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Jan 10, 2018

Soulless... Part 41 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 3 times)

“We have a problem” Rosie said to Arnav over the call.

“What problem now?” Arnav asked feeling frustrated, he was trying all he could and this problems dint seem to be coming to an end.

“That Geet girl, she disappeared!”

“What? How could you lose her Rosie? What if she finds Khushi before you find her? You know what their topic of discussion is going to be don’t you? Everything is going to be ruined!”

“Then what do I do Arnav? I dint lose her on purpose, I dint know I could compel her or I would have done that when she came to me asking about Khushi… I’ve looked for her around the whole town, asked everyone but no one has an idea”

“I don’t care, you have to find her before she finds Khushi, do anything!”

“On the bright side, it might be possible that she gave up and headed back home”

“Then go and confirm that she’s home, just know one thing, if they both meet, everything we’ve done so far will come to an end, I’m sure Khushi will come here and once she sees Nia, she’s never going to forgive me”

“Why don’t you just get the papers signed from her?”

“You think it’s easy? I am trying all I can but I can’t rush her feelings, I can’t do anything until she starts trusting me and feeling for me, what will I say? What papers am I getting her to sign?”

“Okay fine, I’ll see what to do, I’ll try my best to make sure she doesn’t meet Khushi, meanwhile you try to do this quickly”

“Fine, keep updating me”

“I will” Rosie said as she disconnected the call.

“Were you talking to Arnav?” Khushi asked as Rosie turned around to look at her, she was so stressed she dint even realize when Khushi came, what if she heard her conversation with Arnav, she’d know everything!

Khushi walked towards Rosie as she stared at her waiting for her to answer.

“Don’t worry, I dint listen to your conversation if that’s what you are worried about, remember I don’t have the vampire power to listen to all sounds from very far.”

“Yeah, it was Arnav” Rosie said as she still looked at Khushi suspiciously.

“How is he? Did he say anything about when he’s coming back? I miss him so much, I mean he calls you but he never calls me, at least he could have talked to me a bit when he called you, does he even think about me?”

“He always thinks about you Khushi, he’s just a bit held up, but he’ll call you soon, don’t worry” Rosie said as she walked away leaving Khushi who was lost in her own world thinking about Arnav.


“Good Morning Arnav, I wasn’t expecting I’ll see you here early morning” Nia said with a smile as she walked towards Arnav who was sited in the garden.

“Does that mean you came out to check if I was here or not?” Arnav smirked

“Yes, I was wondering where you’ll take me today” Nia said as she sat next to him, Arnav looked at her wondering if he should take the next step, he wanted to confirm about Nia’s feelings for him and he had to do it this way.

He moved a bit closer to her and slid his hand on hers as he held it, he dint know what her reaction was going to be, but he knew that whatever it was, it would give him his answers.

“Anywhere you want me to take you” Arnav said as he looked her into the eyes.

Nia stared back at him feeling nervous, she dint know why but his hand on hers made her feel so good, so safe, as if everything was okay.

“Come on, tell me where do you want to go?” she said as he held her hand tighter when something pricked his skin, he looked at her hand and saw a ring on her ring finger and took his hand back the very next moment.

Nia looked at him wondering what had happened to him suddenly and then her eyes fell on what he was staring at, it was her engagement ring.

“You’re engaged!” Arnav said in shock.

Nia stared at her ring as reality hit her, how could she not remember? How could she not think about Adarsh all this while? How did she start feeling good about Arnav’s touch and everything else forgetting that she was engaged to Adarsh?

How the hell on earth could she have forgotten about such a huge thing?

“I am sorry Nia, but I have to leave” Arnav said as he stood up suddenly and walked away while Nia sat in the same position feeling shocked.

She dint know what was right and what was wrong, all she knew that thinking in such a manner about any other man than Adarsh was wrong for her and she had committed a huge mistake by doing that.

Tears rolled down her eyes as she stood up and rushed back inside the hotel cursing herself of being so immature, being so stupid, who the hell on earth forgets about their engagement?


“Did you find out about Geet?” Arnav asked Rosie with a trembling voice.

“Not yet, I’m on it, I’ve made all the arrangements to make sure she doesn’t reach Khushi in case I’m not at home with her because Khushi doesn’t leave the house anyway”

“Fine then, keep on working on it…”

“What happened Arnav? You sound a bit stressed”

“I don’t think I can do this Rosie, I mean about Khushi and Geet it was fine, they weren’t committed in any relationship, but how can I break someone’s relationship just for a property, what would her life become like after I abandon her?”

“You mean to say that Nia has someone in her life?”

“Yes, she’s engaged and she’s attracted to me, I don’t know what to do, I don’t feel like this is right”

“Arnav, what you did with Khushi and Geet wasn’t right either, but this is the only option we’ve got”

“No, I’ve got one more option, I’ll tell her the truth and maybe she’ll sign the papers for me”

“Do you think she would? She’ll have questions which you can’t answer, it’s never going to be possible, I know it’s difficult but it’s upon you, this was your mission and it’s all your decision, I was just helping you as a sister”

“Rosie I was a beast when I met Khushi, I dint care about hurting her, neither did I care about Geet because I hadn’t realized my love for Khushi and now that I have, I feel like this is wrong, she’s changed me and I’m stuck not knowing what to do and what not to”

“Arnav I…”

“Arnav! Is that Arnav you’re talking to? Rosie please tell him that I want to talk to him, please give me the phone” Khushi said as she rushed towards Rosie and snatched the phone from her.


“Khushi!” He whispered as tears rolled down his eyes.

Jan 10, 2018

Soulless... Part 42 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 12 times)

“Where have you been Arnav? Why haven’t you called me or even tried to talk to me, you know I miss you so much… I gave you your freedom, I let you do whatever you want then why are you still ignoring me like this?

You always call Rosie and talk to her but why don’t you ever call me? Is it that you don’t love me anymore or there’s a reason” Khushi asked sadly.

“It’s nothing like that Khushi, I am just…”

“I don’t want excuses Arnav, I need an answer! Why are you doing this to me?”

“Khushi I’ll explain everything when we meet, I’m this close to finishing my task, once I’m done I’ll tell you everything I promise”

“Fine” Khushi said as she disconnected the call angrily and handed it back to Rosie, she headed back to her room and locked herself inside, yes she wanted to trust him but now his behavior was becoming suspicious, she dint even know what he was up to.

On the other side Arnav couldn’t explain his guilt, he dint know how he was going to tell Khushi about his marriage with Geet and how he would tell her that he was planning to do the same with Nia, she would never forgive him.

He punched the wall angrily, everything was so messed up he dint know how he was ever going to get out of this.

His phone started ringing suddenly as he pulled it out of his pocket and stared at the screen, Nia was calling him.

Why was she even calling him after all that happened?

“Yes Nia” Arnav said as he received the call.

“Can we meet? There’s something I need to talk to you about Arnav, it’s very urgent, can you please come right now?”

“Sure, I’ll be in the garden in five minutes” Arnav said as he disconnected the call.

He took in a few deep sighs and decided to go, whatever be it he had to concentrate on his mission even if it meant hurting Khushi or breaking someone’s engagement, he had to be stone hearted, he had not to care because no one cared for him.


When he arrived at the garden, he found Nia pacing around waiting for him, he was a bit hesitant at first but then he took in a deep breath and walked towards her.

“What’s up, why did you call me here?” Arnav asked

“I thought a lot Arnav, I mean the way you reacted after seeing the engagement ring on my finger, I am sorry, it was my fault that I dint tell you I was engaged from before” Nia said

“That’s the problem you see Nia, how could you not tell me about it?” Arnav asked

“Do you really want to know Arnav?”

“Of course I want to, I mean you were engaged and we’ve been spending time together like this, It’s just not right”

“I know it’s not right Arnav, nothing of this is right, and I’ve understood that after I met you”

“What are you trying to say?”

