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SS~Dhadkan!!! 01/02/18 (By Sviji) (Thanked: 235 times)






“Seriously ASR you agreed to marry that girl. What the hell had happened to you?”

Arnav looked up from his laptop to his fuming friend, Akshay “Anjali Di said you said yes to aunty ji. But yaar don’t you think you are doing suicide. Where are you and where is that girl?”

“What is wrong in her?”

Akshay exclaimed “For the start she is fat. There are many girls out there dying for you. Take Lavanya for that, she is slim and ****y. Any guy would wish for her in their life and here you have said No to her and said yes to this behenji. Who does not even have looks to contribute?”

Arnav sighed “She is not, check your eyes Akshay. She is not a stick nor she is fat, she is just bubbly.”

His friend looked at him perplexed, Arnav “The zero size girl whom you think would make perfect for me are just sticks for me. She is good when comes to modelling my designed clothes but not well enough when it comes to being a perfect wife.” Giving a smile at his confused friend he said further “But Khushi aisi nahiin hain. It is in the eyes of beholder and for me Khushi is the most beautiful girl. Aur waisi bhi I’m not marrying for my mother. I said yes because I had always liked Khushi from childhood days.”

His friend uttered an Oh, sighing in defeat he said “Sorry I believed you were being forced.” His gaze went to Anjali standing at the door who fuming left from there having heard of their conversation.

“It is okay. I know Di wanted me to give Lavanya a chance and she does not agree with my decision to marry Khushi but I think she will come around in time.” And Akshay really doubted that knowing well how much Anjali hates the certain Khushi Gupta. He had seen in it her eyes. Even if he have his doubt on Arnav’s choice of bride but he will believe his word.





One month later,

Closing his room door, locking it he turned to look at his bride waiting for him. Khushi shivered in nervousness. Arnav took his sweet time gazing at her in hurry to move. Others may be doubtful of his choice but his heart knows it always has been Khushi for him. Is it not why he had promised her he will be the one marrying her and only he will be her husband and no else.


Khushi “huh? You cannot give me pappi like this.”

Arnav “Accha Kyun? I’ll give you lot more pappi’s and you cannot stop me.”

Khushi “I’ll complain to mumma”

Arnav “Go then”

Khushi looked at him frowning, Arnav “you cannot Khushi” followed by a peck on her cheek, Khushi is so annoyed at him, her eyes turned moist, she replied in anger “You are doing wrong. Only my husband has rights to give me pappi. Samjhe”

He grinned “And only I’ll be your husband samjhi.” Giving another pappi on her cheek, flickering her nose, he left leaving behind Khushi stunned.


Arnav shaked his head coming out of the past memory, he had been 21 then and she 17. Before leaving for US for his higher studies he had gone to meet Khushi. No one knew he had went to Lucknow and he did not inform anyone of his one day trip. He had went to her home when saw her coming out. Following her he had reached mandir. As she completed her prayers he took hold of her hand startling her and taken to nearby garden (nearby her home). It was then not able to control himself he had hugged her and kissed her (Cheek) annoying her. One of the cherished memory he will always adore in his heart.

Khushi gulped as he walked towards her, clutching her lehenga in a fist she waited with thudding heart. The wait was not too long as he sat before her and unveiled her face removing her ghungat. Arnav smiled as took her hand in his sensing her nervousness, gently caressing them he asked huskily completely throwing her off “So can I give you pappi now?”

Confused hazel eyes met his molten ones, he added further “now since I’m your husband, I can give you pappi and much more, right.” She shivered at the intensity in his eyes, he urged in his husky voice “Kyun Khushi, haina” her eyes lowered in shyness, her cheeks became red, Arnav cupped her face “will you let me Khushi?” she did not raise her eyes but slightly nodding her head gave her assent. It was what Arnav needed as he reduced the distance between them. Their heart thudded as their lips met. Starting their life in a blissful note as the two soul become one.







“I still can’t believe ASR choose that girl over me.” Gulping her drink, she looked at Anjali upset with everything happened. Anjali stared at the dark liquid as her mind played Arnav’s word.

“Di. I know you don’t believe it but I’m saying truth, no one forced me. In fact you know who Mom’s first choice was.” Anjali had looked away then, knowing well whom he is referring to and even then it was him who rejected in the past.

Arnav “You would always wonder why I’m so eager to meet Dada and Dadi in Lucknow. It is because I would get to see Khushi. Di, she was only four year old when she came in my life and I did not even know when she became my life. Khushi is my choice Di.”

And she still could not accept her brother will fall for someone like Khushi. More than disbelief, her ego hurt. She had always been proud Arnav would never say no to her but he not only rejected her choice (Lavanya) for him but had gone and married to that good for nothing girl. And he cannot see anything or anyone beyond that girl. Until Khushi came in picture she had thought only she has priority in his life but she is so wrong.

Was it always like that? Or the changes happened now? Or maybe she had been too blind to see the truth?

So, Anjali Raizada hates the girl for taking away her brother from her.


Next Update: An OS, more like a pre-qeul leading to Arnav and Khushi marriage.

For reference Khushi would be looking like this.

Okay, I know I have lot of stories still left in-complete. I really wish to write it but I'm having writer's block on those stories. Need little time to get back into it. 

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Part 1 is up (By Sviji) (Thanked: 199 times)

Note: Reader's if you are new to this SS, I've written prelude to this story, an OS divided in three parts. The OS is all about Arnav realizing his love to his marriage with Khushi.

Part 1


Khushi looked at her husband looking so innocent in sleep, only she knows how much innocent he is. Remembering the indecent things he had done and much to her embarrassment she loved it and if to be truthful to herself she wants it again. Blushing she quickly took her dress and walked inside the washroom to get ready for the day. Few minutes later as she walked out Arnav was still sleeping.

Walking to the dressing table, she started selecting her jewelleries. Done with it she started drying her hair not noticing the few drops which fell on Arnav’s face had waked him. For Arnav it was one of the mesmerizing sight. Had he not dreamed of this for years? When she noticed him awake looking at her she turned crimson red looking down, not able to meet his eyes. Getting down from the bed he walked towards her, cupping her face wished a “Good morning Jaan.” Following with a tender kiss on her forehead.

