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Aug 25

Ajeeb prem kahani... (By Fathimasumaiya19) (Thanked: 72 times)

After sometime..whole family present in home chatting each other happily..suddenly the door bell ring..

Everyone wondering who is that must be..hp open the door..then he come face to face so dashing man..he have ****y smile on his face..he slowly enter inside the house..the whole raizada family got biggest shock seeing the person front of them..Mami quickly get up from sofa and yelled in ultimate happiness...


mahir give her an killer ****y smile..everyone smiling happily seeing him..soon everyone took him to bone crash hug expect Arnav..after hugging session finished mami asked him with happy tears..

Mami: mahir beta..I never expect your this surprise..you don't know how much we all missed you.i just waited for your arrival day and night.finally my beta come..please don't go anywhere again.

Mahir:( smile) maa..do you think I liked to be away from you all..I only know how much I missed you all..after my parents died.its just you all being my family..you all never make me miss my parents..that's why I worked hard on my career to make you all proud.now I'm here..I won't go away from you all again..

Mami hugged him again lovingly.everyone smiling seeing them.then his eyes fell on his big brother..he smile at Arnav and slowly move towards him.then both brothers hug each other strongly,Arnav cares his hair affectionately..then he break the hug and asked him.

Arnav: how are you my baby brother ? You become big man..

Mahir:( smile)I'm fine bhai..and I'm still small child front of you,don't make me old soon..

Arnav smile hearing him.but major really surprised seeing Arnav full smile.first time he witnessing Arnav smiling openly.

Mahir:( surprised tone) Nani! I'm I seeing any dream..is my Arnav bhai really smiling openly.no..it's truly some day dream.

Nani:( chuckles) mahir beta..you not seeing any dream.its pure true.your Arnav bhai changed very much.he now know how to smile openly..and all those happening because of the girl standing beside him.

Finally mahir look at the new member..he surprised seeing magical dove like girl front of him.he totally fall seeing her ever charming smile.he asked almost like whisper.

Mahir; who's this Nani?

Nani:(smile) your arnav bhai hone wali patni!!

The admiration smile vanished on his face hearing Nani statement.he feel like something fell on his heart..soon he changed his expression and move towards Khushi.

Mahir:( smile) so you're the reason for my bhai changed behavior..(forward hand)hi I am mahir..member of this raizada family..it's nice to meet you..

Khushi:( smile and shake hand)hello I'm Khushi..it's nice to meet you too..

He smile at her.then all again surrender around him.he smiling seeing their love towards him.he never felt being orphan because of them.he is son of mami's younger sister.when he is ten years old his parents died in plane crash..after that no one ready to take care of him..but his manorama mami come and adopt him with whole heartily..not just her.whole raizada family showed him unconditional love,care.specially Arnav.. He considers him as baby brother..after he build his own company he supported mahir to every way..after he got the degree he sends him to abroad to finish higher studies..there itself he started his career ask software engineer..now he being in big postion.all because of raizadas..he and akash are same age..he always thankful and faithful for their love and care..he love them very much..he always be grateful to them..

At evening.after having whole gala time with her sasural Khushi finally went to her house..after having delicious foods after so long..mahir left to have a quick rest.he have the tired of traveling..when he going to his room he hear akash talking with someone really slowly..not just slowly there a romantic tone playing on his talk.with wonder he slowly enter to his room.next moment he totally surprised seeing akash..he laying shirtless in bed and talking with someone in phone and his eyes are closed..he talking with the caller full romantic mood..mahir shocked to core seeing their ever shy akash this side.he guess the caller name something like payal or pari.because he continually bubbling that name.

Akash:payal..payal..what will you do if I come to your room middle of the night and kids you till your whole family awake..

Mahir: oh my god. akash it is really you,I can't believe it ?

Akash open his eyes with jerk hearing sudden voice and quickly get up from the bed and cut the call.mahir ow looking him with teasing smile..akash asked him stammering way.

Akash: ma..mahir..mahir..when did you come ?

Mahir: I come when you ( pretends like him) payal..what you do if I come to your room middle of the time ..( teasing tone) hey bagawan..I never ever thought you have such a romantic Romeo side..if I'm a girl.i will definitely get wet hearing your ****y talks..

Akash face turn tomato red hearing his statement..he never thought he will get caught.its really embarrassing..then mahir asked him teasingly.

Mahir:so tell me my brother..who's your Juliet ..any model or actress?( akash try to deny)look akash if you not tell me now I'll tell your romantic secret to everyone..specially to our maa..

