Bhool Paana Mumkin nahin (Season 2)

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Bhool Paana Mumkin nahin (Season 2) (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 35 times)

Part 1

“Saanchi’s dead!” Anjali announced as she walked inside the mansion.

Arnav and Khushi were sited in the hall busy fighting over the remote control, Arnav wanted to watch the football match while it was too boring for Khushi she’d have better watched even cartoons.

They both looked at Anjali in surprise as she walked towards them and settled down on the sofa opposite them, she looked rather terrified.

“How did that happen?” Arnav asked casually as if he dint give a damn about her life but as for Khushi no matter what she had done to her, she was once a friend and she couldn’t stop feeling bad about what had just happened to her.

“No idea, she got out on bail just a day ago and today morning she was found dead in her apartment as if the person who had bailed her out of jail had done it with the motive of murdering her.

“Do you mean to say it was murder?” Khushi asked in shock.

“Of course it was, I mean why would she commit suicide, no reason. The policemen found her body in the room where she had been hiding Khushi Oberoi all that time, it’s just weird isn’t it? I mean don’t you think this murder is somehow related to her? I mean who knew about that room apart from all of us who were involved?”

“But who would do it? Mr. Oberoi is dead, Saanchi dint obviously kill herself so it’s the three of us left and obviously none of us did it, and even Khushi Oberoi is dead” Arnav said

“What if she isn’t?”

“Be serious Khushi, she was shot in front of our eyes, we took her to the hospital and the doctor told us she was dead, we even burned her body to the ashes, we all saw it happen so the logic of her being alive is ridiculous”

“But I saw her!” Khushi said as she stood up angrily.

“No Khushi, you dint see her, you were just hallucinating maybe, that day when you said she was there, how come I couldn’t see her? And now please don’t tell me the stories about ghosts or whatever”

“Arnav you have to trust me on this, I had seen her”

“Then why dint you see her again? That was the first and the last time you had seen her Khushi, it was just that you were sad and you saw something of such sort and it doesn’t mean that’s she’s alive, I saw her body burn to ash myself” Arnav said

A knock at the door disturbed them as they all turned their eyes towards the entrance, there were a couple of policemen and ladies standing there.

They all walked in while the tree of them stood up in surprise wondering what was happening.

“We have an arrest warrant on the name of Mrs. Khushi Raizada” The policemen said leaving everyone shocked.

“What do you mean an arrest warrant, what has she done?” Arnav said as he pushed Khushi behind his back as if protecting her.

“She is our suspect in the murder of miss. Saanchi”

“What the hell, what makes her the suspect?” Arnav asked angrily.

“She was the one who bailed her out of the jail and we have a few eye witness who said that your wife had visited Saanchi yesterday night and that’s when she was actually killed”

“That’s a lie, I dint bail her out, neither did I visit her, I dint do anything of such sort Arnav!” Khushi said as she got hold of his arm in fear.

“You must be mistaken officer, I mean Saanchi had tried to get Khushi killed so why would Khushi even get her bailed?”

“Because that’s where the motive comes, Saanchi tried to kill Khushi so Khushi killed her instead”

“This can’t be true, I know Khushi can’t do anything of such sort, you aren’t taking my wife anywhere, I’ll call my lawyer right away”

“Do whatever you want to but we have to arrest her” The officers said as a lady officer walked towards Khushi and got hold of her hand as she handcuffed her.

“I dint kill anyone please believe me, Arnav do something… I told you Khushi is alive she’s taking an advantage of both of us looking alike, I’m sure she’s the one who did all of this”

“I’ll get you out before night Khushi, please relax okay?” Arnav said as he cupped her cheeks.

“I don’t want to go to jail Arnav, please do something”

“I will” Arnav said as the officers pulled Khushi away with them.

Arnav punched the wall angrily, he couldn’t understand a bit of what was going on, how was it possible that Khushi was alive when he had seen her dead with his own eyes?

When he had seen her body just before they burned it and he stood there all along watching it turn into ashes?

But if she was dead then who was it that bailed Saanchi out because according to the policemen it was his wife Khushi and according to Khushi, she dint do it and there was only one person who looked like Khushi and that was Khushi Oberoi but there was no possible way to this.

Was there someone else who looked like her?

Or maybe someone tried to frame Khushi?

He had a thousand questions running in his mind but answers to none of them, it was a mystery which he had to solve in order to save his wife.

“How are you Khushi? Feeling better in here? It’s nice and warm right?” she asked

“You! What are you doing here? How did they even let you in? I know you’re the one who killed Saanchi and blamed it on me, I know that you’re alive and you’re still doing everything you can to get Arnav but I’ll not let that happen” Khushi said

“And how will you stop me? This is just the beginning, wait and watch, I have so many surprises planned for you ahead”

“Get lost! I don’t even want to see your face, just get lost before I lose my temper” Khushi shouted angrily as a policer came running towards her.

“What is it? This is a police station, you have to stay silent here so stop with the shouting” the police officer said.

“Officer how did you allow her inside? Dint you see her face? She looked exactly like me, I promise you she’s trying to frame me into the murder that she has committed, I am innocent, I dint do a thing” Khushi said worriedly.

“Who are you talking about?”

“The girl who just came to visit me?”

“No one came here to visit you, it’s just been half an hour since we locked you up and you’re already expecting visitors? Stop day dreaming, I’ve been sited here since you were locked and no one has come to visit you”

“How is that possible? I know she was here, I saw her, she even talked to me and then she ran away when she saw you coming, you have to believe me officer, she was here”

The officer walked away from Khushi as she fell down on her knees and broke down into tears, why was it that no one wanted to believe that Khushi Oberoi was alive? Or why was it that she was the only one seeing her?

Or was it happening like it had happened to Mr. Oberoi? Was she seeing Khushi Oberoi’s ghost or something?

If she was really a ghost then who bailed out Saanchi and murdered her? And why would Khushi Oberoi’s ghost murder Saanchi who had always helped her? To make it all worse, why would the officers see the ghost when she came to bail out Saanchi but not now?

This was even more confusing than solving the case of her accident, even though at that time she dint know who it was, here she knew everything but it was as if she couldn’t believe any of it, not at least the fact that she was seeing a ghost or something and if it really was a ghost how come the eye witnesses say that they saw her.

This only meant one thing, and it was that Khushi Oberoi was alive just that she dint know how exactly she was doing this but once Arnav got her out of here she was going to make sure she finds the truth about her death because as cunning as she was, it was a total surprise for her to die so easily.

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Bhool Paana Mumkin nahin (Season 2)... Part 2 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 22 times)

Arnav arrived at the police station accompanied by his lawyer, he wanted to make sure he could do anything possible to take Khushi back home with him.

“Mr. Raizada, you’re here” Officer Sameer Malhotra said as he stood up.

“I’m here to take my wife home, I know she’s been charged for murder but I think my lawyer, Mr. Virat Kapoor will better explain this to you” Arnav said as he pulled out a chair and sat down.

“Hello officer, according to the charges, I’ve placed enough evidence to the court for them to grant bail to my client Mrs. Khushi Raizada until the trial begins, here are the documents, I hope they will be all you need” Mr. Kapoor said as he handed the documents to officer Virat Kapoor.

Sameer sat down as he went through the documents, after confirming everything he stood up and headed to the lockup where Khushi had been kept, he opened the lock and called out for her.

“Mrs. Raizada, your bail has been granted, your husband is here to take you home” Virat said as he walked away while Khushi ran out directly to Arnav.

She hugged him tight as she broke down into tears, everything had gone so terribly wrong she was scared to get separated from Arnav once again.

“Thank God you are here Arnav, please take me home, I don’t want to be here for even one more second” Khushi cried.

