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Oct 27, 2017

My Index (By Chamkililaadgoverner) (Thanked: 15 times)


Hi  guys,  this  is  the  index  of  all  my  completed  stories, ongoing  stories.


Ongoing Stories:

Life  After  Marriage 2

ASR  married  a  girl, Khushi  suddenly  one  day  and  brought  her  to  house. Why did  he  married  her  ??  How  love  bloomed  between  them ?? When the love have blossomed it was known they were separated lovers in their previous birth.. Will their love story be successful atleast in this life ??



Second  Love and Marriage ( Season 2)

Arnav hurted his family, the girl who loved him  two and half years ago.. He betrayed her on her marriage marrying some other girl.. Now, he returned back for his sister’s marriage but he find out he caused damage to an greater extent.. He is responsible for the miserable life of the girl who loved him.. How is he going to repent for his mistakes ?? 



Why is it always me ?? (Season 2)

Khushi is pregnant and she over heard family talking to give her baby to Anjali who lost her baby.. Feeling betrayed, she left the house.. Whose fault is it actually ?? Hers or Arnav’s ??  

Completed Stories:

Life after  Marriage

Khushi  gets  married  to  Arnav  who is  mentally  imbalanced  for  her  father.. How  her  life  changed  after  marriage ?? How did she fell in love with him?? What happened when Arnav’s memory came back and he became ASR again ?? Did he accepted her ??  Will he fell in love with her ??


Second  Love  and  Marriage

Arnav  gets  married  to  his  brother’s  wife  Khushi  who  hates  him  to  core ?? Why  did  Khushi   hate  him ??  Why  did  Arnav  marry  her ?? Is Dhruv really a good guy ?? What will happen when Khushi comes know the innocence of Arnav ??


Love  of  Arshi ( Completed):

This  is  the  story  after  Arnav  blames  Khushi  for  his  Di’s  condition and calling her as biggest mistake of his life... Khushi  leaves  him  and  goes  to  GH. Arnav realizes his mistake and comes back to GH as PG.. What  Arnav  do’s  to  win  her  back ??


Revenge  and Redemption (completed):

This  is   the  story  when  Arnav  throws  Khushi  out  of  RM  after  six  months  of  contract  marriage. Khushi  comes  back  to  take  revenge  on  Raizadas.. She is not an ordinary KKG but Aradhya Khurana..


Short  stories:

SS:I am  nothing  without  U

An  SS  Based  on  sheetal’s  track  where  Khushi  decides  to  teach  Arnav  a  lesson.. After Sheetal and Aarav came, everyone including Arnav started to spend more time with them and caring for them totally forgetting Khushi and her pain.. So, KKGSR taught to teach her family and husband a lesson,,


SS:I will  always  be  with  U

It  starts  when  Khushi  and  Arnav  were  back  to  RM  escaping  from  Kidnappers. Will  Anjali  believe  them ??

SS: Our  Love.. Forever:

This  is  the  sequel  to  SS:  I  will  always  be  with you.. Did  Anjali  Jha  succeeded  in  ruining  ASR ??


  SS:Why  is  it  always  me ??:

This  is  the  story  of  Sheetal’s  track  but  in  different  background. Why  Sheetal  came  to  RM ??  Who  brought  her ?? What  is  their  motive  behind  it ?? How Khushi is hurt in this process  and how she is going to punish the people who hurt her ??

SS: Me  and  My  secretary(Completed)

A  Short  story  where  a  boss  fells  in  love  with  his  secretary  at  his  first  sight. But  the  secretary  is  not  ready  to  accept  his  love..  Why ??


Five  shot: Trust  on  my  love:

Khushi  comes  to  know  about  Shyam  on  her  marriage  day  with  him. She  will  elope  from  mandap  and  gets  acquainted  with  Arnav. Will  Arnav believ  what  she  says ??


Three  shot:  REVENGE

ASR’s  wife  and  daughter  are  angry  on  him. They  thought  to  take   a  sweet  revenge  from  him. How ??


Two shot : Birthday  gift.

ASR’s  birthday  surprise  and   gifts  to  his  wife


One  shot:

OS: Laadgovernor’s Daughter

OS: True  love always  wins

OS: KKGSR  hates  ASR

OS: His Punishment (Awarded) 

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