Kushis kumkum

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Apr 15

kushis kumkum (By Indhrs) (Thanked: 53 times)


Arnav drop kushi in collage, 

They both looking at eachother and smiled.

Arnav busy with his office. anjali busy with her patients,


Kushi and payal in canteen.

Payal: asks excitingly kushi everything is ok na , you and between arnavji, 

Kushi: smiled brightly, and says i am fine, but i am scared of mom, dad will understand me i know that


Payal: hey tell me the truth, how much you love him , in this short time kushi, i am doubt on you..

kushi: look at payal and smiled,

Payal: hey please say the truth, i know you very well, you dont took any decision fast and easyly,but you both kissing each other and you married him today, you dont think about your mom and dad too, i know you hide something to me, 

kushi: ok ok relax i will tell you.. me and dad came to delhi before one year back for my dad friend daughter marriage, in the wedding ,i was saw him first time, after that i collected the deatil about him.

i saw his interviews, for a moment i started to brew him, i developed my love for mind, thats why i joined his collage, but i dont know before , then i came to know he is my cousin, you know i am very happy hearing that, after that i listened to the grandmother and i knew everything about him, but i very scared of his anger, he took all the decision very fastly, sometime he behave wiredly, he is rude too sometime,but i love him very much more then my dad and mom. i trust him blindly, i did not even speak much to him, everything is a miracle na payal.

Payal: is frozen, 

kushi: tuch her cheek , payal are you ok.

payal: came out of her thought, she look at kushi angryly, 

kushi: why are you looking at me like that,

payal: you hide everything from me na kushi, i think your innocent but your demoness kushi. 

kushi: is tears in her eyes , hearing this, she says no not like that payal, i do not know, how is this love

dried up like this, i am really sorry payal....

Payal: is hurt seeing her friend tears, she huged her immediately, kushi smiled and huged her back...

Anjali : smiled hearing this all, she is very happy about her chote, 

payal : says i am hungry , 

kushi : ok come we will eat first, they both start to eat , but kushi remembered to arnav and stop eating her food, payal asks what happen kushi, she says arnavji, i mean i did not give his lunch . i forget that payal. omg she getting tensed, 

Payal: hit kushis head, pagaly first you just call arnavji and ask him ok .

kushi: smiled brightly and called arnav mobile,

Arnav: in confrence hall. he cut the call...

kushi: called again ...

arnav: attend the call and says kushi i will call you later bye he cut the call.

kushi: says ediot..

Payal : asks what happen, 

kushi: i think he is busy...

payal: ok come we will go class room.

Arnav : came to collage, he directly came to kushi's class room, students wish him, but he did not wish them back, he asks permission to professor and leave with kushi. they came to arnav cabin,

kushi: arnavji did you eat lunch?

Arnav: yea kushi....

kushi: smiled hearing this, he saw her smiling, he asks what...,kushi says nothing.

Arnav: he take some files and says come kushi we will go home.

kushi: what ? 

Arnav: look at her and says your mom is waiting for you in our home.

kushi: is shocked hearing this and she start to speak continuesly abou garima, arnav tuch her lips with his finger, she stop speaking and look at him...he says dont worry i will take care of everything ok..


Kushi: looked at him, she lost in her thoughts..

Arnav: remove his finger from her lips, he says come we will go...

kushi: is very tensed thinking about her mom, 

Anjali also came there, she said  chote dadiji called me, aunty is very angry on you, she came with police...

kushi: is very scared hearing this,  

Arnav: kushi i understand you, but please trust me, i will make everything fine ok, he hold her cheek with his hands, she looked at him and nods her head, 

Anjali: look at her brother surprisingly, she thinkherself my chote comfort his wife , oh ho this great asr changed a lot..


Devayani: asks garima how are you, 

Garima: says to mohan , i dont want to talk anyone here, we are comeing here for our daughter only..

Aarav: came from office, he saw her sister and getting emotional, but he did not show it

Garima: also sees her brother she smiled slightly, aarav did not noticed her smile,

Arnav ,kushi and anjali enter the raizada house.

kushi: holding arnav hand tighty, he looked at her and says relax kushi...

Garima: sees her daughter holding arnav hand , she is shocked seeing her, she remembered she also holding mohan hand like that ,

MOHAN: asks kushi what is this da, why do you do this ,whatever you asked , i did not say anything na, i always agree your all the decisions na, then why are you hide this to me da.

kushi: looked at her dad ,tears flow in her eyes, she did not see his face and said i am sorry dad, please forgive me dad...

Garima: is trying to slap kushi , but arnav hold her hand, and  says mrs. mohan, she is my wife now, you have no rights to tuch my wife ok. she is shocked seeing arnav, she looked at kushi angryly.

Aarav: is now angry at his son, he says arnav she is her daughter , she has all the rights on her, dont talk like that to her ok , she is my s ,then only he realised what he says. radha , mano devayani everyone surprised seeing him...

Arnav: asks what dad she is your, aarav is silent ,

Garima looked at her brother happyly..

Arnav: listen dad, i already told you this is my house, and kushi is my wife , we are married legally , if anyone try to distrub my wife i will call the police, 

Garima: angryly says how dare you talk like that to him...he slap arnav cheek hardly, kushi is shocked seeing this, 

kushi: shout maa.... why are you slap him now , you have no rights on him, who are you to  my huspand, you run away this house and married my dad, because of you dadaji is dead, because of you naniji is not happy in this age...

Aarav: shutup kushi, no one have rights here to qustioning my sister .


Garima: turn her face and looked at her brother, 

Aarav looked at her sister and says i dont allow anyone to qustioning you , you know that na..

Garima: is crying heavyly , her all the anger is gone hearing her brother words.she tuch his feet and says please forgive me bai... i hurt you a lot, i did a big mistake na . i am sorry bai...

Aarav : han you hurt me, but i dont allow anyone to hurt my sister, garima huged her brother ,aarav also huged her sister..


Kushi is angry on her mom.....

Arnav: is very happy , his plan is sucess ..

Aarav: says please dont leave me garima, he says sorry to mohan and huged him...

mohan: says its ok aarav. i forget everything long ago.

Aarav: says thank you mohan...

Garima: huged devayani and asks forgiveness.

Devayani: also forgive her daughter...

Radha and mano huged garima.

anjali and akash tuch garima feet and she bless them and huged...

Arnav: says kushi come ,

kushi: i dont tuch her feet.why are you she slap you arnavji.. i dont forgive her ...

Arnav: kushi please dont start again same story in this house.

kushi: says no arnavji ..

Arnav: is angery now , but he controld his anger and says come with me , almost he ordered her..

kushi: no arnavji...

Arnav : traged her and came near garima ....

Garima: looked at him and says i am , but arnav says its ok aunty , you have all the rights on me..

he looked at kushi and indicate to tuch her feet.. kushi says to herself for you i will do this. he smiled at her, they both tuched garima feet , garima bless them , she called kushi. but kushi leave from there silently...arnav huged her and says i will make her understand you soon , dont worry aunty..garima says thank you arnav..


Arnav came to his room angryly..

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Apr 16

kushis kumkum (By Indhrs) (Thanked: 63 times)


kushi: talk to herself , what was the need to slap my husband.

