OS - Love in hospital!

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Dec 21, 2017

OS - Love in hospital! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 197 times)

“Oh come on Di. I’m fine, what’s the need to go to hospital just because of small accident??” Arnav whined, as he was being taken to the room to be attended, by his Di.

“What small accident? You’re bleeding Chote..” Anjali scolded him.

“I’m not dead..” he rolled his eyes.

“Shut up. Don’t even talk these things..” Anjali glared dangerously at him, as she opened the door and gestured him to enter.

Arnav frowned and unwillingly entered in the room, “Is anyone here??” he asked looking around.

“I’m here only!” a girl in her late twenties stood up, and seemed like she was picking something on the floor.

“Oh my God. What happened to you??” she asked as soon as she saw his state, and pulled him to the bed ready to help him.

“You’re a doctor, it’s  supposed for you to know what happened to me..” he replied sarcastically making the girl frown in response.

“I’m just doctor and not God! I can only cure you, not guess what happened to you..” she said.

“It was an accident..” Anjali said as she walked inside with a nervous smile, “I’m really sorry for his behavior, it’s just he hates doctor..”

“Oh, but I’m not doctor.. I’m the nurse..” she said smiling.

“Di you see that? She’s not even the doctor dammit. Where’s that irresponsible doctor then??” Arnav spoke angrily, “And you, be it doctor or nurse, I hate everything related to hospital. Let’s go home Di. I know how to cure myself..”

“The irresponsible doctor is here..” another girl walked in with a charming smile adorning her face.

Arnav blinked his eyes staring at her, she was so beautiful..  Innocent.. sweet.. gorgeous.. he failed to grab the right word to describe her.. maybe she was a mixture of everything good!

He was so lost in her, that he didn’t realize when she reached to him.

“I’m so sorry doctor.. “ Anjali said with an embarrassed smile to the woman standing in front of her.

“It’s okay!! I’m already used to those kids who hate me for being the lady with injection in hand..” the woman laughed.

“Excuse me.. did you just call me a kid?” Arnav came back on earth, only to see that this sweet innocent piece he thought actually had guts to insult ASR like this.

“No.. I just compared you with a kid!” the girl replied smiling.

Anjali and the nurse giggled, while Arnav frowned: You’re late than your patient. That shows what kind of worst doctor you’re.. that you don’t even care for your patients.. don’t you know they should be in your priority list??.. Now it’s me who don’t want to be treated by you..Let’s go home Di..

He stood up from the bed and pulled his Di to go away from this hell called Hospital.

“That’s exactly what those kids do. Find excuses to not face me..” the girl said staring at him going.

Anjali giggled more, while Arnav looked away, he knew she caught him!! She’s the first person who knows how to read him, otherwise he’s not the so called “Open books” type of person, he knows very well how to hide his emotions.

“I’m not finding any excuse okay..” he turned to her.

“Then sit here and face me. Show me you’re not scared of doctors..” the girl challenged him.

“Fine..” he sighed hard and went back to sit again.

“Di and Miss Nurse leave..” he glared at both, who seemed to be curious on how the doctor would treat him.

The two left the room giggling more at him, and closed the door.

“You got hurt badly.. please lay..” she said seeing his forehead bleeding, and his right arm also.

“I had an accident.. so..” he said with his attention only on what was she taking out of her box. He just hopped that whatever she took from there, doesn’t hurt him. He gulped staring at her.

She took her latex gloves and wore them instantly, making Arnav breath in and out.

“Don’t drink and drive. Don’t you hear that? Why are you youngster’s hell bent on destroying your lives??” she said.

“You’re talking as if you’re an old woman..” Arnav rolled his eyes, “And I didn’t drink, I’m conscious can’t you see that??”

“Hmm.. then do wear seat belt while driving..” she said.

“I did wear! Are you trying to guess how did I got an accident?” he asked seeing her analyzing him.

“Hmm..” she nodded smiling.

“Then you’re very bad at the guessing game!! It’s making me wonder how you became a doctor!?” he passed a sarcastic comment.

This irked her, “Mr. whoever you’re! I know very well that you weren’t drunk and you used seat belt during the accident. One point you’re conscious and second is that you’re not hurt deeply, it’s not something serious and I figured out that you used the seat belt cause of that. I’m actually trying to make you feel comfortable okay?”

Arnav stayed silent for a while, he looked away embarrassed once again!

“If it’s not serious then I can go home..” he said.

“If you are here, then what’s the harm in being treated here?” she looked at him in disbelief.

“I hate this place and hate you!” he said glaring at her.

“Why me??” she was shocked.

“I mean I hate doctors!!!!!” he almost shouted.

“I’m not a murderer, for God’s sake!!” she shouted at him.

“Let’s do one thing! I will pay you a good amount and you leave me.. just say to my sister that I’m fine and I can cure myself at home!” he said.

“No!” she nodded sideways.

“You still don’t know me. If you don’t hear my words. I will make sure you say bye bye to your professions. You will not get work in any hospital and I will make sure of that..” he smirked evilly.

“Don’t provoke me! And don’t make fun of my profession. If I can cure you, then I can send you to DM also. And mind you, I can say that I needed to operate you as your case was serious and I couldn’t save you in the operation! I will be saved, while you.. You’re dealing with Khushi Kumari Gupta, don’t think of me as a girl who will bow to you, just because you’re ASR!” she smirked.

“What the.. are you threatening me?!” he got up.