“It’s okay Khushi, I am taking you home and don’t worry as long as I am alive, no one is ever going to touch you” Arnav said as he held her hand and they both walked outside followed by their lawyer.

“The trial begins next week Mr. Raizada, we need to gather enough evidences to prove you wife innocent” Virat said after Arnav had helped Khushi get inside the car.

“I need to be with her today Virat, why don’t we start tomorrow, we can go to the crime scene and get to know what had happened, I know my wife very well she can’t commit a murder and no matter what Saanchi had done to her, they both were close once.

I think we were wrong when we thought everything related to Khushi Oberoi was over because I think it isn’t, it’s either she is alive or there’s someone doing her dirty work for her” Arnav said

“Don’t worry, we’ll look at it, I’ll see you at the crime scene tomorrow then” Virat said as he bid Arnav a goodbye and walked towards his black Mercedes.

Arnav got inside the car and looked at Khushi who seemed completely lost, he knew there was a lot going on in her mind and he wanted to do all he could to make her feel better.

Arnav and Khushi stepped out of the car as soon as they were home, Khushi hadn’t spoken a word since they came back from the jail, even all the way to home she just kept silent lost in thoughts and it was making Arnav more worried.

"Hey" said as he held her hand tighter and looked at her.

“Look at me Khushi” Khushi lifted her head up and looked him into the eyes. “I’m still alive, I’m here with you and I’m going to do everything possible to keep you safe from all of this, you have to trust me okay? You have to believe in yourself and be confident that you’ll get through all this because we both know you are innocent”

Khushi nodded as she hugged Arnav, all of this felt so miserable she couldn’t even explain it in words.

“You know Arnav, after they took me there, I saw something… Khushi came to visit me but when she left and I called the policers they said no one ever came to visit me and now that has really been disturbing me.

Why is it that I am the only one seeing her? Firstly that day and then today? Is she really alive or dead or there’s something more to this? Or maybe she’s actually dead and it’s her ghost haunting me because she couldn’t get you?”

“Khushi first of all things like ghosts don’t exist, do you think it really was Khushi’s ghost which went to the police station and got bail for Saanchi? Or killed her? And even if ghosts exist, they can do so by possessing someone’s body they can’t do it on their own”

“Then maybe her ghost possessed my body and made me do all this, what if it was actually like that, the court definitely isn’t going to believe this and maybe I will be convicted for the murder I never committed” Khushi said looking terrified.

“I don’t believe in such things as ghosts Khushi and nothing of such sort happened, I know this isn’t something supernatural, it’s just one of her dirty tricks and I’ll make sure I find out what’s happening. Please trust me, I promise I’ll not let anything happen to you”

“I know Arnav and I trust you but I’m scared”

“And after spending some time in that jail you are allowed to be scared Khushi, but don’t worry I am here with you and I’ll always be, we’ll find whoever’s doing this and end it all”

“I think I need some rest, I’m going to sleep all this is really disturbing me”

“Okay go sleep, you’ll be okay and don’t think much about it, I’m here to handle everything”

Khushi nodded as she headed upstairs to her bedroom while Anjali joined Arnav.

“Did you find out anything?” She asked

“Not much, it’s all a mystery, I mean it’s for sure Saanchi dint commit suicide and the officers are telling me Khushi went there to bail out Saanchi but Khushi says she hasn’t done that and then when she’s locked in the jail Khushi Oberoi visits her and the suspicious thing about it is that only Khushi saw her, I don’t get what’s happening”

“Maybe she’s actually alive Arnav, you know what she did last time, that girl is really clever did we think she was going to really die just like that?”

“But what about her cremation? What about me seeing her body with my own eyes?”

“Arnav we live in the twenty first century, everything is possible nowadays, how do you know what she did to give everyone the illusion of her death? She’s done that once before she can do it again”

“So what am I supposed to do? Go look for someone I am not sure even exists because I just saw her dead and burned into ashes? I’ll do anything to keep Khushi safe, I don’t know how this is possible but I don’t think I can believe she’s alive”

“Then you have to because your wife can’t kill someone and don’t forget they both have the same face and if this has happened once, it will happen again, she’ll use advantage of it and you’ll not be able to do a thing”

“I am going to the crime scene with Virat tomorrow, let me see if I’ll find anything to help, for now I think I also need some rest” Arnav said as he walked away and headed to his room too not being able to solve this mystery.

He had completely no idea on what was happening or why it was happening or who was doing it, he opened the door of his room just to find it empty.

Khushi had said she was coming to sleep then why wasn’t she in the room? He rushed to check the washroom but she wasn’t there and he had been standing downstairs with Anjali all the while as they discussed the case and he dint see her leaving, how was it possible for her not to be in the room when he dint see her leaving?

He looked around and saw the window to his room open, he rushed towards it where he found a rope tied leaving him all confused with so many questions in his mind once again.

Firstly why would she lied that she was going to rest when she dint? And the why would she leave through the window?

Did it mean she was hiding something from him? But then where would she have gone? And why would she have to hide it all from him?

Or could it have been possible that maybe she was Khushi Oberoi and not his wife? But then he had been so close to her, he knew he would have felt the difference if it wasn’t his wife.

Or maybe Khushi had been right all this while, maybe Khushi Oberoi was dead and she was possessing Khushi’s body to do her dirty jobs. Even the thought scared him as he wondered how he was going to deal with it.

Did ghosts really exist?

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Bhool Paana Mumkin nahin (Season 2)... Part 3 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 17 times)

Arnav had spent all day trying to look for Khushi but he couldn’t find her anywhere, he was worried for her hoping something wrong wouldn’t happen to her.

He walked from here to there trying to call and ask everyone if they had an idea about Khushi’s whereabouts but no one was able to help him.

He sat on the bed wondering what was going on when Khushi walked in.

“Khushi! Where did you go? And why did you go from the window? What if something could have happened to you, what would I have done without you? You know I’ve already lost you once, I don’t want to lose you again” Arnav said as he rushed to hug her.

“I’m so sorry Arnav I just can’t do this anymore, I’m so tired of all this, why can’t we just have a life where we live together no matter what, why is there always someone trying to separate us?

I just want to do everything I can to prove myself innocent and I don’t know how I’m going to do that, I knew you wouldn’t allow me so I had to escape from the window to go and check Saanchi’s house, I just wanted to find anything that could help me, that would prove I’m not guilty but I couldn’t find anything.

The house is all so messed up, I even felt scared of staying there any longer, do anything you have to but I don’t want to go to jail, not for something I haven’t done, please save me Arnav, I can’t live without you once again, I just can’t” Khushi cried

“Look at me Khushi, remember how you did everything to find me when I was kidnapped? I promise I’ll just do the same to keep you safe.

No one can shut Arnav Singh Raizada’s wife in jail that too for something she hasn’t done, just put your trust in me and I promise I’ll do everything possible that I can.”

“I don’t really understand what’s happening” Khushi said as she hugged him tight.

“Neither do I, but we’ll sort this out, I’ll go back to her house tomorrow with the lawyer and I’m sure we would find something to help us so don’t be worried, you need rest, come I’ll put you to bed” Arnav said as he got hold of her hand and pulled her towards the bed.

He helped her lie on it as he covered her with a blanket and looked at her worriedly, she had been through so much already, all he just wanted was for her to be safe and happy now.

He lied next to her and held her in his arms as they both fell asleep.


He woke up next to her just to find her clutching in his arms tightly, he smiled as he tucked her hair behind her ears and looked at how beautiful she looked while sleeping, he dint feel like taking his eyes off her.

“Good morning wifey” Arnav said when he saw Khushi waking up.

“Good Morning hubby” She smiled as she pecked on his cheeks.

“How did you sleep last night?”

“Good, just had some horrible nightmares… Arnav what if I was the one who killed Saanchi? Maybe Khushi’s is actually dead and she might be possessing my body to do that?”

