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Jan 2, 2018

Arshi SS Love or Law (By Maahiak) (Thanked: 67 times)

Happy New Year guys and it is my new year gift to you all. This plot was in my mind for a long time but typed down today.

RM, New Delhi, India

It was morning and a lady of early thirties came out from Kitchen carrying some bowls followed by servants and set on the dining table.

Looking around she saw her husband and brother in a deep discussion and called them for breakfast and served them. She was about to call her father but saw him getting down the stairs all ready, in his three-piece suit. Alok saw his daughter and smiled at her

Alok: Good morning princess

Juhi: Good morning Daddy ... come ... sit ... the breakfast is ready

He came and settled on the chair and wished the others. His son in law Sanjay wished him back smilingly whereas his son Adarv, as usual, ignored it. Alok looked at the food and said

Alok: (Pouting) Princess today also Paratha?

Juhi:(Suddenly remembering something) No ... no wait Dad I had prepared your favorite Puri ... it is in the kitchen ... I will bring it ... just a second

Saying so she ran towards the kitchen and the brother in laws again continued their discussion about the deal with Alok joining them. Juhi came back and settled on her chair and first served her father and then herself.

She was talking something about shopping but got no response. Looking up she saw the trio in deep discussion about some deal. Getting annoyed she said glaring at them

Juhi: How many times I have to tell you guys no business while eating?

 Adarv sat as if he hadn't heard her at all while Sanjay and Alok looked apologetic

Alok: (Sheepishly) sorry, dear but it was important ... but no we are not continuing it. (Looking around) by the way, where are the others?

Juhi: Oh ... (offensively) my Badi Bhabhi, as usual, has not come down yet

Adarv clenched his teeth hearing her but chose to be silent

Juhi: (Smilingly) my Choti Bhabhi went to temple with Mummy and Dadi

Alok: Early morning at the temple ... why?

"It is his birthday after all; we can't forget that even if he isn't here ... " said Hritika who came there with her daughter in law and younger granddaughter in law. But was cut off by her elder granddaughter in law Nitya

 "Let him be there only, then at least he can breathe peacefully"

All expect Adarv and Sanjay looked at her angrily and Hritika told

Dadi: Be within your limits Nitya Bahu ... waise bhi (Anyway) how many times I have to tell you not to interfere when elders are talking?

Nitya rolled her eyes at the daily lecture and Adarv was ready to blast. Seeing that his mother indicated something to his father and Alok immediately took the situation into his hands

Alok: (Diverting the topic) what was the need to do all that Maa?

For which he earned a glare from Adarv and clarified himself

Alok: I ... I mean he isn't even ready to call us?

Dadi: His mother and wife wanted to pray for him to their favorite Devimaiyya ... so I too went with them ... and yeah there was another Puja too

Everyone frowned at that and she was about to answer but her daughter in law beat her to that

Janki: Hey ... don't you remember? Today is first January... that is one month to first December and that means ...

She couldn't even complete and everybody had to shut their ears as her daughter squealed hugging her friend

Juhi: Wow Mishty! It means now you are officially my sister in law ... oh you don't know how happy I am... and(Cupping her face)  aren't you happy?

In reply, she saw her friend blushing and hugged her happily. Janki and Alok smiled at the duo, Hritika even though don't know to smile tried it, Adarv and Nitya rolled their eyes at the drama while Sanjay looked confused.

Bonheur, Toronto, Canada

(Ha ha I think I am obsessed with foregn countries)

It was past midnight and a man in his late twenties was standing near the window looking at the city lost in his thoughts dressed only in his Pajama Shorts. He came out of his thinking zone when he felt a soft body clad in shorts and sleeveless top hugging him from the back. He sighed as he heard

Lady: What happened, Baby? Why are you disturbed?

She added hurriedly when she didn't get a reply

Lady: Is it about the party? I mean ... the arrangements? ... wasn't it good?

He smiled at her innocence and pulled her to his front and locked her in his arm. She too put her arms around his neck

Man: How it will not be good? ... that too when you are the one who did the arrangements?

And in reply, he got her special smile which was reserved only for him followed by a peck on his cheeks. He too gave her his precious smile and said caressing her nape where she had tattooed an 'A'

Man: And yeah ... I loved your gift ... it ... it means a lot to me, Baby but ... (Concernedly) you ... you would have hurt getting this done

Lady: (Shrugging) you are saying it as if I am getting a tattoo for the first time and anyway it is just a letter you had gotten my full name here

She said caressing his chest where she could feel his heartbeat

Lady: And hey ... you don't try to change the topic, why were you sad then? Were you thinking about your family? I mean ... were you missing them?

Man: Thinking? I was but missing (Chuckling humorlessly) definitely not. Afterall, we miss people who care about us

Lady: Baby ... why are you thinking like that? Okay ... I know what they did wasn't right but that may be the outcome of the sudden anger and .... they are your family and which family won't care about their son?

Man: (Shrugging) Raizadas do ... and that's why I am the ostracized one of Raizadas

Lady: Maybe ... but the way your sister

Man: (Sighing) I don't know what to say ... because I still don't believe she ... she had changed ... most probably that all was a drama to get my share of property

Lady: Perhaps ... after all, you know her better than me. Anyway, leave all this ... come let us sleep

Man: No baby you

Lady: No ... no arguments there just come and sleep because I know that if nothing else you are hell tired

Saying this she pulled him to the bed and he couldn't resist her. Soon they were asleep in each other's arms


 So that was the prologue and I will start writing after hearing your comments. So tell me how was it, any idea who's who?

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Feb 3

Part 1 What did actually happened? (By Maahiak) (Thanked: 42 times)

In India

Nishan or Shan as he was called by his loved ones parked his car and rang the bell of his house almost mechanically still not relieved from the shock of the news he received. The door was opened by his limping but cheerful wife Gitika aka Gitu

Gitu: Oh my god Shan where were you? I was trying for a long time to tell you a good news.  Hello ... here

She said waving her hands in front of him seeing him looking lost

Shan: (With a fake smile) yeah what happened? Er ... I mean ... you look so much happy

Gitu: Of course I am ... and you know why? (Squealing in happiness) finally ... finally ... Nav is coming to India after these many years with (with a smirk) his fiancée

Shan: (In a shocked voice) what? He is coming ... and that too with his fiancée ... What? Fiancée?

Gitu: Haha ... look at your face ... and yes Shan fiancée ... at last he proposed her last week and as per Amy ... in his sweet romantic Arnav way. And can you imagine where? The lovely island where they spent the last month ... the famous Tutuila Island. Oh ... you have to see the pictures from there it's just wow!

Shan: (Confusedly) but he

Gitu: You can't believe it right? I too was like this when I received the pics. But then he called and you have to hear him Shan ... he ... our Nav sounded so much happy. And then there was the pics from the birthday party ... and those are ... just wow ... I mean every corner showing her hard work and you know what? He told me he had the best birthday of his life sans us of course. You really have to see the snaps and videos yaar we ... we missed so much fun. (Pouting) I told you we should have gone; it was just a brace I could have easily managed with your help. (Sighing) but who will consider my words? And yeah not to forget those two monkeys too had to agree with you ... Huh! ... by the way, I had sent some snaps to your phone but you haven't seen it. Where your phone in silent?

Shan: Huh?

Gitu: Shan (Seeing his worried expression) what happened? You seem so much tensed ... kya hua (What happened) ... tell me is there any problem?

Shan: (Turning away) what had gotten into you Gitu? What will happen to me? I am perfectly alright and yeah there is no problem

Gitu: Really? Then tell that looking into my eyes. (Sensing his silence) Shan ... what is it? Any problem with the new case?

Shan: Gitu

Gitu: Yes Shan ... tell me why are you so disturbed?

Shan: Gitu hmm ... my junior found some development to the new case and asked me could we meet somewhere and we both were near to the Mandir that time and there I ... I saw someone ... someone I hoped to never meet again

Gitu: Shaaan who? About whom are you talking about? No ... I am not ready for another riddle now ... so tell me who was it?

Shan: (Sighing) I thought that 'never meet' was enough for you to understand

Gitu: Who (Suddenly reading his expression) Ms. Gupta? Why the hell she came back ... I mean she was in her Mom's house right? (Seeing his grim expression) wait ... where did you tell me you saw her?

Shan: (Frowning) mandir

Gitu: Thank God ... you frightened me unnecessarily (Sighing) I mean ... maybe came to do some Puja or something for her (Sarcastically) unlikely marriage with Nav

Shan: (Shaking his head) that is what I thought too ... but then she was wearing all the accessories of a married woman. One side I was happy as she left her dream to marry Nav but still something wasn't perfect with the surrounding I saw her ... so I had asked Sunil to do a background check

Gitu: (Frowning) and why did you do that? Who is she to us? She got married ... good for herself ... to whom, why and when does not matter to us, right? ... then why did you ...

Shan: (Exasperatedly) I wouldn't have if she wasn't with Raizadas

Gitu: What?

Shan: (Sighing) yes Gitu ... we both were discussing the case outside the mandir and I saw a familiar vehicle and ... she was getting down from it

Gitu: Getting down from it, means? Is she staying in Shantivan? Oh god ... how could they even do that? I mean don't Nav mean anything to them? Actually, don't answer that because if that was the case they wouldn't have asked him to leave Shantivan in that situation. (Frowning seeing his grim expression) Shan ... there is more, right? What is it?

Shan: Sunil called me few minutes before and you won't believe what he told me. (Gulping) I mean ... Ms. Gupta ... she ... she is staying in Shantivan for last six months ... the five months as a family friend of Raizadas and from last month as a 'Raizada Bahu'

Gitu: What are you blabbering yaar ... 'Raizada Bahu!' ... how is that possible? I mean ... Adi Bhai is already married, then? Did he divorced his first wife or did Mr. and Mrs. Raizada adopted another son?

Shan: It would have been nice if any of that was the case but ...

Gitu: But what? (Seeing his tensed face) What is it Shan ... you are scaring me

Shan: Gitu ... Sunil ... he got the information from one of the Prakash brothers and according to him she is 'Nav's wife'

Gitu would have slapped them then and there if someone else had said that but, now it was Shan who loves Arnav as his own brother and she knew he would never ever joke on a matter like this and thus Gitu was numbed into silence as she still couldn't accept what she had heard.

Shan touched her shoulder and she looked up, and only when she couldn't see him through blurred eyes she had realized she had been crying.

Gitu: Bu...But Shan how? I mean ... Nav wasn't here for a long time ... nor had she gone there. And he ... he was sounding so happy when he told me about the engagement and we know right? ... betraying the one he loves is the last thing he will do. Then

She literally choked on her words and Shan gathered her in his arms

Shan: I know ... I know Gitu and what makes it worse is that it is the other way around ... I mean he is the one who got betrayed ... betrayed by his own family

Gitu: But how? How can it happen without his knowledge?

Shan: That is what nobody knows. All HP knew is that she is staying there as Nav's wife for one month but yeah they hadn't publically introduced her till now. But it can happen ... and according to him anytime from today and do you know why? Because only from today their marriage had become official

Gitu: Today? One month? Wait ... wasn't it last month the Raizada Princess visited Nav and he signed away his property to her?

Shan: Oh my God! How did I miss this ... yes, it had to be her only ... but why would he sign something without reading it?

Gitu: That's also right it isn't him ... I mean is way too much skeptical for that ... but then his signature?

Shan: I am totally clueless but we have to find out everything. Especially as he is coming

Gitu: Oh God ... how will 'she' take this? And Shan ... Nav ... how will we tell him this?

Shan: (Sighing) I really don't know ... but I think we shouldn't tell him anything until we are clear about it

Gitu: I don't know how we are going to hide it that too when it had become official. But I think it is a better thing to do now ... I mean he had left all his self-conflict finally and proposed her ... Oh God now ... what will happen to them? He had finally decided to start a life and now this; why God is so cruel to him? Oh God Shan why it always happens to him?

Shan: I don't know Gitu, but yeah I am guaranteeing one thing ... yes, here I am promising in front of all the Gods that if we can do anything ... anything to change this cruel fate so that he could live the life he so much wished for we are going to do that. And we will go to any extent for that

Gitu: (Determinately) Yes Shan ... we will ... no, we ARE going to protect his love ... his life. If not I will lose my belief in love itself

In Canada

It was morning and Arnav walked down the stairs in his jogging suit once again looking back at his love who was sleeping peacefully like a baby.

Reaching the hall he saw Adam and Danny entering after the jog and then only he realized how late he was. Danny looked at him with an expression which said 'man let my sister sleep at least in the morning' for which he smirked in return. Seeing that Danny glared at him and Arnav too followed the suit. Adam shook his head seeing them behaving like school kids.

Arnav then was waiting for some snide remarks from Danny but he simply walked away without saying anything which surprised the other two. Passing Arnav a smile and wishing him Adam too walked away to freshen up

Arnav changed his direction to the kitchen and decided to skip the jog today as it was too late for one. Daisy was busy preparing the breakfast and seeing him she called out

Daisy: Good morning handsome

Arnav: Morning gorgeous

Daisy: (Handing him the cup) your coffee honey

Arnav: (Settling on the counter) oh thank you, darling

Daisy: Mention not my dear hmm ... by the way you two slept so late yesterday?

