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Nov 22, 2017

Episode 9 (By Nitty_Arshi) (Thanked: 57 times)

It's morning ..

The person who was gorging Shyam came to the top room of the RM(Raizadha Mansion). Nk had gone out. The person gets the paper which fell inside the cupboard. The person is shocked to see it. The person takes the paper and goes away.

Meanwhile in Gupta's house...

Arnav and Khushi take blessings from the Guptas . 

Garima says "Bitiya I'll miss you a lot. Take care of Payal." 

Khushi says "I will amma".They both hug tightly and cry.

Buaji says "Aey Nandkisore take care of yourself.." Khushi hugs buaji and cries.

 She then hugs Shashi who reciprocates her. 

Garima says to Arnav "If Khushi bitiya says or does something wrong then please forgive her..". She folds her hands and cries.

 Arnav holds them saying "What are you doing Auntyji please don't do like this..I'll take care of Khushi."

They leave the place and wave bye to the Guptas. They drive and go to RM. (yeah!! Home sweet Home).

The person asks a lawyer one of Shyam's friend via phone. He answers "ji...ya this is somu he was fired from the court for his last case... because he made an innocent guilty by exchanging the files and produced a fake one...this happened 5 months law he should't do any other job for a year....ya he is suspended for a year.....Any problem??....ok you're welcome ....but who...hello...hello??" The person had disconnected the call.

Arshi reach RM everyone welcomes them. Anjali beams at Arnav and hugs him. She kisses Khushi. Payal also welcomes them. 

Anjali says "Chote do you know How much I missed you? ". 

Nani says "yes Chote Anjali bitiya missed you so know She didn't eat properly "

Arnav gets shocked and asks "Di why didn't you eat properly and that too when you're pregnant." Anjali says "it's not like that and all chote..Now you've come na..See I'll eat twice." 

Arnav says "no thrice. Morsels from my hands too."

 Mama says "bas..bas get inside beta you must have got tired by now..come Khushi beta."

 Nk decends the stairs hurriedly "Nannav...nannav mera are you?" He hugs him.

 Arnav  says "fine Nk if you plz excuse me..." 

Nk says "Khushiji how are you? Hope you're doing well." 

Khushi nods and goes away to her room.  Arnav and khushi both freshen up.

Nani says to Anjali "Bitiya I think nothing has changed na? I don't think why our plan didn't work out. They seem to be same." 

Anjali says "yes Naaniji... I think Chote and Khushi are like this. It's just that we need to acccept the fact." 

Nani continues saying " How can we leave them like this..I'll have to talk about this to Khushi Bitiya.." 

They come downstairs and eat their breakfast. Khushi doesn't  talk with Arnav and neither does he. One day two posts arrive one for Khushi and the other for Payal.

 Mami scowls seeing it and says "Hello hi bye bye its just two months and see now posts arrive at your name." Mami adds "when I was new. I had got letter of my name  only after 5 - 6 years." 

Nani says "because nobody in your family was educated at time to write letter and the first letter you received was your pregnancy report." 

Mami says "Sasuma you are always like this only...!you always taunt me..hmmm!" She snorts and then goes away.   

Payal and Khushi see the invitation card of their friend's marriage. One was written as Mrs Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada and family and the other was written as Mrs Payal singh  Raizada and family. Khushi goes to her room worried and places the card on the table. Arnav comes from the poolside talking to his fried. He disconnects the phone and sees the invitation. 

Arnav takes the invitation and says " hmm okay you can go there " 

Khushi retorts saying "But I didn't ask your permission.. I can go without your consent too. It's written to Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada. So..." 

Arnav pulls her to his chest and says "but Singh Raizada is from my name right?? So.." 

Khushi says " So what? Aah!! You are misbehaving with me Mr. Raizada. Leave me" 

Arnav says "You want to know what is the meaning of misbehave??" 

He pushes her on top of the bed. He comes near her and breathes heavily.. Khushi feels uncomfortable tears starts falling from her eyes. Arnav senses this and backs off. He feels really uncomfortable if Khushi cries. There is something in this girl which made his existence valid.  He didn't know why he feels that the world had stopped for him when he sees Khushi with tears. He goes away from that place. Khushi weeps thinking...

In the dinning room everyone is eating and Nk asks "Khushiji what did you bring me from Gupta's house."

She answers " It's in the kitchen. I had brought Besan ladoo, jelabi, Halwa, some snacks..and "

Nk had now covered 3/4th  to the Kitchen" He shouts from there "hmm yummy Khushiji Everything is Awesome.." 

Anjali says " Nk bring it here." Nk brings it and distributes it to everyone.. 

Mami snorts and says "Hmm.. not as expected..,Jelabi is too sweet and.." 

Nani says "And you are too sour.." 

Anjali and everyone giggle. Payal signals Khushi to ask something. 

Khushi says " Naniji I and jiji are going to a friend's marriage Day after tomorrow. So can we go?" 

Nani says "offoh bitiya from when have you started asking permissions.?? You can very well go Bitiya " Khushi  says "Thank you Naniji."

Nani says "Arnav, even you too join her." 

Arnav says "But I have got an Important meeting on that day. I can't come." 

Nani says " are going to attend the meeting on behalf of Arnav otherwise cancel the meeting.." 

Akash says " ji naaniji." 

Arnav couldn't talk back as he knows very well that Nani would make his mouth shut.

On the day of the marriage

Nani  comes to Khushi's room and gives her a blue Saree. Khushi hugs her and wears it. She looks very beautiful. Nani goes away.  Arnav comes there and he is shocked seeing her. She looked so beautiful. But takes his eyes off and remembers that they both were fighting. Arnav goes and freshen up in the washroom. Khushi goes to Payal and talks to her regarding the wedding. Payal sends off Akash to the meeting and gets ready. They start off to the wedding in Arnav's car with Arnav and Khushi sitting on the front side of the car and Payal at the back. They drive and reach the mandap. Everyone welcomes them warmly. They see Garima and Buaji  with their father. Everybody hugs each other. It was like a family reunion. 

Buaji says "Aye Nandkisore... its been so many days since we have all been together." 

They all hug. Arnav watches their love silently. Payal goes to a corner and meets her friends. Khushi sits with her father talking to him. They see the marriage. The groom and the bride taking 7 pheras(rounds) with the groom making her wear the mangalsutra(sacred chain) and sindhoor (holy red powder)  in her partition. Khushi and Garima goes to eat their dinner. The dinner was an open-air-dinner. 

Garima takes Khushi to a corner and asks " Khushi are you happy with this marriage." Khushi is shocked hearing this. 

Garima continues saying " he speaks less so I don't know what he thinks, but now I know that he is gold at heart, he cares for others more than himself." 

Garima says "I know you both care for each other, but your way of conveying, that is different." Khushi is in deep through Garima's question and she says "I am not happy"... 

Garima is shocked. 

Khushi says "but... I am VERY happy" 

She says "he is very good at heart, and helps me in everything". ASR is listening from the back side of the space. He gets fbs of how he discouraged her for everything. Khushi says "he always makes me smile and gives me  before I could think I want anything ." Khushi is having fbs of how he forcibly makes her leave from the Gupta's house. She says "if I am hurt he gets hurt more."  she is having fbs of the numerous times he had hurt her. Khushi says "that I fear if I want stars he will give me that too." 

Garima smiles and says "I feared what I will tell to your mother when I meet her after my death, I am happy you have found the best husband." 

Khushi says crying "you don't have to answer anyone when you die, you are my mom" and hugs her. 

Garima hugs her back saying "you both shall remain like this together forever." 

Khushi says "Arnavji is the best husband ever in this world." 

Arnav couldn't hear more and he tries to go away but hears Garima asking Khushi "Khushi, does Arnav beta know about Shyam".

Khushi looks on and Asr is shocked hearing this. 

Khushi says "No Amma, he doesn't know about it yet. Otherwise he would have thrown Shyam out of the house believing my words." 

Arnav looks panic stricken hearing this. He thinks so what Khushi was telling him was actually true. He further hears Garima saying "How dare he do such things to my daughter. Thank god Khushi we came to know this before your marriage with him. Otherwise..." 

Khushi keeps a finger on  Garima's lips. 

Garima continues saying "That toad faced person will surely get his lesson back. Mark my words...." Khushi says "Just leave it na Amma. Why remember about that idiot at this moment.." 

Arnav heart ached hearing this. He went away  from that place having tears in his eyes as he couldn't handle more. Why didn't he believe Khushi when she was pleading him of her innocence... Why  didn't he believe her even after her talks with Shyam the way she had retorted him back in RM's mandir on that day.... How could he be so stone- hearted... The first word came from his mouth was "Khushi..."


Thank you sooo much @Lily30, @Candie: you'll come to know these very soon.  @Kpoonam:Thank u,   you'll come to know these very soon, @Prajakta_k. For those who are not aware until now, even non members can comment.

Nov 24, 2017

Episode 10 (By Nitty_Arshi) (Thanked: 92 times)

Arnav couldn't decide what he must do. He remained silent the whole journey. He was not present mentally when the bride and the groom came off, how the bride cried for her bidaai(send off), how she hugged Khushi crying and how they drove away in the car. 

Arnav came out of the trance Garima says to him "We are sorry  beta, We couldn't do like this for you and Khushi, things happened so soon that..." 

Arnav says "it's okay aunty..I can understand." 

Khushi comes there and says to him "Challen Arnavji?" (can we go) with a smile .She puts her arm inside his. He notices how she has to act in front of everyone because of him solely. Garima smiles seeing both of them.

 Arnav gets the car and asks "Aunty come inside I'll drop you all... ". Before Garima could answer no Khushi interrupts saying "no no.. it'll become late .. Naniji will be worried.." Garima and Buaji says bye to Payal, Khushi and Arnav. They all leave . 

Payal is very happy and says to Khushi "Khushi, it has been years  since I've met my friends we all separated after everyone's marriage.. but this is the last one's marriage hai naa (right?)  Khushi? I don't think so we all would join like this as today.." Payal's face dulls. 

Arnav says "no problem Payal we all can meet them by arranging some get together or something like that as a meeting place.. ". 

Payal replies"Thank you Arnavji. Hope Akash ji comes soon.."  

Khushi remains mum and utters no word. 

Arnav continues saying "No, He'll come soon. I'll drop you two and I have to go there for some formalities. It'll be an overnight meeting." He eyes Khushi finishing this sentence.. 

But Khushi takes no notice of him. Khushi feels uneasy. Arnav notices this. He slows down the car and asks "Khushi what happened?" Khushi doesn't answer him. Payal notices this and asks "kuch hua (Something happened?) What happened Khushi?" 

Khushi answers "Nothing jiji I feel like vomiting.." Arnav brakes the car..

Arnav asks "Khushi? Why? We'll go to the doctor.." Khushi remains tight-lipped. 

He shouts "Answer me Dammit!!". Payal gets shocked. Khushi lets a tear fall and gets out of the car. She vomits outside and comes back. Arnav panics. He offers water but Khushi denies it. Arnav repented his harsh words on her. He remembers how he had treated her. He tells Payal to give her some water .Payal gives her and she takes it. He makes her ask to go to the doctor. But Khushi denies it. 

Payal asks"What happened Khushi?? Are you ok? ".

 Khushi says "I think the food wasn't good."Payal says "we can still go to the doctor." 

Khushi disrupts saying "no jiji I'm fine. I want to go home."  

Payal acted as a transition medium between them. Payal found this uneasy but didn't dare to ask "the" ASR. They go back home. It was 9.00 pm . He drops them and goes back to the office. Khushi goes to her room and freshen up. She didn't want to sleep early. She feels uncomfortable and vomits again. Payal comes inside Khushi's room and gives her some tablets and butter-milk. Khushi drinks it and eats the medicines. Mamiji passes by. 

She comments "Hello hi bye bye. Gupta sisters together even after attending a marriage together... hmmm!..." Khushi says "i'll take care di you go. Jijaji will be coming now." Payal goes away with her face down. After sometime Akash comes and relaxes. Nani asks Payal about Khushi. She gets tensed hearing that she had vomited.She goes to Khushi's room. Akash and Payal dicuss about their day. 

