Wooing Ms.Raizada

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ASR’s Wrath (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 94 times)

ASR’s Wrath





“Ah Mr. Alexander, thank you for gracing me with your esteemed presence” Esha said angrily.

Adil looked down at his notepad and said, “Your car is ready to leave to AR warehouse. And the presentation by designing unit is preponed by fifteen minutes as per your instructions.”

“Where were you? I asked you to report by 9.59 am with the papers! What’s the time now?” she asked angrily.

“Your father said that the papers are unnecessary and also that you would keep out during the meeting. So I stopped by a restaurant and had my breakfast. The time now is 10:25 am! Your visit is due by 10:30 am so I’m right at time, mam!” he said politely.

She took a deep breath and took her purse. “Let’s go” she said and he followed her trail.





6 pm

Raizada Mansion

“I’m back” Esha called out and slumped on the couch in the living room.

Yara appeared from the kitchen with a cup of coffee. “Here you go sissy” she forwarded it and sat next to her. “A secret” Yara whispered, “Dad is angry at you. And so is chachu, chachi, bua and Varun bhaiyya”

“Why?” Esha frowned.

“I don’t know. They didn’t tell me. When I returned home at 4 they were talking about you. Dad said that he will talk you out of it!”

“Out of what?” Esha frowned and sipped the coffee.

“You’re back?”

The sisters looked up to find Arnav with a stern face. Beside him was Akash chachu with a same expression.

“What is it dad?” Esha stood up.

“I don’t know. You tell me” Arnav walked to her and demanded.

Esha looked at Yara who stood worried.

“Working time of AR is 9 am to 5 pm. What time is it now?” Akash asked.

Esha rolled her eyes and said, “Oh so the problem is that I’m late by an hour?” she laughed and said, “You know I always stay up to 6! I have lots of work to do!”

“And other employees? When do they leave?” Arnav asked crossing his arms.

“5 pm. As per the time” Esha said frowning, “Why?”

“Why? You asking me why?” Arnav said angrily and Esha stumbled back in worry.

“Dad what’s wrong?” she whispered.

“Your assistant stayed up late at the office for some report you demanded. He slept at your office! And bingo! The report you wanted him to do was already submitted by Aman. Explain” Akash said angrily.

Esha sighed and looked away.

“Your uncle asked for an explanation Esha” Arnav said angrily.

“I wanted the report by 12. It’s not my fault that he is slow and took his time till 4 am. He could’ve gone back home!” Esha said shrugging.


Yara gulped at her father’s anger and looked at Esha who stood taken aback as well.

“Ah so he recited everything to you! What is he? 4?” Esha scoffed.

Arnav glared at her and Esha bit her tongue, “Sorry” she mumbled.

“Did he leave for home?” Akash asked.

Esha looked down.

“DID HE?” Arnav shouted.

“No” she said slowly.

“Why? Employees leave at 5, you said” Akash asked angrily.

“I asked him to review the designs made by.....” Esha was cut off by Arnav, “That is usually done by head designer isn’t it? And then the best designs are forwarded to you and you review it personally!”

“He is a great designer, as he claims, so I.....”

“Couldn’t you have him do that tomorrow during work hours?” Akash asked.

“What other works have you given him?” Arnav asked.

“Dad, chill” Esha cried in frustration, “He is my assistant and I give him jobs to do. Sometimes he has to take up the job of designer, accountant, manager and many positions! He is the one I turn to when I need something! The same like you and Aman uncle!”

“Well I never had Aman stay up late at office. I never asked him to re do a report which is already done. I didn’t have him sleep at office. And I didn’t treat him like a piece of dirt!” Arnav said angrily, “So don’t even compare what I did to what you are doing!”

“Well you had mom work the whole night on a stupid typewriter didn’t you?” Esha shouted, “You had her go into a ruined guest house! You almost killed her! You treated her worse than what I’m doing now! You married her for 6 months and tortured her. Insulted her, crushed her right under your feet and now....” she couldn’t complete when she felt a slap.

Yara gasped seeing her Akash chachu slapping her sister.

Esha held her cheek and looked at her uncle in shock. Her vision went to her father who stood stiff as a pole. His eyes were red and fists clenched. If she’s not wrong, she could see some tears rolling down his cheek.

“You’re right”

Esha glanced back at her uncle hearing his voice, “Your father did send her to a guest house which was ruined. She could’ve died. But that wasn’t intentional. And when he heard that she hasn’t returned home, he rushed back to the guest house. Risking his own life he saved her. He has insulted her, yes. But he was always there for her. He paid her father’s medical expenses even though he had insulted her a few minutes prior to it. He never had her run for pasta or pizzas. Although he was irked by her dressing he never forced her to wear anything out of her beliefs. Yes, he married her for six months. It was a grave mistake but he let go off his ego and apologized and rectified his mistake. So don’t even compare yourself with your father, because you’re nothing like him! He was arrogant and ruthless but he had a heart. While you are just a spoilt brat! Now before you get any more slaps, GO TO YOUR ROOM!”





“What are you doing?”  Ana asked sitting by her brother’s side on his bed.

“Ah my dress!” she squealed.

He smiled and continued sketching the saree when she said, “Thread works, I love thread works”

“I know that” he said rolling his eyes.

“Bhaiyya, we should give the design at least 12 days before the engagement. Today is 11th and function is on...”

“22nd I know! Don’t worry....I’ll set everything right!” he said rubbing his eyes.

“Are you tired?” she asked.

“Nah I’m fine!”

“Waise when did you leave this morning? We didn’t see you leaving” Ana said.

“I left early to...meet a friend” he said lying the fact that he had actually left at night and stayed up at office.

“What’s the colour of this dress?” she asked smiling cheekily.

“You know what the colour is” he rolled his eyes.

“Pink” she squealed.

He chuckled and she said, “Listen, I want bead works on blouse”

He hummed.


“Ana, I know your taste!” Adil said irritated.

“Of course you know” Ana said cheekily and ruffled his hair.

“Go away” he cried.

“No” she squealed and pulled his hair.

“Ana” he called out.

“I’m gonna miss you bhaiyya” she said softly and hugged him from side.

“I won’t” he said rolling his eyes, “I’ll be finally at peace!”

“Haww” she gasped and his arm.

“Do you like them? Varun’s family?” he asked smiling.

“So much” she said happily, “Papa and Ma are so kind and understanding. Arnav uncle is so cool. Anjali bua and Yara are so loving. And then is Esha di, my best friend!”

He raised his eyebrow and she said smiling, “I know you dislike her but she is the best! Varun is really close to her and she was the first person to know about us. At first she was a bit rude and asked pointed questions but once she realized that I’m no harm to Varun, she became nice. We go for shopping, talk for hours and hours....she is the sister I never had!”

“Oh so Moron Esha has a soft side too!” Adil scoffed.

“She is very nice bhaiyya. Once you get to know her, she is awesome!” Ana said.

“Yeah right! Awesome!” Adil scoffed.


Jun 12

Be A Boss (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 92 times)

Be A Boss





Placing the bowl of kheer on the table on the poolside, Yara sat next to her father dipping her legs in the pool. She looked at Arnav who was looking up at the sky.

“Di shouldn’t have said that” she said.

Arnav didn’t reply and Yara asked, “Are you angry at me too?”

“Why should I be?” Arnav asked.

“Because I kept quiet when she insulted you” Yara said.

“Doesn’t matter!” Arnav said.

“It’s not like I agreed to her” Yara said, “She is wrong. But at the moment no words came up my mouth and I....”

“You don’t have to justify yourself Yara. I’m not angry at you. I can never be!” Arnav said.

“Then have the kheer” she said smiling and took the kheer bowl.

“Badam kheer, sugarless, just the way you like” she said and Arnav smiled. “Ah you smiled” Yara said happily.

“Even Khushi used to do this” Arnav said smiling, “When I was upset, she used to make me kheer. Di too!”

“I know. I’ve been taking tips from bua” Yara said laughing.

“How’s Esha?” he asked.

“I don’t know” Yara shrugged, “She slammed her door shut and never opened!”

“She must be crying” Arnav whispered.

“I like Adil” Yara said, “He is so good at his work and very kind too. Why does di hate him?”

Arnav smiled and said, “He hurt her ego. And the greatest thing Esha possess, other than her anger, is ego!”

