Aap Mujhe Achche Lagne Lage - 2

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Chapter 31 - Proud of you! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 224 times)

Khushi’s room..

She stood on the window of her room staring at the bright and full moon in the dark sky. She was just staring at it blankly, while her mind was on Arnav’s words.

“Will I be able to turn myself into a strong girl like Arnav ji wants? I can’t even say a word against Amma and Bauji, then how I will face them and this world? If reply back to Amma, she will scold me a lot.. she will punish me!” Khushi thought gulping in fear, “I can’t do this.. No, I will not be able to do this..”

She shook her head and went to her bed with tears in her eyes, “How will I tell you Arnav ji how difficult it is doing what you want for me? I always craved for my parent’s love and never got them, I always tried to please them but in return I only got scolded and beaten for no fault of mine, they were so bad with me but still they’re my Amma and Bauji, they’re those person who gave me home, food and education.. if it wasn’t for them, then I don’t know where I would have been today and in which state.. keeping this in my mind, I never replied back to them, I never shouted at them and always obey them.. I have lived all these years in my life with a fear of them.. and now suddenly you want me to change Arnav ji.. I don’t know if I can do this..”

She hides her face with her both palms and start crying bitterly.

Her phone start ringing, she knows it’s him. Wiping her tears away quickly, she picked up his call: Hello Arnav ji..

“Are you okay? You sound weak!” Arnav asked worriedly.

“Nahin, I’m fine Arnav ji.. I was sleeping actually when you called..” she said hoping him not to caught her lying.

“Acha! You were sleeping and when I called you, you didn’t even took two seconds to pick up my phone.. When you don’t know how to lie, don’t try it then!” he said.

“I’m sorry Arnav ji!” she said, “I was thinking about our talk.. Arnav ji I..” she wanted to say to him that she can’t do this but something made her stop. When he has done so much for her, stand with her when she needed, protected her from everyone, even went against his mother for her then why can’t she do this for him? She can’t let him down also, she also needs to show him how much she loves him.

“I will make you proud of me Arnav ji.. I will become a strong girl.. Exactly like you.. or even better than you!” she smiled wiping her tears.

“You don’t know how much your words make me happy now..” he smiled victoriously, “Yeah.. Be ready tomorrow at 5 am ok?” he said.

She just nodded confused.


During one month:

Early in the morning, Khushi looked ahead of the park then at Arnav, “What am I going to do here?”

Arnav was staring at her, she looked so beautiful in jogging outfit, and he couldn’t take his eyes off her.

“Arnav ji tell me na.. Why did you make wear these types of clothes and are you going to make me exercise here?” she pouted shaking him.

“Haan..” he said coming out of his thoughts, “Jogging!”

“But why? I’m not fat!!” she said cutely. Arnav chuckled, “Meri Jaan.. Exercising is good for health and it makes you strong; it helps you gain confidence in yourself and makes you happy!”

“Oh, so this is my training to become strong girl?” she asked raising her eyebrows. Arnav nodded, “It starts from here!”

“Ready?” he asked. She nodded excitedly, “I will run more than you Arnav ji!”

Giggling she started running, while Arnav followed her also running.


At AR..

“You’re an hour late Rahul and on top of that you still didn’t finish the designs you were asked to! Is this why I’m keeping you at AR?” Arnav asked glaring at his employee.

“ANSWER ME DAMMIT..” Arnav stood up clutching his fist. Rahul took a step back in fear, “Sorry ASR.. I won’t repeat this anymore..”

While Khushi jumped from her seat gulping, as she stares at both.

“OUT..” Arnav gritted his teeth, “And since you came late, you just have one hour to finish the designs and keep them at my table, am I clear?”

“ASR one hour is too less, I won’t be able to finish it..” Rahul cried.

“I don’t want to hear excuses.. Go and do your work or prepare the resignation letter!” Arnav shrugged, “NOW OUT!”

Rahul ran away from there. While Khushi felt pity for him, she looked at Arnav: Arnav ji don’t do this to him.. Give him a second chance!

“Khushi I know what I’m doing!” he said and concentrated back on his work. Seconds later, he stare at her again, she was with same sad face.

“You felt bad for him?” he asked her. Khushi nodded her head.

“You didn’t like that I scolded him? You think I was wrong to scold him?” he asked.

“Nahin Arnavji but.. I know he did wrong, but it’s not everytime that we can reach early in some place, it happens with everyone.. He probably doesn’t have his own car and has to wait for bus, taxi or rickshaw.. it’s a mistake and I think you should have forgiven him first time.. if he does it again then you can scold him..” she said.

“Okay! I will keep it in mind next time..” he said smirking, his mind had already planned something with this situation.

Khushi smiled.


AR (another day):

“Sorry ASR.. my daughter was sick.. I had to take her to hospital that’s why I didn’t came yesterday..” Nisha, one of the employees said.

Khushi sat silently this time, waiting for Arnav to forgive this woman as they had a conversation about this, and he agreed to forgive his employees if they do some mistake for the first time.

“Everyday something or other happens in everyone house here Nisha, so that means they should take a day off office? Your daughter was sick, you should have left her with your family members and if the case was that serious informs me or Aman a day before. There’s something called “Information!”, you neither informed me or anyone else here that you wouldn’t come.. How was I supposed to know about you?” Arnav raised his eyebrow.

“I’m really sorry ASR.. This won’t happen again, please understand.. my daughter had high fever.. at that time I couldn’t understand or think anything.. I just wanted her to be fine.. please ASR..” the lady cried.

“You’re fired!” Arnav said coldly, “I don’t tolerate such irresponsible behavior in AR..”

Khushi gasped in shock, “But Arnav ji..”

“Khushi don’t interfere in my matters!” he cut her off, and looked at Nisha, “Get out!”

Nisha start crying heavily, then looked at Arnav and winked at him. Arnav smirked and signaled her to leave. She went running from there.

Khushi stood up from her chair and grabbed her purse; she walked to leave when his strong hand pulled her back.

“Kya hua? Why are you leaving?” he asked as if nothing happened.

“Kuch nahin Arnav ji.. I just want to go!” she said looking away.

“Are you sure? Your face suddenly changed! Is it because of Nisha?” he asked with a hidden smirk on his face.

She finally looked at him, “Arnav ji do you remember you said to me that you won’t scold your employees when they commit any mistake for first time?”

Arnav pretended to think for some time, then nodded sideways: No, when did we talk about it?

“Kuch nahin..” she shook her head, pushing him away a bit. She walked to leave again.

Arnav walked faster to door and closed it before she could leave. Khushi looked at him blankly.

“If you remember it, then why are you not doing it?” he asked. Khushi frowned, as she became confused with this question.

“You explained to me that I shouldn’t scold them if they commit a mistake for the first time, but still I did the same thing again, I scolded Nisha despite the fact that we had already talked about it.. It wasn’t a first mistake from my part also, why didn’t you scold me then Khushi?” he asked.

“How can I scold you?” she bit her lips.

“Why can’t you? When you can scold me for going out alone at night and reach home late in Nainital, then why can’t you scold me now? When I can scold employees then why can’t scold me Khushi? I’m yours, and you have the right to scold me and show me the right path.. What just happened now, was just a drama, Nisha was just acting.. I only wanted to see if you will scold me or not, but you didn’t!” he said.

Khushi looked down. Arnav held her chin, and made her look at him, “Do you know why? Because there’s still fear in your heart which was created by your parents, you can’t raise your voice neither to them, nor to others around you.. You still get scared when you see me shouting here at everyone.. I’ve noticed that.. you’re scared to scold people around you even me, because you think they’ll turn out to be like your parents, na?”

Khushi nodded her head sobbing; she hugged him tightly and clutched his shirt closing her eyes. Arnav hugged her back, patting her back, “Shh.. it’s okay. I will remove this fear from you.. It’s this fear that is stopping my girl from becoming strong!”


“It’s too cold here Arnav ji!” she whined, shivering as they left the car parked and crossed the road to reach the dabba in front of them.

Arnav took out his suit and made her wear it, “Is it okay now?”

She smiled and nodded her head, “Hmm.. What do you want to eat here?”

“Many things.. Di told me that junk food isn’t that bad and I would love it.. but I don’t like it when I eat alone, I only like it from your hand just like that puja day..” he smirked and made her sit, then sat beside her, “And there’s another reason why I brought you here!”

“What is it?” she asked curiously.

“I choose 10 students of your college to do an internship in AR, and one of them is my Princess!” he smiled.

Khushi widened her eyes smiling, “Arnav ji! Is it true? I got an internship in AR.. I can’t believe it!”

“It’s true! My Princess is that intelligent and I can’t lose such a chance of working with a wonderful designer like you!” he said.

“It’s not true Arnav ji.. I’m not any wonderful designer.. I still have a lot to learn from you!” she smiled and hugged him tightly, “Thank you so much Arnav ji for giving me this chance..”