Akash: ( panicking) no.no.no.please don't tell anyone..I'll tell you..( after pause) okay..she is not any model..she is a cashier in one of jewelry mahal.i met her two years ago and she is my lover..we serious about each other..and thought to tell our love after Arnav bhai marriage..her sister also getting married na..so we thought to tell after they both marriage.

Mahir:(confused tone) what you mean by their both wedding.what her sister marriage do with our bhai marriage,

Akash: of course there's a connection..our bhai to marry her sister only..you meet her today na.khushi..she is payal younger sister.but no one know about this expect you..

Mahir totally shocked about new information..this is beyond thinking..khushi's sister ...really..he give akash a proud pat on back teasingly.

Mahir:I'm really proud of you my brother..khushi's sister..oh god..you did something beyond imagination..anyway your little secret safe with me..I won't tell anyone..but be careful when you doing romantic chat.what if someone bang inside..careful meri bhai..

Both smile each other..then mahir left from there giving privacy to his brother..he come to room with smile and fell on bed with thud.all of sudden unknowingly his thoughts went to Khushi.he recall her beautiful smile.even admire smile appear on his face.but soon it's went.

Mahir: what are you doing mahir..you cannot do this.you can't think about Khushi like this..she is your brother love.its will be betrayal if you think about her like this.just forget her...

With those thoughts he slowly fell to sleep.he determine about not think about Khushi like this.

Next day..whole raizada family gathered in dining hall.today ladies made all favorite items for mahir in breakfast,all pampered him to high.then nk came getting ready to go collage..Arnav akash come to go office.soon everyone start to have breakfast.mahir saw Arnav having food little quickly.he asked him confusingly..

Mahir: bhai why're you having food hurriedly..do you have to go anywhere quickly.

Arnav: yes I have to pick up Khushi from her home and drop her to collage,today already I'm five minutes late.gotta go quickly.

Mahir smile surprisingly and other family members smiling knowingly.after some minutes he ate and went out bid bye to everyone quickly.mahir smile and told.

Mahir: bhai changed so much na..early he only think about his office and works..he won't give time for anything expect works..even for us.( chuckles) now look at him..he running like he have collage to attend.

Anjali:(smile)ha mahir..our chote changed very much..he is no more the same ASR who run behind works and office..he now totally changed man.and we're happily can say it's all because of Khushi.she completely changed him.we don't know how she did that in such a short time.she totally give him a new avatar to ASR.its true he still being the same akkudu to others.but front of Khushi he completely a lover boy..I am very happy to see him like this.I'm always thanking Khushi by heart.

Everyone agree with her..mahir totally surprised,shocked seeing and hearing all this,he wondering is Khushi really have some kind of power..anyway he happy that finally his brother got happiness on his life.then all continue have the breakfast..

After few days..in collage,..both geet and Khushi came out from class after collage end..they have a tension expression on face..Khushi asked geet biting her nails.

Khushi: geet what we going to do..principle suddenly announced the annual day event.that to next week.just now the exams finished.( groan) I feel like to run away.

Geet:(same tone) same here..when principle announced the news.my knees lost balance..( frustrating tone) I thought to have relaxing month after exam end.now that potato head put bomb on my dreams..

Khushi chuckles loudly hearing geet funny words..then she told her.

Khushi: anyway.its already happened now we have to get ready for the function..there many categories to select.i thought to select between dance and drama.you know na we have to give our name tomorrow.( pull her cheeks)so now change this poker face and get ready for the events.call me if you have any doubt,

Geet make a sulk face..then both came to gate there already their gang present.next two minutes their chats went regrading function.soon Arnav's car came to spot.after bid bye to her gang Khushi left with Arnav..in going way Khushi inform about her collage annual day events to Arnav.he calm her saying encourage words and asked her to participate confidently.then their drive went with little talks,

After week.today khushi's collage annual day.all arranging everything with hustle bustle.its really big event..all getting ready for their performance..there some VIPs going to attend the event.and collage community announced someone really popular and VVIP person going to arrive today..still none aware who is that.

Backstage...dressing room..Khushi enter to room with geet and saw girls are getting ready for their own acts..Khushi smile seeing them.and take out her dance costume..she going to give mixed performance on traditional and little modern touch..when she try to go.gettt stopped her panicking way.

Geet: Khushi it's not fair..how can you go leaving me.please don't go leaving me.

Khushi:( chuckles) geet don't be silly..I'm not running away.I'm just going to dress up.why're you feeling nervous.you selected very easy act.nattering poetry..so relax and calm down..nothing going to happen.you will do best.( pay her cheek) now you also go and dress up..so you can be relax till your act come..

Khushi hugged her comfortingly.geet feel much better after her bestie comforting hug.then both went to get ready for their own acts..suddenly Khushi feel her heart start to beat loudly..she place hand on her heart feeling the sudden loud beat.the more confusing thing is those all happens when her Arnavji come towards her,,but why this happening now..then she told herself slowly.

