Kitani Mohabbat hai

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Feb 24

Kitani Mohabbat hai (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 33 times)


“Today I’ll tell Khushi why it makes a difference to me, why everything about her makes a difference to me… today I’ll tell her that I’ve finally realized how much I love her.” Arnav said to himself as he headed to the terrace where he had made all the arrangements for her.

Excitement and happiness were the two words that truly described his feelings today… he had no idea how she was going to react to his confession, he had no idea if she felt the same towards him but all he knew was that he could no more keep silent about his feelings anymore.

He opened the door and was just about to walk in when his eyes met with the worst ever view he hadn’t ever imagined in his worst nightmares.

He could see her in his arms and to say it broke him was an understatement, seeing her in his arms burned his heart like fire. Was it really true? Was what he was seeing really true?

Was Shyam cheating on Anjali with Khushi?

Khushi pulled apart suddenly looking Shyam into the eyes, she seemed angry and maybe he was misunderstanding it, maybe Khushi dint like it, maybe Shyam was the one forcing himself on her.

He took a step forward to go there and confront Shyam on whatever he was doing a while ago when Khushi’s words stopped him.

“If that relationship doesn’t matter to you, why don’t you just break it? Leave Anjali!” Khushi shouted angrily leaving Arnav in shock.

Was this the same girl he had fallen in love with? The same girl whom he had seen caring about everyone else? The one who put everyone else first before herself?

Was the same girl telling Shyam to leave Anjali because she was selfish enough to snatch his sister’s husband for her own happiness?

How could he be so wrong to judge her? He should have always known that a girl like Khushi dint deserve his love, she dint deserve his whole family’s love.

All this while she’d been pretending to be good in front of everyone else and on the other side was trapping Shyam in her love game? How could he and his family be so wrong about this girl?

Shyam was just about to speak something when his eyes went to where Arnav was standing in shock. With his evil mind he knew how he had to handle the situation.

“What are you saying Khushi ji? How can I leave Rani Saheba, she’s my wife, I love her and just because you love me doesn’t mean I’d leave my wife. Look you better stay away from me or else it won’t be good” Shyam said as he walked away while Arnav hid himself behind the door.

Khushi stood there in confusion having no idea of what had just happened. Why did Shyam change his words so suddenly?

Hey people… So i'm back with another FF. This one is going to be a continuation of ipkknd track from where Arnav saw Shyam at the terrace with Khushi and misundersood everything…

PS: The contract marriage isn’t going to happen!

Feb 27

Kitani Mohabbat hai... Part 1 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 28 times)

The chopper landed outside Raizada mansions as a few men rushed towards it, Arnav Singh Raizada stepped out of it as he looked the sun into the eyes with his shades on.

“Aman, I told you I don’t want to see any journalist here” Arnav said as he looked angrily at all the journalists who had gathered around.

“I’m sorry ASR, I tried to stop them but they were out of control, you know they all want to know about it”

“And I don’t want to talk about it, you better handle them, I’m heading inside the house” Arnav said as he walked inside the mansion ignoring the media.

He settled himself next to the poolside just outside his room as he starred at the water in the pool, a smile showed up on his face as he remembered the moments he had spent here with Khushi.

That moment when he kissed her cheeks for the first time and she was completely shocked but not angry, those little fights they had around that place and each and every memory connected to it.

“Kiara, it would be better if you walked inside instead of standing there and spying on me” Arnav said as he looked at the twenty year old girl standing at the door of his room.

“No sir, I wasn’t spying at you, I was just…”

“Just what?”

“I was just curious about the smile you had on your face… I’ve never seen you smile before, so I just wanted to know what it could be that could make the great Arnav Singh Raizada smile”

“You know I’ve never been so friendly with any of my employees except Aman”

“And me, because you aren’t the rude and arrogant boss to me as you are to everyone else” Kiara said

“Because you so much remind me of Khushi… she was just like you, irritating”

“But you loved her anyway, and I guess she was the reason behind the smile I saw on your face a while back”

“Isn’t it weird Kiara? I, Arnav Singh Raizada who can do anything, and find out every information in a matter of minutes have never been able to find the girl I loved despite of the fact that I know I’ll never be able to be at peace until I find her, she really stood up to her promise…”

“What promise sir?”

“She had promised me that she’ll leave from my life forever, and there will come a day when I’ll want to look for her and no matter how much I try I’ll never be able to find her… even Aman, the man who never disappointed me in any work I gave him, couldn’t do this one”

“Maybe because destiny wants me to do the work my father couldn’t… wait and watch, I’ll be the one to find your Khushi” Kiara giggled

“I wish I could find her once, I could just look at her and tell I was sorry for everything I did to her, for not trusting her, for doing all I did to her”

“Sir, I know she left, but I never knew what happened, even dad doesn’t tell me what happened, would you tell me please?”

“What do you want to know Kiara?”

“About you and Khushi… about your love, about how much she loved you and about how much you loved her”

“You know Kiara, there comes a time in life when we can live our whole life in just a moment and not realize it, that’s what had happened with me, Khushi’s love gave me that chance to live my entire life in just a moment and feel like I’ve lived enough, but I never realized it”


“Khushi” She heard Arnav’s voice and quickly turned around to look at him with smile on her face.

“Arnav ji… why did you call me here? Have you planned some surprise for Akash ji and Payal?” Khushi asked as she excitedly looked around.

The whole terrace was beautifully decorated with lights and flowers.

“No, it’s for you” Arnav said as he walked towards her.

Khushi went silent for a moment. It was for her? He did it for her? But why would he do something of such sort for her?

“You always asked me that why anything related to you made a difference to me, but I was never able to tell you why… today I’m here to tell you why it all makes a difference to me” Arnav said

“Arnav ji” Khushi whispered and she looked at him silently.

“Today I’ll tell you why when I thought you were the one in that ambulance hurt me so much… I’ll tell you why seeing you with NK made a difference to me… I’ll tell you why I was worried when you weren’t well.

Yes Khushi… it all makes a difference to me… it all hurts me and makes me worried because…” Arnav closed his eyes painfully. He couldn’t believe he was really doing this after what he had seen a while back.

“Because what Arnav ji?”

“Because I love you Khushi” He said

Khushi stood there still as her heartbeat ran wild, she placed her hand on her heart and closed her eyes. Maybe yes, this was why whenever she was around him, her heartbeats went crazy.

Maybe this was why, he made a difference to her like she did to him… but was all this really true? Or was she dreaming?

How could a man like Arnav, the great and mighty ASR say that he was in love with her? But why not? If he could kiss her and flirt around with her and get jealous, why couldn’t he be in love with her?

“Arnav ji… is this really true?” Khushi asked

“Why, don’t you believe it? Can’t you see it in my damn eyes how much I love you?” Arnav said as he got hold of her arms angrily.

As much as this was hurting him, it was also making him angry, how could someone pretend to be so innocent yet be so evil?

More than being worried about his angry behavior, she found herself blushing, because she knew this is how he was, he couldn’t do a thing without getting angry so his anger wasn’t really a big thing for her.

Although deep inside her heart she knew that this was what she was waiting to hear, this was the answer to all the questions she had been having for the past few days, she was still somewhere scared to accept her feelings.

Maybe because she dint know how Arnav would react when she told him about Shyam’s truth and that the guy she was once engaged to was none other than Shyam.

“Khushi… I’m waiting for your response” Arnav said trying to calm his anger.

Khushi stared at him silently yet deciding what to do. It was for sure that one or the other time Arnav would have to know the truth, and if he really loves her he would understand that what happened wasn’t her fault, and because of that fear she shouldn’t deny her feelings.

Maybe it was time to accept it, the rest she would leave it up on time, when the right time comes, she would talk to him about it.

“Arnav ji… what do I say… I don’t know how it all happened, I don’t know when the deep hatred I had for you changed into something this beautiful, but now when you’re saying that you love me… I can’t deny that I also do”

 “You do what Khushi?” Arnav asked with a smirk

“Is it a must to say it? I mean you’ve understood it right?”

“No I haven’t… I need to listen to what you have to say, come on tell me” Arnav said as he walked towards her.

Khushi just blushed unable to give a voice to her words.

“What’s up? The Khushi Kumari Gupta who always talked nonstop, who wouldn’t let others talk is silent today?” Arnav asked

“Arnav ji” Khushi said as she blushed

“Yes Khushi… tell me I’m listening”

“Okay then, if you want to hear it close your eyes”

“What? What difference would that make Khushi? You’ve again started playing your stupid games”

“Arnav ji please” Khushi begged innocently.

He closed his eyes and waited while Khushi moved closer to his ears, taking a deep breath she finally whispered into his ears what he’d been wanting to listen to.

“I love you too Arnav ji” She said as she quickly rushed away from the terrace trying to hide away the blush on her face.

Arnav opened his eyes with disgust wondering how low any girl could stoop… so his thought was right, Khushi knew that Aakash was with Payal so she couldn’t trap him, and talking about himself, he knew how he behaved with Khushi so she must have been sure she wouldn’t ever be able to trap him that’s why she chose Shyam… this middle class girls had only one sort of dreams, trapping rich men, even if they were married.

He knew if he confessed his love to Khushi she would accept it because through him it was easier to get what she had always dreamt of.

The other reason why he did this was to save Anjali’s married life, he couldn’t take any chances, he knew if Khushi was able to trap Shyam then Anjali would break and he wouldn’t have let that happen.


“Shyam!” Arnav shouted angrily as he walked into Anjali’s room, he knew Anjali wasn’t there and he really had to talk to Shyam.

“Yes Arnav, what is it?” Shyam asked trying to act innocent.

“You know it won’t take me even a second to throw you out of this house and Anjali’s life, so you better not be cheating on my sister.

Tell me what the hell you were doing on the terrace with Khushi and don’t lie to me, I saw her in your arms” Arnav asked angrily.

