Dil kyun ye mera shor karein.....!

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Sep 29, 2017

Dil kyun ye mera shor kareen.....! (By Anjanaa) (Thanked: 44 times)

Prologue -

"I hate u for doing this to me Kushi. I hate u for breaking my love and trust " he ranted in his mind thinking about the love of his life.


" Iam sorry Arnav. But I can't give birth to this baby " Kushi said with full determination.

" dare u do something. u r not going to do anything like that. If u do something to harm my baby then u will see the worst of me. Mind u Ms . Jaiswal " said enraged Arnav.

"As if I care " said Kushi.

"Let's see , who will stop my child entering this world " said Arnav.

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Oct 1, 2017

Character Sketch. (By Anjanaa) (Thanked: 29 times)

ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA - 28 yr old. Running Various branch in the name of AR CORP with Shimla as a head office. Successful business man and Arrogant young man. His presence demands attention in business world due to the Manly Aura he has. Lovely grandson and brother for his Nani and dhi. Found his lady love in form of Kushi.

CHANDRA KHURRANA - Arnav's Nani. Loves her grandchildren so much. Elderly Lady is in search of nice bride for her chotte.

ADITHI JHA - Arnav's lovely sister. married to a Business man named ARYAN JHA. Her lovely hubby. Loves Arnav a lot.

KUSHI JAISWAL - 26 yr old. Well educated. Orphan. her parents died leaving her alone in a young age. Raised in a orphanage which was started by her father. Working as a HR Manger in AR CORP. she is full of attitude ( but gud one ). Gets things done in her way very easily. Hardworker when comes to work. Maintains healthy relationship with everyone and a gud Mentor for her Team. HR team is a successful team in the company compared to other. other things about her would remain as a secret.

HEY GUYS. THANKS FOR THE VOTES. @ Lazydoll- meaning of d title " dhil kyun yeh mera shor karen " is " Why does my heart makes noises "

Oct 2, 2017

Chapter 1 - Party night. (By Anjanaa) (Thanked: 52 times)

It was AR's fifth Anniversary. There was a grand party organised by ASR for his company. Everyone was present there with their family. Party was going on in a full swing.

Arnav was eagerly waiting for his Lady love to grace her presence. he remembered his conversation with his Nani yesterday night. He said his Nani about his love for Kushi. At first Nani was reluctant but when Arnav showed his picture to his Nani , like her grandson she was also fully blown by Kushi. She gave her Green signal to his Grandson. Finally he is going to propose her for Marriage today.

Finally Kushi reached there in all her glory. She was wearing a black saree with a silver border. Arnav gave a dreamy look to her. He can't wait to make her his wife. Kushi came near Arnav making his heart thud.

Kushi - Hlo Sir.

Arnav - Hi Kushi.

Both stood silent not knowing what to speak. There Aditi came with her hubby and saw Arnav.

Aditi - hi Arnav. Nice arrangement.

Arnav - thanks dhi. Dhi meet our HR team manager Miss.Kushi Jaiswal . he introduced Kushi to his dhi. Both exchanged pleasentaries.

Kushi excused herself and went to her team to enjoy the Party.

Adithi - Arnav when u r going to Marry Yaar.

Arnav smiled thinking kushi. Taking his smile as a answer Aditi jumped in joy. She went aside and called Isha and Said - Isha a good news Arnav is ready for marriage. I know he likes u from his childhood itself. Nani also said that Arnav is ready for marry.

Aditi was jumping in joy speaking with Arnav's friend Isha, thinking he will marry her ,but she doesn't know that her brother lost his heart already to someone.

Kushi was sitting alone Looking at others in the party. Arnav came to her and sat along with her. Arnav- what r u thinking kushi ?

Kushi- Nothing Sir. she took a glass and without realising that it was wine she drank it in a gulp. before Arnav stop her, the liquid went inside her veins and started doing its work. Arnav was shocked seeing her drink.

Arnav - kushi that's hot drink.

kushi - No sir it is not hot. it is cold only. u also drink. she giggled looking at him.

Arnav- I think she drank mistakenly. If anyone saw her in this condition it will b not gud. he whisked her away from the Party and booked a room in the same hotel and took her to the room and locked it.

Kushi- Sir , where u took me ? no one is here. Wait I will go and call someone for our company. she said like a drunkard and was about to go but Arnav held her hand and pulled her to himself and she came crashed against him.

This is the first time Arnav is seeing her so closely. He stood like a mesmerized one. He lost himself in her warmth. Suddenly he came out of the trance.

Arnav- Kushi woh , function finished and everyone went that is why no one is here.

