Love You Zindagi

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Jan 16, 2018

Love You Zindagi (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 29 times)


He held the gun on his head ready to pull the trigger as she ran from a far distance shouting and screaming, trying all she could to save him from it, trying to reach towards him before he could pull the trigger and kill himself.

She muttered a thousand prayers as she kept on shouting at him to stop but he dint seem to have been listening because he was yet holding the gun at the same point, she felt scared and terrible, what if he killed himself today? Would she ever be able to forgive herself for it? Would she ever be able to live with the guilt that he was dead because of her? That she was the one who killed him?


She woke up sweating and panting, as much as it seemed like a terrible dream which she could have convinced herself to forget about because it was just a dream, she knew deep down that it wasn’t just a dream, it was reality and it was going to last with her as long as she was going to live.

She looked at the phone which was ringing for the second time now, brushing off all the thoughts, she took a deep breath and pressed the receive button.

“Yes Meera” She whispered trying to catch back her voice.

“Guess what Khushi? Kiaan and I are getting married, please don’t ask me questions, I’ll answer them all when we meet, for now just know that you have to come.”

“Meera! Congratulations… so you finally decided to”

“Yes and see I’m calling you first because you’re my best friend and you have to come, it’s a destination wedding in Goa and I promise you’ll have so much fun, get your bags packed and do all the shopping you want to, I’m picking you up tomorrow morning”

“Okay done” Khushi said as she disconnected the call and sighed, her best friend was getting married!

She had known Kiaan and Meera since school day and they were dating since and now they were getting married, how fast time moved.


“Congrats buddy, I’ll get my tickets as soon as I can and fly down there, I still can’t believe you both are getting married” Arnav said as he pinned in the headphones and put the phone inside his pocket while he continued walking towards the metro station.

“Yeah, all thanks to you, if you hadn’t really talked to her at first, maybe we wouldn’t have ever dated” Kiaan recalled in his mind how he had been shy to approach Meera and then how Arnav helped him with it.

“Oh come on, you were meant to be together, I just played cupid” Arnav giggled

“Anyway be here on time, I don’t want you to miss any function, it’s all us, boys and girls in Meera’s parent’s mansion in Goa, it’s going to be fun, hey what’s that sound?”

“Nothing, it’s the metro, my car broke down, anyway listen, I wanted to ask something” Arnav said as his voice became a bit low.

“I don’t know if she’s coming Arnav, Meera said she would invite her and force her and she had to come because her best friend is getting married but I really don’t know”

“How did you know I was going to ask about her?”

“I am your best friend Arnav, and you’ve both had been so close in school but then everything fell apart, you moved to London and I know it was because of her, I only don’t know why”

“We just fought, we couldn’t agree on something, anyway let’s not discuss her, I hope there’s going to be some real fun, you know hot girls” Arnav giggled

“Oh yes, there are some very hot ones coming, you might get hooked up with one of them, you see it’s a great deal, you surely don’t want to miss my wedding now”

“I won’t, I’ll get my tickets booked”

“And text me your travel details so I can get everything arranged here”

“Great, see you then”

Jan 17, 2018

Love You Zindagi... Part 1 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 33 times)

It was almost evening when the bus arrived at the mansion in Goa where the wedding was planned, as soon as the driver stopped, everyone rushed out in a hurry all happy and excited about the wedding, they rarely got any chance to attend such weddings where there were no elders to stop you doing what you wanted, it was just people mostly of the same age having all fun they could.

Khushi dragged her suitcase with her as she stepped out of the bus after everyone had left, she found Meera standing at the exit waiting for her and as soon as they both saw each other, they jumped in for a tight hug and started screaming like teenagers while everyone around stared at the two crazy girls.

“I still can’t believe you are getting married” Khushi said as she broke the hug and looked at Meera, she was glowing with happiness, she should after all, she was getting married to the man she had loved since school days, they were the kind of a fairytale couple.

She dragged out her suitcase as she followed Meera who was already heading inside the mansion, Khushi looked around at the garden which was decorated so beautifully in the shade of pink and yellow, with lights all over, it seemed so beautiful she couldn’t stop staring.

“Khushi, why did you get stuck up, come on, I need to show you your room, there’s a lot to be done yet” Meera shouted as Khushi turned her attention towards her and the followed her inside in a hurry.

Just like the garden, the mansion was also decorated in the shades of yellow and pink, with flowers and lights too and she couldn’t stop admiring how beautiful it all looked, it was like the fairytale wedding of the fairytale couple.

They climbed the stairs and headed towards the room on the right, Meera unlocked the wooden door and ushered her in.

“This is going to be your room, you can leave your luggage here, you have ten minutes if you want to freshen up, I’m going for shopping, there’s a lot left to buy and I need your help…

I think I’ll go crazy, there’s so much to do at least Kiaan said he would help with the decoration, he said he’s got a bunch of friends who are very good at it, so I’m glad about that”

“But the decoration is almost done isn’t it?”

“Yeah but there are lights left to be fixed outside in the garden and some other small stuff anyway he will be arriving with his gang anytime soon and I want us to leave before they come or he’ll keep me busy, so ten minutes, I’m waiting for you downstairs” Meera said as she rushed away.

Khushi walked towards the bed and sat on it as she looked around the room, everything here felt at peace, she stood up took in a few deep breaths and reminded herself that she was here for her best friend’s wedding and she had to concentrate on that only.


“Khushi, hurry up!” Meera shouted from downstairs as Khushi rushed out of her room in a hurry while putting on her earrings.

“I’m sorry I got bit late, anyway let’s leave” She said as she joined Meera and they both headed outside just when another bus stopped outside.

“See here they are now, I just hope Kiaan lets me go for shopping, I’ve been pushing it since long” Meera said sadly as she looked at the bus.

Khushi stood with her silently without speaking a word, she had such an odd kind of feeling that made her uneasy, she felt kind of nervous and scared and she dint know why, maybe it was because in this wedding she was going to meet all her school friends once again, and it just kind of made her nervous wondering how the whole thing was going to be.

“Meera” Kiaan said brightly as he stepped out of the bus and rushed to hug her, they both held on the hug for so long while Khushi stared at them from aside, everything about them was just so beautiful, just like how love should be, selfless and beautiful.

“Khushi! What a pleasant surprise, I wasn’t expecting to see you here, we are meeting after like ages” Kiaan said as he broke the hug.

“It’s my best friend’s wedding, I had to come obviously” Khushi smiled as her eyes went on the man who was now stepping out of the bus.

He was tall and handsome, although he had this beard and the long hair that made it look like he hadn’t shaved for ages or hadn’t got a haircut since long, he still looked quite attractive.

He walked towards Kiaan his eyes stuck on her just like hers were stuck on him, he was dressed in a black jean and a white t-shirt, he held his bag in one hand and a paper cup of coffee in the other.

There was a lot that had changed about him since school times, she remembered him being the short chubby guy who was now grown up to be the tall, fair and handsome guy, but then his eyes remained the same, as they say, everything about a person might change but their eyes would always remain the same, so were his, shining bright like the stars.

Kiaan pinched him on his arm and he gave him an angry look, he turned his eyes towards Meera and smile, he looked hotter than ever with that smile.

“Meera, congrats babe, I’m seeing you after ages and Kiaan, I must say you are lucky to have such a hot lady with you”

“Oh hello, she’s soon going to be my wife, so you better not flirt with her”

“Thank you Arnav, I’m glad you came” Meera smiled at him.

