you are in my heart

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Apr 5

you are in my heart (By Angle_Arshi) (Thanked: 62 times)

Arnav sit beside khushi and take her one hand his and caressing her face with other hand ,he is getting scared why she not coming to conscious doctor said she will come consciousness after 3 hours but now 4 hours no moment from khushi he feel scared he getting fear he bent down and kiss her forehead and whisper "khushi pls open you eyes, I can't see you like this, you know na one khushi I never hate you I love you form my inside heart I never showed to you because I am afraid you also leave me like how my dad and mom leave me ,i can't lose you khushi when we small I like to play with you but I am control my shelf and stay away from you, you also try to talk to me and ask why I am hurting you but you know na I can't say why I am doing like this I don't have any idea but khushi I know one think I love you I love you so much pls don't leave me I want to protect you from all danger and show you how much I love you pls khshi come back to me and give me one chance I will never hurt you I will heal your pain with my love pls khushi wake up

Everyone look him with moist eyes, they got to know why he always acting like this because he sacred to lose her.

He said again " khushi today I thought to propose , but you see what happened I said my feeling to you that second you got hurt and try to go away from me because of this only I didn't show my feeling to this all years I want to lose you also....but I can't leave that you when you said you go abroad that time I feel like me breath stop That's when I thought Whatever happens, I will not let you go away from me , When you go away from me my heart aches.. I feel like I'm losing my life.. I want you all for me.. Pls open you eyes and look and me ...."

He slowly take her one and keep his near his heart and take khushi in his arm hug her tightly and said

" khushi... Khushii.... Can you hear my heart beat it is only beating fro your only... If you leave me and go it is will stop... I can't live without you pls come back to me and he close his eyes tightly Tears dropped from his eyes and fell on khushi forehead Kushi moved a little and started opening her eyes and slowly blinking her eyes and try to open and she whisper with pain " Arnavjiiii " arnav his eyes in shock quickly he open his eyes and look khushi down shock and happily

he smiling like mad he so happy he can't believe his khushi come back to him he promise himself now onwards he will not going to leave her beside for one second also he will with her always and protect her from this dangers world he hug her so tightly and broke The hug and kiss her face like her mad and he whisper in Between kiss " khushi I love you khushi , pls don't do like this I will die every second see you like this, I love you " he said and hug her tightly with happy, he can't believe his khushi is fine now

Everyone so happy their khushi come back to them everyone run to them and start to ask question about her how she is feeling now , khushi look everyone slowly and she gave weak smile to everyone and she blinking her eyes and said in low voice " I am fine"

She still in arnav embraced she slowly look up arnav arnav was looking her with lot of love and care

he slowly bend down and gave a sweet kiss on her forehead she feel herbreathing hitched seeing him so close. and he keep her on bed carefully and covered with blanket

" khushi are you OK, are you have any pain " payal asked with care

khushi look payal and said low voice " I am fine jiji "

" ys we can see how you are fine" said her mother garimma . she look her mother and pouted her lip

Arnav saw this his inner Desire are aroused to kiss her but he control his self... He don't want to lose his control like this...

Apr 8

you are in my heart (By Angle_Arshi) (Thanked: 43 times)

" khushi open you mouth and drink this " her mother garimma said , One hours are she try to fed the soup but khushi Stubborn like a baby to open her mouth and drink the soup which for good for her health

Khushi nod her head no and said " I don't want this taste so bad I don't want she made baby face and pound her lip

" khushi pls drink little dr..." She caressing her hair and patting her cheek

Khushi shook her head no " pls mom "

Suddenly khushi room ward door get open khushi and her mother garimma turn and look and saw they arnav coming inside he look so tried His eyes are red

" what happened beta you look so tried you home and take rest I wil be with her you go home bita " said garimma she know he will sure not go from here but his health also important he also like how khushi and payal to her.

