously spoken to her about the wedding, she had told me she would want to finish her course before the wedding, so I will speak to her about when we can fix the wedding.

Again Arnav spoke impatiently, "Well, that's not a problem, She is studying in a reputed college. I know they have a branch in Delhi as well, so she can finish it here. "

When he saw some hesitation on the faces of Gupta family, he soon changed to, "Well, yeah, no problem, she can finish in Lucknow itself, we can discuss it with her..

Anjali, who could knew how impatient he can be and spoil everything, finally spoke, "Well Chote let us speak to Khushi, there are different ways to get round this issue, Anyway Payal ji did you tell them we were planning to give her a  surprise for her birthday?

After congratulating each other, the topic soon changed to their impending visit to Lucknow. Sweets were exchanged, and Buaji had her big share of sweet. She also gave the biggest share of the no sugar sweet to Arnav, who was getting fidgety with all the fuss about it.


Before he could be fed the whole box, he stood saying , "I have to make a call. Taking his phone, he walked out to speak to Khushi. 

As soon as he stepped out, Buaji exclaimed, "Devyani ji, I am afraid we should get them married immediately. I don't thing your grand son will stay put. Anjali bitiya, check if your brother is still there or he has already flown off to Lucknow? 

Though all laughed at her remarks, they knew it could very well be true and Garima was seen nodding vigorously. Shashi knew he had to give it a serious thought knowing Arnav can be very stubborn, and told, "Devyani ji, I will speak to my pundit, you can also do from your end and get an idea of dates that are good for us, if we don't hurry, they will hurry

Khushi was waiting for his call eagerly. "Arnav ji, What is happening? Is everything settled now? 

Arnav was angry, "Khushi did you tell him you wanted to finish your course? Do you know it still has almost about 5 months?

Remembering what she had told her Babuji, she replied, "Oh yes, I had told him that long before when they wanted to start looking for alliances, how did I know it would be an impatient laad governor?

"What the..Khushi, your Babuji was talking about it now. You have to convince him somehow..

"Ok. OK. Arnav ji, give it some time, we will settle all these things. Tell me what did Buaji ji say, Khushi tried to calm him.

Arnav asked with a smile, "Khushi tell me what did you tell your Babuji? making Khushi silent for a while.

And the conversation carried on for sometime which was mainly initiated from the other end..

"How much can I do all the talking? Hey Devi Maiyya, I have to teach this man to talk also.. Khushi thought when she hung the phone.


Kushal had made all arrangements for her party to be held in a nearby hotel on the outskirts of Lucknow. Khushi wished she was with the rest of her family, but was happy, knowing at least Kushal was with her. She was excited sitting on the roof top restaurant, about the promised dinner. She made plans to eat all her favourite dishes, after eating only bland food from the past few days!! The reason was, "you need to eat healthy food to get your energy back and to this excuse, even that laad governor had acceded.

Totally unaware to the birthday girl, the entire Raizada family and the Gupta family had landed in Lucknow the day before her birthday. Accommodation was all settled for both the families at Sheesh mahal, with plans of Gupta family moving to Kushal's house after the party. Arnav had kept away from all their plans, even though Anjali had tried her best to extract what he was planning. She was sure he would be there for her Birthday, but when where and the rest, she was unsure of.

After about 15 minutes of ordering her food, wondering why the restaurant was quite quiet today, Khushi spoke nonstop with Kushal. Though nothing new was being talked, she was yet to bore him with her blabbering. And he could bear it on her birthday!! Then there burst open the door and the rest of the family flowed into the roof top, each coming and wishing her with their best big smile.

Her happiness knew no bounds when she saw the rest of the family. She went ecstatic looking at her jiji, Babuji, amma, Buaji, then Anjali and the rest of the Raizada family. Taking blessings from all the elders, her eyes searched for the one. It was as if he had been gone ages. However, Anjali assured her he had not come with them and they had no clue as to what his plans were.  

