Wooing Ms.Raizada

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Mar 27

Wooing Ms.Raizada (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 114 times)



AR Fashions

Parking his bike in the parking lot of AR Fashions he looked at the 50 storeyed building with awe. “Woah!” he cried, “If I get a job here...oh god! Adil beta...chal....ash kar le yaar!”

He ran up the reception and said to the woman sitting over the desk. “Hello, I’m Adil Alexander. I’ve an interview with Ms. Raizada”

The receptionist looked at him and then at the computer. “Your interview was at 9.30. It’s 10 now!”

“Bas 30 minutes late ho!” he said smiling cheekily.

“Sorry” the receptionist said curtly and resumed in her works.

“Please...” he pleaded, “I need this job. Please let me go in!”

“You should’ve thought about it when you walked in half an hour later the reporting time!”

“Please....please...please.....I beg at your feet lovely lady...” he craned his neck to see her name tag, “Ms. Priya....please Priya let me in!”

Priya looked at him and sighed. She took her phone and dialled a number. “Mam, the guy who had interview at 9.30 am is here. Should I let him in?”

She waited for the reply and said hurriedly, “Yes mam I asked him to leave but he is pestering me here. He is creating a ruckess here in the ground floor!”

She hummed and said, “Okay mam!”

She kept the phone and said, “You can go in. But beware. Mam is very angry!”

“I have my own ways to lessen her temper” he sing sang.

“Won’t work with mam Mr. Alexander” Priya said sympathetically, “No one can escape her anger! Good luck!”




Knocking the door and hearing the stern “Come in” he opened the glass door and walked in.

His sports shoes making its noise through the marble floors he walked towards the giant table behind which was a woman in her early twenties sitting. Smiling at her he ran his eyes through her perfectly styled hair and chocolate coloured eyes. Dressed in a black shirt which top button undone, the colour was perfectly matching her milky skin. Her wrists adorned by a simple but expensive watch, she placed the pen on the pen stand and looked at him with piercing look.

“Done checking me out?” she asked in a stern voice.

He snapped from his thoughts and said cheekily, “Actually no. Can I have five more minutes please?”

“You have already wasted two minutes of my life taking your leisure time in walking into the cabin!” she said angrily.

“Hey not my fault but even a lift cannot take you to the 50th floor within seconds!” he said.

“Whatever....appointment letter!” she extended her palm.

“Ah here!” he gave her the letter and sat before her.

“Did I ask you to sit?” she asked raising an eyebrow.

“You didn’t ask me to keep standing either!” he said smirking.

“Adil Alexander!” she said reading his name out from the letter, “You are not going to work here with that attitude of yours!”

“I’m sorry!” he mumbled and looked at the ceiling.

He then looked at the name plate. “Esha Singh Raizada” he whispered the name.

“Esha” he whispered and then looked at her to find her glaring at him. He cleared his throat and sat up straight.

“You’ve done a number of online internships and jobs on fashion designing with a degree of a fashion designing course” she read out and he hummed. “You’ve been doing that for the past few years. Why didn’t you try in any company then?”

“No one would offer me a job with just a degree. And plus, I wouldn’t be able to do well if I’m an amateur. So I decided to work online and have an experience.”

“So you have enough experience now?” she asked raising an eyebrow.

“I don’t know but I’m confident that I’ll be able to do a designing task given to me!” he said confidently.

“Job of a designer is not just to design clothes but also to move according to the trends and find flaws in the existing designs” she said and he nodded, “yes you’re right!”

Closing the file he had submitted, she threw him a sheet. He looked at it and frowned seeing the design of a lehenga. He looked back at her and she said, “Find the faults in the design”

“Depends on the person who is wearing this” he said.

She was silent for a while and then said, “Ok what if I’m wearing this? Find the flaws!”

“The colour!” he said, “It’s coloured pink here. Although pink suits you, I think any colour would look good on you, but dark colours would highlight your skin. Like the black shirt you’re wearing. May be the lehenga can be dark red, brown, or some dark colours with a light shades and decorations.”


“The lehenga when worn will definitely hide the front of the skirt. Therefore the thick borders and decorations given there would be waste. Either you should have the thin transparent shawl or no designs at the top of skirt. Plus, the shawl is too gaudy and heavy! You wouldn’t able to move around easily. I don’t know if you can but its not practical to have a heavy shawl on your shoulders and waist. And then...” he stopped seeing her showing him a palm.

“You’re hired!” she said and dialled a number.

“What? I mean...thank you so much” he said happily.

A man walked in pushing back a few grey strands of his hair. She said to Adil, “This is Aman Mathur, manager of AR and my PA. He’ll show you your cabin!” she turned to Aman and said, “He will be working with the junior designer section”

“Thank you so much Esha!” Adil said smiling genuinely.

She looked at him with cold eyes and said, “Call me mam”

“I’m sorry mam” he said and looked at Aman who showed him the way out of cabin.




Walking towards the cubicle, Adil asked, “What should I call you?”

“Aman” Aman said smiling, “We all are on name basis here!”

“Then why isn’t she?” he asked.

“She is the head of this company man. Who calls their boss name?”

“Why can’t we?” he asked.

Aman chuckled and said, “You have a hell lot of attitude my boy. I shouldn’t say this but I’m really excited to find you and Esha have an attitude match!”

“Acha...you call her Esha!”

“We have a special bond!” Aman chuckled.

“Oh I see” he mumbled and looked around at the office.

A peon walked by and Aman said, “Take him to the junior designer section and inform Ayan that this guy will be working as a junior!” the peon nodded and Aman looked at Adil.

“Since I’m close to her, trust me when I say this Adil! She is a tough person to work with. Just like her father!” with that Aman walked away.


Mar 31

Like father like daughter (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 97 times)

Like father like daughter






“Esha” a sweet voice called out and the six year old turned, her thick black hair flying in hair, “Ha mamma”

“Meri bacchii....chalo we’re getting late!”

“I’m already ready mamma. You’re the one who got us late!” Esha huffed and Khushi laughed, “Acha baba....theek hai! Chalo!”


Mohan opened the door for his boss’ wife and daughter. “Thank you Mohan bhaiyya” Khushi said smiling and she nudged Esha. Esha narrowed her brows and said, “Thank you Mohan”

“Esha” Khushi hissed, “he is an elder”

“It’s okay bhabhi ji!”

“Bhabhi ji? Call her mam” Esha cried.

“Sorry Mohan bhaiyya” Khushi apologized sincerely and shoved her daughter to the backseat.



“You’re so like your father” Khushi chided as she walked into the venue with Esha tagging along.

“So?” Esha raised an eyebrow just like her father does. “This frill is irritating me!”she whined.

“Chup! For once in a lifetime you’re dressed as a girl” Khushi huffed.

“I love shirt and jeans!” she huffed.

“Ha ha aur jab bade hoge suits pehenna. Jaisa baap vaise beti! Family tree banathe vakth mujhe bhool jana theek hai!” Khushi said. (Yeah right. Wear suits when you grow up! Like father, like daughter! Do forget me when you build your family tree!)

“Kya bak bak kar he ho!” Arnav asked amused as he walked towards his muttering wife and bored daughter.

