Tere Liye ((Season 2))

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Oct 30, 2017

Tere Liye ((Season 2)) (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 38 times)


“Ma’am would you let us know what happened?” A journalist asked

“Is there something being hidden from us? What’s going on?” another one asked

“Why are you silent ma’am, speak up and tell us the truth”

“Enough! I don’t need to give any one you any answers, whatever that’s happening inside is their personal matter, I guess it would be good if you leave us alone” she shouted angrily and then walked back inside

Mr. Arjun Raizada and Mrs. Ankita Raizada stood there speechlessly.

“I have handled the media, you guys need to relax, everything will be okay” Avisha said as she walked towards them.

“What about him? Do you believe he would ever be okay?” Arjun asked sadly.

“Uncle relax, I’m sure he’d be fine and I’ll make sure the culprit gets behind the bars soon.”

“She’s the richest woman in India today, do you think that’s possible Avisha?” Mr. Arjun asked

“Uncle I am a lawyer, my work is to make the impossible to be possible, I promise you, Khushi Kumari Gupta will wake up in the jail tomorrow morning” Avisha said as she walked away to do her work.

“Are we doing the right thing Arjun? I mean even Khushi is like our daughter and Arnav loves her”

“Our daughter? Would your own daughter do this to your son Ankita? I agree we have good relations with her parents since both Arnav and Khushi were kids, we still share a good relation with them but what Khushi did was not tolerable…

Do you realize that if Arnav is in that damn ICU today, fighting between life and death then it’s only because of Khushi, our so called like daughter who damn tried to kill our son.

Why did she have to do it? Why did she have to attempt murder on her only best friend? Just because he loved her so much? Look at what our son became like, he’s not the same Arnav he used to be, he failed terribly in love and that’s only because of that Khushi

I’ll never ever forgive her Ankita, I’ll never!”

Ankita broke down into tears as she hugged Arjun.

“I hope Arnav would be okay right? I want my son back, I really want him to be fine and like before” Ankita cried.

“I hope the same, all we can do is pray to God for his safety” Arjun said as he held her tightly in his arms and they both just hoped for the best.

Nov 1, 2017

Tere Liye ((Season 2))... Part 1 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 37 times)

Avisha had just gathered enough information that could help her prove Khushi guilty and send her behind the bars. She headed to the police station ready to file a case against her, she met an officer and sat with him to explain what she was here for.

“Yes Miss. Lawyer, how can I help you?” he asked

“I want you to write a report against Khushi Kumari Gupta for attempt to murder on my client Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada” Avisha said

The police officer stared at her for a while and then started laughing at her.

“I know why you are laughing, just because she’s so rich and you think there is no point of me filing a report against her because she would get out in a day with the help of money right? Let me tell you officer, money isn’t everything, and I’ll make sure she goes behind the bars and serves the punishment for whatever she did.”

“No Miss. Avisha, I’m not laughing because of that, I’m laughing because you want to send someone behind the bars when she’s already there” the officer explained

“What do you mean?”

“Miss Khushi surrendered herself yesterday night after the incident, she accepted her mistake and chose to be here”

Avisha just stared at the officer in silence and complete shock. “It’s unbelievable right? More of it sounds so weird that such a rich business lady who could save herself with all that money she had because we all know how corrupt our country is, decided not to go that way, instead she surrendered herself”

“Why would she do that? I mean why would she chose to be behind the bars herself when she can live in her huge mansion and continue with the life she had”

“Maybe because she wants to run away from that life, or she has seen the bad side of it”

“Or maybe because of love? Only love or conscience makes a person take such a decision, I don’t know why but about her I feel as if it’s love… officer, can I please meet her?” Avisha asked

“Sorry ma’am I can’t let you meet her today, it’s very late and the visiting hours are over, maybe you come here tomorrow morning”

“Okay then, I’ll be here in the morning” Avisha said as she walked out lost in thoughts.

Why did Khushi try to kill Arnav at the first place? And why did she surrender after the attempt when she could have easily escaped. Did she really try to kill him or it was a mistake maybe? Or a misunderstanding?

But if it was so she couldn’t have surrendered. Then what was going on here? Why did the things seem to be different when they weren’t the same in real? She knew she could get all the answers from Khushi, but would she talk to her? Would she tell her why things are the way they are?

The other problem here was, she was hired by Mr. Arjun Raizada, to get Khushi behind the bars and if there was going to be any case she would fight from Arnav’s side and now if in this case she meets Khushi to know her side of story, it might not please Arjun and he might think she’s trying to be on their side but then supporting Khushi. Then where else would she get the answers from? Arnav! But he was admitted in the hospital, even the doctors had no idea if he would be able to get well or not. Then who else knew about the story? Who else could help her?

She arrived back at the hospital, Mr. and Mrs. Raizada were in the waiting room, she walked towards the ICU and peeped in. Arnav was lying on the bed, so many machines around him, his head covered in bandage, seeing him like this, only one thought came in her mind. Why would Khushi do this?

As far she got to know Khushi and Arnav were childhood best friends, then why would someone do this to their own best friend? Why would someone try to even harm their best friend? What could be the reason behind it? She couldn’t just think of any more reasons and decided, no matter what it be, she was going to meet Khushi the next morning and find out the real story from her.

She walked to the waiting room and met Ankita and Arjun who looked at her with so many questions in their eyes, but only if they knew, right now, she was the one having so many questions.

“She’s behind the bars” Avisha said

A smile curved up on Arjun’s face but Ankita was sad, although she couldn’t deny that Khushi had tried to kill her own son, it was just hard for her to accept it that the Khushi she knew since childhood could do this. The Khushi who used to be like Arnav’s savior every time would end up hurting him like this, she was sad because Khushi was like a daughter to her and right now she just dint like the idea of her being behind the bars but then she also couldn’t forgive her for doing what she did.

“It’s weird” Avisha said

“What’s weird?” Arjun asked

“I mean I dint do anything, by the time I reached police station after gathering all the information, I got to know that she had surrendered herself last night… It’s so weird that I mean a business lady like Khushi was arrested yesterday night, I mean she surrendered to the police and it’s not even in the news anywhere… Don’t you people think this is weird? Why would she surrender?” Avisha asked

“Maybe she realized her mistake, it’s good” Arjun said plainly.

“She surrendered?” Ankita asked as if she wasn’t able to believe that it really was true.

“Yeah” Avisha said

Next Morning.

After visiting Arnav at the hospital and inquiring about his health, Avisha headed to the police station where she wished to find her answers. She completed some needed formalities and the she was taken to the place where Khushi had been locked up.

