Plz help me to find this story

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Feb 15

Plz help me to find this story (By Manan)

I know this is ippknd from but plz help to find this manan story Plz z Guy I finding story of Manan I don't know the name please help me to find that story In the story Nandini and Manik are secretly dating Navya is a Is a negative character One day she insults Nandini in canteen badly and tells her that she killed her parents and she deserves to be orphan in front of Fab 4 and short of things and completely breaks down... Alia being often to understand her pain and tries to help her out and that's when manik see her and takes her to sick room as Nandini fainted. Cachi how Nadini parents died in accident and Nandini is blaming herself for that... When Aliya sees manik caring for Nandini she understands that they both are in love and tries to get together as Nandini distance herself because of her guilt of killing her parents The whole Fab 5 and Nandini Go farm house where Manik plants to make Nandini Nandini understand that it was not her fault everything is going well but when Harshad and Navya comes and discloses Nandini and Manik relationship between Fab 4 ... Please please please help me to find the story I am in super in love with this story

Feb 15

Please check (By Medsuper) (Thanked: 2 times)

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