SS:Path of Love

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Oct 10

SS:Path of Love (By Angel23) (Thanked: 44 times)

“Nani I should fall in love too.. how can I give my whole life to someone whom I don’t even have feelings for??” Arnav asked to his Nani in a scolding tone, and tasted his sandwich after that.

“Chote love can happen after the marriage also..” Anjali said passing to him his juice.

“What if it doesn’t happen? I don’t want to take a risk..” Arnav shrugged his shoulders.

“Your father had an arranged marriage. Then why can’t you?” Nani asked stubbornly, she is tired of waiting for her grandson marriage.

“Nani I want a love marriage only..” Arnav also said stubbornly to his Nani. Both keep looking at each other angrily with their cute faces, while Anjali couldn’t help but smile.

“Chote if it about the girl’s looks, then don’t worry Nani will find a beautiful girl for you..” Anjali said caressing his shoulders trying to convince her lil bro.

“Diiiii.. The girl maybe ugly, poor, or whatever for you all.. if I fall in love with her all this won’t even matter for me.. I’m not looking for beauty, but a companion who will walk with me and make my journey a memorable and exciting one with her..” Arnav said “And if you both want to continue on this topic, I’m leaving to AR..” he stood up.

“Okay okay.. bacha.. don’t be angry..” Nani send a flying kiss to him, making him sit again.

Arnav smiled seeing his blackmail working on them.

“When I will get my bhabhi then?” Anjali rolled her eyes.

“Isn’t it you Di who keep saying to me that DM is the one who writes our destiny and not me? Then ask her, she will surely answer you..” Arnav smiled sipping his juice.

Nani and Anjali sighed and looked back at their plates.

Arnav finished his breakfast, and went directly to his room to fetch his bag and laptop.


Arnav’s car came to halt as soon as they reached in mandir, he helped his Di and Nani opening the door for them.

“Bye chote..” Anjali waved at him taking Nani with her.

“Bye.. Nani pray for your bahu as well..” Arnav teased her and got inside his car.

Nani pouted and went with Anjali, making Arnav giggle.

After sometime the driver reached, and Arnav walk out of the car making space for him.

“Ram kaka.. drive well please..” Arnav said handling the keys to him.

“Yes beta..” the old man smiled seeing the care this boy has for his only family, his sister and grandma.

Arnav nodded, and went from there to take a taxi to reach AR. He may face all the difficulties in this world, but would never let his two precious ladies face any problem.


Arnav signaled the taxi car to stop, he walked to open the door but someone kept her hand on his stopping him.

Arnav look at his left side to meet the person who stopped him, but the sight just made his speechless.

“Excuse me.. I called this taxi first..” the girl said.

Arnav blinked his eyes waking up from his dream land, “I called him first.. I didn’t saw you when I was calling him..”

“That’s because I was at the other side.. even I didn’t saw you..” the girl explained with a calm and composed posture.

“If you didn’t saw me, neither did I.. then how can you be so sure you called him first?” Arnav smirked.

The girl bit her lips embarrassed, and kept clutching her purse.

“You also can’t be sure that you called him first..” she said finding a solution for her problem.

“At least I reached first here.. and you saw that..” Arnav crossed his arms leaning on the car.

The girl nodded upset, “I really needed this taxi.. I’m getting late for my work and my boss will scold me a lot.. it’s not even weeks since I joined.. but it’s okay..”

She walked to go and find another taxi, Arnav felt guilty for arguing with her.

“Excuse me..” Arnav shouted to her.

The girl turned back to him, “You called me??” her face lit up in the hope that he would give her his taxi.

“Yeah.. I’m getting late for a meeting so you’re.. we can go together right?” Arnav smiled.

The girl nodded running back to him, “Yes.. thank you so much..”

Arnav opened the car’s door for her and then he got inside the car.

He kept a distance between both, as he didn’t want her to think that he was taking advantage of her for being a girl.

“Thank you..” the girl smiled and then kept engrossed on her phone. She didn’t know what to talk with a stranger, at the same time she thought he was good but she can’t talk with him as if he is her friend. Maintaining a distance was the best option she had now.

Arnav nodded his head as if accepting her thank you, he stare at the window side waiting for this silent journey ends soon, things were becoming awkward now.. nothing to talk.. nothing to see.. only stealing glances at each other.. and back to the phone.. both thanked who created phone because it was the only way to pretend that you’re actually doing something when you’re not..

