Tere Liye ((Season 2))

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Nov 11, 2017

Tere Liye ((Season 2))... Part 10 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 34 times)

As they walked out of the airport, the driver was already waiting outside for them with a board which had Khushi’s name written.

They got into the car and were taken to the hotel where their room was booked. The receptionist handed them the key as Khushi looked at Arnav in surprise.

“Actually earlier I had informed them that you’ll come alone so they arranged for one room only and now the bookings are full so we have to adjust in one room” Arnav said

“How did you even think I would allow that?”

“It’s okay, I understand… you can take the room, I’ll manage something for myself” Arnav said as he handed the keys to Khushi.

She headed to the room and settled herself down while Arnav tried talking to the receptionist if she could help him in any way possible but there was nothing that could happen.

He headed outside to the garden and sat down in the bench as he placed the bag aside and watched people busy doing their activities.

His phone beeped as he read the message he had received from the company they were here to deal with. They had a meeting scheduled the next day so they were all free today… He forwarded the message to Khushi and then lied on the bench trying to get himself some sleep.

Khushi walked out of the bathroom after freshening up and headed to stand next to the window while she checked her messages on the phone.

She saw Arnav lying on the bench and was surprised for a while, she quickly headed out of the room and to the garden.

She stood in front of Arnav who by now was deep asleep, she called out his name but he dint react. She shook him a bit and he finally woke up.

“Do you need anything ma’am” he asked

“You can share the room with me, pick you bag and head inside” She said in her usual serious moods.

“Thank you ma’am” Arnav said as he headed inside while Khushi sat on the bench.

Why was she even being good to him? To the man who left her to die? She dint know why even when she knew the truth she wanted to believe it otherwise… but she wasn’t going to let herself fall weak, she must remember that the man who’s with her is her biggest enemy and not a friend like she had once thought.

She headed back to the room and found Arnav sited on the couch as he worked on the laptop.

“You must be hungry, should I order for something?” Arnav asked

“I can do that myself” Khushi said as she picked up the phone and called for room service.

Khushi went off to bed as early as she could, just to avoid any kind of conversation with Arnav who was in the same room.

After finishing his work, Arnav turned to sleep on the couch when he noticed Khushi shivering of cold, he took his blanket and put it on her then headed back to the couch and slept without a blanket himself.

The night was longer for Arnav, as in this cold weather it was really hard to manage sleeping without a blanket but he tried.

He just got himself drowned into memories… memories of his childhood, of his best friend, that girl he loved and he dint even realize when sleep took over him.

Next morning Khushi woke up and found herself covered with two blankets… she looked at Arnav who was sleeping on the couch with nothing. She stood up and put the blankets on him as she stood near the window thinking…

If he really was such a nice person, if he cared so much about her right now when he doesn’t even know she’s the same Khushi, why did he leave her alone that day?

She remembered how she shouted for help and he just ran away promising her he would come back and save her but he never came back.

That memory never left her mind, it was always there reminding her of the pain she felt.

That memory that she always tried to escape but she couldn’t no matter how much she tried… and it made her angry.

“Are you okay ma’am” She heard Arnav asked

“What is it to you, mind your own business” She said as she continued looking at the window

Arnav pulled out a handkerchief from his pocket as he got hold of Khushi’s hand and handed it to her while she looked at him speechlessly.

She dint even realize she was actually crying.. Because of those memories.

“I don’t need your handkerchief, I can wipe my tears for myself” She said as she threw the handkerchief at him angrily.

Arnav just picked it up and headed to the bathroom to take a shower while Khushi sat down and broke down completely. She picked a vase from the side table and threw it on the floor as it broke into pieces.

Arnav walked out just as Khushi picked up her clothes and headed to the bathroom when she stepped on the piece of the broken vase.

“Ouch” She cried in pain as Arnav rushed towards her. He carried her in his arms and put her on the bed while he checked on her leg.

“I’ll do it myself” She said as she tried to stand up but Arnav pushed her back.

“I’m looking at it! Just relax” he said as he pulled out the broken piece from her leg while Khushi screamed in pain.

“It will hurt for a while but then it’ll be fine, relax, I’ll just bandage it” he said as he looked for the first aid kit and got a bandage from it.

“I don’t need your help” Khushi said angrily She stood up to walk away again when Arnav pushed her back on the bed this time looking sternly into her eyes.

She tried to push him away but he was adamant, he cut the bandage and wrapped it on her leg while Khushi just stared at her in disbelief.

After he was done, he turned to look at her and found her staring at him with tears in her eyes. She remembered when she was a kid and got hurt, Arnav would always get so worried for her and he wouldn’t calm down until she was fine.

She just hugged him as tears fell down her eyes, she held him tighter in his arms remembering how much he cared for her then and how much he still cares for her even when he doesn’t know the truth.

“Try to keep it dry, when you take shower” Arnav said as he awkwardly broke the hug.

Khushi looked at him as she got angry on herself for doing whatever she did just a while ago. How could she hug him? How could she hug the man who left her to die?

What had just happened to her? She was just getting drowned into his fake emotions which she shouldn’t be.

She stood up and even with the pain in the leg, she walked to the bathroom without turning back to look at him. This was seriously heights of anything… she was in an unknown country with the man she hated, to make it worse she was sharing a room with him and to make it more worse, she just hugged him and cried, like seriously?

Maybe she was just losing her mind.

Nov 11, 2017

Tere Liye ((Season 2))... Part 11 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 32 times)

She sat outside in the balcony trying to calm herself down and not to feel hurt at the same time.

No matter how much she tried, for all this years, there was yet that one part of her heart that always went against her, that always favored Arnav.

Baton ko teri hum bhula na sake… hoke judaa hum na judaa hosake…

Dil mein hain zinda har ghadi tu kahin… hoke judaa hum na judaa hosake…

“Ma’am meeting confirmed” Arnav said as he walked to the balcony and his eyes fell on Khushi who was crying.

He quickly rushed towards her worriedly and got hold of her hand as she looked at him.

“Is everything okay ma’am? Why are you crying? I’m sorry if I’ve hurt you in any way” Arnav said

“Your sorry isn’t going to heal the pain anyway so let it be” Khushi said as she stood up.

Arnav stood up with her and wiped her tears away looking deep into her eyes, they so much resembled his Khushi’s eyes.

They say no matter how old a person grows, you can always recognize them by their eyes, and her eyes were like a complete copy of Khushi.

“What now? Stop staring at me like that” Khushi said as she pulled her hand out of his hold.

“Your eyes remind me of my childhood best friend” He said as he sat down where she was sited lost in thoughts.

Kitni chahat hain dil me tu jaane na… kaise dil ko samjhaye dil mane na… Baton ko teri hum bhula na sake… hoke judaa hum na judaa hosake…

“Your best friend?” Khushi asked

“Her name was Khushi too… she used to be the most craziest friend I ever had, we were like always together, playing, school and what not” Arnav said drowning himself in the pool of memories.

“You were?”

