Eternal love

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Jan 19, 2018

Eternal love (By Spriya) (Thanked: 80 times)

1# Shocked Family

"Di, where are you going at this time? You know aakash marriage rituals will start soon, you would be needed there" Arnav stopped anjali who was ready to step into the car.

"I know chote. One of my brother was getting married and I want to thank God. Moreover I need to pray for your betterment" She stated fondly.

Arnav whined "Di..I have everything whatelse I need"

"Not everything chote. Still few things are missing, I know you realize what I mean. Don't prolong it more than required else it'll slip like a sand. And there's no use of crying over after that" She said affectionately

And like she said arnav grasped what she meant. Who else better than them know about time. They seen the cruelty of life within few minutes when their parents died. Happy in their bubbling world they hadn't realized there was a storm coming on their way which will turn their lives upside down and the ever chirpy anjali would experience depression and the introvert boy who stepped on his teen will be pushed to be a man in few days more than earlier.

"Chotte...Come to earth" Anjali giggled guessing her brother's thought which was quite opposite of what she thought.

"Ok then, come I'll accompany you" Arnav said gently holding her arms.

Anjali smiled gratefully, who else get the world's best brother like him. For world he is ruthless, cold hearted business man but for her, her chotte who was still her first child, who hears each and every **** of her even if he dislike that thing the most, who love her even more than anyone did, who does each and every thing she orders. Still now she pestered him for various matters he did everything without fail, yeah he sulk sometimes.. likewise she wish a thing now which will bring happiness to his life.

All of sudden, she grimaced rubbing her head with her palms and whined "Don't know why this head is paining suddenly"

Arnav hands circled her shoulders without delay in panic "Di.. What happened? Wait let me call the doctor... First sit inside the car di.." ordering her in concern he made her sit in the passenger seat while she bit her tongue on her foolish plan. He may be shrwed in business but not in the matter of heart nor in the emotional front where he can't even predict his di's fake illness.

"No.." She shrieked in horror and then she changed her expression when he throws a weird gaze. 

"Are you alright?" He frowned blinking.

"Haan..Yeah..It's just a normal headache. I'll be okay if I take rest but...." She trailed down pressing her head more to make him believe.

"Di..What is it? Come I'll drop you at room" He held her hands to help her. She halted him "Someone should complete the pooja, I arranged in the temple. It's important..Can... You?" She asked hopefully.

He thinned his lips not answering her. 

"Please...For me..." She pouted trying to melt him.

He nods having no other chance to escape, after all his di asked something, how could he deny then?

Anjali smiled in glee forgetting her earlier headache which was not in the first place.

"Take Khushiji with you, she'll be helpful and She know these pooja stuffs..haan.." She said as she stepping down from the car.

"Ok, I'll pick her from her home. Happy now" He said rather irritatedly than ecstatic which she expected.

"It's getting late for pooja. I'll be fine, you go chotte.." She literally pushed him into the car closing the door.

"Don't forget to pick Khushiji" She shouted and sighed dejectedly seeing the speeding car 'When will you bring my bhabhi home chotte and Moreover when will you accept your feelings?'

While she's in her own land worrying for her chotte life, there on the other side on her room shyam smiled in victory.

"By now, ranisahiba would be travelling in that speeding car which will run towards its destination without a pause taking her to heaven. Tch..Tch...Poor ranisahiba... World's most pampered dumbest glass doll will breath her last minute in that luxurious car...Then she'll be out, Khushiji will be in... Whole property will be under my name and I'll throw all the raizada's in roads..Haha..It would be fun to see ASR begging in streets for food and his family shelter..Haha.." Shyam sneered at anjali's photo that was perfectly fixed on the centre of the wall, unaware of a pair of eyes.


"Khushi be ready, I'll be there in few minutes. I need your help" Arnav ordered her lovingly speeding towards her home.

"Why should I?" Khushi recovered from her shock deciding to tease him a bit. These days she doesn't know why she want to tease him and make him jealous. She loves that most, the look on his face whenever nk pester her Khushiji..Khushiji.. she'll die for that look which screams his care and much more than that and she shouldn't dare to decipher.

"For me.." He requested her huskily melting her.

Being drowning in his ever loving husky voice Khushi hmmed...

