OS - Giving you my life..

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Nov 11, 2017

OS - Giving you my life.. (By Angel23) (Thanked: 158 times)

He stretched his hands lazily and caressed his neck,  closing his laptop.

He sighed and stood up from his chair,  then walked slowly and switched off the lights of his study. 

He went to the kitchen, opened the fridge and took water bottle from it.  Taking a glass to pour water on it, he sighed hard again. 

"What Di?" he asked staring at her irritated. 

"Chote go and sleep.." Anjali said staring at him,  she was standing on the door.

"I will, I'm just drinking water.." he said pouring the water and looking at his glass,  he expected his Di to go from there, but she stayed in the same position.

"Chote did you saw the glasses in your study? Are you still thirsty or finding ways to not go to your room?" Anjali said,  a sarcasm could be felt in her tone. 

Arnav stopped pouring water in his glass,  he knew he was caught.

"Di it's late now,  you should go to your room and sleep.." he said.

"I wish Khushi was here.  I wouldn't see you in this state.." Anjali whispered, with tears in her eyes she left the kitchen.

Arnav gulped his tears hearing her name,  he left the kitchen and walked unwillingly to his room,  yes his Di was saying right only. He was finding ways to not reach his room,  her memories haunt him there and that's the reason he tries to avoid his room, he only enters in his room when he is sleepy so that the sleep takes over him and he will not have to think about her. The problem was not thinking about her,  was thinking about the hurt he gave to her,  about his past.. About a beast he turned to her when he claimed to love her.. He himself doesn't understand why he did what he did to her,  perhaps he never will. And she will never come back for him,  she just didn't give him one chance,  she gave him many chances to change but he wasted every chance given to him.. Today he wasn't even proud to say that he was ASR,  he felt disgusted of himself.. 

He opened the door and leaned on his bed pulling the blanket for him, he shut his eyes tightly to sleep early but of no use.. Now that he started thinking about her.. His mind was already there..


Khushi smilingly placed two plates in the table and went running to the kitchen to bring their food. Arnav had informed that he would return late from office,  hence she didn't had dinner with their family but decided to wait and make him a surprise.

"Everything is set.. Now my Laad governor needs to come before I sleep.." she said and sat on her chair waiting for him.

The clock stuck at 11pm, still he didn't return,  she dissapointed played with the red rose she kept on the middle of the table.

"Arnavji is so late today..  What could have happen? DM uski Raksha Karna please.." she prayed and grabbed her phone to call him.

There was not even needed,  she heard the sound of the door being opened.  She smiled in relief and walked till the door to see him.

"Yeah.. It was such tiring day.." she heard her husband complaining while talking with Sheetal, their guest for few days.

"Why did you wait for me Khushi? Didn't I message you that I would come later?" Arnav said glancing at her.

"I saw your message." Khushi replied. 

"Then?  Don't tell me you want to be those traditional wife types who wait for their husband?   In which world you're living in? Be a little modern Khushi.."Arnav said mocking her.

Sheetal giggled and Khushi could hear it.  She felt embarrassed, but did ignore it since she knows how her husband is.

"Food is ready.." she said, taking his suit and bag to their room.

"I already had dinner.." he said going with her to their room.

"Yeah Khushi. We already had such a delicious dinner in a five star restaurant. I wish you were there.." Sheetal said faking her smile.

"She would embarrass me there, Khushi fits for these dhaba and all.. She knows perfectly how to behave in such places..  Right?" Arnav smirked.

Sheetal laughed, and wished them good night heading to her room.

Arnav: What did you do today?

Khushi was about to reply him,  but he cut her off.

"Why am I asking you this? I'm sure you stay all day in kitchen and doing your craziness somewhere.." he chuckled.

Khushi smiled even though inside she was hurt. 

She slept beside him,  he was there still she felt her Laad governor was very far from her. He didn't even ask if she eat something or not, he let her sleep with an empty stomach. While he happily had dinner with another woman.. That's great!



"Arnavji here is your coffee.." Khushi came running to him, in his study.