“Wake up miss, there’s someone here to meet you” The officer shouted at Khushi.

She was lying on the floor, holding her knees with both her hands, facing the other side. Just when the officer called her out, she sat straight but yet looking the other side as if she was avoiding any kind of eye contact.

The officer opened the lock for her as Avisha walked inside.

“Khushi, hi I’m Avisha… we haven’t met before I’m…”

“Arnav’s lawyer” Khushi said

“How did you know? Of course, I’m sorry, I forgot I was talking to the richest business lady, you obviously know everything”

“Come to the point, why are you here?” Khushi asked

“I’m here with so many questions whose answers I need”

“You are Arnav’s lawyer Avisha, ask your questions to him and leave me alone please” Her voice was not so mature yet so strict, how did she become the richest business lady at such a young age?

“I want to know the reason behind why you decided to kill you own best friend” Avisha said

“And I don’t need to answer you, your work is to make sure I stay here or get any punishment for whatever I did so do that, I don’t need to give you any answers apart from that”

“But I…”

“I said leave me alone! Please”

Avisha just walked out sadly, there was nothing happening here, Khushi dint even want to talk to her, why? Why did she want to stay here? Why dint she want to give anyone any answers? Why was she so silent about this things?

Nov 2, 2017

Tere Liye ((Season 2))... Part 2 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 37 times)

Khushi was sited in one corner, many people came to her, to talk to her to pay a visit and some for just show off but she dint speak a word to any of them.

She was silent, completely silent…

At such a moment, when a person would be locked behind the bars, they would be having many thoughts in their minds.

Like how they would get out of this place, how much money they will waste behind the case, will they earn the same respect after getting out and many more things but it wasn’t that for Khushi.

The only thought she had in her mind was Arnav, how he might be, how his health might be…

The only person in her mind was Arnav, the one whom she had been running away from all her life…

Her best friend, her advisor, her guide in every point of life… the only man who loved her more than he loved himself.

The man whose love was as pure as the water of Ganges.

The man whose love she never valued, the man who lost himself in loving her, who gave up on everything for her.

A tear escaped her eye as she wiped it with her finger and then looked at it with a smile, she dint regret being here today, she dint regret whatever she did because she knew whatever she did was right according to her.

She heard the lock opening when she turned and saw Avisha standing there.

“Why are you here again?” Khushi asked

“Because I couldn’t sleep, I mean it’s your problem and it’s Arnav’s problem who am I? Just a lawyer your problems shouldn’t matter to me but it did.

I have been thinking about you Khushi, I have been thinking about Arnav and I feel like there is something the world doesn’t know, there is some other side to this story than what’s being shown and it’s eating me up.

I have been thinking about it since I left from here, Arnav is in the ICU I can’t even talk to him, that’s why I am here again, because I need to talk to you.

I need to know the truth, I need to know the real story and not what everyone else is saying… please Khushi tell me about it”

“Your curiosity will end soon Avisha but I’m not the one to end it”

“It’s not curiosity, it’s… I don’t know how I’d explain to you Khushi… look you aren’t understanding me okay… I have been appointed to fight a case against you and look I am here talking to you trying to help you… why? Because I feel like if Arnav was here right now he’d want to do that.

You think I know nothing about you and about Arnav? You are a business lady, everything about you is in the media Khushi… I have read about you and Arnav in the papers at times…

I know Arnav loves you a lot, but more than that I know you love him a lot, which people don’t know, I’m here to know the story of that love because I don’t know I just can’t believe that you did this to Arnav”

“And what if I say I did it, this isn’t any lie, I did accept my crime and I am also telling you, I am guilty and nothing can prove that wrong”

“I don’t care who the hell is guilty, all I need to know is the full story and I’m not leaving from here until you tell me about it”

“The visiting hours end at 6.pm” Khushi said

“Who cares, I’ll go and come back tomorrow, I’m sitting here with you until you speak… if you are stubborn I am stubborn too” Avisha said

“Look Avisha I told you before, your work is to fight for Arnav do that, don’t come and sit here asking me questions… you shouldn’t know about this okay so I’m not telling you anything”

“But that’s my question Khushi… why shouldn’t I know? Why are you hiding it from me?”

“Because I just don’t want to tell anyone about it, it’s just a matter of few days anyway, the court will give its decision and it will be the end you won’t be able to do anything so there’s no need to even know”

“So you think I’m asking you this because I want to help you or something? No Khushi, I am asking you this because I want to know what made you do this to your own best friend.

What made you do this to the only guy who loved you like crazy, what is it that I can’t see? I want to know so that next time I don’t have to think twice before I can completely trust my own best friend okay?

If Arnav was really your best friend, if you took the friendship seriously then please for heaven sake tell me about it, because I am his lawyer, my work is to get justice for him and I don’t want to get him any kind of injustice which might somehow be related to you” Avisha pleaded.

Khushi stared at her silently as she stood up and headed to the corner, she filled the glass with water from the pot and walked towards Avisha as she gave her the glass.

Avisha took a sip as she looked back at Khushi who just smiled at her, she took the glass and placed it back where it was and then stood there for a while as she got lost into some thoughts.

“You know Avisha… I’ve always heard people saying that there’s a difference between the love of a woman and that of a man… a woman can lose her everything and yet love you but men don’t have the strength to love in such a manner…

When I used to listen to such sayings I used to feel proud of being a woman, because I knew I could love like that but what I dint know was that a man living in some small village of India might have strength more that this…

People were so wrong… just because we as women sacrifice a lot for the man we love doesn’t mean that they just sit there and enjoy… I am not saying that our love is fake or whatever but all I am saying is that there is no difference between the love of a man and the love of a woman, the only thing that lacks is expression, men don’t express it the way we do.”

Avisha stood silently listening to each and every word Khushi was saying…

It wasn’t just a mere explanation of love, it had something more deep to it, something related to her life and maybe Arnav’s life too.

Khushi shut her eyes painfully as tears rolled down her cheeks finally touching the floor…

“Arnav and I had been childhood buddies… you know the typical childhood best friends? We fought, we cared and we loved…

We were just about eight years old when this incident happened… that one incident that ended up separating the both of us…

That incident because of which I started hating Arnav to the core of my heart… I hated him more than I hated anything else…” Khushi said

“What had happened?” Avisha asked curiously.

Khushi turned away from Avisha as she tried to remember that one moment that she had always been trying to forget…

“Come on catch me Arnav… let’s see who wins this time” The little seven year old Khushi said as she ran up the cliff.

“Let me get hold on you once, I’ll make sure you know what it is like snatching my chocolate and running away” Arnav said as he ran behind her.