Akash says "i'm so happy seeing you like this payal. Just be like this always." Payal smiles. Nani goes inside Khushi's room and sits beside her. She makes her feel relaxed and asks her "bitiya how are you feeling now." She soothes her hair and makes her sleep on her lap. Khushi's eyes filled with tears. Nani notices this and says "Bitiya don't worry about anything.. I know in this 2 months your life has changed a lot. But everything is only for good bitiya. Chote is like this because he believes that whatever he loves goes away from him because he had lost everything he had loved, including his parents." Khushi gets up and wipes her tears. 

She says " But even I had lost my parents Nani, But I have never stopped believing in people, love or even God.Why does he think like that?" 

Nani says "because that's the difference between you and him bitiya . Some of your life experiences might be the same. But the way you retort them is different. " She adds "You did get your parents in the form of Garima and Shashi. But Chote couldn't get a proper family. That's why even his name is Raizada instead of dixit. He hated his father and.." Nani controls her talk. 

Khushi says " continue Naniji.. I want to know about this. Why is he Raizada instead of dixit??"

 Nani says "You must know these things only from him. Make him say his past. Make him forget it beta. Win his trust.Win his LOVE" 

Khushi gets uncomfortable and goes inside the washroom. She comes outside and stands saying "Khuch nahin naniji... woh..(nothing naniji....that...). 

Nani says "Bitiya i'll call the doctor now. " She adds "tell me where's the receiver?...Bitiya??...Bitiya??"

She sees Khushi nowhere and wonders She was standing beside her but then looks down shocked. She sees Khushi lying down unconcious. Nani is appaled. Soon she calls Akash, mama, Payal, mami  everyone. All are in Arnav's room. They get shocked and make Khushi lie on the bed. 

Payal panics saying "I didn't know that she was soo ill... I gave her tablets... but still I wonder how....Akashji I'm very scared..." 

Akash says "Chill payal.. nothing will happen to Khushiji..Doctor will come soon.." They pour water on Khushi.. She gets up and holds her head. "aah.." said Khushi. 

Nani asks "bitiya how did this happen even after medicines? "

 Khushi says "I donno Naniji but I feel like this since 5 days ". 

Nani gets shocked and says "bitiya if your health was not good then why didn't you tell anyone?" The doctor comes inside and checks her pulse. She asks Khushi what else she was feeling these days . Khushi says she has cramps, vomiting, nausea, giddiness. She asks everyone to go out. Everyone is tensed outside. After 10 to 15 minutes she asks everyone to come in. Payal and Nani looked more tensed than others. 

The doctor says "Congratulations .....! your daughter-in-law is pregnant Mrs. Raizada" 

Everyone is shocked and transfixed. Then it turned into an exhilaration.  Khushi gets up from the bed swiftly and is tensed .Akash hugs a cheerful Payal, Mami squeaks and hugs mama, Nani keeps her hands on her mouth and thanks devi maiyya heartily. Meanwhile 

Anjali comes with Nk and Shyam  from the top floor (his room) and asks " What happened, Arre nani everyone looks happy.. Tell me the reason..Arre doctor you are here.. Anything happened?" 

The doctor says " Congratulations  Mrs. Jha, Khushi is pregnant." 

Anjali beams and hugs Khushi. Nani joins them. They both kiss Khushi. Shyam looks scandalized . Nk becomes happy and hugs Khushi saying "Hey everyone I am going to become chacha (Father's younger brother)..." 

The doctor goes away. Shyam's eyes were widely petrified. He moves backwards. Payal and Mami hug Khushi. Nani calls Arnav but it doesn't reach him. Akash says that he is in the conference so he won't be able to attend the call. Nani says "come everyone outside we'll plan to surprise chote.." 

Anjali says "woww! Naniji our Chote is going to have another Chote.... OMG! I'm so excited.." She then turns back to Khushi asking her "Ahmm.. Khushiji can we surprise your Chote or you'll prefer saying it to him.."

 Khushi says faking a smile " No di.. you all can very well do it.. I feel sleepy now...". 

Nani says "Haan bitiya(yes dear) we all forgot! Okay you rest...come everyone....let's go!" Everyone clears. Khushi was holding her tears until now. She was holding it more until she was about to close the door. She then closes the door and bursts out crying.. She kept her hands on the stomach and says "Main tumhe kaise bachaungi???"(how will I save you? ). She vents out her spleen and clamoured.

After some hours....

Arnav enters and parks the car. He notices that there is still light burning in the house. He wonders how at this time nobody fell asleep. He saw his watch and it was 1.00 am. He sighs and enters the house. The hall was lighted and he was confused. He sat on the sofa and starts looking at his case.  Naniji along with others came together in a line. Arnav is puzzled and looks on.

He asks "What happened??" Nani comes with an aarthi plate and affixes a tilak(saffron paste) on Arnav's forehead. 

Arnav says "par...Kya hua???"(what happened ?)  

Nani says "Chote i am going to become a par daadi(  paternal Great grandmother)". 

Arnav asks "What???".  

Nk says "Haan nannav I am going to become a chacha.." 

Mami says " Hello hi bye bye.. I am going to become daadi" (grandmother) . 

Mama says "and me a grandfather..". 

Anjali says "Aur main bua..."( and me an aunt(father's sister))  

Arnav looks confused and gives a smile.. He goes and hugs Akash.. 

He says "congratulations..! Akash". Akash caressed him back saying "Thank you bhai (brother)  for making me a chacha..."  

Arnav looked amiss. He says "par...."

Everyone then says in chorus "And you are going to become a Father...!". 

Arnav looks shocked..  He couldn't say anything. He first thought that they were bantering him. But then he thought it must be true because no one would feign at this time. He pretends to be happy. But at this time he badly wanted to meet Khushi. 

He asked "Where is Khushi??" Everyone says " she is in her room taking rest." 

Mami says "Arnav bitwa...marriage happened only after PayAsh par tum toh speed mein pakade hue ho..( you have caught the speed)"  

Nani  retorts her to keep quiet. Anjali hugs Arnav with tears. 

She says "I'm sooo happy for you chote!!" She keeps a Kaala tikka(Black spot) on him. 

Mamaji says "Shaabash (very good) beta...! go and see your wife..".

Nani says "I have made sugarfree Jelabis... Everyone should eat sugarfree in the name of Chote.." Arnav looks on. Is he dreaming?? They all make him eat jelabis. 

Anjali says "Arre leave him everyone he must meet his wife.." They all make way for him to the room. Arnav goes to his room looking puzzled still wondering if it's true. He goes inside and sees Khushi's face devasted and notices her red eyes. He closes the door. Looking at him Khushi lets more tears down.

She glides back looking scared and says "no Mr.Raizada I can't do this.. I can't kill my child.... and.." 

She couldn't say more she was weeping. She keeps gliding away from him and adds "I'll leave you and go away... This won't be your responsibility...We'll separate after few months.... But I've decided i'm not going to kill a soul for our mistake.." 

With that she suppurates. Arnav couldn't handle more. He had tears overflowing from his eyes. 

Khushi says "I am going to become a mother....and.." She found herself on Arnav. He hugged her and cries  saying "Sorry Khushi I'm really sorry...I shouldn't have said like that on the previous  day!" Khushi is aghast by his gesture but continues saying "No Arnavji I'll take care of this kid  and.." 

Arnav says after being composed but still hugging her "Atlast  I'm Arnavji after so many days.. you've been calling me Mr.Raizada till now.." 

Khushi says "par Arnavji....Listen to me..." 

Arnav  curtails her saying "Khushi I love you..."      

Thank you sooo much Arshigeet, Lily30, Kpoonam: thank you . Prajakta_k: haha..! But Khushi is too good for him.. Candie: ya it'll come soon.

Nov 27, 2017

Episode 11 (By Nitty_Arshi) (Thanked: 77 times)

Guess Everyone had liked my last update so much. Hope so I keep you all engrossed in the same manner..... thank you soo much for your thank you's.  Thank you soo much for your motivating comments, Lily30, Kpoonam, Candie, Prajakta_k, Rani, arshigeet. It wouldn't have been possible without you guys. Let's get to the update.Arnav curtails her saying "Khushi I love you..." 

Khushi pops her closed eyes hearing this. Her remaining tears flowed. She was taken aback by his words. Was she dreaming? She saw the time and it was 2.00 am. She lets a sigh of relief thinking that it's a dream and she'll be sleeping by now. She wouldn't be pregnant too. Yeah! What a thought. Atlast I'm dreaming thank god!!.  Arnav releases her and stares at her.. "Dhak... dhak.....dhak....dhak....." beat her heart. Arnav's heart joined her's syncing rhythmically. He places a kiss on her forehead.. She could feel it... I mean she could feeeeell it. So she wasn't dreaming. Oh no! She was awake with her senses. He said I love you to her and she is pregnant. What should she say to him. She was confused by his words. I mean everything just happened soon! Her parent's death, her marriage, her consummation, and now she's pregnant before her jiji. I mean this was not intended. She can't understand what was going on. Arnav's reaction made her puzzled. Was someone watching them? No the curtains are all closed and the door too. Is there a camera in their room placed by kin to know what would be Arnav's reaction seeing her? I mean he is behaving like a proper pati(husband). He reacts in the same way how a pregnant woman would expect her man to react when he knows she's pregnant. All these were going in Khushi's mind. Well she's a girl she must think at least this much. She lets a tear fall and thinks how Arnav  had said to her when she informs him that she was engaged  "farak  padta hai Dammit...Kyunki..." (It matters me dammit...because...).

 She further thinks how he had said to her when she went with Nk and thought she was no more seeing an Ambulance. How he says "What if I lost you..." and says "kyunki..." (because..) . 

And that's because what he now told her. But Khushi wonders that if he would have loved her, he would have said to her before itself. He would have said to her on the day of  payash wedding before the events with Shyam. She remembers how she had thought the message written by Shyam to be ASR's one on the day of Payash's marriage. If he had really loved her he would have said it to her before itself.. Yes! Men seek chances to propose their lady love. But here after their marriage, after their consummation, he is announcing his love for her. Was this for her pity or is there a reason behind it? The sound of Arnav crying made her to come in the present.  She was shocked to see Arnav crying. She had never seen Arnav in Tears and that too like this. Was this because of happiness or guilt?  Were these tears of joy or tears of repent? She couldn't help but hugged Arnav keeping her hands on his head. He was surprised. 

He again muttered "I love you Khushi.." 

Khushi didn't know how to react. She said "Don't worry Arnavji every problem will end soon..." 

Arnav received in a different way. But what Khushi meant was different. 

Arnav released her and said "I've realized now Khushi.. please forgive me.. I'm really sorry...I've caused you this much pain.. but in return you gave me nothing but  peace.... please forgive me..." Khushi says "It's not like that Arnavji..... It's okay... fine.." There was a two minute silence. The couple couldn't react thinking what will happen next. It felt like the earth revolved around them very soon. Khushi asked Arnav " Arnavvji.... do u really want to have a kid?" Arnav remains silent. 

Khushi adds stammering " no.. Arnavji.. i...mea...i mean.. you said'd like to kid.." Arnav face went cold.. He was now Angry. 

Khushi adds "no Arnavji...not.." That's it hearing her voice he got angry. He got up and Khushi goes backwards. 

He comes forward and says " What did you say??? I like to Abort your kid?...What do you mean by your kid Dammit??? I'TS OUR KID!!!!" 

Khushi cries seeing him. 

Arnav then composes himself and says "Ahmm.. I'm sorry Khushi but it's just that I should control my anger.. you Know what ? What I said that day was just because of anger. I didn't mean that Khushi.." Khushi is puzzled and gets angry saying "What sort of a person are you ?? you say I love you a minute before.. now you're shouting at me for no  reason?? You know what Arnav ji I think you need to visit a psychiatrist tomorrow.." 

Arnav calms down and hugs her. She tries to release it but he doesn't . 

He says "Khushi do you think I'm so stone hearted??" 

Khushi says "no you're rock hearted..! At least a stone can be hammered easily. But a rock can't!!" Arnav was about to fume but he controls himself. 

He says without noticing her words "It's okay Khushi I can understand...! let it be as you say ... But do you really think I would kill a baby? I married you with abhorrence just for Di's kid ,Do you  think I could do this to a kid and that too ours? " Khushi was unsure at the beginning but then confirmed it that what he is doing now to her is a mere pity. 

She lets a wry smile and asks him " Arnavji... then what will happen after 6 months?" 

