Kitani Mohabbat hai

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May 5

Kitani Mohabbat hai... Part 50 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 60 times)

Tears of joy ran down his eyes as he held Khushi tightly in his arms, not wanting to let go, being scared that if he let her go again, she would never return. To say he was the happiest person today would be an understatement, honestly there were no words enough to describe his happiness knowing that after his redemption for twenty five years, he finally got what he had been yearning for.

Khushi was back and she had forgiven him, they were going to live together forever, he was going to have his own family, with his wife and both his sons, he wanted to celebrate the moment, he wanted to shout to the whole world that finally he had his love back and he was going to have his happily ever after.

“Thank you so much Khushi, I know I dint deserve this forgiveness but you are Khushi, you’ve always forgiven people, that’s who you are and I’m so glad you forgave me, you don’t know how happy I am today knowing that you’ll be here, you’ll stay with me forever.” Arnav said as he broke the hug happily.

“I did this for all our happiness Arnav.” Khushi smiled at him.

“Shall we give others the good news? I want to meet my sons as their father, I want to hold them in my arms without them having any kind of hatred for me in their heart, I want to feel like a father.” Arnav said as he stood up.

Khushi nodded positively as she stood up too, Arnav got hold of her hand, she smiled at him as the both walked out of the room and headed downstairs.

Advik and Krrish stood up as soon as they saw Arnav and Khushi heading downstairs, it dint take them much time until they noticed their held hands and both their eyes brightened up.

They both looked at each other happily and then rushed towards Arnav as they hugged him happily.

“We are so happy you made this decision” Advik said as he looked at Khushi who smiled back at him in return.

“Now I can call you dad instead of Mr. Raizada” Krrish said to Arnav as he broke the hug.

Arnav nodded happily as he hugged them both again, the whole thing was so emotional that all of them had tears in their eyes, it was a family reunion after twenty five years, they were finally going to live together and have a normal happy family like everyone else.

Khushi left Arnav with the boys while she walked towards Payal, she stood up and looked at her sadly, regretting not standing up for her when she needed her the most.

“I am so sorry Khushi, I hope you would forgive me, I knew the truth yet I dint stand up for you when you had done so much for me, you even helped me and Aakash ji come together and when it came to me, I dint speak even a word when you were being thrown out of the house while you were pregnant”

“Yes Jiji it was your fault, and you know no matter how hard I try to convince myself to forgive you, I just can’t, you knew me better than anyone else and you just…” Khushi broke down into tears as Payal rushed towards her.

“I know it’s my fault Khushi and you don’t have to forgive me for it, I will earn that forgiveness with time” Payal said.

“Will you be able to forgive me Khushi?” Anjali asked as she walked towards her.

“Honestly Anjali ji, if there’s anyone I never had a grudge against then it was you, I could understand your situation you had to choose between your brother and me, between your husband and me and you chose to trust your husband and brother, the two people you knew and trusted the most, the problem I have is with my own family, there’s a reason I can’t forgive Payal and my own family, they dint trust me like you trusted your family.”

Anjali hugged Khushi as she broke down into tears, this whole thing was so painful, their whole past was so damn painful.

“Please don’t tell them I’m back yet, I’ll need to gather some strength for myself before I face them.” Khushi said as she looked at Payal.

“Don’t worry, you wouldn’t have to do that.” Payal said sadly.

Khushi looked at her in surprise as she broke down into tears and Aakash ran towards her, he held her in his arms and looked at her sadly.

“A lot has happened in this twenty five years Khushi, Buaji passed away a few years after you left so did Amma and Bauji, after we all realized what had happened, we started looking for you everywhere, years passed by but we couldn’t find you… with time we all gave up, but your parents dint…

They kept on the search, they went from one town to the other, looking for you and in between this journey, the bus they were travelling in met with an accident and they…” Aakash couldn’t even finish talking.

All of them were sobbing terribly, Khushi stood there still in shock as tears rolled down her eyes, she left this place with so much hatred for everyone in her heart, that not even for once did she try to look back and see how everyone was doing.

She dint know how to feel at this moment, she dint know how to react, everything was so confusing…

She fell down on her knees and broke down into tears, at least even when she dint want to forgive them, there was a hope that she would see them, but now even that hope was gone, she was never going to see anyone of them again.

Arnav rushed towards Khushi as he knelt down next to her and pulled her into his arms.

“It’s going to be okay Khushi… please don’t cry…”

“I need to be alone.” Khushi said as she stood up suddenly and rushed upstairs to Arnav’s room, she shut the door and locked herself inside.

“Don’t worry dad, she’ll be fine, she liked to stay alone when she’s sad” Krrish said as he looked at Arnav who was worried for Khushi.

“We’re glad you both are back together, at least now we’ll be able to see her happy.” Advik tried to smile.

“I hope she’ll be okay”

“Don’t worry she would be, just give her some time.” Krrish said.


Arnav knocked at the door of his room a hour later, hoping that Khushi must be okay by now, he couldn’t leave her all alone for much longer, he wanted to be with her and stay by her side at least this time.

Khushi opened the door after a few seconds, she looked at Arnav and walked inside while he followed her, she sat on the bed silently as Arnav settled down next to her.

“What’s wrong Khushi?” Arnav asked as he held her hand with his and pressed it between both his hands.

“I feel terrible Arnav, I’ve hated them the whole of my life for what they did to me, I dint even know that they were…” Khushi broke down into tears as Arnav pulled her into a hug.

“Hey… It’s okay… It’s not your fault, maybe that was what their destiny had for them and no matter how we feel, we can’t change anything. If there’s something you want to do for them, then forgive them now at least, maybe then they’ll find peace in paradise.”

“You are right, I will forgive them, I’ll forgive everyone who did anything wrong to me because I’m so tired of holding on to things, I just want to feel free and happy for once.” Khushi said as she broke the hug.

“I’m glad everything is going to be okay now” Arnav smiled at her.

“And we’re here to double your happiness.” Krrish and Advik said excitedly as they walked inside.

“And how is that?” Khushi asked.

“Actually we were sited downstairs talking about the past and we realized that you both never got married, and now that you are back together, you should at least get married.

So we’ve planned to get you both married, this time for good, but no running away and spoiling things okay?” Krrish said as he looked at Arnav.

“I promise I won’t do anything terrible this time.” Arnav giggled as he looked at Khushi who dint seem happy about the idea.

He looked at Krrish and Advik and made gesture towards them as they both looked at Khushi who was lost in her own thoughts, they walked towards her and sat around her.

“What happened mom?” Advik asked.

“I’m just scared, whenever I hear the name wedding, I get scared, I feel like something might go wrong out of nowhere” Khushi said.