Kushi- oh, function overed na , how come I forgot that. I think Iam getting Amnesia . she closed her mouth in shock. OMG Arnav ji iam suffering from amnesia.

Arnav looked at her amused. This girl is so cute. and he liked her calling him 'Arnav ji' rather than 'Sir'.

Arnav- its nothing like that kushi.U will hear my words na..( seeing her nodding cutely , he was happy ) then wait hear. I will go and take my car keys and then I will leave u at home OK. hearing him she sat on the sofa like a gud girl. Arnav can never adore her enough. He was upset one side thinking that he can't propose her but seeing her cuteness , he thought, he will speak with her tmrw.

He locked the door and went downstairs to the party hall. He was concerned about kushi. He left her alone there.

His friends insisted him to drink but he didn't due to Kushi. he also can't drink today. He should reach her home safely.

But unknown to him his friends spiked his drink to play a prank on him. And Arnav also got drunk. Party finished and everyone went away. Arnav also went. He was about to open his car door that is when he remember about kushi. And when he reached the room with the help of a waiter , he giggled seeing kushi. he locked the door behind and saw her doing something seriously. he went near her. Arnav- Kushi baby, what r u doing ?

Kushi- Woh iam thinking.

Arnav- Oh. When I am near u , u should not think of other things OK. I don't like it. he said pouting and kushi nodded and he smiled.

Arnav- come we will go to ur home.

Kushi- U r fool Arnav ji. we r in my home only. Now only I came.

Arnav scratched his head in confusion. Arnav- Acha. but I don't remember.

Kushi- Haaw....u r also becoming Bhulakkad. Arnav got angry hearing her and started chasing her. Kushi ran giggling and fall on the bed with Arnav.

Arnav was again lost in her. he saw her smiling to him. he also smiled looking her. He ran his finger from her forehead to her whole face making her giggle. his Hand played on her bare waist and Kushi arched Unknowingly arousing him.

Arnav- U r so beautiful kushi. I will treasure u for my whole life. u r only MINE. and placed his lips over her and started kissing her lovingly. His love carried him to another world where only his and kushi's love exist.

His hands opened her dori and one by one every clothes of them went far from them. It was not of lust. it was full of Arnav's love that overpowered them both . After hours of their beautiful time they slept in each other's arms peacefully not knowing the Strom waiting tmrw.

Oct 3, 2017

Chapter 2 After Night. (By Anjanaa) (Thanked: 55 times)

Arnav and Kushi was Sleeping peacefully hugging each other. it was Nearly 5 A.M. Kushi stirred in her sleep. her Nostrils filled with alcohol smell making her sleep uncomfortable. She tried to turn around but couldn't. She tried open her eyes. and after a lot of effort. she opened her eyes but closed it again due to the lights. Her head is aching so badly. she again opened her eyes but still sleepy. she tried to get up but couldn't.

She felt a weight over her waist. She was shocked. She saw to her left. Again a jolt passed inside her to see her boss lying beside her.

" what the hell ASR is doing beside me ? " she thought. she looked at her surrounding, it was a new one ,totally strange to her. She start to observe things properly.

She felt his hands on her waist. she can feel his skin, her eyes opened wide. Slowly she moved the quilt covering her and shock would be really a small word of what she is going through now. she was naked and also her Boss. she tried get up but felt back again. she realised it fully. their Naked form together and the pain she is feeling at her private parts said it all. and the alcohol smell coming from them both didn't helped her either. Tears started to roll on her eyes. " how can this happen ? its wrong " her mind ranted.

She started pushing his hands from her making Arnav stirr in his sleep. he tried to sleep and did a wrong move, he hugged kushi keeping his head on her chest and his legs over hers making her cry more. She was scared.

Gathering all her energy she pushed him and that really disturbed Arnav's sleep , with irritation he opened his sleepy eyes and was confused seeing the surrounding and was more confused when he saw kushi beside him Crying. " why is she crying ? what happened ? " was the thought running in his mind.

" Kushi what happened ? where are we and y r u crying ? " he tried to get up that's when he sensed her skin. he also got shocked and moved away from her.

Kushi sat straight on the bed covering herself. Arnav became a dump seeing her. He can understand what had happened. he did a big mistake. A mistake he can never erase off. He tried to touch her shoulder " kushi....."

But she moved away clutching the bedsheet tight to herself covering her till neck. She was crying so badly. Arnav didn't knew what to do now. he don't want to scare her.

Arnav- Kushi listen to me.... he again tried touch her.

Kushi- Pls sir....She pleaded him again moving away closing her eyes tightly.