“As usual, mamma’s drama!” Esha said and hugged Arnav’s legs.

“Yeh ladki” Khushi cried and Arnav laughed. He lifted little Esha in his arms and said, “Like the event?”

“Abhi abhi aayi ho papa!” Esha said giggling and looked around at the grand venue.

“Finally! She do have some traits of mine!” Khushi sighed hearing her daughter’s giggle.

Arnav chuckled and rocked Esha in his arms causing the girl to laugh and her hair to bounce in air.



“And the award for the best businessman goes to....none other than ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA!”

“Papaaaa” Esha cheered and Khushi clapped hard as Arnav walked up the stage to receive the award. Shaking hands with people on the dias he stood before the mic stand and cleared a throat.

“Thank you so much everyone. Especially to Forbes, this award looks so beautiful. AR wouldn’t have reached heights with just ASR on the chair of chairman. It needs good designs, accounts, tailoring unit, factory....and it goes on. I wouldn’t be standing here if I hadn’t had many helping hands that lead me to the ramp of every AR fashion show! Thanks to my ever efficient employees at AR who have put their soul and hearts for the company. AR Fashions is nothing without them! Working late hours even at bad weather, they definitely own this award. This is for them!” he raised the award in air.



“Psychological move!” Esha said and the three sat in a table at the venue to have dinner.

“Huh?” Arnav looked up from the pasta.

Esha twirled her fork inside noodles and looked at Khushi who too had a confused face. She looked at her father and said, “It was a psychological move na? You praised your employees and now they would respect your ten times harder. They would now work ten times harder and....”

“Hey devi maiyya!” Khushi hit her forehead and Arnav laughed.

“Nahi bacha” Arnav said smiling, “If it was ten years earlier, I would have praised my employees with alter motives but now....I did that genuinely!”

“What was different ten years ago?” Esha frowned.

“Ten years ago your father was a monster. Cold hearted. Emotionless” Khushi said.

“Like me?” Esha asked raising an eyebrow.

“Nah you have inherited some kind and appealing traits from your mother” Arnav said chuckling.

Esha giggled and Khushi laughed.



She snapped from her thoughts and looked at two of her employees before her with the new junior intern. What was his name? Some Alexander wasn’t it? Ah....Ayan Alexander....nah nah...Adil! Yes! Adil Alexander.

“What is it?” she asked sitting up straight.

“Mam this guy walked up to our table and knocked our laptop down. The laptop is damaged and the whole presentation which was to be presented today afternoon during the meeting is destroyed!” one guy said and pointed to Adil.

“Is this school that you have run up to complain things to me?” she asked angrily. The guy flushed red and she looked at Adil who was holding his laughter.

“And you!” she raised her voice, “Why did you do that?”

“It was an accident. The laptop was kept close to the table corner and as I was walking towards it I slipped. I held the table top and accidently knocked the laptop down” Adil said.

“You have destroyed the presentation!” another guy hissed.

“Quiet” Esha said sternly.

She looked at the clock. 11.00am. The presentation was to be presented before the Barbados clients at 1.00pm. 2 hours!

She turned to the employees. “Do you guys still have the hardcopies of design?”

They nodded yes.

She turned to Adil. “Here is your first assignment. The presentation was about fixing locations for the calendar shoots. They have the hard copies of designs and you have to make the exact presentation with the exact content and pictures with two hours!”

“What!” Adil said gaping.

“Start working” she said and looked down at her laptop, “The presentation should be emailed to me at sharp 1.00!”

“But Esha...I mean mam...this is...”

“DO IT!” she screamed at the top of her voice and the three guys flinched.

Apr 30

The Bubbly Sister (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 90 times)

Sorry i didn't update for long. It's just that i have my semester exams going on. It's from April 27 to May 22. So updates will be very very slow during the period.

Oh i can't believe that I'm writing my second semester exams. My first day at college seems yesterday! I just can digest the fact that one academic year have passed by. i still remember the first update i had posted in this site when i was in 10th std and today I'm moving to 2nd year at my college. WOHOOOOO.....

And there is another news. Our college seniors have started up a new blog called Paperkin and they published my article in it! They even selected me in the content writing team of the college. I just want to say a big THANK YOU to all of my readers here for encouraging me and telling me that i can actually write. You guys were the first people who told me that I'm a good writer and thank you so much for giving me the confidence to show my work to my seniors and friends.

If anyone wants to view my article, I'm unable to insert link in the post and I don't know why. Okay do one thing. Type PAPERKIN MEDIUM in google and click on the first result you see. It'll direct you to the page of Paperkin in the site Medium. There are many wonderful articles up there in Paperkin. Do view it, comment for it and clap for it. And my article.....it's called Myth of Memes - A Case Diary


Oops, have i ranted too much? 

Here is the update. I promise i'll try to update other stories soon.




The bubbly sister


She was about to take up her phone to order food when the cabin door opened.

“Yara?” she frowned, “Don’t you have classes today? Don’t tell me that you bunked!” Esha said narrowing her brows.

“Uffo di, there was a strike in college and classes are suspended. And I’m here in my sister’s office with a dabba!” she squealed.

Esha’s face relaxed and she said, “What strike can happen at a culinary institution?”

Yara laughed and kept the dabba before her sister.

“Taste it” she urged.

“It will be tasty. After all you cooked it” Esha said smiling and opened the box. A sweet aroma filled the room and she took a deep breath inhaling the scent of the delicious food before her.

“Yara” Esha sighed, “I don’t eat this much!”

“You have to!” Yara chided, “Look at you thin as a stick. Eat up sissy!”

“Only if you feed me”

“Aww” Yara cooed and tore a piece of paratha. Dipping it in curry she forwarded it to Esha who smiled.

Chewing the food Esha said, “You’re a great cook!”

“Just like her?” Yara asked raising her eyebrow.

Esha’s smile faded. “No” she said, “No one can be like her!”

Yara smiled faintly and said, “I’m working hard for that one day when the world will say that I cook delicious food like my mother!”

Esha smiled and patted her sister’s cheek. “You will!”

“Waise” Yara jumped diverting from the topic, “dad wants you home early. There is an important announcement!”

“Announcement? About what?”

“I don’t know. It’s something related to Varun bhaiyya”

Esha frowned but suddenly sat up, “What kind of announcement about Varun?”

Yara narrowed her brows and asked, “You know something that I don’t about him?”

Esha gaped and looked away. “No” she said.

“Liar. You both are so close. He always shares things with you rather than with his own parents, Akash chachu and Payal maasi!” Yara said.

“Okay” Esha said closing her eyes, “Varun did tell me something secret and I am wondering whether the announcement is related to that!”

“What secret?”

“It’s a secret”

“Come on, you both always sideline me. It’s like I’m odd one out with you guys!” Yara cried.

“You are” Esha said smirking.

“Di!” Yara cried.

“You were picked from garbage, remember? You were rotting in streets, in waste when dad brought you home!”

“DI” Yara whined.

Suddenly someone cleared their throat and the ladies looked at the door.

“Sorry to interrupt the sissy session but mam, I’ve some doubts regarding the presentation!” the man said.

“Woah! Di, who is the hot guy?” Yara squealed.

