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Dec 23, 2017

Soulless... Part 21 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 15 times)

“What? She moved out? How did that happen? Keep an eye on her and note all the details that might be helpful and anyway where is she now and what is she doing?” Arnav asked as he talked to someone over the call.

“I’ll get Khushi sign the papers as soon as I can then move to my next target, keep a watch on all her activities Rosie, I want each and every detail about her.”

“Just let me figure out what to do, I’ll give you a call in a hour and tell you what you have to do and make sure it’s done”

“Great, I’ll see you then.”

He disconnected the call and sat down feeling relaxed, though he had to change his plan a bit, he knew this new change was going to be much easier because now he could get hold of her all alone just like he got hold of Khushi.

He sat there wondering how he was going to convince Khushi to sign the papers for him, it was for sure if she could trust him enough to sleep with him, then she could trust him enough and sign the papers without reading.

He no more wanted to waste his time, his other prey had brought itself to him and he dint want to let go the chance.

“What are you thinking?” Khushi asked

“I was wondering about our marriage, what did you think of it? I mean we are one now”

“I think although it was while I had been drunk, it’s what I wanted, so we’ll go on with it” Khushi smiled

“Really? Thank you so much Khushi” Arnav said happily

This was what he wanted, now he knew how to get the papers signed, it wasn’t going to be a hard task, once she signed the papers, she would never see his face again because then he would move to trap his next target.

“I’ll shower and then we’ll leave for office together okay?” Khushi said as she stood up.

Arnav nodded as she walked away and he was left behind smirking, he dint know his plan was going to be this easy, trapping Khushi dint need much, he hoped his charms worked on his next target as well.

“Miss. Geet Gupta, get ready to welcome me in your life” He smirked once again with an evil smile on his face.

Just then his phone rang again, it was Rosie, he was sure she had done whatever the work he’d given her to do.

“Yes Rosie, tell me”

“I’ve got an apartment for you opposite to her’s the game is on, I hope that would help really much”

“More than you think” Arnav said


Geet walked inside the huge apartment the company had given to her, it was quite bigger compared to the house she lived in with her step mother and sister.

It had beautiful interiors, the kitchen was as big as her old house, there was a huge window in the hall that showed clear view of the town, and the furniture was just as beautiful as the house.

“How do you find it ma’am?” one of the company’s employee who had come to show her the apartment asked.

“It looks like a dream for me, it’s very beautiful” Geet said

“Well I’ll leave you to explore it on your own then, see you at work from tomorrow onwards” he smiled and walked away.

Geet took a sigh as she walked towards the bedroom and opened the door, it was huge, she could fit twenty people in there.

“Wow” she said as she walked towards the huge bed.

She put her suitcase aside and sat on it, it was the softest bed she’d ever seen, everything about this apartment seemed so perfect.

She stood up on the bed and started jumping on the mattress as she laughed happily, it was after long she felt this happy and got things she’d desired for so long.

She wondered if this was just the beginning what was going to happen if she worked for an year in this company, she was surely going to live a beautiful life away from her cruel step mother and sister.

She stood up and opened the cupboard to arrange her clothes, it was a big one too, she’d not even use half the space with all her belongings.

She was really happy, it seemed like all her dreams were coming true and she wanted to share her happiness with anyone she couldn’t but she dint have anyone.

Her best friends were far away from her, she dint have Khushi’s contact number as she had changed it and she and Nia had made an agreement not to stay in touch until either of them found Khushi.

She sat on the bed sadly, only if she’d had someone to talk to and share her happiness with.


Arnav walked to Khushi’s cabin and sat on the chair in front of her.

“I need something from you Khushi” he said

“Tell me Arnav, I’ll give you anything you want” She smiled

“We got married but it isn’t legal, so I want you to sign some papers for me so that even legally we’ll be married and then there are other papers here that I want you to sign to stating that if anything happened to me anytime, all my property will be yours”

“But Arnav, I don’t need your property, you can give it to your dad or your sister Rosie or anyone else, why me?”

“Because you’re my wife and you deserve it, anyway I’m getting late, we can argue about this later, as for now please sign this papers, I have a meeting with the lawyer, it’s urgent so hurry up”

“Fine, I’ll sign them” Khushi said

Arnav handed her all the documents, Khushi had just started reading the first page when Arnav started talking.

“Don’t you trust me Khushi? You can read them later, I’m getting late please sign them so I can get done with this for once and for all”

“Fine Arnav, relax, I’m signing them” Khushi said as she picked up a pen and started signing everywhere Arnav told her to.

“Thank you” Arnav smiled at her after she was done signing all the papers.

“You’re welcome Mr. Raizada” Khushi smiled

He walked towards her and pulled her into a tight hug and then kissed her on the forehead.

“You’re hugging me as if you’re never going to see me again” Khushi giggled

“Well who has seen the future” Arnav winked at her as he walked away leaving Khushi all confused.

He knew this was the end of him and Khushi, it was indeed the last time he was seeing her, and now he had to move out of here and go live next to Geet.

Another game was about to begin, a game of love and revenge.

“This is going to be so much fun” he said to himself as he got inside the car and drove away never to return.

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Jan 3, 2018

Soulless... Part 22 (By Taanihalai)

It was late in the evening when Geet arrived at her apartment from work, she was tired as hell, it was just the first day and she already had so much to do to keep her busy, she was glad it was going to help her in having least thoughts about what had happened in the past.

She stood at the door of her apartment fumbling with her keys to find the right one to open the door when the door of the opposite apartment opened.

A young handsome man stood there with his hand in his pocket and a wide smile on his face which made it hard for her to look away from his face, he was by far the most handsome man she’d ever met.

He stared at her for a while as she stared back not knowing what to do or what to say or should she even talk to him.

“Hi there”

“Hi” Geet said trying to hide away her blush, why the hell was she even blushing at the first place? Maybe because of the way he was staring at her.

“I just shifted here so I thought I’d get to know my neighbors, I dint know I’d have such a pretty neighbor” He smiled

“Thank you for the compliment, you look great too” Geet blushed as she avoided looking him into the eyes.

“Arnav Singh Raizada” He said holding out his hand.

“I’m Geet, Geet Gupta” She blushed as she shook her hand with his.

“So how long have you been here?”

“Oh I just came yesterday too, dint know I was going to get a neighbor soon, but it’s good, I’ll not feel lonely on the floor” she giggled.

“How nice, so we both are new here, quite a coincidence”


“Anyway I’ll see you around, it was nice meeting you”

“Same here” She smiled as Arnav headed back inside his apartment as she stood there trying to catch her breath, this man was so good looking he already took her breath away.

 “Step one completed. God how stupid is it trying to behave all good and sweet, I just hope this doesn’t take as much time as it took with Khushi” Arnav sighed.

