Life as it unfold

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life as it unfold (By Athimsus) (Thanked: 5 times)



Delhi University:

Cafeteria :

After Aakash and Khushi fiasco Payal is in deep thought

Aakash and Khushi is not in relationship I know that and even if they are in relationship I cant do anything about it. Its their life they have the right to choose their other half. what i can really do about it nothing really nothing. hmmm.

and moreover according to Disha Aakash is already in love with someone . What a trouble why should i like someone who is off-limit for me and i dont even have the courage to accept it to Khushi that i love Aakash .Why am I so shy without any confidence in me.Why god made me like this . why am I so diffident.

Ya whatever whats the use in thinking about it why I dont even have the chance . I will just pray god to keep Aakash happy with whoever he love ( without knowing that she is praying to god for the  Aakash's girl which is herselfWink)

Khushi saw Payal in deep thought but didnt want to disturb her so she moved in search of Aakash

She saw Aakash near parking talking to someone in phone with frown . She moved in front of him and smiled.

Aakash who is absorbed in the phone call surprised by her entry

Khushi smiled and said so Aakash ready to prove me ?

Aakash  suddenly cut the call and said Ya ready.

Khushi: good . soo what are you going to do to prove me your love .

Aakash who didnt have any idea about it just laughed to not show his nervousness and said You say what should i do so i can prove my love to you.

Khushi: so you are asking me what to do?

Aakash : Ya . Since you want the proof you should be the one who provide the challenge to me.

Khushi : wo woo challenge going good with words to show confidence . i like it . OK if you say like that . I will provide you your challenge.. wowww I am so excited.

Aakash seeing glint in Khushi eye dont know What to imagine .

Khushi: OK since you are playing by my rule you should follow whatever i say and if you fail to follow then just think your chance with Payal is over.

Aakash with fearful face said yes yes will follow whatever you say

Khushi smilingly said good now come with me and do what i say

Aakash ; ya right-away Khushi

Khushi took Aakash towards cafeteria where she left Payal before . And asked him to sit with them

Payal who is self pitying herself didnt see them entering cafeteria and moved towards her.

Khushi moved hand over her face to pull her out of her thought.

Payal was irritated by Khushi and started to scold Khushi without seeing Aakash near her

Payal: Khushi cant you leave me alone for few minutes. I am already in trouble please dont create any more trouble for me with irritated expression.

Khushi who know this will happen didnt reply anything but Aakash cant contain himself to see Payal in troubled thought so asked 

Aakash : hey you can say me whats your problem . i can help you to solve it.

Payal in mind ( wow now i even become delusion to see Aakash here. Am i really that pity to imagine things )and she frowned.

Aakash who dint like the frown in Payal's face kept his hand on her shoulder to comfort her.

Payal who thought Aakash is a dream and feeling touch in her shoulder looked Aakash with wide eyes and suddenly got up from her seat.

Khushi  mind voice( wow sister tit for tat you scold me now you got your shock)

Aakash : Payal are you alright . Any problem you can share with me.

Payal dint know what to say she turned towards Khushi and pleading her for help with eyes.

Khushi at first smiled at Payal reaction but being a good sister came to her rescue

Khushi: Nothing serious Aakash just the class project she is stressed about it.

Aakash relieved by hearing Khushi said oh ok then and smiled towards Payal.

Khushi: Aakash why dont you have your lunch with us . Since we became good friend you dont mind na?

Payal : at first thanking Khushi in her mind but the second she heard her ask Aakash to share their meal gave murdering glare to Khushi

Khushi smilingly said dont worry Payal wont mind . Han Payal you wont mind na?

Payal giving her glare nodded her head in concern.

Khushi: see she also want you to eat with us.

Aakash dont know what to say since Khushi said to play by her rule nodded his head and moved to sit near khushi but Khushi asked him to sit with Payal saying she need more space to keep her food.

Aakash being a good follower abide by Khushi and sat near Payal awkwardly .

Khushi smiled and said good now order what to you its Payal's treat 

they placed their order and waiting for the meal while Aakash phone started to ring 

it was Arnav Aakash know why Arnav is calling him but with these girl with him he cant attend the cal so he silent the phone and kept on table.

but the phone started to ring again. so Khushi asked Aakash dont say its your girlfriend and she saw you with us and gonna murder you for eating lunch with us.

Payal : irritated by Khushi statement said Khushi behave

Khushi: what i didn't say anything wrong usually it happens you know.

Aakash : smilingly said no no not my girlfriend my brother .

Khushi: your brother that means Payal's hero . so why dont you attend it. 

Aakash fumblingly said nothing important and moved towards counter to receive their order

when phone rang again without saying anything Khushi took and received the phone

before saying hello a voice yelled at her 

Arnav : what the hell Aakash why didnt you receive you Phone ?

Khushi got angry and said you should first know to whom you are talking before yelling in the phone and Aakash dint receive your phone because he is not her and his phone is with me.

Arnav hearing a girl voice from his brother phone Arnav dint know what to say. At first he thought it must be Payal then no payal wont talk this rude to anyone then who is this 

Arnav: may I know to whom I am talking?

Khushi: you may . and its Khushi Aakash's friend and being talkative khushi said  you are Aakash bhai and Payal hero crt na?

Arnav after thinking asked: so you also know Payal?

Khushi: How can i not know when i am her best friend sister and neighbour with  a smile.

Arnav dint know what to say . He usually dont talk with girls and not with the one who is very talkative but dint want to be rude to her asked : so you are the one who is going to help him with angel?

Khushi moved out of cafeteria since Payal is eyeing her curiously

Khushi: yaa. so you also know about it . its good then . I think he is not sincere about Payal so i asked him to prove his love to me

Arnav hearing concern in her voice for Payal slightly impressed by her and wanted to know more about her .

Arnav : ya i know he is flirting type but i think he is serious about Angel and i want to thank you for helping him. he is really irritating me for about somedays.

Khushi : Payal also irritating me for who knows how many days. she said and bite her tongue. woo slip of tongue please dont mind it.

Arnav not able to believe what she said . Angel his angel loves his brother wow great news

Arnav: so  Angel also loves Aakash hmm interesting..

Khushi (oops now all my fun will be lost he will tell his brother and all gone )

Khushi and Arnav at the same time said Please dont say to Aakash , Payal.

Khushi didnt expect this was shocked but asked : oh wait you know want your Angel to know that her love is loving her why?

Arnav also dint expect her to say this but replied: I make ask the same to you.

Khushi: ya ya you can ask . it is just that their love they should have courage to express it . and moreover i thought of having fun with them.

Arnav really liked her thoughtfulness and enjoyed her playfulness too. he thought she would a great friend to have. And decided to ask her the same.

Arnav :ya you are rights . Its their job not us . And i too really want to see what my brother and Angel will do when they are in love . It will be like a movie full of fun on watching how the scene unfolds before you.So we are in this together and are partner in crime right? with playful tone not wanting her to know how much he wanted to befriend her .

Khushi: Ya sure we are partner in this. And I think I like you . we will be good friends. And I am so happy to make new friends . Wow my friend list is increased and you are my 25 th friend in this month and my lucky no too. Khushi said with so much excitement Arnav started to laugh 

Arnav : so already make 24 friend that too in this month only really? with unbelief expression in his face.

Khushi: Ya I know it is my greatest achievement all my life . I usually dint make more than 20 friends a month but this month is lucky for me i think so . Hey I usually talk so much so please dint mind me . And since you became my friend i think you dint mind it. 

Arnav didn't know how much he laugh since talking to her . he usually dint laugh this much that to talking to someone who he dint even meet and not even know a single information about it and he already befriend her . is this really me or someone else . I dint even remember making friends this quick. And that too a girl to whom he usually dint have much to say.To say he is shocked with himself is right.

Arnav coming out of his thougth said ya ya i dont mind.And please dont mind what others say about you . You are the best how  you are . So be yourself dont change

Arnav really dont know why he said those but he dint have any bad feeling about it to say he is happy to say these things to her . That too when he didn't even have any idea about her . May be he is really got with something . May be fever or something . And touch his forehead but he didn't feel any fever. so he exasperated and didn't say anything after that.

Khushi who dint expect this from him dint know what to say and remained silent. God sent Aakash to save them both from awkward situation. 

Aakash came there to see Khushi having his phone and talking he moved towards her and asked about the call

Khushi was relieved on seeing Aakash so she said your brother he wants to talk to you and gave phone to Aakash and moved towards their table.

Aakash: Bhai you want to talk to me?

Arnav coming out from his thought said Yes Aakash to ask what you did about the proving thing.?

Aakash: Bhai i dint do anything and moreover Khushi asked me to do whatever she said then only she will believe that i love Payal . So i am following whatever she said.

Arnav in mind so this is what she said about having fun smiling to himself  

Arnav ; Ok nothing much Aakash you follow her and inform me about the progress will see you at home and cut the call.

May be opposite do attracts and as they say will be pulled towards each other. will see how they are gonna be repelled are do they ever want to be repelled? time will say...

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life as it unfold (By Athimsus) (Thanked: 5 times)

                Anjali's turmoil

Have you ever felt the loneliness in your life . In spite of having your family full of people, loving brother and power and money to do anything you want to do in your life but you still feel empty that you are missing something in your life most probably someone in your life .

These ordeal of feeling can happen to anyone,that the important part of their existence is not with them ,that they dont know what they miss in their life but still missing it.. strange feeling know ya its strange but not odd since we cant explain most of our feelings.

These feeling the strange longing for something or someone dint even miss our  Anjali. 

to be true she didnt want to acknowledge her longing because she believe that she will become weak by this uncommon feeling but what she dint know is that no one can escape their feeling

All these years she was working with a goal in her mind to give proper living to her family and to take care of them. These unwanted feelings didnt even cross her mind . now that she come across this she dint know what to do . She tried everything in her control to block it . but mind and heart doesnt work that way sometimes they do their things on their own. So here they are making her to think about it and moreover  they are making her to think about her new acquaintance who she dint even know for few days.