He made sure to keep all his attention on either Kiaan or Meera, it looked like as if he was avoiding her, because after their first eye contact he dint dare look back at her again, Khushi kept on staring at him in confusion, she dint even understand why he was behaving so strange when they used to be such close friends in school, maybe with his looks, he had also changed and he no more took her as a friend because he dint even greet her.

“I’m tired, can we go inside and take some rest, you can romance with her later” Arnav said as he got hold of Kiaan’s arm and pulled him away.

Meera waved him a goodbye as she turned to look at Khushi who seemed lost, she couldn’t believe him of all the people would ignore her, treat her like she dint exist.

“He looks hot doesn’t he?” Meera asked

“Yeah, hot with attitude, I don’t get what’s wrong with him, did you just see that Meera, he treated me as if I was some stranger, or let’s say someone invisible because we even greet strangers when they are with our friends, for him it was like I wasn’t here at all”

“You know I’m not coming in between this once again, I tried in school and it dint work out so I don’t  care what the issue between you two is, you both better deal with it, I mean I being your best friend don’t even know exactly what happened between you two”

“I don’t want to go back to it, we were going for shopping remember”

Meera nodded as they both headed towards the car, got inside and then drove off.


He pushed her to the wall, pinned her on it with his arm on her neck choking her, she cried and begged him to let her go but he wouldn’t listen, he pulled out the drawer and checked inside for a while with his hand on her yet, after he found what he had been looking for he shut the drawer close and held the bottle in front of her.

“This is what you want don’t you?” He asked looking at her with his bloodshot eyes, he was angry as usual, she was hurt as usual.

“Please don’t, please” She cried as she tried to speak but his hand on her neck wasn’t letting her speak enough.

He let her go pushing her aside as she fell on the floor hurting her forehead while he opened the bottle and poured the pills on his hand.

“Please don’t do this to me” She said as she managed to stand up. She rushed towards him hitting his arm splattering all the pills on the floor.

“Why did you stop me, you could just let all this end here” he shouted at her.

“I’m sorry… I really am” She said as she got hold of him and pulled him into a tight hug.

“Khushi!” Meera shook her.

She opened her eyes and looked around, Meera was staring at her in confusion, she wiped off the sweat on her face and tried to pretend it was all okay but she couldn’t hide it from her best friend.

“What happened?” She asked worriedly.

“Nothing, I just dozed off, I think I got tired because of the journey and then I had a bad dream”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes Meera, I am completely fine, come on now, let’s get started, we have lots to buy remember” She said as she opened the door and stepped out of the car in a hurry so she could avoid her questions, the questions whose answers she never had.

Jan 18, 2018

Love You Zindagi... Part 2 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 27 times)

“What a great actor, aren’t you?” Kiaan asked as he walked in Arnav’s room and shut the door behind.

Arnav who had been lost in his own world of thoughts and memories looked at him wondering why he was here telling him all this when right now all he should be doing was to prepare for his wedding.

“Now don’t look at me like you dint understand what I meant… I mean how do you do it Arnav? Do you think I wouldn’t notice it? I mean me of all people? Your damn best friend?”


“It was very clear that you were trying to ignore Khushi when all you wanted to do is not to even stop looking at her, you know this is what I don’t understand between you two, you aren’t friends, you aren’t lovers then what are you?”

“We are people with painful past memories and I think it’s better to leave the past in past and that’s why I ignored her”

“Then what was the whole point of you asking me if she was going to attend the wedding or not?”

“Because I wanted to see her, I have a soft corner in my heart for her but I can’t show it to her because the last time I did that, things went terribly wrong… look Kiaan, I am here for your wedding and to check out hot girls, why bring Khushi in between all this and spoil the moods?”

“Whatever it is that you don’t want to talk about will surely come out before this wedding happens” Kiaan said as he walked away leaving Arnav all alone.

The sky had just turned darker, the moon lightened it up accompanied with a few stars that could be seen, the mansion looked prettier now than it did in daylight with all those lights.

Arnav was busy working with the lights that hadn’t been fixed yet. He was dressed in a black shirt and a trouser with strands of lights handing around his neck to his chest. Half of his long hair was falling down to his eyes blocking his view while he managed to push them back blowing air from his mouth.

“Why don’t you just get them cut short?” he heard a voice from behind him.

He turned around and found Khushi standing there dressed in a mini white one shoulder ****tail dress with a beautiful design.

She had her hair tied up in a messy bun and a few short strands of hair falling down from both sides to her cheeks, with minimum make up and the red lipstick shade that matched the color of her heels, she looked just perfect.

He couldn’t stop staring at her, not that she wasn’t beautiful when they were in school together but it was like history repeating itself, he couldn’t take his eyes off her just like the first time he had seen her in school.

There was this charm she had that always kept him attracted towards her.

“No thanks, I prefer them long” Arnav said as he turned away from her trying his best to ignore her although it was becoming harder for him. All he wanted was to keep staring at her and talking to her, her voice was like a sweet melody to his ears and it gave him a soothing feeling he dint feel like losing.

“Hey! You’re Arnav right? Kiaan’s friend from UK?” A girl asked as she joined them.

“Yes, I am and what’s your beautiful name” Arnav asked as he looked at her with a smile completely ignoring the fact that Khushi was yet standing right there.

“I’m Mona” She said as she held out her hand for a handshake.

“Mona, did anyone tell you that you’re hot, just like your name” Arnav said as he took her hand and pulled her closer.

“No, but I’m glad to hear it from you” She said as she blushed.

“Now dear Mona, if you dint notice I was standing here before you joined us and it was very rude for you to interfere in our conversation, now before I create a scene buzz off, you can flirt with him later” Khushi said angrily.

Mona looked at Arnav who was staring at Khushi with as much shock as she was in, she just made faces and walked away leaving them alone.

“What do you want from me Khushi?” Arnav asked feeling frustrated.

“I need answers, have you forgotten we used to be friends in school? What’s with the ignorance Arnav?”

“Yes I forgot we were friends when you did the same back in school with me, I am sorry Khushi but I am in no moods of wanting history to repeat itself, I don’t want to do the same things for you when you don’t even want to listen to me”

“Arnav we’ve all grown up and moved on, I have moved on from it why can’t you?”

“Have you really moved on from it Khushi?” Arnav asked as a smile started curving up on his face, that’s what he had always wanted for her anyway, to move on.

“Yes I have and it’s high time you stop acting like we are in school”

“I am sorry, I just dint want things to go wrong again but at least now I’m glad they won’t” Arnav said as he threw the roll of lights he had been holding aside and pulled Khushi into a tight hug happily.

 Khushi broke the hug awkwardly and looked at Arnav who now seemed completely like the Arnav she’d known.

“Friends again?” Arnav asked

“Sure, Friends again and now that we are friends, I must tell you that flirting was cheap, you know it doesn’t mean anything to me” Khushi smiled.

“And I wasn’t doing it for you, I mean did you look at her? She’s really hot” Arnav giggled.


Khushi rushed towards Meera as soon as she saw her walking out of the house, she was dressed in a beautiful white gown that looked exactly like a wedding dress, her hair was styled up perfectly and she had simple pieces of jewelry on her.

Kiaan walked by her side holding her hand, he was dressed in a black three piece suit with a white tie and just like Meera’ his face too was glowing with happiness.

“You guys look amazing together, I adore you two” Khushi said.

“Thank you, and I feel the same about you two” Kiaan said as he looked at her and then at Arnav who was back to work with the lights.