She was in such state, her hair was still wet.  Nani was calling her to make some puja arrangements, Mami was calling her to massage her feet. Still she took time in hurry to prepare coffee for him. 

"It's not needed anymore.." Arnav said typing on his laptop.

"Why?" she asked in disbelief, he never denied her coffee.

"I shouted for but seems like you were busy,  so Sheetal made coffee for me.." Arnav glanced at her.

"Okay.." Khushi nodded upset. Who is Sheetal to make coffee for him? What are her rights over him? Is this because she was his ex-girlfriend? Since Sheetal came on their lives, she hasn't been able to spend time with him. And he has changed also. Exactly the same way he changed when he saw Shyam with her, when his Di was crying for her husband and he put the blame on her.


At a restaurant..

Whole family came to dinner outside. Khushi was so happy that she would spend time with Arnav,  but he called her that he would stay in AR, with his so called ex-girlfriend and here she was alone in the restaurant.

She stared heart broken staring at Payal and Akash who were enjoying with each other and looked so much in love couple. She wished Arnav did the same for her.

Nowadays she doesn't seem to exist in his life and is definitely not on his priority list. 

"Hi Khushi ji.." NK came to sit with her smiling.  

"Nanhe ji.." Khushi smiled.

"Khushi ji you're so strange these days.." NK frowned.

"Why?" she asked, yet she knew the answer. 

"Because you look lost you know Khushi ji.. That funny,  masti, bubbly and cute Khushi.. I don't see anymore.." NK pouted.

"That Khushi got tired.." Khushi replied,  she feels good to share things with NK,  he was just like her. Hide the pain behind a beautiful smile. Make others happy when you don't even know what's going through his life..

"I know.. Sheetal na?" NK asked guessing the reason behind her loniless.

Khushi nodded sadly..

"But Khushi ji Nannav loves you a lot.." NK said.

"I know Nanheji and I never doubt on him sachiii.." Khushi said innocently, "But I don't like Sheetal at all.. I don't know why..  I don't get good vibes with her.."

"Look at him.. He is just like Chote.." Anjali pointed to Aarav coming inside the restaurant with Arnav and Sheetal.


Khushi looked at them confused. 

"Ayee Chote and Sheetal look like married couple and Aarav their son na.." Mami said smiling.

Nani glared at her: Watch your tongue Manorama.  Khushi is Arnav's husband.

Khushi gulped her tears hearing this from Mami.  She excused herself and went to the washroom, where no one could see her.  No one would judge her, and she could cry her heart out. 

Sometime later,  she returned and took he seat.

"You said to me you will not come.. " Khushi looked at him demanding answer.

"Hmm. I thought we wouldn't finish our work at time,  but we did then picked Aarav and came here.." Arnav explained.

"Everyone is saying now that you look like Aarav's father.." she commented.

"So?" Arnav raised his eyebrows.

Khushi expected him to say something consoling to her, say to his family not to say that anymore or even assure her that Aarav is not his son,  even though she trust him a lot. He said that he never went close to any other girl than her, so she knows there is no way Aarav could be her son. She has complete faith on him,  but his family constant talks about Aarav and Arnav similarities were disturbing her.


And many such situations happened where Arnav ignored his wife, and used to only give attention to the guests. Sometimes he used to yell at her for not doing something on the right time for Sheetal and her son. Sometimes he humiliated his own wife in front of Sheetal and complimented Sheetal in front of her. His talks about being modern everyday were increasing and seriously she got tired.  His family were giving extra attention to Sheetal and her son, always comparing Arnav and Aarav and Arnav didn't seem to have a problem with that.  He was always there taking care of Aarav like his father. Khushi was slowly by slowly being pushed aside by him and his family. It now seemed that Sheetal was his wife and both were happily living their life, going to work together, having lunch and dinner,  and return together at home.

Flashback ends... 

Arnav opened his eyes as a lone tear slipped directly to his pillow.

He looked at their picture hanged on the wall.  It was a picture of their second marriage, where he picked her to go to their room,  and she was staring at him, beautiful she was...How he wish he had fulfilled the promises he made to her when they married.


Next morning.. 

Somewhere in Samarpur..