“Bhaiya what will you have?” Chandu came there to take their orders, which made them break the hug.

After Chandu took the orders and left from there. Arnav continued to chat with Khushi, staring at her share with him about her life, what happened in her house, what she did whole day, what happened in college made him happy to see how much she changed, from that girl who used to be silent all the time, to now where she talks openly with him without being much shy or scared of him. She has started to open up with him. That day isn’t far where she would stand for herself. He’s doing everything on his hand, from jogging with her every day in the morning, taking her outside to shopping, restaurants, beaches, parties to make her feel comfortable with his family, friends and others around her, teaching her business tactics in AR and now she’s joining AR as intern which would help him stay with her and train her for more time, teaching her how to say NO, that’s one of her problems, she’s so good that she can never say NO and people undoubtedly take advantage of this, controlling her tears, yes this one was a tough job but he made his Princess understand that she can’t cry for everything otherwise others will always do things to hurt her knowing that she wouldn’t do anything but cry. And nowadays he started noticing the change in her, when she comes to work in RM, Lavanya and her mother would always pass bad comments about her character or his Ma glaring at her, but Khushi just ignore it and does her job, she remains unaffected. She’s doing her best to change, he can feel it.. And it’s only for him that she’s doing this.

“Arnav ji are you listening what I’m saying?” she shook him.

Arnav kissed her forehead warmly, “I’m proud of you!”

Khushi placed her finger on his lips, “No, don’t say it now!.. Save it for day where you will see me as your strong girl!”

“Okay.. Then I’m half-proud of you now!” he said and both giggled.

While Khushi was in the process of changing and their love kept growing, not all of them were so happy about this. Lavanya and Dolly were as always trying to hurt Khushi, humiliating her but did nothing big as they were scared of Arnav's warning. Ratna was still angry on Arnav for choosing Khushi over her choice, everyday she makes him remember that she didn't accept Khushi and isn't happy about their relation. On the other side, Garima and Shashi couldn't do anything also to hurt Khushi anymore, the cameras Arnav fixed in their house and his constant presence in Khushi's life was spoiling all their plans. Buaji was very happy seeing Khushi leading a normal life now, happily and not scared or being made a slave by Garima and Shashi, this was only because of Arnav. Everyday she thanks DM for sending Arnav in Khushi's life. Payal was getting scared that Arnav and Khushi's relationship was turning stronger day by day, Arnav was serious about his marriage with Khushi, and that stole her peace, it killed her to think that Khushi will become a Raizada now, and way more richer than her. She was praying for some miracle to happen and Arnav call off this marriage. 

The Raizadas were very happy with Khushi, they already love her food now loving her also, her cuteness, her shyness, her simplicity, her goodness and they discovered another side of Khushi that her parents killed it but Arnav made it alive again, her craziness!! Khushi was now opening up to them, and it was easy for them to instantly get along with her and comfortable also. Arnav, Khushi, Anjali, NK, Akash, Shyam even have a whats app group named "Raizadas" where they keep chatting all night. 

Raj and Khushi also share a beautiful bond. After knowing Khushi's story from Arnav, first he got angry with Khushi for not sharing this with them, he would teach a lesson to Garima and Shashi for torturing her, later he started caring and loving Khushi as his own daughter, now he loves to pamper Khushi and tries his best to be the best father for her. 

While Anjali, Nani and Raj are always trying to make the cute couple spend sometime together, it's always Mami, NK, Akash and HP that come in between!

Thank you so much for the response, for pressing thank you button. Isabellaallan2108 - Okay dear.. I'll update this story regularly. 

Noordina - it means: I ask to God for your happiness, and ask you for love for whole life. 

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Chapter 32 - Arnav's headache! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 206 times)

Gupta house..

“Arey kya hua? ..” Garima frowned as she looked at her husband who returned early from shop, which is not his usual.

“Did you come to have lunch? I haven’t prepared it yet..” she said embarrassed.

“Haan haan, you’re always glued to TV when do you have time to prepare lunch for me?” he said sarcastically and settled himself on the sofa.

“Why are you scolding me? I have so much work to do here at home, and on top of that NO ONE helps me now!” she shouted and stressed the ‘NO ONE’ so that Buaji and Khushi hear that.

While Buaji rolled her eyes, Khushi stare at her for a while thinking if she should help Garima or not, but one look from Buaji and she reminded herself of Arnav’s words and picked her purse.

She left from there and Garima widened her eyes in shock, “How much this girl changed! Doesn’t she have any shame to leave her mother here all alone to cook? Shameless..”

“Hayee NK, so now you remember you’re her mother!” Buaji said, “Wah, you’re great Garima!”

Garima glared at her and was about to reply, when Shashi shouted: Stop it you both! I don’t want to hear anything now.. I’m so worried here and no one cares for me..

“What happened ji?” Garima sat beside him and caressed his shoulder, “Tell me, I’m here for you..”

“What will you do? You know.. that Sunil.. that goon.. He threatened me that he would shut my shop if I don’t give him money.. And he has asked for a huge amount.. I don’t know what to do!” said Shashi wiping out his sweat.

“Hayee NK.. What’s happening with you Shashi? First some thieves stole your money and now Sunil.. Do you know how dangerous that man is? It’s better to give him the money, we don’t want any problem.. What if he comes up here at home? People will start talking about it.. They might think you’re in illegal works with that guy and it will spoil your reputation..” Buaji said.

“Don’t talk like this! Why are you wishing bad for my husband? Nothing of that sort will happen..” Garima said with moist eyes, “It’s better to inform the police about this, hain na?”

“Nahin.. I can’t.. If I complain to police, he might kidnap one member from our family..” Shashi said holding his head in tension.

“It’s better they take that Khushi!” Garima said, “It’s because of her that all these problems are coming to us..”

“Shut up Garima!” Buaji shouted, “They will not take my Sona because Arnav bitwa is there to protect her every time, it’s you who should be worried!”

Buaji left from there angrily. Garima sobbed, “Did you hear what she said? She wants that Sunil and his men to take me, your sister never liked me..”

“Garima shut up! I don’t have time for you nonsense.. here I’m worried about my shop and you!” he rolled his eyes, “Go and cook something for me..”

“Haan, you all don’t care about me.. Khushi doesn’t help me now and busy with her lover, your sister wants me to be kidnapped and you only want me to cook.. Only my daughter Payal thinks about me!” Garima left to kitchen crying.



“Welcome to AR! .. You know every day we receive many people here looking for work in this company, it’s a dream of many people to meet its owners for once, work here and get experience.. We have many youngster out there with energy, passion and love for designing.. Still I decided to give this opportunity to ten students of college XYZ.. I hope you don’t make me disappointed and explore at the maximum this opportunity.. Not all people get this chance, make a better use of this one I’m giving to you all.. One or other day, the teachings and experience you will get here will help you in your future projects or plans in life..” Arnav said.

The students nodded their head with smile on their faces, it’s actually a dream come true for them to get a chance to work in AR. They clapped their hands as ASR finished his welcome speech for them which motived them to work and give their best here.

“So, I gave the responsibility of teaching, guiding and making sure you all leave from here after having a full knowledge of what’s working in a Fashion industry to Aman Mathur..” Arnav said giving space on stage to Aman. Aman walked to the stage and stand beside Arnav smiling.

The students clapped for him.

“The rest is with you!” Arnav patted Aman’s shoulder with a smirk and left from the room to leave them comfortable with Aman.

While leaving the room, he stopped behind his Cutiepie and quickly stole a kiss on her cheek, “Good luck!” he whispered and left from there smirking.

Khushi gasped as she didn’t expect this move by him. She widened her eyes and covered her open mouth with her palms, then looked sideways to see if anyone noticed this. Thank God, she was behind those students and seems like all their attention was on Aman.


 Raizada mansion..

“I think it’s best day Papa.. I don’t think Chote will deny for this as he badly want Khushi to be his!” Anjali smiled.

“Best day for what?” Ratna asked as she stopped at the living room and heard their talks.

“For Arnav and Khushi’s engagement..” Raj smirked staring at the shocked Ratna, “Khushi is in last year of college and soon she will join AR.. I thought it’s better they get engaged and then we will prepare for their marriage!” 

“Perhaps you don’t know I haven’t agreed for this yet!” Ratna crossed her arms and looked at her husband sharply.

“Perhaps you don’t know that it doesn’t depend on you either! Arnav and Khushi should say yes, and then this engagement will take place whether you want it or not!” Raj challenged her.

Lavanya heard this, she became disturbed, “Oh no! This Raj uncle bhi na.. He wants to spoil all my plans.. ASR has to be mine and he will only marry me.. It look like it’s not enough to convince Ratna ma, I’ve to make entire family like me and hate that Khushi, then only I will be able to become Lavanya Singh Raizada.. ASR will not be ready to lose his family for that Khushi.. after all as per media he loves his family more than anything!”