“It wasn’t my fault at all, that Khushi, she’s the one behind me since long, trying to tell me that she loves me and that I should leave Anjali for her and get married to her, that girl is crazy, I don’t know what she’s up to”

“Then why did you ever tell any of us about it”

“Don’t you know how Rani Saheba is? If I’d tell anyone and got to know she would have been hurt and all I want is to keep her away from all the hurt and pain, I thought I’d handle this on my own but that girl is getting out of hands… I’m sure she’s behind the Raizada property and she thinks she can get it through me”

“But she could have trapped me for that, the Raizada property doesn’t belong to you anyway” Arnav said realizing that he might have been wrong about what he thought.

There was no way Khushi was going to get any part of the Raizada property through Shyam, then why would she even trap him?

“How do I know what she had in her mind? Maybe she had some idea on how she was going to get money through me” Shyam said.

Arnav stared at him not wanting to trust him but not wanting to trust Khushi either. There was some confusion here, but then he had heard her telling Shyam to leave Anjali so for sure it wasn’t Shyam’s fault, and she also accepted that she loved Arnav but he knew she never did, she surely had a motive behind this.

Right now he really couldn’t decide who was wrong, but he needed to find out before he took any step and for that he had to keep an eye on both Khushi and Shyam.

“I hope whatever that you said is true, and if it’s not you have no idea what I, Arnav Singh Raizada can do to make your life hell for hurting my sister. You better be on the right track” Arnav said as he walked away.

“Oh My dear sale sahib, I know very well how to make you believe things and you would always live believing I’m the innocent one” Shyam smirked.

Flashback Ends

Feb 28

Kitani Mohabbat hai... Part 2 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 36 times)

The wind blew softly tangling her hair as she sat still, her fingers moving on the black and white piano keys creating a soft music as she sang along the rhythm.

Her voice was as soft as the koel bird, the flawlessness of her song was another plus point, such a talented woman she was, blessed with everything in life except the most important thing, Love.

Milke bichad jate hai jis tarah do raaste nayi manzil ki taraf…

Aankhon mein rehjati hai umar bhar ke vaaste tadapti ek tadap…

Pyaar woh zakhm hai jo bhare na kabhi… marke bhi khatam hota nahi yeh safar…

Kaise kahein hume kitani mohabbat hai… kitani mohabbat hai…

“Such a beautiful voice you’ve got Khushi, why don’t you just accept my offer?” a man said as he walked inside.

“Thank you Sahil for the complement and talking about your offer you know my answer isn’t going to change” Khushi smiled as she stood up and walked towards him.

“Why not, you know you could be famous, you’d get fans for such an amazing voice you’ve got, so why are you just here teaching music when you could join my band?”

“That’s the thing you see, I don’t want to be famous”

“Because you think he will find you?”

Khushi stared at him nervously as she turned back to look at her students. I need all of you to practice the song, the lyrics are on the board, I’ll be back in a while then we are going to have a competition on who sings it the best.

She turned around and walked outside the classroom as Sahil followed her.

“I’m sure they’ll all sing well, but their voices won’t have the pain yours has”

“One day, when they fall in love their voices will get the pain you’re talking about, like I discovered I could actually sing after I fell in love and got my heart broken, and here I am now teaching music”

“What would happen if he finds you? Would you forgive him?”

“Honestly speaking I’ve never thought about it because I know it won’t happen, and anyway I would be glad if we dint discuss my past I don’t want to restart the process of healing old wounds again” Khushi sighed

“You might have not thought about that Khushi but what I know is that you still love him as much as you did, even after all this years” Sahil said as he walked away leaving her standing still where she was.

Yes, it was true, she did love him the same and every morning she woke up hoping she wouldn’t because that man dint deserve her love, hell he dint even deserve her!


“Sir, are you okay?” Kiara asked as she shook Arnav who was lost in thoughts.

“No, I’m not okay Kiara… I’ll never be okay with this guilt, knowing that I punished her for the mistakes she never made, knowing that she’s somewhere in this world all alone and I can do nothing to be with her.” Arnav said sadly

“What happened after that day? What happened that she had to leave you?”

“A lot happened that I wish I could change now”


There was a rush in Raizada mansion, everyone busy preparing for Aakash and Payal’s wedding, the day was finally here and everyone was excited.

As for Khushi it was double happiness, first of all her sister’s wedding and then the confession from Arnav, she lacked words to describe the feeling.

She walked towards the hall holding a tray of flower petals lost in thoughts, remembering the first time when she met him and at those time how much they both hated each other and now there is this time when she’s in love with him and he’s in love with her which seemed like impossible a few months ago.

She stopped suddenly when someone got hold of her from behind and she shut her eyes quickly knowing it was Arnav.

“Arnav ji, let me go please” She blushed.

The hands wrapped around her waist pulling her closer as he hugged her from behind, Khushi’s heart was running a race by now, she had never expected the rude and arrogant Arnav to be such a romantic person like he was right now.

She just shut her eyes tight feeling his arms around her, everything in world seemed beautiful but as the hold on her waist became tighter, she realized this weren’t Arnav’s arms, it was someone else holding her and she flinched when it clicked her mind who it could be.

She opened her eyes in shock and turned around to find Shyam standing there, she was burning red with rage as Arnav stood in a corner far away from her eyes staring at the both with painful eyes.

All this while he tried to believe he was wrong and maybe he would find something which would show him the truth that Khushi wasn’t wrong but after seeing Shyam hugging her and she closing her eyes to feel it, he felt disgusted, how low could anyone stoop?

He walked away angrily not being able to take this, this girl was crossing all her limits and he had to teach her a lesson.

“I told you to stay away from me, next time I see you anywhere near me I won’t think twice before telling the whole family about what you did to me and my family, and I am very damn serious about this” Khushi said as she walked away angrily too.

Shyam stood there smirking knowing her had done what he wanted to, from now onwards Arnav wasn’t going to trust Khushi at all and that’s what he wanted anyway.


He walked in his room and punched his fist angrily on the wall, his mind burning with rage, his hurt breaking by what he saw a while back.

“Why Khushi! Why? Of all the people in the whole world why did you choose to be like this? So selfish? The only girl I thought to be different was actually so different she was ready to break a marriage for her own benefit.”

He picked up the flower vase and threw it on the floor breaking it into pieces, he was so angry he wanted to go and get hold of her and throw her out of his house but he knew if he did that he would have to answer Anjali’s questions and he dint have an answer to any of her questions.

Khushi walked into his room and he stood up rushing towards her as he pinned her to the wall directly, looking into her eyes with anger flooding from his eyes.

“Arnav ji” Khushi said worriedly

She pressed her hands tighter on the wall, wanting to shout at her or even kill her for betraying him, for breaking his trust and for once again showing him that people in this world were always selfish.

“You’re hurting me Arnav ji” Khushi said painfully.

“Oh so delicate Khushi is feeling hurt, what about the pain you’re giving me? Isn’t it hurting me Khushi? Of all the people in the world why you?”

“What are you saying Arnav ji?”

Arnav stared at her not knowing what to do, after all this how could she yet manage to act so innocent? He knew if he stayed her for another minute he might just kill her, so he pulled himself back and walked out of the room leaving Khushi all confused.

Flashback Ends.

Arnav’s phone beeped as he pulled it out of his pocket and swiped to open the lock, he looked at Kiara and stood up.

“Sorry Kiara, I have an important meeting to attend, we’ll talk about this later”

“Okay sir, and yes before I forget, dad told me to remind you that the Paris fashion week starts tomorrow so I have the tickets already booked, I’ll be joining you there with some other employees”

“Great, I’ll see you later” Arnav said as he walked away leaving Kiara sited there in her room staring at the poolside.

She wondered what must have happened, and how Khushi left and now he can’t even find her, where could she be and how would she be surviving?

She was already feeling bad just after knowing a few things, what would happen when she would find out the whole thing?


Arnav arrived back home at around midnight, he headed to his room and sat on his bed staring around at his dark room, his life had been covered with the same darkness since Khushi left, or let’s say since he forced her to leave.

He lied flat on the bed staring at the ceiling, he had had a tiring day but as he tried to get some sleep he couldn’t, the guilt he had in his heart never let him sleep peacefully.

He shut his eyes hoping he would fall asleep anytime soon but it was something that hadn’t happened in the past many years.

The door to his room opened slowly as Arnav sat up hurriedly wondering who it could be at this time. he switched on the lights and in front of him stood Anjali.

“Di! Why are you awake at this time? Is everything okay?”

“I was waiting for you to return back, you know I can’t sleep without knowing you’re okay”

“I am okay Di, don’t worry, you should sleep now”

“I just came to tell you not to worry much, one day we’ll all find Khushi and everything would be okay” Anjali said sadly

“I hope so, it’s been so many years and I’ve tried so much, I don’t know where she is and I’m scared, I hope nothing has happened to her, I’ll never be able to forgive myself for it”

“She will be okay Arnav, trust me”

Arnav nodded positively as Anjali walked away and he covered himself with his blanket to get some sleep.


“Get lost and never show me your face again, you’re such a characterless woman”

“We cant believe you could turn out to be like this Khushi”

“We all trusted you so much, how could you?”

“But what about this now? Where am I supposed to go Arnav? You’re the only hope I have”

“I don’t care even, you better just get lost and never ever show me your face again, I’ll regret for the rest of my life that I loved a girl like you”

“Please Arnav don’t do this to me, I have nowhere else to go, trust me I was never at fault, I never did anything, please believe me for the sake of our love Arnav”

“Believe you? That’s the last thing I’ll do Khushi, now if you don’t want me to call the security and throw you out of the house just get lost!”

“Okay I will, I’ll never show you my face again and that’s a promise from me to you Arnav, I will never ever show you my face”

“Khushi!” Arnav shouted as he woke up sweating badly.

The same dream everyday, he had never been able to sleep peacefully since the day Khushi left. This dream was just making him feel more and guiltier about what he did to her and for not trusting her when she begged him so bad.

Mar 1

Kitani Mohabbat hai... Part 3 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 28 times)

Zara Fashion House

New York.

The locomotion and noise came to a rest as soon as everyone was informed that the director, Mr. Advik Malhotra had arrived, everyone rushed to their seats and settled down pretending to do work even if they had none.

The whole Zara staff was scared of Advik to death, it was as if he was some monster and he was going to eat them alive.