Both the kids were lost in their fun and chasing each other that Khushi dint realize the cliff had come to an end… Arnav who was just a bit behind her saw her heading towards the end and he knew it was too late… there was no way he could reach her and stop her.

“Khushi careful!” he shouted

Khushi stopped the very moment at the end but her leg slipped away making her almost fall down if it wasn’t for that one rock she got hold of.

Arnav rushed towards her as he tried to give her his hand to hold but it was too short for her to reach it.

“Arnav help me please” She cried with the fear of losing her life at such a young age when she hadn’t even experienced the real side of life yet.

“Khushi wait, please be calm I’ll be back right away” Arnav said as he rushed away leaving Khushi alone behind…

She waited and waited for him trying her best to hold the rock tightly so she doesn’t fall… there was still no sign of Arnav.

“Somebody help me please” She shouted once again

Luckily a passerby heard her voice and rushed to the cliff to help the little girl from falling down… he got hold of her hand and pulled her of the cliff saving her life.

Khushi thanked him whole heartedly as she ran home with a broken heart… never in her life had she thought that Arnav was such a coward who would leave her alone to die on the cliff… and he called himself her best friend.

Nov 3, 2017

Tere Liye ((Season 2))... Part 3 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 40 times)

“This is unbelievable, I mean he like really left you to die alone when he knew he couldn’t save you? Instead he could have gone and called out someone for help” Avisha said angrily.

“I was also hurt… after all he was my only best friend… I know at the age of seven it wouldn’t matter much but it did to me, and after that incident I dint want to see his face ever in my life.” Khushi said

“So what did you do?”

“I just headed back home and as soon as I entered in, a surprise awaited me…

I saw mom and dad loading luggage into the car while I just wondered what was going on…”

“Mom… where are we going?” Khushi asked as she walked towards her mom.

“Thank god you are back, where had you been? We were looking for you Khushi… anyway right now I don’t have any answers to your question but I promise I’ll give you the answers later, just know that right now we have to leave” She said

“But where are we going to?”

“Mumbai” Dad said as he entered inside the car.

Mom picked me in her arms as she settled herself at the back seat and I just stared at her in complete confusion… What the hell was happening?

“To do what in Mumbai?”

“We have a flight to France from there, and now no more questions” her mom said shutting her up.

At one point Khushi was happy about leaving, at least she wouldn’t see Arnav now, because after whatever happened today, all she had left for him was hatred only.

Although she was also confused as to why her parents decided all this suddenly, she was still happy as she’d go abroad and completely forget about Arnav.

“Why did your parents shift so suddenly? What was wrong?”

“I came to know about it later on… actually dad was doing really well in his business and there were some people blackmailing him since long… that day when we left in a hurry, they had blackmailed him to pay them a huge amount of money or they kill us all…

Dad knew how bad they were and decided not to risk our lives so we shifted to France with and he started a new business over there with all the money he had earned from the business he had in India.”

“Okay… what about Arnav?”

“His parents and my parents had been friends but after we came to France, I advised dad that it was better if he dint stay in touch with anyone at all from India… that might give the guys who were blackmailing him the idea of his whereabouts and might even end up here.

Dad actually agreed to what I said and he made sure never to contact anyone ever again… the same with mom and me… we were like dead for everyone who knew us in India…

“Okay so that’s about your childhood… what happened after that… did you and Arnav meet again? When and how?” Avisha asked

“What happened after that…” Khushi said as she started walking around

“Somebody help me” She shouted out loud as she woke up from the nightmare..

She looked around her room in fear… eighteen years had passed by since that incident… but even today she woke up with the same dream.

Why was it haunting her yet? Why did it always keep on reminding her about that one person she so much wished to forget?

She pulled out her diary from under the pillow and started writing on it.

‘I don’t know why… I can’t still get him out of my mind…

It’s been eighteen year… I haven’t even seen him, I even have no idea whether he’s dead or alive… whether he’s yet in Samarpur or he also shifted somewhere else…

I don’t know why I still care about him… I still have that one corner in my heart that always refused to forget about him.

I want to move on from the past and it’s high time I do that but this dream always ends up reminding me of him even when I hate him so much’

She placed her diary back under the pillow and headed to take a shower wanting to wash away all those dirty stains of her past out of her life forever.

It had been eighteen years since they shifted to France and left behind everything else in India… Her parents shifted to Delhi after some while and started a new business over there which was now touching heights.

They normally used to come to France to pay a visit to Khushi as she had decided never to visit India… she told her parents if anyone tried to ask about her they wouldn’t speak a word, they would just be silent and they did that for her.

But now… after eighteen good years… it was time to go back home…

If there was any way she could escape going back, she definitely would have but right now she knew nothing needed her more than their business after her father passed away Six months ago.

She shut her eyes painfully remembering him… he had been here to visit her and while he went out for some work, he met with an accident and passed away…

They performed all his final rituals here in France itself but now, his business was left all alone, her mother had managed to take care of it for six months until Khushi finished with her studies… and now that she was done with her studies… it was time to go back and take over her dad’s business.

She packed everything and headed to the airport not willing to go back yet, but she dint want to leave all the business burden for her mother to handle only, she had more problem to handle.. in fact she needed some time alone for herself.

All her friends came to see her off at the airport and she was glad, at least here in France, she met friends who weren’t as selfish as Arnav.

All she hoped and prayed was not to see Arnav’s face… she knew he lived in Samarpur and it was in a very rare case he would come to her, people who lived in town at times had no idea of what was going on in the cities so that was one advantage.

Flashback Ends…

“So finally you were back, what after that? I mean your dad had such a huge business and his parents and your parents had been best of friends so there was a way he knew about you… dint he ever come to meet you?”

“No… and I was happy about it as I hated him so much, I don’t know why he never even bothered to look for me, but I was glad he dint, maybe he knew he was guilty and he had left me to die there…”

“So what happened next? How did you both meet? Did you recognize each other? I know it’s hard to recognize someone after eighteen years as everything about them changes but still…”


It had been a week now since she came back to India… she made sure she handled the whole business on her own, although she dint have any experience, she knew this was what she had to do so she put all her efforts in learning everything.

“Ma’am you have to take interviews today, I hope you remember” A lady said as she walked into her office.

“Sorry Sara, but I have a lot of work and I have to attend a meeting like in half an hour, can you take the interviews and employ the ones you find best? We have only today and if we don’t get engineers our work would stop” Khushi said

“But ma’am how would I know your preferences?”

“Just chose the best one, you can get help from others the Manager and anyone else, I just need ten engineers employed today got that”

“Okay” Sara said as she headed away to take interviews of all the people who had applied for the job.

