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Nafrat-E-Ishq (By Ananya_Malik) (Thanked: 30 times)

Character Sketch:


An arrogant,friendly,stubborn,workaholic cunning business tycoon and a ASR  the superstar ...aged 25 owner of AR CORPORATION included in the worlds top 3 multimillionaire..... A Greek god ..... the chocolatey eyes ready to melt someone and is diabetic...

Known as the ASR by everyone and CHOTEY by the family members and ARNAVJI by his one and only,sweet loveable wife KHUSHI ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA


A sweet ,bubbly,cheerful and jalebi girl . A modern but traditional and well educated girl (why should we always show her uneducated rytt??)....

Madly and hopelessly in love and Married to the the business tycoon ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA ....aged 19 and presently a superstar obviously introduced by her husband to the world

Has a past and a secret

Note: gupta and raizada family is all the same as shown in the show and here shyam is positive role .....????so obviously no shyam track 

Additional characters:


cute and bubbly daughter of anjali and shyam jha 

Loves her (badi maa) Khushi and (Bade papa)Arnav a lot ... Barbie for Khushi... Apple eye of arnav and the raizada family aged 3


A sopisticated, mordern and stylish with more evil side. trying to seperate Arshi for her obssession toward Arnav and his wealth  ....Arnav's classmate living in RM with her so called son, Aarav .....aged 24


A sweet,playful,lovable cutie .....loves to play basketball,fully carbon copy of arnav,loves sweets a lot....calls sheetal as mom and khushi as mumma 

Loves khushi more than his eye of the house ...aged 7 


A sweet loving lady aged 27....totally in love with her husband suraj Rathod ....great devotee of devi maiyaa like khushi and anjali ,orphan and raizadas consider her as daughter ....di for arnav love anjali and arnav immensely same aged to anjali 


Jivika's husband stays in RM with his wife.....on the request of his family a middle class person has a dangerous obsession towards khushi.... decieving his own wife aged 28


Arnav's manager cum best friend considers him as his mentor and brother.....respects his khushi bhabhi cum choti a lot to tolerate ASR's temper loves raizada family as his own aged 23


A business man, humble ,loving but at the same time arrogant and stubborn in the business world and owner of RAS corporation and included in worlds top millionaire lives in London and came to visit khushi his best friend in India ....aged 19



A sweet innocent type girl ,orphan ....a doctor(studying medical) by profession stays in RM and is the best friend of khushi calls khushi as di and arnav as jeeju...everyone loves her a lot (has a secret crush on arnav's friend Rishabh) is an orphan aged 18


An arrogant,friendly and stubborn superstar RK born with attitude has a widow mother Radha friend of the mighty ASR loves the raizada family a lot (has a secret crush on madhu his khushi bhabi's friend)  aged 22


RK's mother loves her son a lot and is a widow .....loves arnav ,akash,anjali ,jivika ,payal and khushi as her own daughters and sons....but has special attraction to khushi and madhu coz of their childish behavior wishes madhu to be her DIL..aged 49


RK's manager cum close friend respects him as his mentor and considers him as his brother .....wants madhu as his bhabhi (unknown to rk????)aged 22

note: Guys this is my first ever attempt in writing a story *fingers crossed*just hoping for the best

I don't promise to update it regularly but will make sure of it to update it as soon as possible taking time from my hectic schedule 

Drop ur comments and plzz click on the thank u button for this newbie *puppy eyes*

See u soon 



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Nafrat-E-Ishq (By Ananya_Malik) (Thanked: 28 times)

Chapter 1: Sweet shock


Time: 7:45

A normal day...that exist in every married girls life

5 months passed to their marriage of course Arshi

(They married on the same day with payash after proposing her on terrace)

Here...khushi is serving breakfast to nani,Anjali and mamiji.

"Khushi....where's my tie?",shouted Arnav from their room Making the ladies to giggle looking at her flushed face.

"Go..go khushi bitiya....warna chotey niche aakar toofan khada kardenge",said nani laughingly.

[Otherwise if chotey comes down then he will create a storm here]

"Haan maa...humka toh vishshvaas hi nahi howath hai ki yrh uhi pehle waale chote hain",said mamiji to naniji smilingly.

[Yes mom...I still can't believe that this is the same old chote]

"Yeh sab khushi ka kamaal hai woh kehte hai na 'love can reduce anyone to anything' the same thing happened to chote"

[This all happened only because if khushi what's that we say 'love can reduce anyone to anything' the same thing happened to chote]

"Khushi ....come fast m getting late",Arnav shouted again,making ladies laugh at looking khushi's red face.