She know she is intrigued by Shyam. She wanted to know more about him. And this dint go well with her

She has an image to maintain and most importantly she hate love . she doesnt want to involve in it in this life time but the famous but came which dint let her to be peace. She dint know what is happening with her why does her mind want to do thing that she dint want to do , why cant she stop all this and let her life be the same before his entry?

these are the questions which revolve around her.

sometimes we dont know what happen in our life because the certain  something is not in our control...

which we call as fate destinyWinkWink

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life as it unfold (By Athimsus) (Thanked: 2 times)

Everything in this world cant be explained in words or action . There are something which should be felt and experienced to know it

Raizada mansionAakash room:

Arnav and Aakash conversation:

Aakash: Bhai you wont believe what happen to me in college after your call. I am so embarrassed bhai . I dont know how I will face Payal here after.

Arnav: cool down Aakash say me what happened.

Aakash:Bhai after your call we started to have our lunch. First we spoke about common friends professor then later Khushi asked me something i dont know what to say for it


Khushi: Aakash do you have someone in your life?who love you soo much?

Aakash dont know what to reply if he said yes Payal will think he has someonein his life. if he say no Khushi will not help him what to say now lets play with the words.

Aakash laughingly said what yaar everybody will have somebody in their its common and looked at Payal

Payal face become dull but she didnt say anything Khushi was eagerly waiting for him to finish the answer.

Khushi: so who is the lucky one?

Aakash innocently asked what one i have more than one people in my family Khushi.These are the people who are there for me and who love me soo soo much

Khushi in mind wah wah wah great full point for this question. He know how to change the situation so he can handle my jiji questioning nature well. 

Khushi: Great Aakash . You have a lovely family then. I like to know more about them especialy about your brother who is Payal's hero

Khushi said this to analyse his reaction when she said Payal 's hero is Arnav she want to know how Aakash behave for it.

Aakash coolly said oh he is not only her hero but also mine . We used to share everything with each other and we are not like others siblings fighting for small things we understand each other to a great extend and he is my mentor ,philosopher and everything.

Khushi: All love only for brother not your sister what about her?

Aakash: I love my sister too but she is always busy with her work so we spend only little time with her and before you ask  I love all members for the family same... happy.. 

Payal : Aakash dont mind her she is always like this very outspoken.

and continued to have her lunch

here Aakash didnt know what to do Payal his Payal talked with him and she also called his name it sound like a music in his ears . wow what a great day and continue to stare at Payal without eating.

Khushi was the first one to notice Aakash stare at Payal she tried to stop him but no use 

Payal experience someone stare on her when she raised her head to see who it was . She saw Aakash staring at her. she dont know what to do and didnt have courage to see him again

sensing the awkwardness in air Khushi pushed Aakash shoulder and said

Khushi: If you want to eat what Payal is eating we can order another one for you . You dont need to stare at her for it like a creep and started to laugh.

Aakash hearing this comment came out of his dreamland and became embarrassed .Khushi continued her laughing and Payal dint even take her eyes from the food , feeling shy.

Aakash came out of the flashback when he heard someone laughing at him .When he turned to see who it was he got the shock of his life . his di is standing at his room entrance and laughing at him he turned towards with worried look .

Arnav is not able to control his laugh too but seeing his di at the entrance and Aakash worried expression made him come out of it . He moved towards di to handle the situation if it go out of hand and gesture Aakash to calm down.

Arnav: di what a surprise you came home soon 

Anjali became normal and said just want to spend time with you all since you all feel I am always busy and gave squared look to Aakash.

Aakash remembered that in his flashback he used the same word so di know everything now. oh god I am finished.

Arnav : wow di great . See since you came earlier you happen to know what a clown our Aakash became before his friends.

Anjali in stern voice said friends I thought he is talking about his girlfriend.

Aakash : di wooh wooh 

Anjali : wooh wooh what Aakash ?

Aakash : nothing di its just friend.

Anjali with questioning look so Payal is just your friend . Ok i got it.Since you know her. Can you say how is she?

Aakash: for what di?

Anjali : nothing Aakash just thinking about our cousin Nandhakis**** , you know aunty is searching girl for him and i think she is perfect for him . Maami and nani also like her what do you think?

Aakash shocked by Anjali statement shouted no it cannot happen I wont allow someone to marry my Payal.

Anjali: oh your Payal and started to laugh.

Arnav who is watching this already came to the conclusion that their sister know about Aakash love and played with him to hear his confession so didnt say anything and continued to laugh with Anjali .

Aakash who is angry and irritated ,see his sibblings laugh at him and started to move out of his room.

Anjali: Payal is nice and i dont mind if she became my bhabhi.

Aakash at first dint comprehend her meaning he thought she is referring to nandhakis**** since he is also brother to her 

On seeing no reaction from Aakash Anjali said comeon Arnav I thought Aakash is clever like us . but he is dumb.

Arnav: You know di it is the effect of love

Anjali: oh love . Her faced changed and dint say anything

Aakash who heard their conversation became confused

Aakash: I am not dumb and looked at them.

Arnav: if so you should have understood why di is doing this. She is making you to confess your love idiot brother and started to laugh

Aakash: love confession in confused tone

Anjali in angry voice said: ya love which i hate the most

Arnav and Aakash gulped their words and contemplating what to say to disharm the situation.

Arnav : di I know how you feel about love but Aakash is head over heels in love with her believe me i have seen it.

Anjali: Arnav dont you think i know this already when i saw his reaction on dinner night?

Arnav in confused tone asked; di then?

Aakash: Di i love her truly please dont oppose my love in pleading tone.

Anjali: oh now i am the villan of your love story? in anger.

Aakash: no di not like that.

Anjali: then like what?

Arnav : we know di you dont like love?

Anjali like is not the word hate is the word . I hate love.

Arnav ; hmm  ya di you hate love.

Anjali: so u are saying i will oppose this?

Arnav: dii its not that this iss... well ...

Anjali: come to the point Arnav.

Arnav tactically asked: di if Aakash is married to Payal will you have any problem with it?

Anjali: should i have one?

Arnav: no 

Anjali: ok

Arnav: if Aakash love her?

Anjali: hmm depends on what his love is about?

AAkash: i dont understand?

Anjali: why do you love her?

Aakash: there is no reason di

Anjali: no reason good , then answer why do you hate someone in you life?

AAkash: if the person do something wrong and if they are bad and not deserving our love

Anjali : so in your dictionary you have reason to hate someone but you have no reason to love?

Aakash: di love is a feeling... in exasperated tone.

Anjali: hate is also the feeling Aakash dont you agree?

Aakash: di its not the same.

Anjali: i dint say they are same

Aakash: every feeling cant be explained and cant be reasoned out.

Anjali: if you feel like that care to explain me that?

Aakash: it cant be explained di . It should be experienced

Anjali: and you know that will never happen . I dont want to feel these useless thing in my life.

Arnav:di dont be too hard on you. It may happen in your life too.

Anjali giving angry look to Arnav and said: end of the discussion boys . I am not Against him or her but love . Its there decision so i wont involve in it. So please excuse me.and moved out of the room

Arnav and Aakash heaved big sigh and said hoping against the hope 

Aakash: neither she is against my love nor she is with it. What to do bhai . Totally busted today .

Arnav tapped on his shoulder to comfort him and said you know her. But  the good thing is she is not stopping you . Now we need to concentrate on Payal to know her answer not on di .

Aakash : ya you are right which reminds me that i have to talk to Khushi not to em brass me again before Payal.

Arnav laughed at the mention of Khushi's name said i dont think that would happen .

Aakash : what bhai did you say anything

Arnav: no nothing Aakash and moved towards his room with glint in his eyes thinking about khushi and her actions.

there in Anjali's room

she is frustrated with herself she didnt know why she act like that. She dint want to experience this love. She dint want to believe in it and she dint want any distraction in her life. But these days something is happening to her and she dint like that.To come out of it she decided to not to think about it and carried on her work.

Arnav's room:

I like to meet this Khushi some day. She is fun and i want to befriend her like she said.

Aakash room

Nothing is going right in my life . I should try to convenience Khushi to know about Payal feeling. Oh god its going to be an Herculean task.

really it will be one


lets see whose thought will come true

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life as it unfold (By Athimsus) (Thanked: 7 times)

 Thoughts are italiced

Shyam's house

Shyam is dwelling on the thought about his revelation to Anjali

Shyams thought

I dint even disclose this to my sister but i said it to her without any hesitation and i didnt regret it why??? May be i like her so i dint feel bad about it. May be she is cute while she asked about me and immersed in her cuteness i dint know how i Reveled it . God what am i thinking she is Arnavs sister its bad to think like that .hmmm nothing can be done since i already said it . I have to live with it . May be i can meet her and ask her to not to say anybody. No she shouldnt say this to anyone i have to talk to her now.

Oh god i dint have her number . No other way have to ask Arnav but if i ask him suddenly he would doubt about something may be in a well mannered way hmm god one slip of a tongue in weak moment now have to pay for it.

In Raizada mansion

Anjali room

Arnav is actually in Anjali's room to talk to her mostly to know what happen during shyam's interview

Arnav: di can i have a moment with you.

Anjali : ya come in Arnav. But if it is regarding what i said in the Aakash room dont even think about starting the topic again. I am well off without the love topic in my life.

Arnav: oh di its not about Aakash it about shyam sir

Anjali not getting what Arnav wanted to talk as she is already disturbed with her thoughts ,Thought that shyam also loves someone.

Anjali:  pls Arnav dont say that shyam also loves someone with unbelievable look in her face.

Arnav : di what happened to you . I came here to ask about his interview not his love life.

Anjali now got the idea why Arnav is here and stood from her bed and came towards him with serious look.

Arnav didnt know what to think and he stood blank near the door.

Anjali came before him and twisted his ears and asked 

Did you know how embrassed i am to know that he didnt know i am interviewing him. And you made me to think bad about him. Whats all this about?

Arnav: di di di stop its paining .

Anjali: just say what you said to shyam and what you said to me.

Arnav: di woh woh i want him to work with us. I know if i ask him to come and work with me . He will reject it . So i have said some lie about my friend needing his profile and i need his help.

Anjali: seriously Arnav . You tried to manipulate him and in your tone i feel u dont regret it.

Arnav: what is there to regret di. He is one gem of a person. And if he come to work with us . It is good for the company. Now say what do you think about him. And how was the interview.

Anjali: Arnav you should have said the truth to him or atleast to me. So i would have known what to expect from him.

Arnav: di what happened why are you so serious its not a big deal.

Anjali tried to say something at this time Arnav got a call on his mobile which is from shyam so he attended it before Anjali.