“Good morning” she whispered softly. Pushing the baby tendrils behind her ear he said “I’ll back in few minutes” nodding her head in assent she watched him walk into the washroom, letting out the breadth in relief she started drying her hair again.

Arnav as he came out minutes later saw her putting on her mangalsutra. She took the box containing sindoor, before she could apply her husband stopped her and taking a pinch filled her partition. How can a man’s eyes hold so much love? She wondered looking in his eyes who is now sliding the bangles on her wrist. “Perfect now” Holding her shoulder he made her stand up, turning her towards the mirror, smiling at her softly as his arms wrapped around her waist, bringing his face near her ears he whispered huskily “beautiful!!!” followed by a kiss, she trembled, turning around she hugged him hiding her face in his chest.

Arnav smiled caressing her hair, their beautiful moment got interrupted by a knock. He sighed letting her go disappointed at being disturbed. “People really don’t know when to disturb” muttering walked to closet to take his clothes “We will both go down together, okay” and disappeared inside the washroom to get ready for the day. Khushi smiled at her grumpy husband and his words and went to open the door as knock came louder this time.

Khushi opened the door slightly, Arnav’s sister Anjali was standing before her. Khushi does not know what to say to the woman, she hardly felt comfortable around her. Anjali does make her uneasy and the woman does not make it easy too what with her cold behaviour. Mustering a smile she said “Anjali ji, Good morning.”

Anjali nodded her head but said instead “everyone is waiting for you both downstairs. Come down soon.” Saying that giving her look left. Khushi sighed, not easy at all. Her husband’s sister is like ice queen.  






Devyani looked at Anjali disapprovingly “there was no need for you to disturb the couple.”

Anjali shrugged “it is time for pooja Nani, or do you wish to stand here all day so till they grace us with their presence.”

Nani “Seriously Anjali? It is only 7 p.m. and besides they are newly married couple and deserves privacy. God would not have punished if we did his prayer a little later. It is the heart and pureness he expects from us. And by the way there is still much time left for the Pooja.”  

Ratna “Maa ****o na” Nani hurumphed but went quite. Even though Ratna agreed with her mother she knew her daughter will not understand or wish to understand doing as she pleases.

Maami came inside saying “hello hi bye bye, Jiji Pandit ji said he will come with in an hour. I’ll go and check once again if everything is ready or not.” Ratna nodded her head and turned to her mother “Maa I’ll go and see if he needs anything.” And left to her room. Nani once again glared at Anjali and turned her attention towards her pet Laxmi, patting her head.

Anjali rolled her eyes taking a seat opposite to her Nani. She hardly feels guilty or cares about the privacy of the couple. If she have her way she will totally erase Khushi from her brother’s life.






Aman walked out of his room, meeting Akash who is already in the living room reading newspaper “Morning Akash”

Akash smiled “Gud morning”

Aman looked around “Where is Dadi and Payal mam?”

Akash “both are in puja room.”

Aman “Oh!!!”

“It is was nice of Dadi to come here. We were sacred when Bhai said Dadi will be coming here. One side I was relieved to see someone here for us, other side terrified too. Even though she is upset with us, scolded us for taking extreme measure not confiding to family even once, at the end she forgive us.”

Aman “Akash, not only Dadi, everyone in the family misses you. Just because they don’t take your name does not mean they hate you now. They are hurt but the can never stop loving you.”

Akash looked down at the newspaper he is holding, feeling sad, as always whenever hearing or thinking about his family. He miss them too.

Few second’s later, Dadi and Payal joined the men, giving prasad to them both they sat down. Akash “We could not talk much last night Dadi. How was the wedding? Was Bhai happy? I’m fool to ask such a question. Of course he must be happy. He got married to his love. I just hoped……….”

Dadi “that you were there.” completing his sentence she finished it with a sigh. Payal patted Akash hand understanding, Arnav is not only Akash’s brother but he had become her brother too in all the years she had known him. Not able to take part in the most important event of his life is saddening.

 Aman “hmmm I know nothing can equal the experience of attending it, being there, helping in the wedding functions, all the teasing, sharing his happiness but I’ve recorded the whole function’s. I’ve it in my camera. Would you both like to see it?”

Akash and Payal smiled widely chorusing “of course”

Dadi “not now, first breakfast. Payal you should take your food and medicine on time. It is not only you but also the little one you are carrying depending upon you.” Payal nodded her head, everyone headed to dining table where Meena (maid) was waiting to serve them. After the breakfast, everyone gathered in the living room, Aman connected his camera to the T.V. Akash and Payal excitedly watched one by one all the pre-ritual function’s to the wedding.

Everyone were so happy, looking at all of them, their eye’s misted. Akash “Look at bhai, don’t you think he is glowing”

Aman “yes, you can see the joy radiating from him. But if you tell him this, he will just give a look that says you are crazy.

Payal laughed “he will not admit it but I could have never believed if I’m not seeing it with my own eyes. He is enjoying it Akash. This is miracle.”

Akash nodding “bhai always avoided attending wedding functions saying it is dead bore and he dislikes noisy atmosphere. But here look he is actually smiling freely.”

Dadi chuckling “why will he complain? When he is getting his Khushi.”

Everyone shared a smile at that, Payal sighed “but Anjali Di, she does not look happy at all. How aloof she is? Away from everone. Hardly you could see here. People will say it is not her brother’s but some stranger’s wedding happening with all the attention she is giving.” Akash too noticed it. How she always stood in distant? Arnav already informed him how disgruntled Anjali is regarding his marrying Khushi. But even though she should atleast smile and take part in it not telecasting to the world about being against it.

Dadi kept quiet not wanting to say anything about it.

“Anjali, how could you do that? Is this what we had taught you?”

Anjali looked bewildered at the two old lady, she did not know why the two were angry with her “but Dadi what did I do?”

Dadi “don’t act innocent Anjali. We know how you mixed some chemical in mehendi paste. Surely it was to hurt Khushi betiya. We did not know to what extent but it would have been damaging.”

Nani “I’m really disappointed in you Anjali. Did you stop to think by this act of yours you would be hurting your brother too.”

