Bhool Paana Mumkin nahin (Season 2)

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Mar 22

Bhool Paana Mumkin nahin (Season 2)... Part 21 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 29 times)

“Khushi” Arnav said happily as he walked inside, Khushi stood up as soon as she saw him and rushed to hug him.

“Thank God you’re here Arnav, I missed you so much, please take me out of this place, I feel like I’m suffocating here now, I know that every time you come to visit me I keep on telling you the same thing but what do I do?

I just can’t spend any more of my days here, I can’t explain in words how it feels, just know that it’s really terrible” Khushi said

“Don’t worry Khushi, just a few days more, I’m this close to prove you innocent, trust me I’ll make sure you get out of this place, till then be okay and keep believing in me.”

“I do Arnav, I do believe in you that’s why I’m here waiting for you to take me out of this place, I can’t survive here for long.”

“Don’t worry, on the next hearing, I’ll prove you innocent, you don’t have to worry about a thing.”


“I promise”

He broke the hug and looked at her, all her hair was messed, her face looked pale, she seemed to have lost some weight and this was getting him worried, he dint want her to stay here a day more but then there was nothing he could do until he proved that she was innocent.

Arnav kissed on her forehead and smiled at her, he wanted to make her feel good and confident, he wanted to make her believe that he was going to get her out of this place as soon as possible.

Khushi wrapped her arms around his neck and looked him into the eyes, she could feel that he was worried for her, and she knew that as long as Arnav was with her, nothing wrong could happen to her.

She moved closer to him, feeling his breaths, she held him tight as she moved closer to his mouth, it has been so long since she was away from him, she missed him so much.

She brushed her lips against his lightly, inhaling a deep breath, Arnav claimed for her lips.

It was after so long, he felt her skin touching his, and this gave him much more relaxation than anything else in the world.

He pulled apart after a few seconds and cupped her face.

“I can’t wait to take you back home and show you how much I’ve missed you but trust me on this, I definitely will take you back home” Arnav smiled.

“I know Arnav, I trust you” Khushi smiled back.

Arnav pulled out his phone from the pocket as it started vibrating, he stared at the screen, Virat’s name was flashing on it.

“Yes Virat, is Anjali okay?” Arnav asked as soon as he received the call.

“Yes, Anjali is fine, she’s with me, I just called to confirm what time you’re coming back, actually I called Karan, we have to tell him about Khushi’s past so he can help us ahead, you know we have only a few days left to work on this case.

So he said he’s coming to your house, although Anjali and I can explain the matter to him, it would be better if you would also be here”

“I’ll be home soon, I’m just leaving from here”

“Okay see you then.”

Arnav disconnected the call and turned to look at Khushi, her smile had faded away again, she looked sad.

“You’re leaving me alone here again” She said sadly.

“I am doing it for you Khushi, there’s something we need to work on, please try to understand.”

“It’s okay Arnav, I understand.”

Arnav gave her a tight hug and then left, meeting Karan was extremely important, he had to find out the reason behind Khushi’s split personality.


Arnav arrived home as soon as he could, when he walked inside the hall, he found Karan already there, he was busy discussing something with Anjali while Virat sat next to her listening to whatever she was explaining.

“I hope I’m not late” Arnav said as he settled down on the sofa.

“Not really, Anjali was telling me about the whole incident when Khushi had an accident and the plastic surgery and memory loss. So basically right now I have all the information I need” Karan said.

“Did you tell him about Khushi Oberoi?” Arnav looked at Anjali.

“Yes I did, he knows everything about her too.”

“So anyway tell me about Khushi’s past, everything that you found out about it, and please don’t miss out on any detail even if it doesn’t sound important, it might be helpful”

“I’ll tell you all about it” Arnav said as he started explaining the whole thing to Karan.

It took him about fifteen minutes to tell him the whole story they had been told by the old woman.


Karan listened to him patiently as he wrote whatever he thought was important in his notebook. When Arnav was done, Karan went through his notes and tried to figure out what was happening.

It took him quite some time to finish, he would write and then stop and think and write again while everyone waited patiently.

“I think, I now have an idea how this might have happened” Karan said.

“How?” Arnav asked curiously.