Arnav: says because i am talking to her brother without respect na, thats why she will get angry on me .i expected this, but i did not expect this slap, but its ok , after all she is my aunty , and now she is my motherinlaw too, how can i get angry on her..

Kushi: but i am angry with her.. i dont talk to her...

Arnav: kushi listen to me this is worng. 

kushi:  she angryly says how can she slap my huspand , i dont forgive her. she does not know about you..

Arnav: was mesmerizing and watching her...


kushi: asks why are you looking at me like that ...

Arnav: wo wo nothing , kushi please dont get angry on aunty, i forgive her, so you also forget and forgive her this is final he said little angryly.

kushi: says no i dont agree with you arnavji, she try to leave the room ..

Arnav: getting angry now, how dare you kushi, i am telling you patiently.but you dont hear anyhting . i dont like this kushi.. listen carefully you have to her, and asks her to forgive too.

Kushi: looked at him and asks what ? why i am sorry.. i dont understand arnavji 

Arnav: says she is your mom ok, we are arried without her permission thats why we have to ask sorry to her, and kushi please forget and forgive evrything ok, now our family is very happy , 

Kushi: looked at him and nods her head...


They both came down and asks sorry to their family.. garima says to kushi i am always thinking about your marriage with arnav, she says i saw you and my bai's business interviews, i dont miss to see your fassion shows , but  my anger , Aarav says ok leave that. now your happy na...

Arnav stared at kushi, kushi talking with payal and her mom....

Anjali and aksh noticed this they both smiling each other.

Akash : di i think brother in love with bhabi..

Anjali: i think so akash,

Akash : but di we have to confirm this too ..

Anjali: what to do akash..

Akash: muttered something  in anjali's ear , 

Anjali: says ok, and she called kushi..

kushi: han di, 

Anjali: i am going to meet my friends , you and payal too will come with me ,i want to intriduce you with them..

kushi: looked at her mom, garima says go and enjoy da.  she looked at arnav for permission

Arnav: shook his head as no..

Anjali and akash smiled seeing them, anjali called kushi again..everyone says go kushi..

kushi: dont know what to do, she also dont want to go , but she think about anjali, she looked at arnav again for permission,,

arnav: again shook his head as no..

Kushi: says to anjali, i will take my mobile and come di... she leave her room..she messaged arnav mobile, please arnavji...

Arnav: reply to her wait i will come there.

kushi: ok arnavji..

Anjali: says to akash , now chote also leave his room ..

Arnav: also leave from the hall..

Akash: seeing this surprisingly.. he says han di your right...

Payal also noticed this, 

Anjali and akash also leaveing upstrairs, payal also followed them ..

Arnav: enter his room and close the door..

Anjali ,akash ,payal came to poolside near arnav room.

kushi: start her nonstop talking , arnav came near her and says dont go kushi, how can i say no to her arnavji, she is your di na, if i dont go with her she feel bad na..

Arnav: sit in the bed and says tomorrow you leave collage , i am busy with my work, today we have time , i think we have to talking each other..

Anjali, payal ,akash smiled seeing them...

kushi: bit her nails , and turn her face and sees anjali , akash ,and payal in poolside disappearing.

she thinkherself and says i am sorry arnavji , i dont hurt di , 

Anjali; says so sweet of you kushi..

Payal: says di you dont know about her , she is a drama queen ..

Arnav: says with little upcet, ok fine you can go kushi...he take his laptop and start his work..

Kushi: smiled and says ok . and she open the door, but she came near arnav and says i will come in five miniute wait for me ok, 

Arnav: looked at her confiuseingly, 

Kushi: says ok bye to arnav..

Anjali,akash , payal already in the hall..

kushi came down and saw them smilingly...

Anjali: are you ready kushi, 

Kushi: han di we will go , she hold anjali hand and start to walk ,suddenly kushi faint and fall in the floor, anjali also fall on kushi.because kushi hold anjali hand tightly, anjali is shocked seeing kushi, she called kushi but she did not open her eyes, everyone came near them , garima and mohan tensed seeing kushi..akash called arnav.. he came down and sees kushi , he is shocked seeing her like that..he tuch her cheek and called her kushi kushi open your eyes , anjali feel guilty seeing kushi. payal shook her head and says to herself , oh ho kushi this is too much , but your acting fantastic.

Garima flash water on her face ,  but she did not open her eyes, arnav lift her in his arms and take her to their room, he says to akash call the doctor.. everyone followed to arnav,


Doctor check kushi and says she is normal only , no broplem ...

Arnav: thank you doctor..


Radha: scold anjali and akash.

Arnav: says mom please stop it , di dont cry its hurting me please di..

devayani: huged anjali and says leave it anjali dont cry they both leave from there.

Mano: look at akash angryly..

Akash : says i am sorry maa..

Garima: says to her bhabi's why are you scold them , your daughterinlaw is fine ok , stop your speech first..

Mohan and aarav says to arnav you go and see kushi first..

Arnav: nods and leave his room. he came near her and hold her cheek loveingly.you scared me kushi.

kushi: wakeup suddenly and smiled seeing him..

Arnav: asks are you ok kushi, carefull..

Kushi: smiled again and says i am fine arnavji , i told na i will come in five miniutes,

Arnav: slap her cheek angryly. 

Kushi: shocked ,she hold her cheek with her hands, she look at him ...

Arnav: angryly says are you mad kushi, you know di is crying because of you.everyone scolded her because of you . i dont like this all this .. and dont do this again ok, di is most important in my life ok,

first time my di crying like this..

Kushi: looked at him shockeingly, she also getting angry now, whay are you slaping me now, your di only called me , but you said dont go, what will i do, thats why i took this decision. you you arnavji slap me ..she cryingly says i did this for you only , i think i dont want upcet di...

Arnav: says angryly ,when you came here , everything is changed , now di is crying and this marriage, he stop his speech and leave from there. 

Kushi: was shocked hearing this, she is really broken, .

Arnav: came to anjali room, 

Anjali asks chote how is kushi...she is in tears..

Arnav: di please dont cry , she is fine,,,, 

Anjali: you know chote , she is very sweet and crazy too, i like her very much, she is perfect for you chote, she  loves you to live life, did you like her too na chote.

Arnav: di i dont know .. i did this marriage for our family only di. whatever now she is my wife.and this house bahu, thats it di... 

Anjali: oh really chote, 

Arnav: yes di this is true... 

Kushi: hearing this all she silently leave from her room.....

Anjali: chote she is our aunty daughter now, you know na how much dad like his sister, you know chote whenever you see kushi , your smiling silently , i saw this everytime.

Arnav: di please stop your story ...

Anjali: ok i want to meet kushi..

Arnav: says you caryy on di, i have some work in study room..

Anjali, payal ,akash came to kushi room..

Kushi standing in poolside ..

Anjali huged her behind ,kushi wipe her tears and smiled at her.


Payal: looked at kushi , and asks are you crying.. 

Akash : bhabi are you ok, 

kushi: no i am not crying , i a fine akash...

Anjali: hold her cheek and asks kushi are you ok na..

Kushi: i am fine di , i am sorry di because of me you crying na, akash i am sorry 

Anjali: why are you saying sorry now kushi..

Payal: says i know di, she smiled at kushi ..and says everything about kushi's drama..

Anjali and akash open their mouth in o shape....

Kushi: says i am sorry di, please forgie me..