Anjali looked at them shocked, she tried to defend herself but Dadi put up her hand “save it, we have witness who saw everything.”

Nani “It was good thing we came to know before it went out to the function hall.”

Dadi “if you are not happy then don’t make other’s unhappy too. I would advise you to not pull any other stunt trying to ruin the wedding. Our eyes will be on you Anjali. This time we are letting you off hook, but don’t think next time we will be so lenient. Your father and mother will be let known and you know too well Abhay’s anger. Just because he never showed his displeasure to you does not mean he will let go of your wrong deeds too.”

Nani “Chalo Sujatha, the function is going to start.” both the ladies left the room leaving behind frustrated Anjali.

Dadi glanced at Nani saying “it was good Manoram heard Anjali and Ms. Kashyap planning and came to us. Don’t know what type of chemical it was and how much damage it would have caused.”

Nani sighed “I really could not believe our Anjali did this.” Dadi too don’t know how to console her friend, it is not that they had not known Anjali’s stubborness but never they had thought Anjali will go to an extend to harm someone.

It was their sheer luck Manorama happened to pass by a room to hear Anjali and Lavanya plotting inside, she had been too shocked and at once left to her mother in law to inform her. Not able to believe what she had heard. Her sweet Anjali bitiya plotting to hurt Khushi. The two ladies could not even brush off the warning because it was not some stranger putting allegation on their granddaughter but Manoram who loves Anjali as her own daughter, who would never think bad about her. If she is saying she heard Anjali going to commit something wrong then it must be true. Not wanting to wait they had gone in time to see Anjali adding something in the mehendi paste kept for the bride and slipped away unnoticed by people readying the mehendi.

Changing the mehendi paste and ordering Manorama to keep an eye on it, the two ladies left to confront Anjali and to warn her from further mischief.

 Dadi coming out her thought’s looked at Akash and Payal, and said “Akash, tomorrow take Payal to hospital. Consult with her doctor if it is okay to travel. I don’t want you both leaving here alone. It is time you come back home.”

Akash “but…..”

Dadi “Since Payal is in her fourth month, I believe she can travel with care. But it will be better if we get doctor’s advice on it. And don’t you think the more time you will be away from family, the wide the gap will become. Everyone with time will start hating your wife. For her you left your family. Do you want that? Don’t you want to be with the whole family? Don’t you want your child get’s his/her families love?”

Payal looked down teary eye and whispered in small voice “You are right Dadi, we want to be with our family. We wish to reconcile with our family.We want our child to grown in the shadow of their blessing, guidance and love.”

Akash held her hand “Will they welcome us Dadi?” he looked scared.

Dadi narrowing her eyes “What do you think they will do? Throw you out? Do you even realize your mother cries for you. She thinks no one knows but we all know. Your father burrying his sorrow within shows outside nothing is wrong. Abhay, Ratna bahu everyone are worried concerning you. Not knowing how you are? Where you are? And Arnav, even knowing about your whereabouts, he is standing helpless looking at his family suffering one side and other side missing his brother. Yes, they will be upset and shout at you. Will even not talk to you. But the anger will eventually cool down. But they will never abandon you to your fate.”

Aman “It is time Akash.” he seconded Dadi’s advice.

Akash and Payal looked at each other, then at Dadi, and nodded. Dadi “Good, and don’t worry you have Arnav and my support.” both smile relieved trusting her.






Arnav and Khushi took the blessing from the elders after the Pooja is completed. Nani smiled “Pooja achha se hua.”

Ratna reciprocating her smile “Ji”, the elder woman turned to Khushi and said warmly “betiya today is your first rasoi rasam.”

Khushi nodded her head, Nani continued “Prepare a sweet dish, okay. HP had already prepared the breakfast.”

Ratna “Come beta I’ll show you the kitchen.” the both walked towards the kitchen while Arnav kept glancing their way, Nani cleared her throat bring his attention back, looking at the teasing stares he is getting from Nani and Maami he made excuse and left towards his room making both the women to giggle while Abhay and Manohar shared a laugh. Anjali bored and irritated left from there.



He stopped at the landing and waited, his mother had come out of kitchen and as soon as he saw his family leaving towards living room he turned around and headed towards kitchen. HP got startled to see him but kept quiet and left understanding Arnav’s unvoiced command. Arnav’s attention was solely on his wife who oblivious to his presence is busy getting things for making sweet dish. He walked towards her in silent feet and wrapped an arm around her waist earning a loud gasp in surprise.

“Shhh……Main hoon.” She relaxed in his hold but soon tensed at his caressing, shivering she gulped “Arnav ji?”

“hmmm” kissing her ear, trailing towards her cheek, “Koi ajayega”

“aane do” busy in his world of loving his wife.

“please…….” Turning around she hugged him tight, enclosing her he inhaled reigning his desire for now, taking pity on his wife. Cupping her cheek, he pushed her baby tendrils behind her ear tenderly “Kya banana wali ho?”

“Voh…I’m thinking to make Kheer” he tsked disapproving, she looked at him confused, Arnav “It is most common tradition to make Kheer, is it not? Why not make Jalebi?”

Her eyes got wide “Jalebi? But you love kheer.”

Flickering her nose “so toh hai but I want to eat Jalebi.”  Adhering to his wish she nodded saying “okay”

“Good” bending down he gave a loud kiss on her cheek, earning a blush he so loved dearly on her. It just enhances her.

Mustering enough courage she looked at him pleading “please ab aap jayiye before someone comes.”

“So? I’m doing nothing wrong. Am I?” he asked her mock seriously, shaking her head at him she watched him helplessly, if he stays here she could hardly think straight let alone make sweet. He pulled her towards him grinning enjoying her getting flustered.

Help came from Ice queen who interrupted them quite rudely “Arnav had you lost way to your room?” with sarcasm at the best.

Arnav just glared at her and turned to smile at Khushi softly “Khushi can I get a glass of water?” Khushi nodding her head went to the water filler to get a glass of water while Arnav replied his sister shrugging “I was feeling thirsty so came to get water. Is that a sin?”