Well as for everyone else Advik was surely a monster, he was always rude and arrogant, he spoke to people as if he owned them and he wouldn’t take anyone making mistakes, he would just kill the person if that was the right word to describe his reaction but to his family and the people close to him, he was a caring and loving man.

Leaving aside his rudeness he was one hell of a perfect man, 6 feet tall and with looks that could make any woman go down on her knees, he always had girls running around trying to talk to him but his arrogant and rude behavior managed to keep them away.

He was like a mixture of arrogance and rudeness plus love and care, a very rare combination indeed, and that’s what made him different from everyone else.


A few moments later, Mr. Advik walked in followed by Mr. Mohit famously known as Advik’s right hand. The only work that Advik had to do was to command and whatever he’d asked for would be done and followed by Mohit.

“The meeting with the Rana’s has been postponed due to some issues so I have readjusted your schedules of today for…”

“Who postponed the meeting Mohit?” Advik asked in his usual high pitched tone.

The whole staff was already looking at him, they knew someone was going to face their worse today because when Advik Malhotra spoke in that tone, it meant danger.

“The Rana’s, something went wrong and they couldn’t…”

“I have no time to waste for people who don’t act upon their commitments, the meeting isn’t postponed, it’s cancelled and I better not have any other meetings with them ever again”

“Noted sir, the Paris fashion week starts tomorrow so I haven’t got any meetings lined up for you as from tomorrow, I’ve got our tickets booked for midnight, the models have already been sent there and I’d be handling the designs personally, can’t afford to get them leaked”

“I’ll see you at the airport then, cancel all my meetings for today, I have to go and see Mrs. Khushi, I’ll just check on my mails in the cabin and then leave.”

“But sir, the meeting you have today with the Mehra’s is very important”

“Mohit how many times would I have to tell you that nothing is more important to me than her, and I don’t go out of the country without seeing her and taking her blessings so I don’t care what you do” Advik said

“As you say sir” Mohit said as he walked away.

“As for the rest of you, I would appreciate if you used the time you waste on listening to mine and Mohit’s conversation for work, I have no place in my company for people who are more interested in gossips and not work so everyone get back to work” Advik said as he headed to his cabin.

“He’d never looked this hotter, only if he could keep his rudeness aside, I’d kill for him” One of the employee girl said to the other.

“I know right, he looks like a Greek God! So hot!” The other one said as they both giggled.


Ek Pal ki Zindagi dede, ek din ki duniya… mohabbat me hain sirf barbadiyan..

Iss aag ne, jalaye kayi… pagal deewane banaye kayi…

Phir bhi ye pyaar ke silsilay na ruke, mar gaye mit gaye par kabhi na jhuke…

Kaise kahein hume kitani mohabbat hai… kitani mohabbat hai…

She opened her eyes as the students clapped for her and she smiled at them in return. A few seconds later all the claps stopped, apart from one. Khushi turned to look where it was coming from when she saw Advik standing at the door.

“I had given you the lyrics of yesterday’s song, and the lyrics for the one I just sang right now are on the board, now I want all of you to combine both the songs and sing it as one, does anyone have any questions?” Khushi asked

“Ma’am can we change a few words to make it go with them rhythm?” One of the students asked

“If it’s really needed, better if you use the original, anyway start working, I’ll be back in a while” Khushi said as she rushed outside behind Advik who was now walking away.

“Advik stop!” She shouted from behind.

He stopped where he was and stood still without turning to look at her, his hands clenched into a tight fist, his body shivering with anger, he shut his eyes which had turned red by now trying all his best to calm himself down.

Khushi rushed towards him and stood in front of him.

“Advik, look at me please”

He opened his bloodshot eyes and looked at her into the eyes, Khushi’s eyes were filled with tears seeing his red eyes.

“Why do you do this? Why do you always torture yourself like this? Why so much love for that man who doesn’t even care if you’re dead or alive?”

“What did I do now?”

“As if you don’t know… There are a million of songs out there to teach to your students but why do you always have to choose this stupid melodramatic songs? Can’t you choose some good party songs or anything else than this? Or is it that you like torturing yourself like this…

How long will this go on? I’ve grown up seeing you do this to yourself always and now I can’t take it anymore, we live in the same house but to see you I have to come to this stupid music school of yours, you’ve put yourself far from everyone who cares about you, from me, from Dad just for that man who treated you like ****!

That man who dint know how to treat his woman right and to respect her, that damn man who trusted everyone else in the whole damn world but not the girl he loved, at times I feel like calling him a man is an insult to the word because he dint to anything to make me feel like he was really a man!”

“Advik you are crossing your limits” Khushi said angrily

“And I wish I had crossed them earlier, I just came to see you because I am going out of country but I guess I shouldn’t have come, it was a wrong decision… I’m sorry Mrs. Khushi, I’ll never come to see you again” Advik said as he walked away angrily not listening to Khushi who was calling him again and again trying to stop him.

A man came in front of him suddenly and he stopped walking at that moment, he looked at the man nervously, if there was anyone Advik was scared of, not really scared it was the respect he had for him because wherever he was today was all because of this man.

“Go apologize to her right now” Sahil said

“Dad! You also think I’m wrong? Haven’t I been trying to do the same thing you’ve been doing? Telling her to move on? I love her as much as you do but until today she’s never accepted your love for that man, she doesn’t understand that you never got married because you’re still hoping that someday she would change her mind and finally accept you… but now I feel sorry dad, because I know that would never happen.”

“Whatever that’s between me and her is none of your concern, what you have to know is that you can’t talk to her like that so do as I say”

Advik stood still not wanting to do what he was being told to, because he knew he was right and Khushi had to understand that.

“I said apologize to her right now Advik!” Sahil said in a louder tone.

Advik walked back towards Khushi and before he could speak, Khushi pulled him into a tight hug.

“I’m sorry Advik, I’m really sorry, I know you both care for me and trust me I don’t do this to torture myself, in fact this is what makes me feel alive, this soft music. And if it’s about that man who left me, I don’t cry over him anymore, I stopped crying over him years ago because he dint deserve my tears.

You know the strange thing about love is you can’t decide on whom to love and how long you love the person, the only thing you can decide is to walk away from the person you love and that’s what I did, I’ve walked away from him but the love still remains, it’s difficult to get it out of my heart, it’s there and it’s for him and I know I’d never be with him but then I wouldn’t want to be with anyone else too.

But you don’t worry about me, as long as I have you and Sahil to keep on shouting at me like this, I’m sure one day I’ll also stop loving him. I for sure don’t want to waste my precious tears for a man who dint deserve them.”

“That’s like the strong woman I want to see” Advik said as he broke the hug.

“Seriously you both will never grow up” Sahil said

“Dad talk about her, I’m grown up enough and anyway I need to leave, have to finish some work before I leave for Paris, I’ll see you both after a week” Advik said as he hugged Khushi once again and walked away.


“What is this? I mean mine and Arnav’s seats are different? Kiara why would you do this” Aman asked

“Dad, chill! I booked mine and sir’s sits together because all the way to Paris he has to tell me about his lover story so you better just sit on the seat I’ve booked for you and sleep peacefully because once you get there, you aren’t getting enough sleep” Kiara said

“Are you doing some research on his love life?”

“Something of such sort” Kiara winked as she ran away.

“Relax Aman, its okay… I don’t mind her… at least she makes me feel a bit alive by doing this naughty tricks of hers and persuading me to tell her more about me and Khushi”

“Isn’t it amazing how much things have changed in all this years? I mean there was a time when you only wanted to mind your own business, I’m sure if you were the same Arnav Kiara would be so scared of you and maybe I would still be just your right hand and not your friend”

“Things change for good” Arnav said as they headed to board their flight.


As they settled down finally and the flight took off, Kiara had her eyes glued on Arnav, she was curious she wanted to know everything about his love life.

“Would you stop staring at me like that, I think it would have been better if your father sat next to me”

“Oh please sir, you know what you’ve got to do… tell me what happened from where we had stopped, what Shyam did and what did you do about the things that were happening”

“From the consequences I’m facing right now I’m sure you know that I dint do anything right, I just made all the wrong decisions”

“And maybe at that time they weren’t wrong… I don’t want to judge before I know the whole story, you know that’s how I am, so tell me about it, tell me what happened”

“After Shyam got to know what was in my mind, I mean I confronted him after I saw him with Khushi so he wanted to make me believe that he wasn’t at fault because despite all that I had seen and heard, my heart still somewhere wanted to believe that Khushi wasn’t wrong, she could never be wrong.”

“Then what made you believe she was wrong”

“Something happened that day” Arnav said as he went back into the flashbacks.

Mar 2

Kitani Mohabbat hai... Part 4 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 31 times)


Arnav was sited in his room yet wondering if what he had seen was true or maybe he mistook whatever he saw, he should have at least talked once to her to ask her the truth then maybe he could know, but what if she lied to him?

Or what if she said the truth and he wouldn’t believe it? He dint know whom to trust, her sister’s husband or the girl he loved, both were equally important in his life and he couldn’t judge anyone before knowing the whole thing at least.

All he knew was he wasn’t going to take any step without talking to Khushi for once and asking her if what he saw at the terrace was true or there was something else behind it.

He walked out of his room looking around, he knew she must be here as it was Aakash and Payal’s wedding day and all the Gupta’s were here, all the rituals were soon to begin.

He walked all over trying to look for her and finally spotted her sited next to Payal.

“Khushi, I have some work with you, come with me” Arnav said in his usual tone.

“Now? Jiji needs me, can’t I come later?”

“I said right now” Arnav said angrily as he walked away and Khushi followed him.

“Arnav ji… what is it? Everyone is busy getting ready for the wedding and look at you, you haven’t even dressed up, it’s your brother’s wedding and you’re in your angry moods as usual… what’s going on?”

“That’s what I want to know Khushi, what the hell is going on?”

“What do you mean?”

“The other night I came to the terrace to confess my feelings to you and before that I…”

“Chotte!” Anjali interrupted.

She walked in staring at both Khushi and Arnav, she smiled at Khushi and the turned to look at Arnav.

“Look at you, still roaming around like this, Aakash has been waiting for you, come he needs to talk to you about something… Khushi ji, I’m sorry I’m taking him away from you but this is important”

“Stay here Khushi, I want to talk to you” Arnav said as Anjali pulled him away.