Khushi:: khushi's nowadays you thinking about your pati really much.focus on your act.

She went to dress up without knowing what she going to face today..

In concert hall..there already hundreds of students present in hall..even audience present there..whole hall went totally crazy in hall.then principle took the mike and announce everyone with smile.

Principle: good evening students..may I have your all attention please..today someone really important and special person going to come..so without waste time please welcome the great Arnav Singh raizada!!!

The whole hall went completely crazy hearing the name..and applause loudly and screamed out seeing the alpha powerful,dominate entry..he wearing black Armani suit with Rolex watch.he jelled his hair and he looking totally dashing..his arrogant,firm face spreading total alpha aroma around him,.girls are just dying seeing his dashing poster..all yelling his name loudly.after greeting few teachers and guests he took his seat without caring about the girls who all screaming his name madly..outside he showing arrogant face..inside he only know how desperately he waiting to see his love..to see her reactions..soon hall light got dim.and stage lights on..

Khushi biting her nails out of nervous..next was her performance..she try to get relax..she didn't know what's happening outside,she try to calm her nerve racking.then she hear few girls talk behind her.

Girl 1: ( jumping in excitement)on my god..I can't believe myself..the great alpha present here and going to watch our performance..I'm truly dreaming..

Girl 2: ( same tone) ha yaar..if I know about his arrival early.i might wear some revealing costume..dear god..did you see how yummy he look on his black Armani..oh goodness..his hard muscles..I just feel like to bite his abs..ohhh.who going to be that lucky girl who taste his body..wish that's was me..

They continually talking about that ”who" person..Khushi make disgusting face hearing their fantasy about unknown person.its all wrong according to her..before getting committed okay..but now she officially belong to someone..it's sin to fantasy about some other men.then she hear the act finished..taking a big sigh she went for her act..

Till now Arnav watching the acts with boring face..he want to see Khushi also..but no one letting him move away from that seat.when he fed up,suddenly he hear an melodic sound arch the hall..he look up the stage and next moment he mesmerized seeing the view front of him,his angel appear from feathers stage..she looking like some fairy tales princess on her mastaani costume..there ever charming smile playing on her face..( song play) he have ever ending admiration expression on his face..he cannot control his emotions.not only him.the whole hall just fallen on her beauty and moves,,

When Khushi did a slow swing her eyes fell on the front seat.her heart beat stopped seeing the person front of her...her legs still dancing but not her mind and heart..she still can't believed she just saw Arnav..her modern version mastaani song almost going to change..Arnav looking his lady love with desire and love filled eyes..but suddenly his mind distracting hearing the boys comments from behind..

Boy:(yell out) hey my Khushi..be mine..I will pleasure you the way you want..please be mine girl..

Boy 2: hey Lolita..my darling..please come with me..lets run away..I will give you all myself..

Boy 3: what a body you have my darling..when you going to show that to me..

Arnav tight his fist hearing those bloody goose dirty comments towards his girl.his eyes turn dark red..final touch going in khushi's performance..but already demon inside Arnav exploded on him..when the act completed.arnav rushed towards dressing room.everyone shocked seeing his sudden behavior..but no one dare to question him..

He come to dressing room running way..there he saw already few boys surrender around Khushi and try to flirt with her..other girls goes up in shock seeing the great ASR before them..before they start the rant Arnav jump on of boy like roaring lion..all of them shocked seeing that..Khushi hold her breath witnessing Arnav angry side after long time..

Arnav:( grip his collar)how dare you to flirt with my Khushi..you bloody goose who give the rights to you..I will cut your throat if you again near my girl..

The boy on Arnav's hold scared like chicken..he almost like going to pee on pant.taking some courage Khushi hold him arm and told him softly..

Khushi: Shona..it's okay..leave him..please Shona for me..

After giving him deadly glare he leave that boy who just run away saving his life with his friends..Arnav breathing out like beast lion who looking for a prey..and he did something which no one expected..even Khushi..the whole room went into complete shock..the girls fainted seeing the scene.arnav cupped Khushi face by one hand and take her to completely shocking and dominate kiss....

Next update:: Khushi Arnav first fight,,gang play

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Fabulous update
Sep 17

Ajeeb prem kahani..phir se.. (By Fathimasumaiya19) (Thanked: 111 times)

He kissing her powerfully..they no gap between them..girl around them try to digest the reality.the great arnav singh raizada who ****y Prince Charming on every girls dream kissing their collage gorgeous diva khushi gupta..on of the girl even went to faint..after long time he broke the kiss feeling she getting difficult to breath..she try to get the normal breath again.because it's really difficult after whatever he did sometime ago..she looking him with just shocking face,.he giving her dangerous possessive cum love look.he told her with full of possessiveness..

