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Dec 12, 2017

Soulless (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 21 times)

He felt strange…

His body was slowly becoming cold, ice cold…

Someone was snatching something so important from him, he couldn’t decide what it was, but he felt it being snatched away, he felt as if he was dying…

He fell down on the floor losing all the strength he had…

Ready to feel dead and go to heaven he shut his eyes…

Everything changed in a matter of seconds… he never realized how much all this could take away from him…

But now it was all taken…

His money, his house… he had his body left with him, which seemed to be losing its strength…

And he knew this was the end…

The end of him, without taking revenge of what he we went through…

No matter what, he knew this wasn’t supposed to end this way…

He wasn’t going to let them be in peace… he was surely going to come back…

And when he does, no one would be able to snatch anything away from him anymore…

It would be a war, of the same kind.

Part 1

She walked the empty streets alone, holding her heels in her hand as she stared up at the moon smiling back at her.

Droplets of tears rolled down her cheeks falling on the ground, she had always heard people saying that best friends make life easier, they take away all our problems and pain and trust us more than anyone else.

Until tonight, she believed the same, she had both her best friends by her side, she was a hundred percent sure they were never going to let her down, but things always don’t happen the way they do in our minds.

She dropped the bottle of alcohol on the floor as it crushed into pieces, there was nothing else right now that could make her feel better.

One night, this same very night that was supposed to be the beginning of a new life for her, ended up being the night that brought end to lots of relationships.

It was supposed to be their graduation night, when she along with her best friends, Geet and Nia and her classmates would finally become engineers, it was supposed to be a night full of fun, laughter and smiles, but it turned into a night of broke trust and broken relations.

Maybe this was what destiny had planned for her, she was supposed to live alone her whole life…

She stopped in front of her house, the huge mansion shined bright in the moonlight but it couldn’t give her any happiness at all.

What was the point of having such a huge mansion, with a father as rich as hell but who never had time for his own daughter.

What was the point of having all this when her mother just disappeared after divorce with her father and never tried to look back, not even meet her own daughter once?

What was the point of having so much money, when the only best friends she had ended up hurting her like this… What dint she do for the, she paid their fees took them out partying, clubbing and all those expensive trips but what they did in return was not to trust her.

She walked inside, the whole mansion was in a silence, that silence she wished she could put an end to. She pulled out all her clothes and belongings from the cupboard and packed them in her bag, maybe leaving this place forever was the solution to all her problems.

She’d stay alone and life would be much easier…


Nia and Geet stopped at the mansion as they quickly rushed inside shouting Khushi’s name, hoping she would respond to them, hoping she would come and let them explain their point of view but she dint respond.

“Check in her room, I’ll check the other rooms meanwhile” Geet told Nia as they both rushed upstairs.

They searched the whole mansion but couldn’t find anyone there.

They walked out sadly having no idea of where to look for her, it was just a misunderstanding and they wanted to clear it.

They knew it was their fault and they dint want to lose a friend like her just because of some misunderstanding.

“What do we do now?” Nia asked

“I don’t know, I just hope we could find her somewhere, then things would get back to normal” Geet said

A car drove in and within a few seconds a man dressed in a three piece suit walked out.

He was Khushi’s father, Mr. Dev Malhotra. He looked at the both girls who were standing at the entrance and headed towards them.

“I’m glad I found you both here, I had to give you something” he said as he turned to look at Nia.

“What?” She asked

“Khushi left this for you” He said as he handed some documents to Nia.

She opened it and went through them as tears slowly rolled down her eyes.

“She left half part of her property on my name? Why did she do that uncle? And where is she?” Nia asked

“I’m sorry dear, but I also don’t know, she told me she’s going away, she wanted to live her life alone for some time, she said she’d call me when she will be okay but even if I get to know about her whereabouts, she took a promise from me that I wouldn’t tell anyone about it” Dev said

“She’s punishing herself for our mistakes, only if we could talk to her once and tell her how sorry we are” Geet said

“I’m sorry dears, I wish I could help” Dev said as he walked inside the mansion.

“What do we do now?” Geet asked

“She’s done a lot for us Geet, all this years she had been paying our fees and doing everything for us, if today we both are engineers it’s only because of her and we must find her” Nia said

“But how? And where will we look for her?”

“She punished herself because of our mistakes, we will also punish ourselves… From today onward you and I won’t be in contact either.

We’ll go different ways and live different lives until either of us finally finds Khushi… This is the time for us to prove our friendship and we will” Nia said

“So we don’t stay in touch at all until we find her?”

“Yes, she is alone because of us so we will be alone too until we find her”

“Okay, from today onwards the only motive of my life would be to look for Khushi and to ask for forgiveness from her”

“Find Khushi mission begins” Nia said as she hugged Geet.

They both walked on separate ways from there onwards in search of Khushi and waiting for that time when the three of them would meet again.


Khushi walked into an old apartment that looked like no apartment at all.

She looked around for the bed and finally sat on it while she sighed, it was just a matter of few days until she got a new mansion, although she left her half share of property for Nia, she had the other half and with that she was going to get herself a good house.

What was left was to look for a job and after she starts earning, her life would go well.

She walked towards the window and stared outside, the dark forest seemed scarier than she had thought when the landlord told her about it.

A slight movement drew her attentions towards one of the trees, she could hear some kind of noises which scared the hell out of her.

She quickly shut the windows and the door as she sat still on her bed, this place was really scary, she just wanted to leave, as soon as possible.

She took her belongings and rushed out quickly, she would even sleep on the roads if they were far from this forest.

Just when she stepped on the main road, she saw a lion a bit further from her, she inhaled a deep breath and stood still.

There was no way she was going to escape it, maybe this was how she was going to die, by becoming a lion’s food.

She shut her eyes when she saw the lion walking towards her and for a few seconds she felt like it was already there and it was starting to harm her.

She quickly opened her eyes again just to find the lion disappeared.

She turned around to walk away quickly but bumped into a man, a man who stood in front of her, staring deep into her eyes with his deep black colored eyes.

“You shouldn’t be here at this time, this place isn’t safe” He warned

Khushi nodded as she looked around, all over she was surrounded by the forest, she was like the only living soul on the road.

She turned to look at the man but he had disappeared, what was weirder was that he disappeared in a matter of seconds that she dint even realize, and he was nowhere to be seen at all.

Dec 13, 2017

Soulless... Part 2 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 18 times)

After a lot of tries, Khushi finally managed to get one room for herself in the biggest hotel of Shimla.

She locked herself inside her room and covered herself with the blanket, she dint even know why she decided to come to this place, it was mostly cold the whole year, though it did show sunrise at times, it wasn’t as normal as back there in Delhi.

She looked out the window thinking about the man she had met, he was quite strange, he looked quite different, different in a good way obviously.

His skin was white, his lips red as if he had put on some cherry lipstick, his eyes dark and intense, his body was of the perfect shape.