Arnav: di wait its shyam sir call.

Phone conversation:

Shyam: hi Arnav . Are you busy now?

Arnav: no sir anything important.

Shyam : no just want to talk to you . Where are you now?

Arnav: in home sir

Shyam: is your sister home?

Arnav: yes sir . Anything important you want me to say to her .

Shyam: actually i want to talk to her if she is not busy.

Arnav in mind shyam sir want to talk to her means she said about the job and he is going to neglect it oh god what to do now .

Arnav: its about your job . I know i lied to you but please consider it.

Shyam didnt know what job Arnav is speaking he thought may be Anjali said his real identity to him

Shyam: Arnav its not like what you think . I dont want to hide it but its important please understand.

Anjali who is listening all this git some vague idea that shyam wants to talk to her so she took phone from Arnav's hand

There Shyam who dint know said .

Shyam: its actually for a mission i have to keep my real identity hidden please dont judge me based on this. You are like a family to me and i dont want you to be disappointed.

Anjali: if you dint want him to be disappointed com work with us.

Shyam was stunned to hear Anjali's voice he didnt say anything for some moments.

Shyam: woh i thought its Arnav and i need to speak to you about something.

Anjali : oh ok dont worry i will call you later now speak to him. And decide about our offer.

Shyam: I know its because of Arnav dont worry i will talk to him. And i already have a job . I dont need another one you know it . And please ask Arnav not to judge me for hiding my identity to him.

Anjali: hmmm actually Shyam he dint know it . Sont worry i usually keep my words her speak to him.

Arnav: sir i know i lied to you . But please consider this offer. 

Shyam who didnt know the whole drama kept quiet for sometime and said will think about it and kept the phone.

Arnav is sad by hearing this 

Anjali: sent me shyam number Arnav may be i can try and convince him.

Arnav smiled and said so you also think that he will be treasure to the company. I know he will pass your interview but di i know him. If he decide something he wont change his mind. So chances are limited.

Anjali: you know me Arnav . And you think i will leave him Any choice.

Arnav: please di dont blackmail him. Leave it to his choice . I will accept whatever he decided.

Anjali. Send me his no.

Arnav : ok di.and moved out of her room.

Shyam's residence: 

Payal is lost in Aakash thought what happened in the lunch hour.

Ther khushi came and called her but no reaction from her. So she decided to poke her . Which earn an angry glare from Payal.

Payal: khushi dont be a dramaqueen let me do my work

Khushi: oh you are the one who is daydreaming and i became the dramaqueen here

Payal: see you have started your drama.

Khushi: who is upset hearing this moved towards shyam room and ordered him to come with her.

Shyam : khushi whats the matter why are you dragging me.

Khushi: payal said i am a dramaqueen. You come and scold her.

Shyam: whats there to scold . What she said is true.and started to laugh.

Khushi: you too brute . I dont expect this from you. Now i am going to punish you.

Shyam: oh your lord what did i do to deserve your punishment.

Payal also came to the scene

Khushi: you upset me . So your punishment is you have to act as you are playing in the drama for rest of the evening .

Shyam: khushi please leave it . Its childish.

Khushi: its a punishment you have to do it. If you consider me as your sister.

Shyam whispered dramaqueen.payal heard it and laughed for it. Khushi glared at Payal and said i will punish you later

Shyam: yes behensahiba what do you want your slave to do.

Khushi : jelabi with a smile in her face.

Shyam: as per your order behensahiba.

Anjali called shyam

Anjali: hello this is Anjali am i speaking to mister Shyam?

It was  khushi who took the phone.

Khushi: ya ya madam sahiba wait a minute your slave Shyam will be at your service.

Anjali: excuse me . May i know to whom i am talking and is this shyam phone no 9422554***?

Khushi: ya ya its your slave shyam number only but right at the moment he is making jalebi for me so i am speaking on behalf of him

Anjali who didnt know what is happening thought that Arnav played a prank on her by giving wrong number to her cut the call and moved towards Arnav's room to scold him.

Arnav's room

Anjali angrily: Arnav you pranked me with wrong number.

Arnav: what di what prank what number?

Anjali: i asked for shyam's number and you pranked me by giving wrong number

Arnav: no di the number which i send is shyam sir's only.

Anjali: oh really then speak with him and give to me.

Anjali called the number and gave it to Arnav and moved out of the room in anger

Now also Khushi picked shyam's call

Khushi: hello you have beem reached slave Shyam's number . Do you have any work for him.

Arnav who already heard the voice recogniced it and played along.

Arnav: oh ya i want slave Shyam to talk to me right now

Khushi: oh hello mister give respect . He is not your slave to order around.

Arnav: then whose slave is he.

Khushi: mine for sure . He is my brother.

Arnav: oh Khushi leave this drama . I want to talk to shyam sir now.

Khushi: you know my name who are you?

Arnav: I am your new friend who you know by the name Arnav Singh Raizada.

Khushi was dumbstrucked to hear the name and didnt say anything . There Arnav is waiting for her answer.

Arnav: hello Khushi are you there?

Khushi: hmmm ya here. Wait i will give phone to shyam bhai.

Arnav: actually I want to discuss something with you can i get you phone number.

Khushi: ya sure 9462622***

Arnav: ok thanks . Can you pass the phone to shyam sir .

Khushi : ya will do 

Here Arnav moved towards Anjali room and  gave phone to her and said Shyam sir in line and moved out

There Khushi moved towards kitchen to give phone to shyam and without saying anything moved out quickly.

Shyam said pagal and kept the phone in ears.

There anjali heard it and asked.

Anjali: did you say me pagal.

Shyam: oh not you mam. It is meant for another member . May i know to whom i am speaking.

Anjali: Anjali here Shyam.

Shyam dint expect it to be Anjali so he stumbled for words.

Shyam: ooh hi Anjali ... Hmm mam

Anjali: Anjali is fine Shyam.

Shyam: hmm ok.

Anjali : i called you to say that i dint say anything to anyine. And please be sured i wont say to anyone henceforth. And the job offer is really based on your ability not because of Arnav. Actually the today meeting was meant to an interview for you. Though i know your condition i really hope that you can manage your job with us.

Shyam: Anjali its really not needed. I am happy with my current job . And i will speak to Arnav and make him understand it.

Anjali who was irritated by him neglecting the job said.

Anjali: It will be really good to take this job otherwise you wont like the consequences.

Shyam: are you trying to threaten me miss Anjali?

Anjali: consider whatever you want

Shyam: you do know I am a government servant and you can be held behind bars for threatening me.

Anjali: And you do know who i am and how much power i hold in this country.

Shyam: you are making a big mistake by doing this miss Anjali.

Anjali: its Arnav wish and you too fit the bill no harm is acquiring it.

Shyam: i am not a property that you are acquiring miss.

Anjali: property and employee both are say which belongs to the owner ones owned or in your case one you signed your contract.

Shyam: oh you are hell bound to consider me as your property . I want to make you come out of your wrong conception. For that i should became your employee .

And mind it ,i am not only your employee . I have other jobs too. Which you already know well. And by joining your company you are giving me easy access to your system and i can collect details about you. And i may have something with me in future to make your life hell.

Anjali: oh please dont day dream mister Shyam. I know who you are and you will be working for my company under my supervision you cant get anything out of it. And even you collect some data you wont find anything wrong with it. I am knkwn for my strong and starightforwardness. I dont like to cheat. So all the best for your mission.

Shyam: oh will see who is gonna win this war. Will offically become your employee after one month since i have prior work to finish and will be waiting for my appointment letter.

Anjali: good will prepare tha contract and sent it to you later .

Shyam: oh please dont think ,I accept your offer because of threat. I accept it to prove your bad face to the word and will succeed in it.

Anjali: oh all the best for you then. And cut the call

Anjali's monologue

Stupid stupid stupid.  What the hell just happened. You have decide to maintain your distance from him now you have offered him a job and you challenged Arnav that he would take the job. Moreover you threaten him to take the job.Really Anjali you are mad... And ooi dont say that you did this for Arnav happiness or that he challenged you, Its not that . You know that. You want him to be near you so you placed the threat which you dont even consider and made yourself bad in his eyes.

Oooh yes that will be good if i remain bad in his eyes he will hate me and even i will hate him and every feelings will be nullified in the hate. Wow its good idea then.

Shyam's monologue

**** what have i done. I said ok to the job which i dont even want and i challenged her to prove her negativity to the world. Really shyam negativity that too to the one you like. Oh not again hmm like may be before not now . Now i have to find something against her and prove her wrong and she being Arnav's sister will make it worse.Oh Arnav's sister not your ..

Hmmm dont go there its not like that . She is bad and i have to do something to prove it.

You really think she is bad?

Thats not the question . It should be what you can find about her.hmm your love interest.sry sry not love your hate interest

Ohh hoo hate love ,,,love hate as they difference is just a thin line which can change everything. Will see what it will change.

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life as it unfold (By Athimsus) (Thanked: 7 times)

mind voice are in blue colour

Raizada mansion:

morning breakfast table:

all raizadas are having their breakfast while Anjali announced

Anjali:Arnav Shyam said he will work with our company.

Arnav; really di , its a good news . I am soo happy. You are really awesome di.And kissed her cheeks

Anjali: wooh wooh Arnav so my affection hawww .

Arnav: really think thank you soo much.

Anjali: Ok ok have you breakfast first otherwise we will be late for the meeting

Arnav: ya di.

Nani and Mami who are hearing this conversation have their own side conversation 

Nani: oh Shyam , usually Anjali wont get close to anybody but here she is using his first name

Mami: ji sasuma i too thought the same , may be he is right for our Anjali bitiya.

Nani: dheere bol if she hear what we are speaking then you know what will happen

Mami: ya ya sasuma. But i think he is our only resort now ,who can make Anjali bitiya to approve for marriage.

Nani: ya you are right . But who will speak to him about her.

Mami: we will figure it out soon sasuma dont worry.

Nani: hmm. hope everything goes right.

Delhi University:

 Principal's room

Shyam: sir this is my resignation letter, I am going to serve till this academic year

Principal: why shyam why suddenly any problem in the college

Shyam: no sir just personal issues.

Pricipal:you are one of our best professor we didnt want to lose you.IF you want increment i can speak to the management

Shyam: no sir,want to explore more in this world so thinking about change of job thats it.