" no Aunty I am fine, we can go home after some time, I'm just coming up after talking with doctor he said we can take her to home but sure she will take bed rest then her Wound healing quickly he gave her description of medicine, now time take her medicine, did she eat anything..? " he saw garimma holding soup bowl in her hand

She shook her head " no beta she is not opening her mouth still i try to fed her she telling she don't want this soup she glare khushi and said khushi also glare her mother with cute face "why she telling this to him now "

Arnav look khushi glare face and her chuckled khushi look him hearing his chuckled "she thought why she now chuckled did I am look joker to him "

" khushi eat this this is good for your health, come on drink this he said. garimma take the spoon and keep near her mouth but she not opening her mouth she staring arnav arnav saw that khushi not opening her mouth and she just staring without blinked her eyes him. he come forward and took the soup bowl from garimma hand and he sit in bed beside khushi and take the soup in spoon and keep it near her mouth he said with caring " open your mouth khushi, if you drink this then you will get energy come on then you can run here and there. Khushi look him without blink her eyes for second. arnav saw this and he said

" khushi you can staring me later now open you mouth and drink this " he said with negative smile on his face

Khushi hear this and she hiccup , he place spoon on her mouth and sight to her open her with his eyes she slowly open her mouth to him he take the soup spoon and keep on her mouth and khushi take it slowly inside and gulped, he slowly start to fed her soup khushi also slowly drink it without saying anything, he finish the soup feeding her and he take tissue from tissue box from beside bed and he wipe her lip slowly suddenly his hand frozen when his hand touch her lip he feel is desire belding inside he gulp his saliva

khushi Status also some her breath croaking inside her arnav look khushi lip and her eyes both are get eyes lock

Garimma broke they eyes lock by mistake she drop the spoon down when she saw arnav wiping her mouth with tissue that time she took the bowl from his hand, they quickly broke the the eyes lock and come To remember where they now they both look away quickly

" beta which time we are going to home " she asked keep the spoon on the place

Arnav get up from bed and he look garimma and khushi and said " I infrom to nani that we are coming to home now, now we will go and he took khushi medicine and gave to garimma to give her medicine garimma took the medicine and she gave to khushi and and handover the water glass to her she ate the medicine and arnav said " now we will go"

Arnav and garimma gave their hand to khushi and help her to get down from bed slowly she took both their support and get down from the bed and she try to walk but suddenly she was in his arm it took time to realize just now what happened her both her hand warping his neck tightly arnav holding her from her waist tightly and keep her in his embrace safely.

Khushi feeling unknowing feel, she want to staying like this in his arm forever she feel safe in this place feel like no one can her hurt if she staying in his embrace, but unknowing fear also she remembers how he said he is loving her, she want to ask him how he suddenly start to love her so long years are he start to hurt her when she is 8 years old then before he is kindly with her she don't know what made him hurt her like this but she now know some where in his heart she living there Not at all he will not show his love to her like this,now she come to know how she loving him like he also love her that much. suddenly her thought broke when arnav open the front sit car door and keep her inside seat he took seat belt and put it and he open back door for khushi mother and he come and took his driving seat and he start to drive slowly... Khushi loo him and look out said the window

Apr 11

you are in my heart (By Angle_Arshi) (Thanked: 43 times)


They reached shantivan after a long time. Arnav drive slowly because he don't want to disturb khushi sleep, When she get inside the car after sometime she slept Arnav entered the house with khushi in his arms. others come running to them anjali come with aarthi thal in her hand and stop entering them inside. They look arnav with surprise he was standing with khushi was in his arm. The first time see them like this,they look groom and bridle and entering in side the home carrying khushi in his arm.Their saw Khushi was sleeping in his arm peacefully.

" khushi bitya " and nani try touch her cheek,.arnav said " nani don't wake her up,she need rest nani

 OK beta I will not wake up her" nani said she so much prode of his grandson how his taking care.They got one think if she not here he also no there

" nani can I go inside" he asked he don't want to anyone disturb her sleep she need lot of rest

" ys beta you can go but wait little " she said arnav look nani confuse " why nani " he asked

" anjai bitya " she said looked anjali, anjali come in front with thal in her hand start to take khushi aarthi with arnav and she winked arnav blush he feel like they both are married and her sister taking they both to arrithey. He want this happened in really .he want to married her and live his live with her happily