“Yeah, she’s no more my best friend”

“Maybe you did something wrong to lose her” Khushi said getting back to her usual angry mode. “Maybe you are right, it was all my fault and I wish, I could ask her for forgiveness for once.. but destiny took that away from me” Arnav said sadly.

Meri tamanao ka ehsaas tum… Mein kahi bhi rahoon mere aas paas tum…

Ek pal bhi tumse door jaa na sake… hoke judaa hum na judaa hosake…

Khushi turned around as soon as a tear drop fell down her eyes and headed back inside, she wasn’t going to let herself be weak, he had done wrong to her and she would never ever forgive him… no matter how much he regretted it.

She freshened up then got ready for the meeting, but Arnav was yet sited in the balcony, lost in his own world.

“I’m waiting for you downstairs, get ready we have a meeting to attend” Khushi said as she walked away.

She settled herself down in the waiting area waiting for Arnav while she just thought about him.

She tried not to think about him but no matter how hard she tried she ended up thinking about him.

It wasn’t easy anyway… she had been trying this since long, but he never left her mind… Maybe because there was only one reason why she hated him, but many on why he was always her friend.

It had been so many years, and until today, all the memories were fresh in her mind, as if it had happened just yesterday.

Ajnabee silsila mere saath hai.. bheed me tanhayi ka ehsaas hain…

Yaadon ko teri hum mita na sake.. hoke judaa hum na judaa ho sake…

She tried to control whatever she was feeling and kept in her mind that no matter what had happened in childhood, at that time she couldn’t do anything but right now she had time, and it was the best time to show him how hurt she felt.

It was time to hurt him in return, and maybe then she would feel better, after she takes her revenge.

She thought and thought of what she could do to take her part of revenge when something clicked her mind.

“Revenge begins” She smirked as she stood up right at the moment when Arnav walked there.

They took a taxi to their meeting while Khushi kept on planning evil things in her mind.

After the meeting they both were dropped back at the hotel. While stepping out of the car, Khushi got hold of Arnav’s hand and walked with him to the room while Arnav just stared at her speechlessly.

It was really awkward, and this was something totally unexpected from her.

“Ma’am… are you okay?” Arnav asked

“Yes Arnav, I’m really okay…” She winked at him.

Arnav pulled his hand away from hers while feeling completely awkward…

Khushi turned to look at him sadly, then got hold of his hand again and pulled him to the room while she shut the door.

“Ma’am what are you doing?” He asked

“Not ma’am call me Khushi” She said

“What? I mean you are my boss”

“Before that I’m your friend you idiot” She said

Arnav looked at her in complete confusion, everything had been so awkward since morning, she was happy with her then angry, she hugged him and held his hand and now to top all of it, she way saying she’s her friend.

What was wrong with her? Did she get drunk or what?

“What are you saying ma’am… I’m Arnav your head engineer, when did we ever become friends?”

“In childhood stupid… you can remember my name, my eyes and all the memories about me, but you can’t even recognize me. I’m Khushi Arnav, your childhood friend… the one you were talking about in the morning, I am the one” She said

“What nonsense, just because I said your eyes are like her doesn’t mean you’ll make up stories and tell me you are the one.. You can’t fool me, and you have no right to make fun of my feelings like this”

“No Arnav! You are taking it all wrong, I’m not at all making fun of you, I’m serious I’m Khushi”

“You can’t be! Because Khushi is dead!” He shouted angrily almost breaking down.

“That’s what you believe but I’m here, alive and all well, I dint die Arnav, that day I shouted for help and someone passing by helped me out…

I couldn’t come back and talk to you because dad had to leave urgently… we left for Paris and dad dint want us to be in contact with anyone” Khushi said

“You really are Khushi?” Arnav asked, half way already believing her.

“Yes, I really am… trust me, what do you want me to tell you so that you can believe me, or maybe I’d take you to meet mom and she’d tell you the truth then you’d believe me”

“No… I believe you” Arnav said noting down all the points in his mind… there was no way he couldn’t believe, everything he had seen and known made him believe it.

“You really are alive, I can’t just tell you how happy I am” Arnav said as he almost broke down.

“I’m happy too that I finally found you” Khushi said as she hugged him.

“Step one, completed” She whispered lightly to herself and smirked devilishly.

Nov 14, 2017

Tere Liye ((Season 2))... Part 12 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 43 times)

“Why dint you tell me earlier?” Arnav asked as he broke the hug.

“I just took time to put things right, sorry”

“Khushi… you know all this years I lived believing you were dead, I kept on cursing myself for leaving you alone there and then when I came back I dint see you, I just saw your handkerchief lying there and I thought I lost you”

“It’s okay Arnav, dad had something up so we had to leave without informing and we also had to cut off all the contacts for his safety”

“I can’t believe I’m seeing you alive, I’m so happy” Arnav said as he pulled her into a hug once again.

“I can’t believe that I’m also seeing you again, there’s a lot to do with you… remember our adventure’s list? We have to complete that one yet”

“How can I forget, you used to be so crazy for adventures”

“I know” She smiled

Khushi broke the hug and looked at Arnav who was in tears by now.

“Hey… What happened?”

“Nothing… I just can’t say how I feel… I’m seeing you after so long, after so many years of believing that you were dead, it’s like a new ray of hope… I can’t explain how much this means to me, I can’t explain how much you mean to me”

“I understand” Khushi said as she held his hand and they both walked towards the couch and settled themselves down.

“So where had you been all this years?”

“In France… I was studying, then after dad passes away I had to come here and take over the business”

“What? Uncle passed away? I dint know, I’m sorry”

“Because you never returned back home, you never talked to your parents and it’s okay”

“How do you know that?”

“Mom has been in touch with them for quite a while, they’re very sad, you should go back to them Arnav, why are you hurting them like this?”

“I wish I could explain, but anyway now I’ll go back and I’ll ask for forgiveness” Arnav said

“Well that’s what you always do, leave people then come back to ask for forgiveness”

“Are you taunting me for leaving you at the cliff? Khushi I…”

“Let it be Arnav, I don’t want to remember the past, I’ve moved on”

“But you need to know why I left you, you have to trust me once again, I was your friend I couldn’t have just left you there to die come on”

“Please Arnav! It took me so long to get over it, don’t remind me of it again please” “Okay, I’m sorry”

“So friends once again?”

“On one condition… if you promise to stop being so rude, arrogant and angry… you sound weird that way… be the old you, the sweet, happy, loving Khushi”

“Some things are better left behind Arnav, but I won’t be angry on you anymore” She said

“I’m glad we had this trip, or else you would have never known I was the same Arnav, neither would I have known about you”

“I’m glad too” Khushi said

“Anyway I think we should take some rest, now that I know you aren’t just my boss but my friend too, I’ll take you out for dinner tonight, and you have no right to refuse”

“Sure” Khushi giggled

“I’ll be back in a while” Arnav said as he stood up and walked away.

Khushi sighed as she picked up her phone and dialed Arjun’s number.

