Tere Liye ((Season 2))

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Dec 6, 2017

Tere Liye ((Season 2))... Part 30 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 35 times)

It was almost half an hour since Khushi was in Arnav’s room waiting for him to come so that she could talk to him.

She looked at her phone and wondered if she should give him a call, maybe she should so that he at least knows that she’s here waiting for him.

She tried to call him but there was no network in the room, she decided to go to the terrace so that she could call him.

As she walked out of Arnav’s room, she looked around and saw everyone busy doing their own work and yet there was no sign of Arnav anywhere.

She headed upstairs hoping to call him when she met with the sight she’d never thought of.

“Arnav! What are you doing here? Get down!” Khushi shouted as she saw him standing at the edge of the terrace as if he wanted to jump down.

“Stay there Khushi! Don’t come near me or I promise I’ll jump” Arnav shouted back

“Arnav it’s slippery, it just rained, you might slip and fall, please get down, let’s talk… you know what you’re doing isn’t right” Khushi said as tears rolled down her eyes.

Seeing him here standing at the edge made her feel something she’d never felt before, she was scared to death about losing him, what would she do without him? Without her best friend? The one who loved her so much?

“That’s the thing Khushi, I know what I’m doing is wrong, and I wish I wouldn’t do it and I tried not to do it but I couldn’t do anything about it.

When I grew up to realize that you were the only one I loved and thought that you were no more, I promised myself to love you still, I promised myself never to give anyone that place that belonged to you, I promised myself to love you so deeply and purely but now what’s left is my love so deep that it’s no more pure”

“Arnav what are you saying?”

“Khushi until now I was alive loving you, all I knew was if you weren’t alive I still loved you, if you weren’t mine I still loved you, I just wanted to love you and it was okay if I dint get anything I return but whatever that’s been happening isn’t love and I don’t want to live knowing what I feel for you isn’t love, I’m getting obsessed Khushi, haven’t you noticed it yourself?

Haven’t you seen me acting strange like I own you and you should only be mine? I tried not to and every time I did something stupid I realized I was wrong and I apologized but this can’t keep on happening, I don’t have control over it and I promised myself the day my love is no more pure, the day it turns into obsession I’ll end my life before I can cause any harm to you”

“No Arnav, you can’t do this, if you love me you won’t do this… listen we’ll talk about it, just hold my hand and come down” Khushi said as she moved forward

“Stay right there Khushi… I love you and that’s why I have to do this, please understand me”

“I won’t let you do this Arnav, please listen to me for once”

“Khushi I don’t want you to see me dying, just leave please!”

“Arnav I’ll call uncle and aunty, don’t do anything stupid, please come down, we can talk about this, I promise everything will be fine, you aren’t obsessed Arnav you were just jealous and jealousy isn’t impure so your love is still pure”

“I’m not a kid Khushi, I know the difference between jealousy and obsession and obsession is impure and I won’t let it destroy the love I have for you, if possible forgive me please”

“Arnav! No!” Khushi shouted as she rushed towards him but she was too late, too late to save him, too late to realize that she had finally fallen in love with him but his love for her had already turned into an obsession.

Mehfil me teri hum na rahein jo ghum to nahi hain…

Kisse humare nazdeekiyon ke kum to nahi hain…

Kitni dafa subah ko meri tere angan me baithe maine sham kiya…

Channa mereya mereya… Channa mereya mereya Beliya…

Tears streamed down her eyes as she stood rooted at one place, to say she was shocked was an understatement, there was no word that could describe enough how she felt as she stood here helpless, as she saw her best friend committing suicide and she could even save him when she was here.

There was no word to describe the realization that came to her right now at the moment she least expected it to come that she loved him, she loved him more than words could describe and she loved how much he loved her but now it was all over.

Everything ended in a matter of few seconds and all she could do was to stand there and cry.

Flashback Ends…

“Why did you take the blame Khushi? If you told Ankita the truth I’m sure she would have believed you, she knew Arnav was getting obsessed then why didn’t you tell her the truth? Why did you chose to have it the other way?” Avisha asked.