Anjali and akash smiled and says its ok  bhabi.. they both huged her suddenly..

kushi: also huged them back, she is in tears..

Anjali: wipe her tears and says you know kushi , when you came here , everyone is happy, specialy me and akash, you know chote always busy with his work , he dont have time , me and akash always spend time togethere, but my both the brothers loves me a lot ,

Akash: noticed some finger mark in kushi's cheek, he asks bhabi your cheek. anjali and payal also noticed it, they are shocked seeing it,

Payal: asks what is this kushi tell me na..

Kushi: turn her face and says please leave me alone for sometime...

Anjali: asks kushi if chote did it .

kushi: is standing silenty , she did not say anything.

Anjali: i will tell this dad, how could he did this to her...

Kushi: please di leave it na for me..everyone knows this they are feel bad, and  i will beg you all, please dont asks about  this to arnavji ...

Anjali, akash and payal nods their head, 


Radha: called kushi ,anjali ,akash ,payal...

Anjali: says send our food to upstrairs , we will have it here maa.

Radha: ok your wish..

Arnav: maa i am not hungry . he leave from there..

Radha: says to herself what happen to all today . they are told me send food to upstrairs, he said he is not hungry.. she shook her head.

Arnav; came to his room, he searching kushi but room is empty. he came to his di room...

Anjali, akash, payal ,kushi food togethere, but kushi says i am not hungry di i will have it later please you all carry on...

Payal: di give her sometime she will change tomorrow ok..anjali smiled and start to eat ..

Arnav: sees this , he closed his eyes , he says to himself this girl make me crazy, he leave his room...


kushi wakeup first and ready for collage ,she came down, and do pooja with devayani..

Payal: smiled at her ..

Kushi: also smiled at her, she asks what..

Payal: nothing..

Kushi: where is di.. 

Payal: she is in her room..

Akash came there, he came near payal and asks silently bhabi is ok na..

payal: says i think so ..

Kushi: says i am fine akash , she smiled at him, if you want to know about me ask  directy ok..

Akash: ok bhabi...

Anjali: came there and asks what are you doing all ...

Kushi: start to tease her , we are planing to search groom for you....

Akash  and payal also nods their heads..

Radha: heared this and says my daughterinlaw is right, your dad start searching groom for you...

Anjali: mom i dont leave this house.. she looked at kushi angryly..

Kushi: huged anjali and says i just kidding you di..

Anjali: tuch her cheek and says i know kushi, both smiling eachothere, arnav sees this in upstrairs and smiled seeing her di and kushi...

Aarav ,akash leave their office, 

Mano and garima pack lunch box for everyone..

devayani in the hall with laxmiji..

Radha served food for anjali ,kushi ,payal, and arnav...

Arnav: stared at kushi but she did not look at him.

Anjali: noticed her brother and she indicate payal to look at them..

payal nods her head, anjali sees her mobile and says oh ho my patients are waiting for me, maa bye ..she looked at payal and silently says come with me..payal understand her and leave with her ...

kushi: called them but they both run from there...

Arnav: smirked at her.

kushi: says to garima bye mom , bye aunty. 

Garima: ok bye da..

Arnav: says kushi wait i will drop you...

Radha: han kushi he will drop you, and give this lunch to your di and payal ,they are forget their lunch box...

kushi: aunty i already late , bye 

Garima: kushi dont you heared what radha said, arnav will drop you ..

Kushi looked at arnav angryly..

Arnav: raised his eye brow and smirked at her...

kushi: turn her face other side...

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Apr 17

kushis kumkum (By Indhrs) (Thanked: 43 times)


Kushi: waiting for arnav, she talking herself, he think mindful of the great governor to him, ediot , she is in tears you slap me na arnavji , i will never forgive you anymore.

Arnav: came and start the car, kushi sit in the back seat , he looked at her angryly.. kushi dont look at him. she start to reading her books silently.....


Arnav: thinkhimself every girls behind me, but this kushi mohan ram sing raizada insulting me, you do not know , who i am, you will see that soon..

Radha: asks garima say about kushi .

Garima: smiled and says , she is very sweet and innocent, you know bhabi , she loves her dad morethen me, and she loves reading books,she likes childrens, when i am sik , she taking care of me like my mom.. my daughter is very innocent, she is not like me.

Radha: says to garima how they are find garima and kushi first, my mind is fixed when i saw kushi's photo , i says to maaji she is my daughterinlaw, now thats come true, i am so happy now, but my son is very angry man, how she will get to know him, i do not know...

Garima: says dont worry bhabi , he will understand everything soon..

Devayani: says i trust kushi betia, she will change him soon..

Maano: says han han but its very difficult. we all know ABOUT ASR IF HE GETS ANGRY HE CAN DO ANYTHING..

Devayani: says to garima, dont worry ok i will take care of her , yea arnav is getting angry sometime, but he is very good man, he loves his family a lot.. thats why he married kushi, and he likes her too but he did not show this to anyone, after all he is asr na , kushi's love change him soon , his heart already started melting for kushi's love .

Mano: maaji your talking beautifully, i like it maaji..

Devayani: thank you manoramma.

Radha: asks then my son dont love kushi now right ..

Devayani: says give him sometime,you know him na how much he is stubborn. you know about his past too na radha..

Garima: looked at them confiuseingly ,she dont understand anything , she called her mom..

Devayani : says nothing seriouse, i think now he is forget everything ,he is normal only...

Garima: maa please say it clearly maa, whats the past of arnav..

Radha and mano says to garima , thats when its ends up leaveing now , 

Garima: please tell me , i want to know , my daughter life is important for me na..

Devayani: says chote loved a girl in his collage time, but he did not forget her still. that girl has deceived him, he can not bear the disappointment, so that he does not believe in  girls. but you know garima,  first time he meets our kushi in collage , he talk to her nicely, she fall on him but he did not get angry on her, i think he likes your daughter..he is smiling after long ago that day he meet kushi..

Garima: hearing this ,she is worried for her daughter life, maa if anything happen to my daughter, i canot live in this world,you know maa my daughter loves arnav a lot thats why she get angry on me , but what about arnav, i am just scared maa.. if mohan knows this all he getting angry ..

Devayani: dont worry i will be with her always..please garima trust me and our devimayya..faith is life na garima..

Garima: nods her head...


Anjali busy with her patients, nurse came and says mam new doctor mr.arvind came to see you..

anjali says after five minute send him to my cabin,



Payal : smilingly looking at kushi..

Kushi: asks why are you smiling at me now.

Payal: i am thinking about your family , thats why i am smiling..

Kushi: what are you trying to say, tell that directly payal..

Payal: your family is slaping family. 

Kushi: looked at payal angryly..

Payal: says dont look at me like that , think yourself kushi..

kushi: silently reading the books.

Payal: snatch the books and says listen to me first , 

Kushi: closed her eyes and says ok tell me , and give my books first 

Payal: no first you listen to me, 

kushi: finaly she says ok fine tell me.

Payal: first you slaped arnavji, next your mom slap oh sorry sorry .  first your uncle slaped

 your dad, then you slaped arnavji, then your mom slaped arnavji, then arnavji slaped you , slaping family its nice name na kushi....payal laughing happily...

Kushi: remembered how arnav slaped her, and he says to anjali this marriage is for our family happyness only ,she is in tears..