Lavanya smirked. She went running to the living room near Ratna, and smiled, “Ma look na.. I bought this saree for Karwa chauth..  I want to observe fast for ASR! So what if he doesn’t like me, I can at least do this for him..”

Ratna had tears in her eyes hearing this, she looked at her family, “Did you see this? How much she thinks of Chote and he’s behind that girl who only wants his money! Now she’s working in AR, one day she will leave my son and own everything that is his.. You all will see it, she’s very shrewd.. This is her planning.. she already took my son away from me..”

Lavanya faked a sad face, “No one will believe you Ma.. Khushi is that great actress!”

Raj rolled his eyes, then looked at Nani: I think we should start thinking about the decorations and all, I don’t think Arnav or Khushi will say NO for this engagement..

Nani nodded. Lavanya widened her eyes seeing that Raj remained unaffected.

“By the way, I also bought saree for Khushi.. She will wear it on Karwa chaut.. I’m sure she will look beautiful as an angel.. But others will definitely look like chudails!” Mami joked.

The family burst out laughing, while Lavanya fumed in anger and looked at Ratna, who signaled her to keep calm.



“This will make you feel better!” said his model, Roshni giving him paracetamol.

“Thanks!” said Arnav and took it; he gulped it at once after drinking water.

“Can I come in?” Khushi stood at the door watching this scene with a serious face.

 “Sure..” Arnav replied but as soon as his eyes met hers, he knows good thing wasn’t on the way.

Roshni left the conference room, and Khushi closed the door.

“It’s not what you’re thinking!” he explained even before she could utter anything.

“How do you know what I’m thinking?” she asked frowning.

“By your face! You got angry when you saw me with Roshni.. she’s just a model Khushi nothing else..” he said.

Khushi pushed him getting angrier, she asked him in disbelief, “You think I doubt you Arnav ji? How can you think like that of me? I trust you blindly!”

“Then why are you angry?” he asked with confused, still a smile was playing on his lips, he loved to hear that she trusts him!

“You lied to me Arnav ji.. Today morning I asked you if you’re okay and you said yes but now you’re taking meds means you’re not well!” she said sadly.

“It’s nothing Khushi.. Just a headache..” he shrugged, “I’m fine!”

“Acha? So it’s like this now.. I have to tell you everything about me and you not.. If it’s like this, then I will also stop sharing my feelings with you..” she looked away.

“NO..” he gasped, “I didn’t want to make you worried, it’s your first day here as intern, you were happy and excited and I didn’t want to spoil it by making you worried about me.. I know you, you would have stayed all day thinking about my headache.. That’s why I decided to not tell you about it..”

“And you preferred to share this with your model rather than me?” she asked.

“I didn’t say anything to her Khushi.. She just saw me massaging my forehead..” he said.

“If I get sick or something else, I will also not share with you.. You already have so problems of AR and all, I don’t want to make you worried also..” she pouted and walked to leave.

Arnav quickly wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her back, hugging her from behind, “Don’t do this to me.. I’m sorry.. I’m still having headache!”

“Then take one more paracetamol, you’ll feel very much better!” she said. Arnav chuckled, “I’m sorry meri Ma.. I won’t hide anything from you again!”

She turned to him and made him sit back on the chair; she went behind and starts massaging his forehead.  

Arnav closed his eyes, feeling better now. She had magic on her fingers. Khushi kissed his forehead after finishing, “Are you feeling better now?”

Arnav nodded, he opened his eyes slowly and raised his hand cupping her cheeks, he brought her face closer to his, then kissed her nose smiling, “I love you!”

“Oh God.. I came at wrong time!” Raj said closing his eyes with a naughty smile. Khushi got shocked, she quickly shoved Arnav’s hand and stood straight, “Papa..”

Arnav also stood up from chair, he brushed his hair smirking, “Very wrong time!!”

“It’s my payback time after all.. You always come in between me and your mother romance time, now it’s my time..” Raj winked.

Both father and son laughed while Khushi blushed.

“Khushi bitiya you don’t need to be embarrassed ok.. I’m not those angry father types!” Raj giggled, “Haan, but if Arnav troubles you then you can complain to me, I will definitely turn myself into that type and scold him a lot..”

“He just did Papa!” Khushi ran to Raj and hugged him sideways, “Arnav ji lied to me..” and she narrated whole story to him. Then raised her eyebrows to Arnav with winning look. 

“Acha.. you told Dad everything wrong I did.. Why don’t you finish the story also?” Arnav said challenging her to say to Raj about the massage part also.

“ASR.. Don’t forget to the world you’re ASR but you’re my Chote okay.. And I will punish you also for taking paracetamol from model Roshni!” said Raj trying to act serious.

Khushi laughed out loudly. Arnav raised his one eyebrow, “Very bad actor you’re Dad!”

Raj looked at Khushi, “Is my acting that bad? I was thinking of giving up of AR and join movies!”

Khushi nodded her head giggling, “You’re better here Papa! Don’t think of acting! But Arnav ji is already star in acting! I don’t even know when he’s saying truth or lie..”

She pouted and looked away avoiding eye contact with Arnav. 

Raj smiled, “You both remind me of my good days with Ratna.. (turning to Arnav) You better pacify my daughter while I’m going to my cabin..”

Arnav walked to Khushi, he wrapped his arms around her waist. Khushi looked away faking anger, she’s not angry with him now but still wants to tease him.

“I never lied to you baba.. I just lied today because it was big day for you.. I didn’t want to spoil it.. I wanted to see that smile in your face when you get welcome here by me.. I didn’t want to be worried about my health..” he said pulling her more closer.

“Am I not worried now?” she asked. Arnav nuzzled his nose over hers, “Sorry..” he whispered.

“I love you too!” she whispered closing her eyes, and her cheeks were turning to his favorite color.

Payal stood at the door watching them, she clutched her fist staring angrily at them. Aman walked to her, he wondered what she looking that is made her so angry.

He reached there and blushed watching Arshi romance, then closed the door silently. But then it stuck on his mind, Payal was angry staring at them.

Payal got startled seeing him, “Aman ji..” she faked a smile.

“Payal what are you doing here? And why are you angrily staring at ASR and Khushi?” he asked suspiciously.

Payal gulped, she looked here and there trying to think what would she lie to him, what was she doing there.

“And whatever it is, you should have some respect Payal.. She’s your sister, but you should respect her privacy na..” Aman shook his head, “Let’s go downstairs at cafeteria..”

She nodded embarrassed and followed him cursing Khushi for being scolded by her husband.

Arnav placed one kiss on her cheek, he was about to kiss her other cheek when.... NK and Akash came in. 

"What the.." Arnav frowned. 

"WHAT THE.. We will say it today.. Papa told us you troubled our Jalebi! We came to beat you up badly for that.." NK said. 

"Haan bhai.. We won't let our Jalebi waste a tear because of you!" said Akash defending Khushi. 

"Oh really.." Arnav crossed his arms and raised his one eyebrow. Both NK and Akash gulped. 

"Yes really!" came the voice of the Raizada ladies from behind, Nani, Anjali and Mami glared at him.  

Now Arnav gulped, and Khushi giggled silently. 

"We're not scared of your ASR form ok.. we're the one who raised our Chote and know very well how to put him on right track!" Nani said smirking. 

"What did you do with Khushi?" Anjali asked. 

"Kuch nahin.. she already forgive me, hain na Khushi?" he looked at Khushi. 

"Tell us Khushi.. he won't say anything.. we'll punish him!" Anjali said. Khushi smirked. 

"No, you can't do this to me Khushi!" he said, "They will really punish me!" 

Khushi smirked more. 

"You're my angel Khushi! This evil smirk on your face doesn't suit you!" he said reading her not so good expression for him now. 

Thank you everyone for the lovely comments. 

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Chapter 33 - Both said yes! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 200 times)

“Can you tell me what you all came to do here? It isn’t because of Khushi, I’m sure!” Arnav asked frowning; he caressed his cheeks that the Raizada ladies pulled as his punishment.

“Haan, we came to talk about something very serious!” said Nani giggling about his state.

“Let’s move to my cabin then!” Arnav said. The ladies, NK and Akash went first. While Khushi stayed with Arnav.

She giggled, “Kya hua?”

“Kya hua? My cheeks hurt ok! You don’t know how much I ran away from Mami, Nani and Di’s hands since childhood because they like to pull my cheeks..” Arnav said, “And because of you, I couldn’t escape today!”

Khushi smiled, she tip toed to reach his height, and then planted a soft kiss on his right cheek, “Is it okay now?” she asked.

Arnav also smiled, “Much better.. and here?” he asked pointing to his left cheek with his finger.

Khushi slapped his cheek playfully and went from there giggling.


Arnav’s cabin:

“Girlfriend sits here!” Arnav guided his Nani, and made her sit on his chair. Nani smiled, “Thank you my boyfriend!”