“Let’s not think about that early morning please, I just want to forget about that for a while and get lost in you” Arnav said as he got hold of her hand and kissed it.

“How about a tub bath together?” Khushi asked as she sat up excitedly.

“That’s like my wife now”

“Great, I’ll get things ready, brush your teeth then join me”

“Sure” Arnav smiled as Khushi stood up and rushed to the bathroom excitedly.

By the time Arnav had finished brushing his teeth, he found Khushi already in the tub waiting for him, he smiled at her as he joined her inside while she blushed.

“It’s after long we are having such kind of a moment together” Khushi said

“Yes, and I want to make the most of it” He said as he got hold of her hand and pulled her so that she could adjust herself on top of him.

He started by kissing her cheeks and trailing down to the neck kissing her wildly, they had stayed apart for so long all he wanted for now was to make love to her for all those times they had been apart.

Khushi turned to face him as he brushed her lips with his thumbs staring at her lovingly.

“This are mine” he said

“All yours” Khushi replied just before he claimed for them.

She turned around and got hold of his neck pulling him closer as he kissed her passionately, trying to taste each and every corner of her mouth.

He pulled her making her fall on him, both their bodies so close they dint want to ever separate them, Arnav kept on kissing her as it started becoming rough and wild after a while.

He broke the kiss and stood up holding her hand as he pulled her with him under the shower turning it on.

“The water is cold” Khushi said as she hugged him.

“Now this is why I want the water to be cold, so you can stick to me like this” Arnav winked making her blush more.

He turned the water to warm as they both had a shower romance together and then stepped out wiping their bodies with towel.

Arnav picked Khushi up in his arms and carried her to the bed as he threw her on in leaning on top of her.

“Ready for the morning love session” he smiled

“Always ready Mr. Raizada” She said letting him make love to her.


A knock at the door of their bedroom disturbed their romantic morning.

“Arnav, it’s me Anjali… Virat is here, he says he’s got to see you” Anjali said

“I’ll be there soon” Arnav shouted back as he turned to look at Khushi.

“Sorry babe, I have to leave you in between but this is important, we’ll finish this at night” He said as he kissed her and the walked towards the cupboard to get his clothes.

He got dressed in a hurry and headed downstairs where Virat had been waiting for him all the while.

“We need to go to the crime scene soon, I’ve heard from my informers that Khushi’s finger prints were found there on so many things and I’m afraid if things get worse we won’t be able to keep her out of jail.” Virat said

“Oh My God! How is that possible, let’s get going we’ll discuss this on the way” Arnav said as he quickly walked out followed by Virat.

“The forensic team got lots of evidences they were analyzing and it’s said to have Khushi’s finger prints on it, the only thing is that they haven’t found the murder weapon, once they find what it was and the finger prints on it, it might be hard, you said Saanchi and Khushi were friends so she kept on visiting her, might be the finger prints were from the things she might have touched before” Virat explained as he hoped into the car followed by Arnav.

“Khushi was here yesterday, I dint know she escaped and she came here saying she wanted to look for anything that could prove her innocent, could it be…”

“No, all the evidence was gathered when they found her body so it’s not about yesterday”

“So what are we going to do?”

“We don’t have much to worry about if we find something really useful, so let’s pray for the best”

Arnav looked at Virat worriedly, there was no way he was going to lose Khushi once again, he had to do everything he could to keep her safe, he had promised her that and he was going to make sure he found something that would help them.

“What if it might be possible that Khushi Oberoi’s ghost is possessing Khushi and making her do all this?”

“The court isn’t going to believe any ghost story Arnav, and I know neither do you believe in it, you’re just trying to find excuses but don’t worry, we know Khushi isn’t guilty so we’ll save her”

“I hope so”

The driver parked the car outside the house as both Virat and Arnav stepped out.

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Bhool Paana Mumkin nahin (Season 2)... Part 4 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 15 times)

Arnav and Virat began searching Saanchi’s house, they made sure to check each and every corner just in case they found something that was going to help them prove Khushi innocent.

Arnav headed to the hidden room as she searched each and every corner but he couldn’t find anything to help.

“Did you find anything?” Virat asked

“No, nothing… I have an idea, why don’t you look around here while I check the Oberoi Mansion, might be possible we can find something there because after Mr. Oberoi passed away, that mansion had been empty, I just have this feeling I might find something helpful there.

Saanchi used to visit it a lot and maybe she left something there or did something that would help her move a bit closer to the truth”

“Okay you go on, I’ll be here, if you find anything give me a call”

Arnav nodded positively as he headed to Oberoi mansion which was just a few steps away from Saanchi’s house.

The moment he walked inside the mansion he realized he had done the right thing by coming here, since Mr. Oberoi passed away no one was here and so the mansion was all full of dust which left behind visible footsteps and signs about someone coming in here lately.

He followed the footsteps which took him to Khushi’s room and this once again got him more suspicious, why would anyone come to this mansion and go to the room that once belonged to Khushi?

And who could be the person? Could it have been Saanchi’s? Because the shape of the footsteps looked like the ones that came from a ladies shoe.

He looked around Khushi’s room and it was like it had always been, nothing much had changed, just that he found the footsteps stopped near a wall and then the way all the dust around seemed to have been vanished, it seemed like someone had spent their time doing something here, but what?

What would anyone do next to a wall? There wasn’t even a cupboard that could make him think that the person might have come in here looking for something.

He stood there staring at the wall when it clicked his mind, Saanchi had a hidden room behind a bookshelf, what if Khushi too had had a hidden room behind a wall?

He knocked on the wall with his finger and it made a sound like the one that comes when you knock on a piece of wood, which meant this wasn’t a concrete wall but something made out of wood.

He quickly pulled out his phone and dialed Virat’s number, maybe what they had been looking for was going to be found here.

“Hey Arnav, tell me you found something please, this place is of no use, there’s nothing at all to help”

“I think I just did, come here I’m in Khushi’s room, you just have to climb the stairs, it’s the first room on your left, come quickly so we can have a look at it together”

“I’ll be there right away” Virat said as he disconnected the call and rushed outside.

Arnav was still staring at the wall trying to figure out a way to get through it but nothing seemed to be making sense.

Like Khushi had told him, the room in Saanchi’s house had opened by taking off a specific book, but how was this one supposed to open? What were you supposed to do to open it?

“Tell me what it is” Virat said as he walked inside the room.

“This wall, it’s suspicious, do you hear the sound?” Arnav asked as he knocked on it again leaning closer to it.

“It is actually, any idea on how to get through?”

“That’s what I’m thinking, there must be a way for sure, or we could just break it?”

“No, let me see if I can try something” Virat said as he walked closer to the wall and started scanning it from all sides.


“I think there has to be something like a button or and electric switch to open it, do you see this wire? It’s coming from there and end here suddenly as if going inside the wall” Virat said as he pointed to the wire.

“it’s definitely not next to the electricity switch as anyone might press it by mistake and the wall would just open up, it must be somewhere close to here, maybe near the bed lamp” Arnav said as he walked towards the bed lamp and looked around and as expected there was a switch for the bed lamp but as he flipped it around it had a tiny red button.

“Let’s hope it’s this one” Arnav said as he pressed the button and suddenly the wall started moving apart.

He stood up and rushed towards it as it opened up leading into a dark room.

He put on the flashlight on his mobile as they both walked inside, there was a switch in the corner with which he switched on the light unleashing the mystery.


Khushi was sited in her room with some papers spread all over her bed, she heard a knock at the door and quickly picked the all up as she hid them under the bed.

“Come in” She said as Anjali walked inside holding two cups of coffee in her hand.