"Go khushi give him his 'tie'..",winked anjali stressing on tie.

"Coming..."shouted khushi and ran towards the room leaving the ladies to giggle.

With that entered payal from the poolside holding a plate of flowers.

"Dadi ..where should I keep this?"asked payal.

"Bityaa...just keep it in the kitchen and then go with anjali to mall of it HP beta will do it",said she.

"OK dadi",said payal and left to kitchen to keep the plate only to scream "hey devi maiyaa"

Hearing her scream all the ladies rushed to kitchen and altogether they asked,"what happens/happened?"

Payal pointed towards something making them turn their head towards it only to look at each other and burst in laugh...

There was a mountain of khushi's creation of course ""jalebees""

"Ab kya hua?"shouted Anjali,mamiji and nani.

"Pata nahi ..its just that Sanka Devi is in action.",said payal stating the fact while shaking her head.

And they again laughed all together and payal left with anjali and nani went to her room to take a short nap with her laxmiji and mamijii went to living room doing 'hello hi bye bye'

"Now what happened to this laad governor....can't he call me after try leave...always gives a chance to them to tease me.",blabbered khushi before entering the room.

As soon as she entered the room she was pulled by two strong arms leaving her gasped.And next what she knows was that she was pinned to the wall beside the door.

"Why did u came too late darling....",said arnav while nuzzling oh her neck.

"",moaned khushi due to the proximity and arnav smirked looking at his effect on her.

"U kept me waiting na this is ur punishment...",said arnav huskily making her shiver.

With that he bit on the spot between the shoulder blades and neck ...making her moan and feel dizzy at the proximity if not be hooded by him tightly by her waist, she would have fallen and kissed the floor.

"Arnav..ji not now plzz..",said khushi unwillingly as the family members were awake.

He then licked that spot soothing her pain torturing her with his sweet assault sending shiver under her spine.

"Fine by me I'll take the whole at night but with interest",said arnav whispering in her ears making her red.

With that when khuhi was going to run after pushing him he pulled her wrists making her crash on his chest.

"Uh uh...but not before something sweetheart....",said arnav moving forward to capture her lips.

There was not 1 inch gap between them when their trance was broken by a phone call tring..tring..

"Dammit...this Aman I'll surely kill him now",groaned arnv in frustration making khushi to chuckle.

"Haslo....haslo jitna hasna hai raat ko dekhoonga kese hasti ho..",said arnav leaving khushi red.

[Laugh....laugh as much as u want at night I'll see how ur gonna laugh]

With that khushi ran out of the room only to feel dizzy near the staircase...she quickly balanced her self with the nearby table.This was noticed by Mamiji.

Mamiji quickly rushed to her and asked,"what happens u fine na...?" Holding her by her shoulder and bring her down.

"Hum theek hai mamiji ...woh shayad humne abhi tak breakfast nahi kiya na isiliye...",said khushi cheerfully.

"Ok ok come takes food now",said maiji with voice full of concern.

With that khushi went to the kitchen to bring out the dishes only to run to nearest washroom feeling nauseated with the smell of jalebees.

Mamiji rushed behind her and entered the washroom as the door was open only to see her throwing up heavily.Mamiji got panicked and immediately patted her back to calm her down.After throwing up for 3to 4 time .She finally washed her face and wiped it with towel.

Mamiji took her out and made her to sit on the sofa and called out HP to bring a glass of lemonade ...who also got panicked looking at the state of the sweet khushi bitiya.As soon as he brought the juice and gave it to mamiji who gave it to khuhi an asked her to drink it.

"Mamiji I can't drink it its smell is making me nauseated",replied khushi in a tired tone.

"Plzz bitiya drink it ull feels better...",requested mamiji holding the glass in front of her.

"No mamiji..",replied khuhi shaking her head as no.

"Ok ok cloz ur nosewa and drink it..",said mami in worried tone.

With that khushi pinched her nose with one hand and drank the juice with the other hand in a gulp leaving her breathless....

After few min she sighed a relief and rested on mamiji's lap closing her eyes while mamiji was stroking her hair softly calming her breathes down.

After ending the con call when arnav came down to leave to his office the scene he saw made him panic khushi was lying her head on mamiji's lap . He was going to scream out his concern but stopped hearing khushi's voice.

"What happened next mamiji?",asked khushi cheerfully acting as she felt arnav nearby her.

Mamiji looked at khushi then at arnav who sighed in relief.

"Say na what happened next?",asked khushi getting up from her lap pretending not to notice arnav sanding nearby.

