you are in my heart

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May 19

you are in my heart (By Angle_Arshi) (Thanked: 45 times)

" Why are you take me here? " Asked Khushi. When arnav took her near to poolside. He without an answer to Khushi and he pinned her to the wall.

" Ar... Arnavji..... What are you doing " she asked her heart beat like anything his hot breath on her...

" Are you asking me... " he raises eyebrows. khushi get confused she asked " what are you saying "

" Oh... Don't you remember, it's OK I recall.." Then he pinches her hand and Khushi winch in pain and she said " you..." Then she remembers she pinch his hand ...

" I think now you remember..." He said with a smirk on his face ..., Khushi sees this and gulps her saliva and she said ... " you lost in your thought, I thought to bring you back you from you thought like that" and she made a baby face...


Down everyone enjoys the ceremony and suddenly Anjali saw arnav and Khushi missing, she thought This the two where went suddenly and she went near to Nani and said " I will come back quickly and went from there and others enjoying the ceremony    


" Oh really...., Now punishment...." He said with a smirk on his face...

" what punishment " she stumbled

" ys punishment " and he bent down near to her lip ...

Khushi stumbling... Her lip is shivering..., she tried to whisper his name arnav look at her eyes and then lip and he bent down more close to near her lip


Khushi turn her head another side then suddenly her eyes went widen she saw someone shadow on the wall she quickly pushes arnav back and arnav said his favourite word " WHAT THE..."

" Nahin ( No) what the..., come let's go from here " and she runs out. when she going out she bumps into Anjali. They're both shout " ouch " and both are rubbing their forehead... Their Both are said in some time " di/Khushi are you OK ..." And their look each other and brush out to laugh... Arnav comes from Khushi behind and asked what happened... Their nod nothing and Anjali asked " chote ... What are you doing here, with Khushi... Then she looks Khushi blushing face said " Oh... "

Arnav look at Anjali and he got what his sister thinking, then he said " There is nothing like you think"

" I did say anything chote , why you are getting tension, " she said with a smirk on her face

" wooo di ... That " he looks both Anjali and Khushi and he said " nothing and run from there. Anjali and Khushi chuckled seeing arnav running figure..both look at each others and shook their head and fellow arnav down...


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May 22

you are in my heart (By Angle_Arshi) (Thanked: 30 times)

Night every one had their dinner and sitting in the living hall and start to discuss but other Wedding Ceremony Haldi, Mehendi rituals. Khushi was sitting beside arnav and listening to their talk and she feels shy and her both cheeks turn to red colour. arnav see this and smirked and he was sitting beside Khushi. He bends down near to Khushi ear and he whispers " Khushi you know one thing " he asked with a husky voice 

Khushi nod with heavy breath, his hot breath on her face " mmmm" 

" you know na what..., you're both cheek turn to my favourite colour," he said. Khushi immediately looks up and meet with brown chocolate eyes.... Her cheeks turn redder. Arnav smirk to her and and he said " come with me" and he holds her hand and Khushi try to remove the hold in her hand and she asked " where...??? " with the confused face....

" upstart, " he said...

" what.... But why...? , everyone here na" she asked with innocently 

"paagal, That's why I am telling you to come with me,I want to spend time with you along, " he said controlling his anger, he doesn't want to shout his innocent Khushi

Khushi looks at him with " O " open mouth, did he call her paagal,she gets angry. she thought how dare he call me like that. before  Khushi opens her mouth to shout him. He said 

" Khushi listen first I am going up then you come up after some time ok " and he patted her hand softly and he gets up from his place and he turned to look at her one's time and he went to his room he knows sure  she will come up after some time and he went to his room and waiting in poolside 

After sometime Khushi say some excuse and went to his room with angry. She went inside and saw him he was standing near the poolside. she went stood beside arnav and shout " how dare you to call me like that " 

he turns to her and asked " what "

Hearing this Khushi get angrier and she shout " lead governor why are you call me like that " her nose her turn red in angry 

" like what ..." he asked with confused on his face 

" Don't you remember? ok no problem I mean what it is " and she gritted her teeth and she asked " why are you call me paagal " 

" Oh.... " and he raises eyebrows

" what? Oh ... I look mad to you " she asked. he nods no... 