Payal: seeing her , and says i am sorry kushi , i am just kidding you , sorry ...

kushi: hey dont say sorry to me. its ok payal..

Payal: then why are you crying kushi.

kushi: i just remembered the slap thats why this tears came , its ok leave it ...

Payal: kushi i know you loves him very much , but arnavji ...still he did not say anything about your love. i think you want to know about his every moments. 

Kushi: shook her head, and angryly says  he is very rude ,he think angry is his property only, and he will do the mistake, but he did not say sorry for that mistake too, and we will go and talk to him, he will not come and talk to us. what an arrogant, what a twilight , i dont forgive him ..ediot governor..

finaly she crying..

Payal: kushi please dont cry everyone watching you.she wipe her tears and says you know payal he married me for our  family happyness, he does not love me, he has no opinion about me, even i dont know he likes me or not, he said whatever i am his wife now, i am her aunty daughter and his house bahu thats it , this is his mindful thought about me. everything is finidhed now,payal says kushi stop it calm down, 


kushi: han now i will be calm. my love is dead payal..

payal: dont know how to stop her , she drag her to out of the class room..

kushi: has tears flow in her eyes continuesly..

Payal: this love has gone crazy for you.

kushi:  what should i do now payal..

payal:whatever i say , your ear, mind, heart does not care about this now ok , so you just relax, time will be answer all, your love is true and it will arrive at anytime ok dont worry,

kushi: nods her head and says but i dont forgive him...

payal: ok ok relax .. please dont start again ... 

kushi: smiled and says thank you..

Anjali and doctor arvind talking about one of the patients ,

Arvind : asks anjali tell about your family

Anjali: smiled and says you know ASR ,

Arvind: han i know him , he is very rude, angry , yong man , recently he married na , i saw that girl photo in news paper, she is very nice and looking innocent, but asr is angry man, that girl is

very sinful..

Anjali: look at him slight smilingly,

Arvind : says  your smiling is very beautyfull anjali, but why are you smiling now.

Anjali: you know ASR is my own brother, and that innocent girl is my bhabi , my aunty daughter .

Arvind: shocked for a miniute,,

Anjali: smiled seeing him ..

Arvind: i am sorry , 

Anjali: its ok , i know my brother...

They both talking each other sometime...


Arnav: busy with his laptop, and suddenly he remembered kushi how he slaped her, he feel sad for kushi, he remembered the kissing moments, how she says to him i love you, she is angry at her mother because of him. he says to himself , just relax arnav  , dont think too much, then it will be hurt you again.

kushi and payal in canteen, kushi called anjali mobile for lunch..

Anjali called arnav mobile and asks where are you.

Arnav: di i am on the way...

Anjali: ok chote come fast..

Kushi and payal waiting for anjali, but they dont know arnav also join the luch with them ,its all anjali's plan to meet kushi and arnav...

Anjali : came to canteen and sit beside payal, kushi talking with her dad,

payal and anjali arranged the lunch in plate, arnav also came there, he sees his di with kushi and payal.

Anjali: come chote sit , i  am very hungry, kushi you also cut your call and eat ..

kushi: cut the call and look at arnav, she silently start to eat her food, 

Arnav: came and sit beside kushi..he stared at her .

Anjali: noticed her chote and says to payal.

Arnav: di  did you meet doctor arvind.

Anjali: han chote.

Anjali and payal talking each other and enjoying their lunch.but arnav stared at kushi , kushi angryly turn her face other side and eat her food..

Arnav: he could not bear her ignorance, at the same time he dont know how to talk to her,

anjali and payal finished lunch and leave to wash their hands.

Arnav: is happy now, he called kushi ,

Kushi: closed her lunch box and leave from there,

Arnav: getting angry now...

anjali and payal came there and asks where is kushi chote, he says angryly i dont know di he leave from angryly...

Payal: oh both of them start again di..

Anjali: is upcet seeing her angry brother..

kushi and payal busy with in class. peon came and says  to kushi , arnav sir called you mam.

payal: looked at kushi and says go.

kushi: says i dont go payal..

payal: please for me go na ...this is collage not our home kushi ..

Kushi: nods her head and says ok..

kushi: enter arnav cabin , he closed the door and looked at her angryly, she is scared seeing him but she comfort herself and asks why are you , he shout  shutup kushiiiiiiiii. kushi is shocked for a second 

he asks angryly what you think about me , if you ignore me like this,  you think i will come behind you right, it will never happen ok. kushi is hurt by his words , but she says are you finished your speech na i have to go, he hold her shoulder tightly and says how dare you talk to me like that.she says leave me arnavji , i want to go ..she says strenly. he says look at me . she says this is collage mr. raizada , not your room. he pushed her angryly , kushi fall on the floor , she got hurt at her feet,  she woke up with pain,

Arnav: lift her in his arms and make her to sit in the sofa, he asks are you ok..both of them look at each other.

Arnav: kushi i am sorry , i hurt you..

kushi: hearing his soft voice she forget her anger and look at him.

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Apr 17

kushis kumkum (By Indhrs) (Thanked: 39 times)


Arnav: asks again kushi its paining , are you ok, he asks  with lot of concern in his eyes.

kushi: i am fine, this injury is nothing to me, but your words hurting me a lot, i canot bear that arnavji, why are you hurting me, and now this concern, what is truth arnavji say something, she fell in the floor and crying very badly.

Arnav: wants to comfort her , but anjali came suddenly , she saw kushi and shocked seeing her, she look at her chote, and asks what happen to her , why did she crying chote, kushi is crying continuesly, anjali asks again tell me chote.

Kushi: getup and says di i am leaving .....

Anjali: wait kushi , she came near arnav, and asks whats your broplem chote, are you mad chote,anjali raised her voice first time, she is not like that girl ok, that girl wants only your money , but kushi wants your love only, but you love that girl still , and your hurting this innocent girl,you think about that girl and hurting this innocent girl,please try to understand chote, she is kushi , your married now, kushi is your wife, she loves you this is the truth and she dont leave you for anyone, please understand it chote...

arnav: stood like a statue,

Kushi: look at anjali , she dont understand anything..

Anjali:hold kushi hand and leave from there..

Kushi: asks di , whos that girl..

Anjali: chote loved a girl in his collage time, but that girl loves our money only , he came to knows her true colour and brokeup with her, but he did not forget her, after that he dont like any girl ,even he dont talk to any girl,he changed a lot, mom always feel sad seeing him, he dont spend time with family,always busy with his office, he sucessed his business too, whenever we are talking about his marriage he gets angry on our family , but he always care for family too. after long time he talk to you that day you fall on him na..and he smiled that day, he likes you kushi , but he did not show to you.

Kushi: is shocked hearing this.

Anjali: tuch her shoulder and says i know your situation, but i know my chote likes you he loves you kushi.but he did not show to you,you have to get it out, i know  how much you love him, please give him one chance kushi..

Kushi: wipe her tears and says oh ho di ,i was struggling to know, whats the problem , now i know na di , i am just relifed, di did you know that girl, 

Anjali: no kushi he is studying in london na, so i did not see her.

kushi: smiled at anjali.. 

Anjali: look at her surprisingly, she huged her happyly..

kushi;also huged her ,and says thank you di..

i am sorry for the small upadates.