Arnav: Hmm ...

Daisy: No wonder you woke up this late ... I mean you usually will be back from jog by now, right?

Arnav: Yeah ... actually, I don't know how but I slept this long after so many days

Daisy: Slept? (Chuckling) and here Danny was cursing you unnecessarily

Arnav: I know ... but what to do Aunty your son is always busy in finding fault with me

Daisy: I think he is just jealous

Arnav: He? Jealous of ... me? I don't think so and ... don't you think it should be the other way around? I mean he has everything I don't have ... an idol father ... a doting mother, and an adoring sister ...

Daisy: Son you

Arnav: (Shaking his head) Nah! I am just stating the facts... anyway, leave it. (Getting up from the counter and going beside her) oh wow, Pancakes ... you just read my mind gorgeous ... hey let me taste it

Daisy: No ... no, not now ... you will get it on the table only

Arnav: (Pouting) Aw ... you just broke my heart

Daisy: Don't worry my dear ... (Winking) it will be whole again once you eat it ... now move (Looking at the clock) oh God Adam and Danny will come shortly. The pancake is almost done but the oatmeal and French fries

Arnav: (Playfully) oh...ho then fasten up milady they already came

Daisy: What? Now, what should I do?

Arnav: (Taking an apron) okay do one thing you look on the oatmeal and let me try my luck with the French fries

Daisy: Luck? You are an awesome cook and you know that ... so don't pretend young man ... and actually, I can't wait to eat those

Arnav: The praises were not needed still

Daisy: It does boy ... you surely deserve it and you know one thing ... I am jealous of my own daughter on this matter. I mean here is my husband who doesn't even know to brew a coffee and my son; I think he doesn't even know where the kitchen is (Sighing) and there is you who is an outstanding cook

Arnav: (Chuckling and side hugging her) okay ... no need to be jealous dear ... I'm here for you too right?

Adam: Nav I didn't expect this from you man ... you ... you are teaming up with her?

Arnav: Sorry old man ... but I can't hurt pretty ladies

Adam: Pretty? I think granny will be fit

Daisy: Granny? Oh ... so now I became granny for you ... okay then do one thing (Sarcastically) young man ... sleep on the couch from today and the granny can sleep peacefully on the bed, what say?

Adam: What! No ... no darling I was just joking

Daisy: (Faking a smile) really? But I wasn't

Adam: What ... you can't do that to me ... hey listen

Daisy: No ... I don't want to listen

Adam: (Hugging her from behind) then who will hear this old man, my dear?

Daisy: Leave me and go away ... I said leave me

Adam: No way my wife ... no way. And you see I was just joking ... in fact ... who will say you are a mother of two adults

Saying it he just tightened his hug on her and after some struggling, she relaxed in his hold.

Arnav saw them romancing in their own world and smiled, it still amuses him seeing their romance still on. But he felt he was interfering in their private moment and turned around facing away from them and started working on the potatoes.

He thought 'oh ... I am going to miss them too much during my visit to India, too much ...'

But his thoughts were broken as he heard

Daisy: Nav ... are you guys going to the apartment today itself?

Arnav: Hmm ... I think yes ... by evening as it is already two days

Adam: What?  ... no way ... you guys can go later ... I mean I came yesterday and today you guys are leaving, no way. That too when you are leaving for India in some days

Daisy: I think Adam is right ... you guys can go later, okay?

Arnav just shrugged at that as he knew he doesn't have a choice there.

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Apr 18

Part 2 ASR get to know the betrayal (By Maahiak) (Thanked: 44 times)

Hello guys, most of you might have lost interest in my stories as I am updating after a long time, but still, I hope you will like this. Do tell me your views surely.


It was evening and Sanjay who came back from office walked into his room whistling some fast number. He looked around the room to spot Juhi and found her talking on the phone in the balcony. He decided to freshen up as she was busy talking and was taking the dress from the cupboard when he heard, which not only caught his attention but also raised his suspicion

Juhi: No ... Mr. Khan, he can't make it ... you have got your money, right? So do anything and convince the registrar


Juhi: I am his sister and I am assuring you right ... yes, he is ok with it ... you just make the registrar agree ... yes everything else is ready


Juhi: Yeah ... see you

Juhi: (To herself) argh ... this lawyer (imitating the lawyer) it is against law ... my foot (Sighing) he just has to order ... it's me who has to bear it all

Sanjay: Bear what Juhi

Juhi was shocked to hear him and that could be read from her face itself. But she quickly composed herself and smiled

Juhi: Nothing Sanjay ... it's just that Mr. Khan was asking me Isn't Arnav sure of this marriage as there is a rule that he has to make sure the bride and groom are totally agreeing to it before making it official. And I was assuring him he is

Sanjay: Is he?

Juhi: Why are you speaking like that Sanjay? (Turning around) Of course ... he is

Sanjay: Really?  ... then say that looking into my eyes

Juhi: Why? Don't you trust me?

Sanjay: It is not the matter of do I trust you or not ... it is the matter of Arnav's life and don't mind me ... but I really doubt he agreed to this marriage

Juhi: What do you mean by that Sanjay? Don't you want him to settle down?

Sanjay: Of course I want that ... but with her

Juhi: What is the problem with her?

Sanjay: There is no problem for her ... but it is not a secret that he hates just the sight of her or her family ... don't argue about that because I know that was his exact words before leaving ... then how come?

Juhi: (Again turning around) people do change in love ... and so does he

Sanjay: (With a dry laugh) are you telling me that he loves her now?

Juhi: If yes?

Sanjay: Then I am sorry Juhi ... but then I have to say I don't believe this ... I can't even digest the fact that he agreed for this marriage and now you are telling me he loves her

Juhi: What's your problem Sanjay? Can't you believe me when I say he himself asked for this? And anyway he agrees or not ... that shouldn't matter to you

Sanjay: Tell me the truth Juhi ... had he agreed or is it one of your plans to outsmart him?

Juhi: Again you started with that ... just stop it yaar and leave me alone. I am in no mood for this now

Saying this she just moved away from there. And instantly Sanjay knew that he was right and now he is really afraid as he very well knew what will happen if that is the case. Arnav won't spare Juhi when he will get to know this later and that thought itself scared him. Becasue however she is, he loves her and he don't want any harm to her. Yes ... he knows there is no way to rectify the mistake now but he can at least reduce the effect right? With that resolve, he decided something, took his phone out and dialed the number trying to be confident

At Bonheur

Arnav was helping Daisy for bringing the dishes to the table and Adam and Danny, as usual, was setting the plates and all. Not seeing his daughter Adam asked

Adam: Where is doll ... isn't she up?

Danny: Yep Dad ... she was in her morning yoga when I last checked

Adam: (Smiling) yeah ... how can I forget she doesn't miss it ever

Danny: (Shrugging) yes ... she is very conscious about her health and fitness ... unlike somebody else

Daisy: Excuse me ... are you indicating Nav? Then please pardon me for saying this ... but unlike you father-son duo he is already fit and fine

Danny: Excuse me .. Mom ... you are my mom or his ... and by the way don't forget I am the model here

Daisy: What to do son ... he isn't interested in modeling

Danny: What the!

Adam: Hey its Nav's line ... you copycat

Danny: Dad, you too. (To Arnav) oye hello ... why the hell are you smiling? ... and yeah don't think your charm will always work

Arnav: Okay ... (Smirking) but at least you agreed that I am charming

Danny: You

Daisy: Okay ... okay peace for now ... don't start in the morning itself

But as usual they both were busy glaring at each other but Arnav's stance changed as his fiancée hugged him from behind and kissed his nape. He smiled and held her hands as she said in a husky voice "Morning Nav"

Arnav: (Smiling) morning baby

Next she came to hug her brother but he stopped and looked at her from top to bottom and found that she was still in her yoga pants and was perspiring

Danny: Eww Amy ... you haven't showered yet ... go and bath first ... otherwise germs will

Arnav: Excuse me! ... don't you think you are offending my fiancée?

Danny: Oye hello before your fiancée she is

Amy: (Shouting) Danny ... Nav stop ... at least don't argue over me guys. I will just come after a quick shower and yeah (winking) you guys can wait ... I won't mind

Adam and Daisy admired her efforts at balancing both of them very well. Everybody decided to wait for her except Danny who was a number one foodie. He ate the French fries and moaned

Danny: Wow Mom! It's just wow! And you know what I just want to kiss you for making this

But he choked on his food as he heard his mother

Daisy: Is it Danny? But I think you have to ask Amy before that ... because, it's not me ... Nav made it (Smirking seeing his expression) ... hmm ... maybe she won't mind ... after all, you are her only brother

All laughed at his funny face and Arnav rasped after controlling his laugh

Arnav: Oh no spare me from that

Adam: Wait ... wait ... oh God ... you praised Nav?

Danny: Oh please ... I just praised the food ... not him ... also, it isn't that difficult to fry cheese

Once again everyone chuckled at his expense but he was really confused

Arnav: (Smirking) I really appreciate your knowledge considering the fact that French fries are your favorites

Daisy: (Hitting his head) that is potatoes idiot

He was really embarrassed at that so cleverly avoided the topic and started discussing some office matter with his mother while Adam and Arnav made similar disinterested faces hearing them. No sooner they too were busy discussing about the government and law. But their reverie broke with the shrill ring of Arnav's phone. He frowned seeing an International number, nevertheless took the call

Caller: Hello ... can I talk to Arnav?

Arnav: (Frowning) ... speaking ... may I know who this is?

Caller: It's me

Arnav: Excuse me ... what do you mean by 'ME' huh? Say the name ... then only I can comprehend who you are

Caller: Arnav ... this is Sanjay

Arnav: Oh ... then I am sorry I guess you had dialed the wrong number

Sanjay: Arnav ... Arnav please don't cut the call ... you have to hear me out

Arnav: Come again ... I have to?

Sanjay: Please ... it is very important ... did ... did you ... did you

Arnav: Did I what? Are you going to say it?  ... or should I cut the call?

Sanjay: (Sighing) it's about Juhi's visit there

Arnav: You can very well ask that to your wife Mr. Sharma ... then why disturb me?

Sanjay: Arnav ... man ... please hear me out ... did you do it? I mean did you really sign the document?

Arnav: Oh ... so you too know about the documents ... then can't you read it? ... or living with Raizadas you lost your ability to perceive?

Sanjay: Stop being sarcastic Arnav

Arnav: (Sighing) Okay ... so what do you want to hear? Yes ... I signed the documents your wife brought and as per that my entire share from Raizadas is in your lovely wife's name. Happy now?

Sanjay: Shares? ... are you are you sure that you signed those documents only? But Juhi showed us the application

Arnav: (Cutting him) Yes ... Mr. Sharma ... I signed that only and what is this new drama about?

Sanjay: Are you sure that you hadn't signed on anything other than the will papers?

Arnav: And why would I? ... by the way which application are you talking about?

Sanjay: (Taking a deep breath) are you sure that you hadn't signed on the application for the marriage certificate?

Arnav: What the! I think you really should see a psychiatrist Sanjay as you are imagining unfeasible things. Like that only why would I need a marriage certificate from Indian government anyway?

Sanjay: But Juhi

Arnav was getting irritated with his stupid doubts and he had an expression that Sanjay had really gone mad. He was about to give him a peace of mind but stopped hearing

"Jijaji aap please aayiye na, Papaji aapko niche bula raha hai, vo kya hai na vakil sahib aur registrar aaye hai hamari marriage certificate lekar (Jijaji you please come, Papaji is calling you downstairs as the lawyer and registrar had come with my marriage certificate)"

And Arnav was burning in anger as it didn't take much time for him to connect the dots. Sanjay knew he doesn't have to say much as Arnav was intelligent enough to grasp.

Arnav: What the hell! (Desperately) Sanjay ... it is ... it is not true, right?

Here others looked anxiously at the fire-breathing ASR .It is not that they haven't seen him angry or something he is like that most of the times. But this intense rage as if to kill somebody occurred very rarely and thus they knew something very appalling had happened.

Sanjay: I am sorry Arnav I ... I

But the call was cut and Sanjay sighed; now he could only pray to God so that he won't be very harsh on his sister.

Here they heard the breaking sound and were aghast seeing the glass which he was holding earlier broke and blood was dripping from his palm. Daisy flinched seeing that as she was worried like hell, Adam and Danny too was no less as they realized he isn't even aware of the wound and adding to that his phone had long before kissed the ground ensuring them it was all the aftermath of the call he got now. Everybody thought he will go into the gym room as he usually does to relieve stress but surprisingly he strode towards the mini bar in the living room with others following him. Daisy called out to him but he wasn't hearing anything. He took out one hip flask and gulped the content ... breathing heavily ... his bleeding hand unattended.

Then without even passing a look at them he gaited towards the front door picking up the car key in the way. Daisy was about to call him again but Adam stopped her and looked at Danny. He just blinked and ran out and sat in the car before Arnav could start. He had expected some snorting remark for invading his personal space but was taken aback as Arnav wasn't even aware of his presence. He got really anxious as Arnav was driving the car with a speed which broke all the traffic rules and gulping the liquor in between.