“Why does everyone compare you and her dad?” Yara asked, “Why am I compared to mom?”

“Nobody is like another person Yara. Esha is arrogant and ruthless businesswoman. Her brilliance resembles mine, that’s all. She is a completely different person And so are you. You have Khushi’s cheerfulness and interest in cooking. But beyond that, you’re a person of your own!” Arnav said,

Yara smiled sadly and asked, “Do I cook well? Like her?”

Arnav tasted the kheer and said, “Not bad. But not too good! And like her.....well I haven’t eaten anything that tasty after her death!”

Yara took a deep breath and said, “Sometimes I feel jealous of di and Varun bhaiyya. They saw mamma. They have memories of her while I have none! All I have is her photograph and the stories you have told me!”

“Jealous of Esha” Arnav chuckled sadly, “She watched her mother die.”

“How did she die dad?” Yara asked.

“We told you right? Accident” Arnav said his face becoming hard, “We were returning home after your birth. You were on Esha’s lap in the backseat. Khushi was next to her. A drunk driver with his lorry came across us and before he could crash our car, Khushi pushed Esha, and you, out. Due to the impact I fell out of the car but she got stuck up inside it. I lost consciousness since I hit my head on a rock but Esha...she watched the car burn into flames.”

“Is that the truth?” Yara whispered.

“Yeah” Arnav said.

“It doesn’t feel so” she said and looked at her father’s face. His usual charm had faded away and was replaced by a pale colour.

“That’s only you have to know” he said hoarsely and looked up at the sky.





“Here you go everyone! Today’s special is paratha, butter naan, malai kofta, aalo bindi, gobi manjurian, tomato rice, tamarind rice....”

“Woah woah woah, slow down, are we having a feast?” Varun asked Yara as everyone sat on their chairs at the dining table.

“Kitchen is overflowing with vegetables” Yara shrugged, “HP uncle accidently shopped twice!”


“So, we need to use the vegetables before they starts to rot. And here we have, Yara’s special!” Yara said widening her arms at the dishes at the dining table.

“Wow” Anjali cried and Payal inhaled the scent.

“Papa, compliment her!” Varun cried at Akash who was looking at the stairs.

“Esha and bhai?” he asked to Yara.

“Papa will come now and di...she is not opening her door” Yara said.

Akash sighed and said, “I shouldn’t have slapped her!”

“You did right” Varun said, “She shouldn’t have said those things to chachu!”

“It’s our fault” Akash said looking at Anjali, “We were always easy on her. Always took her arrogance and attitude as a result of witnessing her mother’s death. We should’ve taught her better!”

Anjali nodded and said, “Chotte has never raised her voice on her. You too! She must be seriously hurt!”

“I should go talk to her” Akash said standing up when Arnav came in.

“I’ll go” Arnav said, “I want to have a talk with her. Yara, can you make two plates?”

“Yes dad” Yara said and took out two plates, setting her father’s and sister’s dinner.






“Esha....open the door” Arnav called out knocking the door. Yara stood behind with a tray containing two plates of food.

“Di.....” she called out.

No reply.

“Esha” Arnav called out again and knocked harder this time.

“Either you open the door or I open it with a spare key” Arnav said.

The door clicked open and Esha looked at them.

Arnav looked at his daughter with the same clothes she wore to office, her eyes red and cheeks strained with tears. He looked at Yara who walked in and placed the tray on the table.

“Thanks dear. Go have dinner” he said and Yara nodded.

Esha walked to the bed and sat down while Arnav closed the door.

He sat on the couch, before the table, and said, “Yara has prepared a feast. She has made you tomato rice, your favourite! And yeah, malai kofta my favourite!”

He looked at her who was looking down and sniffling.

“Esha, come and have dinner! You cannot have Yara’s efforts go in vain” he said chuckling.

Esha stood up and walked to the couch. Sitting next to Arnav, she took the glass of juice and sipped it.

“Here” he took her plate and forwarded a spoon of tomato rice. She looked at him and said, “I’m sorry”

He said nothing but pushed the spoon into her mouth. She chewed the rice and he kept the plate down.

“Sorry for what? For what you did to Adil or....”

“For insulting you....and mamma” she whispered.

He sighed and said, “What you said was right. I did treat her badly. I released her video that caused so much trouble to her family! I have nothing to justify that. But Esha, do you know the reason why I shared my deeds with you?” he looked at her who nodded no.

“I didn’t want you to repeat the same mistakes that I did. I have done many wrong things. Khushi was an angel to forgive me. Actually I never hated her. I loved her from the very first time I saw her. But I was scared of love. I was scared about my feelings so I pushed her away. I hurt her and made her away from me! I had.....leave it! It’s all past. But seeing you following the same path, with more arrogance and cruelty, is hurting me. I didn’t expect this from you. Not after I told you about what I did to your mother. You’ve disappointed me....and everyone!”

Esha looked down and bit her lip, holding the tears.

“Mamma too?” she whispered.

“Yes” he said.

“I....I hate him” she said in tears, “And I really don’t know why. He is talented, skilled but....he always challenges me. I feel like he is a threat to what I am! Like, from the first day he has this I-am-not-scared-of-anyone attitude; he is different from every other employee and.....”

“And being middle class doesn’t help” Arnav completed.

“I hate when people crosses me. Like he is working under me and he shouldn’t.....”

“Esha” Arnav said calmly, “He is an employee not a slave.”

She looked at him and he said, “It’s your company now. You need designs, clothes that will sell, models and many other people and your employees are actually helping you. You cannot do anything without their efforts. So they are the real bosses! Once you realize this, running any company is a cake walk!”

“So you mean I should give total freedom to do whatever he wish!” she said.

“As far as that doesn’t cause any harm. If he harassing any other employee you have all rights to fire him. But judging him on the basis of his ringtone or shoes is wrong. Trust me I have done it before and I still blame myself for that!” he said.

Taking a pause he said, “Being a boss and being a tyrant is different Esha. BE A BOSS! It took me years to become one. You haven’t seen me before Khushi entered. I was so....so rude to my employees that everyone hated me. But then Akash joined AR. I started to see how the employees feel and the work load on them when I saw my brother working hard. I started to mellow down a bit. And then your mother came in! I changed a lot. And slowly my employees started loving and respecting me. It can be heard from their good morning Esha. The way they wish you. Wishing out of fear and wishing out of respect is different. It took me long to earn that respect. I don’t want you to take that long.” He patted her shoulder and took his plate.

“Will you forgive me?” she whispered.

Arnav smiled as he tore a paratha and dipped it in malai kofta. “I was never angry at you to forgive you. I was hurt...but I can never be angry at you!”

“Why are you so good?” Esha cried.

Arnav chuckled and forwarded the paratha to her, “Try it!”

She opened her mouth and chewed the paratha.

“Every food has different tastes. We love some but that doesn’t mean that the others are bad!” he said smiling.

She smiled faintly and said, “Good metaphor”

“Give him a chance” he said chuckling, “He is talented, I know. You wouldn’t have hired him if he was not!”



Jun 12

Moron Esha or Mild Esha? (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 102 times)

Moron Esha or Mild Esha?





9.00 am

AR Fashions


“Meeting with Mr. Malhotra at 10:00 am, an introductory address to our new interns, from Fashion Institute Delhi at, 11:30 am. Mr. Samuels has promised to discuss about the terms of our deal with his company over lunch at 12:30 pm at Blue Orchid restaurant. Meeting with the Russian clients at 3:00 pm” Adil finished and looked up from his notepad.

Esha nodded and said, “Forward me the Malhotra deal file before the meeting. You ought to attend it with me”

“Sure mam”

“And the interns....pre-pone the address to 11 and book me an appointment with Dr. Mehra at 11:30” Esha said.

“Yes mam” he said noting it down. He forwarded the file to her and said, “These are the designs you asked me to review yesterday. The first two are brilliant but the remaining are very dull and not appealing. And most of them are already introduced styles so there is nothing creative in it. The designers have just experimented different colours on already existing styles”

Esha took the file and nodded “I’ll see to it!”

“Anything else mam?” he asked raising an eyebrow.

“No, you can leave” she said and buried herself into the file.

Adil frowned and walked out of the room.



“WOW!” Adil exclaimed as he sat on his chair, “No insults, no work, no abuses thrown at my face! Did she hit her head somewhere?”

He looked at his notepad. Oh yes, appointment.