"My mom..  What can I say about my mom? My mom is my everything teacher.. My mom is a very good to me.. She is always with me.. I wake up seeing her face, she makes those yummy toast and juice for my breakfast.. Then we leave together for school.. She cuddles to me when sleeping at night, she tells me stories everyday.. And.. This is a secret I want to share with you all.. When I smile she also smiles.." the cute little boy said to his teacher standing in front of the board.

The teacher smiled, "What's your name beta?"

"My name is Arnav Singh Raizada.." the boy said smiling, his beautiful smile that melts everyone's heart.

"Oh.. Arnav Singh Raizada.. Such a big name for a little boy like you.." the teacher giggles and ask him to sit.

He went to his seat, and winked at someone on the door. 

Khushi, the woman standing on the door with tears in her eyes still she smiled brightly, she sent a flying kiss to him.

He bend his head to hide his head on his friend back, so that he could sent another flying kiss to his mother without being noticed by teacher.

Khushi giggled seeing his antics. The teacher saw Khushi on the door, "Teacher Khushi..come in.."

Khushi nodded sideways: I don't want to disturb.. Just passing by..

"Good morning teacher." all kids stood up from their seats and greeted Khushi. 

"Good morning.." she replied smiling, and went from there holding her books.

She reached in the library, but before entering only she saw her phone ringing. 

She sighed and picked up the phone without seeing the caller ID, "Hello?"

"Khushi.." she heard his husky voice calling her.  She gulped realizing with whom she is talking with, she cursed herself for not checking her phone earlier at least she would attend the call prepared.

"Hmm.." she replied, as tears brimmed her eyes. 

"Are you busy?" he asked hesitantly.

"Nahin. Tell me why you called?" she replied.  She smiled sarcastically at herself, no matter how much she's away from him, she tells him that there is nothing in between them anymore.. In the end,  she always does such little sacrifices for this man.. Once again,  she did the same.. She took time to talk with him in her busy schedule as once she used to take time in her busy life with his family just to make a coffee for him,  his dinner or lunch, to iron his clothes, or even just to kiss him when he is asleep.. 

"Actually.. Your birthday is approaching na.. So I thought.. I mean.. " he stuck on his words. 

"I will be spending time with Arnav (her son)  on that day.." she replied sternly.

"And isn't there some space for another Arnav?" he asked hopefully.

Khushi just kept frozen on the same space she was, tears slipped from her eyes.. She just didn't knew what to say..

"You must be thinking I'm such a fool na.. Birthdays are celebrated with people who make you happy.. While our Arnav only give you happiness, I only give you pain.. Why would you want me?" he said.

She could sense he was crying.

"If you have time, then come.. Arnav (her son) would be very happy to see you.." she said.

"Thank you Khushi.." he said, a bright smile played on his lips.

Khushi hang up the call, she was about to enter in the library already disturbed. But one more phone call came on her way.

"Namaste Nani.." she smiled picking up the call, if there is someone from that family who never ignored her was Nani, Nani was the one who supported her when she decided to leave that torturing life for her. She didn't even think of her Chote and just told Khushi, to go and live her life.. If she feels to come back, then they will welcome her with open arms.

"Namaste Khushi bitiya.. How are you and my sweet jalebi?" Nani asked smiling.

"I'm fine and he is also fine. You tell me?" Khushi said, watching the kids running here and there as it was their break.

"I'm fine,  just my health doesn't help these days..  And I've to keep resting all time.. You know how much l love my pujas and Chote denied me to do that.." Nani pouted. 

"Aww..but I do agree with him,  it's time to rest now Nani. You shouldn't stress yourself anymore.. Di, Mami and Mama are there na.." she said.

"I wish you were here with Chote. Then I swear I would really rest assured.." Nani whispered.

Khushi heard that, she felt sad: Nani.. I..

"It's okay bitiya I understand your situation. But can I tell you something? Chote has really changed since you left him.. He is not the same anymore.." Nani said. 

"Matlab?" Khushi asked. 

