OS - Jab Tum Hote Ho!

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Jan 28, 2018

OS - Jab Tum Hote Ho! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 99 times)

"Khushi tomorrow is Valentine's Day!!" a girl sat on the sofa excitedly.

"Hmm.." Khushi smiled nodding, "What's your boyfriend doing for you?!"

"He said its a surprise and I'm so excited.." said Priya, Khushi's chirpy and bubbly friend, "Forget about me, tell me if your Arnav ji was here, what would he do for you?"

"Arnav ji.." Khushi's eyes twinkled in happiness after hearing his name, if only his name give her this much happiness, then what would his presence do?!

Priya nodded her head smiling.

"Kuch nahin.." Khushi replied giggling.

"Hawww why is that?" Priya face fell hearing Khushi's this reply. She expected Khushi to start her praise speech of her husband, but didn't expect she would say "Nothing" for someone she worships as her everything. Doesn't he love her the same way she does?

"Hey don't start thinking too much! Arnav ji loves me the same way I do, difference is that he doesn't express his feelings like I do.." Khushi said reading Priya's expression.

"Arnav ji thinks all this is rubbish! One doesn't need a day to express love to their loved ones.. And I would get very angry and upset with him all day, at the end of the day he would feel guilty for spoiling my day and would pluck one rose from his garden to give it to me.. Let me remind you that he hates to pluck his flowers or spoil his plants but he would do it for me.. See how much he loves me.." Khushi said with moist eyes which she quickly covered with a beautiful angelic smile.

"Wow so deep is his love for you! And yours for him.. I wish you hadn't sacrificed so much for his sister, then you both would be happily with each other.." Priya said.

"One day we'll be together again but I don't want to him to suffer while trying to balance me and his Di in his life.. I know how it's difficult for him.." Khushi said.

"So you just back off! Why? Couldn't his sister understand that he's married and stop trying to interfere in your marriage life? Why did you have to leave him?!" Priya asked annoyed.

"Priya at that time I didn't want to fight to get him, I didn't want the family to break because of me, I didn't want Arnav ji to stress himself in trying to love me, and care for his Di.." Khushi said while tears left her eyes, only she knows how difficult it was for her to leave her husband.

"Sorry Khushi.. I'm really sorry, I really love you both, but I hate that Anjali.. She's responsible for all this, if she was selfless like you then today you would be with your Arnav ji, your family and everyone happy!!" Priya said pouting and left running from there before Khushi could give her a long lecture. For her Anjali is wrong and will always be, no matter how much Khushi explain to her the reason why Anjali behaved like that.

Khushi shook her head, and switched off the TV heading to her room.

She leaned on the bed headboard staring at the stars from her the window of her room.

She smiled remembering of much she and Arnav love to gaze at stars..

"It's going to be the worst Valentine's Day without you Arnav ji.. I won't hear you complaining about how much everyone is fool to only show love in one day and rest of the year fighting with the person they love.. I won't be able to be upset with you.. And you won't wake me up at night to gift me a rose!!" she thought sadly.

Her phone rang catching her attention, she quickly composed herself and picked it up.

"Hello!" she said waiting for the person at the other side to speak.

"I love you!" came the reply whose owner had a husky voice that made her blush immediately.

"Arnav ji!! Hello ka reply hello hota hai.. I love you Nahin.." she said giggling.

"Arnav Singh Raizada doesn't like to waste time, I go directly to the point. Everyday I call you to say how much I love you.. I won't waste time to say hello, how are you and bla bla bla.." he said smirking.

"Acha? What if I'm sick? You don't have time to ask me how I'm?" she smirked back.

"What? Khushi are you ok? Are you sick?" he asked worriedly.

"I love you too.." she replied smiling.

"Khushi I'm asking you something. Answer me dammit.." he gritted his teeth.

"Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada also doesn't have time to waste on hello, how are you and all.. Directly to the point!" she said. "Khushi!!!" Arnav rolled his eyes.

"I'm joking baba!! I'm perfectly fine.." she said.

"Fine without me?!" he asked.

She gulped the tears that were threatening to leave her eyes.

"But I'm really happy that tomorrow is Valentine's Day and I won't hear your complaints about me being unromantic.." he said.

"You can say anything you want to me, but you can't lie to me Arnav ji.. You're going to miss me the most tomorrow.." she said smiling.

"Trust me I won't Khushi.. I won't.." he said.