Arnav:this mark now will be with you forever..now everyone will know you're mine..and only belong to me..if again anyone try to near you..I will finish that person forever.

After giving her lost look he left the dressing room and khushi still not come out from the shock..it's not going to be easy to arnav...


Next day in Gupta house...khushi sitting on their terrace with angry cum irritating face..today she don't go to collage,,how can she go after whatever arnav did yesterday..it's damn obvious that now whole collage must be come to know about yesterday event..how can she face all of them..she biting her nails out of nervous and frustration..suddenly she hear her fiancé voice...

Arnav:yeh kya bachpana hai khushi?why don't you went to collage today..and why don't you attend my calls..do you know how many times I called you...answer me khushi..(still no response)khushi when I'm talking to you look at me.why are you ignoring me like this..just spill out damn it..

She look towards him angrily. he arched eyebrow seeing her angry face..why she looking him angrily..what he did to her..she got up from balcony and marched towards him like angry bird,.after coming much closer she asked him sarcastic way..

Khushi:wow after doing everything how can you ask this question to me..don't you know why I not went to collage today..or you acting like you don't know anything ..did you forget what you did yesterday on annual day event..how can you expect me to go collage after what you did..

First he give her a confused reaction..then he recall what exactly happened yesterday in annual day function..he look at her amusingly thinking is she angry with him because of their lip lock..she can't be serious..what there to worried about that..he just kissed his fiancé right..

Arnav:(amusing tone) khushi you can't be serious!you really angry with me cause I kissed you yesterday..(she look away angrily) oh god khushi you not attend the collage because of our kiss..how silly you khushi..what's there to worried about..I'm your would  to be hubby..I have that right.haven't I?

Khushi: here talk not about your hubby rights arnavji..I'm angry with you because you kissed me front of everyone.how can you do that.now those girls definitely might be spreads that news to whole collage..how I going to face them,,you kissed me publicly arnavji..

Arnav:(little irritating tone) so what khushi? What's the big deal if they saw us kissing..I don't give damn about it..

Khushi:you msg be don't have any problem arnavji..but didn't I tell you ,I want to keep our relationship private until I finish my studies..I requested you badly..but you shattered everything..now everyone knows I engaged to you..now how I going to face them..

He sigh hearing her..he now fully get it why she is mad with him..she is correct on her point..he acted little out of control yesterday..when he hear that boys comments on her.he just cannot control himself..in hurry and anger he acted like that without thinking anything...he look at her angry red face with puppy face..she look away seeing his melting innocent puppy face..she not going to forgive him soon..he hold her hand and told her softly..

Arnav:khushi look I'm extremely sorry..I just behaved like that out of anger..you don't know how that boys passed comments on you,.I'm sorry for kissing you front of everyone..maybe I acted out of limit..

He told her with little upset tone..he thought she angry with him because he kissed her..she notice his upset tone and told him .

Khushi: I'm not upset about that kiss arnavji..I'm thinking about students reaction..how I going to face them..they will surely kill me with questions..how I going to escape from this web..

He sigh hearing her.suddenly something sink his mind..he look at her keenly with hidden smirk..he asked her amusingly..

Arnav: wait a second..you just upset about the thing our relationship status came to public..you not upset about the fact I kissed you..am I right?

She nodded at him worried way..then she got it what he is hinting..soon her face colour changed to crimson red..he looking her with winning wide smirk..she try to run away from him .but quickly he catch her and get her close to him..she gaps feeling he press her waist tightly..now his breath touching her face..he told her huskily.

Arnav: I thought you angry with me because I kissed you front of all..for minutes I upset thinking you upset with our kiss..I never kissed you like that na.but here you telling some different story..you never miss the chance to surprise me khushi.

He touched her forehead with his..she breathing hardly feeling the romantic atmosphere after long time,,usually they don't get romantic..he cupped her right cheek and asked her huskily..

Arnav: that's mean you don't have any problem if I kiss you again..right here,right now!!