Khushi walked around the room wondering what could be so important that Arnav wanted to talk to her about it at this time, she sat on the couch and waited for him to come back soon.

She heard footsteps and knew it must be him, she quickly stood up and headed to the door and to her shock, it wasn’t Arnav but Shyam.

She turned back and walked inside the room completely ignoring him but Shyam followed her inside.

“Khushi ji, what’s with avoiding me lately?”

“Get lost before I lose my temper, even after all this you’re still trying to run around behind me? You have such a beautiful wife, why the hell are you doing this to her?”

“Because I have fallen in love with you”

“And that’s none of my concern, please leave me alone before I have to create a scene, it’s a big day for Aakash ji and my sister and I don’t want it to get spoilt”

“What’s with the attitude huh?” Shyam asked as he got hold of her arm.

“Leave me!” Khushi said angrily.

“I’m not going to leave you, if you’re a woman enough, then fight back.”

Khushi struggled to get his hand off her but he was stronger than her, this was becoming to much, she had lost all her patience.

She suddenly pushed him to the wall angrily with all her force and stared at him with fury.

“Just so that you know, Arnav ji confessed his feelings to me, and just like Jiji and Aakash ji we will soon get married so you better get lost” Khushi said angrily.

Shyam was about to speak when he saw Arnav standing at the door, he smirked at Khushi and walked away as Arnav hid himself.

Khushi sat on the couch crying, she couldn’t understand what this man was made of, how could he play with the feelings of his wife, the one who loved him and trusted him so much?

“Did you hear that? I told you, she’s after money, she knows she can’t get it through me so she’s trapped you, I warned you to be careful Arnav, that girl is very cunning. Now that she knows she’s got you, she’s not interested in me suddenly” Shyam said

“Leave me alone” Arnav said angrily

Shyam walked away knowing he had done what he wanted to, and the rest was upon Arnav to do.

Flashback Ends…

“Don’t tell me you trusted Shyam and not Khushi” Kiara said

“Well what else can you expect from an idiot like me… you see Kiara, at that time I had made up this theory in my mind that she wanted to trap Shyam for money but she knew she’d get more with me and that’s why she was no more interested in Shyam and then Shyam also made it sound like that and the half conversations I heard made me believe that” Arnav said

“So did you talk to her? Did you ask her questions on why was all this happening?”

“At that moment, my heart was filled with so much hatred for her than love that I dint even wish to see her face, I walked into my room and told her to leave”

“Oh God! That must have been terrible” Kiara said sadly



Advik Malhotra walked out of the airport followed by Mohit, his right hand.

“Where’s the car Mohit?” Advik asked

“Must be here anytime soon, let’s just wait for a couple more minutes”

“You know I don’t like wasting my time like this” Advik said angrily

On the other side, Arnav, Aman and Kiara walked out, there was a car waiting for them already.

“Dad! My bag isn’t here” Kiara said as they started loading the luggage in the car.

“I got all the bags, how come it’s not here? Anyway I’ll go back inside and check” Aman said

“No, I’ll go, I’ll recognize it easily, just wait for me, don’t leave me all alone in this unknown place” Kiara said

“When will this girl stop being filmy” Aman giggled as Kiara rushed back inside.

“She so much reminds me of Khushi, as if she’s been brought up by her or she’s related to her” Arnav said

As she rushed to the entrance, her hair flew all over her face blocking her view and in the process of trying to tie it up she dint realize she had run into someone.

“What the hell… don’t you have eyes” She heard a man’s voice.

“I’m sorry, it’s just my h…” She was stunned as she finally managed to tie her hair.

The man standing in front of her was none less than a Greek God, tall, muscular and terribly handsome, it was like someone took her breath away just in a moment and she stood still staring at the man as if she’d never seen a good looking man as him before.

“Did you leave your eyes at home?” he asked bitterly.

“Oh god, the prettier the face the bitter the voice” Kiara whispered.

“What did you just say?” Advik asked angrily

“Nothing, I’m sorry, I’ll just leave” Kiara said as she walked away but it was almost impossible to keep her eyes away from him, she was continuously staring at him and walking on the opposite direction when she hit someone’s trolley and fell down.

“Crazy girl” Mohit smiled as he looked at Advik who was completely irritated.


“I want a makeover” Khushi said suddenly leaving Sahil completely stunned.

“What?” Sahil asked in a surprised tone.

“You heard me right… I’m bored of this chiffon saree’s now and this long hair, it’s to tiring to comb them, so I was just thinking, what would happen if I started wearing, jeans or skirts or dresses and then cut my hair short, wouldn’t I just look amazing?”

Sahil continued staring at Khushi in awe, in the past twenty five years he had never seen her like this, what had gotten into her?

I’ll get some make up done and when I’ll walk into my music classroom my students are going to stare at me in surprise, how does that sound?” She asked excitedly.

“Great, but how did this come up in your mind so suddenly?”

“I just thought, what you and Advik have been trying to tell me all this years and I think you’re all right, my love for Arnav died the same day he threw me out of that house, all this years I’d just been living believing I was still in love with him but today when Advik said all those things about it I dint feel about it because I know he was a terrible man and I don’t want to waste my life living in sadness, I want some fun, adventure and to make my life worth it”

“So you realize this after twenty five years?” Sahil said

“At least I did… now let’s get going, I want to throw each and every piece of Arnav out of me, and just be me and live my life, try new things like new clothes, new haircut… and just be happy”

“I’m glad you thought of that, I’m sure when Advik sees you like this, he’s going to be really surprised and more than being surprised he’s going to be happy for you, after all we both have been trying to do that since long”

“Or I could go to Paris to surprise him” Khushi smiled

“Wow, someone who hadn’t left New York for the past twenty five years is now talking about leaving it, seriously today I can’t believe I’m seeing the same Khushi… I’m so happy for you Khushi”

“Me too, it already sounds exciting” Khushi smiled.

Mar 3

Kitani Mohabbat hai... Part 5 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 33 times)

“I told you to book the presidential suite, for sure Advik Malhotra isn’t going to stay in some other room, you should have known that Mohit!” Advik said angrily.

“I’m sorry sir, but the presidential suite was already booked for Mr. Arnav Raizada, we can’t help it” the receptionist said

“Well then Mohit you better start looking for another hotel, I don’t know how irresponsible you’ve become, you should have at least confirmed if we got the room or not, this is wasting my time and you know how much I value time, next time this happens I’ll not think twice before you get fired”

“I’m sorry sir”


“What the hell, how can he talk to his employee like that? Its okay he made a mistake but he should have told him about it in a calm way, was it necessary for him to shout at him like this in public. Such a rude man” Kiara said

“Once upon a time Arnav was the same too” Aman said

“Really sir? Well I kind of know it, he is like that to people at times, I’m glad he’s sweet with me” Kiara giggled as she looked at Arnav.

“He so much reminds me of myself in my twenties, I was just like him, dint like wasting a minute of my time, anyway Kiara do this, go and tell the receptionist to give me any other big room, I don’t need the presidential suite”

“I can see why you’re doing that” Aman said

“It matters to him more than it does to me, I mean it’s just a room” Arnav said

“It wouldn’t be just a room if you hadn’t met Khushi and if hadn’t changed your way of thinking”

Kiara smiled as she left her father and Arnav behind conversing about Khushi, there wasn’t a day in their lives when Khushi wasn’t mentioned, she just wished that Khushi could see how important she was to Arnav despite all the things that happened.

“Excuse me, Mr. Raizada wanted me to tell you to get him another room, he doesn’t think he’d need so much space anyway, can you get him another room, something like the presidential suite even though a bit smaller but not too small” Kiara asked

“Sure” The receptionist smiled.

“Excuse me sir” She called out to Mohit.

Mohit walked back to her while Advik stared at them angrily, all this was just wasting his time more and more.

“You can take the presidential suite now” She informed him.

Mohit smiled happily as he got the keys of the room and rushed towards Advik to inform him, Advik took the keys and headed to his room angrily.


“Are you sure you want to do this Khushi?” Sahil asked worriedly.

“Yes Sahil, I don’t want anything he loved about me to remain with me, so I guess I’ll get rid of anything that reminds me of him…” Khushi said nervously.

Although she knew she wasn’t going to like the change, she had to do it for the sake of moving on, she wasn’t surely going to waste her life crying over that Arnav Singh Raizada who never trusted her, and the one who threw her out of the house when she needed him the most.

The hairstylist came within no time and started doing her job, Khushi shut her eyes nervously remembering all what she used to do for her hair to grow long and how much Arnav loved her long tresses and now she was going to get rid of them.

“I’m sure you’re going to love your new haircut Khushi” Sahil smiled

“I hope so” Khushi said still not opening her eyes.

“After this I’m taking you for shopping, we’re going to get you some designer clothes and then I want one more thing from you”

“What? I hope it’s not something hard?”

“No, all you have to do is to join the office, it’s high time Khushi… it’s enough of teaching music, I want you to do something big now”

“You know I always wanted to Sahil, I wanted to be so big I’d show Arnav I never loved him for his money but then I dint want him to find me, I still don’t think I’m ready to face him”

“Then be ready to face him Khushi, even if he comes back, be ready to tell him on his face that you don’t need him in your life anymore, be strong, be bold!”

“Fine, I’ll join the office but first we’re going to surprise Advik in Paris.” Khushi said confidently.

“For sure” Sahil smiled

For all this years he had known her, he knew how much painful it was for her, the journey after Arnav threw her out, at times she did break down but then she stood up strong and went back to her musical class and taught music, she dint know it maybe but she had moved on long back, right now she was just making herself believe it and he was happy about that.


Arnav, Aman and Kiara were sited in his room discussing work, their show was supposed to be after two days so they had to make sure everything was perfect.