And as for Arnav, he had lost all his senses from the time he had heard 'her' voice, the only thing which he had in mind that this news can separate his Amy from him. And that itself was enough for him to stop breathing. He wasn't even able to stand properly as he was almost shivering and thus he took help of the thing which helped him to relieve stress before Amy came into his life – alcohol. Yes ... he could hear Daisy calling out to him ... he could register the tensed faces of the three of them. But he very well knows he would have to face Amy if he stopped there ... and for the very first time ... Arnav Singh Raizada was afraid to face his Amy.

So he stormed out and started the car but the conversation he had with Sanjay was pounding in his ears and with each passing second the speed of the car was increasing, just like his anger. He wasn't aware where he was going nor with which speed he is driving ... simply he wasn't conscious of his surroundings. The only thing he could sense was that his whiskey was coming to an end and thus he stopped the car at the first bar he could spot. He got down and threw the key towards the security and got in.

And the poor soul who accompanied him was sitting there with his jaw dropped. Sighing Danny too got in and spotted Arnav at a table already had started drinking.

At 'Bonheur'

Amy ran down the steps after a quick shower as she very well knew her impatient brother would have started way before. She reached the table expecting to face another fight but was stunned into silence seeing the condition of the room. There was a phone broken into pieces on the floor which she recognized as Arnav's since others' were laying on the table. She was about to search for them when she was stumbled on something, which looked like a broken glass piece. Which perplexed her more where did it come from she thought confusingly and that was when her eyes spotted the broken glass on the table. Reaching there she spotted blood and gasped all type of wrong thoughts running through her head she ran out. She was at the door when she heard her father

Adam: Doll

She turned back and again gasped seeing her mother crying on her father's shoulder and he himself looked worried. She reached them immediately

Amy: What happened Mom? Why are you crying?

Daisy stiffened hearing her which didn't go unnoticed by Amy

Amy: Dad ... tell me why Mom is crying? What the hell had happened?

Seeing both of them looking at her with a tensed face she got worried as what she had seen earlier came to her mind

Amy: Wait ... (looking around) where are Nav and Danny? (Seeing them not responding) will somebody tell me what the hell had happened? ... okay so you guys are not telling me? Fine

Saying this she walked to the door and Adam cried

Adam: No doll waittttttt ...

And the urgency in his voice stopped her. Adam made her sit beside him and explained whatever happened and as soon as she heard about the glass incident

Amy: He got hurt by the glass? Jesus ... why didn't you tell me this before? ... where is he now? I will go and see him

Adam: He ... he went out

Amy: Went out? WENT OUT? ... are you hearing yourself Dad? ... and ... you guys how could you let him do that? He told and you two allowed that? Don't you two care for him that much? ... how

She was really getting worked up thinking about every worst scenario he would be in and blurted out whatever came to mind but came into senses hearing the sharp intake of breath by her mother

Amy: I ... Dad ... Mom I am sorry I don't know what I ... it's just that ... you know right ... Nav

Adam: Shh ... its okay ... we understand

Saying this Adam cuddled her and Daisy caressed her hairs

Adam: See this is the reason I was hesitating to tell you all these. Doll, you have to calm down and listen to me patiently, Okay? (Sensing her nod) yes, he got hurt but he ... he wasn't sensing anything and just stormed out taking whiskey. Daisy tried to call out to him but he was in no mood to listen ...

Amy: Whiskey? ... at daytime? Dad ... you know right he does that only when he is very despondent ... and upon that driving. I don't know how will he ... he ... oh God

Adam: (Making her looking at him) Doll ... doll relax ... and look at me. Just ... just calm down ... yes he had gone out like that but you have to understand me when I say this he didn't give us a chance to speak him, let alone stop him. And yes I know it is not safe to drive in this state but don't worry ... he isn't alone ... Danny too had gone with him. Look ... I know it is too much for you to take that too when we really don't know what had happened. But whatever the reason maybe had made him very vulnerable and don't you think you have to be strong ... strong for him?

Amy know whatever her father told was right and he was simply being practical but being practical was something she can't do when it comes to him. She held her father tight thinking what would have happened to him to react like this. All she could hope was he will be safe as she was afraid ... yes ... the young intelligent officer of Canadian police who can get proofs by just one look at the surroundings ... who can read criminal mind in just a snap of fingers was afraid ... afraid thinking about his condition.

At the bar

It was almost one hour and Arnav was drinking and drinking without uttering a single word except 'bearer one more'. He was caressing Amy's photo in his wallet with an unreadable expression but with a storm inside. Danny who was witnessing it was getting tensed by each second and finally snapped when Arnav ordered another drink

Danny: Nav ... stop ... no ... you are not going to drink more

Arnav: You? ... you here Mr. Daniel Edward Lewis? Why are you here ... oh you might have come to enjoy your victory right? after all ... you must be happy that Arnav won't disturb your peace anymore. Or did you come here to laugh at Arnav's situation that finally, he failed?

Arnav asked in a pained voice which made Danny look at him with sad and concerned expression

Arnav: Oye ... why are you looking at me like this? ... don't do this ... people might think that you care for me. And yeah I think how much I drink or not should not concern you ... so be quiet. Bearer one more, please

Danny: (Stopping the waiter) maybe ... but it concerns me ... it concerns me very well Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada and you know that too. But that is not the problem here ... tell me what the hell had happened to you to behave like this?

Arnav: Are you telling me that you are seeing Arnav Sigh Raizada angry like this for the first time?

Danny: No ... you are absolutely right ... Arnav Singh Raizada and angry is not an unusual thing ... but yes ... storming out of the home without saying anything to anyone not even when Mom called out to you many times ... this ... this is new. And not to forget the stunt you have played after that

Arnav: Yeah I have behaved like that but ... I don't think it is your bloody business Danny

Danny: Like I earlier said Nav ... unfortunately ... it is. After all, you are my sister's fiancé and yeah that itself make it my business. No ... stop your nonsense and answer me ... why the hell are you behaving like this Nav? Do you know how worried we all are seeing you like this? Okay ... forget about us ... have you thought about Amy? What will happen to her if she heard about this? You very well know Nav ... that you mean the world to her then how can you be this ignorant towards her feelings?

Arnav: I am your sister's fiancé? ... am I? (Sighing) ... I don't know anymore ... no ... no let me answer all your questions first. What was the first question? Yeah, why am I behaving like this? The answer is that I don't know to behave any different in a situation like this ... as simple as that. Now coming to your next question (With a dry laugh) have I thought about her? I wish I could use my brain and 'think' so that I get a way out of this but alas she is the only thing on my mind since I heard that ****ing news. And coming to your last question how can I be ignorant towards her feelings? That was your question right? But let me tell you one thing Danny ... I wouldn't be sitting here trying to think straight if I would have been ignorant towards her feelings. I am thinking about her reaction only ... but not after seeing me like this but when she will hear that her Nav had betrayed her

He shouted with tears in his eyes which terrified Danny but he thought it is the alcohol speaking

Danny: Nav ... now stop this ... I think you are not in your senses

Arnav: No Danny ... I am very well in my senses ... and that's why it is hurting me like this ... you don't believe me right? ... but can't you see my hands are not trembling ... leave that I am not even stuttering ... see

That was when Danny noticed him, yes he was right. Nobody can tell by looking at him that he was drinking from past hour. Danny thought back to his previous words and asked looking curiously at him

Danny: Yes ... you are right I think you are in your senses ... but betraying Amy? What do you mean by that?

Arnav: Haven't you learned English Mr. Lewis? What I said is what I meant now please stop this questionnaire session and leave from here. And yeah do a favor for me as I don't think I will ever get the courage to tell this to your sister. Tell her, tell her to forget this cheater and move on.

Saying this with teary eyes and choked voice he indicated the bearer to come. Danny couldn't take more and shouted

Danny: What the hell Nav? (Forcefully turning him to face him) ... Nav tell me what the hell had happened that you had said this? NAV?

Arnav who was still now controlling himself snapped

Arnav: I got married! (Seeing his shocked face) ... yes did you hear that ... I got married and what makes it worse is ... it happened without my knowledge and that too that bloody Gupta ... there ... got your answer? ... so now leave me and go

Danny: No Nav ... you can't leave like that ... tell me clearly how and when did this happen?

Arnav: (Sighing tiredly) I don't know ... I really don't know Danny how or when this happened. And I don't want to know too ... anyway what will I get after knowing it? Everything ... every damn thing I kept dearly to my heart got snatched brutally ... so what is the achievement of knowing when or how. (Sighing) Danny ... I know you may want to kill me for this now ... wait ... can you do that for me? Because I really don't know for what am I living now. (Sighing) you can't, right? Yeah ... I know you can't do that as you have a great life ahead and it can't be wasted on a cheater like me. So please go from here and tell Am...Amy to forget that there ever existed an Arnav and move on

Arnav turned towards the bar stools to get the drink himself but stopped dead in tracks hearing Danny

Danny: I never knew your love was this weak Nav

Arnav turned to face Danny and frowned

Danny: Why are you looking at me like that and what else do you expect me to say? Okay ... I understood you had got a call from whom ... I don't care ... they told you that you are married to some lady whom you don't love without your own knowledge ... and that's it ... you are leaving my sister whose world revolves around you ... who you love irrevocably? That too without even getting to know what had really happened ... will you let her go without a fight Nav? ... that easily? The Arnav Singh Raizada I knew was much more determined than this and I am sorry I had to say this butthat I am disappointed. I hadn't expected this from you at all ... I thought your love for my sister was stronger than this ... but maybe I was wrong. Anyway leave that ... but yeah one thing I can surely say ... my sister won't leave you just like that. So you can come whenever you like and explain all this to her yourself and that's it. I think I should leave now ... bye and good luck Nav.

Danny hoped against hopes that he could instill some knowledge into the thick-headed man otherwise he really don't know how to handle his tornado sister but walked away without showing his tension. He was at the door when Arnav called out and he sighed in relief hearing

Arnav: Danny ... wait

Well, whenever I say I am going to update regularly from now on something or other comes up and I am really sorry for that. So I am not saying anything like that anymore, just will see you guys on the next update.

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Part 3 He want me to move on ! (By Maahiak) (Thanked: 28 times)

At Bonheur, Toronto, Canada 

Adam and Daisy took a day off as they know even if they would have gone; they won't be able to concentrate on anything. But they can't abandon their work too, so Daisy was busy checking the accounts while Adam was busy in a case file. Even then time to time they will look up at their daughter who was pacing the length of the hall.

Amy was angry like hell, well her worry grew into anger is the right way to say it. Yes she knows that both Arnav and Danny hadn't taken their phones with them but that does not mean that they can't communicate at all, that was what her police mind thought. After some more minutes she heard her phone ringing on the table and ran to take it all the anger long forgotten. But seeing the caller id all her anger came back, doubling-up this time. She cut the call but it again rang disturbing her, she took the call and barked scaring the hell out of the person at the other end.

Amy: WHAT THE HELL DO YOU WANT? Can't you guess that if somebody cuts the call they are not interested to talk to you?

Caller: Ma ... Ma'am it's ... it's about the murder case

Amy: So what? It is just a murder case

Along with the caller's her parents' eyes too popped out hearing her, but she cared less and continued.

Amy: And if you can't handle a single case without my help ... then I think it will be better if you kiss good bye to your job

Caller: No ... no t is not that Ma'am ... I ... I just wanted to inform you that your suspicion were right ... I mean the fingerprints matches. Mr. Philips told me to proceed but ... I ... I thought to inform you

Amy: Who asked you to think like that by the way? Eden is your senior and he asked you to proceed, right ... so you have to do that, okay? ...  and yeah if I want any information I will ask you to inform me ... not the other way around ... you got me?

Caller: But Ma'am I was just

Amy: Keep your generosity with yourself Smith and do your work

Saying so she cut the call and threw her phone on the table muttering "Er ... inefficient stupid bunch of people ... I really don't know how they even get into the department" and slumped on the sofa. She laid there and closed her eyes and her parents decided not to disturb her as it may calm her down.

After half an hour when her phone rang again she groaned before picking it up, but seeing a telephone number from the outskirts of the city she immediately took the call.

At the Bar

Arnav walked straight to the security but before he could get hold of the key Danny took it. Arnav tried to grab it from him but Danny moved back and warned him

Danny: Don't ... don't even think about it ... In no way I will allow you to drive in this condition

Arnav: But ...

Danny: Shut up ... and get inside the car ... otherwise nobody will be worser than me

Arnav groaned in disapproval but one look at Danny he knew Danny is not going to relent so he silently walked towards the car and hopped on the passenger seat. Danny took the wheels and started the car in a slow speed making Arnav grumble something like 'ignorance in driving' and 'afraid of speed' along with a couple of profanities. But Danny cared less and thus Arnav just closed his eyes and laid back on the seat as he was feeling exhausted mentally and physically.

More than half the way to the drive Danny heard the coughing sounds and he realized that finally, the alcohol is showing its effect. He cursed himself under his breath for the idiocy as in the name of giving Arnav his own personal space he forgot about the doctor's advice ... to control the amount of the intake of his alcohol. Danny stopped the car and Arnav bend forward holding his chest and stomach and coughed very badly almost choking

Danny: **** Danny! Where your brain does go sometimes ... Jesus ... how can you forget about his health? (Patting Arnav's biceps) Nav ... Nav ... are you okay?