"He has become careless for himself, he keeps working day and night and we all here know that it's to forget you, he keeps tiring himself and you remember how much he loved his room, now he hates his room.. He only goes there to sleep.. He let everyone here have their life as they want.. He doesn't care anymore.. You left seeing him a protective brother whose life meant his sister.. Not anymore.. He's not Chote anymore to his Di.. He's just Khushi's Laad governor.. If I give him coffee he says no, but when I say if Khushi was here she would do the same,  then he quickly drinks my coffee.. Bitiya I know I'm wrong. But please give him one more chance..please.. So that I can die in peace.. I never had courage to say this to you, because I thought he would change with time, he would forget you.. But Khushi, I realized you're still fresh in his mind and your name is carved in his heart. No one,  no girl will ever replace you in his life.. " Nani said crying. 

Khushi crying: Nani I..  Know he loves me.. But this time I'm scared that if I give him one more chance..then he will waste it as well. This time I'm not alone, my son is with me also.. If I break then he will also break.

Nani nodded: You're right.. Forgive this elder woman to say all this to you. For a moment I broke down.. I won't ever ask you the same.

Khushi: Nani please don't say sorry.. I understand your point of view.. And don't think I don't love Arnav ji. He is the best thing that happened in my life,  unfortunately I couldn't have him for long. It's just I'm scared my heart will break again..

Arnav came running to his mom, he hugged her legs smiling: Mumma I love you..

"I love you too Arnav.." she said smiling.


Arnav entered in his Nani's room,  he heard her voice "I love you too Arnav".

Rabba vee.. Rabba vee..

He gulped his tears staring at Nani,  who already had tears in her eyes hearing that. Both knew she was saying that to her son,  yet they wished she said that to him,  her husband.

"I love you Khushi.." Arnav whispered to himself.

Nani hung up the call, and looked at him: Chote. Do you need something?

"I wanted to tell you that I'm going to Samarpur. To celebrate her birthday with her.." Arnav said.

"But.. Khushi won't like it.." Nani said.

"I asked her permission before Nani.." Arnav said.

"Okay. If she's okay,  then I've no problem.." Nani replied.

Arnav walked to her,  with tears in her eyes he rested his head on her lap,  sitting on the floor.

"Why didn't you stop me Nani? You knew I was wrong, then why didn't you tell me the right path.." Arnav cried.

Nani caressed his hair, "If I told you,  would you listen to me?"

"You should have slapped me.." he said.

Nani cried, "What happened was destined to happen. Now you learned that you shouldn't hurt the one you love.."

Arnav nodded his head, "Never ever in my life I will hurt her..  I gave pain to the who only deserved my love.. And I loved the ones who never understood my love for them.."

"This is where you failed Chote.." Nani said.

"I know.. Di could leave me for her husband, while Khushi left her family for me.. She never thought once about herself.. Always doing sacrifices for me.. And I gave more attention to that Sheetal who wanted nothing but my money.. How could I Nani? She did the right thing by leaving me.. I was not worth her love.. Yet she loved me.." Arnav said.



"Hello hi bye bye.. I always thought you are jealouswa of Sheetal.." Mami said with big eyes ready to attack Khushi.

"Arnav ji please believe me.  I would never hurt Sheetal purposely.. I.." she said sobbing.

Arnav raised his hand to slap her in anger, but Nani held his hand on time stopping him.

"Chote.." she yelled.

Khushi looked at him numb, she never thought he would dare to raise his hand to her. His eyes totally screamed in Sheetal's favor.

"Khushi you're such a liar.. Arnav she only let me fall from the stairs.

Ahh.. My back still hurts a lot.. When you were not here. She told me that I was stealing her husband from her.. That you don't give attention to her anymore because of me and Aarav.. Now you tell me.. Arnav.. Did I come to you with bad intentions? I was always in my place.. I don't know from where she thought like that.. She hurt me purposely.." Sheetal fake crying, sitting on the sofa with her bandages.

"Don't you trust me dammit?" Arnav shouted to her. 

Khushi looked at him confidently and said: I will ask you the same question after some minutes.. 

"Sheetal.. Run.. Look that chandelier is going to fall on you.. Just run.." Khushi acted like Sheetal life was I'm danger. 