“You know that’s not possible” Khushi said

“I wish it was possible, but I’m glad at least you both talked, I’ve been looking at you both and you seem to have sorted whatever the issue was”

“Yes, kind of… we are back to being friends”

“That means more crazy fun, I like it” Meera said as Khushi hugged her happily.

“So let’s get started with the party, hey Arnav, you can finish that later, join us for now” Kiaan shouted.

Arnav nodded as he placed everything aside and joined them while they all walked towards the poolside where the party had been arrange.

There were lots of guests, all youngsters mainly and half of them were their schoolmates, all of them excited to meet each other.

“Did you invite him?” Meera asked Khushi after Arnav and Kiaan had walked away to meet their friends.

“Yes I did, he said he was busy but he would try, if he can’t attend other functions, he’s going to make sure he’s here for the wedding”

“Well that’s good then” Meera smiled.

Jan 19, 2018

Love You Zindagi... Part 3 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 25 times)

He walked out of the classroom just to find the hallway crowded with groups of girls which made him a bit nervous, he wasn’t the one to be shy of girls but seeing so many girls did make him a bit nervous.

Although there were a few boys around trying to flirt with the girls, he felt like he was the only guy around so he turned his head down and walked across slowly making sure he didn’t hit any of them.

He was almost done crossing the hallway when a few guys came running around from nowhere and passed by him hitting him from all sides until he fell down on the marble floor, that was something he dint want to happen at all because all he could feel at that moment was embarrassment as the girls laughed at him.

Out of all the laughs, there was this one that caught his ears, a soft sweet kind of a laugh, he turned his head up and looked around to see where it was coming from when he saw a group of girls just opposite him, he looked at them all one by one for a while until he found the one whose laughter had caught his ears.

He looked at her and for a while he couldn’t stop staring, she had a beautiful face with a mixture of innocence and her eyes were like the midnight stars, shining so bright through the glasses she had on.

She covered her mouth with both her hands and looked at him trying to control her laughter and he dint know what she found so funny about him falling down that she yet couldn’t stop laughing.

She pulled off her glasses and turned the other way and after a few seconds the sound of her laughter vanished leaving behind peaceful silence with some chattering still on, he found himself sited in the middle of the hallway smiling like an idiot.

He couldn’t take his eyes off at all, it was like almost impossible to stop looking at her, everything about her was just attractive, he saw her friend hit her by elbow as she looked at her and the friend pointed towards him so she turned her eyes to him and suddenly her smile vanished.

“I’m sorry, I dint mean to laugh at you but the way you fell was hilarious” She giggled as she gave him her hand.

“It’s okay” He said as he got hold of her hand and helped himself up.

“I’m Khushi by the way, and it was nice meeting you, you made my morning” she said as she looked at her friends and giggled once again.

Any normal person would have got irritated by the giggles by now but as for him, he seemed to be loving them, the more she giggled, the more she made him smile, there was something just so beautiful about it.

“Arnav! Baby are you okay?” A voice came from the other end of the hallway as he turned his head to look at his girlfriend who rushed towards him worriedly

She hugged him tight as if he had just survived a terrible accident and then started checking his body for any injuries.

“Shalini, I’m fine” he said as he looked at, her open hair all blowing with the wind disturbing her face so he did the honors of tucking them behind her ears.

She smiled and looked him into the eyes while he did the same in return, they like got lost into each other’s eyes. Khushi stepped back and joined her friends as she looked at him and Shalini adorably as if she had seen the most adorable thing ever.

Arnav got hold of Shalini’s hand as he looked at Khushi and waved a goodbye while he and Shalini walked away hand in hand.

Shalini started complaining as usual about how he never takes care of himself and all while he just listened to her as he stared at her beautiful face, if there was anyone else who cared for him after his mother it was her…

Shalini and he had been dating for a year now, he met her last year when she had joined school and his class, and since then things just fell into the right place, she had been taking care of him in school just like his mother did at home.


“Arnav! Are you around?” Kiaan asked as he shook him.

“Yeah, I was remembering the first day when I met Khushi at the school, she’s just the same even right now, you know today she was looking at you and Meera just the way she had looked at me in Shalini that day in school, just that she doesn’t know she is also capable of such love, she only needs to be with the right person” Arnav said

“You still care so much about her don’t you?”

“She’s the only girl I’ve ever cared about in my entire life after my mother Kiaan, I guess Shalini also understood that and that’s why we aren’t together anymore”

“And there was a time you both used to talk about getting married” Kiaan giggled.

“Forget about the past, I mean why are we discussing it in your ****tail party? Let’s go and do something crazy” Arnav said as he stood up and joined Kiaan as they both headed to join the group of boys and girls who were dancing.

Both Meera and Khushi were sited in the middle looking at everyone as they danced, Kiaan walked towards Meera and pulled her with him as they both danced together while Arnav stared at Khushi.

The expressions on her face were something he had always seen when she looked at any couple, it was something like she also yearned for a love like this, a relationship where everything was so beautiful.

Khushi stood up suddenly and rushed away from the crown but Arnav followed her, he found her standing at the corner of the garden crying all alone.

“It hurts a lot doesn’t it Khushi?” Arnav said as Khushi quickly wiped her tears and turned around to look at him pretending to smile.

“What hurts Arnav?” she asked

“Seeing happy couple, makes you feel what it could be like if you had ever been in such a relationship and you know you could be but you never wanted to”

“Why are we still discussing the past Arnav? I told you I’ve moved on from it and I am happy right now, not everyone’s life is perfect and mine wasn’t meant to be.”

“So you think you don’t deserve happiness at all? Khushi happiness is a choice and when I wanted you to make that choice you were too scared to and I don’t know what you mean by you’ve moved on because all I see right now is the same Khushi I saw in school, nothing’s changed and if you still don’t want to choose happiness for yourself then I am sorry but I don’t think we can be friends”

“Why are you doing this to me Arnav? Don’t I deserve your friendship too? I’ve lost you once and I don’t want that again, I only have a few friends you know”

“I am doing this because I care for you Khushi, I always have…”

Khushi looked at him silently for a while and then she jumped on him suddenly hugging him so tight as she broke down into tears once again.

She dint have words to explain this feeling, she dint have words to explain what her life was like and if making the choice of her happiness was as easy as he said, she would have made that choice long back.

She had always wanted to feel like this, happy and safe like she felt right now in his arms knowing everything was right.

“You know if you need me to help you in anything I will, if it makes you happy I’ll do it no matter what”


“What do you mean why? We are friends Khushi, we always have been… no matter what happened, even after I went to London, there hadn’t been a day where I dint think of you or how you must be doing.

I always kept on hoping you’ll call me some day and tell me to come back, and tell me you’ve done what I always wanted you to do, trust me Khushi you just had to call me and I would have left everything and come back just for you”

“And maybe it all wasn’t as easy as you thought it was”

“You know what, I’m done arguing with you, remember this, our best friends are getting married, we are here to attend their wedding and we have to be happy and we have to do everything so do that, just for this days we are here, forget about everything and concentrate on the wedding and what makes you happy okay?”


“Now let’s go dance” Arnav said as he got hold of her hand and pulled her to dance with him.

Jan 20, 2018

Love You Zindagi... Part 4 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 22 times)

For a few moments, Khushi had been hesitant to dance but once she caught up with the rhythm, she even forgot that people were around, she danced her heart out, she acted crazily and did everything she had wished to do without the fear of being watched by anyone, and it made her feel so happy.

Arnav danced for a while and then walked out leaving Khushi behind enjoying herself, he stood in a corner with his arms folded as he looked at this girl he had known since school, the one who always ran away from happiness seemed to be enjoying it so much now.