Everything was normal about this man, apart from one thing…

What made the lion disappear? Or maybe he was the keeper of the forest and the animals there knew him and obeyed him. It might have been that.

She walked back to the bed and struggled to sleep but all that came in her mind were her friends, those friends she loved so much, those friends who left her alone when she needed them the most.


“Geet! Who will finish up the work, wake up you lazy girl” Her step mother shouted from downstairs.

Geet stretched her arms as she woke up and looked at the watch, it was only five o’clock in the morning.

Since her father passed away, her step mother had been crueler with her. She would make her do all the work while she and her real daughter sat there like they were some sort of queens.

Her life had become terrible after her father left, they only people she had in love whom she loved were Nia and Khushi and right now she dint have either of them by her side.

She quickly jumped out of the bed realizing she had a job interview and she had to finish up all the work before she went for it.


Khushi was roaming around the town looking for a good house and asking people if they knew about any house.

She had been asking around for more than two hours but she found nothing.

Giving up she headed to a café and sat down as she ordered for a cup of coffee.

She sat there for a while and had her coffee yet worried on how she would find a good house for herself.

After she was done, she stood up to walk away, she had just opened the door when something came in between her legs, just about to fall she tried to get hold of anything that could help when she realized she had fallen into someone’s arms.

He helped her stand up while she looked at him surprised. He was the same man who had saved her from the lion the previous night.

“I’m not always going to be around you to save you from everything, learn how to take care of yourself” he said in an angry tone.

“I dint ask for your help and… wait, what do you mean you’ll not always be there? Were you following me?”

He looked at her surprised as if wondering how she’d known but then he just shook his head and turned to walk away.

Khushi got hold of his hand and pulled him back as she stared at him.

“Wait, you’re hurt and your hand is so cold” She said as she looked at him surprised.

The weather was really cold but for a person’s body to be as cold as his was, was something next to impossible… people’s body became cold only when they were dead.

“I’ll be fine” He said as he pulled his hand and walked away.

Khushi bent down to quickly pick her purse from the floor so that she could follow him and follow him but as soon as she turned her head up, he had disappeared once again.

She rushed out and looked for him all over but he was nowhere to be seen. How could someone just disappear like that in a few seconds?


“Nia, I’ve never asked for anything from you but please do this… it’s about your life, your future” Her mother said.

“Mom you know I don’t want to get married so soon” Nia said

“And it’s not about getting married, I’m just telling you to meet Adarsh, he’s a good guy. Talk to him and get to know each other and if you like each other, we can get you engaged and I promise I’ll not force you to get married until you wish to, it’s just an engagement.

“I won’t get married until I find Khushi again, I don’t know when I’ll find her but I know Adarsh won’t wait that long”

“Talk to him at least… listen to me for once and do as I say… I wish your father was alive today to convince you, but he’s not and I have to.

Nia you know how tough life has been for both of us since your dad left, I just want you to get married in a good house so that you don’t have to face any more of problems” her mother said

“Okay fine mom, I’ll meet him”

“Good, for now I’m going to the market, but he’ll be here in a while and I think it would be good if you both were alone..” She smiled as she walked away.


“Why did you go there?”

“Arnav! We are asking you something, answer us”

“Relax mom, dad… I’ll talk to him” A girl said as she walked towards him.

“What happened? What made you do this? Go against the rules mom and dad had set for us?” She asked

“I don’t know, I just saw her in the café and I couldn’t stop myself from going to her... Her scent drove me crazy, last night when I saw her, there was something about her… she was just a different kind of a person… it was like there was something about her pulling me closer and closer to her” Arnav said

“Rosie, please make him understand, we aren’t against him… Arnav attraction in inevitable but you have to keep control on yourself, you know your closeness with her isn’t going to be safe for either of us”

“I know, and the last thing I want is risk for you, you gave me a place to live, you treat me like your own son and I also take you as my mom and dad and Rosie as my sister so trust me I wouldn’t want any danger for any of you

But I don’t understand what is it about her, I mean I don’t care about anyone even if they are dying I don’t care at all, but I don’t know why I just can’t keep control on myself when it comes to her” Arnav said

“Then do as we say, stay away from her… she would never understand you, nor why you are like this, she would never understand your mission of revenge...” Mr. Raizada said

Arnav nodded positively as he walked away while the other took a sigh hoping he would remain true to his words and stay away from Khushi.

Dec 15, 2017

Soulless... Part 3 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 22 times)

“Yes! Yes!” Geet jumped up and down as she walked inside the house.

“What makes you so happy?” Sakshi her step sister asked

“I got the job, finally I’ll start earning, everything will go great” Geet said

“Is he hot? And young?” Sakshi asked

“Yes, but why are you asking that?”

“Just for information you know” She said as she walked away leaving behind Geet confused.

“All my dreams are going to get fulfilled soon, now I just hope that I find Khushi soon and ask for forgiveness from her” Geet said to herself as she headed to her room.


Hey you!” Khushi shouted when she spotted Arnav in the shopping mall.

Arnav looked at her and then turned around and started walking away in a hurry as if he dint know her.

“Why are you ignoring me?” Khushi asked as she rushed behind him.

“And why are you following me?” He asked as he stopped running away from her.

“We met at the café yesterday and you dint even let me thank you properly”

“Thank me? For what?”

“From the lion, I mean in the jungle. It was all scary and I knew was going to be dead but you saved me so thank you for that and even yesterday at the café I was about to fall and you helped me”

“Not a big deal” He said as he turned around to walk away just when Khushi got hold of his hand and pulled him back.

“What’s your problem?” She asked

He looked back at her angrily, his eyes almost turning red when he looked down at the floor and pulled his hand away from her hold.

“Never ever dare to touch me, it won’t be good for you, trust me when I say that”

He walked away as Khushi stood there confused and angry. What the hell did he think he was? At first he saved her and now when she was thanking him, he was being rude to her? Why the hell on earth was he such a difficult kind of a person?


Nia was waiting for Adarsh at the café as her mom had arranged for them to meet there.

A while later, a tall handsome man walked in as he looked around the café and finally headed to sit next to Nia.

“Hey” he greeted her

“You must be Adarsh?” Nia Asked

“Yes, so finally we are meeting, I’m glad you agreed for this… you have no idea for how long I have been trying to meet you or at least talk to you” Adarsh said

“Really? Why so?”

“Actually I saw you at the mall once, I was there for some shopping and you were with your friends roaming around and I don’t know what it was about you, I was just attracted to you at the first sight”

“And then you stalked me?” Nia asked

“Not really, it was just a coincidence, I kept on seeing you at many places and then once I saw you with your mom at the market and your mom and my mom have been friend, she normally comes our place so I talked to my mother and asked her to talk to your mother and it worked, here we are sited together”

“That was quite impressive” Nia said

“I know… so ask me anything you want to”

“Look first thing first Adarsh, I am not at all ready to get married right now, I lost my friend Khushi because of some misunderstanding and until I find her, I don’t want to get married.