That pricked her heart, did he forgot her so easily? Was she really a trouble for him? Was he relieved that she won't be there for him?!

"Bye Khushi.. It's late, you should sleep.." he said.

Khushi nodded and hang up the call.

She laid on her bed and finally tears left her eyes wetting the pillow.

Khushi.. Please don't leave me.. I will make everything fine..

Arnav ji everyone is upset because of me.. Di's health is deteriorating because of me.. I don't want to break this family.. No one is happy with me..

Please Khushi don't go! Think about me for once.. I love you dammit..

Okay fine, choose between me and Di? Will you be able to? Because Di is never going to accept me, and you will always be torn in between us.. Di is threatening to leave this house if I don't go away from your lives Arnav ji.. I can handle myself, but will she be able to? Will you be able to let her go?! Nahin na, at last I will have to be separated from you..

I will make Di understand Khushi.. Please don't go..

Arnav please try and understand that no one likes me in this house, everything is becoming suffocating for me to bear their taunts, Di ignoring me and blame me for her husband's betrayal, to see you trying to solve this mess but everything ends up the same.. I don't want to live like this, you mean a lot to me and because of me you and your family are suffering.. I should leave!

Khushi no!

Let me go.. If you love me like I do, then please do this for me..

His hand unwillingly left hers, and tears made way to their cheeks..


Sun rays peeking in her room, and she unwillingly opened her eyes to see a bright day ahead. A day filled with Love!!

Arnav.. The meaning of love in her life click in her mind automatically.. Love means Arnav.. Arnav means Love.. For her!!

She pulled the blanket away, but something red caught her attention on the bed. It was a Rose! The same Rose Arnav gift to her on Valentine's Day!

There a card attached to the rose, and she happily and excited like a kid took the card in her hand reading it aloud.

"Stop thinking about me! Will you? (Khushi pouted) See I'm sure you only noticed this rose after thinking about me, and right now you didn't notice the state of your room! Check it.." she looked around her room and gasped shocked.

Her room was all over decorated with flowers, it could easily be compared to a flower shop!!

She blinked her eyes coming out of shock, and soft smile made her way to her lips.

Her phone rang, she quickly picked it up: Arnav ji..

"I love you!" he said smiling, "Didn't I say to you that today you won't miss me?! Because I'm near you Khushi, you need not to miss me.."

"Kya? Are you here Arnav ji? Where?" she looked around the room smiling curiosily.

"If you want to meet me, go and fresh up like a good girl first.." he said and she nodded her head, and rushed to the bathroom side to get ready for him.


"Priya.. Priya.." she shouted around the living room.

"Haan Khushi what happened? Tell me do I look good today?" Priya twirled slowly showing Khushi her new red dress.

"Hmm.. You're looking beautiful as always.. Priya didn't anyone come?!" Khushi asked.

"No, I didn't hear anyone knocking the door.. Are you waiting for someone? OMG you're betraying Jiju.." Priya widened her eyes.

Khushi smacked her shoulders, "Shup Pagli.."

Suddenly both heard sound of whistle.

Priya and Khushi ran outside the house, and Khushi stood numb to react at the scene in front of her.

Her Arnav ji was standing at the courtyard with kids and as they saw her, they started dancing on Dhinka chika steps!

Arnav looked cute with his hands on his pocket doing the step perfectly even more than Salman.

Priya patted her back jumping excitedly after seeing it's her Jiju dancing with the kids only for Khushi.

While Khushi was stuck in gazing at her husband only.

He stopped dancing ruffling the kid's hair smiling, and then ran to his Khushi.

"Happy Valentine's Day... My love.." he said brushing his nose with hers.

Priya went like "Aww", Khushi widened her eyes seeing him so unlike ASR.

She patted his cheeks softly, "What happened to you?!"

"Be prepared for more Jaan! Because today not ASR, but your Arnav ji is standing in front of you.." he said raising his RED shirt collar with a smirk.

"So Valentine's Day isn't yours only Khushi .. It's mine also!! Don't you think you should do something for me?" he asked.

"What?" she asked.

Arnav smiled, "For gifting you that rose.. A kiss here on my forehead.."

Khushi smiled blushing, she cupped his face and kissed him softly on his forehead.

"For dancing on Salman's steps.. A kiss on my left cheek.." he said.

Khushi kissed his left cheek without complaining about the people watching them, she cared less today. She missed him so much, that today only he mattered!