All he ever wanted was for her to be a bit selfish and choose happiness for herself and he was glad that maybe him leaving had done what he had always wanted to do.

“What’s with the smile dude?” Kiaan asked as he joined him.

“Nothing, I’m just happy, it’s my best friend’s wedding” Arnav said as he got hold of his shoulder, his eyes yet on Khushi.

“I think Khushi makes you happier than my wedding, that’s why you can’t even take your eyes off her” Kiaan smiled

“It’s just that I’m seeing her like this for the first time maybe, all happy and doing what she wants” Arnav said

“Can I ask you something? Although you call me your best friend you never told me the reason behind why you and Shalini broke up, was it somewhere because of Khushi?”

“Why do you think it would have anything to do with Khushi?”

“Just the way you look at her, I don’t know but there’s definitely something, I remember when you saw her for the first time, I mean yesterday, although you pretended not to even recognize her, there was this spark in your eyes, the glow of happiness that showed up and somewhere it makes me feel like what you have for her, or whatever you feel for her isn’t just friendship but something more.”

“Kiaan, it doesn’t matter what I feel for her, what matters is what she feels and one thing I’m sure about is that the feelings aren’t mutual so let’s not discuss it”

“Okay let’s not discuss Arnav’s feelings for Khushi even though he’s standing in a corner gawking at her like some Romeo who’s madly in love with Juliet, but you are right, let’s not discuss it” Kiaan said as he walked away leaving Arnav behind smiling knowing he was just being sarcastic.

“Hey! When did you leave? I dint even realize” Khushi said as she joined him.

“Just a while back, but it was good to watch you dance, you seemed so happy” Arnav said as he looked at her.

“Yeah, I did what you said, forgot about everything, all I want to do is make this wedding a memorable event so I’m up for everything crazy” Khushi smiled while Arnav continued staring at her.

He knew he was making her uncomfortable but there was nothing he could do, he just couldn’t stop staring at how beautiful and happy she looked.

“The party’s almost over, I guess I’ll go change” Arnav said as he walked away suddenly.

“I think I’ll change too and get some sleep” Khushi said to herself as she headed to her room too.


It was past midnight, all Khushi had done was toss and turn around the bed trying to get some sleep but for some reasons she couldn’t.

She ended up thinking about everything in the whole world when she knew she was tired and she needed to sleep but she just could and it was now becoming so irritating, lying on the bed like some statue trying to sleep.

She stood up and walked out hoping maybe she’d go to the kitchen and find something to eat, she had been so busy dancing and doing everything else she even forgot to eat.

She found the kitchen lights on and was glad to know she wasn’t the only one hungry, there was something here already looking for food.

She walked inside and found Arnav sited there with a bowl of noodles and she couldn’t stop smiling, he was eating like a kid who was trying to hide from people so that he couldn’t be caught eating.

“Khushi! What are you doing here at midnight?” Arnav asked as he saw her.

“I came to look for something to eat, I’m hungry and I can see so are you” Khushi said as she giggled while she looked at the bowl again.

“Don’t laugh at me for eating noodles, this is my midnight snack, I have a bad habit of eating at midnight so I always have my extra pack with me” He said as he pointed towards the shelf where so many noodle packs were placed.

“What are you doing awake so late anyway?” Khushi asked as she joined him at the table.

“I was working with the lights, Kiaan asked me to, there’s another function tomorrow anyway so I wanted to get done with it as soon as possible” Arnav said as he pushed the bowl towards Khushi.

“I hope you don’t mind eating from the same bowl” He said

Khushi nodded negatively as she took a bite and pushed the bowl back to him.

“So why couldn’t you sleep?” Arnav asked as Khushi looked at him in surprise.

“How do you know I couldn’t sleep?”

“Duh! Because you’re awake and in the kitchen or else you might have been in your bedroom” Arnav said as he passed the bowl to her again after taking a bite.

“I don’t know, I tried but I guess I might have been overthinking things again, it happens often anyway so nothing to really worry about”

“You can finish that, I guess I’ll get back to work” Arnav said as he stood up and walked away suddenly leaving Khushi confused, he was strange, it was hard to understand his behavior at times.

She picked up the bowl and followed him outside till the garden where he had already started doing his work.

“Why are you behaving like this Arnav? I mean at times you’re so normal and then I don’t know what happens to you so suddenly you just behave strangely, did I say something stupid or?” Khushi asked.

Arnav continued doing his work without replying to her as she stood there waiting for his answer.

“Will you please talk to me Arnav?”

“I am sorry Khushi, it’s not you… it’s me! Looks like I can’t get over some things about the past and so I always end up behaving strangely” Arnav said

“And we decided to get over it Arnav” Khushi said angrily.

“But I can’t Khushi, do you want me to sit here behaving like you mean nothing to me and I just take you as a friend? No Khushi. You know that’s not the truth, you know I’ve always lo…”

“Enough Arnav” Khushi said cutting him short.

“I don’t want to hear that please, look around, we are in our best friend’s wedding, everything is so beautiful, everyone is happy and I don’t want anything to get ruined like it did in the past, I wouldn’t be able to take it anymore”

“I understand Khushi… I am sorry, I’ll just try to be okay, but for now please leave me alone”

“Did you leave me alone when I had asked you to? Look at me Arnav” Khushi said as she put the bowl down and walked towards him, she got hold of his arm and turned him to face her.

She cupped his face and looked him into the eyes.

“I always thought you moved on from it, I mean it was something that happened in childhood but, listen to me, you can’t mend broken pieces and I am broken so badly so please stop trying to mend me, this is who I am and I’ve accepted it and I’ll be glad if you accept it and move on just like you had told me to”

“You want to me to move on, fine I’ll do that now please leave me alone”


“Khushi please! I need to finish my work and if you keep talking to me I can’t concentrate so please leave me alone and from tomorrow onwards you’ll see Arnav moving on in life and forgetting that he ever felt anything for you if that’s what you want”

 Khushi stood there helplessly for a while staring at him as he turned his back in her and continued with his work, she walked away after a while feeling so hurt, maybe they all grew up and left school and did whatever they wanted but some things never changed.

Jan 20, 2018

Love You Zindagi... Part 5 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 22 times)

Early next morning, everyone had gathered at the breakfast table, Kiaan was with Rehaan, Sid and Karan his school friends, the only one missing was Arnav while on the other side, Meera sat with Khushi, Riya and Ruchika.

“It’s like a total school reunion, I mean not everyone is here but your girl gang is there and my boys gang just like we used to be in school” Kiaan said happily.

“Looks like I am the odd one out, I wasn’t in school with you guys” Mona said

“So what, we are still friends” Meera said as she side hugged Mona.

Mona and Meera had met in college after all of them finished school and went on to different place for further studies, while in college, Meera did make many friends but Mona was the closest one to her.

“Your boy gang is incomplete by the way, where’s the hot one?” Meera giggled

“If you think that is going to make me jealous then you’re wrong, Arnav is my best friend and I’ll never be jealous if you call him hot” Kiaan said

“He really is hot” Mona added.

“But where is he? I mean everyone’s here already, don’t tell me none of you tried to wake him up” Meera said

“I refused them to, he was working late last night so I though it’s better if we let him sleep and anyway today’s function starts in the evening too so…” Khushi said

“I see, someone cares for Arnav, but how do you know he was awake unless you were awake with him?” Kiaan asked

“Because I was hungry I went to the kitchen to get some food and found him there, he then headed to work and I headed back to bed”

“Is that all?” Meera asked

“Yes Meera, that’s all… come on you guys stop it, Arnav and I are friends only, Meera at least you know”

“Yes, everyone shut up and concentrate on breakfast please” Meera said


“Goodmorning sunshine” he said as he hugged her tight.