“Kiara make sure all the models are here on time, I don’t want anything going wrong at the last minute, you’ll handle the makeup category, Aman you’ll handle the back stage I need everything to be perfect, you know how big this is” Arnav said

“Don’t worry sir, I’ll make the arrangements” Kiara said

“You’ve never been so nervous Arnav, what’s up?” Aman asked

“I don’t know, it’s this feeling… you know when Khushi used to tell me she had this feeling that something good or bad was going to happen, I used to make fun of her, but today I realize she was right… the feeling does exist. Right now I’m feeling like something really big is going to happen, I just can’t figure it out” Arnav said

“Maybe the fashion show is going to be great” Aman said

“No, something bigger” Arnav said as he started wondering what it could be.

Within no time, Kiara and Aman left for their respective rooms to rest, it had been a long journey anyway.

Arnav went to bed within to time, like everyone else he was tired too and he needed to rest fully so he could get back to work tomorrow, the fashion week was no joke, it was one of the biggest fashion shows and he wanted everything to be perfect.


“Khushi!” he woke up suddenly and looked around the dark hotel room.

He was sweating badly, he felt scared as if something wrong had happened and he couldn’t stop it… he sat there for a while knowing it was the nightmare.

It had been so many years now yet he woke up with the same nightmares, the ones always revolving around Khushi or the ones where he remembered how he had tortured her.

He stood up and walked out of his room, he took the lift downstairs, he dint even have his car here! He walked towards the hotel garden and started running around it, there was nothing that could help him feel better.

The guilt he had in his heart would never go, the terrible nightmares would never go and anyway he dint need to complain about them because he knew he very well deserved them for what he had done to her, for how he had treated her.

Each and every moment he kept on regretting why he had trusted Shyam and not Khushi, because maybe if he had trusted Khushi, then today things would have been really different.

He was the worst man on earth ever, he left her when she needed him the most, he punished her in the most brutal way possible and now he had no idea where she was, whether she was alive or not.

He remembered how proud he felt of himself when he threw her out of the house knowing he had won the game unknown to the fact that he definitely did win the game but lost love.

Sheh meri aur maat ho teri… mujhe isse sukoon mila…

Nafrat hi teri meri chaahat thi… tujhe todna tha maksat mera…

Hum the deewane tere deewane… hum the deewane tere deewane…

He increased his speed while he ran as fast as he could even though he was getting tired, maybe he thought he could punish himself but this was the easiest way to do that for sure destiny had something worse for him.

He kept on running and running, he had done what he wanted then why wasn’t he feeling at peace now? Because he knew he had done wrong and this was going to hurt much worse than it was hurting now.

Phir kyun har pal bechaini hai… kyun nahin chaahatein yeh poori..

Hain adhoori yeh Khushiyan… mera rom rom kyu jala…

Hum the deewane tere deewane… hum the deewane tere deewane

“I’m sorry Khushi, please forgive me” he cried as he fell down on his knees, his legs weak, his whole body wet with sweat.

Mar 6

Kitani Mohabbat hai... Part 6 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 42 times)

The hype about the Paris fashion week was on a peak, everyone everywhere had to mention in in between their conversations, lucky were those who’d get to attend it and see works of some of the greatest designers from all over the world.

Mohit was busy with the preparations he had no time to breath, their first show was going to be today and the second one on the last day, and having a show on the first day was a big deal, there was a lot to do as every year the routine changed and you had to present it accordingly.

It was better for the ones who dint have their shows on the first day, they’d at least get to learn from the first ones.

Advik Malhotra was nervous, it was his first time in the Paris fashion week and despite of being so confident about everything, he had a little bit of nervousness hidden somewhere deep inside his heart which he dint wish to show to anyone so instead, he got it out as anger on anyone who’d make a mistake.

He was handling everything personally with Mohit just to make sure nothing went wrong, this was something big of his fashion house and he wouldn’t let anything put the name of Zara down.

“Where are the models? I don’t want any of them backing out last moment, Mohit make sure you talk to all of them personally and if there’s anyone wishing to back out they should do it right now, I don’t have time to waste” Advik said

“Don’t worry sir, I’ve talked to them and warned them that if anything went wrong because of any of them, he or she would have to face terrible consequences”

“What happened about the outfits?”

“The tailors are working on them according to the models who’d be wearing them, he’s been sizing them up all, I’m sure he must be done by now”

“I’ll check on that, meanwhile handle the rest of the work here” Advik said as he walked away.


As on one side Kiara and Aman left no stone unturned for the preparation even though they dint have a show today, Arnav had kept himself locked in his room and despite of Aman and Kiara trying to convince him to come out, he dint wish to see any of their faces.

The nightmare last night had left a huge impact on him, he couldn’t even step out of his bed so going out and meeting people was completely out of question.

He sat on his bed lost in memories of Khushi… remembering each and every word she had said to him when he threw her out of the house and it hurt him so bad… he had always loved her, but maybe his love wasn’t true enough that’s why he ended up trusting Shyam and not Khushi despite of her repeatedly convincing him that she wasn’t guilty.

He punched the mattress with his fist angrily but it did no harm to his fist, he wanted to punish himself for what he had done to her, and punching his fist on the soft mattress wasn’t any punishment.

Every time he tried to get rid of the thoughts in his mind, they came up to remind him that he had done wrong to Khushi, but he knew that anyway, just that he hadn’t been able to punish himself enough… only if Khushi was here today, then he’d talk to her and ask her forgiveness and tell her to punish him in the most brutal way ever but then to forgive him because life without her now seemed completely impossible.

In the past twenty five years, not even a day had gone without him thinking of her and wondering where she might be or what she’d be doing, and not a day passed by without him hating himself more for what he did to her, people don’t do this to their enemies even and he did it to the girl he loved the most in the world after his Di.

He sat clutching the bedsheet tight in his arms, he was angry on himself, and on everything he had done to her, only if there was a way to rectify it, he would… he’d do anything to rectify the mess he had created but so many years had passed by and it seemed like the chance he was waiting for was never going to come, maybe he had to live without Khushi and die without her, that’s the punishment he deserved.


New York

“Oh My God! I can’t believe this… Look at me Sahil, it looks like as if I haven’t aged at all, I look the same young Khushi I used to be in lucknow, I can’t believe my own eyes” Khushi exclaimed.

“You see, that’s the magic of Sahil” He smiled

“Advik isn’t going to recognize me, I can’t bet on that” Khushi said happily as she touched her face and her short hair, she looked at her beautiful dress and started dancing around, suddenly everything seemed to be beautiful, everything seemed to get back to normal, she felt happy about this new beginning of hers.

“Dad! Where are you, I mean what’s going on here? Advik left without informing me and he says I’m the irresponsible one, this is too much, why isn’t there anyone in the house?”

“Krrish! When did you come?” Sahil said excitedly as he walked out of Khushi’s room and headed to the hall followed by Khushi.

Krrish Malhotra, Advik’s younger brother and totally opposite of him, loud, funny, crazy, name it and he’ll be that person.

Unlike Advik, life for Krrish has been a simple term, fun! Partying late nights, drinking in clubs, flirting around with girls and doing anything that makes him happy, and why not he’s got such a rich brother anyway so he had to be the spoil brat after all, where else will the money his brother is earning go?

“I thought I was going to surprise you but no one’s here, I even got to know bro went to Paris, such an idiot he is” Krrish said

“He must have forgotten to inform you… you don’t know how glad I am to see you, come here give me a hug” Sahil said as Krrish rushed towards him.

“Oh My God… Look at you… wait, I hope I am not dreaming! Is this really you sweetheart?” Krrish said as he rubbed his eyes.

“Yes my dear, look it’s really me” Khushi said with a huge smile on her face.

“Take care when you step out of the house, someone is going to fall in love with you, I mean just look at you, who gave you this makeover?”

“Sahil did, don’t I look beautiful?” Khushi said feeling happy.

“The most gorgeous woman I’ve ever known” Krrish said as he hugged her tight.

“I missed you” he said

“I missed you too, now that you’re here you’ll have to join us to Paris, we’re going to give your brother a surprise”

“I’m not missing out on that” Krrish said as he jumped excitedly like a teenager.

“We’ve got a nonstop flight to Paris booked already, let’s hope we’ll reach there before his fashion show” Khushi said

“We surely will” Sahil said



The time was ticking by, it was just half an hour before the show began and everyone was nervous as hell.

If it weren’t about attending the show, Arnav wouldn’t have even dared to walk out of his room, but somehow Kiara and Aman managed to convince him, so now they were sited in their specific seats waiting for the fashion show to begin.

There was a rush backstage, everyone was busy preparing for the show, Mohit was busy handling all the clothes while Advik checked on the models.

“How come’s they are twenty, they were supposed to be twenty one?” Advik wondered as he counted them again.

“Excuse me sir… one of the models fell sick suddenly and she couldn’t come” a lady said

“What? And you’re informing me about this now? The show is about to begin! Where the hell do you think I’ll get another model from on such a short notice?” Advik asked angrily

“I’m sorry sir” the lady said as she walked away leaving behind Advik who was burning red with anger.

“Mohit! Where the hell are you? I had told that idiot to make sure we had extra models, if anything went wrong today I’m not going to spare him” Advik said to himself as he walked around looking for Mohit.

A lady jumped in front of him suddenly blocking his way and Advik looked at her angrily.

“I’m in no moods to play games, let me go, I’ve got work unlike you… who brings such people here?” Advik said as he tried to push her away.

“What the hell! Now you don’t even recognize me!” she said

Advik stared at her for a while his expressions changing, he couldn’t believe his eyes, obviously it was hard for him to recognize her, she looked completely different, so changed, so beautiful just like she should be.

“Oh My God! Let me look at you” He said as he got hold of her hand and turned her around while Khushi giggled happily.

“Surprise surprise” Krrish and Sahil said as they joined Khushi.

“What are you guys doing here? Krrish! When did you come back you idiot” Advik said happily as he hugged his brother.

“Well if you get time out of your busy work, only then you’ll be able to notice this little brother of yours” Krrish said making a puppy face.

“Little brother, like really? Advik said as he pulled Krrish into a hug.

He broke the hug after a while and looked back at Khushi, he lacked words to express his happiness seeing her here like this, this is what he had wanted since long, for her to leave her past life behind and live in this moment fully.

“We expected some more reaction” Khushi said frowning.