“Should I ask her name? No.. she would think I want to flirt with her.. it’s better to keep chatting with Aman only..” Arnav thought staring at the girl.

As soon as she lifted her eyes to glance at him, he looked back at his phone. 

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Oct 10

Part 2 - Knowing each other's names.. (By Angel23) (Thanked: 64 times)

Soon he dropped her in a place that looked like a wedding.

“What the.. she was saying that she was late for work, then how come we reached in a wedding.. was she making a fool out of me??” Arnav raised his eyebrow confused.

“Bye.. thanks once again..” the girl said and waved at a confused Arnav.

Arnav nodded and waved back at her, with not the same smile before, he leaned on his seat and the taxi driver headed the AR.

“Stupid girl.. she went to a wedding and made an excuse of work.. you shouldn’t trust anyone so easily Arnuuu..” Arnav talked with himself.



“Hmm you know Di I would take care of myself..” Arnav said with his phone on his hand, and reading his files, while his PA, Aman followed him behind everywhere he was going.

“But Chote.. what’s this?? Me and Nani would take some taxi or even called Ram kaka.. you didn’t need to go by taxi.. you’re ASR!!” Anjali scolded him, as his elder sister she would like to pamper him a lot, but it’s completely opposite, he is the one who always does these little sacrifices for his family.

“But I know that you both love going to mandir with me right? It’s the time we get to chat about our lives and our usually funny and childish acts.. so I will always drop you both to mandir and then ask Ram kaka to get you back home.. simple as that.. it’s my habit Di.. you don’t need to tire yourself to change it.. because I won’t..” Arnav said smiling, and turned to Aman, who was blindly following him. Arnav was about to kiss Aman, but stopped on his tracks on time: What the.. Aman watch out..

Aman stepped back as soon as he realized he was going to kiss his boss just by clinging to him.

Arnav sighed in relief, “Thank God it’s wasn’t a kiss..”

“Kiss??” Anjali asked.

“Haan this Aman is following me everywhere.. now when I turned I was about to kiss him.. “ Arnav frowned, Aman held his ear saying sorry.

And Anjali fell on the sofa laughing out loudly at her brother’s state and Aman’s embarrassed face.


“What?? Khushi you came here with a man??” her job colleague smiled astonished.

“Hmm.. what’s the big deal?” Khushi smiled with slight frown on her face, holding the flowers to decorate the wedding venue on her hands.

“I thought you don’t like it..” her friend, Simran giggled.

“And it’s not what you’re thinking.. I was getting late.. and we both called the same taxi.. so he offered me to get in with him.. I accepted because I needed it.. if I wasn’t in need, then I would have called for another taxi..” Khushi replied and hit Simran’s forehead lightly.

“Was he handsome??” Simran smiled.

“ I don’t know..” Khushi shrugged her shoulders and went from there to concentrate on her work.


It was 7pm and Arnav walked out of AR and already a car was waiting for him.

He opened the door, and greeted his Ram kaka.

“How was the day beta?” Ram kaka asked while driving, it was usual for him to pick Arnav always and then they chat about normal stuff.

“Strange..” Arnav replied “You know Kaka.. I met a different girl today..”

“Different? Girls are girls and they are the same…” Ram kaka replied giggling.

Arnav smiled and shook his head, “Perhaps you haven’t seen this world properly yet kaka.. she was different from the girls I met.. no make-up on her face.. messy hair still she was looking beautiful Kaka.. simple salwar kameez.. and in short.. she is a simple girl.. but liar..”

“Liar and simple.. not bad..” Ram kaka nodded.

“It’s bad Kaka.. I wonder when I will find a good girl for me..” Arnav sighed, yes he denies the marriages proposals always from his Nani, but somewhere inside him he wants to fulfill this wish of her.

“You will find beta..” Ram kaka said assuring him.

His eyes rolled to the window side, “The problem is Nani.. I don’t want to say no to her forever..”

“That girl..” Arnav smiled seeing the girl, Khushi again “Look at her Kaka.. isn’t she like I described to you?”

Ram looked at Khushi, and smiled: Beautiful she is..

Khushi was waiting for a rickshaw or taxi to pass from that road, she sighed finding none.

“Should I greet her?” Arnav thought, he really wanted to wave  at her but didn’t had courage. They just met today only and aren’t even friends..