Arnav says "'re going to become a mother... don't think too much wasting your energy...our kid will also lose energy.." 

Khushi says "par..." Arnav disrupts her and asks her to sleep on the bed as it is getting late. 

Khushi couldn't imagine him. Was he suffering from bipolar disorder? She needs to verify it. Arnav makes her sleep on the bed. Arnav sleeps on the couch. But somehow at the end he felt like sleeping next to her. He himself was confused with his attitude. Why was he caring so much for Khushi nowadays? Well he knows he loves her but this sudden possessiveness made him feel new. Perhaps the thought of becoming a father made him more responsible. A new feeling of a responsible parent came to his mind.He started sleeping. Suddenly Khushi was about to fall. But Arnav gets up running towards her and catches her falling from the bed. 

He asks "Khushi...! are you all right?" He becomes tensed. Khushi now knows that what was going to happen. 

Arnav says "thank god.." (it just came out he doesn't believe in god still)

Khushi says "oh no...Arnavji..I didn't know... I" 

Khushi sobs. 

Arnav continues saying "sh...Khushi I won't let this happen .."  

He cups her face saying " Khushi when I am alive I won't  let anything to come near my child.. our child" .. understand? I will always be at our child's place when it needs me.." 

Khushi thinks how he has changed within a day. As she was enthralled by his sudden change in the behaviour. She somehow at the corner liked it. But doesn't know why... She liked it and wants more from him. She knows she had feelings for him but doesn't know that it would be love. Even after his confession she is unsure that he is in love with her. She had got all the answers for her questions. But is still unable to believe it.If she believes then only she can think of it. 

Khushi doesn't know what to do but she blurted out " Arnavji.. you might feel really uncomfortable sleeping in the couch. You can sleep here by my side... and..and.." 

Arnav whispered "And..?" Khushi had chills in her spines hearing his breath. 

She says "and you might very well have an eye on our child if you feel so..." 

Arnav smiled at her. Khushi didn't know what to say. She herself doesn't know why she was saying all this. By that time Arnav was on the other side of the bed. He was having three pillows on his hands. Khushi first thought that he was going to place them in between their side. But to her utter surprise he came near her, on top. She breathed heavily and he kept it on the other end of Khushi. So it was pillow divider - Khushi in the middle -and Arnav on the bed in order. He was still on top of her. 

He whispers her on her ears "Be safe".  

He goes to the other side. He holds her hands. Khushi was so near him as the pillows were on her right side and Arnav on her left making her sleep touching his arms. She didn't know what to do or what to say. Everything happened so soon. Naniji was just telling her that everything happened so soon for good only. But see after his sentence its going like she'll die soon. No, this wouldn't happen. She sees her hands been held tightly by another hand, another soul. Probably her soulmate. When her soulmate is there, nothing can come in- between them. I mean why is she thinking soo much? Slowly she began to sleep closing her eyes. She needn't worry anything now. At one side she liked being pregnant getting Arnav's so- called love. At the other side she feels that this would be temporary. She thought it is best to leave her thoughts suspended. She went in the world of her dreams.

 Meanwhile in Akash's room,

Akash says to Payal "Payalji we must hurry soon.. Dekha(see) Bhai had been so smart. He is so soon. See here we got married before him well a few hours before his marriage I guess. Now he is going to become a father. But see we have not planned for even our honeymoon." 

Payal says "But Akash ji. He is your elder brother. So it is correct only... Somehow what had happened is for good only.. That's how the order of generation comes." 

Akash retorts saying "But Khushi Bhabhi is younger to you na? See from your sister's point of view. She is pregnant and see you are still not agreeing for our honeymoon... Guess I must be like Bhai.. then I think you will do all I say" 

Akash pouts making him look cute. Payal laughs seeing him. 

Akash says "oh!! You get laughs do you? Wait I'll tell you what it feels like laughing" 

He tries to pounce at her but she escapes running. 

Akash sys "Ohh! Mrs.Akash is escaping!!! Wait ... come here.." With that he runs behind her.

In Anjali's room

Shyam is appaled by his thoughts. He doesn't know what to do... He wasn't as shocked as this even in ArShi marriage. The thought of another Raizada member made him uneasy. I mean He must know When Khushi and Arnav are married, one day or the other they will also have a child. But the thought of having a child at that moment made him uneasy.What was in his mind? He was fidgety. He got up from his bed and was slowly making a move out of his room . He sees Anjali who was sleeping peacefully sufficed. She had peace clearly in her face as if she has fulfilled all her life endeavors and  is willing to die at any moment.

He goes upstairs without making a noise. He moves to the top floor room silently. It was dark in the corridors of RM. Filtered moon light fell on his tensed face. His silhouette fell on the doors of RM. There were two prying cat's eyes visible from the filtered light but wasn't to Shyam. It was well hidden. Suddenly he heard a sound from the kitchen and the prying eyes blackened out. He gets panicked and has sweat all over. He goes to the Kitchen descending downstairs. His heart pounding very fast to see who it was at this time. He goes and sees that it was Nani. He let's a sigh of relief. 

He asks "Naniji.. You at this time? What are you doing?" 

Nani says "I'm making sweets damadji (son-in-law).. Khushi bitiya is pregnant na?" 

Shyam loathes saying " Naniji but at this time...Do you need help?" 

Nani says "No Damadji, I am very happy today, nobody will let me cook alone in the daytime. It's been years since I've cooked  alone. My Great grandson!! Donno whether I'll be alive when he's born..So" 

Shyam disrupts and pretends saying "Don't say like that Naniji! You will feed your grandson with your own hands mark my words." 

Naniji lets a tear fall and says "Dekhenge (let's  see) Damaadji..I hope so...  By the way what are you doing at this time? Why are you sweating soo much? " 

Naniji lowers the burner concerning him. Shyam backs off and says "Nothing naaniji. I just had a bad dream. I came here to drink water. I thought not to disturb Rani Sahiba.." Nani gives him water  and says "Don't worry Dammadji.. Everything is fine.." Shyam smirks and drinks the water. He says "Sleep soon Naniji" pretending to care her. He eyes the top floor moving out. What was there??. Probably some mystery. He goes to his room and checks Anjali. Yes she was sleeping peacefully. He lets a sigh of relief and sleeps beside her.      

Dec 4, 2017

Episode 12 (By Nitty_Arshi) (Thanked: 70 times)

Hello everyone thank you so much for your comments. Sorry for the late update. Special thanks to Kpoonam, Prajakta_k, Candie, Lily30, Arshigeet. Enjoy the long update.Here goes it...

Next Morning

Khushi was the first person to wake up early in the morning. As she wakes up, she finds Arnav next to her. It shocks her and she remembers the incidents that happened the day before.

 She places her hand on the stomach and says "I won't let anything happen to you.." with that she caresses her belly. 

She smiles and sees the fresh rays of sun with a new outlook of life having positive vibes. 

She sees Arnav and smiles thinking even if their marriage was for some time period she actually liked it. She thinks how her life would have been if she had married Shyam without knowing the truth. She now realizes that she is going to become a mother. 

Yes Arnav was right She mustn't think about their contract marriage now.  All she needs to concentrate is in the present. She wakes up and freshen herself. She bathes early. She sees Arnav sleeping serenely and smiles. How tired he must be after the meeting and the breaking news of their new Raizada member. 

She goes down and descends the stairs hastily as usual. But then remembers that she is pregnant. So she keeps her speed slow keeping a hand on her stomach. She heads towards the kitchen and sees a big hot pack. 

She opens and exclaims "Halwa!!"(sweet). She gets happy and starts eating it. She completes it in a go. Yes!! The whole hot pack, leaving no traces of what she ate. Then we hear Arnav's shout "Khushi!!"Khushi  gets shocked and goes out. Arnav calls her name shouting repeatedly. Everyone comes to the hall and panics. 

Khushi comes by and asks " What happened?" 

Arnav then chills and says "Nothing.. When did you wake up?" 

Everyone then calms down giving a wry smile to both of them. Nani says "Our Chote is so possessive that he cannot live without his wife even for a minute " 

Khushi looks at him. The both share an eye lock. Yes both were talking with their eyes understanding each and every word what they are retorting themselves. If they cannot live even for a minute without each other, how are they going to live the whole life after 4 months. Arnav gave her an assurance to her through his eyes that he'll take care of everything. Khushi needn't worry as she had started having hopes in him. A new feeling of being protected came in her. 

Nani says breaking their trance" Bitiya I've kept the halwa for you... Did you eat it?" 

Khushi says "Haan Naniji.. It was very tasty and whoops! I forgot to share it with Di.. I mean she is also pregnant right and I ate the whole lot...!?". 

She pouts.  Anjali says " Arre Khushiji! When you are pregnant you need to eat twice. See me I've put on weight. And by the way Nani should make twice for me too because even I will eat the whole lot.."  

Arnav decends then says " Khushi we need to go to the doctor.. Di are you coming.?" 

Anjali says "no Chote. I just went yesterday.  You both go, and take care Khushiji" 

Nani says " I'm going to sleep. I'm very tired of making the Halwa the whole night.. " 

Khushi asks " You made just for me waking up the whole night Naniji.. Did anyone help you?" 

Nani says " No Bitiya I don't want help that's why I woke up the whole night and made it because in day time you all don't allow me to cook. Donno whether I'll be able to serve our member when he's born. I might be dea.." 

Khushi curt her saying " No Naniji don't say like that..Thank you soo much" She says having tears in eyes and hugs her. 

Shyam looks on seeing this Drama. 

Arnav freshen up in the room. Nani asks them to eat and go. 

Arnav says 'No Naniji doctor asked her not to eat. She says she needs an additional check up." 

Anjali asks " Chote Something happened..?" 

Arnav replies "no Di.. It's just an additional check up. Nothing to worry.."  

Khushi goes with Arnav to the doctor.

In the top floor...  

Shyam is speaking over the phone and says irritably  " Why are you all so irresponsible??......... I am not jobless.... You all don't understand anything.... Hey who is the boss u or me?? Talk with reverence or I will tell the police...  I am the boss and also an ex- Vakhil (lawyer) .. I'll get out... law has loopholes and I'll escape but will get you all inside the as I say... else what happened to Raj will be your future too....He must not escape anywhere understand..... I'll be monitoring him. You heard that I'll be MONITORING him... So you all  can't lie me... I can't come there now....I have other plans..." 

Meanwhile Nk comes inside the room. 

Shyam is literally shocked. Nk says"Jiju I didn't get that file you are searching. Are you here for that huh??" 

Shyam says "yes Nk.." He lets out a sigh of relief as Nk didn't hear his conversation and smirks thinking "well when the file is with me how will you get it". 

Shyam pretends to be sad and says "Oh Nk It is an important file. That's okay you needn't search I'll manage without it.. Say Nk can I come here and work if I feel so since I stated that day that most of my files are here and ..." 

Nk replies "What is this Jiju you are asking permission from me like this.. of course you can I 'm just a guest in this house... i'm sorry if you need this place so much I can very well shift into the guest room.." 

He thought Shyam would say no but to his utter surprise he said "yes please Nk. I badly need this place." Nk curses and clears his stuff. 

Shyam is very happy. At last he can do what he want in peace.  

Arnav and Khushi are in the Doctor's room. Doctor asks Khushi to come inside in an adjacent room with a screen and asks Arnav to wait. 

They come back and immediately Arnav asks "Doctor is everything okay??" Doctor replies "Mr. Raizada there is nothing to worry ... Your wife is fine. But..." Arnav's face arouses curiosity. 

She continues "Khushi is just 20 years old. She is not matured mentally to have a child. Well she is allowed to bear a child but is she really ready for it. I mean your age is the perfect age to become a father..But Khushi's is not" 

Khushi cuts her saying "Age is not a matter for me doctor. What I personally think is it's just the mindset. Some people get pregnant late. Some get early. Some  at the right age and some are not able to. That's no way a matter for me. I'm ready to become a mother now Doctor. I've started feeling my child from now itself. Whatever happens doctor I will have this child at any cost." 

Arnav says " Her decision is mine too." 

The doctor says " Okay Mr & Mrs.Raizadha. It's just my duty to inform you whether or not you are ready to have a child. I've given her the tablets. If she eats it properly, she will become healthy  and "  

Arnav says "But why has she to eat tablets? Khushi you have to take care of yourself."

