Aisa Deewana Hua Yeh Dil

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Sep 10

Aisa Deewana Hua Yeh Dil (By Angel23) (Thanked: 69 times)

The car came to a halt, and he at the back seat shifted his attention from the phone to his surroundings,  it was just his enemy, traffic!!

He sighed hard, which made his driver shiver in fear, but what the poor man could do if it was traffic, does his sir expect him to blow the cars away from his way?!

Arnav glanced at the window side, and the place in front of him made him travel to the past with a smile on his face..


"Aman what the hell? My car tyre got punctured and you're doing nothing!! Seriously.. I told you, in middle class people places only this can happen.." Arnav barked in frustration, here he was getting late for his meeting and Aman was still doing things on his phone.

"ASR I already called the mechanic, he is coming.. Please have patience.." Aman gulped.

Arnav frowned and leaned on his car, and waited for barely five seconds and stared barking again to Aman.

Aman was just cursing the person who was only messaging him that he was coming soon when he wasn't seeing anyone. And soon his boss would kill him.

Meanwhile, a girl was playing cricket on the courtyard with few kids.

She grip the cricket bat preparing to batting, she shut her eyes tightly before praying to her friend, DM.

"Please make me get a six!! I promise I will offer you my Jalebis.." she prayed.

"Didi fast.." the kids shouted.

"I am ready.." she also screamed and the focus went to the cricket ball.

The kid bowl the ball, and it was reaching near Khushi, whose attention was only to get a six!

"Didi.. Didi.. Didi.." every kid of her team cheered for her.

Khushi hit the ball hard, and  everyone rolled their eyes to see where the ball disappear on the sky.

"Ayee DM.. I didn't told you to make the ball reach to you so soon.." she pouted.

"Where did our ball went?" the kids searched for it near.

Khushi smiled sheepishly, "But at least it's a six!!"

"Didiiiiiii.." all screamed to her.

She shut her eyes tightly, "Ok! Ok!.. I will bring the ball back to you guys.."

"Where? I think we will have to buy another ball.." the kids whined.

"No need.. Khushi is here na, I will bring the ball back to you kids.. Just wait and watch.." Khushi smiled nervously, she was herself not sure if she would find this ball anywhere.

"Aman..What the.. Ouch.. Dammit.." before he could utter anything to Aman, a cricket ball hit his forehead.

Aman giggled silently while Arnav glared at him.

"You're finding it funny.. Who the hell threw this to me?" Arnav looked around trying to spot the person who dared to do this with him, he would surely not spare the one who did this when his mood is already off.

Khushi was running here and there trying to spot the cricket ball, "DM it's all your fault.. Please help me find this ball otherwise kids won't spare their Didi.."

While praying with closed eyes, she bumped with a car on her way.

"Ouch.." she stepped back making the people around her laugh at her  "What are you laughing? Just go away losers.. And you stupid and useless car why did you came in my way? .. I wish I had some super powers to pass through you and people wouldn't laugh at me like this.." Khushi scolded the car.

"Excuse me.. Did you just call my car stupid and useless? Do you have any idea of how much it costs?" Arnav glared at the lady.

Khushi: Ohh mister, why will I have an idea of how much your car costs when I don't want to buy it? Don't eat my brain okay..

Arnav chuckled sarcastically: It's not that you don't want to buy it, it's that you can only have this car in your dreams Miss..

Khushi gritted her teeth and showed him her cricket bat prepared to beat him up.

Arnav and Aman stepped back.

"What happened? Got scared? Don't come here to preach me about your car.. If you're so rich, what are you doing here in our place? Ahn answer me? Listen this is not your place, I will call my uncles here and will beat you hard that you will never forget my face and will never be able to seat in this so called car of yours.." she yelled to him.

Arnav held the cricket ball and looked at her bat.

Khushi saw his forehead bleeding, and the ball on his hand.

She opened her mouth in "O" shape and dropped the bat in shock.

"Ayeee DM.. What I did? .. I almost killed someone.. Thank God he didn't faint.." she thought.

"You!!!!!!!" Arnav glared at her, he wanted to strangle this girl right now.

"I am sorry Ji.. I was playing cricket and I hit the ball too hard that's why.. I'm really sorry .. I don't want to kill anyone.. I'm not a murderer.." Khushi said crying.

"What the.." Arnav looked at her with are-you-mad look!

She held his hand and pushed him with her till they reached the courtyard.

Arnav was on the way telling her to let him go, but she was adamant on taking him with her.

"Ayee NK.. What happened Khushi bitiyaaa? Who did you kill this time?" Buaji came near them.