He sat on the couch his mind wandering back, he dint know why he couldn’t stop thinking about Khushi and somewhere feeling guilty about whatever he did to her.

“Don’t forget your mission Arnav, if anyone comes your way you promised to get rid of them and if Khushi does too, you’ll have to get rid of her, even if it meant killing her” he told himself.

“But how could I kill her? She was not at all at any fault” a small voice inside his head told him.

“But if she comes in between your mission you know what you have to do, don’t forget that you are a beast and you can’t fall in love so stay away from it” he told himself as he stood up and walked into his room.


Khushi sat silently in her house staring at the ceiling, she hadn’t seen Arnav since yesterday, he just got some papers signed from her and disappeared all over a sudden.

They had decided they were going to stay together and he was to come and take her from here to his own house but why dint he come until now?

She had tried calling him but every time his phone was unreachable. She sat worriedly wondering what might have happened, was he ignoring her or something?

But if he had to ignore her he would just ignore her calls, he wouldn’t switch of his phone.

What if his life was in danger then? Maybe someone tried to hurt him or something… he even mentioned to her that he wanted his property to be hers, could it be that someone had an eye on his property and when they got the news they couldn’t handle it and decided to harm Arnav?

She stood up feeling scared, she couldn’t even think of him being hurt, it scared her so much making her realize how much she was in love with him.

No matter how strange he was, and even though he dint behave like human beings at times, she was madly and deeply in love with him.

She picked up her phone and dialed his number again but it was yet unreachable. She looked at the watch, it was past midnight now.

She wanted to go and visit the Raizada’s and ask them if they knew where Arnav was but it was late, they must be asleep, maybe she had to wait until next morning to ask Mr. Raizada about it at the office.

That was the best idea, she should relax, maybe it wasn’t something to worry much about and he would call her very soon and tell her why he had disappeared so suddenly.


Nia was sited in the hall doing something in her computer when her mother walked in and sat next to her.

“What’s the matter, you seem so happy?” Nia asked

“Why can’t I be happy just without a reason?” Gayatri asked

“Why do you sound so rude mom?”

“And why are you acting like my mother Nia? I am your mother, I’ve given you enough freedom I don’t even ask you where you’re going when you go out but I realize nowadays you are interested in knowing about everything that’s been happening in my life”

“I just asked the reason for you happiness that’s it, where did all this come from all over a sudden?”

“It’s not all over a sudden, since your engagement with Adarsh, I don’t know what had been going on in your mind”

“Forget it, I don’t want to argue with you” Nia said as she picked up her laptop and walked to her room angrily.

A few moments later, Adarsh knocks at the door of her room and then walked in.

“Why does my fiancé seem to be in an angry mood?” he asked sweetly

“I had an argument with mom, anyway let it be, tell me what brings you here?”

“I was missing you so thought I’d pay you a visit, don’t you ever miss me Nia? Since we’ve go engaged, you’ve never come to see me at my place, I’m the one always coming here…

You don’t even call me or text me, at times it makes me feel like you got engaged to me just for the sake”

“I’ve had enough arguments today Adarsh I don’t need another one… you fell in love with me at the first sight that doesn’t mean it will be the same with me, I want to love you, and it’s not that I’m not trying but it takes time before you fall in love with someone… I just need time that’s it”

“Okay fine, relax…” Adarsh said as she continued to work on her laptop.

“What are you doing by the way?”

“Trying to find out about all the nearby towns, I have to start finding Khushi, I’ve wasted a lot of time anyway, only if I’d know where she was it would have been much easier”

“What happened with her?” Adarsh asked

Nia put her laptop aside as he turned to look at Adarsh and told him about everything that had happened.

Jan 3, 2018

Soulless... Part 23 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 3 times)

She walked from one side to the other feeling restless and worried, her mind was running crazy, it was getting on her nerves, she was scared, worried and what not. Just a while back she remembered walking in to the office and asking Mr. Raizada about Arnav and he told her he had no idea about his where about neither any of the family members knew.

Where might he have gone to? Why dint he inform her? What was he up to? So many questions ran in her mind having answers to none of them.

She trembled feeling cold in this hot summer, her heart was scared, so was her mind, terrible thoughts ran through her mind, what if something had happened to him? maybe an accident or maybe he got kidnapped, but his family wasn’t worried for him at all, Mr. Raizada seemed all good and casual, wasn’t he worried about his son missing? Or was it usual for Arnav to disappear so suddenly that now they’d got used to it?

What was she supposed to do now? Where would she go to look for him? What would he be doing?

If he had gone somewhere by his own at least he could have informed her so that she wouldn’t be worried about him, but since last morning, she hadn’t even received a call from him or even a text to inform her he was busy or something.

She just hoped everything was okay and the terrible thoughts that were crossing her mind were all going to be false, maybe he would turn up soon and have a surprise for her that’s why he dint call her…

But she was restless, she couldn’t conclude just one thing and believe it was that way, she had to talk to him at least.

She pulled her phone from her pocket and tried dialing his number but it was unreachable, her heart was sinking now, she couldn’t understand a thing to do.

She sat on her chair and closed her eyes trying to figure out what to do, she had to find Arnav, they had a lot to solve, they were married and he had to inform his parents about him, but now he had suddenly disappeared, what the hell was going on?

She remembered he told her he was going to see the lawyer but she dint even know which lawyer or at least she could have somewhere to begin with, what if his life was really in danger?

She was lost in thoughts when a peon knocked at the door of her cabin and walked in, he handed her an envelope and walked out.

Khushi opened the envelope and found a copy of her property papers, she went through the papers which reach that she was transferring all her property on Arnav’s name and it had her signatures too.

How was this possible? She dint remember signing any such papers, and why would anyone send her this papers?

She threw the papers aside and reached out for the envelope and what left her shocked was the name of the sender on the envelope.

Arnav Singh Raizada!


It had been a good day at work, everything seemed to be going well in her life since she’d shifted here, firstly getting this amazing job and then when she thought she had no friends, she met her neighbor who was quite hot and sweet.

She fumbled with her keys once again standing at the door of her apartments thinking about Arnav, she hadn’t met him or seen him since last night but she had kept on thinking about him the whole day, there was surely something about this guy, the way he made her feel, it was different, she had never felt so before.

“Hello neighbor” she heard his voice and her heart skipped a beat.

There was something beautiful about his voice, the way it made her heart skip a beat, it was like a soothing soft music she’d been waiting to hear, that went down to her soul and made her feel at peace.

“Hey Arnav” She smiled as she turned around pretending yet she was finding the right key while all she had been doing was waiting and hoping her would turn up like yesterday.

“How about we discuss how your day was over a cup of coffee?” he asked

“Coffee right now?” Geet asked as she looked at her watch.