“Thank you” he said and Esha hissed, “Yara”

“Tell me na” Yara turned to the guy and asked, “New employee?”

“Nice to meet you, I’m Adil Alexander!” he extended his hand and Yara shook hands with him.

“I’m Yara, your khadoos boss’ sister” she chirped, “Adil, what a cute name!”

Adil smiled and looked at Esha who was glaring at him and then at his and her sister’s hands.

Clearing his throat, Adil withdrew his hand and turned to Esha. “I’ve mailed you the presentation. But I need some clarifications in the 7th and....”

He stopped when Esha cut him in, “Why are you blabbering before me? Contact the head designer or the intern section head!”

“They asked me to ask to you!” Adil said scratching his head.

Esha rolled her eyes and Yara burst out laughing.

Adil looked between sisters and Yara said in between laughter, “Adil dear, your colleagues have pranked you. It’s common here. Any new employee and others will sent them to boss for some stupid reasons. Esha di will shout at them and their first day is ruined. Sorry that no one warned you before! Di you should have told him that!”

Esha shrugged and Yara said, “It’s your lucky day that I’m here. Di never shouts at anyone before me. Hai na diiii?” she cooed.

“Enough of your jokes. Now get back to work Adil!” she said sternly and Adil sprinted out of the room.

“Aww he is so cute. So handsome!” Yara said dreamingly.

“Yara” Esha called out sternly.

“Arrey I’m looking out for jeejaajis. He would be perfect!” Yara said.

“What?” she cried shocked.

“Adil and Esha! PERFECT!” Yara cried and ran from the room before her sister could hit her.





“Dad!” she called out cheerfully and hugged her father from behind.

“Good evening. Ah you’re on time!” Arnav said looking at the clock.

Esha smiled and sat on the couch in the living room.

“How was the day?” he asked smiling and Anjali came to them with a cup of coffee.


“Extra good!” Yara called out from kitchen, “Di got a hot new assistant!”

“YARA” Esha screamed.

“Aha!” Arnav cried, “Details!”

“Dad” Esha cried, “A new guy joined as intern and Yara is hell bent in pairing him up with me.”

“You should have seen him” Yara said coming to living room with hot pakodas, “He was a greek god. Handsome like hell!”

“Handsome than me?” Arnav said narrowing his brows.

“Ah no! No one is handsome than my dad!” Yara said and hi fived Arnav.

“You both! Stop pestering my bacchii!” Anjali cooed and caressed Esha’s hair.

And Arnav and Yara laughed out aloud.



May 25

Look up to the sky (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 74 times)

Look up to the sky





The Raizadas sat for dinner and Esha glanced at Varun, Akash and Payal’s son, her younger brother. She raised her eyebrows and he nodded yes.

A flash of surprise and joy passed her face as she mouthed, “Really?”

He nodded.

“What are you both doing?” Yara asked snapping the siblings out of their sign talk.

“Nothing” Esha and Varun said together.

“Ok there is something” Yara declared.

“Dad, what’s the announcement about Varun?” Esha asked to her father.

Akash smirked and said, “Out of all the people here, you would be the first one to know things about Varun, isn’t that right Esha dear?”

Esha smirked and said, “That’s right chachu. I just want to make sure that the thing you are talking about is the same thing that I’m thinking about.”

“Ok I’m getting confused. What is it?” Yara cried and looked at Varun who looked down to his food with a smile.

“Yara” Arnav said, “Varun likes a girl and Akash and Payal have accepted her!”

“WHAT? YOU HAVE A GIRLFRIEND!” Yara cried and Varun shut his ears.

“Yes I have and stop yelling at me” Varun cried.

“How long?” Yara squealed.

“Two years” Varun shrugged.

“You never told me!” Yara cried.

“Why should I? You’re adopted. I never say things to adopted garbage cans!” Varun smirked and hi-fived Esha.

“Stop it!” Yara cried and looked at Arnav, “They keep telling this! Am I adopted?”

“No dear, you are not” Arnav said calmly.

“Yes you are! Chachu found you crying on the street! You were like a ball of dirt lying in a heap of dirt!” Varun said.

“Papa” Yara burst into tears.





“Anna! Like Princess Anna from Frozen?” Yara cooed.

“Christian?” Anjali asked.

Varun smiled and Payal said, “I liked her. She is perfect”

“What does she do?” Anjali asked.

“She works in SBI. As probationary officer. Her father died when she was nine. She has her mother and elder brother.” Varun said.

“How old is she?” Yara asked.


“I wanna meet her” Yara cried.

“So do I” Anjali said.

“You have met her huh?” Yara asked Esha who nodded. “We went for shopping last week!”

“Without me?” Yara cried.

“Yes without you” Esha said rolling her eyes.

“Why am I the odd one out” Yara cried out loud.

“Because you are adopted” Varun and Esha cried together.

Arnav shook his head and others burst out laughing.

“They are just messing with you dear” Anjali said patting Yara’s arm.

“Yara, if your siblings never told you that you’re adopted...then you are really adopted!” Akash said laughing.

“Did they say that to you?” Yara asked pointing to Arnav and Anjali.

“Of course. Bhai once said that I’m not the real Akash. I was switched at hospital. I’m the son of a criminal and they swapped me with the real Akash Singh Raizada. Anjali di once locked me up in a room claiming that I’m a spy conspiring against Raizadas!”

Arnav smiled and Anjali chuckled.

“And how old were you both then?” Esha asked.

“Oh it happened when Esha was five years old!” Akash said casually.

Esha, Varun and Yara looked at each other and burst out laughing.

“And you all call me a kid!” Yara said in between her laughter.






“Not sleepy?” Esha asked as she sat near her father in the balcony.

Arnav smiled and asked, “Why are you here in the midnight!”

“I was working on some files. Decided to take a short break!” she said smiling.

“You’re working too much” Arnav frowned, “You’re 27 years old. You should be enjoying your life!”

“I am” she frowned.

“By working late night and having a routine that involves nothing but office and home?” Arnav raised his eyebrows.

“This is my life” she shrugged, “I like it. Working late, spending alone time in office, and being at home....my sanctuary!”

“You’re so like me” Arnav chuckled and looked up to the sky.

“Until you met her” she whispered and followed his vision to sky.

“I miss her Esha” he whispered in a tone, his daughter had never heard him use, and Esha looked at her father.

“I wish she was here. She would be over the moon seeing your success, Yara’s skills, Varun’s marriage....she would be running around like a five year old worrying about the preparations of marriage and also trying to get you wear a lehenga!” he said slowly.

Esha took a deep breath and said, “I don’t have much memories of her. But whatever I have tells me that Yara is so much like her!”

Arnav smiled and nodded.

“Sometimes I feel bad for Yara. She never met her mother. She doesn’t have any memory of her! All she knows about Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada is through our words and photos” Esha said.

Arnav kept silent and Esha wrapped her arm around his arm and laid her head on his shoulder.

“Why didn’t you remarry after her death?” Esha whispered.

Arnav chuckled and said, “How can I when my heart belongs to her? And even you didn’t want another woman to be your mother. Remember?”