Nov 4, 2017

Tere Liye ((Season 2))... Part 4 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 41 times)

Khushi walked back to her cabin after the meeting where she found her mother waiting for her, she walked in and settled on the seat opposite to hers.

“Mom, you’re here?” Khushi asked

“Yeah I just thought I’ll give you company until you learn things, then I can stay back home and rest”

“Don’t worry about me mom, everyone here is so supportive, they do teach me a lot”

Khushi looked at her mother who seemed a bit hesitant, she was behaving like she wanted to tell her something but still she couldn’t… there was something stopping her maybe.

“What is it mom? Do you want to tell me something?” Khushi asked

“I was asking if you can accompany me to samarpur, it’s been a while since I met Ankita and Arjun, the last time I met them was at like months back”

“Sorry mom, you know I’d never step in samarpur!” Khushi said as she turned away.

“But Arnav isn’t there Khushi… I don’t know what issues you both have that since we left Samarpur, leave looking back at it but you don’t even like anyone mentioning the name of that place, why is there so much bitterness?” Garima asked

“Because you dint experience what I did so you’d not understand what it feels when your own damn best friend leaves you to die!” Khushi shouted back angrily.

“What? You mean to say Arnav…”

“Mom let’s not discuss this, I don’t even want to talk about him… I’m sorry but I’ll not come to samarpur with you” Khushi said

“But you have problem with Arnav and he’s not there so why can’t you come? I talked to Ankita just last week and she told me he’s yet in Australia studying…

They have ever been asking about you but all I gave them in return was silence, they don’t even know if you are alive or dead, Khushi Arnav did wrong to you not his parents so why can’t you pay them a visit for once?”

“Look mom I don’t care even if he’s studying in Australia, I won’t ever set my feet in Samarpur… you can go there and meet them I’m not refusing right? I’ll meet them when they visit Delhi”

“Fine, stay stubborn” Garima said as she walked away angrily.

Khushi sat on her chair and punched the table angrily.

“Arnav! Arnav! Arnav! Why the hell don’t you just leave me alone? Let me live in peace for once at least!” Khushi almost broke down.

She pulled the extension and dialed Sara’s extension number.

“Yes Ma’am” Sara said

“What happened about the Engineers Sara?” Khushi asked

“We’ve already employed one team, I’ll just send the head of them team to meet you, that’s if you are free right now”

“I am free, do the necessary”

A few seconds later there was a knock at the door of her cabin and a few seconds later an unknown man walked in.

Khushi stared at him as he headed towards her, he just seemed cute. He was dressed formally in a black trouser and blue shirt with a black tie, his hair was gelled up, he had put on square spectacles and the perfume he had on was too strong for anyone in the room to realize the scent.

“You are the new engineer’s head right?” Khushi asked as she looked him into the eyes.

He blinked his eyes severally and avoided any sort of eye contact with her.

“Yea ma’am, I’m the new head, Miss Sara told me to see you” He said

“I’m your Managing Director Khushi Gupta” Khushi said as she brought her hand forward for a shake.

“I’m Arnav Raizada” he said as he shook hands with her while Khushi stared at him in shock.

Her mom just mentioned a while ago that Arnav was studying in Australia, so how was it possible for him to be here?

She stared at him hoping she could get one identical thing between this Arnav and the Arnav she knew in her childhood to make her believe he was the same Arnav but there was nothing apart from the name.

But then the fact remained to be that the last time she saw him he was a young boy of age eight how could she just differentiate.

But then if he was the same Arnav, why dint he react at her name? He dint even flinch, even though he left her to die, she was kind of sure he would at least remember her name.

“Take a seat” Khushi said as she settled herself down and Arnav sat opposite her.

“So Arnav… where are you basically from?” She asked

Even taking his name was a pain, just by the mention of that name, all the memories of her childhood flashed in front of her eyes and all she had was hatred in her heart… complete hatred for that best friend of hers who left her to die.

“I’m from Delhi ma’am… I’ve been living here”

“Since childhood? I mean you’ve been brought up here?” She asked

“Yes ma’am”

Her doubts were getting a bit clearer now, at least he wasn’t the same Arnav, he just had the same name as his, and what games destiny plays, this guy had to get job in her company always reminding her with his name about the past she’d been trying to forget for all this years.

“Anyway, you are welcome to the company, I’ll tell Sara to prepare the contract so we can get it signed tomorrow, and I hope you wouldn’t disappoint us with your work” Khushi said

“Not at all ma’am, I’ll not give you a chance to complain” he said as he stood up and headed towards the door.

Since the time he entered into her cabin, Khushi noticed one thing about him, he hadn’t made an eye contact with her, not even once.

He seemed so much like of a reserved person who liked to be with himself, anything else around him dint matter… maybe she was right this Arnav wasn’t the one she knew, he had always been so talkative so friendly and he was never scared to made eye contact with anyone.

She dialed her mother’s number on the phone and waited for her to receive the call.

“Mom… is Arnav really studying in Australia or… and uncle and aunty still live in Samarpur or?” Khushi asked

“Why are you asking that all over a sudden, his parents told me he’s been in Australia so it’s obvious they aren’t lying… in fact after he finished high school he left and since then he’s never been back” Garima said

“No… it’s just that we employed new engineers today, and the head of our engineers is called Arnav Raizada so I thought maybe he is the one”

“Many people have the same names Khushi… you might be mistaken, I don’t see any point where Arnav’s parents would lie that he’s in Australia, and if he was here he would be in Samarpur, what would he be doing in Delhi?”

“Yeah, maybe you are right, he might be another Arnav”

“What is it Khushi… I don’t understand you… at one place you say you hate him and at one point you just…”

“I hate him mom and that’s a fact that would never change!” She said as she disconnected the call angrily

Nov 4, 2017

Tere Liye ((Season 2))... Part 5 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 37 times)

Khushi couldn’t yet stop thinking about Arnav… all this years she had been trying her best to forget her past experiences but she couldn’t and now to make it worse, this guy with the same name was working in her company.

If he really was the Arnav she knew, why would he come and work with her? Obviously everyone knew that the owner of this business was her father and if Arnav knew that he would also know her.

She called Sara to her cabin as the both headed to the factory for a round up.

“I hope I’ll find the other new engineers at the factory” Khushi said as she parked the car outside.

“Yes ma’am Arnav is in charge of them, I’m sure he’d make sure they all are there… you can meet them here” Sara said as she followed Khushi inside the factory.

All the employees were busy doing their works while Khushi and Sara walked around having a look at everything.

She spotted Arnav standing in a corner holding something that looked like a piece of paper in his hand and he was staring at it like he’d never see it again… in fact he was just lost into it.