“According to whatever Anjali told me about Khushi Oberoi and what you told me about your wife’s past, I now understand why Khushi’s split personality was actually Khushi Oberoi.

I mean just look at this notes I’ve made, there’s been so much of similarities between Khushi Oberoi and your wife Khushi.

Firstly they both fell in love with a guy they couldn’t get, secondly the guys became their obsession and thirdly and most importantly neither of them got support from their fathers regarding this.”

“I dint get you Karan” Anjali said.

“Look Khushi Oberoi like Arnav, but for some reasons they couldn’t be together but when time came she found out he was already married so she did all she could to separate him from his wife because she wanted him at any cost.

When this dint actually go as expected and she was caught, you told me that Mr. Oberoi refused to support her in whatever she was doing, the same happened with your wife Arnav.

She loved Ranvir but Ranvir loved someone else and when she wanted her father to help her in getting him, he refused to do so.

Now because Khushi had already experience whatever that later happened to Khushi Oberoi, somewhere deep inside her mind, it triggered back all the old memories she had run away from.

I mean yes after she left her father’s house, she moved on with life which Khushi Oberoi dint do, but when she tried to kill her and then got you kidnapped and then even her father went against her, it all happened in front of Khushi’s eyes and it brought back all the painful memories.

You know this human brain is a funny thing Arnav, it works funnily, at times you try so much to forget something but it doesn’t happened and at times you try so much to remember something but that doesn’t happen either.

So when Khushi got back all the memories, she had the trauma of her accident and her memory loss and the pain of the past, it all became a burden to her.

So when the stress became too much for her to handle, her mind created another personality for her, now that was Khushi Oberoi, so in real Khushi Oberoi is dead but she’s alive inside Khushi’s mind.

At times she changes into her and to reduce that pain, and the murders were committed when she was in control of her alter, now about the murder, we can’t know why exactly she committed them unless she tells us about them herself.”

“But how will she?”

“We’ll have to hypnotize her again”

Mar 23

Bhool Paana Mumkin nahin (Season 2)... Part 22 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 20 times)

Arnav, Anjali, Virat and Karan had gathered around Khushi in her cell, Karan had managed to successfully hypnotize her.

“What’s your name?” He asked


“What’s your full name Khushi?”

“Khushi Oberoi” She replied.

Everyone looked at her in shock, so actually all that Karan had been telling them was actually true, she did have split personality.

“Do you have any friends Khushi?” Karan asked

“No, I had one but I killed her already” Khushi smirked

“Why would you kill your friend? What did she do to you?”

“You are talking about my friend? I even killed my own father! That good for nothing Saanchi had to die anyway.” Khushi said angrily.

“She killed Mr. Oberoi?” Anjali asked as she looked at Arnav in shock.

And all this while they had been thinking that Mr. Oberoi had committed suicide because of his guilt, because he couldn’t handle the fact that he had killed his own daughter.

Arnav nodded, Virat and Arnav had got the idea long back when they had found Mr.Oberoi’s picture in Khushi’s secret room.

“Why would you kill your own father Khushi?”

“Then what did you want me to do? He wasn’t worthy enough to be called a father, he couldn’t even do a small thing for his daughter, I only asked for my Arnav and he couldn’t even give me that, in fact he tried to separate me from him, I was never going to forgive him, I would never forgive anyone who would try to come between us.

And that Saanchi, she had decided to support my father and I hated her for that, she was my friend she was supposed to support me always but she also went against me so it was obvious she had to die, so I firstly killed my father then got Saanchi bailed out and then killed her too, it was as simple as that.”

“Fine, I get why you killed Mr. Oberoi and Saanchi, but why did you try to kill Anjali? What did Anjali do to you? You both don’t even know each other well and she never did anything wrong to you still you tried to kill her”

“How can I forget what she did, yes we dint talk a lot neither knew each other but she was also against me, she planned everything against me and Arnav did whatever she wanted.

She was getting my Arnav married to that good for nothing Tara, I don’t want anyone who would take me away from my Arnav alive, I’ll kill everyone and after I’m done with everyone, I’ll kill his wife too, no one can come in between us, he’s only mine.”

“Why did you kill Dr. Mehra then?”