Esha smiled recalling the memory of her seven year old self crying out loud at Arnav making him promise that he won’t get someone to replace her mother. Arnav said, “Everyone forced me to remarry. But I didn’t want to. You didn’t want to. And I was selfish. I wanted Yara to picture Khushi as her mother, not someone else!”

Esha hummed and Arnav looked at her. Withdrawing from her hold he asked her, “Di was talking about your marriage. We never discussed about it, right?”

“Dad” Esha groaned.

“You’re 27!” Arnav cried, “What do you have in your mind? About settling down?”

“I don’t feel like marrying anyone! Spending a lifetime with a person sounds scary......and boring” she added.

“Why don’t you ever have a boyfriend!” Arnav asked laughing.

Esha shrugged and Arnav said smiling, “Even I was like you. Don’t worry, someone will walk into your life and change you completely. Just like your mother changed me!”

Esha chuckled and said, “Never!”

“Even I said that! Until I met her!” Arnav whispered.

Esha smiled and looked away. “So you’re telling me that I’m gonna have a love story just like you and mom?” she asked raising an eyebrow.

“Yes” he said firmly, “Because you are too much like me Esha. Too much! I am very certain that some cheerful jolly clumsy boy is gonna peddle his way to your life and you’re gonna fall head over heels in love with him!”

“Good imagination dad” Esha laughed.

“Let’s see” he sang.

May 31

You are fired! (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 66 times)

You are fired!





“Mam you called?” Adil asked as he stood before Esha.

“I’ve received complains about you! Heard that you are disturbing other employees!” Esha said crossing her arms and swirling her chair.

“No mam” Adil frowned, “I didn’t do anything!”

“Oh really?” Esha raised an eyebrow and took a paper from the table. “This is a handwritten complaint signed by almost the entire fashion designing unit, which is the core unit of this company! And it says that they are unable to adjust with your cultureless ways”

Adil narrowed his brows and said harshly, “And the cultureless ways are?”

“You have a loud voice, no manners, an irritating ringtone, no dressing sense and no status!” Esha read from the paper.

Adil took a deep breath and said, “And what do you suggest mam?”

“This is a very reputed firm and I want all of my employees to be intact. When an entire unit is finding difficulty in coping up with a single person, being the head of the same firm I have certain responsibilities towards them and consider this as a warning Mr. Alexander; Either you change your ways or you change the workplace” Esha said sternly.

Adil scoffed and said, “Loud voice – I think constitution gives every person right to speech and expression. No manners – if smiling politely at a person is not good manner and faking a smile with a fake good morning is great manners here, I’m glad that I’m bad at manner. Irritating ringtone and no dressing sense – that’s none of your business. No status – everyone in this world have their own position and worth. Just because your fashion designing unit employees have expensive cars and designer dresses doesn’t mean that a person owning a simple motorbike and wearing casuals is of low status!”

“You cannot talk to me like that” Esha said angrily.

‘I’m sorry but isn’t this a reputed firm? I think in a reputed firm, people should be judged by their work. Their work and talent should be their status, not dressing style or culture!” Adil said raising his voice.

“Lower your tone” Esha said gritting her teeth, “I’m just a second away from firing you!”

“Then I’m a second away from going to court for the injustice I’m facing at my workplace. There is a something called employee rights. Please read it!” Adil said.


“Try me!” he said.

“AMAN” Esha screamed and Aman hurried into her office. “Yes?”

“Prepare his resignation” Esha said pointing to Adil.


“DO IT!” she screamed and Aman nodded.





“Di is back” Yara sang and walked her sister to the living room. Finding the whole family sitting in the couch, Esha smiled and asked, “What’s happening here?”

“We’re talking about Anna. We met her” Anjali said and Yara squealed, “She is sooo coooool. I loved her!”

Varun smiled and said, “I’m so happy that you all liked her!”

“I want to talk to her parents” Akash said and Varun nodded.

Esha slumped on the couch and closed her eyes. Arnav looked at her and whispered, “Rough day at work!”

She hummed and leaned on his shoulder.

Akash looked at the father-daughter and said, “Esha, I met Aman from shopping mall. He said that you fired someone!”

Yara laughed and said, “That’s usual chachu. She fires someone everyday!”

“No this one was eventful, he said” Akash said.

Esha groaned and squeezed her eyes shut. “What happened? Who was it?” Arnav asked.

“The new intern. Alexander!”

Yara gasped and cried, “The hot guy? Why did you fire him!”

“Shut up Yara” Esha said and extended her palm for a glass of water.

Yara swatted her arm away and cried, “You are not getting water without telling us why you fired that handsome sweet charming guy!”

“Yara” Arnav warned and Yara smiled cheekily.

“He talked back to me” Esha said.

“I’m sorry but aren’t employees allowed to speak inside AR?” Varun asked laughing.

“He shouted at me...ME! He threatened that he would go to court!” Esha cried.

“And you fired him?” Arnav asked raising an eyebrow.

“Ya. The employees were finding it hard with him. Such a cultureless fellow. You should see his clothes. God...how did he even end up at AR!” Esha groaned.

“There is nothing wrong with his clothes. They are simple and comfortable” Yara said.

“And old” Esha added.

“So let me get this straight” Arnav said, “You fired him because he was cultureless and was no match to the status of AR!”

“Yes” Esha nodded.

Arnav looked at Akash and Anjali who were holding their laughter.

“Reminds me of someone” Payal said looking up at the ceiling and that was it! Akash and Anjali burst out laughing.

“God you’re so much like your father” Akash said in between his laughter.

“Esha....even your father did the same with your mother!” Anjali said shaking her head.

“Mom was different. She was..she was.....urgh she is mom!” Esha cried and grabbed her hair.

“I think you should take him back” Arnav said.

“No. I’m not having that guy back my office!” Esha declared.

“He sounds daring. He might actually go to court. And if he does, we’re done!” Arnav said.

Esha scoffed and said, “If he does, I’m gonna show him who I am!” and she walked upstairs.

Everyone watched her leaving and Akash said, “Why am I feeling that history is gonna repeat!”

Arnav chuckled and said, “Adil Alexander....he is definitely interesting!”

Jun 4

A Row With Alexander (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 62 times)

A Row With Alexander





 “What’s the matter sir?” she asked sitting before the inspector.

The inspector looked at the constable and said, “Ask him to come in”

Esha looked at the door and saw Adil walking in. She looked at the inspector who said, “This is Adil Alexander. He worked in your company for a week!”

“Six days” Esha corrected.

“Right. And we have received a complaint from him that he was fired without any prior notice! Plus he claims that he was discriminated by his boss and colleagues because of his dressing style and culture.” the inspector said.

“So?” Esha asked bored.

“Either you give him his job back or we take action on you” the inspector said leaning back on his chair.

Esha rolled her eyes and said, “You do know that I’m Esha Singh Raizada. AR Fashions is my company. My company, my rules!”

“Pardon Ms. Raizada, you should know that there are some employee rights!” the inspector said, “If Mr. Alexander moves to court you can do nothing to save yourself.”

Esha scoffed and looked at Adil who was smirking.

“You....You are gonna sue me and my company! In your dreams Alexander!”

“Article 23 of United Nations Declaration of Human Rights clearly says that every employee has the right to work in favourable condition without any discrimination” Adil said, “And plus, I worked for six days. I didn’t get a penny for that!”