Opening his laptop he browsed through the document of important contacts shared with him. Dr. Mehra........ah yes! Here it is!

Dr. Priya Mehra.

Taking his office phone, he dialled the number.

“Hello, neurology department, city hospital” a female voice greeted.


“Umm....hello mam, I’m calling from AR Fashion house. Can I get an appointment of Dr. Mehra at 11:30 am today?”

Sorry Dr. Mehra is packed for the day”

“No appointments are possible today?” he asked, “Err...my boss Ms. Raizada specifically wanted it to be today at 11:30”

“No it’s not....wait Ms. Raizada you said?”


“Let me talk to Dr. Mehra. I’ll get back to you in five minutes”

“Ok mam thank you”

He kept the phone down and frowned. What’s the deal with Esha and neurology?

He looked down at the notepad and frowned. She has met the doctor yesterday too.

He shrugged off and took his phone. Dialling a number he said, “Stephy, this is Adil. Bring me the Malhotra deal file.”

“Ok sir”

“And inform the intern head that Ms. Raizada’s address to interns is preponed to 11!”

“Sure sir”

“Thank you”

He kept the phone down and was about to bury himself down into work when the phone rang.


“Hello, this is from the neurology department City Hospital.”

“Ah yes, tell me mam”

“Dr. Mehra has agreed to the appointment. Ms. Raizada can meet her at 11:30, sharp!”

“Thank you mam”

He kept down the phone and his buzzer buzzed

“Oh yes, Moron Esha calling” he said smirking, “Wonder what abuse is she gonna hurl at me!”



“Yes mam” he said.

 “Sit down” she said looking up from the laptop.

“I’m sorry?”

“Adil, sit down!”

Adil! That sounded nice from her!

He sat down and looked at her in confusion.

“Err...I....me...” she stammered and he gaped at her. What! Moron Esha and stammering!

“Ummm.....would you like to go back to the fashion designing unit?” she asked.

“You’re demoting me?” he asked.

“That’s what you wanted right?” she asked.

“Is this because I told your father that you’re overburdening me? You’re demoting me because of that?” he asked.

She shrugged and said, “If you wish you can return to designing!”

“Umm...Esh...mam, if every day is gonna be like this morning, I don’t mind working under you. I do have a strong dislike towards you but I’m a professional. I think I can learn so much things if I’m your PA. Like I can use my designing skills by reviewing designs and pointing out suggestions. Sometimes I become an accountant by going through reports....if only you’re a bit easy on me, I would love to work as your PA”

She nodded and said, “So you don’t want a transfer?”

“If you intend to make me work overnight and use me as a servant then, yes. But if the atmosphere is like today morning, that’s just few minutes before, then I don’t need a transfer!”

“Fine, you can continue” she said nodding.

“Thank you mam” he said smiling.

She nodded and looked at her watch.

“Malhotra file will be here before the meeting” he said.

“Appointment with Dr. Mehra?”

“Set mam. You can meet her at 11:30, sharp” he said and she nodded.

“You can leave” she said and he nodded walking away.



“Hmmm” he hummed swirling his chair.

“Looks like something happened at home!” he said to himself, “What made Moron Esha turn into Mild Esha? God is this a sign? A silence before storm?”

He took his mobile and dialled his sister.

“Ha bhaiyya”

“Did Varun say something.....something that happened at his house?”

“About Esha?”


“Why didn’t you tell me that she was treating you bad at work?”

“Woh sab ****o. What did he say?”

“He said that papa slapped her. Arnav chachu talked to her!”

“Slap!” he gasped.

“Yeah. She cried a lot, he said. Arnav chachu made her understand her faults, I think. Is she behaving well now?”

“Yeah she is very calm!”

“Good” she said, “Acha bhaiyya, I gotta go. I’m busy here at work”

“Ok bye”

So that’s it! That’s the reason!




“Come in” she said and Adil walked in. “Yes?” she looked at him.

“The Malhotra file” he said forwarding it.

She nodded and took it. She said, “In the meeting we would be discussing about the terms of the deal and the designs we could have in our merger show. So you need to take notes!”

He nodded.

“And pay attention to every word he says. He is a cunning man. Will try to trap us in his web of lies. So beware. I’m telling you this because this is your first time” she said and he nodded.

“Anything else?” she asked.

“I’m sorry” he said.

She kept the file down and looked at him. “Why?”

“I’m sorry that your uncle.....slapped you because of me! I didn’t want any of those to happen! Please don’t misunderstand me!” he said.

He looked at her clenched face. She looked away and took a deep breath. “It’s fine” she said.

“I didn’t complain to your father, if you think so. I just ranted out my frustration and...”

“It’s fine Adil. Now get back to work” she shouted.

“Sorry.....uh yeah. Yes mam” he said and hurried away.

Okay, not bad! He said to himself.

Mild Esha is okay to work with! Much much better than Moron Esha.


Jun 18

The Lehenga (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 93 times)

The Lehenga





“Designing?” Varun asked as he walked into the room.

Arnav looked up from his sketch book and smiled.

“Saree for Yara” he said and kept the book aside. Varun sat on the bed and looked at the book. “Wow, awesome” he cried.

Arnav smiled.

“How are your preparations going on?” Arnav asked.

“Of what? Marriage or test?” Varun asked.


“Marriage....I don’t know. Mom and dad are busy planning. I don’t know what the groom is supposed to do! Test....well physical test is cleared and the final interview is within four days...so I’m stressed! I hope I get through it! Dad would be disappointed if I fail!”

“You will get through” Arnav said, “You worked hard for this! You left the job at AR to be a police officer!”

Varun smiled and nodded, “There is a problem. If I get selected I’ll have to go for training. That’s the main reason why I put forward the marriage matter. I want to marry Ana before I leave!”

“What’s the problem then?”

Varun chuckled and said, “I might not be able to see her...and you all too!”

“Don’t worry, you guys will make it!” Arnav said patting his shoulder.





“Hey, lunching alone?” Aman asked sitting opposite to Adil in the canteen.

Adil smiled and nodded.

“You didn’t make any friends here?” Aman asked taking a bite of his pizza.

“I tried. Apparently no one wants to be my friend” Adil shrugged, “Except the watchman. He loves me!”

Aman chuckled and said, “Me. I’m your friend. And Esha too!” he added laughing.

Adil burst out laughing and said, “Yeah right. Esha is my best friend!”

“So how’s it going? Is she troubling you more?”

“No, it’s fine! She has mellowed down!” Adil said smiling, “ASR lectured her, Ana said!”

“I heard” Aman said nodding.

“What’s the deal with Esha and Dr. Mehra, the neurosurgeon at city hospital?” Adil asked suddenly.

Aman stopped eating and looked at him shocked. “How do you know?”

“She asked me to book an appointment! She has gone there and didn’t return but left me a message to cancel every appointments of today” Adil said.

“Don’t tell ASR” Aman said.

“Okay” Adil said frowning.

“No one, I mean. No one should know” Aman said seriously.

“Is there anything wrong?” Adil asked.

“Nothing you should know” Aman said and looked down to his pizza.





“Daaaaaaad” Yara screamed as she entered his room.

“What the! What happened?” Arnav and Varun jumped from the bed alarmed.

“Uh nothing wrong” Yara smiled cheekily.

Arnav clutched his heart and said, “You could’ve given me an attack Yara” Varun made him sit on the bed and gave him a glass of water. He looked at Yara and scolded, “Your father is growing old Yara. Don’t do such stunts again!”

“Sorry” Yara bit her lip and looked down.

“It’s ok. Come here!” Arnav forwarded his arm and she ran to him. She had her arms tied to her back.

“What are you hiding?” Arnav asked.

“Can.....Can I....Can I wear this for Varun bhaiyya’s engagement?” Yara asked nervously showing the dress she had in her hands.

“Wow” Varun cried looking at the beautiful dress, “It’s beautiful! Where did you get this from?”

“Found this on maasi’s wardrobe. I asked her and she told....that this is mamma’s....” Yara finished nervously and Varun looked at Arnav.

Arnav was staring the red-blue lehenga.

Images of him dragging her up the mandir steps flashed before his eyes.

The shock in her eyes!

The six months contract!

The insults from family.

The slap from Garima.

The hurt look from Payal.

The broken look from Anjali.

The disbelief on Nani.

Her tears!