“She might have forgotten about me now..” he whispered and looked at Kaka “Kaka imagine if you met me today in the morning and you don’t know me at all.. I’m a stranger to you.. if you met me again.. would you recognize me? I mean.. is my face easy to remember??” Arnav asked innocently.

Ram kaka giggled, “You’re asking me this!! ASR can anyone dare to forget you??”

Arnav smiled as he got his answer, he looked at Khushi’s side and waved his hand at her.

Khushi looked at his side after his hand caught her attention; she smiled seeing him and waved back.

“She recognized me!!” he thought happily.

Ram kaka stopped the car near Khushi, helping Arnav impress this girl.

“Hi..” Arnav said and got out of his car.

“Hi..” Khushi replied clutching her purse, with a kind of nervous smile.

“Why does she does that? Just by saying hi, am I scaring her??” Arnav thought and took one step back unwillingly creating a distance between them.

“You’re waiting for taxi again..” Arnav asked.

Khushi nodded, “And you? Is this car yours??”

“Why? Does my face tells you I’m a thief?” Arnav asked smirking.

“No.. not at all.. it just.. Today morning you were fighting for a taxi.. when you have a car..” Khushi replied shaking her head as no.

“This car was with this old man here..” Arnav replied pointing at Ram kaka, who chuckled in return.

“He is an old man but you don’t have to call him like that.. at least have some respect towards the people who work for you day and night.. they are not your slaves that you talk like this..” Khushi said clearly angry with the way Arnav called Ram.

Arnav also said: Look it’s not like that.. I was only kidding with Kaka..

“I know everything.. now he is kaka for you.. really? Who do you think you’re fooling? Me??.” Khushi said and went from there.

“Listen to me..” Arnav walked behind her.

“Don’t follow me..” Khushi said in a cold tone, making Arnav stand still.

“Bitiya.. you’re misunderstanding things.. we both are really good friends..” Ram kaka came quickly to save Arnav and this girl new love story from becoming a hate story.

Khushi waited for the old man to speak.

“Haan.. I’m with him since he was a little baby and now he is man.. we both are that close that I don’t mind anything he says.. and he also respects me a lot.. but we have this space as good friends where we tease each other with names.. but it’s not what you’re thinking.. he isn’t that type of rich arrogant man.. trust me..” Ram Kaka explained.

Khushi stare at Arnav, who had a guilty face looking down.

“I’m sorry.. I.. please I’m sorry..It’s my mistake.. I jumped into conclusions..” Khushi said.

“It’s okay..” Arnav replied, his mood was off now.

“Bitiya we can drop you home.. you will not find any rickshaw now..” Ram kaka said.

“It’s better no..” Khushi replied, “Someone is still angry with me..” she hinted towards Arnav, who seemed lost now.

“No, I’m not.. come in..” Arnav said quickly and opened the door of the car to her.

“Are you sure?” Khushi asked with an embarrassed smile.

Arnav nodded smiling, “I’m sure..”

Khushi smiled even more now, relieved that he wasn’t angry with her. Ram and Arnav dropped her to her home.

“Thank you kaka.. and..your name?” Khushi asked staring at Arnav, with a smile adorning her face, making Arnav get lost in her.

Kaka pinched Arnav’s shoulder, “Ouch..” Arnav frowned glaring at him.

“She asked you something..” Kaka whispered to him.

Arnav looked at Khushi again, “Hmm??”

“I was saying thank you.. your name??” Khushi asked again, now even she was shy to ask him his name.

“Ohh Arnav.. you don’t need to say thanks..” Arnav smiled.

Khushi smiled and walked to reach her home.

Arnav pouted, “She didn’t say her name Kaaakaaaa…”

“Ask her..” Kaka rolled his eyes.

Arnav: How will I ask her now? She is going to her home..

Ram kaka honked smirking, Arnav widened his eyes: What are you doing kaka? She will slap me because of you..

Khushi looked back, and went to their car again, “Dji? Did you call me??”

Arnav: No..

Kaka and Khushi: No??

Arnav: I mean yes.. it’s.. you didn’t told me your name..

Khushi: Ohh.. my name.. Khushi..

Arnav smiled, “Khushi.. okay.. bye..”

Khushi waved at him and rushed to her home, where her mother must be waiting worriedly for her.


“Thanks Kaka.. I don’t know what I would I do about my life without you.. you’re too good.. I can kiss if you want..” Arnav giggled.

Ram: Shiiii kiss!!!