Arnav's mind stopped working. he remembered Kushi got drank and he left her here , but he didn't remember how come he landed here.

Kushi opened her eyes and Arnav was broken beyond anything to see her crying because of him. He switched off the lights and turned other side. Kushi was first scared when he switched the lights off but when he turned away she understood him and grabbing her clothes she ran inside the washroom.

She removed the bedsheet from her to change herself but there came an another shock to see herself in a mirror. Her whole body is full of red bite Marks.She closed her eyes in shame and slumped down there crying heavily. "This shouldn't happen" her mind ranted.

On the other side Arnav grabbed his clothes and wored them. He have to face Kushi now. He has to be strong now FOR THEM.

Kushi got up and wiped her tears and wore her dress properly. She came out and saw Arnav waiting for her to speak. She didn't wait for a second and started running. Arnav also ran behind her shouting her name.

Arnav- Kushi pls stop Kushi. let us talk first kushi.

But kushi was nowhere to hear him and ran outside and started her car and drove away. Arnav also drove behind her in his car .

Arnav- Just once listen to me kushi. I will never let u cry. I will make everything alright. Just once Jaan. he cried saying this to himself.

Kushi stopped her car and ran inside her home and closed the door and cried leaning against the door. Arnav also came there and called her- Kushi open the door kushi. Let me explain kushi.

Kushi was shocked again to listen him , she thought he will never come behind her. but he....Whatever she is not ready to face him right now.

Kushi- Leave me alone sir.

Arnav- No kushi I can't leave u alone and I won't. u first open the door.

Kushi- Pls Sir I beg u , leave me alone. She pleaded and it did its work on him. He went away silently but with a broken heart.

Arnav reached his home and saw that his Nani was eagerly waiting for him. he tried move away. but.....

Nani - where were u last night Arnav. I waited for u so long. Tell me what did kushi bitiya said ?

He looked at his Nani. what will he say to his Nani ? his Nani won't forgive him for this ? He got scared of his Nani's expression. Tears brimmed in his eyes.

Nani got panicked and cupped his cheek. Nani - What happened bachua ? did kushi bitiya refused u ? I will speak with her don't worry.

He hugged his Nani and cried making his Nani also to cry. Nani - don't cry bachua.

Arnav- I didn't speak with Kushi Nani. I didn't got a chance. it's just I miss mamma today. that's all.' he lied to his Nani and she let go off him.

He went to his room and locked it. he saw himself in mirror and lowered his eyes as he felt ashamed of himself for doing something to the love of his life. For ruining the beautiful moment they would share if everything happened perfectly yesterday as he planned. But ALAS... He ruined everything.

He stood up determined. He will make everything perfect. he won't let her suffer. He can't let his kushi suffer.

Oct 4, 2017

Chapter 3 Isha meets Arnav. (By Anjanaa) (Thanked: 43 times)

Arnav got ready and went to office hoping to see Kushi there. He went to his cabin and waited for long time but there was no sign of hers. He didn't knew what to do now. How to approach her. she is so scared of whatever happened.

Suddenly his cabin door got open wide and he saw his childhood friend Isha standing there with her million dollar smile. Before he can understand and ask anything he found himself engulfed in a bone crushing hug.

Isha - " thanks a lot Arnav. thanku for agreeing to marry me....and " she went on continuing without noticing a shocked Arnav.

Arnav- what the hell Isha ? when did I agreed to marry u ?

Isha's smile got vanished , Isha - but Arnav dhi said that u agreed to marriage and even Nani also confirmed it.

Isha - Look Isha , I don't know from where it started and how it got ended to u, and I really don't know what Adithi had said u . But the truth is I don't love u and I didn't say anything like that.

Isha - Arnav , u r joking right ?

Arnav couldn't understand in what mess he had landed. He was already tensed thinking about his LOVE. tears brimmed in her eyes.

Arnav slowly cupped her cheek and said - look Isha. I am saying the truth. I really can't marry u because I love someone else.

Now this shocked Isha to the core. Arnav nodded his head and said - S Isha. I love someone else. and right now iam in such a situation that I can't think about anyone else other than her. and Nani also is aware of my love. Pls try to understand me Isha.

Isha cried hearing him. He hugged her and consoled her. after sometime her cry subsided. Isha - By the way who is she ? do I know her ? is she someone from our gang ?

Arnav- No u don't know her.

Isha - iam sorry Arnav. I misunderstood u. I thought u love me. but.... leave it. May be u r not my destiny.

Arnav felt relieved after hearing her. Isha - is she more beautiful than me ?

Arnav smiled at her question and said - S she is far more beautiful than u.