"Waahh...Seems like Sun rises from west today. Laadgovernor spoke calmly without yelling. Why my heart beat increases whenever I speak to him? Again acidity... Laadgovernor, even with his caring nature he makes me feel all those weird feelings" khushi murmured herself after ending the call.

Adjusting her duppatta she waited for him to pick her. An hour passed, there's no sign of him and his mobile is unreachable. Khushi starts to feel all scary thoughts which confuses her now and then.

'Where would he be? It's nearly going to be an hour'

'Don't panic khushi he must have changed his wheels to office else why would he take an hour to reach here with his not so slow driving'

'Hey devimaiyya, don't let anything happen to him'

'Where are you Arnavji? Why do you always hurt me with one or other way? You're having pleasure seeing me worried for you, haaina... Can't you drop a message if you're going to be late? You did same on that day and you're doing today also... I'll not leave you today..'

Her heart and mind reasoned and heart didn't accept mind reasoning started panicking. Unaware of cascading tears and constant calls from her family members she kept chanting and pestering her devimaiyya to not let anything happen with him.

"Khushi.." Payal shaked her trying to bring her back to sense, but nothing worked.

"What happened to her jiji? Do you remember she cried the same way when her parents died, I am afraid" Garima shared her worry with misted eyes to buaji.

"Haire nandhakis**** what happened to her? Hey..Sankadevi..Sankadevi.." Buaji too shakes her vigorously trying to get her attention.

Payal eyes misted seeing their gestures didn't leave any impact on her.

"Khushi..." Everyone turned towards the source of the voice frowning and their frown turned into shock seeing Arnav at their door step that too with a bandage on his forehead. Before anyone could greet him and worry over him khushi flew like a wind and leaped on his chest with a crash making him astonished. Unlike earlier his arms wrapped around her petite body securing her and his palms travelled back and forth to soothe her anxiety.

Along with him the other three Gupta's stood with open mouth seeing the scene. From past fifteen minutes they are trying their best to bring her back to normal but the minute he called her name, she behaved as if she gained some power and energy.

"You always love to do this, haaina... You always love to worry me... You always love to make me cry... You always made your thoughts occupy my heart and brain... You always do something to trigger me... You always bring those acidity... You always make my heart go dhak dhak either by making me worry like today or by your presence or like that day on diwali or like that day on sangeeth or like that day when you challenged to k..." She gibbered oblivious to her own actions.

Arnav who heard her complains with a sweet smile got alerted when she said diwali night and even more frightened when she was going to blurt out their kiss challenge. Unlike her he was aware of the visitors, so he broke the hug abruptly causing her to halt her blabbering session temporarily.

"Khushi..." He called her in alarm when she was still lost in her thoughts. Thankfully whole family was brought back to earth by his call.

"Haan..." She blinked her eyes as if she was just woke up from her dream that she couldn't pinpoint what is happening.

Arnav sighed visibly while Gupta's reached him pushing back their doubts on khushi behaviour.

"What happened beta/babuwa?" Garima and buaji asked at same time earning an amused expression from him. Surely he got reminded of his di and nani, they both would react the same way as them.

Eventually, khushi got obvious of her surroundings and happenings though her panic still lays there. When her eyes landed on his bandaged forehead she marched forward pushing buaji and Garima aside.

"What happened to you? I know you must have probably hit the car into a tree or car. Who says you to drive fast? Can't you slow down your pace? What's the hurry?" She spoke without pause dragging him inside.

Making him sit on the sofa, she stood in front of him examining the wound. When everytime he lift his head to speak to her she kept pushing his face downwards according to her height and comfort to inspect his wound.

"Wahh, khushi gupta has talent of examining the wounds over the bandage" His mock did gain desire result. She left his head in hurt.

"You're having fun haaina.." A drop of tear left her eyes making its downwards.

Sensing her hurt filled voice he met her eyes directly and nodded no. He don't know how to console her when all he want was to do the same. It seems as if words stuck on his throat when her expectant eyes landed on him.

"Brakes got failed, I somehow escaped with little wound" He found himself replying seeing her crying face.

"Did you visit the doctor?" She asked while his mouth was ready to throw another sneerful remark as his head was already bandaged that means he visited the doctor, but somehow he swallowed it.