“This time nothing would go wrong Khushi, I promise.”

“We are here for you mom, we wouldn’t let anything go wrong, trust us okay?” Krrish said.

Khushi looked at the three of them for a while and then nodded as both Krrish and Advik jumped up happily.

May 5

Kitani Mohabbat hai... Part 51 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 59 times)

“Look at you both being excited for our wedding when we should be excited for yours instead.” Arnav said as he looked at both the boys.

They both stopped whatever they were doing and looked at Khushi who looked back at them not having anything to say, all of them were silent while Arnav stared at them waiting for them to say something but neither of them spoke.

“Is everything okay?” Arnav asked noticing all their expressions.

“Yeah, everything is perfect, I’m just waiting for Advik to get married first and then I’ll find someone I can fall in love with and then get married to her.” Krrish giggled.

“You already have that someone Krrish, don’t wait for me, I’m never getting married!” Advik said in a serious tone.

“She loves you bro and I think you’re doing it wrong by denying her a chance, life can’t be spent alone, everyone needs a life partner and I know she’ll be perfect for you.”

“The only one perfect for me was Arohi Krrish, and no one can ever take her place, I’ll not give it to anyone, it will always remain to her and I don’t want to do injustice to any other girl by getting married when I’ll never be able to love her and even if there was a chance that I would fall in love, I would never get married to the girl you love.”

“But Kiara loves you and that’s what matters.”

“To me, I love Arohi and that’s what matters, end of discussion.” Advik walked out of the room angrily leaving behind Arnav in confusion, he had no idea what was going on.

Krrish inhaled a deep breath as he looked at Arnav and Khushi and then walked away too, Arnav turned towards Khushi who looked like she was in shock.

“What’s wrong Khushi? What were they talking about?” Arnav asked.

“I don’t know if I’ll ever get a chance to see both my sons getting married Arnav ji, did you see them? I wonder why destiny did this with both of them.”

“What happened?”

“Krrish and Kiara met in Paris, where Advik came for the fashion show and Krrish fell in love with her but look at the game of destiny, Kiara met Advik in the same place and fell in love with him, to make it all worse, Advik had been in love with Arohi ever since and she’s no more, so basically this is a love triangle with all the three being in love with someone they can’t be with.

Krrish loves Kiara but Kiara loves Advik who’s in love with Arohi, and as far as I know Advik, I know he would never get married, he’s punishing himself for whatever he did with Arohi, and about Krrish, I’m not sure what to say.”

“You don’t have to say anything about me mom, you both are my parents and I know you both would want to see Advik and me getting married and having our own families and I promise, I won’t deny you that happiness, maybe Advik is so much in love with Arohi that he wouldn’t ever want to get married so I’m the only one left to give you that part of your happiness and I promise I will but just give me some time.

It was the first time I fell in love and I’m sure you both understand what first love is like, so just be patient with me until I’ll be able to move on because as far as I see this, I know Kiara won’t fall for me, so I’ll set her free to find herself someone else while I’ll do the same for myself.” Krrish said as he walked in.

Khushi stood up as she rushed towards him and hugged him tight, she dint know why destiny had to play such games with her every time, firstly her and now both her sons.

Arnav stood up as he walked towards Khushi and Krrish, he looked at them both for a while wondering how they both managed to stay so strong despite so much happening in their lives, surely Krrish had got that strength from his mother, and somewhere Advik was like him, that’s why he did a lot of things just like him.

“Don’t worry Krrish, it’s all going to be okay” Arnav said.

“I know, as long as I have you both with me, what could possibly go wrong?” He smiled.

He broke the hug with Khushi and hugged Arnav for a while and then looked at them both.

“Okay now end of this emotional drama, we need some happiness in our lives don’t we? So let me get going, we have a lot to plan for your wedding.” Krrish smiled as he headed towards the door.

“Krrish.” Khushi called him out from behind.

“I know mom, don’t worry it would be a simple wedding with only us, no outsiders allowed.” Krrish said as he looked at Khushi and smiled, he then walked away leaving Arnav and Khushi alone.

Arnav got hold of Khushi’s hand as he pulled her to the poolside with him, Khushi looked at him in confusion but dint say a word.

“It feels like it’s been ages since I held your hand.” Arnav said as he looked at her hand.

“It has been ages Arnav.” Khushi smiled.

“I know, that’s why I brought you here so we could start by remembering the old memories, remember this was the place where I first kissed you?” Arnav asked.

“I know, I was shocked.” Khushi smiled as she remembered how he had got hold of her veil and pulled her closer to him and then kissed on her cheek, she couldn’t even believe that Arnav Singh Raizada could actually do something like this.

“And then this was also the place where you kissed me for the first time, although mistakenly.” Arnav smiled.

Khushi covered her face with her hand remembering how awkward she had felt after it happened and how scared she had been of him that she tried all she could to avoid talking to him or even coming face to face with him.

“I want that old Khushi back, the happy and chirpy one, the one who did a lot of crazy stuff, I loved her so much.”

“I know, I also want to be that Khushi again and love my angry man.”

“How I wish we could get married right now.” Arnav said

“Why right now? What difference would it make?”

“I could kiss you right away but I know last time I did terrible things and this time I just want to stay in my limits until we’re married, so I just hope it happens soon.”

“I know…” Khushi said as she got lost in thoughts, no matter how much she tried, those terrible memories never faded away, they were still fresh in her mind as if it had happened just yesterday.

“Come on don’t be sad now, I am sorry.” Arnav said as he went down on his knees.

“You don’t have to go on your knees to say sorry Arnav ji, I’ve already forgiven you and that’s why I’m here with you and maybe now the memories too would fade away.”

“I’m on my knees because I want to propose you for marriage Khushi… so tell me, Miss. Khushi Kumari Gupta, would you marry me?” Arnav asked.

“Not unless you have a ring, you can’t propose me without a ring Arnav ji come on.” Khushi giggled.

“How about with this?” He asked as he removed a ring he had on his finger and held it in front of her.

“Not bad, proposing me with a man’s ring, but this will do for now.” Khushi giggled.

“I’m still waiting for an answer.”

“Yes Arnav Singh Raizada, I would love to get married to you.” Khushi smiled.

Arnav stood up as he pulled her into a hug while they both ended up laughing, even after being apart for so many years, there wasn’t any kind of awkwardness between them, they felt connected instantly and maybe that was how love was supposed to be.

May 8

Kitani Mohabbat hai... Part 52 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 58 times)

Arnav and Khushi walked out of their room early morning just to find the whole Raizada mansion decorated with flowers and lights, everyone around was busy running from here to there busy in preparations.

“What are you both going to wear?” Advik asked as he stopped in front of Arnav and Khushi.

