TS: Are you Crazy?

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TS: Are you Crazy? (By V1184) (Thanked: 27 times)

Kushi is waiting in a park to meet Arnav.

They are supposed to meet at 6:30 AM and it is that early in the morning because that's an auspicious time.

Auspicious time to meet each other for the first time and see if they are okay with the marriage.

Marriage, such a big decision to be finalized within first meeting or as few meets as they can get.

There are so many restrictions...so many rules girls have to follow and as if the strict lifestyle isn't enough, they have very little say in their life changing decisions. Such a strange society we live in, where people tell you live life the way you want, do whatever you want to, pursue whatever career you are willing to yet limit the options right after. While being told to be careful all the time, why not provide an environment where the rules don't have to be strict? Why not make the women feel safe instead of telling to be alert all the time.

As Kushi is about to continue thinking all these, her phone interrupted the silence around her.

It was from Riya, one of her best friends.

"What's the time?" Kushi asked

" Good Morning to you too. And it is 5:45 AM my dear. Didn't think you would ask that, the first thing in the morning." Riya replied

" Morning morning. Ab bol, aaj naa exam hai naa hi koi kaam. Subah uthke kya kar rahi?" Kushi asked

(Tell now, today is neither an exam day nor you have work. What are you doing waking up so early?)

" I am am early bird. Don't you know? " Riya said jokingly.

" Yeah, I know just how much of an early bird you are. Now get to the actual topic. I am kind of lost and you need to be quick." ~ Kushi

" Lost? What topic now missy? Anyways, I just wanted to see if we could meet later. I am free today and even Lin agreed to come." ~ Riya

Kushi replied, " Sure. Except for a meeting at 6:30 AM , I am free till evening. Let's meet somewhere out. My house is full and you will freak out for sure."

Riya asked, " Full? You didn't inform me. Surprise guests again, I guess?"

Kushi sighed and replied, " Yes. And with marriage discussions going on, we have to be prepared for such more surprises. Discuss with Lin and SMS me the place. Send SMS. I won't be online today."

" Okay. Is this meeting regarding marriage? If so, All the Best. Will surely send an SMS. Bye. Don't overthink." saying that Riya hang up

Kushi is once again in silence. Not much because the world around her started to wake up.

It is 6:10 AM and the joggers are increasing by minute.

Kushi simply waited having nothing else to do and not wanting to be lost in thoughts if and when Arnav does arrive.

At 6:28 AM she wished she had seen his photo. But, damn her thoughts, she didn't want the looks to be a deciding factor.

But she can't change her mind few minutes before meeting him directly.


At 6:29 AM, Arnav entered the park. He was forced by his family to meet Kushi in this park.

He can't even know how she looks. Just a name and where to find her.

Yeah, like naming a huge park like this is good enough address to trace that Kushi.

But he shouldn't ruin this meeting. He has to behave and be a good man.

And to sort out any issues in this one meeting.

' I have a minute to find her. Hopefully I can point out the right girl and meet. If I don't exactly say hi or talk something at 6:30 AM, I am gone. Dadi will kill me for ignoring their wise words and all. Damn me for waking up late on the one day I am supposed to wake up early.' Arnav thought to himself.

While he is walking around aimlessly, thinking about how to not make his Dadi angry, a girl came to him.

The girl spoke, " You must be Arnav. If not, then am sorry."

' Must be? and Arnav? Not to sound arrogant but I am pretty sure the media has my photo shared in every media platform and I am on news so regularly that it isn't difficult to identify me. And only family can call me Arnav. Seeing that the time is 6:30 AM i am assuming that this girl standing in front of me is Kushi. I hope so because 6:30 AM is over now.' thinking this he spoke, " Are you Kushi?"

Kushi replied, " Yes. And seeing that you know my name, it is safe to say we did talk first at the auspicious time. So, how do you want to talk?"

" What do you mean by how do you want to talk? " Arnav asked, a bit confused

While Kushi was thinking of how to easily explain it to him, he looked at her completely. Like he should be able to recognize her at a later point and not forget after this. He didn't understand why she mentioned that he will recognize her the moment he sees her.

" So, Kushi, why did you say I will recognize you the moment i lay my eyes on you?" Arnav asked her.

Kushi, who is simplifying her explanation, replied saying, " Well, look at my dress. I don't think girls usually go around jogging or running, early in the morning in Punjabi suits. And by how do you want to talk, I meant walking, jogging or running or simply by sitting at a nearby bench."

