Dil kyun ye mera shor karein.....!

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May 12

CHAPTER 15 - Emotional reunion (By Anjanaa) (Thanked: 73 times)

Arnav and kushi was enjoying their love and her pregnancy. It was one fine night when Nani came from Adithi's home. She directly went to her room to freshup. A servant went and informed Arshi about Nani's arrival. They both got happy and went to see her. When they reached Nani was about to go inside washroom.

Kushi - Nani....She called. Nani looked at her and smiled.

Nani - Come in Bitiya. Kushi smiled and went in while Arnav stood there itself.

Kushi - How r u Nani ?

Nani - Iam fyn. tell me how r u and my parpotha ?

Kushi smiled and said - We both r fyn. They both r smiling and talking to each other. Arnav stood there seeing them. His Nani forgave kushi but not him. She is still not in talking terms with him.

Kushi looked at Arnav and remember the equation Nani and he shares now. She got upset.

Kushi - Nani.....I have a wish...will u full fill it ?

Nani - Of course tell me

She looked at Arnav with tears in her eyes. Arnav nodded his head as NO. Nani saw this.

Kushi - Nani...Pls forgive Arnav ji and talk with him.

Nani and Arnav looked at her surprised. Kushi - Whatever happened is not his mistake. Pls Nani forgive him.

Nani - What happened....U r supporting HIM. Did u forgave him ? U were so anger at him till now.

Kushi nodded her head. Kushi - I thought that he needs only this Baby and he don't loves me. But now I came to know that He loves me. He is not at mistake Dadi. Its Me...Iam only a fool to misunderstand him. I don't want you both to be distanced from each other because of me. Pls Nani forgive him.

Nani sat on the bed. Kushi knelt before her. Nani cupped her face - U forgave him ?

Kushi nodded her head. Nani - U r not angry on him ?. Again she nodded as NO.

Nani - Do u believe that he will make u happy ? Do u trust him with ur and ur baby's life ?

Kushi - Kudh se zyada barosa hei unpe...( I trust him more than myself )

Nani smiled looking at her and looked at Arnav , whose eyes was fixed on Kushi. He looked at Nani and moved near her. He knelt down before kushi - Iam sorry Nani. Pls talk to me.

Nani's eyes brimmed with tears and she said - Aise Kaise.....Kaan pakad ke maafi maango....tabhi maaf karenge....( Hold ur ears and ask sorry to me then only I will forgive u )

Arnav held his ears and said - SORRY. his eyes brimmed with tears. Nani held his hands and hugged him crying. Kushi's eyes poured tears in joy seeing them.

Nani - " Math ro Chote " (Don't cry Chote )

Arnav - Sorry Nani.... I promise Here after I won't do anything which u will get upset off.

Nani smiled through tears and pulled kushi also in their hug. Nani came out of the hug and said - I was angry at both of u because u both was behaving irresponsible towards the life which is created by u. In ur Ego and anger u both forget the small soul. ur baby should feel both of ur love not hate. U both r going to be parents , means a new responsibility. U both should know how to handle it. Leave it....Now promise me that u both will never leave each other's side no matter what....

ARSHI - We promise Nani.... said both and again hugged her.

Coming out of the hug Nani kissed both their forehead and said - OK u both go. I will take bath and come. we will eat together.

Arshi nodded and went out. Once in room Arnav pulled Kushi in a bone crush hug and kissed all over her face. Arnav - Thanku Kushi. Today only because of u Nani spoke with me. Thanks a lot.

Kushi - there is nothing I did Arnav ji. No need to thank me.

Arnav - No Jaan. u never no what my Nani means to me. I was 5 yrs when my Maa and papa died. from then I had only Adithi and Nani. she means everything to me. This is the first time Nani got angry with me. I didn't knew how to pacify her. Today only becoz of u Nani spoke with me.

Kushi - Leave it. If u r happy then I am also happy. she said and hugged him again feeling so content.

After sometime both with Nani went to dinner and had dinner fed by Nani.