“How about we get something from Zara fashion house?” Arnav smiled.

“Too late, the wedding is going to take place tomorrow or I could have got some good designs for you, how about we get something from your fashion house?” Advik asked.

“It would be cliché much, wearing my own fashion house’s clothes in my own wedding, it’s better we just go shopping and buy something.” Arnav said.

“That’s not a bad idea, I can help with that.” Kiara said as she walked inside the Raizada mansion all excited.

“And how did you get the news that we are getting married? I’m sure you dint just turn up here like that.” Arnav said as he folded his arms and looked at her seriously.

“Okay enough with the Arnav Singh Raizada look, I’m not getting scared today and just to remind you sir, my dad is your best friend, it’s easy for me to get information.” Kiara giggled.

“Oh I see, and where is he by the way, I had called him early in the morning and he’s still not here.”

“Busy handling some office work so he sent me here just in case any help was needed, and I’m glad I came you see, you both will need help for shopping and I know some of the best places where you can find good clothes.”

“Okay, we’ll go in a while, let me and my would be wife have breakfast first.” Arnav said as he looked at Khushi and got hold of her hand.

“That’s so romantic.” Kiara said as she looked at the both adoring them, they were just perfect together.

“So let’s have breakfast then we leave.” Arnav said.

“Hi Advik.” Kiara greeted him as she looked at him with a smiled.

Advik stared at her for a moment and then turned around to walk away completely ignoring her, Kiara stood there sadly knowing there was no way this man would ever fall in love with her.

“Arnav ji, can you give us a moment? I need to talk to Kiara about something.” Khushi said.

Arnav looked at her for a moment and then nodded as he walked away leaving both the ladies alone, Kiara tried to smile but it was the same kind of smile she had when she walked in, she was definitely hurt by what Advik did but then she still pretended to be okay.

“I’m sorry about his behavior, he’s totally gone on his father, he doesn’t know how to treat ladies well.” Khushi said to Kiara.

“No, it’s okay… I understand, he doesn’t like me he wants to avoid me, I guess I’ll also stay away from him.” She said sadly.

“Anyway I wanted to thank you for what you did for me, if today Arnav and me are together then somewhere you have a hand in it too, if you wouldn’t have talked to me, I don’t know if I’d ever be able to make this decision, and now that I’ve made it, I can see how happy everyone is and I am actually glad about it.”

“Don’t thank me ma’am, I did it because Krrish and Advik asked me to, so you should thank them.”

“I agree, but they dint choose your words, and whatever changed my decision were your words so the thank you belongs to you still.”

“You are welcome then, I’m glad you both are together, I’ve grown up around Arnav sir, and trust me when I say this, he really loves you a lot.”

“I know, anyway let’s have breakfast and you better not make excuse, you have to eat with us.”

“Okay.” Kiara nodded as she followed Khushi to the breakfast table.


After they arrived at the mall, Kiara guided them to a shop where the best bridal clothes were being sold according to her, Khushi and Arnav followed her while she was busy telling Krrish how many times she’d come here for shopping.

“They look good together don’t they?” Arnav asked.

“Yeah, only if things would have worked out, Krrish loves her, I hope that maybe someday she would fall for him too.” Khushi said as they walked inside the shop finally and settled down.

“So ma’am what kind of designs do you like? You can explain it to him, he would show you whatever you want to see.” Kiara said as she pointed towards a man.

“How about my shopping? I also need to look hot in my parents wedding so that some girls can crush on me.” Krrish said.

“I’ll help you with that, there’s another shop on that side that’s got some good stuff, come I’ll take you there.” Kiara giggled as she got hold of Krrish’s hand and pulled her out of the shop leaving Arnav and Khushi shopping for themselves.

Khushi picked up a beautiful red sari and stood up as she wrapped in around herself and then showed it to Arnav.

“How’s this?” She asked excitedly.

“Good, but not for wedding, can’t you buy an outfit? I mean nowadays outfits are in fashion for wedding, who wears sari on their wedding day?”

“I thought we’re old so maybe sari is the best option.” Khushi said as she sat next to him.

“But you’re still beautiful, and whatever you wear you’ll look beautiful in it and I think I would love to see my wife in a beautiful red or maybe maroon outfit.” Arnav said.

“As you wish, let’s see if I can like any.” Khushi smiled as she asked the shopkeeper to show her some of the outfits.

They went through almost ten outfits but Khushi seemed to be liking none, if she liked the design she had an issue with the color or something, girls were really complicated while shopping.

“I think we should find something for you first, finding the perfect outfit for me will take ages, and you’ll not even be able to see something for yourself.” Khushi said to Arnav.

“Don’t worry, I’m not so choosy, my shopping is easy, let’s find something for you first.”

“Just give me a minute ma’am, I think by now I have an idea on what you like and there’s one outfit I think you might like, it’s in the store, I can get it if you wait for a few minutes.” The man said.

“Sure.” Arnav said as the man rushed out of the shop and headed somewhere in a hurry.

“I hope I’ll like it.” Khushi said as she made faces.

“Don’t worry, if you don’t like it I’m sure there are other shops around, we’ll spend the whole day looking for the perfect wedding dress for you my love.” Arnav said as he wrapped his arm around her shoulder.

Khushi blushed as she looked at the floor, she dint know even at this age she could yet blush like a teenager and feel all those butterflies.

“What makes you blush?” Arnav asked.

“I wasn’t just expecting the great Arnav Singh Raizada to call me ‘Love’” She giggled.

“Your love had changed me a lot, making me do things I never thought I could do, for example sit in a shop for hours with a girl who can’t decide what to buy, I would have been so angry if I was the old Arnav, I might have also walked away and left you to shop all alone” he laughed.

Khushi stared at him, it was like the first time she was seeing him laughing, after ages.

“You know you are right, you have actually changed.” Khushi smiled as she looked at him laughing openly, he wasn’t the Arnav who was ever angry or the one who dint even know how to smile.

The man walked back with a bag and opened it as he pulled out a red outfit, he placed it in front of Khushi and just by the look in her eyes, Arnav could say she dint just like it but she loved it.

“I don’t even think I have to try this one, look at it Arnav, it’s so perfect, exactly what I had been look for.” Khushi said excitedly.

“Are you sure?” Arnav asked.

“Yes, I totally love it.”

“Okay then pack this one and now you can show me some clothes for myself.” Arnav said as he looked at Khushi.

“But we dint even ask the price.” Khushi said.

“It doesn’t matter, you are forgetting you are getting married to Arnav Singh Raizada and also you are forgetting you are the mother to the person who owns Zara Fashion house, so now concentrate on choosing my clothes will you?”