“Arnav I don’t love Adarsh, yes he’s my fiancé and I know he loves me a lot and when mom wanted me to get engaged to him I couldn’t refuse, I thought that maybe after spending time with him I would also fall in love with him.

He’s the best man I might have ever met, he does everything to keep me happy but I don’t know why the feelings never came.

After I came here I met you and I even forgot I was engaged to someone, you took me places, you made me happy and I’m not saying Adarsh dint keep me happy but what I feel for you is something I’ve never felt for him.

I know this isn’t right, especially doing this to him when he loves me so much and at times I just want to curse myself for not loving him back but my feelings aren’t in my control, I can’t force myself to love him right?”

“But Nia, we’ve just met, how can you be so sure about me?”

“I don’t know but the few days I’ve spent with you seem like the most beautiful ones, you made me forget all my problems all my pain, you made me feel things I always wanted to feel with Adarsh and so I know I might be engaged to him but I don’t feel for him”

“And why are you telling me about all this?”

“Because of the way you reacted after you realized I was engaged, I know that you feel for me too Arnav, I don’t know if what I feel for you is love or not but I know I’ve never felt anything like this for him, and I’m telling you this so that you know that the feelings are mutual”

“What about your fiancé? Wouldn’t he be hurt Nia? He loves you so much like you told me”

“He would be, but I’ll talk to him, I’m sure he would understand me, he always has and I can’t spend my life with a man I don’t love Arnav, I’ll ruin his life and mine too and this way neither of us will ever be happy”

Arnav looked at her wondering what to know, he was completely close to his mission, Nia was in love with him but this time he dint like it, he dint like what was happening, She was supposed to love her fiancé and not him because in the end of this, she was going to get hurt, he dint feel a thing for her, for him he had always loved Khushi and no one could ever take that place in his life.

“Right now he was stuck between doing the right thing or completing his mission and he wasn’t sure which to choose. Both were important for him but he knew if he chose the right way, he’ll get Khushi and if her chose the wrong way, he might lose her but get what he’s been working for all this while, just that he dint know what to choose.

“Nia, can we talk about this tomorrow please? I need to think about it”

“Sure” Nia nodded as Arnav bid her a goodbye and walked away.


Next Morning.

Khushi woke up and walked out of her room looking for Rosie when she found her asleep on the couch, she looked at her for a while and then headed to the kitchen looking for something to eat but she couldn’t find a thing.

She headed back to her room and got her wallet as she decided to go out for some grocery shopping, she dint want to wake Rosy up and disturb her for such small thing so she decided to go all by herself.

She tiptoed out of the house slowly and headed to the market while Rosie was yet asleep.

It had been long since she came out of the house, that too on her own, since Arnav left she had kept herself locked in the house and then Rosie too joined her and she did everything for her so she never even came out to do anything.

She walked around the market buying the vegetables she needed when she heard a familiar voice and turned to look where it was coming from.

“Would you have seen her anywhere? I’ve been looking for her for so long, I’d be glad if you helped me” Geet asked a vendor at the market while Khushi stood a bit further from her staring at her in shock.

“She just bought vegetables from me a few minutes ago, she went that way” The vendor said as he pointed towards the side where Khushi was standing and Geet turned that way excitedly, after so long, there was a hope that she was finally going to find Khushi.

She found Khushi standing a few feet away from her staring at her in shock and she couldn’t explain how happy she felt, she had finally found her best friend!

“Khushi!” Geet said excitedly as she rushed to hug Khushi while she stood still, she dint ever bother to hug her back.

How could she forget what her and Nia had done to her at the Graduation party? Her own best friends turned against her! That memory would never fade from her mind.

Jan 11, 2018

Soulless... Part 43 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 2 times)

The colored light flashed, the loud music, and all the drunk students were partying like crazy, it was their last day in the university, they had finally graduated and there was nothing that could have made them happier than this.

Khushi was sited in a corner with her fifth glass yet she dint seem to be really high, alcohol and her were like best friends.

“Come on, let’s dance!” Nia said as she got hold of Khushi’s hand and pulled her to the dance floor as Geet joined them.

While almost everyone was busy dancing with their soulmates who for sure weren’t going to last together until after party, this three girls were happy with each other, they dint need any boy to make the happy.

“I think I’ll get a drink” Geet said

“I’ll get one for you, I have to use the washroom anyway, you carry on” Khushi said as she walked away while Nia and Geet carried on with the dancing.

It was after ten minutes when Khushi walked back and found both Nia and Geet sited with some of the classmates, she picked up a drink and headed to join them.

“Here you go, here’s your drink” Khushi said as she handed Geet her glass.

Geet took a sip and spitted it out immediately as she looked at Khushi in rage.

“You spiked my drink?” She asked in shock.

“What? No! I just picked up the glass and came here with it, why would I spike you drink Geet?” Khushi asked in disbelief.

“We decided we weren’t going to get drunk tonight Khushi, this drink is mixed with alcohol and you were the one who had the plans of sneaking in alcohol to the graduation party and spiking up the drinks, tell me you dint tell us about the plans”

“Fine I did but we decided not to do it” Khushi said

“Attention to all the students, we’ve just come to realize that the drinks you’ve all been served have been mixed with alcohol despite the strict warning we gave out. Whoever was involved in this would get their punishment, so unless you all don’t wish to graduate tonight, you better inform us about the person who did this or all of you will have to go home without graduating” The dean announced.

Geet and Nia looked at Khushi while she looked back at them in shock.

“Why are you looking at me like this?” Khushi asked

“Because you’re guilty Khushi, we both remember you telling us that you had a plan to do this, and now that you’ve done it see what it’s brought to us, you have to go to the dean and tell him you did this” Nia said

“How can you guys blame me for this seriously?” Khushi asked angrily.

“Because we are your best friends Khushi and we know your weakness, you can’t party without getting drunk and we know that once you mention something you usually end up doing it” Geet said

“Yes, that’s what I thought that you both were my best friends, and I thought you’d trust me enough to know that I dint do this”

“She’s the one who did it, I saw her doing something with the drink a while back” One of their classmates said.

“You see, there’s someone who saw you doing it, just accept the fact that you did it and confess it so that we don’t get punished Khushi.”

“But why should I accept something that I dint do?”

“Because you did it, and we all know how rich your father is, you won’t even need to work but some of us here like me and Nia are depending on this, we want to graduate and we want to get a job so we can earn, not just sit and be happy with our fathers money” Geet said

“You know what, I really don’t believe you guys, you don’t even trust me a bit do you?”

“Khushi, please just accept it, see getting a job for me is really important, I have a lot to do for my mother, I have debts to pay, so please don’t ruin this for us” Nia said

“You know what I thought that no matter what the whole university thought about me, I thought you as my friends would always trust me and be by my side no matter what but I guess I was wrong, today for your own sake you want me to accept something that I dint do but you know what for your friendship I’ll even do that because I am not a friend like you both” Khushi said angrily as she marched away.


Khushi broke the hug as she stared at Geet for a moment and the turned around and started walking away when Geet rushed to stop her.

“Khushi, listen to me please” Geet said as she ran behind her.

“Did you listen to me when I wanted to? So why should I listen to you now?” Khushi asked angrily.

“Because I realized, Nia and I both realized that you weren’t at fault and we’ve been wanting to apologize to you since then but you just went away, we’ve been looking for you”

“Why have you been looking for me Geet? To see how I was doing after my best friends decided not to trust me and to humiliate me in front of everyone at the graduation party, thanks but no thanks, I’m doing pretty much okay without you both in my life”

“Khushi! I know you’re angry and I know we both committed a mistake but we were just scared, you know they said we wouldn’t graduate if whoever spiked the drink wasn’t caught and it meant so much to us and you were always getting drunk so we thought…”

“So you thought that Khushi is so much obsessed with alcohol she must have spiked the drinks despite me saying a million times that I wasn’t the one who did it, my best friends decided not to trust me, you and Nia both decided to be selfish!