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Apr 18

kushis kumkum (By Indhrs) (Thanked: 61 times)


Aarav came from office early, radha asks you came early today,he says my sister is here na thats why..

Radha: smiled at him, 

Garima: says thank you bai. love you 

Aarav: love too my dear..

Anjali , payal, kushi came from collage , they are directly leave their room.

Aarav: noticed them and says they are hide something..

Manoramma: i will investigat it bai, 

Aarav: no leave it mano..

Kushi: changed her dress and sit in the bed, anjali and payal came there, 

Payal: asks are you ok na, its paining.

Kushi: no i am fine now. 

Anjali: ok now we will go down na..

Kushi: yes di , 



Arnav: enter the house ,and he directly leave his room.

Radha: asks chote you want tea..

Arnav: no mom, he look at kushi, kushi also noticed him he is looking very sad.

Anjali: sees her brother and feel sad, 

Arnav: freshup and came down , he sit with everyone and drinking the tea.. after sometime he leave study room

Radha: thinkherself why he is very dull today.

Kushi: says to anjali , di he is very dull, i am going to talk to him,

Anjali: no kushi, give him sometime to thinkhimself , then only he know what is truth, what is worng.

so you dont talk to him , until he asks sorry for his every mistake ok..

Kushi: di arnavji is sin,  

Anjali: dont feel sad for him now ok, everything will be fine soon .

kushi:nods her head,

Payal:says you just diverting your thoughts from this love for few days , everything will be fine soon ok. and you have to concentrate on your studys na..

Anjali: smiled and says yes payal is correct, 

Kushi: says ok fine... 

Garima: says to aarav, i have to go na , i have lot of work in my office, 

Aarav: ok fine ,i know about your job,but  you have to come here for every week end ok.

Garima: i am not sure , but i will try to come bai..

Aarav: ok fine garima.

Mohan: came to kushi room, kushi smiled at him. he says me and mom leaveing tomorrow morning, kushi fece fell down hearing this, he says kushi first you have to study well ok, i know arnav will understand you ,and i know my daughter will make everything in good way.

kushi: huged her dad , i love you dad, thank you so much.

Arnav: thinking about his di words, he remembered her words , she is your wife, she loves you turely, she dont leave you , she loves you arnav.. his mobile ring it was nk...mamiji's brother son.. hello nk ..

NK: hi arnav , i will come india soon.. my exams finished today only..

Arnav: ok i will book your ticket. 

NK: ok fine where is bhabi, di, akash , where is everyone .

Arnav:i will talk to you later ok bye , i am in study room now..

NK: ok fine arnav bye..

Arnav: says you just call mamiji or mom , everyone in the hall ...

NK:ok bye he cut the call.

kushi , and payal in anjali room , they both start to study in anjali room,

Radha: says to garima, dont worry , i will take care of kushi and payal ok, 

Garima: says thank you bhabi, and my daughter studys is important for me , please understand it bhabi, 

Radha: i can understand garima, dont worry she wiil become a doctor soon ok.

Garima: thank you bhabi.

Devayani says you have to call me daily ok, take care of yourself ok..

Garima: ok maa , you just take care of yourself ok..

Devayani: huged her daughter ..

Arnav: came to  the room.he sees bed is empty, kushi is not in the poolside too,

Payal: and kushi was  reading loudly, anjali smiled seeing them, 

Arnav: heared their voice and came to anjali room, 

Anjali: open the door and asks what you want chote..

Arnav: nothing di, 

Arnav: came to his room, he remembered the kissing moments with kushi...


Anjali always takeing care of kushi, she spend time with kushi and payal, she helped them their studys too, Arnav is changed little and he controled his anger too, but he did not say sorry to kushi.. whenever he saw her he stared at kushi, and smiling , 

Kushi: give him sometime for forget his past, so she concentrate on her studys, but she told hp to give his tablet, she prepared his favorite kheer, she care for him , arnav also knows this ..


Anjali, payal , kushi , and akash  planing to go out..

Anjali: i will inform about this to mom , kushi you just go tell this to chote ok, 

Kushi: nods her head and leave her room,

Anjali: came to radha and says about their outing plan..

Radha: go with akash , and take care of everyone ok..

Anjali: thank you mom , your the best, 

Radha: smiled and says , next week groom family come to see you.

Anjali: its the next week na mom , leave it your tension now ok, you get tensed next week..

Radha: hold anjali's ear and says are you think did you a child, 

Anjali: mom please leave me na, its paining mom,we are already late , she run from there...

Radha: shook her head,she pray for anjali hey devimayya bless my daughter, 

kushi: came to her room, she saw arnav busy with his mobile, 

Arnav: noticed her and cut the call, he asks did you want to say anything to me.

Kushi: nods her head, and says i am going out with di..

Arnav: asks where ? 

Kushi: says i did not asks her, 

Arnav: smirked at her , and says see kushi if someone calls you na , you have to know where you go with them , 

Kushi: hmm ji arnavji..

Arnav: says i will also come with you..

Kushi: looked at him, little shockingly..

Arnav: thinkhimself , i will tell you everything to you today.

Anjali called kushi ... she leave from there.

Anjali says ready fast we will go , kushi says di arnavji aslo come with us., anjali is very happy hearing this, she asks kushi are happy na , kushi nods her head and says yes di.

Arnav ,kushi ready and came down first..after that akash , payal came there, arnav talking with his mobile ,

Payal : called kushi , but she did not heared her voice .

Arnav: cut the call and asks where is di kushi..

Anjali: came down and says i am here chote, i will gave injection to dadiji,

Arnav: look at kushi, ok let go na. 

kushi : nods her head.

Anjali says you come with kushi in your car , me ,akash ,and payal come with my car.

Arnav: says to himself thanks di..he says ok di. 

Arnav: and kushi came to farmhouse, 

Kushi: asks arnavji where is di ...

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Apr 19

kushis kumkum (By Indhrs) (Thanked: 41 times)


Kushi: where is di ..

Arnav: this is our farmhouse, i want to talk to you alone for sometime, 

kushi: asks what..

Arnav: first you just silent for sometime please for me..

Kushi: nods her head, she asks but di ..

Arnav: they will come dont worry.

they both came to inside the room.

Arnav: kushi please listen to me carefully , dont speak inbitween, 

Kushi : thinkherself, now what will he do now?

Arnav: i love that girl very much , but she loves my money only.she deceived me kushi, she hurt me, i can not bear the disappointment.i think every girls are like this , they are wants only money. my mind is broken, after that , i tryed hard to forget it, get out of it, 

Kushi listen his words silently.

Arnav: look at kushi.

Arnav: but i am heared you and aunty conversation, i think all womens are the same, i remembered my past again because of you, after that i am doing everything in  angeryly, i dont know what i am doing in my anger. i did everything in fastly, that kiss, our marriage, i hurt you and your heart, dadiji says your innocent, i trust dadiji words, but whenever you came near me i remembered my past and i am getting angry , sometime i stared at you , i dont know why kushi, and that day i saw you in my room, i lost myself ,i forget everything and i kissed you, i am sorry kushi, i tell that to everyone, i hurt you in my words too, kushi i am sorry please forgive me...