He nodded while she flied into kitchen to get something for him. While he turned his gaze to the frozen Gupta's a chuckle escapes his mouth. He knows they're trying to believe what's happening before their eyes. He himself couldn't believe that khushi was behaving openly like this, they're always shown as tom and jerry before them, this sudden concern change was indeed a shock. And he found himself acting and accustomed to khushi's actions instead of throwing tantrums. Maybe the time has come to let his heart to rule his mind.

Coming back with the same speed she thrust a glass in his hands.

"Drink this" She herself guided his hand which had glass to his mouth.

All the time Arnav eyes never left hers. Concern, worry, fear, restlessness and love was clearly readable on her doe shaped eyes which he grasped correctly like always.

His mouth stretch into a wide smile when she wipe his sweat from his chin with her dupatta.

Arnav showed his other side of chin and khushi wiped there too in the same way. Payal dropped the phone in shock which was in her tight grip till now.

They seemed cared less, Arnav who a few seconds before aware of his surroundings become unaware drowning in his love's love filled concern.

"Payaliyaa I think I am hallucinating. Arnav beta and khushi are behaving like a couple" Garima whispered thinking her thoughts made herself hallucinating things. It would be wrong if she lie about them imagining as a couple thinking both sisters will marry into a same family, but seeing their behaviour she buried it on her heart.

"Amma..My eyes also showing the same" Payal whispered back.

Buaji eyes turned out like saucers.

'Can't you drive carefully?' Her eyes accused him wiping the unformed sweat on his cheek.

"What can I do when the brakes are failed?" He voiced out his reply making everyone frown obviously except khushi.

'Won't you check everything before starting the car Mr. Perfect' Her eyes retorted back wiping his juice coated lips.

"Every car was maintained perfectly, I don't know how it happened" He replied making buaji slump down in shock. She thought Arnav was speaking alone when khushi was standing before him silently not knowing their telepathy.

'Then don't held your head high stating you're writing your own destiny when you don't even realise the failed brake of your car' She scoffed checking his hands to find any wounds.


Now other two Gupta's sat in shock hearing Arnav asking sorry. 


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2. Will North and South meet? (By Spriya) (Thanked: 47 times)

#2. Will North and South meet?

"Did I heared it right? Or my ears are ringing in the shock of seeing Arnavji's/Arnav beta's calm posture?" This was the thought running on the would be bride mind and as same with two other elders.

They three stuck their index finger on their respective ears and rubbed them harshly in attempt to clear their misconspection. Still the scene was was same. Khushi fingers rested comfortably on his left arm while he's looking at her without blink.

Confirming they're not hallucinating by pinching themselves and hissed when it pained, they called them.



"Arnav beta..."

"Hey Sankadevi..."

Every calls went on deaf ears. Payal, Garima and buaji shared a knowing glance. They're not blind nor innocent to understand the looks Arnav and khushi share yet they couldn't digest it. They're always north and south. If khushi loves sweet he's allergic to it. If khushi loves chai, he loves black coffee which was blunt according to khushi. If khushi loves to eat on dhabba his preference was always high end air conditioned restaurants. If khushi loves desi he was sophisticated. If khushi loves to talk non stop, he's a complete introvert. If khushi loves simple things, his choices always carries an aura which screams his extravagant. If khushi prefers to walk to reach some destination, he prefers cars or maybe airplanes when khushi loves train. If khushi is aloud which attracts half of the population, his looks and richness appeal everyone. If khushi loves to mingle with everyone he prefers aloof even better he'll escape from there. If khushi was upset she'll do few tonnes of jelabi while he screams at the person's face whoever dare to disturb him. If everyone love to befriend with her, they'll not dare to go near him. From the day khushi met him, all she did was to curse him, chide him, scold him, complain about him, challenged him, standing against his each and every thoughts and decision. And the top priority was own by khushi's friend devimaiyya while he'll never turn towards the direction of the temple. Could these big differences be overlooked? No... But they can't deny the fact that there was some wavelength passing between them. The scene happening before them was evident for that.

Is this called Opposite attracts? Are they both into each other? Can it be possible? Arnav and khushi can't be in the same line or Can they? Is that's why khushi always talk about him? She never talked about shyam like she do about Arnav even before they came to know his true colours. Was that mean she loved him from the start? Is this why she refused for marriage?...