"Arnav ji can I open my eyes now?" Khushi asked pouting, he was holding her hand guiding her.

"Patience Khushi.. Didn't you learn to have it?" he asked while helping her cross the road.

"Do you have it?" she asked sarcastically.

Arnav chuckled, "Because I'm not ASR today, I will let you win!"

Khushi smiled and he asked her to open her eyes.

They reached to a dhaba decorated with white and red balloons which the kids were playing with it.

Khushi had a huge smile visualizing the place how it was, she was sure Arnav was behind this.

He made her sit on a chair and ordered food for both, everything Khushi's favorite.

"How do you know my favorite dishes Arnav ji?" Khushi asked surprised, does he even pay attention to this?

"I know you more than you know yourself! And everything related to you, I know it in details.." he said.

Khushi lowered her eyes not able to meet his intense ones, her cheeks turned to red color matching his shirt color.

The food arrived some minutes later, and Arnav feed Khushi lovingly, she also feed him to which he accepted without whining.

Khushi had so much to tell him, so she kept chatting with him and blabbering her things nonstop to him.

He kept listening with all the patience all her crazy stuff, if it was ASR, he would have asked her to shut up long ago.

But today is the Day to make her feel special, so let her be herself!

Khushi stopped talking after seeing him only staring at her with a smile on his lips.

"Arnav ji.." she called him, "Why are you looking at me like this?"

"Tu Itni Khoobsurat Hai, Fida Deedaar Pe Tere (You’re so beautiful, I lose myself when I see You)... Tere Bina, Jeena Pade, Woh Pal Mujhe Na De (Don’t give me those moments in which I have to live without You)" he sang for her with his charming smile.

Suddenly it started raining, everyone stood up and started running here and there to hide from the rain.

Only Khushi and Arnav stayed at the dhaba.

Khushi was twirling with open arms enjoying the rain drops on her face.

And Arnav was only staring at her, "How lucky is this rain, getting to touch you without permission while I'm yearning to touch you and have you close to me.."

Khushi opened her eyes slowly, and giggles softly: Jealous of the rain?

Arnav pouted and nodded his head like cute school boy!

Khushi threw herself on him hugging him tightly, "Now I'm close to you!"

He hugged her back smiling, and everyone stopped to clap their hands for the cute couple.


Khushi waited for him in the car, she wonder what's Arnav still doing in the dhaba.

That's when she saw him coming back, with a box in his hand. He opened his car door and got inside.

"Why did you took time? See how you're drenched now.. You will get sick Arnav ji.." Khushi scolded him, while wiping his wet hair with her duppata.

"I bought jalebis for you!" he said showing it to her.

Her eyes shine in happiness, he didn't forget her favorite jalebis also..

Khushi pulled him into a tight hug again, whispering a thank you to him.

He took her to a long drive and Khushi was relishing her jalebis enjoying her time with her husband.

"Do you plan to spend all day with me?" Khushi asked.

Arnav looked at her, he kissed the corner of her lips tasting her jalebi, "Yes.. Any problem?!"

Khushi blushed at his first act of kissing her without any warning!!

Then she squealed in happiness after getting to know Arnav ji is hers for one whole day!!


It was a beautiful night filled with stars in the sky, Arnav and Khushi were gazing at the stars together sat on his car's bonnet.

He was protectively cuddling to her, and she rested her head on his shoulder playing with his fingers.

"Thank you Arnav ji! This is indeed one of the best days in my life.." she said.

"No need of thank you!! And I already said to you that this is not your day, it's mine also.." he said.

Khushi faced him with a smile on her face, "Oh I forgot.."

She kissed his right cheek, "This is for having lunch with me..", kissed his nose, "For taking me to a long drive..", placed a wet kiss on his left eye, "For gifting me a especially designed by ASR sari!", another kiss on his right eye, "For bearing Salman's movie with me at cinema..", kissed his earlobe, "For confessing your love for me in that restaurant we had dinner at..".

"Ohho .. Jaldi yahan (fast here)" Arnav pouted pointing to his lips.

Khushi laughed at his face.

"You did so many special things for me Arnav ji!! I cannot even count them.." she said honestly.

"But you deserve this.." she kissed his whole face multiple times giggling.

Arnav smiled receiving so much love from his wife was making him blush! Thank God he was Arnav ji today and not ASR.

"And most importantly You made me feel special Arnav ji!" she said.

And placed her lips on his without any warning like he did with her, pulling him to a long and passionate kiss.