“What would I have done then Avisha? I know whatever he did was wrong and I knew he did it to keep his love for me pure but he forgot that even doing this would stain his love towards me and I wouldn’t let that happen.

He wanted to sacrifice his own life to keep his love pure so why couldn’t it I fake an attempt to murder to let his love remain what it always was? As pure as the water of Ganges?

I don’t know who was wrong here, but all I know is I’d do anything to save his love and that’s what I did”

“And you forgot that in the process of saving the name of his love you ended up pushing the girl he loved into darkness?”

“I don’t care about that Avisha”

“But I do, and I’d make sure you get out of this place” Avisha said as she stood up and walked away before Khushi could say anything further.

“Doctor, what is his state now? How many chances are there of him surviving?” Avisha asked

“You are his lawyer so we can tell you the truth that’s hard to tell his family, there is only five percent chance of him surviving, the injuries he’s had are so bad, his brain had been damaged so badly when he hit the floor, we are just hoping for a miracle and on top of it the kidney problem, I really don’t think he would be able to survive”

Avisha stood still shocked to hear what the doctor had just told her, she knew if Khushi got to know about this, she would be so broken.

“When he was brought here, he was a bit conscious and he asked me about the girl called Khushi, I had heard about it from his father so I told him she was jailed for an attempt to murder, when he got to know about it, he handed me this and told me to give this to his lawyer if anything happened to him, he said the lawyer would understand what to do next after reading this.

I know it’s too early to decide whether he will live or not but according to his condition only a miracle could save him, now that you are his lawyer I’m giving you this, I hope it is of some help to you”

Avisha walked away as she settled down on the bench and opened the crumpled piece of paper that the doctor had given to her.

She read whatever was written in it as tears rolled down her eyes…

She was so touched yet so angry on Arnav for taking such a step…

She dint know what she was going to do now, she just sat there confused and crying when she saw a sudden rush towards the room where Arnav was admitted.

Doctors and nurses were all running in and out of the room and after a while the locomotion came to a rest.

The doctor she had been talking to walked out of the room looking defeated.

“I’m sorry” He said as Avisha clutched the piece of paper tightly into her hand.

Dec 7, 2017

Tere Liye ((Season 2))... Part 31 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 32 times)

“Khushi” Avisha said as she walked in happily.

“What’s up, why do you look so happy?” Khushi asked

“Khushi Arnav… he’s fine… the doctor said he’s out of danger and we can take him home in a few days, I thought I’d give you the good news so that you could take your statement back.

Arnav is completely fine now so please take your statement back, Arnav has decided to reveal the truth to the police, you will no more be guilty for anything”

“No Avisha please stop him, he can’t say he tried to commit suicide please stop him”

“Relax Khushi, he knows why you are here and he’s going to say it was an accident, his leg slipped because of the wet floor, everything is going to be fine” Avisha said

“Really Avisha?”

“Yes Khushi, I’m just here to take your signature on this papers so we can hand them over to the court saying it was all an accident that’s it, I’ll handle the rest, please sign this for me so I can’t get you out of here soon then you can go see your Arnav”

“And tell him that I love him” Khushi said excitedly.

Avisha looked at her sadly as she handed her some papers, Khushi took them and signed them even without reading them, Avisha smiled and walked away hoping whatever she was doing was right.

Well it must be right, she couldn’t let Khushi stay in there for no fault at all, she had to take this step because Arnav had told her so.

Khushi was getting impatient, it had been hours since Avisha left, she knew this kind of matters took time to get solved but she wanted to get out of this place as soon as possible and go to see Arnav and apologize for her mistakes and tell him how much she loved him.

All she wanted right now was just to see him and make sure he really was fine like Avisha told her, she just lacked patience.

She walked from once place to the other every time hoping someone would come and finally get her out of the jail but no one showed up.

She sat down hopelessly not being able to wait anymore, why was Avisha taking too long?