As their thoughts were conversing over the scene unwrapping before them, the sole reason of their thoughts were busy in their own world where everything else was out of their head.

Khushi's eyes fixated on him without blinking, her fingers froze on his arm hearing his sorry.

Why is he saying sorry? For which reason his sorry is valid? For which insult she should consider this sorry? Should it be for his misbehaviour on that night when they meet for first time? Or Should it be for releasing her video on news channels? Or Should it be for sending her into that crumpling building? Or Should it be for every insults he hurl at her whenever chance was given? Or Should it be for making her wait today?

Even if he's sorry for every little thing he had inflicted on her, could she  accept him? Could she forget her torn heart when he was the one who tore it? Could she overcome the insults without keeping it in heart? Could she forget the horrible heart break she had faced on diwali night? Could she let her heart beat and fly again without fearing for rejection? Can she risk her heart again despite knowing there was plentiful options out there for him to hurt her? The answer was a BIG NO... She is not ready to face another heart break and this time it would be more painful and manifolds hundred times than earlier if it breaks again. She can't bear the ruthless ASR once again when she was experiencing a caring, doting Arnav. This time it would be mutual from two sides, she is not going to face another situation like diwali night.  Determined on her thoughts she stepped back making Arnav frown on losing her contact.

Pulling her forward at instant he took her palms and put it on his forehead.

Capturing his thoughts and wish she stubbornly took her hand back with straight face. His frown turned into anger when she refused to look into his eyes.

"Why are you withdrawing back dammit?" He yelled in low voice through his gritting teeth.

"Why did you come here? What help do you want?" She asked without meeting his eyes.

"That was not the answer for my question" He said keeping tab on his anger.

"Even what you said was not an answer to my question" She shrugged her shoulders while her insides are screaming for her stupidity. When everything was going fine what was the need to go back and make it as square one?  

She waited for an outburst but that never came instead she was spun around and went crashed against his chest. She placed her palms on his sides to balance herself with her dilated eyes. She never thought he would do something like this in the hall. Gasps echoed on the hall.

Damn.. They're standing in the hall. Anyone can come in at any time. Wait, buaji, amma and jiji was standing here when he arrived isn't it... She thought racking her brain and it took no time for her to gasp when realisation dawn on her. Her hug, her banter, her pushing them away and behaved as if he only exist, everything came crystal clear on her brain. She squirmed on his arms.

"Leave me Arnavji.." She wriggled her arms against his torso.

When she turned around to notice her family he forcefully turn her chin towards him.

"What is rummaging in your pea sized brain? All was going well dammit, why did you withdraw back now?" He yelled tightening his grip on her caring not to hurt her like earlier.

"Why did you say sorry to me? Whom am I that The great ASR is asking apology" She retorted back in irritation when he refused to leave her. It would be a lie if her question came out of her mouth was the result of irritation, she knows which button should be pushed. She is not the same naive girl who fought against her heart not knowing the name of the feeling she felt for him on the diwali night. It was not only the physical desire that made her submit herself to him when he was drawn towards her. Then she doesn't realise her love but now she does...

Her words instigated a fire on him. How dare this chit of girl to retort back? You're complaining as if you didn't love that quality of hers, his heart mocked him following his useless egoistic brain.

Yeah..So what? Is it a rule that she should always back answer me? Or just because I love that quality it was not needed for me to bend to her, his brain intervened not to let his heart win.

Then why the hell do you said sorry? His heart smiled in victory when his brain was searching for points to back answer.

Overpowered by his heart he took hold of her right palm from his torso and placed it against his thudding heart.

"Because you deserve it. For all..." He stopped too ashamed to admit his reckless behaviour.

Khushi's breath hitched in throat, her next set of saliva was left unswallowed in shock.

Not only her there're other occupants too. They turned as mere spectator when they were left unacknowledged. Who thought they would see the ASR indirectly proposing to the person whom he claimed to hate from the start.

His eyes lowered in guilt automatically, while her palms shivered feeling his heart galloping against his rib cage like hers as if they're in some competition.

It syncs with me...

The thought made her smile amidst of her astonishment.

'Still he doesn't said the three words' The voice was heard distant in her brain.

"Bhai.." Everyone spell broke down when they heard the panic filled voice.