“Because I thought he was also coming in between me and Arnav, I knew Arnav was going to meet him and I had to kill him, like I just said no one will stay alive if they try coming between us” Khushi said angrily.

Karan turned to look at Arnav who was staring at Khushi in shock, she had planned to kill herself thinking she was Khushi Oberoi and she was going to kill Khushi Raizada?

How was he going to stop her from doing that? Everything about her condition was so confusing, none of them could understand a thing.

Karan stood up and walked towards them while Khushi fell down unconscious.

“Usually in some cases, the alters know about each other’s existence, but here it seems Khushi doesn’t know she’s having an alter of Khushi Oberoi neither does Khushi Oberoi know this, I know it’s confusing but the mind is a confusing place, it’s difficult to understand how it works.”

“So what do we have to do? What if one day she ends up harming Anjali? Or herself thinking she’s getting rid of Khushi from my life? I can’t risk her life” Arnav said worriedly.

“Don’t worry Arnav, there’s a treatment for it and all I want is for the truth to be proved in the court, once Khushi is out, we’ll get her admitted in the hospital and she’ll receive her treatment there.” Karan said.

“How long would it take for her to get well?” Anjali asked.

“I can’t say clearly but she had only one alter so it would be easier to treat her, the problem is when there are lots of alters, you have to talk to each and learnt the truth, it’s a lot of process I had a case once where there were eleven alters, it took me more than five years to treat.”

“I don’t care how long it takes, all I care about is her, I want her to be okay at any cost” Arnav said.

“Don’t worry Arnav, we’ll prove her innocent in court, we have everything we need to prove it I think you should go back to the old lady and bring her here, we’ll need her to tell the story about Khushi’s past in the court so that we can prove why the disorder happened” Virat said confidently.

“Fine Anjali and I will go there right away and bring her here.”

“Please make sure she comes, she’s the only one who can help us because without her the court will think we are just making fake stories to prove Khushi innocent.”

“I will make sure she’s here”

“I’ll need your help for a lot of other things Karan, if you are free we can discuss about it all, we have less time anyway now” Virat said.

“I’m free, we can go to my office and talk about it, I have some work to check on there, after I’m done we can sit and discuss everything you need to” Karan said.

“Okay then let’s go”

Karan headed outside assuring Arnav that Khushi would wake up in a while and she was going to be okay, Virat waved a goodbye at Anjali and walked away with Karan.

“Don’t worry bro, she will be fine” Anjali said.

“I hope so, I can’t wait to have my old Khushi back” Arnav said sadly.

“We have a lot in store, we have a lot to prove her innocence in court, I am sure Virat would do everything to get her out of jail and then we’ll get her admitted in hospital and you’ll have your Khushi back”

“I miss her” Arnav said sadly.

“Anyway we need to get going, we have to get the old lady here, I hope we find her at the mansion” Anjali said.

“Where else would she be, she said she’s been taking care of the mansion since ages” Arnav said as they both headed out of the cell while an officer locked it behind, Khushi was still lying unconscious.

Mar 24

Bhool Paana Mumkin nahin (Season 2)... Part 23 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 22 times)

After bringing the old lady to the Raizada mansion and making sure she was okay, both Arnav and Anjali headed to their rooms, they had a day only, the final hearing was supposed to be on the day after and Arnav couldn’t stop being restless.

He dint know what was going to come out of this, or whether all the information they had gathered was going to be of any help.

He lied of his bed and stared at Khushi’s photograph which was hanging on the wall, he missed her so much… he missed being with her…

Jud chuki hai, tumse yaadein… bhool paana mumkin nahin…

Ab raaton ko neend aye na… chaina bhi tere bin nahin…

He kept on tossing and turning on the bed trying to get some sleep but he couldn’t, he was constantly thinking about Khushi, he was worried for her, he wanted to make everything alright in her life just like she had made everything alright in his life.

He shut his eyes but all he could see was her, remembering how he met her, how they fell in love and finally got married… the whole journey was a beautiful one and then suddenly all this problems came between them from nowhere and ruined everything.

Tears dropped down his eyes as he wiped them getting lost in her memories, right now he had only her memories to keep him sane.