“As you say my dear would be husband.” Khushi smiled at him.

May 9

Kitani Mohabbat hai... Part 53 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 60 times)

Arnav and Khushi arrived back home after the shopping, they had spent almost the whole day shopping, Krrish and Kiara kept on making them buy a lot of things.

They walked inside the mansion while Krrish headed to drop Kiara home, Arnav pushed the door open as they both walked in, the whole mansion had been decorated so beautifully for their wedding, as if it was going to be attended by the whole town and not just family.

“I can’t believe this people, I mean it’s going to be just us, why did they decorate the whole mansion?” Khushi asked as she looked at Arnav.

“Maybe so that we can experience it the way we should have, years back.”

“Or maybe because we want you both to be happy” Sahil said as he walked towards them from nowhere, for a moment Khushi looked at him in shock wondering how it was even possible that he was here.

“Sahil! How come you are here?” Khushi asked in surprise as she walked towards him happily.

“Well you forgot to invite me for your wedding but I guess your would be husband dint.” Sahil said as he looked at Arnav, Khushi also turned to look at him wondering how he even did it.

“Now I’m sure you wouldn’t want to get married without your friend attending your wedding right?” Arnav said.

“But how did you know about him? I mean how did you contact him?”

“Khushi, you are forgetting I’m Arnav Singh Raizada, this things are so easy for me.” Arnav smirked proudly.

“Oh shut up, now tell me the whole story.”

“Nothing, last night after you went to sleep, I went outside and found Advik and Krrish in the hall, we sat together and talked about a lot of things, and I got to know about Sahil through them.

He was the only person who helped you, when you went to New York he gave you a place to live in, he gave Advik and Krrish his surname, Advik managed to start a fashion house and run it successfully, Krrish also did his photography course and now he’s working on it all, it was all because of Sahil, he did for you what I should have done.” Arnav said sadly.

He walked towards Sahil and Khushi and they all settled down on the sofa, Arnav held Khushi’s hand in his and looked her into the eyes.

“The least I could do for you at this moment was to invite him for your wedding, I don’t even know how I can thank him for all that he did for you, seriously Sahil, tell me what should I do to thank you?” Arnav asked her he shifted his gaze from Khushi to Sahil.

“Nothing, I did what friends do. Khushi was my friend she’ll always remain to be, you know for the past twenty five years, I hadn’t seen the spark in her eyes that I’m seeing right now and you have no idea how glad I am that you both are back together, at least everyone is going to be happy now” Sahil smiled.

“I am so glad you came.” Khushi said.

“Yeah right, that’s why you were getting married without even inviting me.” he pretended to be angry.

“I am sorry, it wasn’t planned, it just happened in like a moment, I am so sorry it’s not like I dint want to invite you.”

“Relax Khushi, I’m kidding, why do you take everything seriously?” Sahil giggled.

“Because I don’t want to hurt you ever, you have done so much for me I can’t even do anything to thank you.”

“Just like I said, there are no thank you’s in friendship, now come on cheer up you both are getting married tomorrow and as per what I can see you are really tired, so get some rest, I’m not going anywhere we’ll have fun in the wedding tomorrow and at the end of the day, sit here and talk.”

“Yeah, I am actually tired, but if you need anything you…”

“You don’t have to worry about that, I have both my sons to worry for me.” Sahil smiled as both Khushi and Arnav stood up and headed to their room.

“Thank you so much Arnav ji, for inviting him.” Khushi smiled as she got hold of his hand and looked him into the eyes.

“You don’t have to thank me for anything Khushi, the least I can do is make you happy and that’s all I want to do, and how can I forget what he did for you all, I’m so glad you met him because maybe no one else would have taken care of you as much as he did.”

“Yeah, you are right, I’m lucky to have a friend like him.” Khushi smiled.

“Now let’s get to bed, we have a busy day tomorrow.” Arnav said as he picked her up in his arms and walked towards the bed.

He placed her on the bed and laid next to her, they both looked at each other and shared an eye lock.

“I love you so much Khushi…” Arnav said.

“Why did you think of saying that to me so suddenly?”

“The memories never fade, I know your also don’t, but I can’t stop remembering how I hurt you and it keeps on haunting me and I just want you to know that this time, nothing is fake, everything is real, even my love for you.”

“I know Arnav, they were some terrible memories but if we keep on thinking about them, we won’t live a happy life, Kiara told me that life is the name of living in this moment, so let’s cherish this moment and be happy about it, and everything else would just fall in place.”

“Damn! That girl is a genius, I wish I could have her as my daughter in law” Arnav giggled.

“I know right? Mutual feelings here.” Khushi smiled as she moved closer to Arnav and wrapped her arms around him, he wrapped her in his arms as they both tried to get some sleep.

“Arnav ji…” Khushi whispered after a few minutes.

“Hmm…” Arnav said in his sleepy voice.

“I love you too.” She blushed as she hid her face in his chest, while he smiled and held her tighter in his arms until they both fell asleep.


Krrish stepped out of the car and rushed towards the other side as he opened the door for Kiara, she walked out and looked at him with a smile on her face.

“So, see you tomorrow, you’re coming for the wedding right?” Krrish asked, but before Kiara could answer him, he opened the backdoor of the car and pulled out a bag, he handed it to Kiara who looked at him in confusion.

“What’s this Krrish?”

“It’s the red dress you saw at the mall, although you dint say anything, your eyes told me that you liked it and I thought I should gift it to you,  you can wear it at the wedding tomorrow.”

“I can’t take this Krrish…”

“Yes bla... bla… bla… I don’t need any excuses Kiara, we are friends and friends give each other gifts, so let’s not argue, anyway I’ll get going, I have lots to do at home, big day tomorrow.” He smiled.

Kiara looked at him with moist eyes wondering why things went this way, Krrish was so sweet, loving, caring, he also loved her so much, then why did she have to fall in love with Advik and not him?

She walked towards him and hugged him tight, Krrish was a bit surprised but then he hugged her back after a while.

“I don’t know what I would have done without you in my life, you’ve always understood me so well Krrish, I’m glad to have a friend like you.” She said as she broke the hug.

“Me too, but I would be more glad if one day Advik finally decides to give you a chance because trust me, you are the best person for him.” He smiled.

“Doesn’t it hurt you? All this?”

“It does Kiara, at times it makes me want to scream out so loud but then that’s destiny and I know I can’t change it so I live life the way it comes and I guess you should too, anyway I’ll see you tomorrow, in that beautiful red dress.” He smiled.

“See you, and drive safe.” She waved a goodbye at him as he got into the car and drove away.


Krrish arrived home and found the whole mansion in darkness, everyone had already gone to bed, he headed to the kitchen to drink water before heading to bed himself where he found Advik sited in the dark.