When they darted their eyes to the source of the voice all they saw was a profusely sweating aakash, with moist eyes, shivering hands and a half broken specs on his eyes. His watch was dangling for its life. His shirt and pants were covered with dust. His hairs were ruffled here and there clearly showing he ruffled it in worry. His face screams restlessness, worry, anxiety, pain, hurt and fear.


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3. It's time to become selfish (By Spriya) (Thanked: 50 times)

"Not bad ranisahiba...I thought you are one of the dumpest women in the world. But now I can't help but salute your foolishness which is now going to make me a millionaire without much effort. I thought to kill you inturn earning a sympathy from your family along with the money when they're mourning over your loss. But see my luck, you sent your brother in that car... Haha... Haha... This thought never crossed my mind ranisahiba.. Trust me... You did a brilliant job... If the pillar of Raizada mansion fell down then there's no one can help you all out from the darkness called Shyam Manohar Jhaaa... haha... After your chotte death you'll be devastated haainaa... But I'll pull you out of the devastated state and send you to your brother ranisahiba... No one can threaten me after that not even khushiji, she have to come to me. She need to come to me..." Shyam spoke insanely caressing Anjali photo with his fingers.

Shock would be an understatement for him when Anjali came and stand before him all fit and fine. Like hell, she described how her head aches and so that for same reason she didn't go to temple. He wished to smash her head with something heavy which will take her life forever. Gradually his tension cooled down when she proceeded to tell how she send Arnav instead. After that he heard nothing, surely not the part where she said about the brewing love between her chotte and khushiji. His brain was busy dancing over the victory he hadn't expected and planned.

"Aakash..." Arnav's dubious voice made aakash flung himself into arnav arms. Khushi and gupta family gasped in shock seeing aakash broken form.

"Bhai..." Aakash cried almost covering arnav with his frame. Payal marched forward to place her hand on aakash shoulder. Seeing him crying like a kid, her eyes also got moist.

"Aakash what happened? Aakash look here..Akash you.." Arnav frowned seeing his weird behaviour.

"I thought I lost you bhai...Thank god, you are fit and fine. I can't imagine... a life without you..I was scared...Scared from the minute di said about you going by that car. I..." Aakash stammered as his throat was choked with the intensity of his fear.

"Aakash... What are you saying? How do you know about the accident? I didn't informed it to anyone. And... Only brakes are failed accidentally, how do you know about it?" Eventhough he is shocked and confused by aakash words his ASR brain never failed to calculate the situation.

Aakash broke the hug in satisfaction of seeing his brother all fine except a little scratch or wound on his forehead.

"Brakes are not failed accidentally" He stated shocking every occupants of the house.

"What?" Khushi gaped in shock hearing someone purposely trying to murder Arnav. Her arms automatically found its place on Arnav left arm wounding around it as if to keep himself tying to herself in the attempt of keeping him safe. She can't imagine something happening to Arnav.

Arnav's frown turned into horror imagining Anjali in the place of his if hadn't anjali was not affected by her head ache.

A sudden fury passed on his veins. He wished to strangle the person neck the moment, whoever tried to harm his family. And more rage was diverted to the security guards of Raizada mansion. He wasn't paying them for nothing.

Stuffing his right hand on his trousers he took his mobile only to call and command his Friday man.

"Increase the security on Raizada mansion and our main office. Replace the entire security team" Firing orders to Aman, Arnav never heard what Aakash was saying to Payal.

"Payalji, we're betrayed... Betrayed by whom we thought as a good and genuine person" Aakash said with a cry when she asked him the reason for his state.

"Aakash ji... How? Who?" Payal stuttered as the thought of Shyam crossed her mind. He was the only one who was not at all a genuine person in Raizada mansion.

"Is he Shyam ji?" Khushi interrupted and asked in fury without hesitation.

Aakash looked at her shocked and Garima and buaji also in the same state. They never thought he would go to a extent of killing someone. They thought him to be a traitorous and disloyal husband but he was much more than that...

Arnav who was firing orders in the phone answered few other details for Aman and engrossed in it to hear the commotion around him. All his brain was circling around the safety of his family members, being in business world that too in the top positions he earned himself few rivals. His mind was preoccupied on that only.