May 14

Chapter 15 Arnav's Trip (By Anjanaa) (Thanked: 98 times)

Everything was going well in RM. Arnav and Nani took gud care of kushi . One month passed by. Kushi has gained a bit weight and her baby bump started showing a bit. It was one fine day when Arnav and Aman was discussing some important work when kushi entered the cabin. Arnav smiled looking her.

Kushi - May I come in ?

Arnav - of course. Come and sit. Aman we'll discuss this project later.

Aman - Fyn ASR. Said Aman and went away from there leaving them.

Kushi - Did I disturb you ?

Arnav - Kushi....Glared Arnav. Kushi gave a sry look to him.

Arnav - Tell me what's the matter ?

Kushi - Woh Arnav ji....Today is my checkup date. I totally forgot. Now only I remembered. last time doctor strictly told me to bring u next time. Can u accompany me ?

Arnav - Kushi...U r informing me at the last minute...

Kushi thought that he is busy and said - Its OK if u r busy. I will go alone. No problem... and stood up to go when Arnav held her hand.

Arnav stood up and wounded his arms around her shoulder and kissed her cheek. Kushi's eyes went wide. She looked here and there to see if there was anybody looking them. Arnav chuckled seeing her - Relax there is no one watching us. And Did I said that I can't come with u. Iam just upset that u forget ur checkup date. That's all. and for u and our baby ( he placed his hands on her belly ) Iam always free. Come let's go.

Kushi smiled and both went hand in hand out making the employees look at them in aww.

Arnav sat on the driver seat and kushi sat near him. Arnav started speaking with her and when he didn't got any answer , he turned to see that Kushi is very busy in admiring him with a smile on her face. He snapped his finger in front of her bringing her out of the thoughts.

Arnav raised his eyebrows asking her what. she smiled and said - I was thinking, what if it is a boy ? if it is a boy then he should have ur features. Ur face , ur hair , ur smile and most importantly UR EYES.

Arnav - What is so spl about my eyes ? he asked amused.

Kushi - Its very special. Ur eyes r so mesmerizing , very deep only visible to me. ur eyes r mirror of ur thoughts , if u r anger ur eyes are enough to scare anyone. If u r happy then ur eyes smiles. The softness in ur eyes is something no one can find anywhere. and most importantly the love u have for me is clearly visible.

Arnav stopped the car and turned to her and looked at her deeply. Cupping her face he placed a soft kiss on her forehead. Kushi closed her eyes feeling overwhelmed in his love. He smiled to her and started the car holding her one hand while she leaned on his shoulder.

They both reached the hospital and went inside doctor's cabin. Doctor - Hi kushi..... how r u ?

Kushi - Fyn doctor.

After speaking for sometime she took Kushi inside to check. She was about to do sonography when Kushi said - Doctor can u call my husband here ? I want him near me this time. Can he ?

Doctor - Why not ? if u r OK then iam totally fine with him being here.

Doctor said to nurse to call him. Arnav came inside. doctor started scanning her tummy. Arnav was speechless when he saw his baby. His eyes formed happy tears. His baby's heartbeat , his back bone is visible to him. Kushi also smiled looking at her baby. After scanning the three came out.

Doctor - Everything is fine kushi. Ur diet chart is also showing its results. U have gained weight also. So there is no problem. Still I advice u to be stress free and do some pregnancy excersise. Long travels hereafter are strictly banned. OK.

Arshi nodded and went out. They both directly went to home. Two days passed. Arnav came home late. arshi and nani was in dinner table.He was looking upset.

Nani - what happened Chote ? u r looking tensed.

Arnav - Nani woh....An important work came up. I have to go London for a project. it will take one month time. That's what Iam thinking.

Kushi's eyes brimmed with tears. Nani - So what ?

Arnav - Nothing Nani. Iam thinking about kushi. How can I go leaving her alone at this stage.

Now Nani understood his thought. And looked at kushi who is looking down at her plate. Arnav - Doctor has adviced her to not take stress and also she can't travel long. I can't send any other person there also.

Kushi - Its OK Arnav ji. U go and don't worry about me. I will take care. U focus on the project. I'll do ur packing.