Khushi angrily walked towards him and as usual Sara did what she always did, followed her!

“Mr. Arnav… it’s your first day at work and I can see you aren’t even doing anything! This isn’t what I employed you for” Khushi said

Arnav quickly put whatever he had in his hand inside his pocket as he kept on looking at the floor.

“When I’m talking to you look at me” Khushi almost shouted angrily.

Sara just stared at Khushi in disbelief… she never had an idea that Khushi could even shout at someone, she always seemed calm, in fact she hadn’t seen her even talking in a loud voice to anyone.

Arnav hesitated but he finally turned his head up and looked at Khushi who was quiet surprised when she saw his eyes completely red.

“What happened?” she asked as she calmed down.

She couldn’t believe that she ended up shouting at him, she had never shouted at anyone… maybe this was because his name was Arnav and it was really bothering her.

“I’m sorry ma’am I was just taking some rest… I’ve been working all day long” Arnav explained

“Is everything okay?” Khushi asked

“Yes ma’am just some personal issues, anyway excuse me please” he said as he walked away leaving Khushi all worried.

What was it that he was staring… why did he seem like he was crying?

Was it because she shouted at him? Not really he wasn’t a baby to cry on something like that.

More than being curious about his name, now she was curious to know what was bothering him this much.

She headed ahead with Sara as she met the rest of the new engineers employed and explained all the work to them.

Arnav returned back after washing his face and looking as fresh as he was in the morning as he stood next to the engineers while Khushi continued explaining things this not looking away from Arnav at all.

After she was done, she headed back to the car telling Arnav to follow her.

She sent Sara to fetch some water for her to drink while she stood near the car with him.

“Look Arnav, first of all I’m sorry I shouted at you, it’s not what I intended to do… it’s just that your… forget it.

What I want to say is I know you have personal problems, I do too but I guess it would be better if we kept them away from work right?”

“Yes ma’am I understand”

“Great, so get back to work, and make sure to submit the work report by the end of tomorrow to the office so I can see how fast the work is progressing then I can decide on what to do and how to plan things out”

“Okay ma’am” Arnav said as he turned to walk away.

“Arnav” Khushi said as he turned back to look at him.

“Whatever that’s bothering you, will soon be okay hopefully” She smiled

“I wish it could” Arnav said as he walked away leaving her in more confusion.

He headed back inside the factory and sat down in a corner when Aman, his colleague who joined the company with him settled himself beside him.

“What happened? Ma’am seemed really angry” Aman asked

“Nothing really… she just said I should concentrate on work and leave my personal life back at home”

“Oh well, that reminds me… why did you seem to be sad and lost?” Aman asked

“Because it was my wife’s death anniversary” Arnav said

“What? I mean you were married and your wife passed away? Don’t mind but it just sounds so weird, you got married at such a young age?”

“Well yeah and now is when I realize how much I miss her and how much I love her… life seems complicated without her… isn’t it weird, I got my job on the same day she passed away” Arnav said

“I’m sorry Arnav, that’s really sad… hopefully one day you’d come out of it” Aman said

Arnav just nodded as Aman walked away.

Khushi settled herself down in her cabin and looked at the files that were placed in front of her.

They were the files of the new employees.

She quickly looked for Arnav’s file and went through it hoping something would give her a hint and maybe she’d get to know if he really is the same Arnav or not.

She dint know why but she wasn’t able to decide yet if he really was the one or not.

She went through his profile when she saw in his relationship status.

He was married! That came as a shock for her… if he wasn’t married why dint his parents ever mention that about him?

She stared at her phone once again and just decided to call her mom.

“Yes Khushi” Garima said

“Mom, Arnav is already married?”

“Where’s your common sense sweetheart, I told you he left after high school and he’s never been back, his parents haven’t even seen him so how could you expect him to get married?”

“Maybe he did without informing them”

“This is ridiculous”

“I know… anyway see you” Khushi said as she once again disconnected the call.

Nov 7, 2017

Tere Liye ((Season 2))... Part 6 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 38 times)

There was a knock at the door of Khushi’s cabin, a few seconds later Arnav walked in.

“Ma’am it’s me Arnav… I was here to submit the report” Arnav said as Khushi was sited facing the opposite side.

As soon as she heard his name, she turned around and looked at him angrily.

“Did I say come in? So why are you inside my cabin? Weren’t you taught manners, you knocked fine but I dint allow you to enter inside” Khushi said angrily

“I’m sorry ma’am I’ll keep that in mind next time”

“Where’s the report?” She asked and before Arnav could speak a word, she snatched the file from his hand and started looking at it as Arnav looked at her in confusion, he just couldn’t understand her, just when she visited the factory she had told him everything that’s bothering him would be fine and right now she’s behaving so rude and arrogant with him without no reason.

Was this how she usually behaved or was there some other reason?

“This is what you call the day report? Mr. Arnav, if you are forgetting we hired you as the head engineer, your work is to make sure anything going wrong is made right but this report shows complete opposite, and the work progress is really low, is this how I’ll run my company?” Khushi asked angrily.

“Ma’am it’s just the…”

“If you can’t do your work properly please resign, we have many people out there waiting for this opportunity”

“I’m sorry ma’am” Arnav said as he stared at the floor.

“I need good reports tomorrow or else we’ll not be in good terms with you, now leave!” She said as she threw the file on the table.

Arnav sadly walked away as he met Sara outside the cabin.

“Did you in any case do something wrong? You’ve ignited the fire that was never there” Sara asked

“What do you mean?”

“Khushi ma’am mom always used to say she’s so calm and so happy, she respects everyone and since she’s come here, although that had been like two day but I haven’t seen her shouting at any employee like she was shouting at you no matter how big the mistake…

It’s just weird, I’m seeing her being totally opposite of what her mother said she was… what happened?”

“I have no idea why she’s so angry with me” Arnav said sadly as he walked away wondering what could it be about him that was bothering her so much?

Khushi held her head as she leaned on the table, she never knew she could be this angry, and she could even talk to someone like she talked to Arnav.

Maybe it wasn’t his fault, it was his name that had the issues, it always reminded her of that one person she once loved but now hated the most.

“Ma’am are you okay?” Sara asked

“I just need some rest, please manage all the work you can, I’ll deal with the rest when I come tomorrow” Khushi said

“Sure ma’am, but before you leave, there’s someone outside waiting for you, he said he was your friend and his name was Arjun”

“Arjun is here?” Khushi asked excitedly and before Sara could say anything she rushed out looking for him.

She found him at the reception and hugged him tightly.