Arnav laughed more, “Haan kiss.. didn’t I kiss you when I was a little baby?? Am I not the same Arnav anymore?”

Ram: Okay.. you can kiss me..

Arnav: Shii Kaka.. I was kidding with you.. I’m not going to kiss you..

Ram laughed shaking his head, “Good night beta..”

“Good night Kaka.. thanks for helping me start my new journey..” Arnav walked out of the car, taking his bag at the back side.

“I hope she is the one..” Ram said smiling.

“I hope so..” Arnav nodded and went to his mansion, humming:

Pehli Pehli Baar Milaata Hai Yehi

Seene Mein Phir Aag Lagaata Hai

Dheere Dheere Pyaar Sikhaata Hai Yehi

Hansata Hai Yehi Yehi Rulaata Hai

Dil To Paagal Hai


Raizada mansion:

“Are wah someone is very happy today.. even singing..” Nani glanced at him playing with her Laxmi.

Laxmi ran to Arnav as soon as he reached in the living room, she took his bag with her mouth and left it on the sofa.

“Thanks Laxmi..” Arnav said caressing her, and sat near his Nani.

“You must have prayed a lot Nani for your bahu na??..” Arnav asked still with Laxmi.

“Haan.. I even cried today.. Tomorrow I will knelt down to DM..then after tomorrow.. I don’t know..” Nani pouted.

“You don’t need to Drama queen.. I think I found my Miss.Perfect!!” Arnav smirked.

Nani smiled brightly, “Who?? Show me her picture now..”

“Nani.. first let me know her.. then pictures..” Arnav leaned on the sofa, whining.

“Ayeee you still have to know her??” Nani tiredly rested her head on his shoulder.

Arnav rested his head on hers, “Hmm.. let things happen slowly Nani..”

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Oct 12

Part 3 - You don't know me!! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 62 times)

Next day.. "Good morning Mumma.. " Khushi said and taking her juice in her hand and walking out of the kitchen.

 "Good morning Khushi.. " Garima smiled.

 "Where is jiji?" Khushi thought looking around the living room.

 "Jiji is here.. " Payal said leaving the bags on the table.

 Khushi smiled and sat on the chair, having her breakfast while Payal sat beside her to chat with her. "Who is that guy that came to drop you yesterday?" Payal smirked.

 "Arnav.. He helped two times in a day.. " Khushi said smiling, remembering the way they were arguing over a taxi. It wasn't arguing if seen well, he talked with her calmly without intimidating her and also found a solution for both.

 "Hmm.. You know his name also.. That's great.." Payal smiled excited to know more.

 "Jiji please.. You know that me knowing Arnav's name doesn't have anything to do with what you're thinking.." Khushi frowned.

 "All love stories start like this.. " Payal shrugged her shoulders.

"And end up with destroying yourself.. I don't believe in all this rubbish Jiji.. So stop thinking that I will ever fall in love.. Because I won't.." Khushi stood up taking her bag, she kissed Payal's cheek and went running from there.

 Garima came out of the kitchen, "Ayee DM.. This girl didn't even eat anything.."

 Payal sadly started walking towards her room, Garima held her hand: Now what happened to you?

 Payal turned to her mother with moist eyes, "Because of what happened with me, Khushi doesn't believe in love Mumma.. It's all because of me..".

Garima nodded sideways and wiped her tears, "Whatever happened it's not your fault.. And khushi is still young.. I'm sure she will find a man who will make her believe in love..".

Payal nodded and hugged her mother tightly, "I don't want Khushi to lose a good man with the fear that she might get the same destiny as mine.."


"You should get a taxi today!!" Ram Kaka said to Arnav who was sitting with him at the front side. "What? Why? Di and Nani aren't going to Mandir na.." Arnav asked.

 "Do you want to impress the girl or not?" Ram smirked.

 Arnav smiled, "oh.. Why didn't I think of this?".

"Because ASR only has brains.. Heart was stolen yesterday by a girl named Khushi.." Ram Kaka said all serious.

 Then both giggled looking at each other.

 "Khushi.. Nice name na.. I like it.." Arnav said with a huge smile on his face, "Khushi Arnav Singh Raizada.. Sounds perfect na Kaka?".

"Perfect.. Like you both were looking perfect with each other yesterday..".Kaka smiled. ***************************

Ram dropped Arnav where he took his taxi and then he went to do other works, Arnav waited for Khushi.