Then Khushi asked what... Then arnav said " shhh. Khushi relaxes ok I just kidding you your not paagal. herring Khushi cools down. Arnav admires her angel face and pulls her to him. She did not expect this suddenly she was on his arm, she holds his shoulder tightly and his one hand on her Waist and the other hand touches her cheeks with romantically. She starts to breathe heavily. her lip starts to shivering she slowly closes her eyes. Arnav looks at her closing eyes and her lip and he slowly bent down near her lip and he touches her lip with his.  suddenly their feel current passed on their body when their lip meets each other. He kisses her lip possessive. She starts to moaning... After some time arnav slowly broke the kiss and look at her face and swollen lip and he whispers 

" Khushi open your eyes " Khushi slowly open her eyes and meet with chocolate brown eyes her face turns to red colour. This time is not because of anger .this time his possessive kiss. after some time arnav broke the kiss  he smirk and he looks at her  red face and he asked 

" Khushi what happen to your face "  he asked with a testing tone

khushi touch her face with confusing and asked " what ... What happens to my face "

Arnav  took her hand from her face  and  he said with a husky voice " your face is true to red colour "and he brushes his finger on her cute nose

Khushi feels shy and hid her face in his chest arnav warp her arms around her waist. Still, she hid her face in his chest and she asked "wo... Arnavji " arnav keep his chin on her head and he said " mmmm " 

" why are you call me here, " she asked 

Arnav hug her tightly and said " I feel like to spend time with you along so that only  I call you " 

Hearing this Khushi take her head from his chest and look up and he looks down both give each other to sweet smile and arnav give a kiss on her foreheads and Khushi keep her head again his chest and snuggled into his chest with a soft smile on her face


  Next day morning they're getting ready to go shopping for the wedding. the day after haldi so their want to go shopping after everyone gets ready and they're ready to go ...

In a car, Arna and Khushi and others went in another car, because arnav said he and Khushi will come alone he wants to spend time alone with her So they agree and went another car..... Arnav car after some time reaches the shopping mall and arnav park his car in car parking area and  their get down from the car and saw Anjali and others waiting for them in car parking 

he looks Khushi and said " come let's go " and they  went to Anjali to and asked " di why you all are waiting here" 

" chote we are waiting for you both... We thought to wait for you both now you both come so come let's go inside " and they all are starting to go inside the mall and arnav and Khushi, both holding the hand and followed others....

Jun 5

you are in my heart (By Angle_Arshi) (Thanked: 26 times)

Arnav and Khushi following others inside the mall, Anjali said  " first we purchase groom and bridal dress  ..mmm ... What you all saying ..??? 

Others agreed and went inside the groom bridal wedding collection...

Their start to Selected the dress....suddenly arnav got an Unknown call and he excuses to them and went to others side and answer the call.... before he says hello others side the person starts to talk

Unknown caller: hello ASR, How is life going on? Ha...

   I think you are so happy but this happy, It's only a few days then Your total happiness will go away then he laughs evilly 

Arnav: hello hello... How dare you talk like that... You don't know about me If you get my hand I will kill you...

Unknown caller: hhhhaaa hhhhaaa Let's see who's killing anyone he laughs loudly and he cut the call

 other side arnav boiling in anger, he shouts in phone hello hello dammit ... he became furiously angry and ran his hand on hair and he thought " Who's that idiot... Why did he say that? My happiness is for a few days why he said like that....his thought broke by hearing Khushi giggling sound. He turns and looks at her... He saw it, Anjali saying something to Khushi and Giggling he lost in her he thought "I don't know why that man said like that but one thing I am sure I will not be allowed to anything happened to you... I will protect you from all danger I can't lose you again Khushi. Then e remembered how Khushi get shot and how she lying hospital bed unconsciously. He gets fear in his heart " NO NO I can't lose her " 

He quickly took his phone out and start to dial aman phone number.....


" what are you saying ASR " ask aman with confusing and shock

" ys aman,  I don't know who that person but he said My happiness is for few days.  I feel like he's going to hurt someone close to my heart. I feel I feel that he going to hurt Khushi. It will not let it happen one day Until I am here. I won’t let any harm come near 

Then he looks aman and said " aman I need your help 

" Tell me what I will do, " aman asked 

Then arnav start to say what help he needed then he finishes saying and he turns to aman and said " aman  you have to do right now 

" ok ASR, " he said 

" Now you can go, " arnav said and aman took leave from there. Arnav sits on a chair and throws  head back and close his eyes tightly and he whispered: " I will not allow anything happened to you..." 


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Jun 14

you are in my heart (By Angle_Arshi) (Thanked: 24 times)

" chote suddenly Why are the guards around the house? "Asking confuse nani others also so confused why suddenly guards

He doesn't know what to say, Cant tell her truth also, If I told them, their will get scared and worried. He doesn't want to tension them. others also waiting for his answer

 Arnav: kuchh Nahin nani, There are a lot of enemies around me, Now they get to know my marriage,so I arranged for security for our safe  Ahh One more important thing, Nobody should go out without a guard

Everyone agreed without any fuss. But khushi feel something Fishy,she wants to ask him what the matter then she thought she will ask later...


Tomorrow Mehendi so their start to decoration home,others so busy with works. Arnav was in his room,he was talking with aman on the phone 

" Aman Detectives find out who it is...?" he asked with tension 

" No ASR they will soon find them,"  aman said 

" Mmm Tell them to find fast, Before anybody gets any problem...." arnav quickly cut the call when he saw Khushi coming inside...