I even told mom that, I am fine with the engagement but not marriage. I just want this to be clear before we even decide to know each other”

“I know Nia, your mom told me about it and trust me, I am ready to wait as long as I get you, I’ll wait even for ages” Adarsh said.


After wasting the whole day lurking around the town, Khushi was finally able to find a good house for herself.

It was quite a big maisonette, all in the interiors of something she liked.

She couldn’t explain how happy she was, to finally have found a new house, which meant a new beginning for her.

She was going to live here from now onwards, she was going to get a good job and life would just go on without her so called best friends.

“Ma’am I’ve talked to the owner of the house, he said he’d be here in a while, you can then discuss the deal with him and if all goes well, then the house is yours” the broker said

“Sure, thank you” Khushi smiled as she opened her purse and pulled out a few notes and paid the man.

He walked away leaving Khushi behind all alone waiting for the owner of the house.

She walked around, looking at each and every room.

A few minutes later…

Arnav walked inside the maisonette looking for the client the broker had informed him about.

He spotted a girl standing in the hall staring at the photographs that were hanged on the wall.

Her hair was parted into half and placed in front leaving her back uncovered.

Arnav walked closer to her slowly and slowly, inhaling her scent, it was like a drug to him.

He got hold of her neck and tucking his nose into it, he inhaled the scent, he was going crazy.

Khushi pushed him away as she quickly turned around just to find Arnav there.

“You!” They both shouted in disbelief.

“I told you to stay away from me! Why are you following me and what are you doing in my house?” He asked angrily.

“I’m not following you, I was here to meet the owner which happens to be you for the house!” Khushi said

Arnav stared at her for a while and then took a heavy breath and turned to walk away.

“You’ll get the papers, I’ll talk to my sister, he name is Rosie, she’ll meet you right here, same time tomorrow she’ll come with the papers tomorrow, you can talk to her and decide on everything”

“Why can’t I deal with you when the house is yours?”

 “Because I prefer keeping myself away from girls like you who are always up to wooing boys”

“What the hell do you think of yourself, if you don’t remember just a while ago you were on my neck and you are telling me nonsense!

Just get lost, I better talk to your sister about the deal and I hope she’s not as stupid and as irritating as you are” Khushi said angrily.

Arnav walked away leaving Khushi angry once again.

He was just so irritating so rude and so arrogant, if he came in front of her once again she might even slap him, She just hoped that after now on she never got to see his face again.

She walked out and stood at the gate as she stared at the house once again just when something caught her eye.

The name on the board that was on the gate read, The Raizada’s.

“Oh No! Please God tell me that the interview I have at The Raizada company doesn’t belong to him or his family!” Khushi said as she looked up at the sky.

She couldn’t understand what games fate was playing with her, firstly it brought her here and since she’s been here she had been around the whole town but Arnav is the only person she had been meeting at every step.

Why was it so?

Dec 16, 2017

Soulless... Part 4 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 18 times)

Khushi nervously walked inside the office of the Raizada’s hoping Arnav wasn’t there and he had no connections with the company.

She waited wherever she was guided by the receptionist and waited until she was called for the interview.

“Ma’am you can go to Mr. Raizada’s cabin, he’s waiting for you there” The receptionist said

Khushi nodded as she headed inside the office nervously and finally took a breath of relief when she saw the person sitting in front of her wasn’t Arnav.

She sat down and handed her resume to the interviewer as she sat there silently waiting for him to ask her questions.

“So Miss. Khushi, I am Kabir Raizada, I can see you’ve completed your engineering course but you don’t have any working experience.”

“Yes sir, everyone began from somewhere I promise I’ll work hard, please give me one chance to prove myself” Khushi said

“Okay, I’ll give you a chance, you can start from the bottom and if you work well you’ll get promoted, if that is fine with you, you can join us from tomorrow”

“Sure sir, I would love to”

“Great then, my son would show you around then… Arnav” He called out leaving Khushi almost breathless.

How happy she was that she wouldn’t have to face him but God knows what destiny had, it was bringing him on her way over and over again.

“Yes dad” Arnav said as he walked in surprised to see Khushi there.

“She’s our new employee, her name is Khushi and she will be joining us from tomorrow, please show her around”

Arnav nodded positively as he walked out followed by Khushi.

“So you really don’t want to leave me alone? You even applied for job here, does that mean you are following me?” Arnav asked

“Excuse me, stop giving yourself so much importance, I am here because I needed this job not because of you, as a matter of fact I don’t even wish to see your face”

“Great then, have a look at the office by yourself” Arnav said as he walked away leaving Khushi behind angry and confused.

“What the hell does he think of himself, such an irritating guy he is, please God, I hope I don’t get to work with him” Khushi prayed.


Geet walked into her cabin and settled down. She started checking the files that were placed in her cabin.

“Maan sir, good morning” Geet stood up as her boss walked in her room.

 “Good morning Geet, I can see you’ve already started going through the files, well this are some of the old designs of the machines we’ve made so far, I suggest you should go through them and then make of making your own design”

“I was thinking the same sir, but thank you for trusting me with so much of work, I promise I’ll work hard”

“I know Geet, now get back to work” Maan said as he walked out.

Geet sat down and started going through the files while Maan stood outside her cabin staring at her, she looked so simple and so beautiful, anyone would easily get attracted to her.

“Excuse me” he heard a girl’s voice

Yes” Maan said as he turned around and a saw a girl standing there.

“Are you Geet’s boss?” She asked staring at him

“Yes, but I’m sorry I don’t know you”

“Hi sir, I’m Sakshi, Geet’s sister, I was here to talk to her, but I must say she’s got a really hot boss”

“Thank you, anyway I’ve got work, you can meet your sister” Maan said as he walked away awkwardly.


Nia and Adarsh walked inside the house as they found her mother waiting for her.

“I’m so glad you both finally met” She said as she stood up happily.

“Was anyone here mom?” Nia asked as she looked at the table

There were some snacks placed on the table with two glasses of juice.

“No, no one, why do you ask?”

“The snacks, I thought someone must have been here”

No actually I was the one having the snack”

“And drinking juice in two different glasses? Doesn’t that sound strange?”

“I was just… I mean the first glass was a bit dirty I realized after I had already poured juice in it so I got a second one and now stop asking questions, the topic is about you both not me” her mom said

Nia stared at her in confusion, it was for sure she was hiding something, but she dint know what.

“So you and Adarsh sit and talk, I’ll be back in a while” She smiled as she walked away.

“So Nia, tell me what do you think about me?”

“Adarsh I don’t know, I just know you are a good guy, but we need time, we need to get to know each other and wait for the right time” Nia said

“As you wish ma’am”


“Dad! Why did you give her the job? I don’t want her anywhere near me, you know how hard I am trying to stay away from her” Arnav asked angrily.

“Because she deserved the job and about you don’t worry, you are here for just two or three months then you’ll be going on your mission, you know it so relax.