The way she clutched the mangalsutra and broke down before him.

The way she held his collar demanding answers.

Sleeping alone in the cold at poolside!

Being kicked out of her own house!

Her broken heart!

“Dad” Yara whispered and Arnav forwarded his arm.

Yara handed him the lehenga and Arnav said hoarsely, blinking his tears, “I’ll design you a sari or lehenga.....whatever you want”

“Sari” she said looking down.

He clutched the lehenga and nodded.

“Chachu” Varun whispered and held his shoulder, “Are you okay?”

Arnav nodded and said, “Leave me alone for a while”. He stood up and walked to the poolside clutching the lehenga close to his heart.

Jun 23

Yashi and Sara? Nah, its Yara! (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 89 times)

Yashi and Sara? Nah, its Yara!





“What happened?” Esha asked as she slumped on the couch. Walking into Raizada mansion and having Yara’s hot cup of tea with hop gossips is something Esha always look forward to, although she never admits it aloud. But her sister’s dull face that evening made her frown and shake off her ego to ask what happened.

“I....I hurt dad” Yara whispered.

“What? Why? How?” Esha sat up.

“I asked him whether I can wear mamma’s lehenga for Varun bhaiyya’s engagement” Yara said slowly, tears brimming in her eyes.

“Which lehenga?”

“Red and blue lehenga!”

Esha sighed and said, “Yara, papa has many memories of her. They are the only things that keeps him sane! But not every memory is pleasant. Although that lehenga looks beautiful, it was when mamma wore it that she cried the most! That day is a black day in papa’s life! Although the life after that seemed blissful he never forgave himself for mamma’s tears on that day!”

“Was it that day that they got married? Six months?” Yara asked slowly.

Esha nodded.

“Oh god” Yara whispered, “I’ve hurt him beyond extent! He...”

“It’s okay. You didn’t mean to” Esha whispered and hugged her sister tight, “Don’t cry. It was not intentional”

Yara sniffled and buried her face in her sister’s neck.





“Aww my baby....look at her” Arnav cooed as he took his one day old daughter in his arms. The baby had opened her eyes and was looking around clueless.

“Soooo cute” Esha whispered as she caressed her sister’s cheeks. Arnav sat on the green recliner with Esha and Varun on his either sides craning their necks to see the baby.

“She is looking at me” Varun whispered and leaned to the baby.

As the boy leaned to her, the baby started wailing.

“Varun” Esha chided and pushed back the boy, “You made her cry” she scolded.

“I’m sorry” Varun said slowly and dipped his head down guiltily.

Arnav chuckled and said, “Aww it’s okay. Don’t feel bad dear. Babies cry often” he said and started rocking the baby.

“Sachi?” Varun asked looking up and Arnav nodded.

“Still.....you made her cry” Esha huffed in anger, “You made my sister cry!”

Varun shrunk back to Arnav and hid behind him while Esha stood glaring at her brother.

Arnav laughed and continued rocking the baby. “Esha, even you made Varun cry when he was a baby!”

Varun peeped from Arnav’s shoulder and said, “See, Esha di is also bad!”

Esha bit her lip and looked down. She then looked up and cried, “No. I didn’t make him cry”

“You did” Arnav said and leaned down to kiss the baby. He started whispering nothings to her ear and rocked her in his arms. He looked up and said, “You patted his cheeks for him to wake up and he started crying out loud!”

Varun gasped and Esha looked down.

“Esha di...you’re evil” he gasped and huffed.

Esha looked down. Her eyes started brimming and she said, “Sorry Varun”

Arnav laughed and said, “God you kids.....babies cry at small things. It’s none of your fault. Okay, calm down! See....baby calmed down! Now it’s your turn!”

“Haww baby is happy” Varun said happily and Esha looked at her sister who has now stopped crying.

“What’s happening?” a voice came from bed and the trio looked at Khushi who sat up.

“You’re up” Arnav said smiling and walked to her. He sat near her on the bed and Khushi leaned on him. She caressed the baby’s cheek and Arnav asked, “Are you feeling okay? Should I call the doctor?”

“Nah, I’m fine. A bit tired!” Khushi murmured.

“Mamma, baby opened her eyes” Esha said happily. Varun nodded enthusiastically. Of course they would. They were waiting for so long for the baby to open her eyes. Why is she sleeping so much? Esha and Varun were so much eager for her to join them to play!

Khushi smiled and looked at the baby who was looking at her with her round eyes.

“Big eyes!” she murmured and Arnav said, “Tum par gayi hai.....I hope she won’t have devi maiyya as her first word”

She hit his arm and he chuckled.

“What was my first word?” Varun asked lying down on the big bed on his stomach, his elbows supporting on the bed.

“Ma” Khushi said smiling, “Jiji was so happy”

“And mine?” Esha asked happily.

“Bua” Arnav said chuckling.

“Haww I called Anjali bua for the first time!” Esha gasped.

Khushi nodded.

Varun laughed and said, “Esha di, you didn’t call pa or ma.....poor Esha di!”

Esha huffed and slapped his arm. Varun laughed and rolled on the bed.

“What is her name?” Varun asked sitting up and gazing at the baby.

“What do you want as her name?” Arnav asked playing with the baby’s small little fingers.

“Hmmm....Cinderella!” Varun said happily.

“No” Esha said, “She is snow white. Look at her....she is soooo beautiful”

“Even Cinderella is beautiful” Varun pouted.

“Snow White is the most beautiful” Esha argued.

“But Cinderella is.......Cinderella” Varun said frowning. He scratched his head and said, “She is Cinderella”

“Snow white is the best” Esha declared.

Khushi chuckled and said, “Why don’t we name her Ariel?”

“Nahi” both the kids cried and Arnav hissed, “Sshhhh”

“Sorry” they whispered and Varun said, “Ariel had a sad life. She lost her voice. She didn’t get the prince”

“Ooooh” Khushi said, “That’s so bad. She is not Ariel!”

Esha and Varun nodded seriously. Khushi hid her laughter and looked at Arnav who was smiling as well.

“We’ll name her Yashi” Varun said raising his hand, “I saw it in a serial. That beautiful baby had the name Yashi!”

“No” Esha huffed, “She should be named Sara. That was the heroine’s name in yesterday’s movie”

“Yashi is cute” Varun said.

“Sara is best” Esha declared.

Arnav placed the now sleeping baby in the cradle. “She slept” Varun gasped.

“Why is she always sleeping?”Esha said sadly.

“Because my dear, babies sleep a lot” Khushi said softly, “So the names. Why don’t we combine Yashi and Sara?”

Varun and Esha looked at each other. Esha forwarded her hand and said, “I’m okay with combining names. Deal?”

Khushi’s mouth formed an O and she glared at her husband who smirked. “I told you not to talk about deals in front of her” she hissed and Arnav shrugged.

Varun frowned at the hand and lifted his hesitantly. “Deal?” he said scratching his head and Esha shook their hands firmly. “DEAL” she declared.

“Okay” Varun said slowly frowning, trying to figure out what his sister meant by DEAL.

“So combining them....Yashi plus Sara....that’s Yara or Sashi!” Arnav said.

“Sashi! It’s my father’s name” Khushi said laughing.

“Yara” Esha said and looked at Varun.

“I like Yara” little Varun said smiling widely

“So Yara be it then” Arnav said smiling. Varun and Esha got off the bed and ran to the cradle. Standing on their toes they craned their neck to the sleeping baby and whispered, “Hello Yara”

Arnav chuckled and Khushi leaned on his smiling.





Parking his bike and throwing his helmet away, Adil rushed into the hospital building. Holding the reception table for balance he asked breathlessly, “Excuse me, can you please tell me where Mrs. Serene Alexander is taken to?”

The receptionist looked at his state and hurried to type something on her computer. “She is in the operation theatre 3 in the 1st floor”

Without saying thank you he ran to the stairs and climbed them in a go.

“Ana” he cried seeing his sister sitting in tears in front of the operation theatre.

Ana looked up and ran to her brother. Hugging him tight she burst into tears. “What happened to mamma?” he asked in quivering voice.

“She.....slipped from stairs....she hit her back of neck on the steps...doctors......doctors said it’s critical” Ana said in between of sobs.

The Operation Theatre opened and Adil sprang up. The doctor walked out to Ana and he asked, “How is she doctor?”

“You are?”