“Well I can offer you dinner too, I’m a good cook, I’m sure you’ll be left licking your fingers once you eat food cooked by me, now I don’t want to self-praise myself, how about you taste it and then praise me? Good idea right?”

Geet looked around wondering what to do, yes he was good looking and for some reasons he made her feel different but then he was a stranger to her and she couldn’t just go to his apartment and have dinner with him, she dint even know him well.

“I know you don’t know me well, but you can try me, I promise I’m not going to rape you or kidnap you and I’m sure you know some kung fu karate so I better not even try” He said holding up his arms like he was defeated already.

“Fine, I’ll have dinner with you” Geet giggled as she followed him inside the Apartment wondering how he’d read what was going on in her mind.

The apartment was completely as same as hers just that it was decorated differently, it looked more manly type of an apartment, like the color of the curtains were different and there was a lot of mess around.

“Don’t mind, I just shifted so I’ll need time to get all this arranged, I haven’t had time at all and then I also had works to do so I dint manage to do this today”

“Maybe I can help you, tomorrow’s weekend so I’m not going to work, I can help you clean up” Geet said

“Really? I’ll be very happy to have your company while doing this, it’s the work I hate most” He said

“I just thought of it seeing the mess” Geet said

“Anyway, I’ll arrange the dinner on the table and then we’ll eat together”

“You had cooked already? I see, you had plans to ask me for dinner right? But how did you know I was going to agree?”

“Because I am a gentleman” Arnav winked at her leaving Geet blushing as he walked to the kitchen.


Nia had spent the entire night working out locations where Khushi could possibly be, Adarsh was to leave for his work soon and maybe then she’d start visiting all this places trying to find out anything she could about Khushi.

In the morning she just decided to head out and go to some coffee shop all alone, she was tired of staying in the house all while, she dint even have a job, not that she dint want a job she just wanted to find Khushi before she started so it dint interfere.

Gayatri was all alone in the house, and she did what she always when Nia wasn’t around.

The doorbell rang as she quickly rushed to open the door, and there in front of her stood the man she loved the most after her husband.

“Come in quick before anyone see you” She said as she pulled him inside.

“Gayatri you know I don’t like this, I mean when I’m ready to make you mine, to even get married to you, why do we have to keep meeting like this, I’m getting tired of it now”

“Vishnu, I told you to be patient, it’s only until Nia gets married come on, you know how hard it is for me to tell her this, I don’t even know if she will ever accept anyone else in her father’s place, I just want her to get married first then I can tell her about this”

“What difference would it make?”

“Adarsh would be there to make her understand things if she doesn’t, and if she gets angry at least she’ll not have to leave my house because she’ll already be staying with Adarsh.”

“Okay fine, as you wish… anyway I missed you, it’s been long since we met right?”

“I know, I’ve missed you too… let’s get to the bedroom” she smiled as she held his hand and pulled him to her bedroom

Jan 3, 2018

Soulless... Part 24 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 15 times)

Khushi kept herself locked in her house for almost a week, she dint get out or even go to work, as much as it was shocking it was extremely difficult for her to handle the truth.

The papers she had received that day at the office clearly stated that Arnav had them signed from her without her knowing about it, all he ever wanted was her property, all this while he’d been behaving good and like a friend to her wasn’t really quite friendship but a plan.

Maybe he never loved her, maybe he pretended to be in love with her and got married to her for the sake of the property and now that he’d got what he wanted, he just disappeared without informing her.

It had been a week and she hadn’t heard from her at all, he dint call neither any of his family members called to inform her if he’d returned.

She was sited in her bedroom hugging her pillow in her arms as tears kept on rolling down her swollen eyes, her face had gone completely pale, she hadn’t eaten well for the past week, all she did was to sit on her bed and cry her heart out…

This time she knew it wasn’t anyone else’s fault but her own, she should never have trusted Arnav after what Geet and Nia did to her…

How could she forget that people in this world don’t get close to you for love or friendship, there is no value of feelings, all they want is you to pay their bills or get your money, Nia and Geet did what Arnav had done to her, they broke her trust.

She punched the bed angrily, it was all her damn fault. She knew it, she knew everyone would betray her then why the hell did she trust Arnav?

He was different in fact, he was weird, he ran at an impossible speed, he had a lot of strength, his body was always cold, even the animals were all scared of him like that lion he had scared away that day, and she never even saw him eating or drinking something, how could she have trusted such a weird man? How could she have thought that he was good and no matter what, he wasn’t going to break her heart? How could she have been so dumb?

She pulled her phone out and dialed his number yet hoping she would reach him and maybe all this that had happened in the past week would cease to exist, or maybe it would just be a dream and she’d finally wake up.

All her hopes were shattered once again as the computerized voice informed her that the person she was trying to call was out of reach.

He had indeed gone so far away from him, he just married her, had **** with her and got lost with all her property, what was she supposed to do now?

She hugged her pillow tighter as the tears dint seem to be stopping, terrible thoughts kept on crossing her mind every now and then breaking her heart more and more.


It had like become a routine for Geet to normally spend her evening with Arnav in his house after she came back from work, he would always invite her to his place as they both sat together and made stories and discussed life.

Their new friendship was blossoming so well that it made Geet feel alive once again, after all that had happened in the past, her life had become so terrible but now after meeting Arnav, things had changed, they were different.

“Thank you for teaching me how to smile again” Geet said as she looked at Arnav.

“Pleasure is always mine beautiful lady” Arnav said as he got hold of her hand and kissed it.

Geet blushed a bit as she turned her head towards the screen pretending she was watching the movie but all this while all she had been doing was to steal glances at Arnav.

“Have you ever been in love Geet?” Arnav asked drawing her attention completely.

Geet looked at him in surprise as her expressions slowly faded away.

“Love? I don’t understand what love is” She said

“Love is when someone makes you feel alive, they make you smile, even the slightest thought about them brightens up your days, love is when they care about everything small related to you, when they care about you more than anything else”

As Arnav continued explaining the meaning of love to her, she keep drowning deep into the memories of her past, the memories she shared with Maan.

She stood up suddenly shocked, why was she thinking about Maan? What was wrong with her? She looked at Arnav and tried to divert her mind, she was here sited with such a humble and good guy and in between all this she was thinking about Maan. Why?

She remembered all the small moments they spent together even though it weren’t worth to remember she had never forgotten about them, about him coming to pick her up or them stopping at a coffee shop and having a cup of coffee together, they were the little things he did but they did a lot to her without her even realizing it.

A smile had formed up on her face as she went through the memories, they were the most beautiful memories she’d had but then they also came along with the worst memories.

How could she forget about what he had done?

How could she forget about him and Sakshi sleeping together?

Even though this was none of her concern, she dint know why it hurt her so much…

It was his life and he had the right to do what he wanted, he had the right to go on sleeping with Sakshi or any other girl, and she dint have to worry about him because as for her, he was only her boss and nothing else.