He came from his dream world when akash shook him. Akash look him and said " bhai what happened to you we are calling you so many time where are you lost " he said .arnav look akash some time and said " nothing,di nani can I now take khushi to her room he said looking both nani and anjalianjali

" ys beta u can " nai said then anjali quickly said In negative " ha.. Chote Keep in the right leg first and come inside " arnav look at anjali with smirk on his face others smie to him

When arnav enter inside with khushi in arm, They seemed to the eyes of others just like the new wedding couple coming inside, They prayed to God, It's going to be true this soon arnav come inside and took khushi to her room and slowly keep her on the bed and he get up to cover khushi with blanket but he suddenly pulled back he look down and saw khushi holding his shirt collar

he slowly keep his and on her and look her face with love , care, possession and he take his other hand caressing her cheek and remove the hair from her face which his disturbing her sleep and he sit near their bed and whisper. " I Love You Khushi " and he bend down kiss her cheek. When his lip touch her cheek she poutd her lip and murmuring something, he look at khushi face and chucked and slowly removed her hand from his collar and kiss her hand and keeps on the bed slowly and he get up and cover with her black and and he look her with love in eyes and went near the door and turn look at her ones close the door and went out....

He went down after her fresh up and he saw everyone sitting in living hall he went to them and sit with them 

" chote how is khushji" she said coming from kitchen and gave his black coffee to him and she also sit beside. He took His coffee mug from her and take one sip and siad " she OK di,Now she is sleepy di"

" chote don't worried she will get well soon" he node her hand " she will di ,near I will not let her go from my live di ,she will be with me always my beside"

They can see in his eyes how he is loving her, nani and shashi look each other and nod their head with smile ,their thought this the right to time


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Apr 13

you are in my heart (By Angle_Arshi) (Thanked: 62 times)

In nani room

           Mami,mama,shashi and grimma they are sitting around the nani bed. Nani look shashi asked with hop " Do you think the same way how I am also thinking "

" ys maa I aslo thought the same " shashi nod his head and said

"What you both are talking" asking confuse grimma

Other also so confuse,what their talking

" ha..ha tell us we all here so confuse said mami

Nani look them and take deep breath and Said " I and shashi beta think that arnav beta and khushi batiya both want to get married, we see how much he is love her" little tension what they are going to answer

mami,mama,garimma at the same time they are look each others and laugh " I so happy we all thought same,I want my khushi batiya and arnav beta live the life without any problems"

" why beta why any problem..?" nani asked with worried "no problem,I have a thought " mama said

" what do you think" nani asked

" we know akash and payal loving each others' let's take their marriage too,what do you all say" he asked.

Everyone get so happy .nani quickly said " it's good idea,I want too see my two grandchildren weeding" nani look shashi and garimma and asked " what you both saying " shashi look garimma and said " we have no problem,it's very happy for us to say,me and my children's are so lucky that we get such a good son in law's ".

After listing this they got so happy and nani said " it's is very happy to hear you speak like this,OK first we will tell this to arnav and you tell to khushi about this"

" maa you don't worried,she will never say no to this because she also love him " shashi said .

Nani took deep breath and signed and said " I want my children's happiness and this marriage should happened without any problem".


           In the night arnav was lying on his bed in his room but he can't sleep. If he close his eyes, he appeared before his eyes how she was cover by her blood . he opened his eyes immediately. In mind " khushi I will not let anything happened to you " .

he was feeling so frighteningly. He wanted to see whether she was safe or not. He got up from his bed and went to her room. He open her room door and went near to her bed. he saw khushi was sleeping peacefully. After took her dinner and medicine she slept. He kneel down near to her bed and caressing her cheek and removed her hair from face which was covering her beautiful face and he bend down and near her face and gave a kiss.

He look at her face with love, He doses not heart to go from there,so he went near to the couch and lying down there and he turn to her side and looked at her and he close his both eyes and slept



                     he will apologize  to khushi for hurting her and confess his love to her but not soon pls wait and give you comments and vote. Thank you

Apr 17

you are in my heart (By Angle_Arshi) (Thanked: 52 times)

Middle night , khushi got up from sleep and she feels thirsty, She did not see him he was inside her room.