Arnav gulped, "Is she really a murderer? What the.. Arnav tu bhi na.. What are you thinking? Not anyone can kill me like this, especially this girl.. Why am I getting scared of her?"

"Nahin buaji!! I just hit this man with the cricket ball unwillingly.. And now it's my duty to heal his wound na.." Khushi said innocently.

Arnav stare at her.

*Rabba vee.. Rabba vee..

"No! It's not needed.. I'm getting late already.." Arnav said staring back at Aman who was following them.

"Please!! My heart will not be at peace knowing that you're bleeding because of me.. I swear I won't beat you with my bat, neither my uncles will come here to beat you up.. To tell you the truth, I'm really scared to hurt someone.." she whispered near his ear "I just pretended that I would beat you so that get scared and don't show to me your attitude.. And I learned this in my Salman Khan's movie.." she giggled.

Arnav looked at her amused.

"Take him in then bitiya. Otherwise he will faint and we will be blamed.." Buaji said guiding them inside the house.

Arnav looked around the house, it's a small one and according to his palace he can compare this house to a room in his place.

Khushi pulled him to sit on the sofa, making him gasp and Aman giggled.

Never ever he saw someone commanding his boss like this.

Khushi ran to bring the first aid box, and sat near Arnav.

She raised her hand to reach his forehead.

Arnav looked away, he was actually scared if she apply ointment to him then he will have a burning feeling.

"Kya hua?" she asked him.

"Nothing.. I said there is no need to do this.. I'm getting late, this wound will heal on its own.." Arnav said and stood up to go.

Khushi pulled him back to sit again, Aman couldn't control his laugh now.

Arnav widened his eyes staring at Khushi, "Are you mad?"

"Mad you're with me na! I called your car stupid and useless.. Acha I am sorry for that too.." Khushi pouted.

"It's okay.. Now I want to go, it's serious that I'm getting late.." Arnav gritted his teeth.

"Let me apply this on you.. You will feel better.. I swear.. Ask anyone here in my house, I will not hurt you again.. Buaji tell him, he will not feel any pain with my magic touch.." Khushi smiled staring at Buaji.

"Haan bitwa.. It's true only.." Buaji smiled to Arnav.

"Bitwa, ASR, Chote. No one calls me Arnav.." Arnav rolled his eyes.

Khushi touched his forehead, applying ointment to him without his permission. Arnav wanted to yell in pain, but he didn't feel anything.

Her touch was so soft, that it seemed someone was touching on a place where he didn't got hurt.

Arnav kept staring at her face lost in her innocence and beauty. 

And Khushi was busy in treating his wound caused by her.

Rabba vee.. Rabba vee..

"It's enough na.." he whispered.

"Hmm.. It's enough.. When did I say that I would keep you here in my house?" Khushi joked.

Aman laughed and Arnav clenched his fist.

"Ohh bitiyaa accompany them till outside.. Who knows bitwa will faint on his way.." Buaji said keeping the first aid box on it's place.

"What the.. This woman is hell bent on making me faint.." Arnav frowned staring at buaji.

Khushi took them till their car again.

"Here you are.. Good bye and I am sorry once again.." Khushi smiled leaving them at the place they were.

She caressed his car, "Handsome car sir ji like the owner itself.."

Arnav couldn't help but chuckle at her words.

Aman sighed in relief, at least Khushi managed to get his boss mood better.

"I will go now.." she smiled and ran from there, but the tyre of the car gained her attention.

"Any problem?" she asked pointing to the tyre.

"It got punctured.." Aman said.

"And he isn't doing anything to get it repaired.." Arnav glared at Aman.

"ASR.. I..he is on his way.." Aman gulped his saliva.

"No problem.. I can help you sir.. We have our mechanic Happy ji..  He will treat your car like I treated you.. And if you want, we will wash this car too.." Khushi said excitedly.

"No! I just need to repair it's tyre only.. Where is the mechanic?" Arnav asked, thanking God that he found someone who could help him.

"I will call him.." Khushi went running like a butterfly to call her uncle, she got a work for him!!

Flashback ends..

Arnav leaned on his car with a fresh smile on his face, reminding of someone special to him,*His wife*.


Raizada mansion:

A mansion who could be described like a Palace! Many servants roaming around the living room some with flowers on their hands, others with dishes being prepared on the kitchen and they were transporting it to the dinning hall, and other cleaning to huge palace.

Nani, the elder of the mansion ordering them what to do and controlling each movement of the workers.

While Anjali, Arnav's sister happily decorated his room. The prince of the mansion's room, she made sure everything is of his like otherwise she is very aware of her brother's anger when he doesn't get the things on his way.