“Khushi! I miss you, when are you planning to come back?” Arjun asked

“Will take a while, something important came up, I promise I’ll be back as soon as I’m done with it”

“Oh No! That’s bad… I guess meanwhile I take a trip back to France and return back when you come back”

“That’s okay too, anyway I’ll try to make things quick yeah”

“Okay, take care and I miss you”

“I miss you too” She disconnected the call and stood up as she walked to the balcony.

She saw Arnav entering a taxi while she just smirked

“It’s good to repeat what you did to me, after all you should also know the pain we feel when someone we love and trust, hurts us” Khushi said

She sat down and thought of her plan, she knew what and what she had to do, and she hoped it worked the way she wanted it to work, if it happened so, she would soon achieve what she wants.

Arnav walked inside as he found Khushi sited near the dressing table getting ready for the dinner.

“Let me have a look” Arnav said

Khushi stood up and turned around as he looked at her from top to bottom, she was dressed in a black evening dress with matching silver jewelry.

Her hair fell straight to her back, they were quite long, and were just styled perfectly on her. Her lips were covered with a red lip gloss, which made it harder to resist looking at them.

“You look amazing, I can’t believe I have the honor of taking such a beautiful lady out for dinner” Arnav said

“Thank you” Khushi blushed.

“Give me five minutes, I’ll freshen up and change and then we can leave”

“Sure” Khushi said

Arnav and Khushi walked to a small but beautiful restaurant as Arnav guided her to where he had booked the table.

They settled themselves down as Khushi looked around, it seemed rather crowded that any of the restaurants she’d ever visited in her whole life

“Why are there so many people here?” Khushi asked

“Because it’s the cheapest restaurant in town”

“And you are telling that to me, I mean wow.. Guys normally take girls to expensive places and show off” Khushi said

“But I’m not that, I’ll show you who I am, and this is me, this is what I can afford and I’m not ashamed of it anyway, all I hope is that you like the food, because I’ve ate their food many times when I was here and it’s so good”

“Then I’ll definitely like it, and I forgot to tell you, I have something to do here so I’ve postponed our tickets for two weeks, I hope you are fine with it”

“That means I’ll get more time to spend with you” Arnav said

“That’s what I want, the more time you spend with me, the more trouble you face” She whispered

“Did you say something?”

“No… look the food is here, and I’m so hungry” Khushi said as she looked at the waiter who was now serving them.

Nov 15, 2017

Tere Liye ((Season 2))... Part 13 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 31 times)

After dinner, they both drove back to the hotel, and by the time they arrived, Khushi was deep asleep.

Instead of waking her up, Arnav thought of carrying her to the room. He picked her up in his arms and headed upstairs to their room, unlocked it and made her lie on the bed as he covered her with a blanket.

He was just about to walk away when Khushi got hold of his hand and pulled him back. “It’s okay, we can share the bed, I trust you” She whispered

“But Khushi…” “

I really don’t mind it, I promise I won’t shout at you in the morning” She said in her sleepy voice.

“Okay” Arnav said as he walked to the other side of bed and slept too.

Next morning

Khushi woke up and found Arnav sleeping peaceful beside her. He looked so cute and innocent in his sleep, for a while she couldn’t even believe he was the same guy who left her to die.

If it wasn’t for the past, there was no way she could just sit in front of him while he was sleeping and not hug him because he looked the best version ever of himself.

Arnav slowly opened his eyes as he stretched his arms while Khushi quickly looked away so he couldn’t catch her staring at him.

“Good morning” He said with a smile

“Good Morning, and I have a surprise for you” She said

“What sort of surprise?”

“Yesterday you took me out for dinner, today I’ll take you somewhere, now don’t ask me where, because that’s a surprise”

“As you say ma’am” Arnav said as he stood up and headed to shower.

Khushi knew what she had to do so she set to work, she had her plans set right in her mind, there was no way she was going to spare Arnav for what he did to her.

When Arnav walked out of the shower, he found a suit placed on the bed with a note attached to it.

‘Get dressed, I’ll pick you up in half an hour’

He just smiled as he picked up the suit and got dressed in it.

He was just putting on his shoes when his phone rang, he pulled it out of his pocket and a smile curved up on his face seeing Khushi’s name on it.

“Yes Ma’am”

“Just in case you’ve forgotten, my name is Khushi and we are friends and now if you are ready please come down, I’m waiting for you at the parking”

“I’ll be there right away” Arnav smiled as he put the phone back in his pocket.

He quickly rushed out of the room and headed to the parking where Khushi was waiting for him in a black Audi.

She shifted herself to the next seat while she gestured to Arnav to sit on the driver’s side.

“You bought a new car?” He asked

“No, I just hired it for the time we are here, what would I do buying a car here when I don’t have to live here?”


“So you’re driving, I’ll just give you the directions and please don’t ask me where we are going” Khushi said

“Okay Khushi, I won’t, shall we leave now?”


After a drive of almost half an hour, they finally arrived at a garden where Khushi told him to stop the car. They both stepped out while she put her hand on his eyes and took him where she had planned the surprise for him.

When she pulled her hands away, Arnav was left completely surprised at the sight he saw in front of her.

There was a huge board placed there on it written, Happy Birthday Arnav in big. A table was placed under it all decorated and around it so many colorful flowers.

“You remember?” Arnav asked as he turned to look at Khushi with his moist eyes.

“Of course, how could I forget your birthday Arnav, no matter how far we stayed for all this year, I never forgot a thing about you” Khushi said

“That’s really sweet of you”

“I know and sorry I really have no idea what kind of surprises you guys like, so I did something I would have loved myself, it’s some sort of a girly thing but hope you like it”

“Nothing makes me happier than knowing you remembered, and this is beautiful anyway” He smiled

“So, let’s eat… I’ve got all your favorite dishes made” She smiled

“You even remember my favorite dishes? Why?”

“What do you mean why? Because I am you best friend” She said

Arnav just got hold of her hand and pulled her into a tight hug while Khushi smiled to herself, her plan was working.

“You have no idea what you’ve done for me, all this doesn’t mean something small for me, it is after long I think that I am this happy and it’s all because of you. I’m glad you never judged me on why I left you at the cliff that day, I’m glad you forgave me for it and I’m glad I have you back in my life once again” Arnav said

“I’m glad too” Khushi said as she broke the hug and pulled him to the table.

They both sat down together as Khushi served him the food when suddenly her phone rang.

“Excuse me, this is important” Khushi said as she walked away.

She walked aside completely so that Arnav couldn’t hear her then received the call.

“Hey Arjun”

“Khushi, guess what? I talked to mom and dad about us and they are so happy to know, they want us engaged as soon as possible” Arjun said out of excitement.

“I too, if I wasn’t just held up here… but hey, why don’t we get engaged when I come back? I mean the next day after I come back, I’ll call mom and tell her to make all the arrangements”

“That sounds great, and anyway I can’t wait to get engaged to you”

“I too, after all our engagement is so important for this mission” She said

“Mission? Which mission are you talking about?”