Kushi: try to came near him , 

Arnav: show his hand and says stop it kushi.. i am not finished it , i changed myself for that girl,but she deicived me, now i dont change my charecter for anyone , for you too kushi, i am sorry but i am like this kushi, i know how much you love me, but now i have pain in my heart kushi, i hurt you a lot already,i dont want to hurt anymore kushi, thats why i am saying this all now, still you like this angry man, now say kushi do you love me.

Kushi: yes arnavji ,that girl is unlucky, she does not look your best, 

Arnav: look at kushi and says your speaking beautifully, after that he asks about her likes and dislikes, they both talking each othere ..

After sometime anjali ,payal,akash came there..

Anjali : look at kushi and her chote..

Arnav: di why are you look at me like that now.

Anjali: nothing chote , kushi come i want to talk to you.

Arnav: di  

Anjali: what chote , you want anything..

Arnav: nothing di.he think he wants to talk to kushi more,

Anjali: says chote she will come in five miniutes ok.she smiled at arnav.

Arnav: its ok di , no broplem.

Kushi, akash ,payal silenty watching the brother and sister.

kushi, anjali, payal leave the garden , akash also try to go with his di, but arnav where are you going, 

Akash: i am going to garden bai, 

Arnav: i know where are you going, come sit with me..

Akash: silently sit with him..

Anjali and payal look at kushi ..

Kushi: why are you both look at me like that.

Anjali: what he says.

Kushi:start to teased them, i dont tell you di , he says dont share anything to anyone, 

Payal: says di look at her face ,she is smiling, i know arnavji said sorry for his mistakes haina kushi..

Anjali: asks really kushi...

kushi: nods her head..

Anjali: did you forgive him, 

Payal: diii please look at her smiling na , i know she forgive him , 

Anjali: why are you leave him simplely..

Kushi: he already in pain di ,i think he loves that girl very much, thats why he canot forget still..but he is tryed , i will change everything soon di , you dont worry ok..

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thank you
Apr 19

kushis kumkum (By Indhrs) (Thanked: 43 times)


Radha and mano  cleaning the house.. 

Devayani came from mandir and asks where is everyone...

Radha: they all went out maaji..

Devayani: chote...

Mano: he also went with them maaji, my arnav betuva is changed na maaji..

Devayani: nods her head happyly, and says everything because of  your bahu.

Radha: yes maaji , i agree this.. not all women are like her,she has a very big heart maaji,our family is very lucky , thats why she came here to us our daughterinlaw. she will take care of my son . 


Arnav and akash talking eachothere in the hall, anjali prepared the lunch , kushi and payal helped anjali..

Kushi: is looking at him from the kitchen..

Anjali and payal notice kushi and silently smiling. they are calling akash ..

Akash : bai di calling me , i will come bai..

Arnav : ok akash..

Kushi: di everything is ready na, 

Anjali: yes kushi, you go and call chote...

Kushi: leaving from the kitchen..akash came to kitchen..

Arnav : busy with his mobile, it was nk.. he smilingly talking with him...

Kushi: is very happy seeing his smiling face..

Arnav: realised someone is watching him... he looked at kushi and he raised his eye brows ..

kushi: shake her head and smiled at him..

Arnav: also smiled at her, and he says where is di..

Anjali also came there and says lunch is ready chote come ..

Arnav: gave his mobile to anjali and says nk wants to talk to you ...

Anjali: happyly took the mobile and talk to him, everyone talk to nk ..

Arnav, akash ,anjali,kushi  in dining table , kushi served everyone..

Arnav: kushi you also sit with me.

Anjali, payal ,akash watching everything silently..

kushi: nods her head and sit beside and start to eat her food..

Arnav: did you talk to aunty, how is she..

Kushi: no i think she is busy with her office work, like you . her mobile was not reachable, dad only talk to me every day..

Anjali, akash ,payal stop eating and look at kushi....

Arnav: smiled at kushi and says are you feel i am always busy in my office.

Kushi: now only realised what she said sometime before, she closed her eyes and says i a sorry arnavji...

Arnav; its ok kushi, relax ok .. she smiled at him.. arnav looked at his di and says eat your food , why are you looking at me like that...

Anjali: wo wo chote you and akash go home, we are going shoping ..

Arnav: its ok di we will also come with you..

Anjali: shocked again , everyone shocked hearing this..

Arnav: dont look at me like that come fast, he leave from there..

Anjali : pich kushi hand , she shout aahhh. i did not belive in my ear.

Kushi: but i expected this answer from him, 

Anjali: ok ok come lets go, its already late na...

Arnav: selected sarees for kushi and his di... anjali selected some dresses for payal.. 

Radha: called and arnav mobile and asks , where are you all , its already late..

Arnav: mom relax we are all in shoppingmall , if you want anything..

Kushi: selected sarees for mamiji , devayani, and radha..

Anjali: says kushi your selection is very nice...

Radha: no i dont want anything , drive carefully ok..

Arnav:  ok mom ,bye he cut the call..

Arnav : came near kushi and asks are you finished your shoping .

Kushi: yes arnavji..

Arnav: asks are you happy  na.

kushi: asks you..

Arnav: i am asking you kushi..

Kushi: i am always  happy arnavji..

Arnav smiled at her ...


Radha says today groom family come to see anjali so everyone come early in the evening ok.

Arnav: ok mom , where is di...

Radha: she went early today .. 

kushi and payal came down ..

Radha and mano is very busy with their work..

Kushi and payal came out of the house.

Arnav: called kushi and says i will also come  to collage , i have some work in collage , come i will drop you..

kushi: smiled brightly, and nods her head..

Arnav droped kushi and payal.and he walk to his room.he walk to his cabin, suddenly he turn back and look at kushi,

Kushi also look at him they both Look at eachothere...

Payal look at them and leave from there silently...


Anjali ready in her room, payal helped her..

Akash: asks di you  know anything about groom family..

Anjali: i dont know akash .. she asks where is kushi and chote..

Payal: di she is in her room ..

Arnav in poolside , busy with his mobile.

kushi change her dress and sees arnav in poolside..

Arnav : suddenly turn and sees kushi he is stunned seeing her in red saree..he came near her and says your very beautiful today..

Kushi: is blush ,but she smiled at him and says thank you arnavji..

Arnav: are you ready na, 

kushi: yes arnavji...

Arnav: says di is calling you, lets go na

kushi: nods her head.


Anjali looked at them and says chote this is too much , you dont care about me, you always behind my bhabi now , i noticed you...

Arnav; smiled at his di, and asks di when you stop teasing me and kushi..

Anjali: i never stop chote. 

Radha: called arnav... 

Aarav, devayani , manoramma akash in the hall ..

Arnav came down and sit with his dad..


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Apr 20

kushis kumkum (By Indhrs) (Thanked: 51 times)


Aarav :  introduce groom family to arnav,this is arvind he is working in our hospital. she is his sister. 

Arnav: hi mr.arvind, 

Arvind: little scared of arnav anger, but he comfort  himself and says hi mr.raizada, she is my sister aashika.. 

Aashika: hi arnav..

Arnav: hi ..

Akash and arvind talking eachother ,


Anjali: saw arvind and shocked seeing him ..

Arvind: hi anjali , your looking beautifull today..

Arnav and kushi hearing this words they both look at  eachother..

Anjali: thank you arvind, 

Arvind : introduce his sister to anjali..

Aashika: yes bai is correct your very beautifull anjaliji..

Radha: served tea and snacks for everyone..