She went to room while Arnav and Nani looked at her. Kushi is upset clearly. Nani asked him to pacify her and went to her room. Arnav went to room to see that kushi is standing near cupboard. He went and hugged her from behind.

Arnav - Kushi I am not going.

Kushi turned and looked at him. Kushi - U go Arnav ji. Iam saying na...I'll be fine. its just I am upset that u r going away. I know it is important for AR.

Arnav - But kushi...

Kushi - Shh....its true iam upset now. But if u don't go I'll be more sad. I want to be ur strength Arnav ji. Not a hindrance. its just a matter of month na. one month will pass very soon. and also dhi said she will come next week. so don't worry.

Arnav - R u sure ?

Kushi - Damn Sure. But Haan...promise me.. not a day more than one month...

He hugged kushi close to himself and kissed her shoulder saying - Pakka wala promise. I'll come running to u within a month.

Kushi cried clutching him. but soon wiped her tears and helped him in packing.

May 17

Chapter 16 I Miss u...... (By Anjanaa) (Thanked: 96 times)

Night 9 ' o clock

Arnav was getting ready doing his final packing. Kushi was sitting looking at him. Arnav did some calls and went to fresh up. He came and got ready in his casuals. He went near kushi and sat beside her wounding his arms around her.

Arnav - Kushi.... I will come soon. Till then be careful. Don't stress too much. Go to office and come early. Take ur food and medicine crctly. OK

Kushi looked at him smiling for his concern. She nodded hearing him. Arnav smiled and kissed her forehead and said - Take care of u .

Kneeling down in front of her and hugging her by waist keeping his face on her tummy. he kissed her belly and said - Bachu...Papa is going away for a month due to my work. In my absence u only have to take care of ur mumma. Till I come back my wife is ur responsibility. Take care of her OK.

Kushi giggled seeing him talking with their baby - Leave us. U take care of u. Here Nani is there to take care of me. but there u will be alone. Eat on crct time and sleep properly. And daily don't forget to call me. OK.

Arnav chuckled and nodded his head. They both headed to downstairs where Nani is waiting for them. Arnav went near her and took her blessings. Nani blessed him and kissed his forehead. Nani - Take care bachua. Come soon OK.

Arnav nodded his head and bidding bye to Nani he went out carrying his luggage. Kushi also went behind him. Nani stayed back giving the couple their place. Arnav placed the luggage in his car and went and sat on the driver seat. he was about to start his car .

Kushi - Suniye....( Listen )

Arnav - Sunaiyiye....( Tell me )

Kushi giggled and moved near him and kissed his cheek saying - I will miss u.

Arnav - I miss u too....Go inside and sleep.

Kushi nodded and went inside while he started his car. The car just moved away from her sight and all the tears she hold back till now started pouring. Crying she went to her room and landed on the bed hugging her pillow close to her. She lay on Arnav's side of bed and looked at her side bed table. There was placed his handsome photo. Tears poured more....

Clutching the pillow tight to herself she whispered - I MISS U ARNAV JI.......

Next day she woke up late from her sleep and like a robot she went to get ready for the day. On the other side Arnav landed on London and the first thing he did after reaching there was to buy a new sim and call Kushi.

Kushi picked the call excitedly. Arnav - Kushi u woke up.

Kushi - Haan....just now got ready. u tell me. When did u reach London ?

Arnav - Just now. Iam in airport only. Waiting for my Manager to pick me up. U tell me...did u had ur breakfast and medicines ?

Kushi - Haan baba....I had my medicine and breakfast. Don't worry.

Arnav - OK ( He saw his manager coming ) Kushi my manager is coming. will call u later....

Kushi - OK....She was about to cut the call when Arnav remembered something.

Arnav - Suno....

Kushi also remembered their last night talk and smiled - Sunao....

Arnav - I love u...

Kushi blushed hearing him - I Love u too.

Arnav - Bye...

Kushi - Bye bye....

Both smiled like crazy looking at their mobiles and went ahead to do their tasks.

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