“Nothing, I’ll explain when I come back, but anyway two weeks from now, we’ll be engaged”

“Finally! I can’t wait”

“I too… anyway can I see you later? I have something to do”

“Sure” Arjun said as he disconnected the call.

“Two week, and I bet you’ll fall in love with Khushi Gupta once again Arnav, and once you do, my game begins” Khushi smirked as she headed back.

Nov 16, 2017

Tere Liye ((Season 2))... Part 14 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 31 times)

After the dinner, they both drove back to the hotel making stories.

They parked the car outside and headed to their room, none of them taking their eyes away from each other.

“Thank you so much Khushi… it was such a beautiful surprise, you made my birthday special”

“We are friends Arnav, you shouldn’t thank me for anything”

“You knew when I saw you in the office first and heard your name, I wanted to believe you were the one, but somewhere I thought you were so different than her… you were rude and so arrogant” Arnav giggled

“I was just rude to you, I dint know it was you I mean my childhood friend and your name just irritated me” Khushi smiled as she got hold of his hand and pulled him with her as they both sat on the bed.

“Irritated? Why?”

“Leave that, it’s your birthday… let’s play a game”

“What game?” “Truth or dare, but in a different style, look I’ll explain to you… now that we have this beautiful television hanged on the wall and we should use it so the game would go like this…

There would be no spinning the bottle, we are just two so we take chances, turn by turn… you either chose truth or dare and then I select any random channel on the TV.

If it’s dare, you have to copy the scene that’s playing, and if it’s truth you have to ask a question related to the first dialogue that comes up, got it?”

“That sounds interesting” Arnav said as he sat comfortably on the bed

“So I’ll start… Truth” Khushi giggled

Arnav selected a random channel and the first dialogue he heard was…

“Why did you leave me?”

“That would have been a question from you to me” Arnav giggled

“You can twist the question and ask something which would somehow related to it”

“I guess I don’t have any, anyway my turn… I’ll take the truth” Khushi selected a random channel as they both waited and waited for a dialogue to come up but all that was going on was a romantic scene.

The hero finally spoke a few words… “I’ll want to kiss you like this for the rest of my life”

Khushi looked at Arnav excitedly… she knew the question she had was going to let her know how far she had gone with her plan.

“So Arnav, my question to you is, who would you want to kiss for the rest of your life” Khushi asked

“That’s not a fair question”

“Well it’s not my fault that the hero was being over romantic… now you have to answer it” She giggled

“You might not like my answer”

“If I won’t, I’d just kick you and punch you, I’m your friend and it’s my right to do that”

“Okay… truly speaking, I’ve never ever thought of kissing any other girl apart from you… even when I believed you were dead, I knew you were the only one I wanted to kiss… so you are the one I’d want to kiss for the rest of my life”

Khushi just stared at him speechlessly, the way he answered her question without any hesitation, the intense look he gave her… it was something that could make any person do anything

“Dare” Khushi said as she turned to look at the TV.

Arnav changed the channel and it changed to a music channel. He smiled as he turned to look at Khushi.

“No way! I can’t sing at all, I have a bad voice”

“Sorry my dear, but you got no other choice” Arnav said She stood up nervously and closed her eyes as she imagined him, although she dint want to, he was the first person who came on her mind when she closed her eyes, she remembered the moment when he said he wanted to kiss her for the rest of his life.

Feeling hurt but I’m still missing you and I can’t see the end of this

Just wanna feel you kiss against my lips now, all this time is passing by,

I still can’t seem to tell you why, it hurts me every time I see you, realize how much I need you,

I hate you, I love you. I hate that I love you.

Don’t want to but I can’t put, nobody else above you. I hate you, I love you.

I hate that I want you.

She opened her eyes quickly and looked at Arnav who was staring at her.

“What happened?” She asked

“I don’t know… just the way you sang the song… you have a good voice and you sing very well” he smiled

“Your turn now, truth or dare?”

“I don’t want to sing so truth” He giggled

“Not fair, I chose dare so you also have to choose dare”

“There’s no rule like that”

“You’re impossible” Khushi said as she changed the channel.

“Have you ever hurt someone so much, it broke you more that it broke them?” was the first dialogue that came up.

“That’s the same question, I don’t want to alter it” Khushi said

“Yes” Arnav answered.

“Who did you hurt?”

“I already answered my question, we have to answer only one so I did that… now your turn, truth or dare?”


“Would you dance, if I asked you to dance… would you run and never look back? Would you cry if you saw me crying… would save my soul tonight… would you tremble if I touched your lips, would you laugh… oh please tell me this… now would you die, for the one you love… hold me in your arms tonight” the song played.

Arnav turned to look at Khushi, wondering what question he would ask her from the lyrics of a song.

“Would you die for the one you love?” Arnav asked

“Yes” Khushi nodded positively without even taking time to think.

Flashback ends…

“That night I don’t even know why I answered yes Avisha… maybe there was something inside me that already knew, this was going to happen, just that I dint knew it would happen this way…

If today he asked me the same question… I would have shouted out aloud, that yes Arnav, I would die for you, every life I get I would die for you!” Khushi said

“If it was so, why did you do this? Why did you push him off the terrace? Why did you try to kill him?”

“Because at that time I was blind, I couldn’t see how much he loved me…” Khushi said


“Dare” Arnav said Khushi jumped up and down excitedly… she just hope she selected some music channel so he could get a dare to sing, or dance or something.

The scenes that played was of a man pushing a woman to the wall angrily, pinning her hands up he kissed her so wildly and bit her neck turning it whole red.

Khushi quickly switched of the TV as she turned to look at Arnav nervously. He stood up and held Khushi’s hand as he helped her stand up… he pushed her to the wall and pinned her hands up and looked deep into her eyes.

He moved closer to her lips but then changed his direction to the cheeks and kissed her there, he moved to the neck, where he had to bite her, he became still and after a few seconds, he just turned around and walked out of the room leaving Khushi alone.

Flashback ends…

“You know Avisha, if at that time you would have asked me this question, I would have denied but it was the first time I ever felt something positive towards Arnav…

Which guy doesn’t want to kiss a girl when she lets him but he dint, he just kissed on my cheeks, and when it came to biting my neck he couldn’t, I saw the pain in his eyes, the pain he felt even at the thought of doing that to me.

That was the first time I ever felt that no matter how much I hated this man, I could love him with the same intensity I hated him with.

“So you knew he loved you… and it wasn’t even a week yet, and your Engagement with Arjun was after two weeks, so what did you plan next?”

“I wanted him to fall in love with me, but I never wanted him to confess, so for the next two weeks, I made sure to make him fall harder and harder, yet trying my best to avoid any conversation where I felt that he would confess” Khushi said

Flashback Ends.

Nov 17, 2017

Tere Liye ((Season 2))... Part 15 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 31 times)

Next morning when Khushi woke up, she found Arnav sleeping beside her.

She hadn’t even realized when he returned back and slept. She stood up to walk away when she realized he was holding her hand, she tried to pull it out of his hold without disturbing his sleep but he woke up.