“Goodmorning, how come you’re at school today? You dint even inform me you were going to come”

“That’s what’s called surprise my love, I was skipping my classes with friends, so I thought I’d pass by and see you, would you like to join?”

“No, I’ve got an important class, got partnered up with Arnav for a project so have to work on it, can’t miss it you have fun”

“Okay what about tonight? Can you sneak out, it’s been a while since we spent time together”

“I have to go at Meera’s, exams are up soon and we haven’t revised so we planned for a group study”

“Who else’s going to be there?”

“No idea, I think just friends from school”

“Like Arnav?”

“I don’t know maybe”

“I bet you’ll have more fun with him!” he said as he walked away angrily leaving Khushi all worried about him.


“Khushi!” Arnav shouted out so loud. Khushi almost freaked out as she stood up feeling all scared as she looked at him in confusion.

“Where were you lost? I’ve been asking you for a long time to move your chair a bit so I could adjust mine in between, there’s no space anywhere else but you seem to have been lost in your own world”

“I’m sorry” Khushi said as she pulled her chair aside and Arnav adjusted his in between as he looked at her worriedly, she seemed quite off like something was disturbing her.

“Are you okay?” Arnav asked as he placed his hand on her shoulder, Khushi blinked her eyes severally and looked at him as she nodded positively.

“I am sorry about yesterday, I wasn’t in my right mind” Arnav whispered to her and Khushi smiled in return.

“Weren’t you working till late last night? How come you still managed to wake up so early?” Mona asked

“Mona darling, I’m used to less sleep, now if you don’t mind will you please pass me some butter?” Arnav said as he looked at her with his flirty smile.

“Sure” Mona said as she passed the butter towards him staring at him all the while, the man looked like a Greek God, it was like almost impossible to take away eyes from him, even in his messed up hair.

Everyone finished breakfast one by one as they all left leaving behind Khushi who was busy staring at her plate full of food and Arnav who was busy eating and Mona who was staring at Arnav.

“So Mona darling, what do you do about your figure, look at you, you’ve maintained it so well, I mean you’re so hot” Arnav said as he looked at her.

“Really? Thank you, I’m glad you find me hot, I do nothing much just proper diet and gym”

Khushi stood up suddenly and walked away leaving Arnav flirting with Mona as she headed to her room, she dint know what it was about today, everything was just hurting her, she felt sad for no reason, all she wanted to do was sit in her room all alone.

She sat down on the bed and held her pillow tight, there were lots of thoughts and memories running in her mind which kept on hurting her more and more.

“You’re doing the same thing again Khushi” Arnav said as he walked inside her room holding a plate of food.

“What am I doing Arnav? I was just giving you space so you could freely flirt with that Mona” Khushi said sounding a bit angry.

“Wait, are you jealous that I was flirting with her?”

“Jealous? No way, I thought we were talking about that so I just said why I left, I though you found it rude of me to leave”

“That’s the problem Khushi, you don’t leave. Anyway I was saying, remember after our first meeting in school? We became friends and then the project with did together and became like best of friends, you used to be so good and then you just lost weight suddenly, you would always do what you were doing today, stare at your plate and then leave without eating, and I see nothing has changed, you haven’t even added a bit of weight, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing, I’m fine Arnav”

“Why do you always do this? Hide it all inside yourself until it eats you up so badly? Look I’m sorry if my words hurt you last night, I dint mean them, I was just out of my mind forget about it and eat something please” Arnav said as he sat next to her.

Khushi stared at the plate like she had done before, yes she did feel hungry but seeing the food made her not feel like eating despite the hunger.

“Please eat” Arnav said as he picked up the bread and fed it to her, she took a bite just when her phone vibrated, she picked it up and opened the text message she had received.

“Looks like someone’s forgotten me after going to Goa, text back as soon as you get this, I miss you”

She looked at Arnav feeling numb, feeling hopeless, all she wanted to do was to give up, tears formed up in her eyes as she pulled Arnav into a tight hug, Arnav placed the plate aside looking confused but he hugged her back.

“I can’t do this anymore Arnav I can’t, it’s just too much for me to handle” She cried.

“Hey, don’t worry, I’m here with you… everything’s going to be okay” Arnav said as he broke the hug and looked at her.

“I am sorry, I just broke down” Khushi said as she wiped her tears.

“What’s wrong Khushi, what happened? What’s hurting you so much?” Arnav asked worriedly.

“Nothing, I was just missing mom, I haven’t really stayed away from her so I just wanted to go back and see her… but anyway I’m fine and I promise I’ll eat this you can go and continue flirting with your Mona darling” Khushi smiled

“Are you sure?” Arnav asked

She nodded positively as Arnav stood up and walked away, she shut the door behind him and jumped on the bed as she broke down once again, only if she could explain what was going on in her mind all this while, maybe it would be easier to deal with the pain.

Jan 23, 2018

Love You Zindagi... Part 6 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 20 times)

She was all lost into her own world, hugging her pillow and crying when her phone beeped once again, she tried to ignore it but it beeped two more times and she knew if she continued ignoring it, things might go wrong pretty soon.

She picked it up and found three messages.

“Someone looks busy, text me back as soon as you see this”

“Hey, I miss you”

“Are you ignoring me? Khushi you know what I’ll do, please text me back ASAP”

She wiped away her tears as her fingers trembled while she started replying back to the text, she dint know how long she was going to take this, how long she was going to hide her pain from everyone, only if she had a way out of this.

“Sorry, I was busy with the wedding preparations, lots of things to do, waiting to see you soon” She replied back with a smile emoji and threw the phone away, it was now becoming harder to pretend that she was happy when she wasn’t.


“Dint you tell me your friends were coming?” She asked nervously.

“Did I? oh yes I did, actually they were to come but then they changed their mind so I thought we’ll get some time to ourselves, let’s go the movie is about to start” He said as he got hold of her hand and pulled her inside the theatre.

Apart from the two people who were sited completely in front, there wasn’t anyone else in the theatre, it made her a bit nervous but she reminded herself she was here with her boyfriend and she dint have to be scared about anything, he loved her and she loved him and they both would just watch the movie and leave.

He chose two seats at the corner and they both settled down just in time the movie began, he sat there holding her hand as she leaned on his shoulder, it all felt like a fairytale dream.

She had always watched in movies how couples went to movies together and sat holding each other’s hands while watching the movie, she’d always wanted that and she was getting it, she was happy and enjoying the movie.

It was only half an hour since the movie had began when she saw the two people who were sited in front leaving, she couldn’t blame them, the movie was so boring she too almost fell asleep.

“Do you think we should also leave? It’s so boring?” She asked

“No, I’m enjoying it, let’s stay” He said as he held her hand tighter.

She nodded as she continued watching it and everything was good for a while until she felt his hand on her legs, he was drawing circles with his fingers on them, slightly pushing her skirt up while he continued drawing circles and pushing the skirt further and further.

She got hold of it and tried to push it back down but he dint let her, he was making her feel so uncomfortable.

“Please don’t” she said in a light voice.

“Hey, it’s okay… it’s really okay” He said pushing her skirt upwards again despite her refusing him to.


“Khushi! Are you okay?” Meera shook her.

“What? Yes, I’m okay, I’m okay” She said coming out of the trance.