While you are here just try to control yourself, try to stay away from her, that’s it, you don’t have much to do so stop worrying”

“I just wish I never come face to face with her again” Arnav said as he walked away angrily

Khushi stood outside the cabin all confused, she dint understand a bit of what they were talking about. The only thing she got was that Arnav wanted to stay away from her for God knows what reason.

“I really wish today you both were with me, I have so much to talk about but I have no one to talk to. You both were my best friends, the thing that hurts the most is that neither of you trusted me.” Khushi said as she wiped the tear that was almost falling from her eyes and walked away.

“How could you do this to all of us Khushi?”

“We were your friends, all of this were your classmates and you did this?”

“We can’t understand what we did to you that you had to do this.”

“We hate you, we all hate you from the bottom of our hearts.”

“Just get lost and never ever show us your face.”

“People with big pockets of money but small hearts”

 Khushi came out of the thoughts when the driver told her they had arrived.

She walked inside the mansion, she had to meet Rosie, Arnav’s sister to discuss the deal.

Dec 16, 2017

Soulless... Part 5 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 14 times)

“Hello bossy” Sakshi said as she walked in Maan’s office.

“Miss. Sakshi, how can I help you?” Maan asked trying to look busy.

“Oh actually this Geet, she’s just impossible, she forgot to carry her lunch so that’s what I came here for, to give her the tiffin but she isn’t around”

“Yes, I sent her to the factory to take a round and have an idea about the work we do”

“Okay so do you mind me waiting here until she’s back?”

“Not at all” Maan said trying to hide is irritation towards her.

“Hey, I’m Khushi… actually your so rude brother said I had to talk to you about the deal” Khushi said introducing herself to the girl who was standing in front of her dressed in red.

Her lips with a rather dark red lipstick, she looked beautiful but weird at the same time. There was no resemblance at all between her and Arnav, nothing that could make her feel like they were siblings.

She smiled as she looked at Khushi leaving her wondering why she was smiling. Or maybe that’s how normal people behaved. But maybe after meeting Arnav she thought his sister would be like him, rude.

“Hi Khushi, I’m Rosie and don’t mind, that’s how my brother is and we can’t do anything about it”

“Seriously, I mean he helped me and I just wanted to thank him but God knows what’s going on in his mind”

“Anyway let’s talk about the deal” Rosie said as she sat down on the sofa while Khushi sat opposite her.

They were midway between the discussion when Arnav rushed in like a wind, Khushi dint not even realize how fast he reached there.

“We need to go” He said as he looked at Rosie.

“But Arnav, we aren’t done with the deal yet”

“Rosie when I say we need to go you know we need to, no arguments on this, hurry before it’s too late”

“But Khushi”

“Rosie what’s wrong with you, why don’t you understand, whatever will happen, will happen to the both of us not her, and you Khushi, you were supposed to meet her earlier, if you postponed this, I’ll deal on it with you, Rosie get going, I’ll make sure she reaches home okay?”

Rosie nodded as she rushed out hurriedly while Arnav got hold of Khushi’s hand and pulled her with him.

“What the hell is going on, you dint want to see my face then why are you here?” Khushi asked angrily.

“I don’t need to answer you that” Arnav said. He pulled her to the car as they both got in and drove off.


“Okay, done I’ll see you in a hour”

“Same place”

“Mom, are you hiding something from me?” Nia asked as she found her mother standing in a corner talking to someone over the phone.

“No, what would I have to hide from you?”

“I don’t know, but you’ve been strange lately… look mom, we lost dad and I know that has really affected you but trust me, I’m always here for you.. You can share anything with me” Nia said

“I know Nia, and I will someday, when I feel like okay?”

“I hope so”

“So tell me, how is it going with Adarsh, do you like him?”

“I do like him, he’s a good guy mom but I think I need some more time to know him”

“It’s okay take your time and when it’s a yes, we can get you engaged”

“But mom I told you I’m not getting married until I find Khushi and I’ve also told Adarsh the same”

“Nia, I’m asking for an engagement, you can get married later… this would be just to make it official, please don’t say no”

“Fine, but remember I still need time with him and if something goes wrong, there’s no engagement happening”

“Don’t worry, nothing would go wrong” Her mom said as she hugged her happily then walked away.


“Sir did you call me? Oh Sakshi, how come you’re here?” Geet asked as she walked in to Maan’s cabin.

“Yeah, she came to give you your lunch” Maan said

“Oh, sorry for the disturbance” Geet said as she gestured to Sakshi to walk out of the cabin.

“Geet, can I have a minute with you?”

“Sure sir” Geet said as she stayed back.

“Look Geet, I am okay with this, I mean she’s your sister, you forgot to carry lunch so she came to give it to you, you don’t have to be scared of me for that okay. I’m not a monster, I won’t eat you up” Maan said as he smiled.

“Thank you sir” Geet said as she turned to walk away when the chair came in between.

She was just about to fall when Maan rushed to hold her.

Badle se din hain… meri badly si raatein… Kahin dino se meri mehki hai saansein…

Pehli dafa hain, ki mujhme tu chalka hain… mere rangon me kuch dhang hain tere jaise bhi…

Kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi… kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi…

He looked her in the eyes, those beautiful eyes where he’d want to get lost forever while she looked back at him nervously.

He helped her stand up while she smiled at him and thanked him. She turned around to walk away when she realized her bracelet got stuck in Maan’s coat

She turned to look at him while he just stared back at her with a smile.

Meri duniya me tha, me apne hi dhyan me…

kuch toh badal gaya hain mere aasman mein…

Aisa yun kaise kyu kya hogaya… kuch khoobsurat sa dil ko hogaya…

Geet pulled her bracelet away as she rushed out of the cabin while Maan just stood there still.

He had had many employees in his office who were girls but he dint understand why he never felt so about any of them.

With Geet it was something really different, like from the first time he saw her, he just got attracted towards her.

The way she was, everything about her was just beautiful.

Pehli dafa hain, ki mujhme tu chalka hain… mere rangon me kuch dhang hain tere jaise bhi…

Kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi… kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi…

“I’ll tell Rosie to call you and inform you where you will meet her next time” Arnav said as he parked the car outside Khushi’s hotel.

Khushi walked out of the car without saying anything while Arnav just stared at her.

“Stop staring at me like I’m an alien, and if you are waiting for me to thank you for dropping me home don’t expect it, I tried that last time and what I got in return was your rude behavior. Leave!” Khushi said angrily

Arnav drove away without speaking a word while Khushi stood there in disbelief.

She dint understand this man at all, it was like he had a million characteristics.

She walked inside the hotel wondering what it could be that Arnav had to take Rosie away so urgently.

Why did both of them sound so worried?

It seemed like they were scared of something, but there was nothing there to be scared of.

And then the way Arnav and entered the house, it was so unreal. It was like the wind.

Day by Day, he was becoming a mysterious person for her, making her wonder what the mystery about him really was.

Dec 20, 2017

Soulless... Part 6 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 6 times)

Arnav paced up and down in his room, he seemed worried and tensed, it was as if something was disturbing him.