“Oh no, it’s not that… I’m just stressed out, a model fell sick now how am I supposed to get one in such a short time”

“I can do the modelling for you” Krrish said smirking.

“Well thanks but no thanks, we need a girl and for your kind information you aren’t a girl” Advik said

“Well then problem solved, Khushi will do it for you” Sahil said

“What?” Khushi said in total surprise, she was here to surprise Advik not to walk on the ramp, she’d never be able to do that, she had never walked on a ramp, actually she had only once, but even then she was forced to and she ended up making fun out of herself.

“Come on sweetheart, you can do that for bro… please, you know how big it is for him, please say yes” Krrish said

“Please say yes, please!” Advik said too

Khushi looked at Sahil who was smiling at her and with a bit of hesitation she finally nodded positively.

Mar 7

Kitani Mohabbat hai... Part 7 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 45 times)

Advik lead Khushi to the dressing room where all the other models were getting ready, some were admiring themselves in the mirror, others were getting their makeup done while others were changing into the dresses they had to walk on ramp with, Khushi looked at them all feeling nervous, she dint know if she would really be able to walk the ramp confidently.

Advik pulled out a chair for her and called out for the makeup artist who rushed towards them without wasting any minute. He stood in front of Khushi and Advik looking at them nervously while he admired Khushi’s beautiful face, how rare it was to find such a beauty with innocence nowadays.

“She’s my show stopper so you better make sure she’s got the perfect make up done, Krrish will you please get the hairstylist and explain everything to her too? I’ve got to handle something else, and he’s the dress you’ll be wearing” Advik said as he walked to a corner where hundreds of dresses were hanging and he picked out his best one the one he had wanted to be the show stopper.

It was a beautiful black mermaid dress, with a slit on the side that went from the thigh till the floor. It had a deep neck in front and at was completely backless.

“How am I going to wear this?” Khushi asked as she looked at them all.

“You’re going to look really pretty Khushi, I know it’s difficult as you’ve been used to your saree’s and all, but this is the new beginning, you aren’t the old Khushi remember so embrace this new Khushi happily” Sahil said

“I agree with dad, no complaints okay? I’ll come to see you when you’re ready just to make sure everything is perfect, as for now I have to leave, lots of things to handle” Advik said as he walked away.

“Sweetheart chill! I’m sure you’re going to rock the ramp, no one will be able to take their eyes away from you” Krrish said as he hugged her.


Arnav was sited in a corner on his chair staring at the stage and lots of things went through his mind, this stage reminded him of a lot of things, one of which was his first ever meeting with Khushi when she fell into his arms in the Lucknow fashion show and that was how their story began.

The beginning though wasn’t a pleasant one, he had hoped for a better ending but somewhere between his own misunderstandings he ended up creating the worst ending. He closed his eyes drifting into his world of dreams while waiting for the show to begin.


He stood calmly at the terrace where he had confessed his love to her a few days back, the place that was going to remind him of so many beautiful memories in future had now become the place that reminded him of Khushi’s greed, it reminded him that no matter what she was a middle class girl and she’s do anything for money, and that’s what she did by trapping Shyam.

The night was shining bright as the moon spread light all over the terrace, flowers and lights tied around made the terrace look prettier than it ever was.

He stood in between a heart shape made of red rose petals accompanied with small colorful candles, everything looked beautiful in the moonlight.

There was a time when he had thought of this moment as a beautiful one, the one that was going to bring him and Khushi closer, but now it was the moment that would be the beginning of his revenge.

He gritted his teeth angrily not being able to take the thoughts anymore, how could any girl stood so low for money? He wondered.

The noise of her anklets alerted him that she was here, he turned around and looked at her as she stood a few steps away from him, the moonlight falling on her beautiful face.

She looked gorgeous dressed in her saree which was of baby pink and light orange shade, with her hair left open hanging to her waist, for a moment he couldn’t take his eyes off her, she looked so mesmerizing, so beautiful so innocent.

No matter how much he tried he couldn’t take his eyes off her, and the hatred he had all this time for her vanished away like it never existed, he felt so peaceful, so calm seeing her standing there right in front of him.

He gestured to her to walk towards him and she obliged, she stopped in between the heart with him, he tucked her hair behind her ears, he was so much tempted to kiss her and it took everything he had to control himself from doing so.

He went down on his knees, initially he hadn’t thought of this but right now, he felt like it was the best thing to do, to ask her about it this way.

He pulled out a fake rose from his pocket and opened it up revealing a beautiful diamond ring, holding it in front of her he asked her the question he had planned for.

“Khushi Kumari Gupta, will you marry me?” He asked

Khushi stood there all shocked and surprised, she surely hadn’t expected this, all this while she thought he must have had a surprise for her, well it was a surprise but not the one she expected.

“Arnav ji” She said trying to catch her breath.

“Would you like to be called Mrs. Arnav Singh Raizada, or Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada?” he asked trying to sound as sweet as he could.

“Yes” Khushi nodded happily as tears of joy formed up in her eyes and started rolling down her cheeks.

He slid the ring on her finger as her hands trembled, she couldn’t believe this was happening, how things has changed, how they used to fight like cats and dogs some time back and now here they were, so much in love ready to get married to each other, wasn’t it all just so beautiful? So perfect?

He stood up and looked at her, no matter how much he wanted to hate her, he just couldn’t, there was something so tempting about her that wanted him to push her against the wall right away and kiss the hell out of her, but he reminded himself, whatever that was happening wasn’t love but revenge, She tried trapping Shyam now it was her time to get trapped.

Flashback Ends

He opened his eyes to realize the whole place was full of guests, there was a lot of noise around because everyone was busy discussing how great the first day of the fashion week was going to be.

He looked at the ramp in front of him and it was empty, but the lights were on, everything was set, the show was about to begin in a matter of few minutes.

“You okay Arnav?” Aman who was sited next to him asked as he placed a hand on his shoulder.

Arnav nodded positively, even if there was nothing okay in his life at the moment, he had to be okay, for the sake of being okay.


“Where’s she?” Advik asked as he stopped in front of Sahil and Krrish who were already dressed up to attend the show.

Krrish was in his usual casuals, a black short sleeved T-shirt on a blue jean, his hair gelled up a little to stay in position, one reason why he liked wearing casual was to show off his great muscles with the short sleeved T-shirts.

“You know you could have dressed better” Advik said adjusting his grey three piece suit as he turned to look at Sahil who was dressed in a light purple shirt with black trousers.

“Dad’s growing old, but he’s still got a better fashion sense than you” Advik giggled.

“Oh please, you haven’t seen Krrish Malhotra’s fashion sense yet… there would come a day when you’ll be left staring at me with your mouth open”

“Maybe in your dreams”

“Oh here she comes” Sahil said as they all turned to look at Khushi who had just walked out of the dressing room.

The black mermaid dress added more glow to her skin, the long slit showing off her leg was like a cherry on top and with the gorgeous black heels, all the three of them agreed they’d never seen a woman as beautiful as her.

The cut on the neck justified the small piece of silver necklace adorned on her neck, and the way the dress was designed differently from the other normal mermaid dress clearly showed why Advik had chosen it as the show stopper dress, it was gorgeous, and so was Khushi who stood in front of them nervously.

Her makeup was up to point, with minimum make up but dark smoky eyes and the red lips, nothing else could compare with her beauty.

“How… how do I look?” she asked biting her red lips.

“Gorgeous” The three of them said not being able to take their eyes away from her.

“Okay well, the show is about it begin, I want you to stay with me, and Krrish, take dad with you, I’ve told Mohit to get you seats so he’ll take you there, I’ll get her backstage” Advik said

“Just so you know, I’ve never seen a woman as gorgeous as you” Krrish smiled to Khushi and then walked away with Sahil leaving her blushing.

Advik got hold of her hand and they both headed backstage while Khushi kept on feeling nervous, she couldn’t believe she was actually going to walk on the ramp, dressed like this, it was something she hadn’t even thought about in her dreams.

 “Don’t be nervous, just know the audience doesn’t know you, you only have to flaunt your dress on the ramp that’s it, just one walk to the front and back, then I’ll join you to stop the show, everything is going to be perfect” Advik said

Khushi nodded as she took in a deep breath, she had to be confident and she would be.


The show began with full form, there was a lot of cheering from the audience which levelled up Advik’s confidence more, it was quite clear that people were already loving his designs and it made him feel so proud, feel like he’d finally reached where he wanted to in his career.

“You’re next, are you ready?” He asked Khushi as he looked at her nervously.

She nodded very confidently and Advik hugged her before he took her to the entrance from where she would head to the ramp, she stood in the middle and waited for the instructions.

All the lights went off, the whole place became dark, Khushi’s heart beat faster than ever, she was nervous as hell, her legs trembled and she hoped she wasn’t going to fall down, the last thing she wanted was to spoil the show for Advik when he had shown so much confidence in her.

“Go!” A voice came from behind as the bright spotlight fell on her.

The audience cheered out so loud, it boosted up her confidence just like it had for Advik a while back.

She took the first step forward and the whole ramp was lighted up, she held up her head high and walked forward, flaunting her dress in the best possible way and with a smile that could light the whole world up.

Arnav’s heart skipped a beat, he rubbed his eyes to make sure whatever he was seeing was true, as much as he wanted to believe he was just dreaming, he couldn’t… this was true. He could see his Khushi, the girl he loved, the one he’d been looking for all this year’s walking on the stage.

She looked beautiful, she looked completely changed, she wasn’t the old Khushi he knew, she was way different from her, everything about her was different, but then she was her and she was actually here walking on the ramp in front of his eyes.

He stood up to get a clear look of her and confirm once again if it really was her.

Khushi walked back towards Advik, held her hand and they both walked forward to the end of the ramp while the rest of the models walked around them forming a circle and then came a huge applause from the audience while Khushi looked at them happily until her eyes fell on the person standing a bit further from the ramp, staring at her in complete shock.

Her smile faded away, her legs became weak, she wanted to run away from here, she wanted to run away from the eyes of the man who had tortured her worse than death, all the happiness she had about today faded away somewhere just as she saw Arnav standing in between the audience looking at her.