Mamiji looked at arnav which made khushi to look at him and she said,"arrey arnavji u r still here u were getting late na."

"Umm...actually I was moving out then a man said there's a imp con call so I attended it here it self and now m going for an imp meeting with the foreign delegates  ...but r u fine khushi?"asked arnav caressing her left cheek.

"Hmm",hummed khushi trying to not get caught.

"Ok then take care",said arnav with love and khushi went near to him and tightened his tie.

"All the best for ur meeting and don't forget to eat ur lunch and medicines on time okk",said khushi smilingly.

Arnav nodded and left but not before hugging her and saying bye to mamiji.

As arnav left khushi turned to see mamiji shaking her head at her and smiling as if understood khushi's concern for arnav.

"Come bitiya...and take rest",said mamiji and took her up to arshi's room made her sit on the bed and caressed her head said,"bityaa u take rest ...him abhi khana lekar aawat hai" with that she went out and khushi rested her head on the headboard.

After few minutes mamiji brought her some simple food and she ate it happily by mamiji's hands.Mamiji then gave her water and made her to lie down and pulled the blanket and sat near her knowing her stubborn nature.She then gently stroked her hair making her fall into deep slumber.

After few min when she saw that khushi slept peacefully she went to her room wondering with a smile ,"is this what m thinking..."

At 1:30


Arnav was having his lunch remembering his child-like wife antics.After eating food he took his phone to dial the most fav number nowadays...khushi's number.

He dialled her number and waited for her to pick the call but got no response last after trying many times he dialled mamiji as he knew only she is present at home.He dialled her number and waited for response and after 4 rings she picked up the call not waiting for the response he immediately asked " khushi fine?"

As if mamiji got shock she gave no reply she just wondered,"they both are so in love wid each others that they can feels each other"...remembering the things happened in the morning.

" asking u is khushi fine as she is not picking her phone"asked arnav nervously.

"Woh...chote ..khushi bityaa woh.."mamiji said as much as she could before the phone was pulled by khushi.

"Arnavji...m really sorry jut now I saw the phone it was on silent I was sitting with mamiji talking  about some usual things so didn't realize it ....just now I saw ur 10 missed calls ...humein maaf kardijiye...."

Said khushi in a sorry tone.

[Plzz forgive me]

"Its ok it just that I had an imp meeting so thought to talk to u before going so...but ur fine na.."asked arnav sweetly.

"M fine arnavji and now u go and fully concentrate on ur meeting okk",said khushi in a stern voice.

"How can I...concentrate 'fully' on my meeting when I have a beautiful wife at home ....."said arnav seductively making her red.

"Haww..arnavji did u forget ur in the office now ...stop talking so ...i f someone heard then they will think that I did a black magic on u that's why u became so ro..",said khushi isn a teasing tone but soon stopped after realising that she was not alone.

"Ok now I've to go ....I love u sweety..."said arnav huskily making her red.

"Hmmm",hummed khushi looking at mamiji.

"What hmm khushi I need an answer baby?",said arnav with a smirk.

"Plzz arnavji....",whined khushi making arnav to chuckle silently.

"Plzz khushi....",said arnav imitating khushi's tone.

"Stop whining like a kid asking for lollypop arnavji....",mocked khushi hoping for him to stop as she was feeling nauseated again.

"What the!! Khushi ...kid seriously fine then I need to listen it now or else...,said arnav irritatingly.

"Okk u too",saying this she rushed to the washroom handing the phone to mamiji without listening the reply.

When mamiji was going to disconnect the call she heard him saying "what about planning a kid khushi at least answer this a junior sanka devi aur junior laad governor?"asked her dreamingly not knowing it was mamiji on the line .

"U can come home and asked that bitwa",said mamiji laughingly making him embarrassed and disconnect the call by saying "see u mamiji"

As soon as khushi rushed to washroom there came anjali,shyam and payalshing towards mamiji as they saw khushi rushing to washroom.Mamiji explained her condition from morning to them and they too were panic except anjali as she was wondering the same thing,"is she really..."

After few min when khushi came out she was worn out she came and sat on the sofa with a thud.

Anjali gave her a glass of water which she drank and rested her head on Anjali who just patting on her shoulder like a baby.

After few minutes she stood up only to go to her room with payal suddenly felt dizzy and was going to faint and fall on the floor but was holded by two strong arms none other than Arnav....


Arnav after disconnecting was going to the conference hall ...when there was a knock on his cabin's door...aman entered after getting the permission . Aman said that the meeting is postponed to Monday making him happy ...

