Romantic SS#A Sky Full Of Stars

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Feb 12, 2018

Romantic SSA Sky Full Of Stars (By Farakhan) (Thanked: 29 times)

Everything below is a piece of my imagination. thanks! 

Song of this fiction: A sky full of stars (Coldplay)


                                            "Book Launch"





“This is awesome! Khushi!”

“No. This. Is. Trash! Khu!”

Khushi stared at her two friends and sighed.

“I really regret not making a girl my best friend.” she said frustrated.

“Thou shalt not curse which befall from heaven upon thee!”


“What?” he stared at khushi with his innocent face.

“He is an idiot, don’t mind him.”

“Yes, I’m an idiot! All those clothes, khu, are trash my friend. You’ll look like a waitress in this skirt!” he pointed at the black skirt in khushi’s hands who, upon hearing his words, threw it away somewhere.

“I think you should wear anything. You look pretty anyway!”

“No! Don’t listen to him!”

“Oh yes, listen to his good for nothing fashion advice!”

“It’s her book launch, bro! Do you want her to wear that ****ty skirt and look like a clown?”

“A clown? She will never look that bad!”

“Well, she will if…”

Khushi stood there, in the messy room with her hands folded on her chest as her two best friends, Arnav and Zayn, argued about which-color-suits-her-best! It was her book launch. Yes khushi Gupta, 21, a part time novelist and full time neuroscience graduate student and who happened to be a confused (if not terrible) fashionista. Buying all the nice clothes and never wearing them for the fear of looking “weird”. She was daughter of the most powerful woman of NYC and owner and CEO of Gupta worldwide media, Iris Gupta. This particular fact of her life never boosted her confidence instead it arose melancholy and in those moments of woe, she would write.

“Enough! You both can leave, thank you very much for being useless!”

They both gazed at her stressed form and glanced at each other guiltily.

“Get the black sari khu!”

“Get the red Sari khushi!”

They both spoke simultaneously.

“Please don’t argue on the color now. I will try both. Okay?”

“Okay, khu!” Zayn grinned while Arnav just nodded silently.  

Zayn poked Arnav’s shoulder after khushi went in the changing room.

“What now?” Arnav spoke irritated by his annoying friend.

“You know why I think Ron Weasley deserves all the good awards of both muggle and magical worlds?” he smirked mischievously.

“I don’t know, maybe because he was great friend! And I am not gonna do you any favor any time soon, zayn! Not after you-”

“You are stupid, Arn!” Zayn said smiling, “It's because he took a flight from friendzone which landed him directly in love zone,”

“Its a fiction, reality is different!”

“Arn, why don’t you cut your realist **** and ask her out?”

“Easier said than done!”

“I’m saying this last time: if you think she is amazing and totally worth suffering for, you’ll try harder and suffer the consequencesgood or bad. *his voice lowers and he put his arm over his shoulder as khushi walked out wearing red sari* Now is where love breathes.” Arnav who was struck by khushi’s beauty shoot zayn a glance.

Zayn has never been this serious. Sure, he would tease him by khushi’s name but today Arnav felt there was a warning in his tone.    

Three of them have been friends forever or at least as long as they could remember. Biblioholic-introverted-anxious Khushi, mischievous-flirty-troublemaker Zayn and short tempered-arrogant-playboy ASR. yes ASR was a playboy who never took anything seriously except khushi and his best friend Zayn.

Khushi had lost her father when she was two and had an unhealthy relation with her very busy mother. Zayn had no mom either, she died when he was eleven and father was a shrewd businessman with no other purpose than to expand his business. Arnav was the only one with both parents alive. His father chose to be unfaithful with his wife which caused their separation ruining his childhood. They both loved him and he had every worldly thing except love. So he would hangout with girls and have fun which in the end of the day left him strengthless.    

Sometimes, three of them would lay under the stars and talk to God. Arnav was of the firm believe that since God took nice people away from them so He was making up to them by granting them friendship which will never die. And now he was scared confessing his love will ruin their sacred relationship. She was his family and he was scared to lose her. He was afraid to be homeless for she was his home.

And now when he heard Zayn talking earnestly, it made him realize  part of him will always be incomplete without her. Now is where love breathes. And he has never lived in present except when with these two amazing souls.    

“It’s perfect!” Zayn exclaimed. 

“Are you alright?” Arnav asked faking concern making zayn roll his eyes.

“What? she look great!”

“Don’t fight please!” khushi said checking herself out in the mirror.

“Darling you look disgusting!” khushi frowned.

“No you don’t, he is lying!” Arnav butt in glaring at Zayn who coolly stared at khushi’s reflection in the mirror.

“Now don’t let Arnav tell you otherwise but for a woman to kill people with charm needs Chanel’s classic Pirate! And,” he handed her lipstick and added smiling broadly, “A smile!”

“You should reconsider your ****uality!” Arnav said shaking his head. Zayn has always been some kinda perfect wizard who knew when and what khushi needed.

“I’m nervous!”

“Don’t be!” Arnav stood by her right side. “We are here!”

“Right.” zayn thoughtfully looked at khushi’s feet “Now your shoes!”   

“I’ve got that covered!” she grinned and ran in her wardrobe to fetch a pair of Jimmy Choo’s glittery red pumps.

“All done!” she smiled.

“Perfect khu!” they both offered her their arms and she sandwiched herself between them.

“Don’t be nervous, these people, khushi, aren’t as smart as you!” Arnav spoke smoothly and earnestly.

“If I knew as much as you do, I wouldn’t ever shut up!”

“Thank goodness you don’t have brain, Zayn!” khushi laughed at their silliness.


Evening flew by. Launch was great. Greater than khushi expected it to be. Probably because her mother was there.

“What did your mom say?” Zayn asked eating cupcake as they sat around the fire in courtyard.

“That she is proud of me! She was proud that I turned out to be better than her.” khushi beamed remembering her mother’s wrm blue eyes staring at her with grace and compassion.

“Of course she loves you!” Arnav said smiling.

“Wish my mom was alive.” Zayn sighed.

“Hey!” khushi and Arnav side-hugged him.

“Okay.” he laughed breaking away from them. “I’ve got to go. Dad is expecting me home.”

“Try to fix things with him, Zayn. he loves you!” khushi advised and he left shrugging. He was so used to not seeing his dad that the idea of meeting him stressed the **** out of him. What would he talk? He had absolutely nothing to tell him but he could never hate him...he was his father...his dad!


This is gonna be soft, romantic and nicest SS I've ever written! No drama, no hate, no villain. this fiction will be as long as ASR's confession. 

I need your comments!

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