Even though Khushi kept a cheerful front, they all understood and felt her sadness. Being quite annoyed at her brother's behaviour, Anjali had tried to call him, if only he had picked up.  After they had all eaten their meal, it was finally time to cut the cake and still no sign of Arnav. All had literally given up hopes by now. 

"Dhak dhak dhak dhak, Time to cut the cake and Khushi's heart started a different song. "Arnav ji she whispered. She knew he would never let her down. Just as he held her hand gently from behind her, it went pitch dark with all lights turned off. Everybody's eyes were blinded by the sudden change of light.  Getting close to her, kissing her on her cheek, he softly whispered, "Happy Birthday Khushi.  Her knees went jelly and she was in bliss. "Arnav ji, you came, 

"How  couldn't I? Whispering, he slowly moved towards her lips when she realised what was happening. Though the lights were off, the candles would be lit any moment and she gently pushed him. "Hey Devi Maiyya, this Laad governor does not have any s**** (shame), in front of everyone!!,  

When the lights came on, she saw him with his trademark one sided smirk and did he look more handsome in the candle lit shade? Once again her heart went "Dhak dhak dhak dhak

This also found surprise on everyone's faces. There was Arnav, in all his glory, standing right next to Khushi, holding her hand. 

"Chote Nani and Anjali exclaimed, 

"Arnav Bitwa hello hai hoi gawa mami spoke 

"Bhai Akash exclaimed,  

"Khushi ji, this is not fair, until now, your smile never reached your eyes, now, they are full, you look   completely content Anjali complained "And chote, how could you do this, at least you could have picked up my calls

After all the curtseys, Arnav on his Nani's prompt, took the blessings of his future in laws, who blessed him whole heartedly. Buaji was seen taking evil eyes off the couples from a distance with her arms. How she adored her son in law and to be son in law and thanked her Nandkis**** of course..

Soon the topic of marriage was discussed. With pundits having been consulted, it was all left to the important people to decide. 

Nani spoke "Bitiya, both of you decide how, when you want it. Don't listen to Chote, you take a wise decision becayse I know you are capable of it

"What the Nani, whose Nani are you?

Khushi spoke politely, "Nani ji, anything suitable for everyone, Babuji? she asked him for his permission.

"You decide bitiya, how do you want it to be we are ready for anything. Shashi spoke as calmly as ever. 

Listening to everyone's suggestions and advice, Khushi spoke, "Choose the earliest date available, let the wedding be simple, earning gasps from Payal, Buaji and Garima.. "Khushi, you are saying this?

Shashi spoke, "Bitiya, you always wanted want your shadi dhoom dhaam se (a very grand wedding)."

"When I was small Babu ji, now I am not so bothered Khushi spoke, with the Payal saying, "Yeah correct, now you have become BIG

"Jiji Khushi pouted.

"oh Khushi ji, don't get influenced by anyone remarked Anjali eyeing at Arnav crossly.

"What the, nobody wants to ask me anything? Whose family are you all? Anyway, Khushi, you have made the right decision Arnav complained, gaining giggles from Khushi and others.

Her next sentence though, he did not like at all, "Arnav ji, You have to tell them your plans, because you were the one who said, I could still finish my course, here in Lucknow.

All looked at Arnav intently, who had a serious look on his face. Addressing Nani, he spoke, "Nani, if it is ok with all of you, I would like to stay. Here in Lucknow for at least until Khushi finishes her course.

Nani and Anjali had tears in their eyes and exclaimed, "Chote!! Will you stay in Sheesh Mahal?

Arnav continued, "Nani, You have asked me to put all that has happened behind and see a bright future, so I want to begin that way. Sheesh Mahal or other place, its left to Khushi"

Nani remarked, "If that is the case, then we have our full support. She said looking at Shashi, who was not very sure, but a big nod of approval was coming from Buaji and Garima, who, being as any Indian women of their age, wanted to see their daughter married.  Career can always be taken care of later, they often exclaimed.