Danny saw him trying to say something but he couldn't form a word as he was breathing heavily

Danny: What? ... do you ... do you need something?

Arnav: Wa ... wat ... er

Danny: Water?

Seeing his nod Danny took the bottle but Arnav wasn't in a state to drink it alone and even if Danny tried, it will be much difficult with the seatbelts and all. So he said

Danny: Wait let me come that side

Then he opened his side door and ran around the car and opened the passenger side door. He pushed the seat more backwards so that Arnav can have a more comfortable position and pressed the bottle towards his mouth by supporting his head. Arnav took a couple of sips only to cough more as it gone to the wrong pipe, all thanks to the position he was in. Danny separated himself from Arnav and patted his back to calm him down but realized that Arnav was having problem to even breath and he was gulping air through his mouth.

Danny: Nav do you have an inhaler in the car?

Arnav just nodded his reply so supporting him by one hand Danny opened the dashboard and picked out the inhaler and helped Arnav with that. After a couple of gulp he started to breath normal making Danny sigh in relief. But his relief was short-lived as he saw Arnav on the verge of losing his consciousness.

At RM, New Delhi, India 

A lady in her early twenties was taking her afternoon nap but suddenly she sat up shouting 'Annav'. She sighed realizing it was just a dream and then turning to the bedside table took the photo of his eighteen year old self and caressed his face. 

Lady You know what

Lady: You know what? ... I miss you ... I miss you very much Annav. When will you come back to me ... to your Mishty? I can understand what Juhi Di had told me that you are very busy and upon that staying alone in an unknown city must be very difficult for you ... and thus you need time to wrap up everything. But still I am upset with you Annav ... you ... you should have at least come here instead of sending the mangal sutra, sindoor and signed marriage documents with her ... or at least you should have called me there. (Blushing) You see if it was the case we could have even completed our honeymoon by now ... (Sighing) Koi bath nahi (Not a problem) we can go later but yeah you will have to work hard to get my forgiveness Mr. Arnav Alok Raizada as I am not going to relent that easily. I know you would have asked about my favorites to Di ... but yeah Jalebi, mandir or music concert is not going to change my mind. You ... you will have to try something romantic. But I really doubt an Akdoo like you even know to be romantic ... (Sighing) it's okay don't worry ... I will teach you everything

Suddenly she heard "Oh so my Bahu have a vast knowledge in romance and all" and was embarrassed to see her mother in law there and stood up immediately causing the photo to fall down and to break into million pieces. Tears welled up in her eyes seeing that and she said to her mother in law

Bahu: Maaji yeh (Mother, this)?

Janki: He Bhagvan ... yeh to apshagun ho gaya (Oh God ... it is a bad omen)

Bahu: Maaji kahi unhe kuch? (Mother nothing would have happened to him, right?)

Janki: I don't know Beta ... all we can do is to pray to make everything alright for him

Bahu: (Turing to the idol) Devimayya ... photo mujhse gir gayi ... galti mujhse ho gayi. Jo saza dena hai ... aap mujhe de dijiye ... par unhe kuch mat hona chahiye. (God ... the photo fell down from me ... I am the one who did wrong. So you can give any punishment you want to me ... but nothing should happen to him)

Janki: (Holding her shoulders) Beta ... please stop crying ... maybe we are thinking too much. (Sighing) okay ... let us do one thing ... we will go to temple at the evening and keep a special puja for him ... hmm

Bahu: Nothing will happen to him right?

Janki: No ... nothing will happen to him as your love is there to protect him

Bahu: Maaji ... aap to kuch bhi bolte ho (Mother ... you are saying anything)

Janki: Did I say something wrong? You love him right?

In answer, all she got was a blushing nod from her daughter in law.

Janki: Then don't worry; nothing will happen to him, okay?

The Bahu just nodded her head but her mind was still worried about her husband and she decided she will keep fast for his well being tomorrow.

In the car

Danny: (Patting his cheeks) Nav ... buddy ... no ... no stay awake stay with me

Arnav: A ... Am ... Amy I ...

Danny: Yes ... at least for Amy's sake stay awake

Arnav: I ... I ... lo ... ve ... you ... ba ... by

And he just closed his eyes with a sigh.

Danny: What! No ... no ... Nav ... Nav

But he couldn't get any response from him; he looked for the water bottle, alas luck wasn't on Danny's side today, as in the tension the bottle had fell down on the ground spilling the whole content. Worried like hell he decided to call Arnav's Dr, but realized his folly as in the urgency he had forgotten to take his phone. He looked around the place and realized it is the way to the outskirts of the city and couldn't find a single person nearby. Frantically looking around he spotted a telephone booth in the far end of the road but sadly he doesn't have doctor's number. He looked at the open dashboard and groaned ... of course Arnav don't need a phone diary as he is well versed with numbers. Danny forced his brain to recollect any number and the only number he could recall was his home number.

After adjusting Arnav in the seat carefully Danny ran to the booth and dialed the number waiting for somebody to pick it up. And fortunately or unfortunately it was his sister who took the call and said a hesitant 'hello'.

Danny: Amy ... Amy it's me Danny

Amy: Danny?  ... where the hell are you? ... why ... why didn't you call before? ... do you even know how worried we are here? And where is Nav? ... he is with you right? ... and ...

Danny: Amy ... Amy ... stop your interrogation and hear me out. You please call Dr. Taylor and inform him to come home fast as I don't think I can find a hospital before I cross our home. We will be there in ... hmm twenty tops

Amy: Dr. Taylor? Danny ... Danny ... what happened to Nav? ... is he okay? ... and twenty minutes? Where are you exactly?

Danny: Amy I will answer all your questions once I reach there but you ... you please get the doctor before we reach

Saying so Danny cut the call, ran back to the car and started the car in the highest possible speed ... what an irony right? The person who hates speedy vehicles is driving in the maximum possible speed.

True to his word they reached Bonheur in around twenty minutes and as expected everyone including the Dr. was on the front lawn itself. Even before Danny could stop the car Amy was there and opened the passenger seat and seeing Arnav's state she gasped. There he was, in such a fragile state in which she had never seen him before.

Amy: Danny ... Danny ... what happened to him?

But all she got was an apologetic look, which she ignored, for the time being. Deciding to deal with him later and turned towards Arnav.

Amy: Nav...Nav...Nav, baby open your eyes...Nav

Adam and Daisy too was shocked to see him in such a state. The doctor who accompanied the two to the car asked knowing well about Arnav

Dr: Mr. Lewis ... what did he forgot this time ... food or medicine? Or did he start smoking again?

Danny replied to him in a small voice but enough for others to hear and they all gasped

Danny: No ... He ... he boozed

Amy: What? And you just looked on? How could you?

Danny: Amy ... I ... I

Amy: You what?

Amy questioned Danny in a mad voice and he immediately lowered his head feeling extremely guilty for his inanity. He could feel the questioning gazes on him, but more than anything he could feel the reproachful look his sister was passing him. Adam read the tension between them and told in a poised yet worried voice

Adam: Doll ... I think that can wait. First ... let us take him in so that Dr. can check him

Amy helped him out by holding him from right and Danny immediately came to the left side to help her. She wanted to shout at him seeing the cost of his absurdity but gulped down the hurt and fury and concentrated on Arnav. They both lead him to the guest room which was on the ground floor and settled him on the bed. The doctor checked him and sighed in relief.

Dr: Don't worry ... he fainted due to low insulin level

Daisy: But he had some fruits and medicines in the morning

Dr: Mrs. Lewis high amount of alcohol can diminish the blood sugar level ... (Taking out the syringe) hmm ... for now, I will give him a doss of insulin but make sure he eats and takes his medicine when he wakes up

Daisy: Sure Dr.

Dr: Okay then ... I will take my leave and ... yeah it will be better if we leave him to rest

Accepting Doctor 's advice everybody moved out except Amy and they know no persuasion will work there when the matter is about Arnav. Amy was standing in the exact position before everybody left and was looking only at Arnav. Anybody seeing her like that will think she is a statue minus her breathing or a human with no emotion at all. But only a person who knew her well can understand the situation ... that she is masking it all ... well all thanks to her profession. But inside she was breaking to see him like that. She still can't believe he again did that even when he knew ... her thinking process stopped abruptly as another thought crossed her mind. Anxious she ran out hoping the Dr. would not have left.

In the hall

Dr. stood up finishing the tea and that's when Amy came running to him and it took a good minute to stop her panting, considering the speed with which she came.

Dr: What happened, Ms. Lewis? Any problem?

Amy: Dr. ... you forgot something. (Taking deep breathes) His ... his airways ... I ... I mean last time you had mentioned about ARDS

Dr: I think we don't have to worry about it as I can't detect a breathing problem as of now

Danny: No!

Danny shouted making everybody frown at him

Danny: He ... he had trouble breathing then ... in fact ... in fact ... he was almost ... almost choking and had to use the inhaler

Dr: Jesus! (Shaking his head) I have lost the count of times I have told him to be careful ... to be serious about his health. But No ... ASR has his own set of rules and I am no one to dictate to him ... that is what he told me

Adam: I am sorry on his behalf Dr. ... you know his temper issues and ...

Dr: I know Mr. Lewis and I can understand these ego problems of the new generation too. That's why I have tolerated all his tantrums until now but this is the heights. I have told him that I am not saying to completely devoid of alcohol ... unlike his belief because I very well know he isn't capable of that as he is habituated of it from a very young age. All I tried to make him understand is that ... going this high on alcohol can cause him an alcoholic lung disease considering him to be asthmatic and which will further lead into ARDS ... i.e, Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome which can even cost his life

Adam: But Dr. you have mentioned before that his smoking is that what is triggering his respiratory issues and he doesn't smoke anymore

Dr: Yes you are right he doesn't smoke anymore ... and I have to give the credit to your daughter because she had accomplished the task which I thought was impossible. And I really believed it can control asthma but then who thought he will compensate the amount of drug by alcohol? ... (Sighing) yeah he was in control after I had informed Ms. Lewis about all these and I saw positive changes in his health. But now again this! I don't know what had caused him to do this, after all, it is his personal matter as he calls it and I am no one to interfere in that ... (Sighing) but one thing is sure if he again goes back to that life which he left for better ... nobody and I mean it nobody can save him ... and the sooner he understands this the better for him. (Turning towards Amy) ... ask him to come to the monthly checkup, which he forgot for his convenience

Amy: I will bring him Dr. and ... I assure you this won't happen again ... this time I wasn't around so ...

Danny shut his eyes feeling ashamed of himself as he realized that he had failed his sister and the doctor left passing a sympathetic look at Danny. As soon as he left Amy turned to go and seeing this Danny called her but she didn't stop. So Danny ran ahead of her and stood in front of her and tried to hold her hands. But she didn't let him which hurt him but he knew his sister was beyond hurt hearing all these and that's why she is acting like that.

Amy: (Gritted teeth) move from my way Danny

Danny: Amy ... princess please hear me out. I ... I can explain ...

Amy: Really? ... what exactly are you going to explain? ... that how much fun it was to watch him drinking ... or that you liked to see him struggling for breath?

Danny: Amy please ... how could you think that I will wish anything bad for him?

Amy: Then why Danny? How ... how could you let him do that?

Danny: Amy I am sorry ... I know I shouldn't have but ... but it wasn't intentional

Amy was fuming hearing him say sorry as all she could think was the doctor's words 'which can cost his life' and she very well knows if she opened her mouth now she will kill the opposite person with words. So keeping mum she started waking but stopped when her father held her hand.

Adam: Doll ... calm down

Amy: (Spitting fire at him) ... calm down? You ... you are asking me to calm down Dad? ... haven't you seen his state, Dad? (Angry tears filling her eyes) ... didn't you hear what the Dr. had said? ... that it can cost his li ... life. (Choking) What...what would I do without him?

Adam held her close seeing the valiant intelligence officer in such a vulnerable state.

Adam: Shh ... doll ... shh ... nothing will happen to him, okay?

She nodded her head still in the hug and Adam told slowly.

Adam: And now please hear him out. (Seeing her body stiffen) ... you very well know he can never see you or as a matter of fact, even Nav hurt ... so it is sure that there must be a valid reason for it, right?

Hearing him Amy broke the hug and looked at her father as realization dawn on her, but still, it didn't reduce her fury. She turned towards Danny and looked straight at him, and he very well knows that look, it said 'Explain'.

So he briefed her everything, how Arnav was not aware of the surroundings or acknowledging his presence, how Arnav ignored his attempts to speak and kept looking at her photo, how Danny finally lost his cool and snapped at him making Arnav blurt out everything including his request to Amy, how Danny admonished him about the consequences and finally his decision to return. Then he went ahead and enlightened them how Arnav fell unconscious calling out for Amy.

Daisy and Adam looked at each other hearing about Arnav's marriage and fearing about Amy's future. But when they heard Danny's words they realized how wrong they were. Yes Danny was right, after all the marriage even if it had happened, it happened without Arnav's knowledge and Arnav loves Amy ... and thus they don't have to worry. Because they knew when Arnav will come to his senses and think with his relaxed mind instead of his heart ... he will surely find the best solution, which they are sure will nowhere be close to hurt Amy.