Doctor tries to speak but Arnav says " Why do you show such irresponsibility Khushi.." 

Doctor says "Mr. Raizadha  there is no need of worrying. These tablets are mandatory for every women who is pregnant." 

Arnav then chills up. 

Khushi says "Doctor I want to care for my child in the best way. Just tell me all that I have to do. I'll care for it in the best possible way." 

Doctor smiles telling her "Mrs. Arnav I know you will follow all the instructions. Just eat properly and have a good rest and yes,  I forgot to tell you, Many patients have this doubt whether they can have relation or not when the girl is pregnant. Yes Mrs. Raizadha you can." Arnav and Khushi share an eyelock ogled. They then turn away hiding their shyness. They think of whether they'll be able to have any relationship further. Arnav and Khushi recall their moments in Nainital. Khushi feels uncomfortable. They then bid goodbye to the doctor and walk back home. 

Arnav and Khushi are in the dining room eating. 

Nani asks " Chote what did the doctor say?" Arnav replies " Nothing Naniji she gave her some tablets to eat daily." 

She panics and asks "What?? tablets at this age??" 

Arnav says "Naniji these are general tablets to be taken by a pregnant women" 

She says "What is this beta.. Even I was pregnant twice but was asked to take only desi ghee and other healthy foods. I didn't even take any sort of tablet. Don't know what nowadays treatments are like.." She sighs. 

They clear the dining room. 

Meanwhile Nk had shifted his room from the top floor to the guest room at the ground floor. Anjali , Payal and Khushi are walking together and discussing about something. They pass by the Guestroom  and hears Nk talking over his phone "Ya I haven't informed any of them.. But soon will.. Why are you acting so traditional baby?? Why do you want me to inform them now itself??.... What??.... no way.. you can't come here now.. Are you inside the flight??..Listen..." 

Anjali and the other two of them were perplexed and asks Nk " Nk who is your darling.." Nk gets shocked and tries to conceal but Payal snaps saying "Nk you have to tell us.." Nk says "waah Bhabhi you also know to snap? Wonder how Akash reacts to this. I thought you were a shy person. Well most of the Gupta's are like this only."

Payal cuts him saying "will you talk like this to your Bhabhi? Well I'm now a Raizadha and not a Gupta. Now don't try to deviate from the topic. Tell us the matter." 

Nk says "Di, Bhabhi I myself am confused by what is happening give me time I'll tell you all during the dinner tomorrow." 

Anjali says "What's the matter.. Well why can't you tell now itself?" 

Nk says "well it's a surprise" 

Khushi says "What's the difference telling now and at tomorrow's dinner?" 

Nk says "You all will know."   

In Anjali's room....

Shyam is closing Anjali's eyes with his hands and they both enter together. 

Anjali says "Hey Shyamji where are you taking me??? Offoh I can't see anything." 

Shyam replies " Wait Rani Sahiba" and makes her to open her eyes..

Anjali sees a beatiful crib. He says "Happy Anniversary" She lets a shock of excitement. She hugs Shyam and says " Thank you soo much.Same to you " Shyam tells her " Rani Sahiba all this is from my earnings.." 

Anjali lets a tear and says "Shyamji you are the best..."   

She further adds "If Khushiji also gets the same gift I'll be happy.." 

Shyam says "offoh Rani Sahiba this is.. just imagine na how it'll be when our kid is sleeping in this pram, we all will be playing with Khushiji's kid and when Khushi's kid is sleeping in this pram we all will be playing with our kid." 

Anjali beams and says "I'm waiting for that day Shyamji...I am eagerly waiting for those days ..." 

She keeps hugging him tightly. 

Shyam smirks and  says to himself " even I am waiting for those days eagerly Rani Sahiba...." 

Shyam asks her " Where is my gift?? Have you forgotten?" 

Anjali says "How can I even? Here... have it." 

Shyam opens the gift and gets a parker pen. 

Anjali says and hugs him "A best gift for a lawyer like you... You can write about your cases with this.. Such a hardworking person you are." 

She hugs him and he retorts her smirking. His Rani Sahiba still thinks he is at job.  

Anjali goes out of the room and tells others. 

Akash and Payal are very happy seeing Di in such state and prays her this longevity of happiness. They wish them saying " Happy Anniversary "  

Nani hugs her and says "Happy Anniversary beta.." Shyam and Anjali takes her blessings. 

Arnav comes and hugs her and says "Di Happy Anniversary." 

Anjali hugs him and Khushi and says "Chote Its not only my anniversary but also Shyamji's too. Wish him also naa.." 

Arnav gets angry but Khushi places a hand on his. He controls his anger. He doesn't know why and what makes him love her soo much. She is able to control his anger. 

He then walks away to his room excusing "Di I am expecting an important call. I'll be back." 

 With that he leaves the place and goes to his room. Khushi follows him. Arnav is very angry  thinking about Shyam. Khushi comes inside and hugs him. Arnav is shocked by this gesture but hugs her back. After all she is his wife . She has rights on him. 

Khushi says"Don't worry Arnavji everything will end soon" 

Arnav says still hugging her "Khushi you haven't answered me." 

Khushi says angrily breaking the hug " You know what Mr. Raizada you are a fool. 

How many times do I have to prove you that I don't love him. I controlled your anger because I didn't want any fight in the house not because I have any feelings for him." 

Arnav cuts her and pins her on the wall . He breathes at her heavily. 

Khushi gets nervous but tries to control her feelings. 

He whispers at her "you haven't answered me about my love" 

Khushi gasps seeing him very  close to her. She shuts her eyes he leaned towards her to kiss, when they hear Anjali's voice " Everyone come down. Nk has a news for you all" They steady themselves and goes down. 

Everyone assembles the hall. 

Mamiji asks " What is this news Anjali bitiya" 

Mama says "han (yes) what happened??" 

Anjali says " Ask Nk Mamaji"

Akash says "yes tell us. We are all eager."  

Payal says "yes he has to say that. He said that he'll say it during dinner time." 

Anjali says "Haan (yes ) Payalji but how can I leave him till dinner. I am so eager." 

Khushi asks "but how did he agree to tell before?" 

Anjali says "I made him promise in the name of my child so he couldn't budge." 

Nk pouts. 

Nani says " tell us beta we are all eager. Don't feel shy" 

Nk says hesitatingly " I'm already engaged"

Dec 8, 2017

Episode 13 (By Nitty_Arshi) (Thanked: 57 times)

Thank you so much everyone for your Thank you's. Special thanks to Prajakta_k, Lily30, Reena, Candie, Kpoonam. Let's get to the long update.

 Nk says hesitatingly " I'm already engaged"

Everyone gets shocked hearing what Nk said.

Nani exclaims "What???"

Akash says "but with whom?"

Nk says "you all will know during the dinner time."

Khushi says "but Nanhiji, why didn't you tell us all before."

Nk said "I am sorry Bhabhi I know that I must tell you all. But she wants it to be a surprise. So I wouldn't budge."

Nani says " this girl sounds bossy. But beta why didn't you tell us before. We would have come there na. And why didn't Anand Kisore and Naina Kisore (His parents) tell us about this ?".

Nk says sliding his hand over his head not facing them "Well we got engaged without anyone else's knowledge."

Mami says "Arre... HHBB without anyone else. That means bhagke (eloped) engagement?"

Nk says "Like that Maasiji.."

Manorama says " HHBB you proved to be Arnav bitwa's brother. I hope it's not another Gupta's sister. Phati saadi do you have another sister?"

Nani glares at her piercing her eyes. Manorama says "Abk...abk...abk    Nk babua just tell us na how could you do this alone."

Nk goes and falls on Nani's feet and says "I am sorry Naniji. I should have informed you all before. But when I saw this girl in Australia I fell on her at the first sight. She was so different from others. You'll know when she comes. It would be a shock for you all."

Nani says "It's confusing beta. I need to look at the girl first."

She gestures him to get up.   

Arnav asks "Is she an Indian Nk?" 

Nk says " Nothing to worry Nannav. She is an Indian and you know her very well."

Arnav exclaims "What?? Do I know her?"

Nk irks saying " Ahmmm... well she worked in Ar for about 4 years..and "

Akash says " What?? AR design's employee?? And that too for 4 years?" 

Nk says" Be patient everyone. She'll be landing at 5.30pm in the evening. She'll reach here by dinner. So the questions are to be thrown at her"

Anjali asks " is she going to stay here ??"

Nk says "guess so.."

Nani says"..and you didn't even tell us anything before."

Payal says 'Nk ji tell us if we haven't heard your conversation then imagine what would have happened?"

Nk says" you guessed it right Payal Bhabhi. I would have given you all a big surprise."

Shyam asks " but where is your engagement ring. It must be in your hands. If you are a fiance of her then it is mandatory.."

He senses a death glare on him from his side eyes. Arnav was glaring at him. He remained silent.

Nk says "well I didn't wear it to avoid any speculation. If I wear it people will have doubts on me whether I am engaged or not."

Mama says " but you know what Nk Babua? You are a duffer.."

Nk scowls having his head down.

Mama continues " Arre It's not necessary that a person must be engaged if he wears a ring on his left ring finger. Who gave you these lectures?"

Nk pouts.

Arnav says "Enough everyone. I think Nk wouldn't budge till dinner. Let's see who it is .Hmmm... AR employeee..... 4 years.... "

Everybody clears. 

Meanwhile  near Gupta's house. The person (the one observing Shyam) interrogates  a neighbor "Yes he was engaged to Khushi....... But Khushi didn't want that to happen... But they say.."

She stops herself.

The person speaks for the first time saying "Go on speak up.."

She continues "They say what happened to Shashi ji was solely because of him.. They say he had done it on purpose after knowing he was already married."

The person is appaled hearing this.

The person asks "But why didn't you all tell this to the police?"

She replies "Because.. Khushi and their family chose not to as they didn't want to spoil the name of the Raizadhas."

The person looks with empathy.

Well you all know that the person is a Raizadha member. Otherwise he/she will not be allowed to pry Shyam at 3.00am at night in the Raizadha's house. And that too in a house which has optimum security. 

The person goes away thanking her.

Its evening and everybody is in the hall waiting impatiently. Nk enters and everyone makes themselves busy hiding their impatience.

Nk says " ya everyone I know that you all are eagerly waiting to see my Fiance but are a narcissist to accept their fault. She reached here. She'll be coming by 7.00 pm after the check up."  

Anjali says " yes Nk we are all very eager to meet her. You say that you are already engaged gave us a big shock."

Shyam goes to Mamiji and asks her something. To which she snorts and goes away. Why was mamiji doing this to Shyam? He was surprised seeing her reaction.

 Nk asks Naniji "Naniji.. are you unhappy or angry with me if so I will cancel this..."

Nani closes his mouth with her hand and shook with affinity "No beta not like that. I just am thinking how the girl will be. That's it."

Nk says "Trust me Naniji she is a very nice girl. You have already accepted her."

Nani asks "When did I beta?".

Nk  says " Ahm..I mean you'll accept her."

Nani nods saying " hope so.."

Nk smiles saying to himself " you will surely Nani..."

Time pass on.

Khushi asks " is there no one to receive her.. I mean Nanhiji why didn't you go to the airport to receive her?" Nk replies " I insisted but she says that she wants it to be a surprise and wants no one to question me where I am going when I leave the house."

Khushi says "Why does she want to surprise all of us when She doesn't know who we are."  

Nk was about to say her when they see a person standing at the door with RayBan sunglasses looking cool but she was wearing a traditional attire. Everybody's eyes were on her. They all looked happily appalled. Was this true??? Are they all dreaming???

She takes her blessings from Naniji first and she blesses her with exhilaration.

There was a loud Chorus "Lavanya???"

I mean what is she doing here? Is this true?

Nk beams at her and hugs her tightly saying "Baby I missed you soo much." Lavanya replies "me too honey.."

She kissed him on his cheeks. Nk returned her the kiss. There was a chorus of clearing throats.

Then Lavanya goes to Arnav and asks "ASR how are you ? I said na that one day you'll be married to Chamkili (Khushi). See what I said became true."

Arnav nodded smiling at her.

Mamiji looks happy saying "Hello hi bye bye. Thank God it's not any gupta's sister. Nk Babua I am so happy for you."Nani glares at her.