Principal: oh ok ok all the best for your job shyam.

Shyam: thank you sir.

and shyam moved out of the room 

lunch time:

shyam informed about his new job to khushi and Payal

Khushi and Payal are happy about it . And they started to congratulate him and decide to celebrate for it, they moved towards cafeteria .

ON their way Khushi saw Aakash with his group she moved towards him and asked him to talk about Payal to Shyam.


Aakash:Khushi this is not done yaar . How can i talk about it, he is her brother.

KHushi: thats the reason i am asking you to talk to him.

Aakash: but what i will say to him that i love his sister.

Khushi: wow thats what i want you to say to him . comeon come with me we are going to cafeteria you can talk to him there.

Aakash in mind 

Oh god what i have got into . I am sure to get a punch on my face if i said i love Payal to Shyam sir but Khushi is not leaving me what can i do. oh will ask bhai what to do.

Arnav and Aakash conversation

Arnav is with Anjali having lunch with her while Aakash call him.

Aakash: bhai I am in trouble. I need your help in Panicked tone .

Arnav: Aakash calm done say what it is.

Aakash:Bhai its Khushi

Arnav now become interested and asked what about her Aakash

Aakash: Bhai she want me to talk to Shyam sir about Payal

Arnav: so whats the problem there?

Aakash: Bhai he may be your mentor but for me he is my lovers brother every brother will act violently if someone says that they love his sister. 

Arnav: dont be a complain cat he wont do something like that Shyam sir is mature enough to understand what you are saying and he may help you in it.

Aakash: Bhai i dont think its a good idea please do something bhai and save me from Khushi

Arnav; what do you want me to do Aakash?

Aakash: call Shyam sir and talk about something for 15 mins may be Khushi also till then i will make some escape plan and move out of there. please do something to keep him occupied.

Arnav: Shyam sir ok Aakash but Khushi How can i call and speak to her she is still stranger to me.

Aakash: PLease bhai please do something about it.I will send her no to you

Arnav:  hmm no need,i will do what you said ,but you owe me one for this .

Aakash; ya ya ok . thanks bhai

and they cut the call.

Anjali: who is it Arnav?

Arnav: Aakash di

Anjali: oh what he want?

Arnav:nothing di just some work.DI did you talk about the mehta deal with Shyam sir I think he will give better solution for the problem . ok wait I will call him and dailled Shyam's no from office phone.

delhi university:


Shyam ,Payal and Khushi placed their order and moved towards their chair, Aakash is coming towards them while shyam's phone ring

he moved out of the table and attended the call

shyam : Hello SHyam manohar jha here.

Arnav: Sir its Arnav, actually are you free now, I want to discuss something with you.

Shyam: ya no problem Arnav, just say what it is.

Arnav: Its Its about the deal wait di will explain it to you better.and moved receiver to Anjali's ear. And moved towards his cabin.

Anjali shouting Arnav you said you want to discuss something then why are you giving the receiver to me and finish your lunch and go.

Arnav from outside: di you get his opinion on the deal i have an important work to do

Anjali and Shyam's Phone conversation:

Anjali: hmm its Arnav who want to discuss the deal with you.

Shyam: oh really i thought you are afraid to discuss the deal with me since you know for what purpose i am accepting to work with you.

Anjali: see shyam i am not afraid. Its just really nothing to talk.

Shyam:I know Arnav if he said its important its should be important,sooo

Anjali: so ?

Shyam: you can share with me the issues about deal you ,see after one month i will come to know everything about your deals and transaction .

Anjali: i dont want to discuss about it to you

Shyam: so you are afraid of me and smiled in phone

Anjali who was irritated by him said a big no and ok i will discuss about it but i wont guarantee you about  adapting your suggestions.

Shyam: ok no issue about it, so lets start i have class to attend in 30 mins

Anjali and Shyam started to talk about the issues with deal

Meanwhile in Arnav's room

Arnav didnt know how to call question and talk to her since he only talked to her twice that too in phone so hesitated at first.

then deciding something he called her no 

Arnav Khushi conversation

Khushi: hello , who is this?

Arnav: hai Khushi its Arnav, Aakash brother

Khushi didnt expect this call so she didnt say anything

Arnav: hello Khushi are you there?

Khushi: ya ya , oh hi Arnav, how are you?

Arnav: hmm, I am fine, I just called to ask want do you plan to do with love

Khushi: Excuse me?

Arnav scolding himself in mind and said

Arnav: Aakash and Payal love

Khushi:Actually its really fun to play with AAkash , you know what i did today .I asked Aakash to speak to bhai about his love and you should have seen his face that time its so hilarious, And to say the truth you brother have some courage issues,truthfully if someone love why should they fear about its , its not a big mistake you know and if i love someone i will declare to whole world that he is mine.

Arnav laughed for it and said by this the whole world will know that Khushi is in love right.

Khushi is embrassed by it and said oh sorry i said something out of context

Arnav ; oh no worries i enjoyed whats your future plan.

Khushi: hmm nothing ahead just thinking about it.

Arnav: Actually I have an idea.

Khushi:ya say what it is

and they discussed about the idea

Aakash and Payal

Aakash came near Payal and said can i dine with you guys.

Payal: hmm ya no problem

Aakash: you know me right I am Aakash

in mind wow great your first word to her and you prove that you are the dumbest creature on this world

Payal: who doesnt know the famous Aakash Singh Raizada. And we already have some conversation so i am aware of your presence

Payal in mind:

he just introduced himself you should have smiled and said i know you, but what did you say aware of your presence so rude Payal, atleast you should have spoken something sweet.Now you will be tagged as the nerd rude girl in his life instead of love of his life and heaved a great sigh.

Aakash who acted nonchalance for her command said just wanted to hear your voice

damn i flirt with her now she will slap me. oh goddddd

Payal became shy suddenly and looked down her food.

Aakash: so since i know you and you know me can will you be my friend? in mind girlfriend

Payal: ya sure and shake hand with him

Aakash: so Payal Do you have a boy friend?

in mind too personal but i want to know the answer for it

Payal: no

Aakash;thank god then no one will beat me for talking to you.

Payal: I am not sure about it.

Aakash:see you dint have boyfriend that who will beat me for talking to you.

Payal: i may not have boyfriend but i have bodyguard you know and signalled towards Khushi who is talking to Arnav at the corner of the cafeteria.

Aakash: oh Khushi , it maynot be a problem since we are already friends.

Payal: then you surely dont know about her. you want a demo i will show you , you just act like scolding me and see what she will do to you.PLease dont talk back

Aakash changed his facial expression from flirty to angry and Payal looked down at her plate like crying

Khushi who is at the corner saw the change in her expression and moved towards her while speaking in phone.

Payal take some water from glass and put it in her eyes acting like she is crying without khushi's notice. Khushi hanged the call and moved toward their table ,took the glass of water and emptied on Aakash head. the whole people in cafeteria witnessed it and talked among themselves

Shyam who was in conversation sense the change in the surrounding kept the call and moved towards the table.

there he saw khushi scolding Aakash and consoling Payal who is smiling at Aakash . And Aakash who id dumbfolded by her act dint do anything about it

He kept hand on Khushi and asked her to calm down which really have some effect since she dint speak anything after him.

Shyam: whats the matter why are you shouting at Aakash and Aakash why didnt you do anything about it.

Khushi whinningly said bhai see her he made our Payal cry.

Shyam: oh really Khushi but i dint see her crying.

now Khushi turned towards Payal who is making some guilty face but cant stop some smile escaping her face

Shyam: she is smiling Princess not crying

Khushi : but she cried... i saw tears... and saw Payal's eyes which is not red and doesnt have any tears in it.

Khushi now became angry on Payal: you played with me. Here i thought I am protecting you but you dubbed it

towards Aakash: why didnt you say anything when i am scolding you.

Aakash: She asked me not to back answer you

KHushi: you idiot , If she said anything you will follow it like fool, you dont have brain for yourself

Aakash: hey hey hey stop now its going overboard she ask me to act , and i have done it, but you have created this whole drama and blaming me for it , i am not responsible for it and thanks for inviting to have lunch now i am done with you and i dont need your help saying this Aakash moved out of the scene

but Khushi's anger still not gone she glared Payal now and without saying anything move out of the cafe.

Shyam faced Payal and say go and convince her she dint even eat her lunch.

Payal: sorry bhai i dint do it with bad intention , its just a joke

Shyam: i dont need your explanation just go and make sort out the problem

Payal: yes Bhai and walked away

Payal moved towards KHushi and said  sorry dear its just a joke dont take it seriously


Khushi: oh its just a joke ,then why do you act like you cried you know how i will react when you cry ,you know my weakness and you used it .

Pyal: no no no , i just say to Aakash that you are my bodyguard you will protect me from everyone , he dint believe so i did it.

Khushi: no needed for explanation , you me

Payal: hey please dont say like that , how can i cheat me princess

hearing this KHushi laughed but turned otherside and said you should be punished for it.

Payal; ok i will accept your punishment please dont be angry with me

Khushi: then deal and if you dint do it i wont apologize you.

Payal: ok ok i give my word ,i will do whatever your punishment is.

KHushi: good and moved toward cafe to have her lunch


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life as it unfold (By Athimsus) (Thanked: 5 times)

Lets expect the unexpected

Gupta residence :

Payal is whining and complaining to Buaji about Khushi's Punishment

actually its not a punishment but and work for her its a dare

Payal: buaji see she is not talking to me.

Khushi: buji inform her i wont talk to her till she do the punishment given to her

Payal: buaji its not a punishment she wanted me to call the whole raizada family for shyam bhai surprise birthday party. they are so rich buaji they wont come here may be Hero will come but whole raizada family is not possible.

Khushi: oh i dont want to hear about it , its your punishment and you have to do it, atleast try before assuming anything, call them and invite if they dont come no issue but you have to do it

Payal: its not fair you know its Bhai's surprise party why should we invite non-family members.

Khushi in mind for making them our family members ,my dear payal.

KHushi: i dont want any argument over it my decision is final , if your ever consider me your siter your bestfriend you have to do it.

Payal: you said it is a punishment now you are blackmailing me .

Khushi: all is fair in love and war dont you hear it.