Before she say anything he took her soft lips for desire filled kiss..she gasps feeling his hot mouth on her suddenly..soon she also went to fantasy world and kissing him back with same desire and love..both kissing each other out of passionate,passion..there something unique happening inside them..he tasting every inch of her lips..he not left single spot on mouth..his kiss was dominate and love kiss..he trying to dominate the kiss..but she too not less..she equally trying to dominate..she tight her fish on his silky hair.he moan feeling her huge satisfying response..he chawing her lips like his favourite candy..he trying to enter inside her little mouth..she not letting him enter..seeing her childish ****y stubborn,he bite her lips hardly..she winch loudly feeling pain..getting the chance he enter inside her went mouth and explore her fully..he already got addicted to her Everest taste..he pull her towards him even more and holding her neck.she is just like some barbie doll on his hand..he tasting every inch inside her mouth..after sharing long passionate,desire-full,hot kiss.both break it after feeling lack of breath..both breathing very hardly.this is their second romantic kiss.after that proposal day they never kissed each other..it's feeling so miracle to them..she closed her eyes feeling very shy to face him..he cupped her both cheeks and bring her more close to him..

Arnav: it's our best everest kiss according to me..even that day we didn't kissed this much passionately.its magical feeling..isn't it?

She blushing heavily hearing his statement..she hugged him tightly..he hug her back with smiling face..they both bodies filled with butterflies and flowers right this moment..he told her huskily with teasing smile..

Arnav: I must say your lips very delicious..you will definitely increase my diabetic level.i got addicted to your sweetest lips..I need more..

She hide herself more into him hearing his words..he overly showing his romantic side to her..then how will he behave after marriage..that thought itself made her blush even more..then he broke the hug and cupped her both cheeks..

Arnav: don't worry about anything khushi..I will make sure no one disturb you or your studies because of our relationship leaked news..no one will ask anything to you...you just constants on your studies..I will take care of other things..

He told her softly..she agree with him..then both hug each other again to feel their embrace..finally their cute fight come to end..


After few days.like Arnsv promised he perfectly retreat everything..no one in collage ask about her relation with arnav..everyone behaved like there nothing happened like that..much to khushi relief..just her friends gang asked about it..there nothing to hide from them cause they already know everything..khushi really wondering how arnsv manage to shut all mouths..(sigh) after all he is arnav singh raizada.he can do anything..she really thankful to him for did this to her..she very happily going to collage again..

Both geet and khushi eating ice cream near collage gate..both got half day leave today..both enjoying the ice cream..when khushi try to turn suddenly someone bump into her and that person face got covered with ice on her hand..she shocked seeing that..she didn't notice the person fully,.

Khushi: hey devimayya!! What I did..I'm really sorry sir..I really sorry..

Man: it's okay khushi.no problem..actually it's my fault..

She surprised hearing that man calling her name..she look at him fully then got shock seeing mahir..he weep the ice cream on face and smile at her charmingly.

Khushi:mahirji you!!hey devimayya I truly not expect you..it's surprising..

Mahir smile at her and she smile back.she give him her water bottle to clean his face..after getting cleaned she asked him wondering way..

Khushi:by the way mahirji what are you doing here? I mean in collage..

Mahir:(smile) actually I come to pick up nk.he called me to pick up as his car got puncher.so I come for him.

She smile at him.he smile back.then she throw away the spoiled ice cream.he apologised to her..she smile and told him it's okay..now geet having her third ice cream..he asked her approaching way.

Mahir: khushi I spoiled your ice cream.may I buy you a ice cream?

Khushi:(smile) no mahirji it's okay...actually I don't like to eat ice cream like this.i love to eat ice cream in heavy rain with masti dance..that time only I enjoy the taste of whole ice cream.now I just give company to my friend.

For some minutes he look at her admiring way.he get lost on her charming smile,,she didn't notice his admiration face..suddenly he got back to sense hearing car horning sound..he turn and saw his big brother silver SUV parked front of them..he came out with surprised face seeing mahir with khushi..he hold her hand and asked mahir.

Arnav: mahir you here?

Mahir: bhai I come to pickup nk..

He nodded at him.then khushi and geet enter to car after bid bye to mahir.today khushi offered geet to drop her because of half day..she accept her favour..after telling mahir arnav drive off from there..mahir keep looking the drive off car with soft smile thinking about his little talk with khushi..then he wait for nk to come..


after month...everything going normal in raizada,Gupta life..all are very comfortable and much closer then earlier.all really eagerly waiting for arshi marraige..now there two years and eight months for their marriage..all waiting for that day..now it's been one month mahir living with raizada.and he became very close with guptas,and specially with payal khushi after he come come to know about akash payal love track.still no one aware about that expect him..sometimes he even help them to go date together..life going with full of fun for both families..and as usual arnav khushi very close to each other.,now they publicly show their relation to out.she too very comfortable about it knowing no one ask anything because awarding arnav's warth.all good in those 30 days..

Today Sunday..after talking with khushi on phone for hours he working in study room.there big fashion show going to held after two weeks..it's going to be very big show..he have many works to do regarding that..and even he planned big surprise for his dove.he eagerly waiting to give that surprise to her..after doing works he come to living room where he saw raizada ladies discussing something seriously.he took a seat and asked them..