“I thought I’d bring you coffee, there’s been a lot happening lately and we haven’t even sat together to talk about it, I mean I know how worried and stressed you are but I want you to know that both Arnav and I are with you and we will do anything to get you out of this mess” Anjali said as she handed the coffee to Khushi.

“You’re right, who knows if we’ll ever get the chance to sit together like this and drink coffee again” Khushi said as she looked at Anjali with a weird expression.

Anjali stared at her in confusion wondering what she meant by that, she was here trying to tell her that she was with her no matter what as she was talking opposite, Khushi looked at Anjali’s confusion and smiled.

“I meant who knows if I go to jail, then we wouldn’t get another chance to sit together and have coffee, I mean everything is against me”

“Don’t think of it that way Khushi, trust Arnav you know he would do everything he can to keep you from going to jail just like you had done everything for him, and we all know you are innocent and we will prove it”

“What if I’m not?”

“What makes you say that? Khushi did you…”

“No Anjali, I mean the court believes the proofs and all of them lead them to only one person and that’s me so what do you expect me to do, sit here believing I’ll not got to jail when I know I would?”

“I know Khushi but don’t worry, we’ll figure out something okay” Anjali said as she stood up and walked away, Khushi’s behavior seemed so strange suddenly.

There was this time when she had seen her all scared and worried about what would happen if she was jailed and right now she was acting about it as if it dint matter or as if she wanted to go to jail only that she couldn’t understand why she was behaving like this suddenly.

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Bhool Paana Mumkin nahin (Season 2)... Part 5 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 19 times)

“This can’t be it!” Arnav said in shock as he looked around the room, it wasn’t any normal kind of room but a much creepier one.

Saanchi’s hidden room was nothing compared to this one because the moment they stepped it, they realized this room was being used for planning murder.

He found a few pictures hanging on the wall which included of the people that had already been killed and a few that were alive which clearly meant they were the next targets.

What left him shocked was that Mr. Oberoi’s picture was included on it with an ex sign made with a red marker.

“This is creepy as hell” Arnav gasped

“Whoever had been planning this has done everything so cleverly.”

“Exactly, because all this while we all have been thinking that Mr. Oberoi committed suicide but now I’m second guessing myself, it wasn’t a suicide, it was a murder!”

“Who could be doing this?”

“I don’t know, honestly I can’t think of anything because as much as I know, I saw Khushi’s dead body with my own eyes, I stayed until the rituals so I really can’t believe Khushi Oberois doing this but then I can’t deny that my wife has been seeing her and Mr. Oberoi also claimed to be seeing her”

“This keeps on getting more and more mysterious, could it be possible she pretended to be dead or something?”

“I don’t know Virat, right now I can’t think of anything that could have happened”

“Okay let’s analyze this and then we decide on what to do, there’s Mr. Oberoi’s picture with an x sign, there’s also Saanchi’s picture on it with the x sign again which means this two are dead.

The two other pictures are of Anjali and Khushi which means they are her next target, do you see the thing Arnav? This just proves that Khushi Oberoi is the one doing this”

“Why would you be so confident about that?”

“Because she loved you and all she ever did was to snatch you from your wife, she wouldn’t ever kill you so she’s killing all those people who are coming in between” Virat said

“Fine she’s the one but where’s the proof? And how are we going to prove Khushi innocent? And then the thing that’s more mysterious is that Khushi sees her but no one else does, how the hell on earth is that even possible?

Don’t tell me about the ghost stories, I don’t believe in them and I know this isn’t some ghost, it’s either that Khushi Oberoi is alive and she’s cleverly planning this or she was clever from before so she had something planned in case she died, maybe someone doing all this for her.”

“But she had no friends, she only had Saanchi and she killed her too”

“That’s what I don’t understand you see, why would she kill Saanchi? The one who had always helped her? And Mr. Oberoi was her father for heaven sake, how could a daughter kill her own father? Nothing here makes any sense Virat.

Maybe all we can do is bring the police here and after seeing Khushi’s picture here they would believe that if she’s one of the targets, she’s definitely not the one doing all this”

“It isn’t enough Arnav, this isn’t any strong proof, I mean people can make up such stuff to prove themselves innocent so this isn’t going to help us at all, and don’t forget that Mr. Oberoi was the one who shot Khushi and that girl had serious issues, she was crazy she could have done anything, even kill her own father.”

“So what do we do now? How do we escape from an enemy we don’t know? We don’t even know if she’s actually alive or someone else is doing this for her or maybe all this isn’t even related to her, maybe we’ve got a new enemy who’s trying to divert us, so what do we do to figure all this damn things out?” Arnav asked as he punched his fist on the wall.

“We’ll figure that out, let’s take pictures of everything here and leave, we have to make it look like nobody was here, because whoever’s doing this, if they found out they might just do something we don’t expect”

“Okay hurry up then, we finish this and leave”


“Arnav!” Khushi exclaimed as she saw him walking in and rushed to him.

“Did you find anything that would help? I don’t want to go to jail Arnav please, you know I’m innocent” Khushi said as she hugged him.

“Don’t worry Khushi, I’ll figure everything out, you just need to be calm, Virat is also working for the hearing, we’ll at least try to keep you out of jail even during the hearing”

“Did you find anything that could help?”

“Maybe, although we don’t know if it’s going to help much or not but it can, anyway stop thinking about that, just know while I’m here nothing wrong would happen with you”

“I know… anyway I cooked dinner for us today, we’ve all been so stressed we don’t even eat together so I just thought us three will have dinner together tonight and talk about everything except this.

I want to keep my mind out of it, I just want to do anything that would make me forget that I am accused of murder”

“Hey… don’t worry, everything is going to be fine” Arnav said as he pulled her into a tight hug.

Seeing Khushi stressed and worried like this, he dint feel like he could tell her about what he had found out. If she came to know that Mr. Oberoi’s death wasn’t a suicide but murder she would feel so hurt and then he couldn’t forget that both Anjali and Khushi’s lives were in danger, so he had to do everything he could to keep them safe.

Khushi held his hand as she pulled him towards the dinner table, they both settled down and waited for Anjali to join them.

Within a few moments, Anjali too walked towards them as Arnav looked at her worriedly.

“What’s up Arnav, why are you looking at me like that?”

“Nothing” Arnav said as he looked away wondering if it really was Khushi Oberoi doing this, why would she target Anjali? Anjali hadn’t done anything wrong to her so why would she ever want to kill her?

“See I made everyone their favorite dish so no one’s sharing mine” Khushi said

“Mine too” Anjali smiled as Arnav looked at both of them, he just couldn’t digest the fact that the two women he loved the most were in danger.

Today, he, Arnav Singh Raizada who had tackled all the problems very cleverly dint know how to tackle this situation, he dint know how he was going to save his wife from going to jail or how he was going to save both Anjali and Khushi from whoever the killer was.

He stood up suddenly and walked away leaving both Khushi and Anjali shocked.

“What happened to him?” Anjali asked

“I don’t know, he’s been behaving strange since he came back, maybe he found out something, I’ll ask him” Khushi said as she stood up and followed Arnav.

She walked inside the room and found him standing next to the window with his folded arms, he was staring at the sky outside.

“What happened Arnav, you look worried” Khushi asked as she hugged him from behind.

“I’m just scared Khushi, I’ve lost you once, I don’t want to lose you again” Arnav said as he turned around and hugged her once again.

“Hey, I’m right here and I know you’ll do everything you can to keep me safe, please don’t give up like this, if you give up what will I do, you ae the only hope that I have Arnav”

“I know Khushi, I know.. it’s just that all this is too much for me to handle now”

“We’ll handle it together, I promise I’ll be with you always, nothing would ever take me away from you”

“I love you Khushi, I love you so much, if I lose you again, I’ll just die” Arnav said as tears rolled down his eyes.