You know it wasn’t such a big deal, I mean drinks get spiked people get blamed but what hurts more is when your own friends don’t trust you for such petty things, I decided it was better if I stayed away from friends like that and that’s what I’m doing so let me live my life!”

“Khushi just for once, please listen to me.”

“Get lost before I forget you were once my best friend Geet, just go away!” Khushi shouted angrily as she ran away.


Arnav was waiting for Nia in the garden, he had made his decision, he knew what he wanted and no matter what he couldn’t back out from his mission when he was so close to it.

Nia walked out and sat next to him on the bench as she looked at him nervously, she dint know what he had to say to her, all she hoped was that he was going to say something that would make everything alright.

“You wanted to talk to me?” She asked

Arnav nodded positively as he turned his head to look at her.

“I thought about what you said to me yesterday Nia, and somewhere I felt that you were right, I also do have feelings for you and I wouldn’t want you to be with your fiancé when you don’t feel anything towards him” Arnav said as he looked her into the eyes.

“I’m so glad you understood that Arnav, you have no idea how peaceful I feel now, I’ll talk to Adarsh and explain everything to him”

“There something I wanted to ask you”


“Would you mind getting married to me? You know it’s just that everything about you being engaged and all, it’s scaring me up, I’m scared I might lose you, so I just want us to get married as soon as possible.

I really don’t want to lose you, I mean we can just get married legally and then everything about the rituals and all, we can do it later after you talk to your fiancé.

What do you think about it?” Arnav asked as he stared at her nervously hoping she was going to say yes.

Nia stared back at him having no idea what to say, as far as her feelings were concerned, she wouldn’t mind but then it wouldn’t be the right thing to do before talking about it to Adarsh, she dint know what exactly to do.

Jan 11, 2018

Soulless... Part 44 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 2 times)

“Khushi please stop!” Geet shouted as she ran behind her trying to catch up with her pace.

“We were best friends Khushi and on top of that we were human beings, we were allowed to make mistakes, it was a mistake and when we realized it we wanted to apologize but you just disappeared” Geet said as Khushi stopped running and finally turned back to look at her.

“You were allowed to make mistakes, not to blame me for what I dint do despite of me saying it a hundred times, you decided not to trust me”

“Calm down first and listen to what I have to say, you have all the right to be angry and if you want to punish us then do so but you have to know that since that day Nia and I haven’t been in contact either, we promised each other not to contact until we found you because we knew you might be all alone somewhere…

Khushi what we did was because we were scared, you know me and Nia both were from lower middle class families, Nia had to support her mother, I had to get a job so I could get away from my step mother, and at that moment when they said we wouldn’t graduate we were scared, we dint want to lose the hope and the dreams we’d seen all this long, we dint want to lose something we had worked had for…

I agree you said you dint do it and we should have believed you but at that time our mind was more concerned about our future and I am sorry I know we both made mistakes and I know nothing can justify it but I want you to look at us as human beings who make mistakes and I hope you’ll understand us and forgive us.”

“Are you done? Can I go now?” Khushi asked calmly as if all that Geet had said just passed through her ears.

“Khushi please, just for once, be calm and think about it, think what you would have done if you were in our place”

“I would have trusted my best friend, no matter what the situation I would have trusted Geet, no matter what.”

“So you’ll never forgive us? Our long friendship which we always thought would never end would actually end because of a stupid mistake we made? Is that how much our friendship means to you Khushi?”

“I did all I could for our friendship Geet, but it looks like I was the only one doing it, you both never tried anything so I’ve decided to stop trying, to stop trusting friends like you, I’m better off alone”

“If that’s what you want, I’ll accept it, if this is the punishment we both deserved for what we did to you then I’ll let you decide that” She said as she pulled out a piece of paper and a pen from her handbag and wrote something on it.

“This is my address and my phone number, if someday you decide to forgive us, call me or pay me a visit there and remember until you forgive us, Nia and are aren’t going to be in contact either, we’ll all be punished the same” Geet said as she handed it to Khushi and then walked away.


“I am sorry Arnav, I don’t think I can do this” Nia said.

“Why can’t you? We both feel the same for each other then what’s the problem?”

“I can’t do this to Adarsh, it would be like cheating on him, I can’t get married to you before talking to him about this, remember he is my fiancé and he has the right to know about all this”

“I agree Nia but you can even call him and tell him about it if it’s so important”

“I don’t want to talk about this to him over the phone, it’s not good to do so, I’ll have to meet him and explain everything to him in actual, I’m sure he would understand me, so please just wait a bit, once I talk to him we will get married”

“Now you’re making me doubt if you really feel for me”

“I do that’s why I agreed to get married to you despite the fact the we don’t even know each other for such a long time, I am doing this because I love you Arnav and you have to trust me on that”

“Fine not your way not my way, let’s do this, we get married legally and then we’ll perfume the wedding rituals after you talk to him”

“Arnav it’s just a matter about a few weeks”

“Please Nia, just to be sure I’ll not lose you, please”

“Okay fine, we’ll do that”

“Great, I’ll get the papers and get them signed by you tomorrow then submit them back”

“Is that possible? Don’t we have to go to the marriage registrar’s office and get it done there itself?”

“Don’t worry, the marriage registrar is a friend of mine so it would work not going there”

“Oh that’s fine then”

Arnav smiled as he hugged her happily and then bid her goodbye as he headed to plan his next move.

He was just one signature away from completing his mission and once he was done, everything would be sorted, and then there would be nothing that would come in between him and Khushi, they’ll spend their life together happily.

All he hoped was for nothing to go wrong, he had just a day, once he got the papers signed from Nia, everything would be good and then he would also confess everything to Khushi, about what he had done to Geet and Nia.


Khushi had just reached home when her phone started ringing, she placed all the bags aside and pulled it out of her pocket.

She started beaming with happiness as soon as she saw Arnav’s name flashing on the screen.

“Arnav, hi” She said as she received the call.

“Hey Khushi…” he sighed, he couldn’t control his happiness realizing how close he was to finish everything and go back to her and spend his life with her.

“How come you called me today, it’s a bit surprising”

“Because I have a surprise for you, I’m sure you’ll be so happy after you hear what I have to tell you”

“What is it? Tell me, I can’t wait to know”

“I am almost done with my mission, tomorrow everything will be sorted and I’ll be back to you as soon as possible, we have only a bit of time left and then we’ll be together, everything will be normal, I can’t wait to come back.”

“Really? That’s a really good news for me Arnav, I can’t tell you how happy I am to hear that, come back soon now I can’t wait anymore”

“I will, there’s a lot I have to tell you”

“I also have a lot to tell you” Khushi said

“So anyway let me get working, I’ll see you soon, keep yourself safe for me” Arnav said

“I will, you too be safe and be back soon, I really miss you, it feels like it’s been ages since I last saw you or even talked to you”

“I know, but don’t worry I promise this time after I come back, I’ll never leave you, I’ll always be around you spending time with you, anyway bye for now”



“Where the hell did you go all alone without me? Or even without informing me?” Rosie asked as soon as Khushi opened the door to walk in.

“I was getting bored so I decided to go out and shop some groceries, you were asleep so I dint want to disturb you.”

“How could you go out on your own Khushi? You know the situation outside don’t you? There are were wolves out there, what if something happened to you? What would I have told Arnav? That I wasn’t able to take care of you?”

“I am sorry, I just…”

“What you just? You thought putting your life at risk would help with anything? No Khushi, if you don’t know then let me tell you, my brother loves you so much, and if anything happened to you he would turn the world upside down, so from today onwards, if you ever think of risking your life again, think about him first.”

“I am sorry…” Khushi said sadly.

“It’s okay, now get inside, I’ll bring all this” Rosie said as she let her in.