Arnav: what you all talking this much seriously?

Anjali: woo chote tomorrow karwachuth na.so we discussing the arrangements..

He sigh hearing another stupidity of his family ladies..actually all ladies..why they have to keep fast for their husbands..when the time comes everyone have to go..no one going to live till world end cause of their fasting..he don't know when they going to stop all useless doings,,ladies give him warning look knowing what he must be thinking  now..it's not new for them to see his unbelievable look after hearing karwachuth..it's waste of time to make him understand the importance of fasting..he left to his room to get some rest without involving himself to such a useless works..when he closed his room door,khushi make entry inside the raizada mansion..ladies called her to discuss after knowing she going to keep fast for arnav..no doing everyone really happy about it..thank god she is not like nowadays modern girls who just throw tantrum hearing fasting name..it's good she have believe on all this..after greeting ladies she took seat beside Nani and asked them cheerfully..

Khushi: hmm looking like everything getting arranged for tomorrow karwachuth..(exciting tone) oh I'm so excited..I'm waiting for tomorrow to come.(ladies smile hearing her)

Anjali: we know you're really excited about it khushi..but we don't think your grumpy arnavji really not excited about it..he is not interest on all these..

Khushi:(confused tone) why di? Why arnavji not interest ?

Mami: hello hai bye bye!! woo kya haina arnav bitwa don't believe in all this..for him these karwachuth rituals are useless and meaningless..he don't like to get mingle himself on all those..

Khushi:woo galat baat haina mamiji..how can he have such a mind set about karwachuth..(determine) and today I going to change his opinion about karwachuth.tomorrow first time I'm going to keep fasting that to for him..he have to corporate with me.or else who going to break my fast..(look around) where's he now?

Ladies told her he is on room..soon she marched towards his room..ladies chuckles seeing her determine figure..today the great ASR going to lose the battle for sure..

She reached to his room and open the door without knocking.she enter to room and saw he resting in bed and reading some book..he sense her sudden fragrance..he happy and surprised seeing khushi front of him..he got up from bed and move towards her with smile..

Arnav: hey khushi why this surprise arrival.why don't you tell me you coming today?

Khushi:(normal tone) I don't planned to come here..di asked me to come to help her in karwachuth arrangements..even I'm keeping fast Tomorrow..

Arnav:(unbelievable tone)khushi what rubbish.even you believing all this..those pooja,fasting everything meaningless khushi..it's all waste of time..don't waste your time on such a staffs..

Khushi:(little firm tone)arnavji don't speak like that..you don't know how much this day important for us..karwachuth very special day for all ladies..

Arnav:(sarcastic tone) you mean being hungry for whole day,doing pooja unnecessarily important for you all..stop kidding khushi..why only women have to keep fasting for long and good life of men.you mean more then wives husbands important to this world.i don't get your all logic khushi..

Khushi:(soft tone) arnavji karwachuth not just about keep fasting..there many more things include on it..it's about care between the couple..love between them..when every wives keep fast for their husbands their love for their spouse increase more.the closeness between couples increase more.we keeping fasting for you all to live our whole life with you all without any riddles in life..we praying for long life to you all because without spouse we are incomplete..we doing this out of love and care for you all..

Arnav:(determine) I don't need to know all this khushi..how you expect me to agree when knowing you going to be empty stomach whole day because of me..and I'm telling you.you not going to keep any fasting for me..I don't like all that..you don't need to show your love and care through keeping fasting..I know how much you love and care for me..so this is my decision.

Khushi:(stubborn tone) no arnavji you have to change your decision..because I'm going to keep fasting tomorrow and it's you going to break my fasting..be ready for tomorrow night..

Arnav:(ASR tone) khushi don't be stubborn.you not going to keep fasting and that's it.don't compel me.i....

Before he complete his sentence khushi did something which surprised him to core!!


Next update: first intimate moment..karwachuth..attack..

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Oct 10

Ajeeb prem kahani..phir se.. (By Fathimasumaiya19) (Thanked: 57 times)

Khushi little tightly slapped his mouth..he jerked feeling her slap..he look at her with shocked eyes..it's might be playful but he shocked by her guts..is she really slapped ASR..she looking him challenging face..he asked her out of shock..

Arnav: did you just slapped me? Khushi you slapped me!

Khushi:( brave face) ha tho!! Yes I slapped you..because you deserve it..you need to change all your opinions towards those rituals arnav Singh raizada..cause I'm going to follow all those rituals after marriage,and you going to accompany me..just like tomorrow you breaking my fast.,I'm I clear?