Mar 3

Bhool Paana Mumkin nahin (Season 2)... Part 6 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 19 times)

The date of the trial was coming closer and Arnav was getting more and more worried, he just hoped nothing went wrong until that day because if the police found even one more evidence against Khushi they would end up putting her in jail.

He had done what not, got permission from the court to check the crime scene, he went there with his lawyer and even to the Oberoi mansion but whatever they found wasn’t enough to help them because they still dint know who was really doing this.

All he had were doubts and those weren’t going to help him in the courtroom to defend his wife, he had to find something stronger and so he kept himself busy in thinking of any possible way out.

“Don’t you want to get out of bed?” Khushi asked as she walked out of the bathroom.

“No, I just want to stay here”

“Okay, I have something to do, I’ll get ready and leave then”

“Not like that, I’ve appointed a bodyguard for you, from now onwards wherever you go he will accompany you and make sure you are safe”

“But Arnav what’s the need of a bodyguard?”

“Don’t ask me questions Khushi, we all know there’s danger out there, whoever’s doing all this might try to harm you and I don’t want to take chances so you’re going out but with a bodyguard, no arguments on that”

“Okay fine” Khushi said as she headed to get dressed.


A few hours had passed by since Khushi left, Arnav was yet on bed trying to think of everything he could but nothing really seemed to be making sense.

He felt angry and sad at the same time, it was all getting difficult to tackle, only if there would be something that would lead him, maybe something just to confirm who was behind all this then it would have been a lot easier.

His phone vibrated as he stretched his arm and picked it up from the side stand, he had received a text message from an unknown number.

‘If you think the bodyguards are going to keep her safe you’re wrong Arnav, nothing in this world is going to save her from me, she has to die for you to be mine and I promise she will’

Arnav jumped out of the bed as he dialed Khushi’s number, maybe this was the lead, after this text message he was a hundred percent sure that Khushi Oberoi was alive and she was the one behind all this, she was the one plotting against them.

He obviously knew how dangerous she was and he wasn’t going to take a chance at all, he had to keep Khushi safe and only he could do that.

“Yes Arnav, I’m almost home, on my way” Khushi said as she received the call.

“Where exactly, I’ll come to you, Khushi I can’t take a chance, what if something happens to you, first tell me you’re okay, please tell me everything is okay.”

“Calm down Arnav, I am totally fine, it’s okay I am with the bodyguard and we are just five minutes away from home, I’ll be there soon don’t worry much”

“Ok fine hurry up, I’ll not be at peace until I see you” Arnav said as he rushed downstairs and waited for Khushi at the gate.

The few minutes he waited for her to arrive were like ages, every moment he kept on thinking she would come now but ended up feeling disappointed the next when he dint see any car arriving yet.

He walked from here to there his eyes stuck at the entrance, his heart chanting prayers, all he wanted was for his wife to be safe.

A sudden relaxation passed through him as he saw a car driving in, it stopped right at the entrance as Khushi stepped out and he rushed towards her overwhelmed with happiness to see her safe and sound just like he wanted to see her.

“Thank God you’re okay, I was so worried about you Khushi, I was having strange thoughts wondering what would happen if I don’t see you or what if something happens to you, I would never have been able to forgive myself for letting you go alone even after knowing your life was in danger” Arnav said as he held her so tight.

“I am fine Arnav, nothing would have happened to me, the bodyguard was with me too so you don’t hve to worry much, obviously you can’t be coming with me everywhere I go right? But what happened to you suddenly, why did you get so worried? I mean in the morning you were all fine, you just told me to leave with the bodyguard and now suddenly you are so worried.”

“It’s Khushi… Khushi Oberoi, she’s alive!”

“What? Are you serious? Does that mean all those times when I saw her it was all real? Oh My God! And Dad committed suicide thinking he had killed his own daughter”

“Yes, I received this text from an unknown number, and all that’s written in it proves only one thing, it’s Khushi Oberoi, she’s not dead”

“What are we going to do now Arnav? If she’s alive, she’ll try to get you by any means possible, we know how psychopath she was”

“That’s the thing Khushi, I don’t know what to do but you don’t worry okay, I’ll figure out everything and keep you safe with me”

“I don’t want to lose you Arnav”

“You won’t, I promise”


“What will you do now?” Virat asked

“I don’t know, I guess I have to talk to the doctor first, the one who told us she was dead, he clearly lied about it, Khushi Oberoi was alive, I’m sure she did something to make him lie to us”

“But what will you say about her dead body? You were there when it was burnt into ashes weren’t you? And until now you are the one who was so sure that Khushi Oberoi was dead and now you’re saying that she’s alive, how can that be possible?”

“I don’t know but I’m sure once I find out everything about her or find her, I’ll have the answers to how that was possible, I’m sure she had her way out of it, maybe it was all just an illusion for all of us to believe she was dead when she was actually hiding somewhere plotting against us.”

“Okay then, I’ll accompany you to the doctor, maybe it would help us in Khushi’s case, if we find anything to prove Khushi Oberoi is alive then things would get much simpler, we’ll just have to prove that Khushi Oberoi is the one who committed the murders and her secret room will help prove it, let’s just hope everything goes well now”

“Let’s get going then, I don’t want to waste any more time” Arnav said as he stood up and walked outside as Virat followed him.

They both got inside the car and drove to the hospital where they had taken Khushi after she got shot by Mr. Oberoi.

“You said Mr. Oberoi was a doctor right? Wouldn’t he have had an idea about Khushi’s lie then? I mean of course he went to see his daughter’s dead body and if she was really pretending to be dead then he would have known, he was a doctor and doctors know such things”

“And maybe that’s why she killed him… but he died later, maybe she did something to make sure no one realized… that girl is clever Virat, she can do things we can’t even think of, don’t underestimate her.”

He parked the car at the parking lot and rushed inside the hospital, he stopped at the reception when Virat joined him.

“Can I see doctor Mehra please?” Arnav asked as he took deep breaths.

“He’s in the operation theatre right now, but I’m sure he’s almost done, if it’s not an emergency, you can wait for him in his office upstairs, he’ll be there after he’s done with the operation”

“No, it’s not an emergency, let him finish we’ll wait for him in his office. Thank you anyway” Arnav said as he headed upstairs to the doctor’s office hoping and praying he would get all the answers to his questions.

Mar 6

Bhool Paana Mumkin nahin (Season 2)... Part 7 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 20 times)

It had been more than an hour since Arnav and Virat arrived at the hospital and headed to doctor Mehra’s office to wait for him, and unlike the receptionist had informed them, his operation seemed to be taking much longer.

“Isn’t it weird, I mean she said the operation would be done in like a few minutes, it’s over an hour now” Virat said.

“I know, I think we should go back to the reception and ask her about it” Arnav said as he stood up.

They both headed back downstairs to the reception and asked the receptionist about the operation and to their surprise the operation had been finished long back and everyone was out of the ICU.

Arnav and Virat looked at each other in shock wondering what might have happened, why was it that Doctor Mehra never returned to his office after the operation?

“I haven’t seen him leaving, I’m sure he’s just around, maybe with some other patient, though it’s weird because the first thing he usually does after the operations is usually to head back to his cabin and check his phone, I don’t know why he dint go there today” the receptionist said

“Can we check the ICU? Might be he was tired he decided to rest there”

“Sure, I’ll join you, I have something to tell him too anyway”

The receptionist guided them to the ICU as she opened the door and walked inside, she had just taken a few steps inside when she stopped suddenly and froze.

“What happened, why did you stop here?” Arnav asked as he looked around when his eyes fell of something he wasn’t expecting at all.

“Oh My God! This game is getting dangerous now” Virat said as he looked at the dead body that was lying on the floor.