Nani asks Nk  a bit tensed "But Bitwa do you Know that Lavanya was already about to get engaged with Chote and it had got cancelled. Are you aware of their relationship?"

( Lavanya has her head down looking a bit sad) to which Nk says coolly "I love her so much Nani. She had said about everything to me when we came to know about each other. You won't believe Naniji, we were very much dazed knowing our chain in relationship."

 Naniji gets satisfied and Lavanya blushes at him.

She then hugs Khushi longingly having tears in her eyes " Atlast Chamkili you have done it. Thank you for making Arnav realize his love and because of you I have got my soulmate in the form of Nk. If you weren't there,I would have married Asr and you would have married someone else, 4 of us wouldn't be this much happy."

Payal says 'Arre Lavanyaji.. 3 of you all since Nk would have married someone else and would have been happy."

Nk smiles at her and was about to say  yes,  Lavanya glares at him and asks "What do you say honey?"

Nk smiles at her sheepishly and says " ya baby you are right. Payal Bhabhi I wouldn't get a better person than Lavanya. Even If I had to marry someone else I wouldn't have been this much happy as I am now with Lavanya. I love you baby."

Lavanya then hugs and greets every other member in the Raizada.

They all eat Dinner.

Naniji spoke first saying "First I was so fidgety imagining Nk's Fiance. But now I have my heart appeased. "

Nk continues asking her "So Naniji do you accept her?"

Naniji laughs saying "Beta I have accepted her before your engagement."   

Nk smiles at her.

Everyone laughs on Naniji's  jest.

Shyam looks happy.

Anjali asks Shyam "What happened Shyamji you look very happy today?"

Shyam says "Nothing Rani Sahiba there has been a lot of good news  these days. So that's why I am happy.".

Anjali says" Yes Shyamji. I wish this lasts long." Shyam smirks thinking "I am afraid not so Rani Sahiba. Soon things will come to an end.".

His face turns gaunt. 

Nk and Akash goes to the guest room and brings something big swiftly.

They all see a big cardboard box and Nk exclaims " to the eternity of Di and Jijaji."

They place the cardboard box and opens it. It is a beautiful cake with A and S for Anjali and Shyam.

Anjali exclaims saying " thank you my little brothers. You both are such a sweet pie."

Shyam smiles. Payal says "Chalo chalo(come) cut the cake."

Shyam sees Mamiji staring at him. Why was she doing that? Did she come to know his secret? He eyes the top floor.

Anjali breaks his stupor saying " Hey! What is this Shyam ji let's cut the cake."

Shyam fakes a smile at her and they both cut the cake. Everyone has a happy face except Arnav, Khushi and Mami.

Arnav couldn't see this and he goes to the room..

Anjali calls him out saying "Chote where are you going?"

Arnav answers saying "Nothing di you know I don't eat cakes right? This isn't sugarfree."

Anjali says "Nothing will Happen if you eat a bit. Here have this ."

He glares at Shyam eating the cake. Shyam smirks seeing him. Arnav goes away. Khushi follows him. Lavanya wishes her a happy Anniversary and hugs Anjali.

In Arshi's room...

 Arnav hits his fist on the wall. Khushi comes there and calms him down. He hugs her. Khushi gets chills in spine. She breaks the hug and he is a bit shocked.

Khushi says "Arnavji I want to talk to you but promise me that you won't get angry.."

Arnav says "Tell me Khushi..."

Khushi says "but before that make sure that you don't lose your control.."

Arnav replies " I promise.."

Khushi asks teary eyed "Arnavji I need a solution for our marriage. I mean you know after what and all had happened. What will we answer our family members. You say that we'll take care about this matter later. But this is a matter to be thought of."

Arnav face changes.

But Khushi continues boldly saying" Our 6 months marriage contract says I must be a virgin when I enter my house. But see virginity is far off. I'm pregnant here. Either we have to change the papers now itself for a divorce.. or.."  

Arnav asks in an unassailable voice "or??"  

Khushi stammers seeing his reaction fearing.

By then, Lavanya enters beaming at Khushi and hugs her saying" Khushi!!! I heard from Nani that you are pregnant is it true??"

Khushi nods her still looking at Arnav.

Lavanya enlivens.  

Khushi and Arnav are looking at each other.

 Lavanya hits her head and saying" oh.. sorry sorry ...  I didn't even knock the door.. oops please forgive me." in her usual grating tone.

Arnav replies her" That's okay Lavanya."

He leaves the place.

Lavanya again hugs Khushi saying "Chamkili you are the best..."

Khushi makes her comfortable and asks her to sit down on the bed.

Lavanya gives a look around the room saying "It's been months since I've been here. Why are you crying Khushi did Asr say anything to you? "

Khushi shook her head. S

he continues "Then why are you sad? Anyways I just was so excited hearing about Naniji's talks. She was telling me what and all had happened here when I wasn't present. Omg!! This is so exciting. But Khushi, Naniji said that your's was an eloped marriage. When I had asked the reason she said that you both had not given the reason still to them. But I am your friend. You can tell this to me na?"

Khushi looks on. Well how can she tell about Shyam to her?.

Khushi swerves the topic asking her "Leave us Lavanyaji tell me about yourself and Nanhiji. I mean how did you meet him. How was your reaction when you came to know that Nanhiji was Asr's Bhai?" Lavanya gives a shy look and says "woh.. woh..  (that) it's a long story."

She continues saying" I went to Australia for a business trip. I then went to Crown hotel's pub in Sydney as my colleague was to meet his girlfriend. They both were on the dance floor. I was sitting at the corner. Nk was also there at that time dancing with chicks. Well you know about Nk and his flirts. I was drinking aside as I was depressed about my broken marriage you know that right Khushi. It takes a lot of time. Nk came and offered me to dance with him. I said no but he persisted me.  I danced with him and that was our first meeting. I was just normal but Nk had fallen completely on me. He asked my number as he said he get to see Indian's rarely there. I just offered him as I was supposed to  stay there for a month. We met often and I said about my broken marriage to him. I felt my heart free as I shared it with him. He cared me so much. He said that even his brother's marriage was broken and he had got married again. He said that everything that happens, happens for good. Well at that time I didn't know that Asr was his brother. We went on a long drive. He then proposed me in the Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park, South Wales  an hour from Sydney.

 Ah! that was the best day in my life. I cried like a child. I accepted it. Such a sweet guy he is. We got engaged at that moment. See the diamond ring.But then after so many meetings he had shown me your photos and I was literally shocked. I was afraid to tell him the truth. But I neither didn't want it to hide from him. So I planned to say it the next day fearing even if our relationship is spoiled, I wanted him to know every bit of mine. To my surprise he was first confused. Then, he accepted me and said " No matter what happened , happens or will happen. I will always be by your side. " Those words made me to fall for him even more. Then I called  Asr and asked about you all. I didn't want Nk to tell others. He persisted but I remained taut. Let me cut it hereby..Here I am now giving you all a surprise."

Khushi smiles and says to her "I am so happy for you Lavanyaji... " She hugs her.

 Lavanya tried to hug her tight but then remembers Khushi is pregnant.

Asr then enters the room and tells Lavanya to take up the top floor. Lavanya gets her luggage from downstairs. All were present in the hall. Nk says Lavanya to join him in the guest room.

Nani gives him a glare.

 Nk then places his hand on his ear and says "sorry Naniji."

Lavanya says "I'm going to the top floor" Shyam looks appalled. Before he could answer anything. 

Nk says "Shyam jiju has work in that room. So you can stay in naniji's room if you want."

Lavanya says "Thank god I won't be alone in that dark room. I find it too scary"

Nani smiles and her and says "come bitiya." Lavanya goes and joins her.

Everybody clears.        

Dec 9, 2017

Episode 14 - Mystery of the top Room (By Nitty_Arshi) (Thanked: 54 times)

Thank you all for your Thank you's and comments. Special thanks to Prajakta_k: , Kpoonam:, Twinkle_Alisha:, Lily30: . Let's get to the update.

Its Night....

Everyone is in their respective rooms. 

In Arnav's room... 

Khushi and Arnav are facing their back shoulders. They didn't sleep. They were wondering about how they are going to solve the problem of their marriage. They can't just procrastinate this one. They must change the papers now itself or else they must face the consequences.

 In Naniji's room..... 

Lavanya and Nk peep out of their respective rooms. Lavanya being more careful not to wake up Naniji. Nk whispers her asking " Do you have jet lag ?" 

Lavanya says hugging him" But It got away after seeing you." 

Nk says " Ahh baby I missed you so much. These Raizadhas  wouldn't allow us to talk in private. Finally Aah(Sighs) I got time to spend with my Lady love. If Shyam Jiju wouldn't want that top room you would have been there. It would have been easier and I would have slipped to your room. Sigh!! When are we going to get married?" 

Lavanya gives him a shy look. Nk says "Arre wah! (wow) You attend many meetings and speak so boldly but here you are feeling shy to give this answer huh?" 

Lavanya hits him and says "Honey you said you will give me a present when I come back where is it?" He says "coming right  up." 

He then tiptoe's to his room and comes back with a dull face. 

Lavanya asks "What happened??" 

Nk replies " it's not there I think I had left it in the top floor. Shyam jiju had asked me to shift the place and I think had forgotten it there itself." 

Lavanya says "I want my present now itself.. I want.. I want .. I want.."  

Nk says "Ok Baby just calm down I'll bring it." 

Nk tiptoes to the top floor. . He switches on the dim yellow light. He checks if by chance Shyam was working there or not. Yes...! He's not. Well  Shyam had not kept any Tube light there on purpose so there was only little light. Nk couldn't find the present. He looks fidgety and beleaguers the cupboards as he couldn't find a present for his girlfriend. He didn't remember in which cupboard he had kept it. He randomly searches all the cupboards. In one cupboard he places his hand opening the door as he couldn't see anything due to the dim light and taps it noticing the shelf empty. He gropes the shelf and feels nothing. He thinks this must be it and the present might have fallen somewhere as it wasn't in any of the other cupboards. He gets the torch to see a clearer view. He knew where the torch was. 

He got it and just illustrated it towards and saw the shock of his life. 

OMG!!! It was not an empty shelf he was tapping. 

These are Stairs!!!!   This is getting interesting!!!! He ascends upwards blankly without noticing what he is doing and where he was going. He has his torch in front of him and goes in the direction of the spiral wooden stairway. He didn't know this had even existed. It ended up to another room. His heart pounded very fast not knowing what to do. Should he be here or shouldn't he. Were these Raizadha's secret place. If so he shouldn't be meddling with their family matters.

But he is also a part of the family if there were anything then Arnav or Akash would have told him.He wasn't a third person for them.  Slowly he could sense something is unveiling. He found the room to be empty other than a single futon chair. He then gives an about turn and is taken aback. He sees a theatrical  screen. In the top centre of the screen it was written Dixit. Nk was about to faint. 

Meanwhile in Arshi's room....... 

Khushi breaks the silence and asks Arnav  another question just to deviate his thinking. 

Khushi asks him "Arnavji why is your surname Raizadha instead of Dixit? I thought of asking this to you before itself but then left it thereby. " 

Arnav remains silent. Khushi then bits her tongue. Who is she to ask him? He gets angry to every single question she asks him. But this one is a very sensitive one too. He was turning. She was awaiting for his glare. She blurts "Sorry". But to her surprise She found his normal tone " Khushi you have the right to ask anything to me. You are my wife. Listen........."


16 years before.....

Rahul Dixit and Sarojini Dixit were couples and they had a lot of misunderstandings. They had a 14 year old Daughter Anjali and 11 year old son Arnav. It was as if they were ready to split that moment.Dixit was a drunkard and used to attend many illegal night outs. He came home with his bodyguards to drop him. Arnav and Anjali were very close to their mother. Their Mother always used to cry and try to get rid of him. But Saro had saved her marriage in all possible ways just for the sake of Arnav and Anjali. They both were close to their mother very much. Arnav hated his father like hell. But she couldn't do more as one day... Dixit says "No Saro... you understood me wrong.." 

Saro shouts at him crying "How could you be so cheap for money Dixit? Husband is far off I don't want my kids to be called children of a killer. You killed someone and You made the driver at fault. He doesn't have money, so you took advantage of that huh?? . He may not be having money but he has a family na? Who will answer them. " 

Dixit says "Listen Saro I just thought that it would be a temporary punishment. I thought to get him out as soon as possible. But I didn't know that he would  end up hanged.  I didn't know that the other side lawyer was so strong. He sanctioned him to death." 