 "Will she come here today? Please make her come today DM.. Please don't let ASR wait here for a girl and then go back without anyone.." Arnav said talking alone.

 "Take me with you sir.. I'm your biggest fan.." a girl said and threw herself to Arnav.

 Arnav smiled awkwardly pushing her lightly.

 "I'm in love with you sir.." the girl said trying to hug him.

 Khushi was reaching there. And Arnav noticed her from far, he made a crying face staring at the girl who wasn't really to leave him and he also didn't want Khushi to have a bad impression of him.

 "Leave me.." Arnav said walking away from the girl.

 "Sir.. Please marry me.." the girl knelt down crying emotionally because she saw the great ASR.

 Arnav widened his eyes, "This girl will ruin my love story with Khushi.. She is coming here only.. And this girl had to propose me now.. DM I will never plead you anything.. It seems we are enemies only.. You always do the opposite of what I want.."

 "I will only marry one girl.. If you want my autograph I can give to you.." Arnav said to the girl embarrassed because everyone's attention was on him and the girl.

 "Yes sir.. I want your autograph.." the girl smile and took a paper and pen for him, he wrote his name and best wishes for her.

 Then she took a selfie with him. Khushi reached to them now, she smiled to Arnav.

 "Thank you sir.. I love you sir.." the girl said smiling.

 Arnav smiled sheepishly to Khushi, who widened her eyes shocked hearing this from a girl to Arnav. Arnav hugged her lightly.

He whispered to her, "Please go now meri ma .. You already created lot of problems for me.."

The girl giggled and looked at Khushi, "Sir is she the one?".

Arnav nodded, "Yes.. See what she will think of me now?".

"Oh sorry sir.. I'm just your fan.." the girl said with a sheepish grin.

 Arnav smiled, "It's okay.. I know.." he wiped the small tears on her eyes.

 The girl went from there still her gaze fixed on Arnav, who knows when she will meet him next time. Arnav turned to Khushi.

 "It looks like girls are crazy about you Arnav.." Khushi said smiling.

 "No.. I mean yeah.. It's only because I'm a known face to them.." Arnav replied.

 "Known face? Why?" Khushi asked.

 "Come on now.. This is an insult to me.. She seriously doesn't know who I am.." Arnav pouted thinking.

 "ASR.." Arnav said.

 "ASR?" Khushi made a face like I'm still not recognizing you.

 "What the.. DM you made like a girl that doesn't even care to know who I am.. " Arnav looked up to the sky complaining to DM, then he looked at Khushi.

 "Okay.. I see you don't know me at all.. Arnav Singh Raizada is my name.. I'm the CEO of AR.." Arnav said extending his hand to Khushi.

 Khushi smiled sheepishly, "I'm sorry for being ignorant!! I know.. AR.. I just didn't know the people who work there.. "

 "Is this fair? She commits a crime of not knowing my name and say sorry like this to get me killed.. She is so sweet!!!" Arnav smiled to Khushi, while thinking.

 "It's okay Khushi.. You're not supposed to know about everyone.." Arnav replied.

 "But at least about me you should have known.." he thought.

 "I seriously don't understand why you come here to get a taxi when you are the CEO of AR.." Khushi raised her eyebrow.

 Arnav hiccuped staring at another side. "I like it.." Arnav shrugged his shoulders.

 "Hmm.. Humans are really strange.. When they have something they run behind other thing.. they are never happy with what they have.." Khushi said.

 "Yeah it's true.. Humans are selfish.. Don't forget that.." Arnav chuckled.

 Khushi nodded smiling.

 "So you're going to AR now?" Khushi asked.

 "Yeah.." Arnav nodded, "and you? Again to that wedding?" he asked sarcastically letting her know that he knows she lied.

 "Hmm.. I'm working as assistant of a wedding planner there.." Khushi smirked as she knew what he hinted.

 "Oh.. Okay.." Arnav said and inside he felt guilty for calling her a liar.

 "You thought that.. I took advantage of you to reach.." Khushi said.

 Arnav didn't even let her complete, "No.. I didn't think anything.." Khushi just smiled and waved her hand calling the taxi driver.

 Arnav: I'm sorry.. I thought you went to a wedding and made an excuse of work..

 Khushi turned to him, "It's okay.. If I was in your place I would have thought the same thing.." She walked to her taxi, opening the door she turned back to him, "Arnav let's's my turn to help you now.."

 Arnav smiled and got inside the car.

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