“What’s up bro?” He asked as he walked towards him and settled down next to him.

“Nothing, I wasn’t sleepy so I just came here.”

“In the kitchen? You could have sat outside or in the hall, why did you choose the kitchen?”

“I dint want anyone to find me in the hall, I thought this was the best place but I guess not, you found me.”

“What’s wrong bro? You seem a bit worried?”

“I’m just worried for mom, I don’t know why even after everything, I feel scared, I don’t want to see her getting hurt ever again, I would lose my mind… I’ve just been thinking if we’ve done the right thing.”

“Ofcourse we have, haven’t you seen how happy she’s been lately? I know you are worried and so am I, but I know that she is going to be happy, so don’t worry much and let’s get to bed.” Krrish got hold of his hand and pulled him upstairs as they headed to their own rooms, all waiting for tomorrow, the day when Arnav and Khushi would finally be reunited, this time for forever.

May 10

Kitani Mohabbat hai... Part 54 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 57 times)

It was the day of the wedding, everyone had woken up early for the preparations while only Arnav and Khushi were asleep till late, they had to get enough sleep to look their best today.

Krrish and Advik were busy finishing last moment decorations while Anjali was handling the caterer. Payal and Aakash had left to get the priest who was going to perform the wedding rituals and Sahil was just sited because no one allowed him to do anything.

“Good morning everyone, here I am, give me some work now.” Kiara said as she walked inside the mansion with Aman.

“Where’s the groom?” Aman asked as he joined Anjali while Kiara when to talk to Krrish and Advik.

“I think he’s still asleep, getting his beauty sleep.” Anjali giggled.

“I’m so happy they are finally together, I’ve seen Arnav yearning for her all this years, at least now everything will be fine.”

“I know, finally it’s going to be their happily ever after.” Anjali smiled.


It was almost eight o’clock when Khushi woke up to the knock at the door, she looked at Arnav who was sleeping soundly beside him and smiled.

“Khushi, the makeup artist is here, please freshen up and then come to my room.” Anjali said

“Okay Di.” Khushi replied back, she stood up and headed to take a shower while Arnav seemed undisturbed with all the noise, maybe it was because after long her had a peaceful sleep, the one where his mind wouldn’t keep on wandering, the one where he wouldn’t feel guilty for what he did to Khushi, and where he knew that she was with him now.

Khushi walked out of the shower with a towel wrapped around her body, she found Arnav sited on his bed lazily rubbing his eyes, he looked at her for a moment and he couldn’t stop staring.

“How I wish we were married already.” He pouted.

“Don’t worry, today is the day.” Khushi giggled as she opened the wardrobe and got out her wedding outfit, she got dressed in it while Arnav helped her to hook her blouse.

After trying his best to control his burning desires, he rushed inside the bathroom to shower while Khushi headed to Anjali’s room where the makeup artist was waiting for her.


After everything was done, they all headed to their respective rooms to get ready, Kiara headed to the guest room to change also, Aman and Sahil were sited in the hall exchanging awkward glares.

“I’m the first one to get ready as usual.” Krrish said proudly and he walked downstairs flaunting his blue sherwani that Kiara had chosen for him when they went shopping.

“You wish!” Advik said as he followed him dressed in his usual three piece suit, the only difference was that this time it wasn’t a black suit but a coffee colored one.

“Bro, you do realize this is a wedding and not a business meeting right?” Krrish teased.

“Yes, but this suits me better that what you’ve worn, look how terrible you look in it.” Advik said

“That’s not true at all, he looked perfect in it.” Kiara said, she was standing upstairs yet staring down at the boys.

She was dressed in the beautiful red dress that Krrish had bought for her, it was floor length and it made her look like a pretty Barbie doll.

He hair was tied up in a side bun, and she had light make up on her face but with a red lipstick, she looked just perfect and both the boys couldn’t stop staring at her.

She walked downstairs where they all had gathered and stood in front of Krrish, flaunting the dress, Krrish smiled at her, she was gorgeous.

“You look beautiful.” Krrish smiled at her.

“Thank you, so do you.” Kiara smiled back and then turned to look at Advik waiting for his compliment but as soon as she turned to him, he took his eyes off her and looked everywhere else.

“How do I look Advik?” She asked with a smile.

“Good, anyway excuse me, I have something to do.” With that he walked away leaving her feeling hurt behind.


The whole family had already gathered downstairs, even Arnav was eagerly waiting for Khushi to come so that he could get to see her dressed as his bride, he knew she was going to look perfect.

Anjali had refused him from going to her room, so he dint even have an idea how she looked, he kept on staring at the staircase hoping she would walk down any moment.

“So ladies and gentlemen, here we present to you the bride of Arnav Singh Raizada.” Anjali announced with a little laugh, she moved away giving way to Khushi who descended the staircase in slow motion.

Arnav was left with his mouth wide open, even after all this years, this woman hadn’t aged at all, she looked like the same Khushi who had been dressed similarly to marry him once before but then he had ruined everything.

Her outfit was just so perfect, and the color red suited her a lot, her hair was styled perfectly and then her head was covered with a veil, her makeup was on point, there wasn’t even one flaw anyone could have found today, she was the most perfect bride ever.

She stopped in front of Arnav and looked at him with a smile, he opened his mouth twice to compliment her but he lacked words, he dint know what to say to make her feel the way he felt right now, seeing her like this.

“I’m so glad to have you, I even lack words to compliment your beauty.” Arnav said with a smile, Khushi blushed a little and then stood beside him while everyone else flooded her with compliments and she was on cloud nine.

“So shall we begin with the rituals?” Payal asked.

Khushi nodded as she blushed while Arnav got hold of her hand and pulled her to the stage where the wedding rituals were to be performed, everyone gathered around the stage and witnessed the wedding happily.

The wedding rituals took almost half a day, firstly Khushi and Arnav exchanged garlands then they were surprised by Krrish and Kiara who had a dance performance to them, it was quite surprising, they hadn’t even had time to practice much but still they did better.

Khushi and Arnav couldn’t stop praising them both and wishing if there could be a way for them to end up together, it would have been perfect.

After the dance performance, the priest began with the actual rituals, the mantra’s the nuptial rounds, the nuptial thread and the vermillion was applied on Khushi’s forehead.

The moment when the priest finally completed all the rituals, Khushi was in tears, it wasn’t because she was leaving her family and going to a new one, it was because she was back in her family, it was because after everything else, she did finally get her happily ever after.

Everyone in the Raizada mansion were happy today because the two people who were always meant to be together, finally ended up together.