“What about Khushi? Where will she sit?” Anjali asked teasing him.

“When I start fighting with Khushi, you guys know now who’s responsible for it!” Arnav said to his family, everyone laughed and Anjali looked at him with open mouth, “Aww Chote.. How mean! What are you trying to say? I was the one who helped you stay closer to Khushi!”

“Di he’s just teasing you!” Khushi said, “You will never be the reason of our fights!”

Anjali smiled and side hugged her, then looked at Arnav and stuck out her tongue to him, “Dekha Khushi is at my side!”

Arnav took Khushi to sit with him on the couch, “My Wife will sit with me Di, now happy?”

“Very much!” Anjali nodded her head smiling.

“We all came here to ask that Karwa chauth is approaching and we thought it’s the best day for your engagement.. So we came to ask if you both agree with our decision.” Nani asked.

“I don’t have any problem!” Arnav said then turned to Khushi, “Do you want to get engaged? Feel free to reply what you think Khushi.. if you’re not ready, we can wait!”

“Haan Khushi.. We’re not forcing you both, we just thought it’s a good day and we can get you both engaged..” said Raj. 

“I don’t have any problem also..” Khushi said smiling.

“Yaaay.. Both said yes!” NK and Akash jumped in happiness, “It’s time to pa-pa-party!!!”

Arnav chuckled, “It’s time for you both to work also!”

Both pouted and left from there, while Raizada ladies stood up ready to leave also.


At cafeteria..

“She said yes!” Akash came running to Aman, “Aman be ready for bhai and Jalebi’s engagement!!”

“It’s such great news!” Aman smiled, “I’ve to congratulate both..”

Payal spill her coffee in shock, her eyes widened: What? Khushi will get engaged to Arnavji?

Aman and Akash looked at her weirdly, “Haan!” both replied at the same time. Payal faked a smiled, “It’s.. It’s such.. Such a great news indeed.. Khushi didn’t told me na.. that’s why I got bit shocked..”

“Jalebi didn’t know it also Payal.. Actually Nani, Raj uncle and Di decided this then now they came to ask bhai and Jalebi if they agree or not.. I’m so happy that both said yes!” Akash smiled.

“Now it’s your time Akash! Where’s your secret girlfriend?” Aman teased him. Akash blushed.

“What I feared the most is already happening.. Hey DM please don’t let this engagement happen.. her engagement with Arnav ji marks my destruction.. how will I face her when I used to insult her saying that she will marry a poor man, that she’s not destined to have same fate as mine.. now she will get married to a real Raizada and more rich than Aman ji..” Payal thought tensed.


Shashi’s shop:

“Sunil beta listen to my words..” Shashi smiled, “I’ve a better option for you! Look right now, I don’t have money to give to you, but you can take my daughter, Khushi.. She’s beautiful, educated, knows how to cook perfectly and it’s your time to get settled na.. Get married to her.. please.. take her very far from here..”

Sunil gave a look to him, then smirked evilly, “Shashi Gupta do you know by asking me to marry Khushi, you’re messing up with Arnav Singh Raizada! You dare to think about this, but I don’t.. I don’t even dare to touch that girl and you expect me to marry her? Pagal ho kya? .. Stop thinking nonsense, and give me money..”

Shashi gulped. 

Jun 14

Chapter 34 - Karwa chauth day! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 193 times)

Karwa chauth day..

Khushi was busy with her colleagues and Aman who was teaching them. Arnav passed from that room with a worried look.

Khushi stare at him, she asked through her eyes, “What happened?”

He signaled her to come to him; Khushi looked sideways to her colleagues showing him that she can’t leave like this.

Arnav was about to enter in the room, Khushi quickly walked to him muttering, “Arnav ji doesn’t have patience at all!”

“Kya hua Arnav ji?” she asked him as both walked through the corridors of the first floor.

“Aren’t you feeling hungry baba?” he caressed her cheek, “If you want to eat something, then you can Cutiepie.. I won’t say anything to my family!”

Khushi slapped his shoulder playfully, “Arnav ji! What are you saying? I’m not hungry at all and don’t ask me to break my fast again otherwise I will be very angry with you!”

“Okay..” Arnav sighed, “Even I’m fasting for you!”

“What?” she looked at him surprised, “Kyun? Arnav ji you don’t need to fast for me!”

“And who’s going to stop me?” he asked huskily, “I can’t eat without you, so I kept fast for you also..”

Khushi rested her forehead on his smiling; she closed her eyes, “Why do you love me this much? I always feel small in front of you!”


Raizada mansion..

“Today is the last day Ma.. today ASR will belong to someone else.. I won’t be here to watch this, my heart isn’t that strong!” said Lavanya crying.

“Nahin bitiya.. today is not your last day but Khushi’s. She’s the one who is going to leave my Chote’s life once and for all..” said Ratna.

“What are you going to do Ma?” Lavanya asked confused.

“You will see..” Ratna said.


Gupta house:

“Arnav bitwa..” Buaji squealed in happiness, “Come in.. come in..”

Arnav walked in with Khushi, Shashi sat properly seeing Arnav in his house while Garima glared at both, Arnav was holding Khushi’s hand so protectively and Garima was jealous because yesterday she talked with Payal, and Payal was complaining that Aman doesn’t give time to her anymore, he’s always busy with his work and here Khushi was with the CEO of AR, who always had time for her even when he’s busy. 

“Did my Princess eat well yesterday?” Arnav asked to Buaji as he sat beside her.

“Yes, I made her eat her favorite dishes.. don’t worry, she can handle fasting for you bitwa..” Buaji smiled seeing him worried for Khushi.

“Now are you happy Arnav ji?” Khushi asked. Arnav nodded smiling, “Go and freshen up now.. then take rest!”

Khushi nodded, “Don’t go without saying bye to me.. I will come back soon!”

She went to her room, leaving Arnav with Shashi, while Buaji joined Garima in the kitchen.

“You haven’t done any good to make that offer to Sunil..” Arnav said sharply. Shashi gulped and kept the newspaper on the table.

“Who Sunil? I don’t know what are you talking about..” Shashi shrugged.

“Don’t take me as fool Mr.Shashi Gupta.. You will pay for thinking to sell my Khushi to save your shop..” Arnav gritted his teeth, “I will make you repent for what you did!”

Shashi wanted to say sorry when Buaji interrupted him, and asked: Arnav bitwa what do you want to drink? Juice, sharbat or tea?”

“I’m fasting also for my Princess Buaji!” Arnav replied.

Buaji smiled teasingly, “Ayeee NK.. You’re so romantic Bitwa.. Shashi learn something from your Son-in-law..”

“Not only how to be romantic, he has to learn how to use his mind like his Son-in-law too!” Arnav smirked.

Buaji chuckled getting Arnav’s meaning.


At night..

Anjali was welcoming the guests with Shyam at the entrance of the hall while NK and Akash were helping to carry the food and drinks to the kitchen.

Raj was chatting with his business partners and friends, while Ratna was on grumpy mood.

Nani was lecturing the married women about this special day; Khushi was listening to her words sitting with the crowd of the married women beside Nani.

Arnav came downstairs with a frown on his face; he was struggling to walk with the white sherwani. Khushi pleaded him to wear it and he couldn’t deny her.

Khushi looked upstairs; her gaze was fixed on him. He looked so handsome with sherwani, no wonder all the ladies in the hall stopped to stare at him.

Arnav also stopped on his track after seeing her so gorgeous with red, his favorite color saree. This woman is out of this world! He just wanted to grab her and take her to somewhere away from everyone.

Rabba vee.. Rabba vee..

Nani smiled faintly, as she saw both staring at each other lovingly.

“I also wore Red his favorite, but he only looks at this Chamkili..” Lavanya rolled her eyes.


“Khushi what are you doing?” Arnav whined, wrapping his arms around her waist.

Khushi applied kajal from her eye under his ear, “You’re looking so handsome Arnav ji.. may no one cast an evil eye on you!”

Arnav smiled, he also applied kajal under her ear, “May no one cast an evil eye on you too!” he kissed her ear. Khushi shivered, she closed her eyes blushing hard.  

Jun 17

Chapter 35 - Ratna's plan! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 203 times)

“Look the moon is there!” NK shouted mischievously. All the ladies looked eagerly up to the sky and saw nothing, they glared at NK who smiled sheepishly.

“NK don’t make fun of their fast!” Nani scolded him, but then winked at him.

Arnav shook his head smiling, he noticed the exchange of looks between them, “Crazy family!”

“Chote.. where is Khushi?” Anjali came to him, “I didn’t see her anywhere.. I even searched for her downstairs..”

“She went to my room Di to use bathroom..” Arnav said. Anjali nodded, “Oh okay..”


“Ratna ma’am what happened? Where are you taking me?” asked Khushi being dragged by Ratna on the corridor.

“Please answer me ma’am.. Arnav ji must be waiting for me!” Khushi said. Finally they reached her room, Ratna closed the door and turned to Khushi.