Mar 8

Kitani Mohabbat hai... Part 8 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 41 times)

She started shaking, it was as if she’d lost all the strength to stand and she would fall down anytime soon. Her eyes were yet stuck on that one man, the man she’d loved so intensely, he was here, right in front of her and all she could feel was fear, not even love but just fear.

She held tighter to Advik’s arm as he turned to look at her, there was something about her face, all he expressions were changed, she wasn’t happy like she had been a while back, she wasn’t the same strong woman he had known while he grew up, today in front of him, stood a woman so scared as if she’d seen her own death.

Her eyes were continuously staring at one place, she dint seem to be blinking or doing anything else, her grip on his arm just kept on getting harder and harder and for once Advik knew, there was something terribly wrong.

Arnav’s eyes were moist, it was like after ages he was seeing her, she still had the innocence in her face, the one he had fallen in love with, he was all expressionless, he wanted to be happy, he wanted to run to her but then he also remembered what he had done to her and everything in his mind changed, no matter how hard he was going to try, he knew for sure she wasn’t going to forgive him.

The smile he had on his face faded away slowly as the thought of her not forgiving him crossed his mind, it was surely going to be a lot of work but this time he wasn’t going to give up, he had finally found her, he wasn’t going to lose her once again.

“Can we please go” Khushi whispered to Advik who was busy lost in looking at the audience who were appreciating his work, he was enjoying his moment of success and as much as she dint like taking it away from him, she had to.

Her hands were yet trembling, and when she spoke her voice was so low and shaky he could barely hear her amidst the talk, he turned to look at her again, he could see tears forming up in Khushi’s eyes, he followed her gaze and his eyes fell on the man standing in a corner staring at her.

Advik’s face turned hard and red within a matter of few seconds, his eyes burned red with anger, he clenched his fist tight and took a deep breath, he had to be calm, if not for himself then for Khushi.

He got hold of her hand and pulled her away as quickly as possible, Khushi felt like her legs had frozen, she couldn’t move and Advik had to use all his strength to pull her away from the ramp.

Arnav who was standing in between the crowd tried to get a quick way out of it, as much as he knew Khushi, he knew she would get out of here as soon as possible, she wouldn’t want to face him but he had to talk to her, it was after long he had seen her, he couldn’t let her go just like that, but the crown was so huge, it was hard to get out of this place fast enough and he felt frustrated, he felt like punching all this people in the face and getting out of here so he could run to the love of his life.

“Hey… it’s okay… please calm down, I’ll take you away from here right now, don’t be scared, I’m with you yeah” Advik said nervously as he pulled Khushi to the backstage.

He was shocked, hurt and angry, just like Khushi was… this was a moment they hadn’t even expected in their worst nightmares, he couldn’t believe he had actually seen the one and only Arnav Singh Raizada, the man who never respected the woman who loved him so much.

His anger seemed to be rising at the thought even, he looked at Khushi who looked all numb and scared, her face seemed so sad, she was like lost in a complete different world, he knew how it must have felt for her when he himself felt this way even though this was the first time he was seeing that man.

He pulled her with him out of the place, Mohit was standing at the exit of the stage wondering what had happened, he started at Advik and Khushi in confusion wondering why they had walked off the stage so abruptly.

“Get dad and Krrish, tell them we are waiting for the in the car outside, do that right away!” Advik said in an extra serious tone as he continued pulling Khushi outside with him while Mohit went to inform Sahil and Krrish.

As soon as they reached the parking, Advik unlocked his car and helped Khushi inside as he sat inside next to her staring at her, it was terrible seeing her like this, she wasn’t saying anything, she wasn’t doing anything, she was just sited like a statue, her face totally expressionless, it was as if she had stopped feeling at all.


“She was right there! You saw her Aman dint you?” Arnav asked Aman excitedly.

“Yes Arnav, I saw her, it was Khushi, I saw the way she looked at you and I saw the way you looked at her, there couldn’t be any mistake”

“Then let’s stop wasting time, I need to talk to her, I’m going backstage, you please stay at the exit in case she tried to go away, I can’t let her go away, do you get that Aman, if you find her so anything to stop her until I talk to her” Arnav said as he rushed backstage to look for Khushi while Aman went to the exit hoping they would finally find her.

Kiara had no idea about what had happened, she was busy chatting with people next to her she dint even realize when Arnav and Aman had disappeared.

She looked around to find their seats empty and quickly walked out wondering where they might have gone so suddenly without even informing her.

“I need to go to the washroom, dad you head towards the car, I’ll join you in a while” Krrish said

“Hurry up, it must be something serious, Advik wouldn’t have left like this if it wasn’t serious” Sahil said

“Oh please, Advik is ever serious” Krrish said as he rushed to the washroom while Sahil headed to the parking lot.

Arnav checked the dressing room, the makeup room, and each and every corner of the backstage but there was no place where he could see Khushi. There was a rush all over as the other designer from Turkey had his show next, all his models were busy getting ready, his people running all over preparing while he tried to look at each and every face hoping he would see that one face he was looking for.

“Where could she have gone damn it!” he stamped his leg angrily as he looked for her all over again for the second time yet he couldn’t find her anywhere.

“Excuse me, did you see the show stopper model of the last show?” he asked a lady who nodded negatively and walked away.

He asked a few people around but no one had an idea where she was, he couldn’t even see the designer she was modelling for or he could have asked him about her, obviously she was his model so he must have an idea about her.

“Didn’t anyone of you see the model in a black mermaid outfit who just stopped the show?” Arnav shouted angrily.

Everyone around stopped doing whatever they were doing for a moment and started at Arnav as if he’d gone insane, yes if that’s what they thought be it so, he had gone insane, he had just seen Khushi and he couldn’t afford losing her once again.

He seemed to be losing hope when all he could see was people staring at him like he was some maniac but not anyone telling him if they had seen Khushi, he fell down on his knees feeling helpless, it was just one chance and he couldn’t even take it, he felt ashamed of himself, this wasn’t him, he was being stupid, Arnav Singh Raizada always got what he wanted but today he had become so weak, he couldn’t even find the woman he loved while she was here just a while back.

He punched the floor angrily and kicked in the air, he was frustrated, he was hurt, he felt all the damn painful feelings in the entire universe at this moment knowing that maybe he had lost her once again.


Krrish walked out of the washroom looking around, this place was like a maze, he couldn’t even remember which way would lead him to the exit.

He walked around trying to figure out his way when he suddenly hit someone.

“What the…” he heard a girl’s voice.

Turning around he saw this beautiful, he dint know if that words was enough to describe her beauty, she was just gorgeous, her eyes were the same colors as his mother’s eyes, her cheeks pink, and with her red lips, she looked like a goddess.

He couldn’t take his eyes away from her, she was so attractive, so beautiful, her hair flew to her face as she tried to tuck it behind her ears, the loose sleeve of her dress felt from her shoulder to her arm as she quickly adjusted it back and he just could stop staring.

She was beautiful in everything she did, the way she tucked her hair behind it seemed cute, the ways he blinked her eyes severally as she looked at him was cute and the way she bit her lip, it was ****y.

He slapped his own arm wondering what he was thinking, she was a girl he found her beautiful end of story, he remembered he had to go to the car, everyone was waiting for him and here he was staring at this girl.

“Should I remind you that you have to say sorry?” She said frowning.

If he could, he would have just pulled her, pinned her on the wall and kissed her right away, everything about her was so attractive so cute, so ****y it was driving him crazy, even the way she spoke, the way she looked at him and frowned, his mind seemed to be losing it’s ability to think.

“Krrish Malhotra” he said

“I dint ask for your name, you had to say sorry to me for hitting me, anyway let it be, I’m just wasting my time” She said as she turned to walk away.

“Excuse me!” Krrish shouted from behind and although she dint want to stop, she did… she dint know why but she just did.

“What now?” She asked as she turned around and looked at him.

“I’m very sorry about what just happened, but I hope you understand it wasn’t my fault, you are so beautiful anyone would get lost into your eyes”

“Nice try, but it won’t work on me” She smiled

“Well then may I know your beautiful name so that I can find out which other lines would work on you and try my luck next time” he smiled

She looked at him with a smile on her face, there was something cute about him, at least he was straight forward to his point, he dint beat around the bush like other guys, that’s what she mostly liked in a guy anyway, the straightforwardness.

She looked at him from top to toe, he was handsome, she hadn’t thought of it before maybe because she was in a rush to find her father but now when she looked at him, he was good, he had this great muscles which he was kind of showing off, and he had a beautiful smile.

“Kiara… I’m Kiara Mehra” She smiled

“Well Miss Kiara, it was definitely a pleasure meeting you, hope I’ll see you again soon” he smiled as they both turned the opposite way and walked away.


“I need to go away from here! I need to go back to Paris right away Advik… please take me back I don’t want to stay here, I don’t want to see him again, I don’t want to face him, I might fall weak and it’s taken me so many years to become this strong, that man doesn’t deserve me” Khushi said as she kept on pulling Advik’s hand trying to get out of this place.

“What happened?” Krrish asked in confusion as he joined Advik, Sahil and Khushi who were now standing next to the car.

 “Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada is here” Advik said as everything went silent.

Krrish stood still as if he wasn’t able to believe his ears, Khushi flinched at the mention of his name, they all made sure they never mentioned that name, and today that person was here, what was going to happen?

“I want to go back!” Khushi shouted at the top of her voice as she fell down on her knees.

“I’ll take you back, we’ll get the next flight and go back right away” Krrish said

“Yes we all should leave this place right now, if I come face to face with that man, I’ll lose my temper” Advik said angrily

“No Advik, you have to stay here, you know how important this fashion week is for you, you can’t leave like this… Krrish and I will take Khushi back to New York, you’ll stay here until the fashion week is over then come back.”

“I can’t face him Dad, you know I’ll lose my temper, I can do something terrible” Advik said as he walked to a corner and then walked back trying to calm himself down.

He punched a wall angrily while Khushi rushed to him, Sahil also rushed to him but Krrish stood where he was, as much as this had been shocking for everyone else, it had been for him too.

How could he forget about that man who ruined Khushi’s life, who left her at such a state where she dint know what to do and if it wasn’t for them, maybe she’d have been dead?