“Who could have done this? I’ll have to call the police” The receptionist said as she rushed outside with tears in her eyes, she was scared like never before.

Arnav walked closer to the dead body to make sure if it was Doctor Mehra’s or somebody else’s, he bent down on his knees and looked at it keenly.

“It’s him” He said as he turned to look at Virat.

“Don’t touch anything, this is a crime scene everything might go against you, the fact now remains to be out only hope died.

Who is going to tell us about Khushi Oberoi now? And who do you think committed this crime? Why would anyone kill him?” Virat asked

“The answer is simple Virat, who else do you think could do this? It’s definitely Khushi Oberoi, I’m guessing she found out we were coming here and decided to kill Doctor Mehra so that we don’t get to know the truth”

“This girl is definitely so clever, I mean no one apart from us both knew that we were coming here to talk to Dr. Mehra, how could she have possibly found out about it?”

“I don’t know Virat, but she’s playing a really good game and if I have to save Khushi I’ll have to do all I can to prove that she’s alive and the only person who could have helped us with it is now dead” Arnav said sadly.

“We need to go back home, the police will be arriving here soon, I’m sure once they find out who committed the murder, we’ll get closer to the truth.”

“We only have a few days left, I don’t know what I’m going to do Virat” Arnav said as he stood up worriedly and walked away.

All he could think of right now was how he was going to save Khushi, how he was going to prove her innocence and make sure she wasn’t punished for a crime she dint commit.

“It’s all going to be fine Arnav, don’t worry” Virat said as he tapped on his shoulders while Arnav nodded positively as he got inside the car.


Khushi was deep asleep when Arnav arrived home, he sat besides her watching her as she was lost in her world of sleep.

He kept on staring at her wondering what she had done to deserve all this problems in her life, one after the other everything that happened was to snatch away her happiness.

 “What happened Arnav? You seem tensed?” Anjali asked as she walked inside.

“Everything is going wrong, I don’t understand what to do Anjali… just look at her, why does she have to go through everything again and again?” Arnav asked with moist eyes.

“What do you mean by again and again?” Anjali asked as she settled down next to him while they both stared at Khushi.

“You know Anjali, she’s the strongest girl I’ve ever met, she’s been through so much in life that now I feel God is just being unfair to her.

I mean what did she do to deserve this? Firstly she met with an accident, then lost her memory she lost me and when she regained them back she still thought she’d lost me despite all that she remained strong and then Khushi Oberoi came into our lives and did everything she could to harm her and now that we all thought that we were finally going to be happy things changed.

How could anyone accuse her of any murder? My Khushi can never do such a thing, all I am worried about is her, she’s been through so much I don’t want it for her once again.

I really wish there was something I could do to change things but every time I try, I fail and now I’m scared…

I have no idea what’s going to happen, I have no idea if we’ll ever find out who’s the actual murderer, all I know is that this girl, the one I love so much is the suspect and if I don’t do anything to get her out of the mess she’s put herself into because of me, I’ll lose her and I don’t want to lose her Anjali, not once again.” Arnav said as he hugged her.

“Don’t worry Arnav, everything is going to be fine, I know you’ll find a way and you won’t lose her, you both are meant to be together”

“I just hope everything gets better”

“It will, trust God, with time everything will get better”


Arnav woke up when he found his phone vibrating for the fifth time now, he dint even realize when he had fallen asleep next to Khushi.

He rubbed his eyes as he looked at Khushi who was yet asleep, he kissed her on the forehead as he walked out to receive the call.

“Yes Virat, what happened?”

“Where are you Arnav? I’ve been calling you… everything is messed up now, I don’t know how we’ll ever be able to get out of this now”

“Why? What happened? Everything was fine until yesterday except Dr. Mehra’s murder”

“Exactly, Dr. Mehra’s murder, they’ve found the murder weapon and the murderer too”

“What? Who is it?”

“Ma’am if you don’t call them downstairs I’m afraid I’ll have to go to their bedroom, now either you do as we say or let us go there” A police officer said to Anjali as Arnav watched him from the staircase.

“Looks like there’s something wrong, I’ll talk to you later Virat” Arnav said as he disconnected the call and headed downstairs.

“What’s wrong? What happened Anjali? And why are they here?” Arnav asked as he looked at the police officers.

“We are here to arrest Mrs. Khushi Raizada for the murder of Dr. Mehra” The officer said leaving Arnav completely shocked.

How the hell one earth was that even possible? How could they arrest Khushi just like that for the murder when she had nothing to do with it?

“Are you out of your mind? On what basis would you arrest her?” Arnav asked angrily.

“We found the murder weapon Mr. Raizada and it has your wife’s fingerprints on it, I’m sure that’s not a coincidence” The officer said leaving Arnav more shocked.

Mar 7

Bhool Paana Mumkin nahin (Season 2)... Part 8 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 19 times)

“What? How is that even possible? Khushi has been in the house all the while then how can she kill doctor Mehra?” Arnav asked in disbelief.

“We have no idea but that’s what the weapons prove and we’ve even got the CCTV footage from the hospital, and it clearly shows that your wife went to visit him” The officers said leaving Arnav more shocked.

Right now he was a hundred percent sure that Khushi Oberoi was alive and she was taking an advantage of her looking like Khushi, she was trapping her very cleverly.

“That’s not my wife!” Arnav said angrily.

“Well then prove that in the court Mr. Raizada, please let us do our work, we have an arrest warrant against your wife so we have to arrest her” The officer said.

“What happened Arnav? Why are the officers here?” Khushi asked as she descended the staircase.

“We’re here to arrest you Mrs. Raizada” The officer said

“But why? I was out on bail right? And Arnav is doing everything possible to prove me innocent so how can you just show up suddenly saying that you want to arrest me?”

“Because you committed a murder, you killed doctor Mehra!”

“What? How would I kill anyone Arnav? This is all a lie, they’re just trying to frame me, you know right, I dint do anything of such sort” Khushi said worriedly.

“I know Khushi, I know you didn’t but they’re saying they found your fingerprints on the murder weapon and that they have a CCTV footage of the hospital where it’s showing that you went to visit Doctor Mehra.”

“Well who the hell is Doctor Mehra at first and why would I even kill someone I don’t know?”

“Khushi, doctor Mehra is the doctor to whom we took Khushi Oberoi after she was hit by Mr. Oberoi.”

“But why would I even kill him, I have no reason to? Please believe me officer, I dint commit any murder, I’m innocent”

“I’m sorry ma’am but for now we have to arrest you, your innocence can only be prove in the court now” the officer said as he pulled out a handcuff from his pocket.

“No! Arnav I don’t want to go to jail, please do something, please get me out of this” Khushi cried as a lady officer walked towards her and handcuffed her as Arnav stared at her without doing anything.

“Arnav, do something, stop them, they can’t arrest me for something I dint do, why are you silent?” Khushi shouted angrily.

“You know I can’t do anything Khushi? But I promise, I’ll find out everything and prove you innocent in the court, our hearing date in near anyway, I promise I’ll bring you back”

“Arnav please do something” Khushi cried as the officers took her away while Arnav stood there in shock.

“Arnav, don’t worry, I’m sure we’ll be able to prove her innocent” Anjali said as she held his shoulder.

“Do you think so Anjali? Do you think I’ll ever be able to prove her innocent? I Arnav Singh Raizada wasn’t even able to look for her after her accident, all this power, all this money and all the damn contacts I have are of no use.

Nothing is ever going to help me prove Khushi innocent, I know that she’s innocent but every time I’m about to reach something that will be able to prove that, the whole thing turns upside down, right now I feel nothing but hopeless.”

“Don’t say that please, you are the only hope she has, and if you don’t then who will get her out of there?”

“What should I do, tell me if there’s a way and I’ll do it, I’ve tried every damn thing!” Arnav said as he punched his fists on the wall.