Yaad aaraha hai masoom chehra… mehsoos karta hoon ehsaas tera…

Juda hoke bhi tu juda ho na paya… ashq banke ankh me tu nazar hai aaya…

Ab to dil bhi kehraha hai tere bin me kuch bhi ahi… bhool paana mumkin nahin…

“Khushi, I’ll drop you home today” Arnav said as he walked inside her cabin.

“Why sir? I mean you don’t have to, I’ll go by myself” Khushi stood up.

“Do you ever just listen and do what you’re told for once? I’m dropping you home today and that’s final” Arnav announced.

“Fine sir, I’ll wait” Khushi pouted.

Arnav walked away and headed back to his cabin, he sat restlessly on his chair wondering how he was going to confess his feelings to her, he hated himself for being so bad to her in the beginning and now that he had fallen in love with her, he dint even know if she would accept him in her life.

Later in the evening, Arnav walked to Khushi’s cabin where she was waiting for him like he had told her to, she picked up her bag and followed Arnav to the parking lot nervously.

He held the door open for her as she got inside the car with a smile, he was being such a gentleman, she couldn’t stop smiling.

“Is everything okay sir? Why did you decide to drop me home today suddenly?” Khushi asked as Arnav got inside the car and switched on the engine.

“Because I was free and I thought I could do that at least”

Khushi nodded as he drove off, she kept on staring at the road, it was an awkward situation, neither of them had anything to say.

Within a few minutes, they arrived at Khushi’s place, he parked the car and smiled at her nervously, he dint think he could do this, confessing feelings wasn’t his thing.

“So see you at work tomorrow” Khushi smiled as she tried to open the door to get out but it dint open, she unlocked the door and tried to push it but Arnav locked it again, she turned to look at him in confusion.

“I don’t know how to do this” He looked at her with baby like expressions.

“What sir?”

“Khushi, I am not good at this things, you’ve seen me in the office how I’m always rude to everyone, you know me well so please forgive me if this isn’t up to your expectations but I don’t think I can do better than this.

Everything has changed since you came in my life, you’ve even changed me, I find myself smiling for no reason when I’m thinking about you, when you are around everything feels good but when you aren’t there I feel restless, just like now when you wanted to leave, it felt like something was pricking my heart…

I don’t know if this is what people call love and I don’t know what love actually is, but I know whatever I feel for you is love, in short I just want to say that I love you Khushi” He said it all in one breath.

Khushi kept on staring at him in surprise while he stared back waiting for her to say something but she dint, she just stared at him silently.

“Say something at least” Arnav said.

Khushi smiled as she moved closer to him and hugged him tight, she then unlocked the car and rushed out of it blushing and even without her saying anything, Arnav had got his answer.


“Arnav! Wake up” Anjali shook him.

Arnav sat on the bed suddenly and looked at Anjali in surprise, he was so deep asleep for a moment he had even forgotten about everything.

“Karan and Virat are downstairs, they want to talk to you” Anjali said.

“Get some breakfast for them, I’ll be downstairs in a while.” Arnav said as he got off his bed and headed inside the bathroom quickly.

At night he couldn’t sleep because of being worried about Khushi and then her memories worked the magic and made him fall asleep that he had to be woken up which happened very rarely.

He walked downstairs after shower, Karan and Virat were busy having breakfast with Anjali while discussing something.

“Good morning” Arnav wished them as he sat beside Anjali.

“It is actually a good morning Arnav, I have some good news I can’t wait to share” Virat said excitedly.

“Is it regarding you and Anjali? Then there’s no need to say, I’ve understood” Arnav smiled as he looked at Anjali.

“Shut up” Anjali slapped him on his arm.

“Oh there’s a thing between you both” Karan teased Virat.

“Will you both shut up, it’s regarding the case Arnav, I was saying I’ve studied everything, I’m super ready for it tomorrow, I promise we will bring Khushi back with us” Virat said confidently.

“Now that’s the kind of husband I want for my sister, the confident one” Arnav giggled.

“Be serious Arnav” Anjali said.

“I am happy Anjali, and I trust Virat and according to everything we know, I am now sure that Khushi will be back home soon, I was just trying to lighten the mood” Arnav said.