But for Amy all those things do not matter, yes she was shocked to hear that her Arnav is married to somebody else, but what hurt her was him asking her to move on. Yes, she was relieved when she heard that Danny could talk sense to him but still it bothered her that even if it is for some moments Arnav was ready to let her go and spoke in a trance.

Amy: He ... he wanted me to move on!

Amy came back to her sense when Danny wiped her tears and then only she realized she was crying. Danny instantly hugged her and whispered

Danny: I am sorry sis as I too am a reason for his this state ... I know you will solve your problems on your own as usual ... but still, I promise you as long as your brother will be alive ... nobody, and I mean it nobody will snatch your Nav from you.

Danny heard her sigh and was assured that she heard, as well as acknowledged his words. But one thing he noticed was she still hadn't hugged him back, which meant she hasn't forgiven him yet. He sighed as he knew as it is about Arnav he will have to earn his forgiveness in the hardest way. And that is when a thought crossed his mind and he smirked 'if this is what my situation only God can save you buddy 'thought Danny as he realized he got a companion in all this.

After sometimes everybody returned to their room and Amy walked towards the room she and Arnav shared her mind still at Arnav's words. She pulled out a suitcase and kept it open on the bed. Then she opened the cupboard and pulled out Arnav's clothes and accessories and put them into it. Then she took out another bag for his toiletries and walked towards the bathroom. Then she took out the photo of the two of them smiling gleefully at the camera which was kept on the bedside table. She kept looking at it and tears formed in her eyes. Wiping it angrily she put that too in the suitcase and closed it. Then taking the luggage she walked back to the room where Arnav was resting currently. She left the bags on the floor but didn't dare to look at him, because she knows one look at him and her resolve will lose. Besides she knew she has to do this so that Arnav will never dare to think something like that again. So she walked towards the window and stood there looking out and drifted to her thoughts.

After about half an hour Arnav stirred in his sleep and finally opened his eyes and noted the surroundings. He frowned seeing the familiar yet unfamiliar room ... yes he knows it is the guest room of Bonheur. But what he couldn't understand was why he would sleep here and that too in the middle of the day. Confused he sat up quickly, and here it was the pounding on his head gave him the answer, that he was pretty wasted and with that slowly everything came to him.

Immediately he was on his feet concerned for Amy as he knows she would have demanded nothing but the truth and of course Danny will never lie to his sister. He turned towards the door and was puzzled to see luggage there but that can wait. He was about to walk to the door and that's when his eyes fell on the window. There she was, his beloved dressed in a camisole and jeans, hands inside pockets and looking out of the window. And seeing her like that he felt home, yes, after all, she was his home. He slowly walked towards her and was about to hug her but was terrified as she pushed him back shouting 'DON'T YOU DARE TO TOUCH ME RAIZADA'

I know a cliffhanger, but if not it would have been really really long, so forgive me for that. And yeah tell me about your views about the update, did I confused you guys more or are you able to Identify who's who?

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Should I continue
Jul 13

Part 4 Promises ... will they get fulfilled? (By Maahiak) (Thanked: 27 times)

Guys, my hands are better now and I am again back to you. But before going to the update please read the prologue once again as I had made slight changes in it for better understanding. I hope it was beneficial …

Bonheur, Toronto, Canada

Arnav was horrified, hearing her and whispered brokenly

Arnav: Amy?

Amy gulped down the pain she felt seeing him like that and told arrogantly

Amy: Yes Raizada you can’t touch me after what you have done behind my back (Turning around from him) … and yes, I have packed your luggage you can go back to your apartment today no … in fact now itself

Arnav was thunderstruck as he realized what he feared the most is happening, she … his Amy believed that he cheated on her and is now accusing him of the same. He hoped it to be just a nightmare and he will wake up soon but the pain in his chest area wasn’t helping much. So to make sure he asked feebly

Arnav: Baby?

Amy: Yes … and as we are breaking up (Clenching her teeth) we should … we should break up properly and thus I have packed all your things. You can go back taking all your belongings and about … about my things … if it won’t be too difficult for you, you can send it here or just throw them out. And when I say ‘my things’, only my things not anything that you have got for me or we have bought together. Otherwise, I won’t be … I won’t be able to move on ... also … (Gulping) maybe my future boyfriend or fiancé or husband will not like (Gulping) I keeping a souvenir of my … my e … ex-fiancé and it may …

She couldn’t complete her sentence as Arnav shouted

Arnav: STOP IT … that’s enough dammit. How dare you …how dare you to say that?

Amy: (With a dry chuckle) why are you getting hyper Raizada? I am just fulfilling your wish

Arnav: (Gritting his teeth) my … my wish … this? How could you … how could you even think that ‘I’ will let another man near you?

Amy: It is not me; it’s you who told …

Arnav: I haven’t said anything like that and …

Amy turned around angrily and shouted

Amy: Then what do you mean by that ‘move on’ dammit?

He was fuming hearing her accusing him of something which he won’t even let happen in his wild dreams and was about to retort but one look at her face and he was taken aback. Yes, he was taken aback because what he saw there was neither arrogance nor anger; instead, it was pain … raw pain … the only thing Arnav Singh Raizada can’t stand about her.

He rewound the conversation once again, realization dawned upon him and he understood what her words meant. He cursed himself for shouting at her when she was already hurt

Arnav: Amy … baby … I … I

Amy: (In a hurt voice) that is what you said that, right? (Shrugging) and here I am just fulfilling your wish … so … where was I? Yeah so to make my future man happy

Arnav understood she was hurt hearing what he said to Danny and he deserves her anger for saying it. But still, he couldn’t stand hearing her going gaga over some faceless future man of her life and pulled her by the waist and shouted at her

Arnav: Don’t you dare … don’t you dare say it … no, in fact, don’t you dare to even think about any other man

Amy: Why shouldn’t I? (Holding him by the collar) Tell me dammit why shouldn’t I?

Arnav pulled her more closely by her nape such that their lips were only millimeters apart and shouted

Arnav: Because you are mine damn it … did you hear that? MINE

Amy: Oh really then what …

Her question was cut down as Arnav captured her lips to shut her up in the best way possible. But soon it turned out to be a wild kiss as both were trying to dominate and punish each other through the kiss for saying such horrible things. After what it felt like ages they both broke apart and stood by touching each other’s forehead and whispered ‘I’m sorry’ at the same time. And again they were kissing but this time it was a kiss through which both were trying to assure each other that no matter what they will always be together.

After sometime when they broke the kiss Amy asked him

Amy: (Cupping his cheek) was … was Danny saying the truth? I mean your … your marriage?

In reply, Arnav just nodded reluctantly

Amy: But how?

Arnav: Juhel

Amy: What? And how did you know that?

Arnav: Sanjay called me and

Amy: And

Arnav: (Sighing) he asked me whether I signed on the application willingly or not. First I thought he had gone mad but then

He couldn’t complete it as rage filled him and he looked away clenching his teeth and fisting his hands. Amy saw that and touched his fist to calm him down but what she never expected was the vulnerability she saw in his eyes when he looked up at her. Sighing she pulled him with her to the bed, sat him down and hugged him. He too hugged her and buried his head in her shoulder. After sometimes she felt his tears and she whispered caressing his head

Amy: Hey … it’s … it’s oaky Nav … it’s just me … tell me … tell me what happened

Arnav: (Still in the hug) She … she was there baby… I … I heard her and from what I had heard my so-called family had accepted her as well. They had accepted her when they know I … I loathe even the mention of her

Amy: (Breaking the hug and cupping his cheeks) Shh … it’s okay baby stop crying and … tell me who is this ‘she’ exactly?

Arnav: Mish … no (Gritting his teeth and looking away) Ms. Gupta

Amy: (Understandingly) your … your childhood friend? The one whom you were so fond of?

Arnav: It’s not like that Amy … I was … I was just fond of her antics which used to make me smile (With a dark look) but then she

Amy: I hadn’t asked for explanations Nav (Sighing) Okay you tell me one thing have you … have you loved her?

But hearing that Arnav was taken aback and soon gloom took over him and he said in a painful voice

Arnav: Amy … you know what she did, right? … And still … still, you expect me to love her? No, leave that … don’t you, believe me, baby, when I say that I love only and only you? Wait … (Gulping) are you … (in a whisper) are you doubting my love?

Amy cupped his face turning him towards her but he was avoiding the eye contact

Amy: Nav … no, you … you have misunderstood me ... I mean I know you can’t possibly love her after what she did and yes I know you love me. But I am not talking about the present time

Which caught his attention and he looked at her with a frown as if asking her to elaborate

Amy: Yes baby … I am asking about the past. Do you … do you used to love her … care for her before that incident? Did she … did she matter to you then? (Seeing his unsure look) tell me … tell me the truth Nav … and I assure you nothing will change between us even if it is a yes

Arnav: (Sighing) Yes … she … she did matter to me then … I … I used to care for her (Gulping) more than … more than what she deserved and … (Gritting his teeth) I had paid the price for it in the most painful way … my … (Fresh tears filling his eyes) my Dadu and … and I couldn’t …

He couldn’t continue more as he had reduced to tears and clutched her as if his life depended on her and drawing strength from her. She caressed his head and whispered

Amy: Shh … it's okay Nav … it’s okay … it was not your fault that your Dadu (Sighing) … and it was not in your hands that you had feelings for her before …because how much cheesy I may sound I know … I know it is a matter of heart and … and we can’t stop ourselves from having feelings for others …

Arnav as always was relieved by hearing her saying it was not his fault that he couldn’t save his Dadu but her next set of words horrified him and he said urgently breaking the hug

Arnav: (Shaking his head in negative) no … no, Amy … I … I never

Amy: Nav … it’s okay … happens …

Arnav: No Baby … no … I … I never loved her

Amy looked at him like he had gone mad and Arnav understood he had to explain … explain a lot

Arnav: Yes … like I said she did matter to me … I … I used to care for her but like a friend or more like a brother but never … (Shaking his head) never as a lover and … (Cupping her cheeks) pyaar to mein tumse seekhi hain (Chuckling a little seeing her frown) I meant I learned to love from you ... or in better words for me ‘love’ means ‘you’

Amy was moved the way he said that and couldn’t stop but throw herself upon him and mumble an ‘I love you’

Arnav: (Smilingly) I know

And for that, he received a punch on his back and he said ‘I love you too’ chuckling a little and kissed her forehead.

But their trance was broken as they heard the sound of claps from the door. Frowning they turned around to see Adam and Daisy at the door and together asked a ‘what?’

Daisy: Sorry guys … we didn’t mean to eavesdrop but Nav … that was (Passing him a flying kiss) mind-blowing

Arnav: What Aunty?

Adam: Of course your confession

Arnav just smiled at them but he remembered something and stood up

Arnav: Uncle … Aunty, I am … I am sorry … I mean … I

Daisy: (With a serious face) you definitely should be … for worrying us like that

Arnav: (Shaking his head) no Aunty … that is not what I meant …

Adam: Then? Were you going to apologize to ‘us’ for a mistake you haven’t even done?

Arnav: It’s not like that Uncle … I can … I can never stand you or Aunty hating me even for some moments

Daisy: (Sadly) is that what you think about us Nav? That we will start hating you for something happened which you weren’t even aware of? That we will believe you were cheating on Amy just because of some stupid news which we aren’t even sure about?

Adam raised his eyebrow as if saying to answer her and Arnav said with tears rolling down his eyes

Arnav: I know you guys are not like that … but since the matter was about your daughter

Adam: And who are you? You too are our son right? (Sighing) I know we are not your real parents but we thought … we thought we loved you enough that you considered us like your parents but (Sadly) I think we were wrong …

He couldn’t complete his sentence as he and Daisy was hugged by an emotional Arnav who whispered

Arnav: I am sorry … sorry that I thought like that but never … never say that I don’t consider you as parents because you are … only you are … and please … please don’t be upset with me or sad because of me ... I can’t … I can’t stand that

By now he was sobbing like a child and Daisy said kissing his forehead after breaking the hug

Daisy: Hey … it’s okay hon … we are not upset with you … we can never be but you please … please stop crying like this

Adam sensed the situation getting too much emotional so said jokingly which made all of them chuckle even in that condition

Adam: Yes you can’t cry like a child … because (imitating Arnav) I am Arnav Singh Raizada and these little things never matter to me

Daisy: (Wiping Arnav’s tears) okay … okay … now enough of teasing my son and (Turning to a chuckling Amy with a stern look) Amy did you forgot what Dr. said?

Amy: (Confusedly) what?

Daisy: That he has to take food as soon as he wakes up?

Amy: Er … I

Arnav: It’s okay Aunty I am fine … and what I need now is not food but a shower

Amy: (Sarcastically) of course … you have to get rid of that hangover first

Arnav: What the!

Amy: What ‘what the’? How dare you Nav? How dare you to booze like that? And upon that driving in that condition … like seriously … how many times … how many times I have to tell you to not to play with your health?

Arnav: Excuse me! I am not a child that you will …

Amy: If you behave like one I can’t help it Nav and yeah don’t even dare to do it again

Arnav: But

Amy: No … don’t you dare deny and I promise you … if you do that once again I will kill you … I will kill you with my own hands … you got it

Arnav: What the!