Khushi made him lay again, “Yeah I am. You also did.. so shut up and let me treat you..” she said glaring at him, gone was that beautiful smile and innocent eyes from her face. This one was a devil and hey! He was getting scared.. perhaps he just judged a book by it’s cover..

“Then do it fast..” he whined like a kid again.

Khushi shook her head, she took the gauze on placed it on his forehead, then pressed firmly on the wound with the help of it.

Arnav shut his eyes tightly, he clutched her white coat: Dammit.. don’t hurt me..

Khushi melt seeing his expression like a kid, she was making sure not to hurt him. Still he was behaving like she was hurting him a lot.

“Shh calm down. I’m not even hurting you!!” she whispered.

Arnav opened his eyes slowly, he was breathing hard and sweating.

“Am I hurting you? Why are you so scared?” she asked worried, still pressing his wound to stop it from bleeding.

He nodded sideways when he realized it wasn’t hurting.   

“Have patience..  you’ll have to wait at least 15 minutes.. if it stop bleeding, then I will bandage you ok?” she said softly and smiled warmly to him.

“What?? 15 minutes?? I can earn money in 15 minutes, and you ask me to lay here staring at your face..” Arnav freaked out.

Khushi rolled his eyes, how much she was loving to see his kid’s scared face. He was so loveable then..

“What’s your name?? And if you know me, why did you pretend that you don’t know me??” he asked.

“You heard my name! And I didn’t pretend.. you didn’t introduce yourself to me, so what’s my fault? Here you’re just my patient..” she said.

“Arnav Singh Raizada..” he said rolling his eyes.

“Khushi Kumari Gupta..” she giggled staring at his face.

“So how did you got an accident?” she asked.

“I was driving my way back home, in hurry I didn’t pay attention to a car coming on my way. We both crashed and my Di got to know about this, she forced me to get here. Otherwise I know how to treat myself..” he said.

“She did good!” Khushi said.

“You said it was nothing serious..” he glared at her.

“But I didn’t say that I wouldn’t treat you..” she smirked, “And the great ASR.. the fashion industry king is scared of doctors? Why?” she asked.

“Why should I tell you?” he asked with a stern face.

“Don’t tell if you don’t want. Stay bored for 15 minutes..” she said cutely.

“woh..” he looked at her.


“Dadi.. Dadi..” Anjali went running to her Dadi, who was in the kitchen scolding the maids. Anjali and Arnav came to spend holidays in her house that was in Shimla.

“What happened dear??” Dadi smiled approaching her.

“Chote is sick Dadi. He has high fever, please let’s take him to hospital..” Anjali said with tears brimming from her eyes.

“He’ll be fine..” Dadi said making an angry face. If he’s sick, let him be! She thought, she hates Arnav for being her son, second child with his second wife. She forced her son to marry a rich woman, first and they had Anjali, her son didn’t love his first wife still fulfilled his duty as a husband on her request. But then after his first wife died, he married another woman with whom he fell in love deeply and they had Arnav. She felt that this second wife of his, separated him from her, hence she hated her son, Arnav also.

“Dadi please take him to hospital..” Anjali cried loud.

“My gudiya don’t cry. Fine, I’ll take him..” Dadi said and unwillingly took Arnav to hospital.

There, he was crying that he didn’t want to take injection as every kid does. But Dadi cared less, “Beat him up if he doesn’t listen to you..”

The doctor nodded, and took Arnav forcefully to the bed, and when Arnav tried to run. She caught him and started beating him for misbehaving.

Dadi watched all this with a satisfied smile.

The doctor give injection to him not even caring that it was hurting him, he was sick, crying and had to bear that pain also..

Flashback ends..

“That’s why I never went to hospital and I hate such places..” he looked away, with moist eyes. What hurt him the most, was his Dadi didn’t stop that woman for treating him badly.

Khushi gulped, she was in tears now.

Those minutes left passed by in silence now..

She peeked to see, and the blood had soaked by now. She cleaned the wound area a little, and applied another gauze around his forehead.

“It’s fine now..” she said and hesitating, still she kissed his forehead warmly, “Not all doctors are bad.. forget that incident..”

Arnav looked at her astonished.

“Now let’s have a look at your arm..” she said avoiding gaze at him, perhaps he doesn’t know but as every girl, she also has a crush on him!! And now her feelings just increased by spending this time with him..

Arnav sat on the bed, he pecked her cheek smiling: I don’t know about others, but you’re NOT bad!

Khushi widened her eyes and stood numb, not knowing how to react at all.

Arnav chuckled seeing her shocked face.

“Look after my arm..” he raised his arm to her.


Arnav walked out of the room, and Anjali rushed to him: What happened Chote? Are you ok?

“Yes Di I’m fine!!” he said walking with her.

“I want to marry this doctor Di..” he said shocking his sister.

“But you hate doctors Chote!!” she said reminding him.

“But I love this Doctor Di..” he said with a charming smile.

“Love at first sight?” she asked.

“Let’s say love in 15 minutes..” he chuckled, he himself doesn’t believe that he fell in love with a doctor, but after seeing her, his heart warned, she’s the one!

A servant passed by, and Arnav took a glass from his tray, he broke it in pieces and pricked himself on his hand.

“Choteeee.. what are you doing?” Anjali panicked.

“Meet you at home Di!” he smirked and walked back to his favorite room of the favorite hospital, of his favorite doctor.. soon to be only his!

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