After everything, Payal and Anjali escorted Khushi back to the bedroom, which was completely different from what it was in the morning when she left.

The whole room was lightened up with scented candles, the bed was decorated with rose petals, the poolside too was full of rose petals.

“When did you even do this?” Khushi asked as she looked at both of them.

“We have super powers, it was all magic.” Payal giggled.

“Yeah right, all magic, but thank you both, this is so beautiful.”

“This is the least we could do for you, to see this smile on your face after all that happened, now come on get ready for your first night.” Anjali winked at her making her blush.

They left Khushi alone there and headed downstairs to send Arnav to the room.

May 11

Kitani Mohabbat hai... Part 55 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 62 times)

Khushi was sited on the bed, fiddling her fingers nervously when Arnav walked in, he locked the door and turned to look at her, she was so nervous she couldn’t even lift her head up and look at him.

He walked towards her and settled down beside her, he got hold of her hand and pressed it between his as he turned to look at her, she was yet staring at the floor nervously.

“Nervous?” He asked with a smiled, she nodded still not looking at him.

“Me too.” He said, and this time she finally lifted her head up and looked at him, he smiled at her and pulled her into a hug.

“Don’t worry Khushi, everything will happen as per your wish, last time I dint give you the chance, this time I am, you don’t have to be so nervous…”

“I know Arnav, it’s just that…”

“You are scared, you feel I might leave you once again even though somewhere deep inside your heart you know that I won’t.” he completed the sentence for her.

“How do you always know what I want to say?”

“Maybe because I love you and I understand you better than anyone else.” He smiled.

Khushi broke the hug and looked at him, when she fell in love with him, she had never expected to hear such kind of line from him, the romantic and cheesy kind of lines, it was not so Arnav Singh Raizada.

“Why are you smiling suddenly?” He raised his eyebrow.

“I never knew I’d get to see this side of the great ASR, I mean the sweet, romantic and cheesy side.” She giggled.

“I’ve got so many sides, you’ve just seen the first few.” He winked at her.

Khushi went speechless when he did that, she was nervous but she was blushing, she kept on staring at him as he stared back at her.

He moved a bit closer towards her sealing the space that was in between them, he cupped her face and looked her into the eyes, there was a lot he was feeling today that couldn’t be described in words but most of all he was happy that he had Khushi back in his life.

He cupped her face and pulled her closer, brushing his lips against hers lightly, she was breathing heavily, he could hear the sound of her breaths.

“I’ve missed you so much Khushi.” He said as he parted her lips with his slowly exploring her mouth, she was hesitant for a while, she just let him kiss her without responding, and just when he realized that, he was about to stop but at the same moment, she started kissing him back.

He couldn’t stop smiling in between the kiss, knowing that slowly she was breaking her walls, she was letting him in once again and that was all he wanted, for her to trust him completely once again and be sure that he would never do anything as terrible as he did in the past.

For the next few minutes, neither did she stop nor did he, it was a moment of passion and love, a moment where they wanted to show each other how much they’d missed each other in the past years.

Khushi pulled away after a few minutes and looked at him, he was smiling, there was a spark in his eyes telling her how happy he was that she was finally his.

He pushed her on the bed leaning over her, he kissed her mouth then went for her cheeks and the next moment, he was placing soft kissed all over her face going down to her neck and so on.

“How about I help you get rid of all this heavy jewelry and clothing?” He winked at her.

“Sure.” She blushed as she covered her face with her hands.

He helped her up as he started by removing her necklace and earrings, he undid her hair that was held up in a bun with so many pins, he placed everything on the dressing table and then started removing the pins that had her veil intact with her outfit, he pulled off them veil, she turned the other way immediately.

He smiled as he unhooked her blouse from the behind, drawing designs on her back making he shiver at his touch, he turned her to face him but she kept looking at the floor and blushing.

“It’s okay Khushi, I am officially your husband now and we have two kids too, so stop blushing this much.” Arnav smirked at her.

“No matter how many times we do this, I’ll always blush.” She covered her face with her hands once again.

He smiled as he pulled off her blouse the next moment and then her skirt, she stood in front of him all naked, she was so shy she wanted to hide herself somewhere.

She hugged him tight and he let her for a while before breaking the hug, he then pulled of his shirt and pushed her to the bed once again, this time he went on top of her and kissed her wildly. It was slow like the first time.

“Arnav.” A moan escaped her mouth, he lifted his head up and looked at her with a smirk.

“This is just the beginning Khushi, I want to hear my name sounding exactly like this for the rest of the night, because I’m going to make love to you tonight, the love worth the twenty five years we’ve been apart” He smiled.

She blushed as she wrapped both her arms around his neck and pulled him closer once again, this time she initiated the kiss.


The whole room was covered in bright sunlight, Khushi blinked open her eyes and looked beside her, Arnav was lying next to her, staring at her with a smile on his face.

“Good morning wifey.” He smiled at her.

“Good morning, what time is it?”

“I think it’s almost noon, why do you ask? Did you have something important to do?”

“What? It’s noon?” Khushi asked as she sat up suddenly, the blanket that was covering her fell of and she realized she had been sleeping naked, she quickly pulled it up and covered herself quickly while Arnav busted out laughing at her.

“Still shy of me?” He raised his eyebrow.

“Shut up, why dint you wake me up, I mean how can I wake up so late? Everyone must be waiting for us downstairs.” Khushi said.

“I woke up a while back, besides we slept late last night so I wanted you to get enough rest.”

“But there must be a lot of work to be done Arnav ji, I can’t keep on sleeping, what will Anjali and everyone else think about me?” She pouted.

“That you must be making love to your husband until in the morning” He giggled.

“Seriously? We were awake till that late?”

Arnav nodded positively as she blushed once again, she wrapped the blanket all around and then stood up as she quickly rushed to the bathroom to shower while Arnav laughed at her.


Advik walked to Krrish’s room when he found him sited on the bed facing the opposite side, he was staring at something on his phone.

Advik walked closer to him until he got a look at what Krrish was looking at, it was Kiara’s photograph. He stepped backward and walked out of the room without Krrish even realizing that he was here, he was so lost in his own thoughts to realize anything else.

“Hey, I need to talk to you, can we meet?” He asked someone over the phone as he headed downstairs.

“Right now, I’ll be waiting for you outside your house in like ten minutes?” he waited for a second until her got his answer and then disconnected the call.

Anjali and Payal were busy in the kitchen cooking lunch while Aakash was sited in the hall working on his laptop, Advik informed Aakash that he was going out for a while and then headed off.

After the ten minute drive, her arrived at his destination and found her standing outside her house, he unlocked the door of his car as she hoped inside.

“We need to talk, can we do it here if there’s no problem?” He asked.