Payal in confused tone asked: khushi love... war ..... its neither why are you saying such dumb quotes

BUaji: oh Payaliya dont mind here she is ajeeb you know just invite them and finish this drama soon otherwise she wont leave you alone and moved away from them.

khushi also started to move away from payal

Payal: oii drama queen where do you think you are going, if you want me to invite them just be here and moreover i dont have their house phone no so i cant call them.

Khushi: Oh its not a problem ,I can arrange it

Khushi moved away from payal and called Arnav

raizada mansion:

Aakash is walking to and fro in his in room tension Arnav who is passsing through the door notice it and stopped him 

Arnav: hello brother did you forget your morning walk that you are doing at night here in laughing tone

Aakash: Bhai i messed up

Arnav: what what happened.

Aakash: its a long story, but the end is i messed up that too badly

Arnav: dont worry about your result, i will save you from family.

Aakash: Bhai its not about exam its about life

Arnav: oh about angel

Aakash: ya

Arnav: so what happened?

Aakash explained to him what happened at the cafe 

Arnav: so you scolded Khushi

Aakash nodded his head.

Arnav: and you didnt even say sorry

Aakash nodded his head again.

Arnav in unbelief tone : its not right Aakash you tried to fool her and scolded her at the end you didnt even ask sorry for it, if di come to know about it,she will tutor you about behaviours and respect to should have known better what to do . and please dont ask my help in this matter ,i am disappointed by your behaviour and moved out of the room

IN Anjali's room

Anjali is working on the project which she discussed with Shyam in the afternoon

After talking to him and getting his input in the project she came with new idea to tackle the issues.She usually think about it in her perspective only but she learnt today by having another perspective will help to solve the problem soon and effortlessly.

she dint want to give credit to him since it is her knowledge and experience which help her. But at some point she accept that he will take some credit to solve this problem soon, because its his interest and thought that made her to think in other way.

she was too immersed in he thoughts that she dint she her nani entering her room.

nani:BItiya did you have your dinner?

Anjali on hearing voice came out of her thought and said: yes nani . I had it with Arnav

Nani: actually I came here to talk about something important.

Anjali: ya nani what is it? are you not feeling well? did you have you medicine? do you want to go to doctor?

Nani: oh ho bitiya its not about me>

Anjali: then with questioning look?

Nani: Its about you

Anjali: about  me nani?

Nani: I know you dont want to talk about it but its important.

Anjali now having some idea about what she is saying asked with disinterest what is important nani?

Nani: your marriage bitiya

Anjali: nani you know what i think about it

Nani: but its my duty to make you to understand the importance of it.

Anjali: Nani i dont believe in fairy tale and happily ever after.

Nani: marriage is not a fairytale bitiya, its a sacred bond

Anjali:I am not against it nani, its just i am  not interested in it

Nani: its not done bitiya you have already crossed the age still you dint think about it

Anjali: nani i dont have any leisure time to think about these useless thoughts

nani angrily said its not a useless thought its life important decision

Anjali: nani why are you saying me this,now?

Nani: I have decided something and i am here to say that to you

Anjali: what is it?

Nani: that i want you to be married before your next birthday

Anjali: nani this is not done. I am  not interested.

NAni: oh i dont care about it.

Anjali: If you dont want me to stay with you, you can say it openly i wont mind why this marriage drama and all

Nani: Oh young lady dont play with the defensive mode with me , i am not your business associatives or your employee to fall for it.

Anjali: OH if i dont agree to it, what will you do.

Nani: nothing , just nothing I know you wont be taken down by blackmail, its just my wish to see you getting married and bearing child before my death, if you dont want to fulfill this wish of me, then i should consider myself as the most unlucky person on the earth and moved out of her room

Anjali in mind see saying she wont blackmail me but doing exactly the same, nani ohoho i cant separate drama from her.

Should i get married. but i dont even consider about it, how can i do all the household work and not work in office, i cant even imagine my life with office, husband ,baby oh god full of baggages she want me to enter in this, what can i do now.

I cant disobey nani after her emotional drama have to think a way to come out of it.

there in Arnav's room 

Arnav recieved Khushi's call

Arnav -Khushi Phone conversation:

Khushi: Hello, may i speak to Mr Arnav Singh Raizada.

Arnav teasingly said: Ya young lady you are speaking to the man of honour here.

Khushi dint know what to say to it just asked oh i just want you house phone no, phase  of the plan is active so?

Arnav: oh oh beautiful lady you dont worry about it, you have your knight in shinning Armour to say you from the trouble.. smilingly said i will just text you the number.

Khushi: Oh thank you .

Arnav: hello Khushi?

Khushi: yes 

Arnav:are you afraid to say my name?

Khushi: no why do you ask?

Arnav: Its just you didnt say my name during any conversation?

Khushi: in defensive mood oii heloo i said it .

Arnav: no you are not

Khushi: dint i say Arnav Singh RAizada, its your name right.

Arnav: do you always call your friend by their full name?

Khushi: no.

Arnav: Am i not your friend?

Khushi: Ofcourse you are.

Arnav: but you called me formally?

Khushi: wo wo its just .. its just i dont know how to address you.

Arnav: you know i have my name so that people can call me.

Khushi: its just Payal call you hero and calling you Arnav will not be nice since you are older than me and Arnavji will make you feel older And you should not feel bad about the name which i give i am contemplating what to call you.

Arnav: oh thats the problem. It can be solved easy, you can call me by any name you like I wont mind it.

Khushi: pakka

Arnav: ya pakka

Khushi: then you are my star


khushi:Ya star.

Arnav: so whats the reason for the name.

Khushi:You are famous ,popular, everybody likes you and moreover you are Payal's hero so altogether make you my star.

Arnav: teasingly oh your star?

Khushi: Ya my friend my nick name so my star.

Arnav: ok ok since you name me i should also give some name to you.

Khushi: ya ok, 

Arnav: hmm small baby

Khushi shockingly what its not a nick name 

Arnav: ok then cute baby.

Khushi: thats too not inappropriate.

Arnav: ok then baby girl and laughed

Khushi hearing his laugh said you are teasing me its bad my star 

Arnav: ok ok then you will me my Partner

Khushi: Partner ?

Arnav: ya we are partner in crime so you are my partner and thats gonna be your nick name, Ok parnter

Khushi: ok my star , bye good night

they both have smiling face even after their call ended

Khushi in mind 

did i just give him a nick name and that to my star , star is my favorite one in this world and i gave that name to him but reasoned it in a way so he wont deny it, why am i doing this, giving him my favorite name talking to him all mundane and useless thing oh god , i am not like this with my other friend , why am i like this to him

Arnav mind

did i just flirt with her, the famous rude arrogant Arnav Singh Raizada flirt with her, the one who doesnt know how to talk to girls , the one who doesnt recommend drama in life and the one who hate mundane conversation.Its unbelievable.I am just not myself when i am talking with her, i even make her as my parnter , what is happening to me, am in changing for her, its insane to change for a girl whom you dint even know for a month . What am i doing, is this right ?should i continue my friendship with her or not, no its not her fault i cant behave rude with her for being friendly with me, oh god what to do now.

mind is the strange thing which make us to think a lot but dint give any solution to the complaints..huffffff

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life as it unfold (By Athimsus) (Thanked: 6 times)

to reduce the tension you should confuse it and dissipate it

Raizada mansion:

Arnav is having his beauty sleep when he hear his who ringing , he attended the call without seeing the caller id

phone conversation:

Arnav: hello in sleepy tome

Payal: Hello Hero did i disturb your sleep

Arnav: Ah ah who is this?

Payal: er its payal sorry for calling early .

Arnav: oh Angel dont worry , I am already up now .

Payal: woh actually i want your help 

Arnav: ya Angel anything for you

Payal: hero its about Shyam bhai birthday

Arnav: oh ya tomorrow ,thanks for reminding me

Payal: Actually i called you to invite for his surprise party.

Arnav: laughingly said oh surprise party 

Payal: ya 

Arnav: oh dont be formal with me i will be there even if you dont invite me

Payal: actually the invitation is extended to your family. I know they wont be interested in it but i am in a position where i should invite your whole family to the party

Arnav: oh Angel, for me i dont need invitation but for the family you have to invite them formally 

Payal: ya i know but.

Arnav: no but angel wait i will pass phone to them you invite them personally

Payal: oh no need hero no....

Arnav moved towards living room and handed phone to nani informing her about call

NAni: oh payal bitiya how are you?

Payal: i am good nani, HOw are you?

Nani: teek ah bitiya.

Payal: nani actually i want to invite you all for shyam bhai birthday party tonight

Nani:wish him on my behalf bitya

PAyal: ya nani sure.

nani gave phone to Arnav 

Arnav: OK Angel its already late for your college go get ready

Payal: teek hai hero bye

nani to Arnav:

nani: So chote going to party tonight

Arnav: ya nani actually i am thinking about pulling Aakash and di with me , since he is gonna be member of our family( as in shyam joining office) 

but nani took it literally

Nani in questioning tone: chote joining family?

Arnav: ya nani as he is going to join our office in one month time so it will be a good get-together to know about each others na

disappointed with Arnav's answer nani in mind

ya i know he is joining office but he joining family made me to think about the possibilities, i like him, he is good, chote worship him,whats wrong if i try to set him with Anjali bitiya ya it will be good, but for that i have to talk to him and know about his opinion before, this party will be a great chance ya ya  blesssing in disguise

nani: chote i will also come with you

Arnav: but nani its after midnight since its a surprise party

Nani; oh woo than i definitely come , i love surprise party

Arnav: ok nani i will inform Angel and make arrangements for your travel

mami who is coming towards them here this and asked

mami: going without me

Nani: no manorama you also coming actually everybody from our household is going

Arnav: wow nani thats great, i will make the necessary arrangements

mami saw mischievious glint in nani eyes and asked

mami: sasuma anything which i should know?

nani: actually manorama call manohar also i want to discuss something with you guys and want your opinion for it

mami ,manohar mama and nani conversation

nani: actually i am considering someone for Anjali bitiya i want your opinion about him

MAmi: who is that, do i know him?

nani: ya we all know him, its Shyam manohar jha

mami and mama didnt say anything for sometime

mama: amma we dont know much about him and Anjali bitiya she will not say ok to this and moreover we have to know about shyam opinion

nani: ya so only i decided to attend his birthday party tonight

Mami: Actually sasuma i think they are perfect for each other, i see some sparks between them, oh i am excited we will have marriage in our home, oh wow super

nani: mamorama come back to earth , first we have to ask shyam's opinion then have to talk to Anjali bitiya, since we all know that it wont be easy, i like to have something against her so that i can make her to do this for us, i wish to see her married and happy. and started crying

mami: me too sasuma dont worry we will think of something

Arnav informed Aakash about the party during breakfast and discussed about the traveling arrangements and schedule

Anjali who is not there during breakfast dint know about this party, which she was expected to attend.