“I’m sorry” he said quickly leaving her hand.

“It’s okay, I was just going to take a shower” Khushi said as she looked at him.

He nodded as he looked around the whole room but her… she knew he was acting strange but she dint know why he was acting that way.

“Arnav, can I ask you something?” Khushi asked as she sat on the bed

“Yeah sure”

“Why dint you kiss me last night? I mean the way it was in the scene, why did you walk away?”

“I don’t know Khushi, maybe because I felt it would hurt you and I wouldn’t ever do anything to hurt you intentionally”

“Then why did you leave me at the cliff that day? Even that did hurt me”

“I had told you I was leaving, I told you I will be back, but maybe destiny dint have it so… Khushi I was…”

“Forget it, I decided to move on from my past long back so let it be, there’s no point discussing this thing over and over again”

She stood up and headed to the washroom while Arnav stood there… he knew she was back, she was his friend right now but maybe she would never be able to trust him the same way again and it wasn’t her fault.

A While later Khushi walked out of the bathroom covered with a towel as she quickly headed to get her clothes.

Arnav couldn’t stop staring at her, her wet hair falling on her neck, water droplets falling all around her from her hair… she looked just too tempting.

Khushi got her clothes from her bag and turned to look at Arnav who was staring at her, the way he was looking at her made her blush.

“I want to use the bathroom, please hurry up” Arnav said as he quickly turned around.

“Whether you say it or not, I know it’s becoming hard for you to control your feelings Arnav, and that’s what I really want.” Khushi whispered to herself.

She threw the clothes on the bed and walked towards him and stood in front of her.

“Why did you turn around? Do I look that bad in a towel?” Khushi asked

“No, but you were just in a towel and I dint feel it was okay to look at you, I mean...”

“So when I go out to swim wearing a bikini you wouldn’t look at me?” Khushi giggled

“I dint mean that, let it be” Arnav said as he blushed

“Oh My God! Did you just blush Arnav?” Khushi almost shouted

“Shut up and go change, you’re becoming crazy day by day, I still don’t believe you are the same Khushi who was my rude and arrogant boss”

“And like I told you, I’m not normally rude to everyone it was just you, otherwise I’m just a normal person like everyone else.”

“Okay now I’m going to take a shower, you can put on your clothes here because you don’t want to listen to me”

Arnav quickly rushed inside the bathroom leaving Khushi behind laughing. Khushi quickly got dressed up and headed to the balcony.

She stood there as she took deep breaths to calm herself down.

“God, why I am feeling so normal about this? Why is everything changing, how can I be so normal to him without any kind of hatred?

This isn’t supposed to happen, this isn’t my mission. I have to set my mind and concentrate on my mission, this romance and all isn’t supposed to be something I need, it should be something he needs, and I have to make him feel so” Khushi said to herself.

She walked back inside when something clicked her mind, she quickly rushed to get Arnav’s bag and hid it under the bed as she sat on the bed silently.

A While later, Arnav walked out covered with towel too, Khushi just looked at him and giggled.

“Look the other side, you can allow me to look at you when in just a towel but I can’t” Arnav said

“As you wish” Khushi giggled as she turned to look the other side.

Arnav looked around but he couldn’t see his bag.

He started searching for it while Khushi just kept on giggling.

“I know you must have hidden my bag, give it back to me” Arnav said

“Look for it” Khushi said as she stood up and walked towards it.

“Khushi please, I told you to look the other side and give me my bag back”

“If you want your bag Arnav, look for it” She said as she walked towards him.

“Mostly in such situations the girls are scared of the boys, and here I am scared of you, tell me where the bag is”

Khushi pointed towards the bed as Arnav quickly rushed there and got his bag from under the bed. He quickly tried to open the zip just to realize that it was locked.

He turned to look at Khushi who stood there holding the keys and laughing.

“Give me the keys” Arnav said

“Take them yourself”

“Like I said you’re gone crazy, God knows what you are up to” Arnav said as he stood up.

“Only God knows” Khushi said as Arnav tried to snatch the key away from him while she ran around trying to escape him.

He chased her around the room for a few minutes until finally he got hold of her hand. He pulled her towards himself quickly so she couldn’t escape again.

Khushi hit his chest pushing him to the bed as he fell on it while she fell on top of him, both trying hard to get their breaths back.

They looked each other into the eyes while Arnav finally pulled the key out of Khushi’s hand and winked at her.

“I won” He said

“Not fair” Khushi said as she rolled around and lied next to him.

“Everything is fair in love and war my dear and this was quite a good war” He smiled as he stood up.

“You wish” Khushi said as she got hold of his hand and pulled him back as he fell on top of her.

Droplets of water fell from his hair and his skin on her body while Khushi continued staring at him. She got hold of his head and pulled him closer while she closed her eyes, she could feel him breathing on top of her and it was driving her crazy.

Her breaths were getting higher too, and she dint want that to happen, she had done all this just to attract Arnav towards herself, but here she was losing control on herself too.

“Khushi” Arnav said as he tried to pull back Khushi opened her eyes and looked at him, holding him tight yet not wanting to let him go.

He was so close to her, his body touching hers… she had never felt this way before… she had never had the urge to kiss someone as much as she had he urge to kiss him right now.

“No Khushi!” She whispered to herself

Her mind wasn’t able to compromise with her heart and within a few moments she found herself pulling him closer and closer towards herself.

It had been so eighteen years since she left, only she knew how much she had tried all this years to hate him but she never was able to do so, she knew no matter what Arnav would always be in her heart, he held a special place there… and now that he was so close to her today, all that pain of missing him yet feeling hurt because of him came all together driving her insane.

Without giving anything any second thoughts she moved her head bit upwards claiming his lips as she felt a sudden rush of satisfaction, everything became calm, her mind and her heart stopped fighting and the moment just became so beautiful.

Nov 18, 2017

Tere Liye ((Season 2))... Part 16 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 29 times)

Khushi pulled apart suddenly looking surprised while Arnav looked back at her in surprise. Khushi stood up suddenly and rushed into the washroom and locked herself inside while Arnav just sat there in thoughts.

“How could you? How could you lose control over yourself dammit” she shouted as she kicked the door angrily.

“Concentrate Khushi, this can’t happen, remember he isn’t the sweet and cute childhood best friend of yours, he’s the coward guy who left you behind to die.

You can’t feel this way towards him, you can’t just damn kiss him and act like is normal… God what happened to me? How could I just kiss him? Why did it feel so good? Why are things becoming difficult?”

Arnav was yet sited on the bed fully surprised. It was totally unbelievable for him that Khushi actually kissed him.

He dint know how to react at this time, to be happy that maybe she had some feelings for him or to be worried that maybe it was just a mistake she made.

“Do you love me Khushi… do you feel the same as I feel towards you? I have to find out soon” Arnav said as he stood up and walked to the washroom.

“Khushi, are you okay?” Arnav asked as he knocked at the door.