Jan 11, 2018

Soulless... Part 45 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 9 times)

Khushi was in her room standing near the window as she looked outside while still clutching the paper Geet had left with her, no matter how much she was hurt and pretended to hate them, deep inside she knew that they were her best friends and she couldn’t deny the fact that without them, her life felt empty.

She wanted to talk to them, to go back to where it all began and ended, to just go back to the old life and relieve all the fun once again, only if she could convince herself to forgive them, but was that really going to happen?

Was she strong enough to ignore what they had done to her and just forget about it? Forget about the graduation night where they humiliated her in front of everyone?

She walked towards the bed and picked up her phone, she dialed the number Geet had left her with and then disconnected it the very next moment, she wasn’t sure if she really wanted to do this.

She walked back to the window as tears rolled down her eyes, how could she forget the humiliation she had gone through because of them? How could she forget that her own best friends had chosen not to trust her?

She remembered Geet’s face when she had come running to her, she remembered how guilty she was and no matter how angry she felt, she was worried for her too at the same time, maybe she dint have the strength to forgive her but maybe as a best friend, she had the duty to ask her best friend about what was wrong.

She had noticed how much weight she had lost, she had changed a lot, she wasn’t the Geet she knew before and she was worried about her.

This time, she took a deep sigh and dialed the number once again, it rang twice when Geet received the call.

“Hello” She heard her voice and for a moment she dint know what to say.

She was silent, thinking about what to say, wondering how she was even going to start the conversation, it all felt so awkward.

“Khushi, is that you?” Geet asked excitedly.

“Yes, it’s me” Khushi said in a low voice.

“Thank God you called, I dint think you would but you have no idea how glad I am that you called Khushi, I missed you, I’m sure even Nia missed you and we both would do anything for you to forgive us, we just need our best friend back”

“Is everything okay with you? You looked stressed when we met, you’ve lost a lot of weight too, are you okay health wise?”

“We were talking about you forgiving us Khushi, don’t change the topic please, I know you still care for us, please all I’m asking for is one chance.”

“I care that’s why I’m asking you Geet, what’s wrong? As a friend it’s my duty to help you and that’s what I want to do, I want to help you if you let me.”

“So does that mean you’ll never forgive us?” Geet asked

“I don’t know, I don’t think I can actually but anyway, will you now tell me what happened?”

“I don’t have any health problem, I am good don’t worry about me.”

“Then what other problem is it? What makes you like this?”

“I don’t know, life is just full of stress, look at me complaining about stress when I ruined your life, you have to live far from your father all alone because of us.”

“Can we not discuss that? Tell me what stress, is everything okay at home? Did your step mother do something?”

“No, I left her, I shifted, I got a good job here so I decided it was time I lived my life on my own but you know how I am, I always end up doing stupid things, so it wasn’t about my step mother, I was the stupid one, and I did something stupid, I’m always ruining my life with my own hands, every time.”

“What exactly does that mean?”

“I don’t know how to explain this Khushi, it’s all messed up.”

“I am listening, however long it takes to explain, you have to tell me.”

“Why do you care for me even after all that I did?”

“Because you can’t change some things, now start with the explanation.”

“After you left, I got a job with a huge company, everything was good until Sakshi started having a crush or something on my boss and I was stupid, I dint even realize that Maan who was my boss wasn’t interested in her, he actually liked me, he used to look for excuses to be with me or of spending time with me and I being the stupid person I was, dint understand any of it.

I think it was my birthday and I had no idea what Sakshi had planned, she planned something to trap Maan and the next morning, I found them together on the bed, I was angry and although I dint understand my feelings at that time, I just decided to leave.

I ended up here after I found a job, they even offered me an apartment here and then I met Arnav, he was my neighbor.”

“Arnav? Who Arnav?”

“I told you he was my neighbor right, his name was Arnav Raizada.”

Khushi clutched the phone tightly, this surely came as a shock for her, what was Arnav doing there?

“And then?” She asked in shock.

“So we used to spend some time together and one day he said he was interested in me and wanted to get married to me and stuff, although I dint feel the same for him, I got irritated of Sakshi who was always taunting me that I would never get a guy who would want to marry me and stuff, I just wanted to show her that she was wrong I being the stupid me, I decided I was going to get married to Arnav and I said yes to him.”

By this time, Khushi had gone completely numb, she couldn’t believe half the things Geet was telling her, how could she? She loved Arnav, she trusted him and there was no way she was going to believe that he could do something of such sort to her.

How could he betray her? It just dint make any sense at all.

“So we got married, and on our marriage night, he told me there was something urgent and he left saying he would be back, but he never returned, I don’t know where he just disappeared too, I tried to track him, to find out about him but there was nothing.

One day Maan showed up, and he confessed his love for me, but then he also knew I was now married to Arnav, I don’t know how I could have told him that I just got married to Arnav because of my own stupidity, he left and since then I’ve been trying to call him and to talk to him but he’s been ignoring me.

I’ve been really stressed, I don’t know how to find Arnav, I don’t know how to tell him that our marriage was a mistake, neither do I know how to explain this to Maan.

The truth is that I love Maan a lot and I can’t live without him Khushi, and every day when I think that I’ll have to spend my life without him, I just can’t take it.” Geet said

“Are you sure it was Arnav? I mean Arnav Singh Raizada?” Khushi asked yet confirming the facts, it could be possible too that maybe it was some other Arnav.

“Why are you asking that?” Geet asked.

“Can you send me his picture if you have any? I just want to confirm something?” Khushi asked.

“Sure, I have our wedding pictures, I’ll send them to you right away.”

“Okay, let me have a look at them and then I’ll call you back” Khushi said as she disconnected the call and waited impatiently for Geet to send her the photographs.

Her phone beeped as she looked at the notification that had just popped up, her hands trembled as she swiped her phone to unlock it and then opened the message.

She saw the first picture of him with Geet and her heart broke into a million pieces, she still dint want to believe that it was him, but this photographs were saying a different story.

How could he do this to her? How could he marry her best friend? How could he betray her like this? Why was it that the people she loved and trusted the most were the ones who always ended up breaking her trust?

What was she supposed to do now?

How was she supposed to face the reality, that her husband was also her best friend’s husband? Was that even legal? How was he even doing it all?

How could he tell her to trust her when on the other side he was breaking her trust?

Jan 12, 2018

Soulless... Part 46 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 1 times)

Arnav’s betrayal came as the biggest shock to Khushi, she was totally broken!

Why was it that it always happened to her? The people she trusted the most and love the most were the ones who ended up hurting her the most.

As much as she dint want to believe that Arnav could do something like this to her, she couldn’t deny the pictures, it was the truth, the truth that maybe he never loved her, he was just playing around with his feelings because if he had really loved her, he wouldn’t get married to her own best friend.

This time she knew she wasn’t going to sit behind silently, she had trusted him and he broke her trust and she needed answers of why he would do something like this to her.

Why would he break her so badly, or cheat on her with her best friend, maybe she was the wrong one, she shouldn’t have trusted a vampire because they were heartless anyway and Arnav just proved that, he was heartless!

She picked up her phone and dialed Geet’s number once again, after learning the truth she wasn’t just going to sit down here and cry, she needed answers and she was going to find them.

“Did you see the pictures?” Geet asked as she received the call.

“Yes I did, I need one favor from you, I’m sending you an address, make sure you reach there as soon as you can and then give me a call once you are there, can you do that?”

“Of course I can”

“Great then, I’ll see you there soon.” Khushi said as she disconnected the call.

She headed outside in the hall where Rosie was sited busy doing nothing, looking at her she couldn’t understand what Arnav was actually up to, on one side he broke her heart while on the other side he had his sister keeping an eye on her for her safety, was it even because he wanted her to be safe or there were other reasons?

“Where are you going?” Rosie asked as she saw Khushi walking towards the door.