“No you aren’t, you were sited here saying no every now and then, I tried to talk to you but you weren’t even listening to me, it was as if you were lost in some other world.. What’s wrong Khushi? I am your best friend but it looks like there are things you don’t even tell me.

I know there’s something and it’s bothering you a lot, just tell me what it is and I’ll try my best to help you, I’ll do anything to make you feel better”

“It’s nothing Meera, no one can get me out of this mess I’ve put myself into, I wish it was possible but it isn’t, I’ve tried all I could but now I’ve given up so let it be”

“You can at least tell me what it is”

“No, look at you, it’s you wedding and you’re sited here worried about my problems, right now you should be concentrating on that only so come on, let’s get started with the list of things we’ve got to do” Khushi said as she stood up.


Khushi spent the whole day trying to keep herself busy in preparations so she dint have to think about anything else, they had a free day today so they had decided to hold a barbeque outside as they all played some games and talked.

The next day they were going to have the haldi ceremony for both Kiaan and Meera and afterwards, followed by Sangeet then mehendi and then the main day of marriage, they just had like four days left now and they all wanted to have all the fun possible.

In the evening, all the girls had already gathered in the garden as they waited for the boys to join them who had been busy getting the drinks.

Khushi looked at Arnav who was busy chatting with Kiaan as they both were laughing so hard, she felt good seeing him, he always gave her some sort of positive vibes, like she knew nothing wrong would ever happen when he was around.

“A drink for you beautiful lady?” Arnav asked as he handed a glass of orange juice to Khushi and then settled down next to her.

“Thank you” Khushi smiled

“So tell me something new, we are around couples who are concentrating more on their romance than the barbeque, see the maize even burnt without anyone taking care of it” Arnav said as he rolled the maize around.

“I don’t have anything new, tell me how has London been treating you? Do you like it there?”

“Yes, it’s kind of good, but still nothing is better than being here with friends and family”

“So what do you miss the most about India? I mean when you’re there, what is the one thing you wish could have been in London too?”

“You” Arnav said as he looked her into the eyes.

She blinked severally and turned her attention to the barbeque, everyone was busy feeding themselves and some their partners while Khushi looked at them awkwardly.

She knew she wasn’t supposed to feel good about this but it did feel good knowing that despite of everything else in the world, he missed her, it was sweet.

“I think someone is blushing” Arnav said as he hit Khushi lightly with his elbow.

“No I’m not” Khushi said as she turned to look at him suppressing her smile.

“You know back in London, I’d always imagine how you must have grown up, I mean there wasn’t a day I dint think of you, wondering how you must be looking like and all, I even tried to look for you on social sites but couldn’t find you so I was really eager to see you.

When I was coming here, the only thing I wanted was to see you, you’ve grown to be such a gorgeous lady and you still are the most amazing person I know, I mean you haven’t even changed a bit and as much as I like that, I just wished you would have become a bit more selfish”

“Let’s not go there, we’ll ruin the evening” Khushi said as she brushed both her hands together.

“It’s cold isn’t it?” Arnav asked as Khushi nodded positively.

He moved a bit closer to her wrapping his arm around her as she looked at him in surprise, this was totally unexpected but it was good, she looked around and found everyone busy on their own no one even cared what they were doing.

She curled herself in his arm smiling stupidly as Arnav stared at her lovingly.

Jan 24, 2018

Love You Zindagi... Part 7 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 18 times)

Khushi woke up feeling extremely happy, it seemed like all her problems and everything that had ever stopped her from feeling this happy had somehow disappeared and she was like a free bird, ready to fly wherever it wanted to.

She stretched her arms lazily as she looked around and for a moment, she was left shocked on finding Arnav sleeping next to her.

“Arnav” She said as she started hitting him with the pillow until he woke up and looked at her in confusion.

“What Khushi? If you weren’t taught, there are better ways to wake someone up like for example with a kiss on the cheek, or a tight hug…”

“First of all you’re sleeping next to me without my permission and secondly you are here talking all the romantic nonsense, this is why you deserve to be woken up like this, what are you doing on my bed? And where are the girls?”

“Don’t you remember? We wanted privacy so last night you asked the girls to go to another room and leave us alone here”

“Arnav seriously? I wasn’t drunk that I wouldn’t remember, all I remember is I fell asleep in…” She started blushing suddenly as the memories of last night flashed in front of her eyes.

“Yes, I’m listening… tell me how you fell asleep Khushi”

“Shut up Arnav, wherever I might have fallen asleep, you were awake you shouldn’t have slept here”

“That wasn’t my intention, you see when you fell asleep in my arms while everyone was busy enjoying the barbeque, I, like a good boy decided to bring you to your room, I covered you with your blanket and was just about to leave when you started clutching your bedsheet in dreams and murmuring I don’t know what, I couldn’t get a word of it but I knew you were scared, it got me worried and I thought I’d stay next to you for a while until you’re okay then go away but I guess I might have fallen asleep before.”

“Then why aren’t the girls here?”

“Khushi even though you weren’t drunk you are acting like you were, obviously I came here with you and maybe when they came here they found me sleeping on your bed and decided to leave us alone making the assumption that we were… you know what” He giggled.

“Oh My God! You’re horrible, what would they all be thinking about me”

“Nothing, I mean why do you care what they think as long as you know what it was, so my dear Khushi chill, after you fell asleep yesterday night we all had decided to have a morning pool party, you know where you swim and get drunk day time and play volleyball in the pool?

So you don’t have to shower, just get on your swimming costume and join me outside, we’ll have fun just like yesterday night” Arnav winked as he stood up from the bed.

“Stop making last night sound like we made love to each other” Khushi said as she threw the pillow at him.

“People who are in love make love Khushi, not people like us who don’t even know what they feel” Arnav said as he walked away leaving Khushi behind in thoughts.


 “I see the party has begun without me” Arnav said as he hit Kiaan lightly on the shoulder.

“Well I wasn’t quite expecting to see you here today, I mean you and Khushi and your night together” Kiaan giggled.

“Dude seriously, I mean you of all people would know that something like that wouldn’t happen between us, we just fell asleep there’s nothing like you’re thinking”

“Kiaan there’s nothing like you are thinking bla bla bla… maybe you dint have anything in between you maybe you both are just friends and maybe you both were tired you dint realize you fell asleep together but what would you say about this Arnav?” Kiaan asked as he scrolled through his phone and showed him a picture of his and Khushi sleeping together so peacefully, Khushi’s head was rested on Arnav’s arms while he had his cheeks touching her hair.

“We were asleep, I don’t know when this happened, and how shameless of you to click a picture of us like this, if Khushi sees it she’ll forget you are getting married to her best friend and I’ll be more than happy to see you getting beaten up by her girl gang”

“People who are in love sleep like that, feeling at home, feeling safe in each other’s arms, friend sleep as they kick each other off the bed” Kiaan said

“Let’s not discuss this Kiaan”

“Why? Because maybe the reason why you actually went away from Khushi was because you fell in love with her but she was in love with someone else? And now you’re here trying to pretend it was never like that”

“I always knew she never loved me Kiaan, I had a reason why I left and trust me if the same reason comes up again I wouldn’t think a second time before leaving again”

“Then tell me what it was Arnav, what makes you love her so much yet keep you away from her”

“The fact that she’s not selfish!” Arnav said as he walked away angrily and sat down in a corner trying to calm himself down, all he wanted was to forget about the past and move on but no matter how much he tried he just couldn’t.