Anjali looked at him quite bored, saying whatever and giving a look of disgust towards Khushi she left. Arnav sighed taking the glass from Khushi, replied softly “never mind her.” Feeling really angry at his sister for making his wife upset, sure she did not said a word to hurt her directly but the look she gave is enough to make his wife’s face looking in distress. Cupping her cheek he gave a tender kiss on her forehead “I’ll leave you to your sweet” patting her cheek lightly he left from there to really go to his room this time.




Anjali left a frustrated sigh, she had seen enough of her brother’s overly sweet romance with that good for nothing girl. For the love of God she could not believe how anyone could love that woman is beyond her.

She got a call from Lavanya.

“Hey Anjali, can we meet at our usual place?”

Anjali “Can’t La. Nani is already angry with me. There are post wedding rituals. If I leave the house she will surely not keep quite.”

La “I understand.”

Anjali “No you don’t. I can’t stand the sight of that girl.” Fuming some more remembering the kitchen encounter. She had walked inside to see if she needs any help, not that she had wanted to but because her mother asked and not wanting another lecture from her Nani she had gone only to witness his brother cuddling his wife.  

Lavanya on the other hand did not voice out she understands perfectly well because the said Khushi Gupta had taken away the man she wanted for herself. She not only hate the sight of her but hates the very existence of Khushi. Every time she see Arnav looking at Khushi with that look she envisioned for her got her riled up wanting to kill the girl ending the misery once for all. But killing will get her nothing but she will end up losing whatever she has which is why she is silently burning swallowing the bitterness.

Anjali coming out of her thoughts promised to meet her tomorrow and cut the call.  





Khushi was heating the milk when got a call from her best friend Diya. After the greeting and assuring her friend about her welfare. Khushi “Where are Meghna and Keerthi?”

Diya “They are sleeping.”

Khushi “Oh” and she informed “I’m making sweets for everyone.”

Diya “Oh okay, I’ll keep the call. You prepare the sweet. We will talk later when you are free. Waise when will you be coming here?”

Khushi “I am not sure Diya, may be tomorrow. There are post wedding rituals na. I’ll let you know later after asking here. And I’m sure before everyone leaves back for Lucknow we will meet. Aise hi todi na ek bar mile bina chale chaoge sab.”

Diya “Voh Khushi. I did not inform you. I’m leaving with my family today. You know na I got an offer in RS Fashion House. I’ll have to join in two three days. So I’m leaving with them today. And also Meghna and Keerthi too will be leaving with us.”

Khushi “Oh, then we will meet only in Lucknow.” she sighed sadly “I thought I’ll be able to meet you guys one more time but…..”

Diya “Koi baath nahiin Khushi. We can always skype each other, have conference call. Chal tikk hai Khushi, I’m keeping the call. Take care haan”

“Accha baba, bye” smiling she kept her phone down True she is missing her parents and friends. But that is how it works, right? A girl will have to leave everything she had known behind to build new life with her husband and with it new relationships. At least she had not married a stranger and came into the family she had known from childhood. Albeit she had never thought she would one day marry Arnav and become part of this family but this unexpectedness is welcome blessing to her.






Thank you everyone for the "Thank You's and Comment's" on Prologue. I do hope you all will like this part too.

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Part 2!!! 15/06/18 (By Sviji) (Thanked: 184 times)

Part 2

Khushi glanced at her phone, smiling widely she attended the call “Amma!!!”

Garima, Shashi and Bua ji smiled hearing her voice, it is only few hours they had sent their daughter to her new home but it seems like years. They were not planning to call her now but after Diya informed she had just now talked to Khushi they could not hold back and called her. Garima “Betiya, how are you? Everything is fine there.”

Khushi “I’m fine and yes everything is fine here. But Amma, I miss you. I miss babu ji. Bua ji.” her voice at the end choked.

Shashi “shhh gudiya, we miss you too. But we are happy and relieved too because we know you are married to a nice man and have got loving family.”

Khushi “yes babu ji. They are very nice. We did pooja today. Now I’m making sweets for everyone.”

Bua ji “Accha, what are you making?”

Khushi “Jalebi and Rabri”

Garima “Beta we know Jalebi is your favorite sweet but betiya this is your first rasoi rasam…..”

Khushi “Amma I was going to make Kheer but Arnav ji asked me to make Jalebi. So I’m making Rabri too.”

Shashi “that is good then…..ah my mouth is watering.”

Khushi “Don’t worry Babu ji, I’ll send some for you.”

Everyone smiled hearing her, Bua ji “No need betiya, take care there. We will call you later.”

Garima “don’t forget to keep few jalebi’s and some rabri in front of God.”

Khushi “Ji Amma!!”






Hour later everyone were situated in dining room taking their seats for breakfast. HP was serving the breakfast when Khushi came from kitchen carrying a tray.

Nani “Betiya, what have you made?”

Khushi keeping the tray on the table “Nani, I made Jalebi………” however before she could say anything else Anjali sarcastically commented “Jalebi? You made Jalebi for first rasoi rasam. Like seriously in all the sweets you could have made. You got only this” looking at the Jalebi in distaste. Khushi’s face fell hearing her words.

Arnav squeezing her hand “What is the problem Di? I asked her to make Jalebi.” Staring at her who looked away from him.

Nani giving a glare at Anjali turned to Khushi smiling at her “serve Chotte first.”

Maami “Soon….I can’t wait to taste those delicious looking Jalebi’s”

Khushi smiled at her, she served Arnav jalebi in small plate and then took a small bowl, he looked enquiringly, not making anyone wait she informed “I also made Rabri to go with Jalebi”

Maami squealed “Rabri too…..wah Khushi betiya you made my day”

Nani shaking her head at her daughter in law looked at Khushi fondly as she served her the sweet, she gestured Arnav to taste whose attention were on his wife forgetting the sweet kept before him. After serving everyone Khushi took her seat beside Arnav.

Everyone started having the sweet, Khushi looked at Arnav in anticipation who loudly complemented her but only for her ear to hear he whispered “but this is not more delicious then your sweet kiss.” Looking at her lips. Her breath hitched she looked down not able to look at her husband’s smoldering gaze.

Abhay “Really betiya, Jalebi with Rabri, it is really tasty” everyone seconded him. Ratna “I had heard from Maa ji (Dadi) you are wonderful cook. Today I agree with her beta”

Maami “Is there any Jalebi’s and Rabri left?” looked at Khushi hopefully.