“What happened?” Rosie asked as she walked in.

“It’s becoming tougher and tougher to live here, why doesn’t this one month just fast forward itself and I move out of this damn place?” Arnav asked

“Relax bro, everything has to be done on time, and you have to be patient… you have been patient for so many years… now it’s just a month and then you’ll achieve what you’ve always wanted”

“I can’t wait to go there and see his face once again. I can’t wait to see how he would react and I can’t wait to do everything to him that he did to me” Arnav gritted his teeth angrily.

“But as for now be calm and patient, know that we are supposed to be very careful” Rosie said

Arnav nodded positively as Rosie walked away.


“What the hell do you think you were doing in my office?” Geet asked angrily.

“I just came to give you lunch” Sakshi said

“Lunch? Since when did you and your so called mother start caring about me? Or have you forgotten those days where in the name of punishment you used to make me starve the whole day.

Look Sakshi I know you well so the excuse of bringing lunch to me won’t work… is it that you aren’t happy that I have a job so you’re trying to create issues?” Geet asked

“Don’t you dare talk to my daughter like that” Geet’s step mother said as she walked in.

“Then teach her how to behave and next time you better not show up at my office” Geet said as she walked away angrily.

“What happened sweety?” Her mother asked

“Mom this Geet is acting too cunning, you know her boss, Maan! He’s so hot and I’m sure she likes him and she wants to snatch him away from me, but I won’t let that happen… I won’t let her take him away from me. Maan is only mine” Sakshi said

“Don’t worry dear, he’s only yours”


“Where are you lost Nia?” Adarsh asked as he walked in Nia’s room

“I don’t know if I should be telling you this Adarsh but I have no one else to share with… mom has really been behaving strange since the past few days…

I feel like she’s hiding something from me, but she’s my mom I mean why would she have to lie about anything to me?” Nia said worriedly.

“It might also be that she has some problems and she doesn’t want you to get worried… whatever our parents do, is for our good Nia so don’t worry much”

“That’s okay but how comes you are here?”

“Well I just thought I’d spend more and more time with you so that you can agree to get engaged to me as soon as possible”

“You lack patience”

“Like I told you, I have waited, remember I never even talked to you when I saw you, now that I know there is a chance that you can be mine, I don’t want to let it go.

So here I am. Trying my best to impress you and doing anything that I can to make you agree to this relationship.”

“Adarsh look, I really respect your feelings and trust me you are a good guy and I have no problem being with you but I just need some time before we finally get engaged.

I mean I know you but not so well, and on top of it so much is going on in my life right now that I don’t even get time to think and analyze much about you”

“That’s why I am here Nia, so that you know me better, so how about dinner with me?”

“Sure” Nia smiled


Khushi woke up suddenly sweating so badly. She dint understand why she was getting the same dream over and over again.

It wasn’t really a dream, it was just that moment, when Arnav saved her from the lion, she couldn’t get it out of her mind, as if it was forcing itself to stay there.

“What is it about you Arnav? Why does everything about you make me so restless? How did you make that lion disappear so suddenly that day?

Were you some sort of a caretaker of the jungle? And maybe all the animals knew you and obeyed your orders and maybe that’s why that day the lion disappeared and it dint harm you also?”

Khushi kept on asking herself so many questions, there was nothing that made sense at all.

If it was that animals obeyed him, then what was he scared of when he came to take Rosie away? Why did he seem so worried? What was it that he was fearing?

She punched her mattress angrily as she stood up and headed to get herself a glass of water… this man was really mysterious.

She filled the glass with water when some movement outside caught her attention.

She could hear some strange sort of noise, she quickly rushed to open her window and peep outside but the whole town seemed to be deep asleep.

It was dark almost all over except a few places…

She stood near the window and stared at the tree leaves moving with the wind, it felt peaceful to stand here and just do nothing but stare.

Her eyes went to the watchman who was guarding the hotel, and what surprised her was the person standing next to the watchman.

It was Arnav!

What the hell was he doing here at the hotel where she stayed that too at the middle of the night.?

What was he talking to the guard about?

So many questions came up in her mind but she had answer to none.

She looked back at him and he walked inside and sat on the chair next to the watchman, as if he was helping him guard the place.

Khushi walked out of her room angrily knowing he was following her or something.

She walked towards him in full rage while Arnav stood up in surprise.

“What are you doing here?” Khushi asked angrily.

“Are you my mother, my sister, or my wife?”

“What? No!”

“Then why do you think I’ll answer you? Just leave!” Arnav said as he turned away from her.

“Listen you Arnav Raizada, I know you are following me, I just don’t understand why? And why the hell do you behave rude to me if you are actually following me?

What motive do you have behind all this? What are you doing at the gate of my hotel in the middle of them night??”

“Just for your information, you aren’t the only one who lives here and even if I might have to follow someone, are other people dead that I would follow you? Just go back to your room and let me do my work” Arnav said angrily.

“You think you are so smart? Wait, I’ll just call the police right now”

“Oh please do, I’d love to meet them too” Arnav said as he folded his arms.

Khushi stamped her feet angrily and walked back to the room, she knew there was no point in calling the police, Arnav’s confidence showed that they wouldn’t even be able to touch him.

“God! Why is this man becoming so irritating day by day?” Khushi asked angrily as she jumped on her bed.

“If you get any information, call me… here’s my number” Arnav told the guard.

He handed him his card and some money while the guard smiled.

“Thank you sir, and don’t worry, if I get any information, I’ll tell you” The Guard said

Arnav headed back to his car and drove away.

He was so close to his mission now, and he surely wouldn’t let any Khushi Gupta ruin his plans, not when it was almost the right time for everything to happen as per his plans.

He was finally going to get what he had worked for all this years and he had to be really careful, because this girl seemed like a danger to his mission.

But no matter what, he had to complete his mission at any cost.

Dec 20, 2017

Soulless... Part 7 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 15 times)

She opened the window and made sure to jump in slowly making no noise at all.

As soon as she got it, she quickly shut the window and rushed towards her room when the lights were switched on suddenly.

“Mom!” Nia said as she looked at her mother in surprise.

“Nia, you are yet awake? It’s very late dear, you should be sleeping”

“Isn’t it weird mom that you are doing things that I should have been doing? I mean sneaking in and out of the house at night, hiding things and all but here it’s opposite, my mother is doing all that instead of me.

What is it mom? Why are you behaving so strange? What’s going on and where were you at this time? Even if you had gone out, what was the need to come in from the window like thieves?”

“Because of this questions you are asking, don’t forget Nia, I’m your mother, you aren’t my mother”

“So I can’t ask questions?”

No” she said as she walked to her room ignoring Nia completely.

Nia walked back to her room as she sat on her bed having lots of thoughts.


Geet walked in her cabin the next morning and settled down just when Maan walked in.

“Geet, we need to go to the factory, its urgent” he said

“Okay sir” She nodded as she followed Maan outside. They both got into the car and drove to the factory.