Saro spits on him and says "Don't you feel ashamed of yourself telling all these? You know what Dixit you were supposed to be hanged on his side. The car was in your name. You made it as our poor driver's name to temporarily get him inside jail for your fault and entice him by giving money in return. See because of you he's no more. This is too much. I am now leaving this place. Come on pack your bags Gudiya, Chote."

Dixit was persuading them" No... plz I want my kids and my Saro I'm sorry for bribing... but listen to me once please...." 

Arnav was listening to this teary eyed. They all left the place. Arnav glares at his father leaving him. Sarojini takes Arnav and Anjali to the Raizadha's house. Naniji consoles her loss. She receives a post of divorce and signs it. Arnav wasn't able to control this . He felt so bad fo his family. Anjali was also shattered.

2 years passed in a sinister manner...

There came a news that Dixit died. But none of them seem to care since all were angry on him. Nobody went to see him. Saro was under depression and was taken to the doctor periodically. She dies due to depression thinking about Arnav and Anjali's future. Arnav and Anjali cried bitterly. Naniji was shocked and Mama and Mami were taken aback. They were now orphan .It was the fall of Raizadha 's family. They suffered so much financially too taking care of so many members and all their money were spent on Saro's treatment .


3 years pass by...


There came a marriage proposal for Anjali who is now 20 years. Naniji thought  that she was too young for the marriage but then Anjali herself thought that it was better to leave the place since she found herself to be a guest. No matter even if she is being treated by Mama and Mamiji as their own daughter, she gets reminded about her parents often. At last on the Wedding day the groom had kept a letter in his room stating that he doesn't wish to marry an orphan. 

Arnav shouts "no..".

 Anjali runs away from the wedding crying bitterly for her loss. Mama and Mamiji searches for her and finally brings her back. They tell her that hereafter she and Arnav are not orphan.

They have a large family.

They make Arnav, Anjali and Akash to be seated  in a sofa and explains them that they now have three children. So they decided to adopt them and hence their name was changed from Dixit to Raizadha. But Anjali and Arnav prefers to call them as mama and mami.

Anjali was a bit grown up to handle all these loss.

But Naniji decided that Arnav was very small to handle all these and asked Arnav to study abroad. Initially he hesitated due to their financial burden but then agreed.

He joined Harvard. All the hopes of the Raizadhas were on Arnav.

He filled the application form with the name "Arnav Singh Raizadha".

New spirits arousing him. Arnav successfully completed his studies and comes back to India. Arnav was very much depressed with all the happenings and he took over mamaji's falling business noticing that how they have suffered seeing him and Anjali at loss.

All their money were spent only on them. Especially in Anjali's failed wedding and his studies.

They had been concentrating on them and so they couldn't concentrate on business. So meeting the expectations of the clients reduced rapidly.

He noticed the future of Mamaji's business that it could last only up to 2 months and not more than that.

Mamaji had never said this to him but Arnav had found this out through an intermediate.

He asks Mamaji about why he hadn't said this to him before?. To which Mamaji replies he didn't want money to come in between their relationship.

Arnav asks him to make him his business partner but Mamaji gave the whole to him having high hopes. He took over the business and defined it as Ar designs and redefined some of the strategies with his own touch the  so called " Asr's touch".

He made Akash his partner and took the business to next level. It was internationally popular.

He became suave and much more hardworking. He also sent Akash to study abroad. Now Ar Designs was located in  almost 10 countries. (Presently it is 15 and more coming).

The Raizadha family then bloomed from mud in the ground to rainbow in the sky.

Arnav remained more serious in his work and perfection. He at times gets flashback of his past very much and cries how much he had lost.

Then came Shyam in their house for some property matter officially and he immediately fell in love with Anjali (money)  at the first sight. She also reciprocated his  love.

But she feared if her marriage breaks like the latter one and also wondered if Shyam would love a person whose marriage was broken.

But Shyam accepted all her past which made her fall for him even more. He is an orphan and had spent all his life in an orphanage so he says that it would be better if they stayed there itself.

Anjali agrees to him and they stay at RM also Anjali had herself thought of giving him a family. They get married in a temple in a private ceremony avoiding the media.

She was so proud of her husband as he didn't even show a single greed for her money (but it was filled thoroughly in his mind) . How hardworking he is. He spends his money on himself and is a perfect definition for a man.  

She finds pity in him as he had spent all his years in the orphanage. She had only spent alone without her parents for few years and that too she had got a home, but Shyamji had suffered his whole life without a proper family. But Shyam's eyes were only on Raizadha's mansion. Later, Khushi came to their life and things happened..........


Dec 11, 2017

Episode 15 (By Nitty_Arshi) (Thanked: 61 times)

Thank you for the comments and Thank you's. Please keep doing it. It motivates me a lot to write.  Special thanks to :Kpoonam, Lily30 and Twinkle_Alisha



Khushi hugs a teary Arnav tightly and consoles him.

He says "Khushi I found myself when you came in my life.. Really Khushi I love you a lot. I know you might think that I am faking but you'll get your answers soon. I broke my engagement with Lavanya only to discover that I love you.  I even had pre- pone  the engagement after hearing that you were engaged with Shyam. Then Lavanya found that I was growing in love with you so she called the engagement off. "

Khushi is appalled and lets out" What???"

Arnav nods his head and continues saying "I didn't know I even planned to stop your wedding with that toad. But luckily it was broken too. By the way you said that  Either we have to change the papers now itself for a divorce.. or..  or what Khushi?  "

He smirks at her for answers.. Khushi doesn't answer him.

She asked " You yourself decide Arnavji what to do.. "

Arnav says " Don't worry Khushi.. I am there trust me wait till tomorrow.. you'll get your answers.." She hugs him happily. Arnav didn't know what to do. He felt something as if his body is being massaged. But didn't want to take control of her.

She is pregnant.

No matter whatever the doctor had said to them, he didn't want to take any risk. Instead he pecked her on her forehead and her stomach.

Khushi felt so good by his gestures. She wanted more from him and craved for the love even more. Meanwhile Nk in the top floor looks puzzled.

He was sweating  heavily.

He then rushes out and remembers that he had to give Lavanya his gift.He goes out and stands at the corridor. 

Lavanya signals Nk at the top "What?". She was wondering what took him so long? What was he doing there this much time? She should have checked him before itself. But decided not to spoil his surprise. He signals her a "no". Blow! He gestures her to go and  sleep .

Lavanya blames him in gesture and goes to Nani's room.

She tiptoes to Nani's room and gets herself in the bed then leaving a sigh of relief.

In the Top floor Nk descends the stairs swiftly his heart pounding heavily to Arnav's room.

Arnav and Khushi were about to sleep when they hear a knock. It awakens their senses.

Arnav and Khushi opens the door and finds him fidgety.

He asks Nk.." What happened?" to which he replies " Nothing Bhai can I talk to you "

Arnav sensed him to know something is fishy.

He called him "Bhai" instead of Nannav.

He asks him to get inside makes him comfortable by giving him water.

Arnav says "Nk why are you sweating?? First you relax and then tell me taking your own time.."

Nk asks "Bhai do you have any secret room in RM?"

Arnav and Khushi both exclaims in chorus "What??????"

Nk nods and tells them his experience which had happened.

Arnav and Khushi are shocked hearing this. Arnav wonders who might be behind this.

He thinks if the screen's name was written as dixit then could it be his father's old belongings? .

But if it were then someone would have surely known it.

He asks "Was the room dusty NK?"

Nk says "No why?? It was neat and tidy and the spiral stairway was also spic and span.

By the way Bhai Dixit was your father's name right??? Could this be his room??? You said he was bad and it might have been his secret room."

Arnav replies " Yes Nk you might be right ... But what makes me wonder is that if the room is tidy then it's not an old one. It must be new. I feel like someone is maintaining it.."

Nk then continues " If Shyam jiju has been working here then does he know about this or not.??" Arnav looks on and asks him" Wait a minute Nk... Shyam has been working in the top floor??? Why would he??"

Nk says "Yes jiju said that he couldn't concentrate his work in his room so most of his files reside in the top floor of the room. That's why even I shifted from the top floor of the room to the guest room.."  Arnav feels fishy about this. He doubts whether Nk's encounter is connected with Shyam. He thinks 99% Shyam is involved with this secret.

Nk says "But you know what Nannav?? I often doubt our jiju. He doesn't seem to be what he was before. Well, don't mistake me. I often see him over-thinking and I've noticed his face change often. I don't know but I feel like he's involved in this. I have started doubting him bhai. I feel him not okay. Do you think he is involved in this??"

Arnav eyes Khushi to which she retorted him back with a nod.

He first let out his breathe and then continued " Okay Nk What I am going to tell you now is a very important thing. But promise me that you won't tell anything about it to anyone..."

Nk says him "Promise.. don't say you already know what is happening..."

Arnav then curtails him and says "Listen to me Nk..." .

Arnav tells him all about Shyam. How he had cheated their family. How he had cheated Khushi and their family by getting engaged to Khushi. How Khushi and Shyam were in the terrace and how he had forced her to hug him. How Shyam was blindfolding Anjali with his Love. Nk has his face boiled with rage.

He grits his teeth and says " That squeaky toad faced snake. How dare he do such a thing.. Wait I'll tell this to di.."

Dec 11, 2017

Episode 16 (By Nitty_Arshi) (Thanked: 58 times)

Thank you for the comments and Thank you's. Please keep doing it. It motivates me a lot to write.  Special thanks to :Kpoonam, Lily30

Nk has his face boiled with rage. 

He grits his teeth and says " That squeaky toad faced snake. 

How dare he do such a thing.. Wait I'll tell this to di.." 

Arnav stops him saying" no.. Nk not now.." 

Nk asks "But why??" 

Arnav cuts him saying " you promised me right Nk ??? that you wouldn't tell anyone about this ." 

Nk says "par....". 

Arnav says 'Nk relax when the time comes we will tell all these to Di."

Nk says "You are already late. Why didn't you all tell this to Di?."  

Arnav says " Relax Nk we need proof against Shyam to surrender him. We can't just tell Di without any proof. He is her husband. She'll believe only him. No matter whatever you tell her. She'll blindly believe him." 

Nk says " God!!! I badly need a proof. I feel like Throttling his neck. How dare he do like this. Why didn't you tell anyone else. Why not me? What you did was wrong Nannav and Poor Khushi Bhabhi I feel sorry for you . But you should have at least said it to someone..What you both did was wrong. I agree we need proof. But we can't just leave him like that."  

Arnav says "Hmm.... that's correct.. Nk we can go to that room tomorrow and check..." 

Nk said with wrath on Shyam " No nannav That toad  faced guy would be there. It's better to check at this time.. The room is also free now. 

Arnav says "Okay... Let's go... Khushi you stay here..." But she also wanted to be a part of the unveiling mystery. But Arnav remained persistent and says " 

Khushi you forgot??? You are pregnant.. you mustn't strain and that too if you get shocked seeing these then anything might happen." 

But Khushi wanted to come with him at any cost, he didn't budge his decision.. Slowly Nk and Arnav tiptoes to the top room.. Nk flashes the torch to the secret stairway. Arnav is Literally was shocked seeing this.. 

He let out " My goodness!!! Unbelievable! Let's see what's in there..."

Thief living in their own house???For every step he ascended, He loathed Shyam more and more .. How cruel could he be... What was he doing??? They reached the room and Arnav was in an awe.. He then noticed the screen top written as Dixit. At one point of time he was about to smash the screen. But Nk stopped him. 

"relax Nannav we first must on this screen to know what's there." 

Arnav looks here and there if there was a projector room as in theaters. But to his surprise there is no projector room. 

Nk says " Nannav there is no projector room for screening this. How are we going to on this now. I don't find any dvd player here." 

Arnav says " I am very much sure that Shyam is behind this. These technologies are new, this chair came to fashion only last year . Nk can you just on that button over there?" 

Arnav pointed the direction and Nk pressed it. Suddenly the room flashed with the light on the big screen. Arnav and Nk were stunned. 

It just was written "Voice Password.." 

And there was a start and a stop button in it. 