While Anjali, Nani and Payal (Akash's wife) excitedly took care of the arrangements to welcome the great ASR.

Akash and Mama were busy in AR, checking files, the photo shoot schedule, the designers work and the fashion show dates so that they could show everything to him on time.

The door bell rang, and everyone stopped..

"Chote has arrived.." Anjali descended the stairs smiling.

And Nani ran to open the door, but the two were stopped by a little cute girl.

"Wait Anjali bua and Dadi.. I will open the door for Papa.." the four years old girl smiled and tried to open the door.

Nani and Anjali agreed, after all from all of them, she is the one who misses him the most and deserves his love and attention.

"Open it fast Anika.." Nani patted her back.

She nodded and opened the door for her father.

"Welcomeeeeeee Papaaaaa.." she screamed in happiness after seeing his face for such a long time.

Arnav lips curved into a smile by seeing Anika in front of him. The only person who he comes here for.

He lifted her and she pecked his cheek, "I missed you Papa.."

"I missed you too my angel.." Arnav whispered and hugged her tightly.

"If you miss her so much, then why don't you come to stay here with her forever?" Anjali asked.

Arnav entered in the mansion, "Now I've reached, will you let me breath first?"

Anjali kept quiet after he said that, and Nani blinked her eyes to Anjali.

Anjali plastered a smile on her face.

Arnav went directly to his room, with Anika on his arms.

He opened the door of his room, and the sight of the person laid on his bed in coma made him feel guilty as he always feel when he comes to his room.

"Anika I want to talk with your Mumma.. Will you go and play outside for a while?.." he said while leaving the girl to stand on her own.

Anika nodded though sad because she wants to spend time with her Papa.

Arnav closed the door and went to sit beside the lady.

After some minutes of silence, he stare at her face..

"I am Sorry Sheetal.. I fell in love.. It wasn't because I wanted to.. But I couldn't stop myself from going to her.." he whispered caressing her forehead.

His phone rang, and he knew who it is.. His wife!!

He picked up the call and waited for her to speak.

"Laad governor.. I hate you.. I hate you.. I hate you.." he heard her angry voice.

"My angel.. I love you.. I love you.. I love you.." he smiled.

"Liar.. If you loved me would you leave without informing?" she pouted.

"You know very well why I don't inform you.." he smirked.

"But you also know it very well that I don't like when you go somewhere without informing me.. And now you left London to Mumbai without saying good bye to me!!" Khushi cried.

"I said when you were sleeping.. Listen if I saw you crying, then I wouldn't be able to go away from you Khushi.." he said.

"Ok!! Come back soon please.. I miss you a lot.. And enjoy your time with your family ok?" she smiled.

"Hmm.. Is Ayan alright?" he asked.

"Yes our baby is fine.. He is enjoying his Lavanya aunty and NK uncle wedding functions.." Khushi said.

"I will talk with you later Khushi.. Bye love you!" he said.

"Bye.. I love you too.. " she blushed.

Arnav left the phone on the bed.

"Enjoy.. Only if she knew that I don't enjoy here.. I only feel guilty.." he said to Sheetal. 


Dedicated to Carolin.. Here it is the story dear.. Don't think I forgot about it :), I was really thinking about the plot and the reason why Arnav would hide this marriage from his family..

Arnav is the mysterious one here :D.. Keep guessing about his character..

Sep 13

Chapter 2 - Helpless!! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 85 times)

Arnav walked through the corridor of the first floor.

Where he met Anjali on the way.

"Di.." he called her, this time with a soft tone.

"Haan Chote.." Anjali turned to him with a smile. The one that never leaves her face, even if she is hurt.. She is that strong woman who never lets anyone know break her down.

"I am sorry Di for talking with you like that.. I didn't meant to.." Arnav said, and cupped her face touching his forehead with hers.

"Chote since when do you say sorry to your Di?! I'm not upset as I know how my brother is.. So it's okay!!" Anjali said and caressed his hair.

"Is everyone treating Anika well here?" he asked to his Di, who joined his walking.

"Haan Chote.. Why do you always ask this? .. No one will mistreat your daughter here.. Anika is your daughter, means she is my life too.." Anjali said "Trust me, whether you're or not, I will always treat Anika the way I treated you in Ma absence.."

Arnav nodded, "And I only trust you and Nani.."

"Stay here Chote with her.. She misses you a lot.. Her mother doesn't respond to her and you suddenly shifted to London leaving her alone here.. She misses her parents Chote.." Anjali looked at him, touching the topic he always avoids.

