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Feb 2, 2018

SS~Dhadkan!!! 01/02/18 (By Sviji) (Thanked: 235 times)






“Seriously ASR you agreed to marry that girl. What the hell had happened to you?”

Arnav looked up from his laptop to his fuming friend, Akshay “Anjali Di said you said yes to aunty ji. But yaar don’t you think you are doing suicide. Where are you and where is that girl?”

“What is wrong in her?”

Akshay exclaimed “For the start she is fat. There are many girls out there dying for you. Take Lavanya for that, she is slim and ****y. Any guy would wish for her in their life and here you have said No to her and said yes to this behenji. Who does not even have looks to contribute?”

Arnav sighed “She is not, check your eyes Akshay. She is not a stick nor she is fat, she is just bubbly.”

His friend looked at him perplexed, Arnav “The zero size girl whom you think would make perfect for me are just sticks for me. She is good when comes to modelling my designed clothes but not well enough when it comes to being a perfect wife.” Giving a smile at his confused friend he said further “But Khushi aisi nahiin hain. It is in the eyes of beholder and for me Khushi is the most beautiful girl. Aur waisi bhi I’m not marrying for my mother. I said yes because I had always liked Khushi from childhood days.”

His friend uttered an Oh, sighing in defeat he said “Sorry I believed you were being forced.” His gaze went to Anjali standing at the door who fuming left from there having heard of their conversation.

“It is okay. I know Di wanted me to give Lavanya a chance and she does not agree with my decision to marry Khushi but I think she will come around in time.” And Akshay really doubted that knowing well how much Anjali hates the certain Khushi Gupta. He had seen in it her eyes. Even if he have his doubt on Arnav’s choice of bride but he will believe his word.





One month later,

Closing his room door, locking it he turned to look at his bride waiting for him. Khushi shivered in nervousness. Arnav took his sweet time gazing at her in hurry to move. Others may be doubtful of his choice but his heart knows it always has been Khushi for him. Is it not why he had promised her he will be the one marrying her and only he will be her husband and no else.


Khushi “huh? You cannot give me pappi like this.”

Arnav “Accha Kyun? I’ll give you lot more pappi’s and you cannot stop me.”

Khushi “I’ll complain to mumma”

Arnav “Go then”

Khushi looked at him frowning, Arnav “you cannot Khushi” followed by a peck on her cheek, Khushi is so annoyed at him, her eyes turned moist, she replied in anger “You are doing wrong. Only my husband has rights to give me pappi. Samjhe”

He grinned “And only I’ll be your husband samjhi.” Giving another pappi on her cheek, flickering her nose, he left leaving behind Khushi stunned.


Arnav shaked his head coming out of the past memory, he had been 21 then and she 17. Before leaving for US for his higher studies he had gone to meet Khushi. No one knew he had went to Lucknow and he did not inform anyone of his one day trip. He had went to her home when saw her coming out. Following her he had reached mandir. As she completed her prayers he took hold of her hand startling her and taken to nearby garden (nearby her home). It was then not able to control himself he had hugged her and kissed her (Cheek) annoying her. One of the cherished memory he will always adore in his heart.

Khushi gulped as he walked towards her, clutching her lehenga in a fist she waited with thudding heart. The wait was not too long as he sat before her and unveiled her face removing her ghungat. Arnav smiled as took her hand in his sensing her nervousness, gently caressing them he asked huskily completely throwing her off “So can I give you pappi now?”

Confused hazel eyes met his molten ones, he added further “now since I’m your husband, I can give you pappi and much more, right.” She shivered at the intensity in his eyes, he urged in his husky voice “Kyun Khushi, haina” her eyes lowered in shyness, her cheeks became red, Arnav cupped her face “will you let me Khushi?” she did not raise her eyes but slightly nodding her head gave her assent. It was what Arnav needed as he reduced the distance between them. Their heart thudded as their lips met. Starting their life in a blissful note as the two soul become one.







“I still can’t believe ASR choose that girl over me.” Gulping her drink, she looked at Anjali upset with everything happened. Anjali stared at the dark liquid as her mind played Arnav’s word.

“Di. I know you don’t believe it but I’m saying truth, no one forced me. In fact you know who Mom’s first choice was.” Anjali had looked away then, knowing well whom he is referring to and even then it was him who rejected in the past.

Arnav “You would always wonder why I’m so eager to meet Dada and Dadi in Lucknow. It is because I would get to see Khushi. Di, she was only four year old when she came in my life and I did not even know when she became my life. Khushi is my choice Di.”

And she still could not accept her brother will fall for someone like Khushi. More than disbelief, her ego hurt. She had always been proud Arnav would never say no to her but he not only rejected her choice (Lavanya) for him but had gone and married to that good for nothing girl. And he cannot see anything or anyone beyond that girl. Until Khushi came in picture she had thought only she has priority in his life but she is so wrong.

Was it always like that? Or the changes happened now? Or maybe she had been too blind to see the truth?

So, Anjali Raizada hates the girl for taking away her brother from her.


Next Update: An OS, more like a pre-qeul leading to Arnav and Khushi marriage.

For reference Khushi would be looking like this.

Okay, I know I have lot of stories still left in-complete. I really wish to write it but I'm having writer's block on those stories. Need little time to get back into it. 

First come first I would like to finish of the Two shorts and SS before diving into my FF's. 

Many of you have even forgot the story and I don't know how many are still out there who followed it. I'm really sorry from my side due to circumstances I could not continue writing and posting my stories.

I'm stressed about lot of things lately and ArShi are one of my stress buster.

This was one of the concept running on my mind quite sometime. This will be updated every Tuesday and Friday. So I would have time to visit cafe and you will have your time to read.

I do hope people still wish to read my stories.

I still could not make up my mind whether to continue posting it here or in FB. For now I am posting in here and as well as in Facebook.

Depends upon the response I'll make my final decision. But truth to be told I would like to continue in my face book page.

So Guys, let me know how is it? and if you have any doubts regarding my old stories please read the note written in red above. I'll not leave them in-complete but I'll need time to sort everything out. For now, this SS is for you and myself.

Will be waiting for your reviews. Do let me know yaaron. And please at least Thank you button silent readers.



Jun 5

Part 1 is up (By Sviji) (Thanked: 199 times)

Note: Reader's if you are new to this SS, I've written prelude to this story, an OS divided in three parts. The OS is all about Arnav realizing his love to his marriage with Khushi.

Will be posted soon.............

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Part 2!!! 15/06/18 (By Sviji) (Thanked: 184 times)

Will be reposted soon...............

Jun 27

Part 3 is up (By Sviji) (Thanked: 174 times)

Will be posted soon............

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