Ar office:

Anjali is busy with some deal 

arnav entered her office

Arnav: di?

Anjali: yes Arnav

Arnav: we have a party to attend so we have to leave before 8 o clock

Anjali: ya ok no problem

in her workaholic mode she dint even ask about whose party for what and where

in Arnav's cabin

Arnav texted KHushi to inform about their plan's succuess

ARnav and Khushi text

Arnav: Angel invited all and we all are coming

Khushi: what really she invited all superb , but i dint give her your house no

Arnav: oh partner, Angel called me today and invited all

Khushi: oh ok no problem , see you soon then

Arnav: oh partner i am very excited to see you , since i am going to see you for the first time, and you are my one and only friend

Khushi: oh , me too , i also eagerly waiting to see how my star will be

Arnav: ok Partner will see you at evening bye gtg now

Khushi: bye my star...

At evening 

elders along with Aakash left their house at 10 to reach the venue

Arnav left for venue at 10 after his work, while going he informed Anjali about the details of the venue

Anjali nodded her head and continue to work in her deal 

finally at 10.30 she completed her work and moved towards her car, at that time she received call from Arnav Asking her whereabouts, then only she realized that she missed the party in her work.

she asked him to convey her wishes to whoever and decided to go to home

on returning home she came to know that all went to party, she decided to go and take rest but at last moment she decided against it and called Arnav to know about the venue .

Anjali reached venue which happen to be an college auditorium

she reached there and called Arnav but he is not picking the call

she saw the time it s11.45

she called Aakash who is also not picking her call

waiting for five minutes she saw some movements in parking lot so moved towards it.

college Auditorium @ 8 pm

Khushi and Payal are making arrangements there

Khushi: I dint expect we will be celebrating Shyam BHai birthday this grandly

Payal: ya me too

KHushi: ITs good that we invited Bhai colleague

Payal: ya, all are feeling sad about his resignation so they decided to celebrate this here.

Payal informed the change of venue to all

Khushi oversee all arrangements and food.

At 10.30 the whole Raizada parade came without Arnav and Anjali

Arnav reached venue at 10.45 pm and called Aakash who didnt receive his call, then he called PAyal, which says busy, at last he call Khushi who attended his call

Khushi: hello

Arnav: hello Khushi , its Arnav, where is the party exactly

Khushi: ITs in auditorium

Arnav: oH i am there but i didnt see any arrangements going here

KHushi: oh come in back entrance , we closed the front entrance for decoration

Arnav: ok will be there and Arnav moved towards back entrance

he examined the room but dint see any known face

 but saw a girl who is kissing some kids cheeks and giving them chocolate to kiss her cheeks back

He smiled at the scene before him and searched for some known face

but his glance is again moving toward that girl who is smiling cheekily on receiving kiss from the kids.

He started to admire her and moved towards her.

Khushi noticed someone glance at her and looked at him, His eyes chocolate brown and it pulled string in her heart.

Arnav reached her and cleared his throat to gain attention.

Khushi who was zoned off came out of it,

Arnav : Actually KHushi ko dek....

Khushi cut him and asked how do you know my name have we met before

At this time all surrounded Arnav since everybody hear his speech expect Khushi during college function and they wanted to greet him.

staff: see see Asr is here

staff:ya come lets greet him

girl 1:he is so handsome

girl 2:ooh i love his style

girl 3: he is my idol

Khushi heard this whispered around them looked all over them and squared her eyes at arnav

Arnav who was dumbfolded to know that she is khushi looking at her with stupid expression

KHushi: so you are celebrity , but how do you know me.

Arnav:with smiling face said how can i not know my partner in crime and winked at her

khushi was surprised and happy to finally meet her friend and the winking part make her to blush

but controlling it she said 

Khushi: so finally we met, glad to meet you and gave her hand for shake

Arnav: shook her hand and said dont be formal with me we are friends afterall

Khushi: ya come i will take you to the family 

Khushi buaji and Arnav's family were having their own conversation about lucknow, their culture and tradition

Aakash is looking at Payal who is busy in attending guest .

Arnav and KHushi approached them and gotten carried away with talks and debates

Outside college @11.50

Anjali moved towards the source of noise and saw a person walking towards the college in rapid speed, she followed him .

he reached auditorium At 11.55 pm and tried to open the door

Anjali is seeing all this and moved towards him to ask about the party

Shyam with hurried move tried to open the door which is not bulging

Anjali reached the man who is trying to open the door 

shyam looked at her sideway saw some know silhouette near him and saw Anjali

Anjali too saw shyam and asked him what he is doing here?

Shyam dint acknowledge her and didnt even respond to her started to open the door again

Anjali is irritated with shyam and started to pick fight with him, but he didnt respond to anything, so Anjali decided to help him seeing his urgency in opening the door

they tried to open it for almost five minutes,but not fruitful

now Anjali's anger is at her peak and she asked shyam again why he is here?

shyam didnt react to it , he tried to kick the door to open

Anjali who is irrated now came between him and the door and laid her back on the door

Shyam saw this and stopped kicking and looked at her

at that moment door opened and she is falling backwards , shyam reflex acted quickly and hold her by hand and pulled her towards him

there inside everybody is ready they opened the door and switched on the light with screeching noise of happy birthday and flashes of camera  to see shyam hugging Anjali.

On hearing noise Anjali turned and see the whole party troop with cake in a girl hand and gift in everybody's hand , so she came to the conclusion that the party is for Shyam and its a birthday party.

On seeing their confused expression to them she realized her position and started to move away from shyams hold

Khushi was the first on to move towards Shyam and wished him Happy birthday with hug to turn the awkwardness into a celebration mode, she make it look like that Anjali hugged him to wish him,

Payal came towards them and hugged him everybody moved towards shyam to hug him and wish him happy birthday

shyam on this whole episode dint know how to react happy, angry, guilty.....

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Dec 1

life as it unfold (By Athimsus) (Thanked: 14 times)

same day 

in Shyam's residence @ 7.00 pm

Shyam reached home at 7 pm. he didnt see payal there and assumed she will be with Khushi in her house and decided to freshen up and go to Khushi's house .

After refreshing he received call from his head in police department regarding the improvement in the case . So he became busy with it,later at 9.30 he finished his call and he began to prepare dinner.

After 40 mins he completed it and tried to call Payal to ask whether she will stay with Khushi today, her phone is switched off, he tried to call Khushi , which is busy at the moment. So he decided to go to Khushi's house to enquire about it.

On reaching the house he saw it was locked and no one inside. He didnt have any idea where they are he became worried and called Khushi's no which still busy he tried asking neighbors who also dont have any knowledge about their whereabouts. He tried Khushi's no continuously and she finally attended it at 11 pm

Shyam Khushi conversation:

Shyam:princess where are you guys , no one is at home and your phone is busy for long time.

Khushi in panicked tone: Bhai bhaii....

Shyam: Princess are you all right where are you?

Khushi: Bhai we are struck

Shyam: what struck ? where?

KHushi: in crying tone in Auditorium Bhai

SHyam: Auditorium, in disbelief tone you are in college now?

Khushi: Yessss BHai

Shyam in anger: what the hell and why are there ? what happened?

Khushi: we came here to practice ,while returning we found that we are locked inside it.

Shyam: what? then you should have called the security to open it.

Khushi: we tried bhai but he is not available and now i dint have any balance to call anyone,thank god you called otherwise i dont what our situation will,Payal battery also down.

Shyam:stupid stupid stupid, ok wait i will come there, you too be safe and dont do anything which will harm both of you

Khushi: ok bhai.

the phone got cut with this

shyam move in high speed to reach college ,he reached auditorium and tried to open it which is not bulging, after few seconds he sense someone near him and while inspecting he came to know its Anjali but his mind dint process any thoughts other than opening the door .

he heard her voicing some question but he didnt respond to it and continued his effort to open the door

later he saw Anjali too help him in opening the door and asking him something repeatedly

he didnt mind her ,Anjali who became angry now against him and standing as a barrier between him and the door.

now his eyes met hers they stare for some second and heard some noise inside with opening of door which made Anjali to lose balance and Shyam to save her hold her hand and pulled her towards him which resulted in hug.

now Shyam turned towards the crowd to hear happy birthday from them , there were flashes of camera and he tried to register in his mind what is happening, in the mean time Anjali moved out of his arm and Khushi hugged him wishing happy birthday Payal came and hugged him and everybody took turn to congratulate him, he was dumbstruck and dint know how to react.He is angry, happy and guilty

Angry at Khushi and Payal for fooling him

Happy for this huge surprise birthday party

and guilty for behaving rude with Anjali

so at first he twisted Payal and Khushi's ears for fooling him and with a smile thanked them for this party.

Khushi and Payal made him cut the cake , he feeded them and Arnav .Then everybody took turn to wish him and gift him.

after all the celebration and fun everybody retired to their home except Raizadas ,Khushi ,Payal,BUaji and Shyam

Elders are resting on their seats and young ones are discussing about the party.

During this shyam felt someone's glaring glance at him,he moved towards the source.

Anjali is at the corner during all the celebration and throwing glaring glance at Shyam throughout the party. So when Shyam appeared before her she dont know what to do . 

Shyam moved towards Anjali and stood against her with guilty look in his face

Anjali gaining back her sense said Happy bithday

Shyam: er....thank you.

Anjali: did i offend you, why are feeling negative now?

Shyam: actually i am sorry , i am rude to you before 

Anjali: oh now you realise it, actually why did you behave like a possessed man while opening door

Shyam with smiling face and fond voice said: its all because of Princess , she tricked me to come here by saying they are struck here.

Anjali: well then the possessed look is explained since you want to save your sisters

Shyam:well, then thank you for accepting my apology

Anjali: who said i accepted it ?

Shyam: well you dint scream at me , so i guessed you accepted my apology

Anjali: ohh hello do i look like a monster who will scream at everybody who comes in the way

Shyam in low voice well exact description

Anjali : did you say something?