Khushi shyly “Ji, I have refrigerated them”

Maami “bless you’ and looked down at her Rabri glaring at her husband who tried to take some from her. Maama “Really Manno you are behaving like a child”

Maami “you shut up, after eating those ghaas phus for days I got nectar”

Maama “and whose fault was that? Maine thodi na kaha tha tumhe dieting karne ke liye” Maami made face at him, everyone laughed at the pair.

The only one who had difficulty swallowing was Anjali who kept quite the entire time. Khushi did not take it to heart as she was too busy to think anything else as her husband is being naughty, Arnav smirked enjoying her reaction as his thumb continued caressing her hand sensually he held in his.

Ratna “Beta, why are you not having anything?”

Khushi fumbled “voh…..voh….” how could she say Arnav ji is holding her hands. She looked at him who looked at her innocently. Nani “Khushi betiya, what happened?”

Arnav clearing his throat “Nani, I heard wife and husband eating in same plate makes their relationship sweet and strong.”

Nani “Really Chotte?”

Arnav “Really Nani. How come you did not know this?” she raised her eyebrows at that, looking around she met with same surprise.

He took a spoonful of rabri near her mouth, Khushi having no choice opened her mouth. He turned to others “don’t worry, she is just being shy. I’ll feed her. Aap log khayiye”

Ratna shared a look with her husband, Maami giggled, Maama ji laughing “Feed her bitwa, she is your wife. No one will ask you anything.”

Nani chuckled “Bilkul apne Nana ji pe gaya hai”

Arnav smirked and Khushi blushed looking down, he squeezed her hand gently, silently asking her to look at him. She whispered shyly “I’ll eat myself”. He tsked shaking his head in a No, and went on feeding her. Not making any more comment everyone silently had their repast.




Khushi took Nani’s blessing as the elder woman praised her for the sweet and gave shagun. It was beautiful set.  

Mami and Maama ji’s gift

Ratna “this is for you betiya.” Showing her bangle set.

Addressing Arnav “come here, make her wear this.” He was only too glad to do that. Ratna continued “did you like it?”

Khushi shyly nodded her head “Ji, it is beautiful”

Abhay looked at Anjali sternly asking her to come forward. Not wanting to anger her parent’s she presented Khushi a gift, of course it was her parent who got the gift knowing well her nature she will not do it.  

Khushi “Thank you, Anjali ji”

Ratna smiled at her mother assuring her.

Nani “Chotte, what did you got her? You too should gift her.”

He smiled at Khushi “Of course I got her a gift Nani.” Giving it to Khushi. She opened the box to find beautiful pea**** inside.

Caressing it she blinked back her tears, her husband knowing well of her fondness for pea**** had gifted her one. Mouthing a thank you to him she showed it to others.

Nani “Bahut hi sundar hai, bitwa”

Ratna “Bilkul sahi kaha Maa’ keeping a hand on Khushi’s arm “Beta, go and take some rest for some time. You also have to get ready for Muh dikayi rasam.”

Khushi “Ji”

Nani “Go betiya. We will have guest arriving by 3 p.m.”

Maami “I’ll come and get you ready later. Okay”

Abhay “Chotte, take bahu to the room.” nodding at them, the couple left to their room. Abhay and Manohar left to the study room. Ratna and Manorama, started looking into arrangement for the function. Nani time to time gave her suggestion.





Walking inside their room, Arnav locked the door, taking the gifts from her hand he kept them safely in the locker. Taking a bag he had kept inside his cupboard walked to her, taking her hand he made her sit.

Placing the parcel on the bed, he caressed her hand, saying looking in her eyes “there is something else for you.”

Taking few boxes from the bag, he opened one of the box, it was exquisite necklace.

“My wedding gift, Khushi.”

She caressed the necklace in awe “Bahut hi khoobsurat hai Arnav ji”

“Not more than you” she blushed at that, kneeling by her knees he took her feet startling her “What are you doing?”

Arnav “Shhh, you will know it soon” smirking at her he took another box from the bag revealing beautiful anklet. She gasped as he made her wear them taking his own time “perfect”

She caressed the anklet marveling at its beauty. Looking in his loving eyes she promised “I’ll never remove them. Thank you Arnav ji, they are so beautiful. I love them.”

Sitting beside her “Bas, sirf thank you. Nothing else?” he pouted at her saying “I thought I’ll get something else” his eyes traveling to her lips. Lowering her eyes in shyness she inched closer to him. Not one to leave a chance, he pulled her closer, cupping her cheek, caressing her jaw, placed his lips on hers taking them to another world.






Around 1 p.m., Ratna brought lunch to their room, instructing HP to place the dishes from the trolley on the low table before couch. As soon as he left, she turned to Khushi “Betiya, have your lunch. Jiji will come soon to get you ready for the function. Okay”

Khushi “Ji”

“Make sure she has her lunch Chotte. The function will take time to end.” smiling at them she left the couple alone.  

“Come Khushi, Maa is right, you will not even have breathing space. Knowing Maa and Maami, they would have invited large crowd for the function.” Khushi giggled hearing him.

She made a plate for him first and was going to make one for her when he stopped her “I did not lie in the morning Khushi. Husband and Wife sharing a plate strengthens their bond.”

Tearing a piece of roti, dipping it in potato curry he brought it to her mouth. Khushi having it from his hand, made a piece for him and fed him. Khushi “Arnav ji, can I ask you something?”

Arnav “anything Khushi, you can ask me, demand me anything, and you don’t need permission for it Jaan.”

Khushi “Can you take me to Gauri Shankar temple tomorrow morning?” she knew he does not visit temples often. She had heard from Dadi. He rarely goes that too only after lot of cajoling. But she really wanted to visit with him.

Cupping her cheek “We will visit the temple and also go for breakfast date. How does it sound?” she smiled at him brightly.

Arnav “Now come on finish the lunch soon. Maami would be coming soon to deck you up. Waise you don’t need all that as you are already beautiful but they will not hear me.” She blushed hearing his compliment. It really amazes her to hear he thinks her beautiful. Rarely anyone called her beauty minus her family. To think of it, it is only him who had always said her beautiful.