After her long wait, she finally saw Avisha walking towards her, but she dint seem as happy as she was when she came here before.

“What happened Avisha? Why did you take so long? You know I can’t wait anymore to see Arnav” Khushi asked

“I’m sorry Khushi, it took me time to do all this, and I’m not happy because they said they need time until tomorrow morning to study everything then decide if they can let you go”

“What? How can they do that?”

“I’m sorry Khushi, I tried all I could but this is all I could do… it’s just tonight, I promise tomorrow morning I’ll come to pick you up myself and take you to Arnav”

“This night is going to be a long one” Khushi said sadly.

Avisha just stared at her as tears almost dropped out of her eyes when she turned the other side, it was difficult to handle all this, and then seeing Khushi like this hurt her more, she was impatiently waiting to get out of here just because she wanted to confess her love to Arnav.

She walked away leaving Khushi behind counting the hours she had to wait until she would finally get to see Arnav.

Khushi lied flat on the floor staring at the top wondering how thing long night was going to come to an end.

She couldn’t wait, if she could even escape from here she could do that but then she dint want things to go wrong, she had to leave in the morning anyway.

She looked at her wrist watch, time seemed to have stuck, it wasn’t moving at all, she closed her eyes as he tried to sleep maybe that would help the night end faster.

She tossed and turned trying to get some sleep but it was almost impossible, with so much going on in her mind, she wondered how she was even going to face Arnav.

What would she tell him? How would she explain her sudden feelings towards him? How was he going to react when he saw her and when she would tell him about her feelings?

Obviously he loved her too so he was maybe going to hug her tightly and tell her that he loved her too or maybe do something unexpected, she dint know what really was going to happen but she couldn’t stop fantasizing about it.

She closed her eyes as a smile curved up on her face while she imagined spending time with Arnav after they’ll be together, how she would do the small things to make him happy and plan surprises for him and feel happy when she’d see him happy.

How he would also plan surprises for her and love her unconditionally just like he did all this years the only difference would be that now he would be loving her in real.

She covered her face with her hands trying to hide the blush on her face no one was going to see anyway, but all her dreams seemed so beautiful she couldn’t wait to live them all.

She couldn’t wait to get married to him, go out on honeymoon, visit places together, spend all their times with each other and even have babies who would look like them, it was just a beautiful feeling even thinking about it all she wondered how it would feel when it would become reality.

Khushi kept her eyes glued to the entrance as the sun rose, she waited hopefully for Avisha to come and take her soon, only she knew how she had spent the whole night waiting for it to end so that she could get to see Arnav.

“Avisha! Finally you’re here” Khushi said excitedly as she saw her.

“Finally Khushi… I managed to get everything done in such a short time, now come one get ready we need to go”

“I have nothing here to get ready” Khushi giggled

“Oh I’m sorry” Avisha said

The officer unlocked the cell as Khushi walked out following Avisha, they both waited in the office for the head officer, signed some papers and then left.

“Will you do me a favor?” Khushi asked

“Sure, anything” Avisha said as they both got inside the car.

“Can you take me home first? I shower and get ready, I can’t obviously go to see him like this, I need to look beautiful when I tell him how much I love him”

“Sure” Avisha smiled as she drove Khushi to her home.

Dec 8, 2017

Tere Liye ((Season 2))... Part 32 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 28 times)

Khushi sat in front of the mirror with a smile on her face, she wanted to dress up so beautifully today that would get Arnav’s eyes stuck on her only.

“So ready to confess your love?” Arjun asked as he walked in.

“How did you know I was here?” Khushi asked in surprise.

“I was stalking you, I am allowed after all, you were my fiancé”

“Arjun… I’m sorry, I dint realize when things changed, I dint mean to hurt you ever”

“You don’t need to be sorry Khushi, Arnav’s love might have been stronger than mine and that’s why despite being engaged to me, you fell in love with him”

“I won’t say your love wasn’t strong, maybe just both your ways of loving were different and that’s why everyone here knows the story of Arnav’s love for his Khushi…

I never had an idea on how much he loved me until that night when I found him at the terrace, I realized men too can love as much as women, or more.”