Kushi's dress :

Before Arnav could reply, she spoke again. " Though I gave options, I am comfortable with walking or sitting at a bench as it is comfortable considering my dress. Sorry for interrupting you right now. You can talk now."

Arnav simply nodded and replied, " Let's sit and talk then. I assume you are here before me. So lead me to the bench where you were before talking to me."

Kushi nodded and lead the way to the bench she was sitting earlier.

She started speaking as they settled down on the bench.

" So you know why we are here right? By the way, my name is Kushi Gupta."

" Yeah, I know. I like to think so. My family told me to arrive at this park, meet the girl Kushi and that the meeting has something to do with my marriage. Ah, also the 6:30 AM thing. I know nothing else and my name is Arnav Singh Raizada."

" Okay. Well, I will tell as much as I know. This meeting is basically to get to know the other person, share opinions about marriage and decide something."

" Ohkay. So, what is your opinion about marriage?"

" Has it been someone I am comfortable with, I would go on and on about my opinion right now. But I wouldn't do it. I am gonna say a simplified version of my opinion. I want to know more about you and see if things will work out. A future plan or at least what you will be doing in near future or where you will be matters. I need to see if both the prospective bride and groom doesn't have to cancel or have a setback because of the other. And I want to make sure, at the end, no one has to compromise or be disappointed. Though it is a lot to expect from marriage, the least bit of compromise and the maximum happiness matters. Sorry, this is the best simplified version I can say."

Arnav is impressed. To have such thinking and he liked how she didn't talk about only bride's plans.

As he is not good at guessing age of people by looks, he decided to ask her that too.

" I like your views Kushi. I am impressed and sorry to ask this but what is your age?"

" Well, I am 19, going to be 20 in few months. And those are simply, my views. At least the glimpse of my views. They are not meant to be a factor to impress you though I appreciate it. Since you know my age now, what is your age? "

Arnav is shocked. How can they do this? Asking him to meet a 19 year old in prospect of marriage. Why did their family force him and how did her parents even agreed to this?

He asked her the same. " I am 25. How are you so cool with this? You just shared one of your views and I am impressed. You have a very bright future Kushi. You are just 19. I won't agree for this. I can't do that to your future. Are you Crazy? to be waiting here and meeting me."

Kushi smiled to herself. She is happy with this.

Seeing her smile, he asked again, " Are you Crazy? "

"No, I am not. I am just happy. Don't worry about my future. But please tell me your future plans. At least, the next 3 years." Kushi asked

He don't know what to tell. He wanted to say lies and maybe make her change her decision. But he don't want to lie to her.

So he replied, " Well, I will be working within India. I missed my home enough during my studies abroad and I will settle down here maybe. I don't know what place but somewhere in India and start a school. I will still be a businessman but the school will never be my source of income. It will be a place to share knowledge and help someone else's future."

Now, Kushi is impressed. She said, " Great. And you will be in India right. Now I know that, I can tell this. First of all, I am really really sorry."

He is confused. " Why are you saying sorry? What for? And yeah, I will be in India only."

She explained. " Well, Sorry and let me finish this all in one go. I will answer any questions you have, at the end. I am sorry because I am not the one you are going to marry. Stop. I will answer everything after I say this. Let me continue. You will marry my elder sister. She is 24 now and is the girl you are supposed to marry, if everything goes right. And don't worry. The auspicious time, I have talked with the priest who suggested it and asked him to change it to be time for meeting prospective groom and his sister-in-law. Also, you could thank me later because if not for my involvement, you would have to be here at 3:28 AM or something. Anyways, I am here instead of di because I want to make sure she is going to be happy. Also to make myself familiar with my jiju. What you and my di don't know is, your marriage is decided already. I wanted to know if you and di can ever be comfortable with each other. By the way, the plans match. She is completing her Ph.D this year and is willing to be a teacher. She could be professor but she didn't want to. And only di knows I am meeting you before her. You were not given her photo so that I can know you first. Sorry for that. Di didn't see your photo too. Looks shouldn't be a priority and what matters is the heart. I am really sorry for doing this jiju. By the way, di will be here soon. Anytime after 7:45 AM is a good time for you both to meet. I confirmed it so no mishaps will happen. Now you can ask me anything and I will answer honestly."

He is shocked, relieved yet happy at the same time. He liked his to be sister-in-law's nature.

" No need to ask sorry. I can somewhat understand your thoughts. I mean, I did something similar for my cousin. Though I didn't have to give such big explanation. Anyways, Kushi, what is your di's name? And you are lucky, I took the day off."