Devayani: asks arvind did you like our anjali..

Aashika: oh ho naniji , he like her very much, 


Manoramma: asks anjali what you say?

Arvind : was tensed , he is waiting for anjali's answer..

Anjali: look at arnav, 

Arnav: di please dont look at me like that..

Anjali; came near him , and asks did you like him.

Arnav: yea di , i think he is good..

Anjali: yes dadiji i like him..


Arvind : relifed hearing her answer...

Aashika stared at arnav. 

Payal and akash noticed her and smiled.

Akash: hi aashika how are you..did you like my di.

Aashika: yea i like her, she still look at arnav, arnav busy with his mobile...

Arvind , aarav ,radha,anjali, deveyani,mamiji,kushi talking about marriage..

Akash : says he is my bai arnav , and he indicated kushi , she is arnav's wife..they are married 6 month before..

Aashika: what? she is shocked hearing this..

Akash: yea she is my bhabi kushi..and she is payal her friend..

Payal: smiled at aashika..

Aarav fixed the marriage date after that arvind and aashika leave from there.. aashika is litte sad hearing arnav is married..

Arnav: in his room . kushi came there , she removed her bangles and her jewlls , arnav seen at her in the mirror, kushi did not noticd him.

kushi: called arnavji , you know doctor arvind already.

Arnav: yea kushi..

Kushi: you know aashika too..

Arnav; no kushi , i saw her first time ,

Kushi: smiled silently..

Arnav: noticed her all the moments,he finished his work and came to bed, 

kushi: closed the door and switched of the light and she also lay beside arnav.. 

Arnav: called kushi..

Kushi: looked at him they both look at eachother, and smiled ..

Arnav: suddenly pulls kushi near him, she is shocked and nervous too, he move close to her face, she closed her eyes, arnav look at her , then only he realized what he is do, kushi also open her eyes , he move from her and says kushi you sleep..i am sorry kushi. she looked at him nervousely,  wo wo i feel sleepy arnavji good night , arnav good night kushi..

Arnav: called kushi again , she look at him .he says nothing you sleep , 



Arnav: says to kushi , dont do any work , you concentrate on your studys , i will take care of di marriage preparations ok.

Kushi: looked at him slight smilingly..

Arnav: go and start your studies, 

Kushi: nods her head and came to her room she atart to studies..

Arnav: came down and called hariprakash, 

HP: ji arnav baiya...

Arnav: i want my coffee, he sit in the hall..

Payal: also start her studies in her room.

Anjali always busy with her mobile , talking with arvind.


Kushi , payal, and anjali also came down ..

Someone enter the house with mask , everyone look at them eachother..

He removed his mask and says hello everyone , nk said in a cool way.


NK; huged arnav first hi bro how are you,  did you missed me..

Arnav: yea ofcourse nk, i missed you so much ..

NK: thank you bro ,, he huged akash ...

Akash: asks how are you nk.

NK: i am fine how are you,.

mano: hello hai bye bye nk betuva how are you.. mamiji tears in her eyes seeing him .. after that he meet aarav , nk tuched aarav feet , aarav huged him ..

NK; hi mashiji how are he huged manoramma , dont cry ok..

NK: next mom radha huged him happyly and says how was the exams.

NK; good mom ,inbetween he saw anjali and run to huged her diiiiiii ... how is jiju..

Anjali: smiled at him , and says he is fine nk.. he asks where is bhabi, anjali says she is near your brother..

NK: shout bhabiiiii  he came near kushi , try to hug her , but arnav came inbetween and says go and freshup first then we will talk freely ok , he says no i will meet bhabi first , kushi says namasthe nkji

NK: huged her suddenly, she looked at arnav , he is little angry on him, kushi move from him and asks how are you , nk says i am fine bhabi, your so sweet bhabi, i love you bhabi..kushi smiled at him..

she introduce payal to him.

Anjali, akash, payal watching arnav smilingly

Radha: says go and fresh up nk ,,

NK: ok mom , he leave his room..

Arnav: says kushi go and start your studies.. she nods her head and leave her room,


Radha: called everyone for dinner..

Arnav and kushi came down , 

Radha served for everyone, nk says mom food is very tasty, i love it maa , your the best .. radha smiled at nk..

Arnav: ok first eat your food.

NK: ok bro,  bhabi how can you handle with my bro..

Kushi: look at arnav..

Arnav: angryly says shutup nk  , do not talk when eating food ok..

NK: i am sorry bro..

Arnav: its ok leave it nk..

Aarav and arnav talking about anjali marriage.

NK , kushi ,payal chitchating in the hall..

Arnav: came there and sit with nk. kushi and payal leave from there silently..

NK: bro dont you sleep.. 

Arnav: i am asking you the same qustion nk..

NK: i am talking with bhabi, he turn that side and sees kushi and payal is not there.

Arnav: raised his eye brow..

NK; dont know what to say..he says i feel sleepy bro good night he run from there ..


Arnav: called nk  but he leave his room.. arnav smiled seeing him..

Arnav : going to his room the way, he saw his di busy with her mobile, he is happy for his di...

Arnav: came to his room , kushi alredy lay in the bed, arnav also lay beside her..

Kushi: called arnavji..

Arnav: hmmmm

Kushi: nkji mom and dad ,arnav says they are dead in one car accident, after that mamiji brought him to our home, he likes me very much, he share everything to me, he loves mom very much , in childhood he and di always teased me , he is very crazy kushi. i like him very much, kushi asks did you like me arnavji..

Arnav: look at her and says yes i like you kushi...

kushi: smiled brightly.... 

Arnav: ok stop your smiling , tomorrow you have to go collage .. sleep kushi..

Kushi: ok arnavji, she smiled again, he stared at her , she says i cant stop my smiling arnavji because i am very happy.

Arnav: ok carry on , good night kushi..

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Apr 21

kushis kumkum (By Indhrs) (Thanked: 54 times)




Arnav: alwasys care for his wife and family, he spend time with them..

Nk: spend time with anjali...anjali is very happy thinking about her chote and bhabi.

Arnav : desining anjali's marriage dress..


Raizadas welcome the groom family..

Anjali in her room..

kushi and payal came to anjali room, kushi says di your looking beautifull in this dress. 

Anjali: han kushi , chote desining this dress you know na..

Kushi: han di , arnavji told me..

Anjali: teased kushi , 

Kushi: asks di when you stop teasing me..

Anjali: says i dont tell you its secret haina payal, payal also join with anjali and nods her head.

kushi: ok your wish..

Arnav, akash ,nk ready and nk blabbering something , akash seeing him, arnav reading some



kushi: searching arnav..

Radha : called kushi and she leave from there..

kushi: came to radha room.

Radha: give jewell box to kushi and says this is  for you and anjali, go and make ready her.

Kushi: took the box and leave from there. she searching her arnavji

Payal: called kushi come fast di calling you.. she nods her head and leave from there.

Anjali: asks kushi where are you going we are searching for you..

Kushi; wo di aunty called me,she give this jewell box , first you ware this, its already late, 

After sometime everyone ready and came to mandap..


Panditji recited the mantras. arvind came and sit in the mandap, after that kushi and payal came with anjali, anjali sit beside arvind , arvind smiled at her,she also smiled silently, aarav asks radha where is nk ,akash ,arnav, radha asks kushi.. at the same time nk shout hi everyone..