Amy: Again what the! Say something beyond that Nav

Daisy: (Sighing soundly) okay that’s enough guys … Nav you go and freshen up and Amy arrange everything back in place

She said pointing at the luggage and Amy looked at her perplexed making Arnav chuckle

Arnav: Good punishment Aunty … (Sarcastically) you know she was going to have a new man

For which she elbowed him on his stomach and which made Adam and Daisy smile as they were behaving normally. They both turned to go but stopped hearing Arnav’s ‘wait’.

He came before them and said holding their hands

Arnav: I know … I know you guys believe me and yes I am not saying this because I don’t consider you as my parents … but still, I want to make something clear

Adam and Daisy gave him a go on look sensing the seriousness

Arnav: Uncle … Aunty … I don’t know what is the truth even though there is a chance that Sanjay was telling the truth but one thing I want to assure you guys … even if that is true (Gritting his teeth) I will break this stupid marriage as soon as possible … because this marriage means nothing to me nor that bloody Gupta … and yeah come what may there was, is and will be only one woman in Arnav Singh Raizada’s life and that is your daughter … my Amy

Adam: We know that Nav … but why did you say there is a chance that it may be true? I mean … you haven’t gone to India for years and if it was before coming here you would have been aware of it then how?

Arnav: (Sighing) Uncle you remember the property papers?

Adam: You mean the ones your sister bought? (Seeing his nod) what with that? (Suddenly as if realizing something) wait … are you trying to tell me that you signed the marriage papers along with that

Arnav: (Breathing out soundly) I don’t know

Adam: (Frowning) what do you mean by ‘I don’t know’? I mean … didn’t you double check the papers before signing them?

Arnav: First some I had but then …

Adam: Then?

Arnav: (Biting his lips and looking away) er … she … she barged in on us when we … I mean … you know … and then she was … she was passing Amy those nasty looks and all I wanted was her to leave as soon as possible so I didn’t really … and that’ why I am not sure if I … I …

Adam: (Sighing) I got it you are not sure if you have signed it or not … hmm … (after few seconds) by the way, guys, is there a chance that we can check the CCTV footage? … I mean to know if you had signed it or not?

Amy: No Dad … he told you right … we were in the bedroom

Adam: Oh yeah

Arnav: I am sorry Uncle I should have been more careful while signing a legal document especially being an advocate. I mean I should have guessed

Amy: Stop it Nav … it's no use crying over spilled milk

Adam: Yes Nav … Amy is right … I mean how you would have guessed she will plan something like this … so leave it and let us think what to do next

Daisy: Wait, guys … you are all missing an important thing

Amy: What?

Daisy: (Smiling) that there is still a chance that it is a fake signature

Arnav: But

Amy: Wait, Nav … if we think in that way Mom has a point … I mean I clearly remember the will was prepared on a stamp paper but it is definitely not required for the application form as it usually printed on a white paper white paper and of course … it wouldn’t have left both of our eyes if there was a change in the paper how much careless we were

Adam: Yeah and even if you had signed the marriage application form … who signed the marriage certificate or vice versa and … not to forget the ledger in the register office so it is sure at least one of it is forged

Amy: Yeah and since it is your signature I can find out that even without a forgery analysis

Arnav: (Sighing) I know … but for that, we need that damn paper

Everybody was in a gloomy mood as they realized it is not ‘that easy’ to get it because the certificate will be with the Raizadas and other papers are under government.

Arnav: But don’t worry ASR is not going to lose that easily … (Gritting his teeth) definitely not before them. I will … I will sort this out and that is Arnav Singh Raizada’s promise to you

And that made everybody relax as they know they don’t have to worry anymore. Arnav too sighed in relief as he felt Amy pressing his shoulders ensuring him her silent support as always and that is the only thing he needs … her with him … always.


Dwaraka Park, New Delhi, India

A man of early thirties came running as he was tensed like hell, receiving his friend’s urgent call. Looking around frantically he spotted her in a faraway bench looking worried. He immediately rushed towards her and asked in a tensed voice

Man: What happened Nitu? Why did you call me this urgently? You … you had gone home, right? Then what happened suddenly? Did your mother in law tell you something?

Nitya nodded her head indicating no

Man: Then? Arrey, tell yaar … kya hua? (Hey tell yaar… what happened?)

Nitya: (Exhaling) breath Rohan and sit … I will tell … but let them also come

Rohan: (sighing) okay

After some minutes Adarv too came there with a lady of early thirties both looking equally tensed just like Rohan was when he came and soon found their respective spouses, were one was looking much tensed while the other one was confused. As soon as they reached the bench Adarv asked

Adarv: What’s the matter, Rohan?

Rohan: (Sighing) that is what I too was asking from the time I came … but your wife had just zipped her mouth not ready to disclose anything with me

Nitya: (Hitting his hands) don’t exaggerate, okay? (Turning towards others) it is just that I wanted to tell you guys together

Lady: Kya hua Nitu? (What happened Nitu?) You look very disturbed

Nitya: (Nodding her head) I am Puja because the matter itself is very disturbing

Adarv: Kya hua … kahi … kahi Mom ne tumse kuch kaha (What happened … did … did mom told you something?)

Nitya: (Sighing) why all of you go there first … no … Mom hadn’t told me anything … it is … it is something else … I mean I heard something … something very serious

Adarv: What?

Nitya: That … that (Sighing) Adi you were right … I mean whatever Juhi told was a lie

Rohan: What? And how did you know that?

Nitya: You know I went home earlier today as there wasn’t much work and was passing by Juhi and Sanjay’s room and …

Then she explained whatever she heard and when she finished

Rohan: You mean to say Arnav wasn’t aware of this marriage until and unless Sanjay called him and Mishty was building castles in the air all these days

Nitya: Most probably … I mean at least that is what I could decipher from their conversation

Puja: (In tears) oh my god … this is what I was saying Mishty again and again that Arnav being in love with her was next to impossible but she … she believed her Juhi Di more than her own sister (Gritting her teeth) and that Juhi …

Nitya: (Exasperatedly) yes … like always she had used the situation for her own good

Rohan: But what good she will have? I mean after all, they are best friends

Puja: Best friends my foot … Mishty was always just a doll for her but she … Oh God! … What will happen if she gets to know this? Guys … what will we do?

Nitya and Rohan looked at her helplessly and not hearing anything from Adarv the trio turned around only to find him sitting on the bench with his head supported by his hands

Puja: Adi … won't you say something?

Hearing her he looked up and they all were astonished to see his state. He looked like he had done something terrible and his eyes were red with tears. But soon they realized what caused his state as he whispered

Adarv: Arnav …

Rohan: (Gasping) oh no … how that did skip my mind… Adi … he … oh my God I can’t even imagine his state

But Adarv was in his own world and whispered brokenly

Adarv: I am the worst brother in this whole world

Nitya and Puja instantly sat at either side of him holding his hands realizing his state of mind and said squeezing his hands

Puja: It’s not your fault Adi … these all are that Juhi’s doing

Nitya: She is right Adi … why are you blaming yourself for other’s fault

But Adarv wasn’t ready to hear them said … no more like yelled to himself

Adarv: It is my fault … it is my fault only that I was never … never there for my brother … that I never knew he was being treated like a trash in his own family … that he was suffering in solitude when I was busy enjoying my freedom and luxury … and (With a dry chuckle) what a brother I am that I realized the result of my ignorance very … very late … that much late that he no more acknowledged me as a brother. (To others) and you know right I was just waiting for a chance … to apologize to him but now this … I don’t know … I don’t know what to do anymore but I really … really want to help him

Nitya: Adi, please … we will go nowhere if you become weak like this … please … please be strong … at least for your brother

Puja: Yes Adi … Nitu is saying right you can’t be weak like this … and don’t worry we all are with you. (Sighing) I know she is my sister but this is not the way to marry … I mean … by imposing ourselves on someone … so yes I am not going to support her on this

Rohan: Yes Adi, we all are with you and we will sort this out … but I think before anything else we should speak to Arnav and make sure that whatever we deduced was right … no … I am not saying that he was aware of this marriage before but we should be sure whether he wants to continue this marriage or not before going further

Puja: Yes Rohan you have a point … but how will we get his number?

Nitya: It is with Sanjay … I told you he called Arnav … so either ask him or if we don’t want him to know … let us just steal it

Rohan: See problem solved … so guys sneak to his room at night and get it … and yeah we should be very careful … I mean it is a great chance for you Adi … you know what I mean

Adarv: (Sighing) I know Rohan it is a great chance but do you think he will talk with us?

Puja: That’s right … I am sure he will cut the call as soon as he hears it is us

Nitya: What to do then?

Rohan: I will talk with either Bhai or Dad as he will never deny them

Adarv: No Rohan … it is better we talk to him before involving elders in this

Nitya: Then … what about his friends? I mean … I had heard that they are three bodies and one soul

Puja: Yeah … I think that is so much better … then we don’t have to interact with Sanjay too

Adarv: Hmm … I too think that is right … I mean I really don’t want to involve others before knowing the truth and we can’t really be sure if Sanjay will take our side against Juhi … so

Rohan: Okay … then for what are we waiting for? Come let us go …

Adarv: Wait, Rohan … I don’t think they will just speak to us just like that because they aren’t very fond of Raizadas and Guptas … so I think it will be better if you alone go and speak to them

Rohan: What Bhai? I thought we were together on this?

Puja: Rohan … it is not about together or alone … what matters the most is that we have to contact Arnav … so like Adi said it will be better if just one person goes but I don’t think we should send Rohan

Adarv: What? Why?

Nitya: You are asking that? Arrey, we have to sort this out, not to make it more complicated, right? (Sighing) but then who will go?

Rohan: You too Brutus

Puja: Shut up Rohan … and Adi … I think you should go and don’t worry … they both always had a soft corner towards you

Adarv: (Thinking for some time) okay let us start from there then … and as always we are together on this, right?

He said forwarding his hand and all of them placed their hands above him ensuring him of their support as always.

Bonheur, Toronto, Canada

Everybody was at the dining table with their usual banter but Arnav could sense the growing tension between Amy and Danny and he very well know the reason too.

Danny finished his lunch as fast as possible as he couldn’t face Amy’s indifference anymore and got up but stopped in his tracks as he heard Arnav

Arnav: Stop Danny

Arnav came towards Amy and pulled her arms after placing her spoon in the plate. She looked at him startled but followed him nevertheless but was shocked as they stopped before a disheartened Danny. And she gulped realizing solely she was the reason for his that state and looked down in guilt as she really don’t know how to apologize for this. But she looked up as she heard Arnav

Arnav: Danny … I know we pick up on each other on anything and everything and we rarely have the same opinions on something but I know there is one thing that we both have in similar … we … we both can’t take (Looking at Amy) her ignorance … her being upset with us. And Amy even though I can guess what caused (Pointing towards them) this I won’t ask the matter … but if I am the reason then please …, please sort it out because it wasn’t his fault as you know how stubborn I can get

Amy looked startled at him as she realized that in her love for Arnav she had hurt her precious brother and that too for no fault of his. Immediately tears filled her eyes and that’s it … she was engulfed in a comforting embrace by her dear brother who as always couldn’t stand her tears, especially when he was the reason for it.

Arnav stepped back and smiled seeing them apologizing and comforting each other forgetting everything else other than them. Adam and Daisy came and stood on either side of Arnav and Adam patted his shoulders while Daisy side hugged him making him smile as he understood their silent words … that they were proud of him.

I don’t know whether I confused you more or not with more characters but if I did … sorry guys wait a little more. Everything will be out soon and then I will give the character sketch to know my characters better. For now, all I can say is the characters are entirely different from the original drama. And yeah tell me how it was?

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Should I continue
Sep 7

Important notice (By Maahiak) (Thanked: 12 times)

Hello guys …

I don’t know how many of you even remember me anymore as I am not updating for a long time. But what to do I was in a mental state where I couldn’t even think properly let alone write something and thus all my routine was disturbed. And then there came the flood along Kerala which I hope you all are aware of and it, unfortunately, affected some of my friends and relatives … anyway now I am back to my custom and am working on the stories and will try to update them as soon as I can.

And yeah I will update the stories in wattpad till I have updated here soon so that I can continue the story on both platforms at the same time.

With regards


Jan 7

Why dammit? (By Maahiak) (Thanked: 18 times)


Till some of you had asked me whether this story has a Khushi or not. So for those who have this doubt ... yes, of course, there is a Khushi, after all, there is Arnav ... so obviously there is Khushi. But who that Khushi is ... Amy or Mishty ... you will get to know that when the two of them will come face to face. So until then tell me your views ... who probably will be Arnav's Khushi. Let us see how many of you can catch it well from the story so far.


Bonheur, Toronto, Canada

It was almost 10 at night and Danny was in Daisy's room discussing some office stuff. Seeing a flash he looked up and spotted Arnav turning to leave from the door. He gestured Daisy and she  called out as soon as she saw him

Daisy: Nav ...

And the way Arnav turned around and the look on his face was enough for both of them to understand the matter. He came here for something but seeing them engrossed in work he was leaving without making them aware of his presence. Daisy sighed and looked at Danny who nodded his head and got up to leave and seeing the exchange Arnav said immediately.