"Khushiji..How do you know?" Aakash asked finding his voice. He connected the dots of Khushi's fiancee name and remembered Shyam words about getting Khushi for himself if Anjali was out. So khushiji knows...His brain alarmed.

His question would be answered only if she waited. She stormed outside without waiting for another second. All she cared was Arnav's health, Arnav's life, Arnav's safety...

"Enough is enough everything should be stopped. How dare he? Just because I shut my mouth he dare to kill my arnavji. He doesn't deserve second chance. He doesn't deserve Anjaliji's love. He doesn't deserve arnavji's respect. He doesn't deserve our silence. He has no right to kill the pillar of Raizada mansion and mine. Henceforth I will never let my belongings to slip out of my hand like earlier. Enough of losing my loved one's. Enough of devimaaiyaa's game to destroy my happiness. Enough of my sacrifice..." She muttered all the way while being seated on the back seat of auto rickshaw.

"What the hell? Where is she running like this? Can't you all stop her dammit?" Arnav's roar only bring them back from their shocked form.

"Arey payaliya today is your marriage. Why is this happening to us again? Where is this sankadevi went? Hairee nandhakis****.. Won't you show some mercy on us? Won't my payaliya deserve happiness? Someone call and search Khushi" Buaji slumped on her seat in the result of increased blood pressure.

Payal leaped outside in the hope of finding Khushi in the street. But Arnav stopped her "Payal be here. I'll look out for her. Don't forget you are bride. Get ready, wedding will happen without any problem. It's Arnav Singh Raizada promise. Khushi will be safe with me" Assuring them seeing the slouched form of Garima and buaji, he didn't forget, he being the reason for stopped marriage of Payal.

Turning Aakash side he eyed him to follow him and extended his hands for car keys as his car was crashed against a tree at the next street. Nodding he handed him the keys and his shivering hands is not helping him to drive either as the matter of fact.

"Khushi must be in Raizada mansion. Seeing her speed probably she's going to disclose the truth. Please take care of her, if truth is out I don't know how will family members react. I will accompany you akashji... I can't keep silent knowing my Khushi is entering into danger. Shyamji is no less than a chameleon... Please..." Payal pleaded

guessing Khushi actions.

Aakash denied outrageously "Please be here like bhai said. I am there na. I'll manage"

Aakash stormed outside when arnav yelled calling his name. Jumping on passenger seat he called Khushi from his mobile.

"Dammit... she's not taking the calls. Bhai drive fast to our home. She must be there" Ordered an desperate Aakash.

Arnav would be amused if he was in the position of reacting to his words. He's seeing himself in aakash behaviour.

"How do you about Khushi whereabouts? Did she informed it before leaving, but it doesn't look like so? Why will she go to our home? You are saying something about the accident being not accident? What are you hiding aakash?" Arnav questioned coming out of his thoughts and pressed the accelerator hard.

"I am not hiding anything. I'll reveal everything but before that we should stop and protect khushiji. It is not safe for her to go there seeing the mood she was in. Please go fast bhai..." Aakash replied in no-nonsense tone brewing a stream of doubts in Arnav mind.

'What's the harm in Raizada mansion that Aakash is so desperate to stop Khushi from entering? Why the hell is she going to Raizada mansion at this time when we're speaking about my accident? Dammit!!! What harm is he talking about? How the hell did he know she's going there? If brakes got tampered purposely then where did it happened, is it happened outside RM or inside. There is no way it may happened outside the premises as the car was stopped inside the gates. Then who's inside the mansion. Is this the reason why Aakash is determined to stop Khushi? If yes then Aakash knows the person or he has some clue. Dammit!!! Something is happening under my nose and I was unaware of that" Lots of doubts messed up his brain.

Halting his car abruptly both Raizada brothers jumped from their seat only to see an furious Khushi entering into the mansion.

Before Arnav could call her Aakash ran towards her and yanked her to his side.

"Leave me... Who the hell is this?" She shouted not noticing aakash face.

"Khushiji stop. Calm down..." He calmed her wondering why is she overreacting more than him? It should be him to trash that leech for trying to destroy his family. Yeah, Khushi is selfless who care for everyone but the posture she potray now seems more dangerous which he never seen before. He want to confide what he heard to Arnav only after that he planned his move but never expected Khushi to enter into the scene.