“I’m glad you found someone who loves you so much, I just hope and pray that he would keep you happy always”

“I know he will…” Khushi smiled

“All the best for your confession” Arjun smiled

Thanks” Khushi said as Arjun walked away leaving her to herself, she was so nervous she dint even know what to do and what not to do.

She stood up and walked towards her wardrobe staring at all the dresses she had wondering which was going to make her look the best.

“What should I wear Arnav!” She said as she stamped her feet.

She sat back on her bed not knowing what to do, maybe she should just go like this, it would be fine, what mattered was her feelings anyway and not how she was dressed but then she still wanted to look good to him.

An idea clicked her mind and she quickly rushed out of her room heading to her mom’s room.

“Khushi, how long yet?” Avisha shouted from the hall as she saw her rushing.

“Ten minutes and I’ll be done, I promise” Khushi said excitedly.

Avisha just stared at her silently as she disappeared, she dint even know why she was doing this, it was too painful.

“Hey, you’re Arnav’s lawyer right?” Arjun asked as he walked towards her.

Yeah” Avisha said sadly as she sat on the sofa.

“We don’t know each other, I am Arjun, I was Khushi’s fiancé… I know what you did for her, and I’m really thankful that you decided to talk to her first before fighting the case from Arnav’s side, at least you got to know the truth and at least that stupid girl got a better life” Arjun said

“I wish” Avisha said trying to avoid eye contact with Arjun.

“What do you mean you wish? I mean Arnav loves her, the whole worlds knows that and now she’s in love with him too… so everything is finally going to be perfect… they’re going to be together, what could be better than that?”

“I don’t think Arnav would want to be with Khushi” Avisha said

“Why do you say so? Did he tell you anything?”

“It’s nothing… Just let it be”

“You’ve got me worried, I need to know… She deserves all the happiness in the world and I want her to get just that so tell me why wouldn’t Arnav want to be with her despite the fact that now they both love each other?”

“It’s all difficult and messed up” Avisha said as tears rolled down her eyes.

“Please tell me, what’s wrong… if not for me, for her sake… I don’t want her to go and confess her feelings and get a no in return, it would hurt her, it would break her and I wouldn’t be able to handle her, so for heaven sake tell me”

“Actually Arnav told me…”

“I’m ready!! How do I look?” Khushi asked flaunting her yellow chiffon Saree.

“Filmy” Arjun giggled

“You look gorgeous Khushi, now can we go please, I can’t do this anymore” Avisha said

“What can’t you do? Oh I’m sorry I know I’ve taken much of your time, you must be having other works to do right? I think we should get going. Arjun, I’ll see you later… won’t you wish me all the best? I’m going to take a big step of my life.”

Arjun looked at Avisha who turned away from him and he just nodded looking back towards Khushi.

“I wish you all the best Khushi, I hope you get your love” Arjun said

Avisha walked away in a hurry while Khushi followed her leaving Arjun all confused, what was happening?

He knew very well how much Arnav loved Khushi and he had done so much to be with her, then why was Avisha saying that Arnav wouldn’t want to be with her now?

How did things change so suddenly? And what made Arnav changed like this? Did his feelings just disappear or he might have had a memory loss? Yes, maybe that was the possibility, that’s why Avisha seemed sad.

Maybe he lost his memory and now that he could no more remember anything about Khushi or anyone else, why would he want her?

He just hoped all this were just mere thoughts of him and nothing like that had happened actually because it was going to be so hard for Khushi to deal with it.

Khushi and Avisha got inside the car as Avisha started driving and Khushi kept on looking at herself in the mirror every now and then.

“You look beautiful Khushi, trust me” Avisha said

“I’m just nervous Avisha, I don’t know what’s going to happen after we reach… I’m happy but I’m also scared, I hope all will go well”

“I hope so too” Avisha said

Within no time they were at the parking of the hospital, Khushi couldn’t wait for Avisha to park the car so she could rush to see Arnav, the wait was now becoming unbearable.