Arnav: No Auntie ... you guys continue ... I ... yeah I just collected my phone and was going back and ... and just thought to check up on you ... nothing else ...

Saying this Arnav immediately tried to turn around lest they catch his lie but he was too late as he saw Danny walking out silently after kissing Daisy a goodnight. He sighed and walked inside the room and sat beside Daisy on the bed as she patted the space near to her. Daisy could read the vulnerability in his eyes and could somewhat guess the reason. But still, she asked cupping his cheeks in an affectionate voice.

Daisy: What happened darling?

In reply, Arnav took her in a bear hug hiding his face in her chest and daisy too hugged him back and caressed his head in silence because she knows he will speak when he is ready. But even after minutes when she heard nothing she patted his back and said soothingly.

Daisy: Nav ... it is okay ... I told you, right? ... that we believe you ... don't worry ... take your time

She felt Arnav still in her arms and immediately said caressing his back to ease out his rigid stance.

Daisy: Okay ... that is not the case ... then what is it ... tell me what is hurting you Kiddo?

Arnav couldn't help but smile even in that emotional situation as she called him as if he is a small baby. He 'tried to' compose himself and broke the hug but seeing the look on Daisy which clearly said 'don't even try lying' his mask slipped and a lone tear escaped his eyes. Daisy wiped the tear with gentle fingers and then cupped his face with both her hands. Seeing his eyes filling with tears she shook her head and kissing his forehead with motherly affection whispered soothingly.

Daisy: You know you can tell me anything, right?

Arnav nodded but without saying anything lied on her lap facing her. Instantly he felt her fingers through his hair calming down his nerves. He felt relaxed after some time but that didn't reduced his pain so whispered in a low voice.

Arnav: I am bad ... very bad, right  ain't I?

Daisy: No ... of course not ... and why are you even thinking like that ... you can never be bad ... you ...

Before she can continue Arnav cut her off.

Arnav: I am ... that's why ... that's why every time ... every single time I am happy ... something or other snatches that happiness from me ... brutally I might add ...

Daisy: It's ... it's not like that darling ... you are just overstressing ...

Arnav: No Auntie ... it is ... it is the truth ... every time ... every single time I feel contented with life something or the other happens and I am back to square one ... you know Auntie after eighteen years ... eighteen years of melancholy I was finally contented when I got admission in the prestigious Harvard University ... because ... because I could get out of the hell ... my so-called home ... and Dadu ... he was so proud of me ... we ... we decided to leave every sorrow behind and start a new life ... we were planning to shift to America and settle there forever away from that hell ... but ... everything ... every beautiful dream I weaved for the future got shattered ... he ... he left me ... no ... they ... they snatched him from me thereby crushing my dreams of a beautiful life ahead ... and I decided ... decided then and there to never dream again ... to never think about the future ... but this life na ... it is strange ... sometimes it will surprise you when you never ever expect it ... and like that Amy came into my life and when I ... (Smiling) when I fell in love with her I was ecstatic ... and I again ... again started to dream ... for a happy life with her ... (Sighing) but still I was skeptical thinking anytime the happy bubble will burst ... years passed in all this and when I finally ... finally decided that this time fate is with me ... this time I will get my fair share of happiness ... again ... again my stupid family has to come and snatch it for me ... why ... (Angry tears filling his eyes) why they had to do this to me? ... why dammit ... why?

Saying this he punched on the bed and Daisy immediately held his hand.

Daisy: Nav ... no ... don't think like that ...

But he wasn't listening to her as he was in some other world. He got up from her lap and sitting on the bed said in a distant and forlorn voice.

Arnav: I ... I lived eighteen years of my life being an unwanted child ... but still, I was happy as I had my Dadu ... (with a dry chuckle) and they separated him from me ... but a mere eighteen-year-old boy couldn't do anything and they won ... but when again happiness knocked in my door ... when I got a 'family' for the first time ... when I decided to embrace the blissful future they had to intervene and destroy it for me ... (Shaking his head and gritting his teeth) but no ... no ... I won't allow them to succeed this time ... because Arnav Alok Raizada might be weak but Arnav Singh Raizada isn't ... and I will show them what it is to mess with ASR ...

Saying it in a proud and dominating voice he looked at Daisy as if to gauge her reaction to his statement ... to know whether she is disappointed by his statement. And he was relieved when she cupped his shoulder with an encouraging smile and said.

Daisy: See ... that's the spirit ... (Cupping his cheeks) ... everything will be alright Nav ... this time nobody will snatch anything from you ... and you know why? ... because this time we all are with you, okay?

Arnav: (Smiling) ... and I need just that ... 'my family's support' ...

Daisy: Which you will always have ... so now cheer up and (Whispering) join me for some wine ... what say?

Arnav: (Chuckling) ... how much tempting it may sound I can't, beautiful ... because if I touch alcohol for at least a week ... your daughter will bury me alive

Daisy: (Chuckling) ... yeah, that's right ... but it is for your own good Nav ...

Arnav: No ... now you too don't start Auntie ... (Shaking his head) ... your daughter is more than enough

Daisy: Okay ... okay ... I won't ... by the way, speaking of the daughter ... where is she? ... And hey she was telling me that you guys are going out ... then?

Arnav: She wanted to take me out for a drive ... but Uncle needed some help in understanding the forensic report ... (Shrugging) ... so they both are in the study ...

Daisy: What ... you two had to cancel your plans ... you should have told Adam ... he would have understood

Arnav: Which I don't approve ...

Daisy: What ... why? ... you two are a couple and you are ought to spend time together

Arnav: But not in the cost of her responsibilities as an individual

Daisy scrunched her eyebrows not understanding what he meant and he said sighing.

Arnav: Auntie ... you are right ... we two are a couple ... but we are not just that ... we two are different individuals and thus we will have different commitments ... her family may demand her time ... and similarly, my friends may demand my time ... both our professions will also keep us engaged ... and we can't ignore all this just because we are a couple. In simple words just because 'we' are 'we' we can't ignore our responsibilities of being an 'I' ... err ... (Shaking his head) ... that was a lot of philosophy but you know what I mean

Daisy: I understand Nav ... but still ... I mean last one week you guys were very busy with your professions that you hardly got time to even meet each other ... so much so that you had to wait one whole week to come together and inform us that you two are officially engaged. And yesterday it was too much crowded due to the party ... so how much you will argue I will say today you deserved her time ...

Arnav: (Sighing) ... it is not like that Auntie ... she has always given me my personal space without even asking and I too will give that to her ... always ...that is the promise I made to myself when we started this relationship. Because I believe for a relationship to workout more than love respect and trust are needed. Hey ... now don't look at me like that ... I agree ... I needed her time today ... but uncle needed her help ...

Daisy: She could have helped him tomorrow ...

Arnav: (Smiling amusedly) ... that is not possible because tomorrow is the final verdict of that case ...

Daisy: (Shaking her head) ... leave it ... it is waste to argue with lawyers ... I should have known ...

Arnav: (Chuckling) ... oh, come on Auntie ... it is not even an argument ... and even if you consider it as one whatever I said was true only ...

Daisy: (Twisting her mouth) ... yeah right

Arnav: (Shaking his head) ... and Señora... it is not the end of the time ... after completing her work she will come to me only, right?

Daisy: (Sighing) ... yeah...

Arnav: Okay I think I should leave now (Getting up from the bed) ... and hey ... should I send your grumpy son to give you a company for the wine ... like that also he must be waiting ... (With an apologetic look) ... I mean I think you didn't complete the work

Daisy: (Chuckling) ... waiting and him? ... that too for working ... don't you know him Nav? By this time he would have finished flirting with half of his flings

Arnav: (Chuckling) ... yeah right, I should have guessed ... such a flirt he is ...

Daisy: Yeah ... just like his father ...

Saying this both of them broke into pits of laughter but was disturbed by an 'excuse me' and looked up to find Adam standing at the door.

Adam: You ... you mean I am a flirt and Nav ... you are again teaming up with her against me

Arnav: What to do Uncle ... I told you, right? ... I can't hurt pretty ladies

Adam: Yeah right ... and you called me a flirt ...

Arnav: (Smirking) ... I didn't Uncle ... Auntie did ...

Daisy: Yeah and moreover where did Nav flirt ... he just told the truth, right darling?

Arnav: Yes ... of course ... (Smirking) ... or did you again meant that Auntie isn't beautiful?

Adam: (Raising his hands in surrender) ... spare me, guys ... it was my fault that I even started speaking against your team

Adam started to walk away when Arnav said.

Arnav: Oye old man ... no need to act ... I am going ... (Winking) she is all yours ...

Saying this he walked out of the room but turned around reaching the door only to see them already in each other's arms. He smirked and said after a whistle bringing them out from their dreamland.

Arnav: Hey lovebirds ... at least close the door ... I mean ... how much grown up they are ... your children are around ...

Adam smirked hearing him while Daisy's jaw dropped at his teasing making Arnav chuckle.

Arnav: (Raising his hands in surrender and smiling) ... okay ... okay ... I am going ... good night guys

Adam: Good night Nav

And he was gone.

Daisy: (Shaking her head) ... crazy guy

Adam: (Smiling) ... that he is ... after all he fell in love with my doll ... and you know what? ... they are the craziest couple I know

Daisy: (Snuggling in his arms and in a low voice) ... hmm ...

Adam: Hey ... what happened?

Daisy: (Sighing) ... I am scared, Adam ... I ... I just hope their happiness won't be short-lived ...

Adam: Hey ... relax ... you are thinking too much ... everything will be alright soon ...

Daisy: Amen to that

Outside the room

Arnav was walking towards their room when he saw that the lights of the study room were still on. Deciding to have a quick shower before she comes he entered the room and first put his sim card in the new phone and putting it in charge walked to the closet where Amy had rearranged all his clothes. Then taking his change he went for a shower. Completing it earlier than expected he came out dressed only in his shorts and wiping his head with the towel. Feeling cold due to the shower he switched on the heater and looking around realized that Amy is still not there. Frowning he checked in the balcony but she wasn't there too. Sighing he kept the towel on the recliner and walked into the study room only to see her reading a file and typing something in her tab. Reaching the door he whistled and she immediately looked up. He indicated towards his wrist and realizing what he meant she looked at her tab again and realized it was almost 11 in the night. Sighing she looked apologetically at him

Amy: Sorry baby ... just a few more minutes ...

Sighing Arnav walked inside the room and sat on the chair across her and asked.

Arnav: Hey ... what is this ... I mean Uncle left long back ...

Amy: (Sighing) ... yeah ... (Indicating towards the file) ... this is the case Shan asked my help ... you know that rape case ... I had promised him that I will mail the details before tomorrow afternoon. I thought I will work on this tomorrow as we were going out. But then Dad came and I was totally in the mood (Chuckling) you know ... so thought that I will finish it now itself so that we can go somewhere tomorrow as we both were free apart from this one

Arnav: (Smiling) ... okay ... totally fine by me if I can get you all for myself tomorrow ... finish it fast I will wait for you

Amy nodded her head and again got busy in the files while Arnav sat there playing with the paperweight and admiring his beautiful fiancée. After ten more minutes, he saw her finishing the file and mailing the details to Shan and then to his astonishment taking another file. He shook his head at the twin workaholic of him and said in a formal tone.

Arnav: Ms. Lewis ... you promised me only that file ... and I have heard that Dr. Kal never go back on her words ...  but here you are picking up one more ...(In a flirty tone) not fair ... that too when your handsome fiancé is waiting for you

Saying this with a wink he got up and walked towards her and she stood up closing the file realizing her folly. He reached her and snaked one arm around her waist and she put her hands around his neck and said huskily.

Amy: So sorry my handsome fiancé ... you know how I am ... just I got carried away ... (Whispering in his ears) ... but don't worry ... I will make it up to you ...

She said the last part seductively making Arnav smirk and he pickd her in his arms in a swift motion. She held his shoulder for support and he bent down and said in her ears after pressing a fleeting kiss on her earlobe.

Arnav: I am waiting for that baby ... and I hope you won't disappoint me ...

Amy: Never ...

Arnav: Good ...

Saying this he straightened up him and started to walk towards their room with her in his arms. He entered the room and went directly to the bed after kicking the door shut with his legs. He put her on the bed and she pulled him with her which he complied gladly. He came on top her and whispered.

Arnav: Oh God ... I missed you ... missed you like hell baby

Amy: Me too Nav ... last one week was torture without even seeing you when I wake up ...

Arnav: Hmm ... I know ... I too was feeling terrible to sleep without you in my arms ... and not even getting a chance to kiss you senseless ... it was ... it was ...

Amy: Pure hell

Arnav: Yeah

By now they could feel each other's breathe on their lips ... just one single move from any of them and they would be kissing each other. But alas at that exact instant the shrill ring of a phone broke their moment making both of them groan in irritation. He placed his head on her shoulders and a few profanities escaped his mouth cursing the caller. While Amy said gritting her teeth.

Amy: If it is again your stupid PA ... then you are gonna fire him ... actually fire him tomorrow

Arnav: (Shaking his head) ... no ... if it is him this time too ... then I am gonna actually kill him tomorrow

By now the phone had already stopped ringing all thanks to their 'brief' conversation.