“My brother” Ana said crying, “How is mamma?”

“I’m sorry” the doctor said with fallen face. He held Adil’s hand and said, “She had hit her neck very badly! We couldn’t save her.”

Ana screamed and slumped on to the floor. The doctor patted his arm and walked away. Adil stood rooted, his limbs feeling numb.

“Ma....” his voice choked and a lone tear rolled over his cheek.



Jun 27

We’re Family (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 82 times)

We’re Family





“Adi beta” the man in his fifties said, “Is Ana ready? We need to leave”

Adil looked up from where he was sitting on the floor and then looked to his left when Ana was sitting, leaning on Varun.

The man kneeled to him and whispered, “Is that the Hindu guy your sister is getting married to?”

Adil looked at him and he said, “I had told Serene to reject the proposal! They are hindus!”

“Stop it uncle” Adil hissed, “Can you save it for another day?”

His uncle scoffed and said, “Your mother never listens to anyone. She eloped and married your father. That was fine since he was a Christian himself but this.....a hindu guy and look how they are sitting! People are looking!”

“Please” Adil whispered, “Not in front of my mother’s corpse! Please STOP!”

Someone walked over to them and Adil looked up. He stood up seeing Arnav. Arnav patted his back and looked at Adil’s uncle.

“ASR, this is my uncle, my mother’s brother! Uncle this is Arnav Singh Raizada. I work in his company!” Adil said weakly.

Arnav shook hands with his uncle who said narrowing his eyes, “So your son is my niece’s fiance?”

“No, Varun is my nephew” Arnav said.

“Ah nephew” uncle scoffed and looked at the couple. Varun had wrapped an arm around Ana who had slumped on to his chest.

Arnav frowned and looked at Adil who gave him a tight smile.

“We need to leave” Adil said grabbing his uncle’s attention, “I’ll come with Ana! You guys can move”

His uncle nodded and left but not before glaring at Arnav.

“I’m sorry but...doesn’t he like us?” Arnav asked frowning.

“Can’t digest the fact that Ana is marrying a Hindu” Adil muttered and walked to Ana, “Ana, let’s move to cemetery”





Ana sat near her brother under the tree and watched her relatives talking to others. She craned her neck to see her uncle and his family interrogating her fiance and sighed.

She looked at Adil and asked, “What are they doing with Varun?”

“May be trying to get details about his properties” Adil muttered.

Ana rubbed her face and leaned on his shoulder. Adil wrapped an arm around her and rested his chin on her head.

“What did she say? Her.....last words?” he asked.

“Call Adi” Ana whispered, “She lost conscious before completing that!”

Adil took a deep breath and Ana said, “She didn’t deserve this! Why did she have to go so soon?”

“Fate” Adil whispered.

Ana sighed and said, “I’ve taken some decisions. Varun will be attending his police interview this week and he will get selected, I’m sure. He will have to leave for training!”

“I know. Don’t worry your marriage would be before his training” Adil said.

“No” Ana said firmly and he looked at his sister, “We’ll marry after his training, that’s after an year!”


“No. I don’t want to marry now. I don’t want to leave you alone!” Ana said in tears.

“I’m not alone. And you’ll be right there in RM! In Delhi!”

Ana nodded no and said, “I’ve decided bhaiyya. I’ve told Varun. He agreed!”

“You don’t have to do this!” Adil whispered.

“I will!” Ana whispered and hugged him tight, “No matter how much I love Varun, you stand above that love! You’re my brother! Even if years pass by and I’ve grandchildren, I will always be your little sister!”

Adil smiled in tears and kissed her hair.





“Have they left?”

Ana looked up from where she was sitting in the dining table, hearing their uncle’s voice.


“Raizadas” he said.

“Yeah” Ana said

He looked around and said, “Ah so have the other guests! So it’s family now!” he said pointing to his wife and children sitting who were sitting and watching TV in the couch.

Adil walked to the dining table with an angry face. “Can you keep the volume down!” he shouted at his aunt.

“Respect boy!” uncle sneered, “This isn’t how you speak to your aunt!”

“Well it’s when my aunt is playing a reality show at high volume and when all me and my sister wants is a bit of peace!” Adil retorted. Ana clutched his arm and held him back.

“Are you asking us to leave the house?” Uncle asked angrily, “Boy this is our house now. Now that your mother is gone, both of you are under my guidance!”

“Guidance” Adil scoffed, “I’m 28 and Ana is 26. We don’t need our dear uncle to guide us! And regarding the house, it’s mine and my sister’s. Not yours!”

His aunt stood up and was about to say something when Adil said, “You’ve watched enough for today! When you leave I need you to pay my electricity bill!”

“You brat!” his uncle screamed and Adil said, “You people never ever loved us. When mom was alive you guys never visited. I know why you are here. You want the property she has earned! She doesn’t have a single penny from her parents or family. Everything that’s under her name is solely hers and thereafter her children’s. So it would be nice if you leave from our property since you aren’t gonna get any!”

His uncle and aunt glared at him and his sister.

“It’s your doom!” his uncle sneered, “Your sister is marrying that hindu guy. You guys consider those people as your family! They aren’t your family!”

“And so are you guys” Adil shouted, “We don’t need a family because me and my sister are not alone! We have each other and we have our parents looking after us from where they are. We’re a family and I won’t have anyone messing up with it!”

Ana nodded and said clutching her brother’s arm, “I love Varun and I consider his people as mine too. But if I had to choose between Varun and my brother, it will always be my brother! Me, bhai, mamma and papa; We’re Family.”


Jun 30

A Late Night Call (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 93 times)

A Late Night Call





Adil was lying on the bed when his phone rang.


“Esha here”

He sprang up on the bed, “Yes mam”

“Err....Ana was not picking up. So I called you! How are you both?” she asked softly.

Softly? Wow, she does have a soft soothing voice.

“Why don’t you use it more often?” he asked absentmindedly.


“I’m sorry” he said biting his tongue.

“What should I use more often?” she pressed.

“Nothing. You have a soft voice. That’s all” he said hurriedly.

Esha chuckled and said, “Waise, Varun told me that Ana postponed the marriage”

“Yeah, I told her not to but she is adamant!”

“Anyone at her place would do that” Esha said softly, “Did your relatives leave?”

“No, they’ll leave tomorrow” he said bitterly.

Esha hummed and he asked, “What did they ask to Varun? I didn’t get a chance to talk to him?”

“Well, they asked Varun whether he has a job, property, wealth and stuff.....they were more interested in the Raizadas wealth than Varun’s upcoming career as police officer!”

“I’m sorry. I apologize on their behalf...”

“No no, it’s fine! Serene aunty did once tell us that her family doesn’t approve Varun. That doesn’t matter. Ana loves Varun and her mother and brother approves. That’s enough!”

“That’s enough for me too” Adil said smiling, “I wanna ask you something”

She hummed and he asked, “How did your mother die?”

A silence prevailed and Adil bit his tongue. “I’m sorry if I....”

“No, no....it was a week after Yara’s birth. Me, dad, mom and Yara were home. Others had gone out for some function. Yara fell ill and dad took her to hospital. Mamma was weak after delivery so she didn’t accompany them. So I stayed with her.”


“I went to get her a glass of water. When I came back I saw a man killing her”

Adil gasped and Esha said in her hoarse voice, “I was scared. I didn’t know what to do. I hid behind the door and clamped my mouth shut and watched her die.”

“Who was he?”

“Bua’s ex husband. He was a bad man. He lusted over my mother when dad and mom got married. There is a big story behind it I think. We never talk about it anymore!”

Adil sighed and she said, “I watched her....dying....that **** he raped her and stabbed her to death....and I couldn’t do anything!”

“You were a child” he said softly.

“I could’ve done something! I could’ve hit him with a vase or dialled dad or police or did something....but I didn’t! Indirectly I killed her” she cried.

He kept mum and waited for her to calm down.

She sniffled her tears and said, “You know what Adil, we both are on same boat. Both of us have a sister to look after!”

“You have a big family” he said.

“So do you! You’re a part of Raizada family since the moment we accepted Ana”

He smiled and said, “Thank you Esha”

“Waise” he asked, “Was Ana not picking up the cell the only reason why you called me?”

“Yeah” she said hurriedly, “She wasn’t picking up....so...where is Ana? Give the phone to her!”