“Can you park the car? I’ll rush to his room meanwhile, I can’t wait any longer” Khushi said

“I wish that was possible, but no one would allow you to see him if I don’t come with you”

Okay” Khushi said as she looked outside, Avisha finally found a free space and parked her car there as Khushi quickly jumped out of the car.

“Let’s go” She said excitedly.

They headed towards the elevator and Khushi pressed the button for it to come down, they waited for a while and she pressed the button again, Avisha could notice how impatient she really was and it just got her worried more and more.

They got into the elevator and headed upstairs, in a few moments they were there.

“Where’s Arnav’s room?” Khushi asked happily.

Avisha pointed at a room and without wasting any more time Khushi rushed towards the room, she opened the door and there he was, her Arnav!

Dec 9, 2017

Tere Liye ((Season 2))... Part 33 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 25 times)

She stood still staring at him sleeping peacefully, she couldn’t explain how good it felt to see him after this long, she felt alive once again, she felt happy, everything seemed to be getting back to normal and that was great.

“Khushi!” Avisha called her out.

She turned to look at her with a smile on her face and tears in her eyes.

“What happened?” Avisha asked

“I can’t tell you how it feels to see him fine Avisha, I can’t explain the feeling of knowing he’s here with me and soon I’ll tell him how much he means to be… isn’t it all going to be beautiful?”

Avisha nodded positively as she pulled out a piece of paper from her pocket and walked towards Khushi nervously, she dint know how she was really going to explain this to her, but she had to… and Khushi had to sit and listen to her, whatever she’d have to tell her.

“I need to talk to you for a moment before you go inside to see him”

“About what? If it isn’t important can’t it wait? I know he’s sleeping right now but I don’t mind waking him up, today he has to know how much I love him”

“It’s very important”

“Okay… tell me”

“I… I want you to… can we please sit somewhere and talk? This is really difficult for me, I don’t know why of all the people I was chosen to do this”

“Relax Avisha, tell me what is it?”

Avisha stood silently, she dint know what words to use or how to form up the right sentence to explain this to her, so she just walked closer to her, got hold of her hand and pulled her to the waiting room, luckily it was empty making things much easier for her.

“I need you to read this first” She said as she handed Khushi a crumple piece of paper.

“What is this?” Khushi asked curiously

“Open it and have a look at it, then maybe you’d understand what I’ve been trying to tell you”

Khushi stared at her curiously once again before she read whatever that was written in the paper that Avisha had given to her.

She sat down on her bench not taking her eyes away from it reading and absorbing everything that was written there.

“Is this some kind of a joke?” Khushi asked angrily as she stood up.

“Does it look like one? He left this for me”

“I need to go and see Arnav, and then I’ll deal with you later” Khushi said as she threw the piece of paper angrily and rushed to Arnav’s room.

She opened the door and walked in as she stood right next to him, he was still, not moving at all… he looked peaceful.

“Arnav” Khushi whispered

She realized she wanted to wake him up and not to gossip about someone that she was whispering.

Arnav” She said in a louder voice but he dint respond

Khushi stared at him clueless, her eyes becoming moist, was what she read in the piece of paper true then? Did Arnav really leave that for Avisha?

“Arnav wake up damn it” She said as this time she got hold of him and shook him but still there was no response.

His body was all cold, she could feel her hands trembled as she touched him from one place to another yet trying to believe he would wake up and that his body was not cold in a way she was thinking of it.

“Arnav, look I am here… dressed in this beautiful saree for you and now you’re playing games with me, come on stop this drama or I’ll get angry and leave and then don’t come running behind me saying sorry because I won’t forgive you for this stupid joke.”

She stared at him hoping he would wake up suddenly and laugh at her and she would hit him angrily but nothing of such sort happened, he was lying still on the bed without making any movements yet.

