WORST CURSE!!!! Arshi ff

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Feb 8, 2018

WORST CURSE!!!! Arshi ff (By Writerjenny) (Thanked: 16 times)


She was dressed in the red,

The colour he loved,

The colour in which she would be drenched in coming hours,

The colour of their love,

The colour of danger,

The colour which is their fate,

The colour of blood.

Today her life is ending on this.He always wanted to see her in it, but not like this.

Today he is not with her, he would never forgive her for this brutal decision. But she has to do it for the sake of his life.

She has to accept the death in her name,

'The curse’ she has to accept for his love.

Today she needs him as her breathing was very hard, her heartbeat slow down as the death engulfed her in its brutal arms.

HER life is ending but HIS life is more to live for. she knew he would never forget her but, now she wants him to forget her and move on. Somewhere she knew he would not.

Today their love won, the worst curse they had got failed but they are not together and can never be because the distance is beyond their lives.

She whispered the last words "love u Arnav" and her eyes were on verge of closing, remembering her husband, love of her life

"KHUSHI'." Far at some place, he got up on the bed screaming her name, His wife, His soulmate.

Both are far from each other, remembering each other, parting from each other but this time the distance is of life and death.

He was sacrificing his breath for her but she already had sacrificed her life.

Remembering moments of their life last time, the moments they lived, for their love, for the curse they had. At their last breath, they remembered the first moment they met and that moment they unknowingly became the part of this curse……………………….

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Feb 15, 2018

Chapter 1 (By Writerjenny) (Thanked: 17 times)


Harvard University

A crowd of impatient girls were waiting around the corridor of the gym looking forward. Giggles and Gossips were constant

'gosh!!!gosh! he must be on his way'

'yaar this time I will see him first'

'hey, no way it's me'

Two boys standing at the end of the corridor with bored look spread on their face.

'Not fair'

'No one spares a glance at us Jacky'

'Agree!! Sam, This is insane!!!! But we cannot deny the fact that he is the most eligible bachelor...'

'Yeah...yeah... good looks..., Sharp mind..., established business...'

'Kindly add the Title of a Prince along with all this.'


At the same time, the bunch of giggling girls hold their breath as a man with perfect persona, handsome tall, heart throbbing figure in a vest and track gulping from his sipper emerge from the doors of the gym, in this workout clothes and sipping his protein shake.

The droplets were dripping down his chest

Giving smirk to the crowd he moves to the end of the corridor towards his friends.

"Hey, Sam.. fine morning Jacky.."

''Come on girls, go back he is just back from gym' Jacky said to the crowd.'

'Hey, Buddy... We were getting bored waiting for you, what took you so long', Sam

"I Know got up late today, caught up in something"

'Something or Someone...', Sam with a mischievous glint

'So was she hot?, Can I try my luck', Jacky

"Bloody  hell, All yours', with a smirk

"CONGRATULATIONS! ARNAV BHAI!!!', A man of their age came running towards them and hugged the person resulting him to drop this sipper and gym bag.They all got in their car.

"Slow down Akash, I am not your date." Arnav

"Come on Arnav we deserve a treat now", Akash

'Agree with Akash, Damn you cracked this deal. We need a treat now, don't deny. This is our last semester', Sam

'Buddy how do you manage such a big empire along with these studies yaar, its hell crazy', Jacky

"That's why he is Arnav Singh Raizada", Akash

"Stop it guys, I reached my home. The deal for your treat is sealed, now get the hell out of my car...accept Akash",

'NOT FAIR', Sam and jacky both

"Will meet you at the institute, BYE', Sam

Arnav and Akash head towards their magnificent white mansion.

"Arnav Bhai, we are so proud of you. Everyone in India is so happy with your success", Akash

"I hope they may wish me in person", the smile on his face gets vanished.

"Bhai, they all love you a lot. And you know it"

"I know Akash, I very well know, that I am their life, BLOODY HELL..why can't I stay with them??", banging his fist on the wall.

"Bhai please, Don't hurt yourself. Our family will be hurt more by seeing you like this. Please hold on yourself now, At Least for them..at least for Ratna mom..for Bade papa...for dadi..nani... For our dear Anju, please bhai", Akash hugs Arnav.

At the end of the city, In a beautiful mansion

"RIFAT Bi...RIFAT Bi...i am leaving", a girl in her pink tank top and denim was running down the stairs towards the entrance to make the exit from the house until she collides with someone.

''Who said you to get up so late, couldn't you spring up from the bed the same way you jump around whole day...Ya Allah, At least comb your hair, such a beautiful face is covered with your hair'', she removes her hairs and twists it behind her ears. And there the glowing smile of the girl comes into the picture.

"My bitiya is so beautiful..take care of yourself you shaitan. Bade Saheb has sent a new car for you'', Rifat bi.

"I am not happy, Papa hardly comes to meet me. He simply sent these useless gifts", Pouting her lips

"Bitiya, Yo know he is so busy working hard for you only na', Rifat

"Yeah yeah(rolling her eyes), I am leaving now, got late, Bye ****y", kissing Rifat bi she left.

Rifat bi smiles,'Shaitan'.

In University, Parking area

Jacky was running towards his friend's group, "Arnav, you left me yaar"

Akash,"Leave that jacky, we have a exciting news"

Mac, "Guess what??? We have got our new BAKRA"

Jacky getting excited, "Really!! Who's that?"

Nikki, "New student, Some exchange something like that.."

Arnav cuts them in between, "Guys enough, Zoya start with this students info, I wanna know"

Zoya 'The CBI' of the group proudly start narrating her Research,

"Our soon to be BAKRA or you can say BAKRI is Surprisingly a year younger than us. Got promoted by one more grade, hence will be completing her final semester with us in our class. (whispering bt audible enough) Broke our ASR's record of last semester."

"WHAT THE!!" Arnav who was resting on the car's bonnet got up suddenly by hearing the last line.

Akash, " Huge heart attack for us too Bhai"

Jacky, "is she a bookworm?"

Nikki interrupting them, "Of course dude, she must be a nerd with big specs, old-fashioned clothes buried under a pile of books"

Everyone started laughing at the description agreeing to the fact stated by Nikki

"It will be interesting to play our pranks on her, Damn she will run away from here, Haina Arnav?"

Arnav smirks on hearing this, "of course sam, anyways what's this characters name??"

"KHUSHI something..."

"Khushi...Interesting, you would have a grand welcome by ASR soon Ms.Khushi...Be ready "

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