" why are you cut the call, " She asked him suspiciously

" wo... Nothing you say why are you coming here, are you want something " he was trying to change the topic

" No nothing, I just came here to see you, " she said

"why? Are you plan to give something special to me " he asked with a negative and he comes close to her. First, khushi look him with confusing what he is saying then She understood his negative talk and she pushed him back and " No arnavji... Nothing like that ok"

" ok ok relax I will not do anything,I will not eat you. Mmmm... Ok ...Say mehndi ceremony tomorrow, How you going to write my name in your hand? Like Arnav or A or ASR ..." he asked 

Khushi nods her head no " I will not write this names in my hand"

Arnav look Khushi with confuse and asked " what you mean If you do not write my name whose name is you going to write"

" I didn't say I would not write your name," she said

" Now you say that you're not going to write my name" he asked with confused

" yes but I will write your another name"  she said 

" what another name " he asked with confuse 

" ys ... You want to know what name it is " she asked

" ys I want to know what my another name," he said. He want to know what name khushi keeps for him like Honey...etc.... 

 khushi slowly went near to arnav ear and whispered lovely " It's was..... " arnav was lost in her lovely husky voice her breath her hitching on his face, he gulps his saliva hard. Suddenly He gets a desire... He wants to kiss He going to hold her face in his hand...And suddenly khushi screamed in his ear loudly " It's was.....  LAAD GOVERNOR.........." And khushi run from ther with a negative smile on her face. Here arnav close his eyes tightly as he feel like his ears are exploding. He opens his eyes and he saw khushi running out... One word comes from mouth automatically " WHAT THE! " 


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Jun 21

you are in my heart (By Angle_Arshi) (Thanked: 26 times)

Today mehndi... Everyone enjoying the function... Some girls a dancing.mehndi girls are putting henna on Khushi and payal hand. The house is made to decorate the most beautiful... In the medial hall, there has a beautiful chandelier... 

Anjali was sitting beside Khushi and payal and teasing both of them... Khushi wearing dark maroon  lehenga and payal pink colour lehenga ...their both ate look so beautiful....

suddenly mami come there

Mami: Anjali betee ...

Anjali: ha Mami...

Mami: Anjali between Shyam is searching for you...

Anjali: ha... Mami I will go and see him... And Anjali get up and went search Shyam 

Mehindi girl: madam... What name to write...

Khushi opens her mouth to say arnav but from her behind voice come... " LG "

Khushi gets confused about hearing this... Suddenly arnav come from her behind and sit beside her and said " LG "

Khushi: what LG ( she asked with confuse ) 

Arnav with a smirk on his face and he said: Laad governor...

Khushi look him with open mouth with " O " shape 

Khushi then turns to the girl and said: No you write A... She looked at him and said... That laad governor name is arnav Singh you write A...

Then the girl put in her hand ...A

There Akash also comes with nk and sit with them and start to talk... After some time Anjali comes with Shyam there... And they also join with them... Everyone celebrated the function... Arnav looks around and without anybody knowing, He said in her ear... " come with me ..."

Khushi eyes are a popout... Then she also whispers " where... And why..."

Arnav: I will say why... First, you come with me and he slowly pulled her with him without anyone knowing and escaped from there...


They're both come to arnav room...and he locks the door and he turns to Khushi... Khushi starts to shivering see him like this... And she opens her mouth to talk... But arnav near to her and keep his finger on her lip and he said " Sshhhh " 

Arnav: Sshhh doesn't talk... You know one thing Khushi ... Today you look so beautiful as Fairy..... You look so beautiful in this dress... 

Khushi: Ji... Arnavji... And she starts Stumbling...and start to shivering ...

Arnav: Khushi way are you shivering... Ha... Are you Scared ... And he starts to take a step forwards and Khushi start to take a step backwards and she hit on the fell and arnav keep his both hand on the wall block her from moving from there... And he looks at her eyes and whispered huskily

Arnav: then say Khushi why you are shivering... Mmm, are you feel cool... Then I am ready to give warm to you if you want then he presses his body over her.....

Khushi can't breathe... She closes her eyes... Her breath was sealed in the throat...His hot breath on her....hushi slowly opens and looked up at him and as he was bending down to capture her lips with his.....


In one place

   Man: I will not leave you both... Today one soul will leave this world... Haaaa... 

( he laughs evilly he gritting his teeth and throws the Beer bottle on the wall... The bottle broke to many pieces...) I get insulted...because of you both... I can't face this world... Who are afraid of me... now their not afraid for me... I will not leave you both... Today I will see how you going to save ,that soul 

And he took the phone out and he dialled....after one ring some answer his call ...

Man:  Did you finish that the job?

Another side: yes sir... The job is finished

Man: good... And he cut the call... With an evil smirk on his face 

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