“Yes Arnav, I’m okay” Khushi said.

“Okay, I’m going out, I’ll be back a bit late… we’ll have dinner together okay?”

“Sure” Khushi walked out of the washroom as soon as Arnav left.

She got her phone and dialed Arjun’s number, she knew she had to change her plans because things dint go as expected.

“Hey Khushi, I was actually thinking about you” Arjun said as he received the call.

“Me too baby… I was thinking I’d come back in two days, I can’t wait to get engaged to you anymore” Khushi said

“But Khushi I’m in France, and in two days? How will we manage?”

“Leave that on me, I’ll be back and I’ll make all the arrangements, just make sure you are there by Saturday evening”

“Okay, I’ll talk to mom and dad, I can’t wait to see you anymore”

“Great then, see you on Saturday” Khushi smiled as she disconnected the call.

“Time for my revenge Arnav, on Saturday you’ll get your punishment, you’ll know what it feels like when the person you trust leaves you alone” Khushi said as she threw her phone on the bed.

Khushi and Arnav were sited having their dinner while Khushi was just staring at Arnav.

“I have something to tell you” Khushi said

“Yeah tell me” Arnav said as he looked her into the eyes.

“Actually there’s something urgent at the office so we’d have to leave the day after tomorrow, I hope that’s okay with you?”

“It’s okay, work comes first” Arnav said

“Is everything okay? Why do I feel like there is something bothering you? Aren’t you happy about going back?”

“I am Khushi but honestly I just thought I’d get more time to spend with you, I mean I don’t know how to explain but it just feels good to be around you”

“It feels good for me too Arnav, and we are going back that doesn’t mean we won’t spend time together, whenever you miss me I’ll just be a call away” Khushi said

“I know, but… let it be… let’s have dinner then we’d walk back to the hotel”

“Walk back?”

“Yeah, it’s fun walking at night with a company… I don’t know if I’ll ever get to be with you like I am here so I just want to make most out of the moment”

“Okay” Khushi smiled

She knew she was achieving what she wanted, at one point she did know Arnav loved her, but she wanted to make sure he fell for her again, after all that’s where the whole revenge would begin then.

She had to try and be sweet and romantic towards him so that he gets the hint that she also feels towards him even if it’s fake.

“Khushi… can I ask you something?” Arnav asked as they both walked.

“Sure, you can ask me anything, you don’t need to take permission for that”

“Did you ever hate me? I mean I left you at the cliff, weren’t you angry on me?”

“Honestly I was, I hated you a lot Arnav, or let’s say it that I tried to hate you, every morning I woke up with only one motive, and that was to hate you, but I don’t know what it was, I mean it was strange, the more I tried to hate you the more I’d remember you.

I tried a lot but there was something between us that never let me hate you, there was this feeling, this belief I had that maybe you weren’t wrong”

“What made you feel so?”

“I don’t know Arnav, I have no idea. All I knew was that there was something special between us and maybe that’s why I couldn’t hate you”

“Do you still believe that there was something special between us?”

“I still believe that there is something special between us. You make me happy, you make me feel special, with you I feel like life is perfect”

“One more question. Why dint you get angry about the kiss?”

“I think I am the one to ask that question Arnav, I was the one who kissed you, and honestly I thought you’d be angry… but believe me I dint do it with any bad intentions… you were just there and I don’t know what happened to me.

I’ve never wanted to kiss anyone as much as I wanted to kiss you at that time, I tried a lot but I couldn’t control myself”

“I couldn’t be angry Khushi… because it’s the same from my side, we fell the same way for each other”

“I don’t know anything, I just know that I want to hold your hand like this for the rest of my life and walk and be happy”

“And you will be happy Khushi… you know since childhood I have loved…”

“Arnav… it’s getting cold” Khushi said trying to avoid the conversation.

She knew Arnav was about to confess his love for her but this wasn’t the right time, she surely dint want to mess up with her plans.

Arnav removed his coat as he gave it to Khushi while she just smiled at him.

“Just wait until Saturday and then I don’t really mind you telling me you love me and I mean the whole world to you because by then I’ll tell you that I love Arjun and your whole world would be shattered into pieces” Khushi whispered to herself

“Did you say something?”

“No, it feels good to walk here at night” She smiled.

Nov 18, 2017

Tere Liye ((Season 2))... Part 17 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 36 times)

Arnav and Khushi had packed their belongings all set to leave for India.

Khushi was all happy knowing that within two days she was going to achiever what she had worked hard for.

She could clearly see how much in love Arnav was with her, and breaking his heart would be the best payback she’s give him for breaking her trust and leaving her alone at the cliff.

“When we go back, I have a huge surprise for you” Khushi smiled as they both walked towards the security check.

“What surprise?” Arnav asked

“Now I’m not obviously going to tell you what it is, it wouldn’t be a surprise anymore. But I can tell you when you’ll get it”

“Okay when?”

“On Saturday, and as soon as we land back in India, we both go different ways and never see each other. I’ll call you and inform you where to be at what time”

“That seems more like a punishment that a surprise”

“How is it a punishment?” Khushi asked

“Just that I’ve got used to being with you, I mean we shared the same room also… so it would be like a punishment for me”

“Well then be it so” Khushi giggled

She knew in her mind why she had to keep away from him, there was no taking chances, she dint want him to confess his love to her at any cost.

“Khushi… can I ask you something?”

“Sure, anything”

“Will things be the same I mean back home, would we still be friends?”

“Of course Arnav, things won’t change, not the way you expect them too” Arnav just smiled as he hugged her happily.

All this years he had lived in regret that it was because of his own mistakes he lost her, he kept on feeling guilty and wondering how would life really go on without having her around.

Time changes everything and until now he can’t even believe, if this is true, that she is back and she’s not dead… she’s here with him and that’s all he had always wanted.

It might also be that the surprise she’s planning for him is to confess her love, because he does know he loves her and somewhere he feels like she does too.

After the flight landed, as decided Arnav and Khushi went separate ways after a last goodbye. Aman was already there to pick Arnav and to get the latest gossip.

As Arnav walked towards him, Aman could notice something different about him. He wasn’t the same sad, and lost in his own world Arnav, he seemed much happier, he was like just too happy.

“What’s the good news, what makes you happy?” Aman asked as he hugged Arnav.

“She’s the one” Arnav whispered.

Aman looked at him in complete surprise. So he had been right when he guessed she might be the one.

“I can’t believe it Arnav… does she know? What does she have to say about it? Does she know you were married? Does she know you love her?”

“I don’t know Aman, all I know is that I loved her before and I love her now… I just hope things go well now” Arnav said

They both walked towards the car and drove home while Arnav gave Aman all the details about what had happened.

Khushi had just walked inside the mansion when Arjun jumped in front of her.

“Surprise” He said as he hugged her happily.

“You were in France, when did you get here?” Khushi asked as she hugged him happily.

“Well I just told mom and dad everything, they’ll be here tomorrow and I left the same day, I wanted to surprise you and also there would be so many preparations to make so I thought we’d work together and spend time together” Arjun said as he winked at Khushi.