Esha’s smirk vanished and Adil said, “I will go the court. I don’t need a lawyer to prove my innocence. I’ll sue you Ms Raizada!”

The inspector said, “Mam it’s better if you solve it now. Take him back and no FIR will be filed!”

“Fine” Esha said staring at Adil, “You can join back tomorrow”

“Thank you mam” Adil said smirking.

Esha stood up and walked towards him, “You are walking into my den. I’ll give you job, yes, but very soon you will fall at my feet for firing you! Welcome to hell, Adil Alexander!”






“What’s happening here?” Esha asked as she walked into a busy dining hall.

“Where were you?” Yara cried, “It’s 7 di!”

“Had some work at police station!” Esha said and everyone stopped their work.

“Police station. Why?” Arnav asked worried.

“That idiot, good-for-nothing scoundrel filed a complaint against ME!” Esha shouted, “ADIL ALEXANDER! I’M GONNA MAKE HIS LIFE A HELLHOLE!”

“Ah so he took you to station! I told you he will!” Arnav said.

“It’s sorted” Esha said, “I’ve offered him his job back”

“And?” Arnav asked.

“Asked him join back tomorrow!”

“And?” he asked.

Esha sighed and said, “I welcomed him to HELL”

“And that’s my daughter” Arnav said laughing and continued his work in arranging the table cloth.

“Aur nahi to kya. How dare he? First he shouts at me and then files a complaint against me....what does he think of himself?” Esha cried.

“He did right” Yara said, “Di you treated him wrong and he has all rights to go to court!”

“Now stop being his lawyer” Esha snapped and Yara rolled her eyes

She looked around the table and frowned. “Why are you all fussing over this dining table and arranging it like crazy?”

“Ana’s family is gonna come here in half an hour. Papa had invited them” Varun said smiling.

Esha smirked and said, “Your smiles have been increasing constantly my dear.”

“My bhaiyya is getting married!” Yara squealed, “I’m gonna wear a saree designed by my di”

Esha scoffed and said, “Who said I would design for you?”

“You won’t?” Yara asked shocked.

“No!” Esha said shrugging and said, “I have to design Ana’s wedding dress for the 1st marriage which is by hindu culture. Then there is a wedding from church. So she needs a gown. Plus Varun’s sherwani and suit for marriage. Then I have design for papa, bua, maasi and chachu!”

“And me?” Yara asked puppy eyes.

“You, my sissy, are gonna buy a saree from some designer shop!” Esha said smirking.

“Papaaaaaaaaaaa” Yara cried bursting into tears.

“Esha” Everyone cried and looked at Yara who started sobbing.

“She is playing with you dear” Arnav cooed as wiped Yara’s tears, “Shame on you Yara...you’re so grown up and still cry when Esha bully you”

“Di is meanie!” Yara cried.

“Listen, Esha is not gonna design hers and yours because I’m the one who will be designing your dresses!” Arnav said and Yara stopped crying. She looked at Esha who said, “Why should I design for me and you when we have dad?”

Yara’s face lit up and she squealed, “Papa!”

Everyone rolled their eyes as Yara jumped on Arnav.

“Esha go freshen up. Ana’s family will be here shortly!” Akash said and Esha nodded.





The door bell rang and Arnav said, “They’re here!”

Akash and Payal walked to the door to welcome their son’s future in-laws.

Varun was craning his neck to see Ana and everyone chuckled at his antics.

“Welcome!” Akash said and walked in the family.

Ana, her mother and brother sat on the couch. The woman in her fifties smiled at everyone and folded her hands saying Namaste. “Namaste, I’m Serene Alexander and this is my son...”

But before she could complete a voice boomed the living hall.


Everyone looked in shock at Esha who was standing at the top of the stairs and pointing to Ana’s brother. She hurried down the stairs and cried, “How dare you walk into my house? GET OUT OF HERE NOW!”

“Esha!” Arnav shouted, “What’s this!”

“Dad....he.....this is Adil Alexander, the scoundrel whom I fired, the good-for-nothing idiot who filed a complaint against me at police station! YOU GET OF HERE!”

“Di” Yara whispered, “He is Ana’s brother!”

Esha gaped and looked at Ana and her mother and then at Adil who was smirking at her.

Mrs. Alexander looked at everyone and said, “What is this? We didn’t come here....”

“Mom” Adil cut her in, “Didn’t I tell you that all of the Raizadas are well mannered except for a brat? Well this is the one. Meet Esha Singh Raizada, my perfect-as-she-calls-herself boss!”

Esha gulped and looked at Varun who was shaking his head. Varun looked at Ana who was looking at her mother.

Jun 6

I’ll Ruin His Life (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 67 times)

I’ll Ruin His Life





Dining room was filled with laughter and joy as the two families ate their dinner discussing about marriage of two love birds.

Varun and Ana sat next to each other with Yara talking and getting to know Ana. Akash and Payal were talking to Serene about how rituals can be done with Anjali pointing out some rituals that cannot be avoided. Everyone were enjoying while Esha sat poking her food with fork and glaring at Adil sitting opposite to her, next to her father and talking to him. What the hell does he have to talk to dad? She muttered to herself.

“So I was thinking” Serene said aloud and everyone looked at her, “Since both the families are okay with the relationship, why don’t we conduct an engagement?”

“Ha” Payal said, “Are you both okay with that?” she looked at Varun and Ana.

“Yes” they said unison and everyone laughed. “They are very eager for that” Esha said smirking and Varun stuck out a tongue at her.

“If you don’t mind, can the engagement happen at our house?” Serene asked.

“Sure” Akash said, “As you wish!”

“Ana” Esha said, “You have to come to AR. I need your measurements and colour preferences to design the engagement dress for you!”

“Thanks di but you are already in charge of my wedding and reception dresses. So engagement dress....”

“It’s fine!” Esha said smiling.

“Nahi” Ana said, “Err....it’s just that...”

“It’s just that her brother is not dead that she have to go to another designer for her engagement dress” Adil said glaring at Esha.

“Excuse me?” Esha asked raising an eyebrow, “I’m not just “another” designer. I’m Esha Singh Raizada!”

“So?” he scoffed, “I’m her brother and I’m a designer so I’ll be designing her dress. I nodded yes for you designing her wedding dress because in your culture the groom’s family gives the wedding lehenga to the bride. But I’m gonna design her Christian wedding gown!”

“Ana” Esha cried, “You told me that you’ll let me design your gown too!”

“Yeah but...bhai too...” Ana stammered and looked between her brother and future sister-in-law.

“Esha,” Arnav said shaking his head, “It’s his sister’s wedding. Let him design her wedding gown. It’s his right!”

“What right? He is a very bad designer!” Esha scoffed.

“Excuse me? Don’t laugh at my skills” Adil retorted.

“Okay stop it you both!” Ana stood up, “I’m fed up! I’m the bride. I’ll decide”

Everyone kept quiet and looked at her. Esha glared at Adil and looked at Ana for her words.

“My engagement dress will be designed by my brother. My wedding lehenga will be designed by Esha di. My wedding gown by my brother and the reception dress by di! FINAL!” Ana said and everyone nodded.