Arnav was more confused seeing an furious Khushi and an exact opposite Aakash. What the hell is happening man? What is he missing? What are they hiding?


Feb 18, 2018

4. Will you trust me? (By Spriya) (Thanked: 40 times)

When Arnav took few steps to reach them, he was stopped by an middle aged man voice who keeps shouting from outside the gate.

Cursing that man he called the watchman and told him to solve the issue.

Meanwhile, Khushi forcefully pulled her arms back from Aakash hold.

"Leave me Jijaji. How dare he? Don't stop me today" Yelling with dangerous glint she turned her heels to the entrance of shantivan.

Aakash stood gaped at her new turned raged Avatar which he never knows. Snapping out of his thoughts by the yell on outside Aakash looked at Khushi direction only to face palm himself when she's crossing the distance between the courtyard and the living room entrance with long strides.

Aakash eyes quickly searched for Arnav before running behind Khushi. Lest, he'll let her land herself on a problem without planning anything. If Shyam was wicked enough to plan a murder with lot of thinking then there was high chance of him to turn the situation and put blame on anyone to escape.

"Khushiji stop. Hear me once... Khushiji..." He yelled uncaring of his torn shoes which makes him stumble a little on the way.

The watchman came running towards Arnav stopping him from moving away.

"Sir, he is autodriver who dropped khushiji here and asking his money as khushiji ran inside as soon as she stepped out of the auto" He said politely.

With irritation Arnav took his wallet and thrusted a five hundred rupees note in his hand before taking two steps at a time in order to reach his Khushi soon.


"He dare to live here silently making plans to destroy my closed one's life. I'll never leave him. It's my fault of keeping this truth away from the family. Hereafter I am not going to repeat the same mistake, not after he decided to kill my arnavji..." She blabbered all the way ignoring Aakash calls.

"" Aakash stuttered trailing down seeing Nk stopping the literally bouncing khushi.

"Khushi..." Before Nk could calm her down Arnav swiftly dragged her to his room.

Khushi took few minutes to comprehend what's happening around her when Arnav keeps pulling her without halting until they reached his room.

Leaving her with a jerk in the middle of the room Arnav turned to close the door. Before he could completely close it Aakash pushed it entering into the room like a wind shoving Arnav away making him gape at his action.

"What the aakash!"

"Thank god, khushiji you didn't confronted him. I was scared..." Aakash sighed holding Khushi palms. Khushi looked at him irriatedly clenching her teeth. Her body shuddered showing the intensity of the anger she's carrying.

"What the hell is happening? Will you both spill the truth now?" Arnav roared seeing them engrossed in a conversation without actually letting him know the problem.

Unclenching her teeth Khushi ran towards him in anxious. Taking his palms in hers "Arnavji... I can't sit quiet after knowing he's trying to kill you. How can he? I... I just can't take it if something happens to you. Hadn't I lost enough? My... parents, my... elder brother, my... identity, everything... which mine was mercilessly snatched away from me... see even now... he's trying to snatch you away from me... I'll not let... him.. succeed... I'll not be able... to live... if... it happens..." She choked the words vehemently and her eyes were pooled with tears uncaring of his shushing her. Her brain failed to capture the assuring words of his. Arnav life was in danger due to Shyam, this was the only thought playing on her mind again and again like a tampered recorder.  

"Khushi... Just calm down... See I am all fine standing before you... Khushi" Arnav consoled cupping her cheeks. He was more confused by her statements than her hysterical state.   

"Nahi..." She shaked her head vigorously "You don't know anything, leave me.. I'll kill him... If I let him now, then he'll again try to harm you.. don't stop me..." Her pooled eyes drastically got filled with spitting fire by the mere thought of Shyam and swiftly she shoved Arnav hands away strolling towards the closed door. Arnav and Aakash stood open mouthed seeing her behaving like a possessed women. Only Arnav knows, she is possessed by Love!

The minute door got opened, her eyes awfully lost its charm.

"Khushiji you here. When did you arrived? I came here seeing aakash" Anjali exclaimed standing at  the entrance of the room along with her vicious husband.

"Haan khushiji... Today is your only sister's wedding, shouldn't you spend your time with your sister. Tomorrow you'll not be with her to see her" Shyam stated in hostile. He's not getting good vibes on her spending time at Raizada mansion.

