my first story

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Mar 13

my first story (By Meri12) (Thanked: 15 times)

Hello ,i am writing story in myeduniya first time.So if there is any mistake i am sorry.

In AVX college ( imagination) .Today new year of class starts .seniors are waiting  to bull newcomers.

guy 1:look that girl (they are pointing to the gate)

guy 2:i think we should start with her right 


guy 3 : yes

guy 1 :hey you (pointing)come here

she looked at them.she is damn nervous .And go infornt of them.

guy 2:hi beautiful .

guy 3:sweety what is your name ?

girl:my name is start to afraid )

guy 3: come on look yaar her name is gee . (gave hifi to others).so gee what section you are .

girl .my name is not gee.. its geet ( she start to cry)

guy 1 : don't cry baby .you stay here okk

geet: i have to go .please 

guy 2: stay here .

guy 3: call they  ( there 3 girls coming one is looking surrounding,next is  walking is on scooter ,other is walking)

guy 1: hey you 3 come here. 

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Mar 14

continue (By Meri12) (Thanked: 17 times)

the people who where  staying there looked at them.

guy 1:hey you hi pointed (the girl who standing)

guy 2 :you walking and you girl in the scooter

they understood .they came forward .

guy 1:hey girls are you guys first year .

guy 2:Are you girls new....

guy 3 : what's your name?

girl 1:2nd year is this college jeevika

girl 2 :same name lavanya

girl 3:same name manvi

they saw geet crying .they also become sad .jeevika become nervous .guys saw that they think to flirt.

guy 1:Arun why don't we try new thing..(smirk

Arun: I also think about it right sourav

sourav :you are right arvind

arvind :why don't they say i love you or propose us  (they become shocked)                                           (other 2 laughed )

sourav :so start 

they all together : noo

Arun: without saying nobody will go to class

lavanya : how dare you she pointed her finger

manvi : how dare you?? don't you have manners..don't you have sister .

(they became angry and they saw sheetal coming)

sheetal : what's happening bro?

sourav : we asked them to propose us .they disagree to that .

sheetal: how  dare you talk to bros like what they say

lavanya: Are you a girl ?how can you  support them?

she is going to slap her.six people who where see whats happening .they became angry .

they are going to stop her.But they shocked  the scene infront of them.

neither it good or bad please comment .Thank You have a good day .

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Sep 17

continue (By Meri12) (Thanked: 11 times)

hi guys after long time i am back.Are you guys are angry to me? Then sorry . i will be a good girl.

Part 3

There come one girl wearing this white churidar

she stops sheetal from slapping lavanya.Everyone is shocked.

sheetal :how dare you who give you the right to stop my hand?

Girl: Hai i am  Khushi ,actually it's easy  to me if you ask one  question at once. I know only to talk             without stopping .i don't know how to answer every question at once.


Khushi: ha meeeee

Sheetal:Who give you the right to stop seniors?

Khushi:Who give you the right to rag others

Sourav:hey you ****y girl you don't know the rule of the college .Oo Arun she don't know so didn't you                 think we should tell her.

Arun: exactly i will tell you we seniors will tell you guys to do things what we want and u you guys will

         do it without any question simple. 

Khushi:OK OK leave it yaar. Can i ask you all a question?

Arvind:i think you didn't understand that the rule you can't  question your seniors.

Khushi: i understand but my situation is like that coming to the point .You all i mean you 4 of them are 

            seniors or only you 3 and sheetal is not.But you guys including sheetal looks like seniors.

Sheetal: hey you mean i am looking old.

Khushi:Actually i didn't mean that but ya i know truth is always bitter.

Sheetal:you don't know who you are speaking with.

Khushi:Leave it yaar don't show too much attitude  chill na  smile. cheeseee.OK so tell the               answer to my question .

Sourav: ha we 3 are seniors  3rd year and sheetal is 2nd year so what she is my sister.

Khushi:So she is your sister that's why you didn't rag her.They(geet,manvi,jeevika,lavanya)are also                   someone's sister. 

Arvind:we don't care about others.

Khushi: i understand .The  rule Arun told is ok but as far as i know that juniors can't rag senior's right.

Arun:who ragged senior's here.

Khushi:Wrong i only told you that my name.

sheetal:so what 

Khushi: i will tell you let me introduce u once more my name is khushi 4th year.Now u got it what i                      mean.

(everyone including sheetal,sourav,arvind,arun,geet,manvi,lavanya,jeevika and 6 others who was watching this is shocked seeing that no one who have guts to fight with them but a girl did  after this they really shocked  to know that  she is senior)

S,A,S,A: what

Khushi : yes,i am senior.So say sorry me and to them (geet,manvi,lavanya,jeevika) with using repect                  "mam"

Sheetal:No way 

Khushi:Then you will be punished infront of whole college.

S,A,A:ok fine 


S,S,A,A:we are sorry to rag u mam's

Khushi: good.(looking at geet,manvi,lavanya,jeevika)come we can go. They  start to go but she stopped .

Khushi: can i say one secret .

Sourav,sheetal,arun,arvind:yes mam

Khushi :Actually i am not senior i lied the truth is i am 2nd year student.she wink               and walk away

(everyone shocked hearing this and start to laugh at Sourav,sheetal,arun,arvind.They get angry and walked away.The six people who is seeing this is shocked and happy to see her attitude.)

 i think you all liked it .please vote.bye guys 

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