Arnav looking her with amused expression..he totally don't have any problem about her sweet slap..actually he quite liked her this demanding avatar..now he won't leave this chance..he pulled her by waist and pinned her on wall..she gasps highly in shock seeing his sudden act..all her braveness run out of window..she looking him with scared baby face..he asked her little fake angry..

Arnav: shaadi se peheli yeh haal hai,tho shaadi ke baad kya karogi tum? apni pati ko marugi?ha bolo..how could you slap me!!

Khushi:( pouty face) I'm sorry arnavji..I don't did it seriously..I just mess around you..please don't take it seriously..I'm really sorry..I won't do something like this after marraige..pakka promise..

Small adoring smile appear on his face seeing her puppy face..he slowly cupped her face.she closed her eyes feeling nervous about his reaction..he smile more seeing her scared face..he ever softly placed love filled kiss on her cheek..calmness spread on her face feeling his love kiss..he slowly cares her other cheek and told her huskily..

Arnav: it's fine..you have rights,on me..you can do whatever you want..but only with me..

Shy smile jump on khushi face hearing his reply..she well get it what he mean it.she slowly open her eyes and got red seeing his romantic stare..he fully cuddle her to arms and told her softly..

Arnav: okay there no use of argue with you now..if you want keep fasting for me..then do it..I'm not against for it..

She jump on his arms happily and hugged him more tightly..he smile seeing her happiness..

Khushi: thank you..thank you arnavji..finally you agreed...I'm so happy ,thank you very much..you're the best..

Arnav:(smirk teasingly) but my dove I have a condition..I will fully agree if you accept my condition only..

Khushi:(cheerfully) what condition arnavji..I'm ready to do whatever you say..

Arnav:(smirk) good to know..(point his lips) can you see my red lips..it's burning cause of your slap..I want you to heal my burning lips..right here!!

She wide her eyes out of shock..he looking her with demanding smile..she know what he hinting..her face turn to Kashmir Apple colour..he pull her more close to him and aiming her lips desire fully..he told her more huskily..

Arnav: come on khushi there no time for thinking..it's your mistake..it's you need to repair it..come on heal my lips..

She gulp saliva difficulty hearing his husky romantic voice..she getting weak on knees..he slowly near her lips..but before move future they hear knocking sound..both jerk at sudden knock..arnav growl angrily getting disturbance on wrong time..he shout and ask whose that..it's hp.he calling khushi to downstairs per Nani order..arnav feeling really angry and irritating..he just about to have his third kiss with his dove..taking the chance she pushed him away and run out of the room blushing way..he look at her retreat figure with ASR smirk and told himself..

Arnav: till when you will fly away dove..I will get what I missed in tomorrow function..be ready for sweet revenge,,

He smile romantically and slowly came out from room planning tomorrow event..

Next day morning..raizada mansion..today Mami and anjali fasting..anjali arranging table for other members..soon arnav Nani and akash mama join to table..when she try to call nk mahir.both come there but not join to table..

Anjali: come on boys..take seat..let me serve you both..

Mahir/nk:: I can't di.I'm fasting today!!

Everyone in dining hall give them shocked expression hearing their same answer..they both looking all with baby face..

Anjali:(shocked tone) what fasting? You two? What are you both saying?

Nk: ha di I'm keeping fast today..and just now I know even mahir bro keeping fast..

Nani:( same shock) but why you both keeping fasting..today karwachuth only for ladies..men won't keep fasting..

Mahir:( smile) no Nani it's not fully true..you know today I read on newspaper..even men can keep fasting is they want..wishing for good life partner..it's not rules to only girls keep fasting for good husband..even we boys can keep it Nani.

Nk:(smile) exactly! I read the same..we boys too have many expectations about our life partners..thats why I thought why not I keep fast for my life partner..who know maybe she will come soon after my fasting..

Everyone smile hearing they both explanations..they don't know something going to come like this..arnav give his brothers unbelievable look and told them..

Arnav: seriously guys!! You both really silly..from when you both start to believe all this..it's really silly..

Nk:( don't be mean look)nannav we are not silly okay..it's just our expectation believe..yeah right why you need to bother about all this..you already got a gorgeous diva on your life..so we will look like silly to you..we are single nannav..we only know the importance of this..do please don't tease us..

All smile hearing his childish argue..arnav got pride look on his face hearing him..whatever he said it's true..then both mahir and nk left from there..then other start to eat..arnav only eat little cause of his tablets..he totally don't have heart to eat well knowing khushi being hungry wait hour eating anything..he feel very irritated thinking about fast topic..what's so important to do all this..she is really stubborn.he eat half heartily and left to room..he waiting to moon come soon more then ladies..