Shashi spoke, "Khushi, are you sure, will you be able to enjoy your wedding, along with the course and other things? 

"Babuji, I have sorted it all out, there will be a few days off mid course, which is also nearer the date you have mentioned, so a few extra days, I will be able to spare.

"Yeh lo, I was thinking only my brother was impatient, It is not very different on your side as well Anjali exclaimed with nods of approval from all present and Khushi going red. 

"Hai re Nand kis****, Shashi Babua, see if there is any earlier date, I am not sure of this Sanka devi and Arnav Babua.." Buaji seemed to express her concerns seriously.

With same discussion going round and round, taking the cue Arnav said, "If all discussion is over, you can all decide where when what, we will both listen. Now can I drive Khushi home?

Khushi looked at her Babuji, who approved with "Don't be very late, it is not good to be out so late in the night

Arnav assured, "Don't worry, Just a short drive and I will drop her

Anjali popped her head out saying, "Ah, Chote, I am was thinking, aaa, I am bored, so so so shall I come? 

Arnav gave a serious look "DI

Next Akash popped his head saying, "Bhai anyway we are all finished now, I feel like going for a drive, can we come as well? What say Payal?

"AKASH shouted ASR,

Mami too, not behind in pulling his leg, "Hello hai bai bai, Arnav Bitwa, the thing is, your mama never took me for a drive in Lucknow, can you show me around

Before Arnav could say anything, Mama replied, "Oh Manno, that's because you have always taken me for a ride!!' Earning bursts of laughter from all and a scorn from mami. Taking the opportunity, Arnav pulled Khushi along and before anybody could even say anything more to tease them, they could hear the engine pulling out of the drive.

Pulling out for a break, looking intensely into her eyes, he asked "Khushi, are you OK?

"ARNAV JI Khushi did not know how to answer this question in deed or what to make of it. Finally He spoke, "No Khushi, I feel strange. May be because I have never felt like this for anyone before. You know every time you come near me, my heart beats go higher, I cannot think properly like how I normally do. It is as though I am in some different world, very happy. Never felt this contended or happy in all my life."

Holding his hand, she spoke, "Arnav ji, it is no different on this side, my heart races even when I think of you. You know, I could always tell when you were near me. You will laugh at me if I told you all my symptoms when you were around!! It was as if the world around me disappears I can only feel your presence. Now, I feel I am living in a dream world all the time.

Thinking about her acidity she chuckled to herself, Arnav asked, "What others Khushi?

Khushi nodded saying, "Nothing.. she would probably never say it to him!! Well at least not now!!

Kissing her gently, holding her hand, they both drove back home. He did not want to get in his father in laws bad books right away.. well now it was only a few weeks..

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chapter 48.( last) (By Mimima1) (Thanked: 69 times)

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Chapter 48 (last chapter) In Lucknow

"I could so get used to this thought Arnav looking at his young bride of a few months getting ready for her college. "Khushi, bring it over here, he asked pointing to her sindoor, he loved to enforce his rights on her every morning which she readily surrendered to.

With Arnav's impatience fired some more by Khushi, all the preparations for the wedding happened on the snap of the finger. No stone were left unturned to make his would be wife happy. Wedding did take on a grand scale at Sheesh mahal and he even rode the horse only as her raaj kumar!! Buaji was often seen removing evil eyes, while Anjali and Payal were applying black spot to both their siblings. The pride Shashi felt in giving his daughters hand was immense. Though she was sanki, she had won the hearts of all.

"Get ready soon Arnav ji, You have work as well, you need to drop me off. It was his routine to drop her off at her college and get back to work from home. Looking at him covering himself and  going back to bed, khushi shouted,

"Arnav ji, what has happened to you? Get up, you have missed your jogging as well, for how long? aaa wait, well, ever since we got married and moved here."

She tried to wake Arnav and push him out of the bed. It was his 4th month in a row to miss his morning jog!!