Finished with their lunch, Arnav called HP through intercom (landline) and asked him to remove the empty plates and dishes.


Only few minutes to HP cleaned their room Maami entered with huge plate carrying Khushi’s dress and ornament. Depositing it on the bed she sighed “now time to get ready. Chalo Arnav beta, go out”

Arnav “but why?”

Maami “I’ve to get her ready” explaining him hoping he would understand. Arnav “Toh, I’ll sit here quietly.”

Maami looked at him open mouth “hain you will stay here”

Arnav “yes, I’ll not disturb you.” Making it a point he sat on the couch and ONned his laptop. Maami huffed at that, and gave Khushi her dress asking her to change it in the dressing room.

In the dressing room, Khushi chuckled to herself as she changed into the dress listening to Maami and Arnav bantering, one asking to leave the room and the other stubbornly not leaving.


Arnav “Ah…..look Maami Khushi came.”

Maami turned to look at Khushi, smiling at the beautiful picture she made, exclaimed “look at that, humari betiya kitni sundar lag rahi hain is dress main.”

Arnav scowled muttering near her “Khushi is always beautiful Maami”

Maami startled looked at him, smiling sheepishly “yes…yes…bitwa that she is”, then pulling Khushi near the dressing table, she made her sit in the chair and took a heavy set to put on her.

Arnav tsked “Not that one Maami, here try this one.”

Raising her eyebrows she took it from him and made Khushi wear it.

Done with that Maami started making Khushi’s hair. It took Arnav’s precious minutes to wait patiently silent. No Khushi’s hair was not done yet but not thinking anything he started making her wear bangles. Khusih could only shy not looking at anyone as Maami teased “if I had known Arnav bitwa himself would doll you up I would not have come”

Arnav “don’t worry Maami, once the hair is done you can leave. I have no problem”

Maami looked at him open mouth as he grinned at her, shaking her head at him she continued doing the hair. Under Arnav’s watchful gaze then she applied light make up, of-course on his request.

Long minutes later, Maami grinned satisfied with her work, clapping she announced “Perfect”

Khushi stood up, turning around “Thank you, Maami ji”

Maami waving it off, made her sit on the bed, instructing her to wait here till anyone from the lady come to get her she left the room to get ready for the function.

Looking at her husband she raised her eyebrows asking “how am I looking?”

Arnav “Can’t you see in my eyes, Khushi?”

She gulped, there was not only appreciation but also desire burning for her. Arnav “trust me Khushi, if there is not this function in sometime I will not take a second to take you.” She shivered with the intensity. Taking a seat on the couch he said “Can’t trust myself if I come near you?”

Khushi “Arnav ji please”

Arnav “Khushi you don’t know how many years I had waited for you. Now that you are here with me, as my wife, staying away from you seems impossible.” Looking in her eyes he whispered “you will never know Khushi what you are to me? Tum meri patni hi nahiin ho balki sab kuch ho. Mera Sab Kuch.” She looked at him getting lost in his eyes, in the web he is creating with his eyes and words, not wishing to wake up from it. Devi Maya had been surely in happy mood when she bestowed her with her husband, she had never dreamed someone like Arnav would ever be her husband, would ever love her with such an intensity that she would be lost forever in it.

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Jun 27

Part 3 is up (By Sviji) (Thanked: 171 times)

Part 3

Maami brought Khushi down, Arnav walking behind them, her face covered in veil. Ratna came to her side and led her to the seat arranged for her. Arnav joined his father and Maama ji, standing aside.

Nani introduced Khushi to the guest and invited the ladies to start the ritual.

One by one ladies lifted the ghunghat and looked at Khushi, presenting her with gifts and blessing her.

If there were people present among the guest who wholeheartedly blessed the bride then there were some who were envious. But no one showed disrepect to Khushi, those among surly guest smiled politely at her.

Few of Anjali’s friend too were present including Lavanya. Nani did not like their present in such occasion.

Nani “What was your daughter thinking inviting Ms. Kashyap and these bimbos?”

Ratna “Maa please”

Nani sighed “I really don’t know how could Anjali keep such peoples company” she glared at the group standing by one corner.

But the said group was busy instigating Anjali to notice Nani burning hole on them.

Natasha “Anjali do not mind but your brother is really mad to marry that girl.” she still could not believe. It is 100th time she might be ratting same thing. But it was enought to anger Anjali.

Anjali thinned her lips “I really wished I had known what is happening behind my back.

Jessica “You can’t even walk beside her. Can’t introduce her without embarrasing yourself” she shaked her head giving pitying look.

Natasha “I really feel sorry for you Anjali.” Lavanya kept her hand on Anjali’s arm and chided softly “stop it you two, she is already upset.” but inside she is really happy listening to their comment. Their words cooling her burning heart.

Nadiya “Your brother is always surrounded by beautiful woman and he had to go and fall for her. Such a handsome man and hitched to such a creature.”

Jessica “Fat Cow!!!” she snorted calling rudely.

“Hello hi bye bye, what did you say?” came Maami’s voice from behind them. The girl’s turned around to face Maami and looked at each other uneasily getting caught.

Maami gave hard look to them, saying coldly “If my Arnav bitwa leaving all the bees choose Khushi bitiya then something must be special about her. Nope, she is special that is why she is Khushi Arnav Singh Raizada today” glancing at Lavanya making face.

She continued “Only a jeweller can tell the difference between true daimond and stone. Why will Arnav bitwa run behind sparkling stones? I ask you. Tell…..Tell”  the girl’s flustered, Lavanya fisted her hand facing such humilation, it is no doubt whom Maami is hinting.

Maami “now I’ll politely ask you to leave from here”

Anjali “Maami you cannot insult my friends”

Maami hissed in anger “They were insulting your sister in law, the Raizada bahu, and you kept quiet. Don’t you know insulting Khushi means they are insulting Raizadas. Before I take this up to sasuma and your mother, ask your freinds to leave right now.  Be happy it is me who heard them if it was Arnav bitwa he would have called security gaurds and thrown them out. I don’t want them to see here even for a second.” giving one last digust look she left from there.