“I want to talk with you!” Ratna said with serious face. Khushi kept staring at her waiting for her to talk.

“Khushi I gave you work here because I saw you were in need of it for your studies, I treated you like my daughter Khushi and I never thought you would repay my favors like this.. I never imagined in my wild dreams that you would snatch my son away from me!” Ratna said with moist eyes.

“Ma’am.. I didn’t snatch him from you.. You’re his mother and will always be!” Khushi said.

“Then why does he listen to you now and not me? We both know very well that he’s not close to me anymore..” Ratna said crying, “You separated us Khushi.. It’s all because of you!”

Khushi looked at her sobbing, “Ma’am I never wanted to separate you from Arnav ji trust me.. he loves you and neither me, nor anyone can change this..”

“I just want to plead you something Khushi.. for all I have done to you, for giving you this job, for trusting you.. please.. JUST LEAVE MY SON!” Ratna wiped her tears.

“I’m ready to pay all your college fees and send you to work in another city.. but please, leave my Chote.. I’m begging you Khushi! I will make sure you get the best life, a mansion like this, money, everything you want.. just let him marry with the right girl, don’t spoil his life for your own selfish motives..” Ratna said.

Khushi looked at her shocked, tears slip from her eyes. She felt completely numb.


“Aman ji isn’t even looking at me Amma… he’s always busy with Arnav ji now..” Payal complained, “You know I always warm up food for him, but he comes back home and says Khushi cooked for him and Arnav ji, they had lunch together.. Khushi is hell bent on spoiling my marriage life also.. I wish Arnav ji turns out to be a playboy to teach her a good lesson!”

“PAYAL!” Aman shouted angrily.

Garima and Shashi widened their eyes shocked that Aman heard them talking, while Payal gulped and looked at him, “Aman ji..”

“Just shut up!” Aman cut her off, “You should be ashamed of yourself Payal for talking about your sister like this..”

He went from there. Garima patted her shoulder, “Go and pacify him bitiya.. Otherwise he might leave you!”

Payal nodded and hurriedly went behind Aman.

Khushi came back with Ratna, surprising the family. Arnav raised his eyebrow in confusion, his mother seemed happy by being with Khushi and Khushi was also smiling.

“Loh.. Khushi is here.. and moon also..” Anjali chirped.

“Go Khushi.. Let Chote break your fast!” Ratna patted her back smiling.

Khushi nodded and went near Arnav. Arnav caressed her cheek, “Are you okay?”

Khushi nodded smiling, “Haan.. I’m fine!”

Arnav breaks Khushi’s fast, and same did Shyam, Aman, Raj, Mama, Shashi and Dolly’s husband to Anjali, Payal, Ratna, Garima and Dolly respectively.

While Lavanya watch this scene with broken heart, she looked at Ratna with disturbed face.

Ratna gave an assuring look to her, she sighed in relief that Ratna managed to do something but was still confused what this plan was, because now she seemed friendly with Khushi.



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Jun 23

Chapter 36 - Everyone shocked! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 176 times)

“Now ladies and gentleman please join us to witness one of the beautiful and precious moment in my brother’s and my best friend’s life..” NK said calling the guests.

Arnav and Khushi looked at each other smiling.

“It’s their engagement today!” said Akash chirpily. The family went to the stage to stay with Arshi, while the guest start approaching with smiles on their faces and others surprised to see Arnav getting engaged with the cook of RM, they thought that Arnav was just playing with her, they didn’t thought he was serious about his relationship.

Raj and Buaji handled the rings to the Arshi who exchanged the rings. The crowd clapped for them, but Lavanya stare at Ratna with teary eyes.

“DM please me prove my love to Ratna ma.. Please give me strength to show Lavanya’s reality to her and please make and Arnav ji pass this test.. Support me in my plan!” Khushi prayed staring at Ratna, Arnav and Lavanya.


“Ma’am how can you think I’m with Arnav ji because of his money?” Khushi asked with tears slipping continuously from her eyes.

“I think and I know girls like you can do anything for this!” said Ratna angrily, then calmed down, “Dekho Khushi.. we both know the truth.. you don’t need to pretend in front of me, don’t need to put mask of a good girl.. I know what your intentions are.. but please think about my son, his future.. you will spoil his life for your motives.. please don’t do this, let him marry Lavanya and have a good life with her.. Just leave him and go away from here, I will give you as much money you want.. Just ask me!”

Khushi wiped her tears, and looked straight into Ratna’s eyes, “I WON’T LEAVE MY ARNAV JI.. Even if you offer me all money of this world… my answer will be same.. I love Arnav ji truly and no money can buy my love for him..”

Ratna widened her eyes shocked with Khushi’s answer, “Khushi tum..”

Khushi showed her palm, “I didn’t finish yet.. And it’s not me who is spoiling his life, it’s you Ma’am.. The same you’re thinking about me, why can’t you think the same for Lavanya? Just because Lavanya ma’am is rich and I’m not.. if this is your view then I really pity you.. That you’re great person that belongs to a reputed family, high status.. but you are narrow minded.. You’re elder to me this is why I never replied you back, but today you just crossed your limit ma’am.. just because I’m poor and middle class girl doesn’t mean that I will stand here and hear you humiliate me.. And do you know who gave me courage to stand for myself? Your Son.. My Arnav ji.. that man who loves me unconditionally, who wakes up in morning with my name in his mind and sleep thinking about me, who wants me to be strong, who does everything to keep a smile intact on my face.. And today you’re pleading me to leave such a man, if you were on my place, would you leave such man for money? .. If he’s your son, then he is my love.. I will also fight for my love, I will fight to give him what he deserves and he definitely doesn’t deserve Lavanya. I won’t let Lavanya marry him at any cost.. I will not let YOU spoil HIS LIFE..”

“Wah.. what an actress you’re!” Ratna clapped her hands, “I’m not even surprised with this.. Because you just showed your true face.. today you replied back to me and just ended your fake acting of being so good, selfless and innocent..”

“Call me an actress, middle class girl or anything you want ma’am because it won’t affect me anymore.. I know what Arnav ji thinks of me and that’s more than enough.. My decision is final, I won’t leave Arnav ji.. Anything else?” Khushi raised her brows and crossed her arms.

She walked to leave shutting her eyes tightly; she can’t believe she just did this. She replied back to Ratna, she fought for her love. If Arnav was here, he would be so happy to see her.

“If your love is true, then it can pass any test.. Right?” Ratna asked.

Khushi turned to her confused, and then nodded.

“Then prove it to me.. if you pass this test of love then I will agree that you’re the one for my son and not Lavanya!”

“What’s the test?” Khushi asked. Ratna told her what she had to do and Khushi agreed.

Flashback ends.

As the guests left, only family members stayed enjoying the party with Arshi. They went to dance floor, where Arshi were dancing on romantic song.

Ratna signaled Khushi to take some action, Khushi stare at Arnav while dancing.

“Kya hua? Why are you looking at me like that?” Arnav smirked.

“I was thinking that finally I’m going to be Mrs. Raizada!” Khushi said smirking, as she wrapped her arms around his neck.

Arnav found her behavior weird, “Why are you talking like this? And why are you behaving strangely Khushi?”

“Offo ARNAV..” Khushi whined and pushed him slightly, she showed him the ring on her finger smiling, “Can’t you see how much I’m happy to be engaged with the OWNER OF AR?”

The family stopped dancing and stares at Khushi shocked, she just called him ‘Arnav’ and not ‘Arnav ji’. Ratna smirked, “Now you will see Khushi how my Chote will throw you out of his life.. This plan was not for you to prove your love, but to show what you’re to my Chote.. now you will act like you were interested in Chote’s money and status and he will leave you.. You will break everyone’s trust here and everyone will realize that Lavanya is best for Chote..”

“What is Sona doing? What’s wrong with her? Why is she behaving like this?” thought Buaji worriedly. Shashi and Garima were equally shocked.

“This is the moment Arnav ji.. just leave this Khushi.. now she showed her true color.. she only wanted to beat me to become more rich than me.. shii..” Payal thought.

Lavanya and Dolly smirked getting Ratna’s plan.

“Wow Ratna turned to be smarter than us Mom!” Lavanya said. Dolly nodded smiling, “What a move.. Must say, she’s great player..”

“I’m so happy today.. That I only feel like partying..  finally I can shout to this world that.. ASR IS MINE!.. Wooooooooohhhhhhh.. I belong to high status people hain na?.. OMG.. I can’t believe my dream became true now.. Mrs. Raizada not bad!..” Khushi jumped, laughing like crazy.

She took steps back laughing, “By the way.. I could have married NK if I wanted to.. I would still become rich.. but nah.. (She gave lop sided smile and pointed to Arnav).. I wanted YOU! .. And I got YOU!.. Hahaha.. I’m really happy yaar.. (she looked sideways).. I want to have wine.. Big people drink this one na.. I also want it now.. and now I can afford it to because I’m Arnav Singh Raizada’s fiancée..”