Adil smirked at Esha who glared at him.





“What was he talking with you?” Esha asked to Arnav as soon as the Alexanders left.

“He was complaining about you” Arnav said smirking.

“That BRAT!” Esha screamed and Arnav said, “Relax we’re just having business talks”

“What business talks?” Esha asked raising her eyebrows.

Arnav sighed and said, “He wants to open his own fashion house after having a definite experience at AR. So he asked me about my time when I opened AR and how he can handle it!”


“And? And I told him about my experiences and....”

“WHAT?” Esha screamed, “Why did you help him dad?”

“He just wanted some knowledge and I told him” Arnav shrugged.

“You do realize that he would use your steps and build an empire that would be competing with us?” Esha asked angrily.

“So?” Arnav asked raising an eyebrow and crossing his arms.

“SO? SO? Dad are you...”

“Esha” Arnav said sternly, “I’m not liking this attitude of yours. He just wanted some help and I gladly did it. Your dislike towards him is illogical. Just because he is daring enough to hold his head high before you doesn’t mean that he is disrespecting you. He was just explaining his stand and honouring his dignity! It was your mistake to fire him based on the stereotyped view of your employees. As a head, you should’ve seen his side too!”

“I can’t believe this! You’re scolding me, your daughter, because of him!” Esha screamed.

“Yes because you’ve gone crazy” Arnav shouted.

“Chotte” Anjali whispered and Arnav said, “No di. She has to stop. All this while we have been keeping quiet. Every action of hers cannot be justified by saying that she is like me. Yes I was like this and I was wrong. I changed. She too has to change! She cannot go forward with this attitude. You should be a strict stubborn boss but there are some areas where you have to see others’ views too.”

“You’re raising your voice, for the first time ever, because of him! He has worked his magic on you” Esha cried, tears flowing down her cheeks.

“Esha” Arnav sighed and everyone looked at her shocked. Esha never cries!

“No” Esha said wiping her cheeks, “You never shout at me and today you...because of him.....all because of him! I HATE HIM! I’LL RUIN HIS LIFE!”

“ESHA” Arnav screamed and Esha looked at him shocked.

Esha sniffled her tears, ran upstairs and slammed her door shut.

Jun 8

Mona Lisa? More like Moron Esha (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 75 times)

Mona Lisa? More like Moron Esha





Adil walked into AR office ignoring the looks of his colleagues. He could feel the mock, the disgust, the smirk and every other looks they were throwing at him. Rolling his eyes, he whistled as he walked to his seat.

And much to his shock, the place where his desk sat was now occupied by a.....dustbin?

What the ****!

He looked around and saw everyone laughing at him and one said, “The bin is finally at its place!” and other laughed out loud.

He grit his teeth and was about to retort when everyone silenced at the arrival of Aman Mathur.

Aman walked into the infamous fashion designing section of AR and looked at Adil. “Ah Mr. Alexander, I thought you would stop by the reception. I had asked Priya to take care of you!”

“Umm..I didn’t...I directly came...”

“You do not work here in this unit anymore” Aman said, “Come with me!”

Adil nodded and followed him.

Aman walked through the polished marble floors and Adil asked, “Did Ms. Raizada demote me to peon?”

Aman chuckled and said, “Compared to what you are now, peon would have been heaven!”

Adil narrowed his eyes and Aman smirked, “I asked you to do one simple thing when you joined here...one simple thing and that was NEVER EVER MESS WITH Esha and bravo, you did it!”

“I didn’t do anything wrong” he said.

“I know Adil but she is....well she is exactly how her father was. Hothead and not at all understanding. Well he changed” Aman smiled, “And I’m praying for her to change!”

Adil rolled his eyes and said, “So what am I now? Sweeper?”

“No!” Aman said and he stopped as they reached Esha’s cabin, “Walk in. She’s there!”

Adil nodded and walked inside the office.

Esha was busy typing in the laptop when she looked up and saw him entering.

“You’re supposed to knock” she said smirking.

“I’m sorry” he said scoffing and sat before her.

She raised an eyebrow and he sighed. “Sorry mam” he mumbled and stood up.

“PAs never sit Mr. Alexander!” Esha said smirking.

“Sor...wait what? PA?” Adil asked shocked.

“You’re, from today, my PA!” Esha said chuckling.

“That’s not what I signed for mam. I’m a designer!” Adil cried.

“Don’t question me. I was asked to give you your job back. You have it now! Take it or leave it!” she said shrugging. “Ah one more thing” she said throwing a paper at him, “Sign the contract if you’re interested. And the contract says that if you’re leaving the job in between you have to pay me 5 lakh rupees. So Mr. Adil Alexander, either you leave the job or you leave it tomorrow by paying 5lakhs!”

Adil grit his teeth and said, “I’m not the one who would fall at your feet Raizada! So don’t even dream about it!”

“I don’t dream” Esha said, “I like it when its real!”

Adil took a deep breath and bend down to sign the paper.

“Welcome to hell Alexander” Esha whispered evilly.

Signing it he threw it to her and said, “Looking forward to it mam. And one more thing, my name is Adil! Alexander is my dad. So call me Adil!”

“And if I don’t? Are you gonna call me ASR, my father?” Esha asked raising her eyebrow.

“No, you’re nothing like him. Calling you ASR is equal to insulting him” he said.

Esha scoffed and said, “The whole world says that Esha Singh Raizada is a carbon copy of her father!”

“You’re not! You know that” he whispered looking at her.

Her smirk faded and she narrowed her brows. Adil smirked and leaned to her from the opposite side of the table. “Stop trying to be ASR! You are nothing like him. He has a good heart which you don’t!”

“You don’t know me. And you don’t know my father” she shouted and stood up.

“I’m good at reading people” Adil said chuckling, “And I’ve read your father enough yesterday! Good day boss. PA at your service” he bowed and walked away.





“And they lived happily ever after!” Arnav said smiling and closed the book.

“What happened after that?” the cute girl with curly hair asked.

“That’s what he said happily ever after” a boy said laughing.

“So they lived and lived and lived...they never died?” the girl pondered.

Another girl appeared to think and said suddenly, “They might have died together and lived again in heaven!”

“Ah” everyone nodded and Arnav chuckled.

“Acha suno” Arnav said looking at his clock, “It’s 1.30 pm. Nap time everyone!”

Everyone scrambled on the floor and laid down.

“Uncle uncle, you’re not sleeping here with us?” a five year old asked clutching his arm.

He smiled and said, “Nahi baba...I’ve to go...sorry”

The boy pouted and Arnav kissed his forehead, “I’ll come tomorrow!”

“Bye” he whispered and slowly drifted to sleep.



“Had a good day?” Akash asked as he started the car,

Arnav nodded and asked, “You?”

“Great!” he said smiling, “The kids are improving. We’re hoping for better results this year!”

Arnav smiled and nodded.

Handing over AR to Esha, Akash and Arnav had stepped down the business. While Arnav spend his time teaching orphan children in the forenoon, Akash took up the job in an entrance coaching centre in Delhi.

“Bhai” Akash said, “Can I ask you something?”

Arnav hummed and looked at him.

“Are you spending time with children because....it makes you closer to Khushi ji?”