“What a pleasant surprise, how come you are here in India? Did you come behind me all the way from France?” She asked

“Maybe yes, can we talk about this at the dinner?”

“You are taking me out for dinner?”

“Of course I am, it’s good to take Khushi Kumari Gupta for dinner, because nothing makes her as happy as food does”

“No stupid, you make me happier than food does, I can’t tell you how happy I am that you are here, you just made my day” she hugged him again as they both headed to the parking.

Arnav threw his keys on the side table as he walked to his room and locked himself inside, all the memories of his wife flashing before his eyes.

A tear rolled down his eyes as he wiped it away and within a few seconds he broke down once more, it was just too hard to stop crying, he missed her so damn much.

There was no girl and there will never be any girl he could love as much as he loved his wife, she was just the most amazing person.

“I’m sorry, it’s all my fault… I have no right to cry when I was the one at fault” he said as he hugged the pillow like a baby and continued crying.

Khushi and Arjun walked into a five star hotel and they sat on the table Arjun had already booked for them.

They ordered for the food and while waiting for it, they started making stories.

“So what brings you here?” Khushi asked

“You!” Arjun replied

“Be serious Arjun, I mean you always used to tell me when we were in France that you don’t like India and you’d think a hundred times before you come here, there must be a huge reason”

“And like I said, you are the reason Khushi”

Khushi just stared at him speechlessly, she dint know what to say and what not to.

“You know I couldn’t even go a day without seeing you and after you left I tried but I couldn’t, I don’t know if it was just that our friendship was strong or whatever but I felt incomplete without you.

So for you, leave thinking a hundred time, I dint even think once before booking my tickets to come here and to bring you for dinner and to tell you that I realized that all that I had with you for all this years when we were in school together, when we finished college together wasn’t just friendship but love.

I am here today because I miss you Khushi, because I have finally realized that I can’t be happy without you, you are the only one who makes me feel those butterflies, and I can’t deny the fact that I love you”

“Arjun” Khushi said as her eyes almost welled up.

“What is this Khushi? Tell me if it’s not love why did you get so happy seeing me? Why couldn’t you stop yourself from hugging me and telling me how happy you are on finally seeing me?

Tell me it wasn’t love when we met daily, spent hours together talking, teasing each other and doing what not.” Arjun said

Khushi looked at him as she thought and thought about it… she had no idea what love was like, but if whatever Arjun was saying was love then yes, she did love him too, he was the only one who could make her happy.

“You know what Arjun” Khushi said as the waiter interrupted them.

He placed the food on the table and walked away, Khushi turned her gaze to look at Arjun and smiled at him.

“I love you too” She said giving Arjun all the happiness in the world.

“I Love you baby, I love you so damn much… please come back to me, come back to your Arnav and forgive him all the mistakes he made” Arnav cried.

His phone rang bringing him out of the sad world he was lost in.

“Yes Aman” Arnav said as he received the call.

“Will you open the door please, I’ve been ringing the bell for half an hour now but seems like you are dead” Aman said

“You are at my apartment? What are you doing here?” Arnav asked as he headed to open the door.

“Surprise!” Aman said as he walked in as soon as Arnav opened the door.

“What are you doing here?” Arnav asked

“Why were you crying? Okay I know you lost your wife on this very day and although its been just a day we met, I felt like you needed a friend today and I dint want you to cry because I know that’s what you were doing so I just thought, I’d pay you a visit, order some pizza and we’d watch some movie and you’d feel better” Aman said

Arnav just smiled at him as he sat next to him and thanked him for doing all this, it was after so long that he felt someone’s care towards him.

Nov 8, 2017

Tere Liye ((Season 2))... Part 7 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 30 times)

“I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to move on” Arnav said

“What had happened?” Aman asked

“An accident and just in a flash I lost her, when I was with her I never understood what she meant to me, but in all this years, I tried but every time I closed my eyes, all I saw was her”

“I’ve seen you look at our boss, I mean Miss. Khushi… I know you behave to be just a normal worker in front of her but when she’s not noticing you, I’ve noticed the way you look at her… is it because you are attracted to her or something else?”

“She shares her name with my wife” Arnav said

“Your wife was also called Khushi?”

“Yes, Khushi Gupta… everything about her is so much alike her except of her anger and rudeness, my Khushi used to be sweet and innocent…”

“Is it just a coincidence?”

“Yes maybe, because dead people don’t return” Arnav said

“At what age did you get married?”

“At the age of two…” Arnav giggled

“You aren’t serious” Aman said in surprise.

“I am… both our parents were great family friends, six months after my birth she was born and then our parents decided, when I turn two, they would get us married.

Living in a small town like Shimla, at those time people used to believe in child marriages, and so we got married.

I had no idea about it until the day before I left for Australia, that’s when my parents told me that I was married to her”

“You left for Australia? What? This is so damn confusing” Aman asked

“Look, I know we just met but you did something for me that no one has ever done, I find a friend in you and although it’s too early to trust you, I am trusting you.

I had been in Australia until last month, I decided to shift here to Delhi and look for a job, I dint want to go back to Shimla because I knew her memories would haunt, I haven’t informed my parents that I’m in Delhi because once they get to know, they’d want me to go back to Shimla”

“Why would you do that?”

“Because I dint want to live in Australia, it felt far from her, and I dint want to go back to Shimla, it felt too close to her, so I decided to be here not too far and not too close to her memories.

I had an old friend and he helped me show in my documents that I’ve always lived in Delhi, I just wanted to make sure I did everything I could to stay safe and not let my parents get an idea I was in India”

“But why would you do that to them?”

“Because once they’d know I’m back they’d want to get me married, Khushi passed away at the age of eight Aman, you think my parents would let me just stay like this? Just to avoid this topic you won’t believe I haven’t even called them since I left... I know it’s not right but I had no other choice.”

“She passed away at the age of eight! And you still loved her so much?”

“I always will… she was that part of my life that would never fade”

“I’m so happy I can’t express” Arjun said

“I am happy too… it’s all good and beautiful…” Khushi replied

“Aunty would be happy to know this, I always felt like she wanted us to be together you know the way she used to always tell us to do things together and all”

“Should we surprise her?”

“Not a bad idea” Arjun said as he stood up.

He asked for the bill, paid and they both checked out heading back home to give Garima a surprise.

“Wouldn’t it be weird, I mean you just confessed today and we are already telling mom about it?” Khushi asked

“No, I think it would be sweet, she’ll be happy her daughter isn’t hiding anything from her”

“You’ve got a point” Khushi giggled

The parked the car and walked inside the mansion holding each other’s hand.

Garima stood up as she looked at Arjun in surprise, she surely wasn’t expecting him here.