But then it still did hurt, it felt like she had got betrayed and she dint know why.

“Geet!” Arnav said as he shook her slightly.

“Where are you lost? I’ve been talking to myself all this while”

“Nothing Arnav… just some painful past memories… anyway forget about that, tell me how come you know so much about love? Have you ever been in love with someone?” Geet asked as she forced a smile on her face and turned to look at him pretending to be excited.

A sudden image of Khushi crossed his mind and he punched the glass table next to him angrily it broke into pieces.

Geet looked at him completely terrified, she had just asked him a simple question, then what was it that made him react this way?

She moved a few steps further away from him feeling scared, this was the first time she was seeing him angry and it was terrible.

“I have never been in love, I don’t think anything like love exists, and even if it does, it only weakens you and I want to be strong so there is no space of anything that weakens me in my life”

“Oh okay” Geet said as she tried to get a closer look at him but he turned away suddenly.

“Can you leave me alone please? We’ll finish the movie tomorrow” Arnav said

“Are you okay Arnav?” Geet asked

He clenched his fist tightly as he tried to calm himself down reminding he was here to make Geet fall for him and he would have to pretend good in front of her.

“I’m fine please just leave me alone, I don’t mean to be rude, I just need some time to myself” Arnav said.

Geet nodded as she walked away hesitantly with a lot of thoughts running in her mind, when he heard the door shut, he turned towards the wall and punched it angrily.

“Khushi Gupta, you have to die!” He said as his eyes burned red with anger.

Jan 4, 2018

Soulless... Part 25 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 3 times)

“No Arnav! You know that wasn’t out motive, you can’t kill her, she’s not at fault, we’ve already punished her much and now you want to take away her life?” Rosy asked

“Then what do you want me to do rosy? That girl is affecting me even when she’d not around me, I can’t take this anymore”

“Exactly my point Arnav, she’d affecting you even when she isn’t around so it means even if you kill her she’s still going to affect you, we have to look for another way out, you had promised yourself you wouldn’t let anything of such sort happen, you have to control yourself Arnav, don’t forget who she is and remember you can’t fall for her, that would never happen, it’s impossible.”

“I’ve tried all I can, and anyway how is this possible, I hated her always then why am I feeling like this right now?”

“Arnav listen to me, you need to concentrate on your mission, just like Khushi you need to get the papers signed by Geet and then we’ll be done, our mission will be complete, it’s just a few days, once Geet falls in love with you and trusts you enough, she’ll sign the papers and then we’ll disappear from here”

“Yes, I have to concentrate on the mission and anyway I don’t think it would take much time because Geet is already interested in me” Arnav said


Geet was sited in her room when her phone rang, she looked at the screen and was surprised to see Sakshi’s name flashing on it.

“Why is she calling me now? What more does she need from me?” Geet asked herself as she battled with her thoughts whether to receive the call or not.

She finally swiped it right and received the call.


“Oh hi, dear sister, for a while I thought you must have changed your number, I’m glad you dint or else I’d have felt terrible for not being able to talk to you”

“Come to the point Sakshi, why did you call me, what do you need from me now” Geet asked angrily.

“Oh, I don’t need anything from you, I just called you to inform you that Maan and I are getting married soon, doesn’t it sound Amazing? Now he’s going to be mine forever… I snatched him from you, now you know what I can do” Sakshi boasted

“And you think that makes a difference to me? I don’t care who you get married to Sakshi so save the **** for yourself, I just pity Maan that he has to spend his life with you”

“Oh well, he had no other choice, after all I’m pregnant with his child”

“What? You’re kidding aren’t you?”

“I wish I was, anyway I just called to invite you for the wedding, and obviously it isn’t going to be fun without you” Sakshi laughed out loud.

“You know what, just go to hell” Geet said as she threw the phone away angrily.


Khushi had been broken completely, there wasn’t a thing she could understand, she kept herself locked in the house for a while and when she walked out, everything had changed leaving her all confused, like when she reached at the office in the morning thinking she’d talk to Mr. Raizada and ask him about Arnav or at least inform him about what had happened between the both, she found out that it was all shut down and she was informed by the Guard the Raizada’s had shifted somewhere else.

She visited Arnav’s house and it was locked too and when she tried calling Mr. Raizada and rosy, both their phones were switched off, which kind of meant that this wasn’t Arnav’s plan only, his whole family was involved in trapping her.

She couldn’t understand what was happening, how could they all just disappear in just a few days like that? Where did they go to? How could they shut down such a huge business and move out? It dint make any sense at all.

She walked away and decided to give herself some fresh air out of the house so she sat at a café looking outside as everyone rushed up and down managing their busy lives, she sipped her coffee yet trying to figure things out…

Everything had changed, she felt like there wasn’t a person she could trust because the ones she trusted ended up betraying her.

Where was she supposed to find Arnav or to look for his family? No one in the whole town had an idea about their whereabouts, they were just like some ghosts who were there for a while and then disappeared suddenly...

All she found out about them was that they shifted here an year ago set up this business and it grew so well in just a matter of an year and now they had disappeared, it sounded just as weird as Arnav had been all this while.

What was more confusing was that they had a lot of money and such a big business in front of which, her share of property was like a penny, then why would Arnav do that to her? Was it just because of her property or there was another reason behind it?

There was something more behind this and she had to find out, she had to stand up strong like she need when her own best friends betrayed her, she moved away from them and now that Arnav had done the same to her, she wasn’t going to let him go off so easily.

She had to do all she could to find him and find out why he did this, and for that she would go to any extent.

She was now on a mission to find out the truth and she was going to make sure she found out.


“It was such an awesome day” Nia said to Adarsh as they both walked inside the house.

She stopped and stared at the moment when she opened the door, in front of her she could see her mother sited with a man she had never met or even seen before, who was he anyway and what was he doing here?

Nia got hold of Adarsh’s hand as she pulled him inside with her while her mother looked at her in surprise.

“Who is he mom?” Nia asked

“Umm… he’s Vishnu” Her mother replied nervously.

“Mom, I dint ask for his name, I mean what is he doing in here? And how does he related to you or any of us?”

“He used to be your dad’s friend, he just came to pay us a visit, you weren’t around so I told him to stay back until you come back that’s it”

Nia looked at her mother suspiciously who tried to keep normal expressions on her face but she couldn’t, Nia had noticed that she was nervous and was trying to hide something, how did her father’s friend arrive here just randomly to visit them when he hadn’t done that for all this years?

There was something very fishy, and the way her mother had been acting lately and then now she found this man here, it was very fishy.

Jan 4, 2018

Soulless... Part 26 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 4 times)

Days passed by as Khushi walked all around the town meeting new people and getting to know them and trying to get any information she could about the Raizada’s.