A smirk formed in his lips and he said, “Ana is sleeping. And she has a loud blasting ringtone that every time it rings the whole house hears it! So there is no chance that she didn’t pick up! You didn’t call her right?”


“You called me right? You didn’t call Ana....you called me....” he said like a child.

“Yeah I called you because.....work....yeah I needed to talk about Mehta deal!

“Really? Just hours after my mother’s death you called me to discuss about Mehta file? Either you’re making up excuses or you’re heartless Ms. Raizada!” he said lying down on his bed. He crossed his arm under his head and smirked.

“I’m heartless” Esha retorted.

“Oh I see!” Adil sang.

I’m sleepy. Bye” she said.



“Thank you Esha” he said softly.

She said nothing but cut the call.

Adil smiled and kept the phone on the bedside table. Taking a deep breath he said smiling, “She isn’t that bad”






“When are you leaving?” Adil asked his uncle as he walked into the dining room dressed in a dark blue shirt and black jeans, his sling bag over his shoulder.

“Afternoon. Where are you going dressed up like that?” uncle asked narrowing his eyes.

“Office. I want you to leave in half an hour” Adil said and sat down in the chair. “Ana” he called out.

“Coming!” Ana cried and walked to him with a plate. She sat next to him and served her brother hot poori and curry.

Uncle narrowed his eyes at Ana who was dressed in a kurti and an ID card around her neck.

“Both of you are going to work?” he asked shocked.

Ana nodded.

“Just a day after your mother’s death?” he cried.

Adil nodded.

“We want to lock the house. So please leave before we leave for office” Ana said and started eating.

“Don’t you have a bit of love towards your mother? She is dead and her children are back to their schedule and daily routine. Don’t you feel ashamed of yourself?” his uncle screamed.

“Aren’t we supposed to do this?” Adil asked raising an eyebrow “Isn’t this what everyone who came to funeral said? Get back to how it was earlier! We’re just doing that!”

His uncle stormed his foot and walked away.

“Leave in half hour” Adil called out.

“FINE” he screamed.

Ana chuckled and looked at her brother who was smirking.

“Aunt was gossiping this morning” Ana said and Adil looked at her. She said, “I was cooking and she came around snooping. She said that she saw you talking with someone late at night!”

Adil chuckled and Ana asked, “Who was she?”


“Yeah!” Ana shrugged.

“How do you know that it’s not a he?”

Ana raised an eyebrow and Adil said, “It was Rishi! My classmate at college. He called after hearing the news!”

“Oh....okay” Ana mumbled and sipped down water while Adil smiled and looked away.



Jul 3

Day At Work (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 90 times)

Day At Work





“Hey Adil!” a man peeped into his office and Adil looked up from his desk. “Yeah Rahul, come in!”

“Hey, could you do me a favour please? I need mam’s signature in this document. The problem is that this document was to be sent, with her signature in it, to Mr. Rashid three days ago! So could you please get her sign in this?” he asked sheepishly and forwarded a file to Adil.

Adil rubbed the bridge of his nose and motioned to his desk. Rahul kept the file on the desk and asked, “Heard about your mother man. Are you okay?”

“Yeah, I’m fine. Thanks” he mumbled, “I’ll get it signed”

“You should’ve taken a day off or something...”

“I’m good man!” Adil cut him in.

“Okay” Rahul nodded and walked out.





Esha walked into the building of AR and everyone stood up greeting her. Reaching the stairs she saw Adil standing and smiled.

“Good morning mam. You’re late” he said following her as she climbed the stairs.

“Had to drop Yara at her college. What’s in today’s schedule?”

“Nothing much today. Designing unit was asked to present the latest designs which will be done at 11 am. We’ve calendar shoot starting at 2pm. So let’s hope that the model would be here by 12, which is impossible since Lisa is known for her delay!” Adil said.

Esha groaned and Adil opened the door of her cabin out of her. She walked in and threw her bag to the desk and slumped on the chair.

“I’m having so much trouble with this Lisa lady. She is the current supermodel but her arrogance is way too much to handle!” she said.

Adil cleared his throat and said, “Err I had contacted her assistant to talk about the shoot today. Looks like they forgot about it and I had to remind them!”

“Do one thing” Esha said rubbing her forehead, “Contact her manager, not assistant, manager! And ask him/ her to....no actually forward the call to me!”

“Okay mam” Adil nodded.

“And cancel the presentation. Ask the designing team to submit the hard copy of the designs instead of presenting it.”

Adil nodded.

“And yeah, Yara is having some dance competition and had asked Aman uncle to get her a costume. It will be with him. So please make sure that the costume reaches her at the college before 12. Send it with the driver!”

Adil nodded and forwarded her a file. “Need your signature in this!”

Esha took it and opened it. She took her pen and was about to sign when she frowned.

“Wasn’t this supposed to be sent three days ago?” she asked raising her voice.

“Yes, according to accounts department” Adil said nodding.

“And why is it still in my table? And why are you coming to me with this? This is to done by the accounts team!” she asked angrily.

“Err...I took it to get your sign. I’m your assistant” Adil stammered.

She took the phone and shouted, “Send Swathi in!”

“Mam I....” Adil began when she showed her palm. Seconds later the door was knocked and Esha cried, “Come in”

A woman in her thirties walked in. “Yes mam” she said slowly.

“What’s your post here Mrs. Swathi Surendran?”

“Accounts head mam” Swathi said.

“Did I or didn’t I ask you to send this file?” she asked lifting the file in her hand. Swathi nodded.


“You did”

“When did I ask you to submit this?” Esha asked angrily.

The woman looked down and Adil looked at her tight lipped.

“ANSWER ME DAMMIT!” Esha screamed and both Adil and Swathi flinched.

“Three days ago mam” Swathi said tears forming in her eyes.

“And why the **** is this file still here on my table?”

“Mam I was on leave for the past three days. I had forwarded your mail, in which you have asked me to send the file, to my secretary Mr. Rahul Bose. He didn’t do the job. It’s not my fault” Swathi said in tears.

Esha scoffed and took the phone. “Mr. Rahul Bose in my cabin within 1 minute!” and she slammed the phone down.

“I’m really sorry mam” Swathi said in tears, “Please don’t fire me. I have three kids mam. Please....”

“Stop crying dammit!” Esha shouted, “Don’t you have a bit of common sense in you? You forwarded the mail to your secretary and that’s it? Your job is over? You are the accounts head and it was your responsibility to make sure that your secretary did the job you asked him to do!”

Swathi looked down and the door was knocked. “Come in” Adil said and Rahul walked in. He looked at Adil who shook his head sympathetically.

“Mr. Rahul Bose, did your boss Mrs. Surendran ask you to get my signature in this file, three days ago?” Esha asked showing the file.

“Yes mam” Rahul said slowly.

“And did you get my signature in this?” Esha asked raising her eyebrow.

Rahul looked down.

“I’m giving you a minute to explain your stand or else you’re fired!” Esha said and took her pen. She signed the file and forwarded it to Adil who took it. “Mr. Alexander” she said, “I want you to personally drop this file to SBI manager at city branch. And please convey my apologies for the delay” Adil nodded and stepped back.

“Now,” Esha turned to Rahul who said, “Mam I was busy with the accounts....Swathi mam was on leave and I had to manage....”

“I did not ask you to make excuse. I asked the reason why you didn’t do the job me and your boss asked you to!” Esha said leaning back on her chair.

“I...forgot....” Rahul stammered.

Esha took a deep breath and looked at Swathi who was in tears. She said, “You people are from accounts. And you know what that file is. It is to be sent to the bank manager. Don’t you have a bit of common sense to realize that any document related to banking is important?”


“Yes mam” they said slowly.


She looked at Adil and asked, “Who gave you this file today and asked you to get my sign?”

Adil looked at Rahul who looked down.

“Mr. Bose” Esha called and Rahul looked up, “YOU’RE FIRED!”


“Adil prepare his termination letter” she said and Adil looked at Rahul feeling sorry for him.

“Get out both of you and Mrs. Surendran, there won’t be another chance!” she said.

“Thank you mam” Swathi said and ran while Rahul pleaded, “Please mam please give me another chance!”

“OUT!” she screamed and Rahul looked at Adil. Adil motioned towards the door.

Rahul walked away and Adil looked at Esha. “Please don’t fire him. It’s hard to get a job these days” he said.