Anjali’s friends left from there in anger. Lavanya “Aunty did not do right. For that Khushi she insulted us like this. I’ll see you tomorrow.” Anjali being humilated and embarrased left to her room not wanting to stay there a minute longer.

Nani narrowed her eyes looking thoughtful at that. What was that?Those snakes left and Anjali bitiya too.  

Manorama came to stand beside her, Nani looked at her pointedly. Maami shrugging “I just showed them mirror sasuma.” Nani amused nodded at her.  Did not prod her further to know the details. Knowing them she could guess they would have said or done something which would have offended Manorama.




Around 6 p.m.,

Function ended in a good note excluding that one incident with Anjali’s freind, and Maami did not said to anyone a word about it. Why to narrate it making everyone upset? Most of all Khushi upset? She still seethed in fury recalling the conversation she heard. If not for the people around she would have slapped them each and dragged them out by herself. Venous snakes.

She huffed making Manohar raise his eyebrow’s in question. Maami nodding a no smiled saying “nothing ji”

“If you say so”

Ratna “Where is Anjali? Did not see her from sometime?”

Nani “As soon as her friends left she too left for her room.”

Ratna sighed “yeh ladki bhi na, she should have stayed till function ended.”

Maami frowned thinking What is wrong with Anjali betiya? Why is she behaving very bad now days?, then addressing Khushi “Beta, you go and rest in your room. You must be tired. Arnav bitwa take her to the room.”

Arnav getting up “ji Maami”

Ratna “yes, change into comfortable clothes, and rest. Once dinner is ready we will call you both.” both Khushi and Arnav left to their room. Arnav was already looking for an excuse to whisk Khushi away and Maami had made it so easy for him. Grinning he glanced at Khushi from the corner of his eyes, still not able to believe, his girl is with him now, for always. For lifetime. Sighing in bliss he took hold of her hand, Khushi looked at him and then at their hand. Raising his eyebrows at her, blushing she looked down. And ascended the rest of the stairs.

Nani “I too will be in my room.”

Maami getting up “I will come with you sasuma”

Manohar and Abhay excused themself to study room, Ratna called HP and discussed dinner menu “keep ready the ingredient’s. I’ll back in sometime” and left to her room to freshen up.






Arnav sitting leisurely on the bed watched Khushi removing her jewellery, glancing at him from the mirror and looked down keeping the ear ring inside the box, flustered at having his eyes watching her every move. One by one she removed all the jewellery only keeping her mangalsutra, engagement and wedding ring, and the bangles.

Taking tissue paper out she started wiping her makeup. Once done she took the jewellery box carefully and walked to the locker in their room. Glancing at Arnav she waited, Arnav “1906, the day of our first kiss, the day I promised  only I’ll be your husband.” and looked at her, as the realization dawned on her, her cheeks turned pink and she looked down shyly.  

He chuckled, rising from the bed he walked to her, punching the number he took the boxes from her hand and kept it inside. Locking the locker. He looked down at her.

Putting a finger under her chin, he prodded till she looked at him. Cupping her cheek, he bend towards her, placing his lips on hers. Pecking her lips few times he murmured her name, and pulled her more close to him for long sweet kiss.


Khushi could not stand without his support, her heart beating fast, her legs feeling jelly. His own heart running marathon. Few minutes later when had themself in control. He called her “Khushi!!!”


 “Salwar or Saree?”

Confused she looked at him, smiling he repeated “Should I take salwar or saree for you to wear?”

“Ji, I’ll take care of it”

“Tsk, let me”

Holding her in his embrace he opened their wardrobe and took out a simple salwar suit from it “hmmm this is nice. Go on, change into it.”

Taking the dress from his hands she left to change, at the rate of Arnav ji’s love she will soon get daibetics.


Diya, Meghna, Keerthi stood with their family, waiting to get on to the bus. Khushi’s parent’s are with them sending the relatives and guest off.

Shashi, Garima, and Bua ji thanking the guest and relatives for attending their daughter’s wedding and blessing her, stood till everyone settled inside the bus.

Diya, Meghna, Keerthi came to them with a parcel in hand “Aunty, this is something we got for Khushi.” forwarding a parcel to Garima.

Bua ji “hai nandhkis****, what was the need for this?”

Keerthi smiling “It is a surprise gift from us.”

Meghna “This is something we ordered for her. We thought the gift would arrive before we came here but it got late. So we changed the address to here and it came only today.”

Diya “We could not meet her before leaving, that is why we are giving this through you. Tell her we will call once we reach Lucknow. Probably tomorrow.”

Keerthi “and also convey her that we will miss her and would be waiting for her trip to Lucknow.”

Bua ji patted her cheek “we will give this gift to her and also will convey your messages too. Now three of you go and sit inside the bus. Everyone is waiting.”

Taking their blessing, the three friends got inside the bus.

Shashi, Garima, and Bua ji waved their hands in bye and waited till the bus disappeared from their sight. Bua ji “Chalo nandhkis****, let us also retire and go to sleep. I’m so tired.”






Ratna looked up as HP returned, everyone is gathered in dinning room for dinner except Anjali, so she had send HP to call her down.

HP “Maa ji, Anjali Didi said she is having head ache and will have something later and not to disturb her.”

Ratna “Head ache?” she started getting up from her place, Nani “Be seated Ratna, have your dinner and then you can check on her.”

Ratna “Par Maa”

Nani “she is not child Ratna, she said right she does not want to be disturbed. May be she has taken tablet and resting. After having your dinner, take something for her.”

Maami “Haan jiji, you please sit down and have your food.” she then glanced at Maama ji “Will you like to take some paneer sabji?” seeing him not having it.

Maama ji “Give me some, and also a roti” placing some of the sabji and a roti to his plate.

Ratna “Arey betiya why are you not having gravy? It is nice. Try it.” she looked at Khushi, who gazed back at her and hesitantly lifted the spoon to take some from the dish.

Arnav stopped her, puting his hand gently on hers and said “Maa Khushi does not like brijan.”

Ratna “Oh!!!”

Abhay “awe, see how he knows Khushi beta likes and dislikes. So sweet haina. Taking care of each and everything about her.”

Arnav “Dad!!!”