She rested her head on his chest blushing after the kiss, Arnav wrapped his arms around her waist resting his chin on her head.

"Arnav ji I want to sing for you! Can I?" she asked.

Arnav hmm-ed giving her the permission to go ahead.

"Aati Hai Saans Mein Saans (I heave a sigh of relief) Jab Tum Hote Ho, Jab Tum Hote Ho (When You are present) Main Jeeti Hoon Mere Pass (I breathe and I'm alive).." Khushi sang, closing her eyes enjoying his touch, his smell and his breath!! She knew he would go away now and this wouldn't last for long.

" Mera Hasna Pagal Jaisa (I laugh like crazy) Mera Rona Badal Jaisa (I cry like a rainfall) Sab Lagta Hai Mujhe Khaas (I find everything special) Jab Tum Hote Ho, Jab Tum Hote Ho (When You are present)" Arnav tightened his grip on her, his eyes moistened hearing her, through this song she pleaded his presence in her life something she couldn't say with words!

"Rehte Ho Hothon Pe, Zikr Ban Ke (You are like a mention on my lips) Dil Mein Ho Tum Hi, Fikr Ban Ke (You are like a worry in my heart) Tumse Hi Toh Mila, Pyaar Saara (You’ve given me all the love in the world) Kya Mujh Mein Hai Mera, Sab Tumhara (Nothing inside me is mine, it’s all Yours)" Khushi stopped singing with a broken voice, she cried on his chest.

"Mera.. (sobs) .. Mera.." she tried to sing but couldn't go on now, giving up she cried bitterly hiding her face on chest.

Arnav patted her back softly, "Shh.. Stop crying Jaan..it's okay.."

"I.. miss.. You Arnav ji.." Khushi said sobbing, "I wish time could stop and I live these moments with you forever.."

"Let's go.." he said patting her back to calm her down.

"Where?" she asked wiping her tears.

"My last surprise for you!!" he said.

"I'm tired Arnav ji.. How many surprises did you plan today?" she asked pouting.

"Sanka Devi.." he shook his head smiling, then kissed her forehead closing his eyes, "It's the last one.. I promise!"


The car came to halt in front of Raizada mansion, Khushi looked at him confused.

"Why are we here?!" Khushi asked.

Arnav didn't reply, he just got out the car and went to her side opening the door, he took her in his arms.

Khushi gasped, she circled her arms around his neck for support.

They entered in RM, and Khushi was shyly asking Arnav to let her down but he didn't want to.

"Your wish was that we live our moments forever na, so I'm fulfilling it.." he said.

"Hello hi bye bye.. You brought this girl back home.." they heard a voice from the living room.

Arnav turned to his family, who were glaring at Khushi not happy that she came back.

"I don't want to hear anything regarding my decision. Khushi is my wife, and a wife always stay with her husband and not away from him! Whoever has problems with my wife staying here, can leave this house. But she won't go anywhere away from me now for those person who don't even acknowledge the sacrifice she did to unite this family.." he said, and left from there with his wife only staring at him intensely.

And left everyone in the living room shocked.


"Arnav ji why did you talk with elders like that?! And why did you told them to leave and all this?" Khushi asked as soon as he walked out of the bathroom.

"Because I'm your Arnav ji now, not anyone Chote, Arnav bitwa, Bhai or whatever.. With that right, I took you back home and you can't refuse it now Khushi.. Promise me like last time you won't leave me and you won't let me stop you.." he asked like a kid.

"Promise.." she said. Her Laad governor is really smart, he choose a day where she couldn't break his heart!

"Arnav ji.." Khushi jumped to his lap when he sat on the bed. He circled his arms around her waist gesturing with his eyes for her to go ahead.

"Can I get this Arnav ji everyday instead of ASR?!" she asked excitedly.

"No!! This Arnav ji is only for special days like today.." he said.

Khushi pouted and left him, laying on the bed to sleep.

Arnav chuckled, "Khushi next special day you will get even more sweeter than this Arnav ji.."

Khushi's lips broke into a cute smile, she rested her head on his chest wrapping her arm around his waist.

"Happy Valentine's Day.." she whispered to him.
Hope you all like it :). I actually wrote this having in mind Angelinarshi's os competition but I felt like it didn't go with the rules of competition, so I just wrote it :-D.. But this OS is dedicated to you only @Angelinarshi. Hope youuuuuuu like it..

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