Esha looked at him angrily and he looked down.

“Now you listen to me” she said angrily and he looked up, “You’re my PA. You might have some files which needs my signature. Yes, that’s your job. But not every file should be taken to me by you! This was their job and you didn’t have to do that. It was not your place!”

“Err...I thought I have to take your files and....”

“That’s what I said. Not everything is to be done by you. You do what I ask you to do! If I ask you to send something to a person, you come to me to get my signature. But when I ask the accounts department to send a file to bank it’s their job to get my sign in it! I did not ask you to come to me with that file, did I?”

“No” he said.

“Don’t do what others ask you to do” Esha said firmly, “You’re new at the job and Mr. Bose was taking advantage of your. It shouldn’t happen again!”

He nodded.

“And giving him another chance is not gonna happen!” Esha said angrily, “Mrs. Surendran was sick and was on leave. So it’s natural for her to forget! But Mr. Bose? I cannot have such an irresponsible person handling the accounts of my company!”

“Now please submit this at the bank personally. I cannot trust those idiots with this anymore!” Esha said.

Adil nodded and said, “Anything else?”

“Nah” Esha nodded no and opened her laptop.

Adil nodded and turned to walk away when Esha called him.

He turned and she asked softly, “How are you? Are you okay?”

He chuckled and said, “I’m fine. You really don’t have to ask me this every time we meet!”

Esha smiled sheepishly and he said, “Coming to work takes my mind off other things. So I prefer not be reminded that my mother was buried yesterday”

Esha nodded and he walked away.

Jul 13

A Heated Conference Room (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 90 times)

A Heated Conference Room


Employees at AR were having a good time gossiping, since Esha is in conference room, until the main door opened for their former boss ASR. Everyone scrambled back to their places and Arnav narrowed his eyes.

“Is it break time?” he asked angrily and looked at the clock which clearly said that it’s not break.

Everyone looked down not daring to look up to his eyes. Arnav walked to the reception and asked, “Is Esha up there?”

“Mam is in the conference room” the receptionist said politely. Arnav nodded and walked up the stairs to his old cabin, which is now his daughter’s cabin.

“Hello ASR” Aman greeted him and led him to the cabin.

“How are you man?” Arnav asked smiling.

“Not good! Ana and Varun cancelled their engagement and I had to call every person I engaged for the day to cancel the work. Heard an earful!” he said shaking his head.

“I’m sorry Aman. It’s....her mother died. So she....” Arnav began apologetically and Aman waved his hand, “I wasn’t complaining. Stop with your puppy face. Go away...shoooo!”

Arnav chuckled and Aman said plopping on the couch, “I’m having a headache. Supermodel Lisa won’t come for the shoot!”

“We have a shoot today?” Arnav asked and Aman nodded. “I’ve absolutely zero how to present this before Esha. Plus I have to find a new model!” he said.

Arnav chuckled and said, “You’ll never be at peace unless you leave AR!”

Aman laughed and said, “That’s true! Raizada generations have specialized in troubling Aman Mathur!” he stood up and said, “Lemme go and fix the model issue!”

Arnav nodded and Aman walked away. Arnav walked around the cabin and stopped at the chair he used to sit for almost 40 to 45 years. And today, his daughter owns it!

Who said that daughters aren’t equal to sons and can’t inherit the family business? When business magnets of Arnav’s age entrusted their business to their sons and son-in-laws, the world was shocked when the great ASR announced his resignation and handed over his seat to his eldest daughter. People began to gossip. Media started to worry. Will Esha Singh Raizada be able to look after her father’s empire like he did? Many laughed at him for his ‘foolishness’. His rivals were elated to find that ASR is gone. AR is doomed, people decided. New fashion houses were introduced and each and every person in India started to give a try in fashion designing. Why not? After all ASR is out of field.

But everyone forgot that lions cannot have only cubs, not kittens. If ASR was a lion, so was his daughter! AR was silent for the first few months after Esha took up. Everyone celebrated the end of an era. But if only they knew that it was the silence before storm. The first fashion show Esha held after taking up the business was the most successful show AR had ever aired. Shocking the entire world, grabbing their attention, Esha Singh Raizada gave birth to a new fashion era.





“Thank you Ms. Raizada” the clients shook her hands and walked out of the room.

Esha stood up from the chair and stretched her arms. Adil looked at her and then resumed collecting the documents and arranging them in his file.

“What do we have next in line?” she asked rubbing her eyes. He looked up and said, “We just have the calendar shoot. Aman sir said he would look into the model’s arrival and stuff”

Esha nodded and rubbed her eyes again. Adil looked at her tired face which was red due to all the rubbing.

“Are you okay?” he said.

“Nah I’m fine! A bit tired!” she whispered and sat down on the chair, leaning her head back on it.

He walked to frowning, “Esh....Mam should I get you something?”

“I’m fine” she snapped, “Just a small itching!” she said moving her fist to rub her eyes again when he caught it.

She looked at him surprised and he said, “Don’t rub your eyes. Wash it!”

“It’s fine Adil” she said and tried to free her hand but he held it firm. She shrunk back into her seat when he leaned down to her ear level. Lifting his other hand he moved it towards her eyes and she tilted her head sideways.

“Let me see Esha” he whispered softly and she looked at him. His hold on her hand loosened and she let it fall on the arm rest. Raising his hands, he moved it to her eyes and held it wide open. She sucked in breath when he leaned closer and blew into her eye.

A gasp escaped her when he clutched her wrist which was on the arm rest for a support. With his other hand he still kept her eye open and blew once again, this time harder.

“Okay?” he asked softly and looked at her.

She looked at him. He was so close to her that her eyes directly met his. “Yes” she said in a whisper.

He looked at her face and then locked his eyes at hers. “Did I ever tell you that you’re beautiful?” he whispered and leaned a bit closer.

Her fingers clutched the arm rest and her mouth opened and closed like a fish. “Did I?” he asked again, his fingers now caressing her cheeks.

“No” she whispered and closed her eyes as he moved his fingers down her cheeks to her neck. She gasped and arched her neck back when he slid his hand through the side of neck, his thumb tracing her jaw line.

Holding her wrist, along with the armrest, for support he leaned and dipped his head to her jaw line placing small kisses there.

“Adi” she whispered and tilted her head giving him more access.

He shrank back and whispered, chuckling, “What did you call me?”

She opened her eyes and looked at his eyes which were now dark with passion.

“Adi” she whispered.

“Adi” he whispered, “I like that” he chuckled and bend down nuzzling his nose on the crook of her neck when....

A sudden knock on the door made Adil jump on his skin and step back. Esha gasped and sat up straight on her chair and looked at Adil shocked.

The door opened and Adil’s secretary peeped in. “Sir...mam, Aman sir was asking for you!”

Adil looked at her and nodded. The girl, his secretary, looked at him and then at their boss who sat with her head dipped down and hands clutching the table.

“What are you looking at? Go” Adil said sternly and the girl sprinted away.

Esha opened her mouth wide and tried taking maximum air in as her fingers clutched the table before her. She dipped her head down and gulped, her breathless gasps filling the room.

Adil ran his hand through his messy hair and cursed himself. What’s wrong with you Adil? He asked to himself. What have you done?

“Esha....” he whispered and took a step forward.

Esha looked up. He stepped backward seeing her furious eyes, which had left her for the past two days.

“Out” she hissed.

“Listen to me...I....”

“I SAID GET OUT!” she screamed at the top of her voice, the loudest Adil have ever heard her use.

Aug 1

Her Father Is Arnav Singh Raizada (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 87 times)

Her Father Is Arnav Singh Raizada


Raizada Mansion

6.05 pm

“Chotte!” Anjali cried in tears and stood up as she saw Arnav and Esha entering the mansion. Arnav looked at her alarmed hearing her tone and then at the whole family present in the living room.

“What happened di?” He asked walking towards his sister and Esha looked at others in worry. Yara was nowhere to be seen and she felt a dreadful feeling that something wasn’t right.

“Yara....Yara has shut herself in” Anjali said in tears.

“Bhai” Akash stepped in, “She has locked herself inside her room right after she returned from college. No matter how much we tried, she isn’t opening the door!”

Esha dropped the bag on the floor and ran up the stairs in a second. Rushing towards her sister’s room she banged the door, “Yara....Yara open the door....what happened?”