“Can I ask you something if you don’t mind?” Maan asked as he drove the car.


“Why does it look like, your sister Sakshi… I mean she brings lunch for you and all but when I really see her with you it feels different, I mean it really doesn’t look like she cares for you”

“Well, it’s natural, she’s my step sister and she obviously doesn’t care for me, I just don’t understand what she’s trying to do by bringing me lunch and all”

“She’s your step sister? I dint know that”

“Yes, actually after mom passed away dad got married to Sakshi’s mother who was already a widow, biologically, Sakshi isn’t my dad’s daughter but just because her mother was married to my father, she’s my sister…”

“Was? Aren’t they married now?”

“My dad passed away” Geet said sadly.

“I’m really sorry about that Geet, I had no idea” Maan said as he held her hand.

Geet just looked at him quite surprised, the way he held her hand and comforted her wasn’t really something like she had expected from him.


“Rosie, what happened about the mansion?” Arnav asked

“I’ve finalized everything, in fact Khushi is moving in today… she’s already given me the payment in terms of cash and I’ve deposited all the money in your bank account”

“Great, finally I got rid of that mansion”

“But Arnav, do you think it’s safe for her to live their? I mean they might harm her”

“You are forgetting it Rosie, they would never harm her… They are my enemies, not her enemies”

“But they said they would never allow anyone to live in that mansion, and selling that mansion to Khushi is like selling danger to her.

That poor girl doesn’t even have an idea what awaits her there”

“There’s a reason I sold that mansion to Khushi… Why do you think I never sold it to anyone else before? I know it’s dangerous for everyone else there, but not for Khushi” Arnav smirked

“Why so? What is it about her that makes her safe there and nobody else?”

“It’s a secret… a secret she isn’t also aware of”


“What happened Nia, you look tensed?” Adarsh asked as they both took a walk in the garden.

“I don’t know Adarsh… I just don’t understand anything… mom is becoming strange day by day and I’m so worried about her.

I know there’s something she’s surely hiding from me but I don’t know what it is… Yesterday she came home at midnight that too from the window… I mean why would she do that?”

“That’s strange”

“Very strange… I’m so worried, I don’t even know how to explain it to you… I just need you with me, please help me”

“Shh… it’s okay… we both will try and find out what’s happening okay?” Adarsh said as he pulled her into a hug.

Nia hugged him tightly as she broke down into tears while Adarsh tried to calm her down.


Geet was busy examining the machines in the factory when Maan received a call and he walked outside to receive it.

After he was done with the call, he turned to walk back when he heard someone call out his name.

He turned around only to find Sakshi walking towards him.

“Hey… what are you doing here?” he asked

“I was just passing by and saw you here so I thought I’d say hi to you…” Sakshi smiled

Oh I see” Maan tried to smile to avoid the awkwardness… if he could tell her honestly… he dint like it at all seeing her here.


“Something wrong is about to happen” Arnav said as he opened his eyes and looked at Rosie worriedly.

“Khushi?” Rosie asked

Arnav quickly rushed out the house and got inside the car as he drove to the mansion.

He parked his car outside where he saw a few men unloading a truck and taking all the items inside the mansion while Khushi guided them.

Her eyes fell on Arnav who was by now out of his car and walking towards her.

“What brings you here?” Khushi asked as she walked towards him.

“Are you okay?” Arnav asked as he looked at her worriedly.

“You know you are really strange… I mean till yesterday you were behaving like you dint give a damn about me and today you are here asking me if I’m okay? Like really? What would happen to me… I’m sure there are no lions around here”

Arnav closed his eyes for a while as Khushi stared at him in confusion… she had no idea what was going on in his mind and why he was even here at the first place.

“You need to get inside the house, right now” he said

“You must be kidding me… look Arnav I have no idea what your problem is but please leave me on my own”

Arnav walked towards her as he got hold of her hand and pulled her inside with him.

“What the hell are you trying to do?” Khushi asked angrily

Arnav’s phone rang as he quickly pulled it out of his pocket and received it.

Yes Rosie...”

“Bro, they know it… you can come back now… Khushi is safe”

Arnav disconnected the call as he looked at Khushi and took a deep breath. He walked away leaving her behind all confused.

What the hell was going on? He just brought her inside the house and then left? Why would he do that? Why was he behaving so strange?

With every passing day, her questions regarding him kept on increasing.

Dec 21, 2017

Soulless... Part 8 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 7 times)

“I hope you’re feeling better?” Adarsh asked

“Just if my mom stopped behaving so strange, I would really be better” Nia said

“Don’t think much about it, just try taking it like maybe whatever that she’s hiding from you is for your own good. Look we are here for lunch and this is such a beautiful restraint, don’t you feel romantic?”

“Romantic because the restaurant is beautiful?” Nia giggled

“Obviously not, but because you are having lunch with a hot guy in a beautiful restaurant”

“So you’re hot?”

“Why, am I not? Don’t you find me hot?”

“I dint mean that… you know you’re just too funny” Nia laughed out loud.

“That’s what I want Nia, that smile, that happiness you’re feeling right now. Just give me a chance and I’ll make sure to keep you happy always… I’ll make you feel the butterflies in your stomach”

“Butterfly in my stomach? How would you make me feel that?”

“I can give you a demo” Adarsh said as he held her hand and pulled her with him outside.

“Our order might just arrive anytime soon, where are you taking me?”

“Relax, we’ll be back and they won’t eat our food so chill”

They stopped at the parking while Nia looked around wondering what kind of butterflies she was going to feel here.

“I dint know people feel butterflies in the parking lot” She giggled

“Shh” Adarsh said as he put his finger on her lips while he pushed her to the car.

He got hold of her waist and pulled her closer while she looked him into the eyes.

He moved closer and closer to her lips almost claiming them while Nia shut her eyes as her breathing became heavier.

“There you go, tell me how many butterflies they were” Adarsh smiled as he pulled apart and walked back inside.

Nia stood there for a while blushing all alone until she finally managed to gather enough courage to walk back and face him.


“Did you carry lunch?” Maan asked as he walked in Geet’s cabin.

“No, I dint have time to cook in the morning actually… there was a lot of work so…”

“Can I take you out for lunch? Actually I dint carry anything myself too and I don’t really like going out to eat alone, so if you can give me some company”

“Sure” Geet smiled

“Great, I’m waiting for you in my car” Maan said as he walked away with a smile.

Geet joined him in no time as they both drove to a nearby restaurant and settled themselves down.

They ordered for the food and waited meanwhile staring at each other awkwardly.

“I hope you don’t really mind, I mean coming here with me, I am your boss but that doesn’t mean you can’t say no to me” Maan said

“No it’s nothing like that, I really wanted to come with you” Geet said

“So Geet, tell me something about yourself, I’d like to know more about you”

“There’s nothing much about me actually, like I told you about my family, I have nothing else apart from that”

“What about friends?”