Kushi smiled sheepishly and said, " Well, di's name is Khushi. Same pronunciation but spelled different. Like I said, only di knows. And di's full name is Khushi Kumari Gupta. I am just Kushi Gupta. And di will be here soon."

" Okay. I guess that is why my family didn't say anything. You are lucky to go by your name and pretend to be your di. No confusion with names at all. When I did something similar, I have to be called twice at least to respond" he said.

Just as he finished saying that, her phone made notification sounds.

" Can I see what they are?" she asked

He replied, " Sure. No need to ask Kushi."

" Thank you" she said quickly and checked her phone.

Message from DI : Done with prayers. Am starting to the park now. Will be there in a few minutes.

Message from LIN : Kush, we are meeting at Chikki Palace. We both are together now. Will be there at 8:30 AM. See you soon ~ Ri

Kushi smiled at the messages and decided not to reply. So, she turned her attention to Arnav, her jiju, and spoke, " Di will be here soon. And by soon, I mean 5 minutes at most. And I have to go. Going to meet my best friends. Want me to wait here or leave now?"

Arnav said, " You can go if you want. Just help me identify your di. Any hint at least?"

Kushi replied, " You don't have to worry. I will be here. I have to take something from di anyways. But she will identify you for sure. So no worries jiju."

He nodded and they sat in silence for a few minutes.


Khushi entered the park and went to where she knew her sister is. It is basically the only bench she sits at every time they visit just to talk.

So she straightly went to the bench.

Kushi is aware of her sister's presence but didn't talk anything seeing her jiju is lost in thoughts. She silently took the food her sister brought for her.

Kushi spoke, " Jiju, I am leaving now. Have to meet my friends. Bye." Without waiting for his reply, she left.

Arnav, now back from his thoughts to outside world, noticed the presence in front of him. For a second, he was confused because Kushi just left yet she is in front of him and in a different outfit. He wondered if he was lost for more time than he assumed and since Kushi is going to meet her friends, she changed her outfit, but that was not possible.

Khushi's dress :

Khushi spoke, " Hi Arnav. I am Khushi. Sorry for the trouble Kush caused but hope you are okay with it. Don't inform anyone else though. I don't want Kush to be in trouble."

He finally understood, it is his to be wife, Khushi and spoke. " No worries. So, do you want to talk here or shall we go somewhere else? And Kush? "

Khushi smiled and said, " We can go somewhere else. This is Kush's place to go, anytime. One of her favorite spots. And we all call her Kush. You know, with same names and all, it is easier that way."

He can't help but ask her " What is your age Khushi? "

Khushi understood why and answered while smiling, " I am sure Kush said it already. Anyways, I am 24. I can assure you. We just look too much like each other. We are not twins. I understood you confusion earlier. I look a bit younger than my age and she looks a bit older than her actual age. So we kind of look like twins."

He got a clarity now and then spoke, " Okay. But I think it's an advantage. I mean, you can easily fool everyone as the other and you don't even have to practice or pretend. Pronunciation doesn't particularly differentiate and both you share the same looks. It must be fun."

Khushi smiled again. She so loves her sister and this is definitely an advantage.

She said, " Yup. A great advantage and we use it pretty wisely to hide from troubles at home. Let's get going. We can talk while we walk and go to some other place."

" Okay. And not to sound rude, but let's get to know about each other. We can talk about Kushi, I mean Kush, later. Any place suggestions?" Arnav asked

Khushi replied, " No. Except Chikki Palace. Any place other than that. 3 monkeys are headed there right now and we can get to know about each other only if those 3 aren't around."

" Okay. Let's go to the playnE. We can take my car if you came here on foot." Arnav suggested.

" Done. Let's head out and we will talk there. I came by walk, so no problem." Khushi replied.


So, I am going to end this here. Not the story. I will try to type another part as soon as possible. I just typed with the flow of my thoughts and it came to this. I feel like the part above is boring enough already and it won't be good to drag it anymore. In the next part, which I hope will the last part too will have both conversations i.e., at Chikki Palace and at playnE. Those places do not exist as far as I know. I randomly came with the names. So any coincidence is simply accidental. And thank you so much for reading this far. Do suggest a suitable title if you have any and share your view regarding this part, below, in the comments section.

Thank you :)

Have a Great Day / Night

Note : I have tried to color coordinate the characters words. Here is the list of it.

Black : General words / thoughts

Purple : Kushi Gupta

Olive : Riya

Maroon : Arnav Singh Raizada

Green : Khushi Kumari Gupta

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