Sheetal believed in her and stood up from the sofa running normally as if she wasn't hurt. She screamed in fear and looked up to see the chandelier was on its place only. 

She gulped understanding Khushi's plan. 

Khushi looked at Arnav: Don't you trust me Arnav ji? 

Arnav looked at her feeling guilty of his own act, he wanted to slap her with no fault of hers. He walked near her to say sorry. 

Khushi distanced herself from him and went upstairs to their room. 

She picked her bag, and start throwing her clothes on it crying heavily.

Arnav came running to her, "Khushi.. I'm sorry.. I didn't know Sheetal was lying to me.. Khushi.."

He looked at her packing her bags,  he held hand: Khushi what are you doing?

Khushi shoved his hands away: I'm leaving this hell.

Arnav's eyes moistened: You're leaving me? 

"Yes.. Do I have a reason to stay?" she asked him sarcastically.

"Shup.. Bilkul Shup..Arnav Singh Raizada.. Today I will speak and you will listen.. From the day I entered in your life you have been only giving me pain.. What else did you gave me? Should I stay so that Di gets hurt and the blame comes on me? Should I stay so that Mami keeps throwing her tantrums on me?  Should I stay so that I only keep cooking for you and for your family in the kitchen and you come back with another woman not even looking at my face? Should I stay to keep being insulted by my own husband? Should I stay to bear everyone problem? Should I stay to bear the pain you give me?  Answer me.. Arnav ji.. When I end up in your fashion show by mistake, you hurt me.. What was my fault? Still I forgive you and start loving you.. When Shyam betrayed Di, you punished me.. What was my fault in the also Arnav ji? Still here I am with you.. When your Di was hurt, you said I'm the biggest mistake of your life..yet I forgave you.. Did you noticed that you put everyone's blame on me? And now you're doing exactly the same thing Arnav ji.. You're putting your blame on me.. It's your fault this time.. you ignored your wife.. You insulted me in front of another woman.. You praised her and hurt me.. You gave attention to her and not me.. And if I didn't trust you.. I would ask for a DNA test of you and Aarav.. But I never did that.. And today you just crossed your limits Arnav ji.. I never thought you would raise your hands to.." she closed her mouth with her palms crying.

Tears slipped from his eyes realizing how much he hurt her..

"Listen to one thing Arnav ji..the only moment you gave me happiness in your life was when you said those words that still ring in my heart.. "I love you dammit".. Apart from that, you just gave me pain and nothing else.. Do remember if I'm still living then it's because of your "I love you dammit".." she said.

Arnav stood numb not having words to say to her.

"And.." she walked near him and took his hand to touch her belly, "A little Laad governor is growing inside me.."

Arnav gasped,  he looked at her shocked.

"Today he saw that his father was about to slap his mother.. He is very sad Arnav ji.. And he promised to himself that unlike you, he will always keep me happy..  So please don't snatch him from me.."

"Khushi.. You're.. " Arnav cried. 

"I will name him Arnav.. You're Arnav who only give me pain, I always thought that one day you will change but you never did.. DM blessed me with another Arnav,  he will not give his mother pain.. Only happiness.." Khushi said. 

"Don't stop me Arnav ji.. If you plead me, I might accept because I'm not heartless like you.. But I will not be the same anymore.." Khushi said and packed her bags, she left the room crying.

Arnav stood frozen in the same place, he wanted to stop her but he lost that right also. How would he stop her when she was right? What are the reason so that she could stay?

Flashback ends.. 

Khushi turned to other side of the bed, facing her back to Arnav.  She wiped the corner of her eyes and looked at Arnav's picture on her room.

Aaj ro len de ve jee bhar ke

 Meri saanson se daga kar ke 

Tu gaya mujhko fanaa kar ke ve jaaniya

"Why Arnav ji?" she asked caressing his picture.

Arnav, her son hugged her from behind.

"Mumma are you crying? Please don't cry.. Did I do something wrong?" he asked innocently burying his face on her back.

Khushi turned to him and wrapped her arms around him, "You never do something wrong to Mumma.. My sweetheart.."

