love change everything

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Jan 24

love change everything (By Angle_Arshi) (Thanked: 16 times)


   anjali you are coming along,where is arnav ask akash. He is bit too much! he wouldn't get into a stationary bus. he saying me to go first he will come later said anjali sit in bus seat. we can't stand his mischief! nk said. idle mind is wondering we have come fro his work leaving ours bt he saying he wouldn't get into a stationary bus. where is he now? said shyam and look outside.

     suddenly arnav coming running to catch bus he catches it bus nd get inside the bus he went to back of bus seat nd sit on the iron pipe


Does he know where we go now said akash. why should he know all that nk looked akash and said.look where he is sitting said shyam. suddenly arnav phone start to ringing. they turn and looked arnav bt arnav not pick up his call.

tell him his phone is ringing akash said to anjali. anjali turn look arnav and said your phone is ringing! should one tell you this also? arnav take his phone out from pant pocked and answer  the call and throw to akash and said it is from dad akash catch the phone  and said hello... in phone it's me talking come voice others said akash again said hello... dad. i'm arnav dad speaking again come voice other side akash take phone quickly from his ear and shout can't you tell me it is your dad. arnav looking outside not caring about anything. in phone hello... hello.... aenav dad said. akash gave the phone to anjali and said arnav's dad speaking. anjali take phone from akash hand nd keep on her ear nd said dad

dad : it is anjali

anjali :ys

dad :are you traveling?

anjali : ys dad

dad : where to?

anjali :we are going regarding his interview

dad : it is in delhi

anjali :ys dad. we are going to meet a madam of ours

dad : any recommendation?

anjali : ys. monday is  the interview

dad :will he get the jib?

anjali : definitely this time

dad : i hope there will not be any problem this time?

anjali : nothing like that

dad : where is he?

anjali : he is here only 

dad : is he?

anjali : want to talk?

dad : later

          ok dad said anjali hang up the call nd take deep breath. bus stop in bus stationary

nk get up and said come man. others get down the bus bt arnav still on bus then anjali turn and said to arnav you wouldn't ender a stationary bus won't you get down from a stationary one? come. shyam said to others come fast folks. arnav get up and went.when he is going to get down the bus he froze on sport

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Jan 25

(part 2) love change everything (By Angle_Arshi) (Thanked: 10 times)

He froze on sport



He saw a beautiful figure bt he can't see her face. She was facing to the other side.she turns back suddenly with a smile on her face. In her smile he forget all about him. That smile can forget all the pains



     They went some distance and turn nd look back arnav. They found him in lost in thought. Akash called him bt he was still in a state of lost anjali said you all are stay here I will come back with arnav. She goes to arnav



        Anjali snapped her hand to his face bring him to reality where you lost?, what are you looking at? She look around nd ask won't you come with me? Come. He looked back at her bt he could not find her in the place. She left the place. Anjali pulled him away nd went. He again looked back nd went with them

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Jan 26

(part 3) love change everything (By Angle_Arshi) (Thanked: 13 times)

On way to the road his memories whole on that girl, he don't know where he was going

They are a went inside home. One man came ad said you're all are sitting here mam will come now. I will bring something to drink for you all. No ,thanks for asking anjali said.suddenly mam come down and stand infront.they also stand then anjli look arnav and saw he sitting on the sofa lost in thought keep his plam on his cheek. Anjali show it with her eyes to akash look back arnav.akash first get Confuse he then turned look back nd saw arnav sitting on the sofa lost in thought.he rolled his eyes and he slowly slapped on his shoulder. Arnav looked him nd ask with hi eyes what?. Akash show him with his eyes look over there. Arnav looked the direction where akash showed him. He straightway get up from sofa and standed

Anjali : hello mam

Mam : hello anjali, who is here arnav

BT he didn't not answer any question he was standing there with on movement. All of them looked him they wondering what happened to him today. Anjali looked mam and said he is arnav. Then again mam asked what are you studied?

Bt again no answer. Then anjali side he also our batch madam.OK ,we will see you on Monday bye take Care said mam. Ok, mam bye side anjali look arnav and said come let's go.akash pulled him said where are you lost come let's do man. They went home.



 Arnav went to his room and lying on the bed.he close his eyes her face,her smile again come in front of him. With a smile on his face he closed his eyes to sleep dreami about her.


    Next day morning

He is dreaming in sleep about her with a smile on his lip


       They are ready to go out.shyam noticed arnav was not even seen in morning. Then he thought to ask them then he ask where is arnav? From in the morning no where to see him?. I am also didn't noticed, where he is? Said anjali. I am thinking he his still sleeping said nk. What ??? Anjali asked I told him to yesterday night wake up in early morning bt he still sleeping said anjai

Come let's go and wake him up. Wait.. Wait I have idea said akash.nk ask what?

Today we will wake him up different way. How asked shyam. You're going to see what I am going to do, come let's go said akash

They open his room door and ender inside and went near to his bed. They are saw him sleeping on the bed. A smile blooming on his lip.akash 

Look around and saw mugfull of water on kept on the table. He take the mug and splash on arnav. Arnav wake up from his dream he sit on the bed. He first word come out from his mouth WHAT THE...

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