Anjali nodded as they all continued with their breakfast while Anjali and Virat kept on stealing glances at each other, Karan and Arnav just stared at them and smiled.

“Karan, I need to talk to you about something, will you come with me?” Arnav asked as he gestured towards Anjali and Virat.

“Oh yeah sure” Karan smiled as he followed Arnav leaving Virat and Anjali alone.

Mar 24

Bhool Paana Mumkin nahin (Season 2)... Part 24 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 24 times)

“So… your brother said about the kind of husband he wants for you, what about you? What kind of a husband do you want?” Virat asked Anjali

Anjali blushed as she looked at him, she dint know how to answer his question, obviously she liked him but she couldn’t just say it out like that.

“Am I a good candidate?” Virat asked as he stood up and walked towards her, he sat on the table besides her looking at her as she blushed more and more.

Anjali nodded positively and he couldn’t stop smiling, yes he knew the attraction was mutual but then knowing about it from her was like the best thing.

“Can I hold your hand If it’s not going to be awkward?” he asked

Anjali looked at him in confusion but the nodded once again, he got hold of her hand and pressed it between his as he looked her into the eyes.

“I want to take you out for a date, but I want it to be after we win this case, I want to take you out as a guy who likes you not as a lawyer.” He smiled.

“Sure, I would love that.” Anjali smiled back.

“Great then, if you’re done with the breakfast can we go? I have things to discuss with Arnav yet”

Anjali stood up as she followed him, he dint let go off her hand, instead he kept on holding it until they arrived at the hall where Arnav and Karan were busy discussing something.

“I hope you are done with the conversation because I am here to disturb” Virat said.

“Looks like we are here to disturb” Arnav said as he looked at their hands.

Anjali quickly pulled away her hand from his hold as she rushed to sit next to Arnav while Virat just laughed and headed to sit next to Karan.

“So is it official?” Arnav whispered in her ears.

“Almost” Anjali whispered back.

“I am so happy for you.” Arnav said as he hugged her happily.



The public prosecutor kept on staring at Virat with a smirk on his face, he was sure he was going to win this case, only if he knew that the whole story was going to turn.

“I hope this time you’re prepared well Mr. Virat, today I’ll announce my final verdict” The judge said.

Virat nodded positively as he stood up and started his explanation.

“Your honor, we were mistake last time when we thought that Khushi Oberoi was alive and she was the one killing everyone and trying to frame Khushi Raizada, but now I want to say that, that’s not the case” Virat said.

“We knew that from before, glad that you realized” The public prosecutor giggled.

“Silence!” The judge ordered.

“Ma’am, last time after the court session, I went to meet Khushi in her cell and while talking to her, I noticed so many things that were strange, and then I thought maybe Khushi Oberoi was never alive, there might be other reasons behind the murders being committed.

I talked to my client about it and we decided to hire a doctor because according to her behavior I felt like she needed medical help. We brought Mr. Karan to examine Khushi and according to him, she happens to be suffering from split personality disorder.”

“Objection your honor, how does her medical condition relate to her committing the murders?” The public prosecutor stood up angrily.

“It does your honor, and that’s what I want to prove.”

“Objection overruled”

“Thank you your honor, so as I was saying, Khushi was diagnosed with split personality disorder, not in this kind of a disorder, when someone’s personality splits, they change into a whole new being and do things that maybe they wouldn’t have done in their original state. I would like to call Khushi’s doctor, to explain everything regarding it so that we can prove that the murders were committed by Khushi but in a state where she herself dint know she was doing it.” Virat said.

“What sort of joke is this, do you think we are fools to believe such a story?” The judge said angrily.

“No, I am just trying to prove my point your honor, I am trying to prove that split personality exists, please allow the doctor to explain everything.”

The judge nodded as Virat called Karan to the witness box, it took Karan quite some time to explain everything about split personality to everyone and even after he was done, the judge dint look quite satisfied.

“So you’re trying to say that she committed the murders while in control of her alter, and last time you were trying to prove that the murders were committed by someone else, Mr. Virat, you are just wasting everyone’s time with you baseless stories” The public prosecutor said.