Isha opened her eyes in a big ' o '- that's so rude of u. u could have at least lied to me that iam beautiful.

Arnav- what to do Isha , I love my girl so much that ,only she looks beautiful to me. and find someone for who u look beautiful.

Isha nodded her head and went away with a heavy heart. She liked Arnav so much and dreamt a nice life with him but like she said ' Arnav was not Isha's destiny, but someone else's '

On the other side kushi walked into her room like a robot. and lied on her bed. Her legs crawled till her chest. she cried thinking the incident happened in her life yesterday.

' how will she face him now ? ' she felt miserable like never before. She wished she could erase everything , but alas....

Arnav and Kushi was in guilt. They just wished to wipe of every traces of their pain but there is nowhere it can get vanish.

Next day Kushi went to Office and Arnav was relieved seeing her. He tried to speak to her but she avoided him, even officially. Arnav thought that she need time and thought to give her the space she wanted to calm herself and ready to speak with him. But seems like she is nowhere to hear him. only the time passed away with no improvement in the equation btw them. It Pained Arnav so much seeing her ignoring him. He just hoped that things would get better with them.

Oct 5, 2017

chapter 4 The unexpected... (By Anjanaa) (Thanked: 63 times)

Its been a month all this happened. Kushi still avoids Arnav, while on the other side Arnav is still trying to speak with her. Sometime he wonders , what is with this girl that she avoids him to this extent. Being her Boss is also not helping him at any way.

Arnav had had enough. He is not going to accept her ignorance towards him anymore. He, today by hook or crook will mend her. He will speak whatever that his heart want to convey her. He will propose her today. He with determination went towards her cabin and was welcomed only by her bench and table. She was no where near. He called kushi's Assistant and came to know that she went to home as she was not feeling well.

Arnav thought - ' thankgod. she will be alone at home and without any disturbance I will speak with her. ' and then informing to his P.A he went out and reached her home.

He saw her car going out. Arnav - ' now where is she going ? ' thought Arnav and followed her. her car stopped before a hospital.

Arnav- Oh my god. I think she is really ill. I will wait here till she comes. he thought and waited for her.

Its very long time she went inside , fear gripped in his heart. He couldn't sat there more and went inside in search of Kushi. He roamed the whole hospital and found her speaking with a doctor.

They went inside and Arnav followed them. And he heared what kushi and the doctor was discussing.

Doctor - So Mrs. Jaiswal go to ur home and feed ur husband a lot of sweets.

Kushi was Shocked to the core hearing the doctor addressing her as Mrs. and husband, while Arnav was no less.

Kushi- Why , what happened doctor ?

Doctor - Congrats Mrs. Jaiswal , U R PREGNANT. There is a small life growing inside u.

Kushi felt her head spinning , she not in her worst nightmare expected such thing. Tears flowed from her eyes. while the other side Arnav was so happy to hear this news. he forgot the whole thing. He and His kushi is going to have a Baby was the only thing running in his mind. His part with her blood. Happy tears formed in his eyes. when he heared Kushi saying something that shattered him to the core.

Kushi- Abort this Baby doctor. I don't want this child.

Doctor looked at her calmly, daily she is facing such cases.Doctor - well Mrs.Jaiswal , Its not only u who should decide to abort this baby. Call ur husband. we want his approval also.

Kushi was dump, from where will she bring her husband when she never had the one. While Arnav was raging in anger hearing kushi wants to abort his baby. suddenly the reality hit him.

Arnav - Arnav ,u should not get angry on her. every girl in her situation will think like that only. She is not supposed to carry a baby being Unmarried in this society.

Kushi- Doctor, iam not ready to bear a Baby and its responsibility as a Mother. pls I don't want this baby.

Arnav couldn't hear more. He barged inside the cabin. making both the ladies shock.

Doctor - Mr. can u pls wait outside ? iam attending a patient.

Arnav- I have waited unwantedly more than enough, not anymore doctor. he said eyeing to kushi.

Doctor - But Mr...

Arnav- Sorry doctor. Iam the father of our Baby ( he mentioned himself and kushi ). I don't want to abort the baby. I will convince her.

Doctor gave a contented Smile. Being a doctor she can't take a life of a baby that easily. She nodded her head and Arnav thanking her went away dragging kushi with him.

Kushi struggled to come out of his hold. Kushi- leave me, I said leave me.

Arnav came to his car and pushed her in his car and drove his car to his home not giving any heed to her shouting. Once in her home again he dragged her inside and locked the door pushing her inside.

Arnav- What the hell is wrong with u kushi ?