Nk says "Nannav this one needs a password... And that too Shyam jiju's one. Blow!  We have to wait for him to come in this room and sneak him. We'll surely get caught if we try to sneak him. Ascending the spiral stairway itself would give away. It not only demands password but also his voice password. What are we going to do now ?"    

Arnav says "We can't wait for him to trespass in here. He'll surely find out. There is no hiding place here too.."

Nk says "We can keep a pen recorder in his shirt and listen him.." 

Arnav says 'It's not Easy Nk He is a Vakhil and he'll find out. We'll have to do it now itself." 

Nk asks "Are you mad Nannav??? We don't even have a clue about it. See there is only three tries otherwise the monitor will be locked forever. Think ! This monitor might be our proof to show it in front of Di against Shyam. Don't make hasty decisions nannav. " 

Arnav says "Let's try Nk.." Nk asks " But where will we get his voice?" 

Arnav thinks for a minute and gets an idea "Do you remember Nk you were a mimic expert in your college days ...?" 

Nk says "Ya but why ?? Hey! Are u asking me to mimic his voice...?" 

Arnav folds his hands and nods. 

Nk couldn't budge. 

So he asks "Ok tell me what shall I try first?" 

Arnav says "Anjali" 

Nk first practices Shyam's voice and positions the frequency and his pitch .

"Anjali" He practices saying it. 

Arnav says "Perfect!". 

They on the play button and Nk says "Anjali".

 The screen is getting processed. Arnav and Nk have their Heart pounding. 

"Wrong password!" 

Blow! Nk says to leave this try but Arnav remains stern. 

Nk then asks "Now what" 

Arnav says "try Khushi..." 

Nk is shocked "What????" 

Arnav nods professionally. Nk grits his teeth thinking about Shyam and says 'Khushi' after pressing the play button. 

The screen is again getting processed. Arnav and Nk have their Heart pounding now more. 

"Wrong password!" 

Blow! again.  

Nk says "Nannav it's a risk now, I think we must stop hereby. If we give the wrong password then the computer will turn off...and" 

Arnav says "And whatever Shyam is planning will be failed as the computer might get locked forever.."

Nk says appalled "Don't tell me you are doing this to get this computer locked.." 

Arnav smirks at him. 

Nk asks " What???" 

Arnav replies "Nothing... Say Raizadha Mansion.." 

Nk says "   I did a wrong thing bringing you here." 

With that he gives a look and tries to control his nervousness. 

Nk says "Raizadha Mansion" in Shyam's voice. 

The  screen is getting processed once again. Arnav and Nk have their Heart pounding like hell.

 They both were expecting a "Wrong password!" but blow!!! 

The screen flashed "Welcome Shyam!!!"  in bold silver letters. 

Arnav and Nk were jolted. Then they see a video no....! It's a CCTV footage or perhaps something like that there was an old person at the corner of a room being sad. His face is down. They couldn't see his eyes.

Arnav and Nk were shocked.. Whom was Shyam monitoring??? 

There was something written at the bottom "RFID details". 

But before they could do anything the computer shuts down... They didn't know what to do and they descend the stairs hurriedly. They make sure that they close the  secret door.

In the top room....  

Nk asks Arnav "But why Nannav  jiju had asked me to search for his file F611 if he wanted this to be a secret. He asked me to search for it thoroughly in all the cupboards..."  

Arnav smells something fishy in this. "Hmmmm." 

He looks here and there and searches under the bed. 

He finds a false shelf. 

Arnav then points it out to Nk but he couldn't understand it. 

Arnav says "Shyam might have forgotten to place this false shelf before the stairs to hide it. Luckily you found this out. Otherwise we would never be able to locate this secret room. He just wanted you to search the file to avoid any doubts on what he is actually up to. Today is a lucky day. Let's go and sleep Nk or atleast try to... It's almost 2.45 am. We'll see the rest tomorrow. "

They got out of the room.  Both descended the stairs surreptitiously not to wake up anyone. Nk bids him Good night to his surprise Arnav hugs him. He liked it and he smiles. Arnav goes inside his room and sees Khushi still awake "Khushi didn't you sleep??" 

Khushi says "How can I??? Tell me what happened I am really curious about it." 

Arnav then narrates what happened. Every detail made Khushi in an awe. 

She says "Plese Arnavji I want to see the room.. Plz take me there na?" 

Arnav shook his head saying "not now Khushi..." She says "By the way.. Why did you guess the second password as Khushi huh??" Arnav was about to say something but she starts hitting him. He runs and she runs behind her. Khushi was about to fall when Arnav catches hold of her. Khushi is shocked and she releases exclaiming "Hey Devimaiyaa!! What would have happened if I had fallen??" 

Khushi cries having her hand on her stomach saying "I am sorry my child I shouldn't have run. It was my fault. Sorry Arnavji..."

She starts crying. Arnav pulls her towards him and says "Shhh.. No Khushi don't cry. When I am there nothing will happen to you Khushi... When ASR is alive he won't let anything or anyone cause harm to his family."  

Khushi cries hugging him and says" I won't run hereafter Arnavji.." Arnav lifts her swiftly and places her on the bed. She had started liking him and decides to tell him her feelings ."Arnavji " called Khushi. But Arnav asks her to sleep and switches off the light. 

Khushi is scared of the darkness and she hugs him fearing. Arnav gives a smile and  soothes her hair. They try to sleep.    


Dec 15, 2017

Episode 17 (By Nitty_Arshi) (Thanked: 63 times)

Hello everyone thank you for your thank you's and comments. Special thanks to Lily30, reena, Kpoonam, Londoner, arshigeet. 

Meanwhile in Shyam's room...

Shyam: Rani Sahiba, Wake up....  I am going to take you out tomorrow... I mean today...

Anjali wakes up and asks "What Shyamji?"

Shyam soothes her hair and says smirking " Today  i'll be taking you out on a date..." 

Anjali: Omg! Shyamji!! Where??

Shyam: It's a surprise Rani sahiba...

Anjali : Plz tell me na?

Shyam: Arre it's a surprise!!  I'm telling you na! Be ready today after Lunch.....

Anjali : Omg!!! I can't wait.

Shyam thinks " Even I can't wait Rani Sahiba!!! Today will be an awakening day to the Raizadhas.."

They sleep.

In the morning about 7.15 am......

Garima , Madhumati and Shashi comes to the Raizadha's house... They are all welcomed heartily by Naniji.. Mami shows her upper hand in front of them but still welcomes them...

Madhumati (Buaji): Devyani ji!! We are very happy to know that Khushi is pregnant. We went to the temple just after hearing the news. Garima wants to see Khushi badly...  Here, have this prashad...

Nani takes the prashad and asks Hp to keep it in the Kitchen.

Mami: HHBB!! Thought  Khushi  was young and is innocent. But she's more witty than Khoon Bhari....(Nani eyes her....) abk abk abk Payaliya....Anyway congratulaitons Madhumatiji...." She hugs her. She hugs Garima who was in happy tears...

Shashi smiles seeing all of them. Payal comes with Akash and they greet them. 

Garima hugs Payal saying " I'm very happy beta... I have no words to express my gratitude to the Raizadha's. Finally, I can die with peace.." 

Akash says "Why are you talking like this Ammaji..? Your daughters deserved us. Or perhaps we deserve your daughters" 

Madhumati hugs him and says "Don't talk like this and all Nandkisore!! Don't talk big words. We are already overwhelmed with ecstasy.." 

Nk was about to come out but hides behind Lavanya seeing Madhumatiji.. 

Lavanya asks "What happened???" 

Nk says "Nothing just be like this ...." 

But Madhumati had seen him and says "AReee Nandkisore.... you?? How are you beta..."

Nk replies sheepishly "Yes Buaji, I'm fine !!" He runs away. Lavanya goes and hugs them. 

"I'm Lavanya. Hope you all know me.." 

Garima says " How can we forget you beta??? You are also like our daughter.." She hugs her. 

Mami says "HHBB all Gupta daughters are Raizadha's Daughter in law's. If there is any other Raizadha's Daughter-in-law then they make them their daughters..." 

Nani says "And we are very much obliged to them. Am I right Manorama???"     

Meanwhile Arnav and Khushi descend down the stairs. Garima runs and hugs Khushi. Khushi hugs her crying "Amma". 

Garima says teary eyed "Beta we are so happy after hearing this news. We went to our native temple and had brought Prashad for all of you." 

Khushi says "Wow! Amma thank you.. " Garima hugs her saying" We don't have any bouds to express our happiness beta...!" Khushi goes and hugs others. Arnav takes blessings of others. 

Garima hugs him and says "Congratulations beta..." Khushi asks them to have breakfast with them. But Garima says " No bitiya we have kept pooja in our house today evening... we came to invite you all.." before Arnav could answer, 

Khushi says" Amma I'm not feeling well.. I don't like travelling" Madhumati says "No problem Sanka Devi...... you take care.. Damaadji be with her like this always.." 

Khushi sees him. Arnav eyes her. Shyam comes thereby and smiles at them. They get uncomfortable seeing him. 

Nani says "I'll come don't worry..." They bid adieu to everyone and leave.  Khushi cries seeing them. Arnav and Khushi goes upstairs. 

Arnav says "Don't worry Khushi... Everything will be all right.."  

Khushi says "Yes.. I shouldn't cry  as I'll be leaving this house soon. I needn't miss them.." 

Arnav controls his reply and changes saying "Khushi can you come with me??" 

Khushi asks :"Where?? Didn't you hear what I said to Ammaji.. I can't tra... " 

Arnav restrains her saying "I know you lied them. I know that you wanted to be here of all yesterday's happenings. You wanted to be with me and Nk. Am I right Khushi??? Well you won't reply.. " 

He swiftly blindfolds her with a black cloth and Khushi asks him" Arnavji!! What are you doing???   Arnav says "Chup!!  You are coming with me. Unless I say open your eyes you are to keep it closed.." Khushi says "par!!". 

Arnav says "Shhhuuuu!!". 

He makes her descend the stairs prior checking if no one was there. Luckily there was no one in the hall. He makes her go to the door and outside RM. He makes her seated on the car and tucks her seat belt. 

Khushi asks "Arnavji where are you taking me???"  

Arnav says "Its a surprise for you.. Now just keep quiet.." 

Arnav calls Anjali in his phone and says "Di I'm out with Khushi donno when we will come back..." Anjali says " Ok chote have fun.."  

Khushi says "Where??" 

Arnav says "Will you keep quiet for some time???"  

Arnav drives the car... they travel about 2 hours.. Khushi asks Arnav "Arnavji where are you taking me?? It has taken so much time. I can't wear this anymore.." 

Arnav says "Just 2 minutes Khushi we are almost there aaannnnd yeah!! Open your eyes Khushi.."   

Khushi opens her eyes, undoing the cloth on her eyes and sees the awe in front of her. They get down the car and Arnav holds her hand. Khushi couldn't believe her eyes what was in front of her. They were now in the ITC Grand Bharat hotel in Gurgaon. 

Arnav made her to walk as he knew that she will be in a trance. Khushi looks at the whole place in an awe...  She didn't realize when he made their check ins and when they had boarded the lift and when Arnav had opened the door and gestures her to come inside.  Khushi was awe struck with the carvings. She came out of the trance when Arnav gives her a gift.

She opens it and finds a bridal dress. Arnav nears her. Her heart beat fast. She tried to move away but couldn't as Arnav held her.

He whispers on her ears "Wear this soon".

She goes inside the washroom and wears it. What was Arnav planning to do? Why did he give her the bridal dress? Are they going to get married?? Khushi hoped so. She was madly in love with Arnav these  days. She badly wanted to tell this to him. What was he planning? What was his intention?? No she mustn't guess things. She shouldn't think too much.

She comes out and Arnav drooled over her. He saw her with an awe. She was wearing a red colour bridal dress with little jewels but it suited her beauty.

He says "Beaudiful!!" Khushi hides her face. He then asks her to come out. They go out of the hotel and Arnav starts the car.

Khushi asks "Where are we going Arnavji??"

Arnav says "Shhhh  I need to concentrate and drive." Arnav drove the car and they stopped outside a temple. Khushi sees a Pandit with Havan . Khushi's eyes widen up. What was happening???

Arnav swiftly removes her Mangalsutra and wipes her sindhoor.