“I had two best friends, but our graduation night dint go too well, as for now I have no idea where both of them are… but someday hopefully I’ll leave in search of them and I’ll find them… until that someday, I’m here just living a normal life”

“I hope you’d find them” Maan said as he held her hand while Geet just looked at him unable to react at the feelings this sudden touch of his was making her feel.


It had been Khushi’s first day of work at the Raizada’s and until now it had been going on too well because of one and only reason, Arnav wasn’t around.

She picked up some documents from her desk and was heading to hand them over to Mr. Raizada when on the way, she met Arnav.

“Why do you always like following me everywhere?” Khushi asked angrily.

“Just to remind you, this is my father’s office and I work here too so I wouldn’t really need to ask for your permission to be here”

“Whatever” Khushi said as she walked away.

“Khushi!” Arnav shouted from behind as she turned to look at him.

“What now?”

“You have to come with me, Dad told me to take you to the Factory and show you around, you’ll have to work there too”

“I know but couldn’t he get someone better to send me with”

“I’m not interested in going with you anyway… It’s only because of work… I’m waiting outside be there in five minutes or I’ll go alone”

“So much attitude!”

Khushi angrily walked to Mr. Raizada’s cabin and handed him the papers as she quickly rushed to get her bag.

She rushed outside in a hurry and spotted Arnav on the opposite side of the road.

She quickly rushed towards him knowing she couldn’t trust this man, he could actually leave her and go to the factory alone.

“Khushi watch out!” He shouted as he ran towards her trying to save her from the car that was about to hit her.

Khushi held him tight all scared, it was just a moment, and if he was a moment late in saving her, she could be dead by now or maybe in the hospital.

“Are you okay?” He asked

Khushi turned to look at him as she looked around the road, his car was parked quite far from where they were right now.

“Arnav how did you reach me so fast? You were standing near the car and within one second of shouting my name, you were already pulling me away…

How can that be possible? How could you be so fast?”

“You’re bling now with being dumb. I was just near, I don’t know who you saw standing near the car” Arnav said as he helped her stand up.

Khushi just stared at him feeling angry because she knew he was lying to her, she was a hundred percent sure that he was near the car and for him to reach where she was, wasn’t really something a normal human being could do.

Was he some kind of a superhero? Like the ones they show in movies? Maybe batman or Spiderman or something like that? People who were born with blessings.

“What are you really? I mean have you taken a contract of saving me? I mean whenever I’m in danger, leave danger… even when I’m about to fall down you just come and save me.

That day you saved me from the lion, and then yesterday at your house God knows what danger was there that you were so worried and now today… what is it? Why am I not able to understand you?”

“Because you don’t have to understand me, now get inside we are already late because you don’t even know how to cross a road”

“It all happened because of you so stop shouting at me” Khushi said angrily.

“I give up” Arnav said as he got inside the car.

Dec 21, 2017

Soulless... Part 9 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 4 times)

“Stop staring at me like I’m an alien” Arnav said angrily.

Khushi had been staring at him all the while since they drove from the office to the factory.

“You are actually an alien as I’ve never seen a human being as weird as you”

“You are weird yourself that’s why you find everything else weird” Arnav said as he stepped out of the car.

He headed inside the factory while Khushi rushed behind him, this man dint only run faster, he walked faster too, and catching up with his pace, Khushi had to run.

Arnav soon started checking on the work progress while Khushi followed him everywhere he went only understand half of the things.

He took her around and tried to explain everything to her while Khushi only nodded at whatever he explained.

“So do you get it all?” he asked

“Kind of, it’s hard to get everything on the first time, but with time I’ll learn everything” Khushi said

“Okay, we shall leave for now, I have a meeting in an hour so I’ll drop you back at the office”

Khushi nodded as she started to walk away while Arnav stood behind talking to one of the workers.

When he was done, he turned to follow Khushi when his eyes fell on the machine that was being brought down, it was tied around with a chain which was almost broken and it could have fallen down anytime.

“Khushi!” he shouted out her name but she was too far to hear him.

The chain was breaking slowly and Arnav couldn’t just stand and watch. He ran towards her and just reached there at the right time when the machine fell.

He raised his hands up and held the machine as he quickly placed it down leaving Khushi all scared and confused.

“Did you leave your ears at home? I was calling you, What if it had fallen on you?” Arnav asked angrily

“Arnav, you held such a heavy machine with your hands? How did you? It’s totally unbelievable”

“I dint hold it all, the chains were holding it, I just tried to push it back” Arnav said

“No, it wasn’t that”

“Stop overthinking, we need to go back” Arnav said as he walked away leaving Khushi in awe.

What was it about this man? Why was he becoming weirder day by day?

Everything about him was so different from normal people, he scared animals away, he ran faster than the wind, and God know where he got such strength from. This was all weird.


Nia was sited silently on the sofa lost in thoughts.

She was continuously thinking about Adarsh, the way he was, he always understood her, he had a sweet nature, he remained calm in all the situations… he was like the perfect guy.

What he did at the restaurant had left her thinking a lot actually. How could anyone make you feel so much even without touching you?

It was for sure she had never felt this way before, although she dint have a name to this feeling, she knew it was beautiful.

“What are you thinking about?” her mom asked as she sat opposite her.

“Adarsh” Nia said as she looked at her mother.

She blushed, she wasn’t supposed to say that out loud. She just stared at the floor not knowing how to react.

“Is it a positive kind of thought? And wait, I can see you are blushing. Wow Nia… what is it?”

“Nothing mom, stop over reacting”

“Do you like him? Can I take that as a yes? Please tell me what I’m thinking is right”

Nia turned her face to look at her mother… it wasn’t really much time since she knew Adarsh but for the short time she had spent with him, she knew one thing. She wouldn’t get a guy better than him who would understand her.

Maybe she dint love him yet, but she could give him a chance to make her fall in love with him, and that would be good.

“Mom, it’s a yes” Nia said as she blushed deep red.


“Mom, I need your help” Sakshi said as she ran towards her mother.

“What help dear?”

“That Geet, I don’t know why she’s always up to snatching away my things… can somebody tell her that Maan is mine so she can stop flirting around with him?”

“Oh My God, she’s flirting with Maan?”

“Obviously she must be, I mean having such a hot boss, any one would flirt… and that Maan, he doesn’t even give me any attention, what should I do mom?”

“Are you really sure about Maan Sakshi?”

“Yes mom, he’s the only one I want to get married to, I can do anything for him”

“Then keep calm, I have an idea but we must work on it after some time for it to be effective. For now all you have to do is get closer to Maan.

Keep a track of places he goes and make sure you reach there earlier than him, and then pretend to be surprised when he shows up and engage him in a conversation.

Once he becomes your friend, even if he doesn’t love you, he’d have to marry you, and I know how we will make that happen”

“Make what happen mom?” Geet asked as she walked in.

“It’s not a must to give you answers so shut up, I hope you’ve finished all the work or else you know what will happen” She said angrily.

Geet nodded as she silently headed out of the house.

She found Maan waiting outside in his car as she walked towards the car in surprise.