“I am not ma’am, it was just that last time we dint know it was split personality, we thought that Khushi Oberoi was alive.”

“I don’t believe any such medical condition exists, it’s just an excuse” The judge said.

“It does your honor, if you don’t want to believe Mr. Karan, you can call the best doctors here and ask them about it, I am sure they will prove that it exists, and they can even examine my client and prove that whatever I am saying is the truth.

Yes I agree that Miss Khushi committed the murders but it wasn’t her, it was her other personality and she dint even have an idea about it.” Virat said.

“Very well, I’ll ask some of the doctors I know to come here and do that, the court is adjourned for half an hour.”


Arnav rushed towards Khushi as he hugged her tightly, he just hoped everything was going to go well and today he was going to take her home.

“Arnav, what was the lawyer saying? How is it possible that I committed the murders?” Khushi asked with teary eyes.

“It’s not you Khushi, it’s the medical condition, please don’t be worried, I am here for you and I promise today no matter what, you’ll come back home with me.” Arnav assured her.

“I hope so” Khushi said as she looked at him in confusion

“Don’t worry about anything Khushi, just trust me okay?”

“I do trust you Arnav, but all this is getting me confused, I have no idea what’s going on, what’s happening to me and how it even happened.”

“I’ll explain everything after we go back home, for now just be patient please.”

“Trust us Khushi, today we will make sure you are out of the jail, you just need to be strong, there are questions I’ll ask you, I want you to answer everything honestly okay?” Virat said as he joined Arnav.

“What questions?”

“About your past, there’s a reason why you have the disorder and it’s related to your past, you’ll understand everything later but when I ask you questions all I want are honest answers only, please don’t hide anything.”

“I won’t, I promise” Khushi assured him.

“And if that happens, I promise you’ll go back home with Arnav today” Virat smiled at her.

“Thank you so much” Khushi smiled in return.

Mar 27

Bhool Paana Mumkin nahin (Season 2)... Part 25 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 20 times)

The court was resumed half an hour later, a few doctors from different hospitals were present in the court too.

After questioning them one by one, Virat was able to prove that the condition he was talking about existed, although a few of them denied saying that such things were just excuses to get away from committing a crime, the majority were on Virat’s side.

The public prosecutor seemed rather angry about it and as far as Virat knew him, he knew he wouldn’t let this go just so easily.

“I have an objection your honor.” He said as he stood up.

The judge looked at him and nodded as he started speaking.

“Okay according to what the doctors said I believe that the so called condition exists, but what proof do they have to prove that Khushi is going through the same?

I mean anyone can pretend to have multiple personality disorder so that they can escape, your honor, I believe Khushi is pretending to have such a condition.”

“I don’t have anything to prove that, but we have doctors here, why don’t we give them time to check her up, and if they agree that she has the disorder then it would be proved that Khushi is innocent and whatever happened was because of the disorder.” Virat said.

“I’ll want the doctors to decide that here itself, in front of the court, let’s see if she’s got the disorder.” The judge said.

Virat looked at the public prosecutor and smirked, he knew he was so close to winning the case, the only thing left was to prove Khushi’s disorder to the court and she would be released.

They started with Karan and then other three doctors who hypnotized Khushi and tried their own ways to bring out her alter, all of them were successful as after a few minutes.

The Judge kept on staring at Khushi very keenly as he expressions changed, her whole body language changed to something completely different, something she wasn’t.

Khushi’s eyes fell on Anjali who was sited next to Arnav, she rushed towards her and got hold of her neck angrily.

“I’ll kill you! You’re the only one left and then I will be with Arnav forever” Khushi said.

Arnav got hold of Khushi and tried to push her away but she was strong, stronger than he could imagine, the policemen rushed towards them and tried to help as they finally managed to get Anjali out of Khushi’s hold.

Khushi kept on trying hard to escape the policemen, they held her so tight yet she was unbelievably strong.

The judge was left in awe as he kept on staring at Khushi who had changed from a calm and silent person to a wild one who wanted to kill someone in the courtroom itself, this was enough to prove everything that Virat had been saying.

Karan managed to hypnotize Khushi as she fell unconscious, Arnav rushed to get hold of her as the judge looked around at everyone.