Arnav stood thinking about his wife and his son. How could he leave the woman of his life and his little cutie pie? He find it too hard to even breath without both, without hearing their voices he feel helpless.. How could he leave Khushi and Ayan alone? But at the same time, he knows he is doing very wrong to Anika..

"Di.. I have work to handle in London.." he quickly came with a reply, avoiding a conversation with him himself who would not reach to a healthy conclusion but only leave him more guilty than he was.

"Okay.. Then take her with you to London.. At least do something to stay close to your daughter.." Anjali shrugged her shoulders, not understanding what's her brother problem.

"Di then with whom Sheetal will stay? Anika will miss her mother too right?" Arnav replied irritated.

"Ok you know what you do better.. Calm down Chote.." Anjali said and stopped walking "I just wish that Sheetal regains her conscious again and everything will be the right track then.."

She went from there leaving Arnav alone.

Arnav kicked his feet on a pillar frustrated. Everyone has so many questions to him, and he can't answer at least one!! One answer would open all the secrets he has been hiding from a long time from his family.

"Papa.." Anika came running to him, he stare at her and knelt down to receive her hug.

She jumped to him and wrapped her arms around his neck smiling.

Arnav hugged her back and dropped kisses on her hair.

"Are you angry with papa?" he asked cupping her face.

"No.. Yes.. Yes I'm little angry with you Papa.." she said remembering about something.

"Why?" Arnav kissed her both cheeks, he is just praying that Anika doesn't say what Anjali said to him.

"Papa you didn't brought a Doll for me.. I pleaded you to bring from London..remember it?" Anika pouted.

"Who said Papa forgot about that?" Arnav asked to her, with a hidden smile on his face.

"You brought a Doll for me Papa??" Anika asked clapping her hands excitedly.

"Yes.." he nodded.

"Yaaay!! Thank you Papa.. I will tell Nani about my Doll.. Thank you.." she went running downstairs to her Nani.


Arnav's study..

He leaned on his chair, "I can't do this anymore NK.."

"I told you.. Your marriage with Khushi would add to the problems.." NK said walking away from his haldi function hall to a corner where he could hear Arnav's voice properly.

"I knew it too NK.. But I love her a lot.." Arnav said.

"I know Bro.. Do you think I'm against your both love? No.. I just wanted you to sort out the problems in your family and then work on your relationship with Khushi.. You know what I mean right?" NK said.

"Sort out the problems here or break this family once and for all?" Arnav asked sarcastically.

"I don't know.. But I don't think this lie will last for long.. One day or other everyone will know who is the real culprit.. And what do you think will happen? And plus the truth about yours and Khushi's marriage and that their Prince has a son also.. It will be very hard to digest all this at once.." NK sighed.

"Why is my life complicated?.. I really don't know what to do.." Arnav sighed in frustration.

"What do you want to do?" NK asked.

"I want to live my life happily with my Khushi and Ayan.. I want to give the best for Sheetal and Anika.. I don't want my family to break, especially Nani and Di.. You know how much they mean to me.. If anything happens to them, I will not  be able to live.. Will I be able to do this NK?" Arnav said.

A knock disturbed their phone conversation, Arnav quickly ended the call and ask the person to come in.

"Bhai.. Welcome back.." Akash smiled and walked inside the study.

Arnav looked at him, then ignored and put his focus on his laptop.

"Reports.." Arnav said extending his hand to Akash.

"Bhai.. Why are you still angry with me? .. Everything is sorted now.. Why are you still in the past?" Akash asked making a sad face.

"Everyone is sorted for you? Are you sure?" Arnav asked sarcastically not able to control his anger now.

Akash nodded, "Haan Bhai.. I know you're angry with me but.. Forget it.. I already moved on and you too should.. Forgive me please.."

"Just shut up Akash.. How can you say to me that you moved on when the fruit of your past is right here in front of you? How can you live with your own daughter, Anika and ignore her as if you don't share any bond with her?" Arnav yelled.

Akash widened his eyes, "Bhai please talk slowly.. Someone may hear it.. If Payal listen then.."

"Then just get out from here.. Don't show me your face because I will not be able to control myself if you say rubbish like this again.." Arnav walked to the door and opened it for Akash, indicating him to go out.

His phone beeped, he took his phone out of his pocket ready to throw it on the floor.

But the message was from someone who relieves his stress. 

"Haldii!!" she wrote and then send to him a selfie of her and Ayan.

Khushi was with a white and yellow combination sari, with hair left open and curly at the end. Her sindoor and mangalsutra was clearly visible to him. Ayan was on her lap, with blue shirt and white pants glued to his mumma, and his cheeks painted with haldi which brought a smile to Arnav's face.

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