“Don’t give up, just relax and think with a calm mind, whoever’s behind this, no matter how clever, there’s always a loophole and that’s what we need to find out, the loophole”

“There’s no loophole Anjali, Khushi Oberoi is one clever criminal, she doesn’t leave loopholes, when Mr. Oberoi died we all thought it was a suicide, but guess what? It wasn’t, it was murder and Khushi Oberoi committed it! She killed her own father, can you imagine how insane that is?”

“What? You mean to say Khushi Oberoi is alive?”

“Yes, I don’t know how she managed to fool all of us that she was dead but she isn’t, she’s taking revenge!”

“If you know that she’s alive, do something or find something that would help us prove that in court”

“That’s what I went to do Anjali, I went to the hospital with Virat to talk to Doctor Mehra, he was our only hope but when we found him, he was dead!

I hadn’t even told anyone about me going to visit him, I don’t know how she found out and killed him before we reached him, I’m sure the CCTV footage shows her that’s why the officers think it’s Khushi, all I don’t understand is how she managed to get Khushi’s fingerprints on the murder weapon.”

“What is the murder weapon?”

“I don’t know, why do you ask?”

“I mean if it’s something handy, something you can find in any household, then it might be possible she got something from here which had Khushi’s fingerprints and made sure she dint leave hers on it, like you said she’s very clever, I’m sure she would have done something about the CCTV too, but she’s taking the advantage of looking like Khushi.

Arnav according to all this, it’s very clear she’s doing everything possible to get Khushi out of your life, she’s still obsessed, she still wants you”

“So she thinks if she snatches Khushi from me she’ll get me?”

“Of course not, don’t you remember what she said? If you can’t be hers, she’ll not let anyone have you, and that’s exactly what she’s doing”

“So what do I do now?”

“I think you’re the one to decide that, be calm and think of all the things you could do to get the lion out of the den, but please don’t give up because I know you would never give up on Khushi, you dint even when we all accepted she was dead”

“I know Anjali, I am just feeling hopeless, it looks like there’s nothing that will help me to prove Khushi innocent”

“Or maybe there is, just think I’m sure you’ll work wonders” Anjali said as she hugged him and then walked away.

“I’ll call Virat, he’s the only one who will be able to help me in this” Arnav said as he walked to his room while dialing Virat’s number on his phone.

“I promise I’ll do everything to save you Khushi, no one will ever be able to take you away from me” Arnav said confidently as he disconnected the call as Virat wasn’t receiving his call.

He sat on his bed wondering what to do just when his phone beeped, he stared at the screen which had a notification informing him he had received a text message from an unknown number.

‘Surprise, surprise… guess who it is? So tell me Arnav, how did you like my small gift? This is just the beginning, wait and watch what I’ll do to your Khushi…

She snatched you from me, I’ve already snatched you from her now, I’ll snatch her life from her and I promise you’ll not be able to do a thing!’

Mar 8

Bhool Paana Mumkin nahin (Season 2)... Part 9 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 21 times)

It had been a restless night for Arnav, it looked like history was repeating itself once again, there was a time when he had lost Khushi and he did all he could to find her but he wasn’t able to find her and now there was this time when he had her and he knew if he dint do anything to save her, he was going to lose her and everything he tried was just going in vain.

He dint know what to do, one after one everyone was getting killed only because of Khushi Oberoi’s obsessive love and there was nothing he could do to save their lives.

Firstly Mr. Oberoi, and then Saanchi and now Doctor Mehra, who was next in her list?

Anjali! Of course, he had seen her picture in Khushi’s room, and now that Khushi was in jail the only target Khushi Oberoi had was his sister, but he couldn’t understand why she wanted to kill Anjali, she hadn’t done a thing.

He tossed and turned around the bed trying to get some sleep but all he could end up thinking about was how he was going to save the two women he loved the most.

The date of Khushi’s trial was almost there and with all the proof’s being against her, he had started doubting if he’d ever be able to prove her innocent.

He sat up on the bed wondering what he was going to do, how was he going to prove that Khushi Oberoi was alive and she was actually doing this? There must be a loophole, whatever she was doing for sure it wasn’t perfect and he just needed to find one thing that would lead him somewhere, but what was it going to be?


Next Morning.

Anjali was at the breakfast table waiting for Arnav to join her for breakfast although she doubted if he really wanted to eat after all that had happened last night, she couldn’t stop worrying about him and everything that was happening at the moment.

Virat walked in and found Anjali busy staring at her plate while she was lost in some thoughts.

“Hi, is Arnav around? There’s something I want to talk to him about, it’s really urgent” Virat asked

“He’s been in his room since last night, I’m sure he’s so worried about Khushi, but anyway I’ll go and inform him that you’re here, would you like to eat something?”

“No, I’m fine thanks” Virat said as he headed to settled down on the couch while Anjali went to get Arnav.

He switched on his laptop and connected a USB disk to it when Arnav walked downstairs with Anjali.

“Is everything okay? What brings you here early morning Virat?” Arnav asked as he joined him.

“I have something important to show you, this might help us a lot with the case, just don’t ask how and where I got it from, I’ve got contacts so I managed to get it.”

“What is it?” Arnav asked curiously.

“It’s the footage the police got from the hospital of Khushi walking in and out of the ICU when Dr. Mehra was murdered.”

“So how do you think that’s going to help us? It’s just going to prove that my wife was the one not that it was Khushi Oberoi”

“Maybe that’s what it could actually help us prove”


“I’ll show you, watch this first” Virat said as he played the footage while Arnav and Anjali both watched it without blinking their eyes.

“That’s all, you see it’s showing her walking inside the room and the she comes out exactly after five minutes, but anyway that’s not the point, this is” Virat said as he paused the footage at Khushi and zoomed in the picture.

“Do you see this, have you ever seen your wife dressing up like this?”

“No, Khushi has always been dressed so simple, here she looked completely different and her hair too is different”

“Which clearly means that this is Khushi Oberoi, when I saw this footage, I did some research on the internet and I found some pictures of hers and this pictures match with those, this proves one thing to us, that she is alive.

Now about the dressing and all, I don’t think it’s going to help us much at the court because the defense can say that she might have dressed up like that not to get caught, I just brought this footage for us to be sure that she’s alive and now that she’s alive the only thing we have to prove is that.

If we prove in court that Khushi Oberoi is alive, everything would change.”

“But what about the fingerprints?”

“I also have an answer for that” Virat said as pressed some keys on his laptop and turned it towards Arnav.

“You see this knife? It’s the murder weapon! When I came to your house the first time, I had seen such a knife placed on the table which clearly means that this knife was taken from here, it must have had Khushi’s fingerprints on them, all she had to do was use it for the murder and leave it there and her work was done, the footage showing a girl who looks like Khushi and the murder weapon having Khushi’s fingerprints, it all fits in, this was her plan!”

“So the most important thing is, how do we prove this in court? I mean it’s just a theory, we believe in it but the court needs a proof, where’s the proof?” Anjali asked

“We’ll have to find it” Arnav said.

“But how? She’s worked with everything so perfectly, how are we going to prove all this?”

“I don’t know but there has to be a way, how can she enter my house and steal some damn knife and leave and yet no one gets to know?”

“It’s simple, she just has to pretend that she’s Khushi, she might have been here, who knows she might have even talked to you both and maybe you never recognized her.”

“That’s not possible” Arnav said

“Or it might be, there was a time I was sited with Khushi and she was behaving so strange, she was saying things completely opposite I heard her say and although I never doubted but it was really strange” Anjali said

“Why dint you ever tell me about it?” Arnav asked as he looked at her in shock.