Manoramma: hello hi bye bye they three are so cute, and togethere, its very nice na jiji, radha smiled at mano..

kushi: mind think my arnavji is very handsome, and he is smile innocetly.

Anjali: think herself my chote always handsome... 

Arvind : says hmm your brothers are so cute and handsome too.

Anjali: smiled at him..

Aashika: also says to radha, aunty your sons are very handsome..

Radha and mano smiled hearing this.. 

Arnav came near kushi and he raised his eye brow..

Kushi; looked at him and smiled ..

devayani is very happy seeing her family togethere..

Arvind and anjali changed the garland , and they both doing 7 rounds, arvind applaying kumkum in anjali's hair line, after that he tie mangalsuter on her neck,  panditji says marriage is completed now you both huspand and wife.

Arvind and anjali tuch elders feet and they are bless them happyly, arnav huged his di and jiju, kushi and payal huged anjali . aashika huged her bai and bhabi...


Arnav: told his family already, everyone dont cry , if we are crying then di also crying ,i dont want to see her tears. everyone accept his decision.

Aarav: says to radha , anjali is very lucky , arvind is good guy, and my daughter will manage everything easily haina radha..

Radha: is crying i miss my anjali.. she is always behind me in this house, she always care for chote..

Aarav: says dont cry radha, her house is near only , everything will be fine soon ok..

Devayani: is crying in her room, kushi came with her medicine, she wipe her tears and says dont cry naniji , di is very happy , then why are you crying like a baby, hmm take this tablet first and sleep ok, you know naniji di dont like your tears ok , so stop crying my lovely naniji, devayani take medicine and wipe her tears, she says i miss your di , she always with me , she takeing care of me.kushi ok ok now you sleep , we will talk tomorrow ok good night naniji,, devayani smiled and says good night kushi betia.

kushi came out of the naniji room and tears flow in her eyes, arnav watching all this in upstrairs, she

sees nk is crying like a baby,she wipe her tears and called nk what are you doing here , dont you sleep, 

NK: wipe his tears and look at kushi, 

kushi: asks again dont you sleep nkji.

NK: yea bhabi ,she asks you miss di right .he nods her head , she says everything will be fine soon ok, di's house is near only  you can meet her tomorrow , or we will meet her in collage ok, go and sleep first..

Akash in his room , he try to sleep but he also missed his di..

Manoramma is crying in her room, manohar comfort her..

Mohan and garima watching kushi silently , mohan says to garima your daughter is very responsible day by day.. garima says she is doing this all for her love. she loves arnav very much mohan, 

Payal: with her mom and dad , she says i miss di mom, you know she always taking care of me and kushi.. she helped our studys too.. payal mom comfort her ..

kushi: came to her room , arnav standing in the poolside.. she came near him and asks dont you sleep arnavji, he look at her and says finaly you came kushi, she looked at him confiuseingly. he asks did you miss di .. she look down tears flow in her eyes, he saw her tears and says kushi please dont cry ok.. she asks dont you miss her arnavji , he says yea i missed her , but i want her happyness, you know kushi she can doing anything for me , akash, and nk ,  he wipe her tears and says come sleep first , everything will be fine soon ok, kushi wipe his tears they both look at eachother...

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Apr 22

kushis kumkum (By Indhrs) (Thanked: 39 times)




Manoramma came from her room, she saw everyone in the hall chitchating eachother, she also join with them..

Radha: served tea to everyone, she says what a surprise , everybody got up early today.

Everyone gave some reason to radha, but everyone miss anjali...

Arnav and akash came from jogging, radha served tea to arnav and akash..

kushi and devayani doing pooja, payal also join with them.. 

Garima  and payal parents says to everyone we are going chennai today , 

Aarav: says stay here for some more days .kushi and payal also be happy na..

Mohan: i have to go office aarav, payal dad have lot of work .. 

Aarav: ok your wish mohan ....

Mohan: smiled at him and says thank you aarav..

Arnav drop kushi and payal to their collage, he leave to his office.

Anjali: called arnav mobile...

Arnav: smiled seeing his mobile, he immediately attend the call and asks di how are you..

Anjali: yea fine chote, where are you ..how is everyone, mamiji, mom , dad, dadiji, kushi ,payal ,akash nk how is everyone , i miss you all very much chote..

Arnav: di relax ok , everyone fine here,  i am in office di.. he says nk will take care of collage ok, you just take rest and enjoy .. dont think too much ok...

Anjali: thank you chote. she asks how is kushi..

Arnav: remembered how she missed his di... he says she is fine di...

Anjali: take care of kushi and payal ok.. chote you know i miss them both , they both always with me na chote, 

Arnav: di whenever you free you came to our home ok, you will spend time with them , take care of you , han how is jiju..

Anjali:  he is going to drop aashi to her collage..

Arnav: ok di bye i have to go confrence hall. 

Anjali: bye chote...

Radha send lunch to nk, kushi ,payal in their collage..

NK: came out of his cabin , and he called kushi mobile.. 

Payal and kushi came out of the class room, she attend the call , hello nkji ..

NK: bhabi come to my cabin , luch is here.. 

Kushi: ok nk. we will come.. payal asks what kushi. she says lunch is with his cabin, i think aunty would have send the lunch.kushi called arnav.. he is busy in confrence hall. she cut the call and walk to nk cabin..

NK:  hi bhabi.. kushi smiled at him. payal and nk says we are very hungry , kushi ok you both start eat i will eat later. nk asks what happen bhabi , payal says your bhabi waiting for your brother.. nk and payal teased kushi.. 

Kushi: oh ho now you both too start teasing me .. omg please save me... she called again arnav , this time arnav pickup her call and says kushi i am busy and he cut the call .she called arnavji one miniute..but he already cut the call..her face become dull

Nk: noticed this and says bhabi , i think he is busy ,he will call you, please eat your lunch , 

Kushi: smiled and nods her head, but she dont want to eat.. for nk she eat little bit..payal and nk enjoy their lunch.. 


Arnav: came to collage , he directly go to nk cabin and eat his lunch, 

NK: says bro , bhabi loves you very much,  

Arnav: yea i know nk...

NK: then why are you away from her ... 

Arnav: who told you that i am away from her, i am always be with her , her studys is very important to her,  thats why this little distance, she call me na that time i m busy in confrence hall, but i dont want to hurt her thats why i answer her and cut the call, 

NK: but her face is very dull after you cut her call. 

Arnav: leave it she will understand everything soon..

NK: oh ho bro , he started teased arnav, 

Arnav: shut up ur this nonsens, and concentrate on your work ..

NK: ok bro , i will tell bhabi .. 

Arnav: oh are you blackmailing me. i am not scared of your bhabi ok, 

NK:oh really , then i will tell her about your pa lavanya , she loves you na, 

Arnav: but i am not love her , and kushi dont trust this things , i know her , she already know about me very well, 

NK: hearing all this silently and smiling at arnav..he says what a love story in a short time ... great bro i am proud of you my bro..

Arnav: chang the topic and says di called me today morning, she asks about everyone..

NK: asks how is di , she is fine na..

Arnav: yea she is fine nk .. ok i am leaving AR , you take care of here , if you have any doubt call me ok.. and 

NK:  says ok , but dont scared of me , i dont tell anything to bhabi ok.

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