"You don't need to worry about that Jijaji..." Khushi didn't fail to show her coldness through her words giving extra pressure to Jijaji. Anjali frowned at her tone.

"Jijaji why are you here?" Aakash jumped interrupting in anger as he caught Shyam staring at khushi with desire filled eyes.

Anjali's attention now caught her brothers and she shrieked in horror. Limping on her way she caught hold of her brothers arms.

Demanding answers from them she went hysterical when they kept mum "Chotte, Aakash what happened to you both? Hey Bhagwan, what is this? Speak something will you?"

Arnav held her palms pressing it calming her "Di, please. It's nothing big. I rode carelessly while speaking on the phone and got hit myself against a tree"

"Oh god, chotte you got a big bandaid on your forehead and you're saying it was small. And Aakash what about you? You're in home right?" She asked in worry. Her hands caressed their foreheads when they both made her sit on the bed and made their place on her either side by settling themselves on their knees.

"Get up you both. Sit here" She made them sit beside her amidst of her worry. Khushi gritted her teeth seeing shyam glaring at arnav. Roaming her eyes magnificently she smiled in glee when her brain came with something.

"Aakash you didn't answer me yet" Anjali questioned moving aside his forehead hairs.

"Woah..." Aakash stuttered not getting a lie to manage the situation.

Seeing Aakash struggle to cover up the situation Arnav intervened answering her query "I called him when I was in hospital di. In between his ride he saw the damaged car and got worried"

"Pchh... Wash your face Aakash. You're nowhere looking like a groom. Payal family will be here by any minute and already guests started arriving. Don't you want to impress your payalji..." Anjali said mischievously.

Aakash shied lowering his head and soon it got faded realising the mess they're in.

"Di why don't you get ready. I'll dress up Aakash, don't worry. Won't groom's sister presence is important. Jijaji why are you silent, say to di naa.." Arnav said cautiously as he's dieing to know who is doing all this? And who's the vicious person in RM that Aakash fears to let Khushi inside the mansion. Shyam startled and nodded when Arnav bored his eyes on him waiting for his reaction.

Anjali agreed half heartedly though her mind was not ready to leave them alone.

"I am here na di, don't worry. I'll make Jijaji to look out of the world, that jiji is going to float in air forgetting everyone" Khushi cheered her seeing Anjali reluctance.

"It must be the way around" Arnav murmured in retort.

Khushi throws a annoyed stare and he zipped his lips not wanting to annoy her in this state.

Anjali nodded and caressed Arnav and Aakash cheeks before getting up.

Khushi eyed Shyam from the corner of her eyes and the moment he step forward to hold Anjali, Khushi smiled wickedly pushing Aakash leg on his way.

Not only Aakash was stupified, but Arnav eyes also captured this unexpected act of hers and Shyam was caught off guard almost kissing Arnav feet.

"Ahhh..." Shyam howled in pain soothing Khushi's fury temporarily.

"Hey Bhagwan, shyamji..." It's again Anjali time to screech.

Arnav jumped in horror from his place seeing shyam face almost touching his shoes. Without wasting a minute Arnav bend down helping him to stand. Shyam scowled in shame and quickly he changed his expression when Arnav helped him.

Shyam stood massaging his hip and nose time to time as it was paining badly because of the bad floor. Anjali held his hands with a stream of tears wetting her eyes threatening to spill out.

Aakash and Khushi stood enjoyed seeing his state while Anjali and arnav kept hovering around Shyam asking about his health.

"Jijaji come I'll drop you to your room. Di, it's just must be a little sprain" Arnav held his arms and assuring Anjali simultaneously.

Khushi got angered by this "Arnavji, it's getting late for marriage. You have to get ready and make Aakash jijaji ready too. Shyam Jijaji has no big wounds, he'll know his way to his room haainaa Jijaji?..." She asked sweetly through clenching teeth.

Unaware of the meaning Shyam got bowled by her smile and agreed instantly.

"Haan, salesahib don't worry" Sneeking a sly smile at Khushi he made his way outside.

As soon as they got out of their eyes Arnav pulled Khushi by her arms.

"Will you tell me what the hell is happening in this house?" He roared in annoyance.

"If I tell you will you trust me?" She asked calmly with lot of hope on her eyes.


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