She was determined to find them and get answers to her questions, she was determined to find Arnav and ask him why he did this to her, this time she wasn’t going to sit down and cry because she was betrayed by someone she loved, like she did when Geet and Nia did that to her, this time she wanted to be strong and fight back.

She visited so many people, did everything she could but the only information she managed to get about the Raizada’s was what everyone else had, it was like they were a complete mystery, people only knew their present, no one had an idea who they were before they came here or where they loved or what they did.

They just came and started their business here and now they had disappeared all over a sudden, as shocking as it was, it surely was weird.

She had always felt they were some different kind of people, mostly Arnav who always did strange things that was like impossible for normal human beings to do.

She kept on wondering what to do and how to find information about them because clearly there was no one in the whole town who knew them well, for everyone they were just some rich people.

The only thing she had to start with was the strangeness they held, the different kind of feeling she had when she was around Mr. Raizada or Rosy or even Arnav.

There was something different about them, something that wasn’t like everyone she met, they were strange, not something you’d call normal even though they all tried to be like everyone else, mostly it was about Arnav.

She spent her time with him, and as much as he was good and all sweet with her she couldn’t forget about how it all began, him chasing away a lion and then getting scared when he was around her house which she actually bought from him and had belonged to him.

As much as everything was strange, she loved him and maybe that’s why somewhere she ignored all this and accepted to be with him.

She dint know how to begin but she wanted to, yes there was this strangeness but how was she supposed to find out about it? They were the only ones who knew about it anyway, only if there was something that could give her a lead then maybe things would get easier but then she still wasn’t going to give up, she had to figure a way out.


Geet had just freshened up after coming from work when her doorbell rang, she quickly got dressed and rushed to open the door.

“Arnav! It’s you, I was wondering who it could be, as I don’t know many people here, in fact only my workmates” Geet said

“You look fresh, and beautiful ofcourse, anyway I was bored so I thought I’d go watch a movie but then I dint want to go alone and just like you I don’t know anyone else here, so I thought I’d ask you… would you like to join me?”

“Movie? Yeah sure, just give me like ten minute’s I’ll get ready then we can go”

“Sure” Arnav said as they both walked inside the apartment.

Arnav settled himself down on the sofa while Geet ran to her bedroom to get ready, he stood up and walked around looking at the decorations, Geet had made a few changes according to what she liked.

There were some photo frames on the wall all with picture of her and her friends, there wasn’t even one with her step mother or sister.

Arnav stood there looking at the photos, his eyes were stuck on one phone where Geet and Nia had like hugged Khushi and according to her expressions it seemed like she was trying to free herself or something… it was beautiful.

She looked beautiful and innocent and without realizing, a smile formed up on his face, all the other pictures like just blurred away, even Nia and Geet blurred away, he could only see Khushi, how beautiful and innocent she looked, how innocent her eyes looked and for the first time ever something inside him pained him.

He felt guilty for doing what he had done to her, he felt guilty for wanting to kill her because it never was her fault, if she was affecting him, he should have controlled his feelings but he dint and instead he thought he could kill Khushi, but as he stood here he realized even hurting her felt so painful, he’d never manage to kill her.

“Those are my best friends, she is Khushi and she’s Geet, I love them both more than anything else in the world” Geet said as she joined Arnav and pointed towards the picture telling him who was who, only that she had no idea that Arnav knew them all from before.

“So shall we leave?” He asked as he tried to look away from the photographs, the more he looked at Khushi’s photograph the guiltier he felt.


Since the day Nia had met Vishnu at home and her mother introduced him to her as her father’s friend, a lot of things had changed.

Nia had a lot of doubts in her mind which she dint want to share with anyone, all she kept doing was to look at her mother like she had committed some sort of a crime.

They both were sited in the hall one evening watching news on the television when Nia kept on doing the same thing, she would just look at her mother suspiciously and then turn away from her when she’d look back at her.

“What are you trying to do?” Gayatri asked feeling irritated of her behavior.

“That’s what I want to know mom, what are you trying to do?”

“How many times would I have to tell you to stop acting like my mother because you’re not, I am your mother and if I’d act like this with you, you’d also get irritated”

“Because you aren’t acting like my mother… firstly you were behaving strange and when that stopped I come home and suddenly find a stranger sited her to meet me, where the hell was he all this years? Why dint he come to meet me then? I know there’s something you’re hiding from me and I promise I’ll find it out very soon” Nia said

“When is Adarsh going out of the country?”

Nia stared at her in complete disbelief, she couldn’t believe how her mother just changed the topic like it dint matter at all.

“He’s going next week, he was to go earlier but for some reasons it got a bit postponed, now that you’ve got your answer, let’s get back to our topic”

“There’s no topic Nia, get this in your mind, you are behaving like some obsessed lover and I would understand if you’d behave that way for Adarsh but you’re behaving that way for me and it’s very stupid, if I did the same with you, you wouldn’t have liked it.

I have told you a hundreds time there’s nothing I’m hiding and you don’t want to believe me, I don’t know why Vishnu turned up here suddenly but he did and I wasn’t going to throw him out for sure just because he dint visit us in the past years.

You know what I’m just done with your nonsense, every mother feels sad about her daughter getting married off and leaving her house but now you’re making me feel like praying to God that you get married as soon as possible” Gayatri said as she stood up angrily.

“So you don’t like living with me?” Nia asked sadly.

“No, I don’t because you’re acting like some crazy person who just ran away from a mental asylum, change yourself before this behavior of yours affects yours and Adarsh’s relationship, because if that happens, I’ll not be able to do a thing” She said as she headed to her room.

Jan 4, 2018

Soulless... Part 27 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 12 times)

“I loved the movie, such a sweet simple and beautiful love story” Geet said as they walked out of the theatre.

“I loved it too, you know it was my kind of a movie, I love such sweet simple love stories too” Arnav said

“Wow really? I mean I rarely see guys who love such movies, for you it’s normally action stuff”

“I love all movies, as longs as it keeps me well entertained”

“Ice cream! Let’s go get some ice cream” Geet said as she saw an ice cream parlor opposite the theatre.

She got hold of Arnav’s arm and pulled him to the parlor as she ordered ice cream for herself.

“Which flavor will you have?” She turned to look at Arnav.

“No, I’m fine, it’s too cold to have an ice cream anyway” Arnav said as he pretended to shiver.

“That’s when the ice cream tastes better, you should try it once”

“Next time” Arnav said as he paid for Geet’s ice cream and they both walked out.

He got hold of her hand as they walked towards the parking lot, it was kind of a really slow walk.

“Why are we walking like this? I mean the slow romantic type walk?” Geet giggled

“Who knows if it gets romantic” Arnav smiled when Geet stopped walking suddenly.

She looked at him and this time Arnav couldn’t read her expressions, they were all sort of mixed expressions.