"Khushi, I will not let you go as well if you don't let me sleep now. I am too tired.. Arnav yawned..

"You are getting fatter and fatter by the day.., if we were in Raizada mansion, both of us should have woken up early by now for the morning pooja. Khushi tried to persuade him, but to no avail.

Still mumbling in his sleep, "Why do you think I made this plan Khushi? It wasn't for nothing. You saw how our families would not let us be together even for 5 minutes. Either it was Di, or Mami, or hp, or it would be your Buaji, or Kushal, My God, if that was the case before wedding, I knew I would not have you at all even after the wedding. Poor Akash and Payal. Wonder how they managed..

Throwing a pillow at him, "You are very cunning and naughty Arnav ji, anyway, it is only a few days now, we will be with them all, I miss them all Coming close to him, Khushi spoke getting sad, "you know Arnav ji, this has been the best part of my life, I will miss this house, our time together here, and everything

Holding her hand between his cheeks and the pillow, he spoke, "May be I should plan for something like 6 months here and 6 months there,. But you are right Khushi, never imagined it would be this blissful, heck it is like an extended honeymoon for us Arnav remarked, now pulling her close.

"Don't even remind me of that Khushi told still feeling embarrassed and shy, we never went out, we never saw anything in that place. I was so embarrassed when Di asked me show me photos of Mauritius, even now she keeps asking me..

Coming close to her he whispered , "This is what I like, you are feisty, yet shy, I love you sooo much... KHUSHI whispering Khushi even more huskily..

"Arnav ji.. Khushi also whispered holding his nose..., "How many times should I tell you don't call my name like that,..

"Oh, yes I definitely will..

"Hey Devi Maiyya, who would have thought one year ago, we would be like this, I can't believe how much you have changed, and things have changed. Then you were my raakshas, now my raj kumar. Before he could get hold of her and pull her,

"Laad governor.. I also love you dammit Khushi winked at him and ran down to get their breakfast ready.


"Arnav Ji, how was your day? How come you sent the driver? Have you been busy, you did not even come to pick me? " Khushi was all excited when she returned from college.

Khushi came to him excitedly. Giving him a kiss, "Did you speak to Di?

"No Khushi, I have been quite busy today. Why, is there anything? He asked concerned..

Nodding affirmatively she said "I will be becoming a mausi soon

"What do you mean?? Not really understanding all these terms for relations Arnav questioned.

"It means you will be becoming a mausa, meaning, bade papa (big papa). Khushi tried to clear his doubts, but the dumb head he was in these matter, looked at her with more confusion writ on his face. Khushi clearly spelling them out, "Arnav ji, I spoke to Jiji, they are expecting a baby "

"What the Khushi? How is it possible? Don't you have any shame even saying this. How can I let Akash overtake me? This is not done, definitely not done!! Think how much you would have disappointed my Nani? Comon lets get to work, we can't be left behind.. He started his dramatics...

"Arnav ji, you are shameless and now staying with me, you have become more nautanki (Drama king) than myself Khushi shoved him off and made her way out..

"paagal (silly),... " he smiled,..

And so it went on and on... sometimes for fun and sometimes seriously too and sometimes even more seriously too, but always making up for each other after a day or two who couldn't stay angry with each other for long...

With this I will leave the rest of the story to all your beautiful imagination of their fun filled nok joks, bickering's and the rest.

Obviously thanks to Aman, Anjali, Nani, Mami, Mama, HP, OP, and other prakash's if I have missed..

And thanks to Shashi, Buaji, Garima, Kushal...

Should I mention special thanks to Shyam JI???

Thank you all for reading my story and encouraging through out with your valuable votes and comments. Special thanks to friends who have regularly commented on every part. It is all your support that has taken my story so far...

Could I also take this opportunity to urge the silent reader to at least comment once.. thanks anyway for reading

Will be coming up with more soon,... stay tuned..

Once again it will be before the contract marriage,... after the diwali incident..

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