She went to take the glass, wiping the tears on her eyes, “I’m sorry Arnav ji.. Please don’t believe in my acting..  I know that you know me.. It’s time to prove our love now..”

“Shameless girl..” Lavanya said, “ASR that day you insulted me in party for her and now look at her character.. I know you must be heartbroken now to see the truth of the woman you truly love and she.. shii.. she was really behind your money.. I always warned you!”

“Haan, that was true..” Khushi pointed to Lavanya nodding, then turned to Arnav, “She really warned you many times but.. it’s not your fault.. I’m that good actress you know..”

She smirked shrugging her shoulder, “And you’re so innocent Arnav.. You let me.. a middle class girl like me fool you all this time.. I just shared my emotional past with you and you really got emotional.. you want to turn me into a strong woman.. hahahaha.. seriously.. Don’t know how people call you intelligent.. but they’re right.. You’re intelligent.. but love made you fool and I used this only to get what I wanted..”

“So all this was your plan?” Arnav crossed his arms staring at her, the pain was evident from his eyes.

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Jun 23

Chapter 37 - Arnav hurt! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 181 times)

“Yes, this was my plan only.. Can’t you see that?” Khushi said arrogantly.

“I’m not asking you!” he said, and moved her aside with his hand, Ratna was in front of him. Ratna looked at him confused, “Why are you looking at me? Ask your Khushi only.. she’s the one who betrayed you.. this is her truth beta..”

 “I’m asking you only Ma..” he said staring at her sharply, “Love hasn’t made me fool yet.. I’m very much capable of figuring out what’s truth or lie..”

“Khushi is the one lied to you.. this is her real face.. Why can’t you open your eyes and see the truth Arnav?” Ratna cried.

“KHUSHI CAN NEVER LIE TO ME DAMMIT..” Arnav shouted, “If opening my eyes I will see Lavanya as the perfect life partner to me, then I prefer living with closed eyes only!”

“I’M TIRED OF ALL THIS NOW.. What do you want Ma? I already said that I DON’T LOVE LAVANYA and I DON’T WANT TO MARRY HER.. I’m happy with Khushi and I know she’s the best for me.. is it too difficult to understand this? I can’t believe that you can stop so low just to separate me from the woman I love.. But remember this Ma, the more low you stop, my love and trust for Khushi will keep increasing..”

Khushi walked to him, she held his shoulder to calm him down. Arnav shoved her hand, then pulled her by her waist harshly, “Aur tum.. I love your heart.. not your face.. Leave your terrible acting, even if you acted brilliantly.. I wouldn’t believe in you, because I know the real YOU.. Did you want to test my love for you?”

Khushi nodded sideways with moist eyes. 

Ratna she looked at Raj, “Did you see now? Even after proving Khushi wrong, he’s still in her side and not his mother..”

“Prove what Ma? I didn’t get you now.. Was all this to prove Khushi wrong?.. Really? I didn’t know that.. I got engaged to Khushi and now we’re normally partying.. Now from where does this come?” Arnav asked acting like he’s confused, as he left Khushi and walked near his parents.

Ratna bit her lips for blurting out the truth, she looked sideways.

“I will tell you from where this drama started.. Remember everyone, Khushi was with me in terrace waiting for moon to break her fast, and then she went to bathroom. Di you remember, you even came to ask me where had Khushi gone.. Khushi took long time and then, to everyone’s surprise she came with Ma, both were smiling! Quite strange.. Ma who can’t even stay near Khushi, came with her smiling! What a progress in such short time!” said Arnav, “Now the question is what happened in that time that Khushi went to bathroom supposedly? And I think Ma or Khushi can answer this to us!”

Khushi sighed in relief, she closed her eyes smiling.

“I did not do anything.. Are you suspecting me? I came with Khushi because I thought to accept her since she will soon be bahu of Raizada family.. I want to start afresh with her, little did I know that today only she would reveal her real face to everyone..” Ratna said, “Ask Lavanya bitiya, she also accepted the truth and moved on, yes she still loves you but she told me that she will try to move on, and I also decided to accept Khushi.. that’s why I came to her when she walked out of the bathroom and said sorry for my mistakes and decided to start afresh with her.. she also hugged me and forgave me.. I don’t know what’s happening now.. but I should have known this, the blame will always go to me as I was against this relationship first..”

“Ratna ji is right only.. I also saw her hugging Khushi Arnav bitwa.. It’s Khushi who planned all this, unfortunately this is my daughter’s true face.. She was always behind your money, she wanted to be famous fashion designer.. and used you to achieve her goals.. and second thing, she was jealous of Payal, she couldn’t bear the fact that Payal married a rich man so in order to defeat her sister, she went on to impress you so that she could married a richer man than Payal’s husband.. this is how she is, selfish.. she’s an orphan we took her as we are good people only and felt pity for her, if we knew that she would spoil our lives and make us feel embarrassed like this, then we would never take her..” Garima said shedding crocodile tears.

“OH JUST SHUT UP..” Arnav yelled, “I know my WIFE better than all of you here.. What do you know about Khushi ahn? Were you there for her in her childhood? Did you took care of her and pamper like you did with Payal? Or you took the advantage of the fact that she’s an orphan and made her do all your work? The truth is that Payal is jealous of Khushi.. Even after getting a good man, what you all care for is money.. I can’t even stand fake people like you here in my house… JUST GET LOST!”

Garima and Shashi widened their eyes.

“This man humiliated me in front of everyone, and you didn’t even said a word Aman ji..” Payal looked at him with moist eyes.

“Didn’t you hear what ASR said?” Aman asked her, “Get lost Payal.. I loved you truly and you.. I can’t believe I married a woman like you..”

“ASR all of them are lying to you.. I trust Khushi only.. I heard the three of them talking bad about Khushi, Payal even said that she wished you turn out to be a playboy and cheat on Khushi.. they’re praying that this marriage gets cancelled..” Aman said.

Arnav blinked his eyes thanking Aman, “I know they just want to separate me and Khushi..”

Raizadas were so shocked to know that Khushi’s family except Buaji is against this marriage, and they ill-treated her when she was a kid.

Shashi angrily gritted his teeth, and took his family to leave after being humiliated here. Arnav looked at him, “You better go and save your life instead of trying to destroy others life!”

Shashi looked at him confused, still went from there.

“Khushi bitiya now you tell us what happened when you had gone to bathroom? Why were you acting like this?” Raj asked.

Ratna looked at him in disbelief, “Don’t you trust me Raj ji?”

“I trust my wife.. not this woman standing in front of me trying to spoil her son’s life..” said Raj.

“Now she will tell lie and everyone will believe her…” said Ratna frustrated.

“Khushi didn’t even say in her defense Ma, still you can in everyone’s eyes here that they trust her!” said Arnav.

Ratna looked at everyone, who looked at her with disgust.

“What? Why are you all looking at me like this? Please trust me, I haven’t done anything.. Khushi has really succeeded in her plan.. She made my family against me.. Well done, Khushi!” Ratna said sobbing.

“ASR what’s wrong with you? How can you treat your mother like this? She’s the one who raised you and now you’re not trusting her words.. What kind of son are you?” Lavanya asked him, then went to console Ratna.

“When my Ma stopped so low like this, then what can her Son do?” Arnav asked with moist eyes, staring at his mother.

“Khushi.. tell us.. What happened?” Nani hugged her sideways. Khushi wiped her tears, and start narrating everything that Ratna said.

“NO.. This is a lie.. this girl is lying.. I never offered money for her to leave Chote.. please believe me Raj ji..” Ratna said crying clutching Raj’s collar.

Raj looked away. Ratna went to Arnav, she cupped his face crying, “Chote you’re my son.. it’s son’s duty to stand by their mother.. and today you have to support your mother.. this girl is lying to you, she is only behind your money that’s what she wants and that’s what I MADE HER SHOW TO YOU ALL..”

“Right Ma.. You made her show to us, it wasn’t Khushi who wanted to do this.. She was the actress but you were the director of this drama!” Arnav said chuckling sadly.

“Enough Ratna.. You’re making a fool of yourself now.. We all are grown enough to see what truth is and what is not!” Nani said angrily.

Arnav wiped his tears and walked away from there. Khushi went behind him running, “Arnav ji..”

“Don’t..” he said and start walking again.

“Arnav ji listen to me.. Please stop.. Where are you going?” Khushi followed him till the door.

“Away from everyone!” he said with broken voice.

“From me too?” she asked with moist eyes.

“I belong to you now.. Where will I go away from you? I will come back to you only..” he said intensely.

“Why Khushi? Today, not only Ma but you also hurt me.. How many times will I have to repeat to you that you don’t have to prove our love to anyone? Isn’t it enough that we both love each other?” he asked with scolding tone.