At evening...raizada mansion decorated beautifully..guests are start to come..they organised little hugely as its khushi's first karwachuth..raizadas called most of relatives and neighbours..and talking about khushi..whole Gupta family enter to house and anjali Nani welcomed them respectively..all guests surprised seeing them..and totally fall in love with guptas daughters..then anjali Nani introduce some of their relatives to guptas..when all going normally,khushi look around for arnav..but he now where to see..she jerked hearing anjali voice..

Anjali:(teasing tone) what happen khushi..are you looking for someone ?

Khushi:(strummer tone) no di..woo..I..no..

Anjali:(chuckles) not to worry my babhi!! Your arnavji will give his entry now..

Khushi blush hearing her words..anjali giggles seeing her red face.then suddenly khushi feel the rise of heart beats..means he come..she smilingly look towards staircase..and next moment totally lose herself seeing her fiancé dapper appearance..he looking dreamily dapper on his brown and blue combination sherwani..he combed his hair like his style..she never expected he will wear sherwani leaving his boring suits..he totally surprised her..she totally flat on his dapper look..

Arnav to not less..he fully went to romantic fantasy world seeing in coffee brown heavy lehenga choli..she looking out of the world..there no words present to describe her beauty like always..the same fresh diva beauty..she made her hair to beautiful bridal bun..over all completely gorgeous top to bottom..he slowly took step towards her without breaking the eye look..he knows she surprised by his attire..he loved her reaction..soon he come towards her and asked her intensely..

Arnav:like what you see?

She unknowingly nodded at him..but snap out seeing his smirking..she look away shying way..he told her more intensely..

Arnav: my state not less..I'm totally fall on your appearance..(huskily) even hard too!!

She totally turn red..her hubby well aware how to make her red..he smirk seeing her his favourite red face..then he shared few talks with Gupta family..the mean time khushi payal shared few talks with nk mahir..first they shocked knowing about their fasting..but later fully appreciate their act..after sometime Nani announced everyone moon arrived..all couples stood opposite to each other in hall..arnav khushi took a stand near corner..she took the taali and looking arnav with joy smile..she so excited to do the rituals..soon moon appeared fully..khushi took her sieve and look moon from it..then she saw her hubby face trough it..he looking her with adoring eyes..then she did the pooja..he make her drink the water..she let a small satisfied moan feeling the taste of jelebi after long time..he feed her with warm smile..then she try to take his blessings..he quickly stopped her and kissed her forehead..she feel his kiss deeply..he cares her cheek and told her admiring way..

Arnav: thank you khushi..for keeping this fasting for me..you know somewhere deep down my heart feeling really happy seeing you doing all this to me..it's make me feel special..thank you..

Khushi:( love voice) of course you're special to me..you are the best thing happened on my life..and I always cheers every moment I spend with you..

Arnav:(overjoyed hearing her reply) but you know right.i still hate that fasting part..you been hungry whole day cause of me..

Khushi: don't start it again..I love to do all this to you..

He smile at her..then he feed her rest of sweets..suddenly his phone ring..he groan irritatingly at disturbance..it's from aman..she smile and asked him to attend..he went away to attend the call after telling her..then she went to keep her taali on poolside..she turn hearing anjali voice..she keep it on poolside table and went to anjali..without noticing the person front of her..

Mahir looking the empty sieve with blank expression..he totally don't know how to react..JUST AGO HE SAW KHUSHI FACE TROUGH SIEVE...yes it's right..he saw her face after seeing the moon..he definitely not expect this..he come poolside to break his fasting privately without getting any tease..all went correctly..he don't know from where khushi come..before any delay he saw her face trough sieve..his heart beating to drum fast..he know this is totally wrong,,he cannot think about her like this..but right this moment he did something which his both mind and heart forced him to do..he took the water from taali and drink it looking her retreat figure..today he can't run away from his feelings..it's totally killed him..he need a peace of soul..and he got it after doing this..today khushi totally got his heart..and there already love blossomed on his heart.he smile admiringly thinking about her completely forgetting his big brother temper face...

Khushi going to hall after talking with anjali..suddenly she pulled by someone to corner piller..she gasps at sudden act and sigh in relief seeing arnav..she hit his chest lightly and told him scolding way..

Khushi: arnav ji!! You're impossible..why you pulled me like that..how I know it's was you..

Arnav:(arrogant smile) here no one have guts to touch arnav singh raizada fiancée..cause they know the result..

Somewhere blush come to her face hearing him..then surprisingly he hold her hand and drag her to terrace..she went with him without saying anything..then both come to terrace..when arnav try to give his surprise to her..instead both arnsv khushi got biggest shocking surprise..khushi open her mouth really widely seeing the scene front of her,.arnav only one thing say this moment..

"What the"



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