After few min akash came and they both left out to reach home...

*Flashback end*

Arnav kneeled down with khushi's head in his lap.And shock would be an understatement for all the members.Nani too came down hearing the commotion only to see her sweet khushi bityaa fainted.

"Khushi...khushi... Wake up ..wake up khushii....wake up dammit its not funny!!",said arnav with panic filled voice.Anjali too kneeled down to calm her chote by consoling him.

Payal brought a glass of water and gave it to arnav to sprinkle it on khushi.He did as soon as she gave him the glass.But khushi didn't woke up, thus sending him in panic mode.

K..khu..shii plzz wake up I know this is one of ur antics ...I am trapped okk now plzz wake up .....khushi wake up dammit plzz....",said arnav in a heart wrenching tone.

After thinking for few seconds arnav said,"Akash call madhu soon...m taking her to my room"

"Bhai I already called her she'll come few min",said akash hurriedly seeing her bhabhi cum saali in this state.

With that arnav picked her and took her to their room holding her close to him tightly followed by the whole family.

Arnav was going lay her down on bed but stopped feeling something he looked towards it and smiled looking at it...khushi was tightly clutching his collar,but soon his smile vanished as he came to present and gently removed her hands from the collar and laid her on the bed and sat beside her rubbing her hands.

After few minutes which seem like hours madhu rushed to Arshi's room with tears filled eyes worried for khushi di.

As soon as she came she asked everyone to move out so she can check her arnav too unwillingly had to move out as insisted by his di and nani.

The moment they went out they saw Sheetal with Aarav coming  towards them worriedly.

"What happened why everyone is worried?",asked sheetal pretending to be worried.

"Sheetal ....khushi just fainted suddenly that's why we all are worried",said Anjali glancing at Arnav who was pacing the corridor with his fist and eyes closed .

"What!!...what happened to mumma why she fainted say na badi nani",asked Aarav at the verge of crying.

"We don't know beta that's why we are waiting here and ur madhu maasi is checking her na...",said nani bending to his level and cupping his face.

With that he went to went to arnav and holded his asking him to bend down to his level but instead of bending he kneeled down infront of him.

"She will be fine na ASR",asked aarav with tears flowing from his eyes.

"Of course big boy...she is aaravs mumma and ASR's

so she is a fighter ryt...",said arnav with tear filed eyes and wiping aarav's tears and hugged him tightly consoling each other. Everybody looked at them with tears filled in their eyes.Sheetal stood there with evil smirk looking at them.

While inside the room madhu with tears filled eyes and trembled hand checked her pulse which made her smile and kissed her di's forhead...with that she gave her injection which made khushi to come in senses after few min only to be hugged tightly by an overwhelmed sister.

"Kya hua chotii...",asked khushi seeing her smiling and crying at the same time.

Madhu took her hand kept it on her stomach giving her shock as realised the meaning behind it.Madhu kissed her forehead and moved out to inform the family members. And khushi was smiling with tears flowing from her eyes caressing her stomach.

Outside the room when madhu came out they asked her many question making her shocked and arnav and aarav broke the hug and rushed to madhu and they together asked,"how's khushi/mumma?"

And others too looked at her for an answer but she just smiled and said,"she is fine jiju and my big boy."

But Arnav as arnav didn't agreed and rushed inside.

While madhu informed them about khushi making family members jump in happiness and followed behind arnav with nani anjali and payal leaving sheetal to fume in anger.

While inside the room as soon as arnav entered he went near her and said,"khushi...khushi...kya hua...Sab theek hai na...",and then looked at the ladies to search for an answer.

"Yahan ....Sab...theek nahi hai ",said nani with sad expression,making arnav to go in the panic mode and khushi to look down with blush.

[ not fine]

"Sab ...theek nahi hai...matlab??",asked arnav being confused and panic at the same time and looking at khushi who looked at him blinking her eyes.

[Here....everything is not fine...meaning??]

"Chalein bitya...",asked nani indirectly saying to give time to this couple.

[Lets go bityaa..]

"Apna dhyaan rakhna...",said anjali while bending and caressing her cheeks while khushi simply nodded blushingly,then left out with others.

[Take care...]

But they(whole family) went to Arshi's poolside stood there to eavesdrop their chote's feeling and capture his reaction in cam.

After they left Arnav asked khushi making her look at him,"khushi...Sab theek nahi hai ka matlab kya hai...?"

[Khushi...what's the meaning of everything is not fine?]

And saying that he rushed to sit Beside her...and asked,"khushi...khushi tum theek to ho na?"

[You are fine na?]