He wrote down something and then looked up once again while everyone waited nervously.

“After seeing all that happened here, I think we don’t need anything more to prove that Mrs. Khushi Raizada is suffering from multiple personality disorder and that the murders she committed were not committed by her but by her alter and she had no idea all the while.

But releasing her just like that would also mean danger to everyone else’s life as we saw what she tried to do when her disorder kicked in.

She would be released from the jail but she would have to be admitted in a hospital under tight security and until we get reports of her treatment and confirm that she is finally safe to be free, that’s when we would release her.

Mr. Arnav, you are allowed to take your wife home today but you’ll have to be really careful with her, our policemen will be there too and tomorrow she will be taken to the hospital where her treatment would take place, and until she gets well, our policemen will always be around.

The court is dismissed!”

Arnav held Khushi in his arms happily as tears of happiness rolled down his eyes, he was the happiest person today knowing that he got his Khushi back, and they were going to have their happily ever after.

There was a lot of locomotion around the courtroom while Anjali and Virat rushed towards Arnav happily.

“Thank you so much Virat, you got me my Khushi back” Arnav said happily.

Karan walked towards them as he bid them a goodbye and walked away, Anjali, Virat and Arnav then headed to Raizada mansion.


Arnav headed upstairs to his room carrying Khushi in his arms, she was yet unconscious, Virat and Anjali sat down in the hall as they waited for Arnav to be back.

“So…” Virat said as he looked at Anjali.

“So?” Anjali blushed

“We still have the date on right?”

“Of course, I wouldn’t want to miss it.”

“Great then let’s make it tomorrow, I’ll pick you up at twelve sharp, be ready.”


Arnav walked back downstairs as he sat next to Anjali who was blushing too much, he then looked at Virat who was busy staring at Anjali.

“You can carry on with the romance later, Virat can we talk about the payment?” Arnav asked.

Virat turned to him as he looked at Arnav and smiled.

“I’ve got something more precious, I don’t think the payment matters anymore” Virat said as he looked at Anjali once again.

“My sister is precious than anything, but you still have to be paid for your professional work, it’s only because of you that I have my Khushi back with me.”

“Okay, I’ll go to the office and calculate the amount and then give you a call okay?”

“Great, so now you guys can carry on with your romance, I’ll go check on my wife.” Arnav winked at Anjali as he headed upstairs once again.


He opened the door to his room and walked inside, Khushi was already away and she was sited on the bed looking around in confusion.

“You’re awake already?” Arnav asked as he walked towards her and sat next to her. he kissed her on the forehead and looked at her lovingly.

“What happened in the court?” Khushi asked.

“Nothing much, just that we were able to prove you innocent and now you’re back home with me, I’m so glad you’re here Khushi, I missed you a lot.”

“I missed you too Arnav, I don’t want to go away from you again.” Khushi said as she hugged him.

“You’ll have to be away once more.” Arnav said.

“What do you mean?” Khushi asked as she broke the hug.

“I mean you’ve been released but not fully, you have to be sent to a hospital and be admitted there to get your treatment, but I promise after your treatment you’ll be back home with me, we’ll be together always.”

“I don’t want to go anywhere, I just want to be with you.” Khushi said sadly.

“I will be with you Khushi, always. But the treatment is important too, you know it.”

“I know Arnav, but I’m just scared, we don’t even know how long it would take.”

“If you cooperate well, it wouldn’t take much time, and I promise I’m always going to be there for you, and now stop thinking about it for today, you know how happy I am to have you back home?”

“I’m happy to be back home too.” Khushi smiled.

“I’ve missed you so much, I always kept on wondering what would happen if I lost you, it scared the hell out of me.”

“Don’t worry, I’m here now, we’ll be together always” Khushi smiled.

Arnav smiled back to her as he cupped her face and looked into her eyes, he moved closer to her mouths and then claimed for her lips.

“I’ve missed kissing you like this.” Arnav said in between the kiss.

“Me too, I’ve missed everything about us.” Khushi said as she kissed him back passionately.

Mar 28

Bhool Paana Mumkin nahin (Season 2)... EPILOGUE (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 26 times)

One year later…

Khushi walked out of the hospital holding hands with Arnav, they both stood at the exit gate and stared at each other with a smile on their faces.