Arnav smiled and said, “Khushi used to visit this orphanage every week, without fail. Most of her belongings were donated to this institution and also to those children, who are not children anymore. You know Varun’s friend Rahul. He was raised there in that orphanage. He loved Khushi so much; considered her as mother.”

Akash nodded and Arnav said, “When I’m with these little kids, I feel like...yeah...close to her.....feel like she’s with me!”

Akash was about to say something when Arnav cried, “Watch out!” Akash turned the steering seeing a bike coming across them but they hit the bike’s mirror.

“Oh god” Arnav gasped seeing the biker fell down.

Akash stopped the car and the brothers got out of the car.

People gathered around and someone lifted the biker up. The guy took off his helmet and blasted, “Are you blind? Dikhta nahi hai kya”

Suddenly he stopped seeing Akash and Arnav.

“Adil?” Arnav gasped.

Adil sighed and looked at his bike which was lifted by some men. It needed repair and he looked at Arnav.

Wow Adil, he said to himself

You landed yourself as PA of moron Esha.

She ordered you all sorts of works to do.

Now she wanted pasta from this so called restaurant and asked you to pick it up.

And now you got into an accident.

Pasta is ruined.

Bike is broke.

And bingo! You have been hit by moron Esha’s kind father.



Jun 10

The Trio Talk (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 65 times)

The Trio Talk





“ASR?” Aman said surprised seeing his ex-boss walking inside AR. Employees looked up and stood up in respect and Arnav smiled at them.

“Sit down....continue your work. Sorry to disturb you” Arnav said smiling and walked to Aman. Hugging him he asked, “How are you Mathur?”

“Me?” Aman said smirking, “Well let me see, my youth was taken away by an arrogant boss and now his daughter is following his trail. And I’m damn sure that your grandchild will be torturing me at my old age!”

Arnav laughed and patted his back.

Aman craned his neck and found Adil walking in with Akash.

“Adil?” Aman called. Adil smiled and said, “Good evening Mr. Mathur”

“Esha was eating my head off demanding where you were!” Aman said and Adil rolled his eyes, “Well her majesty needed Pasta from Mongo Restaurant. I went to get it!”

“Now if you excuse me gentlemen” Adil said bowing down to Akash, Arnav and Aman, “Let me throw this to her highness’ face. Good day! See ya later!”

Akash chuckled and Arnav shook his head.

“So how’s everything going on here?” Arnav asked Aman as the trio walked towards canteen.

“Good. Except that your daughter is tormenting the new employee...seems like history is repeating, right Akash?” Aman asked and Akash laughed, “Of course! I can foresee Esha eloping with Adil on the day of Varun and Ana’s marriage! Varun would have the same shock on his face that I had when my brother walked in with his bride!”

Arnav laughed and said, “Let’s hope that she won’t blackmail him for a 6 months contract marriage!”

Aman and Akash burst out laughter.

They sat on a table and Aman ordered coffee for three of them.

“Damn I shouldn’t have come here” Arnav said leaning back on the chair, “Now I miss AR”

“Well AR doesn’t miss you” Aman said smirking, “You have dumped your extra-arrogant daughter on our heads!”

“True” Arnav said smirking.

“Now listen Aman” Akash leaned in and whispered. Arnav and Aman leaned towards him and Akash asked, “Does Esha have a boyfriend?”

Arnav chuckled and Aman laughed.

“Esha and boyfriends!” Arnav said and threw his head back in laughter.

Aman sighed and said, “If only she had one.....I would be spared from making coffees for her! Ah now that Adil is here, waise I’m thankful that she hates him, Esha has her attention towards him!”

“Really?” Akash said.

“Yeah” Aman said, “Right from the moment Adil stepped, she hasn’t shouted on anyone!”

“Wow” Akash cried.

“Yeah that’s because her entire energy goes on shouting at him!” Aman said shrugging.

Akash’s excitement flew away and Arnav burst out laughing.

“Woh sab ****o” Arnav said, “The reason why we are here....Aman you know about Varun and Ana right? We’re planning their engagement”

“Yeah I know” Aman said nodding.

“We’ve book a hall, make arrangements and.....” Akash was cut in by Aman who said, “Ah so my wedding planning skills are in demand!”

Arnav rolled his eyes and Akash nodded, “Yeah. I mean you planned bhai’s marriage, my marriage.....”

“I’ll list it out. It began with Anjali di’s engagement with Shyam, her haldi, mehendi, Sangeet, marriage, then your sagaai, haldi, mehendi, Sangeet, marriage, mooh dikhai, then press conference announcing your wedding, then ASR’s marriage and rituals, then Anjali di’s godhbharai then came Esha’s birth, the party, then Yara’s party, the press conferences.....”

“Enough enough” Arnav said rolling his eyes.

“The list goes on. I have an MBA from Harvard like you, ASR, and I’ve served years and years at AR but more than that I’ve been an event manager for Raizadas!” Aman cried.

“Okay fine” Arnav said, “If you don’t wanna organize Varun’s and....”

“Woah woah woah” Aman cried, “So you’re gonna hire a new one? I’ll skin you alive. Organizing Raizada events is MY BIRTH RIGHT!”

Akash laughed and Arnav muttered, “Dramatic hoe!”

Aman took out his phone and asked, “What’s the date of engagement!”

“Err....22nd of this month!” Akash said nervously.

Aman shot looked up at him and cried, “It’s 10th today! Akash!”

“So? Isn’t it your BIRTH RIGHT to organize Raizada events? Do it man!” Arnav sassed and Aman glared at him.

“Ah” Aman said looking down, “Adil has gone very emotional in twitter!” he laughed.

“What?” Arnav and Akash craned their neck. Aman showed them the phone screen and the brothers read.

@itz_Adil when your life already sucks and god sends an “angel” to make it worse. #FML

“What’s FML?” Arnav frowned.

“**** My Life” Aman said.

“Looks like Esha is torturing him...way too much” Arnav said worried.

“And it’s his 1st day at mission” Aman cried, “You know something ASR, there is something in that contract which Adil never noticed.”

“What? What contract?” Akash asked.

“Adil signed a contract which states that if he leaves the job then he has to pay five lakhs” Aman said.

“Okay up to?” Arnav asked.

“Nothing” Aman said.

Arnav frowned, “Aman, doesn’t the contract mention the time period? Up to how many days is the contract valid? Up to days will Adil have to pay fine to resign from the job?”

“No date is mentioned. The contract does not have any mention of the expiry!” Aman said shaking his head.

“WHAT!” Akash cried, “This means that Adil can never resign the job without paying fine. If ever he wants to leave....”

“He can’t” Arnav whispered, “That idiot! Didn’t he read the contract before signing?”

“He is impulsive. Esha provoked him and he snatched the paper signing it. She showed me the contract later, after he signed it and I couldn’t do anything!” Aman said.

“She has totally trapped him and the idiot doesn’t even realize it” Akash said and Arnav looked down at the coffee worriedly.

Taking a deep breath he said, “I should talk to her. She is being insensitive. His sister is getting married. Conducting a marriage requires money. And he has a mother to look after! He ought to have a secure job with a promising future!”

Aman and Akash nodded.