“It’s none of your business and you better not follow me, I know how to take care of myself and I definitely don’t need you for it” Khushi said as she opened the door but Rosie reached her within seconds and stood on her way.

“I’m not letting you go anywhere Khushi, I told you it’s dangerous outside.”

“So why do you care? If it’s dangerous it’s for my life, and if I don’t care about my life you also shouldn’t”

“What’s wrong with you Khushi? Why are you talking like this?”

“Look Rosie, I really don’t know a thing but now it’s time for me to know a lot of things so let me go, I don’t want you following me anywhere, I just need to leave from this damn place and if you try stopping me one more time I’m scared I might do or say something I’m not supposed to so let me be!” Khushi said angrily as she pushed Rosie out of her way and rushed away.


Arnav was busy going through the papers once again, he just wanted to make sure everything was fine, and once Nia signed them, everything was going to be fine, he’d be able to accomplish his mission and the go back to Khushi and they’ll live their lives happily.

He was all excited, he had waited for this day to come since long, the day that he had waited for, and today there was nothing going to stop him.

He put all the documents in a folder and stood up to leave, he had to visit Nia in her hotel and get the documents signed from her.

He was just exiting the house when he remembered he had left his phone inside, he walked back to get it when he found eight missed calls from Rosie.

He quickly dialed back her number wondering what had happened, he just hoped everything was okay, he hoped Khushi was okay.

“You called me? I’m sorry my phone was on silent” Arnav asked Rosie.

“Yes I did, there’s something that has happened” Rosie said

“What? You’re scaring me now, tell me what it is… Khushi, is she okay? I hope the wolves dint attack” Arnav asked worriedly.

“It’s not about that Arnav, it’s just that she left from here all alone, she seemed to be angry about something, she was even quite rude to me, she left the house despite me refusing her to, and she even warned me not to follow her.

There’s definitely something wrong and I don’t know what, but something just doesn’t feel right, I thought I’d call you and inform you about it.”

“How could you let her go alone Rosie, you could have at least followed her, that’s what I had told you to do”

“I’m sorry Arnav, but she was so angry and she warned me and I thought if I followed her things wouldn’t turn out good, you need to come back as soon as you can, she seemed really off.”

“Or did she meet Geet or something? If that happened then I’m sure Geet must have told her about me, if she’s learnt the truth, she’ll be very hurt Rosie”

“No, I don’t think she met Geet and I guess Geet had given up on looking for her around this place, anyway I’ll try to look for her, you try to come here as soon as you can.”

“Okay, I’m just going to see Nia, I’m getting the papers signed by her today and then I’ll be back”

“Okay hurry up please”

“God Khushi, now where are you? This girl will give me a heart attack some day!” Arnav said as he rushed out of the house to get his work done as soon as he could wondering what would happen if Khushi had actually found out the truth.

He had to get done with this soon, because this place wasn’t far from where they lived, Khushi would reach here within thirty minutes if she was actually coming here.

He called Nia and informed her that was coming to see her at the hotel and he wanted her to be outside when he reached so they could finish this up as soon as possible.

When he arrived at the hotel, he was disappointed to see that Nia was outside yet, why was she taking so long?

He sat on the bench impatiently waiting for her to come, he knew he had really little time, according to the timings Rosie had told him about Khushi leaving, she could be here anytime soon and now Nia was wasting more of his time.

He dialed her number again but it was busy, now who was she talking to at this time?

He waited for like a few more minutes and dialed her number again but it was still showing busy, his patience was like now coming to a complete end, he stood up from the bench and decided to head inside the hotel, he had to get done with his.

Just when he started walking, he saw Nia walking out busy conversing with someone on the phone.

“I’ve been waiting for so long Nia” Arnav said angrily.

“I’m sorry Arnav, I was just trying to contact Adarsh, I called many people but I couldn’t reach him, since he went abroad, he hasn’t even called me once, I just wanted to inform about this” Nia said as she put her phone in the pocket of her jean.

“It’s okay, you can talk to him later, I’ve got the papers, you just have to sign them, I’m getting late anyway I need to do a lot so can we please get done with this?”

“Nia nodded positively as she sat on the bench and Arnav sat next to her and he pulled all the documents out from the folder and handed them to Nia.

“Here’s the pen, I’ll show you where to sign” Arnav said as he started pointing where she had to sign.

Nia was just about to sign on the first page when something interrupted them. It was the sound of someone clapping. They both turned and found Khushi standing right behind them with eyes full of tears and she looked at Arnav in complete shock, this was just yet another shock for her.

Jan 12, 2018

Soulless... Part 47 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 4 times)

“Khushi!” Nia said as she stood up surprised but yet happy that she was finally face to face with her best friend, she rushed to hug her happily while Khushi’s eyes were stuck on Arnav, staring with him with eye full of pain and hurt.

“How did you know I was here Khushi? I am so glad you’re here on the right time, I was just signing the papers of mine and Arnav’s marriage, I mean it’s the best time to have you, come I’ll introduce you to him” Nia said as she got hold of Khushi’s hand and pulled her towards Arnav, her eyes yet stuck on him.

“Arnav meet her, she’s my best friend Khushi and Khushi, he’s Arnav…”

“My husband” Khushi said as tears rolled down her eyes while Nia looked at her completely shocked.

“I am sorry, did I misinterpret it? Did you just say Arnav was your husband?” Nia asked in shock.

“Why don’t you answer that question Arnav, Nia is waiting for an answer” Khushi said glaring at Arnav angrily.

“I am sorry Khushi” Arnav whispered, Nia looked at him in complete shock, he was Khushi’s husband? Then why was he getting married to her again? Nothing was making any sense.

“Khushi, I can explain” Arnav said looking at her apologetically.

“I don’t need any explanation Arnav, no one had ever hurt me as much as you have, I trusted you even when you hurt me, I trusted you damn it! And what did you do? You took my trust as a damn football and played around with it to make yourself happy. How could you be so heartless Arnav?

How could you do this to me? To my friends? How could you even think of getting married to Nia? Getting married to Geet? When you were already married to me? You know there’s a reason why they call people like you soulless creatures, it’s because you done have a soul, you don’t have a heart, today you gave me another reason of never trusting anyone in my life.”

She walked away when Arnav rushed behind her, he got hold of her hand and pulled her back in a tight hug, he dint want to let her go, he dint want to lose her and he was going to do everything that it would take him to stop her from leaving him.

“I am sorry Khushi, please listen to me, I love you and only you” Arnav said

Nia stood far away looking at Arnav in shock, did he just hear him say that he loved Khushi? Then what was he doing here with her? Why the hell on earth did he want to get married to her?

“Arnav?” They heard another voice and turned to find Geet standing there in shock too.

“Can someone tell me what’s going on?” She asked nervously.

“Apparently, Arnav is Khushi’s husband who was faking his love me and we were just about to get married” Nia said leaving Geet completely shocked.

“What? He even got married to me?” Geet said shocking Nia, this was all so confusing.

“Do you have anything to explain after all this Arnav? You got married to me and then after that you got married to both my best friends and you expect me to hear your explanation, well then listen to my answer very carefully, it’s a big no! I don’t want to know why you did this to me, I don’t want to know anything because all that I know right now is that you cheated on me.

You broke my trust, despite me telling you not to, I did so much for you Arnav, I fell in love with you and remained in it despite knowing the fact that you were a vampire, despite knowing that my life would always been in danger when around you but I ignore it all for you and all you did was this!” Khushi shouted feeling disgusted, how could she have fallen in love with such a man?

Such a heartless man?

“Khushi, please just for once listen to me, I love you and I haven’t cheated on you, ask Geet, yes I agree we got married but did I even touch her once? Tell her the truth Geet, did I?

Nia, all this days I’ve been with you, did I even touch you? Did I do something romantic or something that would say I cheated on her?