"Then you're crying because of papa?" he asked.

"Smart boy.." she smiled a little pinching his nose.

"Mumma I want to talk with Papa.." he said.

Khushi nodded and picked her phone to call Arnav. She never denied Arnav to talk or interact with his son.  Arnav has equal rights over their son as much as she has, and the fact that he let her stay with their son without arguing, made her respect him.  

Arnav picked the call quickly, "Hi Khushi.."

"Hi.. Actually sorry to disturb.. But Arniie (their son) wants to talk with you.." Khushi said.

"Okay.." Arnav smiled,  he really loves to talk with his son, he is cute and chubby just like her.

"Hiii Arnav.." Arniie said smiling.

"Hii junior ASR.." Arnav smiled.

"Arniie call your father Papa not his name.." Khushi scolded him. 

"Papa said I can call him Arnav. Because our name matches.. He is big ASR and I'm junior ASR.." her son said cutely with a pout.

"Papa Mumma is saying me not to call you Arnav. I will call you Papa only.." the cute boy said.

"Okay.. Always hear to your mother words okay? She is always right.." Arnav said.

Khushi gulped hearing that.

"Papa can you tell me story to sleep?" his son asked.

"Hmm.. Listen.." Arnav said and start narrating a story to him. 

Khushi and the little Arnav slept cuddling to each other while hearing to his story. 

Little Arnav opened his eyes smiling, "Papa are you there?" he whispered.

"Hmm.. I thought you fell asleep by now" Arnav frowned confused.

"Mumma fell asleep.. She was thinking about you, so I thought to make her hear your voice.." his son whispered with a smile.

"Thank you my baby.. I love you.." Arnav said smiling. He felt good she sleep hearing his voice.

"I love you too Papa.." his son said and hung up the call, then he hugged his Mumma tightly to sleep.



"Happy birthday teacher.." the kids shouted happily that it's  their favorite teacher birthday.

Khushi smiled happily: Thank you.. Now let's continue with the class..

Everyone sat quietly on their places.

"I want to know who didn't do their homework?" she asked.

"Me teacher.." one girl said.

"Why?" Khushi asked.

"I didn't understand.." the girl said with fear. 

"It's okay. I will explain to you after classes okay.." Khushi asked her patting her back lovingly she asked the girl to sit again.

"Okay kids..  Let's start.. Tell me 1 plus 1 is equal to?" Khushi asked them.

"2.." the kids screamed as their know it perfectly.

Khushi smiled: Acha.. Now I will give more difficult maths..

The kids smiled sheepishly.

She went to the board to write some exercises for them.  

"He still didn't came.. Once again you hurt me Arnav.." she thought sadly.

"Okay here we have.." Khushi said and she looked at the door only to find him walking.

Her heart beat dhak dhak.. 

"A plus B.." she said not even aware of what she said looking at him after a long time.  He was still the same, her handsome Laad governor..

"C.." the kids said confused with their own answer.

"Aleee Mumma how can A plus B equal to C??" little Arnav pouted.

Khushi left the book in the table and went running outside the classroom, "Arnav.." she shouted.

Arnav turned back, he looked at her as if only both exist in this world. 

Khushi blushed with his gaze. Still he has the same effect on her.

Arnav walked to her, with slow steps.

"Happy birthday Jaan.." he said.

Khushi looked at him shocked, she never expected him to say "Jaan" to her.

"I know.. We're not going to be to together anymore but today I felt like calling you that.. Let me pamper you at least today.." he said with a broken whisper. 

Khushi looked down.  

"I brought gifts for you.." Arnav said.

"I've classes to give.." Khushi said,  she was feeling so awkward after talking with him face to face. 

"I'll wait.." he said.

Khushi looked at him surprised, he said he would wait!! ASR who had no patience at all,  said he would wait! She could feel Nani's words coming true.

Arnav went to sit on his car, till her classes end.

She came after sometime with Arnav in her lap, both were so cite together. He wished he was there to complete the happy family. 