“Sure.” Kiara replied as she looked at him nervously wondering what he wanted to talk about suddenly, he sounded so serious, it scared her out for a moment.

“First of all I’m really sorry for the way I’ve been treating you, I’ve been avoiding you too much but trust me I’m doing what’s best for you. I know how you feel towards me Kiara and I am sorry but I can’t be with you, I tried to think about it many times, every time I saw you hurting I tried to convince myself but I couldn’t, I prefer living a life without anyone but loving Arohi than being with someone, that’s what I want.

So please if you can, just forget about me and get over it, I’ll be really glad if you move on and give yourself a chance to fall in love with someone else once again, and I’ll be more glad if you give that chance to Krrish, he loves you so much and it hurts me seeing his in pain and seeing you in pain and somewhere it feels like it’s all because of me.”

“Nothing is because of you Advik, it’s not your fault that you can’t love me and the same way it’s not my fault that I can’t love Krrish, trust me if it was in my control, I would have chosen him, I would have decided to love him, but its not in my control as much as you feel hurt seeing him hurt so do I, he’s my friend but what do I do, I just don’t feel that way about him.

I know I have to move on and maybe someday I’ll fall in love with someone else, but then I’d better wait for that day that just be in a relation with someone whom I don’t love, it would spoil both his and my life.”

“So you want to tell me that there’s no chance you can be with my brother?” Advik asked.

“I wouldn’t say that, who knows maybe in future he might be the one I’d fall in love with but then he might not be also, and I don’t want to give him any false hopes, so it would be better if we both just remained friends, if we have to be together, we’ll end up together no matter what, but I just can’t be with him because I don’t want him to be hurt.”

“I can’t see him hurting like that Kiara, it pains me!” Advik said his voice sounding angry and sad at the same time.

“It pains me too Advik, but trust me one day we both would move on, and one day you’ll see your brother fall in love again and being happy and that day you’ll understand why all this happened.”

Advik nodded positively, he sat there silently for a while trying to put everything together in his mind, Kiara was right, there was no way he could force her to be with Krrish just because he was hurt, how could he forget that she was hurt too?

“You are right, I guess I’ll wait for him to be happy once again and I know he will be.” Advik said.

“He will be, anyway I should go now.” Kiara said.

Advik nodded as he unlocked the car, Kiara opened the door to step out when Advik called her.


She sat back and turned around to look at him, he got hold of her and pulled her into a hug, she hugged him back tighter knowing maybe this was the last time she’d get to hug him like this, and although it broke her heart when he broke the hug, she knew all this was for the best.

“Thank you for everything.” He said to her.

“You’re welcome.” And with that, she headed out of the car and walked back inside her house while Advik drove back to Raizada mansion.


The whole family had gathered around the table for lunch when Advik walked in, Khushi and Sahil were busy telling the family about their days in New York, how they met and everything else while everyone else listened attentively.

“Bro! I’ve been looking for you, where were you?” Krrish asked as he saw Advik.

“I had something to do, anyway you all started lunch without me, not fair!” Advik said.

“We dint, we waited for you, we have been sitting here with empty plates, your mom refused to serve us food until you came back.” Arnav said.

Khushi hit him slightly as Arnav looked at her and they both ended up laughing, Advik settled down in between Krrish and Arnav as they all finally served themselves lunch.

“Doesn’t it all feel good, to have lunch with the whole family?” Arnav asked as he looked at Khushi and then both his sons.

“It does, it’s our perfect family.” Khushi smiled at him as Arnav side hugged her.

“That’s not fair, only mom gets the hug?” Advik asked.

“Exactly, where’s out hug dad?” Krrish asked.

Arnav stared at both the boys with a smile, he had waited to hear them call him dad, and now it was happening, it was all like a dream come true.

He stood up as both the boys stood up too and the three shared a hug.

“Mom, you can join us, we don’t mind.” Krrish said.

Khushi smiled as she joined them in their family hug, and this was the best feeling ever, knowing she had her whole family together, she could ask for no more.

May 12

Kitani Mohabbat hai... EPILOGUE (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 61 times)

Five years later…

Arnav and Khushi were sited outside the Raizada mansion, the place had been renovated and Arnav bought the land touching by so that he could expand the place and make a beautiful garden outside.

They both were sited on the bench, Khushi as usual was engrossed in reading one of her novels while Arnav sat beside her, staring at her lovingly, no matter how old they grew, she was still as beautiful to him as she was when he saw her for the first time.

He took his gaze off and turned to his left where on the other bench, Advik was sited with Kiara, they both were having some funny conversation to which they were laughing their hearts out.

After Arnav and Khushi’s wedding, Advik managed to shift his business here, but he dint completely shut down the one in New York, which was now being handled by Sahil. And since then he stopped avoiding Kiara like he usually did and in this five years, they both became friends, more of best friends, just like how Kiara and Krrish were.

He turned to look back at Khushi who had finally taken off her gaze from the book and was also staring at both Advik and Kiara lovingly.

“I wish they were a couple, don’t they look so good together?” Khushi smiled.

“Yes they do, but he’s still in love with Arohi.” Arnav smiled as he got hold of Khushi’s hand and pressed it between both his hands.

“I wonder how he manages it, being in love with the same person even after so many years.” Khushi said

“He’s my son after all, like I dint stop loving you for the years we were apart, he also wouldn’t.” Arnav smiled as Khushi nodded, she pulled him closer and hugged him tight.

Arnav broke the hug after a few minutes and looked at her in confusion but with a smile on his face, finally Arnav Singh Raizada had learnt how to smile openly.

“What was that for?” He asked as he raised his eyebrow.

“I just feel sad for him wondering what the future beholds for him, I even fear to think that he wants to spend all his life alone.”

“Don’t worry, he’s our son and he’s strong like you, whatever he decides would make him happy and that’s what we want don’t we? His happiness?”

Khushi nodded in affirmation just when Krrish’s car stopped outside the mansion, Khushi recognized the sound of his car immediately as she stood up excitedly.

“Here comes our famous photographer.” Arnav smiled as he also stood up.

Since he got his first photography job, Krrish put in all his hard work into it, he worked day and night and the result of it were showing now, he had become so famous in the fashion world, everyone wanted their photography to be done by him, he had achieved height just in the first five years of his career, and that was like a dream come true.

He rushed towards Khushi with a huge smile on his face, he hugged her and then hugged Arnav happily, today he seemed more excited that usual.

Advik and Kiara joined them as they all greeted Krrish, today there was a different kind of glow on his face.

“So is it only that you’re back home after like months that’s making you this happy or is it something else?” Khushi asked raising her eyebrow.