Maama ji “Aur nahiin toh kya, till year before we thought humara Arnav bitwa is a Robot but then you at least confirmed you are normal. But now see what we came to know Arnav bitwa such a joru ka ghulam.”

Abhay and Maama ji openly laughed, Ratna, Maami, and Nani giggled. Khushi could only look down at her plate blushing, Arnav sat embarrassed. But then replied back slowly “So, I learned from the best.”

Nani “Accha?”

Arnav “Haan, don’t you think Dada-Dadi, you and Nana, Maa-Dad, Maami-Maama have set examples for us newbie. And I am just following you guys.”

All looked at him open mouth, Abhay and Maama ji mock glared at him, Maami, Ratna biting their lip from smiling. Nani chuckled.

Maama ji “Whatever you say but the truth is Ranjha is nothing in front of you bitwa.”

Abhay “How did you ever kept it hidden behind that poker face of your’s all these years?”

Maami ji imitated “I’m Arnav Singh Raizada. What the..Aman, can’t you do one thing properly. I’ll fire you Aman next time.”

Ratna “True I even feared my bitwa has became so temparamental person. He had changed so much when he came from US after finishing his master degree. Yes with year he had become silent brooding type but even then he had been soft but when he came back I thought his soul has been taken by Hitler. HP and OP too started fearing him. Ask them. Masking ASR before the world you had started masking before us too.”

She challenged him, Abhay “and now we can see little of our real chotte.”

Nani “and it is all because of Khushi betiya." smiling at her lovingly. All agreed with her beaming at Khushi. But Khushi just want to be somewhere than here at the moment. She is too shy. Arnav smirked, only if they know, it is only for Khushi, it has always been for Khushi.








Later that night,

Arnav Khushi, walked in the garden holding hand’s. No talk, only silence. Each simply happy to be with the other, savoring the moment.

Showing a small building at one end of the garden “that is our out house.” she looked at the building, he added “would you like to see inside?”

Nodding her head “Ji”

Putting his hand around her shoulder, he led her to the outhouse.


Arnav and Khushi startled looked at the little girl around the age of 7 or 8 coming out of one of the bush, laughing and saying “Dar gaye…..bhaiya dar gaye”

Coming out of his shock “Charu what are you doing here?”

Charu coming to stand before him “I saw you coming so hid here.”

“But what are you doing outside? You should be in home sleeping. It is late. Don’t you have school tomorrow?”

Charu “I sneaked out of home”

Arnav kneeling before her “too bad Charu, your mama and papa will be angry.”

Pouting she replied “Amma is busy with Babu. Baba is with HP and OP uncle.”

Arnav sighed, he glanced at Khushi and introduced “She is Charu, our garnderner Ram Singh’s daughter, and Babu is one and half yr old brother of hers.” and patting Charu’s cheek “and this is Khushi, your bhabi”

Charu peeked at Khushi shyly, she knows her Arnav bhaiya is married to her, She had seen their wedding but this is the first time she is meeting her bhaiya’s wife personally. Khushi smiled, she too kneeling before her “So Charu is bored.”

Nodding her head she replied “Yes, very much. Nobody is telling me story. How can I sleep? So came out to play. I love playing in the swing.”

Pulling her cheek “So sweet, but Charu, what will your mama and papa will feel when they don’t find you before them? It is late night. They will be worried and scared. Thinking all the bad things. Do you want to make them worried.”

Shaking her head “Nahiin…..but Amma and Baba are always busy. No one cares for me anymore.”

Khushi pulling her close “That is not true, your brother is so small and he cannot say anything or understand so they are giving extra care for him. But they love you too as much as they love him. Charu is all grown up na so they know Charun understands that they love her. And Babu too needs his big sister to protect him.”

Charun “haan he is so small” nodding her head “you are right bhabi. I’m big girl. I’ll protect my brother.”

Hitting her forehead with hers lightly she replied “Good.”

Arnav “Now come we will leave you till your home.” Arnav and Khushi got up, he took hold of Charu’s one hand, and Charu held on to Khushi with one hand. Walking silently to the servant quarter at the end of Raizada land.

Stopping near the building, Arnav “Now go inside.”

Charu turned to them, and said “Okay, but will you bring me lot of chocolates.”

Flickering her nose “I’ll get you tomorrow. Now be a good girl and go inside.”

Nodding her head she turned to Khushi “Arnav bhaiya brings us lot of chocolates.” Khushi smiled patting her cheek, Charu added “And Akash bhaiya always plays with us. I miss him.” Arnav gulped hearing her sad voice, he is missing his brother too. Khushi held his hand and squeezed gently understanding. Arnav bending down on eye level to Charu “I know, and he will be back soon.”

Charu brightened “Sachii, I’ll tell Sachin, Vinay, Paru, Bunty. They will be so happy.” she hugged him “thank you so much bhaiya.”

Giving a peck on her forehead, he pushed her gently towards the house saying “Gud night.”

Charu smiled staying, kissing him on his cheek she wished him, and pulled Khushi’s hand to bend her to her level, dropping a kiss on her cheek “I like you. Gud Night Bhabi” laughing she ran towards her house.

Khushi smiled looking at her, and then turned her attention towards her husband. Today she got to witness another side of him. Sensing her gaze on him he turned to her, raising his eyebrows in question. Shaking her head at him “Chalein, bahut der ho chuki hai.”

He grinned “So eager huh? Ah… already we have wasted enough time. Chalo….chalo…”

She gasped “Arnav ji” looking around. He laughed “What? I’m just saying we should sleep early, we have to visit the temple early morning na. What did you think?”

Punching his arm lightly “Aap bhi na”

Putting an arm around her shoulder’s he walked her to their house. Arnav “Waise I’ll not mind if you demand it from me Khushi”

“Arnav ji……..”

“Sachii, in fact I’ll be very happy.”

“You… are bes****.”

“Tumhare liye…..sirf tumhare liye. Now when I’ve beautiful wife in my life you cannot blame me haan. What can I do? If I cannot think anything else beyond loving you.”

She blushed, hiding her face in his chest. Smirking he lifted her making her gasp in surprise, taking one of the staircase leading directly to his private pool and room.




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