Khushi is shocked and yells at him "What are you doing??? How dare you ??You don't have rights to touch it" Arnav raises his eyebrow and says "

Relax Khushi we are going to get married now... I want to make you my wife permanently."

Khushi is awestruck by this.

Arnav continues saying "We didn't perform the pheras that day because our marriage was temporarily for 6 months. So that's why I have brought you here so we both  can take the pheras and make you my wife permanently .For all the seven generations."

Khushi has tears in her eyes .

Arnav kneels down and  asks "Khushi will you marry me???". Khushi was surprised.  She didn't expect her day to be like this. Khushi replies him hiding her happiness "

As if I can say no. You make me wear the dress, arrange these and now you are asking my permission??? You Proved to be a businessman Mr.raizadha!!!"

Arnav smiles at her. They both walk inside the mandir.  Arnav asks Khushi to sit and he sits beside him. Pandit Hymns the mantra and asks Arnav and Khushi to take pheras. Arnav and Khushi take the pheras. Pandit says now the pheras are over and he hymns some mantras. Arnav makes Khushi wear the Mangalsutra and Sindhoor of his name.

Pandit says "Marriage is over. Now you both are Husband and wife.." Arnav whispers in her ears "permanently". Khushi looks at him in awe.  They all wind up and Arnav takes Khushi back to the hotel. Khushi was not at all blinking. She couldn't understand why she was here. They reach the hotel room and Khushi sees the room decorated with bed full of roses. She gets nervous.

 Arnav tells her" Khushi! You don't even have any idea how much I love you. You might think me to be hard and stubborn. But anger is the way of expressing my love. Khushi you know you are the first women I fell in love with and I wish you to be the last one too. I had never fallen in love with any girl before. You handled all my pain,, my anger , my stubbornness and only gave me love in return. "

 He holds her hand and kisses it. Khushi had tears in her eyes.

Arnav says "You won't believe me. I had never ever been with another women too Khushi. You understand what I mean??"

Khushi looks shocked and asks him" You mean???"

Arnav says "Yes Khushi. As a businessman I had roamed around with many girls but had not had any relationship with them. I might have appeared to be like that but I'm not.  You were the first person whom I had relation with Khushi..."

Khushi asks him "But Arnavji You and Lavanya slept in a single room and I heard you have belief in live in"

Arnav says "Khushi LA had tried many times to come close with me. But I didn't consent her. Nainital was the first time where I had my first experience Khushi.... and it was the most beautiful experience to validate my existence. You were the first women whom to I had submitted myself and I hope you be the last women too. "  With that he handed her some papers.

Khushi asks  " What is this Arnavji..?"

She sees it and exclaims "Marriage papers!!!"

Arnav says "Ahem...Ahem... Khushi kumari gupta is now PERMANENTLY Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizadha. I want you to be my wife permanently Khushi. I have signed it Khushi. Your turn now.!" Khushi asks Arnav "But Arnav ji... why did you make the wedding so private. We could have a I mean still we are incomplete of the rituals. We could have called at least our family memmbers. " 

Arnav says "I know Khushi even I had thought about it. But since you are pregnant I thought this would be enough. I don't want you to strain. As for our family, they'll surely ask us to remarry with all the rituals.  So sorry for..."

Khushi curtails him saying "I love you Arnavji.." He has his eyes ogled. Khushi signs the paper . Arnav says " Khushi....I love you like hell dammit " .

 Khushi eyes him blushed.  Arnav asks her to wear a red sari. Khushi goes inside the washroom and changes her dress .

As she comes outside all she could remember is loud breathes, her neck being kissed, her lips were on something hard but at the same time it felt protective , and she was in the air, she was placed in the bed and was lost in the most beautiful world of love. 

Dec 16, 2017

Episode 18 (By Nitty_Arshi) (Thanked: 63 times)

Thak you for your Thank you's and comments. Special thanks to Prajakta_k : Kpoonam: Londoner:, Reena:, arshigeet:, Lily30:

Meanwhile in RM.....

Shyam goes to mamiji's room and she turns her face away seeing him. Shyam doubts whether Mamiji knows his truth or not . So pretends to be nice in front of her.

He goes towards her asks her "I'm sorry to ask Mamiji...But, I am noticing you these days that you are not talking with me. " Mamiji first doesn't answer then she tell him  " Damaadji! You nowadays have started being bad."

Shyam looks shocked then she continues "You have started supporting ASr adn Khushi's marriage. You have started accepting akash and Khoon bhari taang's marriage. You were in my team not supporting their marriages. But now even you have started accepting the fact. You have also changed." Shyam smirks letting a sigh of relief and thinks "I have other plans mamiji. So Khushi is not important for me now.."

He then tells her "Offoh Mamiji you have to accept the fact that they are married. We cannot change what has happened now. Now Khushiji is also pregnant. We cannot do anything to break their marriage now. Now imagine if we plan to separate both their marriages then what will others talk?? They will first talk about how Raizadha's are temporary minded people. They'll say about your son how he had left Payal. All the neighbourhood of Gupta's would start blaming us. The name of the Raizadha's will also tarnish.Everyone will first blame your son. Do you want this to happen Mamiji??"

Mami says "Never Damaadji.."

Shyam says "Tabhi toh (that's why) if you try to separate them then the Gupta's will have an higher hand claiming their daughter's life had spoiled because of us. They will have more good name in the surrounding leading to bad name of us. And now even your Daughter in laws have started having good names from your club members. Do you want them to have a hike in their position having your son's name diminished? What say Mamiji??"

Mamiji says " Damaadji! You are very smart.. I guess I have to accept the fact from now on ."  Shyam smiles and lets a sigh of relief leaving the room.

After lunch...

Anjali tells everyone that Shyam and herself are going out.

Shyam says "I'm taking Rani Sahiba out for some days.."

Anjali is shocked and answers " Wow!! Days?? Why Shyamji?? Where??" .

Shyam says "It's a surprise...."

Nani asks "But Damaadji...."

Shyam says " Any problem Naniji?? Don't you trust me??"

Naniji says "Why wouldn't I damaadji. It's just that.."

Shyam says "Don't worry Naniji... I'll take care of her...". Everyone bids bye to them.

Nk descends the stairs and sees them going. He asks Naniji about their whereabouts. He is shocked to hear it. He can't leave Di alone after what he came to know about Shyam. He found it fishy. Nk was about to stop them but he couldn't. He calls Asr immediately but he doesn't pick up the call. He keeps trying but he doesn't take up the call.

"Dammit" he let out.

He tries to follow them but in vain is caught by Naniji to do some personal work. His time is culpable. Why would Shyam take Anjali out for some days? And that too he hasn't revealed the location.  

After his work got over with Naniji, he called Arnav but it was still unreachable. He then went to Lavanya and gave her the gift which was there in his own room.

Lavanya exclaims and hugs him saying "Thank you baby....! Love you ..."

She pecks him on his cheeks. "Wow!!! this watch looks so cool honey... Sorry I cursed you yesterday badly."  

Nk says "No probs La!"

She jumps and then goes away as Payal calls her. Nk then thinks of sneaking to the top floor. He ascends the stairs. He first checks the secret door cupboard but finds a normal shelf in it. Yes!!! Shyam had kept the false shelf in front of the stairs. He first thought of taking out the false shelf and examining the secret room. But then though of exploring the top room itself.  He searched all the cupboards and wished to find any other proof if Shyam had kept. Oh God!! RM had become a detective house. It's like a suspected house full of clues. He then sees a small bit of paper in the cupboard adjacent to the secret stair's cupboard. He takes out the bit  of paper and reads it. He gets shocked. He keeps it with himself.

Arnav hadn't arrived the whole day.

Nk asks Nani where Nannav went.

Nani says "Arre beta they are now husband and wife they can go anywhere and at anytime. "

Nk looks pallid hearing this. After 2 days, Arnav enters  the house with Khushi. Nani and Akash welcomes them. They were ascending the stairs and Nk hurriedly comes to him.

Asr asks "What happened Nk? Why are you hasty???"

Nk says " Why didn't you pick up my calls? Anyways listen...." and he tells all. Arnav and Khushi are traumatized to hear this and he then calls him to his room.

The trio is now in Arshi's room.

Arnav says " Why would Shyam take di out for days?? Nk I just have a bad feeling that something is about to happen... "

Nk says " Me too Nannav... I just hope that everything moves well. Say nannav I forgot to show you this which I found in the top room. " 

He hands over the bit paper to Arnav.

Arnav reads out " MANOEUVRE DIXIT, FAROE ISLANDS...." 

Arnav is shocked reading this.

Khushi asks "Arnavji your father is no more.. then why would this be written like this?? Even the room having the screen's name is Dixit. Take me there na??"

Arnav says "I guess we three must go there and have an adventure ourselves.."

Nk says "Bhai I don't know what is Shyam planning. But whatever he is planning, I feel it  is very big and serious...!"

Khushi  asks "But wherever you went you only encountered Dixit name.. Are we just guessing Shyamji's name just seeing the room's tidiness?? I mean it could be someone else too... "

Nk says " No Bhabhi this can't be...When we logged on to the computer it was written 'Welcome Shyam!' so definitely Shyam is involved in this... .God I'm fearing about Di!!"

Arnav says "But why didn't Di tell me at least before going..."

Khushi replies " Obviously!!! Shyamji might have made some excuses about it.."

Arnav says " If that would be I think he is up to something this time.."

He promptly took out his phone and called Anjali. But it was not reachable.

He says " I think definitely Shyam is going to execute his wicked plan for God if existed would know about it...Hurry up everyone we are going to the top room!"

The trio goes to the top room. Nk and Arnav remove the false shelf perceiving the secret stairs.. Khushi looked at them in awe..

Arnav says "There is much more too Khushi.. get inside.." They ascend the spiral stairway and reach the room. Every bit of the room made Khushi in an awe.

She exclaims " Hey Devimaiyya... " . The room flashed as Nk on the theatrical screen computer.  Nk says in Shyam's voice the password. The computer is open. Khushi has her heart pounding the most. As they encounter the person standing his back side facing them. Arnav asks" Who is this person???" he gets his answer as the person looks up and Arnav had the shock of his life.

Meanwhile in payash room..

Akash says "See payalji.., ASr had gone to Nainital trip, Shyam  jiju went for a trip to surprise Anjali di.  Now we are here in this room still discussing about them. I think even I should have taken you like how Shyam jiju did. So that we would have been to our honeymoon before itself. I think NK and Lavanya would also go before us. Hmmm"

Payal says " ok we will go just after Di comes okay??" Akash beams and hugs her.

Top room...

The eyes of that person resembled ASR. Arnav let out "papa!".Everyone is shocked.  He was also angry seeing the face but at the same time he was more shocked..

Nk says "Nannav this might be an old clip.."

Arnav says "no nk see the date and time it's today but the time is different.. It's 7. 30 in the evening now but its written 2.00 pm in there ." Nk says " Whatever it is Nannav does this mean your father is ..."

Arnav says " Alive!"

Nk says " Oh my god. Do you think Shyam might be monitoring him...??"

But Arnav was not listening to him he was ogling at his father. How much ever bad he might be in the past he is his father. Atleast he wasn't like Shyam. At a corner his heart ached seeing his father alive. Khushi says " Don't worry Arnavji... we won't let anything happen to him... "

Unknowingly Arnav has tears in his eyes. He kept watching him. He notices that he has a dot of wound in his back hand. It ached him at the corner seeing his father having a wound.

Nk says "But why would Shyam monitor him?? Nannav your father's death certificate arrived too na? Then how is this possible . Could this be someone else??"

Aranv says still eyeing the monitor " No Nk the screen is written as Dixit and even the bit contains his name...If he were old he would look like this and those eyes... It's definitely my father.."

Nk says " Look at the time Nannav it's different.. how could this be?? Is it just some technical fault?? " Arnav says "it can't be...This computer is really advanced one so it is the right time.. May be he is somewhere in the foreign country...."

Nk says " Ya even I had to balance between Indian and Aussie timing to call you all.. Where might this be??"

Khushi get's an idea and swiftly takes her Smartphone and checks the time zone of a country.

She says "It's Faroe Islands... as written in the paper.." Everybody eye each other in a shock.. Nk exclaims " Could this mean Uncle is in..." "Faroe  Islands!!!" exclaimed everyone.

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