“What a lovely surprise, what brings you to India?” Garima asked as she hugged him.

“Your daughter” Arjun said as he broke the hug

“You mean Khushi? What did she do? I hope you dint force him or blackmail him” Garima asked looking at Khushi

“She did kind of force me… she took away my heart so how could I live without it, I was forced to come here behind her and taker hers away for revenge” Arjun said

Garima looked at the both in confusion, only understanding a bit of what Arjun was trying to say

Arjun held her hand and made her sit down as he looked into her eyes.

“Aunty, I am here for Khushi… I’ve already told her that so I thought we’d tell you it so that you know… we both love each other” Arjun said

Garima stood up in shock and turned away from them.

“What happened mom? Aren’t you happy? Don’t you like Arjun?” Khushi asked worriedly.

“I do like him Khushi, you know that don’t you?” Garima said

“Then what’s the problem mom?” Garima asked

“You want to know what the problem is. The problem is that you are married already!”

“What?” Khushi asked in surprise

“Yes, you were married to Arnav in childhood, to that Arnav you now hate God knows for what reason… Trust me there wouldn’t be anyone happier than me knowing that you both love each other and for now I really do regret whatever happened years back but we can’t change it”

“I don’t care if I was married to Arnav mom, he never meant a thing to me, he never will”

“If he never meant a thing to you Khushi, why do you always mention his name in your sleep, why does he affect you so much?” Garima asked

“Because what I feel for him is hate and not love! I don’t care what you do or what you tell him or his parents, all I know is that I love Arjun and he loves me and we both are happy being together, you can’t snatch this away from us, neither can he”

“Khushi all I want is your happiness dear but what do I do?”

“Tell them, I am happy with Arjun, I don’t want to be with that damn Arnav!” She shouted

She turned to look at Arjun and held his hand as she looked him into the eyes.

“Let’s get engaged please” She said

“Khushi we just started the relation, at least we should take some time to understand each other, then talk about engagement, what’s the hurry for?”

“If you love me and I love you we don’t need time, yes it’s a different story if now you want to back out because you know I was married to some kid when I was also a kid, that thing doesn’t mean anything to me anyway”

“Shut up Khushi and stop talking nonsense, I will get engaged to you, I love you more than anything… trust me” Arjun said as he cupped her face.

“Mom, you know what to do” Khushi said as she held Arjun’s hand and pulled him away with her.

Garima sat on the sofa as she called Ankita, to inform her about Khushi’s decision.

“Yes Garima, tell me you called me to tell me when you are actually coming here” Ankita said as she received the call.

“I’m sorry, that wasn’t what I actually called for, I called to talk about Arnav and Khushi’s marriage, remember we had got them married in childhood, I was wondering if Arnav was happy about it” Garima asked

“Actually I never told you but I don’t know why Arnav thinks that Khushi passed away” Ankita said

“What?” Garima asked in shock

“Yeah, in fact we thought the same, until you called us after so many years of leaving Shimla, that’s when I was also surprised to know Khushi was alive… and by the time I got to know, he had already gone to Australia and like I told you he never called us so we haven’t had a chance to talk to him about it” Ankita said leaving Garima in more shock.

Why would Arnav think Khushi was dead out of the blues? There was surely some misunderstanding between them.

Nov 9, 2017

Tere Liye ((Season 2))... Part 8 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 34 times)

After Garima finished talking to Ankita about all the issues, she turned to talk to Khushi but she was standing there already looking at her strictly.

“Arjun and I are getting engaged mom, that’s it I don’t need to listen to anything related to Arnav! I’m fed up now! I don’t want to even hear his name being mentioned in front of me anymore!” Khushi announced angrily as she held Arjun’s hand and walked out with him.

“What’s wrong Khushi? So much hatred for a person?” Arjun asked

“I always had, I always will have the hatred… if you had a best friend who left you to die, you’d understand how I felt” Khushi said

“What do you mean?”

“Arnav and I were childhood buddies… we used to spend our days together mostly, our parents were great friends too… but one evening everything changed… We were playing over a cliff and I fell down, I got hold of something and shouted at him for help, at first he pretended to help me but then later on he just ran away telling me he’d be back and he never came back… he was such a damn coward he left me to die there, if he couldn’t help me at least he could have called for other people to help” Khushi said as tears rolled down her eyes.

“That was such a bad experience, I’m sorry you had to face all that”

“After someone finally saved me, I rushed home and luckily we were leaving Samarpur forever, actually dad had some issues because of which we had to leave without contacting anyone… we then shifted to Paris and dad never contacted anyone back in India, he said it was dangerous if anyone got to know where he was…

I still don’t have an idea why we left, but maybe it was destiny, it’s good I dint see him after that, if I did I would have killed him!

Anyway after a few years dad came to Delhi and began a new business and I don’t know if he ever contacted Arnav’s family or not, but after I came here, I got to know mom had just recently contacted them… through mom I got to know he’s in Australia studying… we’ll great for me, I wish I never have to see his face”

“It’s okay baby, everything will be good after we get engaged” Arjun said as he hugged Khushi.

“He was my best friend, I trusted him more than anything and he did this to me” Khushi cried more and more.

Arjun just held her tightly trying to calm her down.

Next Morning.

Khushi had just walked in to her cabin when Sara called her to inform her that Arnav was waiting to see her, she told her to send him to her cabin as she tried her best to stay unaffected by his name.

Arnav knocked and then waited until Khushi told him to enter, that’s when he walked in.

“Yes, tell me” Khushi said as she looked at him.

He was dressed officially, his hair well combed, a fake smile on his face… well she could easily tell it was fake, his eyes spoke something else, they were moist… almost at the verge of breaking down.

“Ma’am there’s an issue at the factory… one of the biggest machine has got spoilt, we tried all we could but it’s impossible to make it work now, I was wondering if you could do something about it or we’d have to purchase a new one” Arnav said

“I don’t have time to waste repairing unrepairable stuff, get a new machine”

“We’ll have to import it from abroad, there are a few of that kind here and I’ve done research on them, but I guess importing one would be much cheaper.”

“Okay so what should I do about that?”

“I know a company in Australia which can help us in this, I’ve talked to them, but I suggest it’s better if you’d visit Australia and confirm the machine is good then we can get it imported.”

“Okay, get your passport and leave it with Sara, I’ll find a free day and get the tickets booked” “Sorry ma’am but my passport for?”

“Obviously I’m not going to Australia alone, you know the company you’d have to come with me, you are the engineer after all, you’ll be the one to know what’s best”

“Okay ma’am” Arnav said as he headed towards the door but before he could exit, Khushi stopped him.