“Sir, what are you doing here?” Geet asked

“Geet… finally! First of all call me Maan, not sir... and actually I was passing by so I thought I’d pick you up for office as I was heading there too” Maan said

“It’s okay I would have walked”

“Geet come on, I was heading there, get it”

Geet got inside the car hesitantly as she looked at Maan who was smiling by now as he started the car.

“Thank you” She whispered.

“You are welcome” Maan said as he looked at her.

There was something about Geet, maybe the way she was, she never showed any kind of interest in him while all the other girls he’d met so far were always trying to flirt around.

Or maybe it was about her simplicity, her beauty, all about herself and the way she was that was making him do all this stupid things just so he could get some time with her.

He dint know what it was, but he felt good being with her. It felt good seeing her sited next to him peacefully while she stared outside.

Everything about her made him feel good, and maybe that’s why he was so much attracted towards her.

He couldn’t stop looking at her, and whenever she looked at him, he would turn his gaze away.

He felt funny and good at the same time… but then he dint even know if she had any such kind of thoughts for him or maybe whatever he had started feeling, was one sided only.

Maybe Geet just took him as her boss and here he was dreaming about spending time with her, doing this and that and what not.

Dec 21, 2017

Soulless... Part 10 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 13 times)

“Any information yet?” Arnav asked over the call.

“Yes sir, I’ve found quite some information. The property had been divided in two, so you’ll have to get it from both of them”

“Any more details about their whereabouts?”

“Yes, I’ve gathered quite some information, I’ve already emailed it to you so you can check on it meanwhile I try to find some more.”

“Okay, better hurry up, I don’t want to waste my time” Arnav said as he disconnected the call and opened up his laptop.

He checked the email he had just received and the information he found there, left him quite shocked.

“Arnav, you were to give me the reports, I am free right now, so I could study them” Khushi said as she walked into Arnav’s cabin.

Arnav looked up at her surprisingly as if he wasn’t expecting her to be here or she wasn’t supposed to be here at this time.

Arnav stood up and walked away completely ignoring Khushi, while Khushi was left behind fuming with anger.

She rushed behind him and got hold of his hand as she pulled him back.

“What the hell is wrong with you? Arnav I’m not trying to talk to you like a friend of something, I’m trying to work, and you are my workmate, you can just ignore me like that when I’m discussing work with you”

“Leave my hand” Arnav said angrily.

Khushi left his hand as she stared at him in confusion, there was some kind of rage in his eyes, as if something was eating him up and he wanted to destroy it.

He wasn’t the same angry Arnav who fought with her, he was quite a different one, more like a beast.

Khushi turned around and walked away wondering what could have made him this angry, but she knew maybe she’d never get answers to this.


“So tell me, why did you call me here? Missing me?” Adarsh asked as he walked into Nia’s room.

“I needed to talk to you about something”

“Okay tell me” Adarsh said as he sat next to her.

“Look Adarsh, I know you love me, and it’s been quite a time we’ve been trying to get to know each other. As far as I have known you, I know you are a gem on a person, and any girl could be lucky to have you in her life.

I feel lucky that I have the chance to be with you but yet I’m scared somewhere. I’ve never given relationships a serious thought but just like all other girls I’ve dreamt of a prince charming who’ll come in my life.

Right now I don’t know if you are the prince charming or not, but I know I like being with you and spending time with you. You understand me better.

But I also want to clear one thing, I like you and yes I do feel like I’m ready to get engaged to you, but that’s all about it. You do make me feel butterflies but that could just be some infatuation, I don’t think I’ve still experienced something like love with you.

That doesn’t mean that I love someone else, it’s not that but it’s like what I have with you is like, not love and I’m not sure if it will change to love with time or not, I just want to be clear about things before we decide on anything”

“And what makes you feel that you just like me yet, it’s not love”

“There just something inside me, you know that inner feeling, something like a click that tells you that yes you are in love, it hasn’t happened yet”

“It’s okay Nia, I understand you need time to fall in love, for now I’m just happy with the like.” Adarsh said

“So I just wanted to tell you that, I am ready for the engagement, if you are okay with me yet liking you only”

“You know what I love the most about you Nia?”


“Your honesty, you speak out what’s in your mind no matter how tough… and I hope someday you’ll also fall in love with some such kind of my quality.”

“Hopefully” Nia smiled.


“Hi Maan” Sakshi said as she walked into Maan’s cabin.

“Sakshi look I really don’t mean to be rude but would you please stop disturbing me at work? I have a lot to do and I’m sure you must be here to give your sister something she forgot or whatever but that’s about her, go talk to her and leave” Maan said angrily

Sakshi walked out sadly as Maan sat on his chair taking deep breaths.

There was something surely wrong with him, it wasn’t the first time any girl was trying to disturb him, he had always handled such matters well but he had never been angry like this.

There was a knock at the door and after a few seconds, Geet walked in with a file in her hand.

Just by looking at her, his anger vanished somewhere… he felt so calm and relaxed.

“Sir, I had to discuss something with you” Geet said

“Sure, take a seat”

Geet pulled out a chair as she sat in front of him and opened the file as she started discussing issues with him, but all Maan could concentrate on was how beautifully she was talking and what sweet voice she had.


“You aren’t going there Arnav, you know it’s dangerous” Rosie said

“I am going there Rosie, I have to do this, there’s no other option… I am strong enough I’m sure if there’s any danger I’ll fight it, but for now I have to do this”

“Arnav, I don’t feel like it’s right… I mean”

“This is what I have waited for Rosie, God knows how many years it’s been, I can’t let him go now, he has to pay for what he did to me”

Arnav walked out of the house as he got inside his car and drove away.

He reached to his old mansion where he parked his car and walked towards the door as he rang the doorbell.

A few seconds later, Khushi opened the door and was for sure surprised to see Arnav there.

“Can I come in? I need to talk to you?” Arnav asked

Khushi nodded as she gave him a way in. she followed him to the hall where they both sat opposite each other, staring at each other silently.

“I wanted to apologize for what I did in the morning, I shouldn’t have done that, but at that time my anger was at heights and I dint want to say something I shouldn’t have… so I preferred keeping quiet” Arnav explained

“So are you here to say sorry?” Khushi asked excitedly.

“That’s what I said, I am here to apologize”

“Well great then say sorry, I deserve it for all the times you’ve acted like a creep with me.” Khushi said

“I am sorry Khushi, for being rude and angry and telling you all that I shouldn’t have. I want to end it all here. Can we be friends?” He asked

Khushi stood up in surprise not being able to believe that Arnav Raizada was actually asking her for friendship.

“Are you sure? I hope you aren’t kidding?” Khushi asked

“I am not, you know I don’t joke around”

“Okay we can be friends, only if you learn how to smile” Khushi giggled while Arnav just stared at her.

Hello everyone... so i was thinking as i have this whole story already written, i update two or three parts together in a day... I want to finish posting it before i'm off on my holiday and it's like fifty parts lol so i hope that's fine

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