“I thought maybe it was just me, or maybe Khushi was just stressed and it was all because of that, I dint know it was going to be a big deal!” Anjali said

“Of course it was a big deal Anjali, she’s planning against us, she’s planning to kill everyone I love!”

“I know Arnav but I’m sorry I really dint know if it was her or not”

“Let’s argue about that later, right now we have to think of something or else we don’t really have a case” Virat intervened.

“So what do we do now?”

“I think we should visit the Oberoi mansion once again, that’s where she’s working from so it’s for sure she visits it often, and if what I have in my mind works for us then it would be really helpful” Virat said

“Then what are we waiting for, let’s get going, I’ll do everything possible to make sure Khushi is out of that jail” Arnav said as he stood up.

“Yes we will go but we have to pick someone on the way” Virat said


“I’ll explain that in the car, can we leave now?”

“I’ll just get the keys and then we leave, give me two minutes” Arnav said as he rushed upstairs to get the keys.

Mar 9

Bhool Paana Mumkin nahin (Season 2)... Part 10 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 18 times)

Arnav and Virat arrived at the Oberoi mansion after picking up the man whom Virat was talking about, they headed inside as Virat explained to Arnav why they had brought the mana long with them.

“He’ll fit cctv camera’s in hidden places from where no one will be able to notice them, I’ve told him to fix one at the entrance, one in the hall and the other one in Khushi’s bedroom, and yes in the secret room too.

If Khushi Oberoi is actually working from here, she’ll be caught in the footage and that will really help us in the case because at the moment your wife is in jail so if Khushi Oberoi shows up in the footage, it will be easier to prove that your wife isn’t guilty.” Virat explained.

“You know how clever she is, do you think she’s going to get trapped so easily?” Arnav asked

“What’s the harm in taking a chance anyway? If it works it will be helpful to us and if it doesn’t at least we’ll get something to help us”

“Fine then let him start fixing the cameras, meanwhile we’ll have a look at the room once again and check if we find something.”

Virat explained everything to the man as he opened his toolbox and started doing his work and then they both headed upstairs to check Khushi’s room.

“Let’s hope we find something, we have the hearing on the day after tomorrow so we have only today and tomorrow left to prove Khushi innocent” Virat said

“I’ll do everything I can, I won’t let her get punished for something she hasn’t done” Arnav said

Virat opened the door to the secret room as they both headed inside, nothing had changed much since the last time they were here, the pictures were yet on the wall, and nothing was moved, everything was on it’s place.

“Did you notice this?” Virat asked Arnav as he rushed towards the wall where the pictures were hanged.

“What?” Arnav asked as he looked at them too.

“Look at this picture closely, I remember the last time we were here it was clean, and this time, I can see this faint line made with a pencil, it’s forming a cross Arnav, and it’s on Anjali’s picture”

“Does that mean that she’s after Anjali now?”

“Where is Anjali?”

“We left her in the mansion, oh My God! How could I leave her alone there? What if she’s the next target, I’m sure Khushi Oberoi is going to try to kill her” Arnav said as he rushed out followed by Virat.

“We need to reach back to the mansion as soon as possible” Virat said as he rushed outside informing the man who was working on the cameras.

They both jumped inside the car as Arnav drove off to the mansion with full speed, all he was hoping and praying was too reach to Anjali on time before Khushi Oberoi does any harm to her.

Anjali was sited on the couch in her room reading a novel when she suddenly heard some sort of noise around her window.

She put the novel aside and walked towards the window pulling the curtains aside, she took a relaxed breath as she realized there was nothing, maybe she was just imagining things.

She turned around and was left frozen for a moment at the sight in front of her.

“KhushI!” She said in shock.

“Surprise surprise” Khushi said as she held a knife in front of her.

Anjali couldn’t believe that she was actually seeing her alive, she was standing right in front of her ready to kill her and she dint know how she was going to escape it.

“You know so far you’ve been the hardest target I’ve ever had, it was so hard to reach you with Arnav being around you all the time but today was the perfect chance, it’s your last day on earth sweetheart, tell me, do you have any last wish?

You see I am not as bad as you all believe, I at least asked you about your last wish, but neither of you did that to me, you all were just so happy that I was dead, weren’t you?” She asked as she started walking towards Anjali.

“How are you alive? The doctor said you were dead, Arnav saw your cremation with his own eyes, your body was burnt into ashes and then you just suddenly came up from nowhere, why can’t you just leave us alone, what have I don’t to you that you want to kill me too like you killed Saanchi, wasn’t she your friend? Why did you kill her then?” Anjali asked

“Oh God, you have a lot of questions don’t you? I might not answer all of them but now that you’re dying, I think I can answer why I am killing you.

You know why Anjali? Because you brought that Tara to Arnav’s life, I had worked so much to take Khushi away from Arnav and when I thought my way was clear, you brought that Tara into Arnav’s life and got them engaged!”

“I did that because we had to save our mansion and I thought that she was the one behind Khushi’s accident only to realize that I was wrong, it was you, it had been you all this while!” Anjali shouted.

“Well whatever, as long as you did something against me, you aren’t living!” Khushi said as she jumped on Anjali ready to kill her just when Arnav and Virat rushed inside the mansion shouting out Anjali’s name.

“Anjali!” Arnav shouted as he rushed straight to her room when he dint see her in the hall, he knew that she usually liked staying in her room when she was alone at home.

“It’s your lucky day today, I don’t like killing someone in front of my Arnav” Khushi said as she pulled of and jumped towards the window just when Arnav got in.

Anjali rushed towards him as he stared at Khushi who was standing at the window, she winked at him and sped off as Arnav looked at Anjali.

“Are you okay? Did she harm you?” Arnav asked worriedly.

“I am fine, she tried to but you arrived at the right moment” Anjali said when Virat joined them.

“Virat be with her, I’ll be back” Arnav said as he left Virat behind with Anjali and headed towards the window to look for Khushi but she had disappeared, he rushed outside the mansion to the gate but she was nowhere to be seen.

“Where did Khushi go?” Arnav asked the guard.

“She just rushed outside a few seconds ago, she went that way” The guard said pointing towards the left direction as Arnav rushed there looking around for her but she had vanished.

He headed back to the mansion and found Virat sited with Anjali trying to calm her down, she was angry and scared after what she had just faced.

“You saw her Arnav dint you? She’s alive, Khushi Oberoi is alive and she’s trying to kill me” Anjali cried.

“Hey, don’t worry, we’re here now, she won’t be able to harm you” Virat said as he got hold of her in his arms.

“There was something strange about her, I don’t know what but when I looked at her, I got this odd kind of a feeling, I can’t explain what exactly or why I felt so, it was just a feeling” Arnav said looking confused.

“I also felt so, there was this strange kind of a feeling about her” Anjali said

“Why did the guard let her in at the first place?” Virat asked angrily.

“Don’t be so angry Virat, I’ll actually start thinking that you care for my sister” Arnav giggled as Virat looked at Anjali awkwardly, he was still holding her in his arms.

He stood up quickly and walked towards Arnav almost blushing.

“I think he must have thought it’s my wife Khushi, it’s not his fault, he doesn’t know that Khushi has a look alike” Arnav explained.

“Well then he’ll be the perfect witness for us, we at least have a case to present at the court, I mean Khushi, your wife is in jail right, and Khushi Oberoi was here to kill Anjali and the guard saw her, so obviously if it was your wife, she couldn’t be in two places at the same time” Virat said

“Yes, that would actually help” Arnav said feeling a bit confident as he walked towards Anjali and sat next to her.

“I am sorry, I shouldn’t have left you alone knowing that you were one of her targets, I promise I’ll not leave you alone from today onwards” Arnav said.

“It’s okay Arnav, maybe this was meant to happen so that it could help us with the case, at least we have one witness, and maybe soon enough we will find proof against her and we’ll have our Khushi back”


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