Kushi - I should ask u that. what's wrong with u ? and where u took me ?

Arnav - Leave it. Iam coming straight to the point , u r not going to abort my Baby. (he softened his voice and neared her and cupped her cheek ) Its our baby Kushi. Our part , our blood , u can't take its life like this. pls understand kushi.

Kushi - I can't and I won't. I can't give birth to this baby Sir. this would just create problems in both our life. and I don't want to destroy my life along with yours. So let me go.

Arnav was tongue tied hearing her. Arnav-how could u say this baby is a problem to us ?

Kushi- because it is.

Arnav- Kushi don't do something like that kushi. I will make everything perfect. LETS GET MARRIED. I will talk with my Nani.

Kushi- ' What will u say to her ? Haan....that on the party night , I got drunk and not being in sense, I slept with a woman and now she is pregnant due to that ' everyone will laugh at u Sir. u will demean urself.

Arnav looked at the woman before him dump. ' is she the same Kushi I loved ? '

Arnav- ' How can u.......' his words trailed. ' doesn't this baby means anything to u '

Kushi- I very well can. because U , THAT NIGHT and this BABY means Nothing to me. and Iam gonna abort this baby. No matter what.

Anger surged in him. all the love he had for her got blinded by his anger. Arnav - dare u Ms.Jaiswal , dare u do anything to my Baby. I don't know what will I do.

Kushi- My decision is not gonna change. I can't bear this baby in me.

Arnav- and let me see who is going to stop my child from entering in this world. My baby will step in this world and its a promise Iam giving to my Child.

Kushi looked at him and he looked at her in anger. ' u broke my love and trust Kushi and I hate u for those words ' thought Arnav.

Suddenly they both heared a Thud sound and saw that Arnav's Nani was standing there in a complete disbelief hearing them both.

Oct 8, 2017

Chapter 6 The deal (By Anjanaa) (Thanked: 49 times)

Nani was shook to the core hearing them both. Arnav was just looking at her direction not knowing what to speak while kushi didn't even dared to look at her . ' things shouldn't have come out before her like this ' thought Arnav.

Nani went away leaving both to her room and cried her heart out. Arnav went behind her to pacify his Nani , but not before warning kushi to stay there till he reach.

Arnav went to his Nani's room and saw that his Nani was crying. He slowly went to her with his baby steps and stood beside her.

Arnav- Nani Iam sorry Nani. pls forgive me.

Nani looked at her grandson and saw his eyes misted. she stood up looking at him and nearing him she gave a tight slap in his face. Arnav stood immovable in his place holding his burning cheek. not in his whole life his Nani have raised her hand on him.

Nani - why Arnav ? why did u do something like this ? Can u imagine its consequences ? Where did I failed to give u a nice culture ? I failed today.I agreed for ur marriage also, then why ?' Nani weeped saying all this.

Arnav's heart ached. Arnav- Nani don't say such things Nani . u didn't failed anywhere. I didn't do anything deliberately Nani. It just happened out of my control Nani. pls forgive me.

Nani - I want u to keep ur promise

Arnav looked at her confused. Nani - the promise u gave ur baby a while ago. that child is Raizada heir. My daughter and SIL's dream, their trait. so do anything, even if u marry her , I don't care. I want that baby. but I can't accept that girl as my bahu for everything she spoke a while ago. And one more thing , none should know about anything. not even Adithi. I hope u get me.u can go.

Arnav nodded his head and was about to speak but was cut off by Nani - I said leave Arnav.

He was crushed completely. His Nani also didn't let him speak. Anger surged in him against kushi. he marched towards the room and saw her sitting silently.

Arnav - Ms.Jaiswal , I hope u changed ur decision.

Kushi looked at him with determination and said - No way. I won't change my decision.

Arnav smirked looking at her and said - u will Ms.Jaiswal . at any cost I want my baby.

Kushi- why r u not understanding ?

Arnav- whatever. so now let's make A DEAL. look Kushi , I want my baby at any cost. U will deliver my baby and in return I promise that I won't let ur reputation damage. we will get married. that baby inside u is my blood and at any cost I can't let any harm touch my child. I promise, I won't interfere in ur life and won't even ask u anything. I won't even touch ur shadow. all that matters to me is my baby only.

Kushi looked at him like ' what the '. how much she is making him understand but this guy.....'

Kushi- U r making things worse for us. Marriage is not a game and u can't marry me like that leaving..... forget it.

And the argument went on and at the end ASR won like always. he went out leaving her in the same room. he went to his room and locked the door behind and slumped on the floor. He won yet he lost everything. his love gone as if it is vanished from his vision. he was feeling like a small baby who lost in a dark looking for any hope of rays. but he couldn't find anything.