“Arnav please… don’t do this to me… Please open your eyes and look at me, how beautifully I got dressed for you… how excited I am to tell you that I feel the same for you that you feel for me, that I love you so damn much… at least wake up now Arnav… please wake up” Khushi said as tears started rolling down her eyes.

“He isn’t going to wake up Khushi” Avisha said

“He will, he cannot leave me like this! He cannot leave without knowing how much I love him, please Avisha tell him to wake up, he can’t punish me like this for such a small mistake… please for heaven sake tell him to wake up” she cried as she fell down on her knees and Avisha rushed to get hold of her.

I am sorry Khushi… my intentions were never to hurt you or to come in between you and Arjun, all I ever wanted was your happiness, even though it meant seeing you with him.

I don’t know how and when things changed and I realized at times I lost all control over myself and did things I dint intend to do, like what I did to you and what I did to Arjun… I really wasn’t the bad guy you though I was, it was the situation that made me so.

The only good thing I ever did was to love you even when I thought you weren’t alive, but then I don’t know what really happened to me and I started thinking that I owned you and if you couldn’t be mine I wouldn’t let you be anyone else’s.

Tell Arjun I am sorry for calling him and telling him all that nonsense and I hope he forgives me and I hope you’d also forgive me because I promise, it wasn’t what I wanted, it just happened and I couldn’t stop it.

I talked to mom, and I realized I was becoming a beast, I had only loved you all this year’s then how would I have let the name of that love change into obsession?

Nothing had ever been important to me that loving you and when that’s what I couldn’t do anymore, I decided it was better to do this, I decided it was better to get rid of myself before I became a danger to you and believe me I did think I would try to control it but maybe, we don’t have control over some things, and I dint have control over my love turning into obsession.

I hope that one day you’ll forgive me for everything and still remember me as you best friend, the one who loved you so much.



Arjun clutched the paper tightly, this was painful and he knew how Khushi must have been feeling right now.

There was something more written after that, he wiped his tears away and continued reading it.

Dear Lawyer,

Khushi isn’t guilty for anything and I know why she’s doing this, she’s doing it to save me, to save the name of my life but this is not why I decided to take the step, I took this step so she’s never get hurt by me and if something happens to her I’ll never be able to forgive myself for it.

This wasn’t any attempt to murder, I did this with my own will and I hope you will help me with what I tried, please do anything you can to get her out of the jail, please don’t let her get punished for a crime she never committed.

Nothing else was readable after that, this made quite some sense, Arnav had written this letter for Khushi before he jumped off the terrace, but then added then other part in the hospital that’s why after a sudden point the handwriting changed and the sentence ended abruptly.

Arjun clutched the piece of paper in his hand as he walked to Arnav’s room wondering if Khushi was okay.

Dec 9, 2017

Tere Liye ((Season 2))... Part 34 ((Last Part)) (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 24 times)

“He can’t leave me like this Arjun, please tell him he can’t” Khushi kept on repeating the words while Arjun held her in his arms.

There was nothing he could do, he lacked words to console her, he dint want to say anything wrong and hurt her more so he just held on to her silently as she continued crying her heart out.

“It had just been a while since I realized I was in love with him Arjun, what wrong had we both done to anyone to get such a separation where I couldn’t even tell him how much I loved him and how much he meant to me?

Why couldn’t he see his dream coming true? The dream of being with me, the dream of me loving him as much as he loved me, or maybe less?”

She went on and on for more than an hour just crying and complaining to God hoping some miracle would happen and Arnav would wake up like it happened in movies but she forgot this was real and in real life dead people don’t come back.

Avisha and Arjun were yet silent, neither of them could gather enough courage to talk to her, for Avisha it was much harder because she had lied to Khushi that Arnav was okay while he wasn’t.

She put her hand on Khushi’s shoulder and Khushi suddenly jerked it away as she stood up angrily.

“Don’t even try to touch me Avisha, you betrayed me, you betrayed my trust” Khushi said angrily

“Khushi I only did what was right”

“And you thought lying to me all this while was right? Who gave you the right to do this to me at first?”