Anger rose in his mind, and just like Advik he knew if he ever came face to face with that man, he might also do something terrible.

“You’ll keep yourself calm Advik, I know how hard it is going to be for you and I wouldn’t let you stay here if it wasn’t about work, as far as I know Arnav Singh Raizada, he will try all he could to find me, he saw me on the stage with you so he’s going to try and talk to you too and as much as I don’t want that to happen, we know we can’t stop it but I want you to be strong, like you’ve taught me, I’ve been strong all this years and this is my strength speaking right now, if I was the old Khushi, you’d find me hiding in a corner crying but I’ve realized that man never deserved my tears so I’m definitely not going to cry.

All I want if for him not to find me and I’ll make sure that happens, and I want you to stay here finish this then come back and if in between all this, if he tried to contact you in any way possible promise me that you’ll not disrespect him, you’ll behave with him like he’s just a stranger to you that’s it”

Advik looked at Khushi helplessly, this wasn’t about him alone, he knew how she must be feeling and he dint want to leave her alone in all this, but maybe she was right too, he had to stay here because in case they both disappeared it would be easier for Arnav to find them through him, so it was better if he stayed here and pretended that Khushi was only his model and he dint know anything more about that.

“Fine you guys leave right away, I’m sure he must be looking for you so get going, and please take care of yourselves, everything will be okay” Advik said as he hugged both Khushi and Krrish.

He broke the hug and opened the car door for Khushi while Krrish walked in from the other side and Sahil sat in the front next to the driver.

“Call me when you reach to the airport” Advik said as he shut the door and the driver drove away leaving him all alone and as much as Krrish wanted to stay back with his brother, he knew Khushi needed him the most this time so he had to accompany her.

Mar 9

Kitani Mohabbat hai... Part 9 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 53 times)

“Yes Advik, we are the Airport, our flight back to New York is in half an hour and please don’t worry, concentrate on your work, I’ll handle the rest” Krrish said over the phone as he walked from one place to another looking at the tickets he had in his hand.

“Okay, if anything do give me a call and tell me once you reach back to New York”

“Sure I will” Krrish disconnected the call as he put all the documents he had in his hand in a folder and handed them to Sahil.

“Dad please take care of this, I’ll be back in a while” Krrish said as he looked at Khushi who was sited silently in a corner, since they arrived at the airport she hadn’t spoken to anyone, she just sat silently lost into her world of thoughts and no matter what Krrish or Sahil tried, she just dint want to talk to any of them.

Krrish headed to get some food for everyone else while Sahil stayed behind trying to talk to Khushi.

“You know you don’t have to be worried Khushi” Sahil said holding her hand.

“I have to be worried Sahil, I’ve left Advik all alone there, how is he going to cope up with things? What if he meets Arnav? How is he going to react? What if Arnav comes to know the truth? I don’t want that to happen, he should never know the truth, he doesn’t deserve it” Khushi said angrily.

“Please Khushi, trust Advik… you know how mature he is, so don’t be worried, he will handle everything perfectly.”

“I know, I’m just scared about his anger”

“I’m very sure you don’t have to worry about that either. Hey come on, we’ll be on our flight soon, relax, everything is going to be as normal as before”

“Dad’s right and now you should stop worrying about everything and eat” Krrish said as he joined them and handed a burger to Khushi.

“I really don’t feel like”

“I’m not taking any excuse, please save the complaints for later, right now you better eat” Krrish said as he handed another burger to Sahil as he sat down next to Khushi.

He looked at Khushi who had her burger in her hand but she wasn’t eating, he knew she was worried and it was natural but he dint like seeing her worried, he just wanted to make her feel better and to make her happy like she was when he came back, happy like when they all came here to surprise Advik.

“You know we will always love you right, and you know Advik loves you more than anything, trust him please, he’s my brother and I know him very well, he’s going to handle everything perfectly so please eat a bit, for me or else I’ll also not eat”

“Fine” Khushi said as she took a bite and Krrish smiled happily, at least he was able to convince her.


“I need to meet that man, whoever he was, Khushi stopped the show for him, I’m sure he knows her, maybe we could get to know about something from him, I don’t have to tell you what to do Aman, get to work” Arnav ordered.

Aman nodded positively as he went out in search of Advik, he was glad they had announced his name after the show ended otherwise it could have been difficult to find out things about a man who he dint know anything about.

Arnav still dint give up, he kept on asking everyone around if they had seen Khushi as he described her to them but none of them could give them an answer.

Advik was standing in a corner behind the pillar having his eyes on Arnav, tracking each and every move of his so that he could know what to do next and how to handle things if he actually managed to meet him which wasn’t going to be easy because he was going to make sure he avoided him at any cost.

“Hey you, weren’t you one of the models for the first show?” Arnav asked as he stopped a girl who was walking out of the dressing room.

“Yes I was” She said looking at him strangely.

“Do you know the girl who stopped the show? Or do you have any idea about who she was or anything?”

“No I don’t know her”

“How can you not know her? You were working on the same show with her, this is ridiculous” Arnav said angrily.

“Excuse me, first of all I’m a model, my work it to walk on the ramp not to know other people, I got paid for my work and that’s it, I’m here to work not to get to know people and now if you would please excuse me”

Arnav stepped back as she walked away and he punched his fist on the wall angrily, why was it becoming so hard for him to find Khushi? Why was it that no one new about her? He felt so frustrated and angry he wanted to shout at everyone in here and ask them all to tell him about Khushi, he felt like he was losing his mind.

“This is the best for you Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada, you deserve this and I promise as long as I’m alive, I’ll never let you meet her, that will be your punishment for what you did to her, you’ll have to live your life without her and die without her’ Advik said as he clenched his fist tight and walked away from there.


“Mohit, I guess you can handle everything here, I’m going back to the hotel and make sure no one give Arnav Singh Raizada any information about me” Advik said

“Don’t worry sir, everything will be handled” Mohit said as they both parted ways.

Advik headed towards the exit as he pulled out his phone from his pocket, it was half an hour since Krrish had called him, he wanted to confirm if they had already left so he dialed Krrish’s number but it was unreachable, which meant that they must have boarded the plane.

He smirked, it was for sure now that no matter how much Arnav tried, he wasn’t going to find Khushi because no one knew about Khushi apart from him and Mohit here and neither of them were going to tell him about it.

He started typing a message while walking and on the other side Kiara was walking towards him but with her eyes on her phone too, and in a moment they both hit each other as they looked up from their phones.

“What the…” he said as he gritted his teeth angrily

“You again! Oh I guess this time you also dint have eyes” She giggled as she pointed towards his phone

“Do you think you sound funny? Get out of my way anyway, I don’t want to waste my time talking to you”

“I dint invite you to talk to me, next time look up while walking” She said as she pushed him aside and walked away.

Advik was left staring at her with his eyes burning red with anger, no one had ever dared to talk to him in that tone and no one had ever dared to push him like that, what did she think of herself anyway?

He turned around to shout at her but she had already disappeared, was she walking or running? Maybe she got scared of him… he smirked thinking she was scared of him and walked away.

“Oh God, why do you give terrible tongues to such hot men” Kiara said making a sad face as she looked at Advik who exited the building from behind a pillar.

She kept on staring at him until he disappeared completely and then walked out from where she was hiding.

“Kiara Mehra, it’s time to prove you are Aman Mehra’s daughter, dig out information about this rude but good looking man” She said as she blushed to herself and then walked away.


Aman did all he could but he couldn’t find even a bit of information about Advik and meanwhile Mohit also tried his best to keep himself away from anyone whom he knew was related to Arnav Singh Raizada just in case they caught him and started asking him questions about Advik.

He was walking around wondering what to do and how to work things out, in all this years he had found lots of information for Arnav about anyone he told him but this one seemed a bit tough.

“What the… Aman I gave you some work to do you and you are roaming around?” Arnav asked as he stopped in front of him.

Aman looked at Arnav shivering, he was nervous, he knew Arnav dint like negative answers and all he had for him today was a negative answer. He was making up plans in his mind on how he could escape this but there wasn’t a way.

Nothing was helping at all, his mind had like stopped working even, maybe he was just growing old now and he should quit this job, maybe Arnav would hire someone young who would be able to do their work properly.

“Aman I’m talking to you” Arnav said as he waved his hand in front of Aman who was lost in thoughts.

“Yes, I got it” Aman said as she smiled suddenly and started jumping up and down just like a kid while Arnav stared at him controlling his laughter, this man was jumping up and down at such a serious moment? Like seriously?

“What did you get Aman?”

“Remember you gave your presidential suit to someone at the hotel?” Aman asked

“Yes so what does it have to do with this Aman?” Arnav asked feeling frustrated, he thought Aman was up with some stupid theories which weren’t going to help them at all.

Aman walked around as he tried to get the right words to explain what he had just thought of.

“Do you remember the man? Did you see his face?” Aman asked

“Stop beating around the bush Aman, or else I’ll forget that apart from working for me, you are also my friend, I’m so tired, my head isn’t working well, I’ve looked for Khushi in the whole place for so many times and I can’t find her anywhere and here you are interested about some man”

“Oh God Arnav, and you call yourself my boss” Aman giggled

Arnav gave him an angry stare and he stopped giggling but he couldn’t hide his smile away which was irritating Arnav more and more.

“That man you gave your room to, was none other than Advik Malhotra, owner of Zara Fashion house from New York, I heard all about him when his show ended but then I couldn’t dig out more information but just now I remembered, the person you gave your room to was him, I can’t mistake it, I remember his face very well.”

“Well that’s good but what now?” Arnav asked feeling a little bit relaxed that they had at least found out something to help them.

“It’s simple, we’ll find him in the hotel and then you can talk to him” Aman said

“I hope so, you know Aman, I really wish I find Khushi, there’s a lot I need to tell her, I also need to apologize to her and tell her that my love for her was never fake, I was just overpowered by the circumstances. I want to tell her that for the past twenty five years all I ever did was to regret what I had done to her, I want to make her believe that I love her and she’s the only one I’ve ever loved and I hope I’ll be able to prove it to her” Arnav said sadly.

“I’m sure everything will be well” Aman said

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