“Woh.. I’m sorry.. I wanted Ratna ma’am to see Lavanya’s truth..” Khushi said sobbing.

“I don’t have to prove my love for you to anyone other than you.. I don’t care about others Khushi.. if you hadn’t accepted that stupid test, then all this wouldn’t have happened in first place.. What do you think? Ma will accept you now.. She just tricked you in order to prove herself right Khushi, not you.. she doesn’t even care for you.. she wanted you to act like this so that I throw you out of my life.. This wasn’t a test pagli, this was her plan to frame you!”

Khushi looked down sobbing. Arnav went from there.

Buaji came to Khushi, she hit her forehead, “Pagli.. you have hurt him now.. What was the need to do all this?”

Khushi watched him go, with tears of guilt. She was cursing herself for accepting to make part of Ratna's plan. How would she know that Ratna had her evil intentions behind this. She didn't want to hurt Arnav, but she ended up doing it. 

Jun 24

Chapter 38 - Even angry, he cares! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 181 times)

“Please call him Akash ji.. He isn’t answering my phone..” Khushi walked here and there worriedly in Arnav’s room.

“Okay.. Calm down Khushi.. Bhai is like this only, whenever he feels hurt or angry he goes to stay alone or for long drive..” said Akash, as he took his phone immediately and dialed Arnav’s number.

“Did he answer?” Khushi asked impatient.

“Nahin..” Akash nodded sideways with fallen face.

“Khushi ji don’t worry.. Nannav will come back!” said NK smiling softly consoling her.

“He will not come back.. He’s very hurt with me.. I didn’t do right today.. I spoiled his mood.. He was so happy for our engagement.. He even keep fast for me.. aur maine kya kiya!.. I broke his heart..” Khushi said crying uncontrollably. 

“Khushi you need not to cry.. I understand you wanted that you both pass this test so that Ma realizes that Chote knows that you’re not behind his money.. you wanted Ma to know that Chote knows you.. You wanted to prove that your love is true to Ma.. It’s that Chote doesn’t like this.. for him it’s just you that have to believe in him and he should believe in you then he doesn’t care about the rest.. Chote is like this only..” said Anjali consoling her.

“I’ve an idea.. Why don’t you stay here tonight and surprise him when he comes back?” Anjali hugged her sideways, and smiled.

Khushi’s face lit up, she nodded her head.

“That’s it..” Shyam cheered, “Let’s think then how to pacify Arnav Singh Raizada!”

“Cake! Khushi you bake yummy cakes.. Try making one for Nannav, I’m sure he will love it and will forget his anger in one minute!” said NK chirpily.

“Chote hates cakes NK!” Anjali said rolling her eyes, “We’re finding ways to pacify Chote, not You!”

NK smiled sheepishly, while they laughed at his face. Khushi smiled warmly staring at them, “Thank you for being with me and supporting me.. it really means a lot!”

“What are you saying? We’re family after all..” Shyam said smiling.

“Haan, and we will help you and we promise to make Chote forgive you!” said Anjali stroking Khushi’s hair lovingly.

“Sasuma.. I was thinking these youngsters these days like to do everything without consulting their elders first.. look at them, they’re thinking to pacify my Son without talking ME, HIS FATHER..” said Raj entering with Nani.

“You’re right only.. let’s see how they find solution to pacify my Boyfriend!” Nani said crossing her arms.

Khushi, Shyam, Anjali, NK and Akash ran to them and hugged them tightly, “Of course we need you both!!!”

Raj and Nani smiled.

“How is Ratna ma’am now?” Khushi asked to Raj.

“She’s in her room, don’t worry her besties are with her, Lavanya and Dolly..” said Raj gritting his teeth.

“What’s wrong with Ma? I understand that she wanted Lavanya to marry Chote but going against Chote’s wishes it’s not right also.. It’s his life and he should decide the one who he wants to spend his life with..” said Anjali.

“I don’t know what problem she’s having with Chote, because when it was your time Anjali, we let you marry the person you choose and look now you’re happy with Shyam!” Raj said.

“Anyway let’s leave all this and concentrate on our plan..” said Nani.

They kept discussing what they’ve to do and not. And after everyone agreed, they set to work.


It was 1 am when Arnav returned, he opened the door of his room and it was all dark with candles all over the place, the floor was decorated with rose petals and his bed too.

Khushi smiled hiding behind his closet.

“WHAT THE..” he frowned, “Who spoiled my room like this?”

“Awww..” Khushi’s mouth opened in big ‘O’ shape, “I did so much for him and he didn’t even compliment..”

“I did!” Khushi said and appeared in front of him.

Arnav stare at her, then at his room, “Clean this mess now! I’m sure you didn’t do this alone, so call everyone who helped you in it also..”

“I won’t..” she said nodding her head sideways with guilty face, “First read what’s written there..” she pointed to table where there was a card laid there.

He took it and read it curtly, “Sorry.. Now I read it, and you should do what you’re supposed to..”

“Won’t you forgive me?” she asked softly.

“Nahin!” he replied looking away, “And let it be, don’t clean this room.. I will sleep in another room.. you sleep here with this mess..”

He walked away from there.

Khushi sighed sadly, “I know it won’t be easy to pacify you Arnav ji.. after all I hurt you so much!”

“But I won’t give up also.. I will make sure you forgive me!” she smiled, “My Arnav ji! Even you’re angry with me, you’re always thinking about me and my safety.. You don’t want me to go home this late night, that’s why you gave me your room.. Indirectly asking me to sleep here!”


“Shashi ji come here quickly.. Your shop caught fire.. it’s burning everywhere!” said one of Shashi’s neighbor over the phone.

“WHAT!??” Shashi widened his eyes, the phone dropped from his hand and he sat on sofa with a thud.

You better go and save your life instead of trying to destroy others life!

“Nahin.. Arnav Singh Raizada.. aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh….” Shashi cried out, shouting in pain and anger for this man who destroyed his life.

Jun 25

Chapter 39 - It's Lavanya's time! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 227 times)

Arnav knocked the door of her room slowly. Ratna opened the door and looked surprised to see him.

He got in silently and stare at Lavanya and Dolly, he glared at both, “I want to talk with my mother..”

Both went from there making faces.

“Did you came to taunt me also like you father and Ma did?” asked Ratna.

“No, I came to talk with you only..” he said and signaled her to sit on the bed. Ratna did as he said.

Arnav went near and sat beside. Ratna signaled him to rest his head on her lap.

Arnav nodded sideways, “I’m hurt with you today.. today I won’t find peace in your lap Ma!”

“Chote why don’t you understand things? I’m not your enemy beta.. I just want your good only..” said Ratna crying.

“I know Ma.. I haven’t come here to fight with you.. I know now it’s useless to convince you to accept my decision.. I just came to talk only Ma..” he said, “Can we just talk normally as we used to when I come back from school? You would hear my problems patiently and I would listen to your advices, or sometimes when you had fights with Dadi.. I would console you..”

Ratna nodded her head slowly.

“I don’t know why you don’t like Khushi Ma.. I don’t see flaws in her.. She’s my angel.. You know, I never thought I would love someone like I love her, that I would turn so possessive towards a girl, caring, protective.. sometimes I can’t even recognize myself when I’m with her.. She’s the only girl that turns me to Arnav and not ASR!.. Lavanya isn’t like her Ma.. I don’t feel comfortable with her, because Lavanya only looks at me like ASR.. she doesn’t love the real me, she loves the mask I wear everyday I step out of this house.. ASR, the richest and famous business man, CEO of AR.. just that..” Arnav said.

“But maybe I’m wrong too.. I didn’t told you first that I already love someone, the day you got to know must be shock for you that your son choose someone else than the girl you had in mind for him..” he looked at her.

Ratna nodded. Arnav continued, “But you’re wrong too.. because you also didn’t told me that you were planning my marriage with Lavanya..”

“If I told you, things would be different now?” Ratna asked.

“My love for Khushi wouldn’t change Ma, but yeah.. It would be different because I would made you understand that I don’t love Lavanya, I don’t want her to be my life partner.. It just you were convinced before even asking me if I want this marriage or not, and when I denied you couldn’t believe that.. you couldn’t hear No from your son, the one who always obey you.. You wanted to prove yourself right, that Chote will always hear you..”

“But you always heard my words and they’re always best for you!” said Ratna.

“Yes, I do Ma.. but I also have heart.. what I did earlier was for your happiness, but loving Khushi is for my happiness.. and I want to live with her Ma, she’s the woman of my life.. just like Dad choose you leaving all proposals Dadi looked for him, I also choose Khushi leaving Lavanya!”

“It’s about ME now.. How am I going to live my life with someone I can’t even bear for minutes?” he asked.

“What if Khushi turns out to be gold digger?” she asked.

“What if Lavanya turns out to be gold digger?” he asked raising his brows.

“First you answer me..” she pouted.