Krrish smiled at her as he turned to look at Kiara who was already staring at him having the same questions as Khushi in mind.

“I dint know who I was going to tell about this first because you four are important to me, and I’m glad I found you all together, so no one will complain about not being the first one to know.” He said excitedly.

“What is it that you want to tell us?” Advik folded his arms as he looked at Krrish.

“I want you all to meet someone.” He said nervously, everyone looked at him in surprise wondering who was it that he wanted them to meet. He walked back to his car, while everyone else looked at each other trying to figure out who it could be.

He walked back accompanied by a girl who looked like she had just walked out of a ramp dressed in a baby pink floor length dress, she had long black hair that was straightened and put on one side, she stopped in front of everyone and looked at them nervously with her dark brown eyes.

“She’s Krystle my girlfriend.” Krrish said.

Everyone looked at him in shock, there was no way they were expecting him to bring home his girlfriend and introduce her to them all, but then he was, and it was good but still it was hard to believe him.

“There’s no way this girl who looks like a model is your girlfriend, look at how beautiful she is and look at you.” Advik teased Krrish.

“Well the fact is that she is a model, I was working with her today too and I dragged her right out of the shoot and brought her here just so she could meet you.” Krrish said.

“He dint even give me time to change, I look like I’m attending someone’s wedding.” Krystle said in her nervous voice.

“I need all the details, how did you meet, how did you fall in love? Everything!” Kiara looked at Krrish excitedly.

“Okay we met months ago for a shoot and that’s how we got to know each other, the rest of the story will be told to you in details later.” Krrish smiled.

Khushi walked towards Krystle, looking at her lovingly, she was really beautiful and today maybe she felt happier than Krrish because after the love triangle between him, Kiara and Advik, she thought she was never going to see her sons getting married but Krrish was Krrish, he had promised her he would get someone else in his life when he was able to move on and he kept that promise.

Khushi turned towards him and got hold of his hand as she pulled him in a tight hug.

“I’m your boyfriend’s father by the way” Arnav said to Krystle.

“And I’m the hot brother.” Advik jumped in, Krystle ended up laughing at him as she turned to look at Kiara waiting for her introduction.

“I’m his best friend.” Kiara smiled at Krystle who nodded and then turned back to look at Advik.

“You are right, you should try modelling.” She giggled.

“You see, she finds me hotter than you.” Advik teased Krrish who slapped his arm.

“How about you and Kiara show her our house and them we can all sit here and talk to her and get to know her?” Khushi suggested as she looked at Advik and Kiara.

The both nodded as they walked towards the mansion with Krystle, leaving behind Khushi, Arnav and Krrish.

“I don’t know how to thank you enough today Krrish, I was always scared, I thought you’ll never be able to move on but today by bringing her here, you have given me so much happiness, I can’t even explain in words how happy I am.” Khushi said as tears formed up in her eyes.

“She seems like a really nice person Krrish, I am glad that you found her and you fell in love with her.” Arnav said.

“You do love her don’t you?” Khushi asked as she looked at him worriedly.

“I don’t know mom, I don’t know if I really do love her or not but one thing I know is that she makes me happy, whenever she’s around me I have some sort of positive energy, when I’m with her, she makes me forget that I was ever in love with someone else, she always keeps me happy and I do the same, I try my best to keep her happy.

I don’t know if whatever that’s between us is love but I do know that without her, my life is incomplete, yes I loved Kiara, maybe somewhere deep inside my heart I still do, but then I know that staying with her will make me get over it all and if I’m not in love with her today, I’ll definitely fall in love with her tomorrow, because she’s such an amazing person.” Krrish smiled.

“Promise me you’ll never hurt her, you’ll always keep her happy and love her as much as I love your mom.” Arnav said.

“I promise dad, I’ll love her that much.” Krrish said as he hugged him.

“Oh come on Khushi, stop crying now, you should be happy.” Arnav said as he looked at Khushi who was wiping off her tears.

“I am happy Arnav because today I’ve realized how strong my son is, it’s not easy to move on in love, not at least your first love, but he did, he moved on and I know that his feelings for Kiara weren’t fake, he loved her too much but then he was strong enough to move on from it and give us this happiness, I am so proud of you Krrish.” Khushi kissed on his forehead.


A while back Advik and Kiara walked back with Krystle after showing her the house, they all sat together and spent time with her, Advik’s phone rang in between so he stood up and walked aside to receive the call.

Arnav and Khushi were busy talking to each other, Krrish and Krystle were busy stealing glances at each other, Kiara stoop up and walked towards Advik who was standing far away looking at them.

“They remind you of Arohi, don’t they?” Kiara asked as she stopped next to him.

“At times I just wonder how things would have been if I hadn’t messed up everything, she would be here with me, seeing Krrish with Krystle makes me so jealous of him because I know I’ll never be able to move on like he did.” Advik said.

“I know, at times, the heart wants what it wants, but I’m glad that at least he met her and they look so adorable together don’t they?”

“Just like mom and dad.” Advik smiled as he looked at Arnav and Khushi.

Their love, their chemistry, their romance was just as fresh as ever, seeing them could make anyone feel like they had just fallen in love.

“And I hope someday you’ll also come with someone and introduce him to me as your boyfriend.” Advik giggled as he looked Kiara into the eyes.

“Only if moving on was so easy, but who knows I might find someone hotter than you” Kiara giggled.

“No chance, maybe a bit less hot than me.” Advik smirked.


After the long conversation with Krystle, Krrish went to drop her back home, Advik too went to drop Kiara home and Arnav and Khushi were left all alone in the garden, they both walked around the garden, holding each other’s hands.

“I can’t wait for the day I’ll see them getting married.” Khushi said excitedly.

“Slow down Khushi, stop dreaming too far, they’ve just met, let them spend some time together first.” Arnav laughed.

“What to do, I am a mother and I just can’t stop being happy about it.”

“I know, you always get excited for everything anyway.” Arnav said.

“Yeah, just that I wasn’t really excited when I fell in love with you.”

“Really?” Arnav raised his eyebrow and turned to look at her, making her nervous, even after being together for so long, he always managed to make her so nervous just by that look on his face.

He wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled her closer, tucking her hair behind her ears, even his touch still managed to send shivers down her spine.

“Then what got you excited? This?” He asked brushing his thumb on her lips softly, Khushi shut her eyes and inhaled a deep breath and just at that moment, she felt Arnav’s lips on hers, he parted her lips with his slowly and kissed her passionately.

“I’ll never stop feeling butterflies every time you kiss me.” Khushi said pulling apart.

“That’s a good thing isn’t it?” Arnav winked at her, she got hold of his shirt and pulled him closer as she buried her face in his chest, the best place in the whole world.

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