Arnav followed her and he also tried, “Yara....dear please open the door!”

“YARA OPEN THE DOOR!” Esha screamed.

“Esha calm down” Arnav whispered, “Yara....listen to me. Whatever it is, we’ll help you. Open the door dear. It’s papa calling! Come on, open it!”

They heard a click and Yara opened the door. Esha looked at her sister in shock, finding her in a state she never thought she would see. Her hair was messy, eyes were red, tear strained cheeks but what caught her eyes was her bleeding lips and red cheeks.

“Yara” Arnav wrapped an arm around his daughter, “What happened? Who did this to you?”

Yara burst into tears and said, “Rishi”

“Rishi? Who is Rishi?” Esha asked. They took Yara inside the room and made her sit on the bed. The whole family followed them and crowded the room.

Yara buried her face in her father’s chest and burst into tears. Arnav looked at others and said, “I’ll talk to her!”

Everyone nodded and slowly walked out of the room but not Esha.

“Esha” Arnav sighed, “Leave”

“No” she said stubbornly, shaking her head, “I wanna know why my sister is crying and who hurt her”

“Esha” Arnav called out sternly, “Let me talk to her. Leave!”

Esha sighed and walked out.

Arnav patted Yara’s back and said softly, “Now tell me. Who is Rishi and what did he do?”

Yara sat up straight and said hiccupping, “Rishi is my senior at college. He...they have a gang or something...he is the leader and everybody is scared of him.”

Arnav nodded, “Okay. What did he do?”

“He was following me for a while. Last week he asked me to come to his house....for a night....” she stopped sobbing and then whispered, “I said no and then he started spreading rumours about me everywhere. Today, when I went to library....I was alone there and....he...he...” she burst out crying and Arnav hugged her sideways.

“What did he do?” Arnav asked shutting his eyes tight. His blood was boiling and he just wanted to beat the hell out of this boy named Rishi!

“He tried to....molest me. I screamed and he slapped me. Some students came by and they rescued me” Yara said slowly resting her face on her father’s shoulder.

“Why didn’t you tell us earlier that he was following you” Arnav asked slowly.

Yara sniffled and said, “I’m sorry....I...I didn’t want to worry you and...”

“You should never hide things” Arnav said sternly and Yara nodded.

Arnav broke the hug and asked, “What’s his full name?”

“I don’t know. Everyone calls him Rishi” Yara said.

“And what does he study there?”

“Hotel management. Our college offers a course on that” she said.

Arnav nodded, “Did you complain to the principal?”

She nodded no and said, “He is very powerful dad and....”

Arnav scoffed and said, “Although I don’t want you and your sister to flaunt my name, you should never forget that you are Arnav Singh Raizada’s daughter!”

Yara bit her lip and said, “He is a criminal dad. I’ve heard from others that he killed his dad”

“No one gets away after hurting ASR’s daughter” Arnav whispered furiously and walked out of the room.





Next day

AR Fashions

9.15 am


“Gosh I missed this!” Aman said happily sitting before Arnav in the CEO’s cabin.

“Missed what?” Esha asked from the window where she was standing.

“Him sitting in his chair! And being a detective” Aman said smiling cheekily.

Esha chuckled and Aman said, “No offence to you Esha but ASR suits best in that chair!”

“None taken” she said.

“Can we get back to the point” Arnav asked sternly, “That guy. Did you get information about him?”

“Yes sir” Aman said showing him a thick file, “And trust me, it’s very interesting”

“Enlighten me” Arnav said. Esha cleared her throat and Arnav corrected, “Enlighten us”

“Yeah so this guy named...” Aman began but stopped when the door was knocked.

“Who is it?” Arnav shouted irritated.

Adil peeked in head in and said, “Sorry to disturb you sir but Ms. Raizada has a meeting with the London clients in five minutes”

“You take my place. Get help from Samantha, the design head” Esha ordered.

“Me?” Adil asked shocked opening the door wide.

“Yes you. Now get out” she shouted and he scurried outside.

Aman opened the file. “So about Rishi. His full name is...don’t get alarmed....Rishikesh Manohar Jha!” Aman said and paused looking at his bosses’ reaction.

“WHAT?” Arnav and Esha screamed.

“Do you remember ASR, years back, when we enquired about Shyam we got to know about his son?” Aman asked.

“Yeah we never found him!”

“This is him. In the official college records his name is Rishikesh Manohar....Jha is omitted. But when we go deep his exact full name is clear. Son of Shyam Manohar Jha!”

“So....Anjali bua’s son...our cousin?” Esha asked disgusted.

“No. Not her son” Arnav said and Aman nodded. “Shyam had another wife. Anjali was his third wife” he looked at Arnav who had his curled fist.

“Yara was right ASR” Aman said turning the page in the file, “He was arrested at the age of 13 for murdering his father, that’s Shyam”

“Shyam Manohar Jha died when I was eight years old” Esha muttered, “If he was 13 right then, he must be 32 now! And Yara is 21! How come he became her senior?”

“He has influences!” Aman said, “He joined the college when Yara joined as 1st year, that’s three years back.”

“So he was following her for three years” Esha said alarmed.

Arnav nodded gritting his teeth, “What else Aman?”

Aman took a deep breath and said, “Rishikesh Manohar Jha. His mother died giving birth to him and his only relation was his mother’s mother and Shyam. He was looked after by his grandmother and Shyam used to visit him every week. Grandmother died when the boy was one year old and Shyam got him admitted into a orphanage. He used to visit him once in a month. It all happened even before you met Khushi mam. Then Khushi mam came into spotlight. When you realized his true colour and kicked him out, he went to his small house and brought his son from orphanage. After you got him arrested, he came out with the help of his lawyer friends and stayed low with his son. All this while, I think, he was feeding lies and hatred about Raizadas to his son.

Then Esha was born. Rishikesh was five years old then. And then six years later came Yara. Shyam had ra....murdered Khushi mam a week after Yara’s birth. That’s when Esha was 6 and Rishikesh was 11. Shyam escaped the law pursuit because our lawyers were unable to tackle him and....” Aman stopped seeing Arnav’s face.

He looked at Esha who was glancing at her father. She knew it was a sensitive topic. Even though Shyam is dead, she knew that her father regretted that he couldn’t kill him with his own hands. They had hired the best lawyer of the country to fight the case but they forgot that Shyam was one of the best criminal lawyers in the country. He easily twisted the facts and created alibis. And thus he walked out free! Free after raping and killing a woman, he walked out FREE!

“He had stayed low after that” Aman said slowly, “Shifted to Lucknow. Changed his name, identity everything. Got his son admitted to a school in the name Rishikesh Manohar. And two years later, Rishikesh shot his father to death, reason unknown. The boy was taken to juvenile court and he walked out free five years ago, thats when he was 27.”

“I thought that it’s some rich spoilt brat behind Yara” Esha whispered rubbing her forehead, “It’s not. It’s deep dad!”

“His father destroyed my life” Arnav whispered furiously, “And now he is set off to ruin my daughter’s life! I’ll kill him! I couldn’t kill his father which I’ll regret for a life time. I’ll balance that regret by killing him!”

Aman glanced at Esha worriedly but found her in the same expression. Aman sighed. Raizadas when sworn revenge is hard to deal! He remember how ASR was when he saw Shyam walking out free.

“Relax. We’ll deal with this” he said softly in an attempt to calm down the father-daughter.

Arnav stood up and said, “Good work Aman!” and he walked out.

“What has he planned?” Aman asked Esha who shrugged, “I don’t know!”

“ASR STOP” Aman cried and Arnav turned around, “He made a grave mistake Aman”

Aman frowned and Arnav said, “That Jha. After knowing what his father did to my wife, he shouldn’t have set off to hurt my daughter. He should’ve remembered that her father is Arnav Singh Raizada!” and he walked out.

“I didn’t tell him something” Aman mumbled.

“What?” Esha asked.

“Don’t overreact. I don’t know if it’s relevant but...”

“Come to the point” Esha snapped.

“Rishikesh doesn’t have much friends. He has connections, influence but friends....he has only one.” Aman said carefully.


“Adil Alexander” Aman said slowly and looked at Esha who looked at him shocked.

“Don’t. Don’t react. Relax” Aman said hurriedly seeing Esha’s temper rising, “I don’t know if it’s relevant Esha. But Adil is the only friend he made in Delhi”


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