His dream , his love , his wish to live with Kushi got crumbled under their silence. only time will answer how their life will be. let's hope for the best......

Oct 10, 2017

Chapter 7 the Announcement. (By Anjanaa) (Thanked: 50 times)

Kushi was in Arnav's home. she was sitting silently in a room hugging her knees. She don't know what is happening in her life.

She heared Arnav calling her and looked at him . he was standing there with a small packet in his hands. Arnav- there is a dress for u. change and sleep.

He looked her ,her eyes void of any feeling. He felt hurt. He tried to analyse but failed miserably. Arnav- Kushi tomorrow is our wedding. there will b no one except me , u and Nani. are u OK with it ?

She looked at him and again buried her face in her knees. she thought ' as if her OK and NOT OK is going to change his mind' Everything is happening in a blink of eyes that it became difficult to digest the changes.

sighing hardly Arnav went out. today he hurted the important persons in his life, his Nani and Kushi and tmrw he will hurt the third , his sis Adithi. he don't know how to make things in track.

Night passed. its was morning Arnav got ready in his kurta and kushi got ready in her simple red saree.

Arnav came down and saw his Nani waiting there. but when she saw him she turned her face. Kushi also came down and Nani went out leaving them both. Arnav went out wiping his lone tear. all the three reached mandir.

Everything was ready for the marriage it seems. Arshi sat before the holy fire. Pandit asked them to change varmala and they started taking pheras. Arnav vowed 'I promise kushi, that I won't let anyone raise their finger on u and our child.I will protect u till my last breath. I won't let u down.I won't disturb u until u accept me. My love for u will never fade. U will be d only one who have that spl space in my heart. I promise that I will change ' this baby is a problem for us ' thought of urs. this child will be a bless in our life . I promise u '

Kushi observed Arnav's Nani and it is obvious that she didn't like her then why she's letting her grandson to do all this. Marriage completed and Pandit announced them as couple. kushi closed her eyes hearing that.

Once the marriage finished they went home and Nani welcomed them both with disheartened and went to her room after all this.

Arnav asked kushi to stay in his room , so that no one will get doubt on them. and Kushi nodded silently. Arnav observed that Kushi is all silent from Yesterday. she didn't even spoke with anyone. and the day passed away with not so glad mood.

Next day kushi woked up and didn't found Arnav in the room. she saw the time it was 9 A.M. she was confused , whether to go office or not ? what will she answer to everyone when they ask about her mangalsutra and sindoor she dropped the idea and sat back.

it was nearly 10 A.M a driver came to her and said " mam, Arnav sir asked to drop u in the office "

Kushi- why ?

Driver - don't know mam

Kushi- now what he is going to do ? he always does opposite of what I want.

Kushi got ready and went to office. Once in office Aman , ASR's right hand took her to the conference room which is full of AR staffs.

Now Kushi was sure , he is gonna do something which she don't want and almost guessed it. And regretting part was media also present there.

Aman made her sit in a stage and went away leaving her thudding. her anxious increasing every sec. ASR entered the hall in all his Glory.

Arnav- Gud morning one and all. he addressed everyone.

Arnav- Iam here to share u all a important news.

Reporters - Morning ASR. and we would really like to know what is the reason ?

Arnav smiled and said - Guys Iam here to introduce the important person of my life.

Staffs murmured within themselves while media shooted continuous question on him.

Arnav- Guys meet the important person of my life KUSHI.

Reporters - but she is ur Employee right ? Asked one of them while the staffs are confused when he introduced her. On the other side Kushi started sweating thinking the Consequences.

Arnav- S she is. But now she is here as MY WIFE. MRS. KUSHI RAIZADA.

there was a pindrop silence in the hall. Media who never shut their mouth at any situation , did so shocking.

Reporters - But ASR, how ? I mean when did all this happen ?

Arnav- before some months. kushi looked at him with wide eye 'it is hardly hours they got married and he is saying months....'

Reporters - months? u mean u r married now for months with your employee. when its been months why r u announcing it now? and is it a LOVE marriage ?

Arnav- S it is a LOVE MARRIAGE ( kushi thought ' A White lie. how can he...' ) I loved kushi from the time she started working for me. and one day I proposed her for marriage and she didn't deny. we got married in a private affair and only my family is aware of it ,and due to some security reasons I had kept it as a secret. And now we are here announcing our marriage because My Wife is expecting.

Again there was a huge hustle in the hall. The ASR and their HR manager is married and now is expecting a baby. this is too much to handle. Kushi felt her head spinning.