No! Khushi I told you I had a mission and I’d tell you about it when it was over and trust me, after I got the papers signed from Nia, I was going to tell you all about it, and as a matter of fact, the papers she was going to sign weren’t marriage papers, they were her property papers, the share of the property you left for her.”

“What matters is that you hurt me and my best friends, I don’t care if you touched them or not, that’s not the only thing categorized as cheating. You broke my trust Arnav and you broke me! Whatever your mission was, I never thought it was more important than me to you, then why did you do this Arnav, why?”

Because unless your whole property belonged to me, I wouldn’t be able to get inside that house? And had to get inside there at any cost and I wouldn’t have risked anything for that.”

“Why would you want to go to my house? You would have told me, I would have taken you there myself.”

“It doesn’t work like that Khushi, you’re forgetting that I’m a vampire and I can’t enter anyone’s house just like that, yes if I told you, you would have taken me there but I wouldn’t be able to enter in because that house is sealed with magical powers you can’t even think of.

That house was created to keep vampires like me away and even if you took me there I wouldn’t be able to enter in unless the property belonged to me, remember I had got the papers signed by you after our wedding? That was why, the only way I could get it.”

“But why would you want to get inside my house Arnav?”

“Wait, what is this vampire thing you are talking about?” Geet asked looking at Arnav in shock.

“Arnav are you calling yourself a vampire? How is that even possible, nothing like vampires exist” Nia said

“I believed so, until I met him” Khushi said as she looked at Arnav painfully.

“Why did you ruin my life like this Arnav? Do you know what it feels like to be in love with your own best friend’s husband? What am I going to do now? What am I going to tell Adarsh? That I fell in love with a man who was pretending to be in love with me for a property?” Nia cried bitterly.

Both Khushi and Geet rushed towards her as they hugged her.

“It’s going to be okay Nia… please don’t be heartbroken, I know how much it’s hurting you, it’s hurting the three of us the same and the reason behind that is the same too.” Khushi said.

“I am sorry Khushi, I dint know he was your husband, I would never do that to you, please believe me.”

“I know Nia, I know you aren’t at fault, it’s him, he’s the one who did everything, the one who broke my trust, the one who played with all our feelings” Khushi said angrily.

“Yes I did that, I agree I was wrong and I am sorry for that, but just so you know, I am not the only one at fault Khushi, because I wouldn’t be a vampire if it wasn’t for your dad, the one who killed me!” Arnav said angrily.

Khushi walked towards him in fury and then next thing he felt was a tight slap on his face, he turned to look at her in shock not being able to understand why she did that.

“How dare you! My dad would never do such a thing, he would never kill anyone!”

“Yes he would and that’s what he did to me, his secret would have been safe if I died, because no one else knew, but thank’s to Rosie’s drink I had a vampire’s blood in my system before I was killed and I came back alive.

And you, Khushi you should be thankful to be because despite all your dad did to me, I dint go on opting for revenge, you were his daughter if I wanted revenge I would have done worse to you than he did to me but I dint, all I did was wished to be human again and in that process I ended up hurting the three of you.

But don’t you all think, this would have never happened if he didn’t kill me in the first place?

“You’re just lying” Khushi said angrily.

“You don’t trust me? Fine! I’ll prove it to you” Arnav said as he got hold of her and started pulling her away.

“Let me go Arnav! What do you think you’re doing?!” She shouted as she pulled her hand out of his hold.

“I’m taking you to your father, to prove it to you that he was the one who killed me, don’t you want to know the truth Khushi?”

“Fine let’s go!” Khushi said as she walked with Arnav while Nia and Geet followed them. All this information was so hard to digest, Khushi’s dad being a murderer, Arnav being a Vampire, everything sounded impossible.

Jan 12, 2018

Soulless... Part 48 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 12 times)

After the long journey, they all finally arrived to Delhi, all the way everyone had been silent, there was nothing left to talk about, Khushi felt betrayed and cheated by all the people that were surrounding her. her best friends who did not trust her, her own husband who was now the husband to one of her friend’s and was almost married to the other, how the hell on earth was that even legal?

She dint even know how he did it, maybe it was like he had done with her, instead of the marriage papers he got the property papers signed and that’s why it was legal because they weren’t actually married legally.

Everyone stepped out of the car outside the mansion as Khushi stared at it, she was back here after so long, she missed this place a lot.

Arnav got hold of her hand as she pulled it off suddenly and looked at him angrily.

“Don’t touch me Arnav, just don’t!” She said as teared formed in her eyes.

“Okay, I am sorry, I just wanted us to go inside, but you’ll not have to come in front of your dad, I’ll go and meet him myself, you three have to hide somewhere from where you can listen to our conversation and the truth will be in front of you” Arnav said.

“We’ll manage that, go inside and prove it, and if you are unable to prove it, I don’t know what I’m going to do about you” Khushi said.

“Trust me I will, you’ll see the true colors of your father today” Arnav said as he walked towards the door to get inside but he couldn’t, it was like something invisible was stopping him.

“I told you I can’t enter inside” Arnav said as he turned back to look at Khushi.

“What do I have to do?” Khushi asked

“Not you, Nia has to sign the property papers, half of it belongs to her, you had signed yours to me, now it’s her turn, I wasn’t getting married to her, the papers I was getting signed from her were property papers not marriage.” Arnav explained.

“Nia, sign those papers right away”

“But Khushi, how can you trust him after all this? How can you tell me to give him the property? If I have to give it back it would be to you and not him”

“This isn’t the only property that belongs to me Nia, we have so many, this wouldn’t even matter so do it, what’s important for me right now is learning the truth.” Khushi said

Arnav walked back to Nia and handed her the property papers, she took them and stared at them hesitantly before signing them and the she handed them back to Arnav who pushed the inside his pocket.

He turned to the entrance once again and then walked inside without anything stopping him this time.

They all stood behind the door and hid themselves there while Arnav walked into the hall.

Mr. Dev Malhotra was sited on the couch relaxed as he watched television, as soon as his eyes fell on Arnav, he stood up in shock, his expressions said it all, he was actually shocked to see Arnav here and that meant he actually knew him.

“Surprise Surprise!” Arnav said.

He moved a step backward looking at Arnav in confusion and fear, was this actual? Was tit real or was he just dreaming?

“Surprised to see me alive?” Arnav asked.

“How… how did you…” Dev stammered.

“How did I stay alive even after you killed me with your own hands and threw my body off the cliff? Well destiny had its own plans you see” Arnav said as he continued walking towards him.

“That’s impossible, you can’t be alive, maybe this is your spirit, are you trying to scare me?”

“Really? A Spirit? Do I look like one? No Mr. Dev Malhotra, I’m not a spirit, I’m something worse than that and it’s all because of you!”

It happened in a flash, one moment he was standing a few feet away from him and the next moment he was near him, Dev looked at Arnav terrified, it was like magic.

“How did you come here without me seeing you come here?” he asked

“Because I told you, I’m something worse, I’m a vampire” Arnav said as suddenly his eyes turned completely red, two fangs came out of his mouth, he looked scary as hell.

“Why did you kill me Mr. Dev Malhotra? Why?” Arnav asked

“Because you forced me to, I dint want to do it but I had no other option, I had been working so well doing my job fabulously, I used to get each and every deal in the matter of a few seconds and then God knows where you came from, you took it all from me.

All the people who were working with me all this years stopped working with me and came to you and just like that, I could see losing everything to you.

I tried talking to you dint I? But you were so arrogant you dint even listen to me, how could I let you snatch all this from me? My money? My power? You snatched away everything from me and the only option to get it back was by killing you so I did that!”

Khushi looked at Dev in shock while tears rolled down her eyes, she couldn’t believe her father could do something like this, that too for the sake of money and power.

“I was talented and that’s why it all came to me, I dint snatch it from you!” Arnav said clenching his fists tight.