Khushi stepped out dressed in her beautiful white and peach swimming costume, Arnav who was sited far away from her couldn’t stop noticing her as she walked towards Meera who was busy with the girls.

“Good morning” Khushi said as she joined them.

“The morning is really good isn’t it” Mona asked with a weird look on her face.

“What’s with her?” Khushi whispered to Meera.

“She heard from everyone that you and Arnav spent the night together so she thinks you both… and you know she liked him so she’s a bit let’s say hurt”

“Oh God! I wonder what everyone’s heard”

“Whatever be it, I know you must have just fallen asleep together, there wouldn’t be anything because if it was going to be so I would know”

“Why are we even talking about the impossible, you know I…”

“Yes, I know you have a boyfriend and you love him a lot” Meera said as she looked at Khushi who was lost looking around.

“Looking for Arnav? He’s right there staring at how hot you look” She giggled as she pointed towards Arnav.

Khushi looked at him as she waved at him while he waved back at her, he stood up and then jumped into the pool and started swimming until he reached the side where Khushi was standing.

Khushi looked at him nervously hoping he was going to ask her to join him in the pool, it would just make everyone’s doubts clearer.

“Hi Khushi” Arnav said pretending to be completely normal.

“Hi Arnav” Khushi replied nervously.

“Mona darling, what are you doing there, come join me in the pool, let’s have some fun” Arnav said as he got hold of Mona’s hand and pulled her inside the pool leaving Khushi feeling disappointed.

Why was she even feeling disappointed?

“It hurts doesn’t it?” Meera asked as he looked at Arnav who was busy splashing the water on Mona’s face while she did the same back in return.

“What?” Khushi asked as she turned away from them.

“Seeing Arnav flirting with someone else, giving her the attention you feel you should get”


“Oh yes, what nonsense Meera you know Arnav and I are just good friends and I have a boyfriend and we have been together since school and are going to get married so soon so me having feelings for Arnav or feeling hurt because of this is nonsense… is that what you were going to say? I am your best friend Khushi and I know better” Meera said

“You know what?”

“When we are in a relationship that doesn’t make us happy, we should leave.”

“Who said I am not happy? I really am happy” Khushi said as she walked away trying to avoid the conversation.

She picked up a glass of wine from the table and gulped it down all at once as she turned to look back at Meera who was staring at her, she then looked at Arnav who was so lost into Mona he dint even care about the surrounding, she turned back to the table, picked up the whole bottle and walked away.

Jan 25, 2018

Love You Zindagi... Part 8 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 21 times)

“Arnav! Did you see Khushi?” Meera asked worriedly as Arnav stepped out of the pool followed by Mona.

“No, I mean I’ve been in the pool all this while, I dint see her, she was with you wasn’t she?”

“Yes she was, we had a talk and she got pissed and walked away with a whole bottle of wine, I just hope she dint drink it whole, she’s never had much wine except for a glass or two”

“Did you check for her in the room?”

“I’ve looked for her everywhere but she isn’t around, I don’t know where she went, I just hope she’s okay… please do something, what if she’s too drank and then something wrong happens, I’ll never be able to forgive myself” Meera said as tears started forming up in her eyes.

“Hey… what happened? Arnav are you harassing my beautiful would be wife?” Kiaan asked as he joined them.

“No, her best friend is harassing her! God I don’t know what I’m going to do about this girl, she’s so crazy but don’t worry, I’ll go look for her and make sure I come back with her okay, this is your day you both should enjoy it, stop worrying and relax, I’ll go find her” Arnav said as he walked away in a hurry.

“Relax Meera, I’m sure she’s just around” Kiaan said as he held her in his arms.

“I just hope she’s fine Kiaan, I shouldn’t have said what I did to her, she has a lot going on in her mind and I just added some more to it”

“Its okay don’t worry, Arnav will come back with her”


Arnav checked inside the whole mansion, he made sure to check each and every room including the washrooms and the kitchen but just like Meera had said, Khushi wasn’t anywhere to be found and now he was also starting to get worried.

He headed outside and checked the whole poolside but couldn’t find her even there, wondering where she could have gone he rushed out of the mansion looking for her.

“Did Khushi leave from here? Which side did she go? Did she tell you anything?” Arnav started bombarding the guard with questions.

“No sir, no one had left yet”

“Are you sure? I mean you might have gone somewhere to do something and she left without you noticing her?”

“No sir, I was here I haven’t moved and trust me, no one left” The guard said

Arnav stood there feeling confused, if Khushi hadn’t left and she wasn’t also in the mansion then where was she?

He rushed back inside to recheck the mansion for the second time just in case he missed her the first time, he headed back to all the rooms one by one calling out her name but he still couldn’t find her.

He stopped in his room and looked around but she wasn’t there too, feeling confused and worried he sat down on his bed trying to think of all the possible places she could have gone to when suddenly he heard some sort of noise.

He stood up almost freaking out as he saw Khushi coming out from under the bed.

“What the… what were you doing under the bed Khushi? And couldn’t you tell me you were here when I was shouting your name looking for you?” Arnav asked

She ignored him as she tried standing up yet holding the bottle of wine in her hand, she seemed to be dizzy, she was holding her head as she dragged herself out and tried to stand up when she hit her head on the bed.

“Ouch” she cried as Arnav rushed to help her.

“God, you’re so crazy, I mean who gets drunk and then hides under the bed?” Arnav asked as he stared at her angrily yet he felt like giggling at the same time, she was just hilarious.

Her behavior was completely funny and as she made faces at him, he felt like he was going crazy for her all over again, it was like seeing the old Khushi back, the childish, naughty Khushi back.

“You… who are you” Khushi said as she pushed him away almost falling down herself when Arnav got hold of her back on the right time.

“I’m Arnav Khushi, what’s wrong with you and why are you so drunk?”

“Oh yes, the arrogant and stupid and not caring Arnav. Why are you here? Go flirt with that blonde girl what was her name, sona, tona.. whatever”

“It’s Mona, and from which angle does she look like a blonde to you?”

“Oh well, it was just rhyming well with the sentence, and why are you holding me? Leave me Arnav and go to Mona”

“Wait… are you jealous Khushi?” Arnav asked with a smile on his face.

Her cute tactics were making him want to laugh out so loud, he was just trying to be normal so he could handle her.

“Jealous and me? Stop aiming too far Arnav, I’m nothing near jealous”

“If it is so, tell me why you’re drunk and hiding under my bed instead of your own bed? Is there something special about mine?”

“Shut up! Don’t ask questions, who are you to ask questions to me?” Khushi said as she tried to hit him with the bottle but he managed to escape.

“Okay fine, calm down… Meera has been looking for you, you have any idea how worried she is? Let’s go to her, she’ll be happy to see you”

“I’m not going anywhere” Khushi said as she jumped on the bed and sat down folding her arms, with a pout on her face she looked at Arnav like a little baby who dint get what it wanted.

“Okay now stop being this cute and let’s go” Arnav said as he got hold of her hand.

“Do you find me cute? Am I really cute Arnav?” Khushi asked innocently.

“Yes Khushi, you’re the cutest person I know, now come on, let’s get going” He said as he pulled her, she lost her balance and ended up crashing on his chest.

He looked at her as his breaths became heavier just in a matter of moment, the way she looked back at him, deep into his eyes made him feel lots of things he couldn’t describe in words.

“If that is so, don’t take me anywhere… I don’t want to go, I just want to stay here, in this room, under the bed, or wherever but not out there”

“But Meera’s worried for you Khushi, she’s not going to be fine until she sees you”

“I don’t care, I’m not going anywhere” Khushi said as she pushed him away and headed back under the bed.