"Haan Arnavji...hum theek hain",said khushi slightly smiling and nodding.

[Yes Arnavji...I am fine]

(Anjali said admiring the couple"our chote loves khushi a lot na nani."nani nodded with tears in her eyes.

"Yeah rytt...theek seriously khushi!! ....u fainted dammit...what madhu said?",asked Arnav with a sarcastic comment.

"Woh...Arnavji..woh",she couldn't continue as he became red and smiled.

"Seriously khushi...",said Arnav with sarcasm and then continued,"Waise to tum Poora din talking main guiness world record todne main lagi rehti ho....aaj itna bhi nahi bolsakti ki tumhe kya hua hai."

[Whole day u will be talking to break the guiness world record ...and today can't u say thatvwhat happened to u]

"Hawww... Laad governor..u...go now m not gonna say anything to u",said khushi turning her head in fake anger.

(While others were trying hard to suppress their laugh looking at khushi's reaction.)

"Dammit !! khushi ...don't test my patience... u already did enough today..come on shoot and its not funny that ur smiling kk",said arnav gritting his teeth.

"Okk okk calm down ",said khushi to calm his anger cum love for her.

"Come on now shoot!!",said arnav looking at her.With that khushi took his hand making him look at his hand and kept it on her stomach with a smile.

"Kuch samajhne ki koshish kijiyne na",asked khushi with a hope and tears of happiness forming in her eyes that he might figure it out.

[Try to understand something na]

After thinking for few second his Harvard brain got this silly point,"Khushi...acidity main koi faint hota hai?"asked Arnav innocently making khushi to slap her forehead on her husband's dumb question.

(While others were trying hard to suppress their laugh listening to arnav and altogether they said "what the...dumb chote/bhai/jiju"

"U know what u r such a big stupid person!!",said khushi being irritated.

"Khushiiii....",said arnav in a warning tone.

"Kya khushiiii...Arnavjii....or else what, U r Harvard graduate only for namesake I Guess....coz even a 4-6 year child can guess it correctly",said khushi with irritation.

"What the!! khushi then come directly to the point na",said arnav.

"Hey devi maiyaa ...hum kya karein inka..",spoke khushi folding her hand an looking up.

[Hey devi maiya...what should I do to him]

(Poor khushi can't he understand this much.. Was in everyone's thought)

"Dammit khushi!! tumhe yeh Sab mazak lagrha hai yahan tumhari halat dekhkar sabki Jaan jarahi aur tum drama karrahi ho...",said arnav in higher tone.

[Are u thinking it as a joke here everyone is worried looking at your state and there u are doing drama.]

"Aise waqt par koi kisipe chillata hai kya?",said khushi pouting.

[Does anyone shout at a person at this time?]

"Aisa waqt ..kaisa waqt?",asked arnav instantly.

[This time..which time?]

"Shut up Arnavji",said khushi angrily.

"Khushi.....Sab pagal hogaye hain",making khushi to wiggle her eyebrows,"madhu bhi kuch nahi batarahi hai ki tumhein kya hua,"making khushi sigh in defeat,"nani aur di bhi yahan se chale gaye",said Arnav without taking a break...making her shake her head smiling slightly at him understanding his plight.[Khushi......everybody has gone mad...madhu too is not saying anything that what happened To   and nani and di too left]

(Everyone's jaw dropped listening to that pagal statement)

"Arnavji...chup",said khushi sternly having fun of his state.


"Hadd hai khushi ...mujhe yeh batane me bajaye ki tumhe kya hua hai tum mujhe chup rehne me liye kehrahi seriously khushi..",said arnav being highly irritated.

[Its a limit khushi ....instead of telling me what happened to u..u are asking me to stay quite seriously khushi]

Khushi thought,"inse nahi hone wala inka dimaag is booked only for business strategies...main hi batadeti hoon."[He will not be able to do it as his brain is booked only for business strategies ....lemme only say it]

("Hamare chote bohot bade wale bewakoof hai sachi",said Anjali being irritated on her brother.

"Bechari hamari di...",said madhu with a pout.[our chote is a big time poor sister]

"Mr.Arnav Singh Raizada ...aap...aap papa bannewale ho",said khushi finally taking a breathe and looked at his face not to miss a chance chance to see his precious expression.

[ Mr.Arnav Singh Raizada ...u...u r going to a father]

"Khushi...main papa bannewala hoon woh toh theek hai...Lekin tum ...",stopped Arnav and looked at khushi nodding with tears and smile on her face finally realising what she said.

[Khushi...m going to be father that's fine.. but u...]

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