They went to roam around with their son, Arnav took them to shop, they went to a restaurant and Arnav bought cake for Khushi. The three cut the cake together and there won't be a special moment like this for the three of them.

After that they had loads of fun playing on a garden. At evening the had dinner together also.

Later, Arnav and Khushi returned with their little boy to home. 

Khushi left little Arnav on the bed,  he was always sleeping.

Then she walked out of the room,  and sat with Arnav on the living room. 

"Thank you for making this day special for me.." Khushi said with a smile playing on her lips.

"Thank you for letting me bring a smile in your face.." he said staring at her deeply.

Khushi stayed silent after that. 

"I missed you Khushi.. You know.. There is no one to eat my brain at home.. There is no one who eats jalebi everytime.. There is no one who call me Laad governor.. There is not happiness in my life..because Khushi is not there.. You're my life.. You're the reason why I still breath Khushi.." he said.

Khushi looked away with tears in her eyes.

"Shh.." he wiped her her tears with his palm "I haven't come here to make you cry.."

"In the past, I didn't even tried to stop you because I knew I was wrong.. I have hurt you so much Khushi.. But I never stopped loving you.. I ask myself why.. Why do I love you still I hurt you? Still I didn't get the answer.. Maybe because I always wanted to satisfy my family first and then you came. You would always get hurt by me..  I always put other blame on you.. You were right only.. I hate myself for trying to slap you when Sheetal was at fault.. I didn't trust your words and believed in that cheap woman.. I never had courage to face you after what I did Khushi.. But today I just came to ask your forgiveness.. For every pain I gave to you.. I'm sorry.. I'm really sorry Khushi..  I wish you have a happy life ahead when I go tomorrow.. But you know what my heart wants?"

Khushi nodded sideways crying. 

"My heart wants you.. he is telling me to tell you to forgive me.. Stop giving me chances..this time give me your life.. I promise I will keep it safely.. I will not let anyone hurt you Khushi.." Arnav said and rested his head on her lap.

Khushi shut her eyes in pain, "If you let anyone hurt me?"

"I won't Jaan.. I love you.." Arnav said sobbing like a kid in her lap.

Khushi caressed his hair, "I'm scared to take this risk again.."

Arnav shut his eyes in pain.

"Life without you is like a hell for me you know.. You're my everything Arnav.. When you're not with me it hurts,  when you're also it hurts.. When someone loves, he or she is not scared of the risks.. So I will take this risk again instead of spending my life with the pain of not having you.. I love you too my Laad governor.." she whispered in his ear.

Arnav looked at her, "Am I hearing right? Are you giving me one more chance Khushi?"

"Chance Nahin.. This time I'm giving you my life. Keep it safely with you.." she smiled.

Arnav hugged her tightly, he lifted her and swirled happily.

"Thank you Jaan.. I promise I won't give you a chance to complain.." he said.

Khushi blushed, he never called her sweet names many times.  

Both sat on the sofa again, Khushi looked at him: You will never let another Sheetal in our life again? .

Arnav nodded sideways: Never..

"You will respect me as I am? I will never have to change the way I am for you.." Khushi said.

"I love you the way you're Khushi.." he said.

"I know she manipulated you to like her more than me.." Khushi pouted.

"I never like her more than you.. You only exist in my heart.. Didn't I came back to you? Because it's you who I belong to.." Arnav caressed her cheek.

Khushi smiled a little, she rested her head on his chest.

"This time of our separation was good for me.. It made me realize what I lost in my life and what's your place in my life.." he kissed her forehead.


Next morning.. 

Khushi was munching her jalebi happily,  today she can say she was back to herself!! Khushi only exists when her Laad governor is with her.

"Big ASR Mumma yesterday taught us A plus B.." little Arnav said.

"Really.. And what you replied?" Arnav asked him smiling.  

"C.." he giggled.

Arnav just laughed out loud staring at Khushi.

"Do I affect you this much Jaan?" he asked smiling.

Khushi blushed and went running to the kitchen.

"I love you.." she said smiling, when she felt his presence in the kitchen.

Arnav said huskily: I love you too..


 Hope you like this OS! Something that came in my mind and I share with you all..

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