Shyam; no nothing. well then please say what should i do to so you accept my apology?


they were interuppted by nani who came their in search of shyam

nani saw them together and moved towards them to see their expression while talking to each other.

seeing Nani Anjali didnt say anything and moved away from there,

now nani came before Shyam and started talking to him random things,later she broached the subject about Anjali

NAni: so Shyam are you good friend of Anjali?

SHaym in mind friend ?? we are more or less enemies

Shyam: just acquaintance Nani nothing much.

Nani: actually i want to talk to you

Shyam: yes nani>

Nani: do you like Anjali bitiya?

Shyam was shocked to hear this so he fumbled with the words,nani woh woh 

Nani: do you hate her?

Shyam without thinking said: no nani.

NAni: then you like her.

Shyam: nani its not like that , i dont hate her thats it , no liking business

NAni: Shyam bituwa its about Anjali's life so give me straight answer?

Shyam: what nani , what my liking her or not do with her life? i dont understand.

Nani: actually i want you two to get married

Shyam is shocked to hear this so he didnt reply anything

meanwhile all decide to retire to their house so Anjali came to call nani

NAni: think about it bituwa and say a good answer

Anjali with questioning look : what answer nani?

Nani: nothing comeon lets go everybody is waiting for us

Anjali looking at shyam shocked face and said : ya nani come lets go and moved out looking at him.

next day morning tv news


we hear from our secret source that the Delhi's most powerful woman has got Secret lover.

she celebrated his birthday party secretly and wished him first with a cute hug,which is the utmost romantic thing to do. we are trying hard to get the information about her secret boyfriend who is unknown to us, anyway we wish her to have a happy love life....and congrats to the secret lover who has got the real lioness as his partner.

showing Anjali's pic with A male shadow and question mark over it.

Oh let the gossip begin .......


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life as it unfold (By Athimsus) (Thanked: 19 times)

The news spread like a forest fire without stopping , all tv channels and news reporters are exited to hear this gossip each one want to be the first one to know who is the MAN? they tried to approach Anjali but cant reach her,family members are fully protected by security so they waited outside the house to get some scoop of news from there

Raizada mansion:

Everybody saw the news broadcasting in the channel but dint react much since they know what happened that time and know how Anjali is , so they didnt mind it.Except Nani and Mami

Nani who was waiting for an opportunity to open this topic got it as her trump card to move her plan forward

Nani and Mami conversation:

Nani: finally god had listened to my prayer and provided me an opportunity to talk about Shyam to Anjali bitiya whoever done it has done a great favour to me

Mami: oh sasusma please dont flatter me with your praises

Nani: confusingly asked , i dint praise you Manorama i am talking about the person who leak the info to the press

Mami smiled to it and Nani understood.

Nani: i dont say it is a good job since whole nation is talking about our girl but you do have brain Manorama

Mami:sasuma when you dont know who did this you praised them but now you are finding fault in me 

Mami in mild tone all mother-in-law like this dont appreciate their daughter-in-law hmhmmm

Nani: did you say something

Mami smilingly said nothing sasuma, ok now what is the plan 

and they discussed about the plan

Dining area:

All arrived to have breakfast, they all having their own conversation

Anjali,Mama ,Arnav and Aakash are discussing about how to solve this gossip while nani and mami about their plan.

Nani signalled mami to start the conversation

Mami whinningly said: Already Anjali bitiya is not serious about marriage now this gossip after hearing this who is marry her

Mama: Manu dont worry we will dissipate this gossip nothing bad is gonna happen

Mami looked at Nani and asked her to continue from here since Mama is convincing her she cant do anything.

Nani: its not about the problem Manohar, Its about the girls reputation which will be tatunted

Arnav: Nani , they dint tag di with any bad things they just rumored about di finding her partner and its normal gossip like this will happen if you happen to be in limelight and you too know who is the man and what is the reason between the hug its just a wish nothing more Nani,so please dont worry yourself.

Nani: bitwa you dont understand how people will take this they consider these as a black mark in girls life

Aakash: Dadi we are in twenty first century where anything is right so they wont think like that

Nani: these kids now-a-days dint consider elders word said exasperatedly

ANjali who is silent all these time looked at nani and asked

Anjali:now what do you want me to do about this , you knew everything and even you are pointing your fingers on me.

Nani: I am not pointing fingers on you , its the society which will point fingers on girls .

Anjali: I dont believe in this nani.

Nani: eventhough you dint believe its the truth you cant even change.

Anjali: oh sorry nani but i dont give a damn about it.

Nani: Bitiya just think what will happen to your life.

Anjali; what will happen to me nani, nothing i am good, my status is good,moreover i dint declare to them that i found my partner , if they have their own opinion about it then what can i do for it.Its their own problem .

now nani dint know what to do she looked towards mami helplessly at that time Arnav said

Arnav:  but di , it may affect your image in the future.

Anjali: how?

Arnav: see , now they thought that you have a boyfriend so they will be eager to know who is that , then they link you with every possible bachelor in this world and create more gossip which will result in negative image.(note: usually she dint have any knowledge about gossips corner and their work so she believed what Arnav said)

Anjali: what the hell, i dint even say anything about it, so why will they do something like that

Arnav: thats the point di, we have to take some steps to stop it otherwise they will make it so big and our business will be affected by it

Anjali in serious tone: no Arnav, dont worry i wont leave it like that will do something if the gossip continues.

Arnav: ok do thread carefully.

Anjali : oh I will and she moved away from the table after finishing her breakfast.

later everybody moved towards their room as they cant go outside because of reporters

in Shyam's residence @ morning:

Shyam is in deep thought thinking about the conversation which he had with nani

he didnt know why nani thought he will be good pair for Anjali.

And he dint know if he liked Anjali or not

he is totally in a confused state at that time Khushi came and shouted for him 


Shyam: ya baba i am here why are you shouting?

Khushi: Did you see todays news paper?/

Shyam: no, not yet ,whats in it?

Khushi: no what its who?

Shyam: ok who in it?

Khushi: youuuuu

Shyam confusingly asked whatt?

Khushi showed newspaper to him where he is shadowed with Anjali in his arm with the tagline the lioness found her lion.

Shyam didnt speak for sometime so KHushi shaked him BHaiiiiii

Khushi: BHai are you alright?

Shyam: ya, ya,.... and what is this?

Khushi: newspaper bhai in stupid tone.

Shyam: what this have to do with me?

Khushi: oh we all know that its you the shadowed figure so its about you.

Shyam: oh stupid princess these are rumor and you know what happened yesterday and equation between us, so what it have to do with me?

Khushi: oh Bhai you dint understand see we know that there is nothing between you but others dont know about it ,see i am her fan I believe everything that come in news paper about her, so everyone will believe it, moreover I am angry with you you dint even say that Arnav sister is Anjali Singh Raizada, you think what my condition will be when i saw her hug my brother before 100 peoples.

Shyam: I already explained it to you why it happened and you are the one who bring that on you by lying to me, otherwise i would have introduced her to you in most normal situation.

Khushi: oh ya the situation is awkward but i am happy that i know her now personally and i even talk to her can you believe it , i spoke to her .

Khushi in dreamland where she first saw Anjali

Shyam and Anjali hugging each other while she with cake in her hand and singing happy birthday Suddenly an awkward silence, she in a moment moved towards Shyam by hugging him and saving the situation

Later Khushi approached Anjali and introduced herself as her fan, Anjali laughed to it and gave her an handshake as a thank you gesture for saving her from awkward situation, Later she go on and on about think she like about her ,her goal ,her wishes etc etc.. till Arnav came and took her with him for some game.

Anjali dint mind her actually she liked her bubbly nature but didnt contribute much to her thoughts

Shyam shook Khushi , she came out of her dream land and said actually i will be happy if you become her better half.You two are perfect match you know and started to babble everything that came to her mind.

BUt Shyam is struck with the word that you two are perfect match

Raizada mansion

In Nani's room

Arnav entered Nani's room 

Arnav: ok now say what it is?

nani didnt understand what he is asking gave question look to him

Arnav: oh nani i saw the silent conversation between you and mami so only i confused di about this matterl,which wont even last two days.

Nani: oh bitwa its its,, its... nothing

Arnav: seriously nani ,you can trust me you know

Nani: actually i dont know how you will take this, so only.

Arnav: nani you can say anything to me 

Nani: its about Anjali bitiyas marriage

Arnav: ya i have guessed it, i know there is more so

Nani: so.. so .. so hesitatingly said i want Shyam to marry Anjali bitiya.

Arnav in high pitched tone asked whaaat?

Nani: ya ,he is a good guys ,and i think he will be the one who can handle Anjali bitiya, so only.

Arnav: Nani , i dont need explanation , i dont doubt your decision ,it just i am shocked, i dint even consider him more than godfather but now imagining him to be my jijaji will be good smilingly said actually its more than good , i love it.

and he hugged Nani

 Nani: oh bitwa thanks for understanding me.

Arnav: oh nani its not needed, so whats the plan.

Nani: actually at first we thought that we will scold her and emotionally blackmail her to marry Shyam with this news,but you all came to her rescue and topic got diverted so,now we dont have a plan.

Arnav: Did you speak to Shyam sir about it?

NAni: ya , last night , i spoke to him about it.

Arnav: so what he said?

Nani: he is not sure about it

Arnav: he is not sure about what nani?

NAni: that he will be good for Anjali bitiya.

Arnav: why he thought like that?

Nani: i dont know , i didnt have more time to talk about it.

Arnav: so to start with we are not sure about Shyam sir's decision.

Nani: ya

Arnav: then how do you think Di will say yes

NAni: er , we tried but... so...

Arnav: ok nani dont worry i will help you with it,but we should first ask Shyam sir opinion then we will decide how to convince di ,ok?

NAni: ya bitwa i think that will be great.

Arnav: i will leave Shyam sir to you , you speak to him and get an answer, I will talk to Di after that

Nani: ok.... i will do that in excited tone.

Arnav: ok nani bye,be good and dont harass Shyam sir said it with a wink and moved out of the room

will Shyam say yes to marry Anjali?

Dec 6

life as it unfold (By Athimsus) (Thanked: 19 times)

At Khushi's residence

Khushi is busy in cutting the news article to paste it among here collection at that time she received a call on her phone .