Arnav: (Smirking) ... looks like he had learned his lesson already ...

He said smirking as he thought about the earful his PA got the last time he disturbed their moment. But the phone again rang making Arnav curse aloud with anger and frustration and he punched the bed. Seeing him not taking the call Amy said.

Amy: Take the call Nav ... or at least put it on silent ... otherwise, they might call again ...

Arnav: (Rolling of her to the other side of the bed) ... if I touch that damn phone now I am sure I am gonna break it too ... so you yourself do that ...

Shaking her Amy took the phone from her side table all ready to put it on silent but seeing the caller she disconnected the phone from the charge and extended it to Arnav saying.

Amy: Nav ... it's Shan

Arnav: Whoever it is cut the call ... I am in no mood to talk now ... (Sighing) don't worry I will call him the first thing tomorrow morning ...

Amy: It must be already morning there ... and he too knows it is night here and still he called ... so it means this is something important ... here take it before it goes off ... till then I will take a quick shower and come, okay?

Arnav nodded and Amy went for a shower after pecking his cheek. And he took the call and asked in a frustrated voice.


It was nine in the morning and the two couples were assembled in Adarv's cabin as he called Shan's office. Keeping the call he said

Adarv: Nishan is working from home this week due to some personal problems ... going to the station only for important issues

Rohan: Oh ... so what do we do now?

Nitya: Either wait for a week or go to his home

Puja: No ... we don't have time to waste ... so home or office you should meet him today itself ...

Adarv: Office was okay ... I mean ... even if he doesn't like me he would have been polite when people are around ... but home ... (Shaking his head) ... no ... I won't go alone

Rohan: Then?

Puja: We all will go

Adarv: Are you sure I mean you ...

Puja: It's alright Adi ... whatever it is we will face it together

Nitya: Okay then ... come let us go

Shan's home

Gitu was in the living room reading a magazine when the doorbell rang. She looked at the clock and frowned as Shan had woken up sometime before and is on bath after the breakfast ... all thanks to his night long studying of the current case. Keeping the magazine down she walked to the door and opened it only to stand perplexed to the see the four of them. And seeing them instantly her mind went back to the previous day's event making her angry. But they are the guests so she faked a smile and asked politely.

Gitu: Adi Bhai ... Rohan ... aap log (you people)?

Rohan: Yes ... can we come in?

Gitu: Of course ... please ... please come in ... (Suppressing her anger) ... by the way what brought you here?

Adarv: Gitika ... we ... we are here to meet Nishan ... I called his office and got to know that he is working from home ... hey, what happened to you ... is this the reason he ...

Gitu: Yeah ... it's nothing ... just a brace ... he is making a mountain out of a molehill ... oops ... you all please take your seat ... Shan was bathing ... let me check if he is done ...

Gitu went to the room to call Shan and after five minutes they both came down together. Shan walked to the living room while Gitu went to the kitchen to bring something for them. Hearing footsteps they all saw Shan and Rohan exclaimed.

Rohan: Hi Nishan

Shan: Hi guys ... Gitu said you wanted to talk to me ... what is it?

Adarv: Nishan ... we ... we need Arnav's contact details ... can you ... can you please help us?

Before Shan could say something they heard a 'NO' from Gitu who was coming with juice for them. They all looked at her perplexed.

Shan: Gitu ...

But Gitu couldn't contain her anger this time so she said not caring whether she hurt them by her words completely ignoring the pleading looks of Shan to let him speak.

Gitu: No ... you won't get his contact details ... we ... (Shaking her head) ... I won't let you guys hurt him more ... I still don't know how will I tell him about ... no, leave that ... why do you need his contact details anyway? ... to hurt him more? ... and why did you come here?

Shan: Gitu ... they are guests ...

Gitu: And that's why I didn't say anything till now ... but that doesn't give them right to ask about Nav ... no ... not at all ... and I am telling you ... you have my swear ... you won't tell them anything ... waise bhi (like that also) ... I don't know what he will do if he get to know that these people tricked him ... tricked him in a marriage with a girl whom he loathes to death.

Adarv: He knows ...

Shan: What ... what do you said?

Rohan: Yes Nishan ... he knows ...

Gitu: (Whispering) ... he ... he knows ... oh God ... how?

Adarv: We will tell you ... but before that, I have to clear something ...

Gitu: What?

Adarv: That we four didn't know this coming ... and when we got to know we didn't know how to react to all this and then ...

Gitu: Oh please ... no need to exaggerate ... it is not a new thing that you people don't know anything happening in your house ... (Sighing) ... leave it and tell us the whole thing ...

Then they four took turns in filling the happenings in RM after Arnav's departure including how they had found out the truth yesterday.

Gitu: So ... my guess was correct ... it was the Raizada princess only ... and what did you say? ... you want to help him ...why ... why now Adi Bhai?

Adarv: (Sighing) ... Gitika ... I ... I know I was never the best brother to Arnav ... but genuinely I wasn't aware of anything happening in RM until I came back after finishing my studies ... Mamma and Mr. Raizada never ... never made me aware of anything ... I ... I never knew he was ... (Gulping) ... he was treated that way ... and this time too ... Juhi was so convincing and Mishty ... she was very much convinced that he loves her ... we ... we all tried to make her and the family understand ... but nobody wasn't ready to listen to anything ... all others were not ready to miss the chance of converting the Raizada-Gupta bonding into a family from friends ... you know they were trying from our time but ...

Gitu: (Sarcastically) ... yeah we know ... their precious Adi loved another girl... so she will be his wife ... after all they want your happiness ... and about Arnav ... (Sighing) ... who cares what he wants or not ... as usual, he became the scapegoat. But hey ... let me clear your misconception ... he not only just doesn't like her ... but also loathes her ... did you hear that he LOATHES her ... and I really don't know what he will do to her now ... Nav... oh God what might be his condition ... Shan ... call him ... call him now ...

Nodding Shan called him but the call went unanswered so he said.

Shan: Gitu ...he isn't picking up the call ... it is very late now ... he might have slept ...

Gitu: (Sarcastically) ... yeah right ... after hearing this news he will be peacefully sleeping ... (Raising her voice) ... try again Shan and put it on speaker ... I too want to hear him

Shan sighed hearing her ... it is not that he doesn't want to call Arnav but at others presence, he doesn't know. Gitu would have understood his hint in a normal situation but right now she is in a combined state of anger and sorrow. He again tried the number hoping against hopes that Arnav will not pick it up. But seems like luck isn't in his side as Arnav picked up the call just before it ends and shouted in a frustrated voice.

Arnav: Kya chahiye Shan? ... (What do you want Shan?) ... Aman was not enough that you too started to call at the wrong time ... bolo kyun phone kiya? (Tell me why you called)

Shan and Gitu shared a look of surprise hearing him as they understood what he meant by 'wrong time' and others too does not need Einstein's brain to realize the situation he was in.

Arnav: Shaaaan ...

Shan: Yeah ... Nav ... I ... I mean we wanted to ask you something ...

Arnav: You both ... okay ... what's the matter, guys?

Shan: (Gulping) ... Nav ... are you ... are you aware of your marriage with K...

Arnav: (Shouting) ... Shan ... don't take that ****'s name in front of me ... either say Ms. Gupta or don't say it at all ...

Gitu: Nav ... Nav ... calm down and tell us ... are you aware of it?

Arnav: Hmm ... Sanjay ... he called me ...

Gitu: Are you okay Nav?

Arnav: (Gulping) ... I am, now ... but how do you guys ... wait (Gritting his teeth) ... is it the new sensational news in the town?

Shan: No ... nobody apart from Raizadas and Guptas know it ...

Arnav: Then?

Shan: Nav ... vo ... I ... I saw her at the temple with ... with your mother and Dadi ... and

Arnav: And?

Arnav asked without any emotion as he had stopped expecting something from them long back. Gitu and Shan again shared a look as they could understand his pain even in that masked question while a gasp left from others hearing his nonchalant voice.

Shan: But I thought I will make it sure before I ...

Arnav: Wait, Shan ... who else are there?

Shan: Gitu ... (Gulping and sharing a worried glance with Gitu) ... who else?

Arnav: Cut the ****, Shan ... there are more people ... I heard the gasps ... and just now you gulped before asking 'who else' ...

Shan: Nav ... that ...

Arnav: Who is it, Mr. Nishan Verma?

Shan: Adi Bhai, Puja...

But all they could hear was beeps as the call was cut ruthlessly by a furious Arnav Singh Raizada.

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Hey guys,

I know you guys are confused with Khushi but I am not sorry for that because I did that deliberately. Why? ... because most of the times we Arshians are biased towards Arnav and Khushi. So if I reveal who Khushi is before showing Amy's and Mishty's feelings and bond with Arnav most of you guys will automatically hate the other. But I really want to know what you people think about who deserves Arnav better before I revealing who Khushi is and not to judge them by their names. And I hope you guys will continue telling your views and confusions to me so that I can understand whether I am able to convey what I actually intend to. 

About the other confusion that is the connection or relation between the characters ... I am extremely sorry that I forgot to mention it before that too when I have so many characters contrasting from the original drama. I think this update will clear all the confusion apart from who Khushi is. If not please feel free to ask me because only then you will be able to enjoy the story. 



Akhilesh Singh Raizada

Akhilesh Singh Raizada

Hritika's husband

Alok's father

Juhel, Adarv, and Arnav's Dadu

Father figure to Nandini

Mentor to Yash

Lawyer by profession 

Hritika Akhilesh Raizada

Hritika Akhilesh Raizada

Akhilesh's wife

Alok's mother

Dadi to Juhel, Adarv, and Arnav

Hritika is a house wife 

Janki Alok Raizada & Alok Akhilesh Raizada

Akhilesh and Hritikas son and daughter in law

Akhilesh and Hritika's son and daughter in law

Juehl, Adarv, and Arnav's parents

Friends of Ram and Arti

Alok is the CEO of Hajaj Corp. and Janki runs an NGO

Nitya Adarv Raizada & Adarv Alok Raizada

Akhilesh and Hritikas eldest grandson and granddaughter in law

Akhilesh and Hritika's eldest grandson and granddaughter in law

Alok and Janki's eldest son and daughter in law

Juhel's twin brother and sister in law

Arnav's elder brother and sister in law

Best friends of Puja and Rohan

Both work in Hajaj Corp. 

Sanjay Sharma & Juhel Sanjay Sharma aka Juhi

Akhilesh and Hritikas granddaughter and grandson in law

Akhilesh and Hritika's granddaughter and grandson in law 

Alok and Janki's daughter and son in law 

Adarv's twin sister and brother in law 

Arnav's elder sister and brother in law

Juhi is Mishty's best friend

Both Sanjay and Juhi work in Hajaj Corp. 

Ram Pratap Gupta & Arti Ram Gupta

Ram Pratap Gupta  Arti Ram Gupta

Puja and Mishty's parents  

Lokesh's elder sister and brother in law 

Friends of Alok and Janki

Ram is the MD of Gupta education city and Arti is the principal of Gupta public school 

Rohan Raichand & Puja Raichan

Ram and Artis elder daughter and son in law

Ram and Arti's elder daughter and son in law

Yash and Nandini's younger son and daughter in law

Mishty's elder sister and brother in law

Rahul's younger brother and sister in law

Arul's Chachu and Chachi

Both works in Hajaj Corp.

Yash Raichand & Nandini Raichand

Yash Raichand  Nandini Raichand

Rahul and Rohan's parents

Arul's grand parents 

Yash is the Delhi high court judge and Nandini is a homemaker

Rahul Raichand & Anjali Raichand

Yash and Nandinis elder son and daughter in law

Yash and Nandini's elder son and daughter in law 

Arul's parents 

Rohan's elder brother and sister in law 

Rahul is an IAS officer and Anjali is a dance teacher

Arul Raichand

Rahul and Anjalis son

Rahul and Anjali's son 

Yash and Nandini's grandson 

Rohan's nephew 

Lokesh Sahay

Artis younger brother

Arti's younger brother 

Puja and Mishty's Mamu

Friend and colleague of Chetan 

Teacher by profession 

Chetan Gogi

Vikrams younger brother

Vikram's younger brother

Friend and colleague of Lokesh 

Colleague of Mishty

Teacher by profession 

Vikram Gogi

Chetans elder brother

Chetan's elder brother 

Lawyer by profession 

Nishan Verma aka Shan & Gitika Verma aka Gitu

Nishan Verma aka Shan  Gitika Verma aka Gitu

Arnav and Amy's best friends 

Shan is SP and Gitu is a freelance interior designer

Adam John Lewis & Daisy Adam Lewis

Adam John Lewis  Daisy Adam Lewis

Danny and Amy's parents 

Adam is the Canadian supreme court judge and Arnav's mentor and Daisy is a fashion designer 

Daniel Edward Lewis aka Danny

Daniel Edward Lewis aka Danny

Adam and Daisy's son

Amy's elder brother 

Fashion designer and Model

Aman Lopez

Arnavs personal assistant

Arnav's personal assistant 

Narain Kashyap aka NK

Amys personal assistant

Amy's personal assistant 

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