She Look at the table and see the water mug on the table,she try to take the mug but she can't she feel her body is pining,but she again try to take the mug but suddenly one hand took the mug and gave to her,,first she get shock and scared she thought " who is this hand maybe he came to this place again how he come inside the room "

Khushi slowly look up with fear in her heart when she meet the person eyes she feel like she got her breath again that The next second She was in his arm and hug him tightly and start to sobbing she fist tightly on his shirt from back and start to crying in betweens crying she said

         " arnav..ji I get scared I thought he come back again to kill me , pls don't level and go..." Arnav keep the mug back on the table and he warp his arms around her waist and said " shh.... Khushi jannu relax nothing will happened to you I am here na..., he will never come back he went from your life, OK relax, now first you drink this water " and he broke the hug and take the mug again and give to khushi but khushi staring him with moist eyes arnav said " khushi you feel thirsty na... "

    she then com to her senses and nod her head

  "then drink this .." And he keep the glass on her lip she slowly parted her lip and arnav kept the glass on her lip and khushi slowly drink the water then arnav took the glass from her lip after drunk the water and kept on the table and wipe her mouth with his hand. Khushi eyes are get moist her tear are start to felling from her eyes again but this not from fear this time his love his care, she always longing for his love and care today she got that she so happy…. Khushi come back from thought when arnav wiped her tear

  "Ar... Arnavji.... " she whisper and looked him

   He slowly took her in his arm and said " sh... Khushi everything will be fine " and he slowly caressing her hire and said " sleep khushi..."

  Khushi slowly close her eyes and fell sleep on his embrace...after some time he here khushi breathing sound he care fully moved her head from his shoulder and look her with love and he removed her hairs from her face and tuck it behind her ear, and he kept her on the bed and covered her with blanket... And bend down and kiss her both eyes and he try get up go to couch and sleep on it but he pulled back he look down and saw khushi holding his shirt collar he slowly took her hand from his collar and hold her hand in his and he look and her and lying beside without blinking his eyes he looked her sometime and slowly close eyes and slept peacefully because now khushi is with him he no need to scared. She was in front of his eyes sleeping peacefully......


          Next day morning

" nani I will go and see khushiji " said anjali and she kept the tea cup on the table.

 " di.... Wait I also coming with you..." Payal said and get up from her chair and went to anjali...

  " OK .. Come we will go " and she turn to them and said "We both go and see her" their nod their headhead

Payal and anjali went to khushi room and they both stand in front of khushi room and payal knock the door the door get open with jerk they both mouth went " O" Shape they eyes are widen in shock and surprise they both look each other and went inside the room stand behind the bed and look the seance in front them with open mouth and without blinking they eyes

  Here arnav hugging khushi Waist and sleeping khushi head was in his chest both her sleeping peacefully....

They both are come back from shock and anjali slowly went near to arnav and called him but he was in deep sleep so she shook him " chote... Chote...."

Arnav was murmmring in sleep "mmmmm khushi " and he hug her tightly.

anjali and payal giggled and arnav hear the giggled sound he open his eyes from his sleep and and blinked his eyes and clear his views and the next moment his eyes widen in shock anjal and payal look him with what is this look and he look down immediately saw khushi was sleeping peacefully on his chest he look up anjali and payal and slowly keep her head on the pillow and he get up from the bed quickly

  " woo di " and he brushed his hire back with his hand and said nervously...

" what...chote.... What are you doing here .., are you forget which is your room " she asked teasingly....

" di... Don't tease me , I know which is my room, I am come here to see her and I didn't not remember  when i fell slept here.... And he lie to here,,if he now say the truth their both the not leave him .... Their start to tease him so he lie to them....

  But anjali and payal look him with " Oh.... Really look"

He looked them and said " Di... I am saying truth.."

" Now we are not saying anything , why are you getting tension...,relax chote I am come here to see khushi, now you can go to you room and fresh up and come down from breakfast.... " and she pushed him out of the room

Arnav said " WHAT THE DI..... Why are you pushing me out like this....before he finish he is sentence their push him out and close the door behind them

Arnav look the closing door and said his favourite words " WHAT THE..... And he shook his head and went from there




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