“That’s what Arnav wanted Khushi, and I agreed with him, how would I have left you to spend the rest of your life in that jail when you never committed the crime?”

“And who are you to decide what he wanted?”

“Because he told me, he left a letter for me asking me to get you out of there even if I had to lie to you and that’s what I did Khushi.

We all tried, we did all we could to save him but nothing helped and we dint want to lose you the same way, so if you’re angry on me for getting you out of there then be angry at Arnav too because he wanted it to be that way, he wanted me to get you out of there at any cost and that’s what I did” Avisha shouted.

Khushi fell down on her knees as she broke down again, Arnav hadn’t done right to her, he chose what he wanted but dint let her choose what she wanted, why did he do the injustice with her?

“He was just trying to save you Khushi” She heard Ankita’s voice.

“It wasn’t what he wanted but he couldn’t do anything about him, he had once told me he would better end his life than let his love turn into an obsession and that’s what he did…

Although I know it wasn’t the right thing to do, he could have seek medical assistance instead or done anything else, we can do nothing that accept the fact that he’s gone.

“I’m sorry aunty, you lost your son because of me, I wish I hadn’t come back then maybe today he would have been alive at least thinking his Khushi had been dead long time back”

“We can’t change a thing Khushi so don’t regret anything, just live the life he’s given you… all my son ever wanted was to see you happy and I would want you to do that, be happy and live your life I’m sure it would make him happy too wherever he is”

Khushi hugged Ankita as they both broke down into tears while Arjun and Avisha walked out of the room to give them some time.

“So what next?” Avisha asked Arjun.

“About what?”

“Your marriage, do you think Khushi will agree?”

“I don’t think, she’s in love with Arnav and I’m in love with her, and I’d want her to be happy in whatever she wants, I want her to be happy if she chooses to be with me or without me, and I think I already know her decision” Arjun smiled

“Doesn’t it hurt? Loving someone who doesn’t love you?”

“It must have hurt Arnav too, loving Khushi when she thought she loved me right?”

“I don’t know what to say about him, he left teaching me a lot of lessons about love, it’s weird how people say that a man doesn’t have the power to love like a woman, but I guess I don’t believe it that, not now when I’ve seen Arnav’s love for Khushi” Avisha said

“His love will be eternal” Arjun smiled

Just then the door opened and Khushi rushed outside and hugged Avisha so suddenly she was left stunned.

“I’m sorry Avisha, I know it wasn’t your fault, it’s just that I was angry and hurt, I fell in love for the first time and I lost it, I know whatever you did was because Arnav told you so please forget about whatever I said inside”

“I dint mind it at all Khushi, I understand” Avisha said

Thanks” Khushi said as she broke the hug and looked at Arjun.

“I’m sorry Arjun, I never realized what I had with you was just friendship and not love, maybe because I had never experienced love before but now that I have, I know I’ll love Arnav like he loved me, even when he thought I was dead he continued loving me and even when I know he’s no more, I’ll continue loving him”

“So you aren’t coming back to Paris?”

“No Arjun, this is my home now, I’ll stay with uncle and aunty as their daughter in law, I was married to Arnav in childhood and I want to keep that relation alive”

“As you wish” Arjun said

He hugged her and Khushi suddenly broke down into tears, she tried to be strong but every time she thought of spending the rest of her life with Arnav, it broke her and she couldn’t control her tears.

“I wish there was a way I could bring him back” She cried

“I wish too” Arjun said sadly.

And just like that, the story of Arnav and Khushi came to an end, with both of them not ending up together but loving each other more.

It took Khushi time to accept the fact, at times she broke down so much and felt this was the end of life but then she stood up stronger knowing she had to live because that’s what Arnav wanted for her, and that’s what she did.

She lived for him, loving him and waiting for the day when she would leave this world and go meet him somewhere in paradise where there would be no painful separation but only love and then maybe they’d have their happily ever after.

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