A black Audi stopped in front of them and a moment later, Virat stepped out of the car, he walked to the other side and held the door open while Anjali stepped out, she looked at both Arnav and Khushi with a smile and then ran towards them.

She pulled Khushi into a tight hug and then hugged Arnav happily.

“I am so glad you’re fully well now” Anjali said as she looked at Khushi happily.

“Me too, I was tired of seeing the same white walls daily, I couldn’t even go anywhere, I am so happy that I’ll never have to be back there again.” Khushi said.

“I am happy for the both of you, maybe after all that happened in both your lives, this now, is your happily ever after.”

“I hope so, because every time I think this is going to be our happily ever after, something happens and everything gets ruined.” Khushi said sadly.

“Hey, don’t worry, everything is going to be okay now, whatever bad had to happen, it happened.” Arnav said as he wrapped his arm around her shoulders.

“And you should look at the positive side, despite everything terrible, you both came out of it together” Virat said.

“You are right, I’ll just try to get over the past.” Khushi smiled.

“We’re sorry, we ruined your honeymoon.” Arnav said as he looked at Anjali.

“Nothing like that bro, we just came back a day earlier, we had to see Khushi being completely alright, it’s time for some celebration, I think we should go out and have some good lunch somewhere.” Anjali said.

“Yes, I like the idea, I feel like I still have the taste of the hospital food in my mouth.” Khushi giggled.

“Okay then, let’s go home first, we freshen up then leave for lunch.” Arnav said.

Everyone nodded in agreement as they all got inside the car, Anjali joined Virat at the front seat while Arnav and Khushi settled down at the back.


Raizada mansion.

Arnav and Khushi headed in their room while Virat and Anjali sat in the hall waiting for them to get ready so they could leave for lunch.

“I need a shower, you can change meanwhile” Khushi said as she picked up her towel and headed inside the bathroom.

“How about we take a shower together?” Arnav asked as he winked at her.

“No thank you, remember Anjali and Virat are waiting for us downstairs.” Khushi said.

“I promise it wouldn’t take time.” Arnav said as raised both his hands up.

“I said no!” Khushi laughed at she shut the door while he pouted and then walked towards the cupboard, he pulled out a black jean and the stared at his clothes wondering which t-shirt to put on.

His phone beeped and he walked towards the bed and he went through the message he had received, just then Khushi walked out of the bathroom, covered in a towel.

“That was pretty fast.” Arnav said as he looked at her.

“Yes, I know how to take quick showers unlike you, and why aren’t you ready yet?” Khushi asked.

“I dint know what to wear, can you please get me a t-shirt, I have to reply to this message it’s from work.”

“Sure.” Khushi said as she walked towards the cupboard while Arnav typed the message on his phone.

She pulled out a dark green t-shirt just when Arnav hugged her from behind, his bare chest touching her bare back, it felt all sort of intense despite them being married for so many years now.

“Arnav, Anjali and Virat are downstairs.” Khushi said.

“I know, but what do I do, I’ve missed you so much, I’m seeing you like this after like ages and all I want to do is cancel the lunch and throw you on the bed as I make love to you.”

Khushi turned around to face him with a blush on her face, she pinned he t-shirt on his chest and smiled at him.

“You can do that at night, now come on get dressed.” She pulled out of his hold.

“Not before I kiss you.” He said as he suddenly pulled her back, her towel loosened up and fell on the floor, Arnav pushed her towards the wall and pinned her there, he claimed for her lips the very next moment.

A knock at the door of the room disturbed them, Arnav broke the kiss while Khushi laughed at him.

“Bro, I know you’ve missed your wife a lot, but you can carry on with the romance after lunch, hurry up!” Anjali shouted from outside.

“Go away.” Arnav said feeling irritated.

“We’ll be downstairs in five.” Khushi shouted back as she looked at Arnav who was making faces like a baby.

“You know this is why I love you so much, because you are crazy.” Khushi smiled at him as she pulled him for a kiss once again.

The kiss only lasted a few seconds, she then rushed to get dressed and then they both headed downstairs where Anjali and Virat were waiting for them.

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