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Nov 14, 2017

A SPECIAL DAY (By Telly_News) (Thanked: 1 times)

It was ‘their’ special day. He got up early in the morning, freshened up, shaved . Her words rang in his ears “You look good without beard” as he smiled to himself looking in the mirror before becoming serious,”I am late!!! She will be angry now” A worry swept across his face as he took the car keys in his hands.

” oh no!!! I need to take flowers too” . He knew her favourite flowers. White roses.

She told him once”White brings peace to my mind and soul”

“And you, to mine” He blushed remembering his first confession to her. He hurriedly took the flowers and looked into his watch “I can never be on time” as he banged his head on the steering wheel. After a few minutes, he reached his destination. The day he was waiting for.

As he opened the gates, a soft wind blew making his heart flutter. It was time to meet her. And there she was, he smiled looking at her. He shyly knelt down in front of her and took out the flowers “Happy anniversary love. You don’t even know how much important you are to me. I still remember those long walks with you. I still can’t forget the day i made you mine. I love you and I…I miss you.”

He whispered as a tear rolled down from his eyes onto her graveyard. A strong wind blew as he smiled wiping his tears. She was there. He could feel her. Even after 25 years of her death, he didn’t forget to bring her flowers on ‘their’ special day. There wasn’t a single day he didn’t remember her. There wasn’t a single day he didn’t feel empty. There wasn’t a single day he didn’t miss her. Such was the power of love. Such was the power of ‘their’ love. She died but their love didn’t.



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