“Okay.. since you made a plan to prove Khushi wrong in front of everyone.. let’s make a plan to prove them right!” he said.

“Matlab?” she asked with confused look.

“I want to prove my Khushi’s innocence and you want to prove Lavanya’s. So let’s see tomorrow the real face of both.. it’s not fair only to test Khushi, while Lavanya keeps watching the drama, right?”

Ratna nodded, “I’m sure now Lavanya will win!”

“And I know Khushi will win.. I’m just doing this for you to open your eyes and see their truth!” he said, “And yeah Ma, you won’t say anything to Lavanya neither I will to Khushi..”

“But what will we do?” Ratna asked.

“What everyone fears is Death na.. but when you’re in love, you’re even willing to die to save your Love’s life.. same will happen tomorrow!” he said.

“This is dangerous Chote!” Ratna said shocked.

“Don’t worry.. Everyone will be safe!” he said.

“And if Lavanya wins?” Ratna asked, “Will you marry her?”

“My heart only has space for Khushi.. I already told you.. Unlike you both did, I’m not testing her love.. I just want to bring out Lavanya and her mother’s truth to you.. And when I know only she will win, then there’s no reason to raise this question also!”

“I just pray that your heart doesn’t break when you see this girl’s reality..” Ratna said.

“It won’t break.. I’m more than over confident about it!” he smiled, “Because our love isn’t weak!”



Arnav’s room:

Arnav opened the door of the room slowly; he walked near his bed where his Cutiepie is sleeping.

He strokes her hair lovingly, and then kissed her forehead whispering, “I love you! Yes, I’m angry with you and I’ve rights to be also.. What was the need to accept that stupid test?.. Now you will learn that we don’t need to prove our love to anyone neither go through stupid tests like this.. If anyone has to do it now, it’s Lavanya.. It’s time to end this game once and for all…Now I’m already tired of this, I need to remove Lavanya and Dolly from our way now, I want to get married to you without having these two jokers around..”

“Yeah.. I want to see how you’re going to pacify me now!” he smirked covering her properly with the blanket, and he went from there.


Early in the morning, Arnav woke up rubbing his eyes lazily. He saw Khushi walking in with that sweet smile of hers that makes him go crazy but no, today he has to control himself.

He looked at her sternly, “What are you doing here?”

“I thought that we’re going to get married soon, so why not start doing my duties?” she smiled, “I came with your breakfast!”

“Oh, cook duties!” he said, “But I didn’t ask to bring breakfast to my room, I will have it downstairs with everyone..”

“I said after MARRIAGE!” she pouted walking to him.

“And we’re still not married.. So these are cook duties!” he said.

“Cook or Wife.. I’m yours only!” she said shrugging.

“You’re mine.. And you should have kept in mind that when Ma asked you to go through that stupid test!” he replied back.

“I’m sorry Arnav ji..” she said sincerely.

“For every mistake, a Sorry isn’t enough!” he said.

“I know.. I will earn your forgiveness.. I know I hurt you Arnav ji, I was wrong and I will rectify my mistakes also.. I won't repeat it again.." she said blinking her eyes. 

She brought her face closer to her, then brushed her nose against his, "Sorry.. I'm willing to do everything to get your forgiveness.. even if I have to give my life to you.. I will!"

She went from there, and Arnav got lost in thoughts about the challenge he made with his mother.

She came back and kissed his cheek, making him startled, "Good morning!" she went running like butterfly again and he smiled, "Good morning Sona!" he whispered. 

Jul 2

Chapter 40 - Khushi or Lavanya? (By Angel23) (Thanked: 295 times)

Shashi’s house:

“I won’t leave that ASR.. He is the one who destroyed my shop.. I’m sure of that.. he knew that I asked Sunil to get married to Khushi and to revenge me, he only did this..” Shashi said angrily walking here and there on his room.

“But what are we going to do?” Garima asked confused.

“Put him in jail..” Shashi frowned.

“Do you know who he is? ASR.. he will get bail in minutes.. that’s nothing to worry for them.. and apart from that, we don’t have proof that it’s him who did this..” said Garima.

“Then destroy his life!” Shashi said with eyes red in anger.

“What? What are you saying?” Garima looked at him horrified.

“Don’t worry.. I won’t kill him but will surely destroy him.. He doesn’t know me yet.. I will separate him from Khushi.. he won’t be able to find her in this life!” he smirked.

Payal came to their room crying, she rushed and hugged Garima, “Amma.. Aman ji left me!”

“What?” Garima widened her eyes shocked. Shashi smiled and patted her head, “Don’t worry bitiya.. He left you because life is going to bring a better man for you and way richer than him..”

“Who?” Payal cried.

“Arnav Singh Raizada!!!” Shashi laughed.

“Kya? What are you saying Bauji? Why will Arnav ji marry me?” Payal asked all confused.


Shopping XYZ..

Raizadas walked out of shopping, with bags on their hands and smiley faces. Ratna and Arnav looked at each other.

“Are you ready?” she asked.

“Hmm.. now I will cross the road alone and a car will pass by, I will pretend that I’m not seeing the car and will continue walking, Khushi and Lavanya will think that I’m not aware of it because I’m listening to music with my headphones..” he said.

“Kya? Are you going to risk your life also? No, Chote.. I can’t let you..” Ratna cried.

“Don’t worry.. the man driving that car will stop at the right time.. no one will get hurt.. it’s my promise!” he said blinking his eyes.

Ratna gulped, then nodded her head, “Okay.. go!”

“Are you worried that Lavanya will be proved wrong?” Arnav smirked.

“Nahin, I’m worried that you will be broken after seeing Khushi’s truth!” Ratna said.

“We will see..” he said.

As Arnav started crossing the road, Ratna prayed for his safety and also Lavanya’s victory.

“Did Chote forgive you Khushi?” asked Anjali.

Khushi nodded sideways with a soft smile, “Nahin.. But I won’t give up! Just like he doesn’t give up on me!”

“I’m sure he will melt soon!” Anjali smiled, “Now tell me did you like that lehenga that I took for you?”

“Di.. you told me it was for you!” Khushi whined.

“I lied otherwise you wouldn’t choose what you wanted!” Anjali giggled, “And now you can’t refuse it.. it’s my gift for you!”

“Choteeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…” Ratna shouted as the car started approaching Arnav.

Everyone stopped talking, and turned their gaze to Arnav, crossing the road listening to music and not seeing the car coming in full speed to his side.

Khushi’s heart almost stopped beating watching this horrified, she wanted to shout for him to move away but didn’t had strength to do it, words just stuck on her throat.

Lavanya was shocked, she widened her eyes, “OMG.. ASR.. just look ahead.. ASR.. move from there..”

Ratna looked at Khushi, then at Lavanya. Khushi wasn’t saying anything whereas Lavanya was shouting and crying for her son. She smiled victoriously.

“Lavanya bitiya.. go and stop him.. look that car is going near him.. please go and stop him..” Ratna clutched Lavanya’s arms crying and pushing her to go.

Lavanya gulped and shoved Ratna’s hand, “But..Ma.. how can I go? If go and push ASR, it’s me who’s going to die.. I can’t risk my life too!..”

Ratna looked at her shocked, “Isn’t you who said to me that you love him more than anything? Now are you going to let him die?”

“I love him but I didn’t say I would die for him!” Lavanya shrugged, “Ma are you asking me to commit suicide for ASR now? You can see that car is so near him, if I push him then I won’t be able to save myself.. and no miracle will happen for me! My life is dear for me, I still have dreams.. I want to be top model and if not with ASR, someone else will help me reach there!”

“Khushiiiiiiii..” the family shouted worriedly as Khushi ran towards Arnav. Ratna and Lavanya looked at that side and watch the scene.

Khushi reached in nick time and pushed Arnav on his back with her hands. Arnav fell on the other side, and Khushi closed her eyes tightly as the car was just about to hit her.

Arnav quickly ordered the man to stop the car and he applied brakes at the right time.

Raj, Nani and Anjali took a sigh of relief, while others were still shocked with this. Lavanya was embarrassed that Khushi did what she was refusing to.

Ratna glared at her, “I didn’t expect this from you Lavanya.. today my son opened my eyes.. the truth is Khushi deserves him and not you!”

Arnav rushed to Khushi, he took her in his arms as she closed her eyes and fainted on his arms.

“Chote.. are you ok?” rushed his family to him. Arnav just nodded his head and stare at the angel in his arms unconscious, “I need to take her to hospital.. Nothing should happen to my Jaan..”

“Bhai.. I will drive, bring Jalebi to the car..” Akash said rushing to his car as Arnav followed him worriedly with Khushi on his arms.

Raj also walked to his car with tensed face, Nani followed with him with Mama and Mami. Ratna also went with them, she patted her husband’s shoulder, “Don’t worry.. She will be fine!”

Although surprised with Ratna’s statement, he just nods his head because he was worried for Khushi now and couldn’t waste time with Ratna.

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