He turned around to look at her hoping she wouldn’t shout at him again, her moods were just unpredictable.

“Have you ever been to Australia? I mean how do you know the company and the owner?”

“Actually one of my friend’s went there so he’s the one who helped me with all this” Arnav said as he walked away leaving Khushi in thoughts.

She dint know why, but everything about this boy was just making her so restless, he just felt like her childhood best friend.

Arnav arrived at the factory and was greeted by everyone else including Aman who followed Arnav to his cabin.

“So did you talk to Miss. Attitude about the machine?” He asked

“Her name is Khushi!” Arnav said

“Oh someone is being protective huh, but my dear Arnav just for your information, her name is Khushi but she isn’t your Khushi” Aman said

Arnav just stared at him plainly…

“Or she might be… you never saw her after whatever happened… you believe she’s dead but what if she isn’t?”

“Stop thinking nonsense” Arnav said

“Do you know her full name? Do you know her father’s name? Maybe we could find out and know if she really isn’t”

“Stop giving me hopes Aman, I don’t want to hope she is my Khushi and then start looking for details and in the end it would turn out to be she isn’t the one, I know because my Khushi left me long back…

If I had to do that I would have done the first time she told me her name, I dint even react at it.. But anyway… she can’t be my Khushi, she’s so arrogant and full of attitude, my Khushi wasn’t at all like this”

“Strange, you work in a company and you don’t even know it’s history”

“Because I dint want to give myself false hopes Aman”

“And what if she’s alive, maybe somewhere”

“Then destiny would bring her back to me, my love for her will bring her back to me… but anyway, dead people don’t come back and enough of this topic… let’s get back to work”

"Arnav" said Khushi stood unmoved outside Arnav’s cabin… tears kept rolling down her eyes unable to digest what she had just heard. Her instincts were somehow true, he was the same

Arnav… he so called childhood best friend!

Nov 10, 2017

Tere Liye ((Season 2))... Part 9 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 47 times)

Khushi quickly rushed away from there and headed home directly.

She dint know what to do, she dint understand a thing… what was he doing here? Why did he lie to her about his identity?

Did he know she was the one? If he did he wouldn’t thing she was dead…

So many things kept on running on her mind and she just couldn’t decide what to do… She really wished never to see him but destiny had something else for her.

She cried and threw the pillows and cursed Arnav and did everything she could to make herself feel better but nothing was going to help anyway.

Why was he once again back in her life? Last time he tried to snatch away her life from her, what did he want to take away this time?

She thought and thought on every possible way to get rid of him… He thought that she was dead, she would actually maintain that for him, she would always be dead for him.

She’d never let him know she’s alive, he has to regret every moment of his life for leaving her there on the cliff all alone shouting for help. He had to feel worse, even if there’s a feeling worse than worse, he has to feel it just the way she felt when she almost died.

From now onwards, she would revenge… she would make sure he feels all the kinds of pain and realize what she must have felt like. Now that he was in front of her, she couldn’t let him go so easily.

“Are you okay Khushi?” Arjun asked as he walked in.

“Yeah I’m fine, just tired so thought I’d rest”

“Oh sorry I disturbed you, I just came to give you the good news” Arjun said

“What is it?” She asked “I talked to mom dad, they’re coming here for our engagement… we can get engaged after two weeks, dad said by then he’d be able to get some time for himself and come here for it” Arjun said

“Wow really? I’m so happy… Two weeks and we’ll be engaged” Khushi said excitedly.

Just then her phone rang, when she saw Arnav’s number, her anger came up once again… she hated him to the core. There was no one or no other things in this entire world that she hated as much as she hated Arnav.

“Yes” She said as she put the phone near her ear.

“Ma’am I’ve got the tickets booked through Sara, I’ve talked to the manager of the company too so we are scheduled to leave tomorrow for the deal, if that’s okay with you” Arnav asked

“Sure, I’ll be at the airport, get my tickets sent to my place” She said as she disconnected the call.

“Going somewhere?” Arjun asked

“Yeah… some business deal in Australia, I’m sorry it all just happened so suddenly I couldn’t inform you”

“It’s okay but if you had informed me earlier, I would have joined you… what will I do here all alone without you?”

“It’s okay it’s just a matter of three to four days, and I’ll be back.. Meanwhile you can go roam around and see how beautiful India is”

“I guess I’d have to do that” Arjun said as he pulled her into a hug.

Khushi hugged him back as she closed her eyes thinking about Arnav and how she was going to plan her revenge on him.

Next Morning

As the flight was scheduled early morning, Arnav and Khushi had to arrive at the airport before sunrise.

Khushi tried her best to pretend normal in front of Arnav and not give him an idea that she knew him or do anything that would make him realize she’s the same Khushi whom he thinks to be dead as a result of his own mistakes.

After passing the customs and security check, they finally boarded the flight and settled themselves on the business class seats.

Arnav and Khushi’s seats were together which made her quite irritated, she couldn’t even stand a thought about him and here he was, sitting next to her, going Australia with her… How was she going to deal with all this?

“Are you okay ma’am?” Arnav asked as he saw her lost in some thoughts.

“Yeah I’m fine” She replied trying to sound serious.

She folded her arms and lowered the seat pretending to sleep so that she’d avoid any kind of conversation with him.

As Arnav saw Khushi asleep, he pulled out a black diary out of his handbag and started writing something in it.

Khushi opened her eyes a bit and peeped at whatever he was doing, she could just see him writing something in a book but couldn’t read it.

When he closed the diary, she got a glimpse of the first page which had her childhood photograph on it. It was quite surprising actually, why would he put her photograph there when he left her to die?

She felt really angry and almost shouted at him when she stopped herself, if she did anything of such sort, he’d get the idea. She sat up and looked at Arnav who tried to hide the diary.

“I saw it already” She said

Arnav just looked at her in confusion, he dint know what to do or say.

“May I ask whose photograph that was?” Khushi asked

Arnav opened the first page as he touched Khushi’s photographs and a tear fell on it from his eyes. He quickly wiped in away and looked at Khushi.

“She was my best friend…” He said

“Was? What happened? Is she no more your best friend?” Khushi asked

“No… she left me alone in this world and went away… she’s no more” Arnav said sadly

He closed the diary and looked away from Khushi as he shut his eyes so he wouldn’t cry…

Khushi just stared at him in disbelief… he was crying over her death when he left her to die? Maybe he was just trying to gain sympathy from people so that he could get over the guilt of leaving her to die there.

Although she tried hard to divert her mind, she ended up thinking about that photograph and the reason why he had it if he really left her there to die.

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