“Just two days and we get engaged” Khushi smirked knowing what exactly she had in her mind.

“So get some rest, I’ll be back later… I have some work” Arjun said as he kissed her forehead then walked away.

“Mom, invite Arnav’s mom and Dad too for the engagement, and about them not having any idea about their son, they’ll meet him in my engagement” Khushi said as she looked at Garima.

“What? You really mean it Khushi? I mean the problem between you both?”

“Everything is sorted so relax, and let the preparations begin” Khushi said as she headed to her room.

She jumped on her bed and closed her eyes getting everything in her mind on place.

Flashback Ends.

“Why were you so heartless Khushi?” Avisha asked

“Heartless? I wonder what you would say when I tell you about what I did to him.”

“You know all that could have been avoided if only for once you sat down with him calmly and asked him why he never came back when he said he’s be back.

He even tried telling you that a couple of times but you never let him, why?”

“Because I believed that he was wrong, and he would give me some stupid excuses to win back my trust.

He had left me alone there to die Avisha, he was my best friend and he did that to me, at that time all I needed was revenge and nothing else”

“So what happened next?”

“Like I had planned, I dint want Arnav to meet me until the day of the engagement because I never wanted him to confess his love for me as that would have spoilt my plan then.

So I got busy with the preparations, he called me and tried to see me, I knew he was missing me and I wanted that. I wanted him to miss me like crazy, I wanted him to realize how much he loved me and then I wanted to break his heart, like he broke mine…

I ignored him until the day of the engagement, I gave him the address of my house and told him to be there at the time of the engagement making sure he had no hint of what was going to happen.”

“Even Arjun had no idea about your plans?”

“No, I never told him, I knew it was better if I was the only one who knew about it because at that moment I couldn’t trust anyone”

“Not even the guy you were getting engaged to. Wow Khushi!”

“Well, I was like that, my mind was messed up, all I wanted was revenge… and I got it.”


Nov 21, 2017

Tere Liye ((Season 2))... Part 18 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 36 times)

The whole of Gupta mansion was decorated beautifully with flowers and lights… Khushi was in her room, dressed in a beautiful Royal blue gown while the hairstylist styled her hair.

She picked her phone and dialed Arnav’s phone number knowing what exactly she had to do.

After a few moments, Arnav received the call excitedly waiting for whatever surprise she had for him.

“Finally you remembered me” Arnav said happily.

“What to do Arnav, you aren’t easy to forget. Now listen to me and do exactly as I say. Get dressed, put on something you would wear to your best friend’s engagement and then at 8.30 sharp, wait outside, a car will come to pick you up”

“Okay… can’t you give me a hint about what the surprise is? I’m curious… you’ve made me wait for long”

“Hint… I think I can give you that… the surprise is about love, about my love” Khushi said as she disconnected the call.

Arnav jumped up and down happily being sure that she was in love with him and today she was going to confess it to him. It was going to be the happiest day of his life today… he quickly rushed to get ready as he dint want to be late for everything that was going to happen today.

“Khushi, everyone is here… we need to go downstairs and begin the ceremony” Garima said as she walked in to Khushi’s room.

Khushi stood up and turned to face Garima with a smile as Garima looked at her from top to bottom.

“I can’t believe it’s you… you look so beautiful. I bet Arjun won’t be able to take his eyes away from you” Garima said

“Thank you mom” Khushi smiled as she walked towards her.

She looked at the watch checking the time, it was almost time for Arnav to arrive and she needed everything to be perfect as per her plan.

“I can’t wait to get engaged to Arjun anymore, let’s hurry up mom” Khushi said as she pulled Garima with her.

“Such a crazy girl you are” Garima giggled as she headed downstairs with Khushi.

Arjun stared at Khushi speechlessly as she descended down and walked towards him.

“Oh My God! Look at you, you look freaking gorgeous Khushi” Arjun said

“Thank you Arjun, you don’t look bad either” Khushi giggled.

“Finally you both decided to get engaged, I’m glad I’ll have such a lovely daughter in law” Arjun’s mom said

“Thank you Aunty, I’m glad I’ll have parents in law as great as you both” Khushi smiled

“Everyone’s here, I think we should begin with the ceremony” Garima said

“A special friend of mine is coming here today, let me confirm where he’s reached and then we can begin” Khushi said as she got her phone and dialed a number.

“Where are you” She whispered.

“Almost there ma’am… we’ll be inside in a minute or two” came the reply.

Khushi disconnected the call with a smile as she told Garima to call everyone for the ceremony.

There was a huge Altar arranged in the middle of the hall, Khushi and Arjun walked on it and stood there while Garima announced their engagement.

Khushi took the ring in her hand as she looked at the entrance waiting for Arnav. Just as Arnav walked in, just turned to look at Arjun and got hold of his hand.

Arnav stood in the entrance motionless as he looked at Khushi. Khushi and Arjun exchanged the rings as the whole crowd clapped happily for them.

Khushi’s eyes were stuck on Arnav who was staring back at her with a broken heart and shattered dreams. Khushi walked down the altar as everyone congratulated her.

Thanking them all she walked towards Arnav.

“Where were you Arnav, I have been waiting for you… look now I had to get engaged without having my best friend around me” Khushi said sadly.

“Khushi… you got engaged? And you dint even tell me… I was thinking that you…” Arnav asked stammering.

“How could I tell you Arnav, this was the surprise… that’s why I even told you on the call to get dressed as if you were attending your best friend’s wedding”

“But you told me it was something about love… and all this while I thought it was going to be between me and you… I thought you loved me and you were going to tell me that tonight”

“I love you? Really? Stop kidding Arnav… how can I love you… I mean who are you to me? And why would I love you? Why would I love a coward like you?”

“Khushi… why are you saying all this?”

“To make you realize the truth Arnav… you’ve got the taste of your own medicine, now you know what it feels like to expect something from someone and get the opposite in return.

Now you know what it feels like to be left alone You expected me to confess my love to you because I made you expect so… everything that has been happening since we went to Australia has been a part of my plan.

How did you even expect me to forgive you for leaving me there to die Arnav? I had trusted you, I expected you to return back and save me, but you being such a cowards just ran away and hid yourself somewhere.

I could have lost my life, because if you… the person whom I called my best friend… the person I trusted more than anything.

Today, you will understand and fell what I felt when you left me at the cliff”

“Khushi I dint leave you alone, I wasn’t a coward… trust me… I wanted to save you”

“Oh yes, you wanted to save me and that’s why you never came back… stop making excuses Arnav, I’m not going to believe you.

I got what I wanted and now you can leave and never show me your face again. Oh I forgot, you were working in my company… so sorry… you are fired Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada… get lost and never ever come back in my life!” Khushi shouted at the top of her voice.

Arnav looked at all those people staring at him, some with anger some with pity…


“I said Leave!” Khushi shouted angrily as Arnav walked out of the mansion.