Khushi walked inside suddenly followed by Geet and Nia, Dev looked at the three of them in shock while he hoped that Khushi hadn’t heard a thing, he never wanted for her to know that her father was a murderer.

“So this is your real face?” Khushi asked

“What are you talking about Khushi?”

“Stop pretending dad! Stop it! I heard everything, I heard you confessing with your own mouth that you killed him, what is it? Why am I the unlucky one? Why all the relationships that I value the most are messed up? Why is it that everyone keeps on breaking my trust and hurting me?

Firstly this two, then Arnav and now you? What did I do to deserve this? Why do you all have to hurt me like this?”

“I dint kill him Khushi, he’s right here, he’s alive” Dev said.

“He’s as good as dead, he’s a vampire dad, and all of it is your fault!” Khushi shouted at the top of her voice.

“I am sorry Khushi, I dint want to do it but then I had no choice.”

“You know what, no matter what you explain, I’ll never forgive you for this, so just let it be, I’m done with all of you for once and for all.

I don’t want to see any of your faces from today onwards, I’m just tired of all this nonsense, I’m tired of getting hurt by everyone I love so for heaven sake all of you just leave me alone!”

She rushed out of the mansion while Geet and Nia stood there helplessly, they tried so much but maybe they had hurt her more than what they thought and maybe they were never going to get their best friend back.

Arnav looked at the exit where Khushi had left from and then he looked at the mansion, he was here finally, he could get done with whatever he had planned for, this was the moment, but maybe Khushi was more important for him and he dint care if he lost all this, as long as he dint lose her.

He rushed out like wind hoping he would be able to gain her forgiveness and bring her back to his life because she was the one who had taught a heartless and soulless person like him the meaning for love and life and this life was worth nothing if she wasn’t there with him.

“Khushi!” Arnav shouted as he spotted her running a bit further.

He rushed towards her and got hold of her hand and stopped her.

“Let me go Arnav, I don’t want to see your face!” Khushi shouted.

“You have to, because I love you and like I told you I was going to tell you about all this once my mission was over just that you found out earlier.

I agree I did wrong to you by getting married to Geet but I thought she was the one who owned half your property, Khushi just for once, listen to me, let me explain why I did this and then I’ll leave it all on you to forgive me or not to forgive me.

Please, just one chance, I deserve that one chance, Nia and Geet too deserve that one chance, I don’t know what you’ll decided to do about your dad because he did something unforgivable but you can at least try to forgive us?

Just listen to me please, I love you so much and I don’t want to lose you Khushi, if you’re not in my life, all this I’ve been working on for so long is going to be useless.”

“Fine explain and if it isn’t valid enough, don’t expect me to forgive you.”

Arnav nodded as he got hold of her hand and pulled her back to the mansion, they sat outside in the garden as he started explaining everything to her.

Jan 13, 2018

Soulless... Part 49 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 5 times)

After all that happened between your father and me, I woke up in Mr. Raizada’s house, Rosie had taken me there, she explained to me how she had put her blood in my drink and because of that I wasn’t dead but I was turned to a vampire.

For a moment I couldn’t believe her, I mean all that sounded like nonsense, I dint believe vampires existed, they were all just in books but then I started craving blood and everything changed.

I realized all this was true, it had actually happened, I was dead as a human but alive as a vampire, I had become a soulless creature who lived on nothing but blood.

I hated this, I dint want to be a vampire Khushi, but I had only two options, one was either I could die and get rid of all this or I could turn back into a human and live my life like before.”

“So what did you choose?”

“I chose to live obviously, who doesn’t want to live? And that’s why I had to do all of this, whatever I did with you and your friends.”

“I still don’t get it, what does you getting married to us or having our property as yours has to do with you becoming a human again?”

“It has, when I became a vampire, I decided I dint want to live like this so I had decided to end my life but Rosie stopped me, we had grown close in a matter of a few days she dint want to lose me, she had been alone her whole life so she told me there was a way I could live as a human and not as a vampire.

She told me a story about your ancestors and how they were once wizards but as the generation moved forward, it all faded away, and that’s why neither you nor your dad knew anything about vampires and wizards and the connection between them, anyway so before they passed away, they had made a cure, I don’t know what exactly it is but it could cure vampirism, it could turn a vampire to a human.

We did some research on it and found out that it was somewhere here in this house because this house once belonged to your ancestors, it’s been just renovated with time to look modern, so to be human again I had to find that cure, so I set out on a mission, it was actually funny that the person who wanted to kill me, his house was where I could find my life back.

So I decided to dig out information and then I met you and I found out that you were his daughter and that the house was on your name, I had to get that house belong to me only then I could be able to enter in and get the cure.

I mean it doesn’t happen in all houses, in other places we just need to be invited in by the owner but because the cure was here, no vampire could enter in unless the property belonged to them.

There were rules, if we tried to compel the owner of the property to sign the papers for us then the cure would get destroyed on its own and we would never find it, I learnt later that they had bound it with such a magic that even if we tried to compel the person who owned the property, they wouldn’t get compelled, that’s why compulsion dint work on you, neither did it work on Nia because the property belonged to you and to her. The magic was like that, if anyone else owned the property too, compulsion wouldn’t work on them either, you see Khushi it was something really important for me, I couldn’t take even a bit of risk on anything because I knew one mistake and everything would be destroyed, and I wouldn’t ever get the chance to be human again!

I had no option Khushi, I dint know if you could trust me so I couldn’t ask you to give me your property just like that, that’s why I had to get married to you and pretend that the property papers you were signing were marriage papers, I know you trusted me and I knew you wouldn’t go through them so that was an advantage.

Now according to the information I had, I knew half the property belonged to your friend, and knowing that Geet had a step mother I thought you might have given it to her, so that’s why I got close to her, we even got married and on the same day I found out that the property actually belonged to Nia and not to Geet, but in between all this, I dint know how, but I fell in love with you.

I wanted to tell you everything Khushi, but I wanted to get done with the mission, I had decided that after I got the papers signed from Nia, I would tell you the whole thing myself but you found out earlier.

All I did with Geet and Nia was just for the property, I dint cheat on you, how can I when I love you and only you? I just made mistakes, I wanted my life back Khushi, tell me what was wrong in wanting my life back?

Whatever that happened to me wasn’t my fault, it was your father’s but I dint even try to revenge, all I wanted was to be a human being and to live my life normally, I know I hurt you but trust me it wasn’t my intention to hurt you.

I am sorry Khushi, I know I’ve hurt you a lot, I’ve given you a lot of pain and maybe I don’t deserve you forgiveness but I can’t stop hoping for it but neither am I going to force you for it, now I’m leaving the decision upon you, you have to decide if you want to forgive me or not so I can decide if I want to take the cure or not, because without you, even if I get my human life back, it’s going to be of no use.”

“Don’t say that Arnav, promise me that whatever decision I make you would live, I want you to take the cure, you’ve done so much for it and you can’t leave all this in between just because of me, you have to live your life, with or without me” Khushi said.

“Life without you isn’t worth living Khushi and that’s my decision but you have yours to make and I promise I’ll respect it… anyway enough about me, I want you to think about Nia and Geet, I know they made mistake but I know you love them and I think you should forgive them, I know they won’t hurt you again, they deserve a chance Khushi… maybe I don’t but they definitely do.

Anyway take as much time as you want and when you finally decide, just inform me, I’ll accept your decision whatever be it.”

He walked away while Khushi sat there lost in thoughts, maybe Arnav was right, her friends deserved one chance, they were human being after all, they were allowed to make mistakes and they’d done so much, they stopped talking to each other, they looked for her, now it was time for her to forgive them.


Nia and Geet walked outside the mansion after a while and found Khushi sited in the garden, she seemed to be lost in thoughts and for a moment they wondered if they should talk to her or not.

They walked towards her and settled down next to her, Khushi looked at them with a smile which was quite unexpected.

“I missed you both” Khushi said opening her arms to hug them.