Without seeing caller id she attended it and said

Khushi in phone: the person you are talking to is busy doing some work can you please call her after 5 mins

Caller : oh ho the person who wants to speak to you need just five minutes.

Khushi irritatedly : hmm say now what you want to say.

Caller: ok ok cool partner i will cal you after five minutes and kept then call.

on hearing partner word struck her that it was Arnav. So she kept aside the cutting work and called him again.

Arnav on receiving the call said the person who called me asked me to call after five minutes with hidden smile in his voice.

Khushi: oh er hmm sorry actually j was busy at that time so i dint recognize that its your call.

Arnav: no formality . I thought we already crossed that stage.

Khushi: ya ya ,so whats the matter?

Arnav:oh nothing important just wanna talk to you.

Khushi: ok ..

Arnav: so my sister is your idol.

Khushi happily said yaaa . I follow her from the beginning. Every news about her are there in my collection. For me she is the iron lady of India.

Arnav: wow this is the first time someone is speaking good about my sister.

Khushi:oii hello your sister is good.

Arnav: ya ya i have the best sister in the world. Your brother is my idol.

Khushi: ya i heard about it . Always Shyam bhai talk about you with high regards . You are lucky to have such a good people around you.I used to envy you sometimes you know.

Arnav: there is nothing there to envy me. In my opinion you have beautiful life than me.

Khushi: oh ho , is this mr Arnav Singh Raizada who is hard and rude speaking with me?

Arnav: hey dont smile at me. You are my friend, between friend there should be understating. I understood you so i am speaking according to it.

Khushi: really  i used to think about you as Rakshahs but now you are sweet so you became my sweet star.

Arnav became shy on hearing this.

Arnav: oh partner you are over Exaggerating it.

Khushi: you became shy na i know you will do this when someone say something goos about you. Now my work is it.

Arnav: whaat? You said all this to embrass me

Khushi: ya you see yesterday at the party you literally made fun of me. So i decided to have my revenge at you,its tit for tat you know. In smiling tone.

Arnav: you you you , I am not going to leave you for it, i am expert in revenge you know if you want you can ask Payal she knows every thing, now you came under my radar of revenge becarefull said it in challenging tone.

Khushi: oh my sweet little star will see who is gonna win this ,its a deal . Shall we have some bet on this then only it will be fun.

Arnav: as you wish partner. There is no rules you see and when someone last they have to do what the other says, the bet will end in two weeks time,ok

Khushi:ya sure ,i like it.,will see who win this.

Arnav: will see partner . And there kept the phone by thinking about strategy to win this bet.

At Anjali's room : 

She is in her room working on the project at that time the newspaper came to her view ,she decided to see whats there in it,

Anjali's thoughts

In the gossip section there is her photo with shaded image.she read the whole article and said. **** how did the news get past the auditorium we dint even have any professional photographers there and who spilled these thoughts on their mind.

She started to think about it ,  at first she thought may be Shyam have done it to gain some popularity but she neglected it thinking, there is no photo of him with her and for his position popularity will put him in tight spot ,so he wont do it,then

His sisters,may be but those two are sweet and good so no chance for it.

Then rival ,no chance non of them present there its only his colleague,then who the hell published it.

Then should i investigate it,no if i dig it they make take it as a positive reacrion thats the news is true and i am trying to dig it. Then what can i do,

Should i call him and ask about it . No no what will i say to him, we are not that close and moreover we behave like enemies. What can i do now.

No no just call him to know whats happening there did the press identified as him or not,ya that will be good.

At shyams house he is in need thought about what nani asked him, he dint discuss with anybody.

Anjali called him 

Shyam see Anjali's call and thought she called him because of nani idea and will surely blame him to make these ideas on her head ,oh god it gonna be a great battle now and he attended it.

Anjali: hello ,Shyam.

Shyam: yaa.

Anjali: are there any problem( she asked about the press )

Shyam thought she is asking about problem because of nani' s idea.

Shyam tried to explain. See i dint do anything about it and nani... Before he continue Anjali stopped him and said i know you dint do it. I just called to ask ,if there is a problem.

Shyam thought she is asking about problem in marrying her so in surprised tone asked you dint have any problem with it.

Anjali thought he is asking her about press .

So she said no we dint have any problem.

Shyam: what really you dint have any problem with it.

Anjali: why would i have any problem?

Shyam :no i thought you will oppose it and blame me for it.

Anjali thought he is saying about news so said. Actually i cant accept it nor neglect it and i know you wont do something like that so i dint blame you for it.

Shyam: really you dint have any problem with it.

Anjali now get confused why is shyam so concerned about small matter and asking her again and again. So she decided to clarify it.

Anjali: mhmm shyam what are we talking about.

Shyam in confused tone about what nani said to me.

Anjali: whaat???? What nani said to you?

Shyam: oh wait then what are you talking about?

Anjali: you just say what nani said ?

Shyam: Actually i am not honoured to do it. So if you want you should ask about this to your nani. Now say what where you talking about?

Anjali became angry on hearing Shyam's reply so replied its nothing of your concern so bye and decided to cut the phone

But before that Shyam asked are you talking about the news ,do you think that i done that in angry tone

Anjali: oh if you heard me ,you would know what i have to say about it.

Shyam: you dint blame me i heard it.

Anjali: now say what did nani said?

Shyam : oh sorry i cant speak about it,if you want you can ask you nani.

Anjali angrily then bye.

Shyam smiled on hearing her angry tone and said bye.

In his mind oh ho such an angry kitten ,well mine to be tamed

Whaat from where these thought came your seriously Shyam she is out of your league you know that , so dont day dream and you have some responsibility before thinking about you ,you have sister you remember and how can you forget Arnav you cant do this and degrade your respect so back off brefore its too late. Ya thats right ,i should call nani and reject the proposal ya that will be good.

And he cleared his mind to get ready ,as they he have some places to visit.

At Raizada residence:

Anjali angrily moved towards nani's room and asked nani what did you say to Shyam

Nani calmly said oh you spoke to him,what did he say

Anjali: thats not important you have to say what you said to Shyam

Ok Anjali wait call everyone, will discuss this among them

All Raizada members are gathered in living area

Anjali is glaring at nani 

Nani smilingly said, i have decided to get Anjali married.

Since everyone expect Anjali and Aakaash already know about it didnt give any reaction

Anjali in disbelief tone asked nani you already know what i think about marriage then how could you do this to me?

Nani: its for your own good Anjali bitiya.

Anjali: whats good in it and thwy two started to argue about it. In the meanwhile Shyam got ready and reavhed Raizada mansion on seeing press there he didnt know how to go inside , so he called Arnav

Arnav recieved Shyam's call

Shyam: Arnav i am before you house but cant come inside because of press ,i want to see nani soon.

Arnav: analysing his talk thought he want to speak about marriage issue to nani so he asked him to come in back side and sent hariprakash the servant to receive him at the back entrance.

Shyam reached there and heard the argument between Anjali and Nani. He joined Arnav silently without disturbing the argument.

Arnav smiled at him and asked him what he want in whisper.

Shyam: no not in a mood for refreshment by seeing this scene.

Arnav with smugged look said then welcome to the family.

Shyam was astonished by this . Did he really said it, he is confused now on hearing high pitch tone of nani he decided to intervene the argument by announcing his presence.

Shyam: nani namaste.

Nani turned towards the new voice and say Shyam

She moved towards him and hugged him , Shyam was taken back by this gesture.

Shyam awkwardly said  nani ,i have decided my answer about what you asked

Anjali intervened its not only your concern ,u should decide about it.

Shyam to Anjali: oh i truely agree to it, so what is your decision?

Anjali started to say something but nani cutshort her and said Shyam beta you say what you think about it. With hopeful eyes, bow Shyam really didnt want to disappoint her and he dont know whag to say.

So he asked Anjali to say her answer

Anjali: oh it means you are ok with this marriage,pity me who wont me ,but there is some condition which you should know before deciding it.

She paused some minutes to give a dramatic threat effect and continued

First i wont stop working

Second i wont leave this house if you marry ke you should be gharjamaai

Third you shouldnt expect any monetary help from me.

Forth in my office you will be only employee to me nothing more than that.

She put this condition so Shyam would reject her.

Everybody looked at her with disbelief . Nani said Anjali what is this he is going to be your husband not as a servant .

Shyam: nani i just want to talk to her alone.

Nani: ya shyam bitwa ,Arnav take Shyam and Anjali to Anjali's room

Shyam and Anjali moved towards Anjali's room.

Arnav before leaving said to Anjali : di you know what he means to me so please dont make this more complicated.

Anjali nodded her head.

Anjali and Shyam talked for 5 mins.

Then they came back glaring at each other.

Nani : dont think much about what she said bitwa , you say your opinion i will make her agree with it.

Shyam: nani i want to talk to Arnav.

Arnav: yes sir.

And they moved away from there

Shyam: sorry Arnav i dint know your nani will consider me for Anjali, I should have rejected at the start itself,please dont mistake me i am not after your money.with sad tone

Arnav: do you think i will think like that. I thought you know me with accusing tone

Shyam: sorry Arnav i dont know what to think about it.

Arnav: oh it ok , i dont think like that and i am happy to call you jijai 

Shyam who didnt expect this from Arnav was shocked.

Shyam: Arnav?

Arnav: oh Shyam sir its good to know that you are going to be my jijai.

Shyam: but we didnt decided he fumbled with word.

Arnav: its ok jijai i understand and for your confirmation i dint think ill about you and please dont mind di's world she told that so you reject her and i know you will do that since you consider that girl have equal right to decide. But please consider it for me . You can also talk with di for somedays and decide it. Please dont take any decision now. And moved away from him.

Shyam remained there in deep thought about what Anjali said ,what Arnav said.

He moved towards living area

Shyam: nani, i have some responsibility also to fulfill before that i cant think about my life.

Nani: Bitwa ,i know you have sisters to consider but dont worry we will take care of them

Shyam: no nani its my responsibility and they have certain dreams to fulfil, i usually believe that every girl have the right to consider about her own marriage so its up to them.

Nani: but bitwa please take someday ,think about it and decide.

Shyam: as i said before every girl have right to decide her marriage i means it so ask her about it, its her life we cant decide it for her , and i dont think i will be good for her ,but since you asked me i will think about it again.

Thank you i will take my leave now and moved out of the house.

Will they marry?

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