She smirked and walked back towards Arjun who looked at her with a hundreds of questions going on in his mind.

“Whatever you did wasn’t good… it wasn’t good at all Khushi” Garima said angrily as she walked away.

“Khushi… what’s going on… what’s happening? Who is that guy and why did you behave that way with him?

Why was he saying something about him expecting you to confess you love? Khushi do you love him? Then what about me? Who am I to you?

Why did you get engaged to me, Khushi answer me”

“Relax Arjun… I love you, he means nothing to me… it was just a long awaited revenge that I finally got and now it’s all over”

“You need to explain all this to me”

“I will” Khushi smiled as she hugged him.

Nov 22, 2017

Tere Liye ((Season 2))... Part 19 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 38 times)

Arnav walked inside the room just when Aman jumped in from nowhere.

“How come you are back so early? Forget that, did Khushi confess? What happened, I’m here just to know the details” Aman said

“Aman, can we talk tomorrow please?”

“I want to know please, I can’t live in this curiosity. Tell me what happened? Did she says he loves you? What happened Arnav?”

“No! She said she hated me, she said all this was her revenge… she wanted to make me feel the ways he felt when I left her alone at the cliff now would you leave me alone Aman?”

Aman walked away silently as Arnav locked himself in the room as he broke down completely.

Oh love of mine, with a song and a wine, you’re harsh divine like truths and a lie…

But the tale ends not here, I’ve nothing to fear, for my love is yell of giving and hold on…

And the bright emptiness in a room full of it is a cruel mistress…

I feel this unrest that nests all hollowness for I have nowhere to go and I’m cold…

And I feel so lonely… There’s a better place than this emptiness…

He sat on his bed and looked around at the empty room which had nothing else apart from this bed. Right now his heart felt emptier than this room.

It felt as if it were some sort or mirror which had been broken into a thousand pieces and the more he tried to join them back, the more it hurt.

He stood up and walked around the room… he tried to think of anything else that would help him not thin about this but every time, Khushi’s words kept on ringing in his mind.

What mistake was she punishing him for? Why couldn’t she understand that leaving him there wasn’t his choice?


He rushed from here to there looking for something that could help him save her. Maybe a rope or something.

Although n the way home he had informed many people and he was sure someone would help her, he still wanted to go back with something that might help.

He finally found a rope from the store room, he quickly took it and rushed out of the room when his father caught him.

“Where do you think you are going at this time?”

“Dad Khushi”

“Arnav enough of you and Khushi, why don’t you just sit at home at least at night and read or finish your homework? You aren’t going anywhere that’s it”

“But Dad Khushi is in danger, I have to save her please let me go”

“I know you won’t listen to me, so many excuses to go out seriously, wait I’ll teach you a lesson today, let me see how you go out of the house”

His dad took the rope he had from his hand and tied him on the pole while Arnav kept on begging his dad to let him go and that he had to save Khushi.

He kept on crying and shouting but his dad dint pay heed to him.

Flashback Ends.

Tune mere jaana kabhi nahi jaana… ishq mera dard mera…

Aashiq tera bheed me khoya rehta hai… jaaneja pucho to itna kehta hai..

That I feel so lonely… there’s a better place than this Emptiness…

“At least for once Khushi, you could have asked me my side of story… you could have asked me why I never came back?

At least for once you could have seen through my point of view… at least you could have understood me Why did you punish me for a mistake I never made?

How did you even think that I could leave you alone to die there? I tried all I could Khushi, but I wasn’t strong enough… I failed.

The only thing that makes me sad now is that, I wasn’t strong enough at that time, neither am I strong enough right now… I lost you last time and even this time I lost you once again”

And I’m so lonely… There’s a better place than this Emptiness…

Khushi walked around her room… she was pretending to smile… to be happy that finally she achieved what she wanted but that wasn’t really what she felt from inside.

From inside she was hurt… it was hurting her… the way she talked to him, the way she insulted him in front of everyone… everything was hurting her so damn much.

She tried to sleep but all the time he kept on thinking about him. All the childhood times they had spent together… all those moments they spent together in Australia.

No matter how hard she tried, they weren’t leaving her mind. Somewhere she knew, that whatever that happened in Australia, might be fake from her side, but it was always all so real from his side.

He had always loved her so much, then why did she have to break his heart like this? Why did she have to hurt him like this? But on the other side she felt that whatever that happened was right.

It was supposed to be this way. This was the only way he could understand what it felt to be betrayed, what it felt like when you expect something from someone and get the total opposite.

She kept tossing and turning on her bed, she had finally got what she wanted, but she dint understand why it dint make her feel comfortable like she had thought it would make her feel.

Arjun walked in to Khushi’s room and looked around for her but couldn’t find her anywhere. A while later she walked out of the bathroom lost in thoughts that she even dint notice him there.

“Khushi!” he said

“Arjun… When did you come? You could have informed me at least”

“I just thought I’d see how you are doing after all that drama last night… I am here to know why it all happened”

“Sit, I’ll get freshened up and then tell you” she said as she rushed back inside the bathroom.

It was quite odd that she was just out from taking a shower and she wanted to freshen up again.

After some while, she finally walked out of the shower and sat next to Arjun. She held his hand and put her head on his shoulder as she started telling him the whole story.

Arnav opened the door when he found Aman standing there.

“Going somewhere?” Aman asked as he looked at the luggage he had packed.

“Yes, back home… I have nothing left here anyway, I’ll at least go back to my parents who have lived all this years without me, I never even called them.

They dint even have an idea I was here in Delhi. I have done wrong to them, it’s time to rectify all those mistakes”

“And what about Khushi?”

“What about Khushi Aman? Just because of what she did to me doesn’t mean I’d stop loving her right? She was right on what she did, as a best friend she had expected me to save her but I dint do it, and so she felt betrayed.

I don’t blame her for anything Aman, maybe this was what destiny had… I’ll go back to samarpur and live my life… she has her new life here and I don’t want to interfere…”

“Arnav can’t you just stay here and look for another job? I’m going to miss having a friend like you”

“This city has snatched so much away from me I don’t feel like staying here anymore so I’ll go back to the place that gave me a lot. And remember, I’m just a phone call away. You can come to samarpur anytime you wish to.”

“Take care of yourself” Aman said as he hugged Arnav sadly.

“I’m sorry for what happened Khushi, but the past is gone now, although somewhere I feel like whatever you did to him wasn’t right, I also know that if I could be at your place, I would have done the same.”

“Thank you for understanding me Arjun. And anyway I am tired of everything now, I just want to go back to Paris and have a normal life… staying here would just make it hard for me.”

“What about this business Khushi? Who will handle it?”

“I’ve decided to sell the company, I’ll get a good amount out of it and start a good business in Paris… I’ll talk to mom and after all this we’d leave back for Paris.

I just shouldn’t have come back here, I knew things wouldn’t go too well. I just want to be back home” Khushi said as she hugged Arjun.

“I’ll take you back home, away from this place, away from all your pain and away from Arnav” Arjun said as he hugged her.

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