Jun 10

Overnight Responsibilities (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 51 times)

Overnight Responsibilities





11 pm

AR Fashions


Adil sighed and laid his head on the desk. The whole office was in pure darkness except for his cabin.

The new cabin is luxurious. Of course it would be. After all he is the CEO’s personal assistant. A laptop of his own, a nice oak table, swirling chair, a great view from window, two comfy couches at a side of the cabin.....except that he has heaps and heaps of works to do.

Everything was.....okay. He had to run errands all around the office, carry messages, couriers, and papers to different units. It felt like the peons had a day off. Then his lovely CEO wanted coffee and pasta. Then he got his bike broke by her CEO’s father and uncle. Then there was this photo shoot and he had to STAND for five hours.

And now, moron Esha wants him to prepare a report after going through the past six months sales of AR.

That isn’t bad. It’s required.

But she wants it sent it to her email by 12am tonight!

And when did she give him the work?

At 10:30 pm!

After having a cozy dinner with his family, he was about to hit the bed when moron Esha ringed his cell demanding the report by 12!

And here he was! Sitting alone in his cabin and going through the reports.

And then, he has to design his sister’s engagement dress. Ana wanted to wear a saree designed by her brother. Adil rubbed his face and took out the paper that had the incomplete sketch.

He took his pen and buried his head to the reports when his phone rang.

“Yes Mr. Mathur” he said tired.

“Hey Adil, I forgot to tell you this. Since tomorrow is the second day of your work. The first thing Esha needs at morning is her full schedule of the day!” Aman said over phone.

“So?” he asked.

“So? Prepare it boy!” Aman said and hung up.

Great! Thank you Esha! He murmured and opened his laptop.





9.30 am

Adil sprang up his seat when the buzzer buzzed at his full sound. He looked at the time and gasped. 9.30 am!

He adjusted his hair and rubbed his eyes. Storming out of his cabin, he rushed to Esha’s cabin and knocked the door.

“Come in”

He walked and saw his boss swirling on her chair, dressed in a white blouse shirt and black pencil skirt.

“I’ve been pressing buzzer for like ten minutes” she said angrily.

“Sorry mam” he mumbled.

“Schedule” she demanded.

“Ah yes....err....just a minute...” he stammered.


“It’s in my cabin” he said and ran.

He rushed back in seconds and said breathing heavily, “A meeting with Adv. Roy at 10:00 am. Visit to AR warehouse at 10:30 am. Presentation of new designs by designing unit at 11:30 am. Meeting with Mr. Singhania at 12:15 pm. At 2:00 pm you have an appointment with Dr. Mehra. Inauguration of Malhotra hotel chain at 4:00 pm”

Esha nodded and looked at him from head to toe. “Did you just roll out of your bed? And this isn’t office dress dear”

Adil looked down at his jeans and t-shirt.

“Yeah I know” she said smirking “Don’t pull off your constitutional rights on wearing the dress you wish but boy, this is an office and this” she said pointing to his clothes, “this is not something you wear here!”

“Yeah” Adil said angrily, “I had ironed a suit for today but somebody, not to mention anyone, called me at 11 at night demanding a report within an hour. So I had no choice but to rush in here and work overnight for that stupid report!”

“Ah that reminds me” Esha said turning to her laptop, “When did I ask you to submit the report?”

“12 am”

“And when did you submit it?”

He sighed and said, “4 am”

“4:07 am” she corrected

“Well you have the report!” he cried, “12 or 4! You have it in there!”

“It’s too imperfect” she said angrily, “Is this how you prepare a report?”

“Well I’m no expert at it. I’m a designer until someone decided to change my profession!” he retorted.

“I want a perfect report by 4pm today” she said.

“Okay” he said nodding.

“And yeah, you have to accompany me for all my meetings and visits” she said.

“O...wait....if I’m accompanying you, how will I prepare the report?” he asked.

She shrugged and said, “Out”


“GO! It’s 9:45 now! Come in at 9.59 am! We’ve a meeting at 10 right?” she said.

He turned to leave when she called, “Had your breakfast?”

He turned and said, “No”

She checked her watch and said, “Ah you have 14 minutes to grab a sandwich! Plenty of time!” she said smirking.

Adil glared at her and turned when she said, “Oh Mr. Alexander, I forgot to tell you”

He looked at her and she said, “Adv. Roy wanted the original papers of my assets. So....go get it from my home. My father has it! And yeah be back by 9:59 am! Please” she added in a mocking tone.

He checked his watch. 9:47 am!

“Go” she whispered evil, “Time is running”

“You’ll pay for this! I’ll make sure of that” he gritted his teeth and stormed out of her office.





“Here you go” Arnav said handing him the papers.

“You’re sweating like hell” Akash said, “Are you okay?”

“Yeah” Adil said smiling and breathing heavily, “I’ve to be back by 10!”

“And it’s 9.55 now. You won’t reach there by 10” Aman said.

“Yeah and.....” Adil stopped, “Mr. Mathur, you here?”

“I’m a wedding planner for a while” Aman said laughing, “I’ve got my duty here!”

“That means my work load is gonna increase” Adil said tired.

“Did you have breakfast?” Anjali asked serving parathas to Akash and Varun.

“Ah no”

“Come join us” Arnav said.

“Ah nahi, mam has a meeting with Mr Roy at 10. I’ve to be there with these papers!” he said.

“Meeting with Roy, yes. But why these papers?” Arnav asked frowning.

“He asked for this” Adil said.

Akash frowned and said, “Mr. Roy is meeting her for getting her signatures in property papers. There is no need for these papers”

Adil looked at these papers and handed it over to Arnav.

That ****!

“Still she asked me be there for meeting” he mumbled and Arnav smiled sadly, “Adil, even if you’re there she would ask you to leave because meetings with Adv. Roy are always personal. Esha never lets anyone near her during the meeting. Nor did me or Akash during our time!”

“Oh” Adil said, “Okay then, I got to prepare the report in the spare time!”

“What report?” Aman asked at the mention of reports.

“She has asked me to prepare a report after going through the files of last few months sales of AR” Adil said.

Aman stood up and said gaping, “But I already did that”

“WHAT?” he cried.

“Yeah I submitted that. Yesterday morning”

Adil grit his teeth and looked away.

“Don’t tell me she asked you to prepare it again” Aman gasped, “It’s a very huge report!”

“She didn’t ask me” Adil said angrily, “She called me yesterday at 11 and demanded the report by 12. I had to rush back to office. I read through every single page and submitted that damn report at 4 am. Then I prepared her so called schedule like you asked me and slept at the office. And now, she asked me to re-prepare it and submit it by 4 today! And I have to accompany her for every damn meeting of hers and work on the report in midst of that!” he finished angrily and clenched his fist.

Aman and Akash looked at each other. Anjali and Payal looked taken aback by his outburst and Arnav took a deep breath. He wrapped an arm around Adil and said, “Have your breakfast!”

“No” Adil said sighing, “I’ll grab something on my way!”


“No it’s fine. Thank you” Adil said and walked away.

Aman sighed and looked at Arnav. “You better talk to your daughter. She can’t treat him or any other employee like this, no matter how much she hates him.” he said.

Arnav nodded.


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