“What did you mean by that?” Geet asked

“I just meant I like you, I mean it’s natural, I saw you the first day and liked you, so I said there would be nothing bad if something like that happens in future, would there be?” Arnav asked

Geet looked away from him as she blinked her eyes severally.

“Arnav I just take you as a friend, I have lots going on in my life and we have just known each other for like a few weeks only, I know you liking me is natural but I don’t know if I’ll ever feel the same for you, I just don’t want to give you any hopes”

“Then that’s fine yeah, I mean they are your feelings and you have to decide but that doesn’t mean I’ll stop trying, I’ll keep trying to impress you and who knows if I get lucky” He giggled

Geet smiled weakly as she turned to look in front, the situation had become so awkward she dint even want to look at him.

“I’ll go pay the parking, you wait here” Arnav said as he walked away from her.

Geet stood there thinking about what Arnav had just told her, yes she did find him attractive as he was a good friend to her but she dint know why she felt like there was something pulling her back, like she dint love anyone else then why couldn’t she consider what Arnav said? Maybe she could spend some more time with him and fall in love with him?

She kept on walking towards the car lost in thoughts when she stepped on a manhole and her leg got trapped in there, she looked around for help when she saw a car heading towards her.

“Stop! I’m trapped!” She screamed but the driver seemed to be drunk and wasn’t paying any attention to her”

“Help!” She screamed out loud as the car got nearer.

The very next moment she saw Arnav near her, he punched the floor next to the hall which broke into pieces as he pulled her aside.

The car passed by as Arnav and Geet stood there staring at each other, Geet was all confused wondering how everything happened.

Arnav wasn’t even around, how come he reached her faster than the car? How did he have enough strength to punch the floor and even break it and pull her away in such a speed?

“What did you just do? It all seemed like some sort of magic?” Geet asked

“I just saved you, come on now let’s get going” Arnav said as he held her hand and pulled her to the car while Geet followed him in complete shock.


Khushi was sited in her room lost in thoughts, she was reminiscing memories of her and Arnav, how everything was so beautiful and then it changed so suddenly.

She switched on her laptop hoping she’d do some research on the internet and maybe if there was any information related to either Arnav or his family on the internet then it would help her a lot.

She typed ‘Arnav’ on the search box and to her surprise, a lot of information about him was available.

Although there were a lot other Arnav’s suggested, she went through the pictures first. There were lots of pictures of him in which he looked quite different from what he looked like right now, the color of his eyes was totally different than what she had seen, did that mean he wore lenses? But why would he have to do that?

The color of his face also seemed different, since when she had known him, he had such a pale colored face and in the pictures it was something different.

She clicked on one of the picture and it opened up beside it, his name was written as Arnav Malik.

Khushi opened a few more picture to confirm his name and they all had the same name which was Arnav Malik, which clearly meant that he lied about his name too.

But then if he lied about his name, why was their company named the Raizada group? Everything was so damn confusing.

She typed Arnav Malik in the search box and went through all the information the internet provided her with.

There was a huge page dedicated to him, he was a successful businessman in such a young age, he had created such a huge empire on his own, with all his hard work because he had no parents, he lost both his mother and father in a car accident when he was really young.

This information shocked her the most.

If he had no parents, who were the Raizada’s? Did they adopt Arnav and maybe that’s why he changed his name from Arnav Malik to Arnav Raizada?

She continued reading the information where she got to know that a few years back, Arnav had disappeared suddenly and since then no one had seen him, all his business was shut down in a matter of few months and everything got ruined.

She put the laptop aside and stood up as she gave everything a bit of thought, first of all his name and then his business that was shut down and biggest of all, he disappeared and since then no one had seen him.

How was that even possible? She had seen him, the people of the town had seen him, and if he really disappeared, where did he go to? How come no one in the town got to know that he was Arnav Malik and not Arnav Raizada?

She couldn’t understand a thing, the more she thought she had solved the mystery, the more mysterious it became.

All she wanted to know was what had happened? Why did he disappear so suddenly leaving all his business like that? Why was he with the Raizada’s now and why did he call himself Arnav Raizada and not Arnav Malik?

Jan 5, 2018

Soulless... Part 28 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 3 times)

It was mid-day and she seemed not to be able to concentrate in anything, she tried to do some work but she couldn’t, so many things kept on running in her mind.

She remembered Arnav’s confession the one he had made to her last night, and she had no idea on how to react about it, she wasn’t even sure of her feelings.

At times she felt like she missed Maan so much but then she also hated him at the same time, she dint know what was happening to her life, everything just seemed so messed up even when she thought she was going to live a happy life after she left from her step mother’s home.

Her phone vibrated bringing her out of all the thoughts that had been disturbing her, she looked at it, Saanchi’s name was flashing on it.

She punched the table angrily and stood up as she started walking around, from one place to the other wondering what she wanted from her now when everything was over, when she had left their place.

It stopped vibrating and she walked back to the table just when it started vibrating again, this girl dint want to leave her alone.

“What is it? I am at work and I don’t like disturbance, would you leave me alone for heaven sake!” She shouted angrily.

“Oh calm down little sister, I know the anger is because I snatched Maan from you, you always had your eyes on him dint you?” Saakshi asked

“Keep him for yourself I have other things to do, and stop calling me again and again or else I’ll change my number” Geet said angrily.

“Oh poor girl is feeling hurt, you know what this is what you deserve, Maan is now mine and I am sure as hell that there isn’t any man out there who would want to even look at you so you are just jealous you’ll never get married… or let’s say angry because I gave him what you couldn’t and now he’s mine and poor Geet can’t get him out of her heart… how sorry I feel for you” Saakshi giggled.

“You are wrong, I never had anything for him, I never will and I bet I’ll get married before you do, that’s a challenge”

“Stop dreaming, who would even want to get married to you?”

“You know what? I feel sorry for Maan, he has to spend his life with a girl like you and don’t you dare call me again”

“Oh I will, I need proof that you are married, let me also see who wants a problem like you in their life”

Geet threw the phone away angrily as it hit the wall and broke down into pieces, this Saakshi was continuously getting on her nerves.


Khushi had been researching about Arnav the whole day she dint even notice she had skipped her lunch and now it was dinner time, she was so lost in the research she dint even feel hungry.

She had noted down all the information about Arnav that she found to be important, she was glad her research was going well and if it went on like this, she was sure she would soon find Arnav and also get answers to all her questions.

She switched off her laptop and placed it aside lying on her bed, she covered herself with the blanket and tried to get some sleep, she was lazy to go and cook herself some dinner anyway so she decided to just sleep like that.

She kept on tossing and turning on the bed for quite some time until she fell asleep.