Reporters - 'But ASR don't u think people will question ur relationship ?' Kushi trembled hearing this question. tears brimmed in her eyes.

Arnav- Well I don't think I should really hear any s**** against our relationship. I don't know what people think of us. I LOVE her that's what matters me and Iam really happy about our knot. Iam here before u all just to share the happiness of my life. I don't have time to think the bad comments about us , because I am really busy in Loving her and MY CHILD. he completed with a smile and his Straightforward image helped him a lot in making people believe his words.

Arnav- I really thank u from the bottom of my heart for coming here to share my happiness. I have arranged Lunch party today as a Token of Thanks and WE will be really happy if u all take part. thanku. he completed his speech and taking hold of Kushi's hand he reached out of the hall and reached her cabin and made her sit. Kushi's eyes welled up. he wored his goggles hiding his own tears and went away leaving her to calm herself.

Oct 11, 2017

Chapter 8 Kushi's feelings. (By Anjanaa) (Thanked: 70 times)

Kushi just sat in her cabin lying down. she is already feeling Sick due to her pregnancy and this Arnav also added to it. Kushi thought about the happening in her life. now a days everything is happening against her will.

Kushi started crying thinking all this -' How can u Raizada ? how can u do all this to me ? U didn't even asked anything from me and going on deciding everything for urself ? first u married me against my wish and that too going against ur Nani's wish and now u conducted a press meet and announced to the whole world that iam ur wife and I am pregnant. what if anyone question me ? how will I face them ? how can u reach this extent for this baby ? why don't u think that Iam also a human being ? u r crossing ur limit Raizada '

Thinking all this only helped her increasing stress. She can't share her problem to anyone. Suddenly the door got opened and Kushi wiped her tears seeing her juniors before they ask anything. She felt nervous.

Pratheek - Mam how can u do something like this ?

kushi - Pratheek woh.... she stumbled.

Shaira - haan mam. u didn't do it right. I never thought u to do something like this.

Kushi closed her eyes feeling defeated. Sameera - Stop it guys. don't tease our mam ( she said to the two and turned to Kushi ) mam they r just teasing u. we r so happy that u got married to ASR. He is so much in love towards u.

three together - ' Congratz mam for ur marriage and Ur baby.' three shouted together making her wonder. she looked at them without blinking. ' how come everyone believed his words so easily '

Kushi- Aren't u guys feel anything that I hid this marriage.

Pratheek - No mam. ASR said na its due to some security reasons. so it must be. if u or he is wrong , he wouldn't be announcing ur marriage this openly to the whole world. I know u r asking like this because one of the reporter asked ' people would question ur relationship ' hein na ?

Shaira - don't worry about those people mam. ASR is a big icon , who everyone knows. People will try to demean him. and we would really say u shouldn't care about anything and should concentrate on ur lovely life. Moreover we know our Mam that she can't be wrong.

Kushi's eyes welled up hearing this. Unknown to them they all are slowly wiping the fear in her heart.

Kushi- U know what? u guys r such a sweethearts to me. thanku so much.

They all got excited and hugged kushi feeling happy.

Sameera - Guys guess what ? that Lisa na, she was searching for her nose down.

Shaira - what ? she asked being confused.

Sameera - She was boasting around the office that , she is this and that to ASR and all na, today when ASR announced that he Loves kushi mam, u have to see her, her face was worth watching. her nose got broke and fell down on the floor.

All the four laughed. kushi felt her mood light after speaking with her associates.for a second she forget all her worries.

Pratheek - and all the staffs are wondering how did they missed this love birds ?

Shaira - Let them wonder yaar ! oh my god mam. we want treat from u.

Sameera - Haan mam , and I will choose the place.

Pratheek - then iam going to keep vrat on that day.

Sameera pouted looking at them. Kushi smiled hearing them. There came a knock on the door.

Kushi - Come in....

A peon came in. He smiled genuinely and said - Congratulation Madam ji. Iam so happy for u and sir ji.

Kushi smiled looking at him. Peon - Madam ji, sir ji sent food for u. He asked u to take this immediately. he said he's going to a urgent meeting and will come after it ends. He told If u want to go home take driver with u.

Shaira - Oh...how sweet. seems like he cares too much for his baby.

' FOR HIS BABY ' that caught kushi's attention.

Pratheek - not only for Baby, but for mam also. He loves her that's why he's doing all this.