“Now stop hiding under the bed like a kid, come out Khushi… come on!”

“I have a better option, join me down here… see it’s so peaceful, no one to disturb and then you can even watch people who come in to romance and then leave, I saw many, It was fun” She giggled.

Arnav smiled as he pulled out his phone, it was impossible to convince Khushi to go out of the room in such a state so he decided to text Meera just to inform her that he had found Khushi and she was alright.

After texting Meera, he slid his phone back inside his pocket and bent down on his knees to look at Khushi, she was lying flat under the bed lost in her own world singing songs.

“Khushi I’m asking for the last time, are you coming out or not?”

“Arnav, I’m also asking for the last time, are you coming down here or not?”

“You know you’re crazy” Arnav said as he joined her under the bed and lied next to her, she got hold of his hand while he looked at her.

“Why did you ruin everything Arnav?” Khushi asked suddenly leaving him surprised.

“What did I ruin Khushi?”

“Our friendship… weren’t we so cool? The whole school used to be jealous of our friendship, we were like the best of friends and then you…”

“And then I said I was in love with you, if that’s what you are hesitating to say”

“But I dint feel the same towards you Arnav, you should have known, I was always your friend, I never loved you, you ruined everything for me… everything” Khushi cried as she hugged him.

“I am sorry” Arnav said as he held her in his arms.

Jan 27, 2018

Love You Zindagi... Part 9 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 22 times)

“Will you now get out Khushi? We’ve spent hours down here now” Arnav asked

“Shut up, it won’t always happen like you wish, friendship is between two people but all you ever did was decide everything all alone as if I never existed”

“Well it wasn’t my mistake, I had given you a choice”

“Yeah, the great Arnav giving me choices that wouldn’t help”

“Will you stop complaining about the past and come out or not?”

“I won’t, what will you do?”

“I’ll show you what I’ll do” Arnav said as he got out and then bent down as he got hold of Khushi’s hand and pulled her out to.

“Stop it Arnav, what are you doing?” Khushi asked as she started hitting him.

“I’m taking you to your room Khushi” Arnav said as he picked her up in his arms.

“No! I don’t want to go, I want to stay here, you can’t push me away when you want and then pull me back when you want, it’s my life and I’ll decide what to do” Khushi said as she continued hitting him while she tried to get out of his arms.

“But this is my room and I can decide who’s going to be here”

“Well I don’t care because I’m not going anywhere, now if you don’t put me down I’ll shout and call everyone here and it’s not going to be good for you”

“What do you want Khushi?” Arnav asked as he put her down.

“I want this” She said as she got hold of his upper arms and pulled him to bed, they both sat on it while she rested her head on his shoulder yet holding his arm.

“I want to feel this, I want to feel how great it is to be actually loved, how great it is to have someone by your side who doesn’t make you feel trapped, who lets you be yourself”

“You always had the choice to feel so Khushi, all you ever had to do was to tell me that you loved me too, as much as I have always loved you”

“Do you still love me Arnav?”

“It doesn’t matter Khushi”

“It does, because I don’t love you and I want you not to love me too, I want you to go and flirt with Mona and I want you to be happy with her even if I don’t like it”

“Why don’t you like it?”

“Because you are my friend, I’ve always seen you with me only, maybe I’m a possessive kind of a friend but you know I am happy for you, It’s just that I’m sad for myself”

“I think you need to sleep Khushi”

“I think so, I’m so tired of everything, I’ll just sleep and stop thinking about everything for now, at least it will give me some peace.”


“Where did we park? I can’t even remember” Khushi asked as she walked out of the restaurant hand in hand with Vihaan.

“It was in the ba****t, I think we better use the lift” he said as he pulled her with him to the lift.

“The food here was great, I’ll have to bring my school friends here some time, it’s going to be fun”

“Yeah school friends like Arnav right?”

“What’s wrong with you Vihaan, out of all the friends I have why do you always have a problem with Arnav? He’s my best friend and that’s all!”

“You see you could have a best friend who’s a girl but no you decided to choose a boy”

“It’s not about choosing, it’s about who we are comfortable with and I am with him that’s it, I know you’re insecure but you have to trust me there’s nothing between us apart from friendship okay?”

“If you say so, I’ll believe you” He smiled as he got hold of her hand and pulled her out of the lift, they walked around the parking lot trying to remember where exactly they had parked their car.

“How does your dad even allow you to drive, you can’t even remember where you parked the car” Khushi giggled.

“As long as I’m of legal age he can’t do anything, there it is” He said as he pointed towards a white Mercedes that was parked in between a black land cruiser and a wall.

“Khushi, it’s so empty here” he said as he looked at her and winked.

“Don’t even think of it, it’s a parking lot Vihaan!”

“So what? No one’s around and our car is in the corner, no one would see come on”

“No Vihaan please, you know I’m not comfortable with it”

“Why not? You’re my girlfriend and we both love each other so you should be comfortable” He said as he pushed her to the car pinning her on it.

“Vihaan please stop” Khushi said nervously.

“Just for a while please, it’s going to be fun Khushi come on don’t spoil the moods” he said as he got hold of her waist with one hand while he pulled up her skirt with the other.


“Shh… be quiet” he said as he put his finger on her mouth shutting her up, slowly tears formed up in her eyes as she tried to convince him to stop but he was in no moods to listen to her.

It felt like her no never mattered to him, all he ever had for her was only lust and not love but then at times she second guessed herself when he acted so possessive towards her, when he got jealous of Arnav or any other guy she’d be friend with.

She knew that somewhere whatever that was in between them was maybe love and maybe from his side it was more than love and that’s why he ended up doing all this to her…

Maybe she had to learn how to accept it and live with it, maybe this was what love was actually like.

“It’s late, I need to go home Vihaan” Khushi said as she got hold of his hand and shoved it off from under her skirt, she opened the door and jumped inside the car but instead of him going to the driver’s seat, he pushed her flat on it as he came over her and started kissing her.

“I said stop Vihaan!” Khushi shouted angrily.

Vihaan gave her an angry look as he backed off and headed on the driver’s seat.


“Stop!” Khushi shouted as she sat up on the bed sweating terrible as usual, Arnav too woke up suddenly and looked at her while she sat on the bed crying miserably.

“What happened Khushi?” He asked her worriedly.

“I think it was just a bad dream, never mind… and what am I doing here?” Khushi asked as she looked around realizing she was in Arnav’s room, sleeping next to him.

“Nothing to worry about, you got drunk and hid under my bed, it took me hours to convince you to get out and when you did I wanted to take you to your room but you refused and decided to sleep here so I let you” Arnav said

“I am sorry, I don’t really remember anything, I don’t drink much so… I hope I dint disturb you much”

“You dint, and anyway I am your friend so I have already signed up to get disturbed by you anytime”

“Thank you… anyway can I sleep back? I don’t feel like walking back to my room the sleep would go away and I also have a headache so if you don’t mind”

“Of course you can, I’ll get you a painkiller, take it and then sleep”

Khushi nodded as Arnav stood up and searched through his cupboard, he walked back to her with the painkiller and filled a glass of water from the jug that was placed on the side table.

“Khushi are you sure everything is okay?” Arnav asked

Khushi nodded positively as she took the painkiller and headed off to sleep again while Arnav sat there staring at her, it was for sure she was hiding something from him, he just dint know what, but he wanted to find out, he wanted to make her feel better and for that he could have done anything.

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