A few hours had passed by and right now she was driven in deep sleep, the door of her mansion opened as someone stepped in, he tip toed towards her bedroom making sure he dint make any sound to wake her up.

Pushing the door of her slightly he walked inside towards her bed and stood at a small distance staring at her sleeping so beautifully.

He walked towards her and stood there getting a closer look at her, there was something very tempting about her, something that always pulled him towards her and he couldn’t understand what it was.

“I miss you Khushi… I’m so sorry for what I did to you” He said sadly.

He bent down and placed a light kiss on her forehead, she flinched in sleep but dint wake up, he stepped backwards suddenly hitting the vase behind.

Khushi woke up and looked around wondering where the sound came from, Arnav had managed to speed out of the room as he hid himself downstairs.

She switched on the light and looked around as she found the vase on the floor, picking it up she checked her bedroom window which was closed, she looked around the room but couldn’t see anyone.

“How could the vase fall on its own? There’s no wind even” Khushi said as she looked towards the door of her room which was wide open.

“Was someone here? Who could it be? Hello… is anyone here” She said as she walked out of her room and checked the corridors as she headed downstairs.

Arnav tried to stay still behind the curtains, he just hoped she dint see him because if she did, his entire plan would be ruined.

Khushi was feeling scared now, she was all alone in this mansion, what if it was a thief? Or maybe someone wanted to hurt her? What was she going to do?

She checked the kitchen and the hell but couldn’t find anyone so she sat on the sofa wondering what to do next.

She remained sited there for quite some while until she fell asleep once again while Arnav stood still behind the curtain staring at her.

Once he was sure she was asleep, he slowly walked out and rushed away from this place.


“Are you out of your mind Arnav? Why did you go there? You know how dangerous that place is for us?” Rosie asked

“Arnav remember this isn’t our plan, we are just helping you but you are ruining things, if you keep on going to that place again and again, it won’t take them time to start attacking you” Mr. Raizada said.

“So what do I do? I’ve been trying all I could, but as days pass by it seems harder and harder to stay away from her, I feel like I’m losing control over myself now”

“You know that can’t happen, and if you are falling in love with her you know how dangerous that can turn out to be for you.

On top of it that place, it’s covered with our enemies, what if anything had happened to you? What if they attacked you and Khushi saw you fighting them? Do you think she would still love you? Think logically Arnav.” Mr. Raizada said

“I just shouldn’t have sold that mansion to her, it would be better if I sold it to someone else, I keep on worrying what if someday the harm her? The thought of that happening scared me”

“Arnav please forget about all that, remember why you are doing this, you have got the paper signed from Khushi, but you have to get them signed from Geet too, don’t forget your mission, don’t forget what had happened to you.” Rosie said

“How can I forget about it? The fire is still burning in my heart even today, and that’s why I’m doing all this, but what do I do Rosie, there’s something about Khushi that keeps on pulling me towards her”

“And there was a time when you wanted to kill her”

“Because she was affecting me and if she keeps on affecting me like this, I don’t think I’ll ever finish my mission”

“That’s why I’m telling you this, concentrate on your mission only, go back and do anything you can to woo Geet and get married to her, don’t waste time, remember if in any case Khushi and Geet meet, our whole plan might be at risk so hurry up”

“Yeah I’ll try all I can, I just hope she starts trusting me soon, anyway I’ll get going” Arnav said.

Jan 5, 2018

Soulless... Part 28 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 2 times)

Geet was sited in her room after she managed to repair her broken phone which yet kept on ringing every now and then.

She was feeling angry as hell, this Saanchi was now crossing all her limits, no matter how many times she ignored the calls, she couldn’t just stop calling her.

Why was she even doing this to her? To show her that she was getting married to Maan? Or to prove that she was worth nothing and she wasn’t actually going to get married ever.

It was about the 30th missed call when Geet picked up the phone and threw it on the door furiously, everything was now getting in her nerves.

“What happened Geet?” Arnav asked worriedly as he walked inside hearing the sound of the breaking phone.

Geet looked at Arnav for a while as he stared back at her wondering what was going on in her mind, he walked towards her when Geet took a deep breath and asked him something he was waiting for.

“You told me you liked me, what if I asked you to marry me, would you do that Arnav?”

“What? I mean are you sure?”

“I’m dead sure Arnav”

“But we just met me know each other for like a month or less do you think you can trust me enough?”

“I can Arnav, now tell me would you marry me or not?”

“Of course I will Geet, I told you I liked you and if you want me to prove it by getting married to you then I will”

“Great then, let’s get married tomorrow” Geet said giving Arnav what he had wanted for so long, he just dint know it was going to be this easy but he was happy that it was easy.


“Aren’t you going to see him off?” Gayatri asked Nia

“I am, he said when he leaves for the airport he will pass by and pick me up then the driver would drop me back home, so that’s what I am doing sited here, waiting for him to pick me up” Nia replied

“And why do you seem to be so normal about it? Don’t you feel like you’ll miss him or something? I mean he’s going for a long time and you won’t see him, don’t you feel sad about it?”

“So what do you want me to do? Sit here and cry or stop him from going? He’s going for work mom, it’s something everyone does”

“Yes but you are just showing less feelings towards him when he loves you so much”

“Or maybe it’s because I actually have no feelings for him”

“Are you out of your mind Nia? I mean you are engaged and this is when you realize you have no feelings for him?”

“I dint have any since the beginning but I’m trying, I’m trying to adjust with him and to like him, what else do you want me to do? Force myself to love him when I can’t? He also knows I don’t feel for him and he’s given me time, it’s not my fault that I’m not getting the feelings mom, please stop blaming me every time” Nia said angrily.

“You know what Nia, I give up on you”

“And I gave up on you long time back mom, since you started hiding things from me and I don’t even get why you do that”

“I’m not hiding anything from you, stop being suspicious about everything Nia”

“I’m done arguing, I guess I’ll just wait for Adarsh outside” Nia said as she stood up and walked out just when Adarsh’s car arrived.

“Hey, you’re out here, I thought you’ll be inside so I’ll come and say bye to aunty also”

“I just thought I’ll wait here, u must be getting late, we should get going”

“Yeah, there’s going to be traffic too, I’m glad you are coming to drop me off, I wanted to spend my last moment here with you”

“You aren’t going abroad forever Adarsh” Nia giggled as they both got inside the car.

“Yeah, but I’ll be away from you for so long, I’m going to miss you a lot”

“Yeah me too”


Khushi was in her room working on her research about Arnav but it was now becoming frustrating, all the information the internet had about Arnav was until he disappeared, the was nothing after that, how could it be possible?

She searched for information about the Raizada’s about Rosie and Mr. Raizada but there wasn’t a thing about them which was also strange as they had such a huge empire it was for sure lots of people knew about them so why was it that there was nothing about them on the internet?