' LOVE and CARE for me...That too HIM..he cares only for his BABY. me and my wish doesn't matters him ' thought Kushi. Little did she know ' everything he does is only for her. Only because no one will question her later. Only because he LOVES her and CARE for her. ' only if she knows all this..only if she let him speak.. only if....

Shaira - mam u wait. we will grab our plate and we all can have lunch together. they said happily and went out.

On the other side Arnav went to a meeting but his only thoughts was about kushi only. He hoped that she feel OK. He knew what happened will be a shock for her. but it is needed. He don't want anyone to hurt her saying some unwanted when they know her pregnancy. He knew there will be controversies, but still none will question her. otherwise her belief about their baby , will become true which wouldnt be gud for them and their little one.

Oct 18, 2017

Chapter 8 Family's Reaction. (By Anjanaa) (Thanked: 74 times)

Kushi reached RM and went to her room and sat there after a fresh up. She is feeling so weak and lyed on the bed and closed her eyes. After sometime, she heared some noise outside. She got up and went out to see what's going on.

Adithi was standing there with Arnav and her husband. There was a fight going on it seems.

Adithi - how in hell u didn't said me about ur marriage ? I am getting to know about ur marriage from third person like Isha and then from ur press meet. do u know how I felt ? And.... She kept on shouting about this and that.

Kushi just kept on looking at them. Adithi- don't know what black magic that girl did on u ? U hid ur marriage from me. I know she only would've told to do so. And now using the baby, she came inside. now we can't abandon her na...thats why.

Kushi closed her eyes hearing her. tears rolled on her eyes. ' what's her mistake in all this happening ? why everyone blame her only ? ' she felt her head spinning and everything started to get blur. for support she held a vase near. but it fell down gaining everyone's attention. Arnav looked at her . her look was clearly screeming ' this is what u wanted right ? 'Arnav looked at her with guilt. She gained her conscious and went from there.

Adithi - Look at that....She didn't even felt it necessary to ask sorry. What an attitude? Superb.....

Arnav- Enough Adithi...without knowing anything don't blame her. I loved her and married her. due to some reason I couldn't reveal it to anyone. in anger u r saying much more. To get married to her and keep it as secret was my decision and that to for our safety. and to announce our marriage now was also mine. so if there is anyone should blamed...its me not her.

Adithi - wah....Now u r taking her side. U r trying to save her and speaking against me.I know its her who made u like this.....' She shouted. Even being in a sound proof room it didn't helped to prevent those words reaching Kushi's ears.

Arnav- For god sake..Don't shout Adithi. Iam not taking her side nor against u. iam just telling u the truth. if u want u can believe otherwise do what ever u want.

Again the argument went on. Arnav looked at his jiju for help. Aryan understood him and said Adithi to go inside. huffing inside she went.

Arnav- Iam sorry Jiju. I didn't hid it wantedly. situation was so. that's why. Pls forgive me.

Aryan - hey....its OK Arnav. I know what u r. when u say there is a reason, then it must be. i dont wanna know that and all. thats ur personal and i cant question u for every single thing. don't say sorry man. And congratulations u r gonna Become Father.

Aryan hugged Arnav. Aryan - Arnav right now , kushi needs u. Adithi did much damage.

Arnav nodded and went to his room along with Aryan. Once in room , they saw Kushi crying badly. her face was red out of crying. They both looked at each other.

Aryan - Kushi......

Kushi looked at both and hurriedly wiped her tears and stood up.

Aryan - Iam really sorry for Adithi's words. I know that only sorry is not enough for what and all she spoke. But forgive her. She is anger that her brother's wedding happened without her knowledge. Pls don't stress urself like this. it won't be gud for ur health.

Kushi nodded. She is done with all this. Aryan was about to speak that's when they heared a cute voice calling - Mamu....

A cute girl of 3 yr old ran inside. And hugged Arnav by leg. Arnav lifted her.

Girl - Mamu...Mummy is angry. she scold me..she said crying

Arnav- So bad... Mummy is little angry. That's why. u don't cry OK. he said to the girl and she nodded her head cutely.

Aryan - Kushi... meet ur Niece.... Sharmishta JHA. and Mishti....See this is ur Mami...Kushi. Aryan introduced both of them.

Mishti Saw her and seeing a new person she got shy and hid her face in Arnav's neck making Aryan chuckle . while kushi looked at them with no expression. right now she is not in a mood to enjoy the new entry.

Aryan went away with his daughter in his hands. Arnav looked at Kushi to speak with her but she went away and lyed on the bed clearly showing him that she is not interested in a conversation with him.

Arnav sighed. He just prayed that she don't take any decision to leave him and go. He knew His sister's words had done their job very well. He wished everything could change for better, but......

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