They both smiled happily and hugged her tightly, it was after long the three of them shared a hug, they missed it, they missed their friendship.

“We are really sorry for all that happened Khushi” They both said.

“Its okay, such things keep on happening in friendship, I’m glad I have you both back, I missed you so much.”

“We missed you too, nothing seemed to be going right in life, but now that we are back together, everything will get on track.” Geet said.

“Hopefully” Nia said as she got lost in thoughts.

She dint know where her relationship with Adarsh stood in all this, but she knew one thing and that was she had to tell Adarsh about this, he was the one to decide on what had to happen.

It was a terrible feeling realizing how wrong she had done to him, he loved her so much always and despite that love of his, she dint know why she was never able to fall for him but instead ended up falling in love with Arnav.

How was she even going to explain this to him?

Was he even going to understand her? There were lots of questions in her mind.

Geet was also lost in thoughts about Maan, she knew she just had to go back to him and tell him the truth about Arnav, maybe if he would decide to forgive her then they would have their happily ever after.

As for this two at least they knew what they had to do, but Khushi was all confused, she dint know what to do about Arnav.

She was stuck between wanting to forgive him and not wanting to, although he had his reasons, he should have trusted her and told her the truth but then she couldn’t blame him for hiding it, what if she actually dint trust him and maybe she’d have spoilt everything for him?

According to Arnav’s point of view he was right but according to her point of view he wasn’t, and she dint know what to do, this was so damn frustrating.

Jan 13, 2018

Soulless... Part 50 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 13 times)

Three months later…

Not being able to decide on what she really wanted, Khushi had decided to move back home to stay close to her friends once again.

Geet had talked to Maan and had explained everything to him, although he was angry, he still forgave her because he loved her and dint want to lose her, and today, they were getting engaged!

Khushi was sited in her room lost in thoughts when Geet came rushing inside.

“Help me Khushi, what do you think I should wear? I am confused between this two dresses, please choose for me” Geet said.

“The purple one looks better” Khushi said pointing at the dress Geet was holding in her hand.

“Great, then you can wear this other one, it’s pretty! Nia is already sorted with what she has to wear, we’re the only ones left.”

“Did you invite your mom and Sakshi?”

“No, and I don’t think they need to be invited after what they did, first of all that Sakshi pretended to have slept with Maan just to separate us, I can never ever forget about it.” Geet said angrily.

“But Geet, they’re your only family.”

“Khushi if I ask you to forget uncle for what he did will you? you haven’t even seen his face in the past three months, then how can you expect me to forgive this people, they don’t deserve it and please let’s not spoil the moods by talking about them, we have to start getting ready, it’s almost time” Geet said as she looked at her watch nervously.

“Don’t worry, it’s going to be great” Khushi said as she hugged her happily.

“I feel bad, I am here getting engaged while you and Nia… why don’t you talk to Arnav? Khushi look I know he made a mistake and he hurt us all but if it wasn’t for him maybe we would never be together again.” Geet said.

“I don’t want to discuss him Geet, let’s get ready” Khushi said as she stood up and walked away…

No matter how she behaved or how silent she stayed, it was clear from her behavior that she still loved Arnav but the problem was that she dint want to forgive him.

They hadn’t seen each other in the past three months, no one knew where he was, if he even took the cure he had been talking about or not.


The engagement was being held at Maan’s mansion.

Khushi, Geet and Nia were standing together waiting for the ceremony to begin, Geet was all excited and happy while both Khushi and Nia looked lost.

“Where’s aunty?” Geet asked looking at Nia.

“She said she’ll come a bit late, she’s not been keeping well because of the pregnancy, but don’t worry she will come” Nia assured Geet.

“Did you sort the issues between you both?” Khushi asked Nia.

“Can we talk about that later? I mean it’s a happy day, why do we always have to discuss the past whenever we meet?”

“You invited Adarsh?” Khushi asked Geet in shock when she saw Adarsh walking in.

Nia suddenly became nervous, she couldn’t even gather enough courage to lift her head up and look at him, since she told him about her and Arnav, they never talked, they never even met and then he was here suddenly, she dint even know what was going to happen.

All she could feel was guilt, for what she had done to him, and he being the lovable guy he was, dint even scold her or blame her for anything, but like a mature man, he understood her, although he was hurt, he did understand.

“Of course I did, I mean this both have to talk, they can’t just behave like strangers” Geet said.

 “There’s nothing left to talk about Geet, I dont deserve a guy like him, not at least after what I did to him.”

“But it wasn’t your fault Nia, and I am sure he understands that and that’s why he is here, I think you both should talk” Khushi said.


“Please talk to him, he still loves you so much and I don’t think there’s anyone better than him for you” Khushi said.

“Okay fine, if you both say so, I’ll try” Nia sighed.

The guests had all arrived by now, Nia walked towards Adarsh and stood next to him, the awkwardness being clear, they just smiled at each other and then stood like they were strangers.

A few of Maan’s relatives came and took Geet away leaving Khushi standing there all alone, so she decided to walk to somewhere else where no one would notice her standing all alone.

There was time yet for the engagement ceremony to begin, so she walked to the corner of the mansion and stood next to the window as she peeped outside looking at the people who were coming inside.

She was busy staring outside when she started getting this strange sort of feeling, it was just something happening inside her but it was like it was giving her some sort of signal or something.

She turned around and just like she felt it, Arnav was standing right there staring at her.

“Khushi!” He said with a smile on his face and his eyes moist.

Khushi stared at him with her eyes wide open, it was after three good months she was seeing him, there wasn’t a thing that had changed about him, he was just the same as she had seen him last, just that this time he looked a bit more sad.

“Geet invited you here dint she?” Khushi asked.

“Yes, and I thought it would be good to say a last goodbye, so I thought I’ll come and see you for one last time.”

“Are you going somewhere?”

“Yes, somewhere far where your memories wont haunt me” Arnav smiled.

“All the best for that then, anyway I am sorry I am a bit busy right now, it’s my best friend’s engagement after all.” Khushi said.

“Won’t you even talk to me for a while?” Arnav asked as he got hold of her hand and suddenly all the feelings were back, the ones he was trying to get rid off, just one touch and everything was back, the pain, the heartbreak… everything.

“No, there’s nothing left for us to talk Arnav.”

“Not even our love?”

“Our love was dead the same day you decided to cheat on me with my friends Arnav, there was no love, there never was.”

“I dint cheat on you and you know it very well Khushi.”

“Maybe yes, but whatever that was between us is over Arnav and it would be good if you accept it.”

“I’ve accepted it long time back and that why I even came to say goodbye but I guess it was a wrong decision, I am sorry for ruining this day for you, it’s your best friend’s engagement after all, have a good life Khushi and if possible don’t forget there existed a soulless creature who once loved you so much.”

He walked away without turning to look at her again, Khushi stood still in her place not being able to even react, why did he have to come here and make her weak again? How was she supposed to control her feelings that were continuously pushing her to run behind him and stop him from going?

She looked at Geet who was now standing with Maan looking so happy, she smiled seeing her best friend happy and walked to join the crowd, the engagement ceremony was about to begin.

“Ladies and gentlemen, thank you all for joining us to celebrate this special day of our life, I am so glad to have Geet with me” Maan said as he looked at her.

Geet blushed deep red as everyone clapped for them.

“This life without her, wouldn’t be worth it.” Maan said as he got hold of her hand and pulled her closer…

Everything else seemed to be fading away in Khushi’s mind, all she could remember were Arnav’s words, he had told her the same thing three months back hadn’t he? Life without her wouldn’t be worth living.

All the words kept on ringing in her mind, he was here to say a last goodbye, he was going somewhere far where her memories won’t haunt him, there was actually no place like that.

“Oh My God! Arnav no!” Khushi cried as she rushed out of the mansion hoping to find him, but he had already disappeared.

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