She was lost in thought when she heard some kind of footsteps outside the house, she quickly stood up and peeped through her window from where she saw Rosie standing outside her house.

Without wasting any more time she quickly rushed downstairs so she could get hold of her before she could run away, she had lots of questions to ask and she was the only one who could give her the answers now.

She had just opened the door to step outside when she saw a strange animal, it was like slowly tiptoeing towards Rosie who was busy looking the other side.

“Rosie, watch out” Khushi shouted out loud as Rosie turned around to look at her when she spotted the Animal.

“Go back inside Khushi and keep yourself locked” Rosie shouted as she ran away with the speed of wind while the Animal followed her with almost the same speed.

Khushi headed back inside vas quickly as she could and shut the door, she rushed to shut all the windows too just to keep herself safe and then sat down there feeling in completely shocked, she wasn’t able to understand a thing.

Why was Rosie outside her house at the first place? Why did the Animal try to attack her? and how the hell did she manage to run so fast, it was like one second she was right in front of her and the next moment she just disappeared.

With every passing minute things were becoming more and more mysterious, what she had found strange about Arnav was now the same with Rosie, they both could run so fast, was it a power they were gifted with or something else?

She definitely had to find out about this.

Jan 5, 2018

Soulless... Part 30 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 16 times)

Arnav and Geet arrived at the temple early morning, Arnav had already arranged for a priest for their marriage, he was actually happy that he dint have to work much on this as he had to for Khushi, Geet agreed so easily to get married to him.

Now all he had to do was to get the property papers signed from her just like he got them signed from Khushi and his mission would be over, he then knew what he exactly had to do for his revenge.

Geet stood silently beside him not saying a word, although she was the one who decided this, somewhere she was uncomfortable with it, she dint even know if she felt for Arnav, or if she was going to be happy with him, she wanted to give this a second thought but Saakshi’s words kept on ringing in her mind again and again and she knew she had to do all she could to prove her wrong, and here she was, getting married to a man she had known for just some days without being sure even if she loved him or not.

“Geet, sit down” Arnav said as he shook her bringing her out of the thoughts.

She nodded and sat down next to him while the priest began chanting the wedding mantras. She closed her eyes and took in deep breaths, she felt nervous, she definitely dint want this, then why was she doing this?

Maan’s face kept on flashing in her mind every now and then and she couldn’t understand why, she tried to brush off all the thoughts about him but she couldn’t digest the fact that he was actually going to get married to Saakshi, she dint even know why she felt bad about it.

“Are you okay Geet? Why does it look like you aren’t happy about this marriage? Look I dint even force you for anything, you are the one who asked me if I wanted to marry you and I had told you before that I felt for you so obviously I couldn’t say no, but now the way you are behaving is strange”

“I am happy about this Arnav, I’m just thinking something else, anyway let it be, let’s concentrate on the rituals”

She sat there still and every time Arnav had to remind her to stand up or sit down as the priest told them, for her this was just a way to shut Saakshi’s nonsense, once she would get to know about her marriage, at least she would stop disturbing her.

Arnav kept on looking at Geet every now and then, he dint know why he felt worried about her, like he cared for her and he wasn’t actually liking the way she seemed lost and sad.

He tried to make himself strong and like before, he wanted to be the Arnav that dint care about anyone but he just couldn’t, it was natural, and he knew all this changes in him were because of Khushi, somewhere her love, her care and everything about her had changed him, it had slowly killed the beast inside him and made him a human once again

“How about a wedding selfie?” Geet asked Arnav.

“Sure” Arnav said as Geet got her phone and took a photograph of her and Arnav, and then took many other photographs, of the priest, the wedding arrangement and everything else, she then forwarded them to Saakshi.


Khushi had been researching more and more since the incident about Rosie, what she couldn’t understand is why Rosie was here, and why she told her to keep herself locked inside the house.

If she really cared about her and dint want her to be hurt, why did the whole family play such a game with her?

She browsed the internet reading about everything related to the things she had found strange and unhuman like in both Rosie and Arnav, she hadn’t spent much time with Mr. Raizada so she had no idea about his behavior but Rosie and Arnav were totally strange.

They could run at the speed of wind, they did strange things, Arnav’s body was usually so cold, he had more strength than a normal human being would ever have.

She typed all the keywords in the search engine and waited for the results, she went through a few links that showed up and everything she found strange about Arnav was mentioned there as the traits of a nonliving human, a person who had been killed and then brought back to life, they were normally called the vampires.

Khushi clenched her bedsheet tight, she got goosebumps, she couldn’t believe this to be true, yes she had heard about vampires, read novels and even watched movies about them but she never believed they existed in real life and that is why despite of knowing all this traits were somehow always related to the movies and books about the vampires she never wanted to believe it and that’s why she was doing this research hoping that the outcome was going to be different.

After all this research she had no option than to believe in the fact that maybe Arnav, Rosie and his whole family were vampires, that’s why that Animal tried to attack Rosie that day, it looked like a werewolf, and she had also read about their enmity since ages.

As far as she remembered reading about Arnav, she knew he had disappeared and never came back, so it could have been possible, he was killed and then brought back alive, and now he was actually a vampire.

As stupid as this sounded and as much as she dint want to believe it, she couldn’t imagine that she was actually in love with a man like him. A man who stayed alive on blood, that’s why he never ate whenever he was with her, she had never ever seen him eating at all.

Now that she had found out the truth, she dint know what to do next, she had found out some things about him but still not why he was here, why he said he loved her, got married to her, got the property papers signed by her and then just disappeared?


Nia arrived back home after her lunch date with a friend, she had to admit that since the graduation night, she missed Khushi and Geet so much, they were her only closest friends and she was sad she dint have them around today.

There was a lot she wanted to tell them, to talk to them and ask for their advice but she knew she couldn’t contact Geet until she found Khushi.

She made up her mind to start finding her from today as now she knew she was going to be alone as Adarsh had also gone abroad.

She knocked at the door and waited for her mother to open it for her but there was no response from her.

She checked her bag hoping she had the extra keys and finally found them, unlocking the door, she walked inside and found the hall empty.

Thinking her mother might have gone somewhere she decided to go to her room and start doing whatever she could to find Khushi, maybe call some friends who had studied with them and ask any of them if they had met Khushi lately or had any idea about her.

She was just heading to her room when she heard some sort of noise from her mother’s room, she headed towards it and stood at the door, if she was in here why dint she come to open up the door?

She pinned her ears to the door and could her some sort of noises, some moaning and she couldn’t even think anymore, she definitely had the idea on what was going on inside there.

She pushed the door open and found her mother on the bed half naked with a man, she quickly turned around and rushed to the hall, she couldn’t believe what she had just seen.

Her heart broke into a thousand pieces, she